Saturday, August 9, 2008

Winter In The Sun # 45

[The Conk Unit. PENS WIN.]

4 - 1

In the NHL, the saves made by goalies are considered especially huge.
The dedicated player for the Penguins who makes these saves is part of an elite squad known as The Conk Unit.

These are his stories...

The atmosphere during the anthem and preceding the opening faceoff was insane, and it was punctuated when Laraque and Colton Orr drop the gloves.
People go crazy.

Solid fight.

It was old-time Penguins hockey soon thereafter, when the Pens made the Rangers pay for going to the box.

Malkin had it deep, toed the goal line.
He goes upstairs and bangs Henrik Lundqvist's girlfriend.

This was a game where Crosby was simply possessed.
Every time he grabbed the puck, he was gone.

Three minutes after the first goal, he Top Guns into the zone, gets a shot off.
The puck just sits there in the crease.
Malkin was sharking around all night. He sneaks in and pops it home.


Picture: All Star Scott Gomez getting back on defense on that goal.
Don't worry, we don't see him either.

Before you know it, Pens get a powerplay.
During the powerplay, Ty Conklin's stick breaks.
He ends up using the bottom half of his stick, as is allowed in the NHL rulebook.

Rulebookblog []

With one Ranger already in the box, Rosajoke peoples elbows Letang.
5 on 3. Gonch wires it in from the point.

Somehow, the Rangers came out of the first with the advantage in shots.
But there's a guy in net who is hot.
And we're talking about Frank Pietrangelo in Games 6 and 7 of the Patrick Division semifinals against the Devils in 1991 hot.

Lord Therrien had the Pens on cruise control to start the third.

The thought of another Malkin hat trick danced in everyone's head.
Speaking of heads, tonight was a ski-cap giveaway night.
If the writers weren't on strike, we'd say this was scripted.

Malkin was racing with some terd for a loose puck.
If you hit someone who does not have the puck, it's a penalty.
When you knock a person down in a race for a puck, that's interference.


The emotion was running high, and it was culminated with Jagr spoiling the shutout party.

Double J Style

Jagr booing had died off as of late, but this game, for whatever reason, brought the heat.

With that move alone, the Pens regained the momentum.
It was a subtle yet essentially game-clinching move by Therrien.

He knows it.

Laraque came on and hit some ass-clown in the Pens zone. Huge roar.

The Pens were helped with a ticky-tacky slashing call which sent them on the powerplay and sent Malkin back on the hunt. No dice there.

The puck wasn't gonna get past Conklin. It just wasn't gonna happen.

Malkin ended up delivering on the hat trick with a Gretzky empty-netter from center ice.

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Flyer Hater said...

Malkin was a beast that game. The all-star chants were glorious.

shawnawwwesome said...

Lundquist's woman is hawt, but I don't care for Geno's shoulder tat. Very gauche.

Staff cut off Rule 45e:

"A goalkeeper whose stick is broken may not use the splintered end to impale an opposing defenseman in his anal opening."

And you can thank Tom Barrasso for that addition to the rulebook.

(And, yes, I pvt the u in Lvndqvist's name, where it shovld be.)

Russ Tundra said...

That was a solid game!!

The Big K said...



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