Monday, May 12, 2008

In life, every component acts as fate for every other component. The entire world can be seen as existing within such a network, a kind of mythical spiderweb controlled by unseen forces.

What does that mean?

No clue, we just copied it from Wikipedia, because we always wanted to start a post like that.

There were two lineup changes that were made before this game.
Steve Downie and Max Talbot.

Steve Downie made a lazy attempt to clear his own zone, because he has no talent.
Five seconds later, Max Talbot made him pay him the ultimate price.

In the playoffs, every decision is magnified.
You can cry about the refs, you can say you didn't get the bounces, whatev.

But in the end, no matter what you think, you alone are the cause of your own fate.
Not to mention it is your own fault if you let Derian Hatcher play 28-and-change.

We're heading to Philly now. It's just not an easy place to play.

The Pens are up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals.
So were the Boston Bruins in 1991.

If you are headed to Philly for Games 3 and 4, take a life preserver.
An ocean of tears will likely form in Philadelphia overnight Sunday.

:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME :::::::::::::::::::

[ Brenna ]


:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ Ann V. ]

[ Brad Berk--aka Double B ]-------------------------[ Captain Dummy ]

[ Dave ]------------------------[ Eric H. ]

[ Bob B. ]----------------[ Matt S. ]

[ C. Gates ]-----------------[Polish Kid]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The game started solid, both teams doing whatever they were doing.
It all came to a screeching halt when Braydon Coburn gets a puck to the face.

The ice scrapers come out for the second time in three games to clean up the blood.
Those classy Pens fans decided to cheer when Coburn got up.

Philly media immediately begins to anoint Coburn as Ray Bourque, as this loss was going to be devastating to the Flyers.

On the next play, BGL fires the puck into the Flyers bench.

Off of one of the next faceoffs, Tyler Kennedy and Scottie Jokeshall drop the gloves.
Kennedy came out all business, Joke came back with some punches, and then TK ended him.

[ Josh B. ]


And then it got chippy. HCMT puts BGL and Roberts out.

Somehow, BGL gets a penalty for roughing. One of the worst calls of the season.
The first minute of the power play was gone because the Flyers are awful.

Dupuis had a great chance on the PK while completely embarrassing Mike Richards on a deke.
But French Toast was there to make the save.

The Pens went on to kill that penalty with relative ease.

After some blatant no-calls on the Flyers, the Pens finally got a power play when Jeff Carter trips up Jordan Staal.

Versus kicked off that power play with the last camera angle you possibly want on a PP.
That's how you knew that PP was doomed.

The Whitney Play™ almost connected. But no dice.

Then the Pens thought they were getting jobbed on a quick whistle, but the play was blown on a stupid penalty by Mike Knuble. It's stupid 'cause you just don't have to do it.

It was still, in reality, a 5-on-3 when Crosby put it home because Carter hadn't gotten back in the play.
French Toast=stunned.

There's no doubt Kimmo Timonen would have:
blocked that shot, scored on a breakaway, and cured AIDS.

[ Bob B. ]

There was some jobber back-and-forth hockey after that goal.
Not much going on.

The Flyers finally woke up and sustained a decent forecheck following an icing call, but it was nothing.

Picture: Flyers fans celebrate the glimmer of offense.

The scariest part was gonna be a shot from the point, but RuutuD2 laid his life on the line and blocked it.

After a Flyers icing, an odd pair of penalties came.
Jason Smith and Pascal Dupuis both get penalties, for interference and hooking, respectively.

The Pens looked like they were on a power play during the ensuing 4-on-4.
Gonch flew to the net and used a rare backhand.
The puck bounced off Derian Hatcher, and Bing tried knocking it home.

He raises his hands in celebration.
The War Room was about to earn its paycheck.

Section 10, rule 78.4:

Note: Someone's private parts may look like that.

We saw many different replays.
The best was a side camera angle inside the net:

The first shot:

Puck not over the line.

Puck about to cross the line.

Toast's glove blocking the view.

One of the closest War Room calls all season.
During the review, Crosby and Richards exchange words.

After about three years, the War Room covers their asses and goes with the call on the ice.
It was a goal, but you gotta understand the NHL's decision on this one.
You simply cannot assume the puck is in the net when it goes into Toast's glove.
It is burden of proof, and there just wasn't enough there to overturn.

We believe there should be still-photographs available.
On the TV broadcast, a picture is clearly taken as the puck is crossing from a different angle.

It doesn't matter though. Kimmo Timonen would have saved it.

So much for that conspiracy we all rely on.

Towards the end of the period, Jokeshall has to go to the box again.
And yet again, the Flyers had numbers along the boards but had to hold up Bing.

The Flyers' best penalty killer during that power play was Malkin's broken stick.
It looks to be the best defenseman the Flyers have in this series.
It blocked a shot and then got a huge clear of the zone.

The period comes to an end, and Pens equipment manager Dana Heinze has to go down to the Pens' crease to wake up MAF.


[ Mikey ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Hossa had a balls shift right off the bat in the second.
First he steals Mike Knuble's entire identity on a backcheck, and then he gets a solid one-timer off on French Toast, but Toast was up to the task.

After an icing, Scott Hartnell had a score to settle with Gonchar.What a dumbass.


The Pens then had a 2-on-1 with Bing and Hossa leading the charge.
But Flyers d-man Jason Smith defends it to a T.

As a result of all that, Hossa holds up a Flyer, and Philly gets a great chance to tie it up.

The USS Hal Gill kicked off the PK with a clear.
The Pens survived the first minute down one stick.

The power play was killed, the Flyers sustained pressure and got another PP.
Dupuis interferes with some Swedish joke. We just don't want to look up how to spell it.

The Flyers were finally able to tie the game when Jeff Carter was left alone on MAF's doorstep.


The Flyers trash talk after the goal consisted of "Suck on that."

Versus comes up with a totally stupid choice and interviews Tom Glavine for about an hour.
Versus just can't grasp that Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals was being played.


Versus continued talking about Tom Glavine for the next 5 minutes, totally oblivious to the fact that both cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh hate his guts.

During Glavineblog, the Pens were on their heels as the Flyers kept coming.

After a while, the Pens started dictating the play again.
Derian Hatcher heads to the box for jobbing Malkin. Tough call.
But that's what happens when you suck.

And it took maybe 10 seconds for Derian Hatcher to make that long skate to the bench.
Gonchar blasts it from the point. Hossa sprays down French Toast.



It got unrealistically physical after that goal.
And Malkin was a wanted man after butt-ending Briere in the mascara.
Briere didn't know hockey was a contact sport.
What a little baby.
And, of course, Hatcher again goes to the box.
The Pens couldn't get it going, and it looked like the second period was gonna go to the wayside.

And there's one picture that sums up what happened next:

That's pretty much how it felt.

Richards picks off a Malkin pass and gets a breakaway.
He goes to the post office on MAF, and life changed.


The two things you don't want in a hockey game is being scored on shorthanded and being scored on at the tail end of a period.
It goes without saying that a combination of both really sucks.

It's like two girls showing up at your wedding and telling you they're pregnant.
Not good times.


[ Eric H. ]

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Flyers came out all business but get kinda jobbed when Brooks Orpik slams Briere into MAF. The Pens get the big PP.

But it was killed.

The Pens kept the pressure, and French Toast decides to cheapshot Ruutu.

2 minutes for diving?
2 minutes for being Ruutu?


The 4-on-4 was whatev, and then the penalties expired.

There was still a gloom hanging over the arena for a while after that.
Nothing wasn't feeling right.

Enter Gary Roberts.

Talbot and Roberts keep the puck in the zone after awful turnover by Steve Downie.
BGL gets it down deep. Roberts throws it in front.

Max Talbot was there to (b)eat French Toast.

[16<span class=

What a pass.

Father Time has to hurry up, get in the shower, and fly down 376 East to get to the Mellon.
Just a huge goal.

The gloom was gone.
And it was time for the Pens to lower their ice curtain.

On the shift following the goal, Bing was allowed to move across the slot and laced a backhander.
It rings off the pipe with authority.

We're giving this one to Brooks Orpik.

The first ever Jobber Award to be given out during a recap goes to Brooks Orpik, just standing there on an icing call, unwrapping a Blow Pop, killing time.
What a jobber.

John Stevens cries about it.
Maybe his team shouldn't ice the puck next time.
Just a thought. Dick.

After some more great defensive play and yet another Flyers turnover, Bing tries to eat Toast's lunch for him, but the Toast comes up with a big glove save.

As the final 5:00 of the game dragged on, the Flyers should have been the more desperate team.
Somehow, the Pens were getting the better chances.

When there was 3:00 left, we all knew we had to survive 4 or 5 more Flyer dump-ins.
A weird bounce off a skate would set up a Flyer in the slot.

You were waiting for it.
But it just wasn't gonna happen.

[ Nate B. ]

The Flyers pull the Toast, and then get a faceoff for a timeout.

And they went out with a whimper.

Staal forces the 80th Flyer turnover of the game and puts it into the net.



[ 5031 ]

  • Who is #48 for the Flyers?
  • Mike Richards' goal was a big deal.
  • Flyers have no D left.
  • Hatcher = Joke.
  • Joke = Overused.
  • Daniel Briere = Making $6.5 million this season.
  • Scott Hartnell = $4 million.
  • Mike Richards = $942,000.
  • Versus broadcast was amongst the worst of all time tonight.
  • Excuses, excuses, excuses.
  • Last night was why Gary Roberts is running for president.
  • Hossa.

