Saturday, May 10, 2008

Malkin Said Knock You Out. PENS WIN.

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The thing about every game in the NHL postseason is that it matters.
Every game has the potential to change a series.

Against the the Senators, the Pens came out and destroyed them in Game one,
setting the tone for the rest of series.

Against the Rangers, the Pens overcoming a 3-0 deficit in game one was a blow the Rags never recovered from.

Was this game an indication of the same tone being set?
No one knows.

Remember, the Flyers have lost their two previous Game 1's and responded with wins in Game2.
Saying they are dead would be a huge mistake.

But on a night when the refs didn't even cheat and the great Bettman Conspiracy couldn't be whined about, that was it.

We didn't see "scoring depth."
We didn't see "toughness."
We didn't see "heart."

What we did see was a "red-hot" goaltender collapse on himself.
What we did see was a team that couldn't formulate a breakout to save their lives.

If every game is gonna be like this,
the Rocky Statue might leave its pedestal and walk out of Philadelphia on its own.

Speaking of which...Al Jazeera published this photo on Friday afternoon:

[ Rudy S. ]

It dons the "C," which means it might be Crosby's jersey.

But this is presently his first year of captaincy and that jersey is not a RBK Edge jersey.
Plus, it's not on the statue itself.

But then again, the sleeves are cut, as was reported in the Philly Inquirer news article.

All else aside, the Pens are up 1-0 in the series.

Enjoy it until 7:38 Sunday night.

:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME:::::::::::::::::::


In Oakland....

[Erin T]

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ Andrew P. ]

[ Brad Berk ]

[ Chris F. ]

[ jclancia]

[ Gios ]

[ Josh L. ]


[ Rachel M. ]
Her second Penguin game ever, and this is just a nasty shot.
Not to mention the dude in the bottom left may be snapping a nat pic, too.

[ War Penguin ]

[ D. Kroll ]

Staying with DK, he was rocking a Pensblog shirt
and snapped this pic with Cotton Candy Heee at a Pirate Game:

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Forget the Cup. It was just good to watch a Pens game again.

And you knew you were watching the Pens again, 'cause Ryan Whitney was in the box.
This time, for throwing the puck over the glass.

The Flyers PP came out all business.
But the Pens PK eventually got Whits off the hook.

The game had to be delayed after the PK so Mike Richards could cry about something.

After the PK, Malkin shapeshifted through the Flyers with ease but couldn't finish it off.
It becomes very apparent that the Flyers aren't the Rangers when Hossa and Malkin start making unreal moves.
So much open ice.

After some quick jobbing, the Pens strike.
Off an egregious Flyers turnover, Malkin led a charge into the Philly zone.
The Flyers decide to collapse on him.


Sykora gets the puck on a great seeing-eye pass from Bugsy.
Sykie was probably smoking a cigarette as he backhanded it past Martin Sieve. 1-0.

[0051980<span class=

After a while, the Flyers were able to erase the goal.
Mike Richards scores on a play that for some reason went to the War Room.
That's a goal. 1-1.

Versus stuns the world and goes live to some dive bar in Philly.

Really strange.

The following few minutes consisted of Biron misplaying pucks...

...and there were more turnovers than an Eagles NFC Championship Game.

Just when you thought the game was going the Pens way, the Flyers work their way to the net again.
A puck stuns Scuds in the face, letting the Flyers crash the net.
The loose puck floats around the crease for 10 minutes.
You scream, as Mike Richards scores his second weak goal of the game, picking up the trash.


The Flyers fans hanging out in the bar make their last appearance of the night.
Our only complaint is that they didn't show the bar after the Pens goals.

As you sat down and buckled up for a torrid affair, you were standing up again.
Martin Biron makes yet another shaky play, opening the door for Bing to redirect a Hossa pass home.


[ Adam H. ]

And then it was the Flyers turn again.
RJ Umberger had an abbreviated breakaway, but MAF poke-checked it away.

It didn't stop Orpik from flying in and giving Umberger some free candy.

[ Andrew P. ]

The rest of the first period saw the teams starting to hit each other.
And it looked like the first period was gonna end in a deadlock.

Whoops. The Flyers forget to play the last 15 seconds.

Ryan Whitney shows us why he's a big deal and feeds Malkin a pass on the money.
Malkin acts like he knows a cheat code and beats French Toast to make it 3-2 going into the break.


The box score will say Biron was on the ice during the first period, but no one knows if he even played.


[ PhilQ ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The second period started tepidly, but things opened up when Brooks Orpik gave Hartnell a Golden Ticket behind the Pens net.

But Orpik gets escorted to the box.
[ Ed S. ]

And then all hell broke loose.
Midway through the powerplay, the Flyers turn a puck over.
Malkin gets a partial breakaway, but French Toast makes a save.
The puck falls to the side of the net, and Malkin tries to job it back in front.
Mike Richards flies in from Grant Street and nails Malkin as the Arena goes cold for 3.4 seconds.

And that sparked a chain of events that pretty much sealed the game.

It all started when Richards came back into the Pens zone
and delivered a flying clothesline to Sergei Gonchar.


But not before Gonch got the puck up to Evgeni Malkin,
who was waiting at the blue line to accept the pass.

Everyone in the arena stands up.
Except Mario Lemieux.

On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway,
Malkin unleashes a slapshot from about 4 feet away from French Toast.

[ WilSmith ]

The Flyers retaliated the only way they know how. They took a stupid penalty, as someone fires a missile into the USS Hal Gill.
The turkey was on the table for the Pens, but no dice.

The frenetic play pretty much came to a screeching halt after the Malkin goal.
The rest of the period looked like we were playing the Rangers again.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

[ Coffey Talk ]

And then the third period started.
There's nothing good about going into the third period up 4-2.
It's just shaky territory.

We had to listen to the Versus broadcast because WXDX doesn't sync up sometimes with Versus.

Whatever happened to announcers just calling the game?
If we wanted story time, we'd be watching Lifetime.
Call the game or shut the hell up.

MAF had been relatively quiet all game, but Jeff Carter challenged him early in the third,
and MAF flashed a Mike Richter glove save.

Besides the Flyers looking like a Bantam hockey team trying to breakout of their zone, the third period really had nothing going on.

As the third period reached the halfway mark, Father Time strolled into Gate 8.

It got interesting once Father Time settled in when Whitney got sent to the box for tripping.
The first row of seats thinks they're at SeaWorld, seeing Scott Upshall's dive up close.


Scoods got clipped with a high stick, but no call.
What happened to all this officiating bias? Man...

Well, anyway, that Flyers PP almost mattered.
What a horrible display.

After another no-call high stick to Hossa's mouth, the Flyers had a great chance.

Jeff Carter was in all alone on Fleury.
But he mistakenly looks at Gary Roberts on the bench and melts.

And where was the urgency on Philly's side? Did they even know they were playing a game?

And then the Flyers showed that they don't care.

Scottie Upshall gets frustrated and cross checks LeGame.
LeGame skates away coolly, but a melee ensued.

All you could see was Malkin facewashing and jabbing Hatcher's face.
It was Hatcher's first appearance of the game.

Malkin seemed to hunker away from the situation,
but he had actually lost his cross and chain during the scrum and was a mess because of it.
He found it, though.

Pens get some meaningless power-play time, and that was it.

  • Does Daniel Briere still play for the Flyers?
  • People are making Kimmo Timonen out to be Bobby Orr. Relax.
  • Sykora got a haircut.
  • P.S. -- We should start applying Chuck Norris facts to Cotton Candy Heee.
  • Versus with one of the worst broadcasting efforts in about three years. The dude went on a 10-minute rant about Mike Modano and Mike Richards. It is the Eastern Conference Finals. Call the game.
  • Biron's new name is French Toast- coined by [Jschiff.]
  • If you went to the game, check for your wallet. Chances are Hossa pick-pocketed it. What a player.
  • We didn't make it down to the game to watch it outside because we melt in the rain.
  • [ The700Level ] found Don Cherry video on SportsCenter. Apparently Eric Staal plays for the Pens.
  • Do it.

[ Chris F. ]



Go Pens


Pensblog Staff said...



karri said...

Hahaha - not fair!

Great recap...still trying to finish watching the game after working a double...

Who else is crazy enough to be up at this time of the night...morning...whatev...


letsgopsu said...

I sped home from State College so I wouldn't miss any of the game. There are a lot of cops on 22...thank Gary I noticed all of them before they noticed me. For some reason I doubt they would have been to happy with me going 85 in a 55...

Game was completely worth it. Malkin was unstoppable.

Browsing through Facebook, I came upon the status of a Flyer's fan I had a class with. His status made me laugh.

Joke Flyer's Fan "wants to explain the game tonite --- 1. The Pens scored 4 goals on 4 TURNOVERS 2.Fleury sucks 3. versus announcers have a dick in their mouth and it says pens."


letsgopsu said...

@ karri

I'm crazy enough.


snickerdoodles said...

@karri, I'm crazy enough, even though it's only 2:21 am pacific time. But I'm gonna have to stop with the crazy and get some sleep.

Go Pens!!!


karri said...

@ letsgopsu & snickerdoodles - so glad you 2 are crazy enough!

...still watching the game, have to be at work at noon...just saw Geno's shorthanded goal...



sarah said...

@ karri- i'm up too!

i had my prom tonight and there was a screen up to watch the game, but no audio. so i came on the pensblog when i got home to read witty stuff about what i missed.

good morning c-blog :)

threshhold9k said...

I decided drinking all day before the game was the number one plan, woke up this morning to a victory. Sucks when you do that for a loss. I'm in england for now, so lasting until 12:30 at night was a struggle.

Might have been hit by a car, wonderingaboutasorehipandelbowblog.

DarkStar said...

On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway...

wow. you guys could not be more spot on with this one. i still hate some of the guys in my old rec league for trying that move. still, that goal tonight was one of the biggest "fuck you" goals i've ever seen and i love geno for doing it.

that call on orpik was the worst call i've seen yet in these playoffs.

mike richards=joke

go pens

Juniper T Castle said...

Hahaha Don Cherry called Jordan Eric.

