Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fuhgetaboutit. PENS ADVANCE.


Depending on your background, Sunday may have been your first taste of playoff hockey.
Or maybe you have seen it before.

In the past, it's taken 4 or 5 overtimes to decide Penguin playoff games.
But it only took about 7 minutes for the Pens to finish this one off.

The city of New York is in its own world.
It's always gratifying to beat a team from NYC.
But it is even more gratifying to stun them in OT.

After about 12 days of a war of words and actions, a flick of a wrist made it all ancient history.
The most boring team in the NHL playoffs was officially behind us.

And so the Pens are dancing with the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

A berth in the East Finals does not come around every year.
That should sink in sometime this week.

Before we get to all that, we'll take a day and enjoy this 5-game defeat of the New York Rangers.

[ Kelli K. ]

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:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

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[ War Penguin ]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Rangers came out all-systems-go. MAF had to make some big stops.
And then it was the Penguins' turn. The Malkin Line™ was insane.

The first time Bing touched the puck, you knew this wasn't Game 4 anymore.
He was making the passes that we are used to seeing him make.

After the first commercial, Jagr heads off for hooking Staal.
Jagr couldn't believe that hooking is a penalty.

It took a while, but the Pens were finally able to set up shop.
But it didn't turn into anything. Lundqvist was tested, though.

After some jobbing following the PK, some guy named Lauri handcuffed MAF with a slapshot.
But it stayed out of there.

The disturbing trend in the first period was the Rangers continually picking off Penguin passes.
NBC then shows Big Ben up in the press box.
Just saying.

In the second half of the first period, Ruutu took a bad penalty when he jobbed JJ.
The first minute of the PP was here and gone with nothing going on.
The second minute was the same.

When that penalty expired, Gary Roberts was on acid.
He threw three checks, the last of which completely embarrassed a Rag.

The Pens took their second horrible penalty of the first period when Malkin hit JJ from behind away from the play.

The Pens killed that off, but it definitely looked like the Rags were gonna cash in after Malkin came out of the box.
Nigel Dawes stickhandles in a telephone booth but misses a wide-open net.


[ Darren V. ]

[ Mark S. ]

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Early in the second, Bing flew into the Rangers zone, and everything was in place for Marian Hossa to go top shelf.
But he forgot the puck.

The Pens continued to buzz,
but it all got stopped when Chris Drury gets a stick to the face.


Ryan Malone was the culprit, but the refs didn't see it.

Jagr loves it when he draws penalties.
But when he commits the act, he just can't contemplate it. What a whiner.

All game long, Jagr was followed by the USS Hal Gill.
He wasn't the same player in the Mellon.

[Nate B.]
That Pens' PP was total mud.
The Rangers had the best chances while being shorthanded.

And then the tables turned. The Rangers were gonna get their own PP.
But not without heart attacks during the delayed penalty.
The Rangers saw the Pens' mud PP and raised their own.


[ 8727 ]

[ Tom ]


After that great PK for the Pens, Malkin draws a penalty when he gets tripped up by Michal Rozsival while going towards Lundqvist.
And it was gonna cost the Rangers.

First off, that play was gorgeous.
It all started with Hossa extending his life by keeping the puck in the Rangers zone.

After that play, the Rangers decided to push their box way up to the points.

As soon as the puck got down to Bing, you knew something was coming.
Ryan Malone does it by the book and slides back into the slot.
Everything was wide-open. Bing to Malone...and there was Hossa.


Michal Rozsival was headed back to the box about 5 seconds later.
The Rangers were running around on the second one, but the Pens couldn't put it home.

A defining moment of our lives almost happened after the penalty expired.
Roberts was fed a delectable pass in front, but it was just a redirect. No dice.

And the Pens kept coming.
Posts were hit, shots were stopped.
Hossa almost ended everything on the doorstep.

The ice was tilted. Everything was going the Pens' way.
Too many times this year, we saw the Pens not capitalize on it and the opposition come back.

But not in the second period of this game.
Malkin puts the world on his shoulders and gives the Pens some insurance.


[ 8107 ]

Malkin pushes Mara off of him before doing the jump into the glass.
No slew-foot there. Just a great one-man effort.

A black cloud seemingly loomed over the goal, as on the replay, it was seen that the Pens' net was off its moorings.
But the rule is, the play is not blown dead until the attacking team regains possession.

Jagr starts crying after the goal, and it buys the Rags a penalty the next time they got offensive pressure.

Ruutu pushes Jagr, and he dives into next week.
Thought he doesn't do that.

And it was the Rangers chance to get back in the game.
The Pens were not gonna let it happen on that one.

A weird thing happened soon after.
Ryan Callahan slashes Tyler Kennedy and breaks his own stick in the process.
That's usually a penalty in the world of hockey, but nothing was called, even though the play was whistled dead on what was said to be a too-many-men call on the Pens.

And then the Rangers started to get jobbed.
Hossa completely decks Dubinsky from behind. No call.

Later on the same play, the penalty-taker holds up Roberts in front, and the Pens jumped on the PP.

[ notman1 ]

That penalty was killed after some posts were hit.

At the tail end of the second, the Rangers had an odd-man break.
Here we go, Rags. Get back into this game.
You can completely erase the momentum with a goal going into the break.

There's Jags, lurking behind the play.
He gets the puck. Here he comes, all alone in the slot.


NBC's Mike Doucheberry can't believe Jags didn't score.
But then again Mike was busy....err...distracted.

NBC cameras pan to JJ absolutely devastated as the second period fades to black.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

During the second intermission, all was good in the world.
You were making plans for the Eastern Conference Finals.

Father Time even made his earliest Mellon Arena appearance of the season.
He looked focused.

The Rags were not gonna go quietly, though.
The guy they call Lauri came down on a 2-on-1 and beats MAF with the help of Ryan Whitney's leg.


It was exactly what the Rangers needed.
You keep looking at the clock, wishing it was the end of the game.
Nigel Dawes, who was supposed to make a difference in the series, came out a little later and made up for his miss in the first period.



Such is playoff hockey.
The Pens answered the balltaps with a great shift by Crosby's line.

And the game turned into a chess match. Whatever that means.

But it opened up towards the end of the game.
It became apparent that you would have to shoot someone or high-stick someone to get a penalty.

MAF made the big save he had to make on a Shanahan deflection. Thank God.

And then...

Ryan Malone goes for a lose puck behind the Rags net.
Chris Drury loses control of his stick.


Drury hits Malone and goes to the box for 4:00.

You will not believe what [ The Bullshit Bulletin ] had to say about it.

No one wanted any parts of OT. But it had to be.
Crosby almost ended the world on a one-timer, but the Queen may have gotten a piece of it.

That was it.
The test of mettle known as playoff overtime was on the way.


Longest 17 minutes of your life during the intermission.

:::::::::::::::::: OVERTIME :::::::::::::::::::

We always hear about a team working on a PP on a fresh sheet of ice.
And here it was for the Pens.

Hearts everywhere stopped as a puck deflected to Marty Straka.
He passes to Brandon Douchebinsky.

And as the puck floats back to Straka, ticketed for the back of the net,
visions of Game 6 in MSG flash before your eyes...
visions of an epic collapse of the Pens makes you vomit.

But Geno Malkin flies in from nowhere and to break it up.
The Pens charge back, and Malkin gets set up for a one-timer but misses the net.
The intensity is suffocating.

The Rangers kill the rest of the penalty, but forget to do anything on offense.

