Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Walk Together

If you've seen Armageddon,
you remember the emotional scene on the night before the space shuttles blasted off.

Bruce Willis went to Billy Bob Thornton
and demanded that the crew take the night off... go do whatever they want to do... remind themselves what they were fighting for...

That's what Friday night was to us, minus the fact Ben Affleck wasn't there.

It struck us ,that all week we didn't even do a series preview for some reason.

At this stage of the season, if you are looking to us for breakdowns like [Dr. Mirtle] or facts like [Puck Daddy] you're on PCP.


The NHL came up with the brilliant tag line, " The Cup changes everything."

Everything has changed.

For the last eight months, we have all gathered from different parts of Pennsylvania, almost every state and from all over the world.

In the next two weeks, for better or worse, it all winds down.

Tonight, there will be people watching in their homes in Pittsburgh.
There will be some in Virgina,West Virgina, and Maryland.

From Hooks down in Florida, to the crew in Georgia, and back up to the boys in Bristol, Connecticut.

From Indiana, to Iowa, and swinging back to Kentucky and Tennessee.

To Loser Chris in Texas, and emailer Mr. Puck in New Mexico.

Our friends at [104.1FM KIBZ] out in Lincoln, Nebraska will be tuned it.
Oklahoma will be represented.

James Jack , Sean Leahy and others up in NYC and New Jersey, to the good folks like Vanessa Day watching behind enemy lines in Motown.

Stedman down in Lafayette, Louisiana and Steve in Denver.

To our homies like Bobby B, out in California, and Arizona.

Ted D in Portland, Nwchica in Washington and BNG66 in Ohio.

We know TV's in Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana and Chi-town will be on.

Double A-aka Fleury29 is all business in Kansas, and the lights will be on Sin city.

The believers in Carolina's, Minnesota and Massachusetts will live and die with every goal.

All over the world you'll be able to feel the excitement.

Daniel in Sweden and our many friends in Canada.
As far as Japan, through France, reaching out to the Czech Republic, Norway, and South Korean.
And we can't forget the Million dollar man in Germany.

Let us to take the time to thank those who we have mentioned, and the other we have forgot.

Thank you to everyone.

You say we get you through the day, but you get us through the day.

It has been an honor and a privilege to take this ride with you.

As Chris E would say, " Lets do this shit."


:: Roberts is out tomorrow, and well, not so happy. [TSN]

"One thing I will say, if I do get the chance, I won't let my teammates down."

You haven't heard the last of Gary Roberts.

:: Everything else is normal for the pens. [PG]

:: Bing "Aw, what would Gary Roberts do?" [Herald Tribune]

:: Luke Ravenstahl tries to bet hockeytown, forgets about trademark. [Kiss Fm]

It is hard to imagine someone having a worse week when they really didn't need to.
What a mistake.

Baby Pens


The Baby Pens forced a 7th game last night, with a win over Portland. [Face-off Factor]

How stupid is the [Detroit Free Press]?

They had a photoshop competition for their fans.
So of course we sent one in.

And they ran it:

Eddy Spaghettiblog

Big thanks to [Eddy Spaghetti]

He had us on his podcast last night.



:: The goat or whatever might play. [ Abel To Yzerman]


:: [ESPN] says the goat is not playing.

Someone really likes Stephen S's artwork.

Thanks to [Jon] for the tip.

Speaking of Stephen S and his mad skills.

These shirts will be available in storeblog later today.

They will come in five different colors.


The bass player for the metal band [LiveSay], Alan D'Angelo, is a huge pens fans.

He sent us some pics.



[] has a great post up about what else, playoff beards.

It list the five stages.
Our favorite:

The Chaka

"Towards the end of round 1 and entering round 2, those who have chosen to go natural will begin to emerge. Many players are beginning to look like the retarded half monkey / half ewok thing from 'Land of the Lost', or like Peter Forsberg does on a daily basis."


:: Some new artwork from [Atom Bomb Bikini]
:: A new song from Star 100.7. [Youtube]
::Who is Lord Stanley? [AOL-Fanhouse]
:: BGL lending a hand off the ice. []
::Thank you Mario Signs now available. [Kiss F.M.]

[Click the link, and not this pic]


And finally.

We got a few messages on this, but
[Nate B] put it onto a photoshop.

Go Pens


TheNWChica said...

Awww....well, second is okay too. *goes to read*

canaanregulatesblog said...


pterals said...

I'm pretty sad ol' G. Roberts isn't in. But I think he will rock the world when he is finally let loose from his cage.

I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada, and I just want to say that Pensblog rocks this Earth.

canaanregulatesblog said...

philadelphians appreciate thepensblog, btw.


TheNWChica said...

Holy crap that FreeCandy shirt rocks!

Staff? Would you add plus size sizes in there for those of us of the fluffier persuasion? Thank you kindly!

freddy's mole said...

let's do this shit

jefe said...

heyyy u should at least read the post before stealing first haha.

jefe said...

oh man that post is good shiit. i need another beer.

hello saturday.

TheNWChica said...

Now that it's Saturday and I'm so pumped up for tonight...I need to go to bed so I can get something done like laundry and groceries.

15 hours and 52 minutes! Hooooooooo! Night night all!

BlacknGold66 said...

I get post #10... Gary Roberst!

@Staff and cblog: It has also been an honor to go through this season with you all.

Someday, (and it may be in the near future), I'll come on here all drunk and tell you how much this Pens team, and thus... this blog/cblog has meant to me.(My gf knows... and Hip has an idea even if she doesn't know she knows....)

Until then,

4 more wins

(and thanks for the shout-out Staff... you guys are unreal...)

take it away Chris E.........

BlacknGold66 said...

Damn you Chica!

Guess my last post was Jordan Staalth.

(and this is Ryan Maloneth!)

TheNWChica said...

And before I hit the bed: I want to say thank you to the Staff for the shout out too. It's been a wonderful and crazy ride so far, and I'm all strapped in for the last trip!

I'm sorry BNG66: Don't stop loving me! I didn't mean to job're the last person I would job.

jefe said...

THANKS TPB STAFFFFFF for making my life worth living.

i was supposed to go to sleep 2 posts and several comments ago. ah fuck it.


sh0ez said...

Thanks tPB/staff for making my late nights/early mornings very enjoyable. I've only been a reader since about November-ish, and it;s been a great time. Only 15.5 hours left. Let's do this.


own4utreg said...

