Monday, June 2, 2008

If You've Come This Far...

Unless you are high, you know that this blog's theme has echoed that of The Shawshank Redemption.

From Malkin escaping Magnitogorsk to the Hossa deal, to Bing shining his shoes,
Shawshank is easily tied into everything we do around here.

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But one theme from the film hasn't been entertained this season.
And that theme is hope.

Pens fans fall into three categories:


Fans who like to see their teams fail just so they can bitch about it.
Go on any message board, and you will find a couple.

These people are having a field day right now.
Trade Malkin, they say.


And then you have fans who have respectfully conceded to these Red Wings.
The Red Wings are up 3-1 in this series, and it is no fluke.

They are just the better team, they say.


And finally, you have a third group of fans, who are mentally preparing themselves for three more games.
They are the ones who see Jiri Hudler's Game 4 goal as a fluke.
They are the ones who've seen numerous posts and crossbars hit.

Keep hope alive, they say.


Regardless, every Pens fan is justified in their frustration.

The Wings have faced all the pressure this series.
They've responded admirably, now holding a 3-1 series lead.

But what happens when the Pens' reins are loosened when they have nothing to lose?
It's one shift at a time from here on out.

The Pens have nothing to lose.
The Red Wings have the Stanley Cup to lose.

And that's how it will be for as long as the SCF continues.
Remember that.

And remember that hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies.


Only one team in SCF history has come back to win after being down 3-1.
That was the Toronto Maple Leafs.
They beat the Red Wings in 1942.

That was 66 years ago.

Fear of the number 666. [ Wiki ]


Forgive us. We are not the media.
We are fans who run a blog about the Penguins.

We refuse to put on Haz-Mat gear and wade through articles on TSN, ESPN, etc.
There's a Red Wings media orgy everywhere, and Pens fans aren't invited.

If you want to be guided on a tasteful tour of all the SCF news, KK is the place to be.
[ Kukla's Korner ]
Props to Alanah, Paul, Steve, and Bill.

[<span class=
Speaking of Steve, he's been attacking the Versus dilemma head-on.
How long until they have an NHL2Night-esque nightly show? [ KK ]


:: The Pens recalled Alex Goligoski. [ ]
Kris Letang is at Bourdon's memorial services and may miss Game 5.
And is Scuderi injured more than we think?

:: And the Baby Pens are stunned.
They lose arguably their best d-man after falling 2-0 in the Calder Cup Finals. [ AHL ]

:: HCMT answered some questions on Sunday. [ KK ]
:: Quotes from a bunch of Pens on Sunday. [ KK ]

:: Don't step on the logo. [ ]
Warning: Anti-Penguinite article.

:: His run is over. [ Tournament of Masks ]


Some emo kid from Cleveland threw an octopus onto the ice Saturday.
Mellon Arena personnel, in turn, threw him out. [ Freep ]

But emo went to his car where he had a spare $300 ticket waiting.
He threw on a Red Wings jersey and calmly walked back into the arena.

"I hate Pittsburgh more than anything," he said, noting the rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. "It was great. I loved the rush. And I love men."

Let's not kid ourselves. What a job.
We would somehow make a medal and give it to emo if the roles were reversed.

We'd start a movement for someone to throw something on the ice up in Detroit, but who wants to get into that shit.

At least someone put a Roberts for President sticker on the Red Wings bus.


:: [ ] has all SCF games in their entirety in high-definition.
See the obstruction as you've never seen it before.

:: Will teams try to become the Wings? Old and Cheap. [ Dr. Mirtle ]

:: [ Japers' Rink ] wants you to watch "The Hockey Show" on
The reason: Carrie Milbank.

[Carrie+<span class=

We were always fans of Summer Sanders.
But that was a different time.

:: Our old friends at [NPI] are on the verge. We don't like the Wings or their fans.
But the girls at NPI are good people.



Jokestrom is in tonight. [ ]


Courtesy of [ LGP ]



Dan Cleary's Dad.

From reader and good friend [BlackNGold66]:

When I checked into my hotel last night after the game there was a guy holding a folded up Wings jersey in his hand all conspicuous like. He went straight up to someone decked in Pens gear and said, "So did the Pens win tonight?" then looked at me and winked.

Then he walked over to another guy and asked the same thing.

I couldn't take it so I just said, "Dude, your obviously a Wings fan so you don't need to rub the shit in. Just go upstairs to your room."

He winked at me again and asked ANOTHER Pens fan what the final was.

So I said "Did you come all the way from Detroit to rub it in?"

He told me he was Dan Cleary's father.

What a dick. Who winks at another man?


And finally, thanks to [Sean K.] for sending us some unreal inspirational links.

We'll go with this one.


Gameday will be a little late getting up.
We already know who we are going with.

Go Pens


eileenover said...


sh0ez said...

Damn. Here's to me always refreshing old cblog and never realizing there was a new one posted.

USS Hal Gill.

sh0ez said...

What I posted in old cblog:

Anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight? It was actually somewhat decent.

The two best parts were when Adam Sandler came out and sang a song about himself because he was given the Generations Award and then since Mike Meyers was the host, they had him and Dana Carvey do a quick episode of Wayne's World. It was amazing.

James Mirtle said...

Good post guys — here's hoping it's a heckuva game.

eileenover said...

I was actually going to watch the Movie Awards, but I figured it would be lame like usual. I guess I'll have to watch one of the re-runs.

sh0ez said...

@ Staff. The "" link about the Pens logo is a link to the emo kid. Just givin' ya a heads up.

@ eileen: The worst part was that they kept showing Paris Hilton and Benji from GC. Ugh. It was tolerable. There were a few good skits. Those two that I mentioned especially.

Bethany said...

@sh0ez I watched it. I was actually surprised that it was good. Adam Sandler and Wayne's World were the best part of the night. However, the annoying fan girls sucked.

Skizzler said...

I hate Cleary's man-winking father.

Let's go Pens.

Steph said...

Thanks for the shoutout once again - good luck tomorrow you guys. Here's to a great game, and to Elly not hating me if we beat you.

John said...

We can beat these guys! I thought I was the only one who watched Miracle to get pumped for this game. All that we need now is for HCMT to tell Gino that he wants him to be a HOCKEY PLAYER!

KJ said...

why watch anything on mtv when its showed the first time when you know it'll be reran to its death?

and i read about that wings fan and people are acting like he's that generation's best & brightest. seriously, dude spent how much to get to pittsburgh + an octopus + the original ticket + $300 scalper ticket. way to go dumbass.

and count me in as category 3 type fan. i don't wanna wash the "wwgrd" off my car!

eileenover said...

Ok, can I set one thing straight? It's not Gino, it's GENO. Look at how Evgeni is spelled and it just makes more sense. And with that I'm out.

stokes said...

RE: Emo. i want to fucking murder that douche. i hope his dog dies.

J.S. said...

But it is spelled Gino on his sticks.

I hope Emo kid gets disowned by his family on Christmas day. What a dick.

J.S. said...

Here's how I know how that kid is a joke: nice 25 jersey [rolls eyes]

I think the old saying goes "When the chips are down.....blame Darren McCarty"

Bethany said...

