Monday, August 11, 2008

Jokeley can wait.
Here is the improbable win by the U.S. men's relay swimming team on Sunday night.
Phelps' 8 gold medals were on the brink of elimination.

4:04 mark. Wooooooo


We support the Hill District.
We really do.
There are some good people that deserve a chance at a better life.

That's why it is good news to see the Hill District
will be getting $2 million from the Penguins Arena deal.[PG]

That is including $1 million from the Penguins.

"The deal provides $2 million, including $1 million from the Penguins, to help develop a Hill grocery store; requires the city and county to help fund a neighborhood master plan; creates a neighborhood partnership program that gives businesses state tax credits for contributing to Hill development projects and establishes a career center partly funded for two years by the city and county."

That is not a bad deal considering no one was under any obligation to do it.
But one of our old friends is up to his same tricks.

Mr. Jake Wheatley had this to say about the FREE money coming to Hill District:

State Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Hill District, said he doesn't believe the Penguins put "anything significant" in the deal. He also complained that negotiators failed to get any commitment for development in the Hill above the 28-acre Mellon Arena site.

"I really don't think this CBA goes far enough, in my opinion," he said.

Yeah, what a mistake taking this picture was.

First off, how does this joke keep getting elected?

Second, this is the guy who supported Don Barden's bid for the Casino deal?
Because that is going well.

Bottom line, there comes a time
where you stop looking for free hand-outs and you start doing something.

You wish someone would give your neighborhood $2 million.

Impeach Wheatley.


Speaking of hate...

The "Wayne Gretzky Sucks Photoshop Expo" is off to a flying start.

[Jschiff] is the current clubhouse leader with a potential photoshop-of-the-year candidate.

That is big-time.


We are way behind on this, but Terry Frei ranked the NHL coaches.
He blasts Lord Therrien. [ESPN]

[Kirk R]


NHL network had this game on Sunday.

Thats a game 7.


Game #48
[Red Storm For Motha Rusha. PENS LOSE]

6 - 5

f you're a pure fan of the game of hockey,
this is the type of game you could watch forever.

Both teams flying back and forth.
Two superstars going toe-to-toe.

The Crapitals played lights out.
A.O. might be a dick, but he can score like a large-breasted blonde on prom night.

As Darren Elliot said, over and over again., "What more can you say?"

We'll take the point for now.

But don't ever forget...

[Loser Chris]

The Muskegon line came out for the third shift of the game.
You then realized that this fourth line full of guys who want to stay up here will be bringing 110% every night, which will make it a somewhat dangerous line.

Some of the in-the-know Pens fans in attendance gave the three boys a nice little cheer at the end of their shift.

After that line went to the bench, Malkin came out for a while.

And then Staal-Talbot-Christensen put on the yellow jersey.
Talbot pushes to the front of the net and gets it past Olie the Jokie.


Crosby got an assist on the goal.
oing into the second half of the period, the Capitals got the equalizer.
The Caps hit Sabu with a steel chair. No clue whats going on.


As the period winded down, the Craps struck again.
They mucked around, and Ovechkin let fire a one-timer.
You didn't think a puck could rebound off of mud with that kind of force, but it did...right to Kozlov.
He puts it home.

Picture: The webmaster of celebrates the big goal.

But Malkin jumped onto the ice and changed life.

He dominates, takes on everybody but Rod Langway, and puts a wicked backhand past Kolzig. 2-2.

At the end of the first period, though, if Ovechkin lands that hit on Malkin just 2 inches to the right, you could've packed up the season right there.

[Eric P.]

Instead of landing the hit, Ovechkin goes sailing.
Capitals fans everywhere whine that the Penguins training staff moved the boards closer so Ovechkin would hit the dasher.

Did Malkin get the worst of that hit?
If Ovechkin didn't go careening uncontrollably into the boards, we would say yeah.

At the horn, Ruutu did something stupid, so the Pens were gonna be on the PK to start the second.