Andrew S said...

what a game. i am fairly certain i know that guy in the "joke" picture posted by coffeytalk. if i'm correct, he was a former cain's customer, possibly still is

but i'll take a 4-2 win capped by malkin dominating biron. go pens

PittHockey said...

Malkin must break you.

Fred Jones said...

Great post as always.

I too was upset they didn't show the Philly dive bar after each Pens goal. Especially after Malkin said F U with that short handed slap shot.

Todd said...

Normally, I don't complain about NHL broadcasters. I am happy that the NHL is on nationally on any network. After all, I had to "watch" both Pens cup wins on the sports updates on CNN Headline news (at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour), being that I was underage and in South Carolina at the time.

However, Beninati is a disgrace. He doesn't know the game, asking stupid questions of his color guy, never informing the viewers of penalties and so on.

The incessant reminder that Timmonen was hurt bordered on the absurd, too. It became a running joke in the gameday thread on Not the injury, just the constant reminder of it.

Excellent recap, fellas.

Lady Jaye said...

Mrlakdfah;lfkhdsf (that's me grumbling). I had some cool pictures to send it but I lost my card reader! The camera on my phone sucks, so I had to go the old fashioned way and use a real camera. :) I got a pic of all the signs up in F, very cool. Good job to everybody who made them. I love the F signs.

But Woooooooo. Good game. It's nice that we don't have to worry about ref whining after this game. If anybody had the refs in the pocket, they weren't wearing black and gold. :) Hehe.

So much fun last night.

Lady Jaye said...

@letsgopsu > if you have the "peices of flair" application on facebook, I made some anti-flyers flair with the "Losers Since 75" jersey guy.

Dumb thing to get excited over, but it humored me to put it on facebook. And it humors me even more that 20 people have added it to their profile so far ;)

Fleury29 said...

Best recap of the playoffs so far, TPB staff.

What a game. I was distracted for most of it, which sucks, but at least I got to hear it.

R.J. Umberger's parents stunned is one of the greatest cell phone pics ever posted on this blog. Classic.


Up 1-0. Can't wait for Sunday.

The Big K said...

Swiss Cheese Gerber
Henrik Stunnedqvist
French Toast Biron

This blog is why I exist.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Wow, what an home around 2:30 a.m. after driving 3+ hours with dopey grins on our faces. Stunned, in a good way, we were. Got to the game early and watched the Pens arrive...BGL was first, Michel T. and Andre S. were next and I think we got a pretty cool shot of Gary Roberts waving at us. We wore lead shields so that we didn't burst into flame. MAF cracked us up - nice suit offset by a backwards baseball cap on his haid. Adam Hall had the crappiest car. Geno and Gonch car-pooled, as did Sabu/Scuderi Gill/Hossa and Taffe/Conklin/Sydor. Saw Christine S. and Joe B.; could have poured beer on them but didn't; they seemed nice. Tons of Pensblog-inspired signage inside the Igloo - just awesome. Saw Elvis impersonators, people in Penguins suits, lots of face painters, an "adult entertainer" handing out cards advertising a post-game "performance", and some girl in a full-on prom get-up. Lots of good-natured booing of tiny random pods of Flyers fans. Everyone actually sang the National Anthem. Very cool. The game? Wow. Can't wait to see the highlights but it looked like Opik was freaking possessed and Geno's short-range slapshot would have gone straight through Biron had he been foolish enough to get in the way. Also looked like we just missed on about 5 more goals. It seemed like the Pens were having a lot of fun out there. Did Flower even break a sweat after the 1st period? The fans in D8 were great. The fireworks after were the icing on the cake. Everyone honking, waving towels, and chanting "Let's Go Pens", even in the parking garage? That's fun. You're right, BNG66, my ears hurt. Maybe we'll sell our cats for medical experiments so we can afford tickets to another game.

blades09 said...

All this talk about the Flyers needing to play a more disciplined game obviously does not work for them. They'll be back to their old dirty tricks as early as Sunday. Guaranteed.

What a game.

Raybin said...

Evgeni Malkin is a cyborg. No other explanation for it.

One of the Versus studio guys made a Bing/Joe Sakic comparison. Very apt, sez I.

Richards as Mike Modano? Hyperboleblog much? Modano could outplay Richards on one skate with a balsa wood stick.

If we have to suffer through Versus, why can't we get Emrick on the play by play? He gets so into the game and ratchets the excitement up a notch. He's the only one worth a bucket of spit.

Get Chris Simpson(last name correct?) off my screen. Doesn't she have a Botox booster shot appointment to go to? "Kimo, how do you feel about not being able to play?" I would have forgiven him for being a Flyer if he'd answered "Just fucking dandy."

Can Biron bounce back? If he starts out Game 2 like he did this one, I predict Stevens will panic and pull a Carbonneau and we will see Nittyjoke by the third period.

Congrats to the Baby Pens for doubling Philly's misery last night.

Deep thought: If the Penguins are going for Lord Stanley's Cup, does that mean the Baby Pens are competing for Lord Stanley's Sippy Cup?

I said the same thing last night about Briere and Hatcher being the Invisiblemint Twins. Has anyone noticed that Briere ALWAYS vanishes against the Pens?

Then again, if you were only 4'7" or whatever, you'd try to hide against a team sporting BGL, Candyman and the USS Hal Gill too.

MAF is unreal. He had a quietly sick game last night. Stuffing Carter and Umberger on the breakaways and those three saves he made in rapid succession near the end of regulation is why he's a big deal. I can't recall him not making a huge save when the chips were really down throughout the playoffs so far.

I'm not running overconfidenceblog here, I just want to offer a theoretical look into the future:

If the Pens are fortunate enough to make the Finals, it looks like if all continues as heretofore that they'll run smack into the Red Wings.

I'm rooting for Dallas because I think they're more beatable, but as a hockey fan can you imagine that series? It would be one people will talk about for YEARS. There aren't enough adjectives in all the languages of the world to describe the kind of hockey both teams are playing right now.

And that's the last time I mention the Finals until we're actually in it.

Finally, they Penguins once again achieve a moral dominance over their opponents. Like the Sens and Rags, the Flyers were skating like a beaten team the last 7 or 8 minutes of the game.

Hossa pulls a Russell Crowe and unleashes hell next game. Put money on it.

Koz said...

On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway,
Malkin unleashes a slapshot from about 4 feet away from French Toast.

Amazing. Great description. So true.

Christina said...

Versus may make me physically sick by the time this series is over. Too many terrible things about the broadcast tonight for me to get into.

Sidlanta line dominates on Sunday.

I'm now going to have to alternate between watching "We'll Kick Your Arse" on youtube and Malk's sick f-you goal. I just laughed when it happened.

Lloyd said...

definition of agony:

being on an airplane in the air during most of the game.

and upon wheels touching the gound... getting a shit-ton of txtmsgs that update me, so at least i got the hookups. It was the longest flight of my l i f e.

Gh0st said...

Versus makes it so hard to follow a play when they randomly switch to some crappy camera in the corners. WTF? Who is telling them this is good?

geezer said...

Was in Milano's before the game eating and juicing uo a bit when a cheer started up. "We want the Cup" out of no where. Walked all the way around at A/B level before the game and could tell the energy vibe thing was gonna rock!

What can you say? Malkin gets nailed and gets up off the canvas and nails it into the net! Never saw anything like it and I'm pretty old dudes.

Orpik lighting people up after pouring gas on them, ouch!
Good times people, Flyers go down in flames. Please come on Sunday!

Sooska said...

Versucks made me dizzy last night. Do they think they are producing the Blair Witch Project? 21st century production values. yeah right.

Catching up the rest of last night's cblog I have to agree with vezonex. Geno's shot went into the 4th dimension. Father Time caught it.


What brand of Free Candy was Orpik handing out last night? Crunch bars? Atomic Fireballs? Jaw Breakers? Whoppers? He turned RJU into a Zero Bar.

I was lucky last night-about half way thru the 1st my Versucks and radio synced and I was able to listen to Mike instead of the versucks jokes.

Someone said on cblog (chica was that you?)that you missed a goal when the online versus stopped. I have to watch online during the week and I have yet to see a goal live. The video stops but the audio continues and I have to then wait for replays.

Paul Alexander is a joke all the time. Ron Cook is worse today.

The Malkin shirt is 9-1.

slush said...

My brother lives in Flyer territory and gets their local broadcast during reg. season games. He just told me that when they score, they win a free case of Tastycakes.

"RJ UMBERGER SCORES and thats worth a FREE case of Tastycakes!!!"

How fitting is that. I see a photoshop comin.


Mike said...

Versus needs to be blown up.

...go Pens...

But seriously blow them up.

Chubs said...

@ slush-

I will never complain about VS, mainly because of watching some of the first round on the Flyers' station- hearing "and THAT's a free case of TastyCakes!!" after every goal was slowly making me homicidal. (Serenity now...Serenity now...)

What I wouldn't give to have Steiggy and Errey back in my life....

Russell Lucas said...

"On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway,
Malkin unleashes a slapshot from about 4 feet away from French Toast."

This might be my favorite line in pensblog history. Plus, guys never take slap shots from there because there's such a risk it will be off-target. People are making it out like Malkin was answering for the failed penalty shot, but it takes ridiculous confidence to blast a slap shot from there.

Ron Cook in the PG is such a joke today, talking sweep like he has no idea what it takes to win a series. Somebody should remind him of '00, when the Penguins won the first two in Philly, no less.

The Seeker said...

@ raybin

"If the Penguins are going for Lord Stanley's Cup, does that mean the Baby Pens are competing for Lord Stanley's Sippy Cup?"

Unfortunately, all they get is Lord Stanley's drool bucket.

I don't even want to hear anyone complain that Malkin's FU shot was a result of cherrypicking. Cherrypicking is a deliberate act while Malkin's was just a product of being crushed and having to brush the snow off his uniform.

I'm SO glad Malking hates the Cryers even more than we do....and showed it.

Question...when they did that one player audio, did I hear Sid say "they're gassed" (meaning: out of gas)? If so, that was still with quite a bit of time left which bodes well for the Pens if they can wear them down so easily.

The latest opponent conspiracy? Cryers phans whining that the Ref's initial wave-off of their goal proves the NHL wants Crosby in the Cup Finals. Too funny!

Antonette said...