Despite what it says on his sticks, I like Geno better, it adds to the Super Mario World that the Pens are. Geno was a character in a Super Mario game. There are way too many similarities between that game and the Pens. Super Mario himself, Flower (most badass upgrade), Geno etc.

Flyer Hater said...

Category 2 for me.

Konstantine Koltsov.

Party of Ruutu said...

Eileen there was a post about Geno v. Gino a while ago. His stick says Gino, but people prefer Geno. There's no wrong or right then...I guess.

I'm so #3. With as many 11th hour efforts that have resulted in victories that I've had in life or that I've witness, I'd be a fool to say die.


Wes said...

Someone needs to find Zach Smith's myspace page.

blueline said...

Men winking at other men is a Newfoundland thing, which was an inherited trait brought to the island by young boys from Greenland, who would huddle together in a spooning position to keep warm, to build community, and to keep icky girls away.

Or at least I'm saying that hoping it will be passed off as fact.

Ya know, Andy, hope can get a man killed in these parts...

Well, maybe hope is a good thing, the best of things.

I hate to quote Rocky, but "I didn't hear no bell!"

Jasper said...

if u put it that way,
I'm a pens fan #3

Stilly said...

Me = Category 3

No reason why the guys shouldn't be throwin down tonight. A weak ass fluke goal put us in a 3-1 hole. Time to take the series over on enemy ice. In 12 hours, the season and our collective sanity is on the line. Lord Stanley's Cup comes back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'

Colin said...

Count me in as a number 3.

Best emo-related saying I have ever heard.

"I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself."

Is anyone else not watching the "Miracle" clip because they are at work and know that they will cry? Anyone? No?

dying alive said...

I'm so glad you guys mentioned the thing about people who secretly want to see their team fail so that they can bitch about it. I've been purposely staying away from LGP because I hate hate HATE the negativity of that place any time the Pens lose, and I accidently clicked on the wrong bookmark this morning and found myself there. Big mistake. I read through a couple of threads. Bigger mistake.

Octopussy should have taken some of that money he spent and gotten a real haircut.

Christina said...

"Remember cblog, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

That emo kid looks like he scalped Zac Efron and used the hair as a wig.
(And yes I'm ashamed to admit I know exactly who Zac Efron is and what he looks like. Damn my 11 year old cousins!)

Sooska said...

That video is Gospel according to Herbie. AMEN, Coach! Hallelujah!

@colin- I'm at work and I watched. I blinked back the tears and smiled through them. I am fighting back the urge to stand up and begin clapping and stomping and chanting slowly at first, then faster and louder


And from last night's cblog:
@BNG66- Thanks! *blushes and flutters eyelashes* I love you too! When I know something I know it.


Stilly said...

@dying alive

Careful.. Emo's are very sensitive.. especially about their hair. You may have caused this toolbag to cut himself repeatedly, just to feel the pain.

If Pens fans saw him throw the Octopus on the ice.. they should have made that kid's night miserable. I think beating him up would've been a bit harsh (I mean come on.. we're not Philly), but that shit shouldn't fly.

FakeDannyStag said...


is it to late to collect some plane ticket funds? we need malkin's parents at the joe tonight.


tonights game will be shown at Reddstone with sound. Reddstone is a great small restaurant/bar with 2 huge flat screens. it's located on West 76th street off of Lake. it's in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood close to Lakewood.

emo boy needs to listen to My Chemical Bromance and off himself.

Raybin said...

Missed last night. I was an unapologetic Category 2.

But I watched that video. Holy jumping hell. Category 3 all the way.

The pieces are all in place. Can 87 live up to the legacy of 66 in this time and in this place? We shall see. When that puck drops words.

No matter what, I want the see them leave it all out there. No half-assed skating, no looking bewildered like in Games 1 and 2. Give it the Game 3 effort. And if they beat you? No shame at least.


Matt Gajtka said...

Here's how much faith I have in the Pens...I quit my job today so now I'll be free to watch Games Five, Six and Seven.

Sure, it was a shitty job anyway and I probably was going to leave it very soon no matter what...but thinking about missing an elimination game tonight pushed me over the edge.

Gotta love it. To paraphrase Muhammed Ali...I'll be in heaven when our Penguins win in seven!

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

That's a BIIIIIIIG reason why you seldom find me over in the Pens discussions at anymore as well. I hate to say anything bad about the place because it's a good board for the most part and RJ does a hell of a job with it. But there are a few too many people who take themselves a bit too seriously when it comes to hockey talk. And I got sick the fact that some people can't refrain from throwing personal insults out every time you post an opinion contrary to what they think.

NPR and NHR forums are still good, but the Pens discussions there are full of too many bridge-takers for my taste.

Raybin said...

The ULTIMATE motivational speech

"Sons of Pittsburgh! I am Sidney Crosby."

"Sidney Crosby is seven feet tall!"

"Yes, I've heard. Scores goals by the hundreds. And if he were here, he'd consume the Red Wings with fireballs from his eyes and balls of lightning from his ass.

I am Sidney Crosby! And I see a whole army of my teammates here in defiance of douchebaggery. You have come to fight as champions. And champions you are. What will you do without the Cup? Will you fight?"

"Fight? Against that? No. We will dog it. And we will live."

"Aye, fight and you may be injured. Dog it, and you'll be least a while.

And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance, JUST ONE CHANCE, to come here and tell our opponent that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our PRIDE!"

Yee haw.

Fleury29 said...

"Even if he got kicked out, that's true Detroit pride," said Trevor Staahl, 23, of Grosse Pointe Woods. "That's how we do it in Detroit."

Except that the emo kid was from Cleveland. The only reason he's doing it is because he hates anything having to do with Pittsburgh.

If I were a Red Wings fan, I wouldn't be proud of the kid. He's a joke, not a true fan. It was a good job but he obviously has way too much money if he can afford a new Wings jersey and two tickets to a Penguins SCF game.

Solid post. I actually watched that exact video on YouTube yesterday. Then, thanks to TPB for posting the link, I watched all of Against The Odds. Solid video. Earl Mann is the, um, mann.

Dan said...

I commented on ESPN's Malkin "article" (first mistake) trying my best to support Gino.

ESPN then pulls a total hack job and puts my "quote" on the front page in the featured comment section. I feel so dirty.

I'm so sorry Gino- much love.

Stoosh said...

General thoughts, dudes...

1. Emo kid must be one of those frontrunning, Cleveland-based Wings fans that BNG66 went off about before the series started. What a joke. Kid probably cheers for the Patriots or the Giants because his Browns haven't done anything but define ineptitude, and if that twerp follows the NBA, I'm sure he's pissed because LeBron is only going to stick around Cleveland as long as Cleveland can put a team around him, which they really haven't proven they can do so far.

2. Even worse is the guy who claims to be Dan Cleary's dad. I'm sure Cleary's dad - if that really was him - is proud of the fact that his son is playing in the Cup Finals, but that story puts Dan Cleary's dad on par with Phil Kessel's mom.

