Friday, June 6, 2008

Everyone has said their thank-yous and goodbyes.
For us, just issuing a blanket thank-you to everyone is not enough.

We'll be getting to our season recap in the coming days.
But there's a lot of people we wanted to thank.

We have to thank everyone for the kind words in the game recap's comments.
Some first-time commentors registered an account just to show their appreciation of what goes on around here.
We are running humbleblog.

We want to thank every e-mailer, every photoshopper, and every member of cblog.
Without you, we don't do this thing.
Bottom line.

[<span class=

Over the course of the season, we have made so many friends, and so many more enemies.

To our fellow Pens bloggers.

It has been an honor and a privilege.

:: We became good friends with the boys at [Face-off Factor] after an initial rocky relationship.
It is hard to be more on top of stuff then they are.

:: Sean at [Going Five Hole] is a big deal. His Mike Lange Tournament changed lives.

:: We always get a little teary eyed when we think about our girl Snoopy Jode of
[The Sidney Crosby Show].
She helped guide us through the insanity of the WWGRD movement.
She was the contact person via PayPal for the first WWGRD shipment.

Our late-night call with her after Steiggy mentioned "WWGRD" on the air for the first time
will always be one of our favorite memories.

:: To the regime and posters of [LGP], there isn't a day that goes by that we don't stop there.
Gameday threads are a religion.

:: [PSAMP] may be the most underrated blog in the Pittsburgh Sports scene.

:: How did we survive almost half a season without [Pittsburgh Sports Insider]?

We have said many times that the work of Seth at [Empty Netters] is the best in the business.
He has one of the biggest forums, but he somehow manages to not limit himself by it.
Most people in his situation would just show up.

But he goes above and beyond.
Him giving us credit for WWGRD in his full-page work for the Post Gazette's Stanley Cup preview was one of the classiest things we have seen.

Kudos to you, Seth.


Other people to thank and shout-out to:

:: [Penguins That Fly], 13 year-old Big K is wise beyond his years.

:: [PensUndergroud] came along well this year. So did [Pensburgh].

:: [Igloo Dreams] has been around way longer than anyone.

:: [Taking One For Team] has been there when we needed it, so has [The Sweater Ted]

:: [Doubt About It] has been balls out all season long.

:: [Koz] was a reason to read [Mondesi's House] again.

:: Tony from [The Confluence Of The Three Rivers] was one of our first friends in the blogging world.

:: [Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic], [Pens Forum], and [Pittsburgh Hockey Net] = Beasts


[Eddy Spaghetti] finally had to shave:

:: And [Bring Back Mike Lange] had one last call.

If we forgot someone, it just shows you how dumb we are.


There is no way we can link all the NHL blogs out there to say our thank yous.
But for us, the blogging community is what makes the NHL so great.

We'd be remiss if we didn't thank some of the titans.

Greg Wyshynski's rise to the editor of [Puck Daddy]
is no question one of the most important stories of the NHL blogging world.

He gives the NHL some major press being with Yahoo, and he will no question work his ass off on uniting the hordes of NHL bloggers throughout Al Gore's internet.

Not to mention, he is pretty quick with a segue and a joke.
Even though he is a Devils fan. Dick.

Slowly but surely, one of your first stops every morning will be Puck Daddy.
Mark it down.


The next man is simply known as the Good Doctor.

If you don't have [James Mirtle] in your sidebar or blogroll, your blog sucks.

We stumbled across Mirtle's site last year and have been hooked ever since.

We link Mirtle every day, not because Charlie has a crush on him,
but because he always has something interesting going on.

His performance during this year's Trade Deadline became its own tribe in Brazil.

Basically, if you need to know about something in the NHL,
make an appointment with the Doctor.


Also have to give quick thanks to Kevin from [Barry Melrose Rocks], [Eric McErlain] for just being unreal, [Japers] for making us feel better about our luck, the gang at [Fanhouse], [Mr. Plank], and [Battle of California] for being bad ass.



Now that we have sucked everyone's balls, let us move to our summer plans.

But before that... (and speaking of sucking balls)...

We dropped Charlie off at the bus station last night.
He is heading back out to California to get married.

No clue on who is husband is yet, but he said he will bring him around next year.

He is taking a three-month honeymoon to tour the world.
He said he'd send pictures.


On June 8-9, 2007, we failed to post anything new.
363 straight days of posts later, we know it will never happen again.

Last summer, we had no idea what was going on.
This year, we cannot wait.

To keep our recap skills fresh, we will be recapping all three local newscasts like we did last year.

:: [Save Wendy Bell. Save the World. Cropper = Mud.]

::[Start Spreadin' The News. Pittsburgh Area Loses]

::[Coverage you can job on... WPXI loses]


We'll also being running a segment called
Chad Herman sucksblog

Who is Chad Herman? He is a janitor at CMU/Fringe Penguin fan/homophobe who picked a fight with us a few months ago when he jobbed Gary Roberts.

He wrote this scathing piece blasting our speling, maturity, and general views on life.

We would have responded earlier, but we just finished reading it.

We also asked him to include Charlie in his post because he thought he was e-mailing one of us when he was talking to all three.
He said no, clearly making him anti-homosexual.

We thought about what we could do to him.
So all summer long, we are going to post some of his greatest sentences.

Today's choice:
From May 21, 2008.

"I don't know why I thought of this poem today, but I did."

That is deep


The Tour Bus is past inspection. It's in the shop.
The brakes are worn, but we told the mechanic it won't need brakes this summer.

If John Fedko has his own Department of Homeland Security,
he is gonna need that Job Advisory chart this summer.

His cohorts at WPXI didn't help him none when they ran [ John M's ] Sykora pic:

[ WPXI Article ]

Where else was this picture seen?
WPXI said many Pens fans e-mailed them, asking for a copy.

No credit to The Pensblog in the article or news broadcast.
John M. would have had his own post if that were the case.

John Fedko is behind this. There is no doubt in our mind.

So we issue this:

We will give WPXI a deadline to retract their story, give [John M] credit,
and say the picture was posted on our site.

6:00 PM

If they don't meet this deadline,
we hope their producers are ready to start screening calls like they did last year.
Or maybe they like their talk shows [getting shut down.]

Whatever the case, the decision rests with them.
We have nothing to do all summer but make these people miserable.


Stanley Cup Finals banners that were hung on bridges throughout the city
were stolen on Wednesday. [ Trib ]

The police are on the case.
Expect the banners to crop up on eBay sooner or later.


:: Guess who eulogized the Pens over at Puck Daddy at Yahoo? [ Link ]
Matt P. from [ The700Level ]
He was nice, but that sorta stings.

:: [ Puck Daddy ] also laid out a controversy that brewed in the visitors' locker room Wednesday night.
David Guralnick, a photographer for The Detroit News, drank out of the Cup.



Roughly 120 days until the puck drops.
We have 102 games to revisit.
Tonight's a good night to start.

Stephen S. is already working on a Winter In The Sun graphic.

Game #1
[ At Least They Got A Goal. PENS LOSE. ]

We compared tonight to Christmas.
This game was like waiting all year for Christmas Eve only to be awaken by Santa Claus peeing on your face.

The Pens first goal of the season: scored by Mark Recchi.



Vote for the offseason pic, if you have yet to do so.
It looks to already be locked up, though.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


casimirpulaski said...

Woah. First?

casimirpulaski said...

Oh. Explanationblog.

I've been reading tPB since Game 1 of the Senators round. Naturally, I'm an avid Pens fan. I haven't gotten myself to comment yet, but I have been reading everything on tPB rather (okay, extremely) religiously. It is pathetic that I am just now posting and all, seeing as the season is...over.

All in all, I guess I'm just a creepy person who stalks around tPB and shows up out of the blue.

theNick said...

So when do you guys start posting A-ha videos again?

KJ said...

using a razor while listening to a guy who may have committed suicide after your team loses-dangerous.

Raybin said...

A whole summer of jobbing? Sign me up. I'm looking forward to the frantic discussions about re-signings and releases. I eat that stuff up with a spoon and hot fudge no matter the sport. Or even the team for that matter. But when it's the Pens? Good Lordy, look out.

Not much else to say. The dejection is settling in late. Whatev.


Raybin said...

You made a liar out of me, kj! *shakes fist*

Sydor. (the previous one, not this one)

Seth Rorabaugh said...

Thanks boys. I knew there as a reason I visit every day. It was to find glowing comments about me.

I keed. I keed.

With all due respect to the other fine blogs you've mentioned, you are the best. I wish I could accomplish what you do. Not just from the standpoint of having the freedom you have to post just about anything you want, but also in wishing I was as creative as you guys.

