Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forgive our spelling and incoherency.

To compare the end of this season to the end of last season...
we were too depressed to even do a Year-in-Review post.

It just hurt too much.

The prevailing thought in Pens Nation this season, though,
is that the Pens simply went up against the best team in the NHL and lost.

There's no shame in that.

This team gained legions of fans throughout the playoff run.
If at least one of those fans become a full-fledged regular-season fan, then this was a success.

It's hard not to look ahead to July 1.
It's hard to grasp the reality that this team will not be together next season.

Before we officially go ass-out into free-agency, trade, and retirement talk,
it's time for one final glance at this tremendous season.


Mellon Arena

Another year under the Mellon's belt.
What a performance.
[9726c223cc7<span class=

Outdoor screen

Two more seasons until this:


66 has done all he said he was going to do.
The OK'd the Hossa deal.
They will spend to the cap.



In the offseason, Ray Shero was busy.
He re-signed Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi.
He signed Daryl Sydor and Petr Sykora, the latter of which was the steal of the season.

Shero quietly signed Ty Conklin.
He quietly signed Adam Hall, and Hall made the team.

During the season, he saw his team fight through injuries.
He did not panic early, and at the trade deadline, he dropped the hammer down by getting Marian Hossa.

This off season he will be a busy man.
In Shero we trust.


Talks of HCMT leaving town were everywhere early in the season.
All he did was right the ship, despite injuries to major stars of team.

HCMT will always have haters in this town, but you can't really bash a coach that was two wins away from winning it all.

Next year will be his toughest.
But that is next year, this year he did what he had to do.
Like or him or not, you have to respect it.


(Presented by Ron Newcomer)

Radio team:

WXDX(105.9 FM)

Mike Lange and Phil Bourque were a joy to listen to all season long.
Mike Lange in the playoffs is what life is about it.

Fox Sports Net:

Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey

In-Game Reporter:

Dan Potash

Fox sports got off to a slow start.
But they were there all year, and that is better than not.
Looking at it now, we would have killed for them compared to Versus in the playoffs.




For someone that once meant so much to the Penguins organization,
Mark Recchi became the early-season whipping boy overnight.
The image “http://lh5.ggpht.com/thepensblog/R4qd289nJII/AAAAAAAAJY0/j0cYSaC8jVo/-1.jpeg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Maybe it was fair, maybe it wasn't.

Bottom line was that Recchi just didn't have a place on the team anymore, and it was clear.
He was getting almost 20 minutes a night and that was just too much.

Ray Shero made his first really tough move by placing Rex on waivers on December 5, 2007.

Rex was then signed by the Thrashers. In his first game, he scored two goals.
But after that, he was mud.

He did have a moment of revenge when he scored the game-winning goal against the Pens later on in the season.
But more on that later.


Who cares. If he plays for the Penguins next year, we'll hold people hostage in the steel building.


When Dupuis was included in the [Hossa] trade, no one really thought anything of it.
But for the first half of time here between him and Hossa, Dupuis looked like a better.

Made $880,000 and can be an unrestricted free agent.
He would be welcomed back, but it might not be in the cards.


He doesn't even need a write up.
Coming into the season he was a hero.
Ending the season he became a legend.

Pittsburgh sports fans stand by their stars.
But they also like the players that are exactly superstars.

No one is sure if he will retire or not.
But the his time in Pittsburgh may be up.

Whatever the case, his stamp will forever be planted on the players around him, and the fans that watched him.

His work ethic has inspired a nation.

Made $2.5 million and can be an unrestricted free agent.

We don't care if he plays here until he is 50.
He does have a campaign to run, so who knows.

[-1.<span class=


Coming into the season the expectations on Jordan Staal were almost to much
His 29 goal rookie effort did that.
And while he struggled to score during the season, he quietly became on the best defensive players in the game.
During the 2008 playoffs, any questions aboutStaal were answered, because he was everywhere.
He scored some big goals, and was matched up against the first lines of Senators, Rangers, and Flyers almost every night.
Couple that with his killing of penalties, Staal has a successful second year.

His name will be followed by Selke award winner in a few years, mark it down.


One year left on three-year, entry-level deal.
Pens have to lock up Staal at some point.
Whether or not it is this summer remains to be seen.


Coming into the season, Ryan Malone was questioned.
There is no question about that.
After about 9 months, Malone not only proved himself as a big time hockey player, but he earned respect all throughout the hockey world.

Malone's work on a line with Petr Sykora and Evgeni Malkin during the season was nothing short of incredible.

He helped carry the Penguins to the playoffs there is no question.
Once there, Malone became a warrior.
He scored a top 5 goal in the playoffs in game two against the Senators.
He was solid throughout the playoffs, and he instantly became a warrior.
His nose was broken twice against the Red Wings.

He didn't miss a game.


Made $1.45 million and can be an unrestricted free agent.
Whatever the case, Malone went from a role player to a star, he will be paid like one.
He will be hard to keep, unless he gives a hometown discount.


Erik Christensen biggest impact on this season was being traded for Marian Hossa.
Christensen fans will say he didn't have a chance, but sorry that is wrong.

When Crosby went down, Crusher had his chance.
And he folded.

His legacy will be in a Feburary 13 home game against the Bruins, he missed three opened nets in a loss.
He is a shootout specialist, but that don't mean jack.


There is always going to be that guy with the EC shirt at home games.


Petr Sykora was brought in to score about 25-30 goals and be a top six forward.
He did not disappoint.
He was a force all season long.
He may have had scored about 40 goals if he would have been on the number one powerplay unit.
But whatev.

Sykora's chemistry with Evgeni Malkin was a huge factor all season long.

The lasting image we will have of Sykora is his legendary called shot in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals.



Signed through next season at $2.5 million.
He will be a huge part in what the Pens do next season.


Ray Shero stunned the hockey world when he traded for Marian Hossa.
But he would have to wait for it to pay off.
In his first game back Hossa suffered a knee injury that kept him out for well over two weeks.
When he returned, he progressed slowly.
Going into the playoffs his lack of production in previous years followed him.
But he worked hard.
And when he finally broke though he justified the trade almost instantly.

We guaranteed a goal in both the Ottawa series and the Ranger series.
Each time he delivered.
[-2.<span class=

And he sent us into the conference finals with an OT goal.

Once in the conference finals, Hossa scored what you could consider one of the biggest goals of the playoffs.
Early in a tough game against the Flyers, Hossa made the "Move."

He has given us many photoshops, and he introduced us to Rex Gildo.

Made $7 million, can be unrestricted free agent July 1.

He says he wants to stay here, but who would blame him if he takes a big contract somewhere.
The trade was worth everything.
End of story.
If the Pens want him, they will find a way to keep him.


Armstrong departure shocked everyone.
And if Hossa wouldn't have panned out, it would have really stunned.
But as things played out, no one was calling for Colby Armstrong.

But he was a fan favorite, and he will never be forgotten.
His lasting image will be his goal to open up the "Ice Bowl."


No dice.




Kill yourself.


Talbot was there for us all season long.
He suffered the tough high ankle sprain to, but you couldn't tell.
He was the teams heart and soul, and he scored some huge goals in the playoffs.
None bigger than this one:


Signed through next season at $700,000.

Talbot had great playoffs.
He is entering his prime, and should have a spot all to himself on the third line.


BGL did what he had to do all year.
He added a nice little dimension to game, by taking the puck behind the net in the offense zone.
He was a beast to get the puck from.
But he is known for his fighting no question.


Makes $1.3 million and will be an unrestricted free agent.

BGL, it would seem he might have played his last game for the Pens.
But does his mere presence warrant a contract?
We shall find out.


Adam Hall made the team out of training camp, and no one really knew much about him.
Hall was a solid faceoff man, and even killed some penalties.
He missed almost 50 games with a sports hernia.
But he returned in the playoffs and played very well.


Made $525,000 and can be an unrestricted free agent.
Adam is a solid NHL citizen.
No one is complaining if he is in a Pens jersey next year.


What a player.
Rutuu, if he comes back, could take over as cult hero on the Pens, if he wasn't one already.
He had a great playoff run, and showed some discipline compared to the regular season.
He is a huge leader in the locker room, and a guy everyone wants on their team.


Made $1.15 million and can be an unrestricted free agent.