Ey guys, keep up the good work. I will be watching here like i've watched every playoff game so far, in the middle of the night from The Netherlands. Can't believe we've come this far again. This is worth missing hours and hours of sleep.
Let's just hope my boss agrees :P.

Jebus the XIV said...

And so I sit with nervous apprehension, waiting for the puck to drop. I don't care that I'll be at work (Friday's on McKnight), I'll be surrounded by fellow Pens fans in the kitchen and waitstaff. That's not mentioning the crowd that will be at the bar.

I can with all honesty say that I'm shucking all previous allegiances to the Winged Wheel. Screw Detroit (that filth laden cesspool). Let's drop the damn puck already!

And in keeping in line with everything, looks like I have the Sykora post.

PittHockey said...

finally gameday

BlacknGold66 said...

He won't get to comment in time so...

[This post, number 19 (for his boy Whitney... tried to get you 18 but PittHockey is on the ball..., dedicated to "Dr. Turkleton"]

[Hossa: Pens = "Babes in Toyland" to Detroit/Hockey media]

DeathByEmu said...

That pic of geno looking at the cup is priceless. I think he is about to have a Con Smythe Series.

M. Vanderlasser said...

No, THANK YOU, Pensblog!

What a pleasure to have this crew to look forward to every day.

Now, to get through the next 12 hours without my head exploding like the guy in Scanners.

Thanks, Potash.

Y said...

just wanted to finally say I love the Pensblog and have been reading it since the middle of the season.
I had moved to Pittsburgh from S.Korea in '96 for school, fell in love with hockey with Mario's return, endured the franchise's hardships when he left, and now am enjoying the bliss of this Cup run... though sadly I have to do it in Crap-Delphia,PA after i had to move the day b4 the Philly series began.
(You wouldn't know how pathetic the local comcast sports media was here, especially Michael Barkann. though it was funny seeing familiar Marshall Harris stuttering here in philly)
Sad I can't rock it with you guys in Pittsburgh when the Pens finally hoist the Cup again, but thanx for you & Seth of ENs for bringing a lil piece of Pitt to ppl like me who now have to live in craphole hells like philly .

Y said...

@ M. Vanderlasser

i miss Potash's great interviews.
I'm starting to even miss Stan haha

threshhold9k said...

TSN has beening having a monkey spin a wheel to choose teams for each series. She choose Pittsburgh, I'm not sure about the blessing of the monkey but it's safe to say she knows more about hockey than the versus announcers.

Lady Jaye said...

I'm so excited I don't even know what to say... I haven't been this excited since finding out we drew the rights to draft Sid... er, well, okay, maybe since last Sunday @ the Mellon when we won the chance to go to the finals...

I don't really blame GR for being a bit upset about not playing, but I am sure he will have a chance to play.

@ TPB Staff > You guys really know how to put things into words. I had the urge to play "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" in the background while reading your post. And thank you guys for creating this blog. It is unmatched.


Gary Roberts be with you all. Have a good day. Is Chatblog still running for tonight? I'll be alone watching the game so chatblog is fun.

Lady Jaye said...

Wooo, I had the Talbot post up there.

Sooska said...

BGL post

@ Staff - i was wondering what happened to geographyblog. I saw on cblog that someone posted for Hawaii too. great post as always. each game is more important that the last and each post is more important than the last.

@ annie - if you are around I know it's early but I am asking for another 1st game post of Lord Stanley's Day speech -a cblog tradition that has never failed.

dhudzin said...

I don't even know what to say, but you all know how I am feeling. I can't say that about 95% of my friends.

On a side note, it is nothing short of utterly hilarious that the Detroit paper put up the Chelios walker pic.

dhudzin said...

Edit- They just took down the entire photoshop section. Hahahahahaa.

MizzPenz said...

Just have to say.....

I'm sitting here at work on Saturday morning griping because I have to be here in the first place. Couldn't sleep last night for shit, and when I did I was having the strangest dreams. Everywhere I went I saw the word "jobber" on stuff. Like, at the store there was Jobber Milk, Jobber Bread, Jobber this n@ etc. I was even using Jobber Makeup. How weird is that?

After reading the first part of the post though, I realize why I read this blog multiple times daily. That just gave me chills to see the vastness of the Penguin's fan base on this site. Now everyone in the office wants to know why I'm all teary eyed.


chris e said...

I hope I dont disappoint anyone but I will not be near a computer for the gameday post. I guess now is going to have to do.

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Hip said...

@BNG66 - I have an idea. But I think I speak for all of us when I say you wouldn't need to thank your c-blog friends. C-blog would be WHL material without you. You good sir, elevate the shit out of this here community.

@deathbyemu - Geno's got the look doesn't he?
(Cue Roxette in 3...2...1...)

Anyone else read the article on Colby in the PPG this morning? Anyone else completely lose it and start sobbing uncontrollably?


Staff - great post. This is sports and being a fan at it's best. Bringing people together from every walk of life, sharing collective joy over a team, picking each other up after bad days/weeks/years, and not asking any question other than: Do you love the Pens?

Hells yeah I love the Pens!!!

We can do this. These boys, at this time, they can do this.

Let's Go Pens.

Jimmy Hugs said...

That story on about BGL was awesome. I don't think anyone can say enough good things about that dude.

Ten hours eleven minutes.


Fiesta Mexicana!

Sooska said...

I was wondering if the DFP even understood that PS of Chelios.

@hip- welcome to MeccaBurgh. I read that article felt bad for Colby which I guess was the point. He hs his nos epressed aginst the glass staring at the kids having a good time without him and never a glance his way.

@ mizzpenz-thought of you last night. I saw Sidneys' Knob at a distance only. Because of a truck accident we got off and wound our way around the tunnel area around Shade Gap to 522. If you ever have time take the Willow Hill exit and loop around & reenter the TP at Ft Littleton. What a fantastic view!

On a side note my husband and I were driving through PA on our pilgrimage to MeccaBurgh last night. We stopped to gas up and when he emerged from Sheetz and got into the car he said, "Well, that's it. Hockey fever is officially at at its peak. Normal life has stopped for the finals..."
"How so?" I queried
He replied, "I was in the men's room and casually noticed a condom dispenser with the name Evening Magic. I thought, Evgeni Malkin." much laughter ensued.

Old said...

Holy Christ! I am already drinking whiskey, and can not wait for the game to start.

