Saturday, June 14, 2008


Breaking story from the [Trib].

The Penguins have made signing right wing Marian Hossa to a long-term contract their No. 1 priority, according to several players, agents and team officials who spoke to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on the condition of anonymity.

The Penguins, a Cup finalist, plan to test that claim. Their offer is likely to be worth nearly $50 million over seven years - a marginal raise on his 2007-08 salary of $7 million.

If the first few weeks of this offseason haven't been crazy enough.
Welcome to circus.

Only one thing left to do now.

Do it.


osheak234 said...


Mike said...

wow, i really don't know. he's a great player. but i think sid and malk could make up for him in order to keep malone, roberts (if he returns) fleury and so many more

sarah said...

in shero i trust

sh0ez said...

I'm stoked.

In Shero I Trust.


Thomas said...

Shero knows what he's doing. That's why we were all so shocked about Hossa's ability. He knew what we were getting...we just thought we knew.

Shero's the best thing to happen to the Pens since the Crosby draft.

All hail to Shero!!

hakan said...

malone is gone. he'll take the money and run, and pretend to be insulted by the fact that the pens won't offer him a large contract. he's only as good as the players around him, and in columbus, well, need i say more?

hossa, orpik, taffe, dupuis, ruutu, hall and roberts if he wants another year. the rest is history.

megz590 said...

@ mike .. yes sid and malk could simply "make up for him" but with hossa on a line with crosby for the next couple of years can u even imagine the possibilities? I think we just saw the beginning of the chemistry between those two players. Bugsy, though one of my favorites, is replaceable. Hossa can command huge numbers with Sid, they feed off eachother.
Hossa + Malkin + Orpik + Fleury Signings= Early Christmas

ceby22 said...

Bing + Hossa + Malkin = GREAT SUCCESS!

Beav said...

I'm so over Bugsy at this point, if he doesn't want to stay, that is his choice. we can only offer him so much to keep up with other free agents and if he really wants to go to Colombus with Zherdev and Nash... happy trails sir.

brndlynn said...

completely agree with you beav. everyone is saying he wants more than the pens are able to give so I say let him walk and after signing malkin and hossa turn the attention to orpik.

ceby22 said...

Maloney is the best love / hate relationship I have EVER had with a player.

I LOVED him down the stretch and he played like a man getting the devil out during some of the broken nose games.

However at the start of the season when he was not grabbing the cookies top shelf and not slowing offensive advances through the blues, I could have said good bye right then and thats tough considering he's one of us. I used to not like him at all and I may regret saying this but.

1 vote for keeping malone. Argghh, i said that out loud which means I ment it.

Will D. said...

lets hope hossa accepts the 7year/$50 million offer. he can make a lot more in the market.

lets also hope pittsburgh doesnt become tampa bay north. i dont think we will b/c we have strong just sayin.

as for malone, i hope we trade his rights to columbus or someone for draft picks.

Beav said...

I'm still wary of Bugsy (as much as I love him) that he only played this well cause he was in a contract year... oh and he was playing with the second best player in the league. He had bitched about being on Sid's line because Sid demanded too much. Well I'm sorry Ryan but I'll take an all star winger in Hossa who doesn't bitch cause he makes things happen over someone who won't stay with their home town team over money.

Hossa, Hossa, Hossa, Ole!

Beav said...

as much as I hate seeing Bugsy leave... it may be the best thing for the team right now. I wish him the best of success (other than against us of course) and I hope he enjoys his larger salary. But he had an opportunity to stay with the Pens and not make that much (see Malone fan boys and girls I know it's a shitty deal for him) but he could have been on a perennial cup contender. As someone who plays IM floor hockey goalie because they have no chance at ever making it in the pros, I would rather win a championship than all the money in the world. I had hoped Ryan was in line with my thinking but best wishes in Colombus, you will get spanked when the Pens visit

The Great Wall of Fleury said...


In Shero I Trust. Stay faithful naysayers.

rvcfigo said...

I think it's funny that nobody said a bad word about Bugsy all this time and now that he'll test the waters he becomes a "product of Sid and Gino" or whatever other flaws people want to bring out.

If he wants to make more money elsewhere, I say good for him. This is exactly what we all knew we were getting into with the CBA/free agency game this offesason.

But either way, he was a huge part of what happened this year and I don't think we should be turncoats and start slamming the guy if he leaves.

BlacknGold66 said...

Does this mean that Ann Margaret isn't coming?

Beav said...

please read my post again and see that I gave him credit as one of my favorite players, and I wish him the best if he wants more money but that is stupid in regards to winning a cup which is nearly impossible in Colombus (shit I like Colombus and Colorado) but I think that the Pens are where it's at... take the hometown discount and let's win a cup Bugsy!

TheNWChica said...

As much as I have come to love Bugsy in my short time as a citizen of Pens nation, I have to say if I had to pick two to sign, it would be Penguicana and Free Candy.

And not to take away from Bugsy, but D-men of Brooksie's level seem to be harder to find than forwards.

Just my humble opinion.

Beav said...

I apologize for comments considered reckless but I think if we keep this team together, we can do anything. We figured out Detroit in two games, let's do it for four next year!

Ry said...

There are a lot of Ryan Malones out there. But there are few Marian Hossas out there. If we need to drop Bugsy to keep Hossa I'm for it.

Azkar said...




jefe penguino said...

REX Gildo (translated) sang it best, speaking for hossa:


"today everybody is invited to my farewell party" (no dont leave!)

"there will be enough tequila that makes us happy!" (hells to the yeah!)

"all friends are here" (cblog/pens fans unite)

"one more time they celebrate with me" (yeah! but seriously dont leave us!)

"because you will quickly forget about everyday life and sorrow" (even if he leaves, or malone, etc)

"i will return to you,
i am fond of you" (you like us? you really like us?!)

"soon everything will be alright again" (youre staying?!)

"yes, you will see,
therefore i will soon be back again!" (multiyear deal! sweet bread!)


Rex wouldnt lie to us.

Raybin said...


Fuck me running!

I hadn't let myself hope for more than like four. Maybe five.

Ray Shero is a god.

And fear not, Mike. Shero would not let re-signing Hossa jeopardize Fleury, if nothing else. I'd also put money on seeing Free Candy back.

If true, this shovels the last bit of dirt on Ryan Malone's career in Pittsburgh, though. Bugsy, you will be missed. We all loved you!

With Hossa locked up, the fates I'm most curious about right now are those of Laraque and Ruutu.

Raybin said...

If Bugsy has to leave, I'm all for Columbus. I root for them anyway, because I'm fond of plucky underdogs.

That and the fact that Pascal Leclaire is an alien sent to play goalie.

Stoosh said...

lets also hope pittsburgh doesnt become tampa bay north. i dont think we will b/c we have strong just sayin.

This notion that Pittsburgh could become "Tampa Bay North" is another mistruth generated by a mainstream hockey media that's either too lazy to look at the real differences between Tampa and Pittsburgh or too stupid to recognize them.