(For those who don't know, the rumor is that when both Crosby and Kessel were coming up through amateur hockey in their early teenage years, their paths crossed a couple of times at some of the tournaments their respective amateur teams played. Kessel's mom allegedly spent most of those games screaming obscenities at Crosby from the stands, even going down to the glass and yelling at Crosby through the glass. Not sure if it's true, but as Doc Holliday says, "That's the roomah.")

3. Staff did an excellent job breaking down the three types of fans. I'm not sure where the trolls fall in there. I'm thinking it's some variation of Fan #1, because these people have to harbor some sort of disdain for their own team to make the conscious decision to go on another team's message board or blog and give opposing fans shit about their respective team.

Trolls typically reveal themselves to know and appreciate little about the game. In true form of Fan #1, they're most likely the quickest to bail on their team when times get tough or they have a bad season.

4. Just a random statement from some stuff I got to experience yesterday. Is there anything that screams "YOU FAILED AT LIFE" more than someone who plays something like rec league softball or dek hockey and treats a game like it's the seventh game of the World Series or Stanley Cup? When you are 1) pulling a Barry Bonds and strut-walking to first base after hitting a home run in REC LEAGUE SOFTBALL and/or 2) trying to start bench-clearing brawls in REC LEAGUE SOFTBALL, maybe it's time to rethink some priorities.

I can KIND OF understand emotions running high in dek hockey because in any form, hockey is a game driven largely by emotion. But starting a fight in a rec league softball game is maybe one step up from starting a fight on the golf course.

Colin said...

@ dan -

Deadspin usually runs a post about ESPN's daily comment. You might be an internet superstar soon.

Anyone else having problems with blogger?

J.S. said...

I wish I could find Rome's rant on softball guy. He did a segment on that, which mostly revolved around (a)softball guy getting jobbed by a coach who "was out to get him" and had to prove to everybody that he didn't get a fair shot, (b)softball guy revolving his life around, what else, softball, and not letting the simple things like family life get in the way, (c)softball guy always trying to look "cool" with names like "Hammer" or the number 69 as a jersey number. Sure, he can get on a rant and repeat himself more often than not, but that segment was nothing but 10+ minutes of running softball guy into the ground. Sadly enough, I've seen the same thing in a few inline leagues, where if a team was down by 5+ goals, everybody on that team magically evolved from Lemieux times 0.000000000000000000001 to an inline reincarnate of Steve Downie.

J.S. said...

dan, I was for about 10 minutes. I thought MIS finally caught me and blocked the site.

xuscbausp said...

we're winning tonight.
it's that simple, cblog
3-2 after tonight. see you in pittsburgh on wednesday night.
i dont believe. i know.

lets go pens

William said...

tonight we are the greatest hockey team in the world. you don't have a choice on what fan you are tonight you are either a cat. 3 fan or you can go join emo kid and all his douchebaggery.


Sooska said...

@fakedannystag:I agree about Ge(i)no's parents. (What's up with Google servers? Who is jobbing Google?) Anyway, I saw an interview with him before Game 1 and when he said his parents weren't coming to the finals because it's too far, I thought OMGary that's wrong. They need to be here.


>1 That emo is was bred on the mistake by the lake. What can we expect?

>2 I have witnessed such behavior from hockey parents. mothers and fathers alike; travel leagues and highschool. Oh the stories I could tell. I imagine at higher levels it only gets worse if they are so inclined at lower levels.

>3 trolls hate other teams more than they love their own team. frontunners are trolls who only come around during the good times and talk like they care. when things go bad they start yelling about trades.

>4 some people peak in high school and never go further.

and just in general, I think that playing within the rules of any sport is why it is difficult. If there were no rules it wouldn't be hard in many cases.

Robert said...

One Shift at a time

JYo said...

The pieces are all in place. Can 87 live up to the legacy of 66 in this time and in this place?

Couldn't have said it better. All I could think while watching the comeback from 3-1 down to the Craps, is, "I hope 87 can pull a 66."

Trolls typically reveal themselves to know and appreciate little about the game. In true form of Fan #1, they're most likely the quickest to bail on their team when times get tough or they have a bad season.

No better example of this than after game 3. One loss in the Cup finals and there was not a troll to be found around here. (There were a couple of level headed Wings fans here a little bit, but none of the usual crap.) They were still ahead in the series in the SCF and still, one loss kept them at bay. After a game 4 win, they were right back at it.

Is there anything that screams "YOU FAILED AT LIFE" more than someone who plays something like rec league softball or dek hockey and treats a game like it's the seventh game of the World Series or Stanley Cup?

No, nothing screams that louder, well except maybe being an internet troll. I play a good bit of pick up soccer and every time it still stuns me when someone comes out acting like they are in the World Cup. Give it a rest fellas, its just a pick up game.

@Colin: blogger is having fits for me today too and you are correct that Dan will soon have his 15 minutes of infamy if his quote stays on ESPN long enough for Deadspin to get their claws into it. Of course, sometimes they extend commenting accounts to the folks they are picking on, so maybe Dan can go job them a little bit, especially since they are the type of exclusive "only the chosen ones can comment" type of community that tPB strives not to be.

Christina said...

did someone throw an octopus on blogger?

odmE. said...

Category 3, all the way. No question, no room for doubts.

I feel kind of sad for Geno. I wish people would leave him alone. Yeah, everyone can see his game isn't the same and everyone can speculate why, but the fact of the matter is that only he knows what's going on. And really, it's probably been really hard for him to be away from his family for so phenom or not, he's still only a kid.

Do it.

Stilly said...

Love the speech from Bravehart. We should sign Wallace for gamedays.


I wouldn't be suprised by anything parents do in amateur sports. I was a little league umpire for a few years and parents can be absolutely ridiculous. I also coached elementary football (read school affiliated pee wee), and almost had to kick a parent out for screaming at his kid.

I mean parents should want their kids to succeed, but not at the expense of other kids or their own kid's experience.

Sakic19 said...

Ok C-blog...

How many time this season have we been in this same spot...backs against the wall...being counted out by everyone...but here we still are.

No throwing Malkin under the bus...
No complaining about Fleury...
No worrying about the refs...

One shift at a period at a game at a time...

We have all seen this team win three games in a row and I not only have hope that they's a belief...

Sure the late 90's Devils...sorry, the 08 Red Wings are a tough team, but are they willing to walk that extra mile...are they willing to go just a little bit further?

No matter what happens tonight what seperates us from everyone else is that we'll be here tomorrow...and forever...

Remember C-blog...this isn't the end of the run in any's just the beginning...

Oh yeah...

Fuck emo kid...
Fuck Dan Cleary's father...
and Fuck Kris Draper's broken face

J.S. said...

every time it still stuns me when someone comes out acting like they are in the World Cup.

So they flop to the ground and act like they've been shot?


Colin said...

I am lovin' all the inspirational posts in cblog today.

Colin said...

@ j.s. -

I think that qualifies as a zinger.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xuscbausp said...

Cblog: this is the only way i can express my feelings regarding you guys and this team.

That's right. Ducks fly together.

Stoosh said...

@ J.S. -

I've heard Rome's "Softball Guy" rant before and I've never laughed so hard at anything Rome has said.

We were talking about the jersey number thing yesterday. I think we're the only team in our league who doesn't have a guy with the #69 on his shirt. Is there a more overdone number in rec league sports? And when did it stop being clever? (I said probably around the time you hit college and play intramurals.)