The smart money would say Shero's signs him up.
But with so many others to lock up, who knows.
We don't want to lose a reader, so we want him back:

You'd be awful sick if he signed with the Flyers, though.

[Patrick K]


Taffe is a solid NHL player.
And he gave the Pens some good minutes.
He scored a huge goal in Montreal.


Made $500,000 and can be an unrestricted free agent.
Wouldn't buy that Taffe jersey yet, but whatev.


Mr. Kennnnnedddyyyyy...

Kennedy got the call up early in the season, he earned his spot here.
He has speed, and showed he can scored.
With the experience he gained, and if he keeps getting better, no reason to think he isn't on the third line to open up the year.


Signed through next season at $550,000.


This whole season doesn't go as far as it did without Evgeni Malkin.
He was simply on another level from January to June.
In his second full year, he finished second in the NHL points, and is a candidate for the Hart Trophy.
People were so quick to jump on him when he faltered against the Red Wings.
But he was injured.
There is no way to deny that.
If you watched him all year, it was beyond clear.

The one thing we did find out about Malkin.
It is Gino, not Geno.

One year left on three-year, entry-level deal.


The talk of trading Malkin is enough to make everyone sick.
First off you'd have to trade him straight up for someone of equal value.
And there are not many worthy of that.
You can't trade him for multiple players, because they would cost you more in the long run.
The money is there, Malkin will be a Penguins for a very long time.


His season was derailed by a high ankle sprain.
Right at the time of it, he was taking it to another level.
He only came back and led the NHL in points in the playoffs up until the final game.
He is a beast, nothing needs to be said.


Signed through 2012-13 at average of $8.7 million per season.
You could have a kid next time he has to renew his deal.




Picked up for a draft pic, Hal Gill has a very tough first game.
But after that, he slowly became solid.
After it was all said and done.
He became the USS Hal Gill.

Credit goes to Stoosh and the boys for the nickname


Signed through next season at $2.1 million.

The USS Hal Gill will sail again.


Eaton was having a solid year until some jerkoff from Boston gave him a cheap shot ending his year with an injured knee.
It was a tough blow to the defense, and you can't help but think how much better the defense would have been with him there.


Made $1.6 million and can be an unrestricted free agent.
You'd have to think the Pens can get Eaton at the right price for next season.
Do it.


There was a time when Scuds was left for dead.
No one gave him a chance out of training camp.
But he was the rock of the Penguins defense all season. You can't count on much, but you can count on Rob Scuderi.

Signed through next season at $725,000.

Maybe he will get some photoshop love next year?


Sydor was brought in to anchor the Pens defense, and give them experience.
He kind of did both at points.
He did come in and play well in the finals.

Signed through next season at $2.5 million.

Would that 2.5 be better served somewhere else?


Everyones favorite whipping boy had an up and down year.
He was playing right wing at one point.
Still, he wasn't awful, and clearly has his best hockey in front of him.

Signed through 2012-13 at an average of $4 million per season.

His name will come up trade rumors all summer.






Sometimes there isn't one moment you watch a player become a big deal.
It just happens.
Yes "the Shift," was a big deal.
But Orpik was already well on his way before that.
His crossroads came in the tail end of the season when he was playing on the fourth line.
Something clicked, and became the Pens most rugged defenseman.
And then, thanks to a random photoshop
He became, Free Candy.


Made $1.075 million and can be unrestricted free agent.
One of toughest things about this off season.
Orpik proved himself, and letting him walk would be stunning.
But on the other hand, he is going to get some big time offers that will be unmatchable.
If he plays for the Rangers next year, life won't make sense.


Gonch is the Penguins best defenseman.
Don't think so?
Have fun finding 50 plus points next year.
He had his best year in a Pens uniform.
There is nothing to suggest he won't be better next year.

Signed through 2009-10 at an average of $5 million per season.
He has tons of good hockey left in him.
And if you want to keep Malkin happy, you keep Gonch around.


Letang didn't make the team out of training camp.
And was having a tough time dealing with that.
But he got his mind right, and when he got his chance he was everything you hoped for.

He became, Le Game after he closed out a bunch of shootouts with goals.


Signed through 2009-10 at an average of $835,000 per season.
The sky is the limit.




Any questions about MAF have long been put to rest.
Even though he missed a good bit of time with a high ankle sprain, he became the goalie everyone hoped for.
Sporting a 24-3-1 record at one point, he was brilliant down the stretch, and all business in the playoffs.
And he is only going to get better.


Made $1.6 million and can be a restricted free agent.
Kevin Lowe waits.



Sabu played some big time games.
His shutout in Montreal was clutch, and if you think about it. If he loses some of the games he plays in, the Pens don't get the number two seed in the East.
Solid season.


Signed through next season at $525,000.
Bring it.


The NHL season changes you.
Things happen that you just never can figure out.
The rise of Ty Conklin was one of those things.
Not that he was horrible coming in, but you never would have imagined him coming in and taking over the world.
Without Ty Conklin's performance, the Pens don't make the playoffs.
Simply as that.

The image “http://lh3.ggpht.com/thepensblog/R4qz-c9nJ5I/AAAAAAAAJe8/Vb8XExdlqyk/-6.jpeg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Made $500,000 and can be an unrestricted free agent.
No matter what happens.
Conkblock will always be remembered for his run.



If Blogger didn't become a bitch when we embed more than 5 YouTubes,
we would have every YouTube imaginable in this post.

[ 2007-2008 Game Archive ]

Our game archive linked below has everything all laid out:
box scores, game recaps, and YouTube Highlights.

The worst part about these lists is we will undoubtedly miss a couple things.
Help us out in the comments, as always.



[ Come On Up For The Rising. PENS WIN. ]
At the end of a horrible November in which the Pens couldn't beat a divisional opponent to save their lives, they headed to Ottawa -- the scene of the crime.

The Pens had to claw back from 2 goals behind to force OT and a shootout.
Ruutu did the move in the shootout and ended it.

Without a doubt, a turning point in the season if there ever was one.
The Pens never looked back.

12.05 -- 12.08
Pens Sweep Western Canada

All hail Bing.

The crown prince made his voyage through Western Canada,
and the Canadian media was watching.

While Sid didn't drop 3 points a game, the Pens did drop 2 points a game,
sweeping the three teams with the help of emerging shootout specialist Kris Letang.

[ The Day After Tomorrow. PENS WIN. ]

Smack-dab in the middle of an 8-game winning streak,
the Pens skated with the Buffalo Sabres in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Incredible atmosphere.

And the fairy tale ended how it was supposed to with Crosby scoring the game-winner in the shootout.

[ Blood, Sweat, and Tears. PENS WIN. ]
A shutout of the Canadiens in Montreal has lost its mystique over the years.
It is not as intimidating as it's been in the past.

Dany Sabourin was in net.
It was the night following Crosby's HAS.

But more importantly, it was the coming-out party for Evgeni Malkin.
With the Pens' playoff hopes on his shoulders, Malkin showed he was up to the task.

A brilliant two-way performance was capped off with an empty-netter.

[ Thank You, Niklas. PENS WIN. ]
Honestly, you can punch us in our ass next season when we say that a game has a playoff feel.
What we faced in the 2008 playoffs changes peoples' lives.

However, it was difficult to say that this tilt on March 9 didn't have a playoff atmosphere.
National television. Bing vs. Ovechkin. The Caps battling for a playoff spot.

In a 2-2 game late, Caps forward Niklas Backstrom puts it into his own net.
A very anti-climactic end to an otherwise outstanding game.


[ The Great Escape. PENS WIN. ]
We thought Ryan Malone's goal late in Game 2 was the best thing that ever happened.
Jesus. It seems like this was two years ago.
This picture says anything we could hope to say.

[ Fuhgettaboutit. PENS ADVANCE. ]
It was barely a month ago.
Hossa nets the game-winner in OT to catapult the Pens into the ECF.

[ You Can Spit-Shine Your Shoes. PENS ADVANCE. ]
Oh, how beautiful.
The hated Philadelphia Flyers avoid an embarrassing sweep...
only to be embarrassed in Game 5 as the Pens advance to the SCF.

[ No Good Thing Ever Dies. PENS WIN. ]
Let's face it. The Wings were simply the superior team.
But one thing they can't ever take away from us are the heroics from Game 5.



In an early-season test to see where the Pens stood in a rejuvenated Atlantic Division, the Pens vomited all over themselves.
2 wins in 9 games.