Before and after the game, Versus was showing Karate Kid movies.

What a villain

You could run a blog about the scene where Miyagi jumps over that fence and takes care of business.

These guys have no clue what's coming



As the Caps started their second-period power play, some boos started raining down on Ovechkin.

He uses the boos as fuel to put one past a stunned Dany Sabourin.


An eerie silence drops over the Mellon.

Erik Christensen drew a penalty later, so the Pens had a chance to get it right back.
They didn't even have to set up the PP.

Evgeni Malkin, who is in another world, jobs down the slot and snipes one past Kolzig.
It may have the D-man's stick, but nobody cares. You know where he put it. Top shelf.

The battle of over-the-top goal celebrations was well underway

Before you could catch your breath, Alexander Semin puts his stick into Kris Letang's face.
( ...wait for it... )

It took the Pens about 20 seconds to take the lead with that PP.
Ryan Whitney dumps a shot-pass to Sykora.
Kolzig was still wiping up his tears from the '90s, leaving Sykora with a wide-open net.

If this was football, someone would have drawn this:

The Mellon faithful start the KOLZIG chant soon after.
What a humiliating thing to face.

Finally, two stars were having a showdown in a Caps/Pens game.
All it took was for Sid not to be in the lineup.

He even drinks water better than Ovechkin.

To answer right back, Ovechkin jobbed around and slammed a solid one-timer past Sabu to tie the game up .

Backstrom made a big-time pass.

The Capitals looked like they scored right off a faceoff, but the referee saw a penalty and threw his hand up before his optical nerves could send signals to his brain that a goal was scored, negating any claims that the referees were favoring the Pens.

Picture: Caps owner Ted Leonsis beaches himself in protest of the call.


Alex Ovechkin comes out and puts it home.


Therrien sends out Jarkko Ruutu.
While you're already ripping Therrien on a message board for not sending out Malkin, Ruutu scores to tie it up.
How do goalies not know what he is going to do?

It was up to Conklin to keep the world alive.

( ...Now ) Semin leaves a bad taste in our mouths as he gets it past Conk.


[Picture+3.<span class=



[Michael W]

"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit. I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin], but the team in Detroit is something special. I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh. We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again."

--Hossa 3:16--




Julia said...

Ah I remember that game so good, I got to go to it and see the "hit" by a.o. up close. lmfao.

StillsandNash said...


penstone410 said...

that a.o. hit still crack me up like crazy! wooooooooooo!

debrisslide said...

The YouTube of the Ovechkin hit was all over the Internet within 25 seconds of it happening, I think. I didn't get to watch this game, but I saw the hit a million times.

brndlynn said...

The AO attempted hit on Malkin is one of my favorite moments of the season. I was so excited when I saw him fly into the boards that I accidently dumped the drink in my hand all over my poor startled puppy.

From the previous post - I just watched the Americans win the gold and it was just as good as everyone said. thanks for filling me in before. if anyone else missed it go to you have to download their media player but its worth it.

Kat said...

Man, I could watch that Ovvie hit all day. It's still hilarious.

TheFandangler said...

Rowing = Diarrhea.

shawnawwwesome said...

Rep. Wheatly's problem with the deal is that none of that $2 mil is earmarked for a new in-ground swimming pool in his back yard.

You got a problem with that?

No, Sensei.

Grégoire said...

I'm French, and yeah, i'm pretty much stunned this morning.

Anyway, that was an awesome swimming final. I'm just gonna whine a bit and complain that we had to get up in the middle of the night to see it live, not because of the difference in time zones between Europe and China, but because of the fucking NBC. It's so annoying to see all the swimming finals are scheduled in the morning in China so that it falls in the evening in North America, just to accomodate NBC. Even the athletes have complained about it.

Ok, that's was just my useless little rant, enough whining. :)

Hip said...

1. Lezac's performance in the relay last night is what the Olympics is all about. If you watched that and weren't excited, you have no adrenaline.

