Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Really interesting read in [USA Hockey Magazine].

Rickey Dugdale tries his best to capture the NHL and blogging thing in that annoying tone we are so used to.

No shit.

Like our good friend Kevin at [Melrose Rocks] we have some major issues.

Especially with poop like this:
Practicing a free form of journalism where anything goes, amateur bloggers are not required to uphold media ethics because they are not accountable to a higher authority, such as an editor or publisher.

Like Kevin said, this ain't journalism, and we don't pretend it is.

We have seen all this before.
But paragraphs like this really make our blood boil:

Some bloggers tend to post anything and everything, regardless of truth or accuracy, which can create problems because blogs that have been established as reliable must fight harder to be recognized among the established media.

We have no idea he is talking about.
He acts like we will just post anything for a cheap laugh:


But seriously, well nevermind.


One good point Chipdale brought up was this:

The New York Islanders have been at the front of the pack in allowing bloggers to attend games at Nassau Coliseum. Implementing an auxiliary press box, normally used to accommodate overflow during the playoffs, the Islanders have encouraged fans with running blogs to attend games as members of the press.

We have fun running this thing.
Its origins were found in wanting to joke around and talk about the Pens.

And as that column discusses, the Islanders have embraced the medium
and give bloggers a spot in a press box and access to the players.

We're not gonna lie.
We'd jump at that chance if the Penguins offered.

Standing behind Bob Smizik in line to get a cup of coffee or something
is probably the only reason we'd want to go.

We're the common fan. We don't have season tickets.
Post-student-rush, we make it to three games a season, if we're lucky.

As soon as we start a sentence with "We talked with Crosby after the game,"
we might as well start finding something else to do with our spare time.

On the flip side of that coin, we'd be more interested
in going to the role players' stalls and asking them about shit.

It will be interesting to see if this is something the Penguins consider.


So back to Rickey Chipdale.

He made a list.

Congrats to Kukla's, Dr. Mirtle, Tom Benjamin and Puck Update for the mentions.

[Puck Daddy] apparently doesn't exist.
What is even worse is that Puck Daddy's arch nemesis [Hockey Buzz] came in at a shocking third on the list.

The cynic in us wants to know if he is the number one NHL Blogger on the Internet, why is he ranked #3?

But really what a joke.

The bigger joke:

Bob hasn't written anything since June 24.

Now for the biggest joke:


Here is [Ted's] most recentblog:


Mark our words, we will job that blog before the season is over. Even if it means putting our AOL screen names at risk.


Now, much like Rickey Chipdale we want to inform people.

So, inspired by Rickey, we broke down the newspaper world in case anyone needs to be spoon fed obvious info.

Newspapers Take Following Day By Storm

Everything moves just too fast in today's world. So when there's something you want to know about right now, do you know the best place to get information? That's right, in the next days newspaper.

Accessibility isn't really that important after all. And if it's important enough today, you may just get to read about it tomorrow. Or the day after it, tops. Besides, you were busy anyways. Matlock's about to start and you know how confused you get when you miss the beginning.

So just what is a newspaper, or "the paper" as some have taken to calling it.

Most commonly a newspaper is printed on paper called newsprint each day. It carries the previous days happenings and can be delivered to your doorstep in the morning, or picked up at numerous different locations, such as your local corner store.

Ready or not the newspaper is on it's way. That boy just better not throw it in the bushes again, or they'll get another angry letter.

Five Great Newspapers

Idaho Falls Post Register - Covering a wide range of issues in Idaho Falls, it's quickly become a must read for anyone in the immediate Idaho Falls area who need to stay up to date on the new exhibit at the local zoo.

Us Weekly - When it comes to insight on the most important happenings around the world there's not better place to turn than Us Weekly. Plus it comes with the added benefit of not coming everyday. Does it get any better than this?

Pittsburgh Press - Great coverage on everything going on in Pittsburgh today.

The Rocky Mountain Collegian - "Jim's Wings has been chosen "Best Wings" by CSU students and for one very good reason: their delicious wings."

Need we say more?

Middletown Transcript - When local high school bands need instruments donated, the Transcript in on the scene. That's why they are one of the best in the business.
Agree? Disagree? Sound off with a telegram!

Joke city.

Go Pens.


Flyer Hater said...

Who cares?

Ally said...

