Monday, June 23, 2008

First things first:

We are thinking about doing the last ever WWGRD wristband sale.
If you are interested, let us know in the comments.

We'll most likely end up doing a pre-order sale,
but we aren't sure if there are still people that want some.


[pit.<span class=

We aren't going to lie.
We kind of thought this offseason would be quiet for at least a week.
It hasn't been the case. And just wait till mid-July to early September.

Another busy weekend in Penguin Land.

[NHL-draft-logo-<span class=
The NHL draft kicked off Friday night,
but the Penguins didn't hit the podium until Saturday afternoon.

:: With their first pick in the draft,
in the 4th round, 120th overall, the Penguins drafted Nathan Moon.

He's a 5'11', 180 pound Center.
He spent the last two years playing in the OHL for the Kingston Frontenacs.
He was born January 4th, 1990.

Yeah. 1990. He has no clue what dial-up internet is.

:: [ Faceoff Factor ] thinks the pick is a steal.
They think he'd perform better had he not been in such an awful situation.
Completely agree.

Sometimes your performance can drastically suffer in the wrong environment.
Like, say you're in a stuffy old room taking your SATs.
You have to pee like balls, there are short skirts all around you, and someone has B.O.
It's a test of wills.

:: At the 150th spot, the Penguins selected Russian goaltender Alexander Pechurski.
He's 18 and a first-year backup goaltender for Malkin's old Metallurgh Magnitogorsk.
He also played for Russia in this year's U18 World Junior Championships.

Wow. He may somewhere down the road regret having this picture taken.
(And why is RBK backward on his glove, but the logos on his shirt and hat are legit?)

:: In the 6th round they picked up another young goalie in Patrick Killeen.
He split time in the crease with the OHL's Brampton Battalion,
posting a 2.76 GAA and .908 save % in 34 games.

:: With the second to the last pick, number 210, the Penguins drafted Nick D'Agostino.
The 17-year-old plays on the blue line for the OPJHL's St. Michael's Buzzers,
and is committed to attending Cornell in 2009.


By now you have heard the news about Fiesta Mexicana testing the free agent waters.

:: [ ] has a little piece with Shero.

If you have read between the lines, Hossa's agent seems to be running the show.
Like Seth said at [ Empty Netters ], it might be time to take that Hossa shirt to Goodwill.

The only good thing about this, is that we can finally steal this haunting photoshop from the boys at [ DoubtAboutIt ]:


Speaking of haunting...

poster [ Ron Duguay's Hair ] on [LGP] found this old Ice Time.
What a player.


In case anyone forgot, Wayne Gretzky is a scumbag.

If you need to be reminded, checkout what he told [ Yahoo ]
when asked about the new Russian superleague offering Malkin a big contract.

"Forget concerns. I wish they were around when I was playing,” said Gretzky. “My goodness, it’s a big decision for (Malkin),” Gretzky said. “Financially, it’s incredible. You get a chance to go back to your home country. On the other side of it, you get to play with one of the best players in the National Hockey League in Crosby. … In some ways it’s overwhelming, to be honest with you."

Thanks for that, Wayne.


:: Odds and ends on the NHL draft. [ Dr. Mirtle ]

:: Bill still can't watch Game 5. [ Abel to Yzerman ]

:: The EuroGirls pool continues. [ Post Game Heroes ]

The Germans are all business.

Speaking of all business:

[ The Burgh Blog ] found that. Wow.


[ Stephen L. ] went to the Pirates/Toronto Blue Jays series over the weekend.
Different sport...different season...who cares?

As a side note, you could see Canadian flags get thrust into the air as the wave made its rounds in PNC Park.
Good Times.

:: In other news, an outtake scene in the new movie "The Happening" was leaked onto the internet.
In said scene, a character tried killing themselves by becoming a Leafs fan.


:: The experiment with the different blog layout was exactly that: an experiment.
We're not sticking with it, and we will never implement it.

:: See the black squares around the logos? We're getting rid of those.

Odds And Ends in Gmail

:: [ John B. ] sent this link along.
Bloggers are being arrested for viewpoints they are expressing on blogs. [ InfoNIAC ]
That's why we post Fiesta Mexicana every chance we get.

:: [ Matt C. ] put together a dictionary of terms prevalent to C-Blog. [ DictionaryBlog ]

[ Mahoney ]

[ Jason S. ]

[ Jason M. ] -- In light of Brooks Orpik's eventual raise in salary.

A customizable Nike shoe that [ Mike ] made.


Game #11
[ Trick or Treat. PENS WIN ]
[pit.<span class=[min.<span class=
4 - 2

Bing actually scoring on a breakaway.

The first non-us "stunned" pic, basically.
Submitted by Zak.



Tonight, we will be recapping the 11:00 WPXI News.
For out-of-market readers, this poses a problem.

We need someone to record the broadcast and get it up onto YouTube in short order.
We lack the technical prowess to accomplish this.

We would hate to put all our eggs into one basket, so we will credit everyone who does it,
but of course, only one set of the uploads will be used.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can do this.
And please shoot us an e-mail ( if you have the time to do it.


And finally...

George Carlin passed away late Sunday night.
We'd be remiss if we didn't dedicate this post to him.

His legendary work laid the foundation for vulgarity in mainstream anything.
Not to mention that if you didn't watch Shining Time Station, you don't have a soul.

Thomas The Tank = Stunned

R.I.P. man. One of the best of all time.


Go Pens


Beav said...

Let me be the FIRST to say it's a sad day for comedy and the world.

R.I.P. George

KJ said...

wow, i totally forgot about shining time station. i'm sure there is a story about what kind of blackmail thomas had on george to get him on that show right?

and not only would i buy another wrist band, i'd buy those nikes!

sh0ez said...

I'm still so, so, so sad. Uggggghhhhh.

Beav said...

Yeah I missed out on the previous shipments of WWGRD bands so I would like to get in on it as well.

penstone410 said...

im in for wristband since i missed the original wave
id buy those nikes too

the ravenstahl pic = diet coke out the nose

rip carlin my man

debrisslide said...

I would love a WWGRD wristband. Like, a LOT.

And personally, I could watch nothing but game 5 for the rest of my life and die happy. . .

Recapping the channel 11 news is probably going to be golden.

penstone410 said...