People have said it and I'll say it again- that was the worst announcing I've ever heard. Bob Errey on acid calling Dupuis eating a damn sandwich would have been more coherent.

ALSO what the fuck refs. I mean, I expect it, what with Devorski and all, but still.

And it shows so much how the Flyers lost their shit when they got pissed. Cross-checking Letang? Pick on someone your own size for Christsake (though he does throw a mean hip check).

I love how Geno gets sodamn mad. Love it.

Have to miss the game Sunday because of an elections meeting for a group, but I'm bringing my computer and going to attempt to look professional.


Raybin said...

@the seeker

Lord Stanley's drool bucket? Funny stuff!

I don't remember if Sid said about being gassed, but I do recall him saying "They've got no depth." I don't know if he meant that they were stacking the blue line and leaving no one back in front of Biron or if their roster is thin.

Flyers fans are SUCH jokes. Cryers is the most appropriate term in hockey history. To me it was rather obvious the ref initially waved it off because he thought Fleury had frozen it. But then again, I've been wrong before. Once or twice.

Raybin said...

Bob Errey on acid calling Dupuis eating a damn sandwich would have been more coherent.

That line is so money it doesn't even know it.

PO said...

what a game what a team what a night!!!

"On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway, Malkin unleashes a slapshot from about 4 feet away from French Toast."

lines like that are why i wake up at 10am on a saturday morning and head right for the computer


couple of notes

don cherry = joke

he called jordan staal eric staal in that video on 700 level

vurses broadcasters have a dick in their mouth its kimmo Timmonen's
pb got the call right, he's an above average d man.

go pens


mmmk1989 said...

Everyone in the arena stands up.
Expect Mario Lemiuex.

On a play that will get you beat up if you do it in your friend's driveway,Malkin unleashes a slapshot from about 4 feet away from French Toast.

this was my favorite part.

and you know you are doing a great job when my dad, who isnt into the blogs that much, pulls out some tPB references during the game and asks if i read the site 5 minutes after i wake up. excellent job.

french toast is great.


Vanessa Day said...

Here Here about the Versus announcers. The biggest douchenozzles I've ever heard. I was tempted to mute it when they started complaining about Timmonen.


I WAS glad to see that they bumped golf to the non-hd channel so I could immerse myself in the glory that is Penguins in HD, but they have to get their shit together.

This is going to be an amazing series.


odmE. said...

Versus pretty much made me want to throw up all over myself all night. What a joke. I really care what Umberger's parents have to say when the game's started. Jesus...say what you will about Steiggy and Errery, I sure do miss FSN.

On an another note, it is so much fun to watch Malkin. You can tell when something happens to him that he's going to make someone pay for it. Haha.

This team's been damn solid. And so has the Pensblog. Cheers, my friends. Cheers.

Angelo said...

About this Kimmo Timonen love-fest. Yes, he is a good defenseman and the best for Filthadelphia. However, he isn't their best player. To me, he's about 4th on the list behind Richards, Briere, and Biron. Let's not forget that the Penguins lost Mark Eaton, their best defensive defenseman for the season...the Pens were still able to be solid on defense. Enough of the bullsh*t. Oh, and let's compare Gonchar's and Timonen's regular season stats, just to get an idea of how vital a defenseman should be to a team:

Timonen played 80 games, scoring 8 goals and 36 assists. His +/- was EVEN and he had 29 powerplay points.
Gonchar played in 78 games 12 goals and 53 assists. He was a +13 and had 46 powerplay points.

How the Hell does Timonen justify his 8 million per year contract?? He is not as vital on the man advantage, his +/- would indicate he's not as good defensively...enough of this immortalization of Timonen. His loss is a blow, but will in no way determine the outcome of the series.

Half of the people bitching about his injury never even heard of him prior.

sh0ez said...

Watching last night's game on Versus makes me wish I could get CBC or something. That was a horrid display on broadcasting.

It started right at the beginning when they said the Pens had to watch so they weren't overconfident. At the end of the 1st, they said we weren't showing what we should be and we looked flat. What?

Also, could we have heard anymore about Cumberger? Seriously. They talked about him and his damn parents more than anything. Hey, we have a Pittsburgh player too, and we are IN Pittsburgh.

Ugh. And how can Flyers fans even remotely say Versus was for us. Ugh, again.

Anyways, solid game. Can't wait 'til tomorrow. I'll be watching it online since I don't have Versus here. Thank God.

Let's Go Pens!

P.S. Hossa = unreal.

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, Dudes...

1. Raybin, your first post is on fire. I'm going to need to write a second post just to deal with that.

2. How did I not think of this last night? Geno Malkin. Geno's Cheesesteaks. The Fuck You Sandwich. See what I'm getting at here? Photoshops galore. :)

3. @ Letsgopsu - Joke Flyer Fan's seemingly-dismissive comments about the Pens getting four goals off four turnovers is further proof that Flyers fans don't know the first f'ing thing about hockey. Giving up four goals on turnovers is about as big an indictment of your hockey club as you can get; it blatantly says that your team can't take care of the puck. And nothing could be further from the truth.

4. Does the sign in the Zamboni picture really say "Flood Like A Champion Today"? If so, this is yet another reason why I love the Pens.

5. This one is for Ashley...when Fleury unleashed the poke check on Umberger's breakaway, all I could think of is that McDonald's goalie stick giveaway commercial with J.C. Petit..."POKECHECK!"

Hip said...

The second best part about Malkin’s shorty (the best part obviously being the giant fuck you surrounding the whole thing) was HCMT in the post game pressor - some reporter is like, have you ever seen anyone do that before, and he was like, “ahhh (shit eating grin... but I’ll pass on stating the obvious here), the important thing is to score.” The third best thing, hearing Lange’s “And you’d have to be here. to. believe. it.”

Remarkable quotes from the Orange Crush lame blog prior to yesterday’s game:
Game is tonight at 7:30pm at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, and we figure since it starts there, the Flyers will stun them in their own house.
Ummmmm, nice try.
We've got a young team, with some deep scoring (Only team in the league with seven 20+ goal scorers).”
Ummmm, Geno scores 20+ goals a game so who gives?
So much for the Crosby jersey business, our payback is just so much more... sincere.
Ummmm does sincere mean ‘totally riding our jock straps on everything we do?’ Because I didn’t know that.

As I mentioned last night, my unheralded performance from game 1 goes to the Staal/Ruuuuu/TK line - just wasted a shit load of time cycling the puck last night. And then BGL corralling the puck along the boards for another 10 minutes, while some Flyer fucktard (*waves at Pensgirl!) tried to jump him from behind. Unreal. And funny as shit.

@the seeker - don’t worry, only bitter Caps fan’s think Malkin was cherry picking.

@BNG - worth the drive eh? I’m sorry I missed you guys!!

I just wanted to (be a knowitall) and clarify a few things about Timonem’s blood clot: You take blood thinners in order to prevent the clot from getting bigger and prevent any new clots from forming. The body then works its own magic to break the clot down. Obviously I don’t know how big the clot is, but I see no way it could be completely gone and the blood thinners out of his body by the end of this series. This is his second clot so he obviously has a tendency towards these things, and you can’t take any chances in treating it. And it’s not that if he gets cut he might hemorrhage - that would be pretty unlikely. It’s that if he gets hit, even a tiny bleed in his brain can be deadly.

Also, since you’re all asking me my clinical opinion, Phily, the Tastycakes? Horrible idea. I should probably prepare myself now for a volunteer emergency mission to your hell hole in the wake of Hurricane Clogged Artery.

(I admit it, that was just brutal).

I’m also starting a cblog dictionary. Because I don’t have free time. Fucktard, douchenozzle, etc. etc. And we need definitions from the creators.

Stoosh said...

I think tomorrow night, we're going to see a very healthy dose of Flyers forwards crashing the crease and probably taking some runs at Fleury.

Philly came out and played well through their initial 10 or 15 minutes when they were crashing the crease...they even dictated the play for a little while. Despite this, they still went in down 3-2 into the first intermission. Why? They don't have the personnel to sustain an up-tempo AND physical style of play.

They tried to run-and-gun and play aggressively, but the problem is that 1) the Pens were matching them hit for hit, 2) Philly doesn't have the horses to keep skating - especially on the blueline - and 3) they don't have the puck-movers on the blueline to keep that style going all game.

We beat the Rangers because their forwards got worn down over the course of the game, and we beat their defensemen up in the corners. They had the more mobile defensemen, but they got worn down in the physical game. We handled the Flyers last night because their defensemen can't move the puck and can't keep up with four relentless lines.

I'm not opening up hyperboleblog here at all, but the Pens remind me in a sense of the Red Army style of play that Herbie fell in love with - incredibly fast, incredibly efficient and incredibly well-conditioned, so they can just keep attacking in waves. You have to be able to skate with them, match them hit for hit, AND you have to be able to do it over sixty minutes of hockey.

I'm not saying the Pens = the pre-1980 Russian teams. I'm just saying the style of play and the systems are somewhat similar.

Lady Jaye said...

Was it just me or did the Flyers actually look scared of Malkin near the end of the 2nd/all of the 3rd?

Also, anybody know why they waved off that goal and then had to review it? Nobody in my section figured that one out.

M. Vanderlasser said...

@ladyjaye, the post-game radio guys said that the goal was reviewed because the referee lost sight o' the puck.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

I will always defer to your medical knowledge. They said on the radio that the blood thinners could create problems if he were cut, but the brain bleed things makes a hell of a lot more sense in terms of cause to be concerned.


WHACKFODDER - arguments put forth on c-blog by trolls, typically characterized by having zero basis in fact; usually found reeking of some sort of subjective observation or conspiracy theory

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

forgot to mention...

WHACKFODDER can typically be dispatched by a simple, fact-based argument.

Hip said...

@stoosh - WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR?

geezer said...

@ stoosh

Good observation Stoosh. We are fast and skilled up front and they are slower on blueline. Also their fowards were having difficulty forechecking due to fast and effective D to D and D to foward passing. Flyers looked lost and frustrated by the end of the game.

Also we cannot be intimidated with hitting+skill+speed= Lethal!

Pensgirl said...

