Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buries It

It is August 6th.
No one cares.

This is what happens when TNT airs three straight episodes of Without A Trace after midnight.
What a show.



We should be linking stories about all kinds of stuff, but you know all that shit.

The most important story is the Penguins are breaking ground on the New Arena next week. []

That is exciting.
But the really great part?

This means 66 will actually have to take a picture with a shovel in his hand.

Good times.


[LGP] has a great little thread going on featuring motivation posters.
Not sure why, but some of them are worth a good laugh.

You can make your own [here]

Send some to us, we won't post all of them.
But you already knew that.

And ummmmmmmm...

Yea this is the rest of post.


Thanks to [Carolina On Ice]


Game # 40

[Make Like A Tree. PENS WIN.]
[pit.<span class=
6 - 2

The next shift, Tucker was back out there, looking for a man.
Ruutu was there.

[Thanks to Eric P]

It rivaled Roberts/Eaton in terms of awesomeness.

Ruutu throwing haymakers. Tucker throwing gaymakers.
Ruutu totally dominated. He all but mushroom stamps Tucker.

The game heated up a little more after that, with some jobbing going on everywhere.
fter a quick job in the Pens zone, Sid flies out of there with Malkin as his sidecar.
Malkin heads to the net.
Crosby gets it to him.


Next faceoff, Sykora gets past a defender, gets a shot off, rebound.

Maple Leaf Paul Maurice: Stunned

Maple Leaf fans stunned:

[Thanks to Randy L. for the pic]

Back in his Toronto home.
Long time Maple Leafs fan, Peter Puck had seen enough.


[Picture+3.<span class=



[Michael W]

"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit. I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin], but the team in Detroit is something special. I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh. We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again."

--Hossa 3:16--

Go Pens


Pensblog Staff said...



StillsandNash said...

second :(

jefe penguino said...

mario with the shovel. cant wait.

eileenover said...

This is what happens when TNT airs three straight episodes of Without A Trace after midnight.
What a show.

I love this place. And I love that show.

sh0ez said...

That video is gross.

eileenover said...

What is it?

TheFandangler said...

Sick bitch licking everything in a hotel room...

...even the toilet.


cdubbs29 said...

anyone know how i can get the winter classic on my ipod? in need of dire assistance

eileenover said...


sh0ez said...

cdubbs: Get it from iTunes.

I don't know if anyone from Cblog posted it, but all te Bettman Photoshops were posted: Enjoy! I only found like 5 with comments and my Scarface was one of them! There are some really good ones. I think there are about five that a really solid.

jefe penguino said...

re: video

that's hot.

@cdubbs -its 1.99 on itunes. and i dont know any freebie converters i paid for mine.

cdubbs29 said...


sh0ez said...

Hossa leaves the ice realizing his bad choice after losing to the Pens, 2-0.

jefe penguino said...

so, i may go to the bucco game again if i wake up in time. and maybe i will try to look for the valleys version of cotton candy man.

monday, i saw two unrelated people wearing pens tshirts and crosby hats. that Ward guy, and a pololomooo girl. i dont think i will stray from a pirate tshirt though..and maybe a pens hat..

and one great thing about the steelers starting up soon is listening to this song again (although it needs updated).

PittHockey said...

Mario Lemieux, taking a page from the popular online sports blog The Pensblog, showed up to the new arena groundbreaking ceremony in a black and gold excavator and proceeded to Bury It.

J.S. said...

since jefe mentioned steeler season, I was at my house, and my mom stops by with two tickets to Friday's game, and I said "yeah, whatever".

Actually I haven't totally rejected them yet, but I haven't committed either. Normally I would have taken them immediately, especially if it was regular season. I'm on the fence about going all that way to watch The Big Interceptor play maybe two series tops.

Will the Mario shovel pic replace the Mario in the backhoe for the "buries it" pic?

Hip said...

WOT - easily in my list of top five fav shows. Homicide, X files, The Closer, WOT and CSI: LV.

Unreal show.

Off to the methadone clinic for the day.

Won't be licking a god-damn thing there that is fo' sure.

LargeFarva said...

that video is revolutionary.

could you imagine if that was your woman and you saw that?


Julia said...

so that video makes me want to vomit everywhere. I got my tonsils out yesterday and just thinking about her sore throat she probably got the next today is probably 10xs worse than mine right now.. gag.

wilsmith said...

I remember this recap well.

It was funny how those back to back stunner 'shops made you feel just like you did when you watched the game and saw those quick goals.


Steve In Denver said...

That video = not a good way to start your day.

Although being that tv remote wouldn't be half bad.

Max Power said...

@ j.s.

I'm going to Friday's game. It's against Filthy and I'm decking myself out in PENS gear. I'll bring my towel of course. How can you pass an opportunity to job on Filthadelphians? Plus, it might rain and I heard a legend that people from Filthy melt when contacted by water. I must investigate.

Brett said...

Loving the animated section at the top of the site. Cash money.

66 with a shovel = instant classic

me = sunburned and hurting from the paintball to the chin from 10 feet on sunday. good times

J.S. said...

it's against Philly? Hmmm, that might change my mind.

I also thought that less of Ben means more of Batch, which isn't a bad thing. Might also be an opportunity to use the new camera on something meaningful. By that, I mean something besides jobbing around and taking pics of irrelevant things, although that could be debated with a bunch of 4th stringers on the field in the closing minutes of the 2nd quarter

P.O. said...

it wouldnt be so bad if she didnt almost dunk her head in the toilet and lick the entire bowl... i wonder if you can hepititis from licking toilets

the soft european said...

