Saturday, July 12, 2008

As MAC users, the last 24 hours have been tough.
But we will survive.

It is better than Microsoft.



The biggest news of the hockey world right now.

:: Alexander Whatevov is going to Russia, despite the agreement between the NHL and the Russian superleague. [Globe and Mail]
The reported deal is 3 year, 24 million dollars tax free.

:: The [Good Doctor] says there will be blood.

:: [Paul McCann] has reaction from Pred Nation.


"I'll predict right now, Tampa Bay will win the division," owner Len Barrie said. "That's how much we like our team." [ St. Petersburg Times ]

This is not Super Bowl III, Len Barrie is not Joe Namath.
And really, with the Hurricanes, Thrashers, Capitals and Panthers, an above average pee wee squad could win the Southeast Division.

With quotes like that paired with the hiring of a media head to place behind a bench of hodge podge players handpicked by the new owners, GM Jay Feaster called it quits.
"For the past two weeks I have watched from the sidelines as Brian Lawton, Len Barrie and Oren Koules executed to perfection the game-plan they shared with us prior to the NHL Draft in Ottawa. During that time it became apparent to me that this new ownership group did not need my advice or expertise, and I came to the conclusion that it was time to move on."
Which translates roughly to:
"Screw you guys. I'll be laughing my ass off when you've been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in late January."

[ Jeff H with inspiration from Dr. Turkelton ]


[ The 2 Man Advantage ] has a sick interview with the Islanders Jeff Tambellini, Kyle Okposo, and Blake Comeau in a sports bar answering Jenga questions and playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Kim the waitress.


[ Dan Potash ] may pose a tangible threat to the Gary Roberts campaign.

[ Bob B ]

[ Aron V ]
That about sums everything up.


In keeping with the music Penguin theme:

[thanks to Alex]


We'd like to welcome ESPN's Chris Mack to the internet world.

He launched his own site a few days ago.

[Chris Mack Smells Like Cheese]

Mack is solid, and a dick, so we actually enjoy him.


Game # 19

[Whew. PENS WIN.]

3 - 2


The Doctor pays a visit.

Brendan Witt got the puck to the net.
Mike Comrie gets a stick on it.


Hillary Duff celebrates the goal.

ob, job, job.

We fast-forward to 5 minutes left in the second.
The Pens were buzzin, and then it happened.

The Hollister kid celebrated by scoring a goal in deck hockey.



Go Pens


"Pittsburgh has a great team, great people, great organization. I had to compare the two teams, and there's a little better chance to win the Cup in Detroit. I had a great time with Sid and playing on the power play with Geno [Evgeni Malkin], but the team in Detroit is something special. I know it's a short term, but we never talked about a one-year [deal] with Pittsburgh. We just talked about a long-term deal. I totally believe Detroit has the kind of team that can win it again."

--Hossa 3:16--


eileenover said...

May I be the FIRST to say I would totally vote for Dan Potash.

TheNWChica said...

God I'm so glad that Paul Allen owns the Seahawks and not that douchbag; and if I had to sit through that shit for a company rally, I'd be in the back so I could take a nap.

I don't live in PA but I SECOND that. You were supposed to be going to bed...LIAR! lol

eileenover said...

Haha I wanted to see if there was a new post before bed.

TheNWChica said...

I too. I think I'm gonna go faceplant.

Have a good time at Wingblog youse guys! I'll pick some up for a late lunch and think of you!

Original Nathan said...

Ah, Tampa Bay. Forget about them being Pittsburgh South, they should hire Daren Puppa as their new GM and become the New York Islanders South. That's more like the direction they're headed anyway.


Seriously, though, if they'd actually put together something that remotely resembled a competent defensive corps, that goaltending tandem of Mike Smith and Olie the Jokie could've actually won the Southeast this season. But with no defense, the Bolts better plan on beating teams 6-5 every night or else they're going to be battling the Leafs in the Tavares Derby.

eileenover said...

Thanks! We'll make another toast to all out of town c-bloggers. Goodnight for real.

Joose said...

Shit, I miss Ruutu already. Seeing that goal celebration picture at the end made my heart sad for a moment.

Mr. Plank said...

Totally unrelated comment but....

Am I the only one who thinks about yelling out "66 Buries It!!!" when I'm, ahem, engaged in sexual activities? Not sure if that flies in C-Blog, but I'm just sayin'.

btumpak said...

any info on satan or 'tanko coming to the 'burgh yet?

KaylaJ said...

since i won't be around til late today, have fun wingin' it tonight!

penstone410 said...

still pissed like HELL that i can't go to wingblog anymore.. ill be working but ill definitely steal away for some time on here to chat it up with out of towners!

and can i just say, i completely loathe hilary duff more than any other "actress" or "musician" (she cant really be called either one) so that photoshop KILLED IT!

and i was wondering when hossas gay ice skating romp commercial was gonna make a re-appearance here!

J.S. said...

Now that's how a first is done. Make the post, and use FIRST in a sentence.

I missed the thing by 7 minutes. Then again, I don't think I was awake more than 2 min after my last post.

If I'm not back before evening, everybody have fun at wingblog 2.0

Raybin said...


Sick FIRST post. Kudos.

Potash > Obama & McCain (Please don't start politicsblog, people)

@original nathan

Preach it.

Another team that will be in the Tavares Sweepstakes: Atlanta. They should tell their fans (all seventeen of them) "Stick with us for one more year. We're going to utterly tank this year and go for Tavares."

@mr. plank

If I can be slightly graphic for a second, I think it's best used as an orgasm cry.

"*grunt* *grunt* 66 BURIES IT! I AM ALL THAT IS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


In Utero > Nevermind

Have fun at Wingblog, folks! Someone get some Arizona Ranch and talk about how awesome I am.

The Goon Blogger said...

Ugh, long week. Sup C-blog? Hope the beers are cold and the chilling is right for you this fine weekend.

Anyhoo, musicblog has been SOLID.