I give Beninati his due for cracking that Gill was "the antidote to Jaromir Jagr," but early on he called that Richards took the puck from Sid when what really happened was Sid passed it. The former does NOT make up for the latter.

Raybin, I said the same thing about the Wings the other day. Anyone who could beat that team would have a huge stamp of legitimacy.

Fleury's pokecheck is the Fuck You Sandwich of saves. Uncertain goalies don't make that play - it just reeks of stability and confidence. "Eat shit, asshole; I'm better than you." That's easily my second favorite play of the game.

Ever since I accepted Matt's extra ticket yesterday, I've been nervous about putting my family's playoff win streak on the line. This morning, I woke up and I decided "fuck that attitude"...I'm a damn good-luck charm and I'm gonna start acting like it. Can't wait for puck drop!

M. Vanderlasser said...

Blood thinners...I think that's what happened to that guy from Scanners

Vanessa Day said...

@Stoosh... I can't believe you remembered Whackfodder.

Also... correction on Timmonenclotblog: it's not the danger of it going to the brain, it's the danger of it going to his lung. If it breaks away and travels up an artery to the lung, it's called a pulmonary embolism and he is almost certainly dead.


norojo said...

1) Most fun i've ever had at a Pens game, what an atmosphere!
2)Hossa stole $20 from my wallet at some point during the 2nd.
3) I saw Mario and shook his hand on the way into the game, just gonna lay this out there; he seemed to be in the best shape of his life

lis said...

Great game from the lawn last night!

Yeah so the Flyer fan they showed at the bar in Philadelphia....he's on my hockey team! Out of all the people they can show in Philadelphia, I know him? Unrealblog

Sooska said...

@ hip -

Bumblefuck© - verb , (buhm-buhlfuk) to bumblefuck. To blunder or bungle the puck on a breakout attempt (but also possible on a PP or PK) from one end of the ice to the other at the hands of multiple puck handlers. In general used with a verbal tone as to convey contempt for clumsy, floundering, stumbling, halting, faltering, awkward or stuttering puck handling. The puck carrier loses the puck via any means possible (causing it to bounce, roll or fly off his stick) then momentarily regains possession, only to lose it again in the general direction of a teammate who also loses control of it in a never ending cascade of puckfuckups that often can result in total loss of possession, or an opponent's goal.
Does not apply to bad puck handling due to bad ice although it can appear so.
In general usage since 1989 and possibly before although the originator (moi) was unlikely to have said it aloud before that time.

noun the fine art (and some say, science) of bad puck handling. see the verb.

Applies to the style of puck handling in general use by the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to the modern era (NHL playoffs 2008)although it has made brief and infrequent appearances.

Can be abridged to 'BF' if tender ears are in the vicinity.

mdpensfan said...

If you watch the highlights, when Fleury makes that awesome Umberger pokecheck, then makes the solid rebound save and it becomes clear that the pens are taking it out of the zone, he does a jump in the crease.


Sooska said...

following knee surgery a couple of years ago I was put on a blood thinner to prevent clot formation even though I had never had a clot or any reason to believe I might get one. It is my knee doc's SOP. It is probably the same or similar to the one Timonen is on. I had to self-administer a daily shot around my naval for 3 weeks. It made me so tired I could hardly walk and it took a long time to get it out of my system once it was done. Also one week after the therapy ended I broke out at each shot site with a huge itchy red hot hive - a rare condition. My docs could hardly believe it.

I doubt Timonen plays. If he does, or tries, I hope he gets the effin hives. ;)))

Hip said...

Timonenclotblog: his clot is actually in an artery (rare) so there's no danger of a pulmonary embolus for him (although Vanessa, you're right on that that's the deadly scary thing about venous thrombi).

If his clot breaks loose, he might be losing part of his forefoot.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@m vanderlasser

where were you taking pics?....I was there taking pics for a little bit, as well...I was standing on the main walkway [not the 'ramp'] that leads up to the main gate / will call windows. I just missed my #1 fav, Whitney [NOT sarcasm] then saw Dupuis in his baby blue porsche & the rest of the guys you mentioned up to Hall...

hows bout MR. KENNEDYS tricked out truck? I was waiting to see Xzibit pop out from being a car pluck his suit coat & say "You've officially been pimped!".

Nice of the Pens to employ The Flow Band to fire up the natives outside. Nothing says NHL Playoffs like Reggae Music in Pittsburgh. [I saw The Flow Band at a frat party during my time at WVU back in 1990]

drunk/stoned college kids = good idea.
pens fans about to witness game 1 of the Wales Conference Finals™ = bad idea.


That tape 2 tape pass Whit gave Geno for the 3rd Pens goal is what Whitney gets paid for. Too many peeps in the stands are on him like they were on Gonch in NEW NHL year 1.1....Whits never going to be the shut down / Free Candy d-man everyone wants him to be...but I guess at 6'4", everyone expects him to, anyways.

Continuing the Whit talk...did anyone catch after Geno scored at the end of the 2nd...the Pens players skating over to their bench for the customary 'high 5 down the line' looked like Whit used his stick like a fencing epee at the end of the Flyers bench BEFORE going down the conga line...the linesman got there too late...I'll have to go back & review the Vs. tape & .5 asleep at 3:30am watching the replay last night, their between bench camera may have picked it up.

Exiting the Mellon before it blew up [coffeytalk], I overheard a 'fan' say, "Whitney was the worst Penguin on the ice tonight"...wigga',please.

Sooska said...

here is semi-realist from Philthy Phil sheridan:

Phlyer dreams

most important words:
For a hockey team preparing for the biggest game of its collective life, it was another wild swerve on the emotional roller coaster.
The Flyers rode that coaster onto the ice, but it was no surprise it couldn't carry them for 60 minutes. The Penguins are too talented and too physical, too determined and too driven, to be run over on their home ice. The Flyers went from spirited to shaky, from inspired to inconsistent.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@vanessa day

Kimmo = 2 m's
Timonen = 1 m

if your jobbing him = carry on.

[don't let Stoosh try to tell you different]


Bocelli in the HIZZouse!!!!

[Hossa: ♦,♣,♠, Vanessa Day]

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dr. Turk... I have to disagree with you about Whitney.

I just can't seem to see what the fuss is about with him.


Vanessa Day said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JYo said...

healthblog: Isn't the problem in the brain that if bleeding starts there, it will likely bleed too much to do anything about when on thinners? I don't think its a matter of the clot going there, but more a matter of too much bleeding in there. If a clot found a way to cross the blood-brain barrier, I would be impressed. I would think other internal injuries would be pretty bad if one were on blood thinners as well. Could you imagine an injury like Avery's if he were on thinners? Anyway, it sucks for them to lose a solid d-man, but if both teams play like last night, he isn't enough to turn the tide anyway. Lets Go Pens!

Vanessa Day said...

@Dr. Turk...

Thanks for the spelling lesson. Damn foreign names.


Lady Jaye said...

@M. Vanderlasser > Thanks for the info. We missed that by the time we got to our car.

Did anybody see the mosh pit in the center of the Mellon parking lot. I kid. I just thought it was funny to see a tent and a bunch of folks jammin'.. never saw that before after a Pens game.

JYo said...

Just sifting through some of the late night posts from last night:

Thanks for the props Big K!

i was nothing more than slightly annoyed when the Pens gave up those two goals, but i never once felt an ounce of worry because of it.

Completely agree Vezonex. I never felt this game was in danger at all. It seemed like the Pens were toying with them at will. Hopefully that carries over to all 4 games of this series. WOOOOOOOOO!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@vanessa day

he had an awesome year last year [tied w/ Pronger for 6th in scoring amongst d-men] & his defensive blunders weren't as noticeable because of it.

flashfoward to this season:

•signs big $ contract.
•offensive numbers not up to last years figures. [tied for 18th]
•every little hint of a mistake, the peeps are on him like white on rice.

Am I saying he's their best d-man? No. But, he's definitely not their worst.
I'll chalk it up to a bad/off year & hope he improves defensively a bit next year.

It'd be like me getting on Free Candy for not scoring goals...that's not his MO....
I can remember Coffey playing the 'OLE' style of d & he ended up doing pretty well for himself....

BTW, just all jokes & giggles with the spelling...I've caught myself numerous times typing extra M's all over the place for him.


man, those Scandinavian folk sure like their M n N's [NOT Free Candy]

Pensgirl said...

Turk, the Finnish names are my favorites. I read once that Janne Niinimaa had a girlfriend named Nina, and I hope to God they got married. Nina Niinimaa would have to be the best name of all time.

Hip said...


(and this will be my last healthblog post I swear, I know I'm annoying but I can't help it)

If Timonen had a venous clot and a patent foramen ovale (think Tedy Bruschi), the clot could break off and go to his brain, causing a stroke.

He has an arterial clot, meaning if it breaks off it will go, essentially, downstream, and could jeopardize a toe, or the distal part of his foot.

As for brain bleeding - blood thinners inhibit your ability to clot, so even a small bleed in the brain could prove to be disastrous, not because of blood loss but because there's no where for the blood to go. The increased pressure could kill the brain. With the physical nature of a sport like hockey it would absolutely be malpractice to let anyone play on blood thinners.

And yes, he'd be more prone to severe internal bleeding as well, which it's also obviously desirous to avoid.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Dr. Turk... I do have to say I didn't notice Whit's mistakes as much last year. You are right on that one. Plus, it doesn't help that my husband only has eyes for his mistakes.

BTW... did anyone notice Stan Savran getting the feev for the Pens on the pre-game show? I believe he said something about getting a Pens jersey on the Rocky statue and "Takin' care of bidness" on Tuesday? Maybe he'll be the one to do it.

I thought it was hilarious.


M. Vanderlasser said...

@dr. t, we were stalking, I meaning taking pictues of, the Pens right above where they enter the arena. We kinda liked The Flow Band, mon. We were so excited that anything more aggressive would have caused us to explode.

Vehicle analysis:

Coach T and Andre S: Mercedes coupe
BGL: Escalade
St. Gary: Porsche Cayenne GTS
Tanger: Mercedes coupe
Whitney: Mercedes coupe
Pascal D: Porsche Cayenne
Malone: Mercedes coupe
MAF: dropped off by girlfriend
Jordan Staal: Lincoln Navigator, I think
Adam H.: SWEET Chevy truck
Brooks O.: the scary van

Versus' Joe B. and Christine S. walked over from the bus station.