I already set my DVR for the news


and i agree i could watch game 5 forever!! i already do watch game 5 over and over through youtube clips and tPB recap..just a few times a week when i'm feeling blue lol

Dan said...

pussy farts - for george

i tried to job the verizon center. i was unsuccessful. i will type it out tomorrow if anyone really gives a shit.

Kat said...

RIP George.

And Yes, I would LOVE a wristband since I never got one in the last wave.

onesizedrummer said...

Frito = stunned

damn i didn't know about george, man i should have seen him last year when he played in pittsburgh


J.S. said...

RIP George

J.S. = stunned. I had no idea that was coming.

aunt penny said...

My dog ate my wristband.

I'm in.

George taught us everything we're not allowed to say. And more. What a great mind.

RIP and enjoy the view.

penstone410 said...

also i saw the gretzky quote yesterday and it just pissed me off

for someone who works for and owes so much to the NHL, what he said was just disgusting..its like he's urging malkin on to leave

nice that he gave props to Bing but come on Gretzky, youre a douche

Jawsh said...

Sad news indeed.

George > Ringo Starr

BlacknGold66 said...

I'd be in for at least two wristbands.

Thanks for posting Dictionaryblog Staff.

I'm still tweaking it but wanted to get the first post out there.

Any (and almost all) submissions left in the comments section over there will be added.

It's basically going to be the easiest blog on the planet to maintain since all of us cbloggers will be contributing in one way or another.

Check it out and let me know what needs to be added, fixed, jobbed, etc.

Again, thanks Staff.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Stilly said...

I saw this link over at Empty Netters

WSJ Top 10 Athletes

They list Crosby at #6. Check out what one of the asshat judges says:

Mr. Fleck gave him middling scores: Hockey players, he said, "don't necessarily run well"

WTF. Who cares if they run "well" they probably have better wind than 90% of athletes who DO run well. Running well != Running long

Car said...

I also missed the last wave of wristbands, so count me in for at least one.

sonofatruckload said...

lebron james should have been ranked lower, cause basketball players dont necessarily skate well

Jonathan said...

Long time lurker here. I am definitely in for a wristband (or two) if available.

Stilly said...


I'll take a couple wristbands.

Will the rules for the wristband purchase be the same as the April 10 rules and regulations?

Fleury29 said...

First? Ha-ha, just kidding.

But speaking of first, first things first. Stephen S's header is brilliant. Adding him to the staff was the best off-season move the Pensblog has ever executed.

I have been waiting since the clock went to all zeros in game six for Newsrecapblog. One of my favorite parts of the off-season. (Or is it off season... or offseason? Oh well, what the hell, it isn't Grammarblog.)

I would be interetsted in another WWGRD wristband. I still have two but one, the one I wear almost every day, is starting to show its age. Can't hurt to have a few more backups. I'm sure other people feel the same way.

(And why is RBK backward on his glove, but the logos on his shirt and hat are legit?)

Because he's holding the glove upside down in the picture. (Note that the glove is pointed down.)

Rob Brown. Wow. I had forgotten that he came back to the Pens in the late 1990s. Wow.

Not living in Pittsburgh, it took me a minute to figure out who the bicycle picture was. That's just disturbing.

Damn. George Carlin died. That sucks. I hadn't heard that. I guess I do come to tPB for breaking news. Fleury29=joke.

Hip said...

Wow that Wayne G. quote is just ridiculous. What a tool. Money isn't everything moron, except to your wife.

I'll consolidate the terms I collected to BNG's fabulous c-blog dictionaryblog. I love it. I'm gonna fucking reference the shit out of that from now on.

Stephen S's header is unreal.

I'm still tired.


Adam said...

Count me in for the wristband as well.

1990? Old feeling hath set in.

coffeytalk said...

I'm in for more bracelets. I plan to wear one 'til the day I die and back-ups are a plus.

I hope to be 66buriedwithit.

Stilly said...

Sad to hear about George Carlin

His comedy actually inspired my name here. If anyone remembers a joke about scabs on your head, and he says "not a blood scab, like when someone bashes you in the head with a fucking Stillson wrench." My online moniker when from Stillson Wrench to Stillson to Stilly.

His passing reminds me of something my Grandfather once told me: "I'm goin upstairs and fuck your Grandma." He was an honest man, he'd never bullshit a 4 year old.

Original Nathan said...

RIP George Carlin. That's one miserable way to wake up, hearing that news on the radio. This is my favorite bit of his.

I've still got my wristband from the original wave, but I could probably be talked into a couple more as backups.

Pens_MINI66 said...

I'll take a few of those wristbands, since I missed the last orders. Anyone ever check out the RBKcustoms site they have a great system on which to customize and it includes the logo as well.

slush said...

Id buy some wristbands as well. :)

Stoosh said...

Um, I think someone forgot to put the "at" between the "eat" and "foxes" on that Gary Roberts sign.

"Gary Roberts says eat foxes." Foxes everywhere = stunned!

When Christine and I took our honeymoon in Vegas in November of 2005, we got to see George Carlin at the Stardust Casino (another icon that's since gone away). Carlin was her favorite comedian and while I wouldn't call him my favorite, he's definitely up there.

Carlin absolutely destroyed the room that night. He was just awesome. Angry, cynical, hilarious and most importantly, he made you laugh while he made you think, and you almost learned something coming out of his show. I love that type of humor.

I'm definitely in on another WWGRD bracelet order. You can put me down for five...maybe (Flyer Hater, I hope you appreciate that Madden reference).

Seriously, put me down for at least six. That may change. A bunch of Christine's friends at work saw the one she got last time and they said they'd be interested in getting some if we ever did another sale, so she's going to check and see if there's still interest.

emohdee said...

I'd buy at least two wristbands -- one for me, one for the boyfriend. And maybe even one for my mom.

Victor Raison said...

Count me in for two bracelets.


J.S. said...

Hockey players don't run well?

From what I read in Men's Fitness last year, Sid runs a 5:30 mile and is getting faster.

Seems "well enough" to me.

[J.S.: runs an 8 min mile, still remains unsigned]

Brett said...

That's wild -- I just spent saturday afternoon rewatching that very same Pens/Wild game on the ol' Tivo. Good times with the Malkin flailing-goal and the Bing breakaway.