Following the game, a reporter (from Philly, undoubtedly) asked Crosby:

Paraphrase: "Hey, do you have a comment on the allegations that you are given preferential calls considering the stars you have on the ice?"

Bing (noticeably irked): "I don't have one, to be honest with you."

And both him and MAF left.
Stupid Philly media.


And finally, a big kudos to the professional photographers at the Mellon.
All game pics in this post are courtesy of AP/Getty Images. [ Yahoo ]

Especially photographer Bruce Bennett.
He is in playoff form.

Go Pens


eileenover said...

One is the loneliest number.

dappie99 said...

....that you'll ever do Two can be as bad as one

KJ said...

its the lonliest number since the number one, oh

i love the MAF stones him chop!

macedog said...

i'm pretty sure ruutu got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and not diving. now, i dont know if he had the call already, but once he acted like a clown when he was fashwashed he definitely deserved one. even as a pens fan i have become embarrassed by ruutu's on-ice antics. he is a decent player capable of contributing without flailing all over like a bitch. he was a joke against the rangers and now he's out of control. he needs to know his role and right now he doesn't. am i alone amongst pens fans for feeling this way?

millvalemauler said...

John Stevens has to be the biggest douche of all time. He of course pulled the officiating card. Its on He's under the impression that Hatcher can play professional hockey and theres no way he could of had that many penalties. Stevens was obviously not watching the game *cue Stevens hitting on a guy photoshop*.

Kennedy was a man possessed. absolutely ridiculous.

Timonen got a clot in his foot because Gary Roberts told his blood to sit the fuckin still.

Where in the world is Danielle Briere?... i suggest looking at chippendale's or the revlon factory.

VS. is making it worth 150 bucks to to be able to sync up with mike lange. Horrible. and Jay Caufield owns hockeycentral.

Go Pens!

PittHockey said...

So any news if they're going to repaint the goal lines in Mellon with the time off?

I mean, if the refs are just going to blatantly wave them off anyway, there's no point.

Pensgirl said...

Just got back to Baltimore from a whirlwind trip. My family's playoff unbeaten streak is alive and kicking, and I took the best picture of my life. [Hossa!]

And thanks to Matt for offering up his extra ticket on cblog and for driving and putting up with me yelling at the jackass in front of us to sit down (dude jumped up in the middle of play on EVERY SHIFT).

Gonna be hurtin' at work but hooo, boy, it was worth it.

BlacknGold66 said...

(Going Stoosh-length)

You may not be alone Macedog but I completely disagree.

Ruutu gets special treatment in such a negative way that it's forcing fans like you to believe it's all him.

Granted he can take some stupid penalties but it's not because he "[doesn't know his roll]." The two he recieved tonight, as Seth at Empty Netters pointed out, were because of who he is.

It's borderline ridiculous that Hatcher can get only 2 minutes for cross-checking Staal to the face, which could have caused serious injury (intentionally, IMO), but Ruutu gets an unsportsmanlike for talking smack after getting a cheap-shot to the face.

It's a double standard.

Also, Biron was a wreck mentally by that point and some credit has to be given to Ruutu for his antics.

Biron was so upset with things that Briere had to go calm him down.

That will carry over in Biron's mind to the next game. You can bet on that.


Anyway, solid post as always boys.

-Don't expect Malkin to be so quiet in game 3.

-DO expect Hatcher and Bugsy to throw down in either game 3 or 4. Count on it.

-I watched the game on CBC live. I'm watching the Versus replay on NHLNetwork right now and it's about to go on mute. It really can't be said enough how terrible this broadcast is. It's actually making me angry.

@Staff: Solid Leonard Cohen (or Jeff Buckley) reference in the title.

Finally, fuck Tom Glavine and the Atlanta Braves for ruining my childhood... twice!

Julia said...

The Flyers best penalty killer during that power play was Malkin's broken stick.
The best defenseman the Flyers have in this series.

haha, but no seriously.
I never thought i'd miss watching the games on FSN so much.
& I think Ruutu is doing just fine
Whatev, bring on the wachovia center

Russell Lucas said...

HCMT said after the game he was going to talk to the head of the officials about those Ruutu diving calls. It's like the refs can't bring themselves to let him draw a penalty.

And thanks to the Outdoor Life Network for those shots of woozy Briere on the bench. Without them, I was pretty sure he'd been a healthy scratch.

justincredibleh said...


nu said...


"first we take manhattan, then we take berlin, then we take philadelphia, then we take stanley!"

did versucks catch conks on the ice psyching maf up right before the anthems, or was that only on the ceeb?

...yeah, somehow they missed niitymaki doing the same thing with biron. and I can *just* see hasek with osgood, can't you?

hockey gods I love this team.

eileenover said...

I really don't see how Ruttu is "out of control." Anyone who gets a cheap shot to the face is going to be pissed about it. Yes, sometimes he annoyed me during the regular season for getting stupid penalties, but this isn't the regular season. He knows he can't take too many penalties in the playoffs, and he hasn't. That unsportsmanlike penalty should not have been called, but refs never give players like Ruttu the benefit of the doubt. It sucks, but that's the way it is. And I really don't see how he was a joke in the Rangers series, especially since he had a very important goal against them in Game 1. Just a thought.

eileenover said...

Shit I spelled his name wrong. RUUTU. I need to go to bed.

nu said...

if the only person whose opinion matters (MT) thinks Ruutu is taking too many penalties, I'm sure he'll pull him right back into the office for another "get your act together" pep talk.

as it is, he's pissed at the officials. this *is* the same nhl that declined to give ruu the suspension he should have gotten for three diving penalties this year because they tacitly realized they were bullshit calls...

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Dearest Mother,
I dare say I now know how Nelson Mandela felt the day he was released from prison. Huzzah, for as I write this the lads and myself are on our way back to civilized society.
As you doubtless know we came up short again today.
Being fate's victim is no easy task I can assure you. Once again we competed with valorous ardor only to see our endeavors undone by the incompetence of those who oversee the game's rules, a practice which has thus far neutered our best offensive member. (No mother, I'm not speaking about Uncle Herbert's willy)
Really mother, I know you despise this teamate but he can't help the fact that he's French. Besides, he's neither a Socialist nor a Catholic. When the season ends (that could be soon) I'd like to bring him by for a spot and a game. I do hope Phipp's is mowing the croquet lawn to 8 centimeters.
Ah yes, as I look out the window I can see the bright lights of the Schuylkyll Expressway pointing us home. Upon arriving, I shall be content to curl up on the leeway with the Time's and a brandy snifter in an attempt to forget wretched Pittsburgh.
With fondest regard, your son,

nu said...

This is an awesome coach. This is an awesome picture, of an awesome coach.

If you want it smaller, it's right here.

dhudzin said...


onesizedrummer said...




War Penguin said...

I think Ruutu is taking too many penalties right now ... but I think he's getting some of them for being Jarkko Ruutu, i.e. calls that another player wouldn't get hit with. So I wouldn't say he's getting penalized to the point of being a detriment, yet.

(If he were HCMT would probably take him out of the lineup, as expressed here.)

And bng66 said this much better than I did ... but I like to see myself type so I'm posting this anyway. ;)

BlacknGold66 said...

These zybynski letters are money.

They kind of remind me of "Atonement" for some reason though.

Probably because they both have connections to pedofiles(see: John Stevens).

Eight-year-olds dude.


PO said...

i want to fight mike richards

geezer said...

So Ruutu gets hit in the chops and it's diving? Right. And douchebag counterpart to Binivanni says "he flopped down, good call ref!" Asshole. I'll hit you in the face and then you tell me what you think. And refs are biased to Pens, right. Sour grapes you Philly media and fans. Get lost.

On a brighter note, Stevens is stupid as ever. He defense is missing it's bet man, Hatchers carltidge in his knees is gone in some surgeons garbage can and Smith
is more beat up than regular trailer trash on the Jerry Springer show. So who dowe bring in? Stay soft Downie. You have Parent a serviceable D man and you start Downie.

So do not give us shit about the refs. You and your coach lost fair and fuckin square!!!! Lets go Pens!

threshhold9k said...


The picture at the end of the post is Zorro being exonerated of charges of conspiracy after saving the Mexican people from a cruel plot. Fleury is his council.

Although I'll take Crosby's iniability to grow a full beard for his skills in dominating hockey any day.

Games 3 & 4 will be at the Mellon because phili officials can't get their collective pool of tears to freeze over in time.

letsgopsu said...

There's no doubt Kimmo Timonen would have blocked that shot, scored on a breakaway, and cured AIDS.

Thank Gary I went to the bathroom before reading that, because there is no doubt in my mind that had I not, I would have pissed myself laughing.

Thanks for yet another great post guys.

Raybin said...

War penguin is exactly right. Most of Ruutu's penalties are coming because of who he is.

The difference between him and a clown like Sean Avery is that Avery does shit like waving his stick in front of Marty Brodeur's face whereas Ruutu (mostly) just runs his mouth. Some may disagree, but I don't think words no matter how offensive or filthy should constitute a penalty.