"Softball Guy" is also the guy who plays in the D-league (novice) league, yet drops a US mint on all the top-of-the-line equipment so he looks the part. We had a couple of those in the hockey league I played in when I was in college down at Southpointe. In fact, the leader of the "Softball Guy Brigade" in that league was the son of a former Pens owner, who wasn't really much better a player than I was (and that was my first year of organized ice hockey).

RedWings said...

Just my opinion, but category 1 isn't a real fan. Category 2 and 3 are fans, just separated by degrees of emotion. Maybe. Anyway, speaking as someone who hopes the Wings clinch tonight, I don't see any reason for you NOT to be a Cat 3. Both of these teams simply have too much talent to think that either one is out of it.

Sure the Wings won in Mellon, but dallass got us in game 5 in Detroit. So the possibilities are out there. And if this returns to Mellon, well....

Now, as far as "Emo" (you guys kill me) goes, I admire the hudspa (sp?) and love the tradition, but I have to wonder if maybe that tradition doesn't travel very well. Like, maybe you're better off saving that for the Joe.

And as much as Orpik has "the shift", what Zetterberg did on that 5 on 3 deserves some honarable mention. It may not have been and Orpikian shift, but if this series goes the Wings way, it may deserve equal mention as "the shift". Although you guys still get "yard sale" (classic).

And yeah, blogger's been bombing on me this AM, too.

Raybin said...

Remember C-blog...this isn't the end of the run in any's just the beginning...

Absolutely goddamn right.

Whatever happens tonight or in any other games that might be played in this series....this was a very special team this season that overcame adversity in spades.

It's why I want to see them win so bad, even beyond the desire to see "my team" win. I just feel like these are the hard luck kids from the wrong side of the tracks vs. the six foot tall blond square jawed all American boys who have never faced any tough times. Detroit skated through this season, and basically rolled the playoffs, despite some mild indigestion caused by Nashville early on. I'd hate to seem them win no matter who they were playing. (Except Philly, NY and Ottawa. But you knew that)

Shero will keep the core of this team together and work to improve it. A Cup win is in the near future. Bet your first born on it.

So they flop to the ground and act like they've been shot?

Wait, weren't you talking about soccer? Why bring up Elroy? *rimshot*

RedWings said...

and = an

Raybin said...

hudspa (sp?)

I believe it's "chutzpah" But don't trust me for much of anything.

And Zetterberg was (dark, black, evil) magic on that shift.

If the Pens go down tonight, people will point to that and say he broke our back right there.

JYo said...

I also coached elementary football (read school affiliated pee wee), and almost had to kick a parent out for screaming at his kid.

My dad was the head of the PA junior wrestling organization for a few years and its amazing to see what parents would do. A good number of parents had to be thrown out in the Under 10 age division. Your kids aren't even ten years old and you are being thrown out of their sporting events! Epic Fail!

Spencemo said...

OK, I didn't watch the MTV movie awards...and, BTW, am I the only one in here old enough to remember when MTV only showed music videos??? Just sayin'

I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself... = classic
I'm going to be using that one sooner or later.

Personally, I want to know where Cap'n Emo gets that kind of money to buy two SCF tickets just in case he gets thrown out of the game. Unreal.

Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks = solid

DO IT! Go Pens!

odmE. said...

@ raybin - this deserves an award. "I just feel like these are the hard luck kids from the wrong side of the tracks vs. the six foot tall blond square jawed all American boys who have never faced any tough times."

Your post is 100% right on. I want the Pens to win the cup. I have absolute faith that they can. But we all know that everything they accomplished this season is nothin' to sneeze at.

JYo said...

So they flop to the ground and act like they've been shot?

You'd be surprised what people do in a pick up game that no one will remember the next day. Ridiculous. Anyway, I was going to ask if you thought I was talking about Elroy instead of the World Cup, but Raybin beat me to it. I wonder if this is why the Wings recruit Europe so hard, so they can find the best divers in any sport to bring them the knowledge???

xuscbausp said...

angels in the OF on tbs right now.

like JP says: "It could happen"

Colin said...

Rare Chris Osgood Summer Training Video

Jonny V said...

It took three minutes for c-blog to load up for me.

Emo kid was just on ESPN's 1st and 10 (Cold Pizza) and Dana interviewed him. I've never in my life wanted to head butt my TV screen. Until now. I needed a new TV anyways. His haircut was looking extra gay. I can't believe girls go for that.

I'm a category three, why be a particular team's fan if you don't believe they can win? Hell, every season I talk myself into believing the Buccos can play respectable baseball.

I'm off to work, from there it's straight home to watch the game. My mind will be on hockey all day.

Herb Brooks and Badger Bob, pull some strings for us...

Jonny V said...

Spencemo, I'm sure he got it from his parents, ashamed of their success and for bringing a child into such a cruel world. Or whatever the emo motto is...

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Carrie Milbank has nice blouse bunnies.

Who said that?

RedWings said...


Thanks for the spell check. They just had the National Spelling Bee on Friday. Guess I should have paid some attention.

The worst experience I had was when my son played hockey. The fricken parents were an abomination. Same type of "softball guy" mentality. They, of course, know the rules better than anyone on earth. They are also convinced that the high school referee, calling his second game ever, is trying to specifically screw softball guy's kid. No chance a nervous high school kid learning to ref, is trying his best. He's just out to screw softball guy's kid.

Stilly said...


I heard that Christiano Ronaldo is leaving Man U during the summer transfer window to play goalie for the Wings.

dying alive said...

Count me in as a #3. I told the people who sit in front of me at Mellon that I'd see them on Wednesday.

On the subject of softball guy: I played softball for 16 years of my life (both slo-pitch and fast pitch) and was pretty damn good at it. In my late teens I was on three different teams concurrently. However, I refuse to play anymore because adult leagues are ridiculous. I have no tolerance for the amount of peen-swinging that takes place, even on co-ed teams. And god forbid that you, as a woman, show up one of the peen-swinging men on the team in any way. You'd get a less severe reaction if you shot their mothers right in front of them. Honestly I can't really play anymore because of elbow problems anyway, but watching the retardery that takes place at adult league games really lessens the sting.

Docciavelli said...

Fan Type #3. Would be #2 if not for the Franzen 3-Second Delay Crumple/Osgood 12-Gauge/Joke "Swany-Dive".


That's exactly what I thought. "You're from Cleveland and you had $600 to blow on two tickets for yourself? And which of Bernie Kosar's mistresses was your mother?"

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm calling myself Mr. 2.5

[speaking of Mr. 8.7...right before I spotted BNG66...I saw this HUGE figure walking up from Centre Ave onto the sidewalk of Mario Lemieux he got closer, I realized who this behemoth was...I wanted to crack some smart ass remark...but, all I could muster was the Sports Center jingle: dadada...dadada....he didn't even break stride & my buddy says 'Is he wearing an ESPN 1250 shirt?'...he was....& was continuing in the general direction of the VIP tents [probably to stuff his fat face with free food]

watching the RW in person is like watching textbook hockey brought from printed form onto the ice [excep for da obstruction 13,14 clip dat I see]

If there's a Penguin on the puck, there are 2 Wings...

