Friday, May 2, 2008


Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on.


When we headed to New York, most of us were wanting a split.
And we got it.

The Pens wanted to win.
The Rags had to win.

The Rangers winning this game makes you look back at all the games
and realize how close the games actually were.

You're gonna have people praise Henrik Lundqvist for this performance.
Too bad that he was actually supposed to do this for the whole series.

The Rangers have a little bit of hope.
And you know what they say about hope.

After it is all said and done...

You have that feeling in your stomach.
You're going to be pissed off at work.
You're going to be pissed off at everything.

Nothing can be done.

Everyone has a plan until they get hit.

Sunday at 2pm
Buckle up.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ Craig B. ]

[ Willowtip ]

[Ross S.]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

This game started off with Bing taking a dangerous spill into the boards.
The puck went down the other way, and the Rangers got jobbed on a ticky-tacky penalty on Marc Staal.

The Rangers killed that penalty like their season depended on it.

After some jobbing, Double J keeps the puck in the Pens zone and tries his patented toe-drag/wrister thing.
No dice.
But it was a nice foreshadowing.

On the next play, Wyatt Earp 2.0 says Hossa hooked up a Rag.
The Pens kill it off, but the Rangers looked solid.

MAF was building a solid brick wall early.

[Nate B.]

The Pens turned shit up a notch in the Rangers zone after the PK.
The Queen was there, but the Pens got another PP out of it.

Hossa had a great wrap around chance, Henrik got the leg out.
Then he made a sick glove save on Bing.

The Rags killed off the subsequent penalty.

Sadly, the story of the first period was the Mexican Standoff that resulted when the Pens were gonna be guilty of a hand-pass.
As the Rangers' season slowly disappeared, they finally played the puck.

Tyler Kennedy almost single-handedly gave the Pens a 1-0 lead, but again, there was Henrik.
Scuds and the USS Hal Gill do a flyover above Double J and rattle him a little bit.

[Nate B.]

Just as an uneventful first period was coming to a close, Michal Jokival makes a horrible turnover.
Malkin almost sneaks it by.

If he scores there, series is over.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Early in the second, Malkin made a move that almost became its own country.
But there was one move too many.
Again King Henrik, big time save.

After some great back-and-forth hockey, Letang was headed to the penalty box for slashing one of the tires on Shanahan's wheelchair.

The Pens killed it off, or in all actuality, the Rangers just blow.

Before you knew it, the period was half-over.
Both teams had chances, with the rink starting to slowly tilt towards Lundqvist.

There was just a whole lot of nothing going on.

But then Jagr put the Rangers on his back and did that toedrag/wrist thing again.
This time, he dominates MAF with it.


But JJ paid the price for swooping into the slot.
He had to visit CandyLand.

[Franklin S]

Versus crapped in their own hands in the aftermath when they decided to put a camera on Rob Scuderi on the Pens bench.
He only has one 4, compared to Orpik's two.
Who makes that mistake?

Rangers fans started chanting "one more year, one more year" to somehow persuade JJ to come back to the Rangers next season.

How about chanting Don't Get Eliminated.

It was Rangersblog after that goal, and the Pens had to kill a Ruutu penalty.
On the powerplay, the puck jumps over some jerk's stick and onto the stick of Ryan Malone.

The Earth shifts as Pens Nation gets on its feet.
Malone walks in...


The penalty was killed.
And then it got interesting.

Malkin blocked a shot with his stick. The puck popped up into the air.
Bing grabbed it and sent Geno off to the races.

A Rag who had earlier broken his stick jobs Malkin on the breakaway.
Malkin, the puck, and someone's jock fly into King Henrik.
You wait for the ref to signal a penalty shot.
He doesn't hesitate.

But as the replay rolls, it looks like the puck went into the net.

Now, we are not complaining.
Because the game is over, and we don't run a certain Rangersblog.

But look at this.
[Huge thanks to Andrew B for this.]

Can you see the puck?

With a little Pensblog editing:

Like, we said. No complaining here, it was a tough call to make.

Wow, it's almost like the NHL doesn't care about the Pens advancing.

Anyway, Malkin rolls in.

Actually, he probably still is skating towards the net.

Everyone in the world will tell you what Malkin should've done.

Imagine someone putting a mattress in your front-door frame, handing you a stick and puck, and telling you that you had one chance to sneak it through a hole in front of your whole neighborhood.

Just wasn't happening.

The Pens capped off the period on the PK.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

It just wasn't feeling right going into the third period.
All the feelings of doubt were warranted when Brandon Dubinsky put an early one home.


Therrien wasn't happy.

[Nate B., again.]

The Pens were trying to get things together, but it was looking like Lundqvist finally woke up.
HCMT goes with the SumOfAllFears line Malkin-Crosby-Hossa.
The line gets some things going, but the Rags are shutting down Bing's life.

Sykora-Malone-Staal go nuts, with a great cycle.
Malone jobs it out front Sykora poops it off some dude, and then the pucks goes off the crossbar, landing on Staal's stick.

You probably got whiplash from getting up to celebrate and then falling back down.

Or you just know how Chris Drury felt last game.

Andy Dufresne was in attendance at the game this evening.

joke. thanks.

There were penalties and power plays back and forth. Whatev.
There's really nothing to say.
Things got animated towards the end, and blood started to boil.

As "Crosby Sucks," chants get started,
that hateful feeling that only a playoff loss can spur builds up.

Double J put in an empty-netter to cap off a vintage performance.

The Rags thanked their fans for a nice season after the...


  • Whatev,
  • Was something up with Bing?
  • Short and sweet recap because there's no need to think about this game at all.
  • Sunday: Casket Match for Jagr. End it where it started.
  • There is a reason you play for home-ice advantage. Sunday is why.

Hacksaw = Stunned


chris l. said...

Well, it was the FIRST loss of the playoffs. Had to happen. It sucks but, as I mentioned in the pregame cblog, it was a timely wake-up call.

Rest up for Sunday.


Hip said...

"My bad. I don't like shootouts. It was my bad," said Malkin.

I don't know if I should be pissed he can't muster more emotion about this or die of laughter at the thought of Geno saying "my bad." I'll go with the latter.

Bing was definitely off. Dude had like 5 turnovers. I think he's alright though... and like I said, that punk ass grin told me something.

Sunday can't come soon enough.

Go Pens.

Hip said...

Damn you chris l!
I even had the time difference working in my favor.

letsgopsu said...

This sucks. Now I have to watch the game Sunday and it is gonna cut into my studying for finals. Goddammit JJ.


Let's go Pens!

The Seeker said...

I hope I'm not persona non grata here after this, but I have a confession to make....

I changed my underwear for the first time since Game 1 / Series 1.

I know, I know...STUPID violation of the karmic code.

I promise not to change them again until Lord Stanley's chinchilla dust bath is in Da Burgh.

Seeker = my name is mud

chris l. said...

Sorry, hip. I just happened to hit refresh on the main site after typing up a long one on the postgame. Lots of wisdom left behind. I agree on the grin though. Sid: "loss? eh, it's 3-1." Good perspective. There is work to do, but this should re-focus the boys. I will expect some fire and brimstone on Sunday.

@seeker: It must have been a caustic cocktail of your skivs and too much broom talk. I too was guilty of the latter. Even if you hedge with the occasional "if" and "we might be able to" it's bad joo joo. Let's don't tell Gary.

Zac Wassink said...

well, living in hoboken, tonight was the rags night and the night for their fans. about time those douchebags actually showed up for the series.

its 3-1. im going to bed

PensFanFromWI said...

wtf happened tonight? I had a board meeting and had to miss the game. Got the scores on my cell, but I'm missing the c-blog insight. Roberts in for Max - how'd he look? Scuds played - how'd he do? King Henry denied all???

racheleyos said...

i think the biggest problem in tonight's game was finishing the play... just couldn't get it past Henrik. the chances were obviously was obviously frustrated, their d were all over his shit, leading to bad passes and so forth.

they didnt give malkin the goal instead of the penalty shot because henrik was interfered with.... but how is that malkin's fault considering he was pushed into the dude? whatev. sometimes i get these nhl rules.

Cody said...

Well, the game ended the blueskirts suicide watch for a couple of days. Time for a good old-fashioned beatdown on Sunday.

racheleyos said...


roberts didn't do anything tonight?
scuds was well....scuds!
henrik was on acid!

