Thursday, May 22, 2008

When The Levee Breaks

First off, if you're driving to Detroit for Games 1 and 2, you are in luck.

Antwaan Randle El e-mailed us and said he will be manning his tow truck for the weekend.

[<span class=
As you may recall, Randel El is no stranger to bailing out quarterbacks people in Detroit.


:: The referees for the Finals. [ KK ]
Dan O'Hallaran, Paul Devorski, Brad Watson, Mark Joannette

:: Matchup made in heaven. [ Montreal Gazette ]
:: The two most talented teams in the Finals. Post-lockout is a success. [ Michael Farber ]

:: Wings in 7. [ Sportsnet ]
:: Pens in 6. [ Spector at Fox Sports ]
:: Pens in 6. [ John Buccigross ]
:: Pens in 6. [ ]
:: It's a toss-up. [ Jacques Demers ]

Trev Alberts likes the Pens.

Yeah...that Trev Alberts. WTF.
Thanks to [Dylan]

We stole this screenshot from Faceoff Factor:

:: SICK Finals preview. [ Faceoff Factor ]

Faceoff Factor is the place to go detailed analysis from intelligent Pens fans who run a blog.


:: Ray Shero Conference Call. [ KK ]
:: Ryan Malone Conference Call [ KK ]

[ Tournament of Masks ]

[ Mike H. ] -- Dick's Sporting Goods

Speaking of banners, there's been a throwdown in Pittsburgh
regarding the team wanting to hang banners to usher in the SCF.
[ Tribune-Review ]

Apparently, LAMAR put a billboard in the city without it going through a public review.
The banners the Pens have in mind bear the Reebok logo.

And there's a big holdup because if they put up these giant advertisements,
it will hurt the City Council's legal battle against LAMAR.

The Pens have commented that the banners aren't even made yet.

[ The Burgh Blog ] is all over it.
We would vote "PittGirl" for mayor.

Honestly, this whole thing from a Penguin standpoint is whatev.
But that doesn't prevent us from giving Pittsburgh Council President Doug Shields the award.

Mr. Shields had this advice for fans who might have wanted to see huge Penguins signs:
"Get a bed sheet and hang it off your front porch."

What a line.

Mayor Ravenstahl

The Mayor wants to go to the Pens game in Detroit. [ The Burgh Blog ]

"I'd like to go," he said of the Saturday night face-off between the Penguins and the Red Wings, in Detroit. "I have asked [the city Law Department] for guidance" on whether he should pay for tickets, travel and lodging out of personal funds, campaign money or otherwise.

He agreed that the appearance in the Finals is an event at which the city should be represented.

"I think it is important for the mayor to be there and support the team and their efforts."

He just wants to enter a rap contest in 8 Mile.


And just like we can't figure out if this is the guy from 90210,
we cannot figure out Red Wing fans as a while.

Maybe we've just been spoiled with some great trash-talking fans over the past few months.

On Wednesday, we got this e-mail:

No mention in the e-mail about allegations of animal-cruelty.
But damn us for thinking the Penguins are going to win.

:: [ Abel To Yzerman ] is still bringing pain.
It's not arthritic pain, though, since he is not listed on the Wings roster.

Some of his recent photoshops:


That one is kind of funny.

But not as funny as Darren McCarty losing all his money at a casino.


:: Someone who's actual name is Helene St. James
said Malkin and Crosby aren't as good as Zetterjoke, and Datspuke. [Detroit Free Press]


[<span class=

A little dream has come true.
[ Joe Beninati Approval Ratings Poll ]


[ Jmill ]

We were gonna talk about this yesterday.

The Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings
will be playing Games 1 and 2 of their respective series on the same nights. [ Doubt About It ]

Detroit fans react:



[ One of nearly 6,000 pics we've posted that we have not credited ]

Thanks to everyone who sent in the info that [ a blogger on ]
is stealing the artwork submitted by Pens fans to this blog.

It's pretty cool to see it on the main page of, no matter how it gets there.

We don't care that we're not credited.
But we do care that someone didn't take time to credit us.
If that makes sense.

Discussion also arose when photoshops were found
on [ Tim Benz's page ] at 105.9 The X's website.

[Will Smith]

50 cents says he doesn't post those.


[ eSellOut ] has tickets available for the Finals.

Tickets for games in Detroit start at $263.
Pittsburgh tickets start at $342.

If you type in in ThePensBlog you get 5% off.

Thanks to [Dave P.]

We feel like Don Imus right now.

We posted a picture last night of two skanks making out in Penguins gear.
We were informed they did it to win a contest.

[Sandy and John]

We simply buckled under playoff pressure.

We weren't censoring ourselves when we took it down.
We just realized in short order that we shouldn't glorify hoe bags like that who do things to get noticed.

If they were legitimately excited about the Pens winning,
and it just so happened their clothes fell off, that would be a completely different story.

Picture: Pensblog cleanup crew closing the lid
on the biggest controversy since the Natalee Holloway joke. [ ahem ]

Couple all of that with the misappropriated credits to photoshops and ringtones that were rectified in Cblog, Wednesday may have been the most tense day we have ever faced.



On a lighter note, everyone that comes to the site has the chance
to get $30 credit in the Pensblog Storeblog.

The first person in the comments to explain
why we have to wait until 6:30 on Saturday night to post GameDay will win.

We've dropped some real ambiguous hints in recent days
that hopefully someone out there will piece together.

We'll post this contest tomorrow, and we'll announce the winner in the GameDay.


A special shoutout:

[Dannielle C.] a first-time photoshopper for us sent in 25 photoshops in one e-mail.

What a performance.


[ Ryan P. ] wallpaper

[ JPC ]

[ US Congressman, Tim Murphy ]
This picture alone just approved legislation.


And if there is one thing you must do today...
Watch this:

[ Thanks to Puck Daddy ]

Goosebump City

Go Pens.


Nick Saia (usa) said...


