Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eaton/Letang 08'

:: The PG brings the pain on Eaton. [PG]
If you can't rally behind Mark Eaton, you're a waste.

:: The PG also has a sweet piece on Pesonen.[PG]

He got the attention of management, and the hundreds of fans who attended the workout, with his speed. It was particularly evident when he split two defensemen for a breakaway in the mid-practice scrimmage, although goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and bumpy ice conspired to prevent him from scoring.

That didn't seem to upset the front office much -- "I've seen Fleury stop Jeff Carter on a breakaway, too," Shero said -- but Pesonen clearly was unhappy that he failed to convert that opportunity.


Here are some highlights from one of the scrimmages yesterday:

[] has more


Town Hallblog

[Thanks to Jonathan V]

The general feeling in Penguin nation is that the Town Hall meeting was a success.
We heard a lot of people showed up and shit.
[Dave R.]


Go Pens


sh0ez said...

This pairing excites me way more than it should.

Anthony said...

Eaton-Letang 08! Fuck Obama and McCain.

sh0ez said...

Anthony, I am so down with that. I should make the signs . . .

Anonymous said...

About the town hall meeting, remember a few weeks back you guys said Free Candy would be the WWGRD of this season....

when somone asked the players about how they felt when they heard the league was changing back to the old schedule format orpik gave a answer based around how lucky other teams in the west will be to see the stars (staal malkin and Crosby) Steigy jumped in sayin how theyre lucky to see Brooks Orpik givin' out free candy, he turned beet read and the whole team cracked up

sonofatruckload said...

malkin really wants to win a faceoff this year it seems

dying alive said...

I am crossing my fingers that Eaton can stay healthy this year. That poor guy has had some of the worst luck I've ever seen.

It's interesting that people associated with the team know tPB nicknames and such. I wonder who reads it?

Chubs said...

Defense we can believe in? or, The original defenders?

Raybin said...

Steigerwald is my fucking hero. First with the USS Hal Gill and now Free Candy. What an announcer.

@dying alive

I'd love to know specifically. Obviously, we know Steiggy does and Ruutu dropped "Free Candy" in an interview during the playoffs last year. I also read a report that had the "Sykora Calls His Shot" photoshop being passed around the locker room.

I'll bet Max Talbot reads tPB. It seems like it'd be right up his alley.

debrisslide said...

So, is there any coverage whatsoever of the game tomorrow? Like, can I tune in online via 105.9?

A-train said...

Oh TribPM- I am pretty sure felled isn't a word. And I'm going to second Talbot reading the blog.

homesprout said...

That clip of game 5 in OT got me fired up to get back on the comment wagon again. Only a couple more weeks until the season starts...

I feel terrible I commented that Satan was a douche in one of the Isles/Pens game recaps last season.....


Spencemo said...

Chubs, I'm going with "Defense we can belive in"...Yeah, I dig that one...

dying alive said...

Felled is definitely a word, albeit a pretentious, fancypants one.

cheese said...

hey peeps....

anybody know where the heck we can watch ANY preseason????

Sooska said...

heads up cblog- the Pens web site is live streaming the scrimmage right now.

slush said...

thanks for the heads up sooska!

Kierstan said...

I'm glad they streamed the scrimmage online, that was awesome. Soooo ready for the regular season to start now!

Kierstan said...

Town hall meeting's posted on Pens' NHL site now, too.

Anthony said...

Anyone catch the scrim? Pesonen looks like he's getting more and more comfortable and more confident as time passes. Staal-Malkin-Sykora = romantic time explosion. LeGame is totally controlling the flow of play whenever he's got the puck, and looks like Neo dodging bullets out there. Good to see Crosby and Satan firing on all cylinders like a well oiled machine. Dupuis, not so much. :( But hey, Fedotenko showed some nice moves and a sick shot today. Can't wait for the season to start.

Dan said...

might be old news, but i guess staal is officially a winger again. i know he's been playing wing, but it's on the website now.

is it oct. 4th yet? between this and football, it's like i've died on gone to heaven.

dying alive said...

This has probably been answered 100 times already, but are the preseason games going to be televised in the Pittsburgh area?

Also, who else will be at the Mellon tomorrow?

Anthony said...

I just got off the phone with my boss and told him if I don't have off on Oct. 4th and 5th, I'm quitting and burning the place to the ground.

Anthony said...

Oh yeah, did anyone hear about Derian Hatcher? Serious business knee injury, possibly career ending. He's on the DL indefinitely.

Phuck Philly.

Raybin said...

@dying alive

Much to my chagrin, they are not.