Kennedy's speed was insane. Ruutu and Staal were close.

As with all overtime playoff games in NHL history, there was going to be an ebb and flow to this overtime.
One team will go through a spurt of about 3 or 4 solid chances, and then it's the other team's turn.

The Rags got through a couple of the Pens' chances unscathed, and just when it felt like the Rangers would soon be getting chances, it was Bing's turn to carry it up the ice.

On a play that Rangers fans will have all off-season to look at and determine whether it was onsides, Crosby gained the zone and dropped it to Dupuis.

Unfortunately, the NHL/NBC/Crosby conspiracy extends to boards of an NHL rink existing and us not being able to see Dupuis' feet.

Whatev. We'll be busy watching the next round.
Ranger fans, def let us know what you come up with.

Maybe Jeff Jimmerson got the picture on his sick camera.


Dupuis curled back to get the puck, got it back to Crosby, and mayhem ensued.

A loose puck.

A Ranger kicks it...

...right to Marian Hossa.

[ Nick Saia ]

After standing on his head all series, the Vezina Trophy candidate Henrik Lundqvist surrenders the weakest goal of his career to send his team home.

3-2. SERIES.

[ Don A. ]

[ Alex C. ]


  • Bing looked better.
  • Proponents of Hossa being invisibile in the playoffs are speechless.
  • What a relief.
  • Ed Harris
  • All images courtesy of [ AP/Getty at Yahoo ]. Photographer Bruce Bennett is on fire.



[ Alex Beck ]

The Rangers were seemingly the biggest threat to the Penguins in the Eastern Conference.
Their defensive gameplan housed the prospect of shutting the Penguins down.

Was Henrik Lundqvist the Rangers' MVP this series?
The easiest way to get an answer is to imagine the goalies in this series switching teams.
That really doesn't answer it all, but it's interesting.

You wouldn't mind it one bit if you woke up one morning
and Marc Staal and Brandon Dubinsky were on your hockey team.

All series, the Rangers looked "deliberate," as NBC's Mike Emrick would say.

In the waning moments of a tied game, "deliberate" is interpreted as "careful."
Over the course of a playoff series, it translates as "slow."

They're still a solid hockey team.

But in the end...

Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, and Brendan Shanahan
made a combined $19 million this season.

They combined for 1 goal in the whole series...way back in Game 1.
That is a joke and yet more proof that you cannot buy a championship.

Have a nice off-season.
That sound you hear is the window closing on a Cup opportunity.

Double J looks to be riding off into the sunset.


[Big K]


The Pens won the first three games of this series because they deserved to win.
The Rags deserved to win, too, but they just didn't.

The Pens took their foot off the pedal in Game 4, and it showed.
Lesson learned.

The Pens played the Rangers' game and beat them at it.
Time and again, the PK unit took the Rangers out of games.

We would be the first to say there was an officiating cloud over this series,
but there really wasn't.

Picture: Marc-Andre Fleury conspiring with NHL officials, Gary Bettman, and NBC
to get the Penguins to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Ah, finally, that's the last potshot we throw at the Rangers' depleted fairweather fanbase.
It's meaningless to even acknowledge the Rangers following this post.



4 Goals, 4 Assists

MAF got the nod for the Ottawa series, and rightfully so.
That's what happens when you sweep an opponent.

But Malkin was a beast in this series.

He cemented the Penguins as the front-runners in Game 3, with those two slappers and an assist.
His one-man show put the Pens up 2-0 in Game 5.


The entire New York media.

If there's anything good that comes out of playing Philly,
it's the fact that the Philly media will punch us in our mouths.

No crybaby Cindy stuff. No accusations of officiating bias.
It's a heavyweight match the NY media had no business being in anyway.

Go Yankees, right?


Thank you, Ed

:: Photoshops from the Rangers series will be coming Monday evening sometime.

:: Everyone should take a day off from whatever you do
in order to mentally prepare for a Pens/Flyers East Final.

The hate in the NYR/Pens series is nothing compared to what is on the horizon.
And it will start no later than today.

Reasons the Flyers think they're gonna beat the Penguins:

1) They squeaked past the Capitals in 7 games in the first round.
2) They beat the shakiest goalie in NHL playoffs history in the second round.

Okay, thanks.

The first Flyers fan who brings up the Pens "tanking" the final regular-season game
to avoid playing the Flyers is a jackass.

It's the same idiot who, in the next sentence,
will point to the Flyers' 5-3 edge in games won between the two teams this season...

...because that would somehow make sense to them.




We would be remiss if we didn't mention the instant classic that went down in the Dallas Sunday night.

[ TheShootout ]

A 4-OT marathon came to an end on a Brendan Morrow powerplay goal.

The Sharks did all they could.
[ We Bleed Teal ] [ Battle of California ]

Marty Turco and Evgeni Nabokov put on a goaltending show that cannot be described.

Nabokov make a save in the first OT that will be prayed to:




Go Pens


titanlord91 said...

first comment.


Mr. Plank said...

Watched the game today, it was quality. Good luck in the next round guys.

millvalemauler said...

jeff jimmerson owns the only camera in the world that can withstand the power of a jeff jimmerson high note, bringing much dismay to all other photographers.

been waiting for this one all night. good job guys.

strakasguitar said...


been up all night waiting for the recap - was not disappointed.

the bobblehead funeral was money in the bank. nearly pooed myself laughing.

now i can finish my schoolwork in peace!

bowens82 said...

"We were facing a very good hockey club, they've got young legs playing without fear," Jagr said. "They didn't get tired - I thought they were going to get tired and they didn't get tired. They keep coming, keep coming."

J.S. said...

the hossa casket slam = money

WTF am I supposed to do until Friday?

onesizedrummer said...

rest my after this one....the ride has only begun to start.

good god did I almost die late in the third and in the OT.

By the way to the chatblog car alarm went off for about 5 minutes for that OT winner!!


Joshua said...

I had to go to bed after the 2d OT, but that Stars/Sharks game was the best playoff game I've seen in a while.

Zac Wassink said...


The Big K said...

I hate Philthadelphia.
Phuck them up Penguins.

Russell Lucas said...

Hossa lunging out on his belly to keep the puck in the Rangers' end on that power play is the defining moment of the series.

I hope it will henceforth be called THE DIVE THAT KILLED THE RANGERS.

mmmk1989 said...

what will i do now? well considering its finals week here, probably study for once and start packing.

one hell of a series. great recap.


Greg said...

Overheard in a State College bar Saturday:

Random Flyers fan: "Detroit could give us some trouble."


Also, I spoke to a couple Flyers fans that night. They made these three brilliant points:

1.) The Pens tanked the last game of the season.
2.) The Flyers won the season series 5-3, which somehow seems to matter in the tiny brains of Flyers fans (as far as I can tell, this series starts 0-0).
3.) Daniel Briere is awesome, and Sid is a baby. I'm glad they reminded me that Sid is so awful. I reminded them that they are idiots.

Obviously these people have some serious issues they need to work out. Luckily they'll have plenty of extra time once the Pens oust their team.

Fleury29 said...

Mike Milberry is a total joke. I think I prefer the VS broadcasts to the NBC broadcasts. NBC is just horrible with hockey.

I think this is the fist time I've seen The Pensblog use the word, "shit," but I guess if you're going to play blue, the playoffs are the time to do it. The Cup changes everything, after all.

For some reason, I really want to buy some Dockers and Edge shave gel.