[ Th-- Th-- Th-- That Don't Kill Us. PENS WIN. ]
MAF goes down with a HAS. Not good times at all.

[ Go Eat Some Wicked Chowdah. PENS WIN. ]

The Pens scored three goals in the first, and then one in the second, to take a 4-0 lead.

Perhaps as a early signal that they were a playoff team,
the Bruins battle back and eventually tie the game up at 4 with less than 3:00 left.

Credit LeGame with the game-winner in the shootout.

[ 2 Points. 1 Broken Leg. PENS WIN. ]

Roberts breaks his leg.

[ It's A Black Fly In Your Chardonnay. PENS LOSE. ]

Mark Recchi ends the Pens 8-game winning streak with a shootout game-winner.

[ Breaking News. Crosby High Ankle Sprain. ]

Even the more seasoned Pens fans among us were eating their own poop when the news broke.
The Pens themselves had no time to dwell on it, since they had to go straight to the airport to make it Montreal the next evening.

[ The Shot Heard 'Round The World. Hossa Trade. ]

Rumors were flying at supersonic speed as the clock crawled towards 3:00.
At the 11th hour, Ray Shero pulls the trigger.

Gone were Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, and Angelo Esposito.
Arriving were Marian Hossa, Pascal Dupuis, and Hal Gill.

No one in their right mind can look back and give Ray Shero anything less than an A+.


Pick your poison.

It may have been the suffocation in Games One and Two.
It could be the oh-so narrow defeat in Game Four.

But it's most likely that moment in the third period of Game 6
when MAF stiffened his body after a shot, but there was no whistle.

And then the ref pointed. And the season was over.



[ Don't Call It A Comeback. PENS WIN. ]
Early in the season, Pens looked stunned, down 3-1 early.
They fight back to take the lead, Toronto ties it, Bing puts the Pens in front for good.

[ Come On Up For The Rising. PENS WIN. ]
The game that turned the season around. Thanksgiving night. Good times.

[ The Day After Tomorrow. PENS WIN. ]
Ehh, we're cheating on this one. Not the most entertaining.
But you didn't stop watching it.

[ Red Storm For Motha Rusha. PENS LOSE. ]
In only the second game after Bing went down, Malkin and Ovechkin danced.
Back and forth they went.
Even with a loss, you didn't feel slighted at the end of the night.

[ No Good Thing Ever Dies. PENS WIN. ]
The feeling we had in the overtimes of this game is what every hockey fan dreams of having.


[ "S" For Shutout. PENS WIN. ]
The tables were turned. And it was sweet.

[ Make Like A Tree. PENS WIN. ]
The Pens exploded all over their faces.

[ In Short. PENS WIN. ]

[ It Ain't Worth Winning If You Don't Win Big. PENS WIN. ]

[ Demolished. PENS WIN. ]

[ You Can Spit-Shine Your Shoes. PENS ADVANCE. ]


[ Your Mom. PENS LOSE. ]
We didn't even recap the game. By the looks of it, though, Mark Recchi did something awful.

[ Ben Eager Is A Coward. PENS LOSE. ]
This was the game that brought the Pens down to Earth after their romp through Western Canada.
R.J. Umberger and Joffrey Lupul both had hat tricks.
Gary Roberts beat the shit out of Ben Eager.

[ Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin'. That's God Damn Right. PENS LOSE. ]
It's no coincidence that one of the Pens' worst performances of the season
came during the same game when Bing went down the HAS.

[ Sum Of All Fears. PENS LOSE. ]
Again, it's no coincidence that this aberration of a game took place
the same game when new prince Marian Hossa made his debut...and then got hurt.

Pretty much every game in Madison Square Garden

[ Welcome To HockeyTown. PENS LOSE. ]

If there's one thing that was learned this season, it would be not to spot a team a 2 games to none lead in the Stanley Cup Finals.

It was a demoralizing loss.


Believe it or not, that is it.
This season recap officially ends the Pens '07-'08 season for us.

We can now check out all this free-agency nonsense with a clear conscience.

We will have the season recap in Pensblog later this week.

Go Pens.


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Top of the line boys.

Helluva year.

Allison said...

This is really weird.
I decided to check pensblog as I was typing up my own analysis of each player from this season...

letsgopsu said...

A couple of the games you mentioned stick out in my mind:

1. I was at the game where Lord Gary broke his leg.

2. I first saw tPB the same day as the Backstrom own-goal game.

3. Does Game 5 of the SCF still not stick out in anybody's mind?

OK, done.

jefe penguino said...

well i flew all day back from the burgh. im tired as hell but somehow made it through that post. sweet fucking butter that is good stuff.

some highlights of my week+ burgh trip include seeing a friend or two; enjoying a couple pirates (d'backs) games; being surrounded by pens fans wherever i went and watching game 5 in the mellon; running into a few of the guys partying at station square (yeah Gino, we'll party again dude); and of course the pizza (Milano's to be specific).

even the weather was.. nice.

go pens.

...and goodnight

sh0ez said...

Incredible. What else can be said?


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waiting on a 6am flight to atlanta is alot more doable when there is a season re-cap to read... nice timing

Allison said...

I think you should include a quick shout out to:

33 Ryan Stone
34 Jonathan Filewich
36 Conor James
39 Chris Minard
41 Nathan Smith
47 Tim Brent
67 Alex Gologoski

For their contributions, and for filling in when they were needed.

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Allison said...

Yea, that's supposed to say Goligoski, but I'm sure you got the idea.

And I don't know about other people, but on my computer, there are a lot of boxes with red squares where pictures are supposed to be.

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wow, awesome post!!!

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I was too superstitious to start posting in the middle of the year so this will be my first one. Incredible recap. Thanks for a great year guys. Looking forward to see what else you have in store for the off season!

dying alive said...

The 11/22 game vs. Ottawa will always be remembered as the Pumpkin Pie In Your Face game.

Brando said...

The second in a series of "Unfortunate Pictures of the Post-Season"...

The coaching staff pic...

Why does it look like HCMT has his hand down his pants?

Can someone photoshop Charlie's head of Mike Yeo's?

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Phenominal stuff guys.

Nothing like re-living the last nine months (good lord that sounds like a long time) in about 30 minutes.

The NWO photshop with Gino, Buries It, Sid, Hossa, and Shero is my favorite 'shop of all time.

chris e said...

Unreal post.

Dan said...

We will have the season recap in Pensblog later this week.

my head exploded when i read that. wtf? there's another one?

straight outta conklin = straight outta classic

did we resign captain pittsburgh yet?

Stoosh said...

That was a great way to start the morning.

Flipping through those pictures of the Winter Classic made me realize just how much fun that game was to watch. Has the environment of any hockey game ever translated as well to a photograph as that game did?

And you guys are right...going through those recaps and photos of the Ottawa series made it seem like it happened two years ago. But what a fun series that was to watch.

I was in the crowd up in F1 for the Rangers elimination game. Hossa's goal to send the Rangers to the golf course happened right in front of us, three levels down. I'll never forget that one.

Thank God the NHL has pretty much the shortest offseason in pro sports.

Lady Jaye said...

Excellent work guys. I might have to read it a second time for posterity sake. Heh, seeing the original Free Candy van always makes me laugh. Great job, I think you really nailed the highs and lows of the season. This is why Pensblog is a beast.

@allison > You're right, those guys need a shout out even if it is in cblog. They did their job when they were called up.

Re: Picnicblog > Lots of folks joining the list which is good. Those of you who joined, there is a survey now to help me and slush narrow down some details and see what folks prefer.

And when you sign up, you don't have to convince me your a pensblog reader! lol. I just wanted you to list your username so we don't get tons of spammers wanting to join the group ;) I didn't mean to make it sound like you have to be l33t to get in.

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@stoosh > talk about games you won't forget. I wasn't there for that one; however, I did go to the Eastern Conference clinching game... won't ever forget how loud the Mellon was singing "hey hey hey GOODBYE"

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

The March 9 game was the one that made my wife a Penguins fan forever. We also got to meet hip and chris e and his fiancee at the game. Great times.

Can't wait for opening night.

Christina said...

holy shit. unreal recap, guys...it's unbelievable how much went on this season that have just gotten lost due to the sheer volume of notable events.....

so who else forgot that Hall wore #18 before Fiesta Mexicana arrived? I was watching the Calgary game youtube recap and got supremely confused when I saw a #18 skating around...