Two Pens trying to run a little 2-man game....3 Wings interrupt the pro-cess....

Sticks always in passing lanes...

No clean breakouts....

Challenge to gain the redline....

their D-men always jumping into the play at the right time and always pinching on the blueline at the right time....

This last one always gets me about the Pens D- v. all others...and the RW seem to exploit this better than any team that I've seen this year...

Tonight, watch how many times the Pens D start retreating and giving up the blueline before a RW has either: fully turned to start skating up ice with the puck OR has been challenged by a Pen and 'forced' to make a play...

the #2 in me realizes that the RW are the superior team [scheme wise...talent wise is debatable]

the #3 in me says although the rats may be gathering their scuba gear for a 'swim'...I'm sticking around with the band & playing a few more tunes until I see 0:00 when the 3rd period has ended, and DET has the lead.


Sooska said...

@ red wings and raybin- it is "chutzpah" (Yiddish)

@ jonny v - you reverse media whore puckbunny, you.

@ raybin- "...the six foot tall blond square jawed all American boys..." actually cblog had a conversation a couple of days ago where we opined that the Wings look like a Nazi genetic experiment for Aryan domination.

Raybin said...

Oh, and Carrie Milbank has nice blouse bunnies.

In my dreams, we're playing hockey and she gets called for holding the stick.

Sweet Jesus, I am so sorry.

Pensgirl said...

Until the person who nicknamed Malkin says "I gave him the name and it's spelled like this..." it's anybody's guess. I wouldn't trust that his stick as a good source. You have no idea who put the name on it, and I can tell you from 30 years of personal experience that people are fucking stupid about spelling names right (even after you correct them repeatedly).

Assholeblog: in one of my brother's hockey games, the entire fan section of the other team was thrown out. They were nothing short of appalling. And they were proud of themselves, of course.

dying alive said...

Emo kid was just on ESPN's 1st and 10 (Cold Pizza) and Dana interviewed him.
Further proof that ESPN is complete and total garbage.

Emo kids are terrible. "ZOMG, I hate my middle-class white bread upbringing! I hate my parents for working for the man and buying a McMansion! Nobody understands me! I'm all alone in the world, so I'm going to wear lots of black eyeliner and sleep in a coffin. Oh, and by the way, I need to borrow the keys to the Audi on Saturday to go to the Dashboard Confessional show."

Worst. Poseurs. Ever.

JYo said...

Thanks for the spell check. They just had the National Spelling Bee on Friday. Guess I should have paid some attention.

Yeah, and the winner is from my town. What that means? There is a junior high kid in my town that can spell words I'll never even know the meaning of...

@stilly: If this was the pre-cap era, I wouldn't put it past them to try to buy him, even with a record transfer fee! All that talent and he still has to pull that crap. Another thing I'll never understand.

Duff said...

The Pens had a 3+ game winning streak on 7 occasions during the season.
(Including a 8 game streak.)

Wings had had a 3+ game losing streak on 4 occasions during their season.
(including a six game losing streak.)

I watched every game this season and I must say the Wings honestly have yet to see the Penguins capabilities. Even in game three, I would say we played 75% of our potential.

Steigerwald & Errey called them the heart attack kids on many occasions because of their ability to battle back from a deficit.

We will see game 7 because on this day... I believe we will stop beating ourselves.

Colin said...

In my dreams, we're playing hockey and she gets called for holding the stick.


I also got a chuckle out of the C. Ronaldo comment even though he is money.

Pensgirl said...

Ugh, Redwings, my roommate had the spelling bee on for a little while. Holy crap I'd kill someone if I had to sit through those things. Practically every kid would get their word and then "Can you give the definition? Can you give the origin? Are there any alternate pronunciations? Can you give the definition again? Can you give the origin again? Can you use it in a sentence?" Once, when the moderator said there weren't any alternate pronunciations, the little brat said "Are you sure?" Look, kid, you either know it or you don't, just give it a crack and see how you do. Hearing the definition twelve times isn't going to help you. And the families were sitting on the stage - I woulda been so bad in that situation, rolling my eyes and figeting like a two-year old, trying hard not to scream "JUST GIVE IT A FUCKING SHOT YA LITTLE PUNK!"

The Seeker said...

What ever happened to the NHL penalizing the team when things like rats and octopi are thrown on the ice?

I thought they ruled that they'd penalize the team for such things way back when???

Stilly said...


Agreed. He's sick on the ball, and still flops like a damn fish when someone gets near him. Then Ferguson actually has the gall to call out the refs for not protecting him. What a joke. I fancy myself an Arsenal supporter, so I could be bias.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I had a HS game down at the CIVIC Arena back in the late 80's & my brother was walking around thru the seats...over by the Pens runway he finds a broken Sherwood wooden stick [yes, boys & girls, sticks were once made of WOOD....from TREES...] was a Dave Hannan stick spelled HANNON.


Colin said...

@ stilly -

Ronaldo > Fabregas

I had to do it. Man Utd fan here.

dying alive said...

I didn't actually see the spelling bee, but I did see highlights on ESPN (further proof of what a joke they are). I did get a chuckle out of that kid mishearing the word, looking up with a bewildered expression on his face, and asking, "numbnut?"

Pensgirl said...


Both my first and last names are misspelled more often than they are gotten right. And they are a combined nine letters long, ZOMG it's so hard.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker
Objects Thrown on the Ice

In the event that objects are thrown on the ice that interfere with the progress of the game, the Referee shall blow the whistle and stop the play and the puck shall be faced-off at a face-off spot in the zone nearest to the spot where play is stopped.
When objects are thrown on the ice during a stoppage in play, including after the scoring of a goal, the Referee shall have announced over the public address system that any further occurrences will result in a bench minor penalty being assessed to the home Team. Articles thrown onto the ice following a special occasion (i.e. hat trick) will not result in a bench minor penalty being assessed.

Stilly said...


You're right on a pure talent level.

Cesc classier than Ronaldo.

Congrats on the double. I really thought Arsenal would have been more of a presence at the end. Just ran out of steam I guess. Too many draws that should have been wins.

Pensgirl said...

Dying Alive I didn't see that part. But even if I had I think I would have been too annoyed with the whole thing to laugh.

The only thing that kept me sane was I was waiting for the guys from Psych to show up.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- I thought it was Geino.

Colin said...

@ stilly -

No doubt about your comments regarding class and talent. Both right on. Quite frankly, all his pattycaking around with Real Madrid is getting quite annoying.

Personally, I am an Owen Hargreaves fan.

Hopefully you dislike Chelsea more than Man Utd and could enjoy the CL PK win.

Samir Nasri > Flamini or Hleb IMO

Spencemo said...

@ docciavelli...

Bernie Kosar is a joke. He got sacked so much we all used to say he should change his numbe from 19 to 9-1-1.

Stilly said...


Geino looks like something a celebrity would name their kid. It's right up there with Rumer...

VooX said...

Alright bitches, I'M BAACCCKK!!

Wasn't able to rub our domination in last game, as a hot girl kept me from watching it live... a worthwhile sacrifice that once your players hit puberty they might appreciate.