The Alanis picture to symbolize "ironic" is what makes this site so amazing. Brilliant!

The thing about the Malone/Drury high stick thing is that when Drury got hit, a Ranger actually pushed Malone's stick into Drury's face, it wasn't Malone's fault. When Malone got hit, no one was in contact with Drury's stick except Drury. Case closed.

If the play at the end was offsides, it wasn't offsides to the point that any official was going to be able to tell. I mean, even looking at video replay you can't tell.

I know this goes without saying but LET'S GO PENS!

malkinian said...

Did anybody else notice that every 5 minutes they had to ask Milbury what the moods were on the benches, notably about 30 seconds after Dawes tied it up? In-depth analysis from Mike, who also praised Rozsival for a great game. 3 penalties????

I stayed up to the end of 2OT last night & had a dream that the Sharks won it in 5 & I woke up all excited that the series was goin back to San Jose w/ a great chance of them comin back from 3-0. Oh well

Jagr funeral pic = sick

Fuck the Philth - Let's Go Pens

Flyer Hater said...

Brendan Morrow=beast

Nathan said...

That shot of the whole crowd from the corner of the arena on Hossa's OT winner = life changing. The conference finals are going to be a war, but I really don't think Philly's got the horses to beat the Pens this year. Pens in 6.

Korn said...

Man, the Pens really gave away a lot of bobble heads to keep people coming to games during the lean years, huh?

Milbury was terrible yesterday. He's given some average performances this season, but that one was terrible. The Rosival comment had me yelling at the tv. 3 penalties and he's playing a great game? Why can't I be paid to make inane comments like that?

We have to wait til Friday?? F*&K. I was hoping for Tuesday night. Bettman is a whore to the whims of the NBC schedule makers.

Loser Chris said...

So here's my dilemma Friday... go to my own college graduation or watch the Pens? At least I have a few days to figure this out.

Dwayne said...

Agreed with all of you concerning Milbury. I, too, was yelling at the TV: "He's playing great? Playing great? HE JUST TOOK 3 FUCKING PENALTIES, ON WHAT PLANET IS THAT GREAT?"

The thing that had me most livid was him trying to say Staal dove. I agree, Staal did dive, but not in the "breaking the rules sense", but in the "extending his body out as far as he can to hit the puck and keep it in the zone" dive, not "embellishing a call" dive.

Milbury is a fucking joke and that's all there is to say about it.

Flyer Hater said...

loser chris, a Flyers/Pens Wales Conference Final comes about once in a lifetime. Any jobber can go to college at any point in his life and get a degree. The choice is obvious.

War Penguin said...

Loser Chris: are you graduating, or is a close friend or family member?

If none of this applies, watch the Pens. If it does, smuggle in a small radio and headphones, and listen to the radio call. (Assuming this is geographically possible.)

Koz said...

The fact that Malone's stick was influenced by another doesn't make it not a penalty.

However, refs seem to sometimes fail to make the call when a few sticks are in the area or other mess is involved (see the Flyers/Canadiens game the other day when they thought the puck cut some guy).

You have to be in control of your stick. It was a lucky non-call.

Antonette said...

Of course, the week that my classes are on autopilot, there are no games. However, there is a bio midterm on Friday. Fuck you, Bettman.

I can't wait. I start literally shaking when I think of the Pens/Flyers series. My dad, on the way back from yesterday's game, said they had already started changing highway signs.

Best part of the post game interviews is Hossa's WTF moment at someone asking about the monkey on his back.

lis said...

They are still doing the big screen outside right? We might make the trip out Friday for the weekend.

Text from Flyers fan right after the game:

"hope you enjoyed this win because it's the last you're going to see this year. Flyers in 4"

This is why I want to move! They are so delusional they actually believe this!

SK said...

Moe Millbury hate. I'm also growing weary of Edzo. I used to like the guy when he was sharing duty with Lange but since he's moved on I'm just not digging it.

I'm preidicting Pens in 6 over the Flyers. I'm not sure, though. Just not really impressed.

JYo said...

Awesome recap. Always nice to look back at a series that is wrapped up.

Jags memorial is nice with Lange presiding as the minister. The thing that really blows me away is the Morozov bobble-head. Did people really come out to a game just to get a bobble-head of freakin Morozov?

First anthem pick from Ben E. Who knew Eager was a Pens fan? I guess he hates the Cryers too. (Apologies to the actual Ben E. who sent in the pic, but its too funny a coincidence to overlook.)

Drury vs. Malone high stick wars: The Pens got away with one, no doubt. It doesn't matter who pushed what stick, etc. etc. You have to maintain control of your own stick and Malone got away with it while Drury got caught. Its like the penalty Staal drew earlier in the playoffs when he lifted an opponents stick into his own face and got the high sticking call. Whatev, calls get missed all the time. Perhaps its karmic payback for the douchenozzle's stick to Bing's face.

Nice pic of MM being "distracted". As for the NBC and VS announcers, aren't they basically the exact same crew? There may be minor differences, but I can't see why people think one is better than the other. Its the same people sucking on two different networks as far as I can tell.

Regarding announcers, I read yesterday some comments about Edzo being a Pens homer and having to show impartiality. I don't buy it. Ever since I've seen him on VS he comes off as having an ax to grind with the Pens and he constantly finds ways to get little digs in against them. Yeah, the team sucked when you were there, get over it. HCMT >>>> Edzo on the bench and prolly in the announcers booth. Edzo = soff.

I like how even the scoreboard is taunting the Rags in the pic from Don A. after the Hoss goal. (Look at the sponsor under Highmark.)

@Loser Chris: No question, watch the game. Graduation = boring

Time to spank the Cryers! Lets Go Pens!

Vern said...

The choice is easy, Loser Chris. Go to graduation in a Pens jersey.

Danto85 said...

Lets go pens!

I remember how excited I was in 2001 to just be in the conference finals when we beat the sabres in OT Game 7 with a goal from DK.

I'm enjoying this... but we are going to win this thing. That's going to be even more enjoyable!

Why do we have to wait until Friday!?!?

wilsmith said...

With some much whining about refs from the Rags POV, did they ever notice they were just terrible all around?
When did breathing become a penalty? I swear guys would look at Rangers the wrong way and get a penalty.

We lucked out with the Drury call, no doubt. The goal was onsides. I stayed up for the Sharks game, my job performance is suffering. I love The Feast.

Dr. Turkleton said...

tPB Staff: Series Clinching & Wales Conference Finals™ Advancing quality post!!!

since SJ was eliminated this morning:

2007 Stanley Cup™ Champs:
Anaheim Mighty Ducks - #2 seed

2006 Stanley Cup™ Champs:
Carolina Hurricanes - #2 seed

-just sayin'.

The Pens got jobbed once on the 'if your net comes off & are making a break out of the zone, we won't blow the whistle'....

The 2nd time it happened: no jobbing --> Geno Scores!!!!

Who gave I ♥ NY's Mayor Bloomberg that seat behind the Pens bench?

Millbury looks like he's taking a dump in his astronaut undies after eating a Priminti's Bros. Cheesesteak [#2 bestseller] for breakfast.

[Hossa: Happy Cinco de Mayo!]

Stoosh said...

Day After Thoughts, dudes...

1. One of the best recaps ever for what was easily one of the best games I've ever seen.

2. Was I the only one in attendance who did NOT want to leave the arena after the game ended?

3. Mike Milbury made a lot of money making inane personnel moves and ruined two franchises. Ruining a TV broadcast with inane statements is small potatoes for him.

