Thursday, September 4, 2008

Since there's three of us writing now around these parts,
sometimes one of us doesn't get to chime in on a big-time topic.

The big blowup recently about the hockey world short-changing the Pens' chances this season
is a good thing.
If not for any other reason, it's just the fact that it means hockey season is ball-stakingly close.

Regardless, if you don't think these experts have the fans' reactions in mind when banging out their predictions, you're probably dead wrong.

We've definitely been in that boat -- saying something just to get a rise out of somebody.
It's a great feeling.

A big shot was fired from Puck Daddy (Greg) over at Yahoo.
He's a good man over there.
His passion for hockey, his style, (and his front-page position on are all underrated when it comes to capturing casual fans to a sport we hold near and dear.

But let's not forget. When Greg goes to bed at night,
he's changing into New Jersey Devils PJ's.

Regardless of the professionalism with which he dominates,
it's impossible to think that Penguin hatred doesn't seep into his mind, through his balls, and down to his keyboard.

Besides, his favorite team is one aging-goaltender retirement press conference away
from becoming the Columbus Blue Jackets.



For we, as a fanbase, to think the Pens will be in contention to win the East does not make us idiots.
It doesn't make us homers.
Has anyone taken a look around the Eastern Conference lately?

We won't get into that just yet.
That's what the individual team season previews are for.

Anyone remember where the Pens were headed before Hossa?
Pens fans remember. They were headed for a top-3 finish in the conference, points-wise.

They spent a large chunk of the season with players lost to injury.
Doesn't anyone remember this? Cindy Gaysby was out for quite a while, so was MAF.

And we're not even saying this to reassure ourselves:
Gaysby was not 100% during any part of the playoffs.
Only people who watch him night in and night out would realize it.

For hockey experts not in touch, they conveniently forget all about the injury bug.

The Adam Hall departure?
He played, what, 8 games last season?

Gary Roberts departure?
He's still shaking off that groin he pulled in the 1946 All-Star Game.

BGL and Ruutu departure?
Not even an issue, although people want it to be.

Ryan Malone departure?
Meh. If he doesn't break his nose in the SCF, who knows what's going on right now?
Although his goal total last year is nothing to pee on.

Hossa departure?
Thanks for making the 2007 Eastern Conference playoffs easier.

Yeah, that's right. That's all he did.
If he was vital to the team as everyone wants us to believe, wouldn't the Pens have won the Cup?
All Hossa did was let us breeze through the East with a 12-2 record.

Without Hossa, we may have gone 6 or 7 games with the Rangers or Flyers.
Without Hossa, the road would have been harder, but it would have been done.

But we (and the rest of the hockey world) have to realize that the Pens, as a unit,
are much better off this October than they were last October.

Now that the smoke has cleared, aren't we all happy $7 mill of our team's payroll isn't going to Hossa's National City checking account?
Case closed, for us anyway.

And in the sporting world where "experience" is the X-factor every time teams are compared,
doesn't a trip to the SCF bring some of that love the Pens' way?

Apparently not. But oh well.


The Goon Blogger said...


Solid City Staff.

Solid Fucking City.

J.S. said...

I hope Puck Daddy takes a SECOND to read that post. As much as I like his blog, his review of the Pens is probably the most inaccurate thing that he's ever posted.

and not that staff needs to be reminded, but it's good to see the first rule of jobbing practiced.
Rule 1: when you feel that you are jobbed, always job back.

Besides, his favorite team is one aging-goaltender retirement press conference away
from becoming the Columbus Blue Jackets.


eileenover said...

Gary Roberts departure?
He's still shaking off that groin he pulled in the 1946 All-Star Game.

I never thought I'd see the day when Gary Roberts himself gets jobbed by tPB.

Russ Tundra said...



justinafi said...

Does Hossa have overdraft protection? because I keep getting these 34 dollar charges from NC.

Pens Fan in MI said...

I'm relatively new to reading ThePensBlog, but what's with the "Cindy Gaysby" comments? Isn't that something we would expect a Philthadelphi Phan to say?

eileenover said...

@pens fan

That's exactly the point.

DrunkArmyFan said...

Wait, Greg Wyshynski was fired?

Raybin said...

Oh yeah, this post is like a hit of smack to a heroin addict after 5days in rehab.

Sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeet hockey talk.

Solid stuff, staff.