What kind of a miserable joke is Derian Hatcher? Or Dany Briere? Or Steve Downie? What has Scott Hartnell really accomplished besides disgracing humanity with his ugly mug? RJ Umberger apparently went back to visit Plum. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are the only Flyers worth a damn to their team right now. French Toast played well too, gotta give him that much.

The Flyers can cry about no Kimmo or losing Coburn (though he'll doubtless do a Stefan Robidas). I have no sympathy. The Pens lost Gary Roberts, Mark Eaton, Rob Scuderi, Max Talbot, Marian Hossa, Marc Andre Fleury and Sidney Crosby for various large chunks of the season and still were the #2 seed.

Raybin's #1 rule of the playoffs: Champions overcome adversity. Period. No excuses. Whether it's injuries or being denied a goal.

Can you imagine the whining if the Flyers had been denied that goal? Wailing and gnashing of teeth for centuries. Contrast that with Sid's classy "Well, I thought it was, but you gotta go with the ref's decision" style comments and tell me which team one can be proud to support.

What kind of sick puck handling did Laraque have working to set up the Talbot goal? Or Lord Gary's behind the back pass? Capped off by an unreal shot by Max? That fourth line rocks the earth. Not only are they among the best at doing the foruth line dirty work--physical play and making the other team's first and second lines play in their own end--but they're legimitate goal scoring threats.

I've run out of adjectives to describe Marc Andre Fleury. Tell me again how old he is? Good God. MAF >>>>>>>> Carey Price. We all know that. Maybe the media will finally realize that too.

Keep Marian Hossa away from Catholic priests. I don't want whatever demon has possessed him to be accidentally exorcised.

In my fantasies, he accepts a paycut to stay here in Pittsburgh. Doubtful at best, but a boy can dream.

John Beniati and Darren Eliot must be stopped. Regardless of who makes it, PLEASE give Emrick and Edzo the duties for the Cup Finals.

Antonette said...

Rutuu is money in my book, and I'm pretty sure 98% of Pens fans agree. I'm too lazy to see who said it, but the penalities are for who he is, and it's bullshit that Hatcher isn't being treated the same, if that's your standard. Oh, but the refs are biased towards us.

The Jobber of the Week to Free Candy ("unwrapping a blowpop") was the icing on the top of a very nice cakeblog.

Missing the game on Tuesday to see Eddie Izzard, but luckily I have the Blog to count on. Thanks.

dying alive said...

Best jumbotron text of the night: "Breaking NHL News: Flyers sign broken stick to three-year deal."

Not surprising that the Cryers are already sobbing about the reffing. I mean, just like the Rangers, they've never lost a game because they were simply beaten by a better team.

Gh0st said...

VS should look into hiring Glavine for play-by-play. He did better while being interviewed than those so called professionals whose job it is.

Game 3: LeGame


Sooska said...

enclyclopediablog (sorry but I hate Philthy and eastern PA)

I posted last night @ 11:13 about our experience listening to the Flyers radio broadcast as we drove east.
We learned the following, presented not by the Socratic method, but with a hammer to the head:
1. Timonen is out. Coburn was hit in the face with the puck and OH the HUMANITY what a loss.

2. The Igloo has no noise. It is a quiet building. The Pens fans are not into it. They are quiet. There is no electricity. None. Not like the whatev center they play in. Igloo's roof may be to blame for that sucking sound but the fans are not into it all.

3. Timonen, their best defenseman, who can handle the puck, is out. What he might have doen with....(fill in nay PP pass or shot) or PK shot by the Pens. whatifblog

4. Coburn was hit with the puck AND he is their second best skater.

5. TK was dominated by Upshall in his fight. Scrappy little kid tried though, hee hee. (I just heard Mike Lange's call of the fight- 180 degrees from the Philthy crew's call.)

6. The Igloo is a morgue and Pens fans are just not into it like in the whatev center in Philthy.

7. Timonen, their best defenseman, is out. Coburn is their 2nd best skater and he was hit in the face and they can't afford the loss.

8. No mention of Dany or Umburglar.

All of that was only in the first period. After that we arrived at our destination in hell=eastern pa and went to a sports bar. Philthy fans were quiet (WOOed once. They were listening to a bad off key 60s cover band.)

8. 11:30 pm TV sports talk show said the Phlyers proved their physical game dominates the Penguins and the Penguins do not have the players to respond to physical play. Tuesday the Phlyers will be at home with the right to bring their physical game in front of their wonderful phans. The Pens will fold their tents. Except for Geno who is a thug with his elbow.

Now and then Geno has a game where he coughs up everything he touches (although usually not with quite so disasterous results.) His next game is a huge positive response.

The refs suck. they confused out game with the Wings-Stars the night before. Ruutu was given the penalty Osgood should have received.

Philthy's radio teams are liars. flat out liars. They are also inept. We had no clue what might be happening after hearing how quiet the Igloo is. And such gems as "The puck goes to the slot..ERRR NO the point."


Raybin said...

Man, apparently that Egyptian River also runs through Philly...

the Penguins do not have the players to respond to physical play

I wonder what BGL, Lord Gary, the USS Hal Gill and the Candyman would have to say about that.

How do these people even exist?

Stacey said...

D21 was awesome last night! People were chanting "French Toast"!

PensfanSeoul said...

Tyler Kennedy was on a drug that hasn't been invented yet last night...He WILL score a goal before this series is over, and it will be huge.

What can you say about the 4th line? Some retard trying to lift BGL's stick...thats like trying to lift the front end of a Mack Truck...Max, knowing right where to go, and Lord Gary, who, knowing where every human being on the planet was at that moment also knew that Mad Max would be wide open.

I love this team...the effort, and the way they are all playing together right now...everygame gets more and more amazing. It really feels like we are watching something special folks....Dig in, its time to go to filthydelphia.

Antonette said...

After watching the interviews and stuff I cannot be-fucking-lieve the audacity that Stevens had. "We have stars on our team too." WHERE THE FUCK HAVE THE BEEN? And then he goes on to reference Briere and Hatcher. Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?

I hope Coach T knocks him cold at center ice during game 4.

Nathan said...

The B's may have had a 2-0 lead in the Wales Conference Final in 1991, but they were coming off a tight seven-game series against Montreal while the Pens had dispatched the Capitals in five games. It really seems like the Bruins ran out of gas there against the Pens that season. The Pens aren't going to fade any time soon.

I know this was a couple of posts ago, but the guy whose cartoon of the girls in the Pens and Flyers jerseys fighting you used is based out of my hometown. Woo, Richmond!

FlyerTears said...

Solid Towlie Reference...

and no one should receive a penalty for being dramatic. Diving is one thing, but talking shit and making dramatic faces does NOT deserve the same punishment as a punch to the face!

RobbieBrown44 said...

Great game. Mr. Kennedy was a beast.

Did Umberger even play yesterday?

If you are looking for a way to sync up the tv and radio broadcast, Dicks has a radio for only $40 bucks called the sports sync.

On to Philthy.

Go Pens!

Raybin said...

Briere and Hatcher are stars in much the same way that Spam is meat.

What's funny is that, as far as I remember, he didn't say peep about Mike Richards, "the best two way player of his generation" according to Darren Eliot.

jasper said...

The Flyers' best penalty killer during that power play was Malkin's broken stick.

LOOOL that's exactly what I said when I was watching that play

Dan said...

stevens = douche of the year candidate (the candidates are starting to add up). how many calls did they get away with? lots. how many bullshit calls did they get? lots.

terri hatcher > derian hatcher

sid's non goal = goal
the nhl needs to put cameras on the goal line. if you can't tell that was a goal, you are blinder than mr. magoo.

#48 tyler "lil' scrappy" kennedy > #48 danielle "pip" briere. yes, that's a south park reference. yes, i know he's not british, but he reminds me of that douche.

philly media = chodes
someone from the pittsburgh media should ask john stevens if he needs more kleenex after they lose the next game. that would be tits.

Jonathan said...

I'm changing this line from Molinari's article:

"Had he been subjected to one of those random drug tests, Kennedy might have been proven to be running on the finest ergot-derived acid since 1960."

What a player.

Fleury29 said...

John Stevens cries about it.
Maybe his team shouldn't ice the puck next time.
Just a thought. Dick.

Hee-hee! That's hilarious. The best line, in my humble opinion, of probably the best TPB post all year.

Thanks for that.

Sooska said...

How is it possible that none of the Pens opponents are responsible in any way for their play - that it is only the refs, the NHL, the media, etc.etc? I have never in my life heard such magnificent whines, denial and fantasies from opposing teams. This is the image the NHl wants to project? bad refs, bad replay management and whining coaches from losing teams? Next thing we know Bill Belichick will be coaching in the NHL.

I can't wait to hear the post game pressers. Is Stevens truly cryng about his stars being ignored? uneffingbelieveableblog

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

"The Flyers' best penalty killer during that power play was Malkin's broken stick.
It looks to be the best defenseman the Flyers have in this series.
It blocked a shot and then got a huge clear of the zone."

Funniest sh*t I have read in a long time.

@dying alive
Is that message for real or are you a comic genius?

Fantastic game last night. I love beating the Flyers. Puts a huge smile on my face.

Cannot wait for Tues.

JP said...

The guy who asked Sid the question about Stephens suggesting that the Pens get preferential calls was Eklund from

HOUSE14 said...

Cleaning up the Filth: Day 2

Solid post.