WWGRD? Read The Pensblog.

aunt penny said...

Any chance that Charlie is marrying Justin Timberlake's character from the Love Guru? Haven't seen the movie but from the quick shot on the TV trailer, is it me or does that character bears a bit of a resemblence to Charlie?

Just saying.

Did anyone do a quick recap of the secret injuries the players were dealing with through the finals?

aunt penny said...

@Seth..your work is important too/you provide a different light on things. Part of the daily regime of northern Pens fans.

Can't even imagine how life used to be during the first cup run. Foil on antennae trying to get reception and running to town to fight over the last Pgh newspaper.

We are so spoiled now.

Keep on keepin on.

aunt penny said...

And one other thing. The picture poll. Four agony of defeat vs. one salute. If you look at the numbers the fans are picking the agony of defeat equally with the salute, but it's split through their personal favorites.

The voting judge may have to declare a mistrial.

just sayin.
They are all great (but I voted Malk on ice.)

Nick Saia (usa) said...

Hey Kids its me!

Eddy Spaghetti's royal tenenbaums rif was one of the best works of art I have ever seen. That video sums up my feeling to the T. It was a good season C-blog!

haha see you tomorrow I guess.

mmmk1989 said...

thoughts about that reporter drinking from the cup.

a big wtf? if he was actually on team payroll, i guess its ok, but he takes pictures for a living. he should only be allowed to touch it, not drink from it. to me, thats something sacred only players should do, because they earned it.

gonna be a long summer, but i know with tPB up and running it will be quite manageable.

Stilly said...

Gooooooood morning cblog...

The march of the penguins to the 2009 Stanley Cup begins today.

*Quickly looks around for cblog ladies.. none? Sweet.*

Hopefully today we talk less about cute tattoos and more about how Malone isn't coming back..



The Big K said...

I love this blog and all the people at it.

J.S. said...

a big wtf? if he was actually on team payroll, i guess its ok, but he takes pictures for a living. he should only be allowed to touch it, not drink from it. to me, thats something sacred only players should do, because they earned it.

Guess it's a good thing i changed my pic yesterday. ;)

Vinnie said...

We have nothing to do all summer but make these people miserable.

This is unbelievably hilarious.

J.S. said...

We have nothing to do all summer but make these people miserable.

Fedko has been making Pittsburgh and surrounding areas miserable for the last two decades, so I think you owe to the Pittsburgh area to job him....again.

Forecheck said...

BTW, did anyone notice that Hossa is leaning against a "$15 million" sign on the boards in the pic poll?

Jimmy Hugs said...

The guy drinking from the cup was probably invited to by Osgood because he had heart. A bigger heart than anyone ever. He never gave up and he is awesome!

And he is Osgood's boyfriend.

JP said...

For a Caps fan to make a Pens blog a daily must read is like playing a round of golf every morning with the guys who nailed your wife, raped your mom and shot your dog. And yet it happened to me (the "must read" part - not the rest).

Congrats on an amazing year, boys. You guys truly are what blogging's all about.

Christina said...

jobbing Fedko....recapping local news....Winter in the Sun.....

do it.

119 days till Sweden. (or Thweden...whichever you prefer)

dying alive said...

So all summer long, we are going to post some of his greatest sentences.
Stuff like this is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

By the way, from the last entry...
The evening is moist (or perhaps sultry),
My god, is that a Throw Momma From the Train reference? I thought I was the only person alive who ever quoted that scene.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

I went to that game against the Hurricanes. The Pens did look like piss, but at least the season ticket holders sitting around me were decent humans. No taunting at all, probably because I wasn't a Sabres fan.

Lady Jaye said...

Damn, if only I had stayed up until 4:10Am, I could have been first ;) I just can't do it Captain.

I am looking forward to the Summer of Jobbing. It sounds fun :)

@free candy man > We never had a problem with going into Carolina for a game. (I lived in Newport News, VA for a bit) The fans there all seemed really nice, and most were from Pittsburgh anyway at the game. Haha.

Joose said...

Who wants to go to work for me?

JYo said...

They are all great (but I voted Malk on ice.)

Nice breakdown of the voting Aunt Penny. Maybe a runoff election is in order? I agree with you that they are all great and I voted for the same one. Perhaps some of this was covered in the last C-blog, but I wasn't in it, so here is how I looked at it.

The stick raise photo does not sting at all. You might as well not even have an offseason pic if you are going to post one that doesn't hurt. If the boys won the Cup, then fine, but I thought the point was to have a pic to motivate everyone for next year.

The Hossa pic and locker room pics show the type of hurt we want to remember, but those also don't reflect any positive at all and don't show how much this group accomplished.

I think the Geno on Ice pic is a nice combination of showing how far they got by literally showing the Cup finals ice, but it also shows how they bowed out of the Cup finals just short of their ultimate goal. It also is a reminder of the war of attrition that a run for the Cup really is since you can almost see the struggle to keep going.

I think that is a very appropriate summation of the way a lot of people feel about this team. You don't want to forget how great the season was, but it would be a huge mistake to think it finished the way anyone involved with the Pens wanted it to.

Stoosh said...

Dammit, it's hot outside today. When the hell did I move to N'awlins?

While we're talking about post-game imagery...

I don't know about all of YINZ, but the images of Sid and Malone still in the locker room an hour or so after the fact, still with their equipment on...those really hit me harder than anything else in the wake of Game Six.

In any organized sport I ever played, that last game of the season always seemed to be the hardest to get over. What I saw the other night brought back memories of my last high school football game - a loss that knocked our team out of playoff contention and most of us seniors into organized football retirement (most of us knew we wouldn't play in college).

After we got back to the fieldhouse from our last game, many of us just sat along the walls, refusing to take our gear off. There were four or five of us who actually went out onto the field, still in our jerseys, shoulder pads, etc, and started throwing a ball around.

You just don't want it to end, not after all the work you put into it. It was just absolutely devastating to have it end. It didn't hit me completely until I hung up my equipment for the last time, got changed and was in my car ready to go home from the fieldhouse; I bawled my eyes out the whole way home.

I can't even imagine what Malone and some of these other guys are going through. On one hand, it's a nice problem to have...they're going to be insanely rich either way, and I would never begrudge any of these guys an opportunity to make as much money as they can.

That becomes the conflict for some of these guys. Take more money from a team that may not be as close to the Cup and/or may not have that rabid, adoring fanbase? Or take a little less and stay with a team that has a chance to be the next NHL dynasty, along with playing in front of a fanbase that might very well make this city all about hockey when the puck drops again in October?

And for Malone, there's the whole hometown angle that probably gets interjected in there as well.

J.S. said...

sorry joose, it won't be me.

Been here since 6, and I'm leaving work early (1130....ish) so I can sell my bike.


dying alive said...

I know I'm going through hockey withdrawal. I'm actually thinking about going to the Pirates game tonight just to go to some kind of sporting event.

Raybin said...

The one thing most people seem to miss in the Hossa picture is Fleury with his head bowed and Lord Gary presumably telling him "Fuck 'em, we'll get it next year." What MAF had to be feeling (the third goal and all), I can't imagine.

Pensgirl said...

Dying Alive, no need to go to that extreme! Just watch Miracle. And there's always the Pens box set.

Raybin, I and someone else pointed that out in the previous cblog, so at least for people who saw that post it was covered....

Raybin said...


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well. My face is red!

Heh, my attempts to come up with a new and novel insight fail once again. :)

Sooska said...

The photos: the ones with Geno alone are the ones that get me. There is clearly desolation in the one with Sid and Bugsy. However, it is either of the two photos with Geno's solitary figure - either on his knees bowing before the Cup in the exhaustion and defeat that depicts the playoff run, or the intimate intrusive portrait of his emotions in the locker room that speak to me. The compositon and symbolism of the first makes me prefer it-as a photog myself. The second is just raw emotion. I would likely like either regardless of the person in it. However, for me as a Malkamanian, with the experience Geno had - from early playoff gold to a reputation tarnished by/in the media - both just shout his anguish. I can't choose between them personally.

A rotation of all might be in order.

>there is a great photo of the future of Pittsburgh area hockey on the front page of the Post Gazette online.

dying alive said...

@ pensgirl - I know, I must be stopped. But it's such a beautiful day, spending a few hours outdoors in a place like PNC Park seems appealing to me. I go more for the atmosphere than for the baseball.

Speaking of which, the only people in the city who are probably happy that the Pens season is over are the Pirates front office. Their attendance isn't great under the best of circumstances, the Pens playing into June had to be killing them.

