Friday, May 30, 2008

True Lies

[ Tim S. ] sent that link along.

Just a great way to start the day.
Tha'ts how you job.


The second-best way to start a day?
Hearing rumblings that Tomas Holmstrom has a lower-body injury.
A.K.A. -- Ovulation. [ TSN ]

[ Dan D. ]

Holmstrom is an abominable snowman that you can't knock down on the PK.
But when it's 5-on-5, he goes down faster than Lee P.'s wife.

It does not have to be said that the Wings losing Holmstrom is huge.

[ Andrew C. Bly ]

[ A2Y ]

"Pens Game 3 Game Plan: Beat the Hell out of Holmstrom. And they did. All night.
Hal Gill is a lumbering illiterate and his antics last night were reminiscent of [Chris Pronger]."


A bad way to start the day?
To see more journalists jumping on the job-Lemieux bandwagon.

David Shoalts at [ Globe and Joke ]

Article Title:
Mario Lemieux: Exploiter Extraordinaire

So once that arena deal was announced, Lemieux didn't need any more attention.
Not even a few minutes to talk about the feel-good story of his team.

See ya, suckers, the saying goes.

This is all moot when 66 takes the pregame skate on Saturday night.


[ Alan "Crash" ]

[ TSN ] [ ] [ ESPN ] [ Yahoo ]
[ PG ] [ Trib ] [ ]
That saved us a lot of work.

:: Game 3 TV ratings were all business. [ KK ]
87% increase over last year's Game 3.
There's that number again.

:: David Staples is a beast. [ Edmonton Journal ]



:: HCMT questions and answers. [ KK ]
:: The Penguins control their own destiny. [ Paul Kukla ]
:: The differences in Game 3. [ ]
:: Watch the Penguins fly. [ Game On ]

New Cheer Cards. [ PG ]
There's no "U" in TEAM.

:: There are some tremendous pics over at Empty-Netters' Flickr Page. [ Flickr ]

:: [ Tournament of Masks ]
Fleury has met his match. He is down roughly 600 votes.
Again, that site is unreal. Vote for the best mask. Or don't. Whatev.


It's been over 24 hours. Orpik's shift has been watched 20,000 times on YouTube.
Rob Scuderi called it a Yard Sale.
It's somehow become the national anthem of Cambodia.

[ sh0ez ]

The Shift set to a great soundtrack.
[ Alex N. ]

[ JMO in Dormont ]


:: The Red Wings relaxed Thursday. [ Detroit Free Joke ]

In other news, Red Wings fans are fat:
[Thanks to Kaitlin C for the pic]


[ Blaine Hull ] with the Randy Newman song written for Chris Osgood.

"Little people got no reason to live.
They got little hands, little eyes.
They walk around telling great, big lies."

[Nicky B]

Why is Randy Newman so pissed? Jesus.


The Baby Pens lost Game One of the Calder Finals 5-4 [ WBSPenguins ]


[ Robert S. ] grabbed this Top-10 All-time Pens list from TSN.

1:30 mark.
It looks like goals that didn't even count are put into highlight reels.


Somber news.
Top Canucks prospect Luc Bourdon was killed in a motorcycle accident. [ Mirtle ]
He was 21.

There will be a moment of silence before Game 4.


:: Seattle residents were jobbed out of seeing Game 3. [ Globe and Mail ]
Thanks to [ Micah L. ] for the info.

:: [ Yinz Luv 'Da Guins ]

:: [ Wings-Blackhawks at Wrigley for next season's Winter Classic ]

:: KC residents dream of what could have been. [ ]
[ Fleury29 ] with the link.

The encyclopedia anyone can edit. Not.
Rex Gildo's page mentions nothing of the Hossa song now.

Have to do it:


[ Mirtle M.D. ] found an interesting tidbit at MSNBC Thursday.
According to this [ MSNBC ] article, there are two dozen bloggers covering the finals.

No clue what MSNBC is talking about.


:: If you want to talk to ESPN's Scott Burnside about him slamming 66,
we have on good authority that he enters through Gate 3 about 2 hours before the game.

:: Also, a little birdie told us the Wings are staying at Nemacolin Woodlands.
Hopefully Joe Hardy tries to marry one of them.

:: We've had many people snap this pic with their camera phones and e-mail it in.
Is it hanging up somewhere?


Go Pens


eileenover said...


eileenover said...


USS Gill

jefe said...


jefe said...

comment and GAME 4

jefe said...

wrigley field holds +/-41,000. so not nearly what the last one saw, but everyone should have a good seat.

wake up people.

eileenover said...

You had Eaton and Scuds and didn't say anything!

Sydor again.

eileenover said...


jefe said...

oh and kudos the tPB staff for keepin it real. mostly hilarious stuff.


joey mullen

jefe said...

arg. i cant count.

Jonny V said...

This may be a moot point (I've been working my butt off and haven't read any of the last couple of c-blogs), but discussing game 3 at work today, I got to thinking. Anyone that watched game three, be them Flyer fans, Ranger fans, Caps fans, or any other team, and upon witnessing the effort that Crosby put up can still call him "Cindy" or "Diver" or some other gay name surrounded by quotes, they deserve to have their viewing rights terminated. It was only one game, but his performance was one for the ages. Job me if somebody already brought up that point, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Hacksaw all the way.

eileenover said...


eileenover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jefe said...


Jonny V said...

Wow, looks like I haven't missed much around here.

jefe said...

haha. i didnt wanna play but i was yelled at.

eileenover said...

And you'll do as I say.

Jay Caulfield

jefe said...

@sh0ez -again, THE SHIFT design works so damn well.

jefe said...

oops. uhh


sh0ez said...


I spent from 1-2:30 waiting for a new post. Nothing. I take some time to get some pics for a Photoshop and see what happens. I'm so off of things today!


eileenover said...

Goodnight c-blog.


eileenover said...

Damn you.

I'll take Briere again. Bye.

sh0ez said...

And thanks, jefe.

I may as well post it again, here is the revised Yard Sale PS with the advice from cblog:

Yard Sale tshirtdesignblog

Thoughts? Anymore additions I should make?

jefe said...

itd be nice if staff had put the video up of dawnson crying, cause you know damn well we would all still play it.

paul stanton.

jefe said...

how about a lil more grass, doesnt look like much of a yard haha. maybe a glove on the lawn too. could get too cluttered by then. i duno.

sh0ez said...

Sorry, Eileen!

Uhm. McKenna?

I see they are opening the Mellon for Game 5, just like Games 1 and 2. Maybe I will make an appearance. Tickets will go on sale at 10AM for $5 with all going to the Lemieux Foundation. Ticketmaster won't have any of their lame fees, either. Sweet.

sh0ez said...

Dammit. I was Talbot.

sh0ez said...


Yeah, I just kinda wanted a small patch of grass. Cartoony-style. And yeah, I was thinking of adding more, but if this were to be a t-shirt, would more make it too much?

PDX Pens said...

Jesus, I'm on the West Coast and you all are still up. Yinzers.

Reposted from previous post:

@jefe: Would love to be seeing it LIVE as well. My brother (who lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a die-hard Pens fan) and I wanted to unite in Pittsburgh for game 4. Plane tickets for me are over $500 and game tickets are well over that as well. Some things money can't buy and Mastercard is not an option. I will watch on NBC and do the standard text message after every big play.