Potash in '08 would dominate a ticket of God and Christ.

Also, on a more serious note: I have a slight worry about the CHL only in this respect: what happens when there is another lockout? Morozov never came back, most are fine with that because they think Morozov is mud, I don't but that's beside the point, but what happens when Ovechkin and Malkin and some other players go over there during a lockout and say, "Hey, not so bad here." It's probably just being over thought, but the possibility remains, especially with assclowns like Kevin Lowe tossing dollars around like Ed Belfour at a traffic stop.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Sooo...I wake up early today thinking I have drill, get all the way out there, and find out that it's a "dark month." Coulda used the money, but hell i'll take the off days.

Can't wait for wingblog tonight. It's gonna be special ed.

And what if there's a lockout, and some players decide they like it over there, and the next day an asteroid hits earth and none of that even matters? Who cares about if's? Let the chips fall for he who may be...I don't know where i was going with that...

jasper said...

that's it I'm switching to mac.

Vinnie said...

Hetfield with a 66 jersey? Wow.

Stephen S. said...

Dance Monkeyboy!!! DANCE!!!!


Yes - this is why you should use a Mac. Steve Jobs would never embarrass you like that.

Original Nathan said...

Am I the only one who thinks about yelling out "66 Buries It!!!" when I'm, ahem, engaged in sexual activities?

I don't, but I take credit for the inclusion of the "66 Buries it" thong in storeblog. Someone else suggested a "66 Buries It" t-shirt, I said why not a thong, and my idea got seconded by a few of the ladies of c-blog and so it's up there. You can check the c-blog record, I'm almost certain I was the first person to suggest the thong.

And yes, I'm married, and my wife didn't give me hell when I had my "I rule!" moment when the thong made storeblog.

Enjoy Wingblog tonight, folks. Those of us in Virginia (both Richmond and Northern Virginia) need to get up something like that. I'd even be willing to travel, since it seems that the other Virginia-based c-bloggers are all closer in to the District.

With the Capitals taking a major step back in goal, the games within the Southeast are going to look like games straight out of the 1980s. You know, before Jacques Lemaire destroyed hockey. It's basically anyone's division this year, except Atlanta, but I have a distinct feeling that the Southeast will only be contributing the #3 seed again this year.

Sean said...

if there is a dan potash for president i will stop reading the blog forever

fleuryous said...

Rick Flair for President. Solid.



The man had balls to wear stuff like that.

I WISH I could go tonight, but it's my bestfriendintheworld's 21st birthday (FINALLY), and we're getting ass-retarded drunk, soooo that takes out any driving possibilities. haha

Have fun, everyone!

fleuryous said...

And may I also state that work has ruined my sleeping patterns forever. haha


Russ Tundra said...

That Hossa Video is Prime. What a Taint Licker.

Russ Tundra said...

Are all Apple users arrogant assholes???? Applied YES!!!!

fleuryous said...

Taint. hahaha.

Superb choice of words, I must say.

I never hear "taint" enough.

Russ Tundra said...

Taint and Fumunda Cheese(My Balls)... Two Classic words we don't hear enough

sexymexyjeffy said...

Potash is dying alive covering the Pirates, bring on October.

Parklife said...

I'm sure Wingsblog 2.0 will be grand.. cheers all.

Perhaps next time, it's Pensblog across the nation (same night - submit you pics for a cross country summary). Any other Bay Area, CA Pensbloggers?

Jay Feaster resigning... wow, when a second-rate GM resigns because he thinks he's just window dressing, you know the team's management is imploding. I mean, it's not as if he's got another job lined up and there's aren't too many openings either. **little known Jay Feaster fact... he was born in PA**

Russ Tundra said...

Yeah I saw The Strongest Man on last night with Kent Tekulve.. He looked pissed. I bet Paul Alexander Hung himself after hearing that The Buccos are thinking about trading away Jason Bay and the X-man. Typical Pirate ownership. Breed them here in Pittsburgh and then ship the decent ones away. The ownership needs to change or I'll never see a World Series in my life time.

fleuryous said...

Actually, better yet:


Tony Little said...

Dan Potash in 08 is straight tits man... Who would his running mate be?

Oh, and that first video is the reason I'm a Mac user now. Well, that and the fact they're way more efficient.

PS. What's up with all the shirtless dudes in cblog? It's becoming a sausage party.

Dan said...

the tampa penguins logo got shut out again. somewhere, jefe is drunk and angry.

SexyChubbs said...

@ Original Nathan -

As a Pittsburgher living in Arlington, VA, I fully support your plan!

J.S. said...

no thanks

A vote for Vinnie is a vote for Xenu and the rest of scientology. ;)

How could we forget about this voting campaign from a few years ago?

Tony Little said...


Good to see some Sifl and Olly fans here.

You guys have some serious ass touching problems.

akus said...

Had a long week and last night it caught up with me, out like a light before the 11 pm news came on.

This morning i was
outside in the sun, bitching about how hot it is.
Decided to come in and turn on the AC and get my daily dose of Penguinese.

parklife says,
I'm sure Wingsblog 2.0 will be grand.. cheers all.

Perhaps next time, it's Pensblog across the nation (same night - submit you pics for a cross country
Great idea.

Though none of my friends are as passionate about the Pens as i am, they do like their chickenparts

( 2months, 3 weeks, 1 day)


(83 days)


Opening night

Brett said...

I dunno about all this.. I'm still singin na na na naaa over here..

Richard Simmons said...

Tony Honey step back.. They haven't even posted in here yet.. I'm gonna do some squats to the oldies. Remember to bring the oil with you too.

Tony Little said...

Richard Simmons is a pirate crippler.

Richard Simmons said...

Tony your not going to come in here and take my Pens Blog Trainer Status away. I've been squatting with Bing and the boys for about the last six months and it's been great.(Hossa had a Cellulite tookis BTW) I can't believe that someones body can have a beautiful face but a cellulite ridden money maker.Very rude too. He didn't want to shake to the oldies either.