I would rather be imprisoned at Gitmo than watch another game on VS. seriously dude. I half expect them to bring back the classic Fox Sports glowing puck. There's something terribly wrong with those Canadians.

Left hand : Plane ticket
Right hand: Game 3 ticket
Rocky Balboa statue: Metal
Checkable Luggage: 1 can black Rustoleum 1 can gold Rustoleum

Lady Jaye said...

Heh, favorite line of the morning... Malkin's stick being the Flyer's best D-man. That is why I love Pensblog. And man, after a busy weekend I log into facebook this morning to see that Charlie is kidnapped. Man, Pensblog life moves so quickly anymore. I need to stop having a life so I can keep up. :)

Vanessa Day said...


1. Nice name.

2. Yes, you are alone.


Sooska said...

here is a solid article about the guys from Johnstown who work for the Pens including eqpt mgr Dana Heinze & trainer Chris Stewart:


Even the locker room staff have Cup experience.

wilsmith said...

what vanessa said.

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Not sure if Pens fans are flooding but the poll there is pretty interesting:

Can the Flyers overcome a 2-0 deficit to win the series?
Yes. They'll win at home and get right back in it.

408 (27.0%)
No. The Penguins are too good.

1102 (73.0%)

Either cryers fans = suicidal or more pens fans read then cryers fans

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, Dudes...

1. What you don't see on Eric H.'s picture on the recap is the fact that on the other side of the "USS Hal Gill" and "Gary Roberts for President" signs sat the Dickie Dunn family along with myself and fellow C-blogger Gaylord Focker. If you look, you can see the Focker's white Pens hat above the "R" in "Roberts".

Me = Stunned

2. I won't argue that Ruutu's antics sometimes put him on the short end of the stick with the refs. But to ring him up for a penalty after Biron punched him in the face last night was ridiculous. He was knocked down, was in the process of getting up when Biron hit him. He then turned around and said something to Biron, and Biron hit him again. I don't think Ruutu was embellishing at all, and if the refs are going to get into the business of doling out unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for talking shit, they're setting a dangerous precedent. That's all Ruutu was doing, and he was doing it after he'd already been hit once while trying to get up.

3. Echoing Sooksa's statements about the whining of the opposition, I've never seen this. It's beyond out of control. It's like a self-fulfulling prophecy at this point. I can understand gamesmanship, but what's going on here isn't gamesmanship. It's petulant, incessant whining - the coaches and players of three teams who instead of devising some sort of strategy to honestly try to stop the Pens are instead resorting to trying to buy calls from the officials through the media.

And you need to look no further than the reactions of opposing players every time they get rung up for calls. Jagr, Hatcher, Briere, Hartnell...they're all reacting the same way. It's like a pre-programmed response given everything they've read in the media.

4. I said this before...I'm not a huge fan of the NFL anymore, but one thing I like about the NFL is that this incessant bitching about the officials and the more or less direct accusations that some opposing players have levied in the press during some post-game interviews are kept out of the post-game press conferences in the NFL. I can understand complaining about a call here or a call there, or maybe something a player does during a game here and there.

What every team the Pens have faced in the playoffs have reduced themselves to is the NHL's version of the Seattle Seahawks, post-Super Bowl XL, times about 10. Like Sooska said, I'm hoping this isn't the image the NHL wants to project of its teams, but because they refuse to come out and say anything about it, it's the image Bettman's allowing to exist.

5. Anyone know how many power plays the Pens have versus how many the Flyers have in this series? I want to say the Flyers have the slight edge there.

6. I love these calls from Flyers fans that despite being up two games to none and matching the Flyers in terms of physical play, the Pens are supposedly afraid of the Flyers. There was one instance in the third period when the fourth line was out, Hartnell started to job Talbot or someone behind the Philly net, looked up and realized Laraque was there, and instantly shut his mouth. It was like a two-year old getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Hartnell = Philly's new Ben Eager

Tony said...

"The Whitney Play"....

LOL, my satellite was out during this powerplay so I didn't see it (we had severe weather and tornadoes down here in VA during the game) but I know EXACTLY what you're talking about....

Classic quote, boys...

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Also, i am sorry to say it but I agree with Phil Sheridan over tPB writers about the disallowed goal:

"They blew the call on what would have been the Penguins' second first-period goal. After a review, the goal was disallowed, essentially because Marty Biron's glove blocked the camera's view of the puck. But if you can see one side of the puck and it is six inches over the goal line, there is no way the entire puck isn't in the net. Ignoring physical reality to adhere to the letter of a rule is absurd."

An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Unless the back half of the puck somehow separated from the front half that was six inches in the net, we got screwed. Luckily, didn't matter, Thank Gary for that.

dying alive said...

@gretzkyshead - I'd like to think that I'm a comic genius, but I take no credit for that line. It was an actual text that someone sent to the Jumbotron.

@sooska - The Philly announcers saying that there is no noise in the Igloo is homerism at its most retarded. It's not even worth commenting on.

The Pens beat the Flyers at their own physical game last night, from Kennedy's fight to Geno's elbow. And as Nelson Muntz would say, "Ha ha."

JYo said...

Ignoring physical reality to adhere to the letter of a rule is absurd.

Actually that is exactly what the refs are paid to do, enforce the rules as written. Like many of you, I think the puck was in the net. However, it was ruled no goal on the ice. That means you must have conclusive video evidence that the puck was in. If anyone can find an unobstructed picture of the puck clearly in the net, I'd like to see it. I think the War Room had its hands tied. Does it suck? Absolutely. Did they make the right call given the evidence? I think so.

Lady Jaye said...

@MakeGretzkysHeadBleed > you made me lol with your comment about the poll over at the flyer's site...

I am torn with the goal call. Yes, everybody except Philly fans (probably) know that the puck was over the line... and I swear Vs had video feed that showed as much... and yet, I kinda agree with TPB writers in that if the video the War Room in Toronto has doesn't show it clearly crossing the line... it shouldn't count as much as it blows.

But really > what's the point of over analyzing and worrying about it. We won the game.

If anything, it shoots the conspiracy theory in the mouth. Because obviously, if Mario had the NHL in his pocket, that goal would have been allowed.

@everybody else > The whining and crying by other teams is really on my last nerve. Am I being a homer in my memory, or does HCMT actually admit defeat and not blame it on everybody else 99% of the time? I honestly don't remember a time when the Pens sat there and whined about the other team when they lost. (Except maybe that god aweful Devils game way back at the beginning of the season)

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- I have listened to many radio broadcasters from many teams in 4 sports (NHL hockey, NFL and college football, MLB baseball & college basketball). Those Flyers announcers were worse, by far, than any of the worst which IMO are the Capitals and Redskins. Versucks is in it's own class of suckitude. The Bruins have an excellent crew as do the Isles. The Rags and Devils are good.
I understand the Eagles are the same so it's clearly a delusional Philthy thing. It is so damn disrespectful (DUH, Sooska, *hits self upside the head*) to the oppostion that it's maddening.

My two favorite tPB lines of all time have occured within the last few days:

1.Everyone in the arena stands up.
Except Mario Lemieux.

2.The Flyers' best penalty killer during that power play was Malkin's broken stick.
It looks to be the best defenseman the Flyers have in this series.
It blocked a shot and then got a huge clear of the zone.

They both took my breath away.

Hip said...

Absolutely my favorite game recap yet. So much funny shit that other's have already mentioned. I was crying reading this.

I watched with a Flyers fan last night. Midway through the second he was reduced to calling Hatcher "faggot" every time he saw him. And he's a guy that says stuff like that.
I loled.

I gots an issue tomorrow night. Going to the O's/Sox game at Camden. It's a final class bonding activity. Shit. SHIT. BNG, if you're available, I might need a spot start. My cousin has some graduation bullshit of her own.

@Dr. Turk - I'm *dying alive* on the Caps message boards all by my lonesome.

dying alive said...

@jyo - I agree with you about following the letter of the law in terms of calls on the ice. But this picture makes it pretty clear that the Pens got jobbed.

Someone blew it up over at LGP as well: Larger view

Hip said...

The above should read - he's NOT a guy that says that stuff.

I need to do a better job proofreading or I'll never make Big K's all star team!!

Sooska said...

@ dying alive - ain't modern technology wodnerful? If that isn't what Toronto was looking WHAT were they looking at? Pictures of Timonen naked?

Brandon L said...

As a huge Ruutu fan, I certainly do not think he is taking too many penalties because of what he does. While I don't think that one of the tougher guys on the team should be tossing his head back when someone hits him in the chest like he's just been shot in the forehead, its part of the game just as much as Crosby falling down when anyone gets a stick anywhere near his skate. If you can attempt to draw a penalty, you do. That's been Ruutu's job for a long time.

My favorite moments from Versus coverage:

1.) "We've got the sure-tail signs of blood on the ice." - What the heck are the sure-tail signs of blood other than blood? He could have cut like four words out of that sentence.

2.) "He went to the locker-room to get stitches, we're not sure where but we assume its in the face region." Really? Really? Did the lady watch the nine replays they made of the puck hitting his face? I think its safe to make more than an assumption.

Chubs said...

Burnside over at the WWL gave TK "a split-decision victory" in his throwdown with Upshall.

Um, who gave Upshall the victory? The Russian judge? Maybe I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure that was a rather one-sided affair...

dying alive said...