4. Brendan Morrow is to Dallas what Evgeni Malkin is to Pittsburgh.

5. Jagr's postgame comments about the Pens not getting tired = further proof why IT'S IMPERATIVE that you build through the draft and develop talent that can step in at an early age. The game belongs to the young players.

6. Because of the circumstances surrounding yesterday's game, I managed to work up a great deal of "Jagr Hatred" at the game yesterday, and Jags contributed to that quite a bit by taking a couple of questionable spills to the ice and taking out his frustrations on the officials, something I felt ironic given his statements earlier in the series about Crosby doing just that. And with everything that was at stake for the Pens, I certainly wasn't hoping Jagr had any chance whatsoever to prolong his career.

However, if yesterday was indeed the end of his NHL career, I'm glad it came to an end in Pittsburgh and I'm glad I was there to see it. Outside of Ron Francis, there wasn't a player in the history of the franchise that was more instrumental in making me a Pens fan than Jaromir Jagr.

It's just my opinion, but if I was starting an all-time team and had to fill out four lines, he'd be one of the four guys I'd pick as a right winger. I know the issues that surrounded his departure from the franchise left bad tastes in the mouths of lots of fans, and I don't blame anyone for booing him over that. Jagr seemed to be kind of a strange dude, but he could've handled it better; he'd probably even tell you that now.

Maybe someday down the road when Jagr is retired, he'll look back at everything and say it was a fitting place for this career to come to an end; something about completing the circle. And maybe there'll be a time ten years down the road or so when he comes back to Lemieux Gardens and watches the #68 get raised to the rafters. He became one of the most dominant players of his era, and he did it almost all of it while wearing a Pens jersey.

Thanks for the memories, #68.

Fred Jones said...

HOSSA!! Ed Harris!

Milbury and Edzo are horrible on so many levels. All Milbury did all game was point out penalties the Pens were getting away with. Edzo just can't get over his firing. He brings it up every game.

I have always been the first in line to bash Steigy and Errey (mostly Steigy), but NBC and VS make Steigy and Errey look like the best announcers ever! (Exception--Mike Lange is still the Gold standard for hockey announcers, wish he was back on TV)

I miss watching the FSN post game with Rob and Jay. I wish they would pre-empt/over-ride Pirates games/rodeo just for the post game show.

Greg said...

haha that last picture with "Stunned" in yellow is my old gym teacher, he is a die-hard pens fan. He wears the opposing teams jersey to everygame because he sits at the visitors runway and the other team players give him all kinds of things. Case in point after game one Sean Avery gave him his stick.......

Stoosh said...

Apologies to C-blog...

Re: Trolls

I should've put this up last night. And in light of the pending invasion of trolls given the Pens-Flyers Eastern Conference Finals, I should've known better than to respond, but something set me off last night.

I unfortunately allowed myself to foolishly get distracted by someone who had nothing better to do than come over here and perform random baseless, unprovoked and completely inaccurate character assassinations against C-bloggers who he mistakenly thought invaded his precious blog.

In doing so, I gave this clown exactly the satisfaction he was probably looking for, and it probably gave him reason to continue lurking around here, looking for someone else to provoke. For that, I apologize to C-blog.

Consider it lesson learned on my part.

DeCeV said...

Damn you stars. Maybe win before 4 Overtimes next time so I can get some sleep.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Dr. Turk = idiot.

•spells Primanti's wrong
•places Mayor Bloomberg/gym teacher at bench instead of near visitor's runway [thanks, greg]


Fred Jones said...

Pensblog staff and/or whomever has it, please post the picture or link to the photoshop of Briere/pregnant Britney on the magazine cover. I can not find it in the archives.


Christina said...

Sidlanta photoshop = illegal in 17 states.


Dr. Turkleton said...


the Cryer-troll infestation will probably only get worse...

my fingers were clenched at the keyboard...but, I just popped in Bocelli's Cieli di Toscana & watched Pens v. Flyers, April 25, 1989 while repeating 'Serenity Now' a few times & all was good with the world!

Flyer Hater said...


dying alive said...

Forgive me for not reading back through 600+ game day posts, so some of this may have already been covered:

1. We can rest assured that Mellon will not fall apart before the new arena was built. If it didn't come down after Hossa's OT goal, it's not coming down. My free towel is shredded.

2. There is a freaking WWGRD Jumbotron feature now. It even uses the same font as the wristbands. Pensblog owns the world.

3. Hossa clapping at the fans after being announced as the #1 star = awesome. It makes me think that he really does enjoy it here and signing him may not be a pipe dream after all. Either way, he's definitely having fun. Dupuis acknowledged the fans by waving his stick around on his way off the ice after the handshake as well. It makes me wonder what the deal with Thrashers fans is, since the two guys traded here from Atlanta seem to appreciate the Pens fans so much.

4. Whoever took the "stunned" Rangers fan photo from 8107 must have been sitting three feet from me. That guy was like two rows down and four seats over.

5. Anyone know the schedule for the SCF? Not lookingaheadblog, I'm curious regardless of whether or not the Pens are in it (taking vacation during the SC playoffs is not something I'll ever do again. Lesson learned).

6. Was I the only one who was a little sad listening to JJ's post game comments? He sounded so tired and old. I don't know, he's a whiner and all, but I can't hate the guy.

7. It took me about five seconds to get the Alanis/ironic thing, even after I thought to myself how ironic it was that Drury got a highsticking major. Once I got it, I lol'ed.

8. Mike Milbury is a joke. I can't take anyone seriously after they've beaten another human being with their own footwear. I'm sure they love him in Philly, though.

Pennsykid said...

Greatfriendblog - I gots to give some major dap to my boy B for blowing off this series clinching game to help me install some flooring.

Let's go Pens. Someone please get a copy of "We'll Kick Your Arse" from the DVE morning show and post it on the site. It's the best anti-flyer song ever.

Lady Jaye said...

I don't even know what to say this morning. I'm such speechless at how awesome yesterday was and how excited I am for Friday.

The Seeker said...

@ stoosh & Dr Turk

Responding to Cryer trolls is like trying to nail Jello to the wall....

-They'll make some ludicrous comment

-You'll respond with an actual fact or two to refute that, proving them wrong beyond any doubt

-They'll completely ignore that they were just shown to be a joke and instead just reply with a totally new ludicrous remark

It's an exercise in futility to bother engaging in a debate with a target who's only strategy is to talk in circles and keep you on the hook

That's why they call them TROLLS!

The Seeker said...

@ pennsykid

How 'bout a video to go with that song?

We'll Kick Your Arse Ya Flyers Scum

Koz said...

From BSBulletin:

“It seems that, especially in this building, it was a constant parade to the penalty box,” said Brendan Shanahan.

I haven't seen that quote replicated anywhere else yet, but come on Shanahan. Have some class, please. This is the penultimate in whining. The calls yesterday were not controversial. There was a non-call on the hi-stick, yes, but the Ranger penalties were all deserved.

Please retire.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

That's funny. After I went on my rant, I poured out a nice cold Railbender, put some Len on the ITunes and mellowed out.

The Seeker said...

I don't know why I bother doing things like this, but after the Rags Phans protesting (and the NBC announcer saying it) that the GWG rush up ice was actually offsides, I went back to the DVD and freeze framed it.

The boards do indeed obscure Dupuis' legs from the knee down and the glass distorts the blue line making it look to be a bit further toward the neutral zone than it really is.