Skizzler said...

Second. Dammit.

Bethany said...

That angry Wings email is great. Lets not restate that most of the "experts" are picking the Pens. We apparently have no talent.

GwinTheEskimo said...

Nice Memphis Minnie reference.

I haven't thought about Supermarket Sweep in far too long.

It hasn't hit me yet, it will like a ton of bricks on Saturday.

Jonny V said...

That Stanley Cup video is why the NHL has the best postseason tournament of any sport.

The enzyte photoshop made me laugh, I'll admit it. But that Detroit fan email has to be a just has to be.

You don't post until 6:30 because of global warming.

AmericanHero269 said...

Hey Pensblogstaff and fans.

First off, here's a series prediction. Detroit will win game one, and lose games two three and four. Ryan Whitney will FINALLY step up his game moreso, despite his plus 8 and many penalty minutes. He still takes penalties, but our defenders will take a page from Nashville and we will use our defenders to jump in the play. Scuds will finally get a fricken goal. Penguins will clinch in 6, and there will be no games decided in by more than two goals, except possibly the first game. Nicklas Cronwall, Hank, and Datsyuk will produce/hit, but our third and fourth lines will produce more than theirs. A huge underscoring in the series.(IE- Jordan Staal/Mad Max>Dallas Drake/Kris Draper)

Also I have reason as to why you cannot post the gameday until 6:30 on that saturday. You are going to spending your time before hand cleaning up photoshops that are deemed in bad taste, and you will be setting up a multimedia page for all Penguins related ringtones/jingles and etc.

Go Pens.

H.C. Prick said...

@ A Peeved off detroit fan
My vote for cookie of the year, samoas. Coconut, caramel, chocolate, no doubt, hands down winner. Secondly if your trying to talk shit why not throw in a swear or two? I could understand if you wrote that from a youth chili cook-off.
@ Skizzler
Great pic of Oscrap....... Aww cinnamon and gravy!
(bangs pots and pans while warning of quicksand)

supermario66 said...

you can't post anything until 6:30 because you are renting a jobber tour bus and taking it to Detroit for the game.

jefe said...

goosebump city is correct.

you cant post until 6:30 because of massive goosebumps.

dhudzin said...

supermario, classic. Me = stunned.

Jonny V said...

And is that Red Wing youtube guy on Quaalude's or something? Dude's more laid back than Matthew McConaughey on 4:20.

dhudzin said...

My guess for why GameDay won't be posted until 630 is that you guys will be donntonn jobbing around with some pregame festivities. I'm sure the real reason is much cooler than that, though.

jefe said...

maybe they will be busy personally handing out the jobber of the week awards.

Mr. Plank said...

Reason You Can't Post Till 6:30

Your flight to DETROIT doesn't get in till about six, and the gameday post will have to be done at the hotel or something like that. You guys are going to the game in Detroit, hence the "unidentified aircraft" patrolling the skies over Detroit.

Mr. Plank said...

Fuck, you might actually be driving to the game with Mr. Randle-El. Who the hell knows. Either way you're going to watch the game because Detroit can't sell out their building even for game one of the Cup.

Mr. Plank said...

Ah fuck, supermario might have beat me to it. whatevs.

jefe said...

i know now. you cant post until 6:30 that night, bec when u get to detroit youll be too busy running around saving all the octopi, cheetahs, seals, and puppies from being boiled for 20 minutes with lemon juice and white wine from those MURDEROUS redwings fans. kudos.

jefe out.

KJ said...

the dude brought up hasek? seriously? ummm, ok...

as for my guess you can't post til 6:30 cause you'll be driving off to motown in a vehicle probably made in detroit and not as nice looking as the jobber bus. maybe you're going thru your inbox til then, or hell you're in college and drinking heavily cause exams are over and your team is in the finals!

Pensblog Staff said...


It has nothing to do with where or how we will be watching the game.


PittHockey said...

versucks = best (tv related) photoshop ever

Vinnie said...

50 cents says he doesn't post those.

Probably not, but I will.

aunt penny said...

The enzyte photoshop is funny. Would be greater if at the end of the series it's retooled to have a penguin lookin down at a redwings logo.

Love the puckbunny. If anything comes up that is a little questionable, maybe puckbunny can make a ruling on it???

Puckbunny charlie? or charlize?

Re: gameday...I thought the same thing as Plank. Flying to Detroit?

Saturday is wedding of the staff getting hitched ???

(how that works with unidentified aircraft...not a clue...just throwin it out there)

Joshua said...

The Natalee Holloway post is still one of my favorites.

J.S. said...

re: Holloway post.

I'll admit it, I lol'ed. It had to be the "first rule of life club" line.

J.S. said...

should have made this one post.

I didn't see the skanks pic, but I could see where the ladies of c-blog might be put off by it. could have been worse, much worse. At least we weren't subjected to watching two brothers get ass hickeys for tickets. Then again, this isn't Philly.

BlacknGold66 said...

You can't post GameDay until 6:30 because you guys are going to be on KISS FM.


whodeewhat said...

I'm thinking you can't post until 630 because you don't feel like breaking out the Delorean and risking the space time continuum to make a post at 600.

Antonette said...

Kudos to the staff for handling puckbunnyblog like champs. That's why this blog is a big deal. (Personally, I don't give a shit. Yeah, there are puckbunnies, but us actual female fans out number them and [hopefully] are much sexier).

By some grace of Gary, I'm heading home this weekend, which means going down to the arena to watch the game. If it's in the Igloo, my head's going to explode.

I deal with a lot of Wings fans here, and they really have no concept of what our team's like. Mention a guy like Talbot, which is essentially a game changer, and they're clueless and have no response.

I get chills thinking about Saturday.

[You can't post until 6:30 because you're doing something super important. I'm vague, but not wrong!]

J.S. said...

you won't be able to post until 630 because somebody on the staff plans on flying a Pens-related banner over Teh Joe

M. said...

I don't know who else to say this to;

John Buccigross changes lives.
(its very refreshing to know that humans like him exist.)

dying alive said...