With a name like Ricki Dugdale, I bet it's pretty hard for anyone to take him seriously. So he just writes crap like that all day long.

canaan said...

n3wspapers r ghey

curtO. said...

I stopped getting the newspaper after my $5.00-52 week subscription ran out. Mainly because I never read them and there was just a bunch of papers in green bags laying on the floor.

Plus, you can just read most everything online. Duhhh...

Paul said...

The only reason to hold a newspaper in your hands: crosswords.

Flyer Hater said...

I don't know why yinz feel the need to defend yourselves.

btumpak said...

that list was a joke.


Nick Saia (usa) said...

brenden shanahan reads newspapers...

dying alive said...

The only reason to hold a newspaper in your hands: crosswords.

You can do those online, too. And every once in a while they just release them all in a big book. They do the same with the Sudoku.

[/huge nerd]

Ali said...

Soooooooo bored....

My local paper locks things on the internet if you're not a gay...

I hate my local newspaper...but I'm not going to start lamenting here...

Paul said...

dying alive:

I know, I do the USAtoday online quite often, but there's some weird aesthetic thing about actually doing it in the newspaper. Plus, the NYT doesn't post their daily crosswords online, and the NYT is where clutch people do crosswords. USAT crosswords are amateur hour by comparison. Also, the upscaling of difficulty throughout the week in the NYT usually ruins my shit by Thursday.

TheFandangler said...

Brendan Shanahan also writes with a chisel on slate.

Josh Melvin said...

"Jim's Wings has been chosen "Best Wings" by CSU students and for one very good reason: their delicious wings."

Hi-larious. Good "Job" Staff. I am not so hilarious.

wilsmith said...

the press is afraid.
believe it.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Of course they're afraid. Newspapers are losing money hand over fist and there doesn't seem to be any way for them to stop the bleeding.

Korn said...

I used to deliver the Pittsburgh Press. Afternoon paper, baby, no getting up early for me.

Nice mid-day post, I was running out of things to read online to burn some time.

The Goon Blogger said...

Jokelund in any Top 10 list not called "Biggest Liars on the Internet"?


What's next? TIOPS named "Most Reliable Person When it Comes to Sports Whom is also Good at Pleasing the Ladies,"?

shawnawwwesome said...

Should we revisit the Sports Blog vs. Print Media debate?

For those of you who don't want to waste 18 mintues of your hard earned time, the bottom line is that Bob Costas turns out to be almost as big a peckersmooch as Buzz Bissinger.


In the year 2015, when other peoples' opinions of what was to blame for last night's shutout can be beamed directly into your head, I'm sure bloggers will go on Costas Now and weep uncontrollably about how unfair telepathic technology is. But for now: online rules, newsprint drools.

Novos51 said...

Imagine if you spent tens of thousands of dollars to earn a degree, did shitty internships for 3 summers, did the shit jobs for the first 10 years of your career, and then finally...the big break. Everyone will want to be you, and the some schmuck who rolled out of bed owned you.

How do you fight it? What you read today is how you fight it. The truth is journalism is a field that any intelligent hardworking person can excel at with or without formal training and/or a degree. Journalists don't want to know that their college degree was a waste of time.

Other fields don't have to worry about Charlie showing up to fly a plane, design a bridge, invent a new drug, transplant a heart, etc.
Only journalists...f em if they can't deal with it.

Add to it the instant response you get...they are furious that you didn't haven't to cover Friday night band offs like they had to, sweeet

brewtaltrooper said...

"Implementing an auxiliary press box, normally used to accommodate overflow during the playoffs, the Islanders have encouraged fans with running blogs to attend games as members of the press."

That is pathetically funny on two levels:

1.) The Isles don't make the playoffs often enough to merit an auxillary box.

2.) They can't get fans to buy tix to a game, let alone blog for them!

M. Vanderlasser said...

Newspapers are good for paper training animals and children.

You don't want to whack a puppy with a laptop (nor do you want that puppy to drop a deuce on your laptop).

Newspapers are also good for making pirate hats.

Max Power said...

@ m. van

Let us not forget that newspapers are also good for starting fires.

Rage said...

Is it possible to get a restraining order to legally keep Eklund from ever mentioning the pens again? I think the homo has wood for the Pens or something...

