Friday, June 20, 2008


Today is pretty much the most important Friday since TGIF 15 years ago when D.J and Stephanie Tanner both got their periods on the same day on Full House.

Places to be today:

:: The office of [ Dr. Mirtle M.D. ] 1:00pm chat.

:: [ Puck Daddy ] will be on shit all day.

:: [ Melt Your Faceoff ] is doing a liveblog

Do it.


When we posted the Malkin stuff yesterday afternoon,
we were contacted by someone close to Ray Shero and given the 4-1-1 on stuff.

Deep Throat of course gave us the information on a condition of anonymity.

:: Our source says he doesn't know where [ Buzz on the Joke ] gets his info.

:: The Markus Naslund rumors have every right in the world to be the buzz in Penguin Land.
Our source said he will actually be in Ottawa this weekend.
This is part of the reason why Malkin is willing to take his Crosby Discount.
Stay posted.

:: Daryl Sydor and a 2010 draft pick for a pick in these first three rounds.
Unlikely, says our source, but it's been mentioned.

According to sources close to the situation the Pittsburgh Penguins may be preparing to extent an offer-sheet to Phoenix Coyotes restricted free agent Marcel Hossa.

Hossa was traded from the Rangers to the Coyotes at the trade deadline, and on July 1st his 1-year $780,000 contract expires.

The move is considered by many to be just another incentive to lure potential unrestricted free agent, and Marcel's brother, Marian Hossa into resigning with the Penguins on a long-term deal.

:: The Canadiens being interested in Georges Laraque is a lie.
The Pens and BGL's agent are pretty much on the same page, just waiting for July 1st.
BGL will be taking a paycut to stay. He likes his involvement with the community here.

:: Pascal Dupuis and a 2010 draft pick may be moving so that the Penguins
can get a pick in the top 3 rounds of the draft. Stay posted.

Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle

:: Our source said the Whitney for Cheechoo rumor is the most unfounded thing he's ever heard.
We may expect to see Whitney go to Los Angeles for draft picks and a prospect or two.
Mike Cammalleri's name is not being mentioned.

:: Brooks Orpik is close to signing a 5-year, $17mill contract with the Pens.
HOWEVER, there are talks that the Pens will sign him to less than he would be offered on the free-agent market and then trade him to a team that will be getting a bargain, consequently.

:: Malkin will be signed to a contract soon after July 1st.
Ray Shero has not talked to anyone about trading him.


:: Ray Shero laughs at inquiries about Penguins stars [ TSN ]

"You guys make up more stuff than I can ever imagine," Ottawa general manager Bryan Murray told reporters on Thursday. "I heard a rumour last night that Pittsburgh was moving one of their star players. I talked to their manager today to see if I could be included in the discussions and they kind of laughed at me."

:: If that was an AP article, be hitting the MAC machine right now. [ Boing Boing ]

:: Malkin's agent, J.P. Barry isn't thrilled with Malkin going public about taking a hometown discount. [ FF ]
Get Barry, He's supposed to be very good.

:: Mellon in negotiations to extend naming rights on the Mellon Arena [ PG ]


Yesterday, the NHL filed court documents that could result
in the New York Rangers ownership being fined, suspended, or even terminated for it's challenging of league rules, and thus breaching it's contract. [ TSN ]

Last year the Rangers ownership, MSG LP, held out handing
control of it's website over to the league for their "cookie-cutter" website program.

When the league attempted to impose a $100,000 a day fine on the franchise,
MSG sued the NHL, citing anti-trust laws.

They claimed by taking over the website and it's promotion
the league was acting as "an illegal cartel".

The courts ruled in favor of the NHL.

With a 3/4th vote by league owners, MSG could be forced to sell the Rangers franchise,
which [ Forbes ] values at $306 million, second only to the Toronto Maple Leafs.


:: The Atlanta Thrashers have promoted AHL head coach John Anderson
to fill their coaching vacancy.

Anderson lead the Chicago Wolves to the 2008 Calder Cup over the WBS Penguins.


"Love Guru" is getting panned. [Fanhouse]

Wonder why?

What a mistake.

People are saying some funny stuff about it though:

"There's wit and sweetness mixed with the bodily function gags, enough to make us hope that Myers stops cashing those Shrek checks and re-joins the comic rat race."
[Idaho Stateman]

When people in Idaho tell you that you suck,
then it might be time to hang it up.


Game #10

4 - 3

[Point Earned. PENS LOSE. ]
But they didn't need the rest of the game.
Malkin, of course, finds a wide-open Whitney near the top of the circle.
He cradles it, gets an erection, and wrists it.
The next thing we saw was the red light flash on the other side of the arena -- the best sight in the world.
Tied. 3-3.

The rest of the third period was about securing the point that the Pens had definitely earned.
They do it. OT.




Go Pens

* The above rumors in this post were all made up.


Sasteve1025 said...

boom daddy mario

Sasteve1025 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Plank said...

* The above rumors in this post were all made up.


AmericanHero269 said...

Post was money once again. Bryan Murray being laughed at, also money.

Tomorrow should be fun for draft day, and I hope this Malkin and Sid for Rob Rossi rumors are just false.

Go Pens.

jefe penguino said...

*i still believe those rumors since tPB said it.