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wilsmith said...

A few huge signings taking place today

Dan said...

you can see it going to youtube wilsmith, saw that coming a mile away. a for effort though.

wilsmith said...

dude, c'mon. you're not supposed to mouse over OR SAY SOMETHING IN THE POST RIGHT AFTER IT

Pensgirl said...

Nothin' like the picture you took making it to the season recap post. WOOOOO, thank you Backstrom!

I was at that 1/21 Caps game (actually, I was at every Caps game this year), and you are absolutely right that it belongs in the "most entertaining" group even though we lost. What a hell of a game that was. The Malkin hit happened right in front of my section - 'twas a beautiful thing and it is burned in my memory forever. Just as I was preparing myself for our other star to be injured, BOOM Ovechkin gets thrown to the boards.

Stoosh you're so right about the feel of the ice bowl translating to the photographs.

Malkinblog: The other day I remembered about this - it's a wallpaper from the Pens' official page. And Snoopyjode also reminded me that "Geno" flashes on the jumbotron when he scores. So even within the Pens organization there isn't agreement on how to spell it. Until the person who nicknamed him says what the spelling is there's no reason not to spell it whichever way you like better.

Flyer Hater said...


Dan said...

sorry mr. smith, it must be stopped. it is an epidemic. kind of like sean avery's gayness.

caramia said...

Some one get Colby Armstrong on the phone and ask him how to spell Geno!

Dan said...


Max Power said...

@ dan

Seek Help

Colin said...

Are there any super bored photoshoppers out there today? I have a really simple favor to ask of someone.

Thanks all.

Ashley said...

Wow, unreal recap.

I had a few me=stunned moments this year, such as MAF and Bing's injuries, but the biggest one for me was the Hossa trade. When TSN's TradeCentre broke the news, I literally sat on the couch with my mouth wide open for a good 20 minutes. That one came wayyy out of left field.

Stoosh - I agree - thank God hockey has a pretty short off-season. Things start up again in September, and we have the NHL Awards, the Draft, and Free Agent Frenzy day between now and then.

Lloyd said...

I got a question for the cbloggers out there.

What was everyone's superstitions during the playoff run?

Max Power said...


SIMSBURY, Conn. - Authorities in Connecticut are wondering who stuffed a raw roasting chicken with a pipe bomb and left it on a roadside.

Simsbury police Capt. Matthew Catania says a motorist noticed the chicken Monday morning. He says the bomb was large enough to harm a person if it went off.

The road was closed while the Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew up the chicken.

Colin said...

@ lloyd -

*I always worn black dress shoes to work on game days.
*I wore the same jeans, retro pens t, and shoes for every game.
*I would only post twice in cblog on the day of games.
*The day after a loss I would go to Moe's for a burrito.

I had to change some after we went down 0-2 to the wings though.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

@ lloyd: I'd wear the same jersey on game nights until the Pens lost (my white Crosby jersey went 8 games to start the playoffs), then switch to a new one and wash the previous one. Then repeat the cycle. Until the Red Wings broke my spirit in the Finals.

Colin said...

@ max power -

Hope that wasn't Marty the Chicken.

Dan said...

@ lloyd - same seat in the house on the couch, nothing too drastic as compared to when we won the super bowl. that was an unhealthy month.....

Sooska said...

I was at 2 important and memorable games this year. The game when Sid got hurt and the Backstrom goal. The own goal happened right in front of us and we all wondered what had happened. We saw Dupis come around the near post but not before Backstrom shot. Sid was on the far post, but too far away and out of position to have scored. We had to wait to get back to our hotel to see a replay online. WOW. I have Sid's laugh "Did he shoot it into his own net" as a ringtone on my cell.
It's pretty annoying to anyone around that hears it.

Sid's injury happened at the other end form our seats. As I saw him get up and limp away again I wondered what had just happened. Much of the crowd didn't really realize anything right away but it soon became known. Rumors flew around the Igloo. The energy was gone - out of the team and out of the fans. Some guy behind us tried many times to get a Let's Go Pens cheer going. no dice. Finally in the 3rd he stood up and yelled in a loud, angry, anguished voice "Somebody Help Me! what a loss.

wilsmith said...

trying to stop the rick roll is like trying to stop any of the other memes on this site.

FH, drop the failboat.

caramia said...

@ lloyd
*Wear Malkin jersey to the games, wear Winter Classic hoodie when at home
*Always drink Labatts, at Crystal in the strip before going to a game or at home on the couch
*Send my friend a picture of my pens decorated cubicle and her husband sends me video of Malkin and Sykora's name on the ice from the pregame presentation
*When at the game read every page of Ice Time program AFTER the warmup is over (this was not exclusive to playoffs)
*Always put give-aways under my seat, even towels. I have a losing record when holding towels.

PensfanSeoul said...

What a Season.

It started with me still living in Seoul, and catching Pens game on the internet radio. tPB recaps happened in the middle of the day.

I came home in December, and had Igloo club seats for a game against the Caps that I believe Daryl Sydor tied to send to Overtime. That was the game that Rob Scuderi made me a believer. He was NEVER out of position the entire game. Absolutley solid on D.
Then it was movingagainblog this time a 9 hour drive from home to Clarksville TN. Still had tPB and Mike and the ol' 29er on the radio. C-blog in full effect. Then suddenly, c-blog is getting 300 posts a day and I cant keep up. Suddenly, tPB is all over the place. Free Candy, WWGRD, Buries it, its a phenomenon. I loved it, and only wished I could have been a bigger part of it.
By the time the puck drops again, I will again have moved. This time for a six month stint in Afghanistan. Luckily, I should be home in January, and will be out of the Military just in time for the Playoffs next season (for a full effect playoff beard) and hopefully some C-blog meet and greets.
Its been a hell of a run. I'm proud of what we accomplished this year and cant wait to see what the boys do next year for an encore.

Dan said...

the first dc game was the most memorable i was at (regular season anyway). mainly for the fact that one guy tried to fight about 500 of us, got the shit beat out of him with his pants around his ankles, got up with blood running down his face, pulled up his pants, flipped us off, and ran away.

then there was the first playoff game with gary.........

Stoosh said...

@ Ash -

The Hossa trade was the quickest I think I've ever gone from euphoria to STUNNED and then back to euphoria. I first saw the unconfirmed "Hossa to Pgh" mentioned on Kukla's Korner, posted the report here and commenced euphoria. When it was announced that Armstrong went in the deal, I was stunned.

Once it hit me again that it was Hossa and realized this was Shero doing his best "We're contenders now!" Lou Brown impression, it was back to euphoria.

But Army was one of my favorites and I hated losing him in that deal at first.

This offseason won't be AS bad as some have in the past for me.

I'm actually really looking forward to the Steelers this year, as the emergence of the Penguins has been a welcome change from the usual 24/7 barrage of Steelers talk that we're normally subjected to here; it's given me a chance to recharge the Steelers batteries.

And the Pirates are piquing my interest again. The only pro team I love more than the Pirates is the hockey team, so I don't mind following the baseball team while hockey goes on hiatus.

And Pitt football isn't far away, either.

But as far as hockey goes, I'm looking forward to the Draft. I'll be watching even though the Pens won't be doing much selecting this year. Draft Day could be a really good indication of the team's plans in free agency, too. If you see a name like Whitney move on Draft Day, Hossa's almost certainly staying.

Free agency will be fun this year, even if we lose a few guys. If we find a way to keep Hossa, Orpik, Ruutu, Dupuis, Eaton and Hall, plus extensions for MAF and Malkin, I'll be thrilled. I have complete trust in King Shero, so I'll just sit back and watch the chips fall.

xuscbausp said...

playoff superstitions:

-wore a pittsburgh/PA related shirt under my bing jersey each game
-wore the bowling shoes each time i went out
-conquered endless foes during each game

The Seeker said...

I wish we could keep Conkblock and let Sabu go instead.

freddy's mole said...

hell of a job staff...i like the repetition of "THE PENS ARE NOT GOING TO TRADE MALKIN"

you would think that would be obvious to anyone who saw him play this season, but for some reason it isn't

Colin said...

@ the seeker -


JYo said...

