Tuesday, May 27, 2008


[ NHL.com RECAP ]

no dice

You gotta give credit where credit is due.
The Pens were just suffocated. There's nothing else to say.

For those who remember, this is just like the 2001 Eastern Conference finals,
when the Devils completely shut down the Pens.

After Detroit started playing not to lose, the game was over.
Still, everyone in the NHL world is waiting for Chris Osgood to be challenged.

What really stings about the loss is Osgood's lack of sportsmanship.
His two blatant dives were embarrassing.
One caused a near riot, just like he did against the Stars.

Another thing that is almost surreal: Detroit fans are now planning a parade.

Check out this blog:
[ 2008 Wings Parade ]

Will the Pens be irritated at their premature burial?
Will it be a surly Pens team that rattles the posts behind Elroy?

Regardless, for Game 3, the Pens will be back with the folks that love them the most...
...in an arena the Penguins own.

:::::::::::::::::: PREGAME :::::::::::::::::::

Gordon Loesch from WPXI makes a mistake.

Thanks to [Brandon E] for sending that in.

Versus actually showed the national anthem being sung by some joke.

Of course...after the anthem...:

Just like a high school during the summer.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[From Jimmy Hug's couch]



[Jim L]

[Empty Netters]

[Kris R]
Cameraman = not a patriot

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Roberts-Staal-Kennedy started the game and were throwing the body around.
That took 34 seconds.

The Fool was on the ice for the next shift, and he was falling all over himself.

An unreal pace to the first few minutes of the game.
Kronwall gets a solid long jump into Ruutu. Almost a legal hit.

Malone had the first real chance of the period, but the puck bounced off his stick.
A sign of things to come.

The Pens were getting it in deep. The Wings were shooting from outside the circles.
A couple of icing calls against the Wings was the result.

The Wings drew first blood. Brad Stuart fires a shot.
MAF got a piece of it, and it flutters in.


After the goal, the Pens continued not being able to get a shot.
Just smothering defense.

Hal Gill makes the Scuderi guarantee just that much more improbable with a high stick.

Dan Cleary had a chance to make it 2-0, but he somehow missed the net.
After some jobbing, Zetterberg and the world overloaded Fleury, and Jokestrom put it home.



Soon after, Malkin was tripped up, and the Pens jumped on the PP.
They looked solid, but no dice.

The biggest PK of the season was on the way when Malone jobbed Zetterberg.
The Pens survived it.

The biggest PP of the season came right after.
An end-of-the-period goal would have done wonders.
There were some chances, but no dice.

Gary Roberts took a penalty at the end of the period.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Pens came out in the second and killed Roberts' penalty.
Then it was time to get down to business.

It didn't happen.
Kronwall tried to end someone's life.
Mike Lange mentioned that Kronwall compares himself to the great hitters of all time and watches YouTubes of great hits.
Sounds like he is way too into himself.

Again, it was about this time that Detroit's game plan took hold.
The Pens countered with the best they had.
A few people got tackled, but they don't call penalties in Detroit.

The game dipped into the second half of the period.
Orpik and Jokestrom went off, and there was gonna be some 4-on-4.
No dice on that.

The Wings would forecheck, lose the puck, then bolt back to the neutral zone.
That happened about five more times in the second.

The Pens had to wait for a mistake, and one came.
Some joke fell, and the Pens had their chance.
Staal missed the net, almost forcing Elroy to make an actual NHL save.

Somewhere in there, Kris Draper's helmet fell off.

The Pens ended the period with a big PK.
Malkin got tripped, and the refs look away.
This recap is probably as boring as the game itself. We can't help it.

This is how we felt going into the third.
[Fast-forward to the 0:40 mark]

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

And then the third period came.
Hossa jobs Rafalski, and the Wangs were on the PP again.
We'd sound like Caps fans if we would complain about every call.

The Pens killed it, so whatev.

The first half of the third was like the rest of the game.
Wangs forechecking, losing the puck, and bolting back to the neutral zone.
It's what had to be done.

Ryan Malone jobbed Zetterberg, but Datsyuk had to protect his bf, so there was some 4-on-4 on the way.

[Who sent this in?]

The 4-on-4 evaporated quickly.

Dallas Drake tripped up Roberts.
The Pens got one of their final gasps.

A huge opportunity, and everyone knew it.
The Pens win the face-off and look poised to get something going.

Then it happens:


Osgood makes his first appearance of the game and jobs Malone.
Malone goes to the box.

If this were a penalty. we would be the first to say so. But come on.
The dive would change the game.

We go back to 4-on-4 again.
And then the money shot came.
Flopper flops on a semi-breakaway and beats MAF with a sick effort.


The goal would have been even sicker from the penalty box,
because that's where he should've been for hooking someone 20 seconds prior.

Give props to Osgood. After that goal, he had to save an Orpik slapper.
It was a tough one, but he was able to knock it aside.

Out of nowhere, The Fool embarrassed hockey fans everywhere with the gayest dive since Greg Louganis.

Franzen's never played hockey before.
He takes a hit from Roberts and falls to the ice like a ton of bricks.
Get some guts.


See the ref?
He may have actually been laughing at the embarrassing diplay.

Miraculously, Franzen was able to play his next scheduled shift, cried about something, and the Wings ended up with a PP.
It was killed.

Regardless, there was 5:00 left in the game.
Osgood had to make a save on a Whitney slapper.
Again, it was a tough one, but he got the job done.

Franzen's halo that we expected after the Roberts hit came into effect when Whitney jobs him.
Whitney goes to the box.
Somebody whined.


The old adage of a team wanting something to carry them to the next game was alive and well at the end of the game.

Again, Chris Osgood challenges Franzen for dive of the year.
Petr Sykora, no question the dirtiest player in the league, apparently shoots him with a 12-gauge shotgun at point-blank range.

This causes a complete mess for no reason at all.
Have some respect for the game.

You're up 3-0 in the game. No reason for it.
It doesn't make sense, and it is low class.

The game was in hand, and it led to an ugly line brawl for no reason,
other than for Chris Osgood to feel like a puppet master.



[Michelle M]

Whatever the case...



  • Roberts justified his cult status. Gutsy performance.
  • Malone was mixing it up, getting shit going.
  • If you had the Pens in 6, they had to lose twice.
  • Dress BGL and have him run straight into Osgood so that we at least earn the two minutes.
  • Old NHL?
  • Is the west that much better?
  • Make no mistake. Detroit's system is elite.
  • Pens played better.
  • Mellon Arena is our only hope.
  • [Hate]


"We took two penalties tonight on the goalie. We never take penalty to the goalie in the playoff. I'll tell you something, I reviewed those plays. He's a good actor. He goes to players, and he's diving. Took away our power play. Got to get focused. I know our players are frustrated right now. It's tough to play the game. But Osgood did the same thing against Dallas under Ribeiro."

"Our team never go to goalie. We never did it. And we don't target the goalie. But this is, want to talk about experience, he goes to players, and he knows what to do, I guess."



Go Pens


Ryan said...

I'll be the first to say it here: Osgood is a joke. Does he hunt for deep sea treasure in the off season?

racheleyos said...


great recap....love the diving photoshops. what a d-bag.

racheleyos said...

ryan - damn you!! split the first post. lol. jk.

he hunts for treasure in his pants...if you know what i mean.

haha gutterblog and bedtime.

Kat said...

Well, we were all looking for reasons to hate Detroit. Looks like Osgood is public enemy number one. What a tool.

Beav said...


Beav said...

fine fifth and sixth

jefe said...

nice recap despite the loss. but they always are nice.

game 3.


letsgopsu said...

Chris Osgood has ruined the Jetsons for me.

I'll never look at Elroy the same way as I used to....

theNick said...

The Pens win game 3. I Mens Warehouse guarantee it.

Beav said...

Meet George Jetson, his son is a diving douche

Jawsh said...

Glad to see the staff noticed those to chicks the versus production crew was obsessed with.

Jawsh said...

*that would be...two

Jawsh said...


if anyone has been following the nba playoffs, it has been filled with teams falling 0-2 in the series on the road and tying it up 2 games later. Perspective.

paul said...

Did it seem to anyone else that the Wings fans there barely cared? Maybe they weren't as mic'd up but it seems to me like Mellon is 30x more energetic, and probably 8000x louder.

Chris Osgood is a piece of shit. But the Pens need to get 5 on 5 chances. More than getting chances, they need to connect when they do have chances. I think most of all, we need to get the first goal so Detroit is actually challenged a bit. Here's hoping that all of that can happen on Wednesday.