Eric K said...

the past 2 games Jagr showed he can still put a team on his back and carry them to a win in a game.......EXCEPT if that game is being played at the Igloo.

Jagr will be silenced in the House that Mario built.

Sunday = series over.

66 > 68

PensFanFromWI said...


Was Sid getting into some drama tonight? What was going on? Getting jobbed as usual? How'd MAF look?

coffeytalk said...

I hate how mad I am.


Whatevs. Sunday will be here soon enough.


acewepeel said...

"Everyone in the world will tell you what Malkin should of did."

Grammarblog: "should have done." Did you graduate 4th grade?

Sorry, I had to. I love you guys.

The Seeker said...


You'll have to go back to the Game Day post and read all the comments there.

Probably best to start at the end unless you're an insomniac and have all night to read.

racheleyos said...

haha yeah Sid got into some drama tonight....all started when one of the rangers put a nice hit on Hossa. Sid got pissed and went after a ranger or two. It was all out of frustration. He couldn't get any shots to the net without being attacked by the rangers D or without giving away the puck. It happens...It just wasn't his night. I wouldn't say he got jobbed, just solid plays of desperation by New York.

MAF was awesome....if it wasn't for him, this game could have been a lot worse.

PensFanFromWI said...

@the seeker
We'll do! Just thought I may by-pass game day c-blog (the posts are so much higher than they used to be!) by using those insomniacs that were still up. Thx.

racheleyos said...

haha i'm an insomniac....not past 1:30.... sunday can't come soon enough......

The Seeker said...

Rangers fans started chanting "one more year, one more year" to somehow persuade JJ to come back to the Rangers next season.

How about chanting Don't Get Eliminated.

Well, even Blueskirts are smart enough to realize that would take a willful suspension of disbelief....

PensFanFromWI said...


Thanks. I've seen that frustration of out Sid before this season when he hadn't scored on a break-away in what seemed like forever. Glad MAF is still sharp.

DeCeV said...

68 buries it

racheleyos said...

you're welcome!

Jimmy Hugs said...

I hate to say it, but I think the Rags got under Sid's skin tonight. Sid went nuts after that hit on Hossa. I was thinking the Pens were about to go on a PP, but then Sid and Geno got all tard-crazy and fucked it up.

Beer made it suck less later, but my ass still hurts from that loss.

DeCeV said...

I just read some comments over at the Bluejoke Jokiten. You'll be pleased to know that the Rangers won despite the referees. Obviously.

racheleyos said...

lol... I don't know... Sid just didn't have his hop tonight. The entire offense couldn't finish the plays....

PensFanFromWI said...


It's after 1:30

Jimmy Hugs said...

I may be crazy, but I have a theory:

Mad Max = More Important Than You Think?

Wyshynski said...

I have a feeling on that Malkin goal that was disallowed that the video replay guys looked at the footage and saw a player being pushed into a goalie, the net coming off, and the puck going off that player's leg over the line. They looked at it, all took a swig of gin, looked at the goal, looked at each other, another swig of gin, and said "there is no fucking way we're going to try and figure this out because the kid has a penalty shot anyway."

By the way, if you watch the replay of Malkin's penalty shot, it automatically freeze-frames because he skated in that slowly. True story.

dalmavs41413338 said...


*shudders at the thought*

letsgopsu said...

@ jimmy hugs

I've always thought that.

letsgopsu said...

Another reason why we lost...

I didn't listen to my gameday playlist today.

Sorry everybody.

ogre39666 said...

They didn't allow the Malkin thing because a player cannot force both the puck and the goalie into the net with his body while sliding after being tripped/falling. If one or the other were to have happened (regardless as to why Malkin was on the ice) it would have counted.

jefe said...

"Casket match for Jagr. End it where it started."



M. said...

The Pens looked disinterested in this game. And I must say, so was I. If the Pens were going to end it tonight I didn't. It just meant possibly another week of not caring about playoff hockey. And you can't have that during the playoffs.

I'll be sure to show up on sunday. Hopefully the 'rest' of the team does as well.

John said...

That sucked. I forgot how much losing sucked...especially in the playoffs.

nikki said...

thank you so much for this, i laughed so hard reading this that it actually cheered me up a bit :)
sunday will be epic, i cant wait

nikki said...

oh and i really hoped the pens watched some of the detroit/colorado game...THAT is how you play with no mercy to end a series, wow.
someone get them that game tape pronto :)

Nick Saia (usa) said...

thats my favorite quote... and its my signature in the norman shield... fred jung-"blow"

Nick Saia (usa) said...

btw, ive never seen better timing for a first playoff loss, just saying...

"Rangers fans started chanting "one more year, one more year" to somehow persuade JJ to come back to the Rangers next season.

How about chanting Don't Get Eliminated."

big game on sun.

TheNWChica said...

"Casket match for Jagr. End it where it started." WORD!

Night all!

Julia said...

home ice, and i'd rather have the rangers take our first loss then philly.

BlacknGold66 said...

Solid Pens crowd at the bar in C-town tonight.

My fault we lost the game. I won't get into it too much. Let's just say that watching the game with someone who's a negative, raging alcoholic with a pregnant wife @ home alone is just bad karma.

Whatev. "I ain't scurred!"

Ms. BNG66 & I have a free ride to the Burgh on Sunday.

See you @ the Souper Bowl/Lawn.

Do it.

DarkStar said...

Wow... I was just about to say "i take credit for this loss, blackngold66 style." But lo and behold the man himself beats me to it. Hey, when it's not your night, it's not your night. Damn...

Truth be told, I knew we were going to lose this game. Something never felt right from the beginning. The Rangers are far too talented of a team to just roll over and give up on their home ice. I was stuck at work all night and the building I work in is basically the black hole to end all black holes when it comes to radio reception. I was able to sneak out to my car just in time to catch the end of the first period. When I heard about the missed chances that the Pens squandered I knew that we would be in for a long night. I did tivo the game but at this point, it's probably not worth reviewing.

But, it's ok. Was i discouraged?... maybe. Did I hang my head in shame?... NO!!! I did what any self-respecting, pissed off Pens fan would do in this situation... I drank lots and lots of jager.

This loss had to happen sooner or later, although it doesn't mean we have to feel alright about it (it is nice to get it out of the way though). I would like to try and take the blame for it though since this was the first game of these playoffs that I was unable to watch live. I may be chastised for this next statement, but I'm going to proclaim it nonetheless: I guarantee a Pens win on Sunday. Take it to the bank. I haven't been wrong yet with any of my playoff predictions and I don't intend to start now. Failure is not an option!!!


Flyer Hater said...

Blame for this game=not going with Ed Harris

What a Mistake

Flyer Hater said...

Only Ranger fans could think that they could the short of the stick with the officials tonight. I seriously thought that Wyatt Earp 2.0 was going to rip off his referee's uniform to reveal a 1992 Adam Graves jersey and slash Malkin over the wrist.

On the Penalty Shot, 16 buries it...

Fleury29 said...

"There is a reason you play for home-ice advantage. Sunday is why."

My thought exactly. We had to lose a game, some jobber game in NY was the way to do it. It seemed like the first goal just deflated the Pens.

Now the Pens can come back on a mission from God and destroy the Rangers in front of a home crowd.

Plus, this means I get to watch the game on an actual TV, with beer and not on my computer stuck at work, so it's not all bad.

Koz said...

Quality photoshops in an otherwise depressing post. Great work by everyone. Very smooth detail work!

demondg1 said...

I missed the 3rd period because my girlfriend decided to go into heat. GetSomeActionBlog

Doesn't sound like I missed much.

Tim Benz was talking this morning about how Crosby is having allergy issues. Maybe. But I have to believe the man is nursing an injury we don't know about. He's been almost invisible the last 2 games.

For what it's worth, I would have disallowed Malkin's goal too. That's not how goals should be scored in hockey.

Ed Harris on Sunday. No doubt.

blackngoldforever904 said...


As a Penguins fan you have to say that you would much rather see them lose like this in a series where they are already up 3-0. I know that I would rather have this than have it be in the next series and be down or whatev. They will use this!


The Pens will play out of their minds on Sunday. Bing and Malk have flipped their collective switches.


While it is a good thing that the Pens were loose. You could tell in those videos that the Pens were way too loose and relaxed. Now they are only going to be all business.

Antonette said...