P.S. Tony.. Fat people can shake it with me to the oldies. Your Gazelle has a weight limit.

becky said...

I don't post often, but I'll be at Wingsblog 2.0.

I just wanted to publicly say that StephenS =gold.

He's been standing in line for me at the shadyside apple store for over three hours today, to get me some of that hot iPhone action. THREE HOURS, alone in shadyside, in the hot and the sun.

all i'm saying is that if his hand fell off and he couldn't draw anymore, i'd still love him.

fleuryous said...


I don't want TRAVOLTA to be president...I want VINNIE BARBARINO to be president.

Big difference there. haha

Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington for VP.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

I could see Dan Potash as president ... for as many hugs he's given Bugsy after he scores, I approve.

TB, you actually think you are going to win your division? *insert laughing* If that means finishing above the Panthers, then yes. The Caps and Canes are more rounded teams, and they have the advantage of not having idiots in management. Koules and Barrie remind me of these 2 guys. It's so sad that they have no limit. Just because you bring in some talent like Stamkos and Bugsy doesn't mean you'll win ... St. Louis and Vinny are talented players and look what has been happening down there. There are no guarantees that you'll win, and to say this early before anyone has really gotten together is ridiculous. I'm already fed up with yinz, and the season hasn't started!

coffeytalk said...

happy wingblogday!

sh0ez said...

Potash/Savran '08?

Woo. Wingblog tonight.

sh0ez said...

Eileen, Annie and Brandi have surprises in store for them! And Joose, too, if she makes it!

coffeytalk said...

aw sh0ez! you're the greatest!

sh0ez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh0ez said...

Me and Stephen are! Mostly Stephen, though. Hah.

Stoosh said...

Bear with me here, because this is going to take a minute to explain.

There won't be another lockout until the owners start losing money and with the system designed the way it is, I can't see that happening.

In the old system, there was no direct connection between the revenues teams were bringing in and the salaries they were paying out the players. When the lockout went into effect, something like 70% of the league's revenues went to player salaries.

That alone was bad news, but when you compound it with the fact that most NHL teams don't have anywhere near the revenue streams that teams in other leagues have, it was a recipe for absolute disaster.

The NFL, NBA and MLB all have substantial network television deals that bring in millions or even billions of dollars worth of revenues to the league. Additional revenues are split up in various ways among the respective teams according to each league's revenue-sharing agreements - some of which help maintain economic parity better than others (the NFL's accomplishes this much better than does MLB's, for instance). The NFL and NBA also have a salary cap in place to keep salaries in line with revenues.

The NHL had no cap, no substantial revenue-sharing and no substantial network TV deal. The primary revenue streams of pretty much all NHL teams were ticket sales, followed by whatever they could bring in on their own television deals. In other words, the revenues that NHL teams bring in were severely limited compared to the other pro leagues.

The problem came when a few NHL owners started paying salaries that exceeded what most teams could bring in on their revenue streams. Some COULD afford it - this is why the Rangers were throwing $6M/year at Kasparaitis and $9M/year at Bobby Fucking Holik.

Most other teams didn't have those revenue streams available to keep up, but they couldn't help themselves. They tried to keep pace to keep bigger-name, established talent on the roster and thus remain competitive. St. Louis was paying Tkachuk $10M, Pronger $9M and Doug Weight $8M the year before the lockout (those three collectively made $4 million more than the entire payroll of the Pens in the 2003-04 season).

This is why St. Louis ownership reported total losses of something like $70-80 million dollars from the 2001-02, 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons. They didn't have the revenues coming in to pay the salaries, so they had to keep pumping more and more money each year into the franchise, essentially out of their own pockets.

People blasted Pens ownership at the time - particularly Ron Burkle - for not doing the same, but there's a reason the guy's a billionaire. Why would he pump money into a system that was not going to make him money?

Under the new system, there's a cap that keeps owners from spending too much year to year - particularly on these overpriced, long-term deals that go to free agents. Philly spent like crazy last summer; this summer they've been quiet because they were right up against the cap and couldn't afford to get into the market.

What's more...there's now a direct proportional link between salaries and revenues. If the cap goes up, you'll see salaries go up accordingly. Teams are only spending something like 52-54% of their revenues on salaries...much better than the 65-70% we saw before the lockout.

Teams will still spend money, but there's only so much they can spend, and those costs will generally be unable to exceed money coming into the franchise. This is why that article Al Strachan wrote and all of these other alarmist "what did we have the lockout for" articles being written are bullshit. The NHL is not in trouble with this economic system.

fleuryous said...

...what about Alby?

And I just listened to Sly & the Family Stone's "Hot Fun in the Summertime." You can't find a better summer jam than that.

Although Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City" comes pretty close.

Best line:

"Cool cat, lookin for a kitty."

Time to work awt and get tan at the same time.


fleuryous said...

PS. Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil" is amazing as well.


debrisslide said...

. . .I got back from vacation last night. Did I miss anything interesting?

sh0ez said...

@debrisslide: Puckbunnies and shirtless Pens.

Stoosh said...

@ Fleuryous -

Good summer songs...

ANYTHING by the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett

For the Beach Boys, you have the up-tempo stuff like "Fun, Fun, Fun", "Surfin' USA", "Surfin Safari", and "I Get Around". I was always partial to some of the slower stuff like "Surfer Girl" and "Don't Worry Baby".

I could listen to just about anything that Buffett does - new or old - for a good summer song.

Other stuff...

"Creeque Alley" by The Mamas & The Papas

"Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses - always seemed like a song mostly appropriate for summer to me...not sure why...maybe it was because of the video.

"Dancing in the Streets" by Van Halen

"Summertime" by Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince

debrisslide said...

@sh0ez. . .DAMN! I should have never been without the Internet.

I skimmed around to see signings but most of them are baffling me. Meh.

Richard Simmons said...