So you played like bitches and whined like bitches last game... all in a days work for the Pens.

And over here the "Shawhank Repemption" crew are lining up under beams of wood to hang themselves... go ahead and do it early it'll save you the misery of watching us raise the Cup tonight... 4th time in 11 years after all.

Don't worry, no need to get sand in your vaginas, because I am here to bring good news for your fragile egos. I will be sadly absent again from pointing out how humiliated you should feel during tonights game.

You see, I will be joining the victory celebration at Joe Louis Arena. If it makes you happy that I will be missing from the GDT tonight, be sad because this pain in your ass will be having the time of any hockey fans life... watching his team raise the Cup live.

Eat it bitches... your dreams will turn to nightmares by the end of tonight.

Big Daddy Detroit is coming again... do you want your pink or yellow teddy bear?

VooX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh0ez said...

@ xuscbausp: We have the same TV, I think. I was watching Angels in the Outfield, too. You know what comes on from 12-2 on TBS, right? HOME IMPROVEMENT!


PaulinMiamiBeach said...

The Wings have faced all the pressure this series.


yeah, sure they have.


JYo said...

Then Ferguson actually has the gall to call out the refs for not protecting him. What a joke.

To an extent, I can see why. It similar to what Crosby faces. Sometimes players are on a different level skill wise and other players are either forced to hack them to keep up or they hack them unintentionally because they player has made a move quicker than they can anticipate. They actually do get fouled quite a bit and refs should be making calls all the time.

I think this can actually encourage diving since refs are sometimes afraid to constantly make all the calls they see, so they start letting some of it go and it builds up. Then, someone like Rinaldo sees that he has to go down to get the calls that should be made in the first place and realizes if he goes down even when there is no foul, he may get even more calls. It might give him a bad rap, but it seems to work. An analogy here is Elroy. He may get a bad rap as a diver, but the other team still takes a two minute penalty when he takes a flop.

If refs in any sport called games consistently and called all of the actual fouls that occur, including diving, I think you would see the superstars stand out even more and there would be less embellishment. It would take time to adjust as players, but it could and should be done.

jefe said...

go pens.

sh0ez said...

@voox: You missed that game where, you know, the Pens won, too.


Spencemo said...


numbe = number


Sooska said...

@ stilly- I was being facetious.

Dr. Turkleton said...


from my few years of german in HS and my german family name...

EI is pronounced 'EYE'

IE is pronounced 'EEE'



your spelling is where women go to have their Pennsylvania Inspections taken care of [where do you keep the stickers, though?....I've never figured that out]

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

A weak ass fluke goal put us in a 3-1 hole.

yeah, a brilliant play by Stuart to keep the puck in and get it to the net, and a fantastic job of corralling the puck and flipping it backhand over the goalie...was a fluke.

I'll bet stock in Penguins Homer Glasses went up today.

sh0ez said...

@ doc: Never in my life did I expect to hear that metaphor.

Dr. Turkleton said...


voox went MIA [insert paulinmiamaibeach joke here] even on his own A2Y board when the Pens won Game 3...

I haven't been over there maybe some pens comments have forced their hand to conuterstrike here...but they bitch on A2Y about Pens fans 'invading' their blog & then voox turns around & provides his PSA, making sure to included hot girl [translated: lotion + kleenex™] over here....

VooX said...


I was here, I even gave credit where it was due... you see I am here to stir the hornets nest (as you guys like non-hockey talk) but I do actually have my head out of my ass unlike most here and can see what is REALLY happening in the game.

Here's a hint: it has NOTHING to do with "obstruction"

Enjoy your single victory in this series, cling to it like you will your teddy bears tonight, cause it is gonna get ugly for you guys around 8:00 pm.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- thanks for the lecture on German spelling. I was being freaking facetious based upon the controversy. sheesh!!!! :)

Stilly said...


I hope like hell that Ronaldo goes to Madrid. The sooner he's out of England, the sooner I don't have to worry about him... Well mostly. I still like Henry so i've been watching Barca when they've been playing.

I actually didn't catch much of the EPL season after the fall, so you very well could be right in the Samir Nasri > Flamini or Hleb comparison. I was never overly impressed by either of those two players. I like Rosicky in midfield more than either of them, and even Walcott gives them a better chance. I'd like to see a new attacking midfielder come in during the transfer window.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

So they flop to the ground and act like they've been shot?

Wait, weren't you talking about soccer? Why bring up Elroy? *rimshot*

remind me again who has actually gotten a penalty for diving in this series. thanks.

Raybin said...

@wings trolls

If the Wings win tonight, we know you'll be here to have a nice gloat before sinking into your couch, watching Cinemax After Dark and crying yourself to sleep.

If they lose, however, please do come back for your mockery as I noticed you failed to do after Game 3.

Wings trolls are just like Elroy at the post-game presser...runs his mouth like he's the lovechild of Patrick Roy and Marty Brodeur when he wins, but when they lose...barely a peep.


VooX said...


I've enjoyed your posts at A2Y, at least you are not afraid to tread in enemy territory...

but like I said to shoez, I WAS here during game 3... I have no reason to hide and cower (that's Malkin's job this series)

Colin said...

Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way and Hudler would have missed completely.


Raybin said...

remind me again who has actually gotten a penalty for diving in this series. thanks.

Nothing in this series.

But let's talk to Mike Ribeiro and ask him what he thinks, shall we?

PaulinMiamiBeach said...


oh, and as for spelling bees - definition, word origin, etc. definitely are useful in determining a word's spelling. see, it's not just memorizing words - it's understanding language so that you can figure out prefixes, suffixes, root words, etc.

Dr. Turkleton said...


sorry, your sarcasma didn't translate very well

Dan Cleary Dad's Wink - ;)

sh0ez said...

I laft.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

remind me again who has actually gotten a penalty for diving in this series. thanks.

Nothing in this series.


1 16:59
2 Diving

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Yeah, but a quarter inch the other way and Hudler would have missed completely.

that's what makes it a brilliant goal, not a fluke.

wow, such homers.

Dr. Turkleton said...


if you were here for Game 3...I apologize...we were just blogging in enemy territory, then!!!!!

Colin said...

If you think Hudler planned to bank the pick of the post and have it go off the back of Fleury's arm, you are an idiot.

VooX said...

i understand turks...

the giddiness over actually winning one must have had your hands trembling at A2Y ;)

JYo said...

See Jane be a troll.

See Dick feed the troll.

Don't be a dick!

J.S. said...

It's not the original rant, but here's a summary of Rome's Softball Guy rant.

3 categories
a)fat, old guy
b)young, angry guy (dangerous)
c)dork (aka stat guy who "manages")

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

If you think Hudler planned to bank the pick of the post and have it go off the back of Fleury's arm, you are an idiot.

nobody said he planned for it to go in that way. doesn't change that it was a brilliant goal, not a fluke.

an example of a fluke would be if that puck hit Fleury, bounced 10 feet in the air, came down and hit him in the back and went in.

beating a goalie on a backhand, with little room to spare, is not a fluke.

Colin said...