If we find a way to keep Hossa, Orpik, Ruutu, Dupuis, Eaton and Hall, plus extensions for MAF and Malkin, I'll be thrilled. I have complete trust in King Shero, so I'll just sit back and watch the chips fall.

I could not agree more!

Eric P. said...

Great recap, good work guys

I will have the top 10 goals, hits, fights, and shootout goals videos up soon

The Seeker said...

@ PensfanSeoul

What dedication!

Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our nation.

If you were to take the USS Hall Gill and Gary Roberts to Afghanistan along with you, it would be lights out for the Taliban.

brndlynn28 said...

i practically went crosby with my superstitions but the main ones were wearing the same ruutu sweater, jeans and pens hat to the arena and not leaving my seat except for the second intermission.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

"Kris Beech:



Kill yourself."


I Have Kasparaitis said...

Solid post, Staff. Thanks for stealing the first post ... I stayed up late for that (actually I was talking and refreshing Pensblog) and got yelled at for doing so ...

This was such a great season and I wanted to slap someone whenever they said we haven't faced adversity ... just because we didn't screw up doesn't mean we didn't face it ...

@letsgopsu/Ovechkin: I had to get up at 10:30 ... you probably aren't even up anymore ... remember to visit The Sidney Crosby Show to see the translated version of Talbot's year in review from RDS.ca. Should I assume you're sober when you get up or do you start drinking as soon as possible?

Superstitions: I have been wearing the same hat watching every Pens game this year ... It's retro Winter Classic style but I got it before the classic ... Also, cannot visit c-blog or wear a Pens shirt on gameday ... way too risky ...

Most memorable games: Too many to choose ... But memorable moments include Malkin's hat tricks, Ruutu kicking Tucker's ass, LeGame pulling the move on Luongo, Ruutu dribbling, Ruutu moving so slow and still be able to trick the goalie, Hal Gill and Laraque trying to kill Avery after messing with MAF, Bugsy's weird Kings goal ... still way too many of those to list...

In Shero I Trust! (you can do it!)

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

It's official, Ron Wilson is bringing his wardrobe back to the Eastern Conference. The Maple Leafs formally hired him to be their next coaching victim today.

You really have to wonder how much better the Sharks would've done if they'd had a competent coach for the past few years. Anyone care to set an over/under on how many points the Leafs miss the playoffs by in 08-09? I say they miss by 15 points.

I wouldn't be surprised to see one of Hossa, Malone, or Orpik moved at the draft. The Pens should theoretically be able to land a first-day pick for any one of those guys.

Conkblock is 32. Sabourin will turn 28 before the season starts, so you'd think if he was going to make it, he'd have made it before now. Won't break my heart to see the Pens move Sabu if they can re-sign Conklin. You have to wonder how many more shots a guy like Conks is going to have at winning a Cup, and if the fact that the Pens are going to be one of the teams to beat in the Eastern Conference next year would be enough for him to re-sign to be MAF's backup instead of going to a weaker team to be their starter.

Will Kris Beech even be playing in North America next season? Only time will tell.

J.S. said...

I'm guessing Beech will to job around the AHL/NHL and will continue his march to Mike Sillinger's record of playing for 12 different NHL teams.

At age 27 and 5 teams (plus two different stops in WASH and PIT), I say he can do it.

debrisslide said...

Superstitions: I have a shirt from the 41st All-Star game at Civic Arena which is undefeated. Every time I wear it, Pens dominate. I try not to wear it out, though.

Awesome recap. Some moments brought back frustration. . .but more than that I got chills just thinking about how fucking awesome the Penguins have been.


wilsmith said...

yeah, js, but sillinger played for his 12 teams!

J.S. said...

@Wilsmith, ouch. OK, Beech is gonna make an honest effor....attempt at breaking Sillinger's career record of being listed on 12 different NHL team's rosters.

and if we're gonna talk about internet memes, you can't make a list without this one (coincidentally also mentioned in c-blog earlier this week)

my favorite

Ryan said...

@free candy man - since when are you allowed to trade free agents?

wilsmith said...

Oh, js, then you'll love this.

Stilly said...

You can't trade free agents. They guy that will move will be Whitney. He is a 4 mil cap hit. If they can move Whitney, they can probably keep Hossa.

Colin said...

You can trade the rights of an restricted free agent before July 1 so that the other team can try and sign the player.

Stoosh said...

@ Free Candy Man (Nathan) -

You could probably bring in Scotty Bowman, Toe Blake and Hap Day to coach the Leafs and it won't make a damn bit of difference until they start drafting, developing and KEEPING their prospects. One day, they'll realize that throwing together some mish-mash of the bigger-name free agents and dealing prospects for a big deadline deal guy year after year after year isn't the way to build a team.

Check out their draft history... They make what Craig Patrick's drafts in the mid-1990s look like genius.

canaanregulatesblog said...

this season up and vanished like a fart in the wind.

xuscbausp said...


anyone else watching the euro? spain up 2-0 at the half

Colin said...

@ xuscbausp -

I am watching / following on the CPU at work. I am suprised Fabregas didn't get in the starting XI for Spain. Torres and Villa up front is pretty intense.

Looks like Russia could use Gino and Sarge out there.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@xuscbausp: I'm watching it ... I hate seeing Portugal and Spain win ... it annoys me ... Go Russia!

Villa is really good, though ...

xuscbausp said...

russia has had chances, too. that corner at the end of the first was...yuck.

Julia said...

By you saying, you could have a kid next time bing has to renew his deal, makes me vomit. And by you saying there are going to be trade rumors of whit makes my summer.

Colin said...

Short night for Torres. Maybe they want to keep him fresh? Hopefully that movie doesn't backfire.

Colin said...

^ move

me = joke

xuscbausp said...

also; im not sure how it is where you are, but its over 100 in nyc again.


Stilly said...


You're absoultely correct. You cannot trade Unrestricted Free Agents. We could certainly trade the rights to MAF if we so chose.

It's about damn time they insert Cesc. I'm pretty sure the Spanish coaches hate him.

Steve In Denver said...

On game days, I always wear a retro Pens hat I bought in Pgh back in 2001. That hat could probably program the DVR for Pens games by itself at this point.

Also, my sis sent me this huge light up xmas lawn Penguin, and it's posted up next to the entertainment center for the season, much to the wife's chagrin.

Fat Tire Ale was a game night staple, and Dogfish Head became the go-to playoff beer (thanks to bloggers for that tip and the funny 120 min IPA video).

I was in town over the first week of the cup run and was blown away at the support, road signs all over town (even up I-79 to Erie)although I almost punched out a dude that piped off about wanting to turn on a Steeler game when the Pens got down in game 1 vs the Wings.

Most stunned moment? Streaming TSN at work on trade deadline day, hearing people scoff at the Gill move, then being PWN3D by the Hossa deal, and the subsequent earthquake in the NHL world.

Other stunned moments include all the love tPB got by various media outlets and the arena folks for all the nicknames and cult hero stuff. I've been watching pro sports since the mid 70's and have never seen fan undercurrents make such a mainstream impact.

Way to go folks.

xuscbausp said...

hey at least the russian goalie has given up yet.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Staff: Thanks for the mammaries (see Canaan's picture if you don't get the joke)

I too think that the Dunder Miflin boys need a shout out. When "Toothless" Chris Minard scored his first NHL goal not a Pens fan in the world wasn't smiling.

As for me personally, I went to the Jan. 21st game with my sister. Had a blast. I didn't think games could get more exciting.

Then I went to Game 1 against the Rangers. Down 3-0... then to come back... then to take the lead... then to have it tied... then to take the lead again and win. UN..REAL.

lauren_hbg said...

Did anyone see this? I thought it was pretty funny.

66 things that suck more than losing in the SCF

The Seeker said...


Just getting ready to jump in the shower when my doorbell rings this morning. Dontcha just HATE their timing?

Anyhow, I sign for a small package and wonder WTF I ordered from Office Depot that they delivered.

I open it and find inside a blue iPod. Then I take a look at the packing slip and see my name and address with the charges listed at $0.00.

I don't know who, how, or why...but I just got a free iPod for no apparent reason at all!?

I don't think I've ever even been inside an Office Depot in my life!

xuscbausp said...

and we have a hat trick

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@xuscbausp: I thought the same exact thing ...Dumb, Villa ...

@seeker: Did it have your name on the package?