AmericanHero269 said...

Also, I should add that if NYR sell, I hope it's to someone who doesn't promote homerism.

And what is up with the Kings in that Mike Myers film? They are terrible...just like that movie.

StillsandNash said...


BlacknGold66 said...

I'm sort of considered the comedian of my group here in C-town.

I have to keep the material fresh or my friends will hound me.

Mike Myers is using the same jokes from 15 years ago and making millions off of it.

How is this fair?

I don't blame Myers. I blame my friends.

They owe me a few beers damnit!

Oh and as far as looks go...

This guy + This other guy = This effing guy


Kat said...

9th? Yes! I'm totally getting better. Anywho, draftdayblog totally has me sweating bullets.

penstone410 said...

agreed, because tPb wrote the rumors, they MUST BE TRUE!!

Associated Press = douchebags (does that mean i have to pay??)

Mike Myers movie = shite


TheFandangler said...

...Great Stuff.

The Big K said...

Asking this question in all seriousness-
Are the rumors made up?

smitty said...

Big K

Fine print @ bttom of post, before comments section, say all rumors in this post are made up.

J.S. said...

Of course that Mike Myers movie is gonna suck.

When you combine a washed up comedian with a team who is known for signing washed up players, bad things are bound to happen.

whodeewhat said...

I haven't liked Mike Myers since, So I married and axe murderer.

"HEAD, Pants....NOW!!!!

Austin Powers gives me nightmares, much like the commercials for this Love Guru vomit is.

But, I think TPB should buy naming rights to the new arena....I got 5 on it.

But what to name it????

Christina said...

I would love to see a member of the mainstream media take these rumors and publish them as insider information all because they didn't read all the way through the post to see the disclaimer. Pensblog staff FTW!

penstone410 said...

christina = FTW

p.s.why is grandma lurking at me in the top page pic??

Randy said...

malkin: $35.5M / 5 yrs = $7.1M / yr

just a thought...

sexymexyjeffy said...

@ BnG

Well Played

Chubs said...

That fine print will get you every time.

I kinda wondered what was becoming of this place if there were "sources" and "journalism" happening. I don't think I want to live in that world.

jefe penguino said...

i didnt notice grandma before. i was freaked out even tho penstone gave a warning.
and i think shes up there cause these rumors are getting old!
but, draftday, will bring some new news.

i should prob get some sleep now.

TheFandangler said...

I read up on that AP garbage...


Stilly said...

@jefe... and no one likes to spread rumors like your nosy neighbor. That woman just looks like a rumormongerer.

I'm pretty sure the staff has the same source as most of the other media outlets. Namely no one.

penstone410 said...

unless grandma IS THE SOURCE!!!!!!!
oh shit

i should probably go to bed now too...

jefe penguino said...

@stilly -true that.

@penstone -never trust grandma.

i just heard the pens perhaps may possibly conceivably being trading the rights away of an unknown anonymous nameless player for the chance to pimp this sweet ride.

my new ringtone is now BOOK'EM DANNO!

oh yeah, the sleep thing..

Sooska said...

I have one question....

Are the Hossas brothers?

TheFandangler said...

Sooska...yes they are.

J.S. said...

Question for any Sirius subscribers. I'm not sure what time I'm getting out of here today, but I have a 6+ hr drive ahead of me. Worst case scenario, I'm outta here at 11. In the unlikely event that should happen, is there gonna be a draft feed on any of the Sirius sports channels? I know they lost the NHL rights to XM, but I figured there might be a TSN feed somewhere, kinda like how they did after the winter classic.

I'll hang up and take your answer off the air.

aunt penny said...

That's not Grandma.....that's another Jack Nicholson cameo.

If a rumor falls in a blog do you hear any noise?

aunt penny said...

RE: fine print. It says "*the above rumors.....".

Well does that mean only the ones with the star?

Or does it mean the ones that really are rumors, which do we know?????

So all are rumors, some are rumors, or none are rumors.

Cripes, if you can't trust grandma, and you can't Pensblog, who can you trust?????

Stilly said...


I think that Marcel Hossa looks like the gym teacher from Not Another Teen Movie.


I was looking this morning on Sirius' site for anything about the draft, however, the only hockey related thing I could find was Hockey Night in Canada that's on everyday from 4-6.

smitty said...

Shero, that's who.

Stilly said...


Football coach, not gym teacher.

Me = joke.

Sooska said...

@trehfandangler- lostintranslationblog?
umm I know. I was being facetious like in the gazillion times in a game that Steigy or Emrick or some versus joke reminds us that the Staals are brothers.
I am looking forward to getting this brother act. imagine the possibilities for Bibbs.

@stilly -LOL He also looks like he could be the brother of the guy who plays the principle in Ferris Bueller -kinda sorta.

aunt penny said...

Thank-you Smitty. Not often I can throw out the obvious straight line........

We need someone to come in as "FakeShero" and throw down some real rumors. Or fake rumors...

P.O. said...

fake rumors

staff = beasts

you shouldnt have said they were fake and should have waited to see how long untill Rossi or Molanari picked up on them and cited a "source"... that would have been high comedy

smitty said...

"Fake Shero" here,


Since NHL has everything "fixed" for Sid's benefit...