Supermarket Sweep references are why tPB is a big deal. Is that show still on?

Brando said...

Following a stellar performance on NPR...the boys are movin' up to the big time...

...A segment on the 6 o'clock news with Sally Wiggin.

Lloyd said...


is it because Adam doesnt' have a proper sleep schedule?

or is it because of superstition... since everything hockey is based on some superstition

Pensblog Staff said...

hahahah no one has even been close

stinkyharry said...

You're going to be liveblogging from Joe Louis Arena... I think I saw that doors open at 6:30.

SexyChubbs said...

Sid is going to be on Mike and Mike in the Morning in a matter of minutes!

Whistler said...

I swear that video just changed my life.

I had to sit there for a minute just to let it all sink in.

For those of you that are hockey fans, THAT is the reason why we love this sport so much.

Nothing, well almost nothing, that Bettman may do will tear the love of hockey out of our hearts.

Staff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lloyd said...

ContestBlog part 2:

isn't that Sir Gary Robert's birthday?

Lloyd said...

nvm... it's tomorrow.

Fleury29 said...

Outstanding post. True Cup Final form. Totally makes up for the puck bunny post yesterday.

I wouldn't even go so far as to call those "women" puck bunnies. They probably don't even have the slightest idea about hockey, they just realized that the Pens were popular now and wanted the attention.

On a lighter note, everyone that comes to the site has the chance
to get $30 credit in the Pensblog Storeblog.

The first person in the comments to explain
why we have to wait until 6:30 on Saturday night to post GameDay will win.

We've dropped some real ambiguous hints in recent days
that hopefully someone out there will piece together.

We'll post this contest tomorrow, and we'll announce the winner in the GameDay.

And finally, Detroit Metro Airport was on Red Alert early Wednesday morning.
An unidentified aircraft was seen performing maneuvers in the skies above Detroit.

**We have a huge call to arms coming for Game 1 in Joketown.

Hmmmmm... since I don't have the ability to post at work I'm going to post now. You guys are going to be blogging from the blimp flying over Joe Louis Arena and posting anti-Wings messages on the light signs on the side, right?

Where's my thirty dollars?

J.S. said...

Sir Gary's birthday is tommorow, and since our company wouldn't recognize it, I had to take PTO time in observance.

Stilly said...

I missed the puckbunny uproar last evening, so i didn't even see the picture, but the link in the post gave me enough context.

Obviously those women were a special breed of women: Skanks. Skanks have little self respect and are more than willing to use sex to validate themselves. I'm sure that female contingent of tPB holds themselves to a higher standard.. That said...

I'll leave this with something my Dad told me when I was a teenager.

So what if she's a slut. Sluts have their purpose.

whodeewhat said...


I guess that means lunch at Santoyos is out for you tomorrow.

xuscbausp said...

thats why im glad i work freelance. tomorrow is an off day for me in observance haha

Max Power said...

I don't mind puckbunnies but (even though its kind of an offensive term) I've never had a long term relationship with a woman who wasn't a hockey hoe. Where I come from that is a term of endearment. Puckbunnies are just simply sluts. A hockey hoe is a girl that can name more than 10 players on the team and owns a jersey of someone like Talbot or Legame and has a severe mood swing if she has to miss a game. Girl---> True PENS fan = Hottest woman on the planet.

wilsmith said...

Vinnie delivers.

J.S. said...


I still might meet you guys for lunch. It's a nice enough day where I'll have the bike out.

J.S. said...

(not sure why I couldn't have emailed that. whodeewhat works maybe about 20 ft behind me)

whodeewhat said...

It's a case of spending more time on Cblog than on my email....or doing actual work.

lauren_hbg said...

So, completelyofftopicblog, but I present you with the exact opposite of the picture from last night...

The Bitch Doctors

*crawls under desk and hides*

Sooska said...

I know there was some dissatisfaction regarding the viewing setup of Games 1 & 2 @ the Igloo. I understand that parking is free after 6 pm, all concessions will be open and this is the good part, all proceeds of the $5 fee go to the Mario Lemieux Foundation and ticketmaster has waived all fees on the admission price. I will be at home watching in HD.

xuscbausp said...

i think ill be home for game 1 also.

Sooska said...

@lauren- The Bitch Doctors. excellent. I read about them over at PittGirl's blog the other day. I love their names and even the names of the refs.
Big F’N Ref
Hannibal Refter

NHL, take note of the above.

@ max power- "hockey ho" isn't good either. "Fan" is the acceptable term.

xuscbausp said...

holy crap the 2nd season of ER is on TNT right now. sweet.

Stilly said...

Hopefully I will be home. In the last week I've missed my Dad's and my Grandmother's birthdays. So since the wife and I are heading home for Memorial day, they want to plan a family fishing trip. Saturday. 7 PM. I imagine the trip would last roughly until the last ten minutes of the thrid period with all things considered.

Totally lame. I'm getting jobbed by my own family. I guess I'll just have to tape it, unless I can get them to head out earlier.


xuscbausp said...

my sister in law will be graduating during game six (if necessary) in erie, pa

ill be in pittsburgh

may equal divorceblog haha

DeCeV said...

Staff is going to the Detroit zoo to free all of the animals from Wings fans.

Saturday yet? Hossa.

Pensgirl said...

Little Lukey Ravenstahl in 8 Mile is simply fantastic.

Tim Murphy = Beast

Staff, it needs to be said again: it doesn't really matter what decisions you ultimately make about what to post. It's that you read cblog debates and effectively allow your readers to participate that makes this such a popular destination. I think I can safely say that regardless of whether a particular cblogger agrees with your decision about the picture (or any other single issue), they appreciate that you think about cblog when you post.

Man, I miss Randle El. I was so thrilled when we drafted him.

TheNWChica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BlacknGold66 said...