Dude, cut the angeranddisapointmentblog guys. We're still taking the series, unless all of the Rags collectively turn into the Hulk. This is why you get a 3-0 lead. We'll be fine.

The Habs are actually pissing me off more. Not that a Flyers/Pens series isn't great blahblahblah but it'll be BRUTAL, even if it's not very interesting.

HOWEVER, the Fleury shirt I was wearing yesterday is retired. Back to the jersey.

Dan said...

hacksaw should not get the series clincher call. that goes to edzo. i could tell on tv that puck was in before the net moved. calls were a bit one sided, they could've called some of the same junk on the raggers that they did on us. whatev. may jagr be booed off the ice and pelted with non-blunt objects in his final game sunday. that is all.

lauren_hbg said...

I love how the post opens with that quote from Blow - sums it up nicely.

Also, the Candyland photoshop was priceless.

Sooska said...

@ demon- you might be right about Sid. had the same thought. It does not explain Geno though or everyone else. A bad game can be just a bad game.

real quick geographyblog update. The Staff is going to put locations on a google map. If you haven't told them your location in a post please DO IT!
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the seeker is the lone nebula resident - neboolean?

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4 provinces: ON, BC, NS, NB

My versus online stream was freeze framing both the video and audio last night. It was like playing the Beatles' White album backwards. I did not realize, at first, on Geno's penalty shot that he was skating. I thought the stream was buffering for a long time and then I thought I was watching a 19th century flip book. There are 2 parts of his game that just aren't there yet: faceoffs and penalty shots. He will get there.

So they were off last night. Not too big of a deal considering they won 7 in a row. in.the.playoffs. Not one person thought that would happen.
What's that lyric- Standin' in line just to hit a new low. Shake it off and begin again.

Be there Sunday. The Boys are back in Town.

Christina said...

i think the Pens were as "meh" about the game as Pens Nation was for the majority of yesterday.

i like that there's an extra day before the next the boys some extra time to get even more focused on the task at hand

Sunday will bring the Revenge of can feel it.

Ed Harris, bring us home.

John said...

what was with the ice last night?

M. Vanderlasser said...


RagTears said...

anyone think that slide into the boards face first slowed Bing down last night? It looked pretty brutal.

Korn said...

Loved the Candy Land photoshop, especially the Avery add-on at the bottom.

Sid had, what, 5 turnovers last night? he's doing that thing Mario did near the end of his career where he's trying to make the low-percentage pass way too often. Something's got to be wrong. Or maybe it's time for him to move out of the Lemieux house.

I didn't have time to read the game comments, but can someone explain the defensive combinations? Why the shuffle? How can you break up the awesomeness that is the USS Hal Gill and LeGame?

lis said...

I didn't get to see the game last night because of school but I know we'll come back just fine on Sunday.

More importantly:

I'm driving to work this morning flipping channels on the radio down here in the great dump of Philly and I pass a station that's talking about the Flyers. I leave it on to hear what they have to say and the one DJ asks the other to name one Flyer...his answer....MARTY BRODEUR!!!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Bunch of morons down here.

Oh yeah, they would also like to lose in Montreal tomorrow night just so they can win it in Philly on Sunday....yeah...that worked out well for them last series when they were up 3-1. Jokes!

I've mentioned this before but I'm in Phoenixville (read: Philly) by way of Wilkes-Barre.

Stoosh said...

As I said last night, everyone has the right to be frustrated and pissed and upset at the way things went, and I think C-blog has done a good job keeping everything in perspective.

We're in a good spot here, folks. Sweeping your first round series and winning your first three games of the next series can never be a bad thing, but maybe 7-0 spoiled some of the fans a bit much. Not referring to anyone here, but I'm sure there was some taking to bridges in some reaches of Pens Nation.

We're disappointed because we all wanted them to end it last night so we could start movealongblog, but it didn't happen. No biggie.

They've got a couple of days to rest up and refocus. Malone was just on 105.9 and said Therrien gave everyone the day off, so that should help.

I like my weekends to last as long as possible, but I can't wait until Sunday. Rekindle the hate.

Jonathan said...

Lousy game all around. I didn't think Bing was all that off so much as the Rags did a great job on the backcheck, especially after JJ's goal. Of course, having your forwards miss so many opportunities right in front of the damn net tends to muck up your stat line. It was almost as bad a Malone putting consecutive short-side shots off the side of the goal the other day.

Way to stand up for your boy, though, Bing and Geno. That's a part of their game I hope doesn't come out often, but comes out with meaning when it does. I also loved the Gonch/Rozsival throwdown. Word.

This thing's over Sunday. Bring on the Flyers.

RagTears said...

"Malkin was not penalized for his acts, even after being the beneficiary of the phantom penalty shot call." - Dubi on the end of the game.


Stoosh said...

@ Korn -

HCMT broke up Letang and Gill at the beginning of this series, I think. Letang had been playing with Whits and Gill was paired up with Scuds.

And don't worry about Sid. Bad game, that's all. For as good as he is, he's still just 20 years old and sometimes it's just not there. He's had them before, but he's been fine this series. The best thing about this team is that up until last night, other players had been picking up the slack. If Sid had an off night, Malkin dominated. If Malkin was off, Malone and Syk were on their games. If the top lines weren't generating points, we were getting timely contributions from guys like Roots or Staal.

Lundqvist played out of his absolute mind last night and the Pens were still in it at the end.

RobbieBrown44 said...

Letang was headed to the box for slashing one of the tires on Shannahan's wheelchair.

Orange Juice almost came out the nose.

This is to the guy in the white shirt on the left in the Malkin penalty shot. Put your phone away, stop trying to record the penalty shot to prove to your new intern that you are still "with it" and be a fan and watch the damn game. Ass. Gotta love the excitement on the little kids face in the middle though.

Regardless of what you think of JJ, (he's annoying me this series, but I can't get past what he did while in the black and gold) I think it's great he'll be able to end his career in Pittsburgh. Beat his ego down during the game, but cheer him afterwards.

Go Pens!

Stoosh said...

Talk about rekindling the hate. Blueshirt Bulletin is reaching absolute new lows in whining. Even Bryan Murray is shaking his head in disbelief.

Who whines about officiating like that after any win, let alone a win that allowed their team to prolong its season by one more game?

This crying about officiating has become its own monster. If the Pens went an entire 82-game season and postseason without getting one call from the refs, they'd still be bitching about the refs being in the Pens' back pocket.

Steve MacD said...

The whole game had a meh feel to it. Reading the c-blog, a lot of folks couldn't/didn't watch the game for whatev reasons, myself included. Rather be 7-1 than 1-4.
It'll just make Sunday's "Casket Match" that much sweeter. At home, on nationwide TV.
Bring it!
Comitting to the stoosh from Burlington, NC, y'all.

J.S. said...

BNG66, thanks for the reminder. It may be lawnblog for me again, depending on the weather. Debating whether to take the bike in or to spend half a car payment filling up the Jeep to make a Sunday drive to Mellon.

Jacob said...


It did seem like the ice was a bit sketchy, must have been Free Rock Salt Night at the Garden.

J.S. said...

I was post #68.


onesizedrummer said...

didn't want to get lost in the last post

--FritoWill Butler PA

(god it sucks here)

DeCeV said...


wilsmith said...

You know what, losing sucks, but it had to happen and you can always take something from it.

Lesson learned, you have to bring your A-Game every night.

And am I the only one who wasn't entirely disappointed to see Sid and Malkin in the box at the end?

Sure, it sucks to have the two big guns off the ice, but it's good to know anyone on the team is willing to stand up for each other. Now, that said, I hope they don't make it routine.

Hip said...

@pensfanfromwi: Roberts played maybe 8 minutes. He was, ahem, less than noticeable. The boys were frustrated all over the place tonight – no one could bury it despite some more than solid chances (Hossa, Malkin, Staal). Sid was getting pick-pocketed like he was on 5th Ave or something. I don’t think he’s injured, I just think he was off. They all kinda lost it a bit by the end, roughing people up and taking stupid penalties. Malkin especially needs to watch his feet next game; we don’t need any stupid bench time for tripping by him. MAF was solid and TK was absolutely flying.

HCMT looked like he never lost his cool last night. I’m really starting to appreciate that man more and more. And giving the boys the day off today? They’ve earned it and this is no time to seem desperate. We’ll refocus and regroup for Sunday.

Dubi definitely has a psychotic disorder. I feel badly. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and not your fault. Seek help bro.