Salary cap is no longer in effect for Pittsburgh Penguins!

We're going to sign all our guys & any other free agents that you want!

In fact the new spending bill that's in congress now, includes money for Penguin's free agent signings.

Gospel truth, I swear!

J.S. said...

If a rumor falls in a blog, does it make any noise?

Absolutely! I'll just namedrop Rob Rossi and let teh internets speak on his "work".

Rossi's work = epicfail

J.S. said...

stilly, I'm 99% certain I'll be on the road @ 4.

Isn't the CBC feed like 123 or something?

Sooska said...

are there any more brothers of Pens out there that Shero should try for? that could be the Pens theme for 09 -
Band of Penguins Band of Brothers.

Pensblog Staff said...

we weren't gonna put the disclaimer, but we thought of you guys and how bad we would have felt if people took the rumors seriously.
We would have come out tomorrow saying they were fake, and you guys might have thought we were pranking all of you for our own enjoyment.
Much love.

P.O. said...


i heard jordan staal has a brother playing somewhere... maybe even 2

Flyer Hater said...

See how easy it is to make a rumor site?

Original Nathan said...

Apologies if this was in the comments in the previous post:

The Blues traded Jamal Mayers to Toronto for a 3rd round pick.

And so Draft Day begins.

Carroll said...

sooska - Ruutu brothers.
- Max Talbot's brother looks alot like him, don't think he plays hockey...
- Could we have Ryan and Ray Whitney (not brothers but have similar names)

Carroll said...

@p.o. - by tomorrow maybe even 3 brothers.

I'm hoping Jared does well in the draft but I think it will be late 2nd round/early 3rd.

Sooska - forgot to mention there is a "Beech/Beach" in the draft. Kyle Beach/Kris Beech, both Canadian.

Flyer Hater said...

Staal for Alexander Semin, Malkin wants to play with a Russian Winger.

Sooska said...

@p.o.- is that so? hmm interesting. I hadn't heard that.

@carroll- OH the fun possibilites! I should have remembered Ruutu2. A real family affair.

What if Marian secretly hates Marcel? I would hate to see the team wrenched apart by brothers fighting - we already have so many rivalries (Sid and Geno being the worst of course.) We all know Sid would rather see Geno traded and keep Hossa than keep Geno and have him steal the spotlight.
And what about the goalie hate? There is MSM speculation that Sabourin sabotaged MAF's skates causing his HAS. We saw how that worked out for Sabu and he is a bitter, bitter goalie.

smitty said...

Gonchar & this years 1st round pick to Philthy for Hatcher

aunt penny said...

Pensblog trades for Avery and first round pick. Needs some douche.

dhudzin said...

I loved the Marcel Hossa rumor.

Sooska said...

@ carroll- the Pens could have a promotion "A Day at the Beach with Beech!" wooo

Stilly said...


If you haven't checked out the Nike Bauer site dedicated to the four Staals yet, you should. It's pretty cheesy. I'd post a link, but it's all in flash and it would probably job you if you clicked it.

Stoosh said...

*Stoosh stands and begins the slow clap for the Pensblog staff*

Kudos and plaudets for putting on the Jobbing Clinic this morning.

Some of those rumors were honestly just believable enough for me to read the fine print at the bottom and be a little bit disappointed.

Stoosh = jobbed


Now I'm gonna go get my fuckin' shinebox...

J.S. said...

and I'm offically checking out of Norfolk (aka Naw-fawk) in 2 min.

Back to c-blog in 6, 7, or 8 hrs.

later all

Raybin said...

Holy jumped up Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.

I can't take this anymore.

A jobber column from a London, Canada paper

Never trust anything coming from a city named after a better one.

A taste of the burning stupidity:

Trying to pry the No. 2 pick away from the Los Angeles Kings and get back into the first round, league sources say Pittsburgh GM Ray Shero has dangled all-star centre Evgeni Malkin to the Kings in a deal that may have included centre Mike Cammalleri going back the other way.

While many NHL executives refused to believe the Penguins would actually trade the 21-year-old Malkin because he has one year left on his entry level contract at $984,000, the indications are that Shero is trying to find a way to keep Marian Hossa from going to unrestricted free agency.


Shero will not trade Malkin to keep Hossa. If he does, he should be run out of town on a rail. There is literally no player in the draft who will be the player Malkin will be.

Where does this shit even come from? I know drafts are full of misinformation and deliberately planted false trails, but these sports media fools should KNOW THIS and not publish every tidbit they overhear at the bar as impending fact.

Flyer Hater said...


lis said...

@ bng66:

I absolutely agree with your post yesterday. What's the point of making it to 600 or 800 comments when there's nothing being said in half of them?

Anyway...I haven't seen The Happening yet because I'm not a big movie person however, the scenes filmed at "The Filbert" restaurant were filmed about 2 miles from my house. That alone might get me to the movie. Since I don't watch a ton of movies my expectations for them are pretty low anyway so it won't matter if it sucked or not!

I don't read Pensblog until I get to work in the morning but this morning my boyfriend was awake before I left the house and he was reading me all the rumors....I wonder if he caught the part at the end about them all being fake?

My boyfriend = STUNNED!

Jasper said...

BGL is such a good guy

aunt penny said...