I wonder if I could get into the Igloo in two Saturdays for $5...


I will say that you're not posting until 6:30 because the game isn't until 8pm.

TheNWChica said...

@lauren: Sweet! I think those girls are cool...I would love to skate and smack people around. ;)

OH, and Staff is not posting until 6:30; because that is what Gary Roberts would do!

Stilly said...

Meh I'm ok with Randle El leaving. He's done absolutely squat since going to Redskins. He was a gimmick player who wasn't afraid to go over the middle. We still have one (Hines Ward), who's even more complete. Adding Limas Sweed to Holmes and Ward should be a pretty formidable WR corps.

That is as long as sweed doesn't walk into a bar and punch his girlfriend in the face.

dying alive said...

@ max power - I'm with sooska. I wouldn't appreciate being called a ho.

lauren_hbg said...

@ sooska/nwchica

I would so not wanna mess with those girls - they could break me in half over their knee effortlessly.

TheNWChica said...

Yes, and I would also like to add my vote for not being called a ho. That, to me anyway, is almost worse than being called a puckbunny.

A ho will sleep with least a bunny sleeps with hockey players.

Max Power said...

@ sooska

I mentioned that it was an offensive term. A relic left over from the good ole days of misguided youth.

Either way there's nothing more sexy than a woman in a PENS jersey. If I ever get married I can only speculate how hard it would be to get my bride to forego the dress and wear a white 66 jersey while I sport the black one. Hence tis the bachelor's life for me!

Sooska said...

as an off season fund raiser for the Lemieux Foundatio and the Pain Center I would like to see the Pens alums vs the Bitch Doctors. hee

Chase said...

I got it. You're going to get interviewed on KISS 96.1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Chase said...

shit. i should have read all these. sorry bng66. i was wrong anyway probably.

Sooska said...

@ max -Peace!

I just saw news footage last weekend of a Pens fan who got married and at the reception his groomsmen were all in their jerseys. I think it was on KDKA. The bride was cool about it. I would want a ring set with yellow and black diamonds in a triangle, and carry black and gold flowers.

Pensgirl said...

I forgot to talk about that email. I'm not sure what I like better, the use of Hasek in his list of reasons they'll win, or that that our having Ryan Malone is no excuse.

Max Power said...

@ sooska

There in is the problem. Deciding what jerseys the wedding pary wears.

BlacknGold66 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pensgirl said...

Max, I don't think that's such a tough thing. I'd only have two rules: no duplicates, and no errors (e.g., "Maklin").

dying alive said...

I'd be open to the idea of having a Pens-themed wedding and having the bridal party wear jerseys. Too bad I already want to have a Halloween-themed wedding, with the wedding party (and guests) dressed in costumes. It would be a tough decision - my favorite sports team vs. my favorite holiday.

Sooska said...

bridesmaids white
groomsmen black

however some people do a black/white wedding so the bridesmaids are in black and the groomsmen as well with only the bride in white. In that case there woudl have to be a compromise of some sort. pensgirl has the protocol correct. I would also make the cake a Stanley Cup by Ace of Cakes in Baltmore. (this is not an original idea-I borrowed it.)

xuscbausp said...



Max Power said...

@ b&g66

= nicely put, no argument there

dying alive said...

Can we also give up the "NSFW is the lamest/worst excuse ever considering the content on this site" thing? It's rather insulting. If you prefer to believe that some of us were being disingenuous, that's fine. But please stop calling us out over it or contact us privately to discuss it.

It's the last I'll say on the matter. Thanks.

xuscbausp said...

oh god i love when there's a week off in between games.
controversyblog arrises.

can't we focus our energy on important things, like charlie infiltrating the Joe?

BlacknGold66 said...

I deleted this by accident...

I was going to let this go but it needs to be addressed one last time.

Can we honestly drop the "puckbunny" issue already?

It's been floating around cblog for a few weeks now and any way you look at it it's getting old.

First everyone jumped on a long-time cblogger for saying "When did this become puckbunnyblog?" which was taken way out of proportion.

If the same thing were said about me on or something after I had just spent the past two days talking about how hot the players were I'd have to eat my foot.

End of story.

Then yesterday was blown way out of proportion because a few people over-generalized and instantly though that two skanks doing their thing next to Pens gear all of a sudden makes people think that all women hockey fans are puckbunnies.

Fleury29 said it best that those girls don't even classify as puckbunnies because they're probably just doing it since it's the hot thing in town.

Then we had to get into the whole Not Safe for Work arguement which was by far the worst excuse ever considering the content on this site.

Just drop it.

In my experience there are a few kinds of female fans that watch hockey:

1)Skanks that watch just to bang the players

2)Ones that watch and LOVE the game... but get offended if other girls don't love it the same as they do (i.e. can't name 10 players... even if it's because they have better shit to do)..(which is also dumb)

3)Girls that love the game. Love their team. And could give a rats ass if there are puckbunnies out there or fairweather female hockey fans because they have enough confidence in themselves to know that they don't fall into that categorie.

I'll take number 3 anyday.


Sooska said...

@bng66-you aren't a woman. AND sometimes, not always, not even often, just sometimes, the whole insult genre of calling men derogatory terms related to women just gets old. we wouldn't be here if overall we didn't like the environment, but discussion can serve as enlightenment. there is always more than one point of view. it's the same as foodblog, movieblog, musicblog which also doesn't interest everyone. we need a game or two.

xuscbausp said...

here's a game for you. go to:

there you can watch every Coach's Corner from this season.

that'll end all this haha

BlacknGold66 said...

@Dying Alive: That wasn't a dig at you at all.

In fact I also defended you yesterday in saying:

"(btw, that Geno pic was taken directly from a 2007 photoshop expo on this site... so if you didn't get blocked then, then the picture with those girls probably wouldn't be blocked. Although I totally agree that someone seeing that over your shoulder at work would raise questions you don't want asked.)