ChiTraderRob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChiTraderRob said...

I am in if you make more wristbands.


akus said...

Staff:Great Title for today's blog

Tonight's forecast: Dark. Continued dark throughout most of the evening, with some widely-scattered light towards morning."

Thank You Hippy-Dippy Weatherman for the laughs.

Tim said...

I would like a WWGRD wristband and some free candy.

habfan1160 said...

Yeah, I'd get a few wristbands for myself and family.

Max Power said...

I'd buy atleast 5 WWGRD bands. Shit the one I have now already got me stabbed. Drunk Mexican with a pocket knife = Not cool.
Rip GC

willyboy said...

I'm in for a WWGRD bracelet. i'll look for the post

Jenni said...

I'd love a WWGRD band... well... four of them for me and my BFF's

Tim said...

I'm in for a WWGRD bracelet.

xuscbausp said...

definitely all about wristbandblog.

first post since the dutch played dead on saturday. me=stunned

gilette212 said...

i'd definitely buy a couple WWGRD wristbands!

Stilly said...


Orange crushed?

Awww that doesn't feel good. I hate comparing anything decent to the Flyers.

ruutsfan37 said...

Count me in on 4 wristbands (or more)! I missed the WWGRD wave the last time around!!

Hope you get enough for one last sale!!

Colin said...

Catchupblog -

Does anyone else think Shero might have leaked the Hossa contact numbers? By doing so, he may have dictated the market for Hossa. Other teams now know what has been offered and make alter their contact offers accordingly. If Hossa leaves it sucks, but this season isn't the same without him.

Wingerblog -

I think I would be alright with JJ or Naslund back in uniform. With guys like WWGRD and Gonch, I don't know if JJ could be a "head case" the way people think. And I would think HCMT would keep him in line. Personally, I think I would like to see one, not both. Ideally, I think someone a bit younger would be ideal so there could be some consistency over the years.

Soccerblog -

Italy struggled without Pirlo and Gattuso, their midfield was mud. Fabregas' penalty and Casillas' saves were clutch, and clutch is everything in life. But more importantly, why was Di Nataele taking a penalty when Toni AND Del Piero had not yet shot.

Clarksblog -

When they sang that version of Born too late,

Colin = stunned

Colin said...

Also, should WWGRD not return to the Penguins enxt year, he should be number one priority for the gameday pictures.

You talk closers, you talk WWGRD.

Joose said...

I just started to really get into George Carlin the past couple of weeks. He was a fucking bastard in the best way possible. It is a very sad day.

Joose said...

Oh, and...


Colin said...

Oh, might as well make it a natural hat trick. We all know why Gretz needs all that cash. Did we not forget the incident last year involving his wife and gambling?

xuscbausp said...

orange crushed? ouch. my soul hurts

JYo said...

first post since the dutch played dead on saturday

While the Dutch certainly didn't play their best, Russia also played way over their heads. They definitely deserve some mad credit for winning that game and basically controlling play throughout. Guus Hiddink for the Jack Adams! I don't know how he always gets his players to overachieve so much. The Pens should keep an eye on him as a motivational assistant coach! Of course, the new Russian league will just overpay him and steal him away anyway!

I'd definitely be in for another WWGRD wristband or three.

J.S. said...

We all know why Gretz needs all that cash. Did we not forget the incident last year involving his wife and gambling?

I bet you she hasn't.

gpclay said...

Down for several wristbands - I'll need to replace the one I've been wearing since November 2004 after this election (relating to Presidential politics), and I'd like to send some to friends on the west coast and in Hong Kong.

I was really sad to hear about GC this a.m. His "Class Clown" album (owned by my best friend) was a touchstone of my youth. I think I'm stronger, smarter and more questioning thanks to his influence. He will be missed...

Dave S said...

I'm in for the wristbands as well.

heart_attack_kids said...

I would like to buy a wristband ;D

Stilly said...


I'm conflicted. Ya see, I want Spain to beat the tar out of Russia. But I also want David Villa to get kicked squarely in the face. The way he cried about EVERYTHING yesterday made me wonder if the pitch was getting crappy. There were a lot of falls, and i'm betting that Villa's tears were the main cause.

Also if any Cesc doubters should be about silenced now. He's a big deal. Xavi should take his place on the pine so Fabregas can get the minutes he deserves.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

count me in for a wristband...altho it's more like an armband for me :-D

Stilly said...

Please mentally remove the word "if" from my last post.

Me = Poor Grammar.

Stilly said...


Do you even wear it around your bicep like in the Pensblog logo?

RaCHeLeYoS said...

stilly - lol. i made a joke about that before. i'm sure it would fit.

Docciavelli said...

1. I cried into my coffee today. Carlin convinced me to start praying to Joe Pesci, and Pesci's done wonders for my life.

2. daylateblog: I agree wholeheartedly that signing Hossa at anything over $8 mil is a mistake for the Pens. Sorry, but when Naslund (even on the decline) is out there at under $4m, and a guy like Huselius is out there at a little over $3m--oh, and there's this Malone guy available at around $4.5 too--why blow your load on Rex?

3. re: Jagr, how would he fit with the Therrien system? I just can't see the guy playing a 1-2-2 defensive-minded shutdown at any point in a game. That would require a hard back-check. Forget it.

4. Gretz may be a bit of a douche, but I don't think that comment is evidence of douchiness. He's right, if all the rumors of $12 mil. were right, Malkin might have a tough choice. Look, if I were in his shoes, and you told me I could go back to Mother Russia (where hockey plays you) to make 50% more money and be the man on my own squad, I'd have to at least think about it.

5. 44 = IHL All-Star and balladeer. Who knew?

6. 2 WWGRD wristbands needed here (one each for me and pops).

Colin said...

Listing of Pens Equipment for Sale

They have announced the list of Pens stuff on sale for Friday is anyone in interested.

Colin said...

^is = if in Colin's world.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

66 buries it.

PittHockey said...

for the WWGRD wristbands...

any way to get a smaller size?

I'm betting on no.

PrimantiBros8771 said...

Id be interested in at least 2 WWGRD wristbands.

PittHockey said...

no roberts equipment for sale?


MikBrp said...