This loss does make you realize how close the other games were. We’ve had a bit of luck on our side and Sunday we need to just bear down and get it done.

Dr. Turkleton said...

The Incredible Mulk pulling the 'Carl Racki' on Mara [twice] and Drury will give the Rags some more ammo on Sunday. I guess Geno does have a bit of a temper [anyone remember him, while on his back, 'kicking' Vinny Lecavalier during the last Olympics & getting suspended 1 game???]

Anyways, I think Bings ankle is giving him more problems than said. Even Troy Crosby hinted on NHL Live! yesterday that the ankle 'won't be 100% until full offseason rest'....

Bing had a few bursts but not his ususal jump, especially in the 3rd period.

Oh well, NBC got what it wanted, Mario & Co. get another Home game for revenue....


Can ANYONE challenge the Red Wings????...they look unbeatable right now!!!!


Jimmy Hugs said...


I had bad dreams last night, which was weird because I was drunk.

I think The Malk will show up on Sunday and end it Highlander Style.

- Va Beach, Va (by way of Johnstown, Pa)

Stoosh said...

A Racki reference = why I love this place.

FairfaxBlog said...

Those morons over at the blueshirt bulletin are accusing malkin of diving on the play before the penalty shot? I mean cmon that is ridiculous

The Seeker said...

ogre39666 said...

They didn't allow the Malkin thing because a player cannot force both the puck and the goalie into the net with his body while sliding after being tripped/falling.

Going frame by frame using Versus game video, overhead shot....

Malkin didn't push the puck in with his body at all. He had gotten the shot off despite falling and that shot crossed the line just as the contact occurred.

Therefore, he wasn't forcing the puck across the line, the contact that occurred was right at the point the entire puck crosses the red paint.

Not that it would have won or even tied the game anyhow.

Colin said...

I think it is important to note that while we did lose, I don't think that we were ever out of it. I thought Fleury played well and it might be a cliche, but it just didn't seem like our night. You could almost tell from watch the first five minutes that the game did not have a smooth feel to it. PP wasn't clicking, the bounces weren't going our way. It was compunded by the fact that Henrik played well (his split save on Crosby during the scramble in front, wow).

As far as Malkin's penalty shot, I almost get the impression that players like Crosby, Malkin, Ovie, etc... play better when they are just reacting as opposed to overthinking. You give Geno that breakaway off of a turnover at center ice, 71 buries it.

Best part of cblog - constant preaching of "don't get too high, don't get to low." Tonight is a solid example.

The Seeker said...

Phantom penalty on Malkin just like the phantom spearing on Avery that the Blueskirt Bulletin wants the league to review tapes to find.

Loser Chris said...

"This sucks. Now I have to watch the game Sunday and it is gonna cut into my studying for finals."



The Seeker said...

Here's something to cheer you up....and it's even from a New York source!

Pens The Next NHL Dynasty

The Seeker said...

How can you tell that the Pens just weren't clicking on all cylinders?....

Even Jordan Staal (who you could argue has been the best player on the ice in the first 3 games in this series) wasn't picking off passes and stealing the puck from Rangers all night.

Zach said...

Huge ranger fan here, I have to say I love your blog, super entertaining and more or less un biased while obviously being biased since you are a penguins fan.

I really thought your one comment about how this loss made you think just how close the other games really were.

Obviously at the end of the day a win is a win, but small things here and there in the first three games and the tables couldve been turned the other way.

I also never thought I would see a superstar current/future hall of famer look worse on a Penalty shot then jagr does, but malkin took the cake!

SK said...

It's my fault. I recorded Survivor and The Office while the Pens game was on. I should have just made the sacrifice.

The Seeker said...

zach said...

Obviously at the end of the day a win is a win, but small things here and there in the first three games and the tables couldve been turned the other way.

Yeah...small things like the fact that the Rags really only won by one goal while the Pens missed a what seems like a million easy goals. Queen Henry stole you a game, which we expected would happen before this series even started.

Dr. Turkleton said...


heard this on NHL of the Fly last night when Joe Jobber was reporting on the MTL-PHI series:

of the last 26 series that have started off 3 games to 1....only 1 team has come back to win the series...the '92 Canadiens. [didn't catch if that was ALL Rounds or just Round 2, regardless, it's something on the glass-half-full side of things]

the Rags capitalized on the PP, the Pens did not....Special Teams have kinda dictated how the series has gone so far, IMO.

The Seeker said...

Funny how that works isn't it?

Before the series began (and even after Game 1) Rags fans were coming here and boasting or whining. After Game 2 and 3, they totally disappear.

Then they win 1 game and suddenly crawl back out from under Sean Avery's recently vacated turtle shell.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

I was expecting TONS MORE Rag spewage, to be quite honest...3 full weeks without a loss kinda gives opposing douches less ammo to infiltrate cblog [unless they are Cryer fans, they troll for ANYTHING]

turnabout is fair play, eh?

The Seeker said...

Gotta love HCMT's comment in the post-game press conference about Malkin's goal...

"Malkin pushed the goalie. That's probably one of the first time I see a players on a break-away try and finish his check"

Stoosh said...

@ Seeker -

The shit-eating smirk MT had on his face when he delivered that comment was priceless.

See, at least when our people within the organization bitch about the refs, they do it over legitimate stuff.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

turnabout is fair play, eh?

It's rather pathetic to game away from elimination doesn't give you any braggin' rights at all in my book.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

they can brag they didn't get swept? [hahaha]

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

I'm curious after reading something......who exactly were our scratches last night (healthy & injured)?

TheNWChica said...

I hope that the day off today gives them all a chance to rest and feel better. They all looked like tired puppies and just a half step behind all game last night.

Oh, and I checked my work getting the day off Monday, so no flying out Sat. to join yinz on the lawn.


Lady Jaye said...

97 comments before lunch, my lord. I can barely keep up anymore haha. i remember getting excited when there were 15 comments to read.

But anyhoo.... I don't feel bad after this loss. When I look at it in perspective, I hoped they got out of NY with one win, and they did. So did they meet my expectations? yes. Would I have liked a sweep? Who wouldn't. Is it the end of the world? No.

The Mellon is going to be on FIRE Sunday. Wish I was going, but Alas, I only have a ticket if there is a game 7... and there won't be. So that's quite alright with me.

DeCeV said...


You must have never seen Sid try a penalty shot. He trips over his brain.

Stoosh said...


Pensblog and C-blog = A haven for rationality.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I didn't really think one loss - especially up three games to none against an opponent who was supposed to give us in the second round after sweeping the Sens - would really send some of Pens Nation into a tailspin. But judging by the response on Junker & Crow, there's a segment that's probably already scoping out good spots on the bridges.

People are calling in saying this Pens team is destined to lose because the Cup era teams put opposing teams away the first chance they had to eliminate them.

People are calling in saying the Pens are flat.

People are calling in saying that they thought Sid was too giddy and relaxed in the post-game interviews. Apparently, he should've been pounding on the table with his fist in anger, or crying at the press conference in frustration over the way the game went. And he should've apologized to Pens fans for his subpar game yesterday (someone actually alluded to this).

This is why I couldn't do radio here. I'd have handled this like Don Corleone handled Johnny Fontane.

What are these fans going to do if we get an Eastern Conference Final series with the Flyers?

The Seeker said...

@ stoosh

Those people must be the bandwagoners....they can jump onto the WAGON when you're winning, but jump off of BRIDGES with a single loss.

Spencemo said...

Seeker, I don't think it's all your fault; I have some blame in this.

You see, for weeks, my WWGRD bracelet has been MIA. I've been searching and searching and just couldn't find it. Well, right before I left for work last night, I found it! Picked it up, dusted it off, and proudly placed it on my wrist...then off to work I went.
(On a side note, I didn't have to blend my first Frappuccino of the night...the ice crumbled when it saw the bracelet...)

So, I must have put a hiccup in the mojo...I'm deeply sorry...

On to Sunday!

The Seeker said...

I'm typically a horrible person to sit and watch a game with. I'm very critical all game long until the final buzzer sounds and we win. I get mad at players for the tiniest mistake and yell at them for not burying every chance they get to score. I want perfection.

My Daughter normally gets upset with me for being that way. But the fact is that when I yell at a player, they almost always redeem themselves and make me look like a fool (which is perfectly OK by me). It's a type of reverse psychology.