Many thanks to the Pensblog, and all the great commenters in cblog. It has been a great season.

Dubs said...

How great is this? Staff - you do a great job and I'm so glad I found this blog.

There's a group of surly ex-pat MeccaBurghians in NYC that will gather tonight at a certain tavern and raise our voices for our boys.

We're with yinz in the Burgh in spirit, and thanks to this blog, in more than that. In Gary We Trust, may the Blessings of Super Mario be on you all, and by the power of the Virgin Errey, LET'S DO THIS SHIT! GO PENS!!!!!!

racheleyos said...

it's a great day for hockey...

backtobedblog.... it's too early.

xuscbausp said...

Pensblog/Cblog: It's been a privilege flying with you.

don't have much else to say at this point. trying to stay busy all day, that's for damn sure

SexyChubbs said...

For the record, I'll be in Germany for Games 3-6 (If it goes 6). That post made me so excited, I read it aloud to all that would listen. The Pens' fan base is one that can't be matched.

Thank you all for a great season, a great life, and a great playoffs. I look forward to posting tonight and watching the game with yinz.

xuscbausp said...

maybe ill post the individual vids later, but do yourself a favor and go to and watch all of the preview vids from both today and the rest of the week (if you haven't already).

Brett said...

I watched media day yesterday, good times. It's always good to see the boys dressed up and saying more than "we gotta play our game". Can't wait for tonight!

Mike Georger said...

every memorial day i come back to charlotte to see family and hang out at the track drinking all day, last year i was wearing my staal shirt and could not walk thirty yards without someone stopping me to talk hockey. at a fucking nascar race. in north carolina. our fans are everywhere.

needless to say im wearing the same shirt today. i love you all

Candace said...

Oklahoma represented right here!

I found this blog just a couple months ago, and have loved every single second of it.

Let's do this shit, indeed.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@tPB Staff

big PROPS to you guys for making mundane mornings, days, nights, early mornings into something while blogging about everything from the Pens to nothing [sorry, Little Jerry Seinfeld]


Thanks for giving me [& my boy Whit] some cblog love [/rubs 'dust' from eyes].

That ♥ is reciprocated right back at'cha...

Thanks to all cbloggers who are the icing to tPB staffs cake that make this community so great & my 2nd 'family'. [/LOUD scratch sound on vinyl record that was playing Without You by Motley Crüe]

Guerillia Radio by Rage ATM starts playing.....

-Would anyone else be surprised to see a Mr. Roberts' Neighborhood episode in Game 4.1 ???????

me things he's playing Jedi/Vulcan Mind Games/Tricks on the clipped Wings.

-congrats to WB/S for forcing a Game 7 [as mentioned by a cblogger late last night]...those guys have had their roster turnover more than the workforce at Cheli's Chilli Bar & Restraunt.

-Will be away all afternoon/evening watching the game with the family over in N.H.T., so.....thenwchica & carroll...hold down the fortblog & lead us to victory!!!!

It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here...
What better time than now?

All hell can't stop us now
All hell can't stop us now
All hell can't stop us now
All hell can't stop us now
All hell can't stop us now
All hell can't stop us now]

Hip said...

Geno love

If nothing else read the last paragraph on Malkinface... because the description of other player's expressions is just hilarious.

Fleury29 said...

I teared up a little reading this post. This is everything we've been waiting for... it's finally here, sooner than I expected. I'm still in shock. If you're not a little emotional right now, you're not a Pens fan.

I'm sitting here, wearing my Fleury jersey and I know that game one is tonight but I don't think I'm really going to know, I won't feel until I hear Mike Lange say what he always says at the beginning of his broadcasts.

Tonight we are all one... all of Pens Nation stands together tonight.

What a time to be alive.

Jawsh said...

Tyler Kennedyith?

Colin said...

Big thanks to both staff and c-blog for making this such a tremendous place. It is something special to have a gathering of fans like this.

The time is finally here, what we have been waiting 96 games for is today. The Stanley Cup finals.

Today is truly a great day for hockey.

Jawsh said...

Do you guys remember that scene in D2 Mighty Ducks, when they were in the locker room and Coach Bombay gave them the ducks fly together speech? And Dwayne was so pumped up he yelled "When the roosters are crowin' and the cows are spinnin' circles in the pasture, ducks fly together!"

This post was that moment for me. So pumped.

racheleyos said...

this game is either gonna be really great or i'm gonna be screaming profanities throughout....which could lead to angrydrunkblog

PensfanSeoul said...

Ugh....this just needs to start...I'm going to get another ulcer waiting for this shit....


Lloyd said...

I'm not saying my thanks yet. This shit isn't over yet.

9 Hours to go.

PensBlogChatBlog better be packed today.

Benjamin said...

america... fuck yeah!

and thank YOU pensblog, cbloggers, and the rest of pens nation alike.

i've never encountered a site and people as colorful, entertaining, and dedicated before.

there really aren't any site's that are a guarantee visit everyday other than the pensblog. true testament to the staff and cbloggers.

@ dr. turkleton "all hell can't stop us now". loves me some rage, great call on that one. i'm gonna have that in my head definitely all day and most likely the whole series. well done, sir.

and there is something real close that i definitely would love to repeat from '92.

great job all year, guys. looking forward to finishing the season off with a bang and clip some (geriatric) wings.

let's do this shit.

go pens!

PensfanSeoul said...

CBlog, I lay this at your feet...

What should I prepare for dinner this evening? I'm about to go to the store, and am flat out of ideas....

What does one have on Game night for the stanley Cup Finals? I was 9 the last time this happened, and had no hand in making the decision....However, now I feel like it is an important one.

That being said, lets not go crazy, cause I am a single guy, and while, willing to experiment, am more of a risk to burn down my apartment complex than I am to create a cullinary masterpeice.

Help me out...I dont want to be the reason the Pens lose game 1 cause I didnt have the correct fare laid out for dinner.

demondg1 said...

HA! The Free Press posted my white believe poster.

I also sent in the hockey ho scandal picture. But they didn't post it. CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP they'll say.

Not hatin'. Just playin'.

Let's go Pens!

See everybody at the arena tonight. Pre-game at the Steelhead.