Pens Nation: Know that people are EVERYWHERE around the country and the world...just DYING to be there in the 'Burgh to feel what you are feeling. Saturday will be off the charts. Lets get that W.

Dude, I freakin LOVE that Dawsons Creek clip. HILARIOUS! effin Cryers.

jefe said...

sh0ez -maybe just about a half patch on each side. that amount right now just doesnt look right.

pdx -i prob couldnt afford to see live games anyway, but being in the city and watching without paying centerice is next best.


J.S. said...

the old 29er!

sh0ez said...

That Dawson's Creek clip has gotten us through the playoffs with who we've played.

When I made the Gary Roberts for President Facebook group, I truly began to realize the vastness of Pens Nation. People would let me know where they were from so I could make them a 'leader' in their respective regions. I got people from many different places. Even a kid who took it across seas! Amazing. Puts a smile on my face knowing all the different places where Pens fans exist.

sh0ez said...


sh0ez said...

Ryan Stone? I have a tough time remembering the AHL guys who have only played one or two games for the Big Pens.

I'll add some more grass and see.

BlacknGold66 said...

Me = Still drunk.

-The guy that says "Detroit Sucks" in that video is money because you can actually see him contemplate the Job. Look at it again if you don't know what I mean.

-If you were around for the Pens pre-season post... the Andrew C. Bly photoshop means THAT much more to you.

-Guys that leave little bullets or dashes in their posts are losers.

- That Dawson's Creek pic will never get old.

-This is all moot when 66 takes the pregame skate on Saturday night.

Fuck you guys for coming up with something I wish I had come up with!

-If you've never read Seth's posts at Empty Netters you are missing out. He's the sole reason lots of us cbloggers are here.

-Sh0ez... that pic/shirt of "The Shift" is great because there is a "44" in there TWICE! (just 13 shy of how many hits he had in that shift)


sh0ez said...


Yard Sale Blog V4.0

sh0ez said...



The "Detroit Sucks" guy rules. That was definitely money.

Still sad to read about Bourdon.

44 twice?

jefe said...

"detroit sucks"

nuff said.

sh0ez thats money.

sh0ez said...

Hat trick - post - hat trick?

Okay, I'm done. I'm bored. I should sleep.

jefe said...

ohh i see it now the shift path looks like 4's also. just another thing to add to how fitting that design is.

i just though bng66 was seeing, quadruple??

sh0ez said...

Aw, damn.


jefe said...


sh0ez said...


Ha ha. I have had no luck today!

I get it now about the whole two 44 thing. I thought he was doing the same. Ha ha.

So that is enough grass then? Nathan Smith!

jefe said...

dag nabbit. f this. i need to sleep.

sh0ez said...


sh0ez said...


BlacknGold66 said...

OK, sorry to be the "blog police"... but let's kill the "Player's Numbers" posts.

It was fun for the one post, but after that it just gets too hard to follow if you have to skim through the first 95 posts.

jefe said...

haha some fan you are.. i kid. anyway..

tailgateblog in +/- day and a half.

all is well. adios.

jefe said...

p.s. eileenover made us do it!!!!

sh0ez said...

Yeah, it's always the first person to do it that is to blame. I just wanted to do it since I missed the first two. Heh. People are going to wake up tomorrow and be "what the hell happened here . . . oh."

I think I'm going to bed, too. I'm sorry I'm leaving you drunkbngblog. I need sleep.

Let's hopefully get something together for Game 5? Game 7 if the Wangs dive for another win? Tailgateblog + insidemellonblog = win?

PDX Pens said...


Jawsh said...

Anyone know anyone at the PPG that can get them to make an I believe in Free Candy?

Pensblog Staff said...

BnG66 with the citizen's arrest

demondg1 said...

It sucks that Winter Classic 2.0 is being held in such a small stadium. But I'll still try my damnedest to go.

As a veteran of WC1, I said I'd never do it again. But here I am 6 months later making plans to see two teams I don't really care about in.

Sooska said...

good morning!

Sooska said...


xuscbausp said...

very nice touch with the moment of silence before the game. NBC probably won't show it, though.

the fan in vid one was correct. detroit sucks.

lets go pens

Sooska said...

sorry BNG66- I didnt see your request. I thought Oh no here we go again after I quit last night.

GodGary now I can post.

does Staff ever sleep?

If Mario held press conferences the English speaking media in Canada (and the hacks in the US) would accuse him of trying to steal the spotlight. What could he possibly have to say that we don't already know? As a fan I have no need to hear him say "obviously" again. I just go to DVE's web site and listen to the Mario podcasts.
These media types should get off his back - much like the garage league in the 90s. If I were a ref I would call a penalty on the media who wrote about Mario for "unmitigated-laziness-by-the-media-who-can't-track-down-a-real-story-but-have-to-wait-for-a-press-conference-or-a-one-on-one-interview-to-ask-stupid-questions-and-receive-the-same-pat-answers-so-they-make-something-up." If I were Mario I wouldn't talk either- they'd just twist his words or make up lies.

Colin said...

@ staff -

Is that Robert Staff photoshopped in the Mike Babcock press conference pic?

Colin said...

^ - Check that, I meant Robert Stack.

dying alive said...

Maybe someone can explain this to me.

Holmstrom makes his living in the "dirty" area just in front of the net. Obviously, the opposing player does not want anyone in front of the net. So why in the blue brimstone hell are Wings fans and players continuously surprised that the Pens are trying to knock him around to get him the hell out of there? Am I missing something here? Trying to get the guy's badonkadonk out of your goalie's face makes you an illiterate and constitutes as "antics?" Interesting. And the Pronger comparison is priceless.

Also, I'm going to make a "Leave Mario Alone!" Youtube.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

You know, Eddie Belfour devised perhaps the most effective way of removing Holmstrom from his face back in the day. Rather than let Derian Hatcher, et al. beat the hell out of Holmstrom, Belfour put his stick between Holmstrom's legs and... well, let's just say that if Holmstrom wasn't wearing a cup, he couldn't have kids after that. That was during a playoff game, and still in the one-ref era, so no one except the camera caught it. I don't think Belfour got fined or anything; he definitely didn't get rung up for a penalty.

dying alive said...

I missed the convo about seeing the Pens in public. I see some of them from time to time in the Robinson area - usually Malone & Fleury. I think they might live around here somewhere. I'm sure they're perfectly nice but I'd feel bad bothering them during their personal time, so I never say anything. I've seen Fleury's girlfriend a few times too (I am not a stalker, honestly, I know what she looks like because they always have her on the jumbotron presenting things to charity and whatnot). My friend Jayme met Jordan Staal at Panera Bread in Robinson a while back. He signed an autograph for her. She said he was pretty much the nicest guy ever.

dying alive said...

@ formerly nathan - Fleury has already done that twice this playoffs - once to Lapointe and once to Avery. Holmstrom will probably get more of the same, and then Wings fans can whine about him taking cheap shots at a guy who has groin problems.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Yeah, except Fleury's shots were nothing compared to Belfour's on Holmstrom. Put it this way, if Belfour did that in the real world, he'd have been arrested for assault.

42bellyoption said...

My favorite quote from that Lemieux article....."Even though Lemieux played a leading role in a well-orchestrated squeeze play that got a new arena out of the state, county and city governments – the Penguins threatened to move, then cozied up to Kansas City, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City as part of the campaign – the local fans do not seem to hold it against him."