Julia said...

Detroit is on some drug that the rest of the NHL doesn't even know about and they've been popping it since October. Home ice is going to make the difference here.

I love the photoshops of osgood, he obviously doesn't know that the water is frozen.

jefe said...

so with the wangers coming to the burgh, maybe a little hotel fire alarm action can be done.. by a real fire.

Mr. Plank said...

Chris Osgood is a joke. Honestly that's probably the classlest thing I've seen thus far in the playoffs. Go Pens, beat the Evil Empire in Mellon.

J.S. said...

@jawsh, I got tired of looking at those two cows halfway through the first. It was around the 290th or 291st time when they showed one of the two jawing at Free Candy. I kept praying that Orpik would rattle the glass and at least scare the hell out of em.

@Nick, now that's a guarantee.

Hossa-th!! (Hossa, hossa, hossa!!)

IceCold... said...

glad you guys brought out the Code Red. i was gonna call for an amber alert for pretty much the entire team. no matter how lame i think osgood is, it is completely eclipsed by my disappointment in our team at the moment. while i believe the red wings are an exception team, they certainly are not so much better than us that we couldn't find a single way to score in 120 minutes. yeah, we have had some unlucky bounces, but we need to make some of our own luck. please forgive the cheesiness of the next statement, but...good luck is when hard work meets opportunity. we need to put in the hard work and we will get lucky. we need to hustle to pucks, stop this half-assed bullshit. be decisive. commit to a play. DO SOMETHING.

with that rant out of the way, if any team in the league can make a turn around it is us. we have played this season with heart, desire and determination against shitty odds. we can play that way again. part of the reason i'm so pissed is because we have all watched what this team can do and we are seeing none of it right now. WE KNOW WHAT OUR TEAM IS CAPABLE OF. i love this team and i know we all believe in them. this shit ain't over yet.


J.S. said...


for the record, their 2nd appearance was about halfway thought the first...I think.

Meh, I'm going back to bed.

AmericanHero269 said...

Gee, and I thought the FIRST LOSS HURT.

Do you know how awful it feels to know that your team putting in a solid effort and playing to a system that won them the honor of the best team in the Eastern Conference only to come up THREE GOALS SHORT in GAME TWO OF THE STANLEY CUP FINAL?!

I can't recall being any more frustrated than I am right now. We can't even put pucks on net. What is it about these Wings that makes them so good? Notice most of the Wings goals looked pretty similar to the ones scored Game 1?

I don't think we need reasons to hate the Red Wings. Those guys owning everyone seem to achieve that enough themselves. You guys ever heard of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS? Same thing. If this keeps up in game three, someone is going to get mad because of hurt pride and take some runs at players.

Even if we lose now, there's a lot of positives out of this year. You need four wins, and the Wings only have two. It's not over until it's over, and let's hope that we can make better decisions. Here's a start, defensemen jumping into the play FROM THE PUCK DROP. Why? If the PREDATORS can win two against the Wings doing that, we the hell can't we? So what if there's one guy back? We have more firepower. Winning a game six to five is still a win.

I think the worst feeling about it is having to deal with asshole, cocky, Red Wings fans. Dude, you still have to live in Detroit.

See you guys for game three. Go Pens.

James Mirtle said...

# Is the west that much better?

I think yes.

Jonny V said...

So it's not time to break out the Bluto Blutarsky speach just yet. But if there ever was a must win, this is it. I hope the foundation is shaking at 8:14 wednesday night at the Igloo. I don't know what else to say...

Jonny V said...

The Doctor speaking the cold hard truth.

Party of Ruutu said...

I was reading through the comments and I'm glad people's hatred for the Wings has reached the level I have maintained for some time.

Good post.

I hope there is a fight in the first 3 minutes of Game 3.

I think the next game will be a-mazing. Not even joking. Just amazing.

Jimmy Hugs said...

The opportunity was there last night, the Pens just couldn't connect on some passes. Again. I also thought they were making some bad choices when it came to playing the puck or playing the body that led to some turnovers.

The Wang's system is seriously effective at shutting down opponents. The only way to beat them is to out-skate them, which the Pens have not been able to do for some reason.

Get the puck.
Protect the puck.
Shoot the puck.

Osgoof is a joke.

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Cher Dr. Phil, I' ; m t'écrivant dans les espoirs que vous pourriez pouvoir m'aider. Vous savez, est-ce que peut-être je peux venir sur votre exposition ? Néanmoins avez-vous une exposition ? Vous voyez, j'obtenez travaillé vers le haut au-dessus d'un jeu d'hockey. Bien, that' ; s le mettant modérément. En fait I' ; m allant prendre une course et mourir en observant le jeu d'hockey. J'essaye de feindre tout va bien, et je garde mon frais le plus souvent, et I don' ; esprit de t perdant si mon équipe joue mal. Mon ennui commence quand mon équipe perd parce qu'ils ont obtenu jobbed, comme je sais produit hier soir. Les gens écrivent des choses au sujet de moi mais je les leur appelle en tant qu'I. Je déteste obtenir jobbed. Des suggestions ? Bien à vous, Mike

Jonny V said...

mmkayyy, I know what cher means...other than that, I got nothin'

Pensblog Staff said...

Owned by the Doctor.

Someone in these first 27 comments reeks of a Detroit fan masking Penguin insults under the guise of a distraught Pens fan.

Any takers?

xuscbausp said...

just dont lay down, pens. play with some pride wednesday night at home.

Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough...

the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go!

xuscbausp said...

didnt read all the posts haha. i broke out the bluto. my bad. just felt right, dammit.

jefe said...

anyone who brings up the new england patriots in this blog is a douche.

debrisslide said...

@xuscbausp - Germans, what?

Mellon Arena's going to explode about 5 minutes into Game 3. I think we should all stick with the Scuds Gets A Goal guarantee, too.

Stilly said...


americanhero ftw. For a Pens fan, he heaps an awful lot of praise on the joke wings.

Good recap. Game 3 @ Mellon. Take back the series.

Mark said...

What..no mention of your cult hero GR getting pumbled by tough-guy Datsyuk?

Grégoire said...

Hi there.
I know I'll probably be called a douche for this, but I don't think your description of the Franzen/Roberts incident is fair. (let's make it clear right now, I'm neither a pens nor a wings fan, I follow the habs)

Franzen didn't just drop after a hit. Roberts punched him in the face. To me, it looks like a frustration move. I like Gary Roberts, but I think this was stupid.

About Osgood, I agree with you.

Honestly I still believe the pens can challenge the wings. You weren't very lucky so far, but that can change. These Finals were too promising to end in four or five games, so I hope pens win the next two ones. I'd prefer to see an offensive minded team winning the cup.

And finally, Augie Zybynski-Editor, stop using the google translator, and learn french instead! ;-)

whodeewhat said...


by pumbled you mean Datsyuk smacking the ref. twice after Roberts slugged him in the face?

J.S. said...

lol @ gregoire's google translator comment

The Big K said...

We need Hacksaw.

Chris Moore said...

Usually Pensblog stays away from being whinerblog, but not today. That recap was entirely one big cry fest.

alex said...

"if anyone has been following the nba playoffs, it has been filled with teams falling 0-2 in the series on the road and tying it up 2 games later. Perspective."

Were those teams shut out in their first two games?

Chocolate said...

Osgood's diving must have been the reason that Malkin didn't have a shot on goal?

Stilly said...

Yes Alex. In games where the score regularly tops 80-90 one team was shut out. Asshat. The point was that teams can come back.

Ben Katz said...

Kleenex Brand, the official hankie of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Mike said...

Detroit fan's are loosers!

Penguins are the best. They will win the next fore games for sure!

Dubs said...

The character of the Wings -

The Rented Mule flopping on the ground after a face wash and whining like an infant child.

Ozdouche diving all over the place like Greg Louganis.

Datsuck attacking a man being held by the ref.

Whiner, cryers and cheap punks.

Mike said...

The Pens are so much better than the Gay Wings, its not even funny!

Osgay is gay.

Datsgay is gayer.

Franzgay is the gayest!

Mike said...

I bet we score two goals in the next game!

Dubs said...

Osgay is gay.

Datsgay is gayer.

Franzgay is the gayest!

don't be homophobic ... this isn't a Dings blog.

Mark said...


Are you kidding me? Pens calling Wings Whiners? Cindy is still probably crying to the refs right now.

Hossa is the only one showing up for you guys...

Mike said...

"don't be homophobic ... this isn't a Dings blog."

That's something a gay would say! Gay boy!

Dan said...