IceCold... said...

even though i have the oppoortunity to live in this great city with great pens fans, many times i feel that the people around me don't share/understand my enthusiasm(ok, maybe the right word is obsession). but then i sign on here, and i feel at home.

got mad love all around the pensblog nation

i've been dreaming of this day for so long i can hardly believe its here. but at the same time i feel like this is exactly where we are supposed to be. somehow i knew we would be here, like i didn't even question it. you guys know you feel the same way.

i'm having a bunch of people over tonight to get this party started right, and while i may be the only person freakin out to such an extent that i get beer dumped on me to calm me down, i'll take solace in knowing that somewhere, maybe in cali, georgia or norway others are freaking out exactly like me.

wow....i seriously CANNOT wait. need to go find distractions.....


Sooska said...

hey cbloggers! As you may remember I ran geographyblog several weeks ago that Staff picked up on. Please take a cue from many cbloggers already today and post where you are cblogging from. I'm in MeccaBurgh.

Chubs said...

I'm a bit terrified to see that there's a sexy version of me posting (mainly because that makes me the unsexy version, and that's just depressing)

Actuallypensrelatedblog- can we start a movement to get Mario to invite Colby into the box for a game thru the finals? That PPG article was making it a little dusty in here.

Chubs said...

sorry sooska-

posting from Erie, home from college for the summer.

Sooska said...

no worries chubs. it isn't a demand, just a suggestion to pass the next 8 hr 34 minutes. PensUniverse is a force.

Colin said...

I am posting from the great town of Pittsburgh.

I think tonight will be about the unsung players. Everyone has been all about Zetterberg/Datsyuk and Sid/Gino for all the right reasons, but I think tonight might be the night that TK gets one. It will be karma for all his hard work. I think his whole line will play fantastic tonight.

Jawsh said...

Has anyone else been obsessively watching those FSN shows recapping the early 90 Stanley Cup Pens teams?

Nicholas said...

Mistake not to have Roberts in game 1...

Regardless, I am so pumped. LETS GO PENS!!!!!

dying alive said...

Has it been pointed out yet that Chris Chelios is older than Michel Therrien?

They have a player older than our coach. Hilarious.

lizzy_bennet said...

Penguins fans = greater than the sum of their parts

It's killing me not being in Pittsburgh right now. But I will be watching tonight's game in NYC with 30 or more Pens fans, the core of which are dedicated Pittsburgh ex-pats that have been watching (and attending, when possible) games together since the beginning of this epic season.

I was sad that I was leaving for a trip abroad tomorrow (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), upset that I was leaving this behind. But, after reading this post, I see how Pens fandom reaches far and wide around the globe. I now have faith, by the grace of Gary Roberts, that I will find a way to watch this team win the Cup.

Thank you, cblog and Pensblog staff. You give me chills in all the right places.

dying alive said...

And I think it goes without saying that I love Pensblog and cblog. But I'll say it anyway. I love this place.

eileenover said...

For people going to the arena tonight, look for me. I have dark red hair, I'll be wearing my Sid jersey, and should be sitting in a C section. I can't believe the Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight.


PensFanFromWI said...

Not to correctblog, but I think Eddy Spaghetti was correct re: the origination of the USS HG. I recall the group on c-blog saying they were at the game and commenting that he changed direction 'with all the grace and speed of an air craft carrier'. Just remember it cuz I thought it was funny. I think the photoshops, and his subsequent performances and presence on the ice, morphed it to what it is today. He's great, as is the nickname, and c-blog, and tPB ... thanks for all the entertaining posts guys!

I never responded when geographyblog was going on, but my location = Wisconsin. GO PENS!

FakeDannyStag said...


are you planning on watching the game at the lakewood winking lizard?

M. Vanderlasser said...

Representing the Pensblog Nation in the 717 - Carlisle, PA - yo.

Pensblog staff, would we overwhelm you if we sent in anthem shots from wherever we're watching the game tonight (the Igloo, homes, bars, prison, etc.)?

Evgeni Malkin = Evening Magic. Me like.

Sooska said...

@ m vanderlasser- Evening Magic indeed! hee! woo Geno!

@lizzy bennet - I know someone trekking around Europe until June 8. He is a HUGE Pens fan and he planned this trip a long time ago. Everyone who knows him cannot believe he isn't here for this. He is missing it all. I am hoping he can catch a game or 2 from a sports bar somewhere. Since he doesn't have his laptop he can't cblog. We also think its a good omen - he isn't here so the Pens will win it all YEAH! He'd take it to win the Cup.

racheleyos said...

hmm to add some humor to cblog tonight.... i give u my friends dancing party video.
click here
...ladies, you won't be disappointed. lol. guys, you might be saying to yourself, wtf??

posting from north apollo, pa...

danyno67 said...

No no...Thank YOU.

The Swedes are ready to rock!
If you can dream it, you can do it.


Dr. Turkleton said...



Spuds needs to invest his $ on dance lessons OR a maid instead of HGH...

[Hossa: Call On Me]

GwinTheEskimo said...


ramble on

GwinTheEskimo said...


GwinTheEskimo said...

I'm having trouble breathing, I have to work tonight, I'll have to watch at the bar.
four of the pens have come into the restaurant where I work, and sat at the same table and ordered the same thing before every game. they did before they left for detroit

racheleyos said...

Dr. T - lmao.... glad you enjoyed it. i don't even think you call that "dancing."

lizzy_bennet said...

@ sooska

My only solace is that at least I will be in a part of the world that recognizes hockey as a sport, so I won't seem too crazy when I'm combing each city and town in the middle of the night, looking for free wifi or a bar showing the game.

Now I know (and knowing is half the battle) -- no trips until mid-June.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Fakedanny: I will be in Westlake at my girlfriends parents house for the game. We will meet up at the Lizard eventually... I promise you that.

(Kotaliiiiiiik, and Connolly...)

I think M.Vander had a GREAT idea about sending in Nat. Anthem pics from wherever. Staff, let us know if that's an option.

racheleyos said...

BNG - did you stay up all night?

jefe said...

i need to kill +/- 7 more hours. hmm.

go pens.

Hip said...

@pensfanseoul - take your cue from the players themselves and whip up some carb goodness. Doesn't have to be fancy or impressive, just has to get the job done. You're gonna need the energy. And pasta shouldn't be too difficult even for a bachelor. :)

And don't forget friends- anyone concerned about possibly having a heart attack at some point tonight should take a precautionary baby aspirin now. I know I am.

PensfanSeoul said...

@ hip....
That was the decision that I came too as well...Pasta is easy, filling, and will give me the necesary energy.