I'll be at wingblogday!!! I'll just be eating celery and carrots!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Summer music = Kenny Chesney music ...

Seriously nearly everyone of his songs give off the nice cool beachy vibe ... I love Kenny Chesney ...

@debrisslide: Welcome back! How was your vacation?

Stoosh said...

@ Debriiiiiiiiisssss -

Welcome back! Hopefully you had a good vacation.

Give the signings some time to sink in. Losing some of these guys sucks, but the roster could be just as much fun to watch this year.

Satan and Fedotenko could be absolute steals like Sykora was this past year. Fedotenko should be able to replace Malone's production, and he actually may have more natural scoring skill. Satan had a couple of down years which might be attributed to the fact that he played defense-first hockey for Ted Nolan. Nolan could have a top line of Lemieux, Gretzky and Howe and force them to play a trap.

And they're only signed for one year, so if they don't work out, it'll be Sayonara City for them.

Cooke isn't quite the relentless agitator that Ruutu was, but he's more skilled than Ruu and less prone to taking questionable penalties. Throws his body around like Lord Roberts. Awesome character guy, too. Fans will love him.

Godard is Laraque at half the price.

Janne Pesonen played in Finland the last couple of years, is quicker than all hell and could possibly be a surprise on the top few lines.

Plus we locked up Geno, Fleury and Orpik long term. That's a win right there.

Stoosh said...

Gotta go so I can get ready to head up to this wedding. Reception is in Ebesburg, so it'll be a bit of a drive.

Wingbloggers - depending on how late it is when we leave the reception to head home, we may stop by QS&L because it's on the way. Shoez, I'll make sure I put your number into my cell phone and I'll maybe try giving you a call if it's not too late. If it gets to be about 10:00 or 10:30 and you haven't heard from me, assume we're still at the reception and probably won't make it back to Robinson in time.

J.S. said...

I'm not a Dead fan, but I can appreciate this cover of "Friend Of The Devil."

Who knew Al had it in him? Definitely a stretch from what he's done since "Mind".

sh0ez said...

STOOSH! Where is the reception!? You will for sure be passing my house during the day at some point!

debrisslide said...

@stoosh - I was around for most of the good news, I just don't know much about what's happened say. . .in the last week. But it's cool! Thanks for the summary.

Parklife said...

Stoosh is right on... I don't see how people can't understand the Salary Cap tied to revenue concept but the alarmism is rampant.

the only problem that could be around the corner is pushing salary (and revenue) to the point where it's not economically viable for the fans. Increased revenue doesn't seem to be coming from television or advertising to any great extent. So much of that increase is due to ticket sales (rising costs) and concessions.

I'm not a baseball fan but was given tickets to a game at Pacbell Park. For $37 face value I was seven rows from 3rd base. Now granted, the capacity of a ballpark is at least twice as much as the hockey arena but $37 only buys me tickets in the middle of the upper bowl in The Shark Tank.

The system should work like a teeter-totter and even out at some point. If prices get too high, revenue will decrease, salary will follow but for a league trying to attract fans and exposure, they can't go too fast in the wrong direction.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@debrisslide: The Pens aren't making too much noise any more because of the cap. TB is an entirely different story ... they're just retarded ...

The NHL and the Russian League made a compromse about the Russians not to steal its players ... then Radulov of the Preds decides to go to Russia ...

Flyer Hater said...

Marconi turns over in his grave everytime he hears Chris Mack give his comedic stylings. He's beyond awful.

Richard Simmons said...

I would turn straight for my girly Milano. She's smoking shexy!

sh0ez said...

I'm heading to Michelle's, then to her friend's grad party for a little bit, then we are heading out! See everyone at Wingblog! Eileen, let me know if you're going to the mall!

SexyChubbs said...

cricket, cricket

Stephen S. said...

@ russ tundra

"arrogant assholes?"

jefe penguino said...

the tampa penguins logo got shut out again. somewhere, jefe is drunk and angry.

true. but at least my las vegas logo made it :)

so when i went to this bar last night, i saw this joke and my eyes lit up. i challenged him to a one on one beer pong game. but he bitched out. so i found a partner. and WE WON. sweet vengeance.

everything is hazy after that. i remember a fight broke out. and seeing some girls/hookers being busted by the cops for somethin. just missed out on that.

BlacknGold66 said...

Sup cblog!

Everyone going to Wingblog tonight... be safe and have fun! Drink of few for me and Ms. BnG66.

I'll be at the Bucs game with my old man.

Hopefully I can bring them some good luck. (they haven't lost a game that I've been to there since the final home game at Three Rivers)

Go Pens!!!

Russ Tundra said...

Did i Stutter?? If it wasn't for M$ apple would not be around flooding the economy with Iphones that transform tools. Yes the entertainment relies heavily on Final Cut Pro and sound editing tools such as Pro tools but if it wasn't for Mr. Billy Gates and the clan Apple would be non existent.

I'm not hating on MAC users(well maybe I am) but quit ripping on Microsoft.


Richard Simmons said...

Rusty and Stevie Quit yapping your mouths.. Both Microsoft and Apple Suck. Get on the Linux bandwagon. Time to do some squats to Little Richard!

BlacknGold66 said...


@Jefe: If you're still considering DirecTV shoot me an email. I'll save ya $50.

becky said...


fuck you. did i stutter?

becky said...

i actually stopped playing with my iphone to tell russ to fuck off.

the fact that i like mac doesn't make me an arrogant asshole. coming on to a board and telling other people that they're arrogant asshole because of what computer they that's pretty dick.

i'm allowed to not like microsoft, their crappy products (zune anyone?) and their crappy philosophy. that doesn't make me an asshole.

so no, russ. you didn't stutter, you just came in and decided to be dickblog for the day.

Richard Simmons said...

Hey Becky, I'll turn you straight!!

Richard Simmons said...

Since we are in the dickblog mood!

becky said...

but i already like dicks!

Russ Tundra said...