I just did some on-line trading and picked up Malkin for myself (since his stock was low). Seeing if I can pick up Ron Dugay next.

just Talk to Chuck.

Original Nathan said...

Mondesi's House is doing the second round of Pittsburgh sports media opinion polling now, and the Pens' broadcasters are among those whose polls are up. Right now Mike Lange has a 97.9 percent approval rating; all three of the other Pens broadcasters are over 60 percent approval, with Steiggy's 61.4 percent approval rating being the lowest of the four.

aunt penny said...

Steiggy comes from a large family, that's why his rating is so high.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Original Nathan said...

Honestly, I have no real problem with Steiggy except that he's not Mike Lange. He's not that bad as a play-by-play man, but he replaced one of the best in the business. I watch a lot of hockey via Center Ice, and I'd put Steiggy in the top half of the American-based TV play-by-play broadcasters.

In my mind, the ideal broadcasting setup for the Pens would be Lange and Steiggy in the booth (Steiggy doing color like he used to), Errey between the benches, and then find someone else to work the radio side with Bourque.

Johnny P. said...

I almost jumped off a bridge yesterday when I heard that Malkin was offered up. The consequent attempts to make sense of the deal almost caused my head to explode. Thank you PensBlog for putting my mind at ease. I am now ignoring everything anyone says about anyone playing for any team next season until July 1.

Victor Raison said...

Beautiful post. I was excited there for a moment.

Now, let's see what drudgery the sports media comes up with today.

Colin said...

It would have been sweet if for the first comment, Staff would have posted the disclaimer. I really think we could have seen some of these rumors on the evening news.

Great post by the way.

Original Nathan said...

To wit, I can only think of seven (besides Steiggy) of the 24 American-based PBP announcers off the top of my head, and I remember Joe Beninati because he's an abomination who isn't fit to be calling hockey here in Richmond. The others who I can remember because they're actually good at what they do and I enjoy watching games they're working are John Forslund (Carolina), Dave Strader (Phoenix), Jack Edwards (Boston), Howie Rose (NY Islanders), Sam Rosen (NY Rangers), Doc Emrick (New Jersey). Everyone else is faceless mediocrity, ear-gougingly annoying (Tampa Bay, Colorado, and Atlanta), or outright suckitude (the jackass Florida got to replace Strader when he took over in Phoenix). So yes, of the 24 American-based PBP guys, I'd put Steiggy in the top half.

TheNWChica said...

I can tell you on good authority that the Pens would much rather have Kyle Beach on their roster.

Good Luck Beachie! Whoooooooo!

Original Nathan said...

Seriously, if the Capitals had even a mediocre PBP guy and Craig Laughlin (who's not that bad an analyst when you get down to it) didn't have the worst voice on TV, I'd watch the Caps on TV more often. The quality of the Caps' broadcasts really goes up when Beninati's away somewhere else and Al Koken is filling the PBP duties.

Dan said...


Colin said...

I have logged on the tPB twice today and the number of comment have been 66 and 71. Great sign.

Somewhat pertinent NHL news...

Goaltender Chris Mason traded from Nashville to St. Louis

Carroll said...

@chica - I made the Beech/Beach reference just for you!!

Original Nathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheNWChica said...

@carroll: Thank you! *hugs*

Beav said...

@ Original Nathan

I'm pretty sure Ellis was there go to guy in the playoffs this year and if my memory serves me they have another good young goaltender who is either ready or not too far off.

Sooska said...

per broadcasters- I have listened to the Isles, Devils and Bruins radio when traveling during Pens games. Isles and Bruins' radio teams are good IMO - professional and informative. When I was listening to the Habs-Bruins playoff game the Bruins guys played Mike Lange's goal calls and they laughed out loud and talked about him a bit. It was very cool to hear another radio team appreciate Mike. I would not allow the Devils radio guys to do Nailers games. In fact I would allow them to do mite or squirt hockey games.

TheNWChica said...

Oh, and I am remiss if I don't mention how great the post was today.

Who is that old woman? Because I know a lady in real life that could be that old biddy's sister. No lie...that could be Miss Shirley's sister. *shudders*

Original Nathan said...

Yeah, I realized that right after I posed my comment. Hence the deletion. I got my faceless Nashville goalies mixed up.

Sooska said...

@chica- that is Miss Laverne

Victor Raison said...


And I read some hack say Tiger's was the gutsiest performance in sports history. Ever.

I also read some other hack say that since he's out for the season, every winner of any major this year should have an asterisk by their name.

(Sorry, I know this is old news, but it still pisses me off)

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: Hee hee hee!

Original Nathan said...

I like the Bruins' radio team as well. Dave Gaucher (who sounds a lot like Red Sox TV play-by-play announcer Don Orsillo, it's kind of weird) and Bob Beers do a really good job; always nice to be able to pick them up on that powerhouse flagship station (WBZ, 1030 AM) they've got when I'm out on winter evenings. Wish the Pens could find their way onto KDKA so I could listen to them once in a while.

A few years ago, my dad and I went to a Hurricanes game where they honored Chuck Kaiton before the game, and then throughout the game they played tributes from other broadcasters on the Jumbotron. Lange told a story about how he and Kaiton were at dinner one night after a game, and someone came up to them and asked if Kaiton was Tony Soprano.