What an absolute joke. I guess this guy conveniently forgot about the Pens original plan for the casino license in which not a dime would be used from the tax payers to build the arena.

The press has really just morphed into a bunch of idiots looking to become celebrities in their own rights. They don't bother with facts - just print whatever is controversial and will get the most attention. This is absolutely shameful to treat a man like this who has done so much for the game of hockey and the city of Pittsburgh.

dying alive said...

Even though Lemieux played a leading role in a well-orchestrated squeeze play that got a new arena out of the state, county and city governments – the Penguins threatened to move, then cozied up to Kansas City, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City as part of the campaign – the local fans do not seem to hold it against him.

Uh, he lays out in that very sentence why we don't hold it against him. Congratulations to us for not being idiots and understanding the concept of leverage. That puts us ahead of the curve, apparently.

Lady Jaye said...

Look at all you crazy cbloggers who were up till the wee hours of the morning. Yinz crazy kids! Now get off my lawn... there is a Yard Sale going on.

@the yard sale design > I think for a tshirt it is perfect. If you add too much it will be way too busy on a shirt. The little piece of candy was a very nice touch.

Will somebody make an Orpik Yard Sale sign to hang up in F section?

Is it saturday yet?

Christina said...

that "Tough meets Candy" 'shop at the top of the page = pure brilliance.

JYo said...

Don't book those Winter Classic tix yet. The Wings are saying the reports are very premature.

Pensblog Staff said...

Colin.... good eye.WOOOOOOOOOO

Fleury29 said...

I think Lemieux understands that right now, he's not the one who should have attention. What matters is the players on the ice and the coach behind the bench. That's it.

That's why he's classy, that's why he's Lemieux.

He knows what the owner says doesn't matter right now.

I think these so-called professional journalists need to take a lesson from The Pensblog about how to do non-game day articles because TPB has it down pat on the non-game day posts.

They're just bored and looking for something to talk about now that game four is a day away and all the angles that actually matter for this series have been covered.

Fleury29 said...

Oh, and that article in the KC Star was a total joke. I laughed when I read it because the people interviewed were so pathetic.

It reminded me that people still say stuff like, "Oh, you're a Penguins fan, eh? I'll bet you're sad they didn't move to KC."

Um, no, douchehammer. Just because KC is 2 hours away by car and Pittsburgh is 3 hours away by plane doesn't mean I wanted them to move to KC. People just don't seem to understand that...and those people are stupid.

I think eventually KC will get an NHL team... then they'll move to Vegas.

42bellyoption said...

@ fleury29

And that's the most annoying part - they make up stuff to fill their column on the days they are too lazy to do any actual reporting.

Stoosh said...

Morning before Gameday thoughts, dudes...

1. From the "there's that number again" department - I stopped at Sheetz in Mooooooooooon Township on my way to work this morning for some coffee and a Shmeltz sandwich (soft pretzel breakfast sandwich = breakfast heaven). Went up to the MTO screen, placed my order and looked at the printout ticket. Order #877. Guy who got his order before me? #871.

2. Holmstrom - I said this the other night in my postgame thoughts, dudes...For a guy who has made a (very nice) career for himself playing in front of the net, Holmstrom sometimes acts like he can't believe he gets worked over by an opposing defenseman when he's in there. It'd be the equivalent of Shaquille O'Neal posting up in the paint and complaining to the refs every time someone tried to muscle him out of there. If you go that part of the ice, you're going to get hit. The way he was looking around for calls the other night was ridiculous.

3. Then again, didn't someone in the playoffs...maybe Dallas...get Holmstrom so frustrated he took a swing at someone who was sitting on the opposing bench as Holmstrom was skating back to his own bench?

4. Some of the Pens can be found out in the Robinson Twp. area because a few of them live out that way or at least near there. Fleury just built a house not too long ago in Moon Twp. Sid, of course, lives right across the river in Sewickley. Army had a house not too far away in Nevillewood. And while he's no longer playing, Phil Bourque can be found in Stoosh-country, out in Hopewell Twp. I've met Phil a couple of times...incredibly awesome guy.

5. And if Mario was making himself available to the media, he'd be the boorish, selfish, omnipresent media whore who refuses to leave the spotlight that should rightfully belong to the players on the ice.

Mario took a step back away from the spotlight because he's no longer the face of the franchise and he recognizes that.

The Mario Chapter in the book of the Penguins was officially closed the moment he stepped off the ice on March 13, 2007, after making the announcement to the Mellon Arena crowd that the arena deal was done. You'd think the media would realize that the guy is actually being UNSELFISH. It's his team because he's the owner, but it's no longer his era.

6. If David Shoalts speaks for the media and they're so frustrated about not having Lemieux's feel-good story to talk about, let someone from Pittsburgh write a book about it and do it the right way.

People from Pittsburgh at least had some concept of how things went down. And we sure as hell wouldn't drum up some half-assed theory that Lemieux was THISCLOSE to moving the team. He wasn't. The proposed sale to Balsillie was never going to happen (Balsillie had no NHL-ready arena to relocate the team to if he tried to move them). The exploratory visits to KC were simply the Lemieux Group (with strings being pulled by Burkle) playing the only real card they had in the negotiations - namely, the threat of moving the team. It was the only real leverage he had against the elected officials in negotiating the best deal they could get under Plan B.

The media isn't smart enough to connect those dots; it's a lot easier and it sells a lot more papers if you just point to those events and say Lemieux was going to move the team.

Stoosh said...

If you look at the Babcock press conference photo, I believe the lady in green is Helene St. Joke, writer of that pep-rally crap she called a column the other day in the Detroit Free Press.

42bellyoption said...

@ stoosh

The media blasts Mark Cuban and says he is an attention whore because he loves the media, runs his own blog, etc. They criticize for whatever you do. These articles from Burnside, Cook, and this jagoff make it crystal clear why Mario doesn't do interviews anymore.....

JYo said...

That Babcock presser was about as well attended as a Wings home game.

Jamison said...

Check out the new post. Funny.

Ryan said...

Bring your Terrible Towels to Game 4!

Wear your white shirts, wave the gold terrible towels, and the white one they give you!

dying alive said...

Ooooo, staff. You'd better quit defaming his character. He's prepared to waste tons of money over something said on a blog.

Hip said...

That Detroit Sucks jobber is perfect because the element of surprise leaves the Detroit TV tools completely owned. They’ve got nothing to come back with.

@sh0ez - the Yard Sale shirt is perfect.

And I completely agree with Lady Jaye that someone needs to make that sign for Mellon.

God, as the playoffs progress I want Brooksy back more and more. I can’t stand it. Can you believe this is the guy asked to play wing a few short months ago?

That Mario shit pisses me off because you know if he was granting interviews, some ass would be like “he’s trying to hog the spotlight,” even if he spent the whole time talking about the players and the league. You can’t win. The credit and thus the press should go to the players and I commend him for stepping back. People who know who Mario is are already fans of the NHL. New fans would rather hear from current players who they can watch.

@BNG - I’ll be at the Royals game tonight. Cheering for the Indians.

Kansas City blog - someone saw my Gill shirt yesterday and we got to chatting. This was a huge hockey fan who was obviously broken hearted that the Pens didn’t come here but was supporting the team he flirted with briefly from afar. He just went on and on about how good the players are as individuals and how they work together as a team. Nice guy.