Dan said...

apparently i was too drunk (possibly drunker than jefe at that game) to see there was a new post the other night, whoops........

the video on youtube of the girl licking shit reminds me of this, um, movie i saw this one time

i jobbed a flyers fan at the bar last night, told her her suffleboard playing reminded me of an upshall shot.

time to get back to drinking

J.S. said...

speaking of "the deuce", I thought newspapers were only good for something to read while in the restroom at work. At least that seems to be the theme in the nearest restroom to our work station.

However, one guy took it up a notch and said to hell with newspapers by firing off 10-12 random articles from MSNBC and leaving them on the wheelchair rails. Whatever works, I guess.

Smizik = still a joke

Hradek motivator

TheNWChica said...

@m.vander and Max: Newspapers are also good for cleaning fish and shucking fresh corn!

Max Power said...

Newspapers = hobo blankets

smitty said...

Newspaper = Toilet paper substitute

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

Newspapers have been a dying medium for the past 30 years or however long CNN has been on the air and the accompanying 24-hour news cycle. The Internet has only exacerbated newspapers' descent into obsolescence and irrelevance, because consumers have the expectation of getting their information immediately, rather than waiting 8-12 hours following the evening TV news.

smitty said...

Also, newspapers make good wrapping paper

Max Power said...

Newspapers make for poor condoms.

KaylaJ said...

anyone who says "enjoy the weather" in the summer seriously needs their asses kicked

Dr. Turkleton said...

I've been following along on the radio...the one dude the Pirates got in that Nady, not THAT dude, the other dude...throw a Perfect Game so far thru 6 innings. [I'm sure this just put the ├╝ber-kibosh on him!]

I can't wait to read all about it in tomorrow's Pittsburgh Post Gazette: One Of America's Great Newspapers!

or not.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

anyone who says "enjoy the weather" in the summer seriously needs their asses kicked

Amen to that. Although you're in Texas, where I'm sure it's even worse than the massive armpit that is Virginia in the summer, and you've gotten the joys of two tropical storms.

I'd advocate a heavy sack beating for those "Enjoy the weather" assclowns.

"Hey, you're that drunken posse! Can I join ya?"
"I don't know. Can you swing a sack of doorknobs?"
"Can I!"
"Okay, you're in. Here's the sack. You have to provide your own doorknobs."

Raybin said...

I think I'm the last person in the world who digs newspapers. But I'm pretty old fashioned.

What I hate is TV media. It's not news anymore, it's infotainment.

The idea of a 24 hour news channel sounds like a good one, but that's a LOT of time to fill. So you start adding more and more puff pieces and celebrity fucking nonsense and before too long the entire network has gone to hell, alternating between 2 minute soundbites on world events and unqualified asshole talking heads shouting incoherently at each other.

The last TV news show I can stand to watch anymore is 60 Minutes. Countdown with Keith Olbermann is pretty good too.

Of course a lot of newspapers suck too. We're lucky in Pittsburgh to have a pretty good one in the Post-Gazette. The Wall Street Journal probably has the best reporting in the country.

Raybin said...

Well, I'm leaving work now and am headed outside.

Enjoy the weather everyone!!


Dr. Turkleton said...

Perfect thru 7.

J.S. said...

Obsolescence is a top notch word. I need to start using that more often.

i.e. I'm sure that most of my computer classes from college are well past the point of obsolescence.

Newspapers are good for cleaning windshields. When done with glass cleaner, it does an excellent job. When done by a hobo who smears MadDog 20/20-based spit across your, not so much.

Pesonen Song Ringtone

Rage said...

@raybin I totally agree with your take on "news" outlets...they suck MUCH harder than newspapers, imo

and enjoy the nice outside

Rage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rage said...

@j.s. but spit and Mad Dog on a

J.S. said...

c'mon Karstens, you're better than that. I don't want to hear that "former AL pitcher" or perfect game crap.

Doesn't matter now, 2-0 Mientkelajshljhskdjfhsjhdgfjsdhfwitz with the RBI, and The Big Rat is off to the dugout.

J.S. said...

rage, but that's different. With a rag, you get the ability to store past cleaning(s).

When you get Mad Dog spit mixed with Thunderbird spit, Night Train spit, and Old English spit, you have a solvent that could probably eat through glass.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Doug Mientkiewicz = Buccos version of Gary Roberts.