Vanessa Day said...

@M. Vanderlasser... what's Ruutu's?

V= &hearts Ruutu

JYo said...

Am I saying he's their best d-man? No. But, he's definitely not their worst.
I'll chalk it up to a bad/off year & hope he improves defensively a bit next year.

I have high hopes for Whitney, but right now, he is average with flashes of offensive brilliance. He is still young for an NHL d-man, so he has plenty of time to develop into a Norris caliber player, which is possible given his talent. I would say Gonch was no better defensively at the same point in his career. I still remember Straka (as a Pen) stripping him (as a Crap) at the blueline and ending a playoff game.

Right now Whit still makes a lot of mistakes defensively, which is what people notice. Do I expect him to be Orpik? No way. Do I expect him to consistently make straightforward plays on D? Yes. If he becomes consistent on D and keeps up his offensive prowess, he is worth the money. Most of this season, that was not true. Hopefully he will continue to develop and be a Gonch like talent in a few years.

The Seeker said...

Stoosh said:

"when Fleury unleashed the poke check on Umberger's breakaway, all I could think of is that McDonald's goalie stick giveaway commercial with J.C. Petit..."POKECHECK!"

Hahahaha....exactly!! My Daughter and I BOTH said it simultaneously.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

I'd agree with you about Whit when it comes to his maturity....but then I think of LeTang and have to second guess that analysis.

Or is LeTang just that great for his age?

M. Vanderlasser said...

@vanessa, over dinner we were figuring out which players we missed. Ruutu, unfortunately, was one of them.

Since he's from Finland, however, he probably arrived on one of these.

As our resident fashion expert, what did you think of Don Cherry's jacket?

Jonny V said...

Ryan Whitney - 25 years old
Sergie Gonchar - 34 years old

I'm not saying he'll turn into Lidstrom, but if this is the production he's giving us three years before his supposed "peak", then his contract will end up the same bargain Sarge's is now. The kid's alright.

Watched the game with my pops last night, we came up with a list of complaints of the broadcast, many were mentioned already: do they have to show so many friggin' graphics on the screen during play?!? ,the Timonen/Umberger knob-bobbing was ulcer inducing, not showing the Philly bar after we scored three straight, and the funny camara angles. And when Geno fired his shot at French Toast, my dad looked at me and said, "Holy shit he was trying to shoot the puck through him."

Stoosh, your thoughts on the Geno/Geno's made me remember hearing a Malkin's diary on WDVE thursday night. In it he was thinking that all the guys in Philly were "homoskis" because he always heard them talking about how much they wanted a Geno. Some wanted whiz on their Geno, and the secret of a good one was the tasty buns.

Hate him or hate him, I think what Ron Cook was saying is the Flyers might steal a game or two in the series (and I do mean steal), but them winning the series is kind of like Kissing the Lipless, no matter what tactics you use, it just ain't going to happen (nod to the indy music references a couple posts ago--and the drummer's shirt is great)

Don Cherry said that for the Flyers to have any hopes of winning the series, they have to go back to Bobby Clarke hockey. That scrum/Hatcher face washing towards the end of the game is going to be considered heavy petting compared to what's coming up in this series. Oh, and when that Flyer was dry humping Laraque along the boards like your friend's dog used to do to your leg, my dad turns to me and says, "I hope he's at least buying him dinner after that."

TheNWChica said...

Great recap of the best I've read.

@raybin: Deep thought: If the Penguins are going for Lord Stanley's Cup, does that mean the Baby Pens are competing for Lord Stanley's Sippy Cup? Holy crap that's funny. lol

@sooksa: Yeah, that was me... I think it was Bing's goal that I missed.

I'm going to stay with that new site I found with the Ricksportsline or whatever it's has the feed from the Ceeb. Either that or I'm getting a TV and cable box in here this week so I can watch the Ceeb with that.

and Stoosh? I love you even more than I already did for mentioning Herbie. My friend and I were talking about how he would have loved the USA team that is up in QC being very young, very talented and very hungry to win.

The Seeker said...

MAF: dropped off by girlfriend

MAF drives a black Porsche Boxster.

Gonch and Malkin have matching black Range Rovers.

Sydor drives a Lincoln Navigator with Texas plates

Gary Roberts has a champagne colored SUV but I can't recall the type.

Sometimes, HCMT drives a Lexus

Vanessa Day said...

@ M. Vanderlasser:

That's too bad about Ruutu's car scoping. Vanessa=Ruutu Stalker (ever since he made eye contact with me... best day of my life).

Also... Don Cherry is hot, hands down. No. That jacket was one of his more ridiculous. I just wonder what his tailor must think when he's making those things.

You can't buy that shit in stores.


JYo said...

I'd agree with you about Whit when it comes to his maturity....but then I think of LeTang and have to second guess that analysis.

LeGame reminds me of Whit from last year. Lets hope he doesn't have a similar regression next year. Both of them have very bright futures, but to expect either of them to be rock solid all the time early in their careers would be a big mistake.

LeGame has been awesome, but Whit was last year too. Don't be surprised if LeGame struggles a bit next year. I hope he doesn't, but I won't be surprised if he does. Being a top d-man every year in this league is not easy.

The Seeker said...

Cblog question:

Out of pure curiosity....

I think it was FSNP that did a little documentary about Michel Therrien where they mentioned he was a single-parent with Daughters.

Does anyone know the story behind that?

I mean...was it a divorce where he has custody or did he lose his Wife to an accident or health issues?

TheNWChica said...

@ M. Vanderlasser: I have been blessed or cursed depending on who you talk to with seeing Don Cherry every week for as long as I can remember; and I think that last night's was the worst or ties with one that was I think last season. It was a white or very light cream background with light blue and lavender cabbage roses. It looked like something I would have worn in high school, but I am a girl and this was 1987.

KJ said...

if ruutu arrived on that, he probably ate it afterwards. expensive, but tasty i've heard.

as for the clot, eh, who am i kidding, no clue about it. all i know is he had a clot before in nashville and if i see him again i'll assume the blood thinners are working cause if he got hit there again with the clot, he could be saying moi moi varvas (or goodbye toes in english).

as for VS, i too am upset that they did not show the philly bar after pens goals, i mean c'mon! i also hate the camera behind the net cause their spastic camera guy cannot keep up. but thanks to vs i now know scott gomez is from alaska, staal has some brothers, lundqvist not only has a brother in dallas but they're TWINS!!!, and umburger is from pittsburgh. gosh, what more can they tell me repeatedly over and over?

finally, loved all parts of malkin's goal. if the flys don't upset him next game, i sure hope someone on the pens tells him his momma wears red commie boots

Jonny V said...

Couldn't help myself, So Says I, another great song. The video has Russian penguins in a human-like society. Enough said.

The Seeker said...

@ vanessa

"You can't buy that shit in stores."

Thank Gary Roberts for that!!!

My Wife's a women's clothing buyer and says that the only place to get such horrendously putrid fabrics would have to be at a custom upholstery or drapery shop.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Gary Roberts arrived in a flaming chariot pulled by multi-headed rhinoceroses.

(It was either that or a Cayenne GTS.)

Not sure why Michel T. is a single parent, but I hope and pray that Pensblog Charlie isn't involved somehow.

When I inquired about his appeal, my Canadian colleagues explained to me that Don Cherry is kind of like the John Madden of hockey, if that makes sense.

JYo said...

I saw this debated in the posts last night too, but didn't see an answer from anyone. There was a question of who missed the empty net: Bugsy vs. Hoss. If the announcers were correct, which could be a stretch for VS, and if I remember correctly,, which is always a stretch, it was Bugsy.

Jonny V said...

Hip, a mention of foramen ovale in comment blog is why this place is a big deal.

KJ said...

seeker, it was a messy divorce cause she was a bit off the rocker (believe she assaulted him at least once), and he got full custody of the kids, a boy & girl

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa Day said...

@ Seeker... That's what I do too.

He definitely has them custom made. He must be color blind or something. He has no sense of which fabrics go with each other or colors/patterns.

That silky floral jacket from last night looked like some GaryAwful curtain or throw pillow from my grandma's house.


The Seeker said...

@ jyo was Bugsy alright.

Also...thanks for that info KJ!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@ the seeker

I posted a youtube interview of Michel Therrien with SALLY Wiggin [that's for you Sooska] a few nights /early morning ago....

he has a son who's 15, daughter 14...during the interview he kinda sidesteps the question about 'custody'....just saying it was best for the kids that he have full custody....

1 on 1 interview

* is 17 minutes long, but I think was worth the watch.

The Seeker said...

@ vanessa

Glad you understood what I meant because after posting it I realized that it looked kind of redundant to say my Wife's a 'women's clothing buyer' if most normal women AREN'T buying women's clothes for themselves.


JYo said...

Even though Cook = joke, this is worth pointing out:

Is it too late to pick the Penguins in three games?

I'm pretty sure the Pensblog already made that prediction asshat.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Seeker... LOL. I got it.



JYo said...

From Burnside

"Malkin's blast, his second goal of the night, was a middle-finger salute to the Flyers..."

The Seeker said...

@ vanessa

I forgot to say that I knew you had a shoppe from your profile (where I first realized you were a Ruuutu stalker too) and that my Wife's already scoped-out your website because, well...that's what buyers do!

I'm sure you'd understand what I mean.

I need to buy ink for my printer by the truckload since she's always printing-out competitor's stuff and the latest fashion junk from Europe and Japan.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkelton

Thanks...I'm off to check out the video!

Dr. Turkleton said...

are any of the flyer faithful Blogs gonna update today? [The Orange Douche, Flyer.Femme, Flyers Goal Scored By...] I'd like to see their excuses, er perspective on last nights beat down of their Free Candy ass.


are they all doing their 'Community Service' duties in orange jumpsuits [appropriate, no?] today?

Pick Up Trash NOW! > Vengeance NOW!

the only blog that I've seen an update is the Philly News Blog & he also kinda jobs the A&L Motors commercial [ok when WE job it, right?]

guess when you're done 'reporting' on last nights ass whoppin'...there's nothing left to post.