However, the linesman is standing right on the blue line on the opposite side and he's looking right at the play.

Dupuis' right leg is extended backwards (looks to be keeping his skate on the blue ice) as the puck crosses completely over the line.

It certainly looks onside to me and I can't believe that the linesman just let it go because he wanted the Pens to win.

Flyer Hater said...

As bad as NHL referees are, the linesmen are that good. They rarely if ever get a close call wrong. I'd trust their judgment.

dying alive said...

Re: Shanahan's whining. Please. Get over it. You're better than that, don't tarnish your legacy by becoming a crybaby sore loser in your waning years. Take your Geritol and book your tee time, you'll feel a lot better.

@ Stoosh - since the subject of Len was brought up, I have to say, I was surprised to hear their other stuff after hearing Steal My Sunshine. I'm not a fan of theirs, but anyone who is only familiar with that song shouldn't be commenting on their catalog.

Spencemo said...

I missed the end of the game yesterday (nephew's b-day party. whatev.), but got a couple of texts from the stepdaughter in FLA. For once, she got to watch the game.

@ Loser Chris...Go to your graduation. It only happens once, right? When they call your name, and you're on the stage, rip open your gown (revealing your Pens jersey), and yell, "This is for Gary!"

@ C-Blog Nation:
OK, I'm leaving for Las Vegas Sunday afternoon...anybody know where to catch the games in Vegas???


Jonny V said...

If it weren't for c-blog, I would still be wondering why there was a picture of Alanis there. I love that.

Sykora's ribbons are on the wrong side in the USS Gill photoshop (I'm sure this matters only to me and BnG perhaps).

Stoosh, I really believe that nothing u said yesterday will have any effect on the amount of trolling we get here in the next couple of days. Nothing to apologize for there. I can't say that I wasn't entertained reading him poke the sleeping bear that is Stoosh.

Stoosh said...

@ Dying Alive -

Comment #3 about Hossa and Dupuis loving Pittsburgh...Hotlanta has the reputation as being the most apathetic fanbase of any major league city in the United States. The Braves don't sell out playoff games. They're lukewarm on the Hawks. Who could forget that Steelers game there a couple of years ago when the commentators went out of their way to point out via the eyeball test that the number of Steelers jerseys in the stands easily outnumbered the Falcons jerseys? And I'm not even sure how many people know the Thrashers exist there. I'm sure they have a core fanbase and all, but it doesn't seem to be a hot item down there.

@ Koz -

Shanahan (who I like very much as a player and seens to be a very much a good guy) does this all the time. The guy's been in the league for the better part of two decades and apparently he still needs to have the rules explained to him on the ice as well.

Jonny V said...

I agree with Spence loserchris, once u got that diploma in your hand, u can do anything. But in today's day and age, be careful the way u go about with your tribute. Hate to hear that security suplexed you because they thought u had a bomb. That would be an awesome story for the grandkids though...

R*G*B* said...

When you say TROLLS... it usually implies there are more than one.

I'm not sure... but I think I've been the only TROLL in here for the past two weeks.

I just want to remind the Pensblog Staff and commentors that it was YOUR fans that kept saying "Oh, good move by the Pens. We totally didn't try in that game and its a smart move to want to not face the Flyers."

Not us. Check the archives.

In fact, I found it insulting that a team would tank a game against the Flyers that we absolutely needed to ensure we'd make the playoffs.

Now you write that embarrassing precursor "The first Flyers fan who brings up the Pens "tanking" the final regular-season game to avoid playing the Flyers is a jackass." ????

That's almost like the pot calling the kettle the (awful) N-word.

You guys have awful memories.

Spencemo said...

@ Jonny V: Yep, it would be horrible for Loser Chris to get cuffed & stuffed by security. So yes, be very careful! Perhaps a WWGRD? on the top of the cap, eh?

Flyer Hater said...

To whatever RGB has to say, this is how i'll respond

Hip said...

Wow. What a feeling to wake up to today. I forgot how fucking awesome this is. I am giddy from deep within. I love it.

I'll be in Pitt for games 1 and 2. I might be incontinent by Friday I'm so excited.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive - stoosh

Shanahan plays for the NYR™ ? I thought they brought Mark Hardy out of retirement for old times sake....

Loser Chris said...

Keep in mind everyone, I'm in Texas. If I ripped open my gown with my Pens jersey on and yelled "This is for Gary!", the response would probably be something like; "Did the Cowboys just sign Gary Anderson?"

This is the same school where I wore my Sid jersey tee to class and got asked if it was a Mason Crosby shirt.

Dr. Turkleton said...


in regards to your 'Flyers Scum youtube linky.....

did I see 'Mike Costa practices Cotton Eyed Joe' in the marginblog?


here's an early 'Welcome Back' to Mecca.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@loser chris

only 2 things come from Texas:

steers & Gary Roberts.

Spencemo said...

As an aside - DarkKnightBlog Trailer #3

Looks awesome...

Spencemo said...

@ Loser Chris:
Then maybe you should just go with the 'WWGRD?' on the cap. Way more subtle...

Sooska said...

@ flyer hater- We'll Kick Your Arse You Flyers Scum is our family's all time favorite Pens song. We have it on an old tape somewhere and break it out whenever we play the Filthys. Gary bless Scott Paulsen for it. I LOVE that video.
Thanks for the post. I say any cblogger can just post that video whenever a troll response is called for. No sense in trying to make sense or have a reasoned discussion with PHlyers PHans

Sooska said...

@ flyer hater - ...or the GR video would be equally eloquent. hee

tripledeke said...

@ Loser Chris, I also have graduation on friday evening and because the parents really want to go and other family is coming down i have to go. I plan on getting constant updates throughout then running home to miss traffic to hopefully catch the 3rd period at least.

TheNWChica said...

This is why being out here on the west side sucks...I miss stuff! lol

What a day yesterday, not only our boys, but the craziness in DFW. I felt so bad for Nabby...he played out of his mind. I just wish that SJ would have been able to do that sort of thing the first two games, and it wouldn't have had to go to 6.

@stoosh: Don't feel bad about what you was good.

Oh, and RGB...don't go away mad, just go away.

R*G*B* said...

While stoosh was having his mental breakdown last night... and flirted with his snub-nose revolver like he was Pensblog Charlie on a man-date...

I was sleeping peacefully next to my gf (pensblog commentors lovingly refer to her as PIG)...

Not thinking of you losing your mind. Dreaming of Tony Stark drinking rum outta stanley cups.

My earlier comment was made towards the seeker.

He was the one who said "Censorship, censorship... allow those comments on your blog."

Why? So you can read your handi-work over and over again.

To recap: Look at all those Piggies, was one.

And FAGGOT... in all its capitalized glory... was the 2nd one you made.

Altho, maybe Flyer-Hater wrote that one. He seems to have a problem with teh gayz.

The fact that you got so upset stoosh, oh grand sleeping bear, makes me think you're feeling a little guilty for the things you said.

I don't care if you take it off the ice. You represent your fans well.

Carve that in your pumpkin, Pumpkin'.

Sooska said...


Dr. Turkleton said...


btw...Happy 2nd Anniversary on that Penguin Pumpkin

kinda an odd way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...doncha think?

tequila jello shots on Halloween for the kiddies?

Flyer Hater said...

RGB, your girlfriend is Don Koharski?

That must inspire some good role play.

R*G*B* said...

Yeah, but I caught her cheating on me with Sidney Crosby.