@sooska - You really have to wonder. I can't complain too much because they obviously didn't have a good view of it in Toronto and in a case like that they have to go with the call on the ice, but it should finally put this "the refs love the Pens" bias to rest. I doubt it'll happen, but a girl can dream.

Vanessa Day said...

Also... to Staff, I love the Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley/Rufus Wainwright "Hallelujah" reference. One of my favorite songs ever.


JYo said...

That is the best view of it I have seen Dying Alive, but there are at least two problems. The biggest problem is, its not from a video feed, but from a still camera. I don't think the War Room has instant access to every picture from every camera in the arena. It is more convincing than anything they had from video, but they didn't have it, so how could they have used it?

Furthermore, that picture is from an angle that makes it impossible to tell if the part of the puck closest to Biron is completely over the line. If you were looking straight down the goal line, either from the side or above, it might still be in contact with the line. Not physical contact with the line on the ice, that is obvious, but the goal line extends up into space, and its not clear from that angle if the puck is conclusively past that line.

I absolutely believe that the puck was in the net, but I do not believe there was enough evidence for the video replay officials to overturn the call on the ice. It sucks, but I think they got it right. Luckily it didn't hurt the Pens too much and they still won the game. As an aside, could you imagine any Cryers fan making the argument I am trying to make, even if they won the game? I don't think it would ever happen.

Laura von Awesome said...

The Cryers HAVE fans? Good, Gary, I simply don't believe it!

@ JYo:

I sincerely doubt that the War Room has access to all the footage. But yeah, from what tPB posted, t'was convincing enough to let it stand. Too bad Toast had to go and block the view!

PS: Has Charlie been located yet?

[MAF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>French Toast]


dying alive said...

@jyo - I'm not making the argument that they should have used it, because of course they didn't have access to it. I actually don't have a problem with them going with the call on the ice (though, of course, I'd have preferred that they called it a goal in the first place). I do think it's pretty obvious from that picture, though, that it was a goal.

Sooska said...

@ dying alive- it's their fantasy but I guess we are allowed to dream a little.

@ chubs- Burnisde was on the Phlyers radio broadcast chatting up how wonderfully tough they are. best of the play...depth..overcoming adversity... yada yada. ... We are still up 2-0.

I love "comeback" talk. Downie helped last night we see. Comeback trail. They were saying this morning a local Philthy TV station Coburn will play if the swelling goes down by tomorrow night. 50 plus stitches.

Woody said...


JYo said...

I do think it's pretty obvious from that picture, though, that it was a goal.

Meh, maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I'm not entirely convinced. Maybe my scientific background has led me to have a very high threshold of proof. I hope I never get wrongfully accused and have any of you folks that are absolutely convinced that it is a goal on a jury. (I keed, I keed.) Anyway, Pens won, I don't care if they lost a goal, even if it was in.

Stoosh said...

As far as Sid's goal/non-goal, I'm over it. It sucks, but it's a moot point because we won.

I do think it's a worthy point of discussion because going forward, maybe the league should consider giving Toronto access to more camera angles. These buildings are all standard in terms of rink measurements, so maybe there's a way to implement some sort of camera technology that is able to catch stuff like this. Maybe they embed a camera in each board at the point where the goal/end line meets the boards. The NFL makes it a point to try to get a camera shooting the length of the goalline for those same types of calls; the NHL should be able to work the technology to accomplish the same thing.

But as it relates to the situation yesterday, I want to complain about it but I know I shouldn't because we still won the game. Biggerpictureblog.

dying alive said...

Someone is yawning. John Stevens must be giving another presser.

JYo said...

The NFL makes it a point to try to get a camera shooting the length of the goalline for those same types of calls

Actually, they don't. This is an area of contention in their league too. Every year, Belichick tries to tell them to put a camera straight down the goal line on each side so you have a good view from the best angle to see it and they consistently refuse for some reason. Most of their replays come from an some angle that makes it nearly impossible to conclusively tell if the ball did or did not cross the line at a given time. Even with the ridiculous amount of coverage and number of cameras in the NFL, they don't have everything covered.

It would be great if the NHL could find a way to get the proper camera angle to conclusively see these sorts of plays. They do appear to have one directly above the goal, but it is so far away and so easily obstructed by anything above the ice, that it isn't always helpful. I think it would be pretty cool if they could figure out how to get cameras into the pipes on the goal at a low level so it is less likely to get obstructed. If you had a camera on each post looking in and one in the crossbar looking down, you should be able to catch almost any puck in the net from one of those views and there would be no interpretation of angles because they are right on the line.

HOUSE14 said...

Hickory dickory dock
Hatcher was sucking some c*#$
The clock struck zero
Max was our hero
and Biron just wishes he could block

Vanessa Day said...

How about clear trappers?


Pensgirl said...

Jyo, Gretzkyshead makes a valid point. I'm not going to say anything about the call last night - I was at the game, far from that net, and have yet to see a replay, and anyway it's over and done. But, in general: the puck has a known diameter - if you can see part of it is over the line well past that diameter length, then any conclusion other than "it's all in" is a physical impossibility. It's the same as when goals are awarded - and they are - when the puck's in the goalie's glove and the glove is the whole way over. You can't see the puck in there, but you know that's where it is and again any other conclusion than "goal" is physically impossible. That's not a call you can make when it's close (see Nabokov, Evgeni), but there does come a point at which such a deduction is so obvious that it is "conclusive."

That said, it's a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation and really Stoosh is right that finding a way to add better camera angles is the best thing to do.

JYo said...

Pensgirl, I don't disagree at all that a logical conclusion says it was a goal. The point is, I think there has to be actual video evidence, not just inference. Maybe that isn't right, but that is the way I understand it and there certainly was no video evidence that clearly showed it in the net. I'll say it one more time so everyone understands, If I had to say if it was in or not, I do think it was in. I just don't think they had the evidence to make that call and I still haven't seen a conclusive shot showing that it was in, which goes back to Stoosh's point that they need more/better camera angles.

Lady Jaye said...

Did anybody else want to hurt anybody mentioning the S-word today? You know the S-word that ends with a P and has three letters in the middle that rhymes with tree?

Pensgirl said...

Jyo, remember I wasn't talking about last night's goal.

My point is that the NHL already uses inference in the obvious situation where the puck is in a goalie's glove and the glove is the entire way over the line. I saw it called in a Pens' game against the Devils way back when. Brodeur had it, you could not see it, but his glove was in and so it counted. And that's why they even bothered reviewing the Nabokov save in that Stars-Sharks OT game - again you couldn't see the puck itself, but they used his glove as a proxy. They already do that, so it's also fair to expect them to make the obvious inference where you see part of the puck so far over the line that it goes well beyond its diameter. Again, if it's within a quarter or half inch I'd say you can't overturn a wave-off, but if it's an inch or more beyond the diameter then that is conclusive under the exact same "obvious inference" standard as the goalie-glove calls.

Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

Upon further review (no pun intended), I think you're right...the NFL doesn't have the goalline covered by a standard camera. It seemed like we've been seeing more replays at that angle after the whole incident over Roethlisberger's QB keeper TD (or not TD) in SBXL, but I stand corrected...I thought that was a standard camera, but it's not. I think the replays we've seen at that angle in NFL games have beenf from cameras that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Sooska said...

@ lady jaye- with ya. Have to get through tomorrow. Tell Ron Cook.
Badger Bob: one play, one shift, one period, one game.
Bill Cowher: we haven't won anything yet.

@ pensgirl- I believe there were 2recent instances of such glove obstructed goals (or nongoals). One in a Pens game, one not. Just can't recall the details. Toward the latter part of the season.

The Seeker said...

@ stoosh

The Flyers have had 15 penalties called against them in 2 games totaling 41 minutes.

The Penguins have had 11 penalties called against them in 2 games totaling 25 minutes.

The ACTUAL TIME on the PP breaks down to (total- 2 games):

PIT: 11:10

PHIL: 10:17

So the Pens have had a man advantage for exactly 1:07 more than the Flyers.

But keep in mind those penalties called at the very end of game 1 are in those totals and meant absolutely nothing at all (time-wise, the game ended before they could be actually served). If you subtract those, the Flyers have been on the PP quite a bit longer than the Pens.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Wow, great game, great tPB post, and fine comments.

CAN'T WAIT for tomorrow night. And you know, I think the Pens are looking forward to it, too.

I have nothing to add except another AD reference.

Gob: If I didn't have a live dove in my pants right now, I'd leap across the table and...
[he unzips his pants]
Gob: Ah, what the hell...
Michael: I think that's just as good of a time as any to end the meeting.

Sooska said...

@ m vanderlasser-
Hatcher cries "I'M A MONSTER!"

TheNWChica said...

Not sure if it has been mentioned; but if y'all get time today, go over to PensTV and watch the recap of the game. Not only do you get Langer's calls which as always are great, but it has TK's fight; and a nice long interview with Max which made me a little wibbly at the pure joy and excitement in his voice and on his face talking about his goal.


FijiH2O said...

macedog - apparently you are the only one!

sooska - don't know how the philly announcers could say the igloo was quiet...they're idiots! the igloo rocked last night:) don't know about anyone else, but once again i lost my voice at the igloo - it's probably still bouncing around in there.

robbiebrown44 - i'm stopping at Dick's on my way to work to pick up one of those sport sync radios. do you have one???

vanessa - thought of you at the game last night. i went to the ladies' room and someone wrote "i *heart* ruutu" in the stall with a silver sharpie.