2. Caps fans bitch constantly about OT wins and how it messes up the numbers and then celebrated that victory like they'd won a fricking Cup.

3. What's the over/under on times Ovie will run Malkin in their first match up this year?

4. Wayne Kaczinski (or whatever) is unreal. Kudos.

Hip said...

"A fingertip did the victory," said Amaury Leveaux, one of the French swimmers. "It is nothing."

A fingertip is everything you bitch.
What a fucking prick.

J.S. said...

I'm throwing in the towel. There is no way I'm topping JSchiff's gretzkybomber shop. Maybe being miserable in Looong Island will give me some ideas.

Dan said...

i go on vacation and a gretzky photoshop contest breaks out. i missed everything.

J.S. said...

dan, contest runs for another week. There were a few entries in c-blog yesterday I think.

P.O. said...

Joe Willie Namath, Mark Messier, Kevin Stevens, Alain Bernard... one of these things are not like the others

captjameson said...

Gretzky was better than LeMagnifag because he could turn players like Mike Krushelnisky into 40 goal scorers. coulda shoulda woulda what if...homos. LeMagnifag had pleanty of HOFers around him but did he make any marginal players more than they were? no. also both gretzky and lemieux were first rate whiners but mario decided to cry and quit. The Great One turned around and threw a few (albeit pillow hands) later in his career. LeMagnifag was great, don't get me wrong, but he'll always be #2. can't wait to see the pics though, ought to be funny. VIVA DAVID SHAW!!!

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Mario turned Warren Young into a 40-goal scorer in 1984-85 and Rob Brown into a 49-goal, 115-point scorer in 1989-90. Who played with the worse talent and made them look like superstars now, jackass?

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Warren Young scored 72 goals in his NHL career.

And I need to make a correction: Rob Brown's Mario-induced career season was 1988-89. Although Brown did have a fine season in 1989-90, it wasn't nearly as spectacular as the year before. Brown racked up 44.5 percent of his total NHL points in those two seasons.

dying alive said...

LeMagnifag had pleanty of HOFers around him but did he make any marginal players more than they were? no.

Wow. Someone has no clue what they're talking about.

also both gretzky and lemieux were first rate whiners but mario decided to cry and quit.

Yeah, I mean, what kind of baby cries over cancer and debilitating back problems?

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

And I would say go ask Gary Lupul how bad a fighter Mario was, but unfortunately Mr. Lupul has passed away

P.O. said...

i just read the cblog thread after the Chicago road trip announcement and it seems like there was alot of protest of going to chicago... is anyone still planning on going to that? instead of carpooling if you book early you can get really cheap nonstop flights on southwest airlines

im planning on going regardeless because i have a ton of buddies in chicago who are hawks fans and also because chicago is a fucking sick ass city... so if anyone else is going email me and let me know

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Mario Lemieux: 838 points through 1989-90. The only bona-fide HOFer he played with at any point during that stretch? Paul Coffey, who didn't arrive until 1987-88.

"I never heard of half these guys, and the ones I do know are way past their prime."
"Most of these guys never had a prime."

Sums up the 1984-90 Pittsburgh Penguins pretty well, eh?

xuscbausp said...

france still=stunned.

best.race.ever. i love the olympics

JYo said...

I'll be there PO. I'm waiting for tix to go on sale so I can get mine today.

xuscbausp said...

except: these crocs commercials are getting old really freakin quickly

P.O. said...

sounds good jyo...we will have to grab a beer or 12... chicago is one of my favorite cities

P.O. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

I'm up for it P.O. I agree that Chicago is a hell of a city. I can't believe a little cold weather would keep away any 'burughers. You won't feel it after the first few beers anyway. Perhaps a few 312's to celebrate the local flavor? T-minus one hour to tix sales!

P.O. said...

i dont think its the cold weather so much as the travel time/expense... im planning on flying up there so i cant bring any IC lights with me... im sure ill be forced to take down a few Old Styles like i was when i was in college

RedWings said...