J.S. said...

let the record show that I voted for Hossa.

A lot of it had to do with the expression of exhaustion and frustration on Hossa's face, but as Raybin pointed out, you have Gary at the bench calming Fleury down. At the very least, it's gonna be my new background at work.

Stoosh said...

I think I caught Eileen's cold (Eileen, you had the cold the other day, didn't you?). Drinking lots of orange juice, which is good because I love me some orange juice. I just hate feeling like this, especially when it's this f'ing hot outside.

@ Raybin -

I'm with you about the contracts, free agency, draft, offseason stuff. I hate offseason as much as anyone, but I always enjoy watching how the roster movement shakes out. I've always enjoyed that business aspect of pro sports.

That being the case, just my general thoughts for right now on the roster...gut feelings and nothing else...

1. I think Hossa comes back. I don't know how they make it work, but they make it work.

2. I think Orpik comes back. If he makes $3 mil a year, so be it. I think the stuff about him and Therrien is BS because it seemed to come mostly from one media member who had a bone to pick with the head coach. Orpik seems to love it here. The Pens seem to love Orpik.

3. I think Eaton comes back, Goligoski moves up and Sydor gets moved as a result. Trading Sydor frees up $2.5 million that could go to pay Free Candy. And Eaton is not fragile. Eaton was hurt because Cheechoo drove his arm into the boards and Sturm slew-footed him, tearing his ACL. Melichar and Roszival were fragile. Those are serious injuries, not the nagging ones that make someone "fragile".

4. Conks comes back as a backup. Fleury will be the #1, but they WILL NOT work him to death. There were eight goaltenders who worked 69 or more games this year, and not one of them got their teams past the second round. Four of them failed to even get their teams into the playoffs. Conks can make a cool $1 million, get 17-20 starts and keep Fleury's starts in the lower 60s so he's not burned out for the postseason.

5. Fleury gets his extension and gets it quickly. Four-year deal in the $3-4 million a year range.

6. Malkin gets extended for Sid-type money and term.

7. Not sure about Roberts. I think if he comes back, he only comes back here. If not, he retires.

8. Ruu comes back. He really shined in the postseason and the coaches seemed to gain more confidence in him.

9. I just have a feeling Malone is gone. I don't know why. I just think some other team is going to pony up $5 million or so for him, and I think he's going to take the money. I can't blame him if he does. I think the Pens look to replace him with someone like Matt Cooke or maybe they take a run at Kristian Huselius.

dying alive said...

Hossa sitting along the boards like that is what really caught my attention after the game. I think I mentioned already that he looked so emotional that I thought it was Sid for a minute.

Come back, Marian.

Dr. Turkleton said...


+1 - the Geno on the ice pic.

It reminds me of my last game of 'competitive' hockey at WVU. Losing in the League Championship to Pitt [ugh, of all teams] in 1991. We had won the championship the year before, and steamrolled thru the league during the 1990-91 season. The Championship was a best of 1, so there was no, we'll get'em next game, we'll learn from our mistakes, we won't take them lightly next game...
I can't remember much specifically about that game, either by choice or by just getting old....but I do remember being down late in the game, we scored a goal late to bring us back to only being down by one, having a renewed spirit/feeling on the bench, but not getting the tying goal in the end.

That Geno on the ice pic sums everything up to me what they probably went thru to get there...and reminds me of what it took to get to my last game: All the off-season conditioning workouts, the dry-land training, playing 'street hockey' on our rinks' slab before the ice was made for the season, the late evening practices at our rink where the rink in Morgantown, is .5 'exposed' to the elements, so however cold it was outside, that was the condition 'inside'...all the sacrifices that people made for each other throughout the year: had boiled down to a single moment when the final buzzer sounded at the final game of the season, and my team was not the one celebrating, but trying to gather enough strength to even stand up on the ice.

That Geno pic just became my new background from now until next season begins, as a reminder of the Pens getting to the base of their goal, but not reaching the summit....yet.

[Hossa: 24:14]

dying alive said...

Orpik seems to love it here. The Pens seem to love Orpik.
I also love Orpik. Obviously this should factor in to the decision as well.

slush said...

stoosh- Reading #9 felt like a punch to the gut, only because it could very well happen. Ugh.

amy said...

Like casimirpulaski up there, I've been quietly stalking tPB, reading and following all season but not commenting, and I just wanted to thank everyone here for one hell of an entertaining season.

Dr. Turkleton said...

dying alive said:

I know I'm going through hockey withdrawal. I'm actually thinking about going to the Pirates game tonight just to go to some kind of sporting event.

6/06/2008 9:45 AM

the Baby Pens are on NHLNet tonite...if you can stomach another possible elimination & a 'sweep' game, too boot [damn Chicago Wolves!!!]

seeing another 'White Out' at WB/S is ALWAYS fun + when the Baby Pens score, it's like the goal horn is going to blow the roof off the joint!

[DOUBLE BONUS] + Stoosh Caputi is playing...that should be reason enough to watch!

[Hossa: 24:14]

tecmo said...

I voted for Malone and Sid pic as well. So stark. So sad.

Staff - Thanks for the love. Pensblog is an everyday (every morning) read, and I was pleasantly surprised to see you verbally fellate my site! I can only aspire to produce half the quality of TPb. Now get up off your knees...

Cblog - I know I don't comment as much as I should (what with the 9-5 grind and running my own site), but you guys are the best, and make for a unique and homey experience. Don't go crazy (or do) this offseason.

As much as this stings, I know it can only make this team stronger. We tore through the East playoffs, possibly trying to make up for the shitshow of last season. The motivation will definitely be there in 08-09.

Looking forward to the offseason posts, especially as the season gets closer. If you aren't already counting down the days til the puck drops, you aren't a Pens fan.


Sooska said...

@stoosh- I get feeling Hossa is a gone, despite what Mario said and whether Sid likes him. I also agree that Malone is gone. One ahbout him he may have found himself ths year but was that because of his linemates? Look at what happened to a lot of guys who Mario played with when they left.

The dilemma with Geno is the team's cap of Sid's 8.7 mil. Reportedly (I have no way of knowing if what anyone says is true) Geno is going to be asking for an Ovechkin-like deal which puts him above that internal cap. Reports have been- I saw these at a number of places but dont know the origins-Geno is not willing to give what someone called a "home town' disocoutn. Why would he unless he has a need to prove something here -and he may? There is nothing about the Pens that is "hometown" for him.

I'd try to keep Orpik. We developed him and good D are so hard to find. And a lot of our D is are FA's next year if I reccall. He has already openly expressed his desire to stay and that he would like to get a deal before July 1. I heard his interview. Defense first at this point. We all just got schooled in the reality of that.
The upside of the finals is that a lot of free agents may want to play here with this team.

If the players themselves negotiated you could take the wish to win a Cup as a big reason to decrease salary to stay. Agents negotiate and that takes emtions out of the process to a large degree.

I just want Shero to do the aboslute best he can do. We won't know the results of any of this for about a year.

dying alive said...

Sadly I don't have NHL Net. And honestly, I'm not sure I could stomach another elimination game so soon.

I am not only counting down to the first day of the season, I'm also counting down to the draft, the first day of free agency, the day the schedule is released, the first day of training camp...

Sooska said...

re: Geno and hometown- I neglected to add Gonchar who "they" are saying geno is insisting the Pens keep for him. who knows? They are like father and son when you see them together.

Johnny P. said...

@stoosh: Senior Night high school basketball. We either would win and win our conference or loose and not even make the playoffs. Same deal as with you guys, we lost and I remeber sitting in the locker room with the four other seniors, underclassmen already at the gathering for senior night. The coaches actually had to come get us because everyone was waiting.

Back to hockeyblog: Is anyone worried about Geno leaving? I don't think I should be, I think he loves it here, but I just get this feeling sometimes. I remeber he said he did not want an Ovechkin type contract, and he is great pals with Sarge.

Johnny P. said...

I really should read all of the posts before I post my masterpiece! Thank you C-Blog, as always for clreaing/sharing my thoughts and feelings.


dying alive said...

I think Geno will get more than Sid for a couple of reasons. One, because Sid took less in order to allow the Pens to keep as many players as possible. Two, Sid doesn't strike me as having the kid of ego that would require him to be the top paid player on the team, especially if it meant the difference between winning and losing. And three - not that I know anything about Sid's finances - but I'd imagine that his salary is only a small piece of the money he's bringing in. He probably makes far more in endorsements than he does in salary, which is something that Geno will never do. Between RBK, Gatorade, Tim Horton's and whoever else is using Sid in their advertising, I'd imagine he's bringing in enough money that it's of little concern to him.