Who was it that said a week or two ago that the Pens were the trendy pick to win it all last year and now their the trendy pick to blow it? They were right.

ALL sports media thrives on controversy and contrarianism. Which, amusingly, becomes conventional wisdom. And then a new round of outrageous statements and "outside the box" thinking is needed.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Canaan's first from the last post is the first that all others shall bow down to.

Staff is shaking off the cobwebs nicely.

P.O., nobody really ran tailgateblog last season, usually some people on here (coffeytalk for one) would announce what area they would be at and things would progress from there. C-bloggers have an uncanny knack for finding each other. You'll see.

Brndlynn, outstanding. You know what i'm talking about haha

eileen, i have a feeling the jobbing this year will be extra salty towards the free-agent losses. IHK may have a meltdown...

Turk, A huge "Amen" to every one of those bullet points. Summer's coming to an end, hopefully that means alot less drivel to scrolllll through.

And boom goes the dynamite.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

My only prediction for the upcoming season is that no player from any other team will get jobbed harder than Max Power jobs his liver.

Raybin said...

I never thought I'd see the day when Gary Roberts himself gets jobbed by tPB.

It was very jarring, but I suppose something we must all get used to.

I'll doubtless join in but I'll always reserve some small part of my hockey fandom for Lord Gary.

I managed to get on the glass tickets for the first pre-season game. It'll hurt seeing "ROBERTS" on the back of a Lightning jersey from that close.

jimmypop6996 said...

"I managed to get on the glass tickets for the first pre-season game. It'll hurt seeing "ROBERTS" on the back of a Lightning jersey from that close."

If he plays... you never know if Tampa's $10,000 per game played contractual agreement counts in the pre-season. They do have 328 other forwards to 'give a look' before deciding on the 12 that'll make up their 4 lines.

Raybin said...

They do have 328 other forwards to 'give a look' before deciding on the 12 that'll make up their 4 lines.

This is true enough.

They better play Stamkos, or I'll be irked. Want to see him play.

jaos said...


Dan said...

you guys give greg too much credit. he shits on the pens every chance he gets. he's a national blog now, the bias should be out the window. it's pathetic. now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go run 5 miles, and have greg lick my taint.

P.O. said...

cindy gaysby... nice... maybe that will be the next zooperstar

@ dan

wow... vulgar

@ jonny v

understood... i usually run my own pregameblog either in my yard or at souper bowl or milanos

Annie said...


Well done, Staff. And even with only one photo!

christina said...

*single tear rolls down cheek*

man is it good to be back...i'm so ready for hockey season.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Puck Daddy is fine by me ... I don't mind what he thinks, it's his opinion and I obviously have mine. The guy doesn't necessarily hate the Pens, but the Devils fan deal doesn't help. He's a Crosby fan, though, which helps.

@Jonny V: You have no idea how much I will probably melt. Everyone might end up scrolling over my comments because of my psycho rants. If Roberts is jobbed, what will happen to my beloved? *frowns* I personally take on the responsibility of defending Bugsy at the opportunity and watch as many TB games to see how he does ... come on NHLN! (P.S. I missed you *laughs*)

I kinda miss not having BNG, Dr. Turk, Jonny V., Lis, and a few others commenting as much *frowns* Come back! Please?!

slush said...

I am so ready to get back to regular hockey talk. Leave the rest of the fluff behind. Well done staff!

TheFandangler said...

Thanks staff...

People at icethetics or whatever the hell it's called are acting like the pens rigged their stupid center ice thing win. I guess this makes up for not winning the cup...

Hopefully no one lets their baby dump in this trophy.


TheFandangler said...

...for the dark knight boner lickers out there.

Two-Face is done.

Angelina Jolie is rumored to play cat woman.


fleuryous said...

Too goooooood, staff.

But I do still Love Gary and Busgy.

Just sayin'...

And could Ric Flair BE any hotter?*

*yes. very.

I can't wait to prove this guys WRONGO.

fleuryous said...

and what I meant was "these guys."

Sorry, my brain is lame.

Robo-Pope said...

I've been saying since we signed Satan and Fedotenko that I'd far rather have those two and all our defensemen (we'd have lost one more) than Hossa.

TheNWChica said...

I don't care what the press thinks...the boys proved them wrong last year didn't they?

Solid post staff!

