Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This isn't political shit.

This is just some dude who predicted the current economic crisis.
August 2006

Last line of the movie:
"That's all the dollar's gonna be worth, is a penny."
What a move.

Build that arena. Fast.


osheak234 said...

Pens should sign Khabibulin.

meecrofilm said...

crazy shit.

PittHockey said...

I predicted it in November 2004.

Oh well.

TheNWChica said...
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fleuryous said...

Way to go, Jorge.

TheNWChica said...

@turk from the last post...

I love my little brother in PHX!!!

Preseason or not, they matter to him; so I see some celebrating tonight!

Brett said...

I hope Peter remembered to send that guy a bill for one penny and an "I Told you so" note. Good stuff from him.

By the way, this crisis is just as serious as you might think considering the coverage, if not more so. My work has me directly tied to some of America's biggest insurance companies, including AIG, and expect things to get a good bit worse before they get any better. Pray that those in charge of the 'states and other free market countries make the right choices in trying to bring an end to this skid.

Brett said...

Other news, a few days ago, the Rangers pulled the plug on the Petr Nedved project.

I saw the Rangers a few days ago. They looked like shit. Naslund looked good though. They lack in the offensive skills though. they should have payed him for a year's service, especially if they're not signing Shanny.

BlacknGold66 said...

You could've called this 20 years ago when corporations such as car companies started handing out rebates worth up to $10,000 that everyone took advantage of.

Rebates like that only work when the majority of people fail to use them (Like how the government can guarantee $35k+ to everyone who enlists in the military for school for a small deduction of $1,200 from said enlistee. i.e. the majority of the people don't use the G.I. Bill which ='s profit for the government)

Adrienne said...

I hope Peter remembered to send that guy a bill for one penny and an "I Told you so" note. Good stuff from him.

Quoted for truth. Goddamn.

I'm scared to see where the economy is going to be in January, let alone in another year

sexymexyjeffy said...

@ pitthockey

yeah i concur. called it in 04, and also 2000.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

oh yeah, well i called it in '99.

Raybin said...

Admittedly, it will be kinda neat to go grocey shopping with a wheelbarrow full of cash.

I don't know jack shit about economics, but I can't see how this wasn't eminently predictable. You had a whole group of people who made bad loans. Then you had another group of people who bought those bad loans for speculation, always a dangerous pasttime. Finally, you had another group of people who insured all those bad loans.

And no one saw this coming?

Combined with the removal of bankruptcy protections and you created a situation where it makes more sense for people to keep paying their credit cards and walk away from their mortgages, leaving the banks holding the bag.

Aron said...

i called it in 1980, 1 year before i was conceived, so yeah

LargeTurkey said...

It was pretty clear the economy was going to hit the wall, it was a question of when. If someone said it in 2006, and shorted the stock market, they would have lost a ton of money b/c they stock market continued to go up well into 2007. So this isn't that impressive at all. Call you Congressman and tell them to support the bailout or this country is going into a depression. That includes main street and wall street.


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