And I have already taken my 83mg Asprin....will take one about every 6 hours today...

JYo said...


wilsmith said...

woo hoo.

my homeless people at joe louis arena made the cut for the free press.

I really hope those are uploaded automatically and there's not some intern over there who can't figure out the difference between pro-pens and pro-wings photoshops.

Jimmy Hugs said...

7 hours

Virginia Beach, Va representing!

Fiji water - check
Lucky hat - check
Fleury jersey - check
Francis shirt - check
Ruutu jersey - on standby

I think I'm ready

DeCeV said...

I was reading these comments and saw that everyone was associating a number to their posts. I look at the top of the screen, it says 87 posts. Omenblog, maybe, but damn you wilsmith. I was one post too late to look at cblog.

Hip said...

@pensfanseoul - are you really in seoul?

TheNWChica said... what you say about the Dub!

I keed...but I really do love them.

Hip said...

@nwchica - the Dub?
I'm lost!!

PS: pensfanseoul - that baby aspirin isn't going to help your ulcer...

Sean said...

WWCBlogDo without PensBlog?

MizzPenz said...

Mechanicsburg, PA here! Originally from Sewickley though. Like I have to mention that as some sort of excuse for living in Central PA.

TheNWChica said...

Hip-that is what we here in the Dub call the WHL. You said something about them earlier and I thought I'd give my love for my baby boys.

TheNWChica said...

Ooh and Sooksa? Everett Washington represented here for geographyblog!

PensfanSeoul said...

@ hip....
Just spent a year over there, and got back to the States in December...Im living in (/sarcasm)b-e-a-utiful(/sarcasm off) Clarksville, TN, but there is another displaced Pittsburgher here with I have another pens fan to hang with.

My ulcers arent really stomach ulcers....I have Ulcerative Colitus, so the asprin isnt as bad...I would describe it to you all, but its gross and there is really no reason to go into it...

Fleury29 said...

Sooska, I live in Manhattan, Kansas (as already mentioned) but I'm actually in Columbia, Missouri visiting relatives today... but it doesn't matter because where I am, where everyone is, where everyone has always been is Pens Nation.

Hip said...

@nwchica - ahhhh. I'm not down with the lingo. Definitely not jobbing the WHL, just commenting that BNG66 is absolutely a NHL caliber c-blogger.

@pensfanseoul - sorry about being stuck in TN. Seoul must have been awesome though. Jealousyblog.
And sorry about the UC. I know that blows. Hang in there :o)

sirimanni said...

you know we're in the stanley cup finals when you can start a let's go pens chant at the pirates game when they are down 10 runs and people actually get pumped about it. nor is there anything better than saying a gary roberts line while leaving the game in a pack of people and having everyone laugh and then other people start saying their favorite lines aloud.

lets go pens

TheNWChica said...

hip- I know you're not....just was trying to be funny and failed. lol

Vanessa Day said...

WOO HOO! Thanks for the mention, guys!!!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR GAME 1 TONIGHT... If I wasn't at work, I would be going crazy right now!


racheleyos said...

*starts random dance party with self*

Lloyd said...


New Castle

and working in Sewickley

TheNWChica said...

Alright my friends...I'm off to buy groceries so I can cook the feast for Fiesta Mexicana here at Casa de la Chica and celebrate not only game 1, but Lord Gary's Day a day late.

See y'all later! DO IT!

The Big K said...

Pensblog is a global enterprise now.
Congrats Staff on the awesomeness of tPB.

jefe said...

that eddy spaghetti podcast with tPB is entertaining if yinz wanna kill 35 minutes. nice work.

Dubs said...

ahahhahahahahah!!!! this is from that blog link posted before, pretty funny. Poor Geno:

Any time Malkin is cornered into an interview, he has a translator with him. And for all we know, frequent mouthpiece Sergei Gonchar is just making Malkin's answers up. Malkin could totally be like, "Fuck you, Chris Simpson. Why you gotta wear suede jackets all the time?" And Gonchar is like, "He says we play a team game and he always gives 110%." Hey, Malkin may have an excellent handle on the English language (which is what I suspect), and this is just a ruse to keep the press at arm's length. If so, Malkin is a damn genius. Also, and I may be alone in this, but Malkin's choice not to learn English (which I still doubt) kind of makes him seem... cool. EvJourney Malkin doesn't play by your rules, NHL. Oh, he's going to learn a language, all right. But it's going to be Portuguese. Yeah, that's right. He wants to go to Brazil and learn capoeira. Try and stop him. In all seriousness, it lends a certain mysterious, rebellious air to someone who looks like a doof.

PensfanSeoul said...

Yeah Seoul was pretty cool, but I cant imagine living there for more than a year without learning the language.

The only good thing about TN is its only about 8 and a half hours back to Pitt, and if I didnt have to work at 3 tomorrow, thats exactly where I would be.

The UC is no problem...I got it under control and it has been about four years since my last Things are well here...Thanks for you concern though...

I am on tPB everyday, just not a frequent commenter....everyone has already made my points by the time i get here, sometimes its nice to throw myself into I have about 6 more agonizing hours to kill before the game starts....ugh

threshhold9k said...


I say we start Hacksaw until we lose a game in this series if that is even possible. Bring us home with that 2x4.

blueleia said...

Geographyblog: First time poster from Susquehanna County, PA (about 1 hour north of the WB/S Pens). I found Pensblog during the last week of the regular season and have been reading faithfully ever since. Much thanks to the regular cbloggers for providing much laughter and commentary as I watch the games.

Had to share the excitement of the SCF! It's impossible to concentrate on my grad. school work that's due tomorrow when the Pens will be playing tonight! Let's Go Pens!

Stephen S. said...

You know you have something special when people start getting tattoos of your work.
Me = humbled.

Since we're all giving thanks at the mo, i'd like to thank tPB for posting all the stuff that they have and cblog for all the awesome comments! ThankYouThankYouThankYou!

Is it time to drop the puck or what?!?

Dr. Turkleton said...



okay...time to skidaddle.

have to copy this here from a 'friend' on A2Y who was responding to me responding to someone not liking my DOCTOR name:

My question for you Dr. Turkleton is whether you’ve done it intentionally because of Dr. Cox. He showed up in at least three episode wearing a Red Wings Jersey, and in at least one more wearing the t-shirt to Cheli’s Chili Bar. The actor who plays Dr. Cox, John C. McGinley, is actually a friend of Chris Chelios’.