WWGRD... buy more wristbands!

I need 4

Brewtaltrooper said...

I'll buy a bunch more wristbands.

Raybin said...

The world is a lot less funny today. Indeed, it will never be as funny again.

I don't care how old Carlin was, in what kind of crappy universe does he die but Carlos Mencia still live?

Rexblog: I want him on this team VERY VERY badly, but anything over 7.5 million a year would cost us too much in other players who would have to be let go.

No Hossa gear to goodwill, though. I bought my fiancee a Hossa t-shirt during the playoffs and said "No matter what happens with the playoffs or with Hossa staying or going, this will be a great momento of this season."

Actually, I guess it's her decision to ditch it or not if Hossa departs, but I hope she keeps it for that reason.

If Hossa does go bye-bye, I hope Shero doesn't overreact and sign Malone for more than he's worth. God knows I love Bugsy, but if some team is willing to throw 5 or 5.5 million at him, it's time to bid him godspeed.

And to whoever suggested me (forget who in the last post's CBlog) for defense on this month's CBlog all-star team.....I am honored and not worthy.

Docciavelli said...

I'm going to need to find someone who can stop by the Marriott on Friday for me...I need new gloves (Ruutu's got 6 pairs of Eagles @ $50), and at $80, an Easton Synergy in Whitney's pattern/flex would be nice.

Oh well, guess it's time to call up those cousins in the Burgh!

Colin said...

Raybin said...
If Hossa does go bye-bye, I hope Shero doesn't overreact and sign Malone for more than he's worth. God knows I love Bugsy, but if some team is willing to throw 5 or 5.5 million at him, it's time to bid him godspeed.

Some serious words of windom in my opinion.

Michael said...

WWGRD bands are full of win. Bring em back for one more sale.

Raybin said...

More Rexblog:

The USA Today brings up a good point Hossa would be wise to keep in mind:

The danger, for both parties, is that moves are made in rapid fire succession on July 1. The Penguins might not be able to wait for Hossa to get back to them because they will have to sign someone else if they believe he is gone.

If he keeps dicking around much after July 1, he may find the Pens have signed Naslund and Stillman and then he's left out in the cold with a team not likely to win a Cup soon. Guess he'll have a big pile of money to keep him warm, though.

Boston Globe speculates on the possibility of Hossa ending up as a Bruin.

There's this disheartening tidbit:

The Penguins recently offered Hossa, 29, a long-term deal reportedly worth $50 million over seven years. The Bruins likely would not top that, but given that Chara is a good friend, and Chiarelli was Ottawa's assistant GM when Hossa played for the Senators, it's conceivable he could find Boston more to his liking than Pittsburgh.

If he takes less money to play in Boston than the Pens are offering him, however good his personal reasons are, I know people will be pissed. I'll be upset. But then I'll get over it.

The article is well worth reading for some other tidbits it offers, namely:

-The Sharks have granted permission to the Rags, Habs and Sens to negotiate with Brian Campbell

-The Habs may swap a first round pick for Mats Sundin with the Leafs.

ruutsfan37 said...

The goalie glove (where you question why RBK is backwards and all other logos are legit) -- I think it's the way he's holding it out and not the it's "backwards" (as if they "doctored up" the picture). See example with link below (the RBK is forwards but if you turn it around like he has in the picture, it would appear "backwards).

ruutsfan37 said...

The goalie glove (where you question why RBK is backwards and all other logos are legit) -- I think it's the way he's holding it out and not the it's "backwards" (as if they "doctored up" the picture). See example with link below (the RBK is forwards but if you turn it around like he has in the picture, it would appear "backwards).

Jonathan said...

Dibs on a Melichar stick.

JYo said...

Great posts Raybin. I completely agree with the 12:11 post about both Hossa and Malone. Overpaying for any player is a bad deal and I don't expect that from Shero no matter who the target is. So much for those 1-2 year deals and big hometown discounts people were hoping for a few weeks back. Really not much has changed, I think reality is just starting to set in.

As for Hossa to Boston, I just don't see it. They aren't a team that typically opens up the wallets, so that big pay day likely won't get him there. They also are not a very serious Cup contender even with him on the team, so for him to end up there, he would have to take less money and play on a lesser team. Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

P.O. said...

bruins-sick of playing fourth fiddle to celts, pats, sox and being an after thought in a major market

going to make some moves

how big of a wrist do the WWGRD wrist bands fit? i want a few but i want them to not cut off circulation

Katie said...

Sad news about Carlin. I still have a record (yes, I'm that old) that I got for Christmas when I was 12.

As for the wristbands, I got ten the first time they were offered and I'm down to the one (cheap, greedy relatives!!!) I refuse to take off of my wrist, so I'd definitely be interested.

Victor Raison said...

Boston: Should be chopped off and left to float on over to the UK. Or with any luck, they'll hit an iceberg somewhere in the Northern Atlantic and sink.

spanky kane said...

id buy a WWGRD wristband.
ok, make it two.

my mom loves telling the story when she saw george carlin in pittsburgh when she was pregnant with me. she says she was laughing so hard she thought she was going to go into labor. ha.

Alex said...

That goalie pic is actually of Patrick Killeen, not Alexander Pechurski. Also, like ruutsfan said, the Rbk logo isn't backwards; he's just holding the glove upside down. It's not doctored or anything.


JYo said...

bruins-sick of playing fourth fiddle to celts, pats, sox and being an after thought in a major market

going to make some moves

Doesn't Jacobs still own the team? If so, he couldn't care less about the other teams doing better as long as he is making money. In fact, the success of the other teams is a distraction from how they never put any real effort into winning it all. They always do just enough to stay competitive and bring in money.

Boston: Should be chopped off and left to float on over to the UK. Or with any luck, they'll hit an iceberg somewhere in the Northern Atlantic and sink.

I still wouldn't go this far though. I'd send 'em NYC ten times over before I started to worry about Boston. Just chip off all of Jersey and leave NYC attached at the top and ship them the whole lot.

how big of a wrist do the WWGRD wrist bands fit? i want a few but i want them to not cut off circulation

Well, I'm not terribly large or terribly small, but in my opinion, you'd have to be Andre the Giant-ish to have them cut off any circulation.

Stoosh said...