[Hossa: +1 to Geno in the Buries It category]

wilsmith said...

Yeah, someone dropped the head explosion video.

jefe said...

i have a plan to possibly move back to the burgh when the new arena is built, but this blog and yinz fans are making tough not to just come home for next season. or even the rest of these playoffs! gary christ this is fun.

go pens.

Vanessa Day said...

I thought this was kind of funny. I like how they call it "the Lord Stanley Cup".


cthomassucks said...

anyone know of a good bar in the philadelphia region (preferably lansdale, conshohocken, or north wales areas) where pens fans tend to gather? if so please advise. GO PENS

Dr. Turkleton said...

sorry if someone posted this already...Max to return Sunday!?!?

if he IS back, great.

I just hope he's not rushing things, gets injured even WORSE & possibly out for the rest of this series or some other series that I'm not going to mention.

Antonette said...

While the foramen ovale references are money, the fact that I have a bio lab practical coming up are not. With my luck it will fall during game 4 of the fucking finals. Damn quarter system.

BTW Hip & co, thanks for the actual info on the injury- I never trust what sports channels say, especially during playoffs. Though, memorizing facial bones was a lot easier being a hockey fan, because you know all about broken zygomatic arches and the like.

In regards to Letang, I really think he is that good for his age. D-men don't captain Canada to gold medals in the WJCs unless they have their shit together.

wilsmith said...

at vanessa day:

Hopefully that Michael Buble cat isn't a Pens fan.

wilsmith said...

yeah, I just typed out "at" instead of using @.

that's how cool I am...

...or retarded. I don't know.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Wilsmith... I looked him up on Wiki and he's from BC, so he's probably a Canucks fan.


JYo said...

In regards to Letang, I really think he is that good for his age. D-men don't captain Canada to gold medals in the WJCs unless they have their shit together.

While I agree that LeGame has been money in the bank and I think he has a great future, lets not crown him the next Lidstrom yet either. The NHL is a far cry from the WJCs. At this point, I am far more comfortable seeing him on the ice over Whitney, but I don't know if he is playing any better this year than Whit did last year.

Isn't it great that development of these already pretty darn spectacular young players, especially considering their age, is the most we have to worry about as Pens fans these days? The members of this team could be populating the league as its stars for years to come. Hopefully, most of them will still be populating the Pens roster.

It is certainly premature to compare them to any team like the 80s Oilers, but sheesh, its hard not to be excited with their potential to develop into that kind of group.

wilsmith said...

vanessa, I knew he was from Canada somewhere, but didn't bother to look it up. Good info, we're in the clear!

re: letang

Whatever people say about Letang being this or that, you can't argue that just about everyone is pleasantly surprised with how physical he is. I don't think a lot of people see that coming. He has a nasty mean streak in him when guys try and mix it up in front of the net, and it's good to see him willing to rough people up.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Ω wilsmith

+2 on Letang...

my buddy calls him LeDry Idea because he NEVER lets them see him sweat.

IF he does make a mistake, he seems to recover quite nicely/quickly.
like you said, that little bit of nastiness for his smallish frame is nice to see as well [as stoosh and I were discussing last night...this Alex Grant draft pick might be in the same mold, but a bit bigger & a right handed shot [crosses fingers].

like jyo said, I'm not penciling him in either to overtake Nicky for the Norris Trophy™ next year...but he's off to a nice start to his career.

coffeytalk said...


goodmorning c-blog.

warning: don't drink your face-off at a pens game, go to the bar after, come home and eat leftover cheesecake factory coconut cheesecake, take 2 benadryl, and go to bed.

the more you know...

B-rad said...

I think Kimmo Timonen out performed Daniel Briere in that Game...

10 Sob stories and 7 honorable mentions on VS. compared to, Oh yea, Nothing for Briere.


Hip said...

@jonny v - you made my whole life. I love you.

@antonette - may the power of Gary be with you on that bio shit. Honestly, I got through med school by relating everything I could to sports. This player broke that, that guy had this disease, he had this injury. Makes it much more fun. And pretty inspirational to see what some people overcome.

@Vanessa - I like that they called it Lord Stanley too.
And while I legitimately love Michael Buble, what the fuck did he do to get the Cup "presented" to him?

@coffeytalk - that sounds brutal. Hang in there and way to sacrifice for your team!

Jonny V said...

coffeytalk, duly noted.

Wheatley is at it again. Apparently the Penguins paying half for a 2 million dollar grocery store in the hill is not enough. They also want input on how the 28 acres of Civic Arena property is utilized after Mario Lemieux Place is built. Jokes.

jyo, I can't think of a better "problem" to have haha. Two up-and-coming defensemen with as much talent that they possess, means not having to go out and pay the likes of your Timonens 8+ million a year.

johnny said...

Fact: On his Physics final, Cotton Candy Man scored a perfect 100% by writing “Cotton Candy heee” as the answer to every question. The normal rules of space and time do not apply to Cotton Candy Man.

Note: The most glorious Cotton Candy Man moment that I remember happened the first or second year at PNC Park. For years before then, many of you may remember his as the Coke Man at Three Rivers Stadium, with his patented “Coke heee. Coke heee.” Unfortunately for him, the Pirates switched to Pepsi, and early in the season he was in the zone and was like, “Coke heee. Coke heee. Co…Pepsi heee.”

Delenda est Philadelphia.

Dr. Turkleton said...

useless info while cleaning the kitchen & listening to golf on the tv & uploading pics to flickr:

the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser™ 'sponge thingy' is THE SHIT!

-just sayin'.

Jersey Bill said...

Did anyone see the pictures of the jerseys from last night's game at EN? The Flyers fan wearing the UNBERGER jersey? Hope that was on purpose. That's like one of us wearing a COSBY jersey.

I haven't been back to western Pa. in about ten years. I'm going to make the trip next year to see a game in the old building. I'm sure some things are different, but I have three questions whose answers might help get me re-oriented.

1) Is R.J. Umberger from Pittsburgh?

2) Are the other Staal's in the NHL related to Jordan?

3) Do the Pirates still play in Pittsburgh? They used to have a guy named Bonds and some other guy named Bonilla. Just curious.

Oh, is it wrong for another man to love Letang? Because, I think I do.

Jonny V said...

Antonette, pnemonics pnemonics pnemonics.



Do it for everything. Make them weird or Pens related to help u remember them. You'll be fine.

Hip, who loves ya, baby...

JYo said...

Oh, is it wrong for another man to love Letang? Because, I think I do.

I think men are supposed to love Le Tang. Whats that? Hockey player, you say? Eh, never mind...

BlacknGold66 said...

I haven't had time to play catchup. So here it goes...

-Got to Pittsburgh at about 6:50. Laid claim at the Souper Bowl. Shitty tv's... decent crowd... but the food and service more than made up for it. Not to mention how surprisingly loud it got in there during the game. Word.

-To the two "hookers" as my girlfriend calls them wearing the Crosby and Malkin shirts with the short jean skirts: Nobody cares how "cute" you think you look when you are repeatedly doing shots of JACK DANIELS (seriously?) and distrupting everyone else's enjoyment of the game. I seriously thought of the woman of cblog, and my gf dragging them outside for a beating. Oye.

-Tailgateblog: I have a form of arthritis that can be crippling... since we didn't get to dahntahn til 7, walking to the arena lot was out of the question. Next time.

-Hip: Heading to the ED in a bit for a gout treatment. Otherwise I'd be running "shoots and laddersblog" babysitting tonight. I have Indians tix so I somewhat feel your pain.

-My gf and I must look like friendly people because we met about 100 new friends last night. One of which was a gentleman asking if we new where to get beer to go. Obviously we explained that we're from Cleveland and guessed that he should just buy if from the bar.

So he says, "Yeah, I'm from Philly so I don't know my way around here either."

Turns out he does the pre and postgame shows for the ABC affiliate in Philly.

Poor bastard made an attempt at trash talking the Igloo.

Long story short he said, "The radio equiptment in that place is just so outdated. It's a great view, but just hard to work with. After tonight I just want to go back to my hotel and get drunk."

To which I replied...

"Oh, cuz the Pens won, huh?"

Him - "No, because of how fucking loud it was in there!"

Well done Pens fans.

Well done.

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh, and texts of the night go to Stokes (sorry dude, but it's too funny not to post...)

Me texting Stokes who was at the game after Geno's second goal:

"I'm gay for Malkin. There, I said it."

His response:

"I've been gay for Geno since December. It's ok bud."

HAHAHAHAHA! Fucking classic.

Katie said...


I feel your pain. Imagine drinking Iron City and Jamesons for 6 hours after the game (on the West Coast) and snacking on mac and cheese. Might possibly still be a bit drunk. The imagine turning on Sports Center and seeing that nutbag Cherry in his psychedelic suit. I still managed to scream "it's Jordan, not Erik, asshat!" at the tv screen.

HappyMother'sDayBlog to all of the moms out there.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Solid post as usual. Was laughing my ass off (if that was actually possible) the entire time.

Was it me or did I see a lot of penalties not being called that were in the first 2 series? Is it just because it was Conference finals or what?

Versus crew was kissing Umberger's ass the entire broadcast. I really want to hear about the game, not that he grew up in Plum. (Penn Trafford is so much better.) Plus, I barely saw him the entire game. I think Bugsy got mentioned once or twice that he was from Pittsburgh and they went right back to pulling their Charlie-like love on Umberger.

Also, the woman who thinks she can interview people is horrible. Hmm, let me interview RJ's parents in the middle of the game. Stupid jobber. Potash owns her ass.

On NHLN after the game, some jobber said Mike Richards played really well defensively ... so says Malkin short-handed goal on your PK?

The end game scrum was interesting. Malkin goes over there because he doesn't appreciate people getting cross-checked. I wished the announcers would have shut-up at the end, I was trying to listen to Malone yell at Hatcher. I'm pretty sure I heard him say "Don't try it again, Hatcher, or I'll get you." Start running now, dude. We all know you're too slow so you need a head start.

@Sooska: Free Candy's choice in candy is "War Heads."

PensCarBlog: Ryan Malone owns a white Hummer. (Vanessa is a Ruutu-stalker, I'm a bit of a Malone-stalker myself. Although, I don't follow him around, I just know a bunch of random things about him.)