So, is it because you like Donald Faison, or are you really clever enough to come up with the only character on that show who stole something that a Red Wings fan wanted (Carla, not the Stanley Cup)?

Pretty good [and funny] peeps over there...and I haven't been all sydneylouganis or +/- , either....

It feels like the calm before the storm right now...5.5 hours to go!!!

J.S. said...


mentioned this on another board, but I accidentally set up a date for tonight. I couldn't bring myself to cancel or change the day since I already did that the week before because of drill. Without even mentioning the game, she asks if I'd be interested in going out to watch game 1.

bonus points to her.

wish me luck.

Sooska said...

@sirimanni- In the 91 and 92 Cup runs playoff games ran every other night regardless. It was like a second job to go thru it then. During the first Cup run my husband went to a Bucs game and took a little B&W antenna TV with a 9 inch screen. The Buccos were actually good then. I was at the Pat Div game 7 vs NJDevils. PensBob said a crowd gathered around him to watch-it was on over the air then- and whenever the Pens scored a cheer erupted from fans at 3Rivers. At the Igloo they used to post Pirates scores and a cheer would go up during play, especially when we played the Mets or the Braves, or even if Division rivals were playing and they were losing. Murmurs and cheers always erupted in the audience of junior high honors programs that coincided with night playoffs games. Everyone was glued to a radio waiting to hear goals -like the night Kevin Stevens scored 4 against the Broons in the Wales Cnf finals and with each goal the murmuring got louder as the news rippled thru the audience. It took a long time for the faculty on stage to catch on - captive students and parents knew. That was brutal. BUT, it was also very much fun.

Sooska said...

dr turk- there was a Terrible Towel hanging in JD's kitchen. how dare the Whings think its all about THEM.

Dr. Turkleton said...

almost forgot one thing before being cblogless for the game....

you can't spell OCTHAPUSS without Hossa....[/bryan murray dialect]

[Hossa: BURIES IT!]

great_white_nwpa said...

stunned...great post again

great way to wake up in the afternoon after a night of drinking that would make Dr. Phil piss himself....tried to hang on late last night to get 'first' rights (i think) but apparently that wasn't in the cards

BlacknGold66 said...

@J.S.- Marry her.

Annie said...

I was seven in 1992 when we won the Cup last. And tonight that inner child is either going to be bouncing off the ceiling, or my inner drunk will be getting plastered. Let's hope for the former. In any case, the vodka will be flowing tonight in honor of our Russians.

Bring it.

That pic of Malkin looking at the Cup is pure goosebumpsblog. I know this gets said a lot, but I truly think this post is one of your best ever. Thank you Adam, Derek, and the rest of Staff, for creating this blog. I'd probably be lost out here without y'all. That goes for cblog too - you guys are fantastic. I'm with ya in the Burgh in spirit!

Finally, Sooska - Hell yeah! And I'll probably post it again in the Gameday post when it gets closer to gametime too. I'm thinking for these Finals of posting it before every game, not just once before the series. Or should I not jinx what's working? I can't decide.


This game is called the game of Lord Stanley:
He that outlives this day, and wins the Cup,
Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
And rouse him at the name of Evgeni.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly in the Playoffs greet his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is the Final Game:'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
And say 'These wounds I had in Stanley’s game.'
Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages
What feats he did that day: then shall our names.
Familiar in his mouth as household words
Gary the king, Crosby and Malkin,
Fleury and Ruutu, Sykora and Laraque,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Penguins Dynasty shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of Penguins;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall bolster his condition:
And everyone not in Pittsburgh tonight
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold themselves in shame whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Lord Stanley’s day.

And while we're at it:

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Victory's not Victory
Which alters when we lose or fall behind,
Or when we toil in mediocrity.
O no! It is forever with our team,
That lasts through tempests and is never shaken;
From superstars to fourth line we agree
That without one, Pens' chemistry is shaken..
We have a ways to go, and may feel numb
We may not win at all, and we may fume.
But Victory does not change in time to come,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never watched, nor no Pen ever played!

Gary bless us all.


great_white_nwpa said...


Hip said...

@pensfanseoul - post away buddy. You don't have to say anything earth shattering here. Musicblog, foodblog, completerandomnessblog. We love it all.

5 more hours.

Go Pens!

Sooska said...

@ annie- thanks. stirring as always and never more meaningful. post it as the spirit moves you since The Cup Changes Everything.

letsgopsu said...

The "me=joke" comment from last night was because I fell asleep while watching Raiders of the Lost Arc. I'm sure you all will agree that makes me=joke.

And no, I didn't get hammered last night. I went to bed before my parents (around 11) and then slept til noon. I guess that's what happens when you only have 4 hours of sleep the night before.

5 hours....I am way too impatient....

xuscbausp said...

im so torn on whether i should go out or stay in for pensblogchatblog...oh boy

Beav said...

In Erie Pa for geographyblog

Attempted drunkandstayupfornewpostblog but that met with resounding failure... there's always tomorrow

xuscbausp said... home town. ill be back there for games five and six (if necessary).

although game six...ill probably be in pittsburgh. ha

great_white_nwpa said...

if Mercyhurst ever gets back to me about my application, i soon too will be living in Erie...anything to get out of Sheffield

michelle said...

it has been an honor and a privilege fighting alongside you all this season.

I had the hardest time trying to sleep last night. I was filled with nostalgia for the Mario era, and restless over how much this whole situation means to Pittsburgh and its fans.

Mr. Jon Burton told everyone via WTAE last night that Detroit fans aren't rushing for tickets and whatnot. I guess the stench of the octopus murders over the years has gone to their brains.

I'm beside myself and don't know what to do with the rest of the day until game time.

Thanks to everyone here for the chatting and the interaction and the camaraderie.


xuscbausp said...

there is nothing on in my apt right now. i am sitting in silence just listening to the breeze and watching the clock.

how intense is this for me? the wife went to work today instead of be around me. thats right. on the sat. before memorial day the wife would rather be at work than around me before game one.

she hates the stanley cup haha

Benjamin said...

I hope to see a lot of you Cbloggers there. I think Im going to grab a ticket at the door about a half hour before gametime, and sit in C section. I wish those free candy tees were available a few days ago so I could have ordered one and had it here by today, But I think Ill make my own and buy one later. So you all there tonight! Untill then it will be yardworkblog and tailgateblog. Go Pens Go!