I wonder if Sid will keep living at Mario's next season or get a South Side bachelor pad like Max? OH MY GOD! I just realized...isn't Max a free agent also? Sign him immediately, plz.

dying alive said...

*kind of ego

Also, if we re-sign Malkin to a lengthy deal this off-season, let's start a petition to get his parents to move here as well.

Max Power said...


Word of mouth has it that Malkin has already agreed to a deal. King S. just hasn't announced it yet. Perhaps to dampen the blow from the cup?

There's a deal in the works for Orpik and is rumored to be favorable.

Malone is a likely stay without asking for too much.

No word on Staal.

Gary Robert's wants to retire as a Penguin, still not sure if it's going to be now or if he is going to broker a 1 year.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

"I'm sure they're feeling not too great right now, but they have to know that they're a young team, and they've got a lot of potential," Roethlisberger said Thursday after the Steelers' final practice of the week. "They made it further this year than they did last year, and there's nowhere to go but up from here. I think they've got all the potential in the world."


Max Power said...

Just an idea:

My tribe and I were thinking about trying to get a rally together out front of the igloo to show our support for the good job our boys did. Also to hold up signs about resigning some players. We're just not to sure how to get the word out to the public save posters and getting piss drunk and playing the old timey town cryer.

Dr. Turkleton said...


your #3 might be easier said than done. I don't know what the market will be for a 36 yo d-man making 2.5 in this cap era.

+ Goligoski might be more of a long shot to making the team than Letang was last year...

he really still needs to bulk up a bit, he makes Mike Green of the Caps look like Shawn Antoski or Roman Oksiuta...I really do hope he makes the top 6 somehow, as his offensive game certainly has been clicking [esp. in this years AHL playoffs]

Stilly said...

I voted for Malkin in the locker room. Two things you need to know about me:

1) Evgeni Malkin rules my face
2) I'm motiaved by failure

The pic of Geno reflecting on the loss and what could have been rips my heart out. That's exactly how I felt after my high school football team was elimnated from the playoffs my junior year. Compeltely devasted.


I really hope Orpik can stay. I think another year with him and Sarge as the #1 pair can only get better. Good call on Sydor Stoosh. Free up some cap space, bring up Goligoski and keep Orpik.. wins all around.

I'd also try to get Staal's extension done because he didn't have a huge year. Sign him long term for less and save cap space.

If the Pens really want to keep Malone, they'll have to offload Sydor AND Sykora and get Orpik to stay for less than he'd get in FA. Long shot at best.

Vanessa Day said...

Good morning, everyone. It is officially summer now that the season is done. It's freaking 82 degrees up here.

You all know I'll be tuned in this summer.


Sooska said...

@dying alive- your theory about Sid's endorsements money is probably good. I think the whole matter is somewhat complicated by the contract rules and how they calculate what each player ought to get. I know Sid may not have an ego about it-but that may not even be a factor that can be considered.

@max- I think they are not permitted to talk to Geno's people before July 1. Is that wrong?

Trib's Summary here

Dan said...

you hate america if you don't vote for bing and captain pittsburgh. nice it's only 79 right now, better run before it gets up to 90 so i don't die.

PO said...

max power

where did you hear all these juicy little nuggets of knowledge you are dropping on us today??

Colin said...

@ stoosh -

Lost in the finals of the Penguin Cup in HS to Bethel Park. I sat on the bench for a good 30 minutes and then in the locker room for almost an hour with my gear on. I was miserable. Multiply that by 1,000,000 and I am sure that's what the guys felt in those locker room pics.

Dan said...

oh ya i forgot to mention something......

anyone find it funny that mondesi's house hired all these extra writers and they actually post less on there now? i am a frequent visitor, but it's gotten bad over there.

Stoosh said...

@ Max Power -

Heard the rumors about the extension to Malkin as well, and my buddy who was at Game Six said that rumor was VERY prevalent amongst the media types at the game.

The only thing I'd wonder about is that I believe the CBA states that Shero can't actually talk extension with Malkin - who is a pending RFA AFTER the 2008-09 season - until July 1. I think they're in the same boat with Staal. Maybe the CBA allows for a deal in principle, but they just have to wait until July to announce it. I don't know...not sure how strict the rules are with discussions about that. That's the only thing that has me questioning the validity of that rumor.

@ Dr. Turk -

Regarding my Sydor scenario, I think there might be a market for a guy like that, given Sydor's playoff experience and the fact that he'd effectively be a one-year contract for the team trading for him. I think Sydor was bumped down the charts because of the acquisition of Gill (which filled a need) and the emergence of Letang; not necessarily any real bad play by Sydor.

If they can swing a deal for a mid-round draft pick, I'd be happy.

Agree on Goligoski; he was doing a lot of work in the corners on the day Christine and I went to camp, and he is skinny. But from everything I've heard, he really, really impressed the Pens with his play down at WB/S, especially in the playoffs. We'll see there.

The other issue is when we start clearing space in the Ring of Honor for Luca Caputi.

Max Power said...

I have a friend that works in marketing for the PENS. He hears things and tells me. Like I said I have no confirmation. Its just the word of mouth. Though I must say this train of info has never really been wrong. Nothing's in stone so take it as you will. As for me I'm keeping the faith.

Max Power said...

@ stoosh

I beleive that to be true. My friend said that there was an agreement and not a signing. We'll have to wait until next month to see if this info has any substance.

dying alive said...

Staal may be advised to wait a year to re-sign since his production was down this year.

PO said...

max power

your friend is a gentleman and a scholar... tell him to keep all these rumors coming... we feed off this stuff here

TheNWChica said...

Morning! I love the idea of going over all the games from the season. You might have done that last summer, but I was not amongst yinz then.

And with weatherblog...I'll trade someone some sun for our weather here the PacNW. At 815amPdt, it's 45 and looks like God left his sprinkler on all night it's raining so hard.

Sorry for anyone upset about the tattooblog yesterday...just bored at work, heartsick about the night before and I am a girl after all...I think about these things.

So, as Scarlett O'Hara said, tomorrow is another day; and today will be back to jobbing and talking about who to keep and how to keep them on the roster.

Oh, and Staff? If there's anything I can do to help with the jobbing from out here in Hooterville, all you gots to do is ask.

Dan said...

all of cblog - i'd believe max powers. i have a friend who works in marketing for the bucs, and the info is always reliable.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I don't see where the rush is to sign Geno & Staal with them being under contract thru the 08-09 season...Ovechkin, in the same situation this year, didn't sign an extension until, what, .5 way thru the year ???....

I don't think there's a need to rush & get Pen to contract when July 1 rolls around...


they want to lock them up long term for trade purposes...

wait, what????

Dr. Turkleton said...

@IHKaspar & Eileen


Max Power said...

"Under the old CBA, which did not have a salary cap, players could not be unrestricted free agents until they were 31. Under the new agreement, that age is dropped to 27 or seven years of experience. It's the change in age requirement that gives free agency to winger Ryan Malone and defenseman Brooks Orpik." PG


Does anyone know what time the arts festival starts today I want some chicken on a stick!

norojo said...

tpb, didn't get to add my thank you the other night, i was just too devastated to post. this season was incredible and it wouldn't have been half as good without the work you guys put in. have a great summer, LGP in 08-09!

dying alive said...

dr. turk - I think it would also help them in terms of knowing how much they've got left over to sign Hossa, Orpik, Malone, etc. Not to mention that as the cap rises, so does the max salary.

I forgot the Arts Festival was going on. I haven't been there in years, I should go.

Pensgirl said...

Turk, the Pens have a track record of not doing negotiations during the season - distractionblog - and there's no way you let either Geno or Gronk go to free agent status and risk them being Lowe'd. Besides, as DA noted, locking them up now gives a better overall cap picture for other signings, and in both cases you wouldn't want to be limited before you get to them. Sid, Geno, Fleur, and Jordan have to be the front cars of the Pens' financial train.

debrisslide said...

Heyyyy cblog. I'm pretty sure I'm done talking about tattoos. WOOHOO.

That Chad Herman guy needs to get laid.

Also, contracts/resigning. . .the Trib article that summarizes everything is pretty clutch. Not 100% on their opinions, but they keep the numbers concise and understandable. I still think Orpik is a must-keep. No doubt in my mind that they are trying their damnedest keep Fleury, so I'm not even worried about that. (Should I be?)


Max Power said...