Welcome back to 2003 folks. Nice to see the NHL give away 5 years of progress to bring us boring hockey again.

And if I were Osgood, I wouldn't step out of my crease again the rest of the series. Otherwise someone might put him through the end boards like he deserves.

Dubs said...

Ozdouche is a joke

Fleury29 said...

The losses would be a lot easier to take if Osgood and Fanzen weren't diving it up last night. The Wings played better than the Pens, no need to do that shit.

Seriously, Osgood needs to get his ass kicked. I mean, if you're going to get a penalty for doing something to the goalie, you might as well actually do it.

And the Roberts "hit" on Franzen was a joke. If you get "hit" in the face like that, you're not going down unless you're diving. I don't know if you know this, Grégoire, but hockey gloves are padded and getting "hit" like that isn't enough to knock an NHL player down... or it shouldn't be. It was a stupid move on Roberts' part, though.

Wow, AmericanHero269, get a life.

I think the frustration and home ice are going to let the Pens explode on Osgood, similar to the way his boyfriend does during their "after game celebrations."

The momentum from the game three win will propel them to four straight wins and the Stanley Cup.

Jonny V said...

mike's gay

Lady Jaye said...

Is the West any better? At diving maybe.

I finally found my hate for Detroit. They are the Devils of the West... and I loathe the snoozefest that is the Devils.

Pens have gotta find a way to cram goals down Osgoods throat. That guy is such a joke. I really do hope SOMEBODY besides Pens fans and Dallas fans recognize this or we all will just end up sounding like a bunch of whiners :(

Mark said...

the best part of the franzen dive is when he looks back at the referee, then drops to the ground like he ate a hand grenade

Mike said...

"Welcome back to 2003 folks. Nice to see the NHL give away 5 years of progress to bring us boring hockey again."

Dont call the Pens boring! It's not there fault that Detroit wont let them score!

Mike said...

"Pens have gotta find a way to cram goals down Osgoods throat."

I got something I want to cram down your throat! My weiner!

mark'd said...

and actually, i don't blame osgood for the dive. after all, who can stand up to the sheer terror that is petr sykora touching his glove.

Lady Jaye said...

@mike > Wow, you're a a-hole. Glad you stopped by.

Mike said...


The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh!

mark'd said...

just ignore the troll.

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

I don't have much to say, I'll let B-Real say it for me:


Lady Jaye said...

Meh, I usually don't feed the trolls but I'm still completely frustrated with the Pens this morning which is surprising since I'm a glass half full person.

Mike said...

"since I'm a glass half full person."

Actually your completely full. Of my weiner!

Hip said...

@chocolate - that's kinda the whole point. We're being owned and we can admit that. There's just no reason to add the histrionics to the mix.

I said it last night - Osgood has back to back shut outs that he can point to. He doesn't need any sympathy because he got touched.

It's just a brutal disregard for the game and overall lack of class.

Go back and look - I made a top 5 list of why I hate the Wings before this series.

Chris Fucking Osgood was #1.

What a god damn joke.

Jay said...

Ignore Mike, he's not worth your time. Focus on supporting the Pens loud come Wednesday, and let's get it done.

42bellyoption said...

Does anyone else hate Malkin right now? I don't know how this guy can play so well for long stretches this season and carry this team while Sid was out, and turn around and play like this on the biggest stage in hockey. For a 21-year old kid to be tired in the Cup Finals is unfathomable to me and really just disappointing.

Bottom line, the Pens aren't coming back unless Gino plays like the star we all know he is.....

whodeewhat said...


I agree. You have to ignore the trolls; they are irrelevant to hockey and bring nothing but dick and fag insults to the table.

I'm with lady jaye though; they are hard not to feed when you’d love to go to their Mom’s basement and choke the 12 years of life from them.

Lady Jaye said...

@42bellyoption > hate is a strong word to use. Dislike would be strong as well. Frustrated, maybe. I'm frustrated with the whole team mostly. They're completely getting pwned out there.

In some small way, I'm wondering if Malkin is injured. Convenient excuse, I know, but I just can't believe he would be this lack luster.

Max Power said...

Osgood is a f'in ball taster.
Is it me or did it seem that every odd bounce last night didn't end in our favor? Methinks father time had lady luck in coatroom.

Lady Jaye said...

@whodeewhat > You forgot the part where I want to break all their Star Wars action figures too :) (And I don't say that to make fun of net nerds because I have GI Joes sitting on my desk)

dying alive said...

@ j.s. - I noticed those two heifers barking at Orpik as well. Apparently women in Detroit are just as classy as they are attractive.

@ mark - If you consider getting a couple of cheap shots thrown at you by a little pansy-ass who won't take his visor off while you're being held by a ref as the same thing as getting pummeled, I don't think anyone here knows what to tell you. If you really think that Pavel fucking Datsuyk would win a fight vs. Gary Roberts, nobody here knows what to tell you. Ask Ben Eager who he thinks would win that one.

Mike is obviously the product of a good Detroit public school education.

42bellyoption said...

Lady Jaye - I guess hate is a strong word, but if he doesn't get his crap together on Wednesday, there's gonna be no sugar-coating how he's played since the start of the Philly series.....

dying alive said...

I forgot to mention re: the two women yelling at Orpik: they weren't even trash talking. They were singing the lyrics to Livin' On a Prayer.


smirnoff138 said...

malkin... polo...

Where are you geno?

Whistler said...

Words of wisdom for this dark and dreary day...

"A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame someone else."

-John F. Kennedy..

I saw these words today and it shook me to my very core..

LET'S GO PENS!!! Faith all the way!!

JYo said...

Last night's comment of the night courtesy of jefe:

"yeah, sydor, taffe, eaton, conks, goligoski, nasraddine = cup."

Completely agree jefe. The Pens need to pick up their play on the whole, not make a few lineup changes after guys have a mediocre game.

if anyone has been following the nba playoffs, it has been filled with teams falling 0-2 in the series on the road and tying it up 2 games later. Perspective.

Couldn't agree more jawsh. A series doesn't start until someone wins on the road. That said, it is crucial that the Pens take both home games.

Franzen didn't just drop after a hit. Roberts punched him in the face.

Its funny that it took nearly 5 seconds to react to the hit and then it hit him so hard. Detroit is so good they can make their own laws of physics!

Careful picking on those girls in the picture. A few people around here seem to have thin skin lately. Might have something to do with stress of the team struggling, I don't know. It didn't seem to bother people a week ago.

Anyway, looks like the troll patrol is around. I'll be skipping over their comments all day since they never have any value anyway, and I suggest everyone else do the same. All 19 of their fans will probably be here today.

Predsboy18 said...

Being a Preds/Pens fan from Nashville, I have to say I LOVE the hatred of the Wings on the board!

Been to a TON of Preds-Wings games, they played 14 times this year, and I totally DESPISE the Wings. I've had to watch what you talk about all damn season, and for 6 games in the playoffs.

My favorite memory of this rivalry is Chris Chelios WHINING about how fast our forwards were, and that they were "poaching." (his word, not mine) You can expect him to start bitching again if he gets burned by one of the Pens forwards, and bashing your great city. Classless, totally classless.

But the Preds won 5 out of the 14 games against the Wings this year, and 3 of the losses came in OT, and I'll be the first to admit, the Preds were a team that won on will, not talent.

It's not over yet guys, it's only 2-0, not 4-0, and things have a strange way of changing when the arena changes.

And can Orpik just start laying out guys like he was doing in the Flyers series? PLEASE??


captjameson said...

elroy jetson is as good an actor as marty blowdeur. franzen could have asked for a fold up beach chase lounge and had someone set it for him to flop on between the time GR swatted him and the moment he decided to die on the ice. as far as a the sykora hit, the goalie gets that call every time no matter who it is. sucks when the diving and assclown officals bite your team. now you know how the rest of the east feels. jobbers.

captjameson said...

btw, i come here for the great photo shops. awesome. even against my boys.

Lady Jaye said...

@42bellyoption > Oh yea, by all mean call out people where needed. There's a difference between that and loathing somebody. :)

captjameson said...

oooo, a super douche troll too. sucks don't it...?

don't feed the trolls, they bite.

racheleyos said...

roberts did punch franzen in the face. with one hand. and he went down.

JYo said...