No wonder they keep getting power plays.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Stoosh....did you hear something?

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turkelton

That most certainly was Mike Costa practicing Cotton Eyed Joe

Dr. Turkleton said...

looking into my crystal ball for Sunday's game....obviously, NBC is televising it. They also will have The Players Championship™ final round as well...usually, golf coverage on a Sunday starts around 300p at the latest and can run up until 700p....does NBC start the Sunday Pens game at High Noon & hope for no overrun [see: Kentucky Derby Preview Show '07] or do they schedule the hockey game for 7-8pm Sunday Night?

should be verrry interesting.....

@the seeker

in the tub no less...hope Santonio Holmes wasn't visiting.

R*G*B* said...

@ thenwchica....

from the creators of "don't go away mad, just go away" which you've used at least 3 times... congrats

comes "the ignore the troll game..."


Oh, by the way.

Think Jarko the Roots will try his stick trick and pre-face off seanavery on any of the Flyers... you know, the ones that actually MIGHT beat his face in?

The Seeker said...

Your typical Cryers Phan Troll

lauren_hbg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lauren_hbg said...

@ dying alive

I hear ya on the vacation during the Stanley Cup games... I didn't even think of that when scheduling a vacation in North Carolina the second week of June.

However, my boyfriend and I sort of figured it out, after looking at the SC games from last year...

This current series' Game 7 is scheduled for May 22. Last year, Game 6 was on May 22, and Game 1 of the SC series was on May 28.

So... thinking they'll probably keep the same number of days between games, I would think Game 1 of the SC series will be sometime between May 29-31.

If they play a game every other day (like last year), it looks like it will be wrapped up anywhere between June 10-12.

Please note that I am not in any way, shape, or form, implying that the Pens will be here, just simply predicting when the games will be, no matter who is playing in them. :)


PO said...

watching the youtube video of Uncle Gary beating the shit out of Ben Eager never ever ever gets old... same can be said for watching Bugsy pound Jason Smith

Speaking of Jason Smith, has a worse player ever been captain of a team?? In all my years of hockey viewing I can not remember a less physically gifted player being the captain of his team... they say captains lead by example and he gets beat up in every fight and is constantly getting beat to loose pucks/the net.


snickerdoodles said...

Boy, am I sleepy. I stayed up and watched the Stars and Sharks last night. When that game ended, I felt drained. I am so sleepy I swear I read that rgb posted that he spent the night spooning with Pensblog Charlie and drinking rum. I could be wrong, but I can't go back and double check. I gotta get back to work.

lauren_hbg said...

Oh, another thing I wanted to add.

The picture of the #66 God jersey, that guy (or someone else with the exact same build who happens to have had the same exact jersey custom-made) was sitting in front of us at the ice bowl. I would have a picture, if I was smart enough to have taken the video function off the camera. Instead, I have a 3 second clip of his back. Duh.

Sooska said...

rgb's web site

The Seeker said...

Let's consult the official tPB meter as to how much Cbloggers actually care about Cryer trolls?

.....Looks like a rather negligible reading to me.

Raybin said...

The best recap of the playoffs, bar none.

What else can be said that hasn't already been said? What a dreamride. Hope it doesn't end!

I stayed up until 2 watching the Stars/Sharks game. Went to bed at the end of the 3rd OT and set it to DVR afterward, which I watched this morning before work.

Classic doesn't even begin to describe it.

Nabokov is off to join the rest of the Vezina jokes on the sidelines!

Now if we can only make Marty Biron remember that he is, you know....Marty Biron.

(I kid of course. Nabokov, Brodeur and Lundqvist were all genetically created in labratories to play goalie)

justincredibleh said...

Do any of you know where I can find this picture (without the Getty Images logo)?

It's been my background all playoffs and my dumb cunt girlfriend changed it like a bitch. If I can't find this picture, she's dumped.

Raybin said...

Shanahan has become the "Hey you kids, get off my damn lawn!" old guy of the NHL.

Retire now.

It is very satsifying to note as tPB staff does that the curtain is falling on the current Rangers team ever making a Stanley Cup run.

Especially with the way the young Rangers "stars" didn't bother to show up AT ALL.

When the hell was Dubinsky's name called at all? Marc Staal had that one great hit on his brother then took his bow and exited stage left for the balance of the series.

Jagr, Lundqvist, and Gomez (who didn't do much, but at least looked like he was trying) were the only ones who seemed to realize what was at stake.

Drury should give back all his game checks to the organization.

And now I once again echo the staff: Enough of the Rags, bring on the Cryers.

The Seeker said...

@ justincredibleh

If it was your background before, it's still on your hardrive (unless she deleted it...which is doubtful).

It's probably inside your My Pictures folder and depending on if you downloaded it and changed the name, it could be named as Internet Explorer Wallpaper or Firefox Walpaper.

If all else fails, you can search for files and folders using a wildcard like *.jpg

JYo said...

Graduation ceremony = whatev.

Seriously, I've gone to all of my graduation ceremonies and got nothing out of them. I have had classmates skip them at every level (up through and including PhD) and not regret it. If you are doing it to make your mom, wife, etc. happy, then fine, go suck it up. However, I wouldn't feel too bad skipping a mostly meaningless ceremony with some speaker you have never heard of giving the same speech 90% of all graduation speakers give. Your diploma will hold the same value whether you attend the ceremony or not. How many people have been asked if they attended graduation at their job interview?

In any case, make the best decision for you. It is a very individual thing. Even with the argument presented above, I would likely go through with it to make my parents happy.

R*G*B* said...

Uncle Gary needs his rest.

-2 in the Playoffs'll do that to you. The memories of scoring 2 goals against the hapless Sens are all but faded away.


have 10 more surgeries. retire. and then un-retire to steal another 2.5 mil from your team.

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

The pumpkin was actually Halloween of 2006. I never properly set the date stamp on the camera when we was just recently fixed (meaning, just like a week ago). We bought the camera in early 2005. All the Vegas picutres, for instance, were actually taken in Nov. of 2005, not May/June.

jackedlobster said...

How many fans have their mouths open during the Ryan Malone high stick photo used in the post? I think it's funny

DeCeV said...

I really wanted to make a photoshop of Jagr in Work, Weekend, Dress, and Golf but the effort escaped me. Pretend I did that and laugh at Jagr going golfing and NBC overplaying the same damn commercial.

Jonny V said...

loserchristo, that's exactly what I was thinking, if nobody else is privy to the Pens, then u just may get a gradutaion ass woopin'. Subtlety is key in some matters...get a relative or friend to take a pic of u in some tPB store gear while up on stage or something. Posterity.

justin, just because she changed it, doesn't mean it's not in your computer anymore. And u can start by looking for it at yahoo, i'm pretty sure that's where all of the getty images are stored, if u will. And let her have it dude, that was just unforgiveable. Oh.

I don't see how we could possibly win against the Flyer fans that may show up here. We win the series, it's because "Cindy" blew Bettman or some other cute 7th grade excuse. If we lose, it's because the Flyers had to overcome the Pens and the officials and Bettman. There's no use even arguing.

justincredibleh said...

@ the seeker...

Thanks for the suggestions. I couldn't find it anywhere because I never saved it, I just right clicked and made it my background.

But I must say the searching with .jpg thing was pretty crazy. Came up with pictures including a retarded guy in a diaper and pictures of Stephen Hawking.

Anyone else know where this pic might be on the net?

justincredibleh said...