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

We've discussed this. You can trade a pending free agent before July 1. The Predators did it last year with Kimmo Timonen and Scott Hartnell (Hartnell might've been restricted, but there's no way in hell Timonen was, since he was 31) for the first-round pick they sent to Philly in the Forsberg deal. A team still has the player's rights until midnight on July 1, and can most definitely ship them elsewhere prior to that point. If the Pens do make such a deal, it'll be with a team that's probably got a deal ready for the player heading their way.

Stilly said...

Hat trick because Fabregas is f'in awesome. He better be starting next time.

Stilly said...

Me = Corrected

Colin said...

@ the seeker -

In the workd of Chris Farley "jackpot"

Stilly said...

LOL @ gamecast for the Russia/Spain fixture

75' - What a day for David Villa. He's been superb today - Kolodin and Shirokov have pooped their pants every time he's got the ball.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I should stop rooting for teams in the Euro Tourney... they end up losing ... I feel like Steiggy ... runningjinxblog ....

Colin said...

Stilly I saw and LOL'd at that as well.

XoChArMeDCHiLDoX said...

Amazing recap... all i can say =]

xuscbausp said...

welcome to the game, russia

I Have Kasparaitis said...

19 Buries It

Colin said...

I stand corrected. Teams can trade any free agent before July 1.

I am an idiot.

Stilly said...


Good point. I stand corrected.. well sort of. They aren't really unrestricted free agents until the Free Agency period begins July 1. So they could be traded during the draft starting on June 20th, but they aren't really UFA's until July 1.

Stilly said...

Prediction: Spain starts to pressure again and scores two more before the end of this, just because Russia scored one.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xuscbausp said...

spain says

Colin said...

Spain with the beat down.

Stilly said...

GOAL! 10 Buries it. Fabregas Pwns.

Dr. Turkleton said...

me = posted yesterday:

the seeker,

I know...I know...

I should have capped my 'rant' with a dose of sarcasma...

BTW, I'll have another package going out your way soon...


did you attend any games during the Philly series????....inquiring minds want to know...

[Hossa: 21:11]

6/09/2008 1:39 PM

magicpackageblog [that's what she said]

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

[Hossa: 20:10]

Stilly said...


The live commentary guy kills me. He made a mention of how Russia knocked England out of the tournament and proceeded to call McClaren a clown. Top notch stuff.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

Sorry...I missed that yesterday. Work was busier than all hell in the afternoon and I was unable to get computer time last night before passing out at like 11:00 PM.


I went to Game Five of the Rangers series (Coffeytalk has proof I was there, as do I) and Game Two of the Philly series.

I was not in attendance for any of the Cup Finals games vs. Detroit.

xuscbausp said...


Colin said...

@ Stilly -

Anyone that bags on McClaren is a-okay in my book. Hopefully because Englad missed out, they will get it together for WC2010. It will be their lost show with guys like Gerrard / Terry / Ferdinand.

Lady Jaye said...

Superstitionblog: Bobble heads. We had them lined up one way on our shelves all through the season... my daughter moved them and we didn't notice until we were down 2-0 against the Wings. We righted them for Game 5. Should have righted them sooner ;)

Dr. Turkleton said...


hey...no problem...I'll get a package out to you, as well [not ipod-ish, but it's always nice to get mail that isn't a bill, right?]

I'm actually kinda pumped to watch the WB/S game tonight...

from the Penguins Insider:
No team has ever forced a Game 7 after losing the first three games of the Calder Cup finals

he went on to say that some of the players have been wearing Red Sox caps as inspiration for this series [in '04 the Sawks coming back from being down 3-0 to the Yankees to win the next 4 & advance to the WS]

[Hossa: 20:10]

Annie said...

Amazing recap guys. With no other Pens fans out here than my dad, you guys make it a million times more fun to be a fan. In all honesty, thank you, thank you, thank you.

And since it was buried in the wee hours of the morning in the last post, here's that oldschool Gary Roberts fight I found last night.

fleuryous said...

AH, those videos gave me chills.

And Game 5 of the SCF will be hands-down one of the best games I will ever seen in my lifetime, I'm sure.

Thanks so much for the awesome post.

I love you guys.

fleuryous said...

PS. THANK YOU FOR MALKIN REASSURANCE. A good number of my friends were saying that Malkin will be traded because he doesn't want to play second fiddle to Crosby, blah blah blah.

Malkin is obviously phenom and his niche is here. When Sid was gone, he carried the torch. Indeed. People who hated on Malkin during the SCF pissed me off too.

Malkin-haters aren't real people.

Katie said...

Great recap guys. This was actually the first year since I moved to the Pacific Northwest 3 years ago that I did not get to a single game. Sadnessblog. Next year definitely, even if it is a road game.

As for superstitions, with one notable exception, I always wore the same jeans, sneakers, light green Pittsburgh Pirates T, ankle length Steelers socks, WWGRD bracelet and Lemieux Road sweater (Pittsburgh on the diagonal) for all games watched either at the bar or at home. The two weekends we clinched against Rangers and Cryers I actually packed the outfit in my suitcase as I was traveling. As for the exception, it was game 1 of the SCF and I was at the rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding. Even though I could not wear my traditional outfit, I did manage to find a cute black dress highlighted with Vegas gold accents and did wear my WWGRD bracelet, but it obviously wasn't enough (It was something though to view the 20 or so of us at the rehearsal dinner all craning our necks to the bar tv and all screaming NOOOOOOO when the bartender turned the channel briefly to the Celtics game. The manager told the lone guy at the bar that 20 plus Pittsburgh's won out over 1 Celtics fan.) For the few games that I got stuck at the office, it was usual work attire and the bracelet. Now that I think about it, the losses all came on days I was stuck watching on-line at the office (except for game 1 SCF and game 2 SCF when I was on my return flight).

July 1 can't get here soon enough for me. I don't like uncertainty.

Dr. Turkleton said...

seeing coffeytalks Facebook quote, reminded me that the man that created this, is in town tonite:

Steve Winwood: Valerie

who was the inspiration for this:

Eric Prydz: Call On Me

who was the inspiration for this:

Connolly and Kotalik

Lloyd said...

I guess if i leave a post about superstitions... i should post my own.

gameday during the playoffs... had to wear either a solid white or solid black tshirt to work up until post-game.

game 1 of the playoffs... ate hotdogs during lunch the day of the game. (only missed the last 2 series because of a flight and i forgot about it until i was on my way home)

had to sit in my chair in my room and watch the game. (not downstairs on the much bigger tv)

had to be in pensblogchatblog and try to be the first in the room.

didn't visit pensblog after my lunch the day of the games (hardest thing to do... especially missing the gamedaypost until after the game)

looked at emptyNetters the same way. (and didnt listen to their lange goal calls the day of a game)

obvious: beard, shaved all but the goatee after every series, but had to trim the goatee down for a conference (work) before the flyers series.
I probably forgot a few

M. Vanderlasser said...

The Pens should trade any player who doesn't have a cool nickname, a role in a bad auto commercial, a cult following, or a song about them.


Nickname: Free Candy, Conks
Commercial: Get Colby back
Cult: Lord Gary, Ruutu, BGL, Cotton Candy Man, PB Charlie
Song: Hossa, Ruutu

Everyone else goes, unless they can address the nickname/commercial/cult/song issue.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@M. Vanderlasser: Bugsy is a cool nickname ... (WorriedAboutBugsyStayingBlog)

dying alive said...

Geno, Gonchar, and Talbot all had a role in a bad auto commercial.

Does Gronk count as a cool nickname?

Dan said...

malone = captain pittsburgh

Lady Jaye said...

@dying alive > almost any nickname that derives from a comic book character is cool in my book... but I'm a geek so I would say as much.

letsgopsu said...

Buries It is in the best shape of his life so I hear...

That's a cool nickname.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@ihk, I don't know if "Bugsy" is a cool enough nickname to warrant keeping #12.

Same with "Gronk". Is that a cool enough nickname to warrant a starting spot?

@da, since 71, 55, and 25 are not free agents, I assume are staying. By all means we should keep them.

We should probably also suit up the Day Auto lady and Bob Errey, once he's done waterproofing basements this summer.

beanfrompa said...

Great recap!

Did anyone read the bleacher report:

So, I'm an off season Penguins Fan, What do I do now ?

Great article story of my life....

shawnawwwesome said...