I don't know what it is, but I still don't have half the hate for the Wings that I have for the Cryers. Sure they dive like nobody's business, but otherwise I don't have much to hate. They have a largely apathetic fan base other than a handful of 12 year olds that go to other team's blogs and their team is pretty skilled on the whole and not really dirty. Maybe its because the Pens are basically playing half hearted so far and its hard to get in to. I don't know. I do know that no one will surpass the douchebaggery of Philthy fans, so I can't hold them to that standard, but I don't think they've even achieved Rags level yet. Maybe I've just become used to general smugness from teams like the Yankees and I just ignore it. Whatever it is, its just hard to care about the Wings beyond them being the current opponent. If they never played another game after this series, I prolly wouldn't notice.

Max Power said...

Today is one of those days. I'll go out for lunch. Listening to ESPN radio and replaying the game through my head. I'll light my square. It'll start to rain. That hobo by my building will ask me for change. Then I snap, kick him in the balls and throw him in to traffic. preferably a bus.


Just ignore Mike. The teacher in the classroom by the boiler room doesn't get paid enough to constantly look after the retards. Some how he figured out how to navigate Al Gore and ended up here. Have a special day for a special little man...

Dubs said...

I hope we get at least one goal in the series ... that would be a start

Predsboy18 said...

Oh btw, the whole supposed NHL conspiracy about the Pens winning the Cup can start anytime!

whodeewhat said...


I don't think it was so much the 2 girls they kept showing, I think it was how much they showed the same 2 girls time and time again every time anything happened. We must have seen the same shot of them a half dozen times.

It all boils down to the joke that is VS. and affinity the douche cameraman had with 2 chics that were just meh.

Overall you are right though it's not their fault VS. SUCKS.

captjameson said...

i hope the pens wake up and make a series out of this. they're better than what they've shown so far. the league also needs to add some red foam noses and red squeeker skates to the refs' equipment requirements. maybe some rainbow wig helmets...

anyhoo. good luck storming the castle...

JYo said...

Headline from Burnside's latest column:

"Machinelike Wings taking life out of Penguins, Cup finals"

He makes a good point that they are smothering the Pens, but its funny that the headline also points out how boring they are to watch, whether that was his intent or not. Its the Devils all over again.

BH56 said...

Malkin is soft...can't stand that since Cindy came back he's not "the man". Love seeing the P's fans crying about diving. Cindy graduated #1 in the Osgood school of diving class. You're right CaptJ...it does hurt when it affects your team. Where is that wipe "Penns Too Loaded" that swamped the Philly and NY blogs about how great your team is? I know, he's gone in hiding just like your team...

Max Power said...

@ captjameson

you have 6 fingers on your right hand. someone's been looking for you.

Max Power said...

bh56 = whatching children in park for masturbatory fodder.
Sorry our team is actually in finals. suck it........ooohhhhh that felt good.

BH56 said...

Brilliant Max, you can now move on to 6th grade....fing moron. The best part is that fleabag of a head coach who now by the way, has to coach is crying right along with the fans. He hasn't had to coach all year with the talent he has and now that he does he's getting schooled. Great, they're in the finals...when will they realize it and start playing? They play like the're just happy to be there and maybe win a game.

Lady Jaye said...

@bh56 > You're right about how they're playing right now. That's how it looks to me and it's down right frustrating. I know this team is better than that. I still can't agree about the Pens being divers, though. I suppose I'm a homer, but I think they have an unfair bad reputation in that regards.

JYo said...

Given the look of the home jerseys and the hope for a resurgence in the Igloo, this seems appropriate.

racheleyos said...

bh56- you're the effing moron!! you don't even kno what you're talking about. Malkin has been soff the past couple of games, yes, but when Sid came back he was still playing his game. I guess you wouldn't remember Malkin scolding Biron on that breakaway slapshot.

Therrien has been coaching. you're retarded. if you're gonna argue about something at least make it worthwhile.

captjameson said...

i had to rub the dick head jobber blogger in a little bit after what happened on a few of the ranger sites. i like this one. the recaps are funny and photoshops are great. i'm just rooting for great hockey. i'd love to see some highlight reel plays from the pens too. but as has been the case so far in these playoffs, the team that works harder gets the breaks from the officials. if you want to win, you have to be better than the other team and the officials so you don't put yourself in a possition to be bitten by a bad call. that's what happened to my rangers (an 0 for PP and under estimating the pen's D didn't help either).

and just from an outsider's perspective. HCMT needs to shut up about the officiating and call his players to carpet (malkin). complaining will get him nowhere and tacitly offers his players an excuse for losing.

Stoosh said...

The big difference between Therrien complaining about the officiating and Murray & Renney complaining about the officiating?

At least Therrien waited until the series started and got some evidence to use as basis of his complaints.

Murray and Renney were crying before their respective series even started.

Sakic19 said...

I haven't posted in a long time, the past few months have been very tough for my wife and I...but now it is time...The Dead Things have gotten away with the same shit for nearly fifteen years...What Brian Burke said is completely true...when Crosby says something to the officials it is called whining even the he has the C and is allowed to say what he wants to them...the shit-hole team in the red has a team of captains who cry and complain every chance they get(remember Shanahan in round two...just another product of the Detroit system)...Osgood is a bad goaltender on a good team, he has always been a baby, and a diver...anyone who has followed any of the Avs-red wings series of the past decade will attest...Detroit's players are all the same from the Fool to the biggest pussy to ever lace up a pair of skates Kris Draper...Draper should thank Claude Lemieux every day for breaking his face, for as bad as he looks now, he looked like Cornelius from planet of the apes before Lemieux did his facial reconstruction...

I am in no way saying that Detroit isnt a good team, they are...but remember this is the same team that cried like a grounded 12 year old when the Devils shut them down in 95...I guess their "experience" has allowed them to take a page out of that "boring" teams book

The Pens are not even close to being out of this...yes some players need to step up and the shots need to be there, and there is no better recipe for that than playing at home...four wins in a row is nothing for this team...

Oh yeah...is it me or is Joe Louis Arena filled with the biggest collection of skanky women and pizza delivery boys west of Philadelphia?

lis said...

I think it's funny that both coaches have complained about the refs so far in this series but only Therrien is the one "whining".

BH56 said...

Right, Rachel he's been coaching...what's the biggest decision he's had to make? Big George or your "President" Gary freakin' Roberts? Please. Oh, and now you're going to keep carrying the flame for Malkin on a goal, that came what, 5 games ago? Just keep hanging in there Rachel and when they're done in 4-5 games maybe you can meet them at the airport and show you're support... I know, I know, 5 games ago Malkin was the greatest but now even you admit he's soft....truth hurts..

As for divers LadyJ, not the whole team but certainly Crosby. Look, he's a great hockey player but if he would just shut his mouth and keep his feet his level of respect in the league would skyrocket.

JP said...

Got home from Detroit at about 4am this morning thanks to a lovely Rt. 75 detour that sent me in the direction of CHICAGO. Anyway -- what really annoyed me was that they didn't show replays of ANYTHING on the jumbo-tron -- no goals, no penalties, nothing - which just added to some fans' stupidity. One WHALE of a woman sitting behind me said that Scuderi didn't take a stick to the face in the first, but rather hit his own face off of the boards. Dumbass.

Sakic19 said...


Crosby has a little piece of hardware called the Pearson Trophy...MVP voted by the players...I don't think respect from other players is something that he is lacking

Lady Jaye said...

Crosby wasn't the only one running his mouth to the refs, and yet he's the one that catches the flack for it. Some things will never change. The Wings ran their mouth to the refs just as much.

racheleyos said...

bh56 - We haven't played very well the past couple of games, yes. That is obvious. But Therrien has been coaching. Not gonna say he wasn't whining - if he wasn't whining, i be worried. what coach doesn't whine?? Seriously, let's be honest with yourselves. If a coach is constantly yapping at the refs there is a good chance things can go your way. However that didn't happen for us. But we still have 2 games at home coming up and I'm confident in the Pens. that didn't make it this far into the playoffs and face all the adversity they did to just quit.

It was either VS. or NBC that commented on how Therrien was being active on the bench and talking to all his players last series. The camera doesn't show Therrien on the bench the entire game...so you can't sit there and say he wasn't coaching when you don't know what was going on. And yes, he put Roberts in for BGL but he also switched up the lines...as far as I know that's also called coaching.

captjameson said...

stoosh, you are 100% correct and look where it got them...?

J.S. said...

bh56, can you do me a favor? I've been hearing about this Crosby/diving thing all year, and yet everytime I ask for a box score to show me which game(s) that happened, nobody ever gets back to me.

I just need to see which game(s) you are referring to. For c-blog's convenience, please make that link to the boxscore clickable.

Max Power said...

@ bh56

Just out of curriostiy who is your team?

BH56 said...