For all you displaced Burghers here is some of the things that you are missing in Pittsburgh in the Summer!

Pa. man rescued after getting stuck naked in portable toilet

LEBANON, Pa. (AP) -- Rescue crews had to cut apart a portable toilet to rescue a man who got stuck naked inside the potty.

Authorities say 31-year-old Shannon Hunter, of Lebanon, used his cell phone to call 911 on Sunday from inside a portable toilet.

Police say Hunter had been drinking and had taken off his clothes. Somehow, he immersed himself in the holding tank.

Deputy fire commissioner Chris Miller told WPMT-TV, "I've been on the job in one form or fashion for 21 years, and this is the first port-a-potty rescue I've ever had."

Police charged Hunter with public drunkenness and creating a health code violation, but they have no idea why he was in the toilet with his clothes off. They say he didn't suffer any serious injuries.

Stilly said...


While not in Pittsburgh, it's a hilarious story. I got an email from a co-worker yesterday about it. Funny stuff.

For anyone that's curious, Lebanon is about half an hour north east of Harrisburg.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debrisslide said...

@max power - They couldn't parody Pittsburgh area news better.

The Seeker said...

The Toronto Sun has a rather depressing article today that talks about Shero's upcoming problems with the roster AND about the bad feelings in the locker room surrounding HCMT.

The rumors about Orpik might be true and they may also include Jordan Staal (OMG!).

slush said...

Im not buying anything a Toronto journalist has to say. Right now, they are just looking for a story. He most likely has nothing to back any of it up but some rumor and hushed conversations.

debrisslide said...

@seeker - HCMT doesn't seem like the happiest guy to work for, but I think I'll decide what to believe about players' opinions a.) when I hear them or b.) when I see what they decide about their own futures. The media just loves to get everyone all excited, y'know?

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debrisslide said...

Someone said they thought Max was a free agent? He's not--we have him for next season too and his price isn't too high.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- I heard Orpik say in an interveiw that since Shero arrived "Ray has made it a great place to come to work everyday." There are loads of things that can be read into that statement incl "Patrick did nothing to get HCMT off my back." It could also just mean what it says with no other implications.

Sean said...

thanks for the love fellas...right back at you. tPB is my first stop in the morning

Spencemo said...

Shit, I missed tattooblog yesterday? Oh well...

The sticks raised photo got my is very melancholy, while still offering hope for next season.

Ooooo, that was deep...

@ Staff...
Just a simple thank you for another great season...

Joose said...

I'm still waiting for someone to come to work for me.

Stilly said...

I don't think it's happening Joose. I wouldn't hold my breath... unless you can hold it for a really long time.

Joose said...

I just realized that I was being discussed while I wasn't even around last night in the previous post comments.

That fucking rules!

Chica, I hope you read this here. I have seen that Jarkko picture you posted, and I enjoy seeing it every time it is placed in front of my eyes. Thank you for it.

Jonny V, the pizza baking was intense. I could see it pretty much on fire inside of the oven. haha I guess I had the oven rack placed too high. There seems to a be a lot of trial, but mostly error, in my kitchen. I hate small ovens, because you can't cook in them with the directions on the box that are meant for normal, big ovens. My apartment still has a smoky smell wafting through it. But, I thought it was a very odd coincidence that it went into flames. That pizza was supposed to be the celebratory pizza I was going to put together Wednesday night after a game 6 victory. Neither things were meant to be, I suppose.

Michelle, my cousins call me Ruutu. hahahaha It isn't too difficult to see why.

Joose said...

Stilly, I want to punch everything in sight today. I don't want to be sitting here doing nothing right now. My allergies have been driving me bonkers for the past 3 weeks, at least. My head feels like an 80 lb. boulder is comfortably resting on top of it. I blame it all on global warming.

The Seeker said...

I sincerely hope you folks are right about the locker room situation and Therrien!

We've heard the Orpik stuff before of course, but Jordan Staal is a whole 'nother ballgame!

That's scary....and just maybe a tiny bit of the reason his regular season play fell-off?

jefe penguino said...

nearly the whole pens core of defensive/grit guys are UFAs: roberts, laraque, ruutu, hall, dupuis, orpik, malone, conks. we need a core like this just as much as the core of our offensive talent. shero, do it. and hossa!

anyway my first objective this offseason is going to some bucs games this weekend to see my two fave teams.

second objective is to bet against big brown for the triple crown. which may lead to losing money on other things this summer.

looking forward to an exciting thepensblogsummerblog.

debrisslide said...

I just showed my mom the video of Orpik's THE SHIFT and she said, "That's amazing. And can we keep him?"

Stilly said...


If you really don't want to be at work, go ahead and punch someone. Of course you won't be able to go to work Monday, but then again.. that's Monday's problem.

You can't blame your allergies on something that isn't real.


Joose said...

Stilly, Monday is my 22nd birthday, though. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be shit. haha

sarah said...

Can someone post a link to the picture with roberts talking to fleury after the game? I can't find it.. thank you!

PittHockey said...

Not even a vacation?

Gary Roberts approves.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, there is not one reason to believe Jordan has problems with HCMT. His offensive downturn can be attributed to these things:

Jordan is 19...he's still developing.

Sophomore slumps happen.

Jordan played on Geno's wing last year. I could score at least 20 goals on Geno's wing, and I'm 5'4".

Jordan played on Geno's wing last year. (Ya get deja vu there?) This year, he was acclimating to being an NHL center, which comes with more responsibility.

7 shorties would be a fluke for anyone.

Only Jordan's offensive production declined; his defensive play was as solid as ever, and his faceoffs improved from the regular season to the playoffs. A tiff with the coach and corresponding attitude issue would lead to poorer overall play and general backsliding.

The only person out of Toronto you can trust with anything is Dr. Mirtle.

Joose said...

And I didn't plan on going to work Monday, anyway. Maybe I should beat the ass of something.

PO said...

7 shorties would be a fluke for anyone.... except Gary Roberts... that would be called "Tuesday"

Pensgirl said...

Sarah, it's in the background of the picture of Hossa sitting in front of the bench that Staff has in the running for the summer series shot. Just click on that to enlarge it and you'll see.

Pensgirl said...

Well Po, obviously gods like GR and 66 are not "anyone."

Stilly said...

No shit joose? Monday is my 24th birthday too. I doubt I'll be doing anything for it though.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stilly said...

Wow I can't even put together a sentence.

Monday is my 24th birthday. That's what i'm trying to say. haha.

PittHockey said...

Chad Herman = The Comic Book Guy of blogging.

"Worst. Email. Ever."

Except he takes those three words and turns it into a 3 page researched essay that nobody can finish reading without gaining a severe headache from his pompous

Oh and he has no comments area. Coward.

PO said...

i just realized this looking at pensgirl's response to my GR comment... it looks like my name says "Po" like one of the teletubbies (which would be completely gay, not that theres anything wrong with that) when it should be P.O. as in my initials... just had to throw that one out there

PittHockey said...

Also: Rule #1 of press photography: YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE TEAM.

PittHockey said...


C-Blog does not care for your punctuation, nor my capitalization.


P.O. said...

i just dont want to get confused with some queer stuffed animal

debrisslide said...

I also just noticed that Chad Herman calls his blog, "Teacher. Wordsmith. Madman." I can't believe you didn't just immediately blast him for that and let those three words do all the talking.

WHAT AN IDIOT. It's like he expects people to pick an unfunny blog that doesn't express love and admiration for, well, anything over a blog that is funny and is passionate about its subject. Yeahhhh. I'll be looking forward to Chad Herman sucksblog. Nothing makes my blood boil more than assholes who take themselves way too seriously.

How many days til the puck drops again?

TheNWChica said...

frenchopenblog: I totally didn't even pay attention to the tournament I was so engrossed in the's the semifinals today.

Yeah, I know...offtopicblog, but I'm just so happy to be sitting at home munching garlic bread and listening to the muchachos mow the lawn because I'm not at work!

Oh, and a question to the folks who actually have their own lawn...why are they mowing it when it's been pouring down rain all morning? Doesn't that just get your mower all gunked and shit with dirt and grass?

Raybin said...

I don't think the Pens can lowball Staal just because he didn't score 29 goals this year. Everything else he did was ungodly. Someone hereabouts said the other day he will win the Selke trophy five times in his career, and they were right. Pay him whatever it takes to keep him.

Everything seems quiet on the Hossa front. Any rumors?