@ Colin -

Gary bless you for sending that link on the equipment sale. I work about ten minutes away from the hotel and I'm thinking I might have to make a pit stop on Friday if I can. I'm trying to get some new gear and I'm at least hoping to pull a helmet and some gloves out of this.

The only problem is that I've heard everything gets picked over pretty quickly and I don't get out of work until 5:00, so it's going to be about 5:30 or so before I get there.

Kyrie said...

I would buy 5-6 wristbands

P.O. said...


andre the giant i am not but someone gave me a livestrong band a few years ago and it wasnt very comfortable, thanks for the opinion

JYo said...

No problem P.O. I just wrapped a string around my forearm in the area where the wristband usually slides up to and measured it. It was around 10 inches, so unless your wrist is larger than that, you should be OK.

sh0ez said...

I want to go to equipmentsaleblog. But with me attending wingblog the next day and having work on Friday, I can't. Damn. Maybe I can get a friend to go and pick me up a stick or something.

P.O. said...

not even 100 comments by noon... things are slowing down around here

Original Nathan said...

Calm before the free-agency storm it is.


BlacknGold66 said...

Whitney's getting traded.

My source?

All of his gear that's being sold on Friday.

BlacknGold66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RaCHeLeYoS said...

BNG - did you get excited posting twice? lol

maria said...

i'm in for a WWGRD wristband (or two)

AmericanHero269 said...

George Carlin was a funny man. He will be missed.

I liked the mention of Ron Dugay, I met the guy down here in FL. He was the coach of a minor league team called the Jacksonville Barracudas in the ECHL. They're leaving town, bad hockey market here. How I miss thee Pittsburgh.

Guys, I would love to buy a wristband. Do we have to do paypal though? I can money order or anything else, just not paypal. Let me via reply or blog post. Alright well, July 1st can't get here soon enough.


Stilly said...

Yeah I think everyone is away mentally preparing for July 1. I really hope to see a "Penguins sign defenseman Brooks Orpik to a give year deal." headline real soon. Solidify the blue line. Then worry about a dancing partner for Sid.

Original Nathan said...

bng: Guess Talbot's going too, since I think there's more of his stuff up for sale than of Whitney's.

"If you think he got such a great deal, I'll sell you my conscience for four-fifty. I'll throw in my sense of decency for free! It's a Bart clearance event! Everything about me must go!"

Stilly said...


My guess is they they'll only do it through paypal. Check out the April 10th 2008 post for the rules of the last purchase.

Original Nathan said...

The minor-leage hockey team based here has released its schedule for next season. We've had teams in three different leagues just since I started college in the fall of 1999, so it's always a blessing to know that there will be hockey in Richmond for another winter. Even if it is in that dump of the Coliseum with its godawfulhideous ice.

coffeytalk said...

wowzers. lots of new c-blog users poppin' up over these wristbands.

BlacknGold66 said...

@The OG Nathan: Looking at the list of gear, I have a bad feeling that we're going to be losing Dominic Moore as well.

Stilly said...

I noticed that too Coffeytalk

Even lurkers come out of the shadows for WWGRD wristbands. haha.

Steve In Denver said...

A. Don't buy any of Christensen's sticks - the sights are way'll miss the net every time (unless you play in a league where every game is decided by shootouts)

B. Suprised to see that Hossa's soul is not on that for sale list.

Kidding of course...I still hope Ho$$a stays.

Staff - I'd prob take a few wrist bands. You never know when you might need one to Macgyver an outboard motor to your RV and cross Lake Erie.

Original Nathan said...

I'd avoid Kris Beech's equipment as well. Unless you want to be infected with Epic Fail.

Raybin said...

Even lurkers come out of the shadows for WWGRD wristbands.

They also come out of the shadows because they realize that's where Gary waits for you.

Steve In Denver said...

And just how many naked/toweled/robed NHL'ers did Gary Coleman pose with? Or was this some kind of sick inside joke or challenge among NHL'ers back in the 80's?

Gretzky: Hey Gary, while you're down there, why don't you touch my pee pee?

Gary Coleman: Whatchyoutalkin' about, Wayne?


Stilly said...

My question is this..

Who wears a robe in a locker room? Is this even in a locker room? Are we sure this isn't Gary Coleman's place? It looks like Wayne's ready for amateur porn in that pic.

Movie title:

High Sticking starring Wayne Gretzky as himself, "The Great One" as itself, and Gary Coleman.

J.S. said...

@amhero, I remember being down there when the Lizard Kings were down there in 95-96.

@everybody wondering where Gary's gear is for the sale on Friday: simple answer. Would you trust the gear worn by Him in the possession of such mortals as us c-bloggers? Absolutely not. Nobody within c-blog or on the outside would possibly fathom the power that is held within. I was gonna take a crack at that Ekman Stealth though. $80 for that stick is insane, considering how light it is. Puts my bubble and synergy to shame. However, being that Nils and Skyo are both lefties, I won't be making the trip.

@the Boston media and the Hossa connection: where is this money coming from that you intend on signing Hossa with? You have less than 7 mil in cap space (6.8 for those scoring at home), you still need to sign a d-man, and if you buy out Glen Murray (as it was suggested on LGP earlier), you still have part of his salary on the books. If you are over 35, two-thirds of the salary is still on the books in regards to the cap. Trading Fernandez was also an option mentioned. Won't happen, or more than likely won't happen. If you check's page, Fernandez has been on and off the IR with knee injuries since January 2007. Would you pay 4.75m for a goalie in his 30s with appears to be a growing trend of knee problems? Allow me to answer that: no.

ktlovespens said...

yes def to the wrist bands! missed out on the first time

J.S. said...

Beech's gear won't effect me. I was waived by three teams before the season started.

He might have played for three teams last season, but his season also ended with an injury.

I'll pass.

JYo said...

Looking at the list of gear, I have a bad feeling that we're going to be losing Dominic Moore as well.

I think its all a ploy for the media to over analyze. My insider says Columbus signs Malone then the Pens send Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury to C-bus to get Malone and Umberger back in da Burgh! With the money saved, the Pens bring in Ray Emery on a big money deal to solidify the team between the pipes and in the locker room! Do it!

TheNWChica said...