Respectfully disagree Rachel, those changes have not even produced one goal. I think what has hurt this team is the success they had in the previous series against teams that either didn't play defense, had mediocre defense at best or whose defense was out for the series. We'll see what adjustments were made in the first 5 minutes of game 3. Better hope Detroit doesn't score first.

odmE. said...

Cblog is kind of a mess today.

Dear Trolls - everyone that reads this blog knows that Detroit is a solid team. Grow up. But if you are even remotely a logical, reasonably intelligent human being that knows anything about kinesis, you would know why people like me are livid about the goalie interference call on Malone.

I'm not even going to address Sykora's.

Detroit had what, 7 power plays yesterday? Are you kidding? Officiating was almost as big a joke as Osgood.

The Pens look like they need more speed. Not the narcotic, I mean actual MPH. And honestly, I'd like to see Sydor out there.

They'll pick it up. I have no doubt.

captjameson said...

nobody will ever see a diving call made on Crosby. the refs don't have the stones to do it. he does embellish and dive, so does avery (caught), so does hossa (caught), so does elroy, and blowdeur (caught). imagine the NHL golden boy being unsportsman like? like gretzky or lemiux... never.

racheleyos said...

all i hear is "blahblahblah"

mark'd said...

surely, if he dives all the time, you'll have youtube evidence of him doing so

the butt end to the sternum doesn't count.

BH56 said...

JS...seriously, is there not one time this year or in the playoffs that when Crosby drew a penalty for somebody tripping him that you just didn't turn your head and smile about the call? That's the league-wide perception of Crosby. Did you see how many times the Ranger and Flyer players were giving him crap during the game to just shut up and play? Are they wrong too? Don't think so. As pure a skater as he is, he shouldn't be on the ice as much as he is.

Johnny P. said...

And they are cocky aren't they? Wow!

This is sort of a stretch, but does anyone else notice any similarities between the Red Wings and the Soviet Union powerhouse of the sixties and seventies? Their trap, similar, their breakouts, similar, they pass to open ice, not open players. Wasn't Osgood trained by Trediak? Plus, their jerseys are bright red.

And, has anyone noticed how there is no atmosphere in Joe Lewis Arena? Their fans chanted "Ozzy" three or four times and "Let's Go Wings" twice. Nice lifes! I heard "Lets Go Pens" at least ten times that game. Red Wings fans are so "ho hum, look at our team playing hockey." Lets get our boys back to the Mell, where people actually appreciate good teams and good hockey.

mark'd said...

i also love that, since crosby is such an amazing skater, he's not allowed to ever touch the ice, lest he be labeled a diver.

anyways, crosby diver crap is trollblog.

Sakic19 said...

Everyone knows what the cries of diving mean...jealousy...many fans cant stand it that they don't have Crosby on their team and it makes them nuts...so instead of attacking a part of his game which he really needs improvement that whine about diving and phantom calls...it's jealousy that drives them to their whining just like it is with Bwian Muway...


captjameson said...

odme. i hope i'm coming across objective. i have read and understand the NHL rule book and both teams are getting jobbed on calls. the timing of the calls against the Pens has been nothing if not impeccably bad. i just find it interesting that now the shoe is on the other foot and some of you are jumping up and down. read this blog today and looks a lot like the rangers blogs a few weeks back.

btw, i neerly shot soda out my nose on the BPCh and avery photoshop.

Sakic19 said...


Jealous...I detect a bit of jealousy...are you a Sens fan?...a Cryers fan?

poor jealous troll

racheleyos said...

OH NO.."Sid should't be on the ice as muuch as he is"....you're kidding right. I don't know, look at his stats....if it wasn't for the ankle sprain he would have been (most likely) leading the league in points. So you're gonna tell me he shouldn't be getting ice time? Wow.... I can see it now "Ovechkin, you shouldn't get as much ice time." Whatev troll.

Stoosh said...

@ Captjameson -

Therrien ALSO pulled the same stuff via the media in the Eastern Conference Finals after Philly won Game Four. He sarcastically mocked the Flyers and their ability to play "disciplined", even though it was obvious that the Flyers were getting away with some of the holding, stickwork and post-whistle garbage and it was going uncalled.

And Babcock also went off on a reporter after Game One when asked about the goal disallowed because of the interference call. He was clearly frustrated that he didn't get an explanation and went so far as to insinuate that the rule was unclear as to what constitutes interference and what doesn't. So it's not just Therrien making the comments.

I don't mind that kind of gamesmanship if it's happening as the series is going on. When Murray and Renney were doing it before the series even started, they're basically insinuating without any direct evidence to fall back on that the refs were already going to be swayed by any attempts by the Pens to embellish calls.

captjameson said...

sakic 19 are you serious in suggesting crosby needs work on his skating?!?!?! i've seen the guy split through 4 defenders with the 5th guy's stick up his ass and your telling us he needs to work on his balance and skating?!?!?!?
please put your hat on backwards and go out and play.

Stoosh said...

@ Sakic19 -

Nice to have you back to c-blog. Hope everything is OK with whatever you and your wife have been enduring.

mark'd said...

the thing is, the tone of the complaints about officiating are based on all the crap pens fans have taken from other teams' fans. we've heard nothing but "IF THE OFFICIALS WERE UNBIASED, THIS PERIOD/GAME/SERIES/SEASON WOULD BE TIED!!!!" all season long, and we feel the need to point out that hey, look, that whole leaguewide conspiracy to get sid the cup thing is asinine, especially when you consider how awful -- and awfully timed -- the penalties against the pens have been.

the diving/whining stuff irks us as well, especially when you consider

a) how much "great leaders" like shanny, franzen, osgood, alfy (more in previous years than this year), jagr, etc. bitch and moan after every play, but on the off chance crosby -- who is the CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM -- is caught on camera talking to a referee, morons pop out of the woodwork saying "LOOK AT THAT WHINER"


b) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y97Om-fPMC4

...or one of the fifty other dives that drew a penalty by so-called playoff warriors like mike richards or brendan shannahan happen and crosby gets called a diver for going down when he's driving to the net and gets a stick in his skates.

captjameson said...

stoosh, i agree 100%, i just think after 2 shut out losses you need to look in the mirror first. right your own ship in effort then play the game with the refs. if the pens dont pick it up it wont matter how much HCMT complains.

odmE. said...

@ CaptJ:

I typically try not to get too rowdy over officiating because I'm not a ref. I know their job is tough and honestly I wouldn't want to do it. I think the root of this is how phenomenally funny it is now after every other team saying how much preferential treatment the Pens get. I'm really not trying to put the blame on officiating, I watched the game, Detroit outplayed Pittsburgh. Malone's penalty just really, really stung, and my opinion of that particular call would have been the same had it been on Detroit. Dude bumped Malone, Malone bumped Osgood. It's a hockey game. It happens.

JYo said...

The Pens look like they need more speed. Not the narcotic, I mean actual MPH. And honestly, I'd like to see Sydor out there.

Sydor is most definitely not the way to up the MPH. His value is in his experience, but it might be a bit much to ask a guy who has been riding the pine since the regular season to jump into game 3 of the SCF and make a difference. It seems like all the outcry to get Sydor into the games is a sign of desperation in the fans. I trust HCMT will do what is best for the squad. If he makes a change, fine, if not, fine.

Sakic19 said...

No No No...I don't mean his skating or his passing or his shooting, what I meant was instead of jealous fans making up things to complain about, they shout try to find something he is bad at...notice that they really can't...his game is not perfect, he would be the first to say that...but he is head and shoulders above any other player in the league when you look at his all around game


Thank you my fried it has been a really shitty few months...C-blog is a much needed breath of fresh air

Stoosh said...

@ bh56 -

Therrien made the adjustment after the first period yesterday to what looked like a two-forward high forecheck that was effective in allowing the Pens to swing a bit of the momentum back in their favor. It forced Detroit's players to make an extra pass out of the zone or perhaps make a pass quicker than they were before. The pressure allowed the Pens to generate a little bit more sustained pressure in their offensive zone and it created a few more neutral zone turnovers.

Overall, did it make a difference? Obviously not, at least not on the scoreboard. Perhaps that could be the Pens not executing. But perhaps it could simply be that Detroit is the superior team, and the gap between the Pens and Wings is significant enough that it negates most changes the Pens can make.

He also made adjustments on the power play and started running things from the half-wall as opposed to strictly from the points as Zetterberg was doing a good job taking away options from the point. The Pens PP is designed to run through Gonchar; Zetterberg was taking some of that away, so they started running it through Crosby on the half-wall. It generated some additional offense as well.