Just take it for what it's worth.

(p.s. I'd contact you personally, but there is no email address in your profile)

@Sooska: When did I say it was OK for woman to be called derogatory terms?

Stilly said...

Uh-oh looks like e-dramablog. This is almost as entertaining as the conversation over at A2Y crying about a conspiracy against the wings and the salary cap.

Leave it to the Detroit Red Yankees to cry about losing their ability to go out and buy a team.

The "Gary Bettman wants Crosby to win a cup" excuse is almost as tired as "OMG Crosby dives!"

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

My wife and I didn't go the jersey route, but when the lovely Nancy Stoosh and I got married, our colors were black, white and Vegas gold. And yes, we chose those colors for a reason. Cocktail napkins at our wedding were black with Vegas gold lettering.

Actually, the colors worked really well because we got married in the fall - November 19, 2005, to be exact. She used a lot of fall colors for the flowers (lots of reds, oranges and yellows) and it looked nice with the wedding colors.

I sound like I belong on the Bravo network or something.

I've got pictures. I'll post some to the Flickr account later tonight and link them here.

Stilly said...

New show: stoosh eye for the straight guy.

haha. <3

lis said...

so....can anyone give a good explanation of why zetterberg and datsuks +/- is better than crosby, malkin, and hossa's?

xuscbausp said...

because the pens actually score goals on all lines instead of two.

xuscbausp said...

also, pp goals don't count for +/- so that takes away some of our pts

lis said...

@ xuscbausp:

It was just a joke...just trying to take some pressure off the whole puckbunnybloggate!

kaitlin said...

You're not posting until 6:30 because the celebratory bedsheet won't be ready until 6:00.

Stilly said...

Oh no... not +/-blog again. Pretty soon MiamimeninPaul will be back.

Stilly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xuscbausp said...

hahaha sorry lis
dramablog is taking away all of our sarcasm.

like i said...lets all go watch coach's corner!

Vanessa Day said...

It's getting crazy here. I'm seeing fat people in big red jerseys.

Help me.


Dubs said...

I had a +5 on the scrambled eggs I made this morning ...

oysterhouseblog -

anyone from Pittsburgh on C-blog ever go to the Oyster House? I think it's by the PPG building ... my dad used to take me there before games waaaaay back in the day (Civic Arena n'at) ... I'm curious if it's still there?

MizzPenz said...

So I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately because I have been in serious depressionmode since I found out what the Cup schedule is. Looked like I wasn't going to be able to go to ANY of the home games. Live in Mechanicsburg, but have had season tickets for 8 years now.

Went to my boss this morning and basically told him that either he lets me off work next Saturday, or I quit. IT WORKED!

@sooska - can't pass by Sydney's Knob without laughing now

@bng66 - I'm a #3, but let me say that I really do hate girls in pink pretend hockey jerseys. So maybe that makes me a #2.5

lis said...

what statue do you think house14 will be painting black & gold in detroit this weekend?

Stilly said...

Here's an observation. I've seen a lot of posts by Wings' fans that say something along the lines of "Penguins can't fly, wings can"

Do they realize their logo is a frickin TIRE with wings? I'm calling them the Detroit "All Season Radial" Wings until further notice.

Pensgirl said...

Xusc: I'm getting the impression you haven't been here over the last few days, let me catch you up on a couple things:

My "Maklin" was a reference to a picture of a jersey actually spelled that way that Staff posted yesterday.

Lis' +/- "question" was actually joke about a Wings troll who came in here all obsessive and demanding about +/-.

FijiH2O said...

I was too tired to post last night, so here goes:

The name of th X's contest was Miss Five Hole not Miss Hockey Fan. All of those girls delivered exactly what was expected of them. The X deliberatley came up with a contest that was debasing to females. Sadly, there will always be those that feel they can only get attention by debasing themselves. Supposedly, the contestants were to answer hockey trivia questions to test their hockey knowledge. The questions and answers weren't posted on the X's web site, so we'll never know the extent of their knowledge.

That said, I don't think the picture was any more offensive than other stuff that has appeared on tPB. The only difference I could see is that the pic was actual girl on girl action and not a photo shop. Personally, there's a PS of Mark Eaton that I find more offensive - the one where he's f'g your wife/girlfriend.

I think the staff made the correct decision by removing the picture. If only one person is offended to the point where they need to write in, their feelings should be respected. Respect does not equal censorship.

BTW: The term hockey ho is equally as offensive as puckbunny!

dying alive said...

Oh no... not +/-blog again. Pretty soon MiamimeninPaul will be back.

I think we can all agree that yesterday's +/- conversation was more retarded and mind-numbing than any puck bunny argument could ever hope to be.

Max Power said...

@ dubs

Oyster house is still banging out some awesome grub. Its in Market Square.

xuscbausp said...

i caught the "maklin" pic a few days ago but i missed the plus-minus convo. my apologies. i need to come here more often hahaha

BlacknGold66 said...

@Dying Alive: Totally... if we were all to sit down and discuss puckbunnyblog it would be over in two seconds (see: people being misunderstood because you can't read emotions).

That +/- debate could go on FOREVER though. Oye!

Max Power said...

Sweet JEEBUS! Can we let the Hockey Ho thing go? I admitted it was offensive when I posted it and have not tarred anyone in cblog with that epitaph. Chill Winston

Pensgirl said...

Hey, cblog call for assistance here. I went to see if Ruu-Tucker bout is up for fight of the year at, but the site is blocked at my office. If I wait 'til tonight I might forget about checking...can someone please visit and report, por favor?

JYo said...

Pensblog + workblog = overstimulationblog recently

Given the equation above, I don't recall if this was pointed out before, but in Bucci's article that picks the Pens to win he writes:

Datsyuk would be very adept at killing wild game if he put his mind to it. I could see him killing raccoons with ease.