Benjamin said...

done and done, Look for the crappy white tee with FREE CANDY written on the front haha. Looking forward to creepingpeopleoutblog haha

mer said...

that 1992-2008 comparison chart made my day. 16 years and nothing in america changes, except now we have iphones...

MattB said...

Let's do this for The Badger.

paul said...

Still can't believe game 1 is tonight.


i thought i was the only one in erie!? what a boring place this is. it is truly disappointing to be in pittsburgh for the entire season and all of the playoffs, clinching the rangers series in the primanti's on south side and getting a LETS GO PENS chant going with 30 other people, then to be in erie for the flyers and stanley series. If there was one bonus to attending Duquesne, it was being within spitting distance of the Igloo.

I know two of my best friends (and big pens fans) are traveling in europe currently, on their behalf I know they are planning on sleeping in a park or something so they can wake up at 3:30 and get to a Canadian bar to watch game 1. We discussed this possibility in january or february and we agreed that it was best for them not to worry about it til the time came. and here we are, hard to believe for sure!

I agree that, if resources allow, we should send in anthem pics no matter where we are. pens nation unity, 4 realz.


racheleyos said...

"Angry Roberts to sit out Game 1 for Pens."

"Pens' Roberts ticked."

Haha... only can imagine what will happen when he is released from his cage....

stokes said...

Racheleyos: THANK YOU! Not only did i have to look a man showing his ass off, which i only stuck around for about 5 seconds, i also got that FUCKING SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD! DAMN YOU!!!! i should have known it was bad news as soon as that song started playing....

last night's PA BIg 4 number was 8771. omenblog?!?!

Holy balls am i getting tanked tonight.

cblogging from The Dirty D, Dormont, PA



racheleyos said...

stokes - awe...only the first 5 seconds?? you missed the best part. jk. just think, every time you hear that song you will think of my friend shaking his ass. ahahaha

Sooska said...

for cbloggers in the Burgh or those who have satelitte TV - FSNPgh is showing Raising the Cup 92 is at 430 (NOW). They are both running again tomorrow beginning at 6PM. They are one hour each. 91 will be shown at 5 pm on Monday. 92 will be shown at 5pm on Wednesday.

letsgopsu said...

I'm watching a special on the Cup years on FSN right now, goosebumpsblog.

If this team does not win the Cup this year, this will be more disappointing than when I was 6 years on and the Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX (thanks Neil).

3 hours, 30 minutes.

michelle said...

My sister is officially going to be watching around 1am in London, England


J.S. said...

@bng, have to see her reactions during the game before I make that call.

just kidding...or am I?....nah, I'm just kidding...maybe I'm not...

(wonder if anybody can pick out where that quote is from)

jefe said...

we need father time here just to START the game.

pens 4 - flat tires 2

KJ said...

along with loser chris i'm in texas also. which means i hope people won't abandon chatblog tonight since i've got no one else to watch the game with besides me, myself, and i

johnny said...

Let's Go Pens! Penguins mania is taking Tallahassee by storm, brothers and sisters.

Predsboy18 said...

Being a Pens fan from Nashville, it's hard to get news on the Pens, thanks for all of the stories, and all of the laughter throughout the year!


If you ever need any help on insults to hurl at the Wings, there's plenty of Wings haters here!

TheNWChica said...

I have the fixings for the enchiladas and the side dishes, but I chose against the margaritas and went for Mike's lemonade instead.

me=alcohol wuss

J.S. said...

lol, look what I just got in the mail.

click meeeeee eBay price: 13.00

what to do, what to do.

My original plan was to wear it in mockery of the Flyers, kinda like when the opposing side takes something in battle. Then I thought I could wear it next April 1st.

I'm open to any suggestions, reasonable ones that is.

J.S. said...

predsboy, let's hear em. I can only make so many jokes about Chelios' and Hasek's age, and McCarty's gambling problem.

PensfanSeoul said...

I have nothing left to read.

No distractions left to keep me from sitting here staring at this box until the game starts.

I've read the breakdowns...I've read what people all across Gore are saying...and they are all saying that our "lack" of defense is what is going to decide the series (those picking against us anyway)

Man does that make me smile a little inside.

Weren't the flyers supposed to have all the necesary scoring depth to get lots of good chances on MAF? Weren't the Senators (that seems soooooo long ago) supposed to have a high powered offense? Werent the Rangers....well, they had Jagr playing like he was 25 again....

I refuse to say anymore than I already have...I started to, but realized I sounded waaayyy too cocky. Can't do that.

Drinking Molsen Golden in preperation for the game...

Jesus. The puck needs to drop right now...I cant take it anymore.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@nwchica, a-ha! The Mike's ads on Versucks funally got to you, eh?

Did you get the soy latte flavor?

Speaking of geography, here's an excellent lesson from
Bob and Doug.

Hossa! Hossa! Hossa! Hossa!

Lloyd said...

3 Hours to go

TheNWChica said...

Yes, m. vander...I'm a wuss and got the Mike's. I couldn't bear to make a whole pitcher of margaritas and have to throw half out since they don't hold over; and the Chica with too much tequila is a bad bad thing. So I went safe and got the light lemon flavor.

xuscbausp said...

still torn...out or cblog. what to do what to do.

oy vey

stokes said...

@ js: i have a suggestion. you could clean up dog shit with it....

@ racheleyos: that guy's ass, and, of course, this site

stokes said...

Damn broken links....

click me with your speakers turned way up!

Wingsfan said...


You mean your tired old "Chelios is a sissy" chants or the chant after your team scores a goal, the always classy "Na na na na HEY YOU SUCK!" played to the tune of a song written and performed by a man convicted of owning a library of child pornography?

racheleyos said...

omggg ice cream van

i wish i could sneak up on it and tape a picture of orpik on the back mwuahahaha

TheNWChica said...

@rachel- we've had ice cream vans starting to come around here now that the weather is getting better, and when I hear them I always say Free Candy!

J.S. said...

stokes, not lookin to ruin it quite yet. A few players from my old inline team are Flyers fan. I might wear it to one of our games and heckle them about that stupid saying. Those Flyers fans could explain why we sucked so bad last season. At least one, sometimes two, would show up drunk and one of the sober ones would go out and pick a fight.

Me? I was the Ruutu of the bunch. Chipping in the occasional goal and yapping the entire time I was skating.

Y said...