Not being critical of you at all, Will D., with that statement. It's just that the mainstream media took a very general look at the two teams, saw a couple of similarities - namely that they each had a few elite forwards - and painted with an incredibly broad brush.

Pittsburgh won't become Tampa Bay North because the Pens actually know how to draft and develop players - something Tampa has spent the last ten years trying to do but failing 95% of the time. The best two players they've drafted and developed since taking Lecavalier and Richards in 1998 has been Paul Ranger and Nick Tarnasky. You see what I'm getting at.

What few first-round picks they've kept over the last ten years have been absolute disasters - Nikita Alexeev, Alexander Svitov, etc.

And when they've made free agent signings, they've done a good job recognizing talent that fits well into their system and supports the top-end talent.

Tampa's problems have nothing to do with the money they invested in Lecavalier, St. Louis and Richards, and everything to do with the way they handled...or mishandled their resources beyond those three players.

Raybin said...


Awesome. Lazy ass media indeed...I remember the Tampa Bay North shit when the trade was first announced. "NO DEPTH! JUST A FEW SUPERSTARS! BLAH BLAH BLAH!"

This despite the fact that about 57,321 (exact number, I checked) different people got a chance to play in a Pens uniform and show that the team had depth during the season up to that point.

All love to Crusher and Army, but trading those was NEVER going to do long term damage to the Pens organization, whether Hossa was a rental or a purchase.

Why is it that any random Cblogger could be a more effective sports journalist than three-quarters of all "legitimate" sports reporters?

ceby22 said...

When Roberts and Ruutu make it onto the ballot, I have heard rumors from credible but unnamed sources that they will in fact name one STOOSH to a cabinet position to be announced at a later time.

Rumblings about this position in the cabinet all seem to come down to one basic job description that, in so many words have been defined as, "cutting through the shit and handling the bidness..."

Stoosh said...

@ Raybin -

I think it's because random bloggers don't have ratings and readership numbers for which they are held accountable.

This is why I seldom go to mainstream media outlets for any sort of analysis. The bigger the outlet gets, the bigger the circus it's become. ESPN used to be based on smart sports analysis, but it's devolved into nothing more than personalities yelling at each other (I can't wait until "Around the Horn" finally leaves ESPN's regular programming) and competing to see who can take the most ridiculous angle from which to examine an issue.

Look at those ridiculous segments between John Clayton and Sean Salisbury during football season on Sportscenter. If you ever heard Salisbury in his interviews on Madden's show, he's actually a decent analyst. But when he has go on Sportscenter and they pit him against Clayton, he become Sean Salisbury the Ignorant Bully.

Negativism and ignorance sell. It's the reason Madden lasted so long here and did so well. It's the reason why Cook and Smizik can keep rewriting the same skeptical, cynical columns year after year after year and they'll never be asked to leave.

There are a few mainstream guys that I still like to read or listen to when it comes to hockey. Kevin Allen from USA Today and Michael Farber are tops. John Buccigross is terrific and so is Bob McKenzie. But the pickings get real slim after that.

PensfanSeoul said...

Damnit...I want 1 July to get here faster than anything in the world.
(Malk extension, HOSSA! Flower?)

But it also means I'm only a few days from heading to Afghanistan for a nice little visit.


debrisslide said...

Fiesta Mexicana - the perfect morning fuel.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Everyone's worried about us becoming Tampa Bay pt 2.

I'm not.

First and foremost, the rest of the league saw what happened in Tampa. Shero's no idiot, he won't make those same mistakes.

Also, we're getting people to sign for below their worth (somehow), which leaves room for us to maintain our depth.

And finally, I believe all of Tampa's spending was basically on one line. They didn't even pay their goaltender. In our case, even if we spend a lot on just Sid, Geno, and Flower, that's two centers that can anchor two solid lines PLUS a goaltender.

If the cap is about $53 million next year (isn't that the projection?) let's say we have Sid for 8.7 million, Malkin for 8.5 (slightly less than Sid, which he said he'd take), Flower for 6 (which is a number I heard tossed around for him) and Hossa for about 7.5.

That's 30.7 million, with another $20+ mill to spend on the Halls, Scuderis, and Talbots of the world. And there's also always best-case scenarios in free agency, like when we got a dependable scorer in Sykora for dirt cheap.

Now that's IF Geno and Hossa take discounts (which Geno said he would, and Hossa alluded to). In the case of Hossa, more years on his contract could cancel out any worries about taking less per year because NHL contracts are guaranteed, so he'd still make every nickel of the contract no matter what.

Also, does anyone know if NFL-style signing bonuses exist in the new NHL? I would assume that they don't because, as I said, NHL contracts are guaranteed unlike NFL contracts.

Harshdiddyness said...

Ryan Malone is going to sign with Pheonix. I'd almost bet it. Lets just say. I know a guy.

Bring back Colby Armstrong.

TheFandangler said...

Bring back Colby to be a Tv commentator. Great guy but I just think it's worth having him back here.

Let's say our prayers in the church of Shero!

Joose said...

Like I simply said in the last post's comments:

Peace out, Bugsy.

jefe penguino said...

i will welcome bugsy to phoenix. i only went to one coyotes game last season. the opener. too involved in tailgating football. i need to get out there more. especially since arena has the greatest extreme nachos west of the mississippi. and also because its called arena.

nikki said...

bugsy noooooo :(
i will be choked if he leaves, so hopefully shero can work some of his magic and and put something together, he is one busy dude, whoa

RaCHeLeYoS said...

Sad about Bugsy....
Happy about Hossa..

i guess i'm neutral.

Kat said...



Raybin said...

Phoenix or Columbus for Bugsy?

So he's got to decide between Hell and Purgatory. Ouch.

Phoenix seems likely too. They just lost Blake Wheeler, didn't they?


Negativism and ignorance sell.

Don't they just.

I was off for my birthday week and decided to tune into ESPN's afternoon lineup the day after Game 5 to see what the sports talking heads were saying.

Jim Rome--much to my surprise--actually had a coherent and even insightful little speech on the subject.

But then he went on to some other subject...I don't remember what, but he somehow got off on to a rant about nerds.

Now, I'm something of a giant nerd myself. I was thankfully spared the bullying and misery inflicted on many during high school. But that doesn't mean I didn't witness it and I gotta say that Rome made me fucking puke.

You should've seen the look in his eyes as he talked about going to Star Trek conventions and beating up nerds. The dude was smiling at the thought, he was getting off on imagining hurting people who haven't done anything else than like different TV shows than him.

He's a sick fuck. And all too emblematic.

Dan said...

I love Malone- but he's going to be overpaid, which is something the Pens can't afford to do with anyone.

Korn said...

The Tampa North talk is idiotic. Not only have the Pens drafted and developed better, I think everyone can agree the Pens are (and will) getting more bang for their buck. I mean, would anyone trade Crosby, Malkin and Hossa for Lecavalier, St Louis and Richards (not that he's there anymore). And as far as I know, TB ownership hasn't committed to spending post-championship like the Penguins recently have.