Of a matter of fact I do have a Zune and other Microsoft products. I have had no troubles with either of them. I think you just have to be smart to use them.

Apple make Hardware and then puts their OS on them. Windows just makes the OS and allows crappy hardware manufacturers put their product on them. Just a though Debbie Downer..

Why can't the fucking season just come already??

Tony Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Little said...

My Mac runs Windows better with Parallels than my PC ever could run Windows.


Have fun at Wingblog 2.90 everybody, maybe next time I won't be in Spain and I would be able to go.


jefe penguino said...

@bng -planned on it. but we are still in the beginning stages. i will bring it up with my buddy today. we were thinking of getting a few friends to each get receivers at their respective houses and paying as one, thus getting even a better deal. not sure if that will fly or not. will let you know though.

i hope there is a wingblog recap. because i have no life.


Richard Simmons said...

Russell's a dick, Becky's a dick, MAC users are dicks, Microsoft users are dicks... Man I wish I had a dick. oops. I mean I wish I was considered one.

becky said...

that's a great business plan, making products that you have to be 'smart' to use.

don't debbie downer me. you came in and said mac users were all arrogant assholes. that's a deliberately inflammatory comment, made for the purposes of getting feathers ruffled up. it was a direct insult.


becky said...

and what the hell is tony little doing in spain? get back on native soil, bub!

eileenover said...

Only 88 comments? That's pretty pathetic c-blog. This is the last chance to tell me if you're coming to Wingblog.

Carroll said...


Carroll said...

eileen - have fun at wingblog 2.0. I'll be there in spirit.

Kat said...

Aw, I hope everyone's having fun at Wingblog. In other news, I need to stop neglecting this place.

Richard Simmons said...

Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. and I think Rusty has the cuter one.

United States. The right to free speech. I love this country so much I'm gonna put on my flag shorts. hehe

I wonder where Sean Avery is. I would like to do some stick aerobics with him.. emmm

Richard Simmons said...

Tony you coming over later??

Tony Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Little said...

@ Becky

I... don't... know.... I woke up here one day. I can't wait til August 1st when I get back to the states and can eat some real food. I'm dying alive here.


Nailer News said...

I see since we have a lot of guys without shirts on cblog, Richard Simmons showed up. Figures.

eileenover said...


I'm out.

fleuryous said...

jefe penguino,

What that Silky's? From what I can see, it looks like it, but I could be totally wrong. haha

fleuryous said...

was that Silky's, not what that. My b.

Erik said...

What is this WingBlog thing, and how do I join?!

SexyChubbs said...

Upset that I'm in VA and can't go to Wingblog.

Does that mean this place is going to be dead tonight?

Not that it matters, I'll be drunkblog and posting at roughly 2am!

Carroll said...

Did Eileen forget to invite you Erik? Maybe next time. Or maybe you could just crash it, you're good at that.

Richard Simmons said...

@ Nailer

First of all I LOVE your name.. I Became a penguins fan ever since I met Double J. (He likes it when I call him double stuffed. hehe)walking down the streets of New York. We bumped each other and he said in his sexy Czechoslovakian voice. I love your "Sweating To The Oldies" videos and I was wondering if you can help me shed some pounds. Right there I was like YES I'm on board!

But after these sexier young penguins beat Double Stuffed's team. I had to jump onto Malky. I mean Malkin's team.

So Here I am in Pittsburgh ready to do some squats with these young stallions. I just hope Shexy Shero can lock up mister Stall for the next couple of years.

I really hope that Bing N' the boys make it to the playoffs again this year. I love young men with burly beards. hehe

Nailer News said...

you're trying too hard Richard

Nailer News said...

and it's Staal. Not Stall.

Richard Simmons said...

I love bathroom stalls. And things that rhyme with malls.

fleuryous said...

and balls!

Richard Simmons said...

I do love pucks too. And things that rhyme with that too.

fleuryous said...


fleuryous said...

PS. mommy owns one of your tapes. You're a HIT.

penstone410 said...

anyone else going to be here while wingblog2.0 is going on?

i feel alone in the world!

SexyChubbs said...

I was just saying how bored I was and how nobody was even on C-Blog.

Penstone - yet again, you're my hero.

J.S. said...

j.s. will show up to wingblog in one form or another.

quote me on it.

fleuryous said...

I will probably be drunk very soon.

You'll know.

PS. Drop it like it's Hot is STILL good. haha

Annie said...

You're not alone, penstone! I definitely won't be making it to Wingblog - I live 520 miles away, and I have a cold. :(

penstone410 said...

aww you have come to my rescue too! once again, chubbs has shown he is SEXY!

cant wait for you to be in drunkblog!

i feel so bad that you live so far away! i live about 10 miles away and cant go so how depressing is that?! i'm here for ya!

Carroll said...

penstone - how's work?

annie - I live way too far away to attend wingblog also.

SexyChubbs said...

Penstone - Now you're making me blush. Yes, I am sexy, but hearing it every now and then is nice.

I dedicate my later drunkblog to all of us that either cannot attend Wingblog because of commitments (Penstone), or, like myself and others, because we live too damn far away.

KaylaJ said...

since i cannot make wingblog, i think i may have some chick fil a tonight. i'm just hoping i don't sneeze my brain out before i get there

Annie said...

Aw, thanks guys. I hear ya. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were able to Apparate there in like three seconds?

becky said...

wingblog first comment?

penstone410 said...

work SUCKS. nothing is going on, ther eis really NO reason for me to be here.. but my dad wont let me go GRRR! i HATE family businesses!

well if you ever need to hear it continuously, come here and i will shower you with the compliments you deserve! also, if youre attending drunkblog later, have a few for me! one, you deserve it, and two, i deserve it! especially after my brilliant plan for you the other night/morning!

SexyChubbs said...

@ Penstone -

You're right. We both deserve multiple. Sorry you're stuck at work. However, you can pass the time by thinking of all the compliments you can shower me with. I like that plan.