Raybin said...

Whoever the hell wrote that nonsense on the Wings blog is a doucherocket.

Both Gill and Holmstrom were doing what they get paid for. Holmstrom goes to the net, Gill abuses people who go to the net. Gill was the stronger man in this case.

But, yeah, that equals Chris Pronger stomping someone. Dick.

Vanessa Day said...

Love all of the douche root word-words.


As a Michigander, I will confirm the photo of the fat wings fans. They all are. Either that, or whores.


Raybin said...

And this jobbing of Mario has got to stop. Where do these narratives start? All of a sudden, BAM!, "Sidney Crosby is a diver." No sooner does that go away then with no prior warning comes, "Mario Lemeiux is a big meanie."

This is why so many media types bug the shit out of me: their sense of entitlement. Mario owes you guys squat.

Hip said...

Ok other people already made my Mario comment. Great minds think alike.

Jonny V - Caps fans painfully admitted Sid played "well" on Wednesday night, so they just turned their idiotic eyes towards other players. Apparently Malkin was still invisible Wednesday night, as were Hossa and Malone, and Gonch still can't play defense.

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's at the end of the day not giving credit where credit's due. I can understand long time Caps fans bitterness at the Pens. But when the Caps lost in Game 7 to Phily this year, many of my Pens friends emailed or txted to say that's a great team who's going to do great things in the future. I rarely get that respect from my Caps friends. Many get so caught up in their conspiracy theories and bashing the Pens they forget to root for their own team sometimes.

Vanessa Day said...

I missed out... I wanna do one...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Vanessa Day said...


&hearts [RUUTU]

RaCHeLeYoS said...

i missed drunkblog last night? meh.

TheNWChica said...

Posting this before I go brave Snohomish County traffic to the office...

Thanks staff for posting that bit about Seattle and the game...

I didn't even know about KING TV not showing the game the other night, because I was here in chat blog watching it on line; or I would have watched it on the Ceeb since we have that on cable here.

Doesn't shock me though...Seattle TV stations suck and not in a fun way. For many years when I was growing up, the ABC affiliate didn't have Monday Night Football on until 7 so they could have an extra hour of news; so you had to listen to the game on the radio to get the score since this was the days before the Gore and all the ESPN stations.

Sh0ez? LOVE THE SIGN!!! That is another one to add to my list as soon as they're available as a shirt.

M. Vanderlasser said...

I hope that they turn "The Shift" into an IMAX movie or an HBO mini-series or a dance craze or a Rex Guildo concept album.

Depressing news from the Predators here.

jefe said...

i think bng66 was the only drunkenblogger here last night. i just had nothing better to do.

tonight however..

go pens.

Jonny V said...

Oooo I got one

Jonny V said...

Peter Nedved

Jonny V said...

Just wanted to let yinz know that they have player t-shirts at with the Stanley Cup patch thingy on them.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

All right, let's cap this with Aleksey Morozov. Woo.

Quite possibly the most frustrating player I've ever watched in a Pittsburgh uniform.

JYo said...

Thanks for the heads up jonny v.

It appears there is a bit of conflicting info on Holmstrom, but it could just be the Wings covering up the info.

TSN says:

Detroit Red Wing forward Tomas Holmstrom will see the trainers today at practice, although he won't be on the ice. He has not yet been ruled out for Game 4 on Saturday night. Sources close to the Red Wings say he does not have a groin or sports hernia problem. All the Wings will say at this point is that he has a lower body injury.

PSI says:

A source has told PSI that "I spoke with a couple of the members of the Detroit media last night and they said in no unequivocal terms that Holmstrom is out for the season with a "sports hernia."

dying alive said...

PSI is almost always dead on with their inside info, but I wonder how the Detroit media would have any idea what the situation was if the Wings aren't disclosing it.

coffeytalk said...


ryan, I will NOT bring my terrible towel to the game on Saturday. I'll leave it hanging on my wall until it's time to use it for a STEELER game. If Myron Cope had designed a Pens towel, I'd gladly bring and wave. Let's stick to the white towels that go with the whiteout theme that the players requested us fans do.

(btdubs, i call our rally towels Roberts' Rags)

lis said...

I'll believe this whole Holmstrom thing tomorrow night when the scratches are announced and we hear his name or not.

Pens need to continue as if he is playing and continue to crash, bang, and hit anything that decides to plant itself in front of MAF.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

Because as we all know, even if Holmstrom is out, the Wings still have the recently-concussed Johan Franzen in the lineup. And he's going to take over Holmstrom's role in its entirety whenever Holmstrom decides to call it a career.

tripledeke said...

So I come home from school yesterday and my dad tells me he was in the neighborhood where laraque lives last week cause "there was a street sign that was changed to Laraqueville".

sh0ez said...

@ vanessa: Yeah, I missed out, too. That's why I started doing it! Damn bng for being the blog police!

@ rachel: I think bng was the only drunken cblogger last night. Well. There were only like 4 of us. (I see jefe already stated this. Hah)

@ lady jaye: Yeah, that's what I figured. The helmet and the stick really finish it off I think. Greaat minds of the cbloggers coming through in clutch times.

@ everyone: Not going to bed 'til 4 had my body sleep 'til now. Ugh. Thanks for everyone's good words about the Yard Sale and The Shift designs. That positive support helps my confidence! Hah. Like I said, I just need the base idea. I suck at basic creativity. I'll probably be bored again today. I'm waiting for my job to pull through so my days are spent bored. Any ideas for a Photoshop?

J.S. said...


Every 2nd week I get Friday off, thanks to a 9/80 sched (work 80 hrs over 9 days, 10th day = free). Where am I today? At my mom's place fixing her computer...AGAIN! I wouldn't be so irritated if it wasn't a monthly project. I wipe out every antispyware, antivirus, bogus-ad thing in her computer, down to the registry, and it seems like within a few weeks, she manages to not only find a new one, but one that locks down more and more of her computer. Thank Gary I didn't give her Admin rights, or it could have been ugly. Right now, she has no access to task manager, the programs list in her start menu, and the C drive disappears. If I try to manually get to the control panel(read: type it in the menu bar).....BOOM, hard reset, reboot! So for the next hour or three, I'll be posted up in front of her computer trying to unscrew whatever she did to it.

I seriously hate computers...or at least other people's computers. I'm half tempted to turn in my degree and say that I don't know anything about the IT side of the world.

OK, I feel somewhat better.

T-minus 32 hours

Kelly said...

A phone call yesterday when the red wings weren't allowed to go back to detroit like planned and instead went to nemacolin woodlands (which is just funny in itself):

"hi honey, yeah i told you that i would be home tonight, but I am not gonna make it home. the NHL is making us go to a spa resort in PA. No i'm not kidding. no you can't come out here and join me, coach wants me focused. no thats not a giggling woman in the background, that's osgood. hello? hello?"

Brett said...

Another Mario-bashing article. Nice.

That guy just got a little present in his inbox from me.

Vanessa Day said...

@Kelly... HAHA... that made me laugh.


Pensgirl86 said...

The Wings are not stay @ Neimicolin but were there yesterday to recieve massages.


JYo said...

I wonder how the Detroit media would have any idea what the situation was if the Wings aren't disclosing it.

Again, we'll have to wait to see if its true anyway, but I'd imagine some Wings media folks have insiders of their own that may or may not be reliable.