I'm mostly pulling these names out of my ass, but I think there would be three teams especially willing to pony up some big bucks for Hossa:

Montreal (they were the ones panting over him at the trade deadline 'til the Pens stole him)

Nashville (maybe just a Hossa type finisher away from a serious playoff run)

Chicago (ditto. they need a goalie too.)

Might want to throw Vancouver in there too, actually.

And yet he seemed to fall so well into the Pittsburgh lockerroom and atmosphere. Would any of those other cities play a song for him when he scores? And how important is that to him?

Everyone I've been talking to feels that Georges is gone. Probably, unless he'll take a pay cut. 1.3 million a year seems a bit steep.

Malone? Who knows. Like stoosh, I get the feeling he may be on the way out the door. I can think of a dozen teams off the top of my head who'd probably be willing to pony up.

I think King Shero is going to have to make a decision: Malone or Hossa.

I think Ruutu can and will be signed for reasonable numbers. Ditto Hall, who I thought was gone until his playoff performance.

Beech and probably Taffe are gone.

Anyone heard anything about Dupuis?

Conkblock stays. I get a sense that Sydor and Eaton are both done in Pittsburgh.

Bold prediction: Lord Gary comes back for one more year. Maybe even two.

Raybin said...


It's the picture with Hossa sitting on the ice. Fleury and Lord Gary are on the bench over his right shoulder.

You can almost read Hossa's thoughts as he looks up at the lights...

"The money or the Cup?"

Joose said...

OMGz, Stilly! IsN't iT KewLieZ t0 B B0rN 0N 6/9?!

Max Power said...

@ joose

Remember, if violence doesn't solve anything... Then you're not being violent enough

@ Everyone
If you're not downtown don't come here. Its hotter than the surface of the sun and there's an ass load of people with fannypacks polluting the city via the arts festival. Pure F'in Insanity!

jefe penguino said...

@nwchica -i wouldnt know, my yard is rocks.

WWGRD -play one more season with the pens.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Well, tradeblog, yeah! *vomit* At least I'm in my air conditioned house, though and not the hell hole known as my school ...

I heard from my insider that no one outside of Pittsburgh is gonna offer Malone anything above $4 million. Actually, I think my insider heard something at $3.5, but that was before playoffs.

@stilly: Have you changed your mind from France to Germany yet? (EURO08TourneyBlog)

@Dr. Turk: Fine, fine, I'll stick with Free Candy ... *smiles* I knew you would want him ...

Joose said...

Chica, did you see my response to what you said last night?

Lauren said...

You know? That jobber bitching about the WWGRD phenomenon is only a small step away from being a troll. Really. It's funny, too, that as a person who has dedicated himself to "a place where sense and logic and reason always prevail", he rests his entire argument on pedantic examinations of grammar (which is what I rested on for internet-arguments too, when I was fourteen), and never acknowledges that the trend started as a little joke in cblog and that the Staff had no control over its growth and expansion into the fandom at large.

And how dare he insult the aesthetic of this site! As a student of art and design, I can tell you your color choices and layout are extremely effective.

Oh, and he should learn to use the en-dash and the em-dash, if he's going to bitch about aesthetic AND grammar. I mean really.


dying alive said...

Im not buying anything a Toronto journalist has to say. Right now, they are just looking for a story.
Not to mention from what I've seen on various places on the Gore, the Leafs would kill to get their meathooks into Staal, so this entire article is likely based on wishful thinking.

@ raybin - I think you need to add Boston to that list of teams interested in Hossa as well. They are on their way to respectability and could use a goal scorer of his caliber, and he and Chara are BFF. I doubt he'd be interested in going to Nashville. No offense to Preds fans, but he's said he's happier in a city that loves hockey.

The only thing I read about Dupuis is where some jobber reporter asked him if he'd like to play in Pittsburgh again next year, and he said yes. It doesn't really mean anything, because what else is the guy going to say, but he does seem to sincerely enjoy playing for the Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


15th round
444th overall

Christopher Aure

6'00" 180 - LHP

North Pole High School
North Pole, Alaska.

but. can he skate?

-just askin'

Pensgirl said...

P.O., thanks for clarifying on your username. It can be hard to know how to address people since blogger formats everyone into lowercase. If we've been doing anyone else's wrong speak up!

TheNWChica said...

@joose: I just saw it... I don't have more shirtless of Jakke I'm afraid; but I'm glad you liked. :)

debrisslide said...

@ihk - Written a letter to Bugsy yet? Not trying to start Malonecryblog again, haha, just asking.

dying alive said...

If you're not downtown don't come here. Its hotter than the surface of the sun and there's an ass load of people with fannypacks polluting the city via the arts festival.
Perhaps I should have though this through before agreeing to go to the Bucs game. I guess as long as we stick to the North Shore for parking and such we should be OK.

Joose said...

Max, I've never been in a physical fight in my entire life. I punched a kid in the head a few times once, but that was after he tripped me in the hall on purpose in middle school.

Actually, I punched another guy in the head a couple of times at an Every Time I Die show in State College once. hahaha He thought I pushed him when I was pushed from behind (chain reaction), and he started calling me names and being a dick the whole time. He then pushed me at an opportune moment on purpose. I wasn't going to take that.

Neither one of them fought back, because I am clearly one scary gal. So, those don't count as fights. Verbal fights are a completely different story for me, though.

Pensgirl said...

Hey, I just had a crazy thought...

WWGRD? Convince everybody to resign for a year and do the same himself to really go for it again.

Raybin said...

@dying alive

Good point about Boston.

Also a good point about Hossa wanting to play in a hockey town...I did know that, but I threw Nashville in there anyway because, watching their crowd in the playoffs, I was deeply impressed with how much they seemed to love their team. I think Dallas is the only southern city to have taken to their team more.

Could be a mistaken impression, though.

debrisslide said...

When I hear about festivals in Pittsburgh on top of the hellish task it is to even get around in that city, I'm kind of glad I'm down in Fayettenam away from it all.

James Mirtle said...

Cheers guys. Looking forward to your off-season stuff.

Max Power said...

@ dying alive

You should be OK at the game considering not that many people go to them. (Before jobbing on me about the Bucko's I got nothing against them.) Just beware of the fannypacks. FANNYPACKS. Its like downtown turned into walmart on a Sunday.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@debrisslide: No more crying today ... I'm gonna cowgirl up and take it like I should ... I have started my letter, though. But I'm not sure I like it so far ... *AnnoyedWithMyWritingRightNowBlog*

debrisslide said...

@ihk - You're Carly on facebook right? I think I'm going to message you.

dying alive said...

@ max - Jobbing the Pirates doesn't bother me a bit. It might if they had made even the tiniest effort to win in the last decade and a half, but they haven't and they're not fooling anyone. I also just found out that it's some kind of bobblehead night, so all of the bobblehead collectors will be out in force. Aces.

I didn't even realize that they still made fannypacks.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Edzo right now on NHL Live!:

"Orpik won't be back, just my opinion...there are 15-20 teams looking at Malone & Hossa is gone...If I'm a betting man, and you know I am with Big Brown, all 3 of those guys are gone come July 1."

-what's MAF going to get?

"I would say 5 yrs. 25 million to put him there in line with other goalies of his type"

[Hossa: 24:14]

Colin said...

James Mirtle = Beast

TheNWChica said...

@max: I love my city, and we have tourists all year long; but as soon as Mem. Day comes and goes we natives don't go downtown anymore than you have to and Gary help you if you want to go within a 3 square block region of the Pike Place Market either on foot or by car.

dying alive said...

Blastfromthepastblog: Every time I hear the word fannypack, I think of Ill Mitch.

Ill Mitch

I think it's Fast and Danger that has lyrics about keeping handywipes in his fannypack. And my god, now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day.

Max Power said...

I know its their job and all, but the fact that money plays such a large factor in sports pisses me off a little each and every day.

Side note: Fried twinkies and oreos are the shiznit!

P.O. said...

edzo = trying to become the new barry melrose = joke

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@debrisslide: yeah ... I'm Carly ...

RaCHeLeYoS said...

I like the Pirates but I will make no hesistation to say they are terrible. They know it, everyone knows it. I think what sucks even worse is we're in a division that has one more team than the others...makes us look even worse when were sitting at the bottom. And I turned on the game the other day and the announcers said something about Jason Michaels makes the girls go I looked him up...ew!! What are they thinking.

JYo said...

We're just not to sure how to get the word out to the public save posters and getting piss drunk and playing the old timey town cryer.

Try spreading word through all the blogs the staff listed on the front page today. Between this one and EN alone, you should reach quite a few Pens fans.