I'd like to see Therrien stick with that approach and get Whitney/Letang to take more shots. Too often, they defer and get the puck to Gonch for the one-timer from the right point. Whitney and Letang need to trust their shots a little more.

BH56 said...

Forget it. Penns fans with blinders on. Rachel...I wasn't talking about his ice time I was talking about the amount of time his ass is sliding across the ice after questionable contact. Enjoy the last two games.

VooX said...

You guys are the most pathetic and sniveling group on the entire internet. The amount of rose coloured glasses being worn on this forum makes me wonder if this is an Elton John fanclub, not a hockey blog.

Get the sand out of your vagina Pens fans, the refs didn't cost you the game... your players cost you the game.

Like I said yesterday, call Osgood on the dive, hell even call him on two, and you know what? No difference. No PP goals because there hasn't been one yet. No 3 goal comeback, because you have a hard enough time getting 3 shots on goal in a ten minute window.

from Pittsburgh Post Gazette:
It's not just that the Penguins are losing badly in the Stanley Cup final, reputations are being lost as well. Unless they want to be remembered for nothing more accomplished than Gary Roberts' awful, chicken-scat cheap shot left hook to the temple of concussion-recovering Johan Franzen, some kind of magical adjustment that currently seems beyond their capability is needed before 8 p.m. tomorrow.

If all that weren't embarrassing enough, Penguins coach Michel Therrien was intent on blaming the officials, who are about the 82nd most impactful architects of this 2-0 well the Penguins find themselves in...

This is merely Therrien's way of trying to take some heat off his stars, ultra-profile forces suddenly reduced to non-entities by Detroit's near flawless backchecking. It can't be their fault. He can't lose them now, so it has got to be somebody else's fault. At least he didn't blame the octopi.

You see bitches, that was a Bertuzzi-like cheap shot on Franzen, he didn't just "punch him in the shoulder" and given the blind-sided nature of the hit, I don't blame Franzen for going down. The shot plays almost identical to the Bertuzzi incident except he didn't get his head driven into the ice.

Blame the officials, the dives, blame anything, but you should be blaming yourselves... the Penguins didn't coincidentally have their two worst games of the season, Detroit makes them play their worst games with the stifling Team Defence.

And BTW, we are the 2nd best road team all year, we are going to win at least one at the Mellon. And I will be at Game 5 to watch us seal the deal.

Sakic19 said...

bye bye Bh56...you still sound like a jealous troll

racheleyos said...


arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics,
even if you win, you're still retarded.


mark'd said...

ahahahkjahahahahahsdl;kafj;lakjahhahahaahaha at comparing this to bertuzzi

i'm sure a jab is anything like driving someone's head into the ice.

no one's arguing the pens have played better than the wings. strawmanblog.

go discuss the beauty of watching the neutral zone trap with your ambivalent fanbase.

Lady Jaye said...

@voox > I think most people here aren't blaming the refs for their team's loss. The Osgood thing is just frustrating to see and doesn't need to be in the finals. We know our team isn't playing as good as they can play. Most people here will admit that up front and have already.

J.S. said...

bh, my answer would be no. I've seen Malkin take a dive earlier this season, and my exact words were "What the fuck are you doing?" He didn't get called on that specific play, but I believe he did get called later in the game. My logic in this is, if he has such a grand reputation as a diver, don't you think the refs would take note? It has been done before (I'm looking your way, Jarkko Ruutu, nor did I forget Sean Avery). So I don't buy this "the refs don't have the stones to call it" argument. If you lack the stones to make the proper call, then brush off that resume and start looking for another job.

(J.S.: self-admitting diver who has taken his share of successful dives over the last 15 years)

Sakic19 said...

keep talking Voox...if we ruin the internet for you then why do you come here...maybe your a maschocist and you need to come here to be punished...maybe that is how you get off? Are you a true hockey fan or someone who wants his ass spanked to start the day off right? Please let us know

captjameson said...

sakic19 - no doubt about it he's the best all around player in the league and i wish the rangers ping pong balls had been filled with helium. he needs to be on the ice more and get some help from his team. terrien needs to put him out on the PK now to get something going if he hasnt already. may have gone to get a beer when he did. speaking of beer, can i get iron city outside the pittsburgh area? i want to get some for my Dad. he grew up in the beechview

J.S. said...

The amount of rose coloured glasses being worn on this forum makes me wonder if this is an Elton John fanclub, not a hockey blog.

I'll admit it, I lol'ed.

odmE. said...

I'm going to say everything in plain language: Osgood is classless, Detroit outplayed Pittsburgh, officiating was mediocre at best and NOT the reason the pens lost.

Rose colored glasses?

God forbid we have faith in our team.

And no, Sydor won't bring the MPH, but I think there's a lot he could do for the Pens at this point.

racheleyos said...

whiteout for games 3 and 4

Sakic19 said...


You are seriously comparing the hit on Steve Moore to the hit on the Fool? He had that two second delay to look for the ref then fell to the ice like he had been shot... I'll trade my rose-colored glasses for you cane and seeing eye dog any day

JYo said...

@racheleyos: Well said. I don't understand why people get so riled up over what some fans of another team think. Whatev. I'll continue to be here and read what I want while ignoring the trash. It isn't that hard.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady Jaye said...

@jyo > I'm cranky. I need to stop feeding trolls. Make me stop!!

VooX said...

Hey sakic19, I am assuming you were part of the Dive's blogoshere as well, so I want to ask you... does all this talk in the forum about coming home making a huge difference, and adjustments will work heading into game 3 remind you of the post game 2 discussion in the Wings-Dive series?

How did that turn out for you guys? oh yeah... maybe your old failure of a coach can turn it around for you in his second stint behind the bench.

Unlike Dive fans who are poster boys for bandwagneering, Pittsburgh has great fans whom I normally love. They have stuck behind their team in the darkest of hours and deserve to have the promising future that they will have. Just not this year, as they are facing my Wings.

Go back to your hole Dive fan... real fans are talking around here. Even if they don't like me today, I really do love the Pens.

slush said...

I had trouble sleeping. I kept waking up in a pool of sweat... bad times. I just pray that the power of the Mellon brings back some life to the team. I have faith. GO PENS!

racheleyos said...

thanks jyo. i agree. no matter what you say they always find something else to whine about.

JYo said...

makes the Penguins the first team since Anaheim in 2003 to be shut out in the first two games of the final

That snippet is from the PG. I suppose it isn't a great thing since Anaheim lost the series, but that series went 7 games. Being shutout in the first two games on the road can be overcome. The Devils won both games 3-0 at home before Anaheim won 3 of the next 4 games to force a game 7. We'll see if the Pens have a similar resurgence at home.

Stoosh said...

@ Voox -


Was the officiating inconsistent last night? Yes. Was in inconsistent in a manner that may have put the Pens at a disadvantage? Yes. Did it cost the Pens the game? Absolutely not.

The Pens did plenty to lose that game on their own last night. Fleury gave up two soft goals and Filppuula scored on a world-class effort.

DETROIT HAS BEEN THE BETTER TEAM. They've limited the Pens to fewer shots, fewer scoring chances. Detroit has had better goaltending than the Pens. Detroit has dictated the tempo of the game for the most part, save the first period of Game One and the latter half of yesterday's game when the Pens seemed to at least pull a little momentum their way.

Maybe we're not the ones who need to take off the rose-colored glasses, because everyone here has gone out of their way to say the Red Wings have been the better team.

So maybe you can point out where some people have specifically said the Pens would've won last night had it not been for the officiating, because I'm having a hard time finding it.

Pens fans here are calling out Malkin.

Pens fans here are debating what else the Pens can do to break the Red Wings system.

Pens fans here are discussing breaking up d-pairings to generate more offense and get better defensive support.

And as I mentioned, Pens fans here are going out of their way to specifically say Detroit is winning right now because they're a better team.

We're upset over Osgood's flopping on the ice at the end of the game because it was unnecessary and seemed to go against the spirit of the game. He seemed to initiate contact with Malone. He took a little bump from Sykora, flopped to the ice in a manner that seemed to defy physics given the way the contact was made, and in the process he ignited an altercation that didn't need to happen, especially with the game in hand.

As they said on the radio here this morning, it's the playoffs and anything goes. And if Osgood gets his name on the Cup again partly because of it, so be it. He wouldn't be the first person to get his name on the Cup despite blatant disregard for sportmanship (Claude Lemieux). But it doesn't mean we can't complain about it.