Holy crap that Malone screengrab looks like one of those before and after meth posters that are so popular with high school guidance counselors.

beanfrompa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

beard, shaved all but the goatee after every series, but had to trim the goatee down for a conference (work) before the flyers series.

That is almost exactly how I handled it as well with the exception that I trimmed the goatee at the behest of the wife, not work.

m. vanderlasser, have you informed King Shero of the guidelines he should be following? They seem completely reasonable and could make his job a bit easier as long as he has someone to judge if a nickname is sufficiently cool to warrant a signing.

Joose said...

Next season needs to start right now. This is going to be one boring-ass summer.

Party of Ruutu said...

Fabulous post.

Although, no talk of Hossa(!) and his superior pickpocket skills.

@fleuryous- People who want the Pens to do horribly next season want so badly for the Malkin rumor to be true. I heard that silly rumor from all of the "I hope the Wings win, because I hate the Pens (for no reason)" blabber mouths.

A couple of months ago on HFBoards some Rags fans were yapping away about how they hate Crosby, but Malkin's cool. A Pens fan trolled and said that by the end of the Pens' playoff run they will find ridiculous reasons to hate him too. I guess the troll was right.

Dr. Turkleton said...

John Buccigross' last Hockey column until September.

letsgopsu said...

@ Dr. T

Wow, I just finished reading the column, and then I refresh c-blog to see that you've posted it.


stokes said...

Staff, i've only read half of this post, but as i skipped to Cblog, i got a feel for the amount of awesomeness there was in this post.

Great job, guys. You guys are the greatest.

what. a. season.

@Dr. Turk. You are the man. I'd like to be there tonight because its Petty, but also because i'd like to see Winwood, even though i absolutely hate Traffic.

meecrofilm said...

Sick staff, just sick. That season recap is why tPB is a big deal.

Oh, and this in response to something I saw is cblog...
Whitney isn't going anywhere. At least not yet.

michelle said...

This was like those moments when you find your yearbook from high school and you flip back through the pages and think WOW I remember that, or FUCK, I wish I'd forgotten that.

But all-in-all, a really good ride down memory lane.

Effing great season. I like the recap because I like the memories of the 'shops and also, couldn't stop laughing at the Kris Beech entry.

Bravo, staff.

Stoosh said...

@ Jooooooooooooose -

Happy belated birthday!

I got slammed with an avalanche of paperwork yesterday and forgot to mention it!

Your Happy Birthday copy of Cloverfield is in the mail! :D


Dr. Turkleton said...

@stokes said:

but also because i'd like to see Winwood, even though i absolutely hate Traffic.

+1...getting out of the Star Lake / Coca-Cola / Post-Gazette Amphitheater / Pavilion can be a bitch!!!!!....



Stoosh Caputi buries it tonight!

[Hossa: 20:10]

The Seeker said...

@ dr Turk

Wow man...thanks!

RE: supersitions...

I drink only my own urine on game days.


Looking at the new arena illustration, am I right in saying that it won't have an area large enough to properly do an outdoor screen again? That means the Sabres trolls will still be coming back to job us during our next SFC series. Bastards!

The Seeker said...

Traffic or Traffic?

Traffic's early stuff was great...as was Blind Faith.

Then they went more mainstream.

Tom Petty is at Star Lake tonight?

J.S. said...




(for the win!)


Dr. Turkleton said...

the Seeker >>>> Mariner >>>> Moises Alou

OTHERS on non-game days????


about Bucci: maybe Vs. or NHLNet could make a deal to steal him away from the 4-letter network.

fer said...

so i read this post earlier today and had all the players on my mind as i went out to lunch.well my order number was 87,sid, and then i went outside to eat lunch and none other than Daryll Sydor walks by.and of course it was like the only day i didnt have any kind of pens gear on.wtf.

KJ said...

odd how the winter classic just seemed like yesterday, but game 5 of the ECF seems like forever and a day ago.

one game i'll never forget, march 4 vs TB, a 2-0 win. but the reason i won't forget it is because that was the day of the TX D primaries. I got in line at 4:30 and risked getting into trouble for having my phone on to check the score. the only thing that kept me from punching that moron who tried to get the caucus people inside when there were still over 200 people waiting to vote behind me was i don't want to miss the ending recap. i got home in time to catch Lange saying Malkin had just scored on the EN. next time i'll be smart and vote early!

Joose said...

Uncle Stoosh - Thanks for the birthday acknowledgement. No thanks for the copy of Cloverfield. What a crud film.

Pensgirl said...

Excuse me if I get more long-winded than usual here. But spending all day chewing on this season after this post put in mind my favorite poem, and I did some editing. With apologies to Lord Tennyson (or maybe not)...

It little profits that an idle captain,
By this still stall, among these barren sticks,
Match'd with a retired star, I mete and dole
Unequal talent unto a rabid fanbase,
That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know their hockey.
I cannot rest from travel; I will bring
The goalie to his knees. All times I have enjoy'd
Greatly, have suffer'd greatly, both with those
That loved me, and alone; on ice, and when
Thro' scowling shifts the evil 'Delphia
Vext the dim(wit) arena. I am become a name;
For always roaming with a hungry heart
Much have I seen and known,-- teams of men
Of manners, of grinders, goons, superstars,
Myself not least, but honor'd of them all,--
And drunk delight of battle with my peers,
Far on the octoslimed sheet of Detroit.
I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'
Gleams that untravell'd puck whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I shoot.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnish'd, not to shine in use!
As tho' to breathe were life! Point piled on point
Were all too little, and of one to me
Little remains; but every hour is saved
From that summer's silence, something more,
A bringer of new things; and vile it were
For some three moons to store and hoard myself,
And this bold spirit yearning in desire
To follow Stanley like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human trial.

This is my second, mine own Evgeni,
to whom I left the spotlight and the net,--
Well-loved of me, discerning to fulfill
This labor, by deliberation to make beastly
A rugged center, and thro' sheer will
Uprise h'self to the mighty, for the good.
Most blameless is he, centred in the sphere
Of scoring duties, decent not to fail
In offices of points leading, and pay
Meet adoration to my household gods,
When I was gone. He works his work, I mine.

There lies the net; the goalie puffs his chest;
There gloom the dark defenseman. My teammates,
Souls that have toil'd, and wrought, and fought with me,--
That ever with a frolic welcome took
The grind of the Lord's playoff, and opposed
Clutching, and grabbing-- you and I are young;
Young age due yet his honor and his toil.
Loss closes all; but something ere the end,
Some goal of noble note, may yet be done,
Not unbecoming men that skate with Gods.
The lights begin to twinkle from the seats;
The long day wanes; the slow clock counts; the wild
Fans round with many voices. Come, my friends.
'T is not too late to seek a better season.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To skate beyond the sunset, and the paths
Of all the Western foes, until I die.
It may be that the hooks will haul us down;
It may be we shall touch the Lord's Chalise,
And honor the great Mario, whom we knew.
Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,--
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Jawsh said...

The nWo photoshop is so badass that it will be the inspiration for GTA5.

Michelle said...

I loved the recap of the season. I especially liked the most dominating performances section. I plan on reading the Pensblog through the summer. Keep up the good work. Even though I don't comment every time I read, I still enjoy every post! The Free Candy photoshop made history this year. :)

Chubs said...

What a recap (Straight outta Conklin...can that be a shirt?)

freeagentandsalarycapblog- why hasn't tWWL (or someone) come up with something like their trade generator for making a team and keeping it under the cap? I think I'd fiddle with that thing for hours (easily).

Allison said...

@ shawnawwwesome
omg you are so right about thoes meth face ads.

Raybin said...

Vomitblog. Just read this in The Sporting News:

That means Shero has $20 million to divide among a stable of 12 unsigned players that includes Marian Hossa, Ryan Malone, Marc-Andre Fleury, Gary Roberts, Georges Laraque, Jarkko Ruutu, Brooks Orpik and Pascal Dupuis.

If Hossa, who was worth every penny in the Penguins' run to the Stanley Cup Finals, is looking for a deal close to the $7 million he made last season, the Penguins will have to bid him a painful farewell.

Same goes for Roberts, who made $2.5 million last season; backup goaltender Ty Conklin, who made $500,000; and perhaps injury-prone defenseman Mark Eaton, who made $1.6 million.