Sorry to do it, butshameless plug.

jefe penguino said...

trade malkin; tampa north; Rex Gildo IS Marian Hossa.. way too much time on peoples hands before july 1st. every theory will pop up sooner or later.

btw i cant sleep and i just rearranged my room. hooray.

ajpebble said...

@ Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion -

Just wanted to chime in on the cap issues. You're over-simplifying things a bit. I'm definitely not saying that Shero can't or won't figure it all out, but it's more difficult that you say.

Using your figures, the Pens would have $30.7 million tied up in 4 players: Sid, Malkin, Fleury and Hossa. If the cap's around $53 million, then they have around $22 million for everyone else. But keep in mind: they've already got other contracts on the books. Gonchar is locked in at $5 million. I'm too lazy to look up Sykora's number, but for some reason I think it's like $4 million or something. And then there's Ryan Whitney, who I think is also gonna make about $4 million. If those figures are in the ballpark and ignoring the other few pre-existing contracts that they've got on the books for a sec, you're now talking about having about $44 million tied up in seven players. With the remaining $9-ish million, they then have to sign/pay the pre-existing deal for:

- a winger to play with Sid/Hossa
- a winger to play with Gino/Sykora
- Jordan Staal, who under his entry-level deal is gonna make a couple of million no matter what
- two dudes to play with Jordan Staal
- an entire 4th line
- a defenseman to play with Gonch
- a defenseman to play with Whitney, presumably Letang
- a 3rd defensive pair
- a backup Goalie

And this is all assuming that Buries It is willing to spend all the way up to the cap limit this season, which would probably mean losing a bunch of money since they're still in the old building.

So let's just say that if Shero can juggle all of this, we should really start saying WWRSD.

threshhold9k said...

We just filed for salary arbitration with Fleury, that's interesting. Good move by Shero, we need more time with all the up coming UFA on our team. The story is on TSN's website.

In Shero we trust.

Sooska said...

encyclopediablog with apologies for the length

little sleep + coffee = overactive brain at 8 am Saturday.

@stoosh- thanks for your analysis on the Fleury arbitration question at the end of the last cblog. I knew you'd answer-you have a life to live before you deal with cblog! *gasps in wonderment*

stoosh buries it.

Frankly, I don't usually follow these contract matters as closely as I have been this year for obvious reasons so I am not sure if that was as outlandish an idea as I thought when it came to me. (I believe pensgirl said she thought the same.)

As soon as I saw the Fleury news I wondered about a scenario such as you described, albeit far fetched in terms of today's sports business. If that does end up being what happened, or something similar, me=stunned.
These young guys do seem to have a very special bond that seems to have been further cemented by the near-miss at the Cup. It's sort of like Band of Brothers sports-version. They bled for each other, protected each other and went throught the hockey wars together in pursuit of their ultimate prize so...

There are many variables which I am sure their agents have pointed out to them - such as injuries to themselves or others, coaching changes, bad luck, other teams playing better - but it seems some Pens may be willing to take the associated risks. In some circles that would be considered idealistic, sentimental and naive.

As for Bugsy, I do not blame him for testing the waters. He may be somewhat of product of Malkin(although he had 2-22 goal seasons on so-so teams,) but he also seems to have matured suddenly and understands his role and wants to get the pay day.
I also totally understand that a million or two bucks, or even half a million, is not something many players would sneeze at. (hell, I woudln't sneeze at 10Gs.)
Malone sees that he has one chance at the big money and he is going to do what is best for his family. For the Pens the reality may be that he is the expendable one - he is someone they think they can replace for less. That makes him odd man out.

Orpik is D, they have invested in his development, and within their system he has a unique element to his game, and as such, is difficult to replace.

The difference in their own outlooks on the matters may come down to Malone having a wife and new son and Orpik being single with no kids (as far as I know.) Priorities totally change when you have a kid. totally.

Hossa. wow like I said yesterday if he is watching the others he is all "HOLY SHIT if I don't take less money to stay and win I'll look like a soff and greedy Europea.....wait. WHAT?"!

jefe penguino said...

if you havnt seen, here is a list of free candy vans previous owners

and IF orpik leaves, datsyuk aka igor may be interested in buying. AND looking to make a profit

[i dont care if nobody is listening]

my WWRSD wristband is on order..

threshhold9k said...

Haha apparently an old story....Can't wait to be home and on EST for the first time in 5 months.

Russell Lucas said...

Weird how the Trib gets the out-of-nowhere exclusive two days in a row.

It's either Molinari'snotdoinghisjobblog or Rossi'smakingstuffupblog.

Christina said...

Hossa. DO IT.

in shero i trust!

Jimmy Hugs said...


I'd like to see Bugsy stay.

I think Free Candy is my new favorite and I hope he will stick around.

Fleur-y, Fleur-y, Fleur-y!

Is it October yet?

Jasper said...

wow, the pens are going to make some awesome moves I think, the players are really doing their best to stay together as well I think

John said...

Let's see, if Malkin is going to take less than Crosby, I'd think it'd be in the neighborhood of 8-8.5 mil/year. If Hossa accepts 7 years for $50M, that's about $7.15 per year. I'm thinking Fleury will get between $4.5-%5M/year. Orpik, at least to me, is a wild card. Don't really know what he's willing to accept or what kind of money he'd get on the market. Yes, he's become a very dependable D man, but his offensive skills are almost nil, but at least he can skate.

Sarge is on the books for $5M, Whitney for $4M, Sykora for $2.5M, Sabu for $.5M, Talbot for around $.8M, Kennedy for $.55M.

So, with those that are on the books and with best case scenarios with Malkin and Hossa and with a cap of somewhere between $53 and $56M, Pens will have between 16 and 19M to spend on Orpik and other players for this upcoming season, and that's with Malkin only making a 3.3M hit on the cap this coming season. So 16-19M to spend on about 11-12 players, with Orpik being the most expensive left to sign. Again, this is best case scenario, although I think if Roberts wants to continue to play, I don't think he'll demand another 2.5M, it'd be tough to expect that for a 42 year old. Just gotta have faith in Shero.

Stilly said...

The good news this year, is that when Geno signs his extension, his rookie pay will be figured in, which will bring down the average (cap hit) if only a little bit.

Syko is only making 2.5 mil, which is a steal.

With the development that they're going to resign Hossa (7.2 against the cap), the pens are going to have to spend up to the cap. With Geno (less than 8.7, probably 8), Sid (8.7) and Hossa (7.2), you're looking at..... 23.9 cap hit. even 24.4 if Geno makes 8.5 isn't bad. If they can sign Fleury for 4 mil (I think he'll only make 6 if it goes to an arbitration hearing. Shero won't let that happen.), that's only 28.4 mil. Which leaves 26.6.

Gonch - 5
Sydor - 2.5
Syko - 2.5
Whitney - 4
USS Gill - 2.075
Staal - 2.2
Goligoski - .984
Scuderi - .712
Max - .675
Letang - .637
Kennedy - .541

That comes out to 21.749 mil, which leaves somewhere between 4.9 and 3.9 depending on Fleury's contract remaining. If Whitney and Sydor stay, you can kiss Orpik, Ruu, Gary, BGL, and Dupius goodbye.