You're too good to me.

FYI - First drink is getting mixed now.

penstone410 said...

has wingblog died down already?

oh man.. this is going to be a long night!

penstone410 said...

you are mixing the first drink..
i just ordered pizza..

you are perfectblog!
(many more throughout the night, i promise!)

jefe penguino said...

just got back from an afternoon lunch. redundantblog? anyway..

i love food.

SexyChubbs said...

Jefe -

Welcome to the not-at Wingblog Party!

Penstone -

Great start. I mean that with both the drink and the compliment. You can't receive too much higher of a compliment than Perfect though. But hey, I do not doubt your capabilities.

Any Pens-related topic we can all discuss?

jefe penguino said...

What that Silky's? From what I can see, it looks like it, but I could be totally wrong. haha

totally wrong. i had to google silkys. im over 2000 miles away, so unless my blackout is that bad, i was not at silkys. ill let you know when i am tho! :)

heres another pic of the place i was at (after i sunk the first pong).



yo chubbs. pens = cup.

Tony Little said...


penstone410 said...

tony how could you be BORED in SPAIN


Tony Little said...

we don't go to the bar until like 2:00 - 3:00, I have about an hour or so before we leave. I won't be bored too much longer.

jefe penguino said...

pens re-signed kris beech to 2-way contract.

Tony Little said...

I hope they have that Pesonen song.
na na na na na na na na

SexyChubbs said...

Beech! Nice job Pens!

Considering the quote from the Jagr article yesterday, I'm still waiting for Patrick's prophecy to come true. Beech could possibly be our next Ronnie Francis.

SexyChubbs said...

Tony -

Where are you in Spain? I was just there the end of March, beginning of April.

Sangria galore?

Carroll said...

penstone - how was the pizza? still bored at work?

Beech are you guys kidding?

penstone410 said...

the nanananananana song is finnish, why would it be in spain?

..oh yeah, cause its that awesome

for the record, i found the album of the people who sing the nanananana song.. its actually not bad at all!!

aw damn chubbs! my weakness = sangrias!!

its hot outside, but not as hot as you chubbs! (better than perfect!)

Kat said...

Kris Beech!? Blech.

penstone410 said...

pizza = hitting the spot
i also got some wings too! but of course, just not the same w/o wingblog company =(

work = still dying alive
..and will be till im out of here

Carroll said...

Annoying? Pesky? Aggressive? That's Ruutu

Ruutu said he won't give any free passes to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

"I'm playing against them so there is no free skating," Ruutu said. "I played with them for two years, and you see night after night the things they like and don't like. Those guys are so good. It's not real easy. They know me pretty good, too, so I have to be smart about it."

penstone410 said...

yeah thats why its going to suck playing against him. though i have full and total confidence in our guys, when you have played i such close proximity with someone, you know what tweaks them. but just as well, they know what tweaks you too, as he said. it'll certainly be interesting, and i look forward to it!

SexyChubbs said...

Speaking of Ruutu...

Scroll past the JJ and Straka stuff. Great write-up on Jarko, complete with great videos on Empty Netters.

@ Penstone -
You spoil me. I'm not complaining, just informing.

Ted Kennedy said...


Ted Kennedy said...



Ted Kennedy said...


Wingblog is a thing going on over at Flyer Hater's facebook, and he has to invite you on to his friends list...

jefe penguino said...


jefe penguino said...


Ted Kennedy said...

I've pooped in lots of places, especially after a long hard night of drinking, and sometimes in my pants!...but never in the Stanley Cup!

Carroll said...

Knut=cute (catchy song)

Thanks for sharing Jefe.

J.S. said...

ted, do the rest of c-blog a favor and give erik a ride to..... wherever.

No explanation needed...I hope.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

WOO!! I'm back ... 3 children = fun to take care of ...

How's the wingless c-blog doing?

@J.S.: Hahaha ... we don't need another Simon and Garfunkel song to be made ... although it would be amusing ...

Tony Little said...


Madrid, and yes it's sangriablog tonight... I'll be drunk for the next post.

SexyChubbs said...

Madrid is beautiful! Still have no idea how you can be bored. However, I'm pleased to know Sangriablog is in full effect! I look forward to your next post.

Ted Kennedy said...


What is that you're holding my friend?

...oh and uh, by the way, if you see that Anthony Robbins guy, kick his ass, will you?

jefe penguino said...

i wonder if this kid is at wingblog right now?

maybe he should have made his own.


penstone410 said...

back.. was doing actual WORK.. DAMN.

i understand watching 3 kids.. thats my other job when im not slaving away here! IT SUCKS. some days i want to kill those damn kids!

@tony and chubbs
sangriablog is like heavenblog
i want a sangria!! viva espana!

the "you are hot" compliments will continue.. im in a warehouse where theres no AC and just a fan blowing hot hair in my face..
you make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae!

(okay these "compliments" sound much more like pick up lines.. oops!)

penstone410 said...



asshole children

SexyChubbs said...

It's ok. I know they're compliments, you know they're compliments. Just stockpile them and use them as pick-up lines sometime. It's ok, I'll know I was the inspiration. It's cool.

As much as I love Rum, I'm now craving Sangria. Damn.

Well, my guests are arriving. I'll be on here sporadically throughout the evening, with differing levels of drunkenness.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@penstone: Yeah, the family I baby-sit for has 4 kids but the one was at baseball tournaments he's 6. The eldest wanted to stay with me he's almost 9. The youngest 2 are a boy and a girl. The boy is 2 years old and the little girl is about 10 months old. All of them are a handful. Luckily they all weren't there. *laughs*

@Jefe: Oh my Godard ... that kid is crazy ... I'm glad I don't baby-sit him *laughs*

J.S. said...

figure this one out: I'm 430 mi from wingblog yet still made an appearance. How?

Answer in tomorrow's recap (maybe)

Anthony Robbins said...

Tony doesn't want to kick my ass, we're Budds!