Free Candy!

Box Score Blaine. said...

For some reason this just made my day a whole bunch better. Thank you people with brains!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

p.o., I believe there are a few that'll be down for a Souper Bowl pregame. In fact, you're darn tootin' i'll be there more than a few times.

IHK, this place was dullsville for the wretched month of August, save for some Olympic talk, and I truly think the "regulars" will start the migration for the boys of winter. Yet just because I was too busy to come here every day, if other people chose to finally pop their heads in from the woodwork or just used this place as an escape from their work day, it's all good. I know one thing, every single one of us here is itching for the day after my birthday (9/19 baby) and then Jokerit.

I personally think Tomb Raider would make a helluva Catwoman. She's pretty much the only female action star in Hollywood these days. I only wonder that with six kids she can also hold down the vital role of catwoman. I hear Maddox already got some junior high chick knocked up.

And somebody flash a silhouette of Milano in the sky. Where the hell is Flyer Hater?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

didn't gary roberts get a colostomy bag this off-season?

Dan said...

i stand by my earlier comments

cblog fantasy hockey

beep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Help Me Rhonda said...

It feels like tPB again! I'm glad the called in posts and Winter in the Sun are over.

This was *ahhhh* refreshing.

blufftalk said...

  Not feeling the "Gaysby" comments.

shawnawwwesome said...

Cindy Gaysby.


That's in my head now.

That's what I'm going to end up calling him.

All season.

It's how my mind grapes function.

You work "gay" into someone's name, and it sticks.

I can't help it.


TheNWChica said...

His name is not Cindy's Steve.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

What's so hard to understand about the Gaysby comment? It means that they are mocking the people who make fun of Sid and are actually saying he's amazing. How is the cynical and sarcastic humor not resonating?

@Chica: Ha!

@Jonny V: Yeah, it was really boring here ... we all need our hockey. *smiles*

But Jolie as Catwoman, I'm doubting it and not liking it. She and Bale look like they wouldn't have chemistry. Considering it's half about the relationship between Batman and Catwoman, I don't see a them working out and with Rachel being as she is I hope they don't go into another romance. End it! I'm a woman, but I say no to Batman romance for now at least. Although it might be good for people to realize how much Bruce Wayne has the Super-hero complex ... now I'm just getting nerdy ... I'll stop ...

shawnawwwesome said...

@IHK - I definitely get it, but still wish I hadn't read it. I know it was probably originally thought up by some chubby 14-year-old Flyers fan, but Cindy Gaysby is just too good for my brain not to use.

I don't know, I'm going to have to shuffle some things around, see if I can get back to "Bing".

As for the hating on the "new" Pens, it's how sports journalism works. We all know it. Something gets built up, it has to be knocked down. The best way to shut the a-holes up is to keep putting them in the dubs column. That's gonna be the Pens.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@shawnawwwesome: That wasn't actually directed at you *laughs* Stick with Bing *smiles*

Besides 14 yr. old Flyers fan couldn't have come up with that ... they recycle the boring Cindy Crybaby comment over and over ... not creative at all ....

debrisslide said...

Best post ever.

sh0ez said...

Amazing post. Simple as that.

Jolie won't be Catwoman. Simple as that.

sh0ez said...

Also, you can pick out those who came to tPB after the SCF now that the staff is truly back in action.

Justin said...

I can't wait for the season to start just like the rest of you. And after reading all this negative Penguins stuff, I guess I just missed the memo where the Penguins traded Bing, Malkin, Fleury, and our ridiculous blueliners for the entire roster of the Moose Jaw Warriors WHL team.

On a completely unrelated note, thankfully we have the Stillers to keep us company until the first week of October. I was looking for suggestions of good blogs on the Steelers, perhaps similar to Pensblog (but obviously not nearly as good).

Feebs said...

I just got home from work and checked out the post. Solid stuff.

Who cares what all the sports writers think and print. They are rarely right. Plus, Pittsburgh teams love to overshine thier expectations.

We have a great season ahead of us. It's getting closer day by day, and I can't wait.

Let's go pens!

aunt penny said...

football season has started!! which means hockey is around the corner!


Cindy Crabsby? that's all I got.

Re/Palin. Hockey comment in her speech at the national convention of all things.

What the difference between a hockey mom and a rottweiler?

A hockey mom wears lipstick..........

