Friday, August 8, 2008

Fireworks City


Call us homosexuals. Call us pansies.


But the Opening Ceremonies were nasty.
The pageantry and performances were intense.
The planners were all business.

Charlie Batch is out 4-8 weeks. Shit.
What if Ben goes down, and the Dixon dude goes 15-1?
Does Ben get jobbed like Maddox did?


Flyer Hater said...

Wow, never thought I'd see the word "pageantry" used on here.

Julia said...

well that sucks..

Julia said...

which sucks even more could be that i'm on pensblog at 11:47 on a Friday.

debrisslide said...

Yeah, I like the Olympics.

My dad hates them. I had to bribe him with food to get him to switch it from whatever he was watching on the History Channel about early Christian legends and perforated penises.

Anytime a small country marched though, NBC cut to LeBron James. Boring.

This thing the guy is doing with the torch in the air though is just a wee bit ridiculous. Me = stunned.

debrisslide said...

Torch-lighting was badass, I must admit. Don't tell me I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to live-cblog the Olympics. I'm going to stop now.

FireFox said...

You guys are pansies...and homosexuals.

What? You told me to do it!! :)

xocharmedchildox said...

That opening was amazing. Thats all i can say.

Brian said...

Batch was my favorite Steeler, which is odd considering he's the backup quarterback.
Wait, scratch that, he's #2 behind the Big Snack.
But still, nooooooo

Nate said...

Olympics are sick as hell. Fuck everyone (namely the Steelers and their fans)

Dr. Turkleton said...

staff said:
Charlie Batch is out 4-8 weeks

8 weeks?...hmmm. I've never seen an injury report like that before.

Guess 4-6 weeks was already taken?

Why not just say out 1 day to 6 months...just to be safe. [HA!]

C'mon Staff !!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

oh...still acting like a Chin in Chinatown.

- Carry On.

Maybe Big Snack should partake in the Chinese Cheerleader exercise program.
He'd be back in game shape by Tuesday.

開幕式是難以置信的。 我=震驚,害怕,驚奇和衝擊…所有在十五周詳間距!

Not Standing or Sitting....

[Li Ning]

jefe penguino said...

well at least the nfl network carried the game so i got to see it. probably wont be too many of those here this year.

whats with all the steeler hate. just keep that to yourselves.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the Stillers should bring in Josh Betts for the role of Training Camp #4 QB.

Who?...he was next in line after Big Ben left the U [no, not THAT U, the OTHER U]...and was recently cut by the Colts before camp so Dungy could sign that 270 lb. QB from Kentucky that 'won' a ring with the G-Men.

[plus, I worked with his mom at US Airways]

debrisslide said...

My boyfriend and I went to Eat'n Park today and they were having black and gold day. Our hostess was all, "Yeah, the first pre-season game! I get to see my Big Ben! Ohhhh I love him! I can't wait to get off and go watch it!" It was cute since she was in her 60's. But yeah, it's impossible to escape the Steelers, especially when they're actually playing. We told her that we'd watch football sometimes when hockey's not on, which made her giggle.

At least Pittsburgh asserted its dominance over Philadelphia tonight. That's all I really care about.

PittHockey said...

the fireworks were nice until you realize they were actually tibetan monks being fired by tanks.

PittHockey said...

Yes, I went there.

PittHockey said...

oh and Ben won't get jobbed like Maddox.

Maddox was never the same after he got smashed in that Tennessee game.

Ben actually recovered from his appendix / car windshield faceplant.

hockeyfan0012 said...

is it hockey season yet?

Flyer Hater said...

"whats with all the steeler hate. just keep that to yourselves."

I'm sorry if our criticisms of the Steelers were too much for your kiddie ears Jefe. If you're looking for Steelers love, you came to the wrong site.

Flyer Hater said...



jimmypop6996 said...

The hype machine is what makes people care so much about the NFL and particularly the Steelers.

Meanwhile, it's the lack of hype that makes people think the NHL is beneath it and boring.

Watched side-by-side a close hockey game has way more pace, visual appeal, and drama than a close football game. The drama in football is created by the huddle and snap-count. You also can see a team overcome a deficit in the final seconds since a hockey team can't just "kneel on it"

Just sayin'

jefe penguino said...

thanks FH, i feel part of the family now.

if youre from pittsburgh and say you hate the steelers for no good reason, you might be a bangwagon fan.

Scriber said...

"What if Ben goes down, and the Dixon dude goes 15-1?
Does Ben get jobbed like Maddox did?"


That's why Hockey will always be better than Football. Conk and Malkin did the same thing last year when MAF and Crosby went down. But the Pens stuck with MAF and didn't really have to chose between Cros and Malk. Moral of the story is; if you are a quarterback in Football run like a pansy when you get rushed or fall down and pray you don't get hurt.

brndlynn said...

