Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alright Mr. Wonka, Name Your Price

If you haven’t heard by now, the Ottawa Senator’s dealt Andrej Meszaros to the Tampa Bay Lightning last weekend. [ Ottawa Citizen ]

Then the Lightning proceeded to sign the largely unproven defenseman to a contract that only Rob Lowe and Veruca Salt’s pops would approve of.

“But I want a slightly above average Slovakian defenseman, daddy. I want one now.”

Also, we just ended a sentence with a preposition. Somewhere our 10th grade English teacher is disappointed.

Anyways, we hadn’t really said anything about it by now because at this point following the horrendous moves of the Tampa Bay franchise is like staying on top of the day-to-day happenings of Lidsay Lohan. She is going to do Coke. She is going to get into drunken car accidents.

To be relevant at this point she’d have to make a decent movie, or start studying String Theory at CalTech. The latter of which is most likely more probable.

So why do we care? Well, first, because there was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory joke there. But also because it turns out the Lightning wanted to sign Meszaros to an offersheet. But they couldn’t because when you sign a RFA to an offer sheet you have to compensate the other team with draft picks.

And who has not only our trust, but also a pocket full of Tampa Bay’s draft picks?

When the Lightning returned to Shero inquiring about some picks, you know, the ones they gave him so they could talk to a couple pending free agents a couple days early, he politely told them to pack sand. [ THN ]




Speaking of jokes.
The leagues worst defenseman Byran McCabe finally got dealt to the Panthers. [TSN.ca]


A nice Penguins blogger roundtable from good friend Tony at
[The Confluence].
You know the season is coming when you start seeing line combo's flying around like your grandma's underwear.


[ Señor Pat ]

Tú eres el mejor hombre, Pat.

We could have used the usted form, but we used the tú because Pat and us are just cool like that.


Penguins. Oilers. Championship Round [ icethetics ]

The Oilers are up huge.
But they have blown leads before.

Go Pens


shawnawwwesome said...

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" joke? I don't get it.


dying alive said...

Curses! I missed my first first by just minutes.

coffeytalk said...

*sigh of relief*

now these posts make a girl feel right.

glad the summer blahs are over and it's back to being


shawnawwwesome said...

da, I even sat around reading the whole post before commenting, waiting like a chump for someone else to take first.

Staff keeps posting icethetics links but don't give a shite enough to update the left nav's NHLlogos link. New season mode, my ass.

Vern said...

I can't be the only one who thinks this "first" stuff is stupid and Perez Hilton-esque, no?

String Theory still needs a lot of answers, and I think that Lindsay Lohan may be just the one to provide them.

Rochelle said...

late post boys.... what happened?

jaos said...

All I can say is

nhl09 + teampensblog > fantasy hockey league

dying alive said...

vern - generally, yes. I don't know if I'd use the word "stupid" so much as juvenille, but since I don't come to tPB to act like an adult it doesn't really bother me. And since I have been posting in cblog since Jesus walked the earth and have never been first, it might have been a novelty.

I have no idea what it has to do with Perez Hilton, though, so I don't get your analogy. Sorry.

shawnawwwesome said...

Stumbling on a new post and hurrying to call the first comment is like finding fresh snow and having to write your name in it. It's extremely sophomoric behavior and that is why I don't engage in it. Plus, it has nothing to do with hockey.

Now, let's get back to discussing Lindsay.

Dan said...

i was at the old one for way too long

speaking of fantasy hockey - email inmyrvm@yahoo.com if interested. i know there were a few before. i'm sure there's some of the regulars (like doc, where ever the hell he disappeared to) that want in. i'll organize it, we'll do it on yahoo.

Russ Tundra said...

I hope you guys on the PS3 side get this guys team name and shove he head in a piss stall. I can't believe that dumbass is still doing videos.

Lady Jaye said...

It's September! It's such a happy feeling when I get to write in the Tampa game on the 20th on my "To Do" calendar.

LOLgwins said...

whats with the spanish? is Bing changing his name ala Chad Johnson?

akus said...

Someone in the "housekeepingblog" mentioned,Don LaFontaine - 'the movie preview voice' guy, He passed away today.


Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.


I live 159 miles from the `burgh, seeing some dude where i work sportin a Pen's shirt,made work only half suck.

Survey says:
One month
23 hours

How `freakin sweet is that!

jimmypop6996 said...

So that kid in the youtube advertises Coca Cola to himself and is the place for hockey news wearing a baseball jersey?

Why can't Cloverfield happen to Philadelphia already?

Lady Jaye said...

Fine sh0ez, I'll post my stupid ideas from the last thread here. :) If I post dumb ideas in an old thread nobody knows that they're there but me... and you apparently.


joosh1500 said...


bayonetwork said...

i posted this in the older post, just incase anyone looked there.

has anyone mentioned the president from independence day?

giving the greatest speech in the world, when everyone thinks we wont get as far as we did last season?

having him and proving everyone wrong would be epic.

bayonetwork said...

theres nothing wrong with bringing people back is there?

akus said...

@icethetics......at 2:30 EST when i looked at the vote, it was 60-40> Oilers, now its 56%-44>Oilers.

late on the housekeepingblog.

Elwood & Jake (on a mission)

debrisslide said...

I miss seeing Penguins stuff everywhere I go. Boooo.

Ian said...

fyi...you can vote more than once at icethetics, you just have to refresh the page and you can vote again and again and again...

do it.

akus said...

Thank you, we have already counted your vote.

mmmk1989 said...

hey staff-just noticed this about flashblog

but the part titled 'blog' and lists about and best of, uses orange.


Annie said...

Way back two posts ago:

The Goon Blogger said...


Hockey books are some of the greatest ever in the history of hockey books.

Gotta check out "Boys of Winter" and "The Game" by none other than the legendary Ken Dryden as well.
9/02/2008 12:32 PM

I've already read "Boys of Winter" - I actually read it twice before giving it to my dad for his birthday. I have yet to read "The Game", though. From what I've heard it's phenomenal.

Some more ideas, take em or leave em...

Darth Vader
Edmond Dantes/Count of Monte Cristo ("What is the one thing you want in this world?" "Revenge." "Okay, revenge.")

I'm also all for
John Cleese as Dennis Moore
Gordon Bombay
Reg Dunlop
Ellen Ripley

fleuryous said...

I love you all. like a mother loves her child resting on her bosom.

That is all.

Stoosh said...

Throwing my hat in the ring for some motivational characters...I apologize in advance if some of these have been used before.

Sheriff John Biebe"They didn't skate the river!"

"I'm your huckleberry." Pure badass.

Commander Mike "Viper" Metcalf. "Great...he's probably saying, 'Holy shit, it's Maverick and Goose!'"

...and while we're on a Top Gun kick,

Harold Fucking Faltermeyer.

Anthony said...

Mr. Movie Trailer, Don LaFontaine died today. It's a sad day.

Hip said...

I want to be in charge of writing these prescriptions and stuff now.

Koules and Barrie: Take one Fleet Enema, shove it up your ass and squeeze. Repeat until all your horseshit is gone.

Thanks, Dr. Hip.

akus said...

Vote must be working...

OILERS 53% (1324 votes)

PENGUINS 47% (1164 votes)

Flyers, Pens on NHLN Game 2

Jawsh said...

Count me in for Dr. Alan Grant.

J.S. said...

Penguins are down by 78 in that poll with two days left.

akus said...

78 and dropping...


akus said...

Thought of the day,
Eric Godard’s nickname is “God of War”

Go Pens.

`off to slumberland

Lady Jaye said...

Okay my late night grasping at straws for motivational people...

Kurt Russell as Herbie in Miracle
Master Yoda
Michael Phelps (Why not... he just won 8 golds after all... he's all business)

I have to agree with Gordon Bombay but I'll throw a vote in for the Bash Brothers in D2 since I had a major crush on them in high school.

How about the effing Word paperclip? He's always there when you need him and even when you don't.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@annie, John Cleese as Dennis Moore?

Wow, NICE!

I vote for:

+ Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon"
+ Clint Eastwood in "High Plains Drifter"
+ Jim Brown in "The Dirty Dozen"
+ Robert Stack in "Airplane!"