I would probably get a wrist band....I still have to order my Free Candy shirt. I bitched and complained that there was only pink and have I gotten one now that the fabulous Stephen has added them? No. Chica=Fail Much thanks SS...I also wanted to let you know that those new designs in storeblog are great and today's is unreal! Great add staff!

@jenni- JOVOGNOME! ;)

Joose said...

HAHA I just said to the Jess I work with, "Project Playlist is jobbing me." She responded, "It's doing what? Jocking you?" I said, "No, it's jobbing me. Do you know what that means?" She simply responded, "No." So, I told her, "It's bein' a dick." She then replied, "It was doing that to me earlier, too."

I thought it would be nice to share my first spoken usage of a form of "job" to a non-Pensblogger to make it official.

J.S. said...

projectplaylist has jobbed me more than a few times. they reconfigured the site so it's a little tougher to download MP3s through them.

still possible though

RaCHeLeYoS said...

lol joose.... nice

i was just playin the fiesta mexicana song and my sister goes "what the hell are you listening to? are you listening to that just because were going to mexico?" bitch.

Sooska said...


THIS from the Pen's Web Site:
Crosby Named One of World's Top Athletes Wall Street Journal panel ranks Crosby at No. 6 Pittsburgh Penguins Jun 23, 2008, 1:03 PM EDT
Crosby Sidney Crosby was named one of the world’s top all-around athletes in rankings compiled recently by the Wall Street Journal. The results were published in the paper’s weekend and online editions (

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ 20-year-old center was ranked as the world’s No. 6 all-around athlete by an expert panel that graded candidates on six criteria: speed; vision and reflex; stamina and recovery; coordination and flexibility; power, strength and size; and success and competitiveness.

Judges were Ed Coyle, exercise physiologist at the University of Texas; Steve Fleck, chairman of the Sport Science Department at Colorado College and former head of the physical conditioning program for the U.S. Olympic committee; Eric Heiden, five-time Olympic gold medalist in speed skating and currently an orthopedic surgeon at Salt Lake sports medicine facility; Kris Homsi, director of sport science for Sparq, a training and assessment company used for college recruiting; and Mark Verstegen, who operates the Athletes Performance training facilities.

Czech decathlete Roman Sebrle, current world champion and Olympic gold medalist, was named the world’s top all-around athlete. Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers was second, followed by boxer Floyd Mayweather, LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers and tennis star Roger Federer in the top five.

Crosby was sixth, followed by hurdler Liu Xiang of China, 400-meter sprinter Jeremy Wariner of the U.S., soccer star Ronaldo de Assis Moreira of Brazil and Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.

The Journal’s panel began with a list of 79 top athletes before formulating its top 10.

Joose said...

The website won't even load for me, man. I'm ticked. I want to listen to "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover." haha I YouTubed it, though, to get a quick fix.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, kids born in 1990 know what dial-up internet is ...

Oh, George Carlin ... RIP

@colin: "why was Di Nataele taking a penalty when Toni AND Del Piero had not yet shot" I was screaming when he got out there ... I was like where is Del Piero? He's a beast ... Toni didn't nail anything. Pirlo is probably pissed right now; no doubt he would have made the game and Gattuso's defensive prowess is everything to the team.

@steve in denver: "Surprised to see that Hossa's soul is not on that for sale list." I thought from all the comments on here that he sold it to Winters?

Wall Street Journal = Jokes. Stick with money talk ... avoid anything dealing with athletes ... I was pissed when I read that the other day. Do you even know how much he trains? And Michael Phelps didn't make the list either ... what kinda list doesn't have Phelps on ... he trains like a beast. What was with Roger Federer making the list? Sure, he's a fantastic tennis star but I don't see how he beats Sid.

Sooska said...

@IHK- I agree- At least no baseball player was listed ahead of him.

Colin said...

@ IHK -

Ah, I can't believe De Rossi missed too. He missed the net completely in the Champions League earlier this year for his club team as well. It looked like Italy was playing for penalties all game. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. That being said, Luca Toni with a moustache, total sweetness.

Anthony said...

I would love to have the oppurtunity to get a wristband also, I missed the chance the first couple times through. If you decide to put anymore on sale, sign me up.

Stilly said...

De Rossi = joke

Italy made that game a snooze for the most part. Spain were the classier side. In football terms of course. Villa bitching after every play was disgraceful. He's such a dick.

Stilly said...

Holy shit did I just call soccer "football"?

Colin said...

@ stilly -

I don't see how Spain can start Xavi or Inestia over Fabregas the rest of the tournament.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@colin: The other day I said he was growing a Sidstache ... slightly more developed but still not that great ... All I'm hoping for is Russia and Germany in the final ...

@stilly: Villa is one of my least favorite soccer players ...

@Sooska: That annoyed me so much ... how did A-Rod make the list?

Stilly said...


Agreed. He's been a catalyst every time they've brought him on the pitch. I hope Aragones doesn't continue to start Xavi over Fabregas because Xavi plays for Barca in La Liga and Cesc plays in the Premiership. The Spanish can be dicks like that.

Stilly said...


Villa is such a bitch. I just wanted to slap him everytime he looked astonished that the ball didn't get to him. It was pretty funny how frustrated Italia's backline made him.

jefe penguino said...

we all should get kris beechs equipment, even whats not on sale, to make sure he does not play anymore.

i would like to get a helmet, maybe laraques, just to wear on gamedays.

and mark me down for some WWGRD's.

Colin said...

Some of the deals that have on equipment you can't beat with a stick. $50 for gloves? That is a steal and a half.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@stilly: Whiny bitch doesn't even begin to describe him. I love how he would cry and yell at his teammates. Well, go for the ball, they're kinda covered by Italy's D. Idiot. I want to beat him up and leave him for dead in some place in Italy and tell all the Italian soccer fans he's there. I'm sure he wouldn't survive ... Italians have horrible tempers (which explains my crazy planned assault against Villa.) Seriously, he was so annoying. They should never focus in on his face; tears are always streaming down his face. Maybe instead of crying about the last play, he should try to play the game ...

Zambrotta played the best defensive game. All I'm saying ...

@jefe: I don't want buy Beech's gear ... he would have to pay me to let him sign something of mine.

eileenover said...

Yes, that Gary Roberts sign picture is mine. That made my day when I saw that driving down the road.