Eileen says "No"

sh0ez said...


sh0ez said...

@ jefe: I'm from Pittsburgh and I hate the Steelers. My whole family is made up of Steelers fans. I liked them up until '95 when they gave Kevin Greene to the Panthers in the expansion draft. He was my favorite player. Being 9 years old, I switched my favorite team to Carolina without care. Hah. In '99/'00 is when I started liking the Titans. It was actually the first year that they were the Titans. Woo. I just grow more and more hate towards the Stillers as years go by. Maybe it's because it's shoved down my throat constantly.

As for the Olympics, I'm more a Winter O' fan. I'll watch some of the Summer O', though. I missed the opening ceremony 'cause I forgot about it being today. Me = lame.

Josh Melvin said...

Dixon's probably already better than Big Ben (with less experience of course).

Which pains me to say, because I <3 the MAC.

brndlynn said...

the first brndlynn was not me. that was not me. that was my friend jonny v who is drunk. everyone have a great night!

TheFandangler said...

Big ben peaked his rookie year.


The Goon Blogger said...

Being loud and obnoxious about hating the Steelers is just like being loud and obnoxious about loving them.

No one cares. Jokes.

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Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Watching Brazil-North Korea in women's soccer right now. Wonder how many North Korean athletes are going to defect during these Olympics.

JP Dellacamera = good announcer as always

Brandi Chastain = must be too early for her, because she's terrible today. Or if they're actually calling this game from China (as opposed to off a monitor in New York), must still be jet lagged.

lis said...

Online coverage of the olympics is going to be the death of me. Checked out badminton for the first time last night...I think if I train hard enough, I can be there in 4 years.


Womens weightlifting=women who look like men

Handball=looks like a lot of fun.

Can't wait for the v-ball and field hockey to start...i'm especially excited to check out mens field hockey!

What? It's the closest thing to ice hockey right now. It's something to pass the time.

TheNWChica said...

Go Seahawks! ;) Why is it Seneca Wallace plays well in preseason, then when he gets put in when it counts, he does a 180 of what Conk did for MAF??? Joke!

I thought the opening was lovely. My favorite part is the parade of nations to see the costumes. I also watch pageants to see the state/national costumes too. Yep, I'm a girly girl sometimes.

Flyer Hater said...

"if youre from pittsburgh and say you hate the steelers for no good reason, you might be a bangwagon fan."

Logic called, it's filing a complaint.

Flyer Hater said...

"But the Pens stuck with MAF"

Even though the majority here and in other places wanted to stick with Conklin because of his magical puck-handling abilities...


akus said...

the fireworks were nice until you realize they were actually tibetan monks being fired by tanks.

Thanks pitthockey, i for one missed/didn't care/never watched/the opening/closing ceremonies of the Olympics past,present or future.

Your very vivid, visual, account is forever itched in my mind.

... everything else is to me is, blah.

This would be interesting to watch if it was an O-sport, it would be interesting to watch, period.



TheFandangler said...

"whats with all the steeler hate. just keep that to yourselves."

If I see the love... you'll see the hate.

"if youre from pittsburgh and say you hate the steelers for no good reason, you might be a bangwagon fan."

If you wrote that, you might be a gay pirate.

Joose said...

I like the Steelers, but I forgot to watch the game last night due to a sudden case of napping.

TheFandangler said...


You lucked out with the napping. From what I heard through my friend's text massages was it was a boring as shit pre-season stinker.

Hip said...

I love the Steelers. Apparently here it's cool to hate them, but I ain't playing.

As for Maddox - his shit didn't get jobbed. Dude wasn't going to bring home a Super Bowl win even before the Tennessee incident. Say what you want about Ben in XL (I give you free reign), but he was absolutely magical against Indy and Denver. Period.

Opening Ceremonies were truly stunning. I'm now watching clean $ jerk women's lifting. Mother of God.

lis said...

you guys seem to be missing the point:

It wasn't about watching something Pittsburgh's about watching something Philly lose!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Your very vivid, visual, account is forever itched in my mind.

I think there is an over-the-counter ointment to treat that. ;|

I like the Steelers.
I loathe the Stiller Nation~Media Coverage~Placing Them Above Anything/Everything.

Happy 20th Anniversary of Wayne Gretzky Being Traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

Flyer Hater said...

Peter Pocklington shouldn't be alive.

Joose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheFandangler said...


I can be on board with that.

Joose said...

My feelings about the Steelers mimic those of Turk.

After becoming re-infatuated with hockey, I am able to realize that my previous Steeler love is nothing more than Steeler like. I still look forward to watching the games I won't forget to turn on, though.