Raybin said...


I'd heard they were going to do it and they apparently have

Russia's Continental Hockey League is hoping to make Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin the world's highest-paid hockey player to the tune of $15 million per season according to a Toronto newspaper

once again though, sports media, grain of salt, blah blah blah

debrisslide said...

I thought "Man, these rumors are ridiculous, I thought Pensblog was supposed to job people who did stuff like this."

Then I read the bottom and I was like WIN!

Mike Georger said...

i was shouted down in chat for suggesting they move for naslund at a cheap price during the playoffs, now honestly i would rather have rolston, but i dont think hes going anywhere.

Flyer Hater said...

I have another jersey dilemma on my hands. I'm choosing between these couple...




Raybin said...

@flyer hater

Lemieux. Canada.



Original Nathan said...

Either the Lemieux or the LaFontaine. I'd almost go with the LaFontaine first.

Mike Georger said...

mario canada and mario old school allstar (i think it was orange) are the two best ones for him, in my opinion

also i apologize if its been mentioned, but empty netters did a great job debunking the whole malkin things, compiled a shit ton of links from la and elsewhere about it

RedWings said...

@ flyer hater

Thanks for the shinebox link. I effin' love that movie.

Strader was a great pbp guy for the Wings back in the late 80s early 90s. We hated to see him move on to ESPN, I think.

The Wings current tandem of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond is very entertaining. Daniels does a GREAT pbp. He also adds a little bit of homerism to it which obviously endears him to Wing Nation. And Redmond, with some of the great stories from when he played offers some excellent insight into what's going on, on the ice. In fact, there's some websites out there that list some of the classic Mickeyisms.

Obviously, I'm biased, but these two even make blowouts entertaining.

If you get past the latent Osgood feelings displayed here,

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

Fuck, man, that's a very tough choice. Those are all awesome jerseys.

I love the #16 Lafontaine. I love those early 1990s B's jerseys. And you could never go wrong with Lemieux.

If push comes to shove, the Lemieux one wins out. I know it's more cash. And I've seen a ton of Lemieux Canada jerseys at the games, but I've never seen anyone with the Canada Cup jersey.

So I'd go with the Lemieux, with Lafontaine's coming in a very close second.

RedWings said...

Oops, sorry. My smiley guy did not show up after my Osgood comment.

Plus, wasn't it a Pens pbp guy who coined the "He beat him like a rented mule" when 66 scored? That is one of my all time favorite calls.

Raybin said...

@red wings

That was Mike Lange. But since he's God and all, just consider it a quote from the Bible.

Pensgirl said...

Redwings, it's calls like that one that are why Mike Lange was already inducted into the HOF even though he hasn't retired.

2dwell said...

malkin to go home to play???

Raybin said...


18 minutes ahead of you!

Raybin = beast.

Original Nathan said...

Pensgirl: Several HOF broadcasters generally got in while they were still active. Doc Emrick's going in this year. Bob Cole, Chuck Kaiton, Bob Miller, Rod Phillips, and Peter Maher are all currently active announcers who are in the HOF.

RedWings said...

...just consider it a quote from the Bible.


And I'd have to agree. You folks are blessed with an outstanding pbp guy.

Original Nathan said...

Ug, I write English real good today.

Homer no function beer well without.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

Hey, I saw your post the other day about making up the sign for the Fred Shero quote.

I'll let you know about that, if that's OK with you.

Flyer Hater said...

I love Bob Cole, but it's a minor miracle if he knows more than 3 players on any given team.

Original Nathan said...

Yes, but unfortunately we're not responsible for voting broadcasters in the HOF. And Cole got in in 1986 or so. He's probably gone senile in the last 22 years.

Original Nathan said...

The Venn Diagram here is one of the greatest/funniest things I've ever seen. Look at it full size and see how many circles intersect around Don Cherry.

Original Nathan said...

I'm going to miss Jim Hughson on regular Canucks' broadcasts this year, but if he's working more East Coast games on CBC, it'll be worth it.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, offer's always open. Let me know if you'd like to see pics of other stuff I've done.

TheNWChica said...

Jim Hughson!!! &hearts&hearts&hearts&hearts

I am glad he's gotten a promotion, but I'm going to miss him every night. Wait...that sounded dirty. Meh. lol

But for those of you who can stay up to watch Canuck games on Center Ice, John Shorthouse, who was the radio guy, will be taking Jim's place. He's pretty great too.

Original Nathan said...

That he is. I got a Canucks' PPV broadcast one night because the team they were playing wasn't showing the game that night (Nashville, perhaps), and Shorthouse was pretty solid on PBP.

lis said...

Anderson is not the new coach of Atlanta>

Seems like no one can get their stories straight

megz590 said...

does anyone know of any radio station's that will be carrying draft news and stuff?

and i work tonight til midnight.. any way for me to find out whats going on?

Original Nathan said...

More reason why Don Waddell should not only be fired, he should be shot so he can never screw up another NHL franchise.

Because you know someone out there will be stupid enough to hire him once Atlanta finally gets around to giving him the sack.

Original Nathan said...

On a related note (to draft day, anyway), anyone going to be in chatblog tonight? Might be interesting, even if the Pens don't make a move for a first-round pick.

Pensgirl said...