But during last night's game, for some reason I wasn't doing that. I was actually being positive.

So my Daughter (who's usually annoyed when I do it) turns to me and tells me I gotta start getting mad! I think I've turned her into a believer in my reverse psychology tactic....LOL

strakasguitar said...

morning, c-blog. please spare me the fire if I tromp on anyone else's proverbial toes, cause this one's got a busy day ahead and not much time to peruse - but on to the show...

-first playoff game i've watched in its entirety since game one of this series. sorta figured we were calling it in when observing malkin's horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad excuse for a penalty shot. geno, geno, geno...
i also saw the "my bad" comment on espn, hip, with a grin on my chops.
here's hoping the Drunken Frenchman has a few choice Gallic curses for the Malk after such a piss-poor showing.

that said - props to c-blog staff for offering a bitta analysis on the "no-goal" when Geno jobbed the Queen. we were rewinding it over and over and over again on direct tv, trying to see the damned puck as it pinballed around offa the Queen's posterior - came to no greater conclusions that those the officiating offered us. as stated, was a damn tough call, and a good one.

-this one hurts. but not as badly as expected. g-rob didn't have enough time to stuff enough kryptonite into his jockstrap to neutralize jj.

-and what a game jj had. a beast. two goals and an assist. i hope he goes over to the KHL and smashes Morozov. i've never hated him more than i do right now.

that being said, the igloo is gonna be NUTS for Sunday afternoon. remember, c-blog - say "no" to that last shot of the night on saturday!

strakasguitar said...

and extra props to franklin s for the season's best after-class use of penn state computer equipment.

Katie said...


First loss in 8 games -- sounds better when I think of it that way. I'm not going to panic. It will be so much sweeter when we eliminate the Rangers on our ice.

R*G*B* said...

I have a new game. I give you a slight variation on the letters that are on those wastes of plastic you're wearing around your wrists. I give you the answer to the question. Now, here's the tricky part... you have to guess what the letters stand for. The first one is easy and you all know the answer.



the answer: Retire.

First one to reply with the correct answer gets a Nintendo Wii...


Vern said...

Dubi is apparently a physicist.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh and seeker- I wonder what these newbie fans would have done when the Pens used to lose the first game of a playoff series -or maybe even 2 games. give up? They don't get it. Not one person predicted 0 losses. 7-0 to start off the playoffs is amazing.

..what is that stench? burning rags?

The Seeker said...


* The Penguins are 2-0 in Game 5s against the Rangers

* The Penguins are 10-4 all-time in Game 5s played in Pittsburgh.

* It's been TWO MONTHS since the Penguins have lost two consecutive games.

* Last night's game was only the 2nd time this postseason the Penguins have surrendered more shots than their opponent.

* The Penguins were an East-best 26-10-5 at home during the regular season and 16-2-3 since Jan. 1 at home.

* The Penguins are 4-0 at home in the playoffs.

* Petr Sykora has scored 4 goals in 4 games at Mellon Arena during the playoffs. 17 of his 28 goals during the regular-season were scored at home.


Dan said...

after seeing the comments on "the penalty shot not heard around the world," i'm gonna throw in my $.02. Queen Henry, I believe, is weak at the top shelf. So in that sense Malkin did the right thing. When Queen Henry then showed he was defending it, he should've went 5 hole. that was the error in the shot. it wasn't necessarily a bad attempt, he just didn't close it properly. (and it may have been stopped 5 hole, no way to know, but that would've been the better strategy).

The Seeker said...

@ r*g*b*

I have a game for you to play too....

Don't be MIA here when the Pens are kicking ass and taking names. Have the guts to show up and take your lumps instead of proving you're an asshat by showing up only when the Pens lose one.

Sooska said...

@ dan - I doubt anyone is critcizing Geno's shot placement. It's the s-l-o-o-o-w,indecisive thinking, thinking, approach. Speed kills.

Dan said...

@ sooska - i keep running that play through my head, and i think my head just exploded. i don't know what to think of it, trying to make some sense of it. i thought putting it in words would help, it did not lol.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

that r*g*b is one of the Cryer-trolls that I mentioned previously....

i'm surprised he could take himself away from his 'art' & Wii to comment on a blog where his team isn't even involved.

stay classless, Flyers fans.

[Hossa: Go Habs Go!]

The Seeker said...

@ r*g*b*

PS: Roberts has played in 3 playoff games this season and scored 2 goals.

If that's an indication of when someone should retire, then a vast majority of forwards in the NHL should also retire.

The Seeker said...

"It's the s-l-o-o-o-w,indecisive thinking, thinking, approach. Speed kills"

Except that it's easy to say that when he doesn't score, but would have looked brilliant if he had.

Malkin was talking to Conklin prior to that PS who probably gave him some indication that he saw something which might make that strategy work.

Sooska said...

@ seeker- yeah I saw he was talking to Conks. I thought it might have been a psych-out attempt. If so, it backfired but I don't fault him for it much. It did seem afterwards that he might have had the 5hole if he had been bearing down there. I think that has ot be one of those most diffcult thigns ot do is beat soemone who knows you are coming in. Astonishing as it seems, that is not in Geno's skill set. It will be one day. He blows that by anybody when he has no time to do anything but react. (except that slapshot goal the other night.) I refute my own point.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

agreed. Mondaymorningqbblog.

you figure, putting on the breaks is supposed to throw the timing off of Lunqvist backing up, basically putting him on his goalline, Geno getting in deep & able to pick an upper corner...


•Henrik didn't retreat all the way back.
•Geno really didn't get the puck up as much as he could have.

RESULT: apparent 'easy save' figure Geno's kinda SOL when he commits to the slow down approach & Henrik doesn't live up to his part of the bargain....

R*G*B* said...

@ idiots...

I've been here all along "taking my lumps."

I was Crying about the bull-shiite call that gave teh Penz the win in Game 1 of this series the following day.

You keep telling me to leave this site and leave you alone... yet now you ask me, "Where were you when such n' such...?"

Besides, I was personally asked to do what I'm doing by the Pensblog staff.

Dr. T... I went looking for your personal work to use as ammo on the comments... you know... how like when I flame Crosby for having a "greasy" moustache and you write back "Hoity toity.. he plays with a wii... and does ART!"

But all I could find was your Andrea Bochelli fan page.

I am Sean Avery's lacerated spleen.

Matt in N.C. said...


No doubt. It is one loss after going 7-0. Everybody needs to relax for god's sake.

Idiots that call radio stations and complain must not have been around for the times we were down to the Caps and the Bruins in 1991. You want to talk about vomitblog? That was vomitblog.

To paraphrase the words of one Gary Potter:

"Harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness. Energy. Block. Bad. It's like a carousel. You put the quarter in, you get on the horse, it goes up and down, and around. Circular, circle. Feel it. Go with the flow."

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hello, Folks. I'm still catching up on my c-blog reading, so bear with me! Nice post even if we did lose. I'm really ticked off right now ... my brother was rooting for the Rangers last night. LuckyIDidn'tMurderHimBlog. It's dangerous to be in a room with me if you are rooting against my team.

I'd like to apologize to the entire Penguins organization and fanbase ... I screwed us over. It was me who caused the loss. I had to go to church for a holy day of obligation and didn't get to do my pre-game rituals. I'm sorry I let yins down ...

@letsgopsu: Hey, I read what you said about my Scrubs post ... I know. What's going on people? No love for Dr. Turk's mad air band skills?

I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering what was going on with Sid, but that means if I noticed it something might be wrong (BTW I ignore my players' flaws ...bad trait, I know) But I highly doubt it because Sid the Man is, well, the man.

@The Seeker: I'm sure people are happy you finally changed your underwear (To-Do list: Have a conversation with a guy online about his underwear habits involving playoffs ... check *laughs*)

My list of Pens Men (since everyone else got to ...)
1. Bugsy (Ohh, the tattoos and beard)
2. Malkin (A Man who understands only a little amount of what I'm saying is perfect)
3. Sid (Look at him ... not you Charlie!)
4. LeGame (You had me from preseason)
5. Tied between Eaton adn Roberts (both are godly)

* Talbot, Conks, Petr, Whit, and even Free Candy (not in his team pic.) are honorable mentions*

I like to see after one win that other team fans (cough rgb cough) come on here and comment about us sucking. Well at least we have played well in this series and aren't stupid enough to forget a W in "WSGRD?" Nice move ... Sorry folks, feeding the troll, I know. Couldn't pass that up.

