Monday, June 30, 2008

A Jobber's Guide To Free Agency

Last year's free agency was all about big-time cash money.
Debbie Briere, Chris Drury, and Homo Gomez all got insane contracts.
And yes, for the most part, those players were bad...

But the Flyers and Rangers both made the playoffs, so it wasn't all bad.

Especially for the Flyers, who were worst in the NHL
and made it all they way to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Although Briere's contract is a little misunderstood (he is only counting $6.5 against the cap),
some NHL teams still had to see that overpaying isn't going to get you anywhere.

But as bad as the Flyers looked on that end, they did make two quality signings in God Timonen and Scott Hartnell.
If the draft was any indication (13 trades in the first round), this free agency is going to be crazy.

And with late-breaking news that Tampa Bay is paying Ryan Malone $7 and $8 mill his first two years, God only knows whats going to happen.


As we saw last year, it is a full-on frenzy. Remember the Michael Nylander situation?
Remember when Kevin Lowe started trying to sign everyone's players?

Once one player signs, GM's have to make split-second decisions.

A year ago, we saw the Penguins make some moves in the early hours, signing Petr Sykora and Daryl Sydor.
Both signings had impacts. Sykora was money in the bank.
Sydor struggled, but he still played minutes for the Pens so whatev.

This year, the Penguins have tons of unrestricted free agents leaving, and there is a belief they will be major players tomorrow.

Ray Shero isn't going to panic. And he doesn't have to.
Here is an seemingly endless stream of free agents who every GM is looking at.


Stats Key: GP -- G -- A -- P
Goalie Stats -- Ehhhhhh, figure them out.



Nagy has been running injuryblog for the past couple seasons.
When healthy, he was hovering around point-per-game status with Phoenix.

He's coming off neck surgery, so his price may be low,
potentially making him a low-risk, high-reward player...and he's only 29 years old.


Beast. The hottest commodity this summer.



JJ may very well have been dying alive in New York these past few years.
He's 36 years old, and it seems like everything in his environment has to be congealing for him to excel.
He wants a multiyear deal, which the Rangers are balking at.



We got a close-up look at Sean Avery during this year's playoffs.
Maybe with the right linemates, he could bump up to a 20-goal threat.
And it's funny to say, but if the Pens lose Ruutu and feel they need that kind of player, well...



We've all heard fleeting mentions of his name when the NHL is discussed.
He was steady for the Wings in these most recent playoffs.
He's been passed around the NHL like Lindsay Lohan at a crackhouse.


He's done. He has more question marks that The Riddler.
Paying more than 80 cents a year for him would be idiocy.



This guy could be a sleeper. He's free from the shackles of the mandatory 3-year entry contract.
He has silently gotten the job done with the Blue Jackets.
Could be a diamond in the rough in this free-agent pool.



Another potential sleeper on July 1st.
He missed the last half of this past season with a sports-hernia injury.
Again, with the right linemates, he could be a beast.



He has had a meteoric fall from grace since winning the Hart and Vezina trophies in 2001-02.
Is he as attractive as Cristobal Huet? Probably not.



Bertuzzi's career continues to downspiral as the Ducks bought out his contract.
Whoever signs him up is rolling the dice...and their balls.



At 37, Sundin's career is in its twilight.
But he's been bringing at least 70 points to the table for his whole career.



Anyone with a hole in net will be calling up Huet's agent.
He's the biggest name in net this summer.
He rejuvenated the Caps after being acquired at the deadline this past season.





He's one of the top 5 or 6 names being thrown around.
Everyone wouldn't mind having him on their team.
Tampa Bay traded for exclusive bargaining rights to him.
But he looks hell-bent on testing the open market.



With 27 goals last season, Vrbata nearly doubled his total from the previous year.
But in the last 22 games of the season, he went scoreless. It's a risky pickup.

At 27, he is prime to breakout, but outside of Phoenix, he's likely to get less ice time
and isn't likely to repeat his '07 output.

Could he be this year's Chris Drury?



He fell out of favor with Sabres brass.
They didn't even think of offering him a contract to stay.

But he's a name you've heard more than once in your travels.
A change of scenery could give him an erection.



Handcuffed in the Rangers' defensive system, Mara couldn't match his Phoenix stats.
That fact can't be lost on him or the NHL GM's out there.

Whoever fails to land Redden or Campbell will overpay for Mara.



At 31, Redden is the cream of the crop when it comes to d-men this offseason.
He wants out of Ottawa and is looking to score big in the free market.
In '05-'06, Redden lead the league in +/-, and he is +47 since the lockout.



An unreal 93 points in the cluth-and-grab NHL of the 2002-03 season.
He was mud the following year after teams got hip to him.
He landed in Minnesota, where defense is first, and his stats went to mud.

He'll turn 34 early into the '08-'09 season and could excel with a perfect mix of linemates.



We're too lazy to look it up, but Stillman probably played with Demitra in that 2002-03 season.
Stillman came to the attention of many during his Cup runs with Tampa in '04 and Carolina in '06.

He's the classic case of the "wily veteran."


[Picture+5.<span class=

At 34, no one is sure how much Satan has left.
But the fact is, he still used to be a 30-goal scorer.
If he lands with the right team, he could return to being all business.


[Picture+6.<span class=

Fedotenko ain't no joke.
He is another player approaching his prime that will be good for about 50-60 points a year.
Last year for the Islanders, he was streaky but effective.

He will be a good fit on someone's third line...
and maybe even a second-line player on a team in need of top-6 forwards.



Gumby was huge in the 80's. He is making a comeback.
He has the flexibility to play on any of your four lines.


[Picture+8.<span class=

Orpik went from having a terrible year to playing the best hockey of his NHL life in the span of three months.
He has developed into a big-time hitter, and his presence is huge on the ice.