There are still some tough decisions to make.

Raybin said...


Fantastic post.

In my opinion, both Sydor and Eaton have very limited futures with the Pens. If that comes to pass, there's an extra 4.1 million right there to give Orpik the 2-2.5million he'll likely command.

If Conklin wants to stay as backup and play 20 games year, he'll probably command 750-800,000. But if Shero then lets Sabu and his 500K go, they only take a 250,000-300,000 hit for Conkblock.

Letting Malone and few other people go will free up room to keep Free Candy and others.

I'd thought Laraque was not long for the team, but pondering it, I wonder if they will actually keep him. His presence definitely makes those thinking about taking a run at Bing think protecting your superstar worth 1.2million a year? That's the question as I see it.

Ruutu.......I dunno. I'd actually probably sign Adam Hall over Ruutu, much as I love him.

Great point about Gary probably having to take a cut, even a small one, to stay on if he wants. The hard economics of the NHL do indeed dictate that it's difficult to justify paying any 42 year old 2.5 million, even if it is Lord Gary.

Really, thinking it over this way, I'm more and more optimistic.

Mike Georger said...

question, if geno reups for 8.5 a year this offseason, that doesnt hit next year does it? wouldnt they probably structure it like sids deal?

Original Nathan said...

According to, the Penguins have 13 players (Crosby, Malkin, Sykora, Staal, Talbot, Kennedy, Gonchar, Whitney, Sydor, Gill, Letang, Scuderi, and Sabourin) under contract for 2008-09 for $34.2 million. Filing for arbitration with MAF guarantees that he will be back next season (unless the arbitration hearing goes through and the Pens reject the number decided there -- which is unlikely). There's also a $3.7 million bonus cushion, which means the Pens had $22.5 million of cap space on this past year's salary cap.

Figure the cap's going up to $55 million, maybe, and the Pens have about $25 million to play with, although there are other RFAs this season, but none of them have really done anything at the NHL level to justify more than the 10 percent qualifying offer raise. Plus, anyone in the minors doesn't count against the cap. Malkin's extension wouldn't start counting against the cap until next year, when you figure the cap would be even higher.

Ray Shero knows what he's doing. At least the Pens are paying him to know what he's doing. I'll miss Bugsy, but his skill set is a lot more easily replaceable than Hossa's.

Original Nathan said...

The way salaries work against the cap is that the cap hit is the average annual salary for the life of the contract. The actual salary can be adjusted any way throughout the life of the deal, but the cap number doesn't change. You might see the Pens back load Malkin's new deal, figuring on the additional revenue from the new arena to make the actual numbers work.

Sid's cap number for the next five years is $8.7 million, but he's actually going to be making $9 million for the first four years of the deal, then $7.5 million in the final year. Whitney's contract is one that's back loaded, going up each year until it hits $5.5 million in the final year of the deal. Whit's only going to be making $3 million next season, even though his cap number is $4 million.

Original Nathan said...

And any extension Geno signs this offseason won't hit the cap until 2009-10. Same with if the Pens work out an extension with Jordan Staal over this summer.

Mike Georger said...

i really dont think paying the money is going to be a problem. for one there is that shady clinton backing billionaire in the shadows, but two they made so much money off the playoffs that it ought not to be a problem this year at least.

Jawsh said...

There have been rumors floating around that ol' J. Staal would like to play on one of the top 2 lines and if he could resigning him would be much easier. I think that moving jordan to the 2nd line to replace the power forward position that bugsy left open could be nice. I wouldn't mind max or adam as our 3rd line center.

sexymexyjeffy said...

someone threw out a cap number for fluery of 6 mil

Thats overpaying.

He will get "Cam Ward" type money

around 3.5-4.5

keeping in mind that cam ward has a stanley cup ring

there numbers are pretty similar ward wins in Gaa while fluery has a higher sv%

and i dont know if someone further down said it but syko will make slightly more than 2.5 next year.

also if you frontload hossa's contract to this season and next season, and backload malkin and staal (staal who i also dont think will get near the number people are speculating) you can completly offset the players contracts into an average cap hit.

Chubs said...


In Shero I Trust

(which, you think he could do some freelance work for the Bills? I'd like to see them not suck sometime too)

Mike Georger said...

good god dont mention cam ward, i cant stand the thought of maf eating himself out of the starting job

Dan said...


i really wish i was saying BUGSY BUGSY BUGSY! though. guess he got greedy. sigh.

Jawsh said...

I can't blame anyone for taking big money somewhere else. As much as I tell myself I would take a discount, it's not me being offered the money. These players have a limited amount of time to set themselves up for the rest of their lives and to provide for their families. I hold no ill will towards bugsy, man, i'm so glad we're close to retaining [hossa].

Dan said...

tampa north - a motion made by pierre mcdouchebag. i PRAY they don't give fleury 6 a year. they are INSANE if they do that yet. WAY too early for that. that is showing recklessness if they do that right now. he needs to have another year or two of playing like he did after he came back from the injury to deserve that kind of money. 3 years/4 mill would be a good contract for him right now.

RaCHeLeYoS said...


BlacknGold66 said...

Why hasn't Staff posted the MAF stuff?

Huge mistake.

Nate said...

"malone is gone. he'll take the money and run, and pretend to be insulted by the fact that the pens won't offer him a large contract. he's only as good as the players around him, and in columbus, well, need i say more?"

Why rip Malone? He is one of the best for what he has to offer and I wish him the best. The guy can play alot of different way, fight, hits, score, kills penalties.

If we lose Malone, Orpik, Laraque, and Roberts we are the soff team in the league.

debrisslide said...

Next year, Crosby = probably the second-highest paid player in the league. I'm glad Shero's such a genius because we have such huge numbers to deal with.

Dr. Turkleton said...

[Hossa: 16:6]

debrisslide said...

That comes out to 21.749 mil, which leaves somewhere between 4.9 and 3.9 depending on Fleury's contract remaining. If Whitney and Sydor stay, you can kiss Orpik, Ruu, Gary, BGL, and Dupius goodbye.

Whitney and Sydor < Orpik. Am I the only one who thinks that Whitney is getting overpaid? Eh.

Dan said...

whitney is only getting "overpaid" cause he had a bad year last year.....

Jasper said...

ye idd,
in shero I trust

PittHockey said...

nice, I like

Vanessa Day said...


Back from sabbatical. Good afternoon Cblog!

Three Words:


What about Ruutu?


Dr. Turkleton said...

@debrisslide said:
Am I the only one who thinks that Whitney is getting overpaid? Eh.


Whitney earned EVERY penny this year. Probably a tad bit underpaid. He played poorly this year as a sacrificial lamb to draw attention away from other players' suspect abilities [Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar to name a few]


He'll likely ramp up his game back to 06-07 levels next year as those players previously mentioned have gotten better & wiser in their ways...if there comes another time, either next season or somewhere beyond that where Whitney perhaps APPEARS he's playing poorly:

Take a step back.
Close your eyes.
And reflect on the selfless acts of one Ryan Jebediah Whitney during the 07-08 season.

