Sunday, September 21, 2008


Taking a cue from the NFL, the NHL may put skirts on all of their players and get rid of the preseason so that players don't get unnecessarily injured.

Fake Sergei Gonchar disagrees however.
When asked questions about his injury, Gonchar was quoted saying:

Well, you know, hockey players actually exert energy on the ice,
as opposed to football players who do something athletic for, what, 4 minutes a game?

See, we're not pansies like football players in the NFL.
We're not overpaid prima donnas who touch ourselves.
We play our respective sport with an enormous amount of passion.
Our balls are sweating at the end of the game.
And guess what, we play on a sheet of ice, so go figure that one out.


Rico Fatty said...

How much is true and how much is bs? Are they really getting rid of it? I went to the game last night, and aside from seeing like 30 mins out of Lovejoy I never would have been able to tell it was preseason. I really respect the players for putting heart into the preseason games.

donniek87 said...

did goncah really say all that?

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

If you have to ask if Sarge really said that, you have a lot to learn about this site.

Not gonna get too scientific, but the two games are apples and oranges, aerobic vs. anaerobic. Going from no activity to maximum effort around fifty times a game takes just as much energy as skating around and absorbing hits.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

And a funny tidbit about the Beech jersey pic, I was trying to get as close to him as possible and tried to use the old ninja soft step. He looked back at me once as I had my cell camara out, and I had to do the don't-mind-me-i'm-not-taking-your-pic-to-post-on-thepensblog act. Mission accomplished.

stokes said...

OMFG!!!ONE!!!!!11!!! DID he say that?!?!?!

"Our balls are sweating at the end of the game.
And guess what, we play on a sheet of ice, so go figure that one out."

Yes, Staff, you are still funny.

PittHockey said...

Should've saved this post until Recchi injured someone on atlanta. Maybe first line star center Erik Christensen.


jefe p said...

just ordered DISHtv.
and soon NHL CENTER ICE :P

hopefully not too many games will be blacked out this year. last year about 8 or more were, i think. got the cheap package (for now) cause getting VS and/or NHLN seems to be a ripoff to add.

TANK is playing tomorrow. definite win.

go pens.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yes, Gonchar the modest and quiet man said all of this and Staff said Fake Sergei Gonchar ... wow. *laughs*

I'm excited for tomorrow's game and also dreading it ... let's see how do I win w/ this game ... Bugsy scores a few goals, Pens win, and no fights between Bugsy and Pens.

TheNWChica said...

I can't wait to see Tank too, esp. since he'll be back where scored the only two goals in Game 7 to win the Bolts their Cup.

Anonymous said...

Gonchar really said it, I saw it on the radio this morning!

And did you guys hear Oprah was found dead in her home over the weekend? Shit has been crazy!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm so glad it isn't 2004 anymoe where the biggest stars in the NHL are the unmarketable and impersonal Rick Nash and Kovaljoke

Adrienne said...

<3 StaffBlog still got it.

Anthony said...

If you don't want to get hurt, go home.


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