He finally became the defenseman everyone thought he'd be for the Pens, and to see him leave would be almost as brutal as overpaying for him.


[Picture+9.<span class=

Ryder is a bit of a mystery.
Two straight 30-goal seasons, but then he had an awful year in his contract year.

The guy is a legit 25-goal man. His past indicates as such.
Like so many others this year, he is entering his prime.


[Picture+10.<span class=

That is a picture of mud.
Which is the same as Rozsival.


[Picture+11.<span class=

It is very easy to forget how big of a monster Naslund was in Vancouver.
He is a little up there in age at 35, but you'd have to think he has two good years left in him.
He is a proven 30-goal scorer, and Vancouver had nothing last year.

The Canucks might bring him back, but if not...HMM...


[Picture+12.<span class=

Huselius could be someone's Petr Sykora this year.
After Iron Mike released him in Florida, Calgary picked him up.
And he played for Kennan yet again.

He has been playing big-time minutes, throwing in 25+ goals a season.
Talent is coming out of his pores, and he is only 30. Do it.


[Picture+15.<span class=

Mark Streit blew up last year with 62 points.
It was his first sick season. No one knows if it was a fluke.

He is good, but Montreal's powerplay is sick, and that's where he got a lot of points.
If he gets anywhere close to Brian Campbell numbers, you know the world is going to end.


[Picture+16.<span class=

He was one of the prizes at the trade deadline,
and he is now the prize of the Free Agent sweepstakes.

He has all the skills you need in a d-man, and he can score.
He is going to be a rich man on Tuesday.


There are many other good players out there. Buckle up.

Go Pens.


Ev said...


debrisslide said...

second? Great post. Pointed out some good names, at any rate.

johnny said...

Should be an interesting next couple of weeks...In Shero We Trust.

Jonny Veesdoorwall said...

Billy Mays > that Shamwow dude

And he already has a playoff beard.

Beav said...

I knew Billy Mays had way too many things he was endorsing, but that list is more out of control than the Tampa Bay offseason.

In Shero We Trust, just say no to Miro Satan.

Stoosh said...

Getting ready for bed, but this post is further proof as to why there is absolutely no need for panic.

Shero's not going to sign someone just to keep pace with a slew of teams who are losing their collective minds and can't help themselves when it comes to spending money; that's a one-way ticket to Sherogetsfiredville.

Hossa might still be a Penguin. And so might Rolston. Last time I checked, Hossa was still testing the market, and Rolston hadn't signed a damn thing with the Lightning.

And even if we don't get them, look at the other names on that list.

Yes, I know other teams are in the running for those guys, too. But as Flyer Hater said, at the end of the day, we have a few things those other teams don't have -- Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Marc-Andre Fleury, and a good portion of a team that just went to the Stanley Cup. Plus, we've got a rabid fan base, a new arena, an owner willing to dole out a bit of cash and even a little bit of room to spend some of that cash.

These franchises that are overspending for guys are in a different spot than the Pens are right now. We're not overhauling our team like some of these other franchises are trying to do. We've got our core; they're trying to find theirs. We're reshuffling a few pieces and that's it.

Shero has a plan for the next couple of weeks. Better check and make sure you do, too. If yours is to come here and blast Shero for not keeping up when Vancouver or Chicago throws $8 million a year at Brian Campbell, do us all a favor and go sell crazy over at

We're all stocked up here.

brndlynn said...

heard some interesting names in that post. cant wait to see what shero will do.
in shero we trust.

KJ said...

our luck billy mays would lose his voice in mid season and go into a downward spiral-no

and nice list, i wouldn't mind going for some of those diamond in the roughs that have been on crappy teams for so long people aren't sure of them anymore.

and no to gumby, he smoked at least a pack a day during his prime and had to cut it short cause of injuries

Nailer News said...

Looks like Tampa has a chance to sign Rolston as they just got his rights.

Billy Mays, that's just down right solid.

sh0ez said...

I completely missed newpostblog. Go me.

Solid post. Tomorrow will be big seeing teams scramble at the last minute. Tuesday even bigger. I'm going to be skittish at work until I get off at 1. Ugh.

Stoosh, as always, says all that needs to be said.

jefe penguino said...

good post. solid info.

its the calm before the storm.

$HERO is money.

do it.

TheFandangler said...

I missed the post too...

There are some interesting names there. I've been doing a lot of homework on the guys that are nothing more than names I recognize from NHL video games.

We all have a sHero in our lives...

Ry said...

Solid post. Billy Mayes what a salesman. In 20 hours all hell is going to break loose. Hold onto your butts.

Julia said...

...why i love the pensblog right there.

debrisslide said...

In other news. . .Tampa Bay is looking for a solid trade to negotiate with Gumby in the next 20 hours and 46 minutes. The Blockheads, reportedly having forged close ties with the Lightning's upper management, are trying to pull some strings. Pokey has advised Gumby not to accept any deal without a no-trade clause.

Joose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joose said...

I can't believe I just read that Sean Avery could/should somehow be a replacement for Jarkko Ruutu. Please tell me that was mistakenly not typed as a sarcastic statement.

Beav said...

@ Joose

I want nothing to do with Sean Avery. What a trash player, especially don't want to pay his 4 yr, 16 million dollar demands thanks.

Joose said...

Why is Tony Little not on the list?

TheFandangler said...

Tony Little didn't pass the substance abuse policy...

Sean Avery = Jokeblog.

Nailer News said...

Roberts also signed the dotted line in Tampa. 1 Year, 1.25 Mil with incentives reaching over 2 mil.

TheFandangler said...