Did that start the whole idea of them attacking animals or is it a "great minds think alike" thing?

xuscbausp said...

yes, it is up there...and it's getting its ass kicked hahaha

xuscbausp said...

actually, so is
Georges Laraque vs. Donald Brashear

M. Vanderlasser said...

@vanessa, The Oyster House sho' nuf is still there. Their fried food is beyond sandwiches, homemade chips, onion rings - and great clam chowder. Oh, and cold, wet beer on tap and interesting old black and white pictures on the walls. Great place.

Wow, I missed last night's controversy. By quickly scanning comments, it sounds like Don Cherry posted semi-newd pictures of Kris LeTangs's girlfriend wrestling Geno's mom and some elementary school teacher got fired for looking at them at school or something?

Kudos to Pensblog staff for creating this controversy to chew up a few of the too many hours that remain between now and game time.

I wish we could flash fry this buffalo faster.

JYo said...

Anyone have the +/- stats on those puckbunnies? Really, don't brush aside these important issues, just embrace them. Inquiring minds want to know...

nailersfan66 said...

Anyone around these parts driving up to Detroit Saturday night?


xuscbausp said...

Riley Cote vs. Shawn Thornton is currently dominating at 54.43%

BlacknGold66 said...

@Max: You will never be forgiven.

Thus is the rule in cblog.


@M.Vander: I just bought fertilzer for my bonsai tree. It has 15% POTASH! Thought you'd appreciate that.

Dubs said...

that Oyster House had the best giant fried fish sammiches, from what I remember ... and the fried oyster doused in vinegar ... mother of Gary!

my dad used to drink buttermilk with his fish n' oyster ...kinda weird ... I never understood that, but he grew up on the south side long before it was cool

Pensgirl said...

Thanks, Xusc. I'm not a fight aficionado, so I don't make a point to catch fight highlights much. But I can appreciate a good fight and damn that Tucker beatdown was the best thing I'd seen in years.

JYo said...

Is 6:30 the time staff will have an internet connection up and running in the Igloo to run the live blog?

Max Power said...

Great now I have to go to the Oyster House for lunch!

xuscbausp said...


Dubs said...


so lucky!!!

I think I'm roadtripping it back to the Burgh Monday mornin ... I'm def hitting it up for lunch.

Also, C-Blog advice request:

I want to come into town to watch the game on the big screen at Mellon Center ... is there anything I should know, or can you just show up and watch? (unless of course they open the arena to watch the game, which would be awesome)

Sooska said...

@dubs-see my earlier post on the Igloo viewing for some details.

@ bng66- you didn't say anything. i was simply making an attempt to clarify the genisus of the reactions expressed here. no accusations are being hurled. as far as i was concerened it was over before you commented further. peace. :)

@mizzpenz - glad you are enjoying the ride up the Turnpike! it's marvel of nature, eh?

@stoosh- your wedding sounds delightful.

speaking of celebrations is there anything special planned for the big day tomorrow?

TheNWChica said...

For those of you, like myself, who will be watching the series on the Ceeb, they announced that the announcers will be Bob Cole and Greg Millen. old coot and a total tool. At least it's better than Versucks I guess.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Sooska: You'll always be my girl. ;-)

Anybody planning on seeing Indiana Jones this weekend?

I think they clearly released it just prior to the Cup Finals as watching the old Indy movies has become sort of a cblog tradition before playoff games.


Lady Jaye said...

I wish I was creative enough to come up with a funny reason why the game day post can't go up until 6:30 that day. But I am neither funny or logical enough to use reasoning from the clues. :)

Are you guys going to blanket Detroit with Lets Go Pens bedsheets? :)

On another note, gee, we are all so shocked that a Penguins fan blog is picking the Penguins to win... just as much as I am shocked that a Detroit website's poll has Detroit being picked the winner... seriously, some folks need to go outside and get some fresh air.

Dubs said...

@sooska -

Ah, ok ... thanks!

Sooska said...

@ bng66- Indy. I love Indy.

which of the Pens is our Indy?
i think Geno but I could be wrong.
(BTW is it Geno or Gino? I thought Geno because of the EvGENi.)

@ dubs - here;

I know there was some dissatisfaction regarding the viewing setup of Games 1 & 2 @ the Igloo. I understand that parking is free after 6 pm, all concessions will be open and this is the good part, all proceeds of the $5 fee go to the Mario Lemieux Foundation and ticketmaster has waived all fees on the admission price. I will be at home watching in HD.

5/22/2008 10:01 AM

Hip said...

I've missed a lot on cblog...

Let me just say:
I am a woman.
I love me some hockey.


Go Pens.

(Packing/moving sucks)

racheleyos said...

racheleyos has risen....

i didn't see the first indiana jones.... so I don't know if it's good to go see this new one? although after all these years, i'd still bang harrison ford....

Lady Jaye said...

I'm still debating whether or not to go Saturday night. I'd have to bring my daughters 4 & 2... don't know if they'll sit there well. Eh, it's only 5 bucks, could leave if I need to. I think it would be kinda cool to sit with such a large crowd to watch it... just don't know how easy it will be to see, though, on the Jumbotron.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Sooska: Now THAT is a good question.

Who's the sexy nerdy teacher that is full of non-stop action in his other life (or on the ice)...

Perhaps Staal is a young Indiana Jones no?

@Ra-shell Ra-shell: You didn't see the first Indiana Jones? For shame.

...for shame.

Dubs said...

Sooska -

cool, thanks for the info! I can't wait to get back to the Burgh ... it's been too long ... also a good excuse to visit some of the relatives I haven't seen in years! luv how the Pens bring everyone together :)

xuscbausp said...

from now on, maybe ill just call myself a hockeyho. thatll change things around here hahaha.

cblog owns my life right now. sigh

Pensgirl said...

IndianaJonesblog: My officemate saw the midnight showing last night and loooooooved it. My roommate also went but I haven't seen her yet today so I can get her report later.

But the officemate said it was just fantastic, she loves the series and was afraid to get her hopes up, but she was more than satisfied.

racheleyos said...