I'm going to come back and comment after I read more of the c-blog.

Sorry for this being so long!

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Sooska said...

wow. I have never witnessed a complete disassociative identity disorder before; hallucinations, paranoia, fantasy and identity confusion. He skipped the George Washington/Napoleon/Cher phase and went straight to internal organs.

Sooska said...

@ rgb - here ya go...

Help for the DID

The Seeker said...

R*G*B* said...

@ idiots...

Since this was addressed to the wrong Blog (I think you meant to post this at the Flyers-R-Losers Blog) I wasn't going to read someone else's "mail".

But out of curiosity, I did anyhow and my original point remains only prove yourself to be a cowardly asshat when you are MIA after all but one ass-kicking displays in the post season. You show up to whine once and then never to be seen again until they actually lose 1 of 8.

I don't recall ever telling yo to leave either???

I am Sean Avery's lacerated spleen

Glad you think of yourself as a damaged organ in a heap of cowardly classlessness....what a coincidence that I think of you that way too! Well, that and being a poster boy for Pro-Abortion Activists.

R*G*B* said...


welcome back to the c-blog...

I'm sorry... but your answer to my trivia question, "W.S.G.R.D. plus an additional W" is incorrect.

You don't get the Wii.

Can anyone help him out? Phone a friend? I know one of you (seeker) were smart enough to get it.

Not a good ratio.

jackedlobster said...

they also made the comment on VRS that the ice might not be suitable for a fast approach who knows what the puck might have done on his stick...maybe that was a factor as well...

Dr. Turkleton said...


wow. you're playing the Andrea Bocelli card?

Guess you're too young to appreciate TRUE art...what's next? ripping on me for liking Motzart, too?

besides, you look like a 20-something with a 50-something head of hair. [I know, you CHOOSE to wear it that way!]

Go put on one of those orange paper helmets the Cryers gave out last game, along with your face on a t-shirt and it would complete your 'I'm waiting for the short-bus' look.

lacerated spleens all over the world = insulted.


Sooska said...

@ kaspar- since you reupped the My List of Pens Men and I hadn't before I will now
A. Mario*. the perfect man. This category is retired.
1.Geno - the Smile, baby. never mind the hockey. no need to talk.
2. USS Hal Gill - his seduction of the camera in the team photo and his answer to blond chick in last night's bench interview.
3a. Conks- he gets my vote for humility and pride. what a guy. cute & cuddly too.
3. Sid.
4. Bugsy- fatherhood becomes him- what an improvement in all aspects.
5. Max/MAF/Dupie- its all in the French*
6. is a tie. LeGame- the picture in my avatar says it all. Staalsy-what a body.

Petr is on there but I give him a special niche because he never takes off his wedding ring.

R*G*B* said...


You're cultured cause you own a few Bocelli cd's...?

Penguin pleeeeeeease.

My God your well must be dry.

You have repeatedly gone the personal attack route, aka visiting my website aka giving me hits.

In doing so, you have repeated yourself numerous times about my hairline... my wii-ing... my ART...

or is there an echo in here...?

to those who didn't read Dr. T's weak personal attacks the first time, he wrote:

1) you play wii -to which I responded, Crosby would be very good at cause it involves flailing about this way and that.

2) he told me to get rogaine -to which I replied, Crosby could use the stuff to actually grow a playoff beard. He looks like he should be wearing a paper hat and clearing dishes from diner tables.

3) read Pensblog. -to which I say, I already told you... I've been ASKED to do this.

You keep up the good work... I'll keep criticizing your team.

I am Sidney Crosby's plump D S L's.

The Seeker said...

Let's apply the cowardly RBG's "logic" (used loosely) to the Philthydelphia Cryers shall we?

WSRCD? Riley Cote = 0 goals

WSRPD? Ryan Parent = 0 goals

WSPTD? Patrick Thoresen = 0 goals

WSJDD? Jim Dowd = 1 goal

WSMKD? Mike Knuble = 2 goals

WWJLD? Joffrey Lupul = 2 goals

WWSUD? Scottie Upshall = 2 goals

WSSHD? Scott Hartnell = 2 goals

WSSKD? Sami Kapanen = 2 goals

If the coward applies the same "standard" to the 'chokers since 1975' leaves the Cryers without enough players left to even field a team.

Oh, and please keep your Wii...I have a life and you might need to pawn it for some cash to buy more crack.

coffeytalk said...

@ r*g*bumble

You were asked to come on here an be a schmuck?

Glad you are soooo commited.

cg said...

OK, so here's one for your WhereYaAt blog....From Johnstown, PA, posting from Newark, New Jersey, and will watch game 5 in Kongsberg, Norway...

TheNWChica said...

I want to reup my Pens mens list too.

Of course it's hard to choose just a few ... I think we have one of the best looking teams in the league.

1. Max- there's something about him I love so.
2. Bugsy- The tatts and the smile and the video the other day
3. Sid- The whole package
4. BGL- Big and good looking ;9
5. JStaal and LeGame- So much intensity and they're nice boys too.

R*G*B* said...

@ the seether

out of all the people you mentioned, only kapanen and dowd apply.

you see, I wasn't looking at goal totals... I was looking at age.

for being this touted phenom (which he was about 10 years ago) who would make you waste money and get his moniker on an old cancer bracelet... you'd think he'd have a little more impact than 3 goals.

now make sure to listen to all grampa robards stories when he takes you out to eat, and don't roll your eyes when he complains he didn't get the senior discout on his meal.

you have one... I know you do. you play it with your girlfriend. you're an incredible wii-bowler. don't lie to me.

Sooska said...

@ dt T -"weak personal attacks" permission granted I guess.

@ cg- can you check in during G5 from Norway?

BlacknGold66 said...

Pens men man crush.


...Flyer Hater

Deal with it.

TheNWChica said...

@R*G*B*: Don't go away mad...just go away.

coffeytalk said...

It's not about age. It's not about how many goals he's scored or bodies he's burned.

It's about RESPECT. Gary Roberts came into this town and within a matter of minutes, and became a Pittsburgh legend. It's been a long time since I've seen an athlete gain so much love and respect instantaniously.

We buy and wear these bands out of honor. It is a gift to have a man of his caliber come into the Penguins organization and provide so much guidance. He didn't ask for any of this. Our great fan nation took it upon ourselves to give this man our full attention.

He's Gary Roberts.
And he deserves it.

Stoosh said...

@ r*g*b* -

The Pens are 7-1 in the playoffs.

The Pens have a team who was supposed to give them a series just one loss from the golf course.

The Pens have dressed 19 skaters in eight games and 18 of them have scored at least one point, so they're getting production out of everyone.

And the best you can do is:
1. pick on Crosby's facial hair (at least say something predictable about him diving...oh wait...),

2. throw around the same old tired, unoriginal jabs about Crosby whining to the refs and embellishing calls (have you seen Mike Richards and some of the other Flyers this series?) and,

3. insinuate that a 41-year old guy who - despite his status as a fan favorite - we all readily admit is a role player should retire?

Grasping at straws, eh?

If our biggest problems so far this postseason revolve around the production of a lower-line winger who gets 10-12 minutes of ice time a night and the perception of Sidney Crosby by the fans of our rival teams (which will never change no matter what), I'd say we're doing just fine.

Glad you're concerned enough to stop by, though.

R*G*B* said...

I know you guys have talked at length about Malkin's break away... and did he score on the intial shot or not.

But no one has explained to me how a defenseman... without a stick... can be called for a penalty and put Malkin in a position to take a penalty shot.

Rangers penalty... two minutes... for pushing...?

I am Jagr's quivering soooooul patch.

lauren_hbg said...


I'm always in for being able to list my favorite men in black and gold :)

1. Max - hands down my favorite, he just seems like someone you could party with
2. Malone - he's got the whole 'family man' thing going for him, which is kinda hot
3. Sid - even though I think I could grow a better beard that he can... LOL
4. Tanger - he's got a cute little smirk ;)
5. USS - i agree on the whole seduction eyes in the camera thing

The Seeker said...

Thanks for reinforcing my point for me must be quite humiliating that a 42 year old forward in the NHL can still outscore so many of those also-rans you dream are a hockey club.

I hope that Wii combined with all those high paying hits on your blog net you enough to buy a clue.

coffeytalk said...

making Fight Club references...

not as cool as it used to be.

surprised you're not quoting Napolean Dynamite.