Why not the Toxic Avenger?. He seems like an under the radar type player who can only do good things for the team.

Beav said...

@ nailer


sh0ez said...

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Do it.

H.C. Prick said...

#1: The first person to break Ron Cook's legs will receive a 15$ gift certificate to Best Buy from H.C.
#2: I totally respect whatever Malone and Hossa do, but gary roberts is a filthy dieses-ridden Whore.
#3: If Shero picks up Satan, I give mad props. If he also signs Avery... I'll be insanely happy (forgive and forget).

debrisslide said...

I officially dislike Avery as a person after reading his fashion journal at Men's Vogue. So if he were on our team, that would annoy me. . .regardless of any of his contributions. I don't think we need an attitude like his (i.e. a guy who apparently does not take his professional career seriously).

Nailer News said...

@ Beav

Watch the video on the side, it's about a minute in.

TheFandangler said...

Avery will come out of the closet when he's ready to hang his skates up. If he was traded here he'd probably hate our color scheme and force the team to bring in designers to help bring a few nice coral and pastel colors to the jerseys.

...Which would force most of us to hurl lung-butter the exact same colors.

Beav said...

Last Cblogger Standing?

sh0ez said...

I'm here.

Beav said...

do you at least have an excuse for being up this late like me?

I'm on a roll winning fake money in online poker lol

don't poke the chinchilla said...

**squeek squeek**

I'm nocturnal, yo.

**squeek squeek**

sh0ez said...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've seen you, chinchilla!

@ beav: Not really. I'm always up late. I don't have work tomorrow, but I do have to type a paper for my Terrorism class by 4PM. Meh. I should go to sleep, but I dunno.

Beav said...

haha two animals and footwear are the tPb late night crew

sh0ez said...

Hell yes.

the soft european said...

As a Montreal fan, my two cents on the habs that appear in the list:

- Mark Streit:
He's quite good, because he can play offense and defense. But that's the trick: most of his points last year were scored as a forward, and he has stated that he'd like to stay on defense from now on.

- Michael Ryder:
I'm absolutely certain he'll rebound next year. He won't be too expensive after his awful season, but he's a goal scorer, and last season, while he was not scoring goals, he really improved his defensive game. I think he could be a great pick for many teams. I hope he'll play in the west, because I fear he's gonna kill us soon.

- Christobal Huet:
Only good things to say here. This guy is a class act. The perfect teammate, he always give credits to his teammates for wins, and takes the blame for the losses. I hope for him he stays in Washington, I think he could flourish there.

For my habs, I'd like to see Jason Williams, Vrbata or Rolston, because it doesn't look like we'll get Sundin.

good luck for the next few days...

Nailer News said...

People like to call the Pens "Tampa Bay North" however, maybe they're more of Pittsburgh South? Roberts, Malone, Roy, Omlette?

Jebus the XIV said...

I've only got one question. After signing Malone to that 31.5 million contract and with the recent 90 mil extension LeCherryPicker got... what's the over/under on Tampa having to trade away pieces?

I give it three years. Tops.

Nailer News said...

they'll have a good core group signed for a while anyways. They really need more help in net though. Wonder if they'll go for conkblock next?

J.S. said...

Billy Mays = all business

a vocal leader who can get the job done, and as jonny v already mentioned, what a playoff beard.

Nailer News said...

By the way, I sense even more of a theme...
According to Billy Mays Wiki entry...

He's from McKees Rocks... and now resides northwest of Tampa Bay in a 1.8 million dollar home built in 2005.

penstone410 said...

fuck billy mays
go for gumby!

the next few weeks will be crazy

cant wait

stoosh said much much earlier:
If yours is to come here and blast Shero for not keeping up when Vancouver or Chicago throws $8 million a year at Brian Campbell, do us all a favor and go sell crazy over at
..voice of reason, as always

in sHERO we trust
in sHERO we trust
in sHERO we trust

penstone410 said...

just noticed..

billy mays advertised the bedazzler


J.S. said...

charlieisinheavenblog is right,

according to (a very under-rated site), "he has a gay following that refers to him as a bear"

little too much information this early in the morning

Stilly said...


My father in law is friends with a an inventor who works with Billy Mays. He got to see mighty putty before it ever hit the market. I wanted him to get me an autographed bucket of Oxyclean, but it just didn't happen.

Billy makes a pretty sweet living hocking other people's stuff. The dude's house is huge, but guess where it's located..

Tampa. I heard he handled all of Malone's contract negotiations, that's why Tampa is paying him so much.

Nailer News said...

Billy Mays would be a hilarious crack dealer...
"Hi I'm Billy Mays and I'm here to tell you all about crack. It's a miracle drug and it gets stubborn stains out of clothes."

Nailer News said...

If you look closely, I think it's Pensblog Charlie that helps Billy Mays out of the tub...

Raybin said...

If the Pens don't sign Billy Mays, then Shero = joke.

Picture it:

"Hi, I'm Billy Mays and I'm here to bring you 30 goals a season!!! Don't bother to look behind you, the puck's in the net and the red light is on!!! And for acting before the trade deadline, I'll throw in my new 2-in-1 hockey stick! It's also a goalie stick! Saves money!

But I'm not done! For only an extra 1 million a year (plus shipping and handling) you get an extra 10 goals!"

Raybin said...

If we can sign Huselius, Naslund or Vrbata, I will turn backflips.

Peter said...

Ron Hainsey would be a solid pickup. I watched him play for Columbus (Ohio and Pittsburgh are the only FSN stations I get at school) and had him on a fantasy team and he did pretty well for both. Good shot, and gets into the zone when he needs to, but for some reason I never realized he's 6'3" and somewhere around 200+ lbs. He seems to play smaller than his size, but he's still very effective...he just gets scarier when he gets intense.