An unbiased non-Penguin, non-Oiler opinion....

The Great Whine is a distant second to Super Mario. Period. Mario could play both ends of the ice, while the Great One-half was a nearly exclusive offensive machine. IMO, Mario was a bigger, stronger and much more complete player than Wayne. Plus, Gretzky was surrounded by HOF talent in Edmonton and then never won anything else after he left all that talent behind. Mario did more with less.

Dan said...

redwings back as the voice of reason, nice.

the schedule sucks for roadtrip games for peeps with 9-5's. all the games you could travel to are scheduled midweek or on fridays or sundays, nhl dropped the ball in that aspect this year.

dying alive said...

Also add to the discussion the fact that Gretzky was much, much healthier than Mario throughout the course of his career. The fact that Lemieux is arguably the greatest player of all time despite the fact that the man had back problems so severe that he couldn't even lace up his own skates makes you wonder what could have been.

P.O. said...

no one fucked with gretzky because of guys like mcsorely

everyone fucked with lemiuex because of a lack of anyone like mcsorely

big difference getting cheap shotted 34352 times per game and having three guys on your back everytime you get the puck... guys like kurri and messier had alot to do with gretzky being great but so did guys like mcsorely

P.O. said...


fri night game in chicago @7:30pm CT is 8:30 EST... take a half day from work... fly out at 2pm EST.. land at 2pm CT time.. check into hotel... booze off face... spend weekend in one of americas greatest cities.. fly home sunday night

Dan said...

p.o. - i have too much family out there, it wouldn't be that easy to just do that.

P.O. said...

all im sayin is that chicago is do-able with a 9-5 job and so is most other away games if you really wanna travel... whether you would feel guilty for going to chicago and no visiting with aunt mary is up to you in the end

Dan said...

i actually wasn't talking just chicago, the schedule as a whole. columbus on a thursday. buffalo escapes my mind. washington on sunday afternoons the time of year they scheduled them are during tax season for me. just not that good of a roadtrip schedule.

JYo said...

P.O., some folks on the other post about the Chicago were complaining about the cold weather there that time of year. That is why I brought it up.

I completely agree that a Friday road trip is very doable since you only have to take off half a day, or perhaps a day at most. In fact, it might be easier for you to fly from Pittsburgh to the game than it will be for me to drive to, and worse, into, Chicago.

I completely understand people having other personal reasons to make certain trips more difficult, but on the whole, a Friday night game is one of the very best times to do a road trip IMO.

Dan said...

saturday games are the best, you can leave either friday night/early saturday, leave sunday at an ample time and not be rushed/get home late.

P.O. said...


couldnt agree more RE: friday road trips... you do your thing at the game friday night and then you have all day/night saturday and depending on when you leave all day sunday as well to do whatever it is you want in that specific city

yet another reason why i love being in sales.. you can disappear for a day or two and as long as your numbers are up no one will notice/care that youre not working

Max Power said...

I respect Gretzky but he's no Lemieux. Compared to Lemieux Gretzky's a bitch and captjameson is a ball gobbler.

Flyer Hater said...

Youtube Embedding=Joke

JYo said...

So far, I'm getting Conkblocked by Ticketmaster. It can't find 2 seats anywhere for that game! Hopefully just a glitch that will clear up soon and not some crap where they are only selling to locals.

P.O. said...

jyo.. im stunned also..

there is a link you can click for a partner site called TicketsNow.. there are a ton on there

JYo said...

What a bunch of horse crap. The scalpers already have all the tickets before they even go on sale? Screw that. If they don't sell any at face value, I will skip the game. I'm not paying over $50 per ticket plus who knows what other fees for nose bleed seats. Yet another reason for Chicago fans to hate the Hawks and for everyone to hate ticketmaster!

P.O. said...

well hopefully my buddies in chicago can come through on some tickets... i got my heart set on going

JYo said...