Flyer Hater said...

BlackNGold 66, Pensblog Charlie=stunned

RGB or KGB or whatever the fuck your name is. I'd worry about closing out your own series because the sorry bunch of losers in that sad sack of a city have a long and storied history of blowing 3-1 series leads in the playoffs.

Flyer Hater said...

Hey GLAAD or RGB, I keep forgetting, there is no bigger whiner in hockey than Mike Richards. When he doesn't get a call, he looks like someone stole his puppy or in his case, his blow-up doll.

lis said...

My Gary....I can't stand all this whining about our team. Worry about your own team!!!

whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine


TheNWChica said...

@lauren: I'm okay with the crappy beard; because I think he's stopped cutting his hair too and I'm a sucker for dark hair all in ringlets like that.

R*G*B* said...

@ stoosh...

no no no...!

I have come up with all new material to make fun of sidney crosby. I was just telling you what I said before that was funny after Dr. T went to the well too many times.

And now he is silent. Perhaps he's drinking a cosmo, watching Masterpiece Theatre or using his kiln to make ashtrays... whilst bocelli's angelic voice cascades through the buttresses in turkelton's downtown Pittsburgh studio apartment.

CoffeyTalk... Gary Roberts doesn't care about you. Stop drinking the kool aid. He doesn't care that you are in black in white, and that somehow your hat is blue. He doesn't care that you are from the town of pleasantville.

He's just making a paycheck so he can retire and watch Matlock re-runs with Jim Dowd in the off-season.

The Seeker said...

RGB = Ben Eager

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I'm not sweating this at all. We'll be fine.

Although my hatred for Jagr grows with every play he makes this series.

You know, I told my Ranger-fan friend when the Rags got Jagr a few years back that he's a headcase and he'll never produce for them in the playoffs. In hindsight, I feel that comment jinxed it so he'd produce against us! He, and not Lundqvist, has been the biggest thorn in our side this series.

And if you didn't catch it the first time: Tampa, FL by way of Center Township.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@michelle: I just read the post from yesterday. Hope everything's alright with your grandma.

@Coffeytalk: Great way of talking about the greatness that is Gary Roberts!

@xocharmedchildox: "oops, forgot to add my location--- harrison city, pa" Whooo!!! I'm from Penn Township (My mailing address is Jeannette but I go to PT)

@Sooska & Lauren_hbg : Mario is so dreamy ... he was one of my first crushes as a child. Saving my team repeatedly, ahhh, Natalie's a lucky girl. Gill, I like him ... that picture of him makes me laugh ... it's a good picture. Max Talbot is known to be a bit of a party man. I like it ... he's funny and has a unique look. (Like how Zach Braff looks because he is cute and dorky) I have a crush on most of the guys on the team ... half the reason is because I love how they play hockey. Being able to play hockey = very sexy.

Yins, I'm not feeding the troll anymore.

The Seeker said...

Diving in the Playoffs:

Sidney Crosby = 0 (career = 0)

Scottie Upshall = 2min Diving vs Washington Capitals

lauren_hbg said...

I hear ya on the long dark hair...mmmm

I have big crushes on the majority of them as well, they just seem like such great guys, which ups their attractiveness. It also helps that they play one of the sexiest professional sports - I love hockey guys. ;)

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

To paraphrase Gene Ubriaco, you'd have better luck teaching a shark table manners than trying to teach a Flyers fan about what it means to be an honorable, respected hardnosed hockey player.

The Flyers couldn't possibly understand what a player like Roberts means to a team because the words "Flyers" and "respect" will seldom ever be found in the same sentence.

It's what I've said before...there weren't more perfect microcosms of the Flyers organization than:

1) The new Flyer Golden Boy Steve Downie punking out of that fight with Jarkko Ruutu and,

2) Babyfat Ben Eager starting shit earlier this year with just about every member of the Pens who was smaller in stature then him, throwing an elbow at Laraque's head and then backpedalling quicker than Deion Sanders when Laraque tried to challenge him to a fight. Eager was the bravest guy on the ice as long as there were no players out there bigger than him. He did it in the minors and he did it here in the NHL as well. As soon as he got challenged by a legitimate fighter, he pooped himself. That's exactly why he got his ass beat into a pulp by Old Man Roberts later that game.

Dammit to hell, I'm all sorts of fired up now.

R*G*B* said...

@ seek her

newsflash... Ben Eager got traded... right after that fight with Scary Roberts. I think his loss in that fight made him trade-able.

Has Crosby ever been called for diving... and by called... I mean have the refs ever gotten him...?

We know his peers call him for diving all the time... but there's not much they can do but complain.

the truth is out there.

Stoosh said...


Gene Ubriaco???

Good God...I meant Pierre Creamer.

The Seeker said...

RGB is still embarrassed and bitter about what Gary Roberts did to him

Spencemo said...

R*G*B - You might want to adjust your skirt, your slip is showing. Pleasantville? Really? Hell, I'm a chick and I didn't watch that movie...


Flyer Hater said...

The truth is out there RGB?

Someone has been jerking off too much to Scully on X-File re-runs at 2 in the morning on a cold, lonely night.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@r*g*b* said:

In doing so, you have repeated yourself numerous times about my hairline... my wii-ing... my ART...

if the Wii fits????

BTW, haven't been over to your blog for awhile...thus, doubling your 'hits' for the past month.

why bother arguing hockey with you, you're nestled in: wearing your 'Vengeance Now' glasses, doing naughty things with your orange 'Thunder Sticks',all-the-while, not being able to see the forest through the trees [i.e. letting Downie tea-bag you while your watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ ]

Personal Insults?

you're in PHILADELPHIA...that whole area is a PERSOANL INSULT.

Commit to the Stoosh.
r*g*b* should just be Committed.

sorry, r*g*b...I actually an OFFICE...not at a studio where a little bell rings when Charlie & his 'friend' come thru the door to 'buy' some of your 'art' in the back, behind the black curtain.

[Hossa: NuHart Hair Clinic: 1-800-776-7775]

Flyer Hater said...


Dr. Turk, woooooooooo

Dr. Turkleton said...

it's APPLETINI'S , r*g*b*, APPLETINI'S....

I thought you've been reading cblog?

The Seeker said...


Newsflash for you....

There's this thing called the Internet where you can actually be in one place and post comments on message boards based in other places.

You really need to get out of your dumpster more often than when you visit your parents at the ASPCA Shelter once a year.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- love the Gene Ubriaco reference.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, he was probably thinking about Applebee's. Ya know, the finest restaurant RGHomo has ever been to.

Stoosh said...

@ r*g*b*

"We know his peers call him for diving all the time... but there's not much they can do but complain."

Crosby's peers were also responsible for voting him the winner of the Lester B. Pearson Award last year. They really hate him.

Oh wait...the NHL fixed that as well. Anything for Sid. Just keep clinging to that.

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

Was it Ubriaco or Creamer that said that? I can't remember.

R*G*B* said...

dr. T... loosen your tie a bit.

and I already told you... I know when you visit the site to re-up on your "material."

I hear its really been working in those downtown comedy clubs in the steel shitty.

"So I says to the guy I says... RGB... get a wig... hahahahahha."

((crickets chirping))

Mike Richards... WINE-ing to the refs when he doesnt' get a call? C'mmmmmon... you're really stretching. The last time I saw Richie complain, he was pounding his shoulder at the end of Game 1... you know, the one where Crosby paid the refs to make that call on Kovalev (former penguin).

Crosby's dive-itis is contagious... It caused Hossa to LAUNCH like he was at Cape Canav... and now Malkin falls down after a push in the back on the breakway.

The fact that the two of them tried to act tough at the end of that game is absolutely Laughable...

Dr. Turkleton said...

@sooska & stoosh

remember when Mean Gene & coaches used to 'duck' under & slide out the 'excape door' behind the Pens bench after a period instead of walking across the ice????

That was during the Penguin Mafia Days:
owner: DeBartolo
GM: Esposito
coach: Ubriaco

Flyer Hater said...

Mike Richards will be another great captain in the storied history of great Flyer captains like Eric Lindros.

R*G*B* said...

@ flyer hater...



You know the only reason you get away with that... and all the other Pensblog homophobia is cause they STAFF hired a gay guy.

At least that's how it was explained to me.


the answer...? nothing, just like the rest of his team.