Because as we all know, even if Holmstrom is out, the Wings still have the recently-concussed Johan Franzen in the lineup.

Franzen is a good goal scorer, but he is no Jokestrom in front of the net IMO. Also, if they only have one of those guys there instead of both that helps, especially when the one is banged up in his own right.

The Pens need to come out with the intensity of game 3 regardless, but I'll take any additional help they can get. Just win the Cup, don't burden me with the details!

sh0ez said...


Lame. Our power always goes out randomly. Once, during the semester, it went out for 2 days. It's like what the hell.



@ j.s.: My mom is the SAME way. She has crashed three of our computers at home. No viruses either. She just crashed them. Ughblog. I've had to fix those damn things too many times. I about screamed when she called to tell me she got a new laptop with Vista. Luckily she has yet to ruin that one.

I'm a computer nerd, I guess. In fact, while I was waiting for my computer to boot back up after the power outage, I went to pick up my package from the office. I got a DVI-to-HDMI connecter (for those who know what that is) to connect my computer to my new HDTV. My TV will work as a second monitor. So it will be an extension of this one. I can throw a movie from my HD on my tv and still be able to cblog! My nerdiness is bad.

meecrofilm said...

Does hacksaw have enough gas in the tank for back-to-back starts? That's what everyone wants to know..

Stoosh said...

Why Eddy Crow (from Junker & Crow on ESPN Radio 1250) just needs to stop...

He said, "If there would've been another five minutes to play in Game Three, the Red Wings would've tied the game. They had that much momentum."

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I understand Detroit had the momentum at the end of the game and they were pressing for another late goal to tie the game.

NEWSFLASH: Teams that are down by one goal late in a game typically "have the momentum" because they take more chances to generate offense. The team with the lead is sitting back and trying, so they're less apt to take chances and run the risk of having a forward caught up-ice. And then there's the little matter of the team that's down being able to get an extra skater on the ice by pulling the goalie.

Has this asshat ever watched hockey?

And who's to say with five extra minutes to play, the Pens don't keep doing what they were doing the entire game and they happen to get two more goals in that extra five minutes?

I love it when these asshat media types change the rules of the game to suit an argument.

Detroit had sixty minutes of hockey to score more goals than the Pens. They failed. They don't get an extra five more minutes at the end just because they "had the momentum."

I really wish I could get XM in my office (bad radio reception here, and I can't stream the feed because of a f'ing firewall).

I think ESPN Radio fired the wrong guy.

RaCHeLeYoS said...

haha oops i guess BNG was the only drunk one (not surprised ... :P )

I made 2 kickass mixes last night for the pens game hopefully:

1. pens boys of winter theme
2. three days grace - riot
3. bottom of a bottle - smile empty soul
4. rise above this - seether
5. good left undone - rise against
6. click click boom - saliva
7. prayer of the refugee - rise against
8. puddle of mudd - control
9. queens of the stone age - 3's & 7's
10. pantera - walk
11. blur - woohoo
12. pappa roach - last resort
13. the sweetness - jimmy eats world
14. the pretender - foo fighters
15. monkey wrench - foo fighters
16. welcome home - coheeh & cambria
17. chevelle - well enough alone
18. chevelle - the clincher
19. chevelle - the fad
20. atreyu - becoming the bull
21. dragonforce - through the fire and the flames
22. zombie nation - ohohoh

1. slayer - raining blood
2. winger - seventeen
3. trapt - headstrong
4. animal i have become - three days grace
5. made of scars - stonesour
6. before i forget - slipknot
7. ladies and gentleman - saliva
8. rob zombie - dragula
9. powerman 5000 - when worlds collide
10. pappa roach - last resort (oops again)
11. ozzy osbourne - don't wanna stop
12. dr. feel good - motley crue
13. strutter - kiss
14. paralyzer - finger eleven
15. let the bodies hit the floor - drowning pool
16. stricken - disturbed
17. them bones - alice in chains
18. 96 quite bitter beings - cky
19. miss murder - AFI
20. sum 41 - fat lip
21. x force pens theme from last year
22. pens theme from 2000 or something

whew. i could listen to them all day.

Max Power said...

Mario Bashing!?

Most of these reporters were virgins until a pitty romp was granted by their dumpy friend after a night of heavy drinking. They are the breathing stereotype of the person who never played a sport but study all the numbers around it. Think about it. How hard is it to write about sports? You could literally just publish the post-game stat sheet and cover everything that need be said. Then they have the nerve to job the BIG GUY. Mario has accomplished more for the world in one year than any of these jokers could if they surrived to be 100 and would write something every day. Mario is far from a clown and refuses to go to the bigtop and join the media circus. That's why he's the man. Sorry about the rant. People jobbin the BIG GUY really chaps my ass!

sh0ez said...

I love that the Pens use Raining Blood. And that was a good call to put that as the first song. Kickass mixes. Though, where is Cotton-Eyed Joe!?

Jonny V said...

Reason #486 that ESPN is a joke. On that segment of cold pizza or whatever the hell they're now calling it where Skip Bayless and some other joke debate news stories, the question was whether they would rather watch Game four of the Finals or the new Sex and the City movie. Skip then begins verbally fellating all over the movie. The other guy (a former NBA player) said he'd go to the movies but would see something different.

And to think they take Mark Madden off of their airwaves...

sh0ez said...

Oh man! Stop by the Waterfront VZW between 4 and 7 with a Cup Crazy decorated car and you can win prizes from the Pens Patrol!

Vanessa Day said...

Ugh. Cotton Eye Joe. Please... someone tell the person who plays the music at the Igloo that it's not 1994!!!!!!

I hate that song.

Reminds me of my retarded childhood bus rides home.


RaCHeLeYoS said...

shoez - i was gonna make another mix with that on it and stuff. we will see!

Pensgirl said...

That's funny Jonny V, just this morning I was debating with my girlfriends whether we'd rather watch ESPN "programming" or get punched in the face.

I said I'll take the punch, but make it to the arm.

sh0ez said...

Aw, c'mon Vanessa! You know you love that song!

Does anyone remember that video?

I remember when I first saw it. Beavis and Butthead had it as one of the videos they watched. Ha ha.

The Seeker said...

I hope that they turn "The Shift" into an IMAX movie or an HBO mini-series or a dance craze or a Rex Guildo concept album.

Breaking News from the UK:

Legendary rock band The Who announced a reunion tour planned to coincide with the release of Peter Towshend's latest rock opera, The Candyman

PDX Pens said...

@jefe, sh0ez: It seems we live on here. Uhggggghhh. Too much wine last night. Anyway, glad to see everyone back.

Re: Holmstrom, who cares if he is or isn't in the line-up? Everyone said that asshat Timmonen was gonna be out for the season. Guess what, he sits out 4 games and he comes back (too late for the Cryers, thankfully). Believe it when you see it. Regardless, Detroit has 4 or 5 guys cut out of the same cloth as Holmstrom. That organization is amazing. A guy plays for them for 10 years @ league minimum salary, one day he goes and they just stick some 8th round pick in their place and they turn into 30 goal scorers. Its an artform.

The Seeker said...

Personally, I hate ALL the canned music they play at hockey arenas today.

Hockey used to be all about the organists at the arenas.

The Pens organist was great and always knew exactly what song to play at the right time.

For example, the "Three Blind Mice" tune when the Refs blew a call.

Stoosh said...

More media ranting...

