Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sesenta y Seis

This is a filler post that probably 9 people will read.

But in case you haven't heard, Chad Johnson, receiver for the Bengals,
has his name legally changed to Chad Ocho Cinco.

In this era where Terrell Owens commands the spotlight,
Chad Johnson has gotten his share.

You would half-expect us to annihilate him for doing this.
But for some reason, we love it and don't hate him for it.

Can't wait for him to get traded to a team where the #85 is retired.


Pens_MINI66 said...


WOW that would be funny as hell if he got traded!

StillsandNash said...
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jaos said...


Hip said...

You can't hate a man who is the first to admit he's being ridiculous.

Pens_MINI66 said...

Chad what the hell is wrong with you?! First the skunk head then this, Keep going you making me laugh!

Ok to other things, PS3 PensBlog Team. Join up so we can start to play!

akus said...

Hey Johnson,
its ochenta y cinco

Spanish-Ebonics comes alive.


Mark me as the 6th one to read the filler post.

6 down,3 to go.

Aron said...

is this real? can't be

akus said...

As real as 66 .

He used a fake nameplate once before in 2006, i think once the game started he peeled it off or some shit.
Got a $5 g fine.

Veshinfsky75 said...

#9 haha

sh0ez said...

Detroit and St. Louis both have 85 retired.

Ocho Dickhead is lame. Like Kevin.

sh0ez said...

And I ruined the "9" thing by making the 10th and now 11th comments. Ha ha.

jefe mays said...

ive enjoyed wasting my time here. even with a new post already up.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

WOW that would be funny as hell if he got traded!

Well, I thought they where shopping Rudi Johnson (the running back) to make room to get a quality reciever...

Chewbacca said...

While I think the guy is a team cancer, this cracks me up! You know deep down inside the NFL is loving this as Ocho Cinco jerseys will be flying off the shelf!


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