I'm hoping some will pop up on ticketmaster some time in the coming weeks/months. If not, I may have to just give up on it, even though I also am very much looking forward to it. I suppose if you have to rely on scalpers, there is no reason to get the tix now anyway. Just keep your eyes open for reasonably priced tix as the game gets closer. Its ridiculous you can't even get tix to a regular season game 6 months from now on the first day they go on sale.

Flyer Hater said...


I emailed Smizik and he said Madden is probably starting on the X sometime in early September.

Dan said...

qdoba or chic fil a? i can't decide......

lis said...


Max Power said...

chic fil a = $

Dan said...

eh i went qdoba, i've had a lot of chic fil a lately, but oh man i could go for an iced tea

Lady Jaye said...

Thanks for giving love to the Olympics. My friends are making fun of me cause I can't get enough of it. My sister and I would be glued to the TV every time the Olypmics came around... whether it was swimming or ping pong... okay maybe not so much for the ping pong.

I had to watch the finals for that relay this morning online... sooo pissed I had to sleep last night. lol Damn work, always gets in the way.

On another topic, free hand outs are never good enough for people. It's free, take it or leave it. Kinda like when ordering a free company paid for lunch in the office and half the people whine about it cause it's not the brand of pizza they like. It's FREE, shut up!

Man, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

sh0ez said...


Design Curtis Sanford's Mask.
It's a legit contest. Looks sweet. Granted, it's for the 'Nucks, but how cool would it be to win!?

You = stunned.

Stilly said...

The only thing worth following at the Summer Olympics is the Chinese dominance at Badminton. Xie Xingfang is a big deal.

lis said...

I saw a badminton score last night that was 21-1. Chick only scored 1 point the whole set! Hell, I could do that!

I'm enjoying the field hockey. Same basic set up as soccer but more action and less whining and diving!

Max Power said...

The mother of all events: Trampoline!

hehe boing

captjameson said...

ball gobbler AWESOME!!! you guys are way more creative with insults than any other blog on the planet. mario did whine and quit after he made his return from cancer (no small feat by any stretch, i admire him for that) 2 incredible seasons after he came back. if you can rack up 283 pts in 2 seasons after cancer and a bad back dont bitch about clutch and grap and quit, selfish le creep. maybe if he wasnt a chimney smoking couch potato when he was playing his back wouldnt have hurt so much. if you apply today's conditioning standards to mario in his youth and playing prime, you have the perfect player. but he decided to be lazy. no sympathy for wasted talent.

Max Power said...

@ captjameson

Read Mario's biography. When he joined the league the only workouts people did was skating. He smoked a pack a day when he was drafted. His talent was purely natural. When his health failed him he turned his attentions elsewhere and kept the team in Pittsburgh. Speaking ill of Mario in any context is like calling Mother Theresa and cum dumpster bitch. Its just pure nonsense man. Why do you harbor such ill will?

dying alive said...

maybe if he wasnt a chimney smoking couch potato when he was playing his back wouldnt have hurt so much.

I didn't realize that smoking was related to back pain. Has anyone notified the Surgeon General?

As far as whining, does anyone actually miss the clutch and grabbing of the old NHL? How about the obstruction? Unless, of course, you're a Wings fan. That would explain quite a bit.

TheFandangler said...

captjameson = "cum dumpster slut"

ty max.

captjameson said...

max, as a fan of the game from outside pittsburgh mario was the tormentor of many teams. the venom spewed in his direction, especially from philthy and NY, should be seen a compliment to his greatness. never said he wasnt great just didnt live up to his full potential. he also quit on the game and his team when he was fully healthy and putting up serious numbers. he only came back when it was a windfall finacial coup for him to take over ownership of a sinking team. you guys see him through rose colored glasses which is ok, but you have to understand the view from the turd boilers as well.

Max Power said...

Fair enough capt. As far as the rose colored glasses part... Perhaps a little. Yet if it wasn't for Mario buying the team and applying the necessary political pressure the team would be in some god forsaken city below the Mason-Dixon line and outside of the colonies.

captjameson said...