Oh, and Gov. Palin's daughter's boyfriend.

Pre-season tickets on sale in < 12hours!

Dr. Turkleton said...

•Gordon Gekko: Wall Street - Greed is good.

plus, any movie featuring Dr. Cox [John C. McGinley] should warrant serious bonus points....like this next one, as well:

•Coach Tony D'Amato: Any Given Sunday

•Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: HOO-AH!!!!!!!

[Go Eers!]

jimmypop6996 said...

Anyone else thinking the Pens aren't having promotions this season? They're usually decided by now. Not that they need them, they're more or less a way to get the sponsors names on something Pens related now. Peculiar.

Ian said...

I e-mailed these in as potential people to use, but I'll post them here for general opinions as well.

- Vito Corleone (The Godfather)
- Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction)
- Aragorn (from Lord of the Rings...you could definitely take a picture of him in battle and photoshop a hockey stick in for his sword)
- The Rabbit (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
- Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men)
- Marv (Sin City)
- The Boondock Saints

- Mr. Eko (LOST)

Annie said...

M. Vanderlasser -

"Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
Riding through the woods
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
With his bag of things
He gives to the poor
And takes from the rich
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore..."

fleuryous said...

SHONUFF from "The Last Dragon."

Or Leroy Brown, for that matter.

TLD was an amazing movie. AMAZING.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Burgess Meredith as Mickey from Rocky

"Fight until you hear the bell! Get up you sonofabitch! 'Cause Mickey loves ya..."

fleuryous said...

1380 to 1401?

Come on, Kids...we're closer than a nerd with a trashed girl on prom night.

fleuryous said...


Rest easy, big guy.

TheNWChica said...

I've been trying to get the gap closed with both IE and Firefox, but I need some help people!

sh0ez said...

I'm pretty sure that refreshing the page and changing browsers does not work. It's probably tracked by IP.

fleuryous said...

Holy Moly, only 9 away.

TheNWChica said...

That is true Sh0ez....but if you close the browser and have the cookies expire when you do, it works. :)

sh0ez said...

Poll Daddy polls: "Block repeat voters by IP address or cookies."

Cookie-test: Failed. I cleared that poll's specific cookie and it did nothing. No dice.

IP test: Obvious fail. Refreshing and switching browsers failed as well as attempting to use a proxy. One vote per person. Simple as that it seems.

sh0ez said...

Clearing cookies isn't working for moi.

TheNWChica said...

Well boo...must have been other people voting at the same time. And here I thought I was kicking ass. :(

brndlynn said...

@ nw and sh0ez: i was able to clear my cookies and somehow got a few extra votes to count. dont ask me how because I dont have a clue. lol.
its 1407 to 1402 right now.

TheNWChica said...

Thanks Brandi!

Well I'll still keep going for a little bit longer. I'm watching StarWars until bed time...I know how this one ends. ;)

sh0ez said...

Yeah. Try doing it multiple times in succession. Get in rhythm. If it seems that at least one of those times didn't work, then I guarantee it never did and it was just coincidence that others were voting at the same time. If it says at the top of the poll (after voting) "Thank you, we have already counted your vote." then chances are it didn't work.

If it were set to cookies, it would work for everyone. I think it's set to IP.

brndlynn said...

i dont know how i did it then because i wasnt getting that message! haha. i only got it to work an extra 2 times i think. maybe it made a mistake and didnt catch the fact that i had already voted.

TheNWChica said...

Let's go Cblog! Seven lousy votes! Do it for Steve and Free Candy and Maxie!

TheNWChica said...

Meh...well keep up the good fight my brothers and sisters. This Chica has an 8AM meeting that I'm leading tomorrow morning so I actually have to be awake for it. lol

Night all!

fleuryous said...

Yeah, I have 8:30 Organic Chem. So pumped.

Ummmmmm, goodnight. haha

sh0ez said...

Back down by 18! Ugh! Go to school and vote on every computer you can find! Or work!

Bacon077 said...

that video is sooooo good. "do we need him? i dunno. i dont think we need him. do we need him? my friends dont think, but i dunno."

points at camera


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