J.S. said...

I saw one of those split jerseys at last night's game. At least it wasn't of two players. It was a home and definitely not an away version of a Hines Ward jersey. I got a pic of it, but I'm not sure how good it came out since I was screwing around with the setting on my camera.

Re: the hating on the Steelers. Yeah, I'll job them as needed, but most of my jobbing is directed at #7. However, as somebody else mentioned, if the Stiller Nation (namingly the drunk, loudmouth tailgaters), the media coverage, and the like gets out of control, I don't mind taking a shot at that either.

RIP Bernie Mac, only 50 years old. :(

wiki link

j.s. = absolutely stunned

J.S. said...

another motivator, Flyers related

and one that I posted after the topic changed

sh0ez said...


TheFandangler said...


sh0ez said...


Hip said...

I love hockey. Love it. Nothing makes me happier. It's the reason I can be a Pens fan and a Caps fan in the same token. So by default I love the Pens more than the Stees - I'd always watch hockey over any other sport.

But I like the pomp and circumstance surrounding the NFL, how every week matters so much and you have so much time to game plan against a specific other offense/defense. I enjoy that a lot. And maybe if you're not from Pittsburgh originally you can appreciate more how that team defines this city. The media coverage can get a bit much, but everyone here knows what is up with that team. I've lived in various places in the states and visited quite a few more (including Green Bay) and I've seen nothing that rivals it. There is a pervasive spirit and it brings all yinzers together. Which I not only appreciate but think is awesome.

It's in the culture here. So as the Pens continue to win they'll start dominating the news as well.

Poor Buccos.

jefe penguino said...

sh0ez said Maybe it's because it's shoved down my throat constantly.

i can see how that can get tiring. for me, i dont see coverage of the stillers 24-7 anymore having lived near boston for a few years and now phx. and as far as sports, living elsewhere might make one see how lucky they have it to be in/from such a storied sports town.. but to each his own.


sh0ez said...

@ jefe: I was like 9 at the time, so it was even more annoying. If I were to choose a sports town, though, there's no hesitation that Pittsburgh would be the best choice. That's undeniable.

Dr. Turkleton said...

So as the Pens continue to win they'll start dominating the news as well.

that's a pipe dream. [I dig the amount of coverage they get now...who needs the stinkin' media for additional pats-on-the-back?]

4 SB's in 6 years ETCHED the Steelers as Hometown Royalty for all eternity.

Bernie Mac: invented one helluva sandwich!

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese.... = stunned & will never be the same.

[Booty Call]

Flyer Hater said...

"It's the reason I can be a Pens fan and a Caps fan in the same token."

Then I really don't consider you a fan at all. You can't root for two teams, it just doesn't work.

Hip said...

Dr. Turk - I mean you watched the news this past spring right? Trust me, if the Caps were in the playoffs, it would NOT be the opening story. I think there can be media overkill too, but the Pens in their season will dominate the news as much as the Steelers in theirs. The TV news. Not radio talk. RIP Madden.

Hip said...

FH - you're welcome to think of me what you like.

Flyer Hater said...

Who do you root for when the Pens play the Caps?

Stoosh said...

I don't know what everyone believes in spiritually or anything like that, so if I could, I'd just like to ask for prayers, thoughts, good wishes, whatever floats your boat...

Yesterday, my father-in-law was admitted to UPMC Shadyside after some tests revealed that he might have some form of leukemia. They're thinking it's either AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) or CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia).

AML is one of the more common forms of the disease, can be treated mostly via chemo, and has about a 70-80% remission rate in someone his age (he's under the age of 60). CML is a little less common, is treated mostly through medication (Gleevec, I think), and the disease usually responds well to that. We'll know more later in the week...they're doing a bone marrow test on Monday.

He's got about as positive an outlook as anyone can have...I guess there's no easy way around that word. And he's in about as good a place as you can get for something like this.

I just wanted to share this with everyone because somewhere along the line for me, this place became more than just someplace to go to talk Penguins, tell lame jokes about other teams and bullshit about a bunch of non-hockey stuff. Christine and I have met many of you outside of the confines of c-blog and we consider you all to be friends. And this is the sort of thing that people share with friends.

I don't want to drag anyone's day down or anything because like I said, my father-in-law seems to be positive through this, and the doctors seem optimistic. But you can never have too much help. So any thoughts, prayers, whatever would be greatly appreciated.


Joose said...



Flyer Hater said...



Thoughts go out Stoosh...

Hip said...

@stoosh - you don't have to ever explain anything to me. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Medicine is amazing, so no one lose hope yet.

@FH - neither. Unless a playoff trip for one team is on the line. Otherwise, just a good game with a lot of action.

J.S. said...