I'm on the glass tomorrow night and I wanted my moment in sun on FSN, dammit! It was gonna be my big break!

Brett said...

Malkin answering questions in english? Why was there no camera up on this?? grr city

I've gotta put hours in at the office this weekend, I expect some hardcore Posts/Cblog to help me get through this.

sh0ez said...

@ dyingalive/everyone:

Me and 19 others will be there in our own Cblog section in C-Level tomorrow! We will be tailgating somewhere beforehand as well.

Attendees include: myself, coffeytalk, brndlynn, eileenover, fleuryous, maxpower, jonny v, joose, ffbarton, etc.

Let's Go Pens!

Raybin said...


Sounds like a group composed of the best of the best.

I'll be in A6 with my lovely fiancee'. My facebook friends know what I look like....if anyone happens to be in that vicinity and sees me and wants to say "Hi" just shout FREE CANDY or COMMIT at me.

TheFandangler said...

It'll be nice to imagine Michelle Oulette gliding around on the ice. They have about the same scoring prowess.

Max Power said...

The game tomorrow is going to be sick. I scooped up a bottle of Glenlivette 30 year to help in my warm up. I hope Brooks murders Marty and Vinni. I wonder if anyone will have the stones to step up to Lord Gary?

akus said...

Two things;

Rob Scuderi sat out yesterday's activities because of bruised ribs.


Druckenmiller yanks $800 million bid for Steelers.

To borrow a line from fleuryous,
That's all.

jefe p said...

a 30-year for a preseason game?
max is all business.

fyi, the free candy remark is at 44:52.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was forced to move out of town for grad school. Anyone know how to get the game online tomorrow? I checked, but there are no nhl games listed.

Matt said...


"Eaton/Letang '08
Defense We Can Believe In"

absolutely MUST be a sign at games (assuming the pairing stays constant during the year).

Dr. Turkleton said...


I see Yahoo! gave you a bit of a surprise with the 'Auto Draft'!

I'm wondering who from the 'Ning will actually be dressed @ the Mellon...

Stamkos? - I think they'd save his '1st' game for the home peeps on Monday.

Malone? Roberts? - I'm guessing they don't make the trip.

Hall? Recchi? - They have to dress SOME vets, right? [a minimum of 8 'vets' have to dress, per Czar Bettman]

Ouellet? - someone has to lug the bags/sticks around, no?

Olie the Goalie would be nice to see so I good Ooollll Leeee!!! chant can stir up some good memories for him! HA!


Dr. Turkleton said...


scroll past this if you don't want to be disappointed about who's playing tomorrow...

Here are the players that will make the trip to Pittsburgh for Saturday’s preseason opener:

Jussi Jokinen
Radek Smolenak
Evgeny Artyukhin
David Koci
Steven Stamkos
Zenon Konopka
Wyatt Smith
Ryan Craig
Michel Ouellet
Brandon Bochenski
Jason Ward
Chris Lawrence

Andy Rogers
Janne Niskala
Matt Smaby
Jaime Heward
Vladimir Mihalik
Andrew Hutchinson

Mike Smith
Karri Ramo


Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

NICE! Don't have to bear the pain of seeing Lord Gary in another uniform in person and I get to see Stamkos. Thanks for the list.

No Ollie the Joke is disappointing though. Always fun to torment him.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yeah!!! No Bugsy ... wait, NO! No Bugsy ... wait ... ah, I'm so confused! *frowns*

Looks like I can finally bring my Eaton's Park sign to the games. Man alive have I missed seeing him play. I love Eats, he's such a beast.

Dr. Turkleton said...

raybin said...

Don't have to bear the pain of seeing Lord Gary in another uniform in person and I get to see Stamkos.


+ not seeing Bugsy with that Zig Zag on his chest on Mellon Ice is nice, too.

I'm kinda surprised about Stamkos. Maybe Melrose's Place wants to see how his young stud fares against [what I'm guessing is going to be a Pens roster .75 full of vets, with their short camp/exhibition schedule...] 'real' competition.

That defensive corps that's coming north reads like a whos-who of 7th/8th depth squad defensemen!


Raybin said...


Agreed about Bugsy as well....but I figured that was IHK's department and I didn't want to shoehorn in on her territory. ;-)

That was pretty much my exact thoughts about the "defensemen" (though you can't really call them that without doing violence to the word) Tampa Bay will be dressing tomorrow. Great minds, etc.

Very nice of Melrose to make this shooting gallery fun!

Max Power said...

PENS trim roster


jefe p said...

new post


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