"Meanwhile, the officials with the Penguins say they are opening up Mellon Arena to fans so they can watch Games 1 & 2 on the Jumbotron inside.

Team officials say they will open the arena at 7 p.m. on both Saturday and Monday night. Also, admission will be $5 and the all the proceeds will be donated to the Mario Lemieux Foundation for cancer and neonatal research. Tickets are being sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After 6 p.m., officials say parking will be free and concession stands will be open inside the arena.

However, the large LCD screen outside will go dark for those games, but will be back up and running when the Pens come home for games 3 & 4."

this is so dumb. and my friend bought me a ticket already. i guess i have no choice. *sobs*

MizzPenz said...

going to see Indy at the Haar's Drive In Movies in Dillsburg on Sunday night. Nothing like sitting out under the stars, eating popcorn, drinking multiple beers and watching a movie!

J.S. said...

"By quickly scanning comments, it sounds like Don Cherry posted semi-newd pictures of Kris LeTangs's girlfriend wrestling Geno's mom and some elementary school teacher got fired for looking at them at school or something?"

hahaha, but you're not that far off from what actually did happen.

I don't know, I missed a lot of what happened last night. I'm just hoping we get to the point where everybody is past it. Nothing like beating Eight Belles over it.

Pensgirl said...

Someone did a Sid-iana Jones photoshop earlier in the season....

racheleyos said...

BNG - maybe i did see it, but I don't remember it very well... lol... I've seen it at SeaWorld or whatever in ohio. where they have those shows and stuff.

aunt penny said...

At 5:55 Saturday Pensblog will be dropping stuffed penguins over the Joe like the WKRP in Cincinatti turkey drop. Fedko will play the part of Les Nesman while Mike Lange will do the actual call.

"You gotta be here to believe it".

And thus goes the unidentified aerial attack.

And then Gameday at 6:30.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

wow, that "video" of all the players lifting the Cup is fantastic!

TheNWChica said...

I loved the first and the third Indy, hated the 2nd; and can't wait to see the new one.

Dubs said...

racheleyos - I know I'm new here and all, but I have to say ...

you don't remember if you've seen the first Indian Jones movie? if that's true, that's a startling oversight that requires immediate rectification ...

there is no, 'maybe I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark' ... that's like saying, 'maybe I watched the Pens cup run in 1992, but I don't really remember.'

me = righteously indignant

xuscbausp said...

i hate indiana jones...

racheleyos said...

i'm sure i've seen at least one of them.... but it's something I only watched once and I don't remember which one would be which. please don't kill me lol.

Stilly said...

R.O.F.L at the Eight Belles reference. I'm sure that the Red Wings had something to do with that horse dying too.

Dubs said...


it's worth it just to see the nazi's face melt ...

TheNWChica said...

So here's a question for the c-blog: if the Indy series is not available on Saturday, would the original StarWars be an acceptable substitute?

Sooska said...

@aunt penny- great idea. WKRP. haha

@j.s.- I dont think anyone was mad at anyone else. not at all that i sense. it was just a discussion. opinions n'at.

@ bng- Staal- I could see him in the hat and as the nerdy professor. (actually Ruutu as well when he's wearing his glasses) I guess it's which Indy we are talking about. I was going more with the Indy with the whip and the gun fighting off the Arab dressed in black in the market.

@racheleyos - go see #1 now. fabulous!

Stilly said...


Star Wars = Greatest Movie Series EVER.

Dubs said...

Star Wars always an appropriate substitute for the Indy series ... well, the first three that were made anyway ...

what about Lord of the Rings series??

or how bout watching Youngblood three times in a row?

racheleyos said...

Luke... I AM..... your father!

racheleyos said...

LOTR is amazing....

Chronicles of Narnia is actually turning out to be a really good "trilogy" as well.

Max Power said...

12:14PM EST



This is the 3rd time that cblog decided what I'm going to have for lunch.

Stilly said...

Yeah LOTR is good too. I've got the extended version series on DVD. I heard a report from the Narnia move, from a Narnia fanatic, that the second is not as good as the first.. just a warning. But then again, are sequels ever as good?

xuscbausp said...

whoever keeps posting these: gracias

xuscbausp said...

star wars

-I don't like any of them. outcastblog.

Dubs said...

I was an LOTR diehard because of the books, and the movies pretty much totally rocked, but especially the extended versions on DVD ...

I haven't checked out any Narnias yet ... for that matter, I've never seen any of the Harry Potters ...

@Max ... I'm so jealous ... did you have a giant fish sammich and oyster?

TheNWChica said...

"Why, you stuck up,... half-witted,... scruffy-looking... nerf-herder!"

"Who's scruffy-looking?"

racheleyos said...

stilly - i heard the second one was better. lol. i thought they were equally really good, but I'd actually have to favor the second.

Dubs said...


Princess Leia was a bad-ass

Max Power said...

@ dubs

Giant fish 6 oysters clam chowder and an order of scallops for an appetizer. me = big fat piggy

Dubs said...

ahahahaha ...

Max, that's a f'n lunch!

racheleyos said...

damn max, sounds like you got a gourmet dinner goin' on... as I sit here and eat my ramen. LOL

TheNWChica said...

@max: change the oysters to shrimp and I'm all over that lunch. Yum!

Stilly said...


I'll probably be seeing it sooner rather than later, so I'll give my opinionblog then. I've never been too much into the Narnia series, but the wife loves them.

@No one in particular.

For the record, I don't care for Indy either. Archaeological Thriller just isn't a genre I can get into. (same goes for Tomb Raider... Good video game.. yawn movie)

ulf92 said...

does anyone know a decent place to watch the game on sat. night in the phily airport area? my kid has a hockey tourney this weekend. it should be fun to wear pens gear in the area this weekend.

Nicholas said...

Has anyone won the $30 bucks yet? Have we fallen off track?