Dr. Turkleton said...

To the two "hookers" as my girlfriend calls them wearing the Crosby and Malkin shirts with the short jean skirts: Nobody cares how "cute" you think you look when you are repeatedly doing shots of JACK DANIELS (seriously?) and distrupting everyone else's enjoyment of the game.

I was wondering where my wife & her friend were all night. Sorry about that. [busted]

flickr account updated

sorry, not alot of 'action' shots...I'll leave those to the professionals [coffeytalk]

PittHockey said...


Spencemo said...

@ cblog nation - Versus blows. I'm pretty sure the cameramen are nothing more than chimps on espresso, as are the on-air (cough) talent.

@ Hip - while compiling that cblog dictionary, don't forget assclown & asshat. Those are two of my personal favorites. I'd like to propose another term for consideration: metric shitload, which is defined as ten more of anything than you can handle.

And, finally, WOOOO! One down, three to go...

Antonette said...

Ohmygod, that Lange = stunned picture is perfection.

The hints and tips (thanks Hip and johnny v) is why cblog is a big deal and more than just a place to complain about refs.

Vanessa Day said...

@BNG66... I'm game for beating up some puckbunnies. I hate short denim skirts... how plebeian.

@Kaspar...Bugsy has a hummer? I seriously dislike hummers... If Ruutu owns one, I may have to change my mind about him.

PS, I'm not really a Ruutu stalker (nor do I think Kaspar is a Malone stalker) per say, I think you actually have to seek someone out in real life to be considered a stalker.


HOUSE14 said...


I finally just got home after last night's insane game. I got a 13 hour roughing and game misconduct penalty! The penalty box at the Allegheny County DOC rink isn't that comfortable. The officiating by the Pittsburgh Police was awful! Flyer fans learned not fuck about on the South Side... the hard way.

3 true facts of life:
1. You're going to pay taxes
2. You're going to die
3. If you piss off Geno you're going to fucking LOSE!

That point blank assasination game me a brief bout of priopism!

BlacknGold66 said...

AT Hip:

If you click on my profile you'll see that I've started a cblog dictionaryblog. I haven't posted it yet, but there's plenty of good stuff in there that I've written down over the past few weeks (jobber, douchenozzle, Kenny Melvin, Joke, tailgateblog, "WOOOOOO", etc.)

Shoot me an email and it's all yours!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Vanessa Day: Yeah, My friend has gotten her picture taken and autographs after the game with him in his Hummer.

@M. Vanderlasser: Bugsy has Mercedes, too? How much are we paying him right now?

I think most of the players have good taste in vehicles. MAF's Porsche is beastly.

@House14: What did you do?

The Seeker said...

I can't believe what I just read!

Gary Robert admits to being human??? Say it ain't so!!

Every night Gary Roberts watches, and every night he finds something else to be amazed by.

It isn't just that Evgeni Malkin scores goals. It's how he scores. And when he scores. And just about everything else in between.

"He is taking it to a whole new level," the veteran Roberts said. "Both goals tonight came late in shifts. By then, most of us are dead tired. He's on the ice a minute, a minute and a half into his shift and he finds the strength. I don't think he's human like the rest of us.

"And then he makes these plays ... I've never seen anything like him before."


Whistler said...

Here we go....

1. The Versus broadcasters are horrible. I think that they're paid by the word.

2. The Flyers crashing the crease scares me. It seems to be the one way that they're able to generate anything.

3. Crosby still seems off his game to me. He doesn't have that explosive speed like he used to. I bet when the season is over the reports will come out like his broken foot last year.

4. Free Candy was amazing. I've seen some hits in my days but the two he laid out were SPECTACULAR.

5. Hossa's play in unreal. I was 4 hours from Mellon and to this minute I still can't find my wallet. His backcheck is one of the reasons why Shero is a brilliant man. I can only hope and pray that this stays consistent.

6. There is NO number 6.

7. Near the end of the game you could see that Malkin was just toying with the Flyers. His dipsy-doo passing and just letting it all hang out was clearly obvious. I hope that HCMT sat him down afterwards and gave him a talking to. It's good when you're winning, but in a game like this you never let your foot off the gas.

8. The boys need to stay steady and avoid a split going into Philly.

With all that...


*I'm spent!*

HOUSE14 said...

I got blindsided by a Filthadelphian. Wrong thing to do to a drunk guy with a PENS tattoo and a WWGRD band on his wrist. It was a grand fine fight. We beat the living shit out of them on Carson St. Then the refs showed up near the end and sent everyone to the penalty box. My friends and I are part of the Barbaroi. The offical Hockey Houlighans of Pittsburgh. We had to represent. And we did, but good.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Seeker: Gary Roberts is just trying to make it seem like he's human, so he can play in the NHL. I mean, HGH is nothing compared to being super-human. He wants to play in the NHL, so he has to make it look believable that he comes off as human.

@House: Well, I guess that dude fits the description of Hatcher ...

The Seeker said...

@ I Have Kasparaitis

Thanks for that because I was just about to lose all faith in humanity!

HOUSE14 said...

Except he was 40 and fat. Come to think of it... You're right. It might as well have been Hatcher

Sooska said...

@ dr turk -all right all right. so you know who Sally Wiggin is. *claps* geez, Coach.

@ kaspar-War Heads it is!

@ seeker- me=stunned - GR=stunned? no. words.

When Geno scored the shortie I had a vision of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the demons from the ark burned through the bad guys Biron if he had been hit by Geno's slapshot
I also thought it was his intent and his wish.

The Seeker said...

@ house

Yeah....I also learned once about spending the night at the Pittsburgh precinct house on the North Side... although mine had something to do with a Grateful Dead concert at 3 Rivers and an undercover cop not feeling the peace, love, & free drugs of my generation.

BlacknGold66 said...

Just read the post...

Solid as always.

Did anyone see the giant "GR for Prez" sign at the game. Ran into the guy at the Souper Bowl afterwords. Good people.

Oh, and the Hossa pick-pocket comment. Um, were you boys at the Souper Bowl last night? Because my gf said that she was missing $20 from her wallet. I shit you not I accused one of the Pens of doing it (but I said Kennedy)! Weird.

HOUSE14 said...

@ seeker

Ah the grand days of 3 rivers. Man do I miss that place. Heiz field blows in comparison. The first time I went to Heiz field I grabbed a Permanti's during half time. I went to the condiment station and there was no ketchup. There was a problem in the lines. There was no ketchup in all of Heinz Field. The irony was stunning.

Jonny V said...

Every super hero has his alter ego.

Whistler, I think Geno's to the point where he can flip the switch and just play a metric shitload (thank you Spence for my new favorite measurement term) above every player out there. Actually, wasn't that a point somebody made last year? Someone compared Malkin to Mario in that regard.

BnG, beautiful pics of the whiteout...and just as an aside, this playoffs is so much better experiencing it with all of yinz. From reading about the Souper Bowl and tailgateblog all the way to the people on the west coast (Katie's quest to leave work early yesterday was gripping drama, and the ending was unexpected), just sayin' you guys rock. Cue Scrubs' sappy music.

House14, I don't know what else to say man...I sure am glad you're on our side.

H.C. Prick said...

If Malkin was intentionally using the "junk grab" as a taunt, he just became my favorite athlete every.

Jonny V said...

And it was pretty much a foregone conclusion, but no more Olie the Goalie. An end of an era...of jobbing.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Don't worry, Jonny V. We can job Huet. If you it say the French way you can the Charlie way and call him Huet the Gay. But it doesn't sound as fun ...

M. Vanderlasser said...

@ihavekasp, yep, Malone showed up in a very nice MB yesterday. He asked where you were, but we told him we didn't know. He looked disappointed and moped into the arena.


In other cars/gods walk among us news, Seth at EN posted our photo of Lord Gary as part of his typically awesome Pens coverage here.

We're absolutely not worthy.

@BNG66, had another fine pre-game meal yesterday at the Red Ring - great service, good burgers, Sam Adams on tap, nice TVs, and bathrooms that make you feel like you're in a space colony in the future (remember, we're from Carlisle...).

The Pens are 2-0 with us eating there, so we're not eating anywhere else pre-game, ever.

FSN is doing Pens stuff on the Pirates post-game show tonight.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@m vanderlasser...

Red 2

were you following me around ????

Let's not let the cat out of the bag with how nice the Red Ring is...[not too busy, reasonably priced, quiet....nice for us old folk]

I was sporting a Pens Winter Classic thermal [white, duh] shirt.

I ate probably around 4:45ish and stayed until 630p

I had the Ruben special = delisch.

I was with 2 other guys at a table near the close to the bar & there was also some sort of high tables with bar stools close by...

someone was passing around a picture of the grade school class with the kid in the flyers jersey off by himself.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Oh, I should mention that that photo of Mister Roberts waving was taken right after I thanked him for curing my leprosy.

Sooska said...

over at ESPN there is a poll about which teams are best in different categories. The Pens are winning all categories but the series winner is Flyers in 6. BAH

change it.

POLL click over for EC poll

Jonny V said...

Gary Roberts in a suit waving hello while carrying a bottle of Fiji is now my wallpaper.

Dr. Turkleton said...


was everybody confused w/ that final question or what?


stokes said...

BNG: Sorry to have missed you last night. I'm glad you enjoyed he Souper Bowl. Its probably one of my all-time favorites. It has character.

Regarding the HCMT interview vid and his kids:

Do you think when they come home with bad grades, he calls them out?

"I tink dat dey are trying to be the worst at algebra in de school? Deir algebra skill are soff."

Dr. Turkleton said...


tough ♥ from coach

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@M. Vanderlasser: Oh my gary, that would be awesome if that actually happened. You made my week!!

Also, that Gary picture is awesome. I have been sick for a little while and I am no longer. And is the Fiji water? Where is Bibbs when you need him? (Not on Versus ... man, I hate them)

How long was everyone blind after seeing Cherry in that bright pink mess of a jacket? I think I lost my eye-sight for a minute watching him on-line.

Looking at Empty-Netters: Someone stole my Luc Robitaille jersey! Wow, Hossa made a visit to my house then ... That's how good he has been ...

@ Stokes: Oh my goodness, that would be hilarious if Therrien was like that with his kids.