Stilly said...


Agreed with the Zambrotta assessment. He's always been solid with Barca. I've watched quite a few of their games following Thierry Henry. The illest guy with that club is Leo Messi. Kid is sick.

Steve In Denver said...

I wouldn't buy anyone's used gloves. I don't even like putting my own used gloves on.

I wonder if Sabu's used equipment is the brown retro gear he had for the Winter Classic?? That would be sweet.

IceCold... said...

yo dudes, i'm good for a new more WWGRD bands

IceCold... said...

yo dudes, i'm good for a new more WWGRD bands

Eduardo Costa said...

Hola TheNWChica.
No soy hincha de los Pinguinos. Pero los queiro mucho. Yo creo que Mario Lemieux fue el mejor. Para mi los Pinguinos=juego bonito!

Y soy de Paraguay.

Lemieux best ever!


Ron said...

My original WWGRD wristband snapped in half from overuse and is now held together by a staple and some electical tape. So, yes, I would love a new WWGRD wristband!

Pensgirl said...

WSJblog: when I read that the other day, my first reaction was if Sid's gonna get docked for "not necessarily" being a good runner, then you have to continue:

Mr. Decathlete: can you skate?

LeBron, how's that backhand?

Roger, here's a javelin. Prove yourself.


I mean, if Sid's being judged on things that have nothing to do with his own sport, then they all should be, right?

Equipmentblog: You know how people keep baseball bats strategically positioned in their houses in case of intruders? A Conkblock stick would be even better. Barrasso's would be ideal, but you can't have everything.

no roberts equipment for sale?


There isn't any equipment to sell. It self-destructs after he uses it, of course.

Pensgirl said...

Actualpostblog: I haven't decided what I like better, the latest Stephen S. masterpiece or the Downtown Robbie Brown icetime.

jefe penguino said...

WJSblog -sid cant run but he did beat out a hurdler and a sprinter.

JYo said...

if Sid's being judged on things that have nothing to do with his own sport, then they all should be, right?

I have not skated a ton myself, so I'll ask the lot of you. Does skating fast have any correlation to running fast? Can you be a fast skater and a slow runner? It seems like if you run fast, you may not be a great skater and could still skate slow, but I'm not sure how you could skate fast and run slow. Its just not intuitive. What say yinz?

blue gatorade said...

heck yes i want a WWGRD wristband! i lost mine... it was too big and i guess it fell off. :(

P said...

Yes, please sell the wristbands. Pens need a right handed shot or 2 for the PP

Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

For what it's worth, I can remember Trevor Linden or someone else doing an interview when the Canucks made their Stanley Cup run in 1994 talking about how fast Bure was. He said the funny thing about Bure was that he couldn't run worth a damn. The team sprints during their dry-land training and Bure was one of the slowest players on their team.

M. Vanderlasser said...

We're in for at least 3 WWGRD wristbands, No wait, 4...we need one for our priest.

Did anyone catch the new hockey soap, "MVP (He Shoots, She Scores)", this weekend? If you like hockey and MST3K, this show is for you.

"Episode Name: Game On - Death And The Maidens
In A Word: Meet the Mustangs -- and their wives, kids, drug habits, sexual liaisons, intra-squad tensions, and myriad off-ice complications."

I think J. Cheechoo's wife had a guest-starring role.

Next episode is Thursday night.

RIP, George Carlin. You were a funny, funny man.

Oh, and some mailboxes got smashed up in our neighborhood this weekend. We think it was Hossa and his agent.

JYo said...

Thanks Stoosh. It seems shocking to me that such a fast skater like Bure could be a slow runner.

Colin said...

@ jyo -

I have played hockey for about 15 years through HS, college, and now in adult league. I ran a 10K last year and it was pretty damn tough.

The biggest problem is that in hockey it is quick bursts of energy as opposed to long, drawn out exertion. Skating is a different motion too. It is more like riding a bike than running I think.

That being said, I am sure Sid is quite a runner. Also, it is worth stating that I will not be appearing on the cover of Men's Fitness any time soon.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i'm gonna say playing hockey is a lot like running 200-300 meter sprints. you have quick shifts but time in between to rest.

debrisslide said...

I can understand why hockey players would be slower runners. . .different muscles are being used because the motion is quite different, like others have said. Running is good to do training for any sport, though, because it builds your endurance and stamina. I bet Crosby does run like a beast.

eileenover said...

I remember reading that Sid runs a lot when he trains in the off-season, so I'm sure he's developed good speed.

h5n1 said...

Didn't get a chance to get Gary's autograph during the locker cleaning since he was probably already in Fiji, so would love that WWGRD wristband! everything about this season is priceless.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@eileen: Yeah, he does run a lot. The beginning of the off-season he does running and land exercises and then goes on the ice later on, but still works on running and weight-lifting ... I would be surprised if he was a slow runner ...

He's one of the most conditioned athletes you will ever find. If he ate better (like Gary Roberts), he would probably be even better conditioned, but he burns off all the bad food he eats, so whatev.

I'm still upset Michael Phelps didn't make the list and Lebron James and A-Rod did ... lameblog.

eileenover said...

By the way staff, I'm sure some of my family members would be interested in wristbands.

eileenover said...


Phelps didn't make the list? That's just ridiculous. I remember in high school we had to do as many laps as we could in so many minutes, and I almost passed out once when I was finished. Being a swimmer takes so much stamina and strength it's crazy.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@eileen: I know and you don't how much that ticks me off ... Phelps could probably beat out Sid in exercising and stamina. I guess, they completely ignore athletes so they can make a basketball player come in second and have a baseball player make the list.

AmericanHero269 said...

Stilly- Sorry so late, but I saw the post you mentioned and paypal seems to be the best way for these guys. I would love one of these wristbands for sure, and I don't think I actually can make one right now. But if this goes through, I will email the staff. But thanks for the direction there.

J.S-You were here with the Lizard Kings? Were they any good at the time? How was the fanbase?


penstone410 said...

yeah i saw phelps didnt make the list either and it pissed me off.. i thought the same thing, that they just kicked him off so a damn basketball and baseball player could make the list JOKE

penstone410 said...

i told some friends/family the wristbands may be sold again and asked if theyd be interested, i has upwards of 10-15 potential buyers..