WhiDtney: for Norris Trophy 08-09.

[Hossa: 16:6]

Flyer Hater said...

Why does anyone trust what Rob Rossi has to say?

Flyer Hater said...

UH OH, LGP is down today. People's lives won't ever be the same.

Dan said...

@ doc - jebediah? i like the sound of it. we may have a new nickname......

ceby22 said...

St. Louis is unhappy in Tampa.

Flyers are talking about getting him somehow someway.

Maybe rumormillblog running but you can at least understand why he would be unhappy in that hockey hot bed call "tampa bay"

The Seeker said...

Flyer Hater said...

Why does anyone trust what Rob Rossi has to say?

If it were JUST Rossi saying it, I probably would agree with you there.

But the Malone "rumors" are coming from more than just Rossi. They're saying the same stuff in the Columbus Dispatch's Blog.

It would be smart for the Pens to trade his rights before he becomes a free agent so we get somehting like a daft pick at least in return.

PittHockey said...

I'll miss malone, but I'd rather the team go for a cup than keep him.

The Seeker said...

ceby22 said...

St. Louis is unhappy in Tampa.

Flyers are talking about getting him somehow someway.

Maybe rumormillblog running but you can at least understand why he would be unhappy in that hockey hot bed call "tampa bay"

It would be hard to believe St Louis leaving Tampa Bay without his couterpart and break-up the "Mutt -n- Jeff" duo.

Ryan said...


The Seeker said...

Well, it looks like we can still count on having Andre Savard as an assistant coach anyhow!

The Panthers have inked a deal with Junior coach Peter DeBoer to take over the Head Coaching duties in Florida.

Flyer Hater said...

Flyers get midget St. Louis who probably can't ride the Turtle at Kennywood and we get to keep Hossa? I think we all know who wins that tradeoff.

Flyer Hater said...

I don't believe Torts hasn't gotten a job yet. If The Genius didn't lead us to the Finals this year, I'd want him here.

The Seeker said...

If the Flyers got St Louis, then they'd become the Pumpkin Munchkins with him and Danielle Briere.

Dan said...

@ seeker - all i've seen about bugsy has come from columbus, not us. but then again, i don't read rossi.

Flyer Hater said...

Malone=less than a 20 goal man if he doesn't play with Malkin.

Don't buy into this, he's the next Kevin Stevens or Rick Tocchet crap. Malone is replaceable, Hossa isn't.

PittHockey said...

as for assistant coachblog...

yeo better fix the pp over the summer.
not scoring on 5-on-3's is pathetic.

ceby22 said...

"If the Flyers got St Louis, then they'd become the Pumpkin Munchkins with him and Danielle Briere."

Agreed, even my boss who is a flyer die hard said the other day at work, "when did munckins become the new NHL?"

lis said...

pumpkin munchkins!!! That's GREAT!!

St. Louis does not fit the typical "Flyers mold". He will be booed by his own fans at the very first sign of a dry spell....just like they turned on Little Debbie last year!

The Seeker said...

@ pitthockey

I personally think Yeo is the weak link in our coaching staff.

The Seeker said...

It would be a tough sell for the Flyers to continue to push their stupid Broad Street Bullies meme if they iced St Louis and Briere!

ceby22 said...

"I personally think Yeo is the weak link in our coaching staff."

I would support this as well. I think he connects with the young guys very well and thats his best part. But the P.P. needs some T.L.C.

Dr. Turkleton said...


it's that type of information that separates:

liking a player v. man-crush.

I think it's time for some Timex Social Club

[Hossa: 16:6]

RaCHeLeYoS said...

yea...BNG said awhile ago that Yeo was a weak link.... how do you not score on a minute 5 on 3... easily blame it on the pp coach!

Dan said...

@ doc - that video was like a trainwreck, i couldn't take my eyes off of it.

someday, i will come up with a relevant name for someone. i can through my attempt with bugsy out window since he's gone.

The Seeker said...

I guess if we lost Malone, we could always sign Sean Avery!!!

That was sarcasm by the way.

Here's some names of players available (some which would be less than what Malone's asking...those players I'll put an * beside their name):

Markus Naslund *
Marty Straka *
Andrew Brunette *
Vaclav Prospal *
Corey Stillman *
Ladislav Nagy *
Niklas Hagman *
Ruslan Fedotenko
Jay Pandolfo
Curtis Glencross
Eric Nystrom
Kristian Huselius (too much $)

Stillman is unquestionably a great offensive player, but he needs to stay healthy.

Nagy is much like Malone...he's underrated and needs to find consistency. His talent when he plays well is unreal (better than Malone) plus he's only projected to get $2.75 Million.

ceby22 said...

After living down in the flyers neck of the woods for over a year now I fully know three things.

I hate the flyers and the fans. My boss is open minded but when you get down to it, still a flyers HOMER. He did cheer for the pens secretly under his breathe in the finals.

I dislike the eagles and the phillies equally as well. Mostly because of the fans, not because of the players.

Dan said...

@ the seeker - what about vrbata?

The Seeker said...

@ dan

Is Radim Vrbata available... and for what kind of cash?

Not knowing those things, I didn't put him on my list.

Flyer Hater said...

I might get blasted for this, but I'd like to see Straka on the first line. All you need on that line to compliment Sid and Hossa is a guy with speed and a guy who can finish glorious scoring opportunities. Straka when healthy can do both (let's hope the weight machine doesn't fall on him again). How many times did we see Dupuis flat out miss the net from point blank range? I will cringe if he's on the first line next year.

Ruutu-Staal-MISTER KENNNNNNNNEDY (kennedy)

ceby22 said...

What about 66... I heard he's in the best shape of his life :) I think he could play on staal's line as a gunner.

The Seeker said...

Here's what I found on Vrbata:

Radim Vrbata might test the free agent market as he, his agent, and Coyotes' General Manager Don Maloney are far apart in the contract negotiations. The issue must be his overall value to the team.

During the final push toward a playoff spot last season, Vrbata went ice cold. He could not score when the Coyotes needed him to. It's true that all players get into a long funk, but in the last 22 games, he did not score a goal and only notched seven assists.

Based on his performance, I would not categorize him as clutch player. His value is certainly less than what his agent suggests.

"Look at the World Championships. He put the puck in the net when he

got there (five goals in seven games). He played well, and any concern about

putting the puck in the net was dispelled by real good work at the World

Championships, playing against the elite players in the world."

Richard Evans, Vrbata's agent quoted in the Arizona Republic

Elite players in the world? Maybe but, in a short tournament of less than 20 games.

Radim Vrbata was a streaky player last season, and it was difficult to determine the rhyme or reason behind it. However, when we did go cold, other players would pick up the slack. But the favor had to be returned some time, and that favor went unpaid in the last two months of the season.

Even though Evans states to the contrary, Vrbata will most likely not wear a Coyotes' sweater for next season.

Beav said...

