Thursday, September 25, 2008

Buries It Approves

Hightlights from last night.
From [TSN]

Sabu makes a sick save.
Check out 66's reaction.

TSN doesn't let you embed, but check out the screen cap.

That shirt is illegal in five states.

Go Pens


dlonlo said...


slush said...

man, you were quick on the draw.

sloppy seconds.

Steve In Denver said...

Do you think Natalie nicknamed her favorite french tickler "Buries It"?

Max Power said...

I never get sick of seeing this. The fact that is was a fan video and naturally the flyers are vagingoes

This one has an ass load of tPB photo shops

tPB Habs fans hates Filthy too

Then there's this maple sucking moose f'ing child toucher who has a good point

Yet one more tPB fan fighting the good fight

Just one more

Yeah I'm that big of a nerd, but you get hit by a car and see how bored you get with tv. OnDemand only goes so far. I also might have been drinking.

KaylaJ said...

mario makes me less sophisticated since i drink my glasses of wine in a wife beater and raggedy jean shorts.

Flyer Hater said...

I just watched Pens-Rangers from 93 from the DVD boxset. I don't know how any unbiased person could watch that game and not say that Lemieux was the best player of all time.

Also in that game, Barrasso=Beast.

debrisslide said...

Mario's face in the screen-cap = LIFE-CHANGING.

PittHockey said...

hey, I have that shirt.

Max Power said...


Barrasso was a beast. Not only did he own the net. Not only the fact that despite having a few enforcers and not needing them because he had no hesitation about taking the business end of his stick in to a douche's neck. He also banged the baby sitter and got stabbed in the leg by his wife and still showed up to camp. He wasn't a beast he was a monster.

If Tommy B had a camp... MAF should attend. Tommy B's camp of "Step the F' off beotch!"

Stoosh said...

FH -

For someone who didn't grow up here, never got to appreciate Lemieux in his prime and never got to see him on a nightly basis until the mid-1990s, watching those old games gives me a whole different perspective on Lemeiux.

I watch some of those old games and I think if Mario's back doesn't job him for most of his career, Wayne Gretzky is almost an afterthought.

Despite a back that was constantly a problem for him, this is a guy who averaged two points a game for the bulk of his career. The only thing that really brought him that little bit closer to the rest of his peers was old age; he'd slowed down a little bit after his comeback but not much.

Lemieux, after all, still managed 91 points in 67 games in 2002-03, despite being 37 years old, wearing the player and owner hat for the franchise, dealing with the frustrations of an arena and a pending lockout, and playing on a team that was being systematically dismantled around.

Guy was unreal. Just unreal.

stokes said...

Lemieux makes me weep like a 5 year old any given time.

There is really no one word that describes Lemieux.

Annie said...


Buries It made hockey look like some kind of beautiful art form. Someone called him the most elegant athlete they had ever seen, and for a big guy to be that graceful, it was such a joy just to watch him move and do the things he did.

I consider myself really, really lucky to have seen him play a couple shifts of one game I saw live back around 2002. There was just one unreal move he did that blew me away. Even though I think they lost that game against the Bruins, seeing Lemieux in person skate for about a total of three minutes made it totally, totally worth it for me. Thinking about that, and watching those old games on the dvd set, it's almost like he was on another plane of existence.

In a world where he has no substantial health issues, Lemieux is still playing today with a long series of Cup wins behind him, having blown Wayne's records out of the water long ago.

Hehe, I'm just gonna daydream about that for a while...

fleuryous said...

There isn't a word to describe...there are two.



aunt penny said...

Anyone who lived it knows.

Gretzky is an afterthought.

The best place was to sneak down behind the goalie and swoop in on goal like an eagle.

Yeah..wayne who?

just sayin.

P.O. said...


as a grown man who sat in my running car in front of my house for an hour listening to DVE talking about the comeback in 2000with tears in my eyes... i feel you and can say in a completely heterosexual way that no one gives me chills like #66

jefe p said...

i was in boston in '97 for mario's first farewell tour. at the time, it wouldve been the last regular season game of his career.

i was new to the area, so i made my mom buy tickets. 2 were not available together, so i enjoyed the game on the opposite side of the arena from her. oops.

we lost but i think he racked up an assist. the several minute standing ovation at the end of the game was amazing.

it was The Best time.

TheNWChica said...

I know you hate it when we chicks act like chicks; but Holy Hannah that picture of BuriesIt is very nice!

KaylaJ said...

chica, its has affects on everyone! pictures like that is why clay aiken finally came out of his closet

sh0ez said...

I missed doing Photoshops. Staff, you have brought back the good in me by putting that up there. I have confidence once again.

Flyer Hater said...

The most amazing part about Barrasso in that game against the Rags in 93 was that he set up Lemieux and Jagr on breakaways with a pass on the tape from his crease to the redline. If Tommy doesn't shit the bed against the Isles, he's a HOF'er as we speak.

Dr. Turkleton said...

If the Stevens/Pilon incident didn't occur...the Pens win that Game 7 easily...I was at that game and the Arena wasn't the same after Stevens face/blood was being scraped off the ice...even though Ronnie Franchi$e tied it up late, they just seemed destined to lose as Healy played like Plante all game.

That game was more depressing of a loss than the Game 6 loss to DET. [as they were probably the best Pens team...ever]


KaylaJ said...

isles and florida are two losses i'll never get over. freakin' rats

fleuryous said...

ANybody know if the game is playing on any TV station?


Annie said...

Nicklas Lidstrom got a puck to the face, broke his nose, and is out three games.


Bugsy owns him all the way.

Flyer Hater said...

kaylaj, Tommy B should have did what Roy did in the 96 playoffs against the Panthers. Roy gave up 2 quick goals against Florida and was showered with rats. He then said to his teammates in the 1st intermission, "No more rats". He didn't give up a goal in game 3 and shut the door in a 4OT game the next night to clinch the cup for the Avs.

Exhibit #187178918918 why Patrick Roy is my favorite athlete ever.

Hocfan66 said...

Lemieux was the man without a doubt...his shirt screams success, which is why it must be outlawed in so many other NHL Filthadelphia...

Vern said...

He looks so hot in (insert any color).


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