Randy Johnson & WWDMD talk about their last meeting in da Burgh:

After the incident, Johnson said, "It didn't bother me at all. If it would've, [Mientkiewicz] would probably be on a stretcher and I'd be out of the game."

The next day, Mientiewicz had a chance to respond to Johnson's comment.

"I've been on a stretcher before, and, technically, he's been out of the game for three years in my mind," Mientkiewicz said, alluding to Johnson's two seasons with the Yankees. "That just shows me how mentally weak he is. That's why he got out of [New York].

"New York beat him down, let's put it that way. He doesn't have intimidating stuff anymore, so I'm not going to stand for it."

5 outs to go.....

Dr. Turkleton said...

4 outs away....

Dr. Turkleton said...


Flyer Hater said...


He's a Pirate, you just knew it was a matter of time before he blew it.

KaylaJ said...

one tropical storm and one puff of wind. jughead the weather guy was right when he told us not to get excited about eduardo cause it didn't even leave a drop of rain here at the house or leave any kind of cool down. of course a few drops of rain will no longer help our dried up brown grass anyway. hopefully it did over the aquifer though where the water is more important.

Rage said...

@j.s. ....china syndrome type stuff

Seth Rorabaugh said...

I haven't read our paper (like the one made out of actual paper) in roughly eight months.

KaylaJ said...

we still get a paper daily, but if i touch it its only for the cryptoquip + the Xword puzzle

TheNWChica said...

I haven't read an actual paper newspaper in months. I read the Seattle Times and the Everett Herald on line.

Rage said...

I read my mom's when I visit, but she is a human rarity in that she has no interwebz....cuz my stepdad is a cheap bastard

akus said...

Speaking of reading.
I did come across this the other day( not in a newspaper)

According to the Nielsen Company, the most recession-proof products(staying stable in hard times) include, seafood,dry pasta, CANDY, BEER and pasta.

akus said...

Btw, the most vulnerable to price changes?
Carbonated beverages, eggs,cups/plates,food preparation/storage, and tobacco.

So, stop drinking pop and smoking, start drinking ( or drink more)beer and buy bags of candy.


Did You wake up in time to go see the game?


Started my `08-09 season shopping.
>>1 - tPB Masthead on Black, Women's Long Sleeve shirt.

Pensgirl said...

Dear MSM,

The thing that cracks me up about all your coverage about hockey blogs is that we, the hockey fans/readership, are being given all these iterations of Blog 101 from the ONLY people who haven't caught up yet. Guess what, Rip Van Newsday, you've actually just been asleep for 50 years. We already know about blogs! And frankly, if your editors and publishers were any good at their jobs, they'd have held you accountable for painting blogs with a broad brush as 1) newfangled and 2) unreliable and for painting we readers as too stupid to figure out which ones are worthy on our own. Not to get all Grey's Anatomy on you but Eklund? Seriously?

And we'll tell you which ones are good. They're the ones in our Bookmarks Bars and part of our morning coffee routines.

So, please, MSM, stop being that little brother who keeps poking me in the arm just to annoy me, and stop writing insipid, uninformed articles about blogs. Join the world, read some. Go on, you'll like it. There are even some of your kind that have hockey blogs, and quite good ones too. Just try it. I promise I won't say anything.


(Staff, "what is a newspaper?" made me laugh almost as much as the NHL 09 rejects.)

akus said...

damn the things you HEAR on tPB when You open up the master volume.

(I had to hit f5 twice because i wasn't sure what it was.)


if i am not listening to music,i rarely have my volume open.

Times are a`changin.

eileenover said...

The only thing I read in the newspaper is Pens articles. But I can just read them online anyway, so I hardly ever read the newspaper.

By the way, Pineapple Express is hilarious.

sirimanni said...

congrats stephen s on the big second place

Rage said...


"The only thing I read in the newspaper is Pens articles. But I can just read them online anyway, so I hardly ever read the newspaper."

This stement makes my head hurt and my ears ring....


@pensgirl-BRAVO!!! +1

TheTick said...

I can't imagine an article about bloggers that doesn't mention Mom's basement.

The Goon Blogger said...

Heh...I posted my Pirate comments in the last post.



Doc, totally agree with your Douggie M=Scary Gary commentary. Solid work.

J.S. said...

not sure if I mentioned it on LGP or here, but I've been dealing with the same guy who I got my "official" Polamalu 75th jersey from. By the looks of the email I got today, I'll soon have an authentic Malkin All Star jersey from this past year for $36, shipping included.