Also, Jason Williams could be a powerplay beast. It would be nice to see him in a Pens jersey.

Stoosh said...

Joose gets the A+ for today for mentioning Tony Little, the inspiration behind Jimmy Tango's Fat Busters.

"By riding the snake, not only have I lost 65 pounds in four days, but guess what? I FOUND OUT I'M THE DEVIL!!!"

chris e said...

In sHero I Trust

Billy Mays said...









J.S. said...

and one for eileen

I don't see how he has any votes

Dan said...

wow catchupblog

whoever said i doubted shero yesterday (i forget who, so they obviously are on here often) must have missed the part that said i want to see these contract offers that are getting turned down. no harm in that.

no to jagr, no to avery. dicks.

what about suzanne summers with the thigh master? and chuck norris has all kinds of shit too.

bring in batman and the warrior.


do it

J.S. said...

just when I was getting ready to ask why somebody is yelling in c-blog, I noticed who it was.

I'll allow it.

I'm just wondering if Mellon will have Kaboom Night for the first 10,000 fans if he gets signed.

Anthony said...

I think gumby would be a good winger gor crosby LOL. Billy Mays, also a strong candidate.

I really do not like Jagr but it wouldn't be the end of the world if we picked him up. I'd have to learn how to respect him, but if he actually puts effort into his work and stays quiet, he could be a good winger for Crosby OR Malkin, and either could score a lot with him. Avery, I don't think we need. Avery is a jerk, and the pens don't need him.

Really, Naslund is one of the best choices for winger. Even though he's old, he could play really well on either line.

Besides winger, the pens just need to find an defensive-hitting defenseman to replace Orpik. Most of our others are offensive, scoring defensemen, so thats what really needs to be found.

Stilly said...

Whoa whoa whoa..

Who's replacing Orpik? Is he gone? Last time I checked it was June 30th. Oh the candy man stays. The most glaring need on this team is wingers. Both sides. Ryder? Do it. Huselius? Do it. Re-sign Orpik, sign Ryder and Huselius and then proceed directly to ass kicking.

Aron said...

why all the hainsey love all of the sudden. Our top two objectives should be Ho$$a and Orpik. If that doesn't work out, we'll go from there. Hainsey doesn't bring the physical presence we need from a D-man. Orpik fits the bill.


JYo said...

Can someone explain why there is so much love for Vrbata? I can see how he might do something, but why are so many people enamored by him?

Before last year, he never even hit 20 goals and was only over 15 once, which was in his rookie year. Then he apparently had a good first half last year since he had 27 goals with 0 coming in the last 22 games.

I hear a lot of people questioning if Malone is more than a half year wonder, but it sounds like the same applies to Vrbata to me. Anything over $2 million a year is too much to pay for this kind of basically unproven potential talent. At least someone like Satan has a proven record of scoring goals.

JYo said...

More trading.

The Edmonton Oilers have acquired defenceman Lubomir Visnovsky from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for forward Jarret Stoll and defenceman Matt Greene.

Brett said...

I'm so excited, and scared, to see what happens tomorrow. Let the fun begin!!

Aron said...

@ jyo. i love coming here for breaking news..

This looks like an attempt to cover up the Souray signing last year, which was a disaster. I'm glad to see Lowe is still clueless.

Aron said...

From TSN,

Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts are officially members of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and defenceman Dan Boyle might be the player in the team’s cross-hairs.

Malone has agreed to a seven year, $31.5 million contract, while Roberts agreed to terms on a one year contract that pays him a base salary of $1.25 million plus $10,000 for every game that he plays in the 2008-09 NHL regular season. So if Roberts were to play in all 82 games, he would earn $820,000 in bonuses, which could make his total income for the season $2.07 million.

Thought you might want to see WWGRD for incentive bonus.

Aron said...

and also,

from Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun,

This is the first skate to drop.

There will be a second skate to drop for Kevin Lowe and the Edmonton Oilers today. It’s almost certain that a blockbuster trade yesterday will result in another trade involving Joni Pitkanen to follow quickly.

We're not really in the trade market anyway, but we can do without Pitkanen

Aron said...

and also II,

from Larry Brooks of the NY Post,

The Rangers should hire Jagr’s father, also named Jaromir and the president of Kladno of the Czech League

I did not know that double J is actually a Jr. JJJr.

Dan said...

jyo - that deal hit the news last night. as for vrbata, he could be a sykora-esque signing this year. hence the push. it could go either way, there should be that disclaimer

Aron said...

Not sure how to make that a hyperlink on here, but it has the great line from Rutuu.

he wants to be our first line right winger.

JYo said...

Thanks Dan. I don't do C-blog up all night like some folks, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It wasn't in the main page so I posted it here. Me = slow on the uptake.

Original Nathan said...

I think Edmonton's going to regret that Visnovski deal.

1 July: Why Shero makes the big bucks.

Victor Raison said...

"I'm not too worried about it, really. I wouldn't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I'm not worried at all."

Dan said...

i don't either i do morning catchups. i'm surprised they didn't post anything about the trade actually, it's kinda big i suppose.


BlacknGold66 said...

This is one of those posts that I will look at in 9 months and think, "Shit, that seems like it was 11 months ago!!"

wilsmith said...

FH, we need to make the line for the amount of duplicate links we get when guys like Hossa/Rolston/Orpik etc sign elsewhere.

JYo said...

i do morning catchups

I used to read every comment from every post, but C-blog is too active to keep up with now. Meh, whatev. Ain't my first fail and won't be my last.

Aron said...

from Illegal Curve,

Is Ryan Malone that much different than Jarret Stoll?