@ jonny v..

I checked yahoo but they only stay up for a month or so and that pic is gone.

I failed to mention that she changed my background to a picture of zac efron swimming in the ocean.

She thought it was just hilarrrrrrrrious. Bitch needs hit.

Raybin said...

have 10 more surgeries. retire. and then un-retire to steal another 2.5 mil from your team.

I'm sorry, you seem to have confused him with Peter Forsberg.

And those two goals for Gary were so special because it's not what he does. So for him to be an emotional heart of the team AND get two great goals was one of those moments we'll always remember.

I love how other people never seem to get this. Well, they do, they just pretend not to.

-2 is of course nothing to be proud of but as long as he keeps laying out hits and makes sure everyone stays fired up in the locker room, it's still Advantage Gary.

Stoosh said...

@ TheNWChica -

Only the cool breeze blowing by and the sweet sound of the birds chirping against the early afternoon sky. Oh, and the sounds of my Len CD's. :P

Yep. Sounds like sweet, sweet victory to me.

And hey, what was this I heard about Roots trying his "stick in the face" shenanigans against the Flyers and getting his face beaten in?

WOW. Talk about short memories.

Have we forgotten our very own Jarkko Ruutu exposing the myth that was Steve Downie, the New Flyers Golden Boy, when Downie did his best Roberto Duran, said "no mas" and skated away from the fight?

Stoosh said...

@ Jonny V -

I agree about the Flyers fans. Ignorance is bliss, so let them have their bliss.

Raybin said...

Have we forgotten our very own Jarkko Ruutu exposing the myth that was Steve Downie

Heh, well, WE haven't but the Philthy fans sure have done their damndest to do so.

Which Phillyjoke was it who got his ass handed to him by Laraque in that one game and then when BGL got the misconduct and wasn't around to administer anothing beating went after Ryan Malone for no apparent reason? Sums up the Flyers right there.

The Seeker said...

@ justincredible

If you right-clicked on the pic and chose to set it as your desktop background then you did in effect save it to your's just under a different name.

It would be called Firefox Wallpaper if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer Wallpaper.

So just do a search for "wallpaper"

Raybin said...

anothing beating

'Course I meant "another" beating.

I blame Bettman's love affair with Sid.

The Seeker said...

@ raybin

"Which Phillyjoke was it who got his ass handed to him by Laraque in that one game"

That was Riley Cote...Laraque pummeled him TWICE this season...once at home and once in Philthy.

Here's One

Here's the other

FakeDannyStag said...


thanks for the heads up on the winking lizard. i'm at my summer home in cleveland. indians game is on NBC. no problem. i have center ice. at 2pm no game. BLACKED OUT on center ice! WTF? so a group of 6 of us go to the winking lizard in lakewood and find between 15 and 20 other clevelanders cheering on the pens.
when we scored the first goal the whole place cheered which caused the manager to turn the sound of the game on the speakers. it was a great time. will be there friday.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I figured that was the case...just having some Cinco de Fun with you...

R*G*B* said...

I forget nothing.

I saw that fight... if you can call it a fight.

Jarko Leto was really pummeling him... wasn't he? Or maybe... he was just... standing... there... holding...

Tell Gary Rob(thepenguins)erts not to check TOO hard. He might turn to dust.

Vanessa Day said...

Wow. Great game. I was worried for a while.



R*G*B* said...

oh... the Philly joke WAS Cote...

BGL has gone on record saying that pound for pound... Cote is the toughest fighter in the league.


Your own player said it... it must be true.

Anything else...?

Loser Chris said...

"Speaking of Jason Smith, has a worse player ever been captain of a team?? In all my years of hockey viewing I can not remember a less physically gifted player being the captain of his team... they say captains lead by example and he gets beat up in every fight and is constantly getting beat to loose pucks/the net."

Derian Hatcher comes to mind...

As for the graduation thing... I have my parents and in-laws flying in from California, as well as 3 kids who have heard all kinds of stories about how great this magical day will be. So yeah, I'll be there. I'm not too worried, the Pens are undefeated in the playoffs in games I haven't watched. This is why they invented DVRs.

Jonny V said...

Zac Effron, huh? I don't know how good your ps skills are, but perhaps ol' zaccy can have a date with Charlie. Hell, there are lots of possibilities with those two. Perhaps of the Mike Milbury "distracted" variety. That'd make a nice wallpaper for her. Do it. Good luck finding the pic though, because old desktop backgrounds are a wily animal to find.

My eyes went crossed when I read the bit about Our Boy Jarkko getting his face beaten in. Short memories indeed. That's the first time that ever happened to me. Went straight past the eye roll to the crossed-eyes.

Raybin said...

Tell Gary Rob(thepenguins)erts not to check TOO hard. He might turn to dust.

This from a fan of the team that still employs Jim Dowd.

And I fail to see how Laraque complementing Cote on his toughness fails to offset Cote's douchebaggery in, after getting his ass kicked, going after a Penguin that had done nothing to him after the man who had administered said ass kicking was no longer around to give him another.

Flyer Hater said...

RGB, what were you saying again?

SK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

Ruutu and Downie landed plenty of punches in the fight, respectively. Don't let watching the clip through your orange-and-black colored glasses sway your opinion on it. Downie was tired because he'd been out there for some time, so I'll give him that. HOWEVER...

1. When you play the kind of game that Downie plays - namely, running your mouth and throwing cheap shots sure to generate some form of retaliation - you have to be ready to answer the bell at any time. When you're running your mouth and throwing cheap shots, your opposition isn't going to cut you slack because you might be at the end of the shift.

2. If you're worn down from the fight, drag the other player down to the ice or something. Make it look like you're going down swinging. Or just turtle (it works all the time for Avery). Downie just turned his back and skated away.

With all due respect, I won't job Riley Cote. Unlike Babyfat Ben Eager and Downie the Yellow, Cote frequently takes on fighters bigger than he is and manages to hold his own (probably one reason Eager is no longer with Philly...he only picked on players who were smaller than him or less-accomplished fighters. When confronted with someone who could actually throw 'em - Gary Roberts - he turned into the class bully getting his ass kicked by the big brother of the kid he was always picking on).

Cote has always been very respectful when discussing opposing fighters with the media, and he seems to be mindful of the fact that there is or used to be some honor and code amongst fighters from opposing teams.

vezonex said...

To all of those idiot conspiracy theorists out there: The REAL conspiracy is on the Pens. See, the Rags knew they were going to lose, as the Pens just kept coming and coming, as Jagr said after the game. So they used the extra money they can't spend due to the salary cap to pay the refs to not call the high stick on Malone in the 2nd. Then Drury came back, did the same thing to Malone late in the game, and got the penalty called. When the game didn't end there, they threw some under the table at the linesmen to let the "offside" call go, then took that chance to allow Hossa the OT goal. Note how Girardi kicked it right to him. He knew EXACTLY what was going on. Instead of just losing, they arranged it so they could have an excuse, instead of looking in the mirror and accepting the fact that they were just flat-out beaten by the better team. They've got it allllllll figured it out.

And now for some real commentary...

First, that 5-3 edge in the season series means nothing. The fact that we didn't win in Philly this year means nothing. The Rags also beat the Pens 5 times, including all four in their building. Look where it got them.

Most of Philly's wins were earlier in the season, before we had our full roster. They won twice when we still had Recchi, the 8-2 loss was at the end of a long road trip in Western Canada, and Sabu was the starter. There was only one game that was played with the Pens' full, current lineup (as far as core players go), and that was the 4-2 win at the end of the season. The Pens do not fear Philly.