Lis, here's what Mirtle has to say on that:

"GM Don Waddell is denying the report to the local press at this late hour, but I bet this is a done deal."

Since it's pretty safe to buy what the good doctor sells, it's probably just Waddell being a tool (ORLY?).

P.O. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheNWChica said...

Someone from ATL better get on the phone with TSN, because that story has been on there since yesterday afternoon.

CK said...

Ruutu, Tootoo, and Cheechoo line FTW.

Also, let's get Corey Stillman and Rick Nash.

Crosby, Stillman, and Nash FTW!

And now, if I can get serious for a moment, the problem with the Malkin trade rumors are this. (I am a sports journalism major so I know these things.)

When someone reports the story, the media outside of the city in question is too busy covering their own shit to check on those rumors. They assume that if the rumors are being reported everywhere that they must be true, and such, they report it.

The only one's you can truly fault for posting false information is the local Pittsburgh media. (cough) Rob Rossi (cough).

Now that's not to say the reporter in questioned posted knowingly false information as any self-respecting JOURNALIST (not internet blog rumor monger) would not post something he truly KNOWS is false.

Usually it's a case of a source blatantly lying, or someone lying to the source.

CK said...

*problems are, not problem are.

I really am a soon-to-be journalist, I swear!

Original Nathan said...

Hey, in addition to Crosby, Stillman, and Nash, let's see if Shero could convince Scott Young to come out of retirement and have one last go with the Pens.

Victor Raison said...

Slow afternoon on here, eh?

Original Nathan said...

Somebody start a rumor about how Atlanta's season ticket holders are banding together to bring Staal to Atlanta in exchange for Don Waddell being publicly executed before the Thrashers' first pick tonight!

Or something like that.

Ashley said...

ooooo Ray Emery has been put on waivers, the first step to being bought out. I wonder which goalie-desperate team will pick him up? Los Angeles, maybe?

BlacknGold66 said...

WOW, I haven't seen the old lady on this site in months.

Something along the lines of:

"...since your grandma walked in on you,"


In other news, let's hope the Bucs can pull out a win agains the Blue Leafs tonight. I'm making the trip so even if they don't win at least I'll get a Primanti's out of it right?



Brett said...

Gary Roberts considered to be the greatest all-time number 12 pick.

oh, and anybody who works in an office, this is for you.

Victor Raison said...


I'm just pulling for the Bucs to not get 12 home runs hit on them tonight.

Dan said...

@ fh - buries it. go with that one

@ bng - yes you will at least get a primanti's out of it. i like the kemp for bay rumor going out there.

TheNWChica said...

Dan Cloutier was also waived...guess that squelches that Nazzy/Clouts deal from the Canucks. lol

RaCHeLeYoS said...

"Is there life on Mars? NASA has recently found ice..."

I just don't get it. Let's waste million of dollars trying to find out if some sort of species inhabits Mars. It doesn't even matter! It would take millions of years to get a response from any sort of human lifeform anyway. "We are alone!"


Sooska said...

@racheleyos- I am an egineeer so science is something important to me. It isn't about life on Mars or anywhere else. You never know what might be found or learned.

It's about exploration, curiosity and discovery. Man has always explored the outer reaches of his known world. Should the Chinese explorers of the 1400s, the earlier Vikings, the Polynesians, the Egyptians, Marco Polo, Columbus, Magellan, Lewis and Clark, Byrd, Shackleton, Hillary, Cousteau, or any countless number of unknown explorers have stayed home? Where would we be exactly? just askin'

Victor Raison said...

Is there an over/under on the Pirates reaching .500?
Just wondering.

Also, I thought I'd throw this out there, and it might have already been mentioned on here, but The Music Genome Project at is tits. Good for finding new music if you're in a rut.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

sooska - yeah that's true. i guess my professors have just drilled into my head at school that life beyond Earth doesn't exist. Some of it is interesting, don't get me wrong, or else I wouldn't want to teach Science.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Rachele-Rachele: You're professors actually said that??? WOW! Consider transferring.

btw, "The Earth is flat!!!"

RaCHeLeYoS said...

BNG - lol. The Sun revolves around the Earth!!

Mr. Plank said...

The best thing about Bryan Murray is not that he called out the media correctly, but that he's looking on the internet for possible trade deals.

Bryan Murray = A small child

xuscbausp said...

12.5 mil/yr tax free??
im gonna miss gino

Raybin said...

i guess my professors have just drilled into my head at school that life beyond Earth doesn't exist.


You should ask them what proof they have. Lack of evidence does not prove the opposite.

Not that I'm saying life elsewhere exists beyond a certainty. There's no proof of it. But it's just as wrong to say it unequivocaly doesn't.

But when you consider that with 100 billion galaxies in the universe averaging 100 billion stars each, well...I know which side I'd put some considerable money on.

Raybin said...

btw, "The Earth is flat!!!"

The Sun revolves around the Earth!!

Hahahahhaah......."The stars are fixed and immovable!"

"The earth is the center of the universe!"

This is fun!

RedWings said...

Bryan Murray = A small child

That'ssshslslslhs not niceshslshss.

(Although he may shshslshsound like one.)

CK said...

$12.5 mil in American dollars or Russian rubles?

CK said...