I visited Seoul about 6 years ago, and man, i miss the awesome spicy, ass burning foods in Seoul...
everyone seems a bit antsy till the game starts... but i totally feel yas.
So where you all gonna be watching the game at?
I haven't found a Pens bar in Philly yet, so probably i'll be home in front of my TV, hoping my gf doesn't annoy me too much asking when the next fight's gonna be :P
(sadly, as Flyer's fan, that's her favorite part of watching hockey )

racheleyos said...

chica - haha i would have yelled free candy but i didn't want them to stop cause the drivers always are so creepy for some reason.

jefe said...

the flyers logo kinda looks like a tire with wings also. f'ing lame.

and why cant i find an ice cream truck in arizona.

less than an hour til 4.1!!!!

Max Power said...

PENS tat shined up for the event : check
Novelty PENS hat : check
Novelty Gary Roberts sleveless shirt to show off tat : check
Lucky PENS boxers : check
1/2 barrel of Labatt : check
WWGRD band : check
5ft sammich : check
73in flat hd : check

The day isn't passing fast enough no matte how much I drink. I'm so geared up I think I just peed a little. I feel like a kid again!

Thank you tpb for all the awesome posts that help the first hours of work less homocide inspiring.

To my beloved fellow fans... Tis been far too long but has been worth every step... GO PENS!

racheleyos said...

max - 1/2 barrel of Labatt : check

is that all for yourself???? lol.

Dubs said...

Annie -

Nice! Henry would be proud.

Max Power said...

1st stc game + best friends bachelor party = possible death

jefe said...

so one of my friends doesnt want to start the game until an hour later so we can skip through the commercials. which was cool during the regular season. but now i feel i want to be enjoying this at the same time all of you are. even if i have to endure that dockers ad 16 more times.

coffeytalk said...

off to pregame for the pregame now.

I love yinz guys 'n at. I truly truly do.


Dubs said...

Max -

LOL! that's def a lethal combo ...

stokes said...

well, j.s., after that gets old, you always have the dog shit option.

hockey while drunk is actually pretty challenging.

i'm out. GO PENS.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Coffey! Tell the gang hi for those of us who can't be with yinz down there!

J.S. said...

green st patty's day pens shirt - check
wwgrd band - check
white pens hat - in possession
go pens/cup changes everything towel - in Jeep.

Can't go overboard tonight, just going in safe mode.

t-minus 1 hr for me, 2 hrs for gametime. Got a 30 min drive, so I'm out. Be back after the game.

patdais07 said...

t-minus two hours

So Pumped

Go Pens

J.S. said...

hockey while drunk = dehydrationblog

did it years ago (the story of "sweating Jager" will be discussed at another time), won't even attempt it now.

Jenks said...

Geographyblog: I up here in Great Falls, MT. Born in Greensburg.

Love the site and all of the comments. I would pay about 20 bucks for a sixer of IC.


o2bwiggy said...

Just checkin' in on the geographyblog from wild and windy Wyoming.

Born and raised on the north side...left 15 years ago, and haven't looked back, but TPB really makes me miss the 'Burgh.



KJ said...

i tried to sleep plenty of the day away (no longer drink, i need to save what i have left of my kidneys though i'd help chica with that margarita pitcher!), but nooooo. someone right now is hammering, someone was doing yard work outside (its 105 on memorial day weekend, take a break!), and of course the phone keeps ringing (it'll be unplugged for the game).

and jefe for those of us in chat blog during the game, we consider those docker ads to be good luck! and good advertising, i think by the time its all said and done, we'll be moving to SF, golfing in casuals, and have sold our soul to the dockers ceo.

BlacknGold66 said...

Every time I put on my Pens "Sacrifice" shirt before a game you can hear the souls of the dead scream...

This thing hasn't seen the washer or dryer in well over a month.

xuscbausp said...

i live for the zohan commercials, thank you very much

KJ said...

rerun of jeopardy on the local tv: category "gary-mandering". wonder if there is a clue about gary beating up ben eager?

threshhold9k said...

Remember this feeling:

Only if the boys at FSN Pittsburgh could cover the SCF.
Time to get pumped up, 1h45m~ remaining.

TheNWChica said...

FreeCandy van in my parking lot right now!!!!

kaitlin said...

hey, jenks -- i'm in greensburg

Sooska said...

MYGary! KDKA just showed Kris Beech and his playoff beard. It cannot be described how skeevy he looks.

Rachele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachele said...

damn i cant type/ and my post looks weird cause it doesnt say racheleyos anymore. meh

Jimmy Hugs said...

thehockeysongblog -
"Hello out there we're on the air it's hockey night tonight
Tension grows the whistle blows-& the puck goes down the ice.
The goalie jumps and the players bump and the fans all go insane
Someone roars "Crosby scores!" at the good ole hockey game"

Jenks said...

Kaitlin, I may have gone to KG with you.

Wish I was back in PA for sure.


Carroll said...

penstv has cisco live access on right now.

xuscbausp said...

and the best game you can name is the good old hockey game

kaitlin said...

where did you go?

TheNWChica said...

YO! Everyone come over to the gameday post!

Dubs said...

time to head to the bar ... good luck everybody!!! time to make some history!!!

Max Power said...

Party's starting. I'm out! GO PENS!


tpb staff, solid pregame post!

Predsboy18 said...

j.s. We have quite a few taunts for the Wings, some of us have taken to McCarty's affinity for the "adult beverages." The fact that the Wings uniforms look like

You can see some of them at

And to our resident Red Wings "fan" all I have to say is Kwame Kilpatrick's name, and texting, and that trumps anything you can say about the Preds.

Mberenis said...

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demondg1 said...

I'll take the blame on this one. Karma tested me, and I folded.

My bad.

Mike / Speeed said...

What a bunch of pansy ass, whiny, no-hustle chokers.
This series is another embarrassment for the city of Pittsburgh to deal with.
Crosby is showing he's not a pimple on Mario's ass. The truly great players step up & take over games when the chips are down, and put the game on their backs. Crosby has not done this. Malkin is an incredible disappointment.

Mike / Speeed said...

What a bunch of pansy ass, whiny, no-hustle chokers.
This series is another embarrassment for the city of Pittsburgh to deal with.
Crosby is showing he's not a pimple on Mario's ass. The truly great players step up & take over games when the chips are down, and put the game on their backs. Crosby has not done this. Malkin is an incredible disappointment.


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