HOFers and future HOFers that buries it in his bum played with.
francis, jagr (first ballot lock) , coffey, trottier, murphy, mullen. on the bubble, zubov, kovalev, barasso (might not make it because he's a dick with ears),

dying alive said...

Mario was never fully healthy. He retired the first time because of severe back problems. He retired the second time because of atrial fibrillation. If you don't know what that is, I suggest looking it up. If you don't think that's a serious enough reason to retire, I don't know what to tell you.

Jesus, the guy scored two points in a game on the same day he had a radiation treatment for Hodgkin's. You'll have to excuse us if our "rose colored glasses" don't allow us to see him as the same sniveling wimp you'd like to portray him as.

captjameson said...

one thing i will compliment lemiuex on was he was a very underrated skater. how such a big guy could have sneaky speed was beyond me. but that's part of what made him so good.

dying alive said...

Mario Lemieux: 838 points through 1989-90. The only bona-fide HOFer he played with at any point during that stretch? Paul Coffey, who didn't arrive until 1987-88.

Reading comprehension: it's fundamental.

Max Power said...

His speed along with his amazing shot. He could wrist a puck into a midgets anus from 70 yards. You can be a critic all you want but atleast your giving respect where its due.

captjameson said...

atrial fibrillation is a malfunctioning heart. apprapeau i suppose. like a coach saying a player is scratched becasue of a belly ache, meaning guttless.

dying alive said...

Ah, making fun of someone's severe medical problems. I was having a hard time pegging you, but now I know. You're definitely a Philly fan.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Mario never quit on the game ... there is a difference between heart related issues and back injuries than quitting on the game. Seriously, you think you are going to convince Pens fans that their hero, the man who made this team what it is today, the man who helped bring the only Stanley Cups we have, who saved this organization from leaving, didn't do his best?

Todays standards are so different from back then. People didn't train like Crosby does, they trained sure but it definitely wasn't as intense. Gretzky worked hard for his game to be good and Mario worked hard but didn't need to ... his natural ability speaks for itself. Watch any game, you'll see it ...

I can deal with the Crosby bashers saying what they do and even Kaspar and Bugsy, but when anyone says anything bad about Lemieux who was a brilliant player and a great person that pisses me off ... I respect Gretzky no matter how much I make fun of him, I respect nearly every player in the League (Avery, no.) But not respecting Mario Lemieux makes no sense unless you are from the Atlantic Division. So what Mario was amazing and agitated teams, when don't superstar talents do that?

So what does that make Lindros then if Mario's gutless? Playing with after chemo, yeah, he really hated playing and was gutless.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

You know what me having to say that stuff definitely means you are a troll ... I'm going to ignore you from now on ...

captjameson said...

dying alive - glad hooked on phonics worked for you.

Max Power said...

Hey capt just because the string fell off the gerbil again and your too embarassed to got to the ER for the 5th time for the same problem doesn't mean you should take it out on others. Invest in some alligator pliers and yank that critter out yourself.

captjameson said...

lindros = brainless

his second retirement was becasue of the bad ticker. not the first retirement, that is the one i have problem with. so let me rephrase so you guys don't think i'm a scum philthy fan. his first retiremnet was becasue he had no heart. the second becasue of a bad heart (no joke there)

captjameson said...

mario was a great player and great for the game when he played. from my POV he was a bit selfish and whiney butm with an abundance of undisputed talent. outsiders love to hate him and critisize him because he was so great. so relax dudes. no matter what anyone says, he's your guy, and props to him for keeping the team in Pitt where it belongs. hossa's a fag. fazools

captjameson said...

just for you guys

shawnawwwesome said...

I claim no allegiance to the Pittsburgh Penguins whatsoever, so I can say with an outsider's unbiased point of view that Mario Lemieux is the greatest human being to exist in the last 2,000 years.

Also, go Pens.

Annie said...