Hey everybody, buy my book and gain Personal Power!

Carroll said...

this site is great look at all the "celebrities" that visit us.

j.s. I can't wait to find out what you did (to attend wingblog)...does it have anything to do with Shoez's surprise.

penstone410 said...

i tried to make an appearance from not being there too.. but it was only through measely text messages.. cant wait to hear what you did

ps - stephen and sh0ez's surprise = lanyards with nametags for those that attended.. unless it was another surprise i'm not sure about..


penstone410 said...

yeah i babysit boy 9, girl 6, boy 4.. the girl is the angel.. the oldest boy doesnt want to listen to me because you know, im a girl, im older than him, and stronger than him! (he always seems to forget that haha!) the younger boy is just a nightmare!! hes the biggest brat EVER. luckily though he sometimes isnt there when i work so those are good nights!

and yeah, id definitely kill "hoodrat" kid if i ever babysat him!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@penstone: Ha ... the baby is probably the easiest to deal with because I just have to change her, feed her a bottle or 2, and let her sleep. She's a happy baby, so if you smile at her, she'll start giggling. The hardest would be probably the toddler boy because he is picky with his food and always runs around ... plus, you can't turn your back for a second or he's bolting somewhere. The older boys aren't too bad because they don't mind following my orders and I try to make things fun. Every time I baby-sit the both of them, we clean there room and they aren't even upset when doing it. That being said I did mention I make things fun, so when throwing laundry in the basket we play basketball kinda and stuff like that.

I wish I attended any of the wingblogs ... shelteredlifeblog.

Carroll said...

penstone - I figured Shoez's surprise was the lanyards with nametags based on previous discussions.

I figured J.S. "appearance" has to be something better then text messages or he wouldn't have mentioned it. I'm thinking a video of some kind, but could be way off.

It would be great if he ordered alot of food to be sent to their table (via phone) and stuck them with the bill.

Dan said...

jefe - great story. reminds me of the time when the finals started i saw a boat on the lake with a red wings flag. it took me 5 minutes, but i talked my dad into hunting them down, never found them though.

i was drunk last night and drank all day today. pray for me.

SexyChubbs said...

"the baby is probably the easiest to deal with because I just have to change [him], feed [him] a bottle or 2, and let [him] sleep."

Funny, that's how my fiancee deals with me.

penstone410 said...

you sound like a much better babysitter than me! the kids i watch ONLY want to watch tv and thats all.. so when i try to get them to do anything else its impossible.. but usually i just use tv against them haha "if you eat your dinner you can watch tv!" is said a LOT. also i have done that trick with the laundry.. only in my babysitting house, its hockey, of course =)

i think you and i DEFINITELY have to make it to the next wingblog. i wont take no for an answer. i will be there for you, and you will be there for me!

penstone410 said...

im praying for you man! after that much drinking, you may need it!

yeah that would be HILARIOUS if he did that! and if he didnt, i say someone do it next time HAHA

diet coke out the nose on
"funny thats how my fiancee deals with me"

hence.. "falling asleep to game 5

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Sexychubbs: Hahaha ... your fiancee changes your diapers? What a minute you wear diapers? *laughs* Or does she just dress you? *smiles*

@penstone: I bet you're a good baby-sitter, it's probably the kids. I have to get the toddler to watch Barney when his mom leaves because he's attached. I'll play hockey with the older boys and soccer and football, too. The boys like sports, so I'm lucky. Actually, I talk about sports with them a lot. I can get them to go outside because they love to but they do fight a lot. One wants to play baseball and one wants football. So I make the compromise of hockey. *smiles* They like to pick players ... the oldest is Sid, the younger one is Geno, and I end up being Barasso or Fleury depending on how I feel *laughs* They always make me the goalie. It's fun when other kids come to play in the neighborhood ... and I'm still the only goaltender *laughs*

penstone410 said...

wow thats hilarious!! i can only play hockey with the oldest (the little ones get hurt too much..) and he likes to role play as the players too! he is always always always fleury, even when hes not in goal (???) and i always want to be sid but he won't let me because i am a girl, "i cant be".. so i always go, "okay who can i be".. and he thinks for a second and goes "you can be sids girlfriend who plays hockey" and i go "FINE BY ME!!" and then he gets a hug and a big ass bowl of ice cream for dessert =)

SexyChubbs said...

Even with company, I'll still try to jump on with a zinger or two.

Even though I'm getting yelled at.

"Mark, you have company!"

I know, I know. But that was too funny to pass up!

SexyChubbs said...

Diapers after the bar.

But normally she dresses me.

I have the fashion taste of a blind man.

penstone410 said...

your zingers make you the sexy beast that you are! and as you drink more, i expect them to get better and funnier! have fun!!

fleuryous said...

Ah, Beer and Marvin Gaye.

My "wife" will be here soon, and so commences her 21st.

I may or may not post tonight, but just know I will be outrageously retarded.

Speaking of Marvin Gaye,


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Sexychubbs: Ha ... sounds reasonable. A lot of women have to dress their men ... I feel bad for the girl who dates my brother ... he thinks camo shorts that he has ruined from work and polo shirts that are red or maroon are okay for eating out ... she'll never stand a chance *shakes head*

Understandable ... I always get yelled at for coming on here *smiles*

@penstone: Haha ... I think a lot of girls wouldn't mind being Sid's girlfriend (raises hand and quickly puts it down) *smiles* I'm probably the only girl they aren't biased against besides their baby sister and mom. I asked if anyone wanted to be retro Pens and they got confused until I said Lemieux ... even if Mario had the talent of multiple players, the 2 of them couldn't both be him way ... I always try to claim Malone or Kaspar ... never works out *laughs* I end up being Mike Lange with the addition of some Bob Errey sayings for my own amusement, and the goalie.

Alright on wingblog plan ... but you'd have to pick me up *laughs*

KaylaJ said...

woot, i'm finally home! i figured i'd take the old lady shopping for about an hour, but nope. damn bad habits!