RIP Madden? Now who?


NFL John? NHL John?

one of those jokes from Good Charlotte?

J.S. said...


prayers will be said

Hip said...

j.s. - my bad. I tend to use RIP more for when a player gets traded or a certain radio personality gets fired. If someone actually dies, I wouldn't say RIP.
I didn't mean any confusion. Poor choice of words on my part given that yins don't know me.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

At least I got to feed 2 of my adictions last night sports-wise ... Steelers and Olympics. I love me some Phelps and Hines Ward ... (P.S. I don't care if you make fun of the Steelers, it doesn't matter really ... differing opinions, differing tastes)

Did anyone see Jim Rome rant about the Olympics (obviously yesterday)? He annoys me but my brother says he's "witty and funny" (gay.) Anyways, he said he's not watching the Olympics because there is no reason to, and all the other Olympic events such as the USA hockey team vs. Russia make recent ones pale in comparison. He's kinda got a point but he also underminded all the time these athletes have put in while he goes on his little love rant for Manny on the Dodgers

@Hip: It's nice to see you posting more again ... I see you have found time to now.

@Jonny V: I have my own style of posting? *smiles*

Aww, Stoosh, no need to explain yourself ... he's in my prayers.

Anthony said...

I missed the Opening Ceremonies because I was at work, but whatev.

Screw the summer Olympics, the winter Olympics is where it's at. I'll see you guys in Vancity in '10.

Hip said...

@IHK - thanks!
I'm on an easy outpatient rotation right now ;o)

J.S. said...

hip, I probably should have done more research for posting, but usually when you see those three letter, you can only imagine what it means.

I'm not offended or anything like that, but since you brought it up, which Madden got whacked or was it b/c of MM's firing a few months ago?

The only thing I might be remotely interested in is seeing that swimmer (Phelps?) ruin the competition, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to watch it. Ironically, as I turn on the TV, guess who's on? Yes, Phelps in the medley...olympic record, 4th fastest time, and nobody within 3 seconds of him in that event. Outside of that, I'm just not a summer olympics person. Bring on Winter. By the looks of it, they're gonna be recaping the "pageantry" of the opening ceremonies in a few. Good thing, since I did want to see it after everybody mentioned it and missed out thanks to Steelersblog.

J.S. said...

*olympic record, 4th fastest time ever.

gotta make that correction

Hip said...

j.s. - just MM's canning for insensitive remarks a few months ago. Especially when I was quarantined in Baltimore, I loved listening to him for his Pens/hockey coverage. That's few and far between.

Mens gymnastics has a shot at bronze. That would be an awesome story.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Mens gymnastics makes me sad because Paul Hamm is my fav. gymnast ... it's sad to see him and his brother not being able to compete.

Maria said...

I'm more of a winter olympics person, but I like watching Michael Phelps...he's a beast.

I was watching the soccer match between Canada and Japan's womens teams. It looked like Team Canada was busting out some hockey moves. Japanese soccer players were dropping left and right. It was awesome.

I'm in the beginning stages of planning a roadtrip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping everything will work out.

Colin said...

Mike Tomczak is in the best shape of his life.

Beav said...

Regarding reallifefuckingsucksblog

Went out for my 22nd birthday last night and got jumped in the parking lot on the way home. My buddy ended up getting 4 staples in his head and five stitches above his eye.

Happy fucking birthday.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Beav: Sorry, dude.

I love the Olympics in general. Everything about the Olympics is awesome. These athletes train there entire lives to be here and compete to be number 1. I love everything. Huge summer Olympics fan, but it's harder to watch the Winter Olympics with school going on ...

J.S. said...

I may not be a MM fan, but I did agree with the comments that got him canned.

US Men's volleyball is getting ready to pack their bags and go home. Already down one set, and are down 19-16 in the 2nd set. I'd love to see the Latvians lose b/c of the one guy acting like a complete jackoff after each point. Act like you've been there before, dick.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@J.S.: I'm pissed at that ... seriously, first match, losers. Rogers was the only one playing on Team USA apparently. I love Rogers, breaks my heart to see him lose.

Joose said...

Those guys doing the road race are fucking nuts.

Take that as you will.

J.S. said...

and as mentioned a few weeks ago, a Christian Slater sighting on NBC.

IHK, it wasn't so much that the 6' 9" guy wasn't playing, but there were shots that the d-bag Latvian had no business making. Putting shots down the line, through block attempts, etc. I had no problem with them winning based on skill, but the fist-pumping like you won gold and especially the bowing down after a single point was a bit much.

Flyer Hater said...

Madden got canned for making fun of a murderer.

J.S. said...

Kitajima, a swimmer from Japan, was just announced as being "in the best shape of his life."

Mario does not approve.


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