I can understand to some extent why some opposing fans call Sidney whiny - early in his career he might have disputed calls and such, but he was eighteen years old and new to the nhl, and now that has changed - he talks to the refs because it's the captain's job. But anyone who calls Mario a whiny bitch needs to be knocked upside the head a few times. In this Legends of Hockey clip, Mike Lange said that at times Mario's back pain was so bad he couldn't lift his bag into the overhead compartment on the plane, but he never once complained. I also recall that the Penguins' team doctor said that sometimes the pain of Mario's back would be so bad he'd be playing at 20%, and was still better than everyone else. And we all know how he would sometimes have to have someone tie his skates for him, because he physically couldn't bend over.

Anyone who says a man like that is whiny, gutless, and heartless doesn't know what life is about.

eileenover said...

Mario > Gretzky

Besides, I would rather be called magnificent than great.

KaylaJ said...

i think that blonde kid in the karate kid was the villian in every 80s teen movie. hope he doesn't look like he did back then or people will be yelling "sweep the leg!".

TheFandangler said...

If you want to talk great... I'll mention Wayne.

If you want to talk Magnificent... I'll give you Lemieux.

If you want to talk blood belching vagina... I'll give you Mike "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" Richards.

jefe penguino said...

the Great One or simply "THE BEST". its right there in his name!

Hip said...

@captjameson - don't be desecrating such a perfectly delicious adult beverage by spouting off your horseshit up in here.

You don't know jack shit about the medical stuff you're griping about, so hows about you leave your ignorance out of it?

Dan said...

back injuries are no joke. my dad hasn't worked in 12 years because of his. mario is a beast. hopefully i am his bastard child.

sh0ez said...

So all the cheap seats ($20 and $40) are gone for the Chicago game. Well, standing room only for $20 is still left. Lame.

brndlynn said...

Dan is exactly right. My father has back problems similar to what Mario had and I have no idea how Mario could skate let alone play hockey in the "clutch-and-grab" era. And to question his heart and love for the game? seriously? the man singlehandedly saved this franchise multiple times. When he retired the first time he cited the rules as part of the reason but can you blame him? he risked further serious injury to his back every time he stepped on the ice and if the rules were not going to protect him and/or be enforced why should he take that chance? if one of his herniated disk ruptured he would have risked paralysis. the man never gave up on hockey - he simply choose to put his own health and his family above his love for the sport. can u say that you wouldnt do the same? i would hope not. the man battled cancer and won - im sure that put his life in perspective. he had two young children and a wife to support and I would think that they would take priority over any and everything else in his life. so next time - instead of coming here and talking about something you obviously are uneducated about - do some research and pull your head out of your ass.

brndlynn said...

i tried around noon today sh0ez and that was all they had then as well. i wanted to go to chicago but now its looking like im moving on to plan b. i love the pens but I cant stand for an entire game.

Step into the Free Candy Van said...

LMFAO gretzkybomber needs to be a shirt

KaylaJ said...

back injuries are a swift pain in the ass, neck, shoulders, knees, feet, etc. no matter what you move or how you move, you're moving your back so you're screwed. and on top of everything, nothing brings relief quickly except vodka and sleep

Flyer Hater said...

Damn, I'm gone for a couple hours and I miss the latest troll.

Flyer Hater said...

captjameson=Bobby Clarke

jaos said...


Flyer Hater said...

If he would have wrecked, it would have been a fail. That's just awesome.

coffeytalk said...

so columbusblog? lets do it.

i have friends and fam gettin' together to go so I'll be there for sure.

do it to it, c-blog.

eileenover said...

Michael Phelps is a BEAST. The US is just dominating swimming tonight.

eileenover said...

"Peirsol is clutch again."

I love these announcers.

J.S. said...

can I say that failblog = full of win?

probably one of my favorite sites

eileenover said...

The men's gymnastics team is sick.

sh0ez said...

*steals comment #100*

TheFandangler said...