Junker and Crow just spent about 20 minutes hashing over these historical statistics over who wins series' given the current series standings. Basically, it went something like this...

According to, 32 NHL teams won the first two games of a Cup Finals series at home. 31 of them have gone on to win the series.

28 NHL teams have won the first two games of a Cup Finals series at home and then lose the third game on the road. 27 of those team still went on to win the Cup.

Crow is using this as his justification for the reasons why the Pens wouldn't be able to come back and win this series. He spent the entire show today clinging to this like a fat kid clinging to a Twinkie.

My question...

What do any of those historical teams have to do with the 2008 Red Wings? What do any of them have to do with the 2008 Penguins?

None of those teams that won their respective series were facing the 2008 Penguins. None of the teams that found themselves down two-games-to-one lost the first two on the road to the 2008 Detroit Red Wings.

I understand in terms of historical results, the odds are against them. But ultimately, what those teams did in the past isn't really relevant to what is going to be played out in Games Four and Five of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals.

I don't see the Pens being at any sort of competitive disadvantage when they take the opening faceoff in Game Four simply because they lost the first two games of this series on the road. Just because a bunch of other teams who found themselves in the same situation in their respective series were unable to come back doesn't mean this Pens team can't in this series.

I understand the Pens have more work to do in less time than the Red Wings do. But if the Pens win tomorrow night, the series is tied at two games, and it really doesn't matter who won what game and where they won it.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I heard Brooks is going to negotiate a sabbatical into his next contract to play the title role. ;)

As an aside, I went to the first U.S. version of the Virgin Mobile Festival here in Baltimore, and The Who (or, as my mom likes to call them, "The Who's Left") and the Chili Peppers headlined it. The Who (which is six people now, including Zack Starkey and Pete's son whose name I forget) was incredible. I loved getting the chance to see them since I kind of didn't exist yet when they were first huge.

The Seeker said...

Stoosh said...

What do any of those historical teams have to do with the 2008 Red Wings? What do any of them have to do with the 2008 Penguins?

Exactly my sentiments (even if we are talking football or any other sport).

That's the same kind of thinking that said the Pens would lose to the Flyers because they'd never beaten them in a Playoff Series before.

Raybin said...


That second mixtape sent me flying back to 2001 & 2002 so fast I got whiplash. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll in the dorms. Ah, memories.

Jonny V said...

Shoez...embrace your computer geekdom...I wish I had half of your knowledge, so I could get rid of the little red x's on IE so I could actually see pictures. I do use Firefox, but it still bothers me, those little red fuckers mocking me...

Racheleyos, awesome mix, I would throw Calm Like A Bomb by Rage Against the Machine on there. That song just makes me think of bodychecks being thrown with reckless abandon.

Stoosh, that has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a while. Using his arguement, if the puck had landed on it's side instead of lying flat on Hossa's shot, it would have rolled in before Osgood could have stopped it with his glove. Lots of if's there.

A cool thing at work yesterday, I get there and see they were handing out T-shirts to the staff. I work at a Physical Therapy office, and they got a local artist to make up some shirts for us to wear on gamedays. Would have been nice to wear them throughout the playoffs, but still cool nonetheless.



The 17 is for the number of separate offices with the company.

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

Obviously as you can kind of tell by my internet name, I've always been a Who fan.

I saw them play at Woodstock and then Pittsburgh twice (once in the early 70's and in the 90's).

Unfortunately, I was also at the concert in Cincinnati in 1976 when people were trampled to death at the gates due to "stadium seating".

Of course, T-Shirts were soon available after that which said "I'd Walk Over You To See The Who"

RaCHeLeYoS said...

jonny v - i never heard that song by rage but i'm downloading it now. and that shirt is really really cool.

Free Candy Man (formerly nathan) said...

How come nobody's bashing Mike Ilitch (sp?) for not making himself available to the media? I haven't heard a word from him all series either.

As others have said, Mario is the owner. Not a player. Not a coach. He has basically no impact on what's going on on the ice in this series, and really shouldn't be pestered about it unless the media members are also trying to get Ilitch to talk.

But seriously, take all the Mario-bashing articles and substitute "Mike Ilitch" everywhere Mario's name is mentioned. They sound completely idiotic then, right? And yet it'd be the exact equivalent.

Jonny V said...

the seeker, I was just about to point out the irony of pensgirl's post about The Who, and then u posting right after her. Good stuff

Stoosh, that Edmonton blogger that Staff linked to kind of brought up a good point. Who would win a series between the 80's Oilers teams and the Wings or Penguins? These teams are so much bigger and faster (not to mention the equipment differences, would Craig MacTavish dare not wear a helmet?), that bringing up statistics is pretty useless.

sh0ez said...

@ pdx: Before yesterday, I only posted about 20 times maybe. It's just so welcoming and enjoyable here. So I decided to start spending more time here. Why the hell not? Hah.

@ johnny v: As soon as I saw IE in you post, I was gonna say "there's your problem." Then you said about Firefox. Hah. Honestly, when I have used IE (yes, I have used it when I want the same site open with two different sessions) I have those damn red boxes, too. I have NO clue why they're there. I just hate how IE works. I'm sorry, but I don't want to click before I use any flash-type object. Why do you have to activate it? I think that's what upset me the most.

Also, I agree with the whole historical comparison. The teams, players (well, some), etc. are not the same. Things will be different. The Pens have proved that.

dying alive said...

Why Eddy Crow (from Junker & Crow on ESPN Radio 1250) just needs to stop...

He said, "If there would've been another five minutes to play in Game Three, the Red Wings would've tied the game. They had that much momentum."

To quote that old cliche, if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

Crude, but an appropriate response in this case.

sh0ez said...

@ johnny v: Oh snap. The front of that shirt is badass.

J.S. said...

jonnyv, they really said that? Not surprising, considering how far downhill "the worldwide leader of entertainment/non-sports related garbage" has regressed in the last 5 years, possibly longer. You couldn't pay me enough to watch that horsefaced Sarah Jessica Parker for two hours. In fact, I would rather be punched in the face by every member of the Red Wings than sit through the intro of that movie. Lucky for me, most of those punches coming from the Red Wings would somehow result in them falling down, so I don't think the risk factor for me would be that high.

Crow, are you serious? 5 more minutes? Do you realize it was our fourth line that was smothering their top line to the point where Elroy couldn't leave the ice?

Mom's computer, still DIW. 4 spyware programs later, and whatever is in there is laughing at me the same way I was laughing at Detroit late in the game.

T-minus 28:40:00 and counting...

[j.s.:listening to 1000 (Charlie) DJs, trying to pass the time]

The Seeker said...

If you ever rent the DVD or go to see the original movie "Woodstock", I'm pictured in it for about 4 seconds....

You'll see some poor stoner wearing a fringed indian-style suede coat with over the shoulder length hair and a mustache, trying desperately to ride his 1966 Triumph 650 Bonneville through the mud.

That's moi!

J.S. said...

@dying alive, haha, I was debating whether to use that in my post or not.

Crude? Meh, maybe.
Appropriate? Absolutely

The Seeker said...

"If there would've been another five minutes to play in Game Three, the Red Wings would've tied the game. They had that much momentum."


If Napoleon had F-111 stealth bombers at Waterloo, we'd be speaking French today too.

dying alive said...