J.S. said...

@everybody, it wasn't that special. No videos or anything, but it wasn't a text either.

penstone410 said...

i think fleuryous is well on her way to drunkblog already!! woooooo!

i imagine trying to explain retro pens to those kids would be a bit tough.. i know i was only about 6 during the 91-92 cup run and the kids i babysit were loooong off from born! but the oldest does know lemieux of course, but like i said, he only wants to be fleury, all the time.. even when i try to explain fleury is a goalie, he doesnt give a crap.. whatever i let him have his fantasies, while i have mine (SID).. i didnt just say that..

and please, if you need a ride, i will be carpoolblog, without a doubt! (that goes for all of cblog!) i think you live in my general area too (facebook stalker..) so it wouldn't be a big deal at all!

hmmm no video, no text? reallyinterestednowblog

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carroll said...

j.s. did you call the restaurant and ask them to play naaa naa over the speakers?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@penstone: If carpoolblog happens, I pay for gas ... you can't drive from Penn Township to Robinson and pay for gas ...

Yeah, retro Pens is hard to explain, but they know who Jagr is, but not many other players obviously... so me being Barasso usually ends up changing into Fleury *smiles* They only know who Kasparaitis is because of me ... I'm trying to get them into hockey, so that they'll play it ... the oldest sometimes likes to be Ruutu or BGL which is funny at times, but when he goes after his brother, it gets dangerous *laughs* That's when we switch to soccer ... and they let me play a non-goalkeeper in that ... I play as Gattuso, the oldest is Kasey Keller (American goalkeeper), and the younger one is Beckham ...

Ted Kennedy said...

If Tony's in Spain, he's five or six hours ahead and should be really drunk by now.

We're just getting ready to pack the nephews into the car and go down to AuBar for a few drinks of our own.


Carroll said...

goodnight cblog. can't wait to hear all about wingblog.

brndlynn said...

good evening everyone! just got back from wingblog (had to leave early) and wanted to tell everyone who was there that i had a great time! to everyone that I had met previously - it was great to see you again. to everyone that i met for the first time tonight - it was good to meet you and hopefully you become regulars like the rest of us. Wingblog 3.0 planning should start soon!

penstone410 said...

okay, helping pay for gas is always much appreciated but not a necessity.. carpoolblog to wingblog3.0 here we come!

one time the oldest wanted to be BGL and then he started attacking his little sister and im yelling "STOP!!" and he just looks at me and goes "its what laraque would do" and i cant help but to laugh! (now if only he would have replaced that with roberts..)

and youd never need to tell me who kasey keller is! i am a soccer aficianado almost as much as hockey (maybe moreso as i certainly know more about soccer) and KK is definitely a beast! but when we play i am donovan 50% of the time and then ronaldo the other 50% because im never allowed to be beckham, the kid always has that..

i love how we live our sports lives vicariously through children we babysit =)

J.S. said...

bwahahahah, kyle busch's burnout = epicfail

J.S. said...

like I said, it's not that interesting. I think the more i talk about it, the more people are intrigued.

brndy knows, I think kayla knows but that's about it. besides, it should be in the recap tomorrow, and you'll probably be saying "that's what you were making a big deal about?" :)

jefe penguino said...

ive been hungover drunk and hungover again today. i may keep with this pattern.

or just not move at all.

where da other wingbloggers at!

Dr. Turkleton said...


thanks for the link on Francis from last night...

10 years to the day, to boot!!!!!

I still cannot believe they never offered him a contract...maybe they knew he was going to be out of their price range & figured, 'Why bother'....reading that article + reading a couple more in the days after July 12...I forgot how much the Pens had their own version of The Oren + Lennie Show here: Howard $ Baldwin.


10 miles from monroeville to robinson?...are you going by plane? [hahahaha]

I'm basically at the base of the Fort Pitt Tunnel...and it's almost 10 miles from here!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Carroll: Good night! Hope you have your sweet dreams of of our shirtless icons *laughs*

@brndlynn: Glad you had a good time ...

@penstone: Wooo! I hope I don't have to work on the same day *frowns*

I was just making sure about Kasey Keller ... I was kinda surprised he knew Keller was because he doesn't like soccer as much as his brother. I just stick with my Italian soccer boys (and Brian McBride) ... I play as Gattuso most of the time, sometimes Pirlo or Toni ...

"i love how we live our sports lives vicariously through children we babysit =)" Haha ...

penstone410 said...

i didnt mean 10 miles from my home base in the 'ville.. i meant 10 miles from where im working!

im not THAT bad with directions!!!

i promise!

SEXYchubbs, come bring your sexy back!

Raybin said...

Less than 200 comments at 11:30 at night?

I'd say something like "CBloggers = JOKES" but that would be to dignify the massive amount of FAIL with a response.

penstone410 said...

you BETTER not have to work! i dont care if there is a crisis at this place i am not working for wingblog3.0!!

ooh brian mcbride-- ive met him before actually *smiles*sigh*
and yeah, unfortunately american soccer is still a JOKE but it is getting better (slightly, and i am NOT going to give credit to beckham either, no matter how much i love him!).. and we will have to differ when it comes to the italians.. i just cant stand them, though yes, i will admit they can play damn well.. i just have an affinity for the english and the brazilians

Dr. Turkleton said...

penstone... you work IN the Fort Pitt Tunnel!

wonder if BNG left early from the Bucco game...

they were down 10-4, I believe...with only like 3 hits...going into the 8th...THEN:

•Bay hits a 2 run dinger
•N-Dog hits a 3 run dinger in the 9th...then eventually tie it up
•Cardinals get a HR in the 10th...11-10
•Michaels hits a 2 run-HR in the 10th to win 12-11.

Bucs still not making the playoffs

Dr. Turkleton said...

how was work on a Saturday, Raybin????

fleuryous said...

Itook too manhy shots of 99 berries.

FUck my life.


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