J.S. said...

congrats on 2d place and the hat, Stephen.

Any plans to wear it at the next c-blog event?

Hip said...

I'm joining the ranks of those who will gladly help you job the shit out of a one Ted Leonsis. I have my reasons.

Flyer Hater said...

Did anyone watch the Gretzkgay documentary on the NHL Network? I think I hate "The Great One" more than ever..

Rage said...

@flyer hater- akus told me about the gretzky-fest and ended up sending me a sweeet link to a bench clearing brawl on youtube:

The Goon Blogger said...

Gretzky was just a bitch, always have McSwingsHisStickAtPeople'sHeads or Cementhead or Tikkanen going after people, I don't think Gretzky had a career fight.

Mario would beat the shit out of you. Just like he beat the shit out of cancer, and then scored more goals on it then the Pens against the Flyers in an Eastern Conference Finals Game.


Gretzky also had the luxury of playing more of his career in an era when all goalies had to stop puck was a t-shirt and their dicks. Inflated numbers.

Ali said...

Alright guys....

You gotta read this...

Someone commented it over on the Sidney Crosby Show...


Sorry...I forget how to do the thing that connects it...

The Goon Blogger said...

I sense a great disturbance in the Force. It's as if millions of puck bunnies cried out and were suddenly silenced...

Rage said...

@ali- "This question has been deleted" What did I miss?

KaylaJ said...

kinda smells like BS, esp with no real sources. but if true, good luck esp with an on again, off again.

KaylaJ said...


OMG! Did you hear Sidney Crosby secretly got married last weekend?
Sources say, after dating for six years, Sidney Crosby and his on-and-off again high school sweetheart got married in a private ceremony on Friday. While there is no official confirmation about Crosby’s wedding, it's been confirmed with numerous sources recently.

People have been speculating on the hot couple's plans for marriage since the couple worked on the set of Crosby’s 2008 Reebok commercial. The wedding rumors started flying again when Crosby got a marriage license last Tuesday.

A source told a Toronto newpaper that, "Crosby wanted it to be a really private affair - close friends and family." The intimate wedding ceremony was alleged to be at a chapel in Halifax, Nova Scotia Friday afternoon, with around 30 close friends and family. The guests included the bride and groom's families and friends, including, Mario Lemieux and other members of the NHL.

A Chicago newspaper reports that for Crosby’s wedding, the hockey star wrote and read a special poem for his bride. The bride also penned a poetic tribute to the groom, reportedly in tears after hearing him profess his love.

The Crosby wedding party then moved on to a lavish party at Historic Shelburne
Lighthouse area. More than 200 guests reportedly attended the wedding reception. It was also reported that once the wedding has been officially announced, they will donate wedding pictures for the Hockey Fights Cancer charity auction.

12 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.
Additional Details
12 hours ago

Here's the link:

12 hours ago

Oh, I almost forget the question:

When will Crosby announce his wedding to the public?

KaylaJ said...

doh! and congrats steven! i knew you had to win at least something!

akus said...

Did anyone watch the Gretzkgay documentary on the NHL Network?
as much as i watched it last week.........i am not watching this week.


Rage said...

To quote someone whom I find quite profound: "Who cares?" (Props to the original poster.)

akus said...

as flyer hater said in the first post........

who cares.

KaylaJ said...

rage, does that mean if sid comes to you and says "i love you!" you'll turn him down? ;)

Rage said...

@kaylaj- without hesitation....but I was planning on him doing hat...right after i bagged a yeti, sasquatch, and uncovered all the funny aliens in Area 51...oh....and rode in Santa Claus' sleigh....besides...I'm a MAN, baby....YEAH!

akus said...

Saucy, indeed.

KaylaJ said...

rage i was hoping you were a guy so my joke could be even better. but on a serious side, you don't have a yeti yet?! i thought everyone did by now!

KaylaJ said...

mmm sauce, good call akus :)

Rage said...

@kaylaj- the funny is gonna be the inevitable bunny meltdown....LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

J.S. said...

I call BS on the Crosby story. Somebody in NS or Canada in general would have leaked it almost a week later.

another motivator

Rage said...

@goon blogger..."and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth..."

Rage said...

@j.s.- "et tu..."?

coffeytalk said...