I would watch the Cup finals over the SATC movie every day of the week and twice on Sunday regardless of whether the Pens were in it or not. And I'm a female (and a girly one at that).

Vanessa Day said...

@sh0ez... I admit. I am in love with the Cotton Eye Joe singer. He reminds me of all the toothless hotties up her in Wings country. I have that song playing as my alarm in the morning. I lied about hating it.


I WILL admit that Beavis & Butthead is my all time favorite show. That is the truth.

Also, I couldn't agree with The Seeker more about the organ music.


sh0ez said...

@ j.s.: You need to get an external HD and keep all of her files on it. Then when you have these problems, just unplug the external HD and wipe the system and start from scratch. Hah.

The Seeker said...

I found this video of our old Flyer fan friend, R*B*G* after shaving off his playoff beard reacting to the Flyers loss to the Pens.

Vanessa Day said...


Oh. My. Gary.


Max Power said...

Cotton Eyed Joe has its place. Like if your having a 1 nighter. Put that song on while getting busy and enjoy the reaction. Priceless. Same goes for Eye of the Tiger. Just strange.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

■ Wii Players Gone Wild!!!!

You'll see some poor stoner wearing a fringed indian-style suede coat with over the shoulder length hair and a mustache

I'm glad your finished ▲▲▲▲ part with this ▼▼▼▼

trying desperately to ride his 1966 Triumph 650 Bonneville through the mud.

otherwise, that probably would have been like trying to find Waldo at a Waldo Convention....

■ are bullet blocks acceptable, bng66...ya lush!!!!

[Hossa: lush rhymes with Stoosh?]

Jonny V said...

Vanessa, Wayne Campbell couldn't have pulled that off better himself...Not! haha

The Seeker said...

When the Candyman's hockey career ends, he can always go on TV

Vanessa Day said...

@Jonny... Zang.

JYo said...

It looks like Tampa is trying to bring back the mullet!

J.S. said...

Sh0ez, I've actually considered that. For as much as she uses this thing, I could probably back all of the important stuff on a 4GB USB drive, possibly even a 2GB, depending on what I consider to be "important", lol.

If I had came prepared, it would have been formatted, updated, and I'd be cooking out right now instead of sitting here.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

the description of yourself shot these images into my head of Ben Stiller in Starsky & Hutch:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

ok, maybe not so much Pic 3...I just thought that was a funny pic.

But I could watch the Dragon Scene on a loop from now until ∞

[Hossa: Afternoon Delight]

Colin said...

The mullet to coach Tampa?

That's unpossible!

Do you really think he the best coaching option out there?

Katie said...

@seeker -- I'm with you on the canned music -- more Vince Lascheid. I was in a wedding back in 1998 and the groom's family was friends with Vince. He was the musical entertainment during dinner. We had to beg him to throw in some Let's Go Pens, but he did it!

The only place organ music really seems out of place is a Steelers game.

JYo said...

Do you really think he the best coaching option out there?

No, it actually sounds like they are hiring him to raise interest in the sport as much as actually coach the team. Seems like a bad idea to approach it that way.

sh0ez said...


I've been working on a background for my second monitor for the past hour or two and right when I go to finish it, Photoshop freezes and the CPU skyrockets. Of course I don't have it saved . . .

sh0ez said...

@ j.s.: Yeah. And with how cheap those drives are, I think the little money you spend will be made up by the time you save. Ha ha. The only thing that would suck is the programs that are on it.

Colin said...

Steve Stamkos, welcome to the NHL! Instead of a coach with a Stanley Cup ring you get Barry Melrose, congrats!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jyo & colin

doesn't the NHL have a similar Rooney Rule for their hiring procedures?

MUST interview:

■ A Canadian

■ A Canadien

■ A French-Canadian

■ A Village Idiot

Barry Moo-lay could knock out 3 out of 4 [he WAS drafted by the Canadiens], although, I think his Canadian citizenship has been revoked.

wilsmith said...

Good call, BNG.

CBlog is out of control as it is, i dont want to scroll through 50 people screaming out numbers names.

As for the odds against the Pens...
"Statistics mean nothing to the individual." - Dr. Cox.

Colin said...

Letang's reaction to Bourdon...

TSN Article>

J.S. said...

Great, if he comes back, then I can no longer use the "If he's such a great hockey mind, then why hasn't he been offered another coaching position in 12 yrs?" comment. Oh well, I can still job Milbury.

since musicblog is somewhat back, might as well post today's playlist. Alot of GH soundtrack on there, since it was discussed the other day.

1. Foo Fighters - The Pretender
2. Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
3. The Fall Of Troy - FCPREMIX
4. NWA - Dopeman (DaBlenda's Drum & Bass mix)
5. The Exies - Hey You
6. Dethklok - Blood Ocean
7. Minutemen - West Germany
8. Queens Of The Stone Age - 3s and 7s
9. Goldie - Inner City Life
10. All That Remains - Six
11. Naast - Mauvais Garcon
12. Adolescents - Instant Karma
13. Bloc Party - Helicopter (Whitey's Mix)
14. RJD2 - Ghostwriter
15. Dethklok - Go Into The Water
16. N.E.R.D. - Spaz
17. 1000 (Charlie) DJs - Supernaut
18. Ministry - Reload
19. Ministry - The Fall
20. Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
21. Curve - Gift
22. Pennywise - Bro Hymn

I'm down below 20%. One thing about the iPod Touch is that it goes through battery life with no problem.

sh0ez said...

Photoshop died. Starting over . . .


sh0ez said...

@ colin: Thanks for the link to that article. I was curious to see what LeGame's reaction was. That's sad to read. Especially knowing Bourdon JUST got the bike and LeGame was going to get one himself. Ugh. So terrible.

sh0ez said...


I don't know why, but I've never been one for playlists. I'm weird like that. I could go for some music though. I need to fire up iTunes while I restart this Photoshop project. When I get some extra cash, I'm going to need to buy that 160GB iPod. I've filled my 80GB. =/

dying alive said...

Ha, my playlist is not really music to get you pumped or Pens related, so I'll abstain.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Dr. Turk: Thank you for posting the Dragon scene ... oh my gary, I love that movie and the scene is probably the best ... When Owen acts like a dragon, I nearly cried ...

If you make those comments about Mario, you know nothing ... I'm thinking about an angry e-mail to him or an editor ...

About the Red Wings Fans w/ their comparisons: Do they know anyone who they make comparisons with? Apparently Roberts is Bertuzzi, someone who attacks people from behind with the exact intent to get him out of the game and slams his head against the ice. Now Gill is Pronger ... good call, Wings fans! Maybe Franzen = Lindros?

@colin: I almost cried when I read that ... I feel so bad for Letang and Bourdon's family ... GOD Bless.

Brando said...

Just watched Legames press conference. . The kid looks crushed, and rightfully so. I don't think we'll see him for a couple more games. Then, look out.

On a lighter note, I think HCMT farts at 10:03 in his presser. Seriously.

Colin said...

I thought about not posting the link because it is so sad, but I figured I would.

lis said...

yeah well if the pens only had 5 more minutes in game 4 against the flyers then we would have scored again and sent the game to OT. Maybe we could have swept em!!!

someone ought to tell these people that being close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!!!

JYo said...

I thought about not posting the link because it is so sad, but I figured I would.