If provided with the career numbers for both of these players, it would be almost impossible to determine who's who. Malone's career points-per-game is 0.57; whereas Stoll's career points-per-game is 0.58. Malone has played 299 career NHL games; whereas Stoll has played 286 career NHL games. Malone has averaged 18:10 minutes of ice-time over his career; whereas Stoll has averaged 17:00 minutes. Malone is a -27 +/- for his career; whereas Stoll is -12.

The list could go on and on, but the fact is that Malone is now making an average of $4.5 million per season and Stoll is coming off a season where he made $2.2 millon per season. Stoll will be hard pressed to make over $3 million next season. Without the public perception, these players' production are shockingly similar.

If Stoll were to get a 7 year contract worth $31.5 million this off-season from the Kings, would you approve? Not likely. In fact, the NHL would almost certainly be in an uproar. Even though Stoll is actually three years younger than Malone, can play the point on the power play and takes face-offs. Not to mention Stoll has never played with linemates named Malkin or Crosby.

Sometimes perception is not reality.

Posted by Richard Pollock at 12:28 AM

This is why we will never have to overpay. You can guarantee players will want to play here with Crosby and Malkin, if nothing else it increases their exposure and money making opportunities in the future(or if it's a veteran...that cup thing is also within grasp)

JYo said...

@wilsmith: Always bet the over. I'll help you out and provide a duplicate for a small fraction of your winnings!

Dan said...

The money for Malone is extraordinary. Usually if a guy with that many broken noses is making that much dough in Florida, he's running a meth lab.

the first intelligent thing wyshynski's said in a month

Flyer Hater said...

Wilsmith, I might be underestimating a little but I'll set the line at 20 because as you know, OLD NEWS ROCKS!

Stoosh said...

@ Aron -

Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun really kind of lays the bullcrap on thick in that article you quoted. Just after the passage you quoted about the pending Joni Pitkanen deal, he says this...

The trade of Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene to the Los Angeles Kings for Lubomir Visnovsky - instantly making the Slovakian defenceman the highest paid player on the hockey team - definitely registers on the hockey trade Richter scale.

Less than 48 hours before the July 1 free-agent frenzy and the day new owner Daryl Katz officially becomes owner, this deal is a fascinating trade on several fronts including the fact it already sets up Katz for some positive press for his Wednesday press conference.

Registers on the hockey Richter scale? OK, but how much, really? Stoll and Greene are nice players and Visnovsky is a decent offensive defenseman, but he's not the type of player I see being the catalyst for making the Oilers a playoff contender by himself.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what this other deal is that's pending, because Jones is making it sound like Edmonton just pulled off some sort of Ron Francis-type deal or something.

Aron said...

yeah, that's definitely some hometown journalism at its best(worst). They are now paying $11 mil for Souray and Visnovsky both 31 for the next 3 or 4 years. All i can say is that Edmonton will not be challenging us for any cups any time soon.

P.O. said...

kevin lowe drinks no coffee... coffee is for closers and kevin lowe does not close

(alec baldwin as blake for tPB FA)

Stoosh said...

Copying this from an entry on Kukla's Korner, but I'll boil this down.

Bob McKenzie was on Team 990 in Montreal this morning and addressed a number of things...

1. Expects Rolston to sign in Tampa.

2. Tampa ownership is definitely shopping Dan Boyle (just when the defense couldn't get any worse).

3. Expects Brian Campbell to get in the $6.5-7M range and Wade Redden will likely fall in a step below that. (Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar become bigger bargains every day.)

4. Sees Theodore and Huet both testing the free agent market.

Aron said...

i also didn't realize at the time, but Pitkanen is an i doubt Pitkanen for a 3rd rounder would register on any Richter scale.

jefe penguino said...

i still think jack lalanne would be excellent for tPB. maybe as a coach.

At age 93, he continues to work out every morning for two hours. He spends one and a half hours in the weight room, and half an hour swimming or walking.

and c'mon, the power juicer is one of the greatest technological innovations of this century!

Jersey Bill said...

I have a headache in my stomach.

Flyer Hater said...

I would love if the Craps would lose Huet because they already told Olie the Joke to F off. Who would they be giving the starting job to? Brent Johnson?

Dr. Pepper said...

I would love to see Huselius or Ryder in black and gold.

Flyer Hater said...

Huselius and Ryder=SOFF

Aron said...

even better would be Jose Theodore...and by better I mean better for the Pens. The only problem is...where else is Huet going to go? It seems like the market is really slow on Goalies this year.

CMUpenfan said...

Ron Cook = stupid

P.O. said...

writers like ron cook and bob smizek are the reason the post-gazette is bankrupt... they do not appeal to anyone who is 1)under 50 or 2)not as miserable as they are... they are two grumpy old men for they still have writing jobs is almost as shocking as someone paying them to show their old faces on TV, they are terrible on those call in shows

emily (odme.) said...

Whew! Lots of info today...

No no no to Avery. Dick.

Jersey Bill made my day with "headache in my stomach" (shplangy).

billymaysblog, I actually went through middle and high school with little Bill. He looks pretty much just like him minus the beard, and he's about 6 inches shorter than I am (and I'm all of 5 feet 2).

Tony Little said...

I feel severely under appreciated. tearblog.

Flyer Hater said...

Don't mind Ron Cook, he's just upset that there hasn't been any stories about Big Ben's metal plate in the past few months.

jefe penguino said...

these last minute speculations make me wanna rip my eyes out.


on that note (w/o hossa):


do it. or dont.

Tony Little said...

Always believe in yourself... or believe in sHero. He'll come through if you fail.

P.O. said...

nagy? really?


Stoosh said...

@ Tony Little -

Ride the snake, Tony.

Flyer Hater said...

