Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Even Erik Christensen Would Have Scored

Everyone has this story today.

From [Puck Daddy] to [Mirtle] to [Fanhouse] no one can believe that the Bulgarian Women's hockey team lost 82-0 in an Olympic qualifying game against Slovakia.

This isn't so much to print this news, as it is now a challenge.

We have to find highlights of this game.

So join the search, and if you find something let us know.



Bacon077 said...

wouldn't 20-0 have sufficed?

The Big K said...


Damnit another Top 2.

I'm good.

Jawsh said...

I KNOW the pensblog EA Sports team could beat them.

PittHockey said...

That's just wrong.

Obscene, even.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

BigK, I see you are trying to make it into game-shape *laughs* You needed to practice as much as Sid compared to say a Colby routine. *laughs* Maybe we'll help you get into an Army bootcamp like the Pens do. I'm not sure when they break into teams if they'll have Team Jobber available. I'll join the team. *laughs* Team Courage, Team Respect, Team Jobber *smiles* Do it!

When I read this on Mirtle's site a while ago, I didn't know whether to laugh from embarassment or walk away from the computer. Maybe they don't have videos of it because Bulgaria did the taping and they are embarassed for themselves and country? I feel bad for those girls. Also, who runs up the score like that? No respect for the other team at all. Hockey has always been about the respect for me. Sure we hate players and teams but that kinda disrespect towards fellow hockey players is obnoxious.

(Hmm, I think I could have used the term "respect" a wee bit more *laughs*)

Billkamm said...

Since Bulgaria didn't register a single shot on net maybe Slovakia should have pulled their goalie and went 6v5 the entire game and made the score like 135-0 or something. Just saying.

The Goon Blogger said...

The most I've ever scored in the NHL video game franchise is 36!


Allison said...

So I just realized that's more than a goal a minute
sick shit

I know what happened:
After about 10 mins the centers from Bulgaria must have been too tired from all the faceoffs to register a shot.

fleuryous said...

Did the Bulgarians honestly just sit there? Well, not even that...a puck could have bounced of their bodies...did they just...shoot any puck they received toward their own goal? And body check their goalie so she would not stop it? Oooooor...you know what, I'm done with hypotheticals, because I feel like nothing I could ever come up with would top the ACTUAL reason.

I need to know. They probably won't print anything because the headline is embarrassing enough.

My left nut would have done better, and I don't even have one...or two for that matter.

arubashooterboy said...

Has anyone seen the trailers for 2K9? Holy crap does it look bad. I just watched a few of them and I'm wondering why they put videos with so many glitches as the "official" videos on IGN.

fleuryous said...

Do you realize that's like...at least a hat trick for everyone on the team, pretty much.


J.S. said...

I did notice something. Look at the box score and look at Bulgaria's scores. Are they only skating 10 skaters?

fleuryous said...


and from Wiki...

"Bulgaria also has strengths in shooting sports."

Apparently not the puck. OUCH.

arubashooterboy said...

a 10-goal scorer, a 9-goal scorer, and 4 others with 8.

I wonder how they'd do against Thailand.

Ian said...

That's an average of 1.3 goals per minute or 1 goal every 44 seconds.


Robo-Pope said...

I happen to like EC. Ouch.

As for Bulgaria, they don't have a lot of women's ice hockey players--something like 39 registered in their entire country? So playing with a partial roster makes sense.

James Mirtle said...

To tell the truth, I had this posted Sunday night!

Allison said...


I just had to check the calendar on this one to make sure it wasn't April first

Joke of the century right here:
Sean Avery: The Movie

I think I'd rather take 10 bucks and wipe my ass with it than pay to watch this

Annie said...

Ew, ew, ew!

fleuryous said...

Dear Lord, I just piddled my pants.

sh0ez said...

We ain't dead.

sh0ez said...

Annnd Happy Birthday to Jordan!

shawnawwwesome said...

How else are broads trying to play hockey gonna generate this level of interest?

shawnawwwesome said...

...is, um, something Kevin Stevens might say.

dying alive said...

The dozen or so games I get to a season at Mellon, fans seem to be pretty good about making the opening drop and sticking around to the horn.

I think it depends on the score. If it's a 1 or 2 goal game, pretty much everyone stays. Any more than that, you'll see people trying to beat the traffic. You can usually spot them right away, though. They're the same people who jump up in the middle of play with two minutes to go in the period so that they can beat everyone to the bathrooms or the concession stands.

I had to leave early once last year and I was embarrassed to do it.

dying alive said...

BTW, did any other season ticket holders get their town hall meeting tickets yesterday? Is anyone going this year?

Also, they are doing the thing again where STHs get first crack at tickets for five games during the regular season (including fan appreciation night). They're at gate price, though, no discount. Just FYI for those of you who know a STH, start bugging them now to get you tickets.

Dan said...

hahaha jobbed by mirtle. he did too, i saw it.

Matt said...

I forget which source it was, but apparently something like 40 people showed up to watch, total. It set the record for lowest attendance at a hockey game. Excluding the Panthers, of course.

akus said...

Hold on, Bulgaria did score one
goal in the round robin tournament.
Bulgaria lost to Italy (41-0) and Latvia (39-0), and it followed its 82-0 loss with a 30-1 defeat to Croatia

regards to jerseyblog, the # under the jersey, went from 21 to 25. Is that # of jersey's sold?

shawnawwwesome said...

I think it depends on the score. If it's a 1 or 2 goal game, pretty much everyone stays.

Yeah, but there's no "I" in "quitter".

What does that mean? Who knows, but from my experience (having gone to plenty of games in those terrible seasons leading up to the lockout) the seats never seem to empty out as much as you would expect, when you would expect.

Obviously, there are a few fans that are going to toss the "keep your fat ass planted while the puck is in play" rule out the window toward the end of the 3rd and head for the exit when the urge strikes, but it never seems to be an epidemic of early exits.

Of course, I tend to be full of shit and may be misremembering my experiences in the Edzo years.

Also, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the new arena is going to have holographic seat fillers to assure TV audiences that Pens fans are for real.

fleuryous said...

I must say, when Detroit won the cup, I was very proud of the fans for being respectful and sticking around for most of the thing...I, too, would get a bit sick of watching them tote around the Stanley for 2 hours.

Kudos to them.


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