I think it would also help them in terms of knowing how much they've got left over to sign Hossa, Orpik, Malone, etc. Not to mention that as the cap rises, so does the max salary.

Completely agree. The sooner these guys are locked up the better. Shero knows what kind of money he has to deal with, the deals are probably cheaper than they will be in a year or two, and the guys are guaranteed to be here rather than take a big deal elsewhere.

I hope they keep this team as intact as possible, but it is not going to be easy. A lot of people are running optimismblog here, but its going to be tough keeping Hossa, Malone, Orpik, etc. Like I said the other day, Sid, Geno, Staal, and MAF are the core for the very long term. Those are the guys that need locked up asap.

Geno should get Sid type money, Staal will get a bit less, and MAF will get very solid goalie money. It won't be cheap, but they are the core. It would be awesome to keep Hossa, but if it means wrecking the rest of the team, it won't happen. He is probably going to get a big deal in terms of years and money per year, so it is hard to think the Pens can afford him. Malone has a reasonable shot at sticking around, but as many have pointed out, someone may drastically overpay him and the Pens will have to let him go.

I think Orpik should be at the top of the list after the core guys mentioned above. He really solidifies the defense and brings a nice physical presence to the D. Guys like him are hard to find and they already know he fits in with this team. I doubt he'll break the bank too, at least relative to scoring winger type money.

I really hope Shero can work some magic by locking up the core players long term and keeping most of the current team intact. I just don't think its wise to expect it given the number of things that would need to fall into place. This was a very special team this year, but it will be different next year. It could get better, it could get worse, it almost certainly will be different.

TheNWChica said...

@rachele: Jason Michaels is icky. Not sure if you all will love me less, but I'm a Phillies fan. They are not only a good club but have some handsome boys over there.

letsgopens said...

new reports stating that malkin supposedly played with broken fingers throughout the finals.

debrisslide said...

I'm really pulling for Orpik. Hossa and Malone would suck to lose but defense seems to be so much harder to build. Orpik should be offered something pretty sweet in my opinion.

JYo said...

One thing I forgot, even if Geno or others can't be signed, or even negotiate, until a certain date, you can bet the house those negotiations are still going on. It happens in every sport. Do you really think teams and players/agents come to agreements mere minutes or hours after they start negotiating? Of course not, but in every sport you will see deals announced as soon as you are supposed to just begin negotiating.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@racheleyos: I think they said it to get their minds on something besides another lackluster year ... maybe they were running sarcasmblog?

J.S. said...

Edzo = top shelf hater.

dying alive said...

I think they said it to get their minds on something besides another lackluster year

I thought that was what all of the bobbleheads and fireworks were for?

BlacknGold66 said...

I haven't had the chance to catch up completely yet...

But Stoosh... Conks can make a cool million


He made $500K last year. I doubt that he doubled his salary just like that. Especially for a guy who is just going to ride the pine.

Also, Sabu is still under contract so the Pens are unlikely to spend too much on Conks when they need the money to sign more important pieces to the puzzle.

Max Power said...

That Ill Mitch link was too much. I wish I had speakers on my work computer so I could check out his beats!

J.S. said...

@dying alive, that Toronto article holds no weight IMO. T-O has becomes such a joke (hopefully Mirtle doesn't job me on this) that The Sporting News even did a piece on the number of free agents who were "all but signed" and were on the way to calling the ACC home ice. I imagine this is all that piece is: wishful thinking.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@dying alive: They need more distractions ... fireworks are at the end, so that makes you forget the final score; bobble heads are entertaining so you'll just go in and eat and drink as much as your wallet can afford; and that commentary is to distract us when the opposing team scores or our team makes errors.

J.S. said...

correction: it was in a Hockey News yearbook, possibly last season's edition...maybe two years ago.

I'm look it up after this brief timeout (read: I need a freaking nap!)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@photoshoppers: I found something interesting ... Cry-Baby is on Broadway ... Sean Avery photoshop anyone?

Jimmy Hugs said...

I think the Pens should sign Erin Esurance and a few of those hockey playing robots if they can't resign Malowned and Free Candy.

Stilly said...


*Looks down at his Ribero and Henry Tattoos*

I don't think that I can switch at this point. After the world cup run.. I'm too committed. haha.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Stilly: Ohh ... tats ... I guess you pretty much are committed now, huh? *laughs* Fine, fine, I'm just hoping Germany and Italy dominate in their respective groups ... sorry, I can't root for France ...

The Seeker said...


Let me say right off the bat that I don't want to get attacked for saying what I'm about to say because I'm just throwing it out there for discussion purposes.....

With all this talk of keeping this team together, ignoring the fact that we might HAVE to lose someone and/or might not be ABLE to hold onto some others, is there anyone who SHOULD go? And even more importantly, is there a position on the team that needs upgrading?

Obviously, this team came up just a tad short of winning it all. So I guess what I'm saying is what would it take roster-wise to win it all next season?

Some may say only the experience was the difference, which is also the same team with more experience could do it.

Or, is there a position we're in need of strengthening to get it done?

Kat said...

@ihk, Crybaby is on Broadway? Like the Johnny Depp musical? Solid.

I'm excited to see who Charlie's husband is. Congrats.

Max Power said...

@ seeker

You make a good point. I don't think that I can bring myself to say something or someone needs upgraded/replaced.

debrisslide said...

@seeker - I think experience was the main difference and in all honesty I can't think of anyone who SHOULD go. There are some guys who aren't showing up all the way but it's mostly because they're very young. Our defense could be more solid and our offense could be more consistent. But I don't think it's anything that the players are incapable of doing. Even most of the older guys could do with a few more months each of training and playing. If we have a lot of the same guys next year, the regular season will probably feel like a strengthening exercise, and the Pens will definitely make the playoffs.

On the other hand, if we lose a lot of guys and gain some new ones, depending on the new guys' base skill and experience levels, it will probably feel like another uphill battle. There's a lot of young talent out there and I'm sure there will be other veteran-type guys from other teams who are looking to pick up a one-year contract and live to see another Cup. (I'm talking out of my ass here because I haven't done a lot of research on other teams.) The lists I've looked at aren't all no-name assholes, though, that's for sure.

All I'm saying is that it's not out of the question for Pittsburgh to assemble a winning team. It will still be hard, but this experience goes a LONG way.

BlacknGold66 said...


When I read your comment one name and position kept coming up.

The position is "soff" and IMO is one of the big reasons we aren't all getting geared up for an 8pm game tomorrow night.

Mike Yeo's gotta go.

He handles the powerplay.

Granted, the Wings were absolutely suffocating us throughout the entire series... but with the talent we had on the ice you HAVE to bury it.

I never liked the all the eggs in one basket plan.

Honestly, how many times PHD (post-Hossa Deal) did you watch the power-play in excitement for the first minute... then watch them just try to keep the puck in the zone for the other minute?

It happened a lot in my eyes.

He also handles most of the line changes.

How many times did we get a Too Many Men penalty this year? Didn't we lead the league?

Korn said...

FYI, the Penguins had their year-end exit interviews today and Alby Oxenreiter was on the X and he said that Hossa said today that he was willing to take less money to stay in Pittsburgh because he likes it here and knows that he has the chance to win here.

Christina said...

@ korn

Orpik said the same thing in an interview posted on Channel 4's website. very interesting to hear, imo.

TheNWChica said...

Oh Korn I hope you're right...I would love to see Fiesta Penguicana come back for another year.

Here's something that maybe we here at c-blog could do this off season to have something to do....maybe we could have a nicknameblog, like Sooska did with geography blog. A list so as we get more folks come on board they'll know who Free Candy and Steve and USSGill are.

Just a thought...I'm taking a DietCoke break from cleaning my filthy apartment which has been sorely neglected the last few weeks.

debrisslide said...

@korn - Good. Fiesta Penguicana would be awesome to have again. . .for a whole year.

Christina said...

almost forgot


TheNWChica said...

Oh my Gary...

It's Fiesta Penguinca!!! Google and ye shall receive!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@seeker: I agree with you ... I think my love of the players is overshadowing what I should be saying. Instead of my crying about Bugsy, I should be thinking about next season.

Let's see ...

* I hate saying this because I love him dearly, but Laraque might not be needed next season. I'm pretty sure we have proven we can fight and if Roberts stays around we still have our scraper along w/ Ruutu. The problem with BGL is that he's a slow skater and our team is supposed to be fast moving. Maybe we need a faster BGL ...

* Also a fan of Dupuis but I don't know how much we can sign him for next season. I'm not sure the Pens will want to pay him or how much more he would expect.