Melissa Theuriaux rocks. It's the TV news girl from the photoshopped "Breaking news: Malkin Found"

dying alive said...

I don't even like touching things in hotel rooms with my hands. I'd rather die than lick anything.

I went to Kennywood on Monday and I am covered in bruises. The Exterminator = brutal.

The Goon Blogger said...

Liam Lynch=God.

United States of Whatever=Best Song Ever.



Mario=Buries It.

That is all.

jefe penguino said...

damn i didnt get much sleep. and im going to be day drinking. and i was inspired to lick the creases out of my pirates tshirt.

ah, licking the crease.. not sure that sounds so good. and def not as smooth as a toilet assume...


stokes said...

that video was WTF

The Goon Blogger said...

So,upon review of the recap, I'm reminded of one of the things I hate the most in NHL hockey.

Fans in American arenas chanting "U-S-A". Seriously, what the fuck? There is NOTHING about the NHL that should have to do with Nationalism. At all. It's as bad as the douchebaggery we saw in the Sens series two seasons ago when asshats were booing the Canadian National Anthem before Game 3. If I were Bing, I'd have half the mind to say "Get fucked then," and not play.

But Bing's Classy.

Raybin said...

I have that game on my iPod. Always nice to watch the Pens maul some sorry ass team.

Although watching that game and then watching the playoff games I have is quite an experience. Side by side, you can see how the Pens evolved from a really good team to an elite team.

Steiggy during that game said something like: "Sykora's been in a slump lately. Playing with Staal as center has to hurt because he needs a playmaker to set him up. I'd like to see him on a line centered by Malkin."


Raybin said...

Random leftover free agency thought that drifted across my head yesterday:

As far as NHL ready defensemen go, we have


It's easy enough to keep Goligoski in WB/S and to send Scuds back there. But what to do about Sydor? Sending him to the AHL makes no sense. But Shero seems to make no move to get rid of him. The only other possible D-man you could ditch would be Gill, which to my mind would be nuts given the way he played last season.

Has anyone heard anything? Even TIOPS type rumors?

J.S. said...

I think jefe gets credit for the Liam Lynch video since he posted it a week or two ago.

Would it be wrong to make a Heatley motivator involving his mashed 360 Mondial?

I will not be participating in drinking blog today. Had my run last night, including with an evil bottle of Dogfish Head 120 that probably clocked in around 22%. Even with splitting two bottles between 5 people (along with the other stuff that found it's way down my throat), I was a bit off-center this morning. Not hungover, but definitely not right either.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

It's like the bad idea of having the Caps wear 1980 Team USA jerseys on February 22. The Caps have seven Americans on the roster, and the face of their franchise is Russian.

The NHL is such an international game anymore that nationalism within the context of the league is beyond idiotic.

The Pens have six Americans on the roster, and players from six different countries. The Caps have the aforementioned seven Americans, and players from six different countries (but not the same six. The Caps have two Swedes [Backstrom and Nylander] and the Pens have a Ukrainian [Fedotenko]).

The moral? Save your "USA" chants for the Olympics, retards.

ellen said...


Wouldn't Scuds have to go through waivers to get sent down? He's been here a mighty long time.

ellen said...

...relatively speaking.

TheFandangler said...

Shitty Eklund put the pens as a potential place for Brian McCabe...

...Barf factory.

J.S. said...

Puck Daddy's Honorable Mentions for Bettman: now available

J.S. said...

If McCabe comes here, it better be to hand out Ice Times or bobbleheads at Gate One.

The only thing he's good for is giving things away.

TheFandangler said...

McCabe is shit. He might be better outside of the Maple Laughs but that doesn't seem promising enough for me to give a damn.

The Goon Blogger said...

Pens get shitty Leafs defensemen and turn him into money Part II?

Who amongst you can honnestly say they were excited when the USS Hal Gill first came into port? I for one was furious, screaming about him being a Pylon.

Course, McCabe is still VomitTown, population, his team.

megz590 said...

Hey guys, does anyone know the code you have to type in to download the winter classic game?

TheFandangler said...


McCabe gets paid a hell of a lot more than USS Gill.

The Goon Blogger said...

Sarcasmblog my man. McCabe is atrocious. I really don't know how he got the A or how he exists in the NHL anymore.

Max Power said...

@ raybin

I'd rather have that problem with names we have than to have to cycle through a circut of db's to try to find a good combo. I don't forsee it being a problem. Our 3rd D line will probably be in flux for the first half of the season if not more.

TheFandangler said...

My bad...

Hard to pick that up through text.

Either way he's shit.

Max Power said...

Atleast they can't learn anymore:

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

"Today, the most insane wasteful spending program in America comes to an end," Rep. Ric Keller, R-Fla., said on the House floor Thursday before his plan won approval.

I can think of one that's a lot more wasteful...

I do feel bad for any of those affected who are truly remorseful over their crimes, have served their time, and were using the Pell Grants to try to make themselves actual productive members of society. The assholes who were misappropriating the money and screwed over the ones who were using the aid honestly need to be beaten to death with a sack full of doorknobs.

Pops Freshenmeyer said...

As per usual, though Congress can only act with the subtlety of a truncheon to the skull. Apparently not a one of them has any grasp of the concept of nuance.

Max Power said...

@ pops

very true

Max Power said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Goon Blogger said...

Pirates Blog

Jeff Karstens loses Perfect Game after 8 and 2/3s. Greg Brown jinxed him harder then a "(Insert Player) hasn't scored in (insert number of games)" comment from Steiggy.

The Goon Blogger said...


7 and 2/3s

Joose said...


I miss Ruu.

The Goon Blogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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