The Goon Blogger said...

Typical day at McCain's Whitehouse.

"Sarah! The talks between Al-Queda and us are starting to break down! What I'm going to need you to do is take your kids to hockey practice!"


jimmypop6996 said...

It's not that the Pens traded bing, geno, and flower... it's that their 39 year old legs won't hold up after playing 102 games in 07-08.

Add in that they lost the Fantastic Four: Malone, Roberts, Hall, and Conklin. Plus the dynamic duo: Ruutu & Laraque... replaced them with the Three Stooges- Satan, Fedotenko, and Cooke; well you understand that it's simply not possible for the Pens to make any waves in 08/09

As some have said on the Caps board have said- the Pens time has come and gone.

I think it's time for a rebuild.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@goon blogger: Moms are a demographic and that is a way of reaching out ... keep pushing the point that she is a mother and has a family, she'll appeal to conservatives and mothers.

But that's the political nerd in me knowing exactly why the candidates choose the words and tags ...

End political rant ... good night all. (and God Bless?)

Stoosh said...

Two weeks and a day from tomorrow and it's time for some Tampa Bay Hatin'. We're almost playing hockey again. Crikey, that's awesome.

I love this time of year.

akus said...

adam said,

...don't take anything on here seriously, please.

1/01/2007 6:31 PM.

I guess some do.

J.S. said...

jimmypop, I really hope you're not serious.

aunt penny said...

Robin Williams on letterman with RNC's that for serious..........

aunt penny said...

you know where a penguin takes his money? the snowbank.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Stoosh, when the local temperature dips into highs in the 50's, and you can finally start wearing your hockey sweater without losing 5 pounds in water weight, that's the most wonderful time of the year. Enough of the Ted Nolan summer already!

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

J.S., I think jimmypop (of The Bloodhound Gang?) left sarcasma dripping all over his post. There's a puddle of it below your monitor.

Lady Jaye said...

Staffers... you brought a tear to my eye with your awesome post. Okay, not realy, but it was still awesome.

@stoosh > Thank you for the reminder that it's only 2 weeks and a day away until I can sit in my seats at the Mellon again. I can't wait!!!

I'm bringing my former Tamap fan now converted Pens fan friend with me. I'm dragging her to Picnicblog too... but I'm sure she's okay with that cause she's a poor college student and goes anywhere that she can get real food.

brndlynn said...

seeing tPB back in from the post office has made me one very happy girl.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

I, Nick Saia, vow to job roberts all year just as much as i cheered for him last year.

I, Nick Saia, plan on hossa being as big an enemy to me as cornelius

I, Nick Saia, officially back MAF as our go to goalie for the rest of his career (hopefully), LMT as our true coach, and Miroslav Satan as my favorite newcomer.

and I, Nick Saia, will shed a single tear when Ryan Malone scores on us, the first game of the season.
mark it down.

brndlynn said...

im loving the new motivational poster.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Poor, poor Rick

Nick Saia, the first guy that popped into my head when you mentioned Cornelius was everyone's favorite pick-axe lickin' prospector from the great white north, Yukon Cornelius. But Barnaby making that reference to Odelein is a fond memory. Barnaby was kind of a jagoff, but I miss the dude a little.

sh0ez said...

Yukon Cornelius. Now THAT'S a necessary FA pick up.

TheFandangler said...

The bumbles bounce.

sh0ez said...

They do.

If anyone got a random group invite from me on FB (most of you did), it is for my radio show! It's on Sunday nights from 10PM-2AM. I play heavy stuff. All the info is on the group page!

Click here if I didn't invite you. If you are my friend on FB, you were invited!

TheFandangler said...


New into eternity = good stuff.

TheFandangler said...

New postage.

Hooks Orpik said...

#1: Great reference to 'The Jerk'

#2: Good point about experience....Despite the Whitney injury, how about the Pens are going to return all their defensemen (plus a healthy Eaton, who everyone will sleep on)...They've still got Malkin, Crosby and MAF. They'll be fine.

If anything I hope there are more stories about the Pens about to struggle...Hearing questions like that should take any sense of entitlement and renew the work ethic needed by all the players to make it back to the promised land.

fleuryous said...

The Pens will struggle, blah blah blah.

Debbie Downers, I'll tell ya.

We=better than we were a year ago.
Sit on oooooooooone.


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