That is exactly why I didn't post it along with the mullet one. I suppose its of interest though. I doubt we see LeGame again this series unless someone gets hurt or has a horrid game. Sydor filled in nicely and I don't know if HCMT will want to put the kid in again now unless he absolutely needs to.

Jonny V said...

I feel terrible for LeGame. Thoughts and prayers to Bourdon's family.

On the same page of that article, there is a video on Talbot on the right side. Pretty good stuff, I can't believe how huge Whitney's beard is getting. Towards the end they show Max and Flower's pregame sparring session.

chris e said...

Does anyone else find themselves listening to the Rex Gildo song just because it has grown on them and they are starting to like it? No? neither....

sh0ez said...

Roberts talks about fan support

Sounds like the same thing from the locker room a few weeks ago.

I feel so bad for LeGame.

Raybin said...

That Roberts article is clutch. Great Pens content on They've pretty much done something on just about every player.

I can't even imagine what LeGame is feeling right now, nor do I want to. I'd give him a hug and buy him a beer if I could.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@chris e: [awkward pause] *quickly looks around the room and turns off whatever I had on youtube* no ...

"I feel like I came to the place where I was supposed to be."

And I feel like I love Roberts even more now ...

ripney66 said...

It's just getting good over at the parade blog. He's threatening to sue anyone and everyone from some nameless "other blog".


sh0ez said...

@ chris / ihk: I actually caught myself singing the "HOSSA x 4 something something fiesta Mexicana" part the other day . . .

Lady Jaye said...

Okay here's what I've gleaned today from cblog

@coffeytalk > I love the term "Robert's Rags" for rally towels.

@nobody in general > Bah, there is no player who is 179.

@vanessa > just for you, have some cotton eyed joe:

If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe
I'ld been married long time ago
Where did you come from where did you go
Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe
If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...

He came to town like a midwinter storm
He rode through the fields so hansome and strong
His eyes was his tools and his smile was his gun
But all he had come for was having some fun

If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...

He brought disaster wherever he went
The hearts of the girls was to hell broken sent
They all ran away so nobody would know
and left only men cause of Cotton-Eye Joe

If it hadn't been...
If it had't been...
If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ ripney66: There is no way he can sue this Blog and actually be allowed to take it to court. I'm not even a lawyer, let alone of out high school, and I know that. He can play that card, but legally he has no rights and if he tried to take it to court, it would not make it in front of a judge.

M. Vanderlasser said...

If anyone finds an acoustic or spoken word version of Cotton Eye Joe, I'd love to have that link.

Along the lines of "Evening Magic" = Evgeni Malkin, I've noticed that lately, when I walk up stairs that are somewhat hollow, my first three steps (boom boom boom) make me think "Let's Go Pens".

@chris_e, I have to admit that Rex Guildo has grown on me. If I were making a hockey tunes playlist, Fiesta Mexicana would be right there.

@seeker, WOW! We were stuck in Woodstock traffic while driving home from vacation in Vermont back in the day.

Pensgirl said...

I'll represent anyone that guy wants to sue. My case will consist of saying "Can you believe this guy?" and laughing my ass off. Then I'll request that he pay my attorney's fees for wasting everybody's time. It's a slam-dunk.

I love it when people who have no idea what defamation is try to claim it's happened to them. "I work in a law firm." Oh, OK, but did you ever pass a bar exam? No? Then shut the fuck up.

Stoosh said...

@ Ripney66 -

For someone who works in an attorney's office, you'd think he'd know he really doesn't have any grounds for a lawsuit. It's not like he's a public figure or anything, so he has no image that can be tarnished at his expense. And no one is using his image for profit.

Running a blog that doesn't generate any tangible income doesn't constitute status as a public figure.

M. Vanderlasser said...

From wikipedia:

"A list of the possible meanings of the term "cotton eyed" that have been proposed includes: to be drunk on moonshine, or to have been blinded by drinking wood alcohol, turning the eyes milky white; a black person with very light blue eyes; someone whose eyes were milky white from bacterial infections of Trachoma or syphilis, cataracts or glaucoma..."

So, is CEJ the best-ever song about the symptoms of syphilis?

Vanessa Day said...

@Lady... Thanks. Can't get enough of it.

@Brando... I think you're right.


Lady Jaye said...

Ewwww... now I'm going to wonder what Cotton Eyed Joe did to make the singer not get married.

ripney66 said...

Musings...If I spent $50,000 and 4+ years going to law school, and all I had to show for it was a blog about an unconfirmed parade, would my parents be proud? Would my husband move to another state in shame?

Lady Jaye said...

@vanessa > Sure, any time :-)

I actually don't mind the song really. It's a stupid song that makes people get up and dance at the arena and have fun.

I actually hate when they play that Kris Kross song or however you spell their band name.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@lady jaye: I'm going with syphilis and the women following around this "cotton-eyed" Joe ... I can never listen to this song again without feeling dirty ... thanks, c-blog

stokes said...

RE: Mario. Yeah, he's a living legend, but he would take the spotlight away from the guys that are on the ice, on both benches, that are the stars of tomorrow. This has been said. How come no one is making a big deal about the guy that owns the Wings, the Little Caesar Pizza guy? He probably has useful insight on the Finals as well.

"ooowns, oooowns...."

RE: Holmstrom. This is almost verbatim out of the mouth of Brooks Orpik: "Holmstrom is a strong guy, one of the strongest i've played against in front of the net. He seems to be able to stand up when he wants to and go down when he wants to."


stokes said...
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Pensgirl said...

Actually Stoosh, private figures can be defamed. But it has to be that 1) the person doing the defaming is knowingly lying about the defamee and 2) it has to be something that people would believe about the defamee (this point is a big reason Jerry Falwell did not beat Larry Flynt).

Suing this site for defamation is the blogger equivalent of suing The Daily Show for would never work.

Vanessa Day said...

@Lady... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I remember Kris Kross... Remember how they wore their pants backwards?


Actually, I hate cotton eye joe. I really do.

&hearts [RUUTU]

Colin said...

All -

Does anyone know what the Zippo case is they are referring to on Lee PP's blog?

They are one of my clients...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Stokes: When I heard that from watching the video, I laughed. Haha, Free Candy is calling you out joke.

About this Lee P.: He should know this but I think he's trying to intimidate the anon. posters on his site because he does work at a law office. Meaning that he's insulting the intelligence of Pittsburgh people and fans of the Pens. But then again he thinks Pittsburgh is spelled without a "h," so ... take that as you may ...

Katie said...

@ripney66 -- if only it were $50,000.... mine was closer to $90,000. I gently reminded him of the elements of defamation. Maybe it will help him with his bar prep.

Also, you can bring a suit for pretty much anything, but if it is lacking a legal basis and it appears petty, you can get hit with fines for filing a frivolous suit. I saw it all of the time when I worked in a plaintiff's firm. That pretty much why I switched to writing laws as opposed to dealing with clients.

Colin said...
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Lady Jaye said...

@vanessa > Yes, and they'll make you Jump! Jump!... arg, now i'm going to be singing that all day. I suppose that's what I get for listing the Cotton Eyed Joe lyrics.

Huh, if we can sue over a blog, I want to sue harassing detroit trolls. Maybe I can make a whole ten bucks.

jefe said...

@seeker -no thanks to those videos you posted as they lead me to much much worse things.

ah but at least my alarm just went off with rex gildo at the helm.

i was kris kross for halloween once. i dont remember which one.

go pens :)

Colin said...

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