Maybe they could sign Mike Comrie too and just ice a midget line. I hope they do, I would love to see the "most intimidating fans in sports" cheering for the midget line.

Dan said...

@ fh - hey it's me martin. i'd be down with hearing that on dve again.

@ seeker - ya he is, he is a ufa. he is going to test the waters, though he said he wants to return to the desert. he made 1.225 mil last year.

michelle said...

You know it's a telling thing when most of these comments are either awww...bugsy's gone?

C'mon, which has more gut feeling?!

I love Malone. . .but if he's looking for cash and money > cup run, he's not gonna find it here.

If he comes back and says he's insulted and was low-balled, I'll be very disappointed in him.

The Seeker said...

To replace Malone, in a perfect world, it would be nice to find a guy who can fill his vacancy properly....

He'd need to be a physical presence around the net, quick hands, and have the ability to play on the PK unit as well as be willing to backcheck like a beast.

michelle said...

That's one thing I definitely agree with. We need someone who can park it in front of the net now.
When Malone wasn't on the ice that was something we were lacking.

Stoosh said...

@ Seeker -

The news about Peter DeBoer leaving the OHL to go coach the Panthers brings a tear of joy to my eye. DeBoer was coaching in Kitchener of the OHL, who is one of the division rivals of my Erie Otters. Thank God DeBoer's gone from the OHL...he's been torturing the Otters for years.

It's amazing to me that it's taken DeBoer this long to find an NHL head coaching job.

Flyer Hater said...

Briere-Comrie-St. Louis


Stoosh said...

@ Seeker -

Also agree on Mike Yeo. Class act and a hell of a nice guy, but Mike's a good AHL coach who gets exposed when he's up against quality NHL coaching like they ran into in the Finals. I think Mike's going to be a fantastic NHL assistant someday, but it seems like he's still learning how to coach at this level. I think he's still too slow to make adjustments on the power play - particularly in the series against the Wings. It's easier to stay with just one or two setups in the AHL, but he needs to be more creative here.

Beav said...

@ Stoosh

Yeah the Otters have been bad lately and the Rangers being so good certainly didn't help. Remember that ill-fated playoff guarantee from last season?


PittHockey said...

I though the problem was him being too creative.

They tried passing way too much and never just took a shot and crashed the net.

Raybin said...

Niklas Hagman is a UFA in Dallas.

Do it.

Flyer Hater said...


Dan said...

anyone see larionov's daughter on puck daddy? aye aye aye..........


xuscbausp said...


Stephen S. said...

(from last post)
@PittHockey: Muse is so good... it's hard to believe that they are a 3-piece. Sick.

@thenwchica: No, not at all! Actually, your comments are more than welcome(that goes for everyone!). And i'm really just now starting to take an active role in cblog. I didn't actually start reading the comments until staff emailed me one day letting me know people were going apeshit over the stuff. I may be on staff now, but I started out with the rest of you - as a fan.

Sooo, I've been thinking of how to arrange stuff so that every product could be available for each image without having 500+ products in a section. I'll be doing some re-arranging very soon! And you are very welcome!

@Dr. Turkleton: hahah! sometimes when scrolling down through cblog, i'll see Big K and think "Um... I don't own any hats??? WTF?!?"

@debrisslide: request noted!

@stoosh: Yesssss. We should chat.

@casimirpulaski: word.

fleuryous said...

If Fleury's gone after next season, I'm going to cry.

But, I do love Hossa.

But, if I were to see Fleury play for anyone else, I might freak out. haha

More buts than an ashtray, sorry.

And Orpik. HE NEEDS TO STAAAAAY. His defense is butta.

And Malone...I mean, I really love the guy, but children comes first.
However...he's not going to be poor, staying in Pittsburgh.
Plus, we're simply BETTER.

Shero, work your magic, pleeeease.

AAAAAAAAAH, this is nerve-wracking.

If I were Shero, I'd pick up a drug habit.

fleuryous said...

children come first, not comes.

Sorry, the stress has me fucking up plurals.

Dr. Turkleton said...


OV looks like he is 10 minutes removed from getting out of the shower in that pic.

Hagman = 07-08 Cy Young Award Winner?

Dan said...

@ doc - he always looks like that. someone should have a talk with him. it's not hard to be properly groomed. you're mvp, look presentable.

Stephen S. said...

There we go... Big K can have his identity back! I'll go back to being a geek!

wilsmith said...

Why do we have to be Tampa Bay north and not Ottawa south?

I bought some Dockers stuff today. Pretty sure it was from the San Fran line.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm surprised OV wasn't wearing a GR8 Guitar leather jacket....[maybe he was wearing the GR8 thong]

I guess Alyonka has some pipes along with her little sister.

Flyer Hater said...

Fleury's not going anywhere. GM's like Shero don't let goalies like Fleury walk away.

If RS can lock up Fleury for 7 years 30 mil, Hossa for 7 years 50 mil and Malkin for 8 years 66 mil, appoint him the best GM of all time.

The Seeker said...

PittHockey said...

I though the problem was him being too creative.
They tried passing way too much and never just took a shot and crashed the net.

I think what Stoosh and I are saying is that he wasn't creative enough in drawing-up actual set plays and positioning of players.

For one thing, it was dumb to force Malkin to play point when he said he hated it and wasn't comfortable there. Malkin belongs on the half boards where his creativity and laser shots have the best chance of scoring.

The patented Whitney backdoor-to the-defenseman play was creative but overused and every team in the league came to expect it.

For a whole season everyone said we needed a right shooter on the point also. Then when we have one in LeTang, it was as if someone told him NOT to shoot.

I always felt Gonch shooting left, LeTang shooting right, Malkin and/or Bing on the half boards with Staal, Ruutu, or Roberts (if you don't count Malone anymore) screening, and some quick guys to get pucks behind the net or in the corners would make a good PP personnel-wise.

The actual plays then would just need to be tweaked to take advantage.

Stoosh said...

@ Beav -

Otters are on their way back. Injuries really derailed them last year.

The transition from Sidorkiewicz to Ftorek reminds me of the transition the Pens made going from Edzo to Therrien. Sid was a great guy...he loves the franchise and he loves the city (how could he not? He's Polish!), but I just think he was in over his head as a head coach in that league. I watched some of their early games via the Al Gore and if there was a system in place, the players were either confused by it or they weren't executing it. When Ftorek came on board, there was some semblance of structure.

I get the sense that Ryan O'Reilly is going to be their next Brad Boyes. Kid seems to be a real class act, and getting Greg McKegg with their first pick in the Priority Selection is going to work wonders for them as well (great name, too). McKegg could be the finisher they were looking for, and he sounds excited to be playing in Erie (73 goals in 64 games with Elgin-Middlesex).

Rumor is that a lot of changes are going to take place. For what seems like the millionth year in a row, there are rumblings that some players who weren't happy won't be back.

I hate to say this because I love Sherry Bassin, but I think he's been haunted too long by trying to duplicate those 2000-01 and 2001-02 teams. His decision last year to go with no overagers was a really strange one and it probably helped kill the season when the injuries hit and they had to bring up a bunch of kids who were in way over their heads (Hostetter and Shields, to name two).