The girls team is more awesome... at least from a visual standpoint.

J.S. said...

bwahaha, the Mets did their best Pirates imitation and blew one in the 9th.

J.S. said...

fan, did you say girls' gymnastics

TheFandangler said...

You bet your boots I did. The way I see it is if they're a few thousand miles away and technically not on the same day as us, comments like that go above Chreeeeeeuusssss Hannnsssssssoooooonn.

eileenover said...

Men's gymnastics team wins the Bronze.

meecrofilm said...

Huge effort from the U.S. gymnasts.

Even if they didn't stumble on the horse, I think Japan still would've eeked out the silver.

Horton was unreal the whole night. Good to see guys genuinely excited about winning a medal. Nobody thought they'd do much of anything even when the two Hamms were still on the team.

Dwayne said...

Just adding to this one:

I've had back surgery twice.

I'm 25.

I know a thing or two about fucked up backs. At this moment, I have at least 3 ruptured discs in my back.

It's actually pretty common for people to rupture a disc. I'd say at least every one of you will have one at some point in your life. You just won't realize it because it isn't pushing on anything.

But as you all know, your spinal cord runs right down your spine. If that disc material happens to bulge into that nerve, you can get some of the worst, most intense pain. Ever pinch a nerve in your elbow, or know somebody who has? The first time I blew out a disc, I'd get that. I am 6' tall, but I couldn't stand up over 4'6" until I had my first surgery. I basically walked like Quasimodo.

Drugs don't help with that, at all. At best, they distract you from the pain. The best thing a doctor can give you when you rupture a disc (aside from opiate distractions) is a rawhide chewtoy.

Let me put it bluntly: with a properly fucked up back, you can not function. What's more, the pain is so intense and never, ever lets up. After a few months of this, you start wishing (or praying) to be paralyzed. At least then the pain would stop. At least then your mind could focus on something other than the agony. At least then you'd be good for something.

And when that doesn't happen, you start thinking suicide. You could be one of the strongest people in the world, but after 6 months of agony - waking up with a back spasm and falling out of bed, unable to even reach the light so you could see, twitching and spasming in the dark without any control of your body and the pain so intense you can't even think - that's when you really know what it is to be alone.

Having a ruptured disc can be an absolutely horrifying experience. I'm sure if you were physically being tortured by someone intent on keeping you alive as long as possible would be worse (a POW camp during vietnam, for example).

But I'm not sure how many other people could even begin to imagine how bad it can be.

Conversely, my second ruptured disc that required surgery was bad. But it was an annoyance. This time it was a ruptured disc and a pair of bone spurs that had to be cut off. It hurt, and I'd much rather be in bed than at class or work, but it was that same level of "I'd rather not have to go" as you have when you didn't get enough sleep, are still kinda drunk, and you're supposed to be at the gym before work.

The pain is constant and annoying, but no worse than, say, a broken hand. Your pain tolerance goes through the roof after you have back issues like mine, and you also get to the point where you realize "hey, my back is fucked up. there isn't a god damned thing that will ever change that. so what? i can either do nothing at all and have a sore back or i can do everything i want to do (or should be able to do) and have a sore back. it's going to hurt either way. and whether it hurts 8 arbitrary units of measurement vs. 12 arbitrary units of measurement, what's the big fucking deal? it's going to hurt anyway."

So, on the one hand, I can see how Lemieux would be able to play the game with a messed up back - mentally. I can see how it would be wearing, but I can still see it. But what I can't comprehend is how he was physically capable of doing it. Not for that many games. Not at that high level.

No, Lemieux was a fucking machine. If his back hurt so bad that he couldn't bend or lift, but was able to play hockey? Coming as someone who knows what a bad back actually fucking means, I can promise you: this guy was simply amazing. And frankly, if you can't accept that, then this conversation is over. It's like trying to argue with a flat-earther. You present the best evidence you can, but after they stick their fingers in their ears and yell "LA LA LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU" it's not even worth the time anymore.


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