TK wasn't the only one on some kind of drug last night. The whole team - from the coaching staff to the locker room attendants - has been dropping something since the playoffs started!

i'm over the refs and the no goal call. on to philly!!!

for those bloggers in beaver county, kretchmar's bakery has sugar cookies shaped like game sweaters with individual player names and numbers. they have a selection available, but you can also special order. i took some to the game last night for my peeps.

Go Pens!!!!!!

Sooska said...

@ fijih2O- yeah it's so weird. I have been to the Igloo for playoff games and I know an out-and-out lie when I hear one. What is the point of that? To make themselves feel superior?

My husband just emailed he overheard some Flyers fans co-workers complaining about the game as he walked by so he went over to them and asked if they wanted cheese with that w(h)ine.

jefe said...

good morning. i had the craziest dream last night. the pens won and the flyers bitched and moaned. oh wait, that was no dream.

great recap!

Vanessa Day said...

@fijih20... LOVE the name. Long live the Gary.

That's cute that you thought of me. He really has a loyal following of girls, it seems.

You should read the Ruutu's Girlfriend message board. I stumbled upon it by accident one day... most NHLers are listed. It's pretty hilarious how these girls are so catty with eachother. Honestly, the things they say for love.


Johnny Wrath said...

This recap was special. I mean, it is completely tuned into my innermost psyche. It puts its' digital finger on the vague, passive conscience that controls one's inner monologue that continually alleges "66 buries it".

For instance, did you guys hear that Kimmo is out? Isn't it awful, just a real tearjerker? I mean, he really could have made a single decent pass out of the zone per game in this series.

I love the implication that we'd have to survive some vicious Philly dumps in the dying 3rd. Exactly, lol.

How is it that the media can ask Sid about preferential treatment after they call a crucial non-goal? Does it help that is alleging a "moral victory" for Philly's "gritty" blue line? I mean, the feature picture is Hatcher taking a penalty.

Somewhere in Toronto is a complex machine that generates excuses, spin, and cavil on behalf of star-crosses big market NHL teams. How else could terrible drafting and worse free agent acquisitions conjure such entitlement? Can it make one of those obnoxious signs that reads;

"Gagne + Timonen = Stanley Cup -(Gagne + Timonene) = Blatant Bettman Conspiracy. Are we on BBC?


Stoosh said...

@ TheNWChica -

Talbot is one of the reasons why I love this team.

He was once a 46-goal scorer in juniors, took his team to a Memorial Cup, and was named QMJHL MVP two years in a row. Yet he's always embraced his role as a checking-line player at higher levels of competition, whether it was the World Juniors, AHL or NHL.

I heard the interview he did during the New York series while he was injured. He was asked if it bothers him that he and the other PK'ers are asked to subject themselves to potential injury because they block so many shots. He seemed almost insulted by the question and in a polite way, answered by saying how he gets mad at himself if he's killing a penalty, blocks a shot and it DOESN'T hurt. He said if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't feel like he's sacrificing for the team.

This is a kid who used to be a top-line scorer in juniors and could've easily groused about his role once he got to the higher levels of hockey (to some point...perhaps we saw a bit of this with Christensen?). But Talbot has completely thrown himself into this role and he takes a huge amount of pride in what he does.

Sooska said...

@ johnny wrath - how many points does a team get for a "moral victory" as opposed to a real victory, such as a WIN? Does it count toward getting to the Finals? NO? ahhhhh

That's the same crap the Philthy media here in eastern PA was offering up last night and this morning.

Dan said...

AD references! I just blue myself!

TheNWChica said...

@stoosh: All of those reasons that you mentioned are why Max is my #1 boy on this team. I mean, I love them all but other than Jarkko, since he was a Canuck for so long, when I saw that Max would be back last night I was just that much happier last night.

JYo said...

Good point pensgirl, if they set the precedent with that kind of inference, they should stick to it. Obviously I'm not as familiar with their past reviews as you are.

Shouldn't they be able to take an image of the puck from the last moment you could see it (and hence the same magnification) and superimpose it on the current position of the partially blocked puck, then extend the line where it belongs and interpret? That seems pretty straightforward.

Stoosh, no problem. I think both leagues make a real effort to get as many calls right as possible, but as with most things, there is room for improvement.

The Seeker said...

Mad Max is THE MAN no doubt.

He comes-up with totally CLUTCH goals exactly when needed so often it's eerie.

No doubt he's a huge team player as evidenced before the game when he said that even if HCMT decided that they were winning without him and scratched him, he'd be fine with that.

I hope Mark Recchi is reading that!

racheleyos said...

not sure if anyone's mentioned that site before, or been there....but haha. brilliant!

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

I read Eklund's blog today over at (and instantly remembered why I usually don't frequent Eklund's website), and he was alleging that the Flyers were just a couple of bounces away from this series being 2-0 Flyers.

It basically said something like this...

IF Biron doesn't give up the soft goal to Sid, and

IF Kukkonen doesn't misfire on the clear that allowed the Pens to keep the puck in the zone and set up Hossa's goal, and

IF Downie gets anything behind his clearing attempt rather than allowing the fourth line to keep the puck in, and

IF two Flyers wouldn't have chased Roberts behind the net,

the Flyers would've won yesterday.

NEWSFLASH, dipshit.

GREAT teams don't make mistakes like that at this time of year. GREAT teams clear the puck. GREAT teams don't turn the puck over and squander chances.

The reason the Pens are so good is because they make you pay for your mistakes. In order to beat the Pens, you can't make those kind of mistakes. If you can't clear the zone, sooner or later, the Pens offense will make you pay for it. If your goalie gives someone like Sid, Hossa, Sykie or Malkin a few inches of net space, they'll eventually find it. If you take dumb penalties, they'll eventually make you pay for it.

What separates great teams from good teams is that great teams make their own breaks, and they make you pay dearly for yours.

Game Three against the Rangers was a perfect microcosm of this. The Rangers threw perhaps their best two overall periods of hockey at the Pens in the first and second periods of that game. Despite everything, the Rangers went into the first intermission down 3-1 and into the second intermission down 4-3. Why? They made mistakes and the Pens made them pay for them.

Even yesterday, the Pens played perhaps their second-worst overall game in the playoffs. Yet all Philly had to show for it going into the first intermission tied 1-1 and going into the second intermission tied 2-2.

I shouldn't expect anything more from someone like Eklund; he was apparently the asshat who asked Sid the question about Stevens and his complaining about the officiating. How that rumor-monger gets a press pass is beyond me.

JYo said...

Completely agree Sooska, moral victories are for losers. Thats prolly why Philthy is so familiar with them! Anyway, what do they derive this moral victory from? Its not like they dominated the game and lost on a fluke. If anything, the flukes (like the no-goal) went against the Pens and they still won. In fact, the Pens were far from their best last night IMO and that is the type of game the underdogs have to hope to steal. If they can't beat the Pens at less than their best, how do they hope to win any other games? That should be more of a demoralizing loss than a moral victory, no?

lauren_hbg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lauren_hbg said...

Not to keep talking about this... But I thought I'd share this picture of a great angle on the non-goal call last night.

Mondesi's House

Stoosh said...

@ Jyo -

A moral victory for Philly would be the perception that Upshall won the fight with Kennedy, and the notion that the Flyers got some of the physical play going yesterday. This is actually what that asshat who's normally on NHL Center Ice said on "On the Fly" last night on the NHL Network. (Who the hell is that guy anyway? I thought Beninati had an annoying voice.)

Whatever. I guess the Flyers were physical if by "physical" you mean "taking subtle jabs and elbows at Pens players after every other stoppage of play."

Don't forget...this is a fanbase that would be perfectly fine with its team getting pounded 8-1 in a chippy game as long as the Flyers win most of the fights.

FijiH2O said...


Set up the game winning goal:D

The fourth line was great last night.

JYo said...

Good point Stoosh. I guess if you are delusional, anything can be called a moral victory. Still, if you played the game the way you wanted to and the other team played way below their abilities, but you still lost, how is that encouraging? Truly delusional. To be fair, Upshall did get a couple of good shots in to TKs hands with his face.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - yep you have it, Sir. No one is a champion because they are perfect in every aspect of the games. If they aren't perfect their hard play and skill make up for it. IMO Luck is largely the result of hard work that is within the rules. Rules make it hard to play the game. If you can, you get rewarded. Resorting to cheap shots, "gamesmanship" AKA whining in the media, is for losers and those who think they are owed something for showing up.

GAWDGARY what is the matter with all of these people? I am beginning to feel like we Burghers are the only voice of reason left.

I am SO glad the Pens aren't whiners. They are so much better than that.

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

I think this is what it must be like to have been a Patriots fan this past season, where every little bit of success they had occurred under the cloud of the whole sign-stealing scandal. Or maybe this what being a Bulls fan during the Jordan era was like, where every title was met with accusations that Jordan was playing under a different set of rules.

As I've said before here, these sorts of things have made cynics of pretty much everyone. No team or player can accomplish anything anymore without someone trying to make it illegitimate via one excuse/scandal or another.

If a baseball player hits 60 homers now, he must be on steroids.

If an NFL team wins too much, they MUST be videotaping signals.

If a team that just happens to feature the league's biggest marquee name dominates in the playoffs, it's because the league is fixing games to keep him in the postseason and keep some sort of spotlight on the league.