Jefe, Nagy just strained his cornea reading those line combinations, he'll be out 6-8 weeks.

Flyer Hater said...

Let's do this one more time:

Naslund-Crosby-Jagr (wooo)



I just want to sign Pandolfo to prevent him from scoring his mandatory 5 goals against us in a Debbies sweater.

jefe penguino said...

i knew the hate would fly for nagy. i just wanted to pick someone no one else did. and ya never know.

P.O. said...

if we are going to sign cory stillman we might as well bring artie out of retirement, theyre basically the same age... maybe see if wendell young is available

Flyer Hater said...

Phomo, did Kevin Stevens score 25 goals last year?

P.O. said...

kevin stevens could put on skates today, blow a line, and have a season better than malone had last year

Dan said...

flyer hater is full of all around hate today. haven't seen him like this in a while. classic.

Jonny Veesdoorwall said...

jyo, if you don't think that Radim Vrbata will look great on Sid's wing, you = joke/soff/epic fail/just get off of the internet

This is Kenny Melvin's message board. Please check to see if someone else posts a link before you post it. We do not want to waste the king's time with our insolence. All homo's bow down to him.

jefe penguino said...


ok, i replaced nagy, just for you.


P.O. said...

anyone going down Penstation today for the sale?

DRStedman said...

What is happening with Conklin??
Huet is still the cream of the goaltending crop, but .923 SV% this year shouldn't be ignored... especially by the PensBlog.

Dan said...

p.o. - what sale?

Flyer Hater said...


Milano on the 2nd line?


brndlynn said...

@ p.o.: i was thinking of heading down a lil later if i can free some time up.
@ dan: the penstation is having a christmas in july sale.

Aron said...

correction brndlynn...

A Christmas in July in June sale.

P.O. said...


FYI i called down there and they are open till 4pm... probably headed down in a few minutes to beat the lunch rush

xuscbausp said...

nameblog is a great way to start your day. well done

Dan said...

ya i work till 430, oh well

P.O. said...


cant cut out at lunch or go on an extended "smoke break"?

brndlynn said...

@ aron: very true.
@ p.o.: thats a good idea. i may have to try to do that as well.
@ dan: the sale is going on until late july and they are open on saturdays as well i believe.

Jasper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ron Popeil said...

Billy Mays and Tony Little have no reason to be mentioned in free agency as long as I'm around.

I am a crafty veteran who knows his way around free agency, and I probably have more to offer. Just think, Jeff Jimmerson would do the national anthem using a Mr. Microphone. Showtime Rottisere Grills at every concession stand. But wait, there's more! I'll even throw in a can of GLH-9 hair in the can treatment with Mark Recchi's return to Pittsburgh. Now how much would you pay for all of these items? 2.5 million? 3 million? For this one time offer, I will offer my services for 4 easy installments of 19.95. That's right, 4 easy payments! Call now, and I'll throw in a Popeil Pocket fisherman to the first 15,000 in attendance on opening night. But you have to call now. Here's how to order:

Call 1-800-642-PENS, call 1-800-642-PENS. Operators are standing by!

Flyer Hater said...

Everyone better get all their work done by noon tomorrow, because from that point on it's either to LGP or TSN and refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh.

P.O. said...

is tsn going to have a live streaming show like they did for the trade deadline? if so tomorrow might be a no work day

brndlynn said...

@ p.o.: from Kuklas
tsn tracker

P.O. said...


thanks.. im hoping they do a live stream of a show too... looking at their schedule they have a show on at 5pm tomorrow called "free agent frenzy" right before their version of sportscenter... maybe they'll do something online too

Dan said...

p.o. - i work in monroeville, that's a hike for lunch. if anyone goes down there let us know what's the dilly, yo. (my one attempt to sound "hip" today)

today is going to be one big infomercial. worst. idea. ever.

P.O. said...


that sucks.. im going to head down right now... one of the many things i love about being in sales is the ability to be wherever i want whenever i want if i set my schedule up the right way... ill drop a line from a panera or something and let anyone who wants to know if its worth their while to go down.... if any cbloggers go down to the sale look for me and say hello, ill be in a blue shirt with a silver tie

JYo said...

@brndlyn: That tracker has been up for at least a week. Why would you ever post something we already know about? What a mistake!

Raybin said...

Brndlynn with the free agent tracker = clutch

I know what I'll be doing all day after noon tomorrow...besides praying to Shero

If Ryan Malone is worth 7 or 8million a year for the first two years, Ho$$a will probably command 15 gazillion. Give or take



Anyone else notice that Campbell played for a team from "Jokerit"

Thus...Campbell = joke.

brndlynn said...

@ p.o.: i believe mirtle will have a live stream but im not sure.
@ jyo: i figured someone would have something to say ;)

Dan said...

@ p.o. - thanks, i'm off thursday so that would be a good chance to go down if there's anything worth while. work in monroeville, live in new stanton-ish area, so i don't fight any traffic, thank god. don't get too depressed by the clearance roberts/malone stuff there.

@ raybin - that's what i've been telling all my friends about hossa. the first 2 or 3 years would have to be loaded for when you go to trade him. i'm assuming the cap hit for the team that gets him is adjusted to what is left on the contract, please correct me if i'm wrong.

JYo said...

@brndlynn: I took a solid jobbing for my gaffe this morning, so I'm just paying it forward, so to speak. I think the tracker is actually a nice tool for tomorrow. I've already been checking it for a few days when I don't have time to look through all the articles.

Dan said...

jyo - wasn't trying to job

from twwl

The Devils you say?
Marian Hossa | Penguins | Interested: Devils? Canucks? Penguins? Rangers? Wild? Bruins?
The Bergen Record reports there are "indications" that Devils GM Lou Lamoriello will try to make a big splash in the free agent market, perhaps going after F Marian Hossa.