For the sake of argument, let's say Shero signs Fleury and Malone to contracts worth $5 million and $4 million a season, which is about market value. That leaves him with about $11 million to divide among Laraque, Ruutu, Orpik, Dupuis and three other roster players called up from juniors or the AHL's Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, Pittsburgh's top AHL affiliate.


And just think: Shero will need to find a way next season to retain free-agent-to-be Jordan Staal.


I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad.

Sooska said...

pensgirl-WOW hockey as art. No surprise, if you have seen Paul Coffey break across one blue line headed toward the other, Mario split a defense, Jagr weave in and out of 5 guys, Sid score a goal sliding on his back, or Fleury's full body extension to make a toe save. good job.

eileenover said...


That just makes me want to cry.

The Beech description made me laugh out loud. By the way, I remember saying that Staal would win many Selke awards a long time ago. Just sayin'.

wilsmith said...

I hate the "injury prone" tag that's been put on Mark Eaton. He's not injury prone, he's prone to having idiots taking runs at him.

wilsmith said...

ps, batman begins on fx.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@pensgirl: That was epic ... awesome work ...

I'm going crazy this off season ... why wasn't it this bad last year? *reads article Raybin posted* That's why ... this sucks ...

"In other words, the core of the Penguins can return next season, but without the help of Hossa, Roberts, Conklin and Eaton. Those are holes that will not easily be replaced." Ouch. That hurt bad ...

@wilsmith: Thank you! Mark Eaton got the slew-foot by Sturm this year and last year Cheechoo took a run at his ... don't blame Eaton. I'm gonna miss Eaton if he doesn't come back and I won't be able to use my "Eaton's Park" sign ...

chargersx2010x said...

awesome recap
definately one hell of a season


PittHockey said...

me = stunned

M. Vanderlasser said...

@jyo, good idea...I'll call Ray Ray tomorrow.

Re superstitions, we only drink the seeker's urine on game day, too.

(I love a good urine drinking joke; reminds me of Treat Williams' character in "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead")

Pensgirl said...

Thanks Sooska and Kaspar! Like I said, that's my favorite poem. Tennyson = Beast

Worst part of the offseason - having to put up with that wretched Coldplay commercial without the reward of Pens hockey to make up for it.

Steve In Denver said...

I'm getting two play by play calls on the WBS game....I can't believe they aren't fixing that pronto...I wonder if both guys are sitting near enough to each other to carry over into each other's mic's or if they accidentally patched both guys in.

Kat said...

Fantastic post guys. Solid recap.

I can't believe I've only been watching the Pens regularly since December. Feels like years. I'm such a horrendous newbie. It feels like just yesterday that I had no idea who Crosby was or why Gary Roberts was such a big deal. Now I've been sucked in and there's no going back. I love it. Looking forward to my first full season as Pens fan. I'll earn it, I swear.

The Sporting News article worries me greatly.

And I totally clicked the damn Rick Rolled link. >.<

I wish I could come pinicing with C-blog. Someone get me the hell out of Lakerland, it smells like piss and entitlement.

Stephen S. said...

" By the looks of it, though, Mark Recchi did something awful."


Colin said...

@ stephen s.

I have to apologize for inadvertenly jobbing you last post. I called you "steven s." - my apologies.

Pensgirl said...

WOOO Baby Pens just tied up their game with just over a minute left in the second.

Colin said...

Does anyone remember the name of the free photoshop-esque program that was floating around cblog a while back?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@colin: GIMP

Colin said...

@ ihk -


Lloyd said...

anyone else listening to the WBS Pens game?

Lloyd said...

fuck... down 3-2 15:16 to go

Davy D said...

My WWGRD bracelet is in this gecache: GC239A
Unless someone already got to it.

Great season staff. Enjoyed it.
cblog: stay strong and keep the posts short. I have the attention span of

jefe penguino said...

paint.net (getpaint.net) is also a good free photoshop-esque program, for windows.

the chicago wolves are doing the playoff 'stache. what a bunch of charlies.

Lloyd said...

4-2 now less than 6 minutes to go

The Big K said...

What a post. Unreal.
That must've taken weeks.

eileenover said...

I forgot to mention that Free Candy is this month's picture on my calendar. MAF is next month. Goodomenblog? Methinks yes.

Colin said...

update on baby pens?

Lloyd said...

lost 5-2 someone named Krog had a hat trick...

Colin said...

@ eileen -

Did you get that calendar at a Pens game this year? I went last year and got one, it was great for my cube. I couldn't find one for 2008 to save my life.

Hip said...

I saw Daryl Sydor today!!!! At the Subway in Waterworks Mall.

I didn't say anything to him because I didn't want to bother him. But mostly because I am shy.

I was like, man that looks a lot like #5 but I'm not sure. Then I noticed his double Stanley Cup tats on his ankle... Dallas and Tampa Bay.

WOOOOOOOOOOO. I've been living here for 2 weeks and I've already seen a Pen!!

Colin said...

@ hip -

That is awesome. I didn't know he had Stanley Cup tats. That is badass.

eileenover said...

Poor baby Pens. This sucks.


My parents gave it to me for Christmas. I have no idea where they got it. Maybe BC Sports?

Colin said...

@ eileen -

I am a noob, what is BC sports?

jefe penguino said...

atlanta has both the league and playoff MVP Darren Hayder, and the hat trick guy of tonight, Jason Krog, in their system. look out loretta.

congrats to the baby pens for making it to the finals. i cant believe i had to watch both penguins teams lose in the final series. blah.

eileenover said...

check it out

They have tons of autographed memorabilia. It's also where my parents got my Sid jersey for a decent price.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

2 Darryl Sydor sightings? (Hip & Fer) I wish I spotted one of the Pens ...

This sucks ... the Baby Pens, too ...

I can't stop thinking about that article ... I will be worshipping Shero if he gets half the things I want done to happen ... even if he doesn't I still will keep the faith. Contract/freeagencyblog is making me sick ... I have a headache from it ...

Colin said...

@ eileen -

No luck with the calendar, but they do hav a bunch of sweet stuff there.

Hip said...

IHK - Fer is my cousin!! She was with me. Yayay I finally convinced her to join the c-blog fun :o)

roachai said...

good shit

TheNWChica said...

Hey there my friends...quite day today, eh?

Staff? Fabulous job on the post. Two big thumbs up!

And did we ever get an answer on if Stephen's penguin has a name?

Oh, and sadchica tomorrow...my beloved Trevor Linden is officially hanging them up. I knew it was coming, but I'm not so sure I'm ready for it. :(

letsgopsu said...

@ hip

Waterworks? Thats like 10 minutes from my house. If you were there, you should have gone to Five Guys, so much better than Subway...

aunt penny said...

Redwing sighting on Leno. Wings singing to "we're bringing sexy back" only insert "stanley back".

Hip said...

@letsgopsu- Fer went to Five Guys, I picked Subway.

Sydor was at Subway.

Enough said.

Dr. Turkleton said...

oh my Gary...Elroy & Lidstrom on Leno...

***spoiler Chica and those not in the EST***

Leno: has Justin [Timberlake] taught you guys anything?

Both as Nicky raises the Cup™ over his head: "WE'RE BRINGIN' STANLEY BACK!!!!" yeah!!!!

Caputi = kaput.

[Hossa: 20:10]

letsgopsu said...

@ hip

That's because Sydor needs to keep in good shape by going to Subway and cannot always have the greasy goodness that is Five Guys.

debrisslide said...

I can't believe this post doesn't need page-turning quite yet. I guess the offseason is slow for the Internet.

I'm only really here because I need to pee and I'm trying to think about something else while the only bathroom in my house is occupied.

I can't waittttt for something interesting to happen.

The four primary values of hockey as told by John Buccigross = clutchhhhhh.

Pee time!

Hip said...

@letsgopens -

Hip needs to take a lot of pages out of the Sydor physical fitness playbook.

For reals.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@chica: It's okay *hugs*

@debrisslide: Thanks for sharing *laughs*

letsgopsu said...

Hip said...

@letsgopens -

Hip needs to take a lot of pages out of the Sydor physical fitness playbook.

For reals.

6/11/2008 12:07 AM


Just kidding....(sort of...)

brndlynn28 said...

Just saw this on the PG's website. Dont know exactly what to think about it...
Will Bugsy stay?

TheNWChica said...

Did everyone go to bed? Lame....

Rico Fatty said...

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