I certainly think that there was cause to investigate the steroid issue in baseball and the videotaping crap in the NFL. But unfortunately, once one of these things happen, people allow their imaginations to run wild and we get all sorts of conspiracy theories.

MizzPenz said...

Just got to work around 1:00 after driving home to Harrisburg this morning after the game last night. Phew. The turnpike sucks.

There is shit piled all over my desk, and 7 voice mails waiting to be ignored, but what do I do? Sit down at my desk and hit this site, and then come across this gem:

The first ever Jobber Award to be given out during a recap goes to Brooks Orpik, just standing there on an icing call, unwrapping a Blow Pop, killing time.
What a jobber.

I'm sitting here laughing so hard that tears are streaming down my cheeks. My boss is having serious doubts about my mental stability at this point. And why is everyone in my office looking at me like I'm retarded for laughing at my monitor????????

geezer said...

Kennedy and Talbot proving you don't have to be as big as Chara to play. All you need is heart and courage and they have plenty!!

BlacknGold66 said...

"Don't forgot to bring a towel!"

Vanessa Day said...

@ Mizzpens, You're not mental... that was an amazing job by the Candy Man.

I just loved how the Cryers whined about that one.


Johanna Montana said...

The first ever Jobber Award to be given out during a recap goes to Brooks Orpik, just standing there on an icing call, unwrapping a Blow Pop, killing time.
What a jobber.

Oh man, yes! It was funny when it happened and it's even more hilarious in blog form.

Sooska said...

a must read for cblog:

A Steelers Fan Guide to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Dr. Turkleton said...

Wow...there are some War & Peace-ish posts on here...

-not complain'
-just sayin'

here's my manifestoblog



that's funny that you mentioned that!...I slid on over to the Caps site late last night & was reading your comments [both about the Game & 'other' issues]
and was wondering to myself why she wasn't posting on cblog during the game...
I'll have to bounce back & forth for game 3.3 to 'have your back'.


just with the few posts I've seen on here from him [fight,jail,vandalism] I'll sure as HELL he's on our side!!!!

Guess I won't say anything about his profile pic with the Stiller jersey w/ an apparent papier-mâché Penguin on his head. [Did I just type that! whoops!]

Make Burghers proud, in da HOUSE!!!

RUUUTUUUU had ZERO pims in the 1st round v. OTT:

HCMT: Ru, ya gotta play undir control or your not gonna play?
Ruutu: O.K. Coach!

v. Philly

HCMT: Ru, ya gotta stir dem up & start sum shit wit dem.
Ruutu: O.K. Coach!

He's like watchin' the rodeo clown instead of the bull rider....getting under the flyers skin & turning the attention away from Sid, Geno & Big Poppa Pump so they can do their thing. [Hip, you should know what I'm talking about with your recent venture out West, eh?]


HOUSE14 said...

I don't think that all of us should be getting this upset about all of the other fans in the league and the media making all of this shit up. They are simply using fiction as a medium as to try to make sense of the outside world. Its like polytheistic religions that use gods like Appolo to rationalize and explain why the sun does what it does. I for one am keen on leaving them alone. In theory anyway. I won't hesitate to beat their asses if I see them in my city. Leave the jealous assclowns to their fictitious circus. As PENS fans we are so far above them that if we drop a penny one of them will die.

Sooska said...

I suggest the following for the Pens marketing staff:
1) #1 official Song of the playoffs "Candy Man" Christina Aguilera's version. sample lyrics: Good things come for boys who wait
He's a one stop shop with a real big uh
He's a sweet-talkin', sugar coated candyman

2) Official candy (@kaspar): War Heads and Blow Pops

3) 2nd best official song Heywood Banks'"Toast" sample lyrics:

Johanna Montana said...

@ sooska The refs suck. they confused out game with the Wings-Stars the night before. Ruutu was given the penalty Osgood should have received.
Best. comment. ever.

Chubs said...

...Did house14 just compare conspiracy theorists to those that follow polytheistic religions?

Wow. I don't even know what else to say.

KJ said...

@ makegretzkysheadbleed with the flys poll. if you ever read their message board off their main site, you can tell they don't need pens voters for that result. they are hilarious. they give up before the game is over and already want to pack so and so's bags and never see them on the flys again.

@ the constant flys bitching, i totally agree that i'm tired of it. i don't think i could ever be a fan of any team who complains about the refs even though they looked like mud on their PPs and their $10 mil midget hasn't shown up. take some damn personal resposibility and i don't mean crying about how kimmo is out. i mean really, are they just now realizing their D isn't deep and if someone went down during the playoffs they'd have to rely on hatcher?

@ vanessa, oh my gosh! that girlfriend site is like the first one that pops up whenever i google a player now. i was looking for a pic of someone to chop one night when i came across it and wow! those girls are dedicated to the gossip i must say.

HOUSE14 said...

@ the dr.

That's not a steeler jersey. That's a PENS T shirt I got at my first PENS game against (ironically enough) Filthadelphia in 1986. It was huge on me then and it sat in my closet until it fit me. Tis a sacred shirt that can only be worn for games. The hat is a foam penguin that I got back in 1992. It was part of the "Bud light beware of the penguins" campaign. Trust me. Its a solid get up. The PENS come first. Always first. It would be plain to see if you ever caught a glance of my tattoo.

Cody said...

So, watching the craptastic Versus commentary last night, when Malkin gave up the shorty, the announcer had the insight to give us an inspiring stat. Saying something to the effect of "That's a big goal right there, as Pittsburgh is 8-0 in the playoffs when they have the lead after 2 periods." I couldn't help but yell at my TV, "Pittsburgh is 9 and 0 (now 10) in the playoffs when they score a f*$#ing goal, you moron." Don't get me wrong, I love the Versus announcers, if for only one reason... It gives me someone to yell at when Danielle Briere isn't playing hockey (Which, obviously hasn't happened this series, so I really need someone to yell at, THANKS VS!).

TheNWChica said...

@dr. turk re. Ruuts:

As a long time Canuck fan, it's funny to watch the OMG He's such a bad guy-rotten pest-we much penalize him reaction to Jarkko as a Penguin because he has always been that way. I can't see any difference in the way he plays from when he was in Vancouver to now; it's just being shown to a much much bigger audience here.

TheNWChica said...


I give that song for Brooksie two big thumbs up!

Nathan said...

MAF is up against Antero Niittymaki on the NHL Tournament of Logos page. MAF's winning in the early going, but that's no reason not to vote for him.

Sooska said...

@ johanna montana - thanks *bows*

@ chica - That song goes thru my brain every time I hear "Orpik" and think "free candy."

Zac Wassink said...

did you guys know kimmo is hurt?!?!11111

i hadnt heard

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

A+++++++ for the Heywood Banks reference.

Toast was another song we used to play on the old college radio show.

"If I had a bulldozer..."

Dr. Turkleton said...


my sincerest apologies...the stripeage on the sleeves looked Stiller-esque...sportin' a Vintage Pens tee is +100 for you...-1000 for me.
[BTW, wasn't makin' fun or anything...just reflecting on the whole 'Stiller garb at Pens games' discussions from cblogs past...we're all ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILYblog here]

kinda like doing this:

@house14 said:

I don't think that all of us should be getting this upset about all of the other fans in the league and the media making all of this shit up.

clubhouse leader with using the word 'ALL' 3 times in a 30-word or less sentence.

BTW, I hope you're not flying US Scareways [former bitter employee, here] won't see your checked bags until Friday once they see the PIT tag. Same reason that Briere has been missing for 3.1 & 3.2....He's small enough to fit in the overhead, so that the Flyer's fault for checking him.

[Housea: carrying out Pens version of 'Vengeance Now' in Rockydelphia on Tuesday]

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

Wow...there are some War & Peace-ish posts on here...

Heh. Tolstoy lives!

As a frequent offender in that department, I must blame stoosh, for he inspired me. Someday I shall have my own t-shirt....

I've got the length down. Now I just need the insight! :-)

Doug said...

This may have been covered already, but,

Anyone see the camera flash on the disallowed goal last night? Here's the link to the picture from that flash -

Definitely a goal! It's a conspiracy AGAINST the Pens!! HA!

Sooska said...

@ stoosh - you may recall I countered the dear rgb's statement "I am Sean Avery's spleen" with the lyrics to the pancreas song.

Dr. Turkleton said...



3/4 of North America is asleep when Ruutu was playing out West [thank you Gary [our Gary, not Bettman] for Center Ice!!!] it's that 'East Coast Media bias' that's ignorant to those Left Coast games, as well...

just looked up some stats on Ruutu:

during the strike year, he played 50 games in the Finnish League accumulating 215 Penalty Minutes & in their playoffs: 3 games, 41 PIMS....hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOUSE14 said...

@ the dr.

I wasn't bothered. I just wanted to clear that up. I despise those who desecrate my beloved igloo with Steelers paraphanlia. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Steelers. However, as I have previously mentioned, they don't hold a candle to my beloved PENS.

Flightblog: I'm taking South West. Round trip is only $210. Super deal. We're going to try nail balboa like lawn furniture. Also thinking of buying some Depends undergarments and putting one him.

Sooska said...

GAWDGary house14- we don't want to run obituaryblog

TheNWChica said...

@dr. turk: True true... I guess I forget that part since Im on the left coast. lol

Pensgirl said...