@ stilly -

You guys should play Wolcott on the right with Rosicky on the left next year. Hard to think of two more explosive / quicker wingers in the Prem.

J.S. said...

@pensgirl re: spelling bee.

If those little brats would repeat any of those questions, I'd give 'em the bell and call them for delay of game.


VooX said...

One more thing before I go to Detroit...


Stilly said...


i know you were being facetious.. just an oberservation.


Agreed. I would imagine they would start together next year. At least i hope they would.

Pensgirl said...

J.S., no kidding. 'Course they're probably up there thinking "Mommy won't love me anymore if I screw this up." Supposedly those spelling bee parents are the worst.

meecrofilm said...


Sorry man, but anytime you shoot the puck and it's not heading into the net, but somehow ends up into the net, is a fluke.

C'mon Staff. Kick The Tires and Light The Fires. Do it.

threshhold9k said...

Internet is hard to come by in these parts....when I don't own a laptop and must use an internet cafe.

A few days old: I'm in Germany for an internship and went out to watch the game at a local sports in Frankfurt. The only fans there were wings fans. Although, they were Germans who had spent some time in Detroit. They were nice and we had a blast but the place closed before the third period (4:00ish in the morning); I'm glad that it did though a. Pens lost and b. I was already hammered. There was one flyers fan there from Philly, although he said he was rooting for the pens which almost caused a hemourage in my brain because I couldn't believe he said that. I made me feel kinda bad about asking how his golf swing was coming along.

Anyways, when this goes to game Seven. Anyone in Germany from Cblog, Sam's Sports bar in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt am Main, be there. They have NASN which gets a TSN feed.
Also if anyone finds a blue winterclassic baseball cap, that would be mine. And if your in London, a grey sevensprings pens hat....mine too.

Colin said...

@ dan -

Congrats. You made Deadspin.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Sorry man, but anytime you shoot the puck and it's not heading into the net, but somehow ends up into the net, is a fluke.


so an intentional deflection goal is a fluke?

Spencemo said...

I participated in a spelling bee once, in the fourth grade. I thought it was gay then, and that was in the 80's. Spelling bees are useless; it would me much more of a competition if these kids were actually learning how to use those words to improve their vocabularies, instead of mindlessly puking out the spelling.

wilsmith said...

Emo Kids

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

instead of mindlessly puking out the spelling.

if you think that's what they're doing, then I'm guessing your one showing in a spelling bee didn't go very well.

Stilly said...

Ohhh yay.

MiamimeninPaul is back. And look... he's even trolling about something other than hockey. He's a trollin machine!

TheNWChica said...

With the mood I'm in today, I'm going to leave this message in the spirit of my good pal Sh0ez' weekend project.

Dear RedWings fans, esp. Paul...


No love,

P.S. Elroy's mom called...his lunch is ready; but he's going to have to put up with the CareBears plate because the Power Rangers one is in the dishwasher.

dying alive said...

I couldn't watch the game live because I was on the internet talking hot chicks all night...

sh0ez said...

My weekend project? Ha ha. LOLhockeys?

sh0ez said...

I also figured out that I can't work a way to come to Mellon tonight with my current financial situation. =[

TheNWChica said...

I love your LOLhockeys Sh0ez.

Sooska said...

@ chica - that letter must have it's own blog.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

did you guys see that Therrien is ghost-writing over at

sh0ez said...

@ chica: I'm glad. I just wanted to cheer people up and and lighten the mood. I just wish Yahoo had new pictures today. Wasn't there morning skate or something? Hah.

TheNWChica said...

@sooska:'s not a good morning here at the DeathStar. I would have called in sick, but I have too much work to do.

@sh0ez: I usually see pictures come up about 11-12ish my time. EN has some, but I think they took them w/a camera phone and so are not macro quality.

Joose said...

Sh0ez :( ......... I'll spot you some cash for gas.

Sooska said...

@ chica- Seth at EN does use a camera phone.

Katie said...

Category 3 fan here. I always have hope when it comes to the Pens and my Pitsburgh teams.

I'm anxious about tonight and cannot really focus on work, but I have faith (which works well with hope) that our boys will pull through.

yermammy3 said...


Wings 5, Penguins 1

Stanley goes to Detroit.

Joose said...

What a thoughtful prediction, Mammy.

Colin said...

@ joose -

Your responses are always perfect.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stilly said...

Stanley goes to Detroit

Is that kind of like Ernest goes to Jail?

I loved those Ernest movies.

yermammy3 said...

you are right joose...

lemme think about it a little more...

damn! i did need to think more

New Prediction:

Wings 7, Penguins 1

Pensgirl said...

Stilly, it's worse. There's some semblance of protection in jail, what with the bars and all.

Stilly said...

Have you heard about the sequel to Stanley goes to Detroit?

It's called Charlie goes to Detroit. He's hoping Osgood and Holmsjoke will help him get more "experience"

J.S. said...

7-1 Wings?

I knew there was a drug problem in Detoilet.

You may want to consider rehab.

dying alive said...

Is it time for the Bluto Blutarsky speech yet?

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

If you think Hudler planned to bank the pick of the post and have it go off the back of Fleury's arm, you are an idiot.

if you think that's how that puck went in, you are an idiot. and blind. and a homer.

sh0ez said...

Stop using the word 'homer' in every comment, homer.

TheNWChica said...


The horse is glue...the puck went in and you got the goal.


Robert said...


why are you even posting on here. You are a joke.

yermammy3 said...

Hey JS - what does one do in a toilet? oh yeah...


Hey Paul in Miami - do you think Cindy is gonna cry tonight? 10 to 1 his tears fall over that pubestash he's sportin'...


Dubs said...

Luv that Miracle clip ... and LUV the Caps post!

'Tonight, Washington saw his gunfighter eyes ...'

it's a long shot, but we can still do this tonight ... Detroit may have a solid system in place, but they're def a team of whiners, divers and cheap punks, and no team like that is invincible.

Stoosh said...

Paulinmiamibeach -

I'd equate Hudler's goal as somewhat similar to the one Sid scored against Phoenix in 2006-07.

Crosby was in the right faceoff circle with his back to the net. He gathered the puck and as he did so, he was hit from behind by a Coyotes player. As he was being hit, he threw a backhander to the net, elevated it enough and got it past Phoenix's goaltender.

Hudler's goal was fluky in the same sort of way. I don't know if "fluky" is the right way to describe it because I don't think neither Hudler nor Crosby planned it to go that way. But to score a goal like that takes at least some decent ice sense and awareness, in addition to a good deal of strength and skill to elevate the puck on the backhand with your back to the net. You wouldn't have a hell of a lot of leverage to get the puck into the air.

So I'll give them both credit for that in each instance. I think the "fluky" nature of each goal would be the result of having a bit of a surprise advantage on the goaltender; the goalie isn't exactly expecting the shot to come at that time from that angle. In addition, if you asked each player to make his respective play 20 more times, he might be able to duplicate the same result once, maybe twice. It's just too hard a shot to make that accurately with any consistency.

In the end, Hudler and Crosby were doing what they both do best...get the puck to the net and hope to make a play out of it. In each case, the puck just went in. Some skill required, but also a good bit of luck as well in each case.

Joose said...