$12.5 would obviously mean American dollars. D'OH!

Sooska said...

@racheleyos- you're at UPJ right? hmm which of those guys told you that? That is utterly ridiuclous. No real scientist dismisses things out of hand when all he has done is looked at the moon thru a telescope. sheesh

RaCHeLeYoS said...

I mean, it's not like they flat out said "Life does not exist beyond Earth." They went through the whole process of the type of gases found and the conditions on each planet that would make life not possible. My Explorations of Space professor is probably one of the best professors I have ever had and if not one of the best in PA. He knew his shit.

Victor Raison said...


They probably do promote that idea at UPJ. Since I graduated, President Jem Spectar, in his infinite wisdom, is trying to get rid of the real scientists.

Sooska said...

@xuscbausp (I am going to call you "xusc" only from now on since I never get the last part right.) But Geno can't win a Cup...wait. WHAT? The Siberian Vodka Cup? good enough.

The IHF is calling out the Russians. Ice Wars! Malkin in the Middle! ( I know someone else here coined that one a long time ago)

Raybin said...


Ah, I see. Well, most of the planets that have been discovered are mostly like Jupiter, so, life there. That makes more sense now

Raybin said...

$12.5 mil in American dollars or Russian rubles?

I don't know why, but I just thought:

"In Soviet Russia, hockey plays you!"

Sooska said...

@victor- my alma mater too ( and my husbands) geez. what is going on? (that was a good science/engineering school at one time). have they gone all creationist or something?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

haha. UPJ is still a good school. Jem Spectar is awesome. He returned our alcohol policies back to normal! And he truly cares about students. One day I was typing a paper in the computer lab and he came over to me and asked me what I was working on. Me=stunned.

TheNWChica said...

Son of a can it be only noon? Mrs. Pommelhorse! I'd like to get down now!

RaCHeLeYoS said...

sooska - Stephen Lindberg is the prof I had for space. What a guy.

Victor Raison said...

Sooska- Who the hell knows. I've only been out a year, but it's been really going downhill lately. Academically, I think Spectar wants to head towards more of a business track. Socially is even worse. When I started, you could find a party any night of the week, but by the time I graduated, they had banned beer pong and were close to banning frat parties. It's ridiculous. I and my girlfriend, also an alum, have been told by the campus police that we weren't allowed back on campus, simply because we weren't students there anymore.

CK said...

Another site I post on is still discussing the Malkin to the Kings rumors and they're all sure that trading Malkin for Camalleri and the #2 pick is the best move the Penguins could make.

Are they right or wrong?

xuscbausp said...

haha im fine with any shortened is fine with me.

and im kinda enjoying ginodramablog. if he signs an extension in a couple of weeks, russians=stunned

Raybin said...


The guy who raves on the street corner about conspiracies and armageddon is more right than they are.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

victor - i hear you on that shit. but since I turned 21 I don't really care about going to on campus parties...I'd rather go to the bar and hang out with older people. Seriously can't stand freshman whores anymore! lol.

Victor Raison said...


When did Jem revert the alcohol policies? That's news to me. Tell him I want my pong table back.

Raybin said...

I think the Russian play for Gino is attempted revenge for the Berline Airlift.

They've been planning this for decades

Raybin said...

And of course I meant "Berlin"

CK said...


So you disagree with them as I do when they say that if Hossa signs Malkin has to be traded?

Victor Raison said...

Hahaha, I miss freshman. It was like watching the awkward middle school version of yourself. And yes, some of them were whores. Off campus is the place to be anyway, you would have liked the old Pony lounge, when it was still the horse betting place.

sirimanni said...

i assume other people saw on espn that a russian team is offering malkin 12.5 million tax free

Sooska said...

@victor and racheleyos- when my husband and I were there in the dark ages things were pretty lose regarding alcohol except you could not have it in the dorms at all. I knew a girl kicked out in the middle of the night and sent packing home for having a half can of beer on her desk. The Engineers used to have big spaghetti diners at the Lodge (??I think) and we had kegs -no problem. Then there was a car accident and people were killed or something and then nothing was permitted. totally banned and zero tolerance.

Academically I know they had to fight to get programs that were already available on main campus. They succeeded but I know Pitt is always looking at ways to screw the satelitte campus students.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

victor - the pony lounge opened back up. it's called "the pony"/ i love that bar...well....2 bars in one building.

Raybin said...


yes, emphatically

If Shero lets Malkin go to any other NHL team, he should be tarred and feathered. (He can't do much about the Russians, I don't think

For instance, releasing Malone, Sydor, Eaton, Sabuorin and maybe Ruutu and/or Laraque frees up all the money Shero needs. Promote a couple people from WBS (Chris Minard, Nathan Smith, Ryan Stone, or Connor organization has to build from within), sign a worthwhile free agent or two and you've still got yourself a dominant team.

Raybin said...

Breathe easy, my friends

Malkin to Russia report is false

Are these sports media dicks EVER going to get sick of looking like assholes when they report every stupid rumor without bothering to verify?

johnny said...


Is it true that Roman Abrimovich is willing to pay Geno $20 million tax free to play striker for Chelsea FC during the Spring and center in the Russian Super League during the winter?

Damn you Chelsea FC! You win again!

xuscbausp said...

eh it doesn't say that they know the report is false, just that they think it is

Sooska said...