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

Straka back in Pittsburgh could be the 2008-09 version of the Sykora signing. Good point on your mention about Dupuis, who I think is better suited here on the third line. #82 buries some of those chances that Dooooopweeeeee had.

jefe penguino said...

my jersey numbers are always #82 thanks to straka back in the day. bring that dude back. and so i can wear his jersey again.

today is fiesta penguino! adios.

go pens.

eileenover said...

I had a dream last night that Colby was coming back. I doubt that will happen, but it was interesting.

Beav said...

@ Stoosh

Yeah I'm excited to watch Ryan play, I missed his games here because of school and he was at the junior world championships/hurt/missing when i had the chance to go to a couple of games. Also, you cannot go wrong with a hockey name like Greg McKegg. I'm holding out hope for a competitive team this year, don't have to be champions, but have a chance to win most games.

debrisslide said...

@turk - Don't get me wrong. I love Whitney a hell of a lot. I don't claim to know much about business, however. . .I would never claim to know a shred of information about players' salaries especially compared to Shero. I guess I was just surprised to find out he made as much as he did. This is the first year I've actually tried to keep close track of players' salaries, so yeah. . .forgive me, haha. I know he's a wonderful player and I am not at all opposed to allowing everything to continue as planned.

Pyle said...

As a Blue Jackets fan, this is great to hear, I hope Hossa stays in Pittsburgh and in turn Malone gives us a bit of an upgrade.

I am really amused by this blog, thanks for your updates!

PittHockey said...

They DO exist!


TheNWChica said...

I know that people have been tossing Naslund's name around as a possibility, but as a Canuck fan he's going to need some protection to get his scoring back up. Some of his best years were with Bertuzzi's fat ass opening the lanes up for him, and having Brendan Morrison next to him too. One also wants to remember that he's 34 years old...not ancient, but on the downward side of prime.

Believe me, if Naz has to leave the Nucks, I would love it if he became a Pen again; but I'm not sure he will be as good of a return on investment or we can even afford him, considering the kind of cash he's probably going to want.

Just my opinion.

and @Stephen S.: All I ask is for at least one style of each drawing be for big girls and I'll be happy. :)

Dr. Turkleton said...


my retort was all tongue & cheek, as I proclaim myself to be Jebs #1 apologist and he's my #1 man-crush [IHK & eileen, stay back!]

he had an 'off'ful year & didn't justify his increase to his paycheck very well as compared to his play in 06-07.
I believe he just pressed too hard when things went bad for him & instead of turning better, they either remained stagnant or got worse.


He'll have a bounce-back upcoming season, if his play in the playoffs is an indicator.

[Hossa: 16:6]

eileenover said...


I have a feeling Whits will be on fire next season.

Beav said...

I know there were times I wanted to light him on fire this year.

chris said...

hey guys, i think its time to update the top ten goals in penguin history and the biggest playoff killers. do it

Dr. Turkleton said...


I have 1 nomination for each category:

•Mario splitting the D v. the North Stars and.....

burying it.

•Volek goal.

Joose said...

I just want to see Ruutu, FREE CANDY, and Roberts back. Those are the only ones I care about a lot.

I also would not mind seeing Señor Peguicana, Hallsy, & Dupuis (with a much better shooting %).

I would have had Malone in the first list a month ago, but if he wants to leave the wonderful city of Pittsburgh for a few more dollars, then fuck 'im. Seriously. Professional sports players make too much damn money, so I think it is ridiculous if anyone isn't satisfied with 1 million, let alone 3 or 4.

Stoosh said...

@ Eileen -

I have a feeling Army will be back sooner rather than later. I'd love to have him come back as a role player. He's a restricted free agent after next year so the Thrashers will have a say in whether he just leaves or not, but they've got salary concerns of their own with Kovalchuk looking at unrestricted free agency after the 2009-10 season.

Their fanbase is bordering on apathetic with Kovalchuk in the lineup already. But if they lose him in a couple of years, the Thrashers might draw fewer fans than a rec league game in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I have to go 180º with you on this one:

Unless: Army wants to come back for pennies on the dollar™ [jyo] or help distribute tickets to STH. [I guess that old lady WAS right, eh?]

maybe he'll room with Laura Stamm this year and turn into someone that becomes more valuable when 07.01.09 rolls around...

Dr. Turkleton said...


Golf is on NBC.

let the Johnny Miller Tiger-slurpfest BEGIN !!!!!!

Flyer Hater said...

I think Armstrong coming back here would be a step back for the organization. He's not a good PK'er, he has almost zero offensive ability, and he doesn't even try to lay the body. I know everyone loved him and he did standup routines after the games, etc. but just say no.

P.S. Mighty Ducks 2 on Encore this afternoon, Julie the Cat Gaffney's glovehand>Mike Richter's glovehand.

Stoosh said...

@ Turk -

I can get your viewpoint on Army.

I could eventually see him coming back as a third-liner but that's about it. I wouldn't want to the team to bring him back just because he was a fan favorite or just because he got along with most of his teammates.

When we dealt Army, I didn't think they'd have an easy time replacing him because he was a decent forechecker and his willingness to go into the corners opened up space for other players. But they found someone better in Dupuis, who was faster and had better puck skills than Army did.

I loved what Army brought to the team in 2005-06 when he first came up and then in 2006-07 when he was throwing his body around like a younger version of Roberts. But somewhere along the line, he stopped doing that and his on-ice value here took a hit.

And as it was shown, his presence in the locker room wasn't as big a deal as many of the media made it out to be. It's nothing against Army at all...I just think the locker room has more than enough grounded, solid character guys and they clearly understood the business end of it.

From a fan standpoint, I'd like to see Army eventually find his way back because he was one of my favorite players. But I'd also only like to see them bring him back if it's in a role that works for the team as well as for Armstrong.

tripledeke said...

Did not read all comments but if malone leaves for more money more power to him. His career lasts from the about 21-35 and that is the amount of time he has to make money to raise a family and retire with (besides pension). He has a new baby and family and needs to be able to provide long term for them so i say take the money. Remember Hossa already was making 7 mil a year so he's had big contracts before while malone has not and at his age this is his only shot.

Joose said...

I don't get the "They have families to take care of" bullshit. Families are raised on 30K a year without problems all over the country, so I don't see how the salary of someone on a professional sports team even compares. I could live off of the salary one of them makes the rest of my life.

Dubs said...

Dr. Turk -

why'd you have to mention Volek?... I was just starting to get over the loss to the Dings ... and now you bring up that heartbreaker?

*grumble ...

f'n Volek ... now he's washin cars in some crap town in Long Island, right?


Party of Ruutu said...

joose said-Families are raised on 30K a year without problems.

I wouldn't exactly say w/o problems. Isn't the poverty line for a family of 4 40K -question mark-

I have no shift keys, so I have to write punctuation out.

debrisslide said...