I don't undertsand the last part of the poll, if people are voting that the Pens are solid in everything, why do they have the Flyers winning 4-2? Ha, 1.1% voted Flyers win 4-0 in series ... idiots.

KJ said...

roberts walking past 2 cars which both have license plates starting with a G, coincidence? i think not!

homesprout said...

The in-game interviews are annoying....

Joe B. is the Caps play by play guy, which would probably explain why he sucks. If he is calling all the Pens games, let's hope it will only be 3 more! :)

Could Grapes' suit be any gayer!?

I agree that it would have been nice to see the Flyers fans reactions at that bar after all the Pens goals....

Hope the Stars can even the series with Detroit....

Go Pens!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dr. Turk: Carla and Elliot are going to be pissed if they read what you called them ...

Did anyone else hear during the broadcast that Versus was gonna give out tickets to some people in Philly so they can come here? Me and my broher are furious. I wanna go to Philly to watch a game, regardless if I'll get heckled by imbeciles.

JYo said...

This should help the Stars:

Franzen is out.

Sooska said...

If this Stars-Wings game is a true indication of what the Pens may face.... It looks like it is passionless and in slo-mo.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk aka HCDT - do you think you are dr. cox? *wink wink*

The Seeker said...

@ sooska

On that poll, the only reason the Pens lose at all is because the people saying the Pens will win split their votes on just how many games it will take to do it while the people in the Flyer's camp predominantly said they'd do it 4-2. When you look at the other people who said the Flyers would win at all, the % that split it in any other numbers of games is really low. If you add the %s of people who chose the pens to win overall, regardless of agreeing on the number of games it will take, they win it.

Dr. Turkleton said...


yeah. that was a bad zinger. especially since the wife was stuck at work until after 9pm [usually done at 8pm] while I'm out having a crazy good time watching a Wales Conference Finals™ game.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I Reeeeaaaeeely resemble that remark!!! [spoken w/ a Redwings Chelios jersey on]

Sooska said...

@ seeker - ok I had too much wine with dinner-not too analytical right now. just making sure we are representing. good job.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- OH the Wings *snores*

JYo said...

If the Pens are lucky enough to play one more series this year after the current one, Gary willing, you can rest assured the opponent would be tough. Regardless of how they look tonight, which really hasn't been bad IMO, either one of these teams would be 3x tougher than any team the Pens have faced thus far, present series included. For now, the boys just need to dispatch of the Cryers, hopefully in 4 games.

BlacknGold66 said...

@wilsmith: I just tried a McD's snackwrap for the first time thanks to you.

Good call.

I love this place.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I don't know why I really don't care about this DET/DAL series when I've been SO interested in ALL the games up until now...could it be that the Pens are so close to getting to the 'Promised Land' that this Campbell Conference™ match means zippo???

BTW, I took a snapshot of the new vanity license plate I got from PENNDOT today & am using it as my user pic.


M. Vanderlasser said...

@ihavekasp, we have a shot of Malone from yesterday looking like he's about to bonk his head on a satellite dish. If you'll shoot me your e-mail address, I'll get the photo to you.

Johnny V, if you haven't seen this already, you'll
like this here site.

Good way to kill time pre-game tomorrow!

captjameson said...

that blast from malkin was unreal. biron might as well have grabbed his socks and let Gino spank him raw. i love it. fly girls are over matched

lis said...

to the person asking about a bar in philly to watch the game....I would suggest the Fox & Hound in King of Prussia. Huge TVs and the game will definitly be on. I'm not sure how many Pens fan will be there though but they have good food and a lot of beer.

I know one of the radio stations in philly was giving away tickets to game 2 tomorrow night. They had a contest where one person had to give a hickey to another person on their ass. Two brothers won!! How incredibly gay.

Are there any plans for c-bloggers to meet up before the game tomorrow? We are going to be in town early in the day so we can eat and get a good seat on the lawn and would like to hang out or tailgate.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@M. Vanderlasser: I just sent you an e-mail ...

A Possible Talbot Return
I'm not sure bringing back Talbot would be the smartest of things. The team has been doing really well and Hall has earned his ice-time. He's been great on both PK and face-offs. I like Talbot, but he might be a little weak on his foot. I think the deliberation is going to be a no go.

@Lis: About the tickets and brothers ... That was wrong on so many levels. I threw up in my mouth a bit.

Dr. Turkleton said...

ok...since I'm catching some zzzz's in a couple hours & it's almost Mom's Day [she taught me never to tell a lie] so, I have to come clean.

I wanted to use my tire cover as my new profile pic...but didn't want to show the plate [obvious reasons] so....I just figured instead of just having my own personal WHITE OUT...I'd PS something special in that space: WWGRD with the keystone mixed in fit the bill.

I think someone here in cblog ordered a WWGRD PA plate [Flyer Hater, perhaps?]....

Now, onto a serious note:

I'm participating in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 5K Run/Walk tomorrow [I'm walking]...this is year One of my Mom surviving breast cancer & the whole family is going out in support of this great cause.
So, to all those Moms out there or Moms-To-Be:
I ♥ all of you and have a GREAT DAY!

Hope that everyone has a special day with their Mom either in person, over the phone or in Spirit...

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- you had me going Sir. may you run with the wind at your back.

I KNOW this series and the next series are tough but these guys are not exciting to watch. I guess we are used to some real hardnosed hate going on here in the EC. I don't know. What does Detroithave -4 shots? These guys look bored with each other. They are not inspired in their play and look pretty methodical and passionless. (Besides which that first goal Turco gave up was a really bad goal. This is great hockey? The Stars have looked like a pin cushion and they pretty much ran over the pre-eminent pick for the Cup.)

I will not discount the Pens chances. I am sure they'd be underdogs. I laughed when these experts mentioned Geno as a possible Conn Smythe applicant after Zetterberg and and Morrow. Like OH they have an exciting hockey player. He might be an OK player yawn. (yeah well, what about our goalie? no love there?) The hockey media are only now acknowledging there might be, maybe, on a good day, some competition in the finals. Oh, bother!

Sooska said...

Stupid Stars.

that's church.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Dr. Turk: Have fun walking for your Mom. Congrats to your mother on one year. My aunt had breast cancer and so I know how scary it can be for the family.

@Sooska: I know what you mean ... I usually can't watch Detroit unless I'm focused on them losing. Way to suck it, Dallas.

CLauer said...

Pens dominate. Awesome game. So fun ripping on the Flyers fans after the game who thought they were tough shit before the game. Losers. The Flyers would rather make a hit on Gonchar than WATCH MALKIN. Retards. Geno scores on a breakaway. Amazing. I actually had to ask my buddy if Briere was a scratch or if he was playing last night. The little boy was invisible. We even won without getting all the calls, so no one can cry about 'diving' (their only excuse after a loss). Dumbass refs missed high sticks to Scuderi and Hossa. Whatever. We're up 1-0. Let's Go Pens!!

TheNWChica said...

Okay...tell me again why we're rooting for the Stars?

And Dr. Turk? Good luck on your're a good man! Give your mom and yourself a hug for me!

I Have Kasparaitis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

@thenwchica: I'm rooting against the Red Wings because they messed my pool up more than any other team, and I don't like a lot of their players. I've never been a Dallas fan, but I don't mind them.

eileenover said...

Chris Osgood is such a little baby. He gets tapped on the shoulder, where he has tons of padding, then falls to the ice as if someone killed him. Joke.

racheleyos said...


a couple hours later, but I do believe Ruutu drives a black SUV...not sure what kind, but i remember him speeding away after a game one time, to avoid giving autographs lol.

Joshua said...

I'm gonna get picky for a moment.

The whole "sacrifice" thing bothers me. Russians don't talk like that. "Zhertva," the Russian word they chose for "sacrifice," is commonly used to mean "victim." E.g., they have monuments in Russia to the "zhertva"s of fascism. That's a dark word, is what I'm saying. Yeah. It's like, it don't mean hard work in some cute and rallying way or something.

I don't know.

I would use "truda" or "sluzhba."


eileenover said...


I saw Ruutu do that too haha. I think he drives a BMW SUV. I'm probably wrong.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

The Pensblog is possessing my printer! I turned my printer on to print (du) lyrics for my friend and it starts printing out the Blog. The first thing it printed was the "Back With a Vengeance" Flyers photoshop. Gary Roberts apparently wanted me to print out the Pensblog ...

KJ said...

eileen i was looking for the sniper that shot osgood. since i never saw one, i expect him to be a nominee at next year's oscars for that performance. apparently he can dish out the hits, but can't take them.

eileenover said...

kj I'd love to see the Pens play the Red Wings and roll right over that moron. Everyone thinks he's such an incredible goaltender, but he hasn't faced the Pens' firepower or anything near to it. I really didn't have an opinion of Detroit, but after what I just saw, I definitely am not a fan.

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar: Thanks...I just have a personal gripe with the Stars I guess. Well, that and my best friend is in Lansing MI and loves the Wings. :)

TheNWChica said...

@joshua: Do you know if they would have talked to Geno or Sarge or even George Birman about the correct word? Or could it be a dialect thing?

Jarett said...

The Red Wings are European hockey personified. Not saying it's a bad thing...they just have lots of foreigners and out-of-towners on their team. A tribute to quality scouting...Playing them for the Cup would be both an honor and a privelege.

Kaspar, just be glad printer ink is the only signs and articles are to be shared with the populace. Spread the word.

Doc Turk, the noblest of causes. Burn calories for some good ladies out there. And the faux license plate contributes to the cause that is Gary. Good stuff.

M. Vanderlasser, I've spent many hours at imdb memorable quotes pages. The best thing in the world is reading quotes and recalling the episodes they come from...each and every one of them. The night before the Arrested Development movie is going to be similar to the Christmas Eve I absolutely knew I was getting a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. In other words...can't friggin' wait.

Don't touch the Cornballer...

Jonny V said...

The above quote was sponsored by Jonny V, I'm at my buddy's computer and 2.7 sheets to the wind...but yeah, my sentiments exactly.

Pensgirl said...

If you like AD, you'll like it here. It's better than the Bob Loblaw Law Blog!

Flyer Hater said...


Flyer Hater said...



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