@raybin- yeah that report is on the PG's site this afternoon-front page. maybe an hour or so ago.
anyone who believes anything from anyone but Shero or Geno is nuts. we kick them off cblog.

also, are the Hossas still brothers?

P.O. said...

ruutu seems like a must keep to me... they guy is a leader... he really stepped up in the playoffs playing like the same dickhead he always does (and we all love) but without taking stupid penalties.... i love me some RUUUUUUUUUU

Victor Raison said...

rachele: I've been back since they re-opened and I thought it was alright, but it just wasn't the same. It's almost like they're trying too hard. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic. You hit it at a good time though, they've opened up a few new bars around there, a decent selection to be had.

sooska: Kegs? Kegs? UPJ hasn't seen kegs for ages. You were considered a god if you could manage to sneak on one campus. And the lodge has pretty much been forgotten, except by the poets society, haha.

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: I got your email and I'll send you one back tonight if that's okay.


Victor Raison said...


Also, were you around at all back when Chasers served alcohol?

Joose said...

I love this blog.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

Chasers served alcohol!?????

HAHAHAHA! wowwwww do the times change.

Jeffrey Paswick said...

marty b will dick punch u! !!get dick punched!!!!!!!!!!! dorkzoids!

TheNWChica said...

Jeffrey....You're gonna have a stroke before your voice changes.

Take your meds, have some Kool-aid and chill out, baby.

Sinops said...

Dr Turk,
off the topic, but I got my girlfriend to make brinner tonite. Wooo.

xocharmedchildox said...

hahaha look what that doc18holiday asked over at buzz on a turd...

doc18holiday said...
What are the possibilities of bringing Marian Hossa's brother Marcel in? I saw a rumor somewhere that said the Pens were interested. Did you hear anything about this. I think he is restricted and plays for Phoenix. Would be a decent option and he's still young.

Sooska said...

@chica- that's fine-I am traveling till about 1030 tonight anyway so I won't see it probably until tomrrow morning.

@victor- nope -served on campus? wow. The SU and Tuck Shop had the worst food in the world however.

Sooska said...

@xocharmedchildxo- that is TOO FUNNY! AHAHAHAHA! "somewhere????"

Sooska said...

ahh the special bus has arrived.

xocharmedchildox said...

looks like someone didnt read the whole post...

Sooska said...

this might be FUN!

debrisslide said...

Oh god, doc18holiday is the absolute best. . .

debrisslide said...

by the way, the IIHF's denial of the Malkin to Russia thing just made my day.

Original Nathan said...

New Rumor: The Atlanta Thrashers have offered Ilya Kovalchuk to any team willing to send someone to murder Don Waddell and dump his body in the Rideau Canal before he fucks up Atlanta's draft. Also as part of the deal, the Thrashers will make sure that Mark Recchi takes the fall.

See, this can be fun!

eileenover said...

doc18holiday needs some new glasses.

Raybin said...



My sources are telling me that Kovalchuck will then escape to Russia and play hockey there under a contract that promises him eleventy billion dollars and four different women a night.

Stoosh said...

@ Debris -

Oh god, doc18holiday is the absolute best...

For some reason, I read that and I can hear the voices of Brian Trottier and Kevin Stevens from the infamous Brian Bellows clip (just Youtube "Brian Bellows" if you've never seen it)...

"You're the best,'re the fuckin''re a real superstar!"

Raybin said...

I always add that unnecessary "-c" to Kovalchuk. I'm an ugly American, what can I say.

Stoosh said...

@ Eileen -

You know what I need?


Quaker Sreak & Lube wings.

And beer would be nice, too.

But wings would be great.


Stuck at work for 40 more minutes.

Sooska said...

@stoosh- the Trotts & Artie Show is the best!

eileenover said...


I actually have some leftover wings from my pizza place. They're probably the hottest wings I've ever had, and that's saying something. I'm thinking about trying the atomic wings at QS&L.

Speaking of, since everyone's awake, who else is interested in coming to QuakerSteakandLubeblog? I seriously need to know so I can make reservations/call ahead.

P.O. said...

5pm yet????

beer sounds good

coffeytalk said...

can we trade recchi again?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

I should be able to come...but I think we should prob make reservations for around 5/5:30....just cause I will be chewing on my arm if I have to wait til 7:30 lol. And if I come, I'll prob bring someone with me. Cranberry and Robinson are a good hour's drive for me.

Original Nathan said...

can we trade recchi again?

Only if it's to the glue factory.

KJ said...

lord, is it july 1st yet? i hate all this junk.

TheNWChica said...

Mmmmmm Artie!

Original Nathan said...

On another note, my wife and I are going to Washington tomorrow for the day and to catch the Nats' game that night. Looking at the pitching matchup, it's a mediocre (but still young) former Red Sox going for the Rangers, and someone who would be right at home on the eye-scorchingly bad Pirates pitching staff going for Washington. Lousy pitcher with a WHIP over 2 against a top-tier American League offense? This one could be another 30-run outburst.

Oh, and another rumor: Atlanta's offering a first-round pick for anyone who'll make sure Alexei Zhitnik never plays in the NHL again.

Raybin said...

Burn and turn!


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