"All of that goes on behind the scenes and we don't talk about it," Lamoriello told The Record. "If we can do something that makes our team better, we'll do that. You try to do that during the regular season, but you can't always do it."

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review previously reported the Canucks were "considered a fast-charging contender" for Hossa, who will be one of the top unrestricted free agent prizes July 1.

At the same time, the paper speculated that the Canucks likely cannot offer Hossa the $8M per year over five years he is expected to seek.

After Hossa declared he will test the market, the guessing started as to whether any teams have been granted permission by the Penguins to negotiate before July 1.

"Very good question," Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli responded to The Boston Globe. "But can't comment. Cheers."

The Bruins tried to get Hossa at the trade deadline, according to The Globe, but the Thrashers wanted C Phil Kessel and Chiarelli didn't want to part with him.

Hossa, who had 12 goals and 26 points in the playoffs for the Penguins, came over from the Thrashers at the trade deadline.


Predators on the sidelines
The Predators won't be much of a player in the free agent market, but might be looking for a tough guy such as Penguins F Georges Laraque and a third goalie, according to The Tennessean newspaper.


orpik to columbus or buffalo as well.

slap me sideways sally.

Dan said...

and roberts signed for 1.2 mill. can't tell me we couldn't have done that.

Raybin said...

Huselius-Crosby-Rex(I still have hope!)





Make it happen. Or, you it.

(In whatever Shangri-La that this is possible. A boy can dream until cruel reality sets in tomorrow.)

brndlynn said...

@ dan: roberts also will get$10,000 for every game that he plays in the 2008-09 NHL regular season which means a potential 2mil+ payday. i dont think Shero thought 2+ would be worth it.

Joose said...

That Post-Gazette article on Ruutu is aces!

Don't leave me, Ruu!

Flyer Hater said...

The more and more people bring up Huselius, the more and more I like it. He could definitely be a 40 goal man on a line with Sid.

Dan said...

@brndlynn - doesn't hit the cap though. call me crazy, but at this point, why not? he killed a bear with his bare hands one time!

Ron Popeil said...

Dan, can I interest you in a smokeless ash tray? veg-o-matic?

jonny v, the shamwow guy = joke

Aron said...

Huselius or Rolston would be Ideal...if we can't retain Ho$$a

Ron Popeil said...

that should read that I'm pointing out to jonny v that the shamwow guy is a joke.

Oh screw it, I'm gonna go back to pitching my products.

Dan said...

sorry ron, i have a house full of thigh masters and books on how to get money from the government written by the riddler's brother.

Flyer Hater said...


brndlynn said...

@ dan: i had forgotten that they wont hit the cap. now im sad to lose him all over again. o well.

J.S. said...

oh great dan, now that Lesko guy is gonna show up.

Upon further review, he is from Wilkes-Barre.

That gives him two options:

a) in the system, waiting his turn. In other words, career minor leaguer. or....

b) tpb capologist. He is good with money, or at least it looks that way since he's been pimping that book forever.

Dr. Turkleton said...

FH lines = puke.

I threw up a bit of my PB&J sammich when I read those....

the Pens went from one of the youngest teams in the league to an AARP convention with your 'signings'.

I'm surprised Glenn Metropolit didn't crack your top 12.

+ no Scuds? the pens best defensive d-man? = wow.

Eaton would tear an ACL, MCL & ZCL when being introduced at the Home Opener.

I love Mondays.

[Soupy Caputi]

TheFandangler said...

Naslund and Huselius...


TheFandangler said...

Man Flyer Hater... No one gives any credit for the line combos.

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

I haven't seen a whole lot of Huselius, but I don't believe he's as sofffffffffff as the reputation he took with him when he left Florida for Calgary.

And Milano would be quite the energy player.

Raybin said...

Doc turkleton bringing the Scuds love. Beast.

TheFandangler said...

A little up the page Raybin had good combos with the exception of Recchi... I'd have to find a mob guy to take out a hit on his ass.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, sorry I don't have Tyler "Couldn't hit a soccer net" Kennedy and Pascal "What is that black object?" Dupuis on the top 2 lines like you did, JOKE.

Stoosh, I think the whole soff thing with Huselius is blown out of proportion. It seems like every forward who isn't Cam Neely or Rick Tocchet is considered soff.

Raybin said...


You falsely accuse me. I don't want Recchi within a hemisphere of Pittsburgh anymore.

Stilly said...

@dan and brndlyn

That's not entirely true. From

When teams calculate how much room they have under the cap to add players, any potential bonuses that a player can earn must be included in the player's cap count.

Teams may exceed the upper limit by up to 7.5% in order to pay such bonuses (for 2007-08, teams could effectively have an Upper Limit of $54,072,500) with the provision that any team doing this will have its upper limit reduced for the following season by the amount it exceeds the current year's upper limit

TheFandangler said...

Was a mislead with sarcasm?... the Rex threw me off a bit... so sorry for that.

I hope Recchi makes whatever team he's on terrible.

TheFandangler said...

...I see now you meant Grossman?. Hossa Hossa Hossa guy?

Yeah, I still have hope.

Raybin said...

The "mislead" sentence should be read in an overblown offended touchy chivalrous knight tone.

"Thou hast wounded me deeply, knave!"

So, yeah, I was dickin' around :)

TheFandangler said...

Either way I'm dumb...

P.O. said...

penstation sale update

if you are in the market for some playoff gear or a player T, go for it... otherwise, dont... there was one tshrit i was interested in and they only had it in a XXL or a S... there were alot of people there however and if you wait till the end of the week it might be picked over.. malone and roberts gear is 50% off while the rest of the team is 30% off as far as player Ts go

Raybin said...