Fiji, my voice is dying alive in DC this fine day, so yeah I'd say "quiet" is a crap description of the Igloo last night.

Dan: Marry me!

Stoosh: IF we played Philly in the first round, they'd already be bounced!

MadMaxblog: I could wax ecstatic about Max for pages, but I'm gonna try to contain myself. You all know that Kevin Stevens is my all-time favorite player; his jersey is sacred to me. And Max is a damn fine successor #25 - I'm proud to have him don the same number Big Artie wore, and I can't think of a better guy to wear it. Their games may be very different, but the why-go-out-there-if-you're-not-gonna-go-hard attitude is exactly the same. It's tough to stand out as a hard worker on this team, where everybody from the brightest stars to the smallest-niche role players bust their asses, but Max manages to do it.

Cody, on your "9-0 when scoring a f*$#ing goal": See entry to Dan (and if you don't get Arrested Development jokes, rent the DVDs!).

FreeCandyblog: I almost started laughing when Bobby Orrpik held the icing to waste time. People in my section (the Utter Moron Section) were yelling at him, but it was patently obvious what he was doing, and I loved him for it.

dying alive said...

One wonders if the War and Peace cblog posts would have been so highly acclaimed if they had been published under their original titles, "War, What is it Good For?"

Dr. Turkleton said...


I agree...stoosh IS the ringleader.

rumor on the street is that he failed all his English courses due to when having to write essays 'In 1000 words or less'...he'd always be OVER the limit.

[stoosh, you know I ♥ you like a brother, man]

I have a 'book' at home called, 'A Thousand Paths to Tranquility' of those little 3in. x 3in. books with sayings & stuff...

tPB staff should make 'A Thousand Posts to Commit to the Stoosh' book & sell it in storeblog....

It would be GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!!!!!

Nathan said...

The refs (actually more likely the off-ice officials) botched the call on Orpik's stalling on the icing in the 3rd. The whistle for the icing went with 6:01 remaining, and the final TV timeout of regulation was taken then. The TV timeout is supposed to come with under 6:00 remaining in the period. The Flyers caught a break on that one by being able to rest their players through the TV timeout instead of having to take the faceoff immediately. I wasn't the only person in chatblog last night who questioned that either. Nice to know there are other people equally obsessed with the broadcast-related rules of an NHL game as I am.

TJ said...

Timonen this... Timonen that. Now it's going to be Coburn this.. Coburn that.

Excuses are like assholes... and Philly is full of both of them.

Yeah I made that up.. go ahead.. use it. You know you want to.

Pensgirl said...

Nathan, they didn't botch the call. The clock stopped prematurely and Biron complained - justifiably because of what you pointed out. He knew that the extra couple seconds would get his tired teammates some rest because of the TV timeout. Orpik's stall tactic (as opposed to Jordan's Staal tactics (sorry)) was a good third period strategy generally, it just happened to come at a time that benefitted the Flyers. But even though it was unfortunate that way, I still loved it.

Dying Alive, niiiiiice. Or, rather, "excellent."

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

tPB staff should make 'A Thousand Posts to Commit to the Stoosh' book & sell it in storeblog....

It would be GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!!!!!

Damn right, it would! I'd buy 50 copies for myself and friends.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Southwest: [WN airline code: weird] smart move.


Besides the whole 'Pens games starting at 4 or 430p' BS.
I ♥'ed living on the Left Coast![Livermore, CA {NoCal representin', Yo!}] for about 1.5 years from '95 to '97 [felt like a very EXPENSIVE extended vacation]

Best part: watching live College & Pro Football on TV for breakfast!!!! [where was Center Ice way back then???]

Got a 'Shark Pak' of 10 games or so, which was fun. But, I never felt any attachment to them.

The Pens used to DOMINATE. But, the one game I remember is listening to a Sharks at Pens game at work & the Pens ended up losing like 10-8 or, I got über-jobbed by co-workers who couldn't tell the difference between Icing on a cake or in an arena! That's the worst kind, because you can fire back & they:
•don't UNDERSTAND what the hell you're taking about.
•don't CARE what the hell you're talking about.

Matt said...

Here's a nice concession from a Philly Inquirer column:

"Last night, the Penguins let the Flyers know they are quite willing to get down and dirty.

"The Penguins and Flyers took this game from the ice to the back alley shortly after the first puck was dropped. Looking to establish an early tenor to the proceedings, the Pens' Tyler Kennedy and the Flyers' Scottie Upshall engaged in the first fight of the series. Upshall proved he can take a punch. In this bout, in fact, he proved it several times."

Nathan said...

Ah, so that's what happened. So it was the scoreboard operator who screwed up.

On another note, Hal Gill is the only Penguin without a point so far in the playoffs (guys who haven't dressed at all don't count), and there are 4 players averaging at least a point per game -- three guys you'd expect to be producing like that (Malkin, Crosby, and Hossa), and a potential surprise producer in Ryan Malone (3 G, 8 A in 11 games).

Hip said...

@Dr. Turk - I could post on cblog during the game, but everyone here gets it.

I consider myself a post-modern Moses, going out and leading the lost souls back home.

Dan said...

@ pensgirl - i will, only if we can start a folk trio with our daughter.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Hey, PB Charlie friended me...and we're both Scorpios!

Eric K said...

first off- 1st playoff game ive been to since 2001. all i can say is WOW. unreal atmosphere, inside AND outside the Mellon.

secondly- I went to take a leak near the end of the 3rd period and noticed than Elvis bumped in to Danny Briere on his way out of the building. The King told me that Briere had been there since Game 1.

WWGRD- Piss on Balboa.

GO Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'll play part of the flock to your sheppard in 'The Church of Hip' when I venture over to the Dark Side pages next time...

keep up the great work!

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska - Thanks for linking that "Steelers fan..." thing. The guy who runs that blog is my best friend from high school and sits up in F2.

Sooska said...

@ stoosh- small world! that was on the money.

Mark Madden is saying that at the post game press conferences Sid will only speak into the red microphone on the table. If he gets there first he sits at that red mic. If someone else sits there a Pens offcial asks him to move to another so Sid gets the red mic.

nice to know another of Sid's many weird superstitions.

outta work now. GO PENS!

TheNWChica said...


nice to know another of Sid's many weird superstitions. I hope he has a very understanding GF/BF/whatever, because I can tell you that people who have partners like that and they need lots of patience for that sort of stuff. And the only reason I know this is because I'm OCD and yeah...I can be sorta like that.

HOUSE14 said...

I bet the cryers are really missing Ben Eager now!

BlacknGold66 said...

@fakedanny: If you're reading, did you go to the Lizard last night? How was the crowd? We may be there for game 3. Let me know if you're heading there (it's about two minutes from home for me)

@Dying Alive: Solid Sienfeld reference.

@Hip: Shoot me a text tomorrow and remind me. I'll send all the updates as needed! Maybe it'll downpour and you can haul ass over to ESPNZone for the Pens game. (wishfull thinkingblog?)

@Everyone: If you recieved a random friend request on Facebook from a guy in a dirty yellow Pens hat. It's me. I was bored and hyped up on meds from the ER the other night.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

You couldn't possibly be talking about me and my tendency to get long-winded, eh? :)

You should've seen my college applications.

I love the idea for the book. Me = Stunned! Thanks!

HOUSE14 said...

What's the worst part about being a Flyers fan?

BlacknGold66 said...


Should we go ahead and set up a cblog PayPal account for House14 in case he needs bail money in Philly?

(Wreak havoc my friend, but please watch your ass!)

BlacknGold66 said...

@House: "I dunno, what?"

HOUSE14 said...

Having to tell your parents that your gay!

Hip said...

You know I took one of those what you should be tests back in HS and my top results were:
1. Native American tribal leader (I mean, WTF?)
2. minister

So maybe The Church of Hip has been my calling all along!

Pensgirl said...

Dan, I'm on Teamosil right now!

Ronnie said...

Vs. should be ashamed for the commentating. I would rather listen to Bob Errey repeatedly say, "Head on a swivel." for an entire game.

geezer said...

Briere = Mini Ben Eager but for so much money you want to go jump off a bridge. Jump Philly, jump.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@BNG66 + house14

Saving Private Charlie?


any relation to J.R. House?


long winded = No.
chalk full of info & insight = Yes.

Sooska said...

new post is up
come on down! up?

@chica-have you heard about Sid needing to lift his feet and touch the window glass when the team bus goes over railroad tracks? OH YEAH! :D I have superstitions too. None quite like that nor near as many.

J.S. said...

house14, the worst part would have to be the 32 yrs of fail.

Being labeled a Flyers fan is just bad in itself.

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: I did hear about that...I saw the clip with Flower calling him a weirdo. That is so bad when a goalie calls you a weirdo. lol

FakeDannyStag said...


the turn out at the Winking LIzard in lakewood for last nights game was decent. about 15 pens fans vs. 2 cryers fans. they turned the sound on about half way through the first. the bar was pretty empty besides the hockey fans. it's still such a shock when the whole bar cheers a pens goal at a bar in CLEVELAND! my WWGRD shirt got some attention so there were some die hard fans there. unfortunately i have bad social skills and did not introduce myself. hopefully they continue to go there for the games.

i'll be there tomorrow although 4 members of my gang can't make it. i'm sure there will be more people since there is no holiday.

let me know if you decide to go.


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