@joose - I agree, but I understand that these guys are working to set themselves up for life. For a guy like Malone with a wife and child. . .the more money he has, the less he has to worry about protecting them and providing for them. We'd kill to have a third of what he made last year. . .but to him, it's real.

Party of Ruutu said...

I agree Debrisslide...sports players don't retire at 60, they have to set themselves up for the rest of their lives with maybe 15 years of work.

PittHockey said...

They have to make money now and start saving and investing it, otherwise you end up like Jagr with $X million gambling debts.

Joose said...

I'm not saying they should be making 30K a year, but I know it is more than possible to raise a family on it from experience. It was a general statement. I just think there is a point where financial need turns into financial greed. Nobody needs to earn 6 million dollars a year in order to survive. I would also find it difficult to think a person could not take care of a family with that much for a long-ass time.

Flyer Hater said...

Joose, I want to introduce you to someone,

New Friend

Joose said...

Flyer Hater, I've already been introduced, and we are not very good friends.

debrisslide said...

Yeah, he doesn't need that much money. But when it's available to you, you have to wonder if one of your loved ones might get cancer, or if your child wants to go to college someday. If a guy can ensure that he never has to worry about paying for anything in a largely unforgiving world, he will. Like I said, it's a reality to Malone, not a dream like it would be to somebody like you or me. He's actually picking between one several million dollar amount and another several million dollar amount, and every time he plays there is a chance that he'll never play the same way again. I don't think it's always greed.

Joose said...

My name is Jess, and I am a cynic.

eileenover said...

Join the club joose.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

If we lose both Orpik and Malone to keep Hossa, that's when I'll be upset.

just sayin'.

nikki said...

well i guess if bugsy would rather play for a team like columbus that is not a cup contender in the foreseeable future (although rick nash is a BEAST), then that's his choice.
i understand he has a family to support, but realistically, he does not have a serious problem.
i mean i've never played in the nhl or anything, but i think i'd rather be comfortable where i am and being playing for the stanley cup then moving to a new place and golfing in april...
i think he's just kinda choked cause shero keeps low ballin' him haha, we shall see what happens i guess

nikki said...

racheleyos- not gonna lie, i completely 100% agree
we need someone to give out free candy on the blueline and someone to make the goalie's life hell in front of the net :(

debrisslide said...

Orpik = necessary. In my opinion.

michelle said...

@joose, everyone talking about salary

Joe Starkey discusses what you guys just did

Flyer Hater said...

There are 3 kinds of people I hate in this world.

1. People who complain about others wanting to make as much money as possible

2. People who aren't understanding of other ethnicities and cultures

3. The Dutch

michelle said...

I don't know...I mean, look at actors. They make in one movie (or more!) compared to what Sid makes in one year. Wheres Sid makes more in one year than I'll see in a lifetime.

There's a fine line and I'm too interested in getting drunk to worry about it.

If they wanna make money good for them. I just hope they don't expect me to cheer for them on the other side of the line.

michelle said...

and I meant "whereas" not wheres.


additional note:
like everyone else here basically said, Shero's not gonna fall off the deep end anytime soon. We just gotta believe he'll do his best and do what's right.

Joose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

A few thoughts...

1. The lockout was never, ever, ever strictly about player salaries, which is why I laugh when some of these media types point at the salaries of NHL players now and go, "Why did they ever have the lockout???"

The lockout was about bringing salaries in line with league revenues. If salaries are going up now, they're going up at a rate that is pretty much proportional to league revenues.

Prior to the lockout, salaries were going up faster than league revenues were coming in, which is why so many owners were losing money.

2. I have no problem with athletes making tons of money, and I would never begrudge someone the chance to make as much as they can.

What I cannot stand are athletes who act as if there's some sort of fundamental difference between several millions of dollars, or who act as if they are going to barely squeak by on $4 million a year instead of $6 million a year. That demonstrates a complete lack of perspective on the part of the athlete, and I don't blame fans for being cynical when that kind of talk starts getting thrown around.

Joose said...

Flyer Hater, I'll begin sympathizing with millionaires when people like this stop existing in the world.

I actually don't blame anyone for wanting to make as much money as possible. Shit, I would love to have a few million dollars tucked away in a nice big bank account. But, like I said, I wouldn't expect anyone to sympathize with my "rough" financial decisions, either. I would love to see Bugsy stay, but I'm not going to be torn up if he leaves. That's all.

KJ said...

since i'm no good with numbers, i'll just add, is it July 1st yet?

TheNWChica said...

Hey...WTF is wrong the Dutch!? We're okay...we have tulips and good cheese.

Beav said...

interesting idea I saw on FF, trading the rights of Malone to Phoenix for the other Hossa. Then we only need to get the other Ruutu and the other Staals... collect the whole set

Beav said...

Just imagine we could have lines like

Hossa Crosby Hossa
Staal Malkin Staal
Ruutu Staal Ruutu

eileenover said...

Well I'm doing drunkblog later wooooo.

eileenover said...

Or Staal Staal Staal. Now that would be crazy.

Party of Ruutu said...

Beav, that's the best idea I've read yet. ;]

Beav said...

I figure once you get 3/4 Staals you can force the last one to play for pennies for some kind of family discount. Maybe we can clone Sid and Gino and force them to play defense.

Beav said...

@ Eileen

I'm in for drunkblog as well. Free agency talk driving me to drink

Sabrejets said...

@jefe penguino:

You're right I always kind of liked the Cye-yotes even if Arizona is the last place you'd think of for hockey. It's a neat state. And I think they have one of the neatest logos in hockey.

Plus, as you pointed out, their jobbers job in Jobbing Arena.

PittHockey said... arena


nikki said...

so i just turned on sportscenter, which isnt on yet cause golf is still on, and these morons are still bitching about tiger's injury. haha i dont have very much sympathy for him

xuscbausp said...

tiger is a god...a god i say.

if you havent been watching, he just buried two incredible shots to take the lead.


letsgopsu said...

Yeah, I don't even like Tiger and I couldn't root against those shots going in.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Rocco needs to go up to Tiger and Sweep the Leg tomorrow on the Practice Range.

letsgopsu said...

I don't like Rocco either. Yes, I know he's from Greensburg or something like that, but for some reason he annoys me. that I no longer have a clear rooting interest in the US Open (poor Lefty), I guess is doesn't matter that I work tomorrow night.

Flyer Hater said...

Oh wow, Tiger Woods played well with a little ol' tweaked knee. What a Warrior, let's give him a medal, he's superhuman, blah blah blah


They're talking about this performance like it's the bravest thing since Forrest Gump saved Bubba in Vietnam.

wilsmith said...

What am I doing?!

The Seeker said...

They're talking about this performance like it's the bravest thing since Forrest Gump saved Bubba in Vietnam.

Bubba died though.

aunt penny said...

RE: Tiger.

After his hockey comment, I was really hoping someone would throw an octopus on the course..........

aunt penny said...

Still wish there was a 'drop the puck' clock at the top of the blog.

wilsmith said...

schedules aren't out...

should have been "saved lieutenant dan?" maybe?

Flyer Hater said...



Flyer Hater said...




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