To me The Pensblog is my source of hockey news just like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are my source for political and world news.

puckbunnynote: isn't sid's 21st birthday tomorrow?

Rage said... don't HAS to be true...I wanna taste their PAIN

coffeytalk said...

i now see why your cblog handle is rage.


Rage said...

@, maybe it's not THAT important...just had myself a "Joker" moment

akus said...

quoted from tPB,

relying on us for breaking news will be the biggest mistake of your life..


Buccos replay on FSN

Rage said...

Oh least my name isn't Ricki Dugdale...

jefe penguino said...


damnit just 4 outs away from witnessing the greatest thing in pirates the last 16 years.

pregame. some old dude covered my tab of a few beers cause i was lucky enough to sit next to him as he yapped away. fine with me.

then a program guy jobbed me by basically saying the pirates suck, the pens couldnt finish the job, but at least i have the steelers? "one outta three aint bad!" i say. fucker.

after scrambling from seat to seat and eating from stand to stand, while still watching the game somewhat. i realize its now the 6th and shit, no hits for the dbacks? i better pay more attention.

not that the pirates were doing a whole lot better.

i was in a short row of a few pirates fans. a ton more than i saw 2 years ago here. the 2-out hit by Young in the 8th was devastating.

he gave up another meaningless one in the 9th also. whatev.

Randy Johnson did well.
Karstens better.

other notes:

110° and i see this? awesome.

and of course everyone loves a good jobing.

sorry for the long post. but only 90 comments in 10 hours? you can handle it.

jefe penguino said...

and to elaborate

NO i did not have anything better to do than to daydrink and see a pirates-dbacks game.

@j.s. - i think turk or bng was promoting the Liam Lynch video. but WHATEVER!

@dan - are you saying im the cblog drunk? i think youre right up there with me buddy!

Rage said...

@jefe-on the contrary;nice work!

jefe penguino said...

@j.s. -football tickets should always be used. if not for the game itself, then for tailgating. and i know theres a lot of nutjobs out there you may not want to associate with. just bring a friend, keep it real and have fun.

ill be at every Cardinals home game tailgating, starting tomorrow. and even the season opener in San Fran.

do i have season tickets? do i care that much about the team? nah. but it sure can be fun.

akus said...

Due to time restraints we may have to move this along.

jefe penguino said...

favre to the jets.

dhudzin said...

What is a blog?

BlacknGold66 said...

It was Turk promoting the song... although I am a huge fan of it myself.

Favre to the Jets?


Dr. Turkleton said...


Thanks, Zafo!

[US of W]

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

Stuart Scott: "How does this grab you? New York Jets quarterback...Brett Favre."

Wow. Give me a second to two to collect myself, OK, Stu?


...Now that I think about it, Chester, that hits me about as hard as "and at quarterback for your Kansas City Chiefs, #19, Joe Montana".

Which is to say it didn't.

Which is to say, Stu, I couldn't give less of a fuck.

Stoosh said...

You all might want to take to your respective bomb shelters. ESPN is acting like the world might come to an end tonight because Brett Fucking Farve is not going to spend his entire career with the Green Bay Packers.

Can someone get Peter King and John Madden on suicide watch?

Memo to self: Stay far, far away from ESPN for the next, oh, five weeks.

KaylaJ said...

stoosh only 5 wks? if this goes thru and Favre goes to NY, that media will be never ending!!!

LargeTurkey said...

Janne Pesonen

jefe penguino said...

i feel bad for the next sports hero that dies cause it will never be covered like the favre trade.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

I've tried to give a fuck about football in the past, but it's just not happening.

Baseball is cool, but the Sox have become jokes all over again, so I'm not totally into it.

Hockey's really my only sport. Which is why on hot summer days like today I get really excited for clips like this.

One of the commentors mentioned that Emerik looks like a puppet from the old Thunderbirds show. Spot on, methinks.

KaylaJ said...

geez, look at how young some of those guys were.

Stoosh said...

Your Daily Countdown to the Season Motivator

jefe penguino said...

i like the mario rookie allstar clip. not sure about the hat at the beginning though..

"dey told me if i didnt win da car dey gonna trade me"

Steve In Denver said...

I beg to differ with the Rocky Mountain Oyster Wrap - I haven't found one decent fucking chicken wing in Colorado.


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