I'll guess the following:

The game is on 5/24; 6:30 is the time they are posting;

630-524 = 106
Since we all agree Steve Yzerman is a gigantic douche then we have to remove his number from the equation
106-19 = 87!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's right Pensblog is mathematically ensuring the victory for the Pens ala Sidney Crosby


jefe said...

i officially finished tied for 6th (out of 16) in my wings eating contest.

pens in +6

racheleyos said...

stilly - def agree with you on the Tomb Raider one... boring.

But unlike LOTR, you can watch all the Narnia movies separately and still understand the story. I can't imagine watching The Return of the King before The Fellowship of the Ring.

Sooska said...

@ nicholas- your math is better than +/- guy's stats.

xuscbausp said...

i was gonna take a guess
but i decided to just take a dive instead.

Stilly said...


You're absolutely right. If you sat someone down in front of ROTK they'd be like.. who are these midgets and why do I care what they do with their jewelry. ha.

racheleyos said...

lol....don't you mean hobbits :) and creepy smeagol.....

my preciousss... my roommates and I stayed up one night and kept saying my precious in our beds. it was hilarious.

J.S. said...

sooska, I didn't think anybody was mad, but it seemed like the discussion was taking a turn for the worse when it came to female hockey fans. I didn't want to give the impression that I was directing at anybody, but it was more or less damagecontrolblog on my part.

TheNWChica said...

If I'm going to watch midgets, I like the original Willy Wonka. :)

Stilly said...

lol. Those movies seriously warp people.

Stilly said...

You know what would be sweet. A top 10 list of movies featuring midgets.

LOTR would be out, since there weren't REALLY any midgets in it.

I'd say the original Wonka would be first overall.

racheleyos said...

lol there's Midgets in Narnia. unless they are called trolls or something I don't know of.

erik said...

you guys are spoiled on trash talk because you've had all your series with rivals- try us during a game with the 'diques. i guess i will have to draw more offensive cartoons.

BlacknGold66 said...

i was gonna take a guess
but i decided to just take a dive instead.

Best. Comment. Ever.

Stilly said...

Uh oh.. Troll Alert

racheleyos said...

i tried googling movies with midgets and i got a bunch of links to midget porn.... "little people porn rock"....uhhhh

FijiH2O said...

Can't go to the Oyster House for lunch, so I'll settle for some chili cheese fries from the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe:D

star wars (original)

TheNWChica said...

WTF is a 'dique? Is that like a Nordique...the ones that have been in Denver over 10 years?


dying alive said...

Seafoodblog is making me a little queasy. Never been a big fan of anything aside from shrimp. Though I suppose it's appropriate considering Detroit fans' penchant for murdering cephalopods.

Speaking of goodomenblog: I have heard Don't Stop Believin' nearly every single time I have been in my car this week.

Reason tPB can't be posted until 6:30: You're road-tripping to Detroit with Luke Ravenstahl and City Council says he can't leave until 2:30.

I'm so sad that I'm going to be out of town for games 1 & 2. I'd have totally gone and watched on the jumbotron. :(

xuscbausp said...


after a discussion about midgets?
coincidence? i think not

Stilly said...

I'm thinking we're better at trash talk because we're more intelligent, creative, observant, witty... take your pick.

Respond however you like.. just please stay away from my puppy. She's only a couple of weeks old..

racheleyos said...


after a discussion about midgets?
coincidence? i think not"

our discussion must have attracted the trolls. there's no doubt in my mind.

Max Power said...

Fear and Loathing in L.V. had some good midgets! Wizard of Oz I think should come first. They were just creepy.

snickerdoodles said...

@TheGreatPuckbunnyDebate 2.0

Good Morninig, all!

I just want to make it clear that I was not offended by the picture. If some folks want to run around in various stages of undress, I don't care. If someone told me that Sid and Geno were mudwrestling and the loser had to go the Full Monty, I will run everyone down like a diesel powered combine to get there. I mentiond the NSFW because I would hate to have our IT department block the site. I work for the school district, and all computers are filtered, even if you are not working at a school site. I work at the District Office, and there are pages that I cant read. Right now, I can't log onto the Sidney Crosby Show, because according to the filters they have found a "banned phrase." So until the banned phrase (whatever it may be) scrolls off the blog page, I can't read it at work. I can't watch any of the youtube videos because that etire site has been banned. A few months ago I could, but not now.

I don't think a shirtless Malkin would have bothered anyone cause guys can run around topless. But I am sure someone would have complained about the semi dressed women. You know how it is. Someone is going to shout "We gotta Save the Children!!Ban the hockey sites!!" Some woman in my town actually wrote a letter in the opinions page of our newspaper that the Victoria's Secret in the mall should have the windows covered entirely so that her twelve year old son could not see the underwear. Yes, a woman freaked out becase her son could see some panties.

So, to end my rant, I wanted to clarify that I was not offended by the pictures. When someone comes into my office and I am looking at the Pensblog, I do close the window. But if some hockey lovin kid has the site up, and Polly Prude (to quote Pensgirl from the post she made yesterday in PuckbunnyDebate 1.0) sees it and complains, the site could get banned. That's the only reason I brought up the dreaded NSFW.

Speaking of work, I better get back to it.

Stanley Cup Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Pens!!!!

Max Power said...

Don't trolls eat midgets?

Dubs said...

yeah wizard of oz even featured a midget committing suicide, right ...? or was that just a myth?

midget porn ... LOL! now I have something to do until Saturday night! SWEEEET!

TheNWChica said...

Seafood blog is making me hungry. I think I might have to stop for some on the way home tonight. But which would be better...a platter fried goodies with chips or some fresh sushi? Hmmm...good thing I have about 7 hours to decide.

racheleyos said...

Wizard of Oz...YES!!! lol.

erik said...


you're stupid. suck my dique.

racheleyos said...

dubs - lol....have fun with that

racheleyos said...

erik - you're pathetic.


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