Flyer Hater said...

I'd suggest tuning into the MM show. Madden has thrown out the bait of panic perfectly and the dumbass hockey fans of Pittsburgh are biting.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- I am working on that answer. brain freeze with the mention of Creamer.

Flyer Hater said...

RGCumGuzzler, why do you come to this site if it violates your high morals?

Anyway, you get owned by everyone here everytime you show up. I guess you're just a glutton for punishment. Maybe mommy didn't hold you enough, just like Sean Avery.

The Seeker said...


Feeling sorry for the starving artist, I decided I'd give him a hit on his blog.

Seriously dude....if those women are the only ones you can coerce into attending your party, you're worse off than I ever imagined!

They look more like the stuffed and mounted trophies from my trip on an African safari. I hope they don't get in close proximity of a taxidermy shop.

Then again...youre SUCH a specimen (akin to a stool sample)!

BlacknGold66 said...

eat snacky s'mores

cg said...

@sooska - I'll definitely check in....Glad the game is an afternoon game. Last time I had to stay up all night to watch game 1 of the Ottawa series (I'll be 6 hrs ahead)

TheNWChica said...

@Seeker: From a woman's POV, the men at RGB's party ain't that great either.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@nwchica: Ohh, I love his hair ... LeGame has a nice head of hair, too. Bugsy's curly hair (ohh swoons) *Snaps back into reality* Am I really talking about my Penguin players' hair on a blog?

@lauren_hbg: yeah, they seem approachable and appear to be nice guys. Bad asses are cool and all, but I like nice boys better. Hmmm, Talbot and Malkin kinda seem like both. (Like they can be bad asses but they are really sweet)

I'm really upset, the Red Wings are destroying my hockey pool. Why won' they just die out? *Screams into the air* Curse you, Lidstrom, curse you!

I know I said I was going to stop but ...

@Rgb: Don't diss Stoosh or Dr. Turk. They actually have knowledge of intelligent things unlike you, who hangs his stupid "Venegnance" hat in the city of Philadelphia which is literally rotting. Why do you waste your time here? The Pensblog Staff couldn't have wanted you to come back unless you were dreaming about them and Charlie in your sleep ("Oh, Charlie, we can go to Massachusetts. It's beautiful there in the fall. I always pictured myself as a fall bride because it's so unique.) or they were bored and decided to e-mail the jokes at the Rangers blog, too. Oh and Ben Eager got traded not just beause Roberts whooped him (Police label anyone fighting with Gary Roberts as a Code 45-11.... a suicide.) but because he was minus 8 and had 0 points in the what 20-something games he played. And how dare you insult our intelligence by writing Kovi being an ex-Pen. And Really, Richards doesn't whine? I don't think I've seen him not complaining unless his teammates score. Oh, and they weren't acting tough they were protecting themselves and their teammates. You can't have people disrespecting you (unless you are a weirdo who comes on other people's blogs)

Sorry, people, got stand up for the c-blog hall-of-famers.

R*G*B* said...

@ flyer hater

ever see the movie American Beauty...?

everytime you comment... I picture the neighbor's military dad... in the rain... you know the rest.

@ the seeker

cha-ching. another satisfied customer.

sniffle sniffle... I have nothing against the girls you invite to your parties... just the ones you watch play hockey on tv...

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar: don't fret...we wouldn't be women if we didn't appreciate all that makes up our boys in black and gold. other hockey GFs and I have a list of hockey hubbies which might be silly, but it's fun. :)

The Seeker said...

@ rgb

Thank goodness my eyesight returned.... luckily the burned retinas from looking at those pigs pictured on your site was only a temporary condition.

"Malkin falls down after a push in the back on the breakway"

It's always nice when a troll shoots himself in the foot and proves they have no clue at all what the rules to real ICE hockey are.

HINT: They aren't the same rules you apply when adults play with children's toys.

PS: Your blog doesn't have any script for paying you a single penny when someone hits you can stop the lame attempt at claiming it does.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- Ain't the Internet wonderful? I did not yet get an answer from the guy who would know.. After much googling I discovered BOTH said it but the consensus matches my memory which is Ubriaco. If I recall Creamer didn't speak English well.

Sooska said...

@ kaspar- my take on Geno is "bad ass man child"

Ryan said...



Cblog thread.


What the hell? Can't we just ignore the morons and talk about our Pens?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Sooska: There are good reasons for that! Also, I miss looking at your Malkin icon. I love that picture of him. Actually, I made sure I went to photobucket to find it. I like your new picture, though! (I'm not changing mine for a while ... superstitious)

@Ryan: You can always enter our conversation on the Men of the Pens. I doubt you want to though.

Sooska said...

@ ryan- I agree. May is National Mental Health Month. With rgb it's like watching a so-called human disintegrate before our eyes. Sad really. He is delusional. I thought the pancreas song would help by distracting that part of him who thinks he's spleen. Instead, it seems to have made him worse.

You know, in literatureblog we talked about Kurt Vonnegut. KV used an * to denote"asshole." Obviously, rgb has read KV and is calling himself a triple asshole.

Spencemo said...

@ sooska:
"Triple Asshole", isn't that an ice skating trick pioneered by Dick Button?

Dr. Turkleton said...


Thanks for having my back!


Pierre 'I didn't know we had to beat the Caps for a chance to get into the Playoffs' Creamer?!?!?!

Mario scores that 'chip in' goal from his ass [I think he beat Larry Murphy on that play] before time expires.....

Creamer v. Hlinka [RIP] in conducting a press conference & UNDERSTANDING it.


Sooska said...

@ spencemo- On that subject I refer you to PBCharlie.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- ah yes. he's the one. Is coaching the Pirates now?

R*G*B* said...

@ seeker...

pigs... pigs...???

I DO NOT hang out with Police officers.

I looked at the "check" on Malkin again... to warrant a penalty shot. It shouldn't have warranted a penalty, let alone a penalty shot.

You HAVE GOTS to be kiddin' me.

It is laugh-a-bull.

You guys are dellusional if you think that was a valid call, and the funnier point is... he blew the penalty shot.

I guess he can only hit the net when he's out on the blue line working a power play.

Malkin... you speak like an LOLcat.

Spencemo said...

@kaspar, RE: Men of the Pens...

Currently, I'm a sucker for Bugsy...all that curly hair, RAWR!

Historically, Kevin Stevens & Ronnie Francis...Mmmm...

coffeytalk said...

oooh calling a police officer a pig. good one.

my dad is a cop and a damn fine one. thanks for reaching new levels of douchedom.


Sooska said...

@ stoosh- the man-in-the-know confirms Ubriaco with the shark table manners.

coffeytalk said...

So anyways. New things, I'm tired of talking and reading this idiots thought processes.

I may or may not have a ticket for Sundays game. With or without I still plan on tailgating.

C-blog get together?

Do it.

Dr. Turkleton said...


NHL Rules: might be a good thing to know....
In cases where a player is fouled from behind (Rule 91(b)), four criteria must be met in order for the Referee to award a penalty shot:

1. The infraction must have taken place in the opponent's half of the ice, i.e. over the center red line.
2. The infraction must have been committed from behind.
3. The player in possession and control (or, in the judgment of the Referee, clearly would have obtained possession and control of the puck) must have been denied a reasonable chance to score.

(NOTE) The fact that he got a shot off does not automatically eliminate this play from the penalty shot consideration criteria. If the foul was from behind and he was denied a "more" reasonable scoring opportunity due to the foul, then the penalty shot should be awarded.
4. The player in possession and control (or, in the judgment of the Referee, clearly would have obtained possession and control of the puck) must have had no opposing player between himself and the goalkeeper.

coffeytalk said...

appletinis for everyone!


R*G*B* said...

turk turk turk...

watch it with me...

let's hit play at the same time on that replay...

Malkin makes like teh Croz-b and falls down about a full second AFTER the brushing of his jersey.

I once saw Malkin CUH-RUSH A.O. who was checking HIM at full speed... and A.O. went crashing harmlessy to the corner.

You're telling me the slightest shove from behind makes his skates kick out from under him...?

He choked on the shot just like he chocked on the break away.

Read me the rules again... till you get them.

I'll admit Richards didn't deserve a penalty shot in the Wash. series. Can you show the same unbiased judgement...?

Doubt it. And that one was much worse infraction than the one I watched last night... hell, the d-man even had his stick.



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