* Marian Hossa is gold, but how much does he want to stay here when so many other places are offering him money? Plus, some of these other teams also have a legimate chance in playoffs ...

* Adam Hall should be able to get signed for next season. He is a good center and could be our fourth line center or depending on Staal ... 3rd line center.

* Kris Beech, I can say this easily ... bye, bye.

* Jeff Taffe didn't play a lot due to the great abilities of Hall. He might not come back next season.

* Mark Eaton is one of my favorite defensemen ever. He isn't injury-prone but has the tendency to get attacked by other teams. (I still can't like Sturm or Cheechoo) He is a solid defensemen ... very defensive defensemen. I'm not sure about his future here, though.

* Brooks Orpik has proven himself this year to be a solid D-man. We need his physical presence and skating prowess. He's like a combination of Hal Gill and Kris Letang. Power and toughness from Gill and smooth skating and speed from Letang. He's a good part of the team. I would like to keep him if I was Shero because he has lot's of potential.

* Flower needs to be signed. Hands down the first person we give the contract to. We wouldn't have been this far without him. Give him the money ... way too talented and a 1st round draft pick ... he will be taken quickly if we don't re-sign him.

* Conks has grown to be one of my favorite Pens. Such a great player but I have a sickening feeling that this journeyman is making a journey to another team. Unless, we can figure a way to do something w/ Sabu.

* Roberts might retire ... what would we do then?

* Jarkko Ruutu will probably come back to the team. We need his toughness and he has been pretty good with shoot-outs surprisingly ... probably because he moves so slow the goalies don't know how to handle it ...

* Ryan Malone ... It hurts talking about this one but I gotta do it. I don't know what teams are offering him any more. Do they think he's talented because of the lines he played on? He played w/ Sid before the injury and Malkin for the remainder of the season. He has been trade bait, but he didn't leave. I'm not sure if we can afford him with some of the other re-signings. Also, I don't think he is really replaceable locker room wise. He was a bigger part of the team than Armstrong was. Maybe not for fans, but as motivation and great playing style. Also, his style has not been passed along to Staal, so they would need to find someone who is as big and amazing as Malone is to do the job in front of the net.

TheNWChica said...

But wait...there's more! Linky

Kat said...

@ korn, I'm at least glad to know that he wants to stay. Can you imagine a whole year of Fiesta, Steve, and Rex Guildo. *love*

Sooska said...

@christina- that is interesting about Orpik saying it again - as I posted earlier I heard him say similar things 3-4 weeks ago ( I think that is when it was- I have lost total track of time.)

I think Pensgirl mentioned last night that there might be a chance to sign these guys because they lost but came so close.

@kaspar Also, his style has not been passed along to Staal, so they would need to find someone who is as big and amazing as Malone is to do the job in front of the net. Bugsy only did that this year. Jordan is what 8 or 9 yrs younger than Bugsy? he has time. Meantime if BGL goes, Bugsy can fight too-not just Ruutu.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Here's what happened at my office when a memo came out the Friday before Game 4.1 that we COULDN'T wear Pens garb any more. [the boss is from DET]

Insane Office Worker

'Stay Cool' & Have a Nice Weekend!!!!

[Hossa: 24:14]

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66


While it's hard to have to admit it, Yeo seems like he's still just AHL caliber.

He seems in my opinion to lack imagination in devising PP schemes.

Our PP is way too predictable and easy to "read".

I also think we did lead the league in 'too many men penalties' which is pathetic (although I think it only hurt us once in the post season).

While statistic-wise I think our PP wasn't too bad over the season, I think it wasn't so much a success of our scheme as it was just plain raw talent that carried it.

P.O. said...

they can sign me for the league rookie minimum... i'll fight every damn night for 400k

Sooska said...

HOLY CRAP those idiots at 1250 are playing Fiesta Mexican!! and claiming they just found it on You Tube! oh really?

Max Power said...

@ p.o.

I've played for 16 years including making on to Niagara U. D1 team. I'll play for a room to sleep in. A loaf of bread and 3 bowls of soup a day. I'd even sleep with the mops in the maintanence room at the igloo. 1st person I'd fight Chara!

Sooska said...

that is Fiesta Mexicana.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Sooska: That's because he had to adapt. Bugsy played with an entirely different team then he has in the past. When Bugsy first came on the team, there wasn't much depth. We need Ryan in front of the net. Staal can obviously learn, he's young, but he's not as tough. He finally started checking more people this year but I remember a fight he had ... that was bad. I remember my big problem w/ Staal last year was his physical game. He has definitely gotten better, but there is always room to improve.

Oh, I know Bugsy can fight ... I'm not sure if he's coming back, though. *frowns*

@Dr. Turk: How's the new job search going? *laughs*

TheNWChica said...

Thanks for that link's so weird to see the boys with clean faces after being covered for so long.

Mosh Pitt said...

I've been reading your site for the last year +. I'm not a regular commenter, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you guys. This site has made being a sports fan in Pittsburgh bare-able again.

TheNWChica said...

Oh, and a little bit of yesterday's discussion...if you watch the lockerroom video, Steve shows us a place for that Chilly Willy tattoo.

I keed, I keed...sort of. ;)

Pensgirl said...

Some may say only the experience was the difference, which is also the same team with more experience could do it.

I'm in that camp, definitely. However, that doesn't mean a lineup with different strengths wouldn't work.

Here's one thought: I kept thinking that it would help if we had another winger like Bugsy, a big power-forward type, to play with Sid. I kept feeling like even though Dupuis did an admirable job, a bigger guy would have opened more space for Sid and Hossa. I'm making Jordan off-limits because they clearly want him at center and I'm fine with that.

I'm not up on who else going to be available, so I've got no idea about what possibilities would be realistic. But it's one reason I would put a priority on resigning Bugsy - he's the only player who has the gritty game and good enough hands to consistently play as a top-four crash-bang winger. But I'd put him with Sid right in the preseason so they could work on chemistry. Geno's big himself and like I said I think Sid's line needs size. I'm not so certain Geno's other winger has to be a power forward - maybe more a skilled energy guy, a Max- or Pascal-plus. I thought using Dupuis was good in that it gave the whole line great speed, but really as long as you don't have someone who's a horrible skater all three forwards don't need to be that fast.

So the general concept would be

Bugsy-Sid-sniper (Hossa?)

Is that along the lines of what you were looking for?

debrisslide said...

Great link from WTAE. I still prefer channel 11's coverage in general. Better to wake up to before school for some 6AM jobbing. I love making fun of TV reporters.

Pensgirl said...

BNG, I agree with you that Yeo appears to be a weak link.

P.O. said...

max power

i want to fight mike richards... on skates.. on foot.. barefoot.. i just want to fight him every single time i look at him

debrisslide said...

@pensgirl - I agree that Malkin needs somebody energetic in his line. He occasionally tries something too fancy when there isn't a lot of room and time is of the essence. Getting fast and energetic people for his wingers would probably make him faster and give him a lot of scoring opportunities. That kind of chemistry would be great for getting him lots of badass points.

Sooska said...

I just heard a Hossa interview from this morning. He had "the fun" and said the fans made them get goosebumps before the games.

letsgopens said...

new report correction... sykora had the broken fingers and malkin had the bad flu like symptoms.

debrisslide said...

And our PP has always been in the back of my mind nagging me and I couldn't figure out why. BNG just totally explained it. . .

Dr. Turkleton said...


it wasn't so much the memo, but he whispered: 'Whitney Sux' out of the corner of his mouth like Dick Cheney and that was it!

on a somber note:

RIP: #78 Dwight White...another member of the Steel Curtain passes away.

Joose said...

Someone probably said it already, but in the Therrien Season Wrap-Up on the Pens site, he says he hopes to keep the same team a couple of times.


TheNWChica said...

@sooska: Did you hear the Hossa on the radio or on line?

Pensgirl said...

I think Pensgirl mentioned last night that there might be a chance to sign these guys because they lost but came so close.

Yup, I think that's the ironic twist in all of this - coming so close but falling short might have given us our best chance to keep any of the free agents because of the great potential that next year, together, they won't fall short.

And I also said that if I was an agent I'd go ahead and do a discoutned deal for 1-2 years because with 1-2 Cups under his belt any player would command even more money. You could win championships and cash out even bigger, if the cash is important to you.

Joose said...

I want to hear/see these interviews you all are talking about. Too soon?

Sooska said...

@ chica- on the radio. If I had to judge intent by tone of voice, he's back.

BTW for any of you who are Steelers fans-Dwight White of the 70s teams has died from complications of back surgery. Steeler Nation=stunned


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