RaCHeLeYoS said...

swimming is of the toughest running workouts i have done. ever.

penstone410 said...

and a little late, as usual..
villa is a wimp but im really rooting for the spainsh. besides, i think ronaldo is even worse so villa's crying i can totally handle.. italy was absolutely BORING in that game so i believe they got what was coming for them. and as for russia, they killed it in their game, and though i think spain will win against them, im sure russia wont make it easy..
thank god espn finally came around to playing "futbol" or else i'd have nothing to do this month!

Ally said...

Is anyone watching Off the Record? BGL is the guest host - he just interviewed Gary, and he was wearing a WWGRD wristband!

Gary is going to be on next question, too - and he'll answer who would win in a fight between him and Chuck Norris.

This is unrealblog.

Ally said...

BGL was wearing the wristband, I mean. Just thought I'd make that clear. They flashed the Gary Roberts For President sign, though it's not the first time they've done that.


Ashley said...


I hope someone out there in Gore-land is taping TSN's "Off The Record" right now. George Laraque is hosting, and he is wearing a WRISTBAND while interviewing Gary Roberts. They are talking about the whole WWGRD phenomenon, the election campaign (while showing posters), AND they have a JibJab with Laraque and Roberts.

This is awesome.

Ashley said...

Ally - I'm glad someone else from C-blog is watching :)

Ally said...

Ashley, I swear you and I are the same person. Or we both just watch OTR a lot!

Also, Joe who used to host TV Kids being a panelist? Brings back memories.

joosh1500 said...

shero.. go get jagr

Ashley said...

Ally - I watch OTR every night, or the next afternoon if I miss it. I'm kind of freaking out right now, with BGL and GR on OTR.

Is it just me, or does BGL's performance remind you of Army's commercial? A little robotic, like he's reading the teleprompter. Still love the guy, though.

As for Joe, I can't say that I really know him from YTV. I see him on OTR every second day, so I know him more from here than anywhere's else. To me, he's the OTR guest who I sometimes see on other TV shows haha

fleuryous said...

I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE a wristband! or ten.

And those Nikes...shnazzy.

Do you all think Orpik will be back next season?
I reeeeeeeeeeeally hope so.
He can't leave. CAN'T.

And if Hossa leaves=more money for Gary Roberts. haha.

But, I want him to staaaaaaaaaaay.

R.I.P. Carlin--the world's less funny < 3333.


Ally said...

Ashley -

I flip to OTR if I'm home from work in time, and if there's anyone involved in hockey, I watch it. I'm not too into it when they have just have people from the CFL, baseball, or basketball.

And BGL is most definitely reading from the tele-prompter, it's painfully obvious. But those clips of him rapping cancel out how awkward his delivery is!

coffeytalk said...

someone please put that "off the record" on youtube. my eyes are in need of seeing that!

joosh1500 said...

that penguins equipment sale is gonna be sick

i want a tk stick badd

Ally said...

Coffeytalk -

I'm on it. I've never done this with my camcorder before, but as soon as OTR ends I'm gonna try to get it from my DVR. I'll update in cblog with the youtube link if it works!

threshhold9k said...


What was Malkin's number when he played with his russian club? I don't think it was 71, I could be wrong.

stokes said...

WOW. My credit card is going to hate me at about 430 on friday....

I definitely need more wristbands. the one i wear at work has come off because i fear that i will ruin it and never be able to get a new one. great timing, Staff.

i never really got into Carlin or stand up in general, but i can appreciate his talent, and the man was a LEGEND. RIP George.

joosh1500 said...

he wore 17 for something but i cant remember what it was

Pensgirl said...

I'm a better skater than runner, and better sprinter (by far) than long-distance runner. Running, generically speaking, doesn't have the lateral motion skating does.

Sid said (maybe in that Men's Fitness) that he's not a good runner, but it's hard to know what that means. You know his standards of success aren't lenient.

I agree about Phelps. Even leisurely swimming can exhaust you...that's tough shit. He has to eat like a bajillion calories a day just to maintain his weight. But maybe he's not a good runner either. /sarcasm

Ugh, I saw that "He Shoots, She Scores" crap. My roommate had a movie on and that followed it. Aw.Ful. They should have just called it Assholes n' Bimbos, what with all the stereotyping.

joosh1500 said...

ya it was 17 for russia.. at least for the world jr.'s idk what else though

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I thought Malkin's number was ll. Maybe I'm wrong ...

Nick said...

I'm definitely interested in a wristband. I, like so many others, missed the first waves

KJ said...

both malkin & kovalchuk use 17 & 71 cause of the late valery kharlamov

greg said...

i'd buy two bracelets

eileenover said...

In the older pictures I've seen of Malkin he was wearing 17, 18, and 71.

j-townpensfan said...

I need a couple wrist bands, count me in.

Sooska said...

here's the link to OTR -it's usually online

OTR with BGL & GR

Mary Ann said...

I'd be in for a few wristbands.

Ally said...

sooska -

Thanks for the link! I should've known considering I've watched OTR online before. Teaches me to have anything to do with technology when I have the flu!

stokes said...

GR said he went to Mexico. To the Mexicans, it was probably like when Hernando Cortes dominated the Mayans.

That interview was solid.

jimmy-pop6996 said...

Why does the penguin at the news desk have camel feet for hands?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

That Gary Roberts interview was hilarious ... but I didn't see the part where they talk about who would win between Gary and Norris ...

debrisslide said...

What happens when stupid journalists (rightly) hate The Love Guru but (unwisely) rip on hockey fans

sh0ez said...

Malkin's Jerseys.

The "Next Question" segment was life changing.

sh0ez said...

Gary Roberts gets asked "Who would win in a fight between him and Chuck Norris?"

Sooska said...

I loved when that one guy Joe something called BGL "Chocolate Ice."

eileenover said...

What the hell, my sound won't work for the video.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I hate my internet!!!!! I cannot see the Next Question segment ... I hate you DSL! Quit jobbing me ...

Ashley said...

GR was just being nice when he said that Chuck Norris would win. It's along the same lines as letting your 5-year-old kid win a tennis game.

I wish I had high-speed so that I can see that episode again. I seriously live in the dark ages haha

Sooska said...

turn the page?


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