Don't sweat it. There's no way there's enough money to make those lines happen for real anyway.

Forgot my defense:


No room on the roster for anyone who'll be "Eaton" up space on the DL. I can do today, sorry.

Dan said...

lesko never beat batman though, and never will. FAIL

isn't milano a pepperidge farm cookie?

Aron said...

via TSN,

The Philadelphia Flyers have put defenceman Denis Gauthier Jr. on waivers for the purpose of buying him out.

Dan said...


what was the 75% off stuff? xxl is money in the bank for me seeing as how i'm so damn tall.

TheFandangler said...

How about:

-Sid-Kovalchuk-St. Louis

That would be an affordable top two lines.

The Big K said...


Can the Pens still sign Rolston now if TB doesn't get him today?

Also, is it noon or midnight that UFA begins?


Aron said...

yes and i believe it's midnight.

Flyer Hater said...


Flyer Hater said...

No aron, it's noon

Aron said...

TB owns his rights up until midnight, then he's an unrestricted Free Agent like Hossa, Naslund, etc.

P.O. said...


the 75% stuff i saw were just a few winter hats and they were looking pretty picked over.. the XXLs there are cut pretty big, i can usually teeter between XL and XXL but in those reebok t's i have to use an XL or its like a dress on me (see my Hal Gil player T vs. my free candy one)

Aron said...


i did not know that. sounds dumb to me...but ok.

J.S. said... says it's noon tomorrow.

Aron said...

From Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

"Whether we get something done with Tampa or not, we haven't talked to Tampa yet. We have 24 hours," Rolston said in a phone interview. "But as far as I'm concerned, it's no different today than it was yesterday. I'm a free agent July 1. I wanted to go to July 1 and see where I'm at in the NHL market. This is the last
time I might become a free agent."

still possible. woohoo

Dan said...


true for the sizing of reebok stuff, minus the jerseys and hoodies. speaking of which, i won't be getting a new one since a certain #12 isn't coming back......

P.O. said...


check out ebay.. i got two really nice authentic jersies from there, just take a really good look before you bid.. but i didnt pay over 60 bucks for each

Flyer Hater said...


Only 60 bucks

P.O. said...

i wouldnt pay 6 bucks for a Jagr

TheFandangler said...

I pay 6 grand for a Jagr... Because he'll be a penguin next year and they'll be hard to find. =)

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...


what happened to this from yesterday?

Final Predictions for the lines heading into next season...


no Dupie on my squad...Mr. Kennedy on my 2nd line [by default] unless Stone or Filewich can prove themselves in camp...

On the 2nd line is Pittsburgh Own:....Ryan STONE!!!!!

close enough.

Dan said...


ya there are some BAD ones on there, especially winter classic ones. i was gonna have the same guys that did mine do a malone home one, so much for that now. i may put the quest for a new one on hold for a while, unless ho$$a comes back.

call me crazy but i was thinking of getting a malone team usa should he get on the team, screw it though. crosby oceanic perhaps?

P.O. said...


i see some of those rip off jersies at the games sometimes.. its so obvious and i almost feel bad for the guys who were duped into buying them

Flyer Hater said...

I once saw a Team USA Mario Lemieux jersey on eBay.

Dan said...

pale yellow and white laces = fake winter classic sweaters (jerseys)

P.O. said...

i guy i know got a staal jersey off of one of his friends who "has a guy" and when he got it and showed me it had an "A" on it.. i said to him, you do realize that staal is not an alternate captain.. and he said "eh fuck it, in a few years he might be".. and the jersey was some weird brown mustard color and not the vegas gold... whenever you spend $30 you get what you pay for i guess

Fred Jones said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Huselius if they can't keep Hossa.

P.O. said...


laces look white to me in this picture from the game

sh0ez said...

I'm still questioning on whether or not I should look into purchasing this.

Brian said...

On behalf of ALL Preds fans in the world, I want to apologize for giving Timonen, Hartnell, and Parent (trust me, you'll be hating him too VERY soon) to the Flyers last June.

Our cheap-ass former owner felt it necessary to dump any assets we had on other teams, and sadly GM David Poile was forced into dealing with these "people" known as the Flyers.

For those who aren't aware, Craig Leipold decided to go on the VERY cheap last season, the promos sucked, there was really no benefit to being a season ticket holder, (other than those HUGE savings!) then when he was finally able to "dump" this team, he bolted to Minnesota. For the Wild fans out there, beware! If things start getting tight up there, he may go on the cheap up there too. Bye bye Gaborik, and any other talent!

But again, sorry about giving the Flyers 2 of the Preds better players. At least they decided to CHOKE when it counted!


J.S. said...

from the sporting news' site:

Here's a capsule look at team-by-team free-agent needs. The free-agent market opens for business at noon ET Tuesday, July 1.

P.O. said...


go for it dude... what else would you do with that $150?? pay bills.. HA! just think of it as your econonmic stimulus check going to work

sh0ez said...

My bills are minimal. Phone is under family plan. Apartment is financial aid. Cable, internet, water, electric, etc are all included in rent. Etc. Ha ha.

The questions is, who to get?

Stilly said...

Hey i paid 60 bucks for my Malkin jersey on ebay and it's legit.

J.S. said...

sh0ez, older jersey or new jersey?

Dan said...


all the ones in stores had blue laces. i know they wore white in the game.

J.S. said...

here's how lazy we have become:


J.S. said...

although with the USB powered page turner, it won't.....

P.O. said...


i only throw that out there because i got an authentic legame winter classic and it has white laces and before i bought it i referred to the pics from the game to make sure it was legit

J.S. said...

it won't.....


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