Everyone here has been very objective in terms of the way we're looking at this, but as it was explained to me when I posted some pro-Pens comments over at the A2Y blog last week, keep in mind that this isn't a place where you're going to get purely objective analysis or commentary. It's run and used by Penguins fans, and being fans, we're allowed to view things with a tilt towards the Pens. We're allowed to criticize things that we don't feel are going the Pens' way.

Everyone here has said the Pens are getting beaten by the better team. But we're also cheering for our team to get back into this, so if things don't exactly mesh with a neutral point of view, please excuse us for simply being fans.

JYo said...

I agree Rachel. Trolls never listen to reason. Even when they are confronted by facts and proven wrong, they continue on whining and inciting like nothing happened. That is why ignoring them is the only reasonable way to move on. Fans of another team see things differently??? Shocking! That babbling on has surprisingly little effect if you don't read and/or respond.

BH56 said...

I'm pretty sure we can all agree on one thing. The officiating in the NHL is by far the worst in sports. I understand the speed in which a call has to be made but throughout the playoffs it has just gotten worse...if that's possible. It has to change. Unfortunately with Buttman in charge, he is the one with the rose colored glasses. His officials suck...

Sakic19 said...

Well Voox

Maybe coming home changes alot, maybe it doesn't...but I will say that we have not lost a home game in months...imagine this senario would you?

Pens take games 3 and 4 at home, have the momentum going back to that shit hole of a city...now who we be more nervous going into game 5, our "Divers", or your Dead things...remember the Nashville series, remember the Dallas series...what happened to that team when it got overconfident? It should have beaten dallas in four and I won't even comment about Nashville...the problem that your team has is it lets teams back in a series because of overconfidence...you could do that to Nashville and Dallas because you were more talented, you can't give the Pens an inch because they are as talented as Detroit

who knows what will happen, but if it is evened up after four, do you promise to grace us with your presence? And will you say that the only reason that it is tied is because of the refs, Crosby diving, the Fool's giant head actually exploding, etc.

Please let us know Voox...we are waiting with baded breath

mark'd said...

the problem with people saying "don't you agree the officiating sucks" is that they're advocating calling less penalties, whereas i'd vastly prefer them calling more penalties. i can't count the number of times i saw blatant interference just completely ignored by the officials last night.

Pensgirl said...

Jyo, along the lines of your "halfhearted" comment - I'm too busy being angry with the Pens to care about the Wings' antics. I'm not seeing the determination we're used to, the fire that has practically been this team's trademark. That's the last thing I expected out of them. We all know they're better than this.

They seemed to have that fire when they came out in game 1, and then it just disappeared. Before the Wings ever scored.

If they can find it in coming home, then we still have a shot. My hope for them comes from the same source as my anger at them - this weekend we did not see our Pens, not even close. They need to play like we know they can, like the team that stood up for the past five months and said "Odds? Fuck you, there's your odds."

nightmarefox87 said...

Thierre is a hypocrite. His team's doing the same thing he accused Philly of doing. But noo.... instead, he whines about Osgood all night long. HOW ABOUT LOOKING AT YOUR OWN TEAM FIRST? I think that's where the problem lies - Penguins simply aren't ready to play the Wings. Looks like they really doesn't belong in the Finals - Philly should've been here with their healthy lineup.

racheleyos said...

*is it me or does it smell like pure gasoline in cblog today*

Joose said...


My clothes still haven't dried from last night's splashes.

letsgopsu said...

Hey guys, just ignore the trolls. All this arguing makes me wanna not read all the comments...

Pens sucked in game 1 and played better, but not good enough in game 2. If we can win games 3 and 4, it's a series again. End of story.

Now let's go Pens. Keep that home winning streak going!!

J.S. said...

who is Thierre?

nitemarefox87=you're doing it wrong

JYo said...

I hear ya Pensgirl. I'm not sure what the problem is, but they best have it fixed by tomorrow night. Part of it could be that they were so much better than the teams in the east that they could dominate without bringing their best game every night. Really, the Rags were the only team I was even slightly worried about in the east because their trapping ways give the Pens trouble. The Sens and Cryers were barely playoff teams, let alone real contenders. This team needs to step it up and realize its the finals and nothing short of their best effort on every shift is going to get it done.

VooX said...

Can we have a photoshop of Osgood "diving" on the first play? You know the one... where he "dove" across the crease to still make a spectacular save despite being bumped 2 feet within his crease.

Oh and Sakic19, if the Pens win the next two, and that is a big IF, I will still be here. I will face criticisms and insults and even lob a few back... no turtling, I'll leave that to the experts in Denver.

The Wings are not the Devils either, as is being discussed in A2Y, Rafalski who just came from the Devils say our system is FAR more offensively inclined and he has had to adjust his game.

Our shutdown game is simply the best so trying to come from behind on us is extremely difficult.

Don't worry Flockers, Gary's Baby Boy will get a lot of breaks next game. Bettman can't have his golden boy humiliated in front of the world... there will be a procession of Wings to the penalty box on BS calls like ants marching to a picnic... Gary will make sure his Baby Boy has the chance to win ONE game at least, even if he has to tell the refs to ignore the rules to do it.

meecrofilm said...

Pens were 8-1-1 against the West in the regular season I believe, just for the record.

Game 3 is up to one man....


J.S. said...

bh56, I am still eagerly awaiting evidence of Crosby diving.

Acceptable links include (but are not limited to): NHL.com, TSN.ca, any of the 30 NHL teams' homepages, ESPN.com, foxsports.com, any local news website, youtube links, and/or any linkable video site.

meecrofilm said...

voox, are you talking about the play where Osgood tripped Crosby cutting across the crease, thus preventing him to get a shot off? Yeah, that was a brilliant save. Take the homer goggles off.

Joose said...


JYo said...

Scheduling question: Game 3 is tomorrow night, giving one day off between a game in Detroit and a game in Pittsburgh, then game 4 is on Saturday, giving two days off between games in the same city. Does that make any sense? Why not have two days off now and one off between 3 and 4? I don't really care one way or the other, in fact I wish it was only one day off between each game, but it just seems a bit strange to set it up that way.

Spencemo said...

Hey, leave Elton out of this! (I love Elton John...I get protective...sue me...) Now, where was I...Oh yeah...Holy Balls...

There is something I'd like to compare Osgood & Franzen's dives to...

Many years ago, I was on a volleyball league at a local bar. Our team wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination, but we had fun, and while most of the other teams knew playing us was a guaranteed win, they didn't try to embarass us. Until we played this one team that was sponsored by some tanning place. These guys strutted onto the court like they were being followed by ESPN cameras. They were absolutely slaughtering us. Now, here's where the compairison comes in...

I was in the middle of the front row, and this 50-year-old guy deliberately spiked the ball right into my stomach. The guy who was serving decided to start showing off by serving the ball facing backwards.

What do these things have in common? When you are clearly beating your opponent, it is totally CLASSLESS to bring that kind of bush-league bullshit into the game.

The Pens need to re-find themselves and remember what got them into the finals. The Wings are playing their system to a T. The Pens, in my opinion, need to do so as well.

VooX said...

meecrofilm, take off the Elton John shades buddy, I'm talking about the interference call on Malone, the one the site homers wrote:

"If this were a penalty. we would be the first to say so. But come on.
The dive would change the game."

If you notice, that "dive" stopped a puck from going into a wide open goal, if only Fleury could make such a save even with no interference maybe you guys would still be in this series.

wilsmith said...

So I went to subway all pumped up to get my footlong melt for $5. Bacon, turkey and ham. mmmmm.

anyway, I turned my back on the sub creation to talk to someone sitting back at a table. I returned to the counter and paid for my sub, sat down and found they had put ROAST BEEF instead of bacon on my melt.


I cried for a full 15 minutes.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@racheleyos = stunned. Sorry ... it had to been said ...

@letsgopsu: Quit jobbing me after I leave!

Solid post today ... I didn't read all the comments from Game Day because whoever that idiot who commented name "Voox" or whatever I couldn't finish ...

I watched the Therrien interview ... pissed is a bit of an understatement.

NHL Live is pissing me off ... Hradek called for Roberts suspension on his punch to the mule ... I wish someone would have put the mule to sleep after he got injured that badly ... "Elbow, elbow" Really? Because I thought it was his fist ... I'm sorry, you guys aren't up for any Oscars this year, try next year ...

Apparently, they both think Malone shoved Osgood ... too bad if you watch the play, Osgood shoves Malone. Bugsy is a man unlike him takes the shove, and Osgood falls over because he is such an ass. Osgood is a bitch ... Red Wings fans who's the diver?