Thanks, Colin.

Mammy, you must have eaten your Wheaties this morning.

Dubs said...

@Stoosh -

I was pissed at MAF for letting that fluke Hudler shot get by him.

Robert said...

I'm not one for feeding trolls so this will be my last comment to you Yermammy and Paul.

You are pretty tough to come to a team's board who is down 3-1 and talk a bunch of smack. I bet if I was standing in front of you, you wouldn't have the courage to talk like that.

Go back to your own boards.

sh0ez said...

Oh boy. Originality. Cindy and him 'crying.' We haven't heard those a million times. I love when the trolls run out of things to say, they always go back to the Cindy's and the 'crying' and such. I LOL @ that.

Nailer News said...


Joose said...

Sh0ez. You see what I said before? Gas money = your birthday present from me. June 4th, right? I'll be 22 next Monday. We're getting old fast.

BlacknGold66 said...

That "emo" kid is EXACTLY what I was bitching about before the series started.

He doesn't have an NHL team so he picked Detroit because rooting for the Pens is somehow like rooting for the Steelers. Whatever, joke.

(For the record, there are still tons of Pens fans in Cleveland... and TONS of good people. So when bashing Cleveland just because you hate the Browns... remember, you are acting just like that kid.)

@Sooska: "Mistake by the Lake" huh? Ouch. Solid job regardless.

I say we add an "L" to that kid's title in the next few days.

Emo kid will become... Elmo kid. Get him a noose.

As far as tonight...

As a fan, I don't think I've ever been more focused for a game.



PaulinMiamiBeach said...

You are pretty tough to come to a team's board who is down 3-1 and talk a bunch of smack. I bet if I was standing in front of you, you wouldn't have the courage to talk like that.

LOL @ Internet toughguy


J.S. said...


Where do you people come up with this stuff? ZOMG! How original!

yermammy3 said...

Robert...I'd say it to your face only you'd have to lift it up from my crotch area. you'd be blowin' my "ref's whistle", if ya know what i mean...

and seriously - i think Cindy is going to cry. don't worry - gary roberts will wipe his wittle tears away...

BlacknGold66 said...

One more huge thing I left out...

Thanks for the shoutout Staff.

Things get kinda crazy in cblog after reading the post then catching up in here.

It's easy to forget to give credit where credit is due.

Solid post today as always.

I can't wait to see the recap!

snickerdoodles said...

Good Day, Everyone (except yermammy3 and paulinmiamibeachwhoisnotreallyinmiamibeachbutinsopchoppyflorida. You two have a lousy day.)

And now a moment of Detroit hate.

The Redwings Suck!!
Go Pens!!!

This moment of Detroit hate has been broght to you by me.

Robert said...

Paul I think you clicked on the wrong website.

Here is the link you were looking for

PaulinMiamiBeach said...


Where do you people come up with this stuff? ZOMG! How original!

but Osgay is brilliant, eh?

Raybin said...

Holy shit!

The Wings fans have now degenerated into "Cindy Crysbaby" territory?

Wow. I had at least given you guys more credit than that. Welcome to the cellar of Internet hockey trolley. Have fun dwelling in hell with Flyers and Rangers fans.

Joose said...

Paul, what did I tell you before about your cave?

Get back there.

Raybin said...

And by trolley I of course meant "trollery"

yermammy3 said...

(voice of Herbert on Family Guy)

"Mmmm.. What do we have here? A nice sweaty young man in hockey gear crying? Your name is Sydney? Well come into my basement- I've got some nice cookies for you..."

Dubs said...

I prefer Ozflop ... that's the best one I've heard and very accurate :)

Colin said...

Don't let the trollies derail your focus on the game tonight.

Stilly said...

I've said it before. Crosby's beard is the stuff legends are made of.

Now mammy, I realize that you call it a "pubestache" because you're confused. See the hair on Sid's face is is own. I can see where you might confuse that with your own pubestache, because yours comes from being face down in a pile of men.

To recap: Crosby's beard = Facial Hair.. Your beard = gay men's pubes.

Are you one of the Miamimeninpaul? My guess is that you are.

Stoosh said...

@ Yermammy3 -

Hey Paul in Miami - do you think Cindy is gonna cry tonight? 10 to 1 his tears fall over that pubestash he's sportin'...

I would hope if the Pens lose tonight some emotion is shown on the part of the Pens. He wouldn't be the first world-class hockey player to showcase some emotion in defeat.

Number one, that's called being human.

Number two, he often gets criticized for being too coached or too robotic or cliched; as I said, heaven forbid we see the human side of a 20-year old kid who's worked most of his life to get to the point, only to fall a little bit short.

Third, as Drew Sharp from the Free Press wrote at the beginning of the series, a humbling loss at this point of the season would more than likely serve as the ultimate motivation for Crosby in the coming seasons. If this ends series ultimately ends badly for the Pens, I would be very interested to see Crosby elevate his game to even greater heights next season.

Dubs said...

I think the trollies are fun! what would a good blog be without them?

it's good to know there are people out there who feed off of other peoples' pain and grief ... if only because it's a reminder that there are some really low class people out there whose lives are probably a hundred times worse than yours ... (especially considering they live in Detoilet)

Stilly said...

Whoops I forgot to run my previous comment by Charlie.. hope he approves.

Stilly said...

Uh oh dubs.

Now we're going to hear about their bitchin social lives and hot girlfriends.

I didn't even know that women dated trolls.

yermammy3 said...

Stilly - "because yours comes from being face down in a pile of men."

That's actually really very funny!

crap - i have no reply because i'm still laughing...i have to give credit where it's due...

Dr. Turkleton said...

[cue Wayne's World skit with Fish gills motion]

these guys from A2Y are throwing out the bait & you're hookin' on.

although, not as bad as posting a cblog tailgateblog pic from here and posting it over on A2Y, complete with personal attacks...

from A2Y:
1. We’re better than them and their “Detroit women are fat.” comments.

2. My mom taught me something about respecting women who respect themselves. Fortunately, this allows me to stuff dollar bills in the g-strings of those who don’t.

3. Getting a reaction out of Pensblog readers is really, really, really easy. And the great thing about their herd mentality is that if you rile up just one, they get their colleective panties in a twist.

Dubs said...

@ Stilly -

LOL! I think paul in south beach probably has a couple boyfriends who look like girls, if that counts?

yermammy3 said...

again with the Detoilet...

again - look around live in Pittsburgh...


Stilly said...

Me = Unoriginal

Definitely took that line from a Pensblog post a couple weeks ago. I also thought it was hilarious.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I'm playing every hockey video game I have today.

Blades of Steel
Ice Hockey (yeah, the old Nintendo one where you can be fat guys)
Rock the Rink

Today is just about hockey.

Like I said in the previous cblog, MAF steals one tonight kids.

jefe said...

how bout SwansGood?

im bored is this game gonna start soon or what.

detroit sucks.

go pens.

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

Point three is well taken and it would be best to ignore them...their jollies come from provoking reaction. I don't know why that gets them all hot and bothered, but it sure seems to. I hope I never understand.

In any case, to hell with them. If they want to call being a close knit bunch "herd mentality," let them.

Colin said...

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