If anyone should get suspended it should be Kronwall ... he is charging the hell out of people ... 2 games in a row Ruutu and Bugsy. Broke my love's nose & now he will die ...

Someone just e-mailed the crew about "Crosby diving." They both said that no player on any team thinks that and that every player embellishes at times but Sid does not do it any more than other talented players ... STFU!!!!!!

@wilsmith: I'm sorry for you ...

In the Penguins Organization I Still Trust!

RedWings said...

First, I gotta say, I'm a new visitor to this board and it's a riot. Great, I mean GREAT, Photoshoping.

Secondly, I hope you don't think I'm a worthless troll, because I'm curious and would like your feedback on the following.

Obviously Pens fans are just as fanatic as Wing fans, or any other fan. And it is impossible not to be frustrated as hell seeing your team handled in the first two games. The immediate response is to feel cheated, the refs did it, etc. But what I can't figure out is why the overreaction by Therien?

Seven games is a long series. After an opening game road loss, you see personnel changes and line changes? Maybe overreacting to what Detroit throws out there. What happened to the system that seemed to work fine for the previous 96 games? Do you throw that out the window because you got shut down in game 1?

I don't know. I just think the coach should believe in his team, his system and their abilities more than to try something new at this point. Challenge your players to elevate their game, stay with their system and skate with Detroit. I think everyone agrees the Pens have the talent to be on the same sheet of ice, so show it.

Instead, after an opening ouch, some knee-jerk decisions lead to an 0-2 hole and now the frustration comes out (Osgood, Refs, whatnot). I say, come on, Michel. Dance with the girl what brung ya.

Like I say, I don't mean to sound like a troll, but I'm curious. Would you Pen fans prefer to play your game as you did all season long, or do you feel it's necessary to change things up? I know adjustments to what the other team is doing is important, but has Therien hit the panic button too early?

I know when Dave Lewis coached the Wings to some early round exits it used to wizz me off when he would take his highly regarded team against a seemingly lesser foe and then make significant changes with disastrous results. I know a coach has to coach, but I think sometimes they just have to motivate. Light that fire.

Your thoughts?

letsgopsu said...

@ IHKaspar

If you leave, I'm still gonna job you because I have figured out you go back through previous comments, so you'll find out.

racheleyos said...

IHKASPAR - why did you write stunned by my name?

letsgopsu said...

@ rachele

Because IHKaspar is a jobber...

Stoosh said...

@ Racheleyos -

*is it me or does it smell like pure gasoline in cblog today*

I could be wrong, but it very well could be the "Sex Panther" by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries and it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

letsgopsu said...

@ stoosh

I love that movie.

racheleyos said...

STOOSH - lol. that's what i was thinking. i can quote anchorman like it's my job.

whodeewhat said...

The thing I don't understand about Subway is why do they have a sub called the Classic Southwestern Double Bacon Parmesean Chipotle Melt with Avacado dressing topped with 2 spicy layers of extra sharp pepper jack cheese with grilled and marinated peppers and onions on moist Honey Oat bread .....

you order one and the asshole behind the counter asks you how to make it...

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

this is the most pathetic homer blog I've ever read.

Osgood didn't dive. he's 5'10" 176 pounds and wearing goalie skates and gear. Sykora is 6'0" 190 lbs and clearly threw the shoulder into him.

make note that the classless cheapshot artist Roberts had tried to run Osgood with 1:30 left in the third period, but his aim was off. the play was nearly identical to Sykora's hit on Osgood.

as for Franzen, your classless cheapshot artist punched him in the side of the head knowing he had just returned from a concussion.

he obviously has zero respect for his fellow players or the game of hockey itself. they are on a national stage right now supposed to be showcasing NHL talent - and instead they're gooning it up like a bunch of babies, simply because they realize they are outmatched.

my favorite part of the whole game was Crosby crying to the ref from the bench. whiny pussy.

whodeewhat said...

oh, and @ Redwings...

Thanks for letting us know that all Detroit fans aren't a bunch of lackluster know-nothings. I agree with your analysis for the most part.

whodeewhat said...


please bring something new to the table

Max Power said...


Oyster House sammich kinda makes ya feel better. not much but some

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

please bring something new to the table

when the Penguins, or their fans, give me something to talk about other than what gutless pukes they are...I will.

J.J. said...

Todays comments are much more objective by the CBloggers. Same as over on A2Y, everybody has had a chance to calm down. I admit that I don't come here for objective analysis though.

I don't see Crosby for 82+ games per season. This is probably the 10th game I've watched him. I've yet to see him embellish a call. He's been the best player for the Penguins in this series, his supporting cast is letting him down. I don't suspect that it's jealousy that's leading to him getting the reputation as a diver so much as that there are so many hockey fans out there that don't understand that, if you work as hard as Crosby does, you will draw penalties.

Fleury29 said...

PaulinMiamiBeach, you're right. Osgood didn't dive. Just like he didn't hit Mike Ribeiro with the butt end of his stick on purpose.

As far as Franzen, if he can't take a "hit" like that without falling down, he probably shouldn't be playing in the NHL. If the concussion is still affecting him, he shouldn't be playing in the series. There was an obvious delay between when he got hit and when he fell down.

But those two incidents did not lose the game for the Pens. They lost the game for themselves.

I think Osgood is a joke. I respect Hasek because he wouldn't be pulling this third grade bullshit. I'd be embarrassed if MAF was doing this and you should be embarrassed for your goaltender.

Stoosh said...

@ redwings -

He may be deflecting some of the criticism from his players (who have clearly earned it so far). Coaches will do that from time to time to keep the focus on them and keep the media away from the players when things aren't going well.

Therrien has a history both in the NHL and minor/junior ranks of going after the officiating via the media. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. You see it a lot in the junior ranks...I can remember when Dave MacQueen coached in Erie (OHL) during the earlier part of this decade, he'd blast everyone from opposing coaches and players to the officials in his postgame tirades. And he even used the media to send messages to his own players.

As I mentioned above, Therrien did this after Game Four of the Philly series when he felt his team wasn't getting a fairly-called game from the officials.

As far as lineup changes or whatnot, there are certain instances where the matchups don't work with certain personnel and changes have to be made accordingly just to try to stay in the series, especially when there is such little margin for error. Laraque, for instance, is too slow to be of use in a series like this. We may see Sydor in lieu of someone like Gill or Scuderi because Sydor is more mobile and has better puck-moving skills.

J.J. said...

As for all the talk about who has and who is lacking class. I think anybody who has watched this series and can honestly say that they are completely happy with absolutely everything they've watched is guilty of wearing the rose-colored glasses. Osgood dove, I am embarrased by that.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

I respect Hasek because he wouldn't be pulling this third grade bullshit.


you just destroyed any credibility you may have had on hockey knowledge.

Fleury29 said...

Hasek wouldn't do it up 3-0 in the third. There's no point.

PaulinMiamiBeach said...

Osgood dove, I am embarrased by that.

diving and embellishment are too very different things. diving is making it look there was something there when there wasn't. embellishing is taking something that DID happen and making it look worse.

Osgood embellished, to make sure the ref saw it. many, many players in the NHL do this - and considering how blind the referees are these days I don't blame them.

Osgood did not dive. contact was made. remember, the rule is that the opposing player must make every attempt to avoid contact with the goalie. Sykora did not. neither did Roberts less than a minute earlier, but Osgood managed to get out of the way.

he actually tried to move out of Sykora's way, too...which is why he was right on the back corner of the net when he was hit.

J.J. said...

I see your point Paul and I amend my statement to read:

Osgood embellished, I am embarrassed by that.

pterals said...

I won't bother arguing with what happened in game 2.

What I want to see in game 3:

Whitney --> LW
Hall --> press-box
Kennedy --> RW
Roberts --> C
Sydor --> pair with Letang.

I admit I know far less than the coaching staff and cannot see practices, but I really believe Sydor can make a difference in this series. Whitney is great, but he makes mistakes a lot of the time and he has the nose for goals so let's see him use it.

Restore the old lines. Make the line of God = Whitney, Roberts, Kennedy. That line gets two goals next game.

racheleyos said...

My God, what is that smell? Oh. troll.

jefe said...

cmon, that roberts hit to franzie the muppet was nothing more than a glorified facewash. he almost gave himself a career ending injury with his own antics. what a pansy.

and osgood is the wizard of diving.

game 3.

xuscbausp said...

trollblog. awesome

Fleury29 said...

I guess the reason it seems so stupid to me is that nothing was gained by the embellishment. What good did it do?


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