I watched the last 3 OTs of that Sharks / Stars game. You gotta love playoff hockey in all its forms. I refused to go to bed until it was over.

No matter what happens, the Finals are going to be a P vs. D. I personally am pulling for Pittsburgh vs. Dallas.

SK said...


Found watermark

BlacknGold66 said...

@Fakedanny: So how the hell did the Winking Lizard have the game on? Was it on the whole time or just 3rd period on? These are facts I need to know.

BTW, the game was on Center Ice. It came on right before the opening faceoff, but right after my hissy fit.

If we don't go down to the Burgh on Friday I will for sure be at the Lizard. Look for the dirty Yellow Pens hat.

Raybin said...


I won't job Riley Cote in general, but that spectacle of attacking Malone (who, by the way, had done NOTHING)after BGL had been shown was an inexcusable dickheaded act that should be jobbed at every opportunity.

It's even worse because such shit is far beneath him.

Joey80 said...

not sure if this was already mentioned, but the blusshirt bulletin is very amusing. if you find some time, go over and read it.

there is a post there that knocks us for making photoshops. like i said very amusing!
have fun golfing!!!


Jonny V said...

One Flyer fan blames the Pens for the lockout:

1. Suck for several years, so you'll get high draft picks. 2006- 58 pts (last place in the east), 2004- 58 pts (last place overall), 2003- 65 pts (2nd to last overall), 2002- 69 pts (6th from last overall).

2. Have your GM bring his lucky clover to St Patrick's Cathedral and pray for the number one pick.

3. Hold the league hostage for the 2004-05 season waiting for a Salary Cap. Heaven forbid they build a team that will put people in the seats, and $$ in the payroll for the talented players.

In the Playoffs, the Pens are '0 and forever' against the Flyers (PA's REAL NHL team).


Raybin said...

I fail at typing.

That should read:
"had been shown the door"

mmmk1989 said...

not sure if anyone saw this, but over at the NHL tournament of logos blog, conklin is up against ramo. lets support our guy!

Jonny V said...

The Flyers last won a Stanley Cup in 1975, repeating as champs. The coach of those two teams? Fred Shero.

Flyer Hater said...

I love how Flyer fans talk about how we tanked in order to get high draft picks and become successful again. I guess we should have just toiled in mediocrity forever just like the Maple Leafs or Panthers. The way to get good in the NHL is to have bad years and draft well. What's the problem with that?

Stoosh said...

@ Raybin -

I agree with that. I remember that sequence and was kind of surprised to see it was Cote, although I seem to remember a few instances last year when he was running around trying to stir up crap, too.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Center Ice is now over for '08 [/tear]

what were the season series against:


the Penguins 'team' wasn't truly defined until after the trade deadline & that's even a stretch with Bing & MAF on the shelf for so long...

If they gave an award for biggest improvement from one playoff year to the next...I'd say the winner would be, hands-down:

Geno Malkin

stoosh's comparison to a young Mario is spot on: Speed, Stickhandling in a shoebox, a bit nasty when he has to be....just has to work on his 'buries it' skills.


look what tanking can get you: [Daigle, Alexandre or Lindros, Eric]


BlacknGold66 said...


I've said it once on here before but it's worth repeating since I know he's reading this.

I have beef with Dubi on a personal level.

As far as anyone on that site making an attempt to job anyone at this site.

1)tPB Staff will be the first to tell you that they aren't objective journalists.

2)This is a true community-style site. It's written for the fans... by the fans.

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! If you come on here and say that tPB Staff are a bunch of hacks, jokes, whatev... they'll at least have the fucking balls to talk shit right back at you. If you approach them via email professionally, it will be returned in kind.

They will not, in my experience, take something you said in the comments section and flip it around to say something else.

I don't take blogging seriously, but that is just cowardly.

You are a piss-poor human being and I pray to Lord Gary that our paths cross someday.

BTW dickhead, I know you through a friend.

Jonny V said...

And thanks to the draft lottery, Sid could have very well ended up in Anaheim, or we could have gotten some no-name taken after Malkin. Seriously, look at who was taken after him. Zajac, Wolski, and Stafford are the only names I recognize.

But Gary Bettman loves the city of Pittsburgh so much, that they were probably awarded to us before the lottery anyways

dying alive said...


I walked into Uncle Sam's for lunch, and just as I got in line, Don't Stop Believin' came on.

Pensgirl said...

Justin, I believe I have a larger version of that photo on my hard drive at home. If so I'll upload it'll be no earlier than 7:30, prolly more like 8.

Jonny, you didn't hear that the Pens are the ONLY team that benefitted from the lockout? It's not like anybody else plays in a "small" market.

Flyer Hater, I love how what's always missing from the "Pens tanked on purpose" crap is that 1) the previous ownership completely fucked up the organization's finances and 2) the current ownership successfully righted the ship and created long-term stability. In essence, people are attacking the Pens for behaving the way economists wish this country and its citizenry would behave: come up with a budget that stays within your means, stick to it, pay your bills, and only spend on "luxuries" when you can truly afford them. In order to field decent teams over those four years, Mario & co would have had to put the organization right back where Baldwin & Marino had it (and incur the wrath of the bankruptcy judge who entrusted the company to them in the first place). But all these instant-gratifcation jackasses can see is "they had bad teams on purpose" and "oh they're benefiting now." Yup, that's how it works. Short term sacrifice for long-term gain. [bitter] Maybe if everybody thought that way my tax dollars wouldn't be pledged to bail Joe and Jane Dumbass and All-You-Can-Eat-Credit Co. from their horrible, ridiculous high-risk mortgage decisions. [/bitter]

Flyer Hater said...

Pensgirl, everyone bitches and moans that the Pirates never tear down and start over again in terms of finances. That's exactly what the Pens did and it's paying huge dividends. Don't be upset because we played the system perfectly. I'll take 5 bad years for 15 great ones.

Pensgirl said...

Um, I believe you completely misread my post. I was commending the Pens on a job well done...I live my life according to the same budget principles.

The Seeker said...

@ raybin

"I fail to see how Laraque complementing Cote on his toughness"

Big Georges is being a gentleman.

What's he's really saying is that Cote may be the toughest Cryer pound for pound and I STILL decisively and thoroughly kicked his ass TWICE in one season.

That's not saying much about the Cryer's team toughness at's actually showing how weak they are.

Their very best pales in comparison!

Stoosh said...


I L-O-V-E, love the "Pens tanked for several seasons" theory. Never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. History lesson, Flyers fans...

First season without Jagr, but coming off an Eastern Conf. Finals appearance, the Pens still had Kovy, Lang, Straka, Kasparaitis, etc. Plus they had Lemieux playing his first full season since coming back. Expected to be a legit. playoff contender in 2001-02.

Lemieux hurt his hip in the WB/S exhibition game and missed significant time that year. Straka missed almost the entire season with various injuries. Kovy and Lang also missed 15-20 games each with injuries.

The team was still in contention through the All-Star break. A late-season collapse knocked them out of contention. Kaspar was traded at the deadline.

Lang was gone, having left for $5M a year in Washington. Lemieux was coming back in the best shape of his life. Straka was healthy. Kovy was healthy. Still considered a possible contender if important keys stayed healthy, although the inevitable trade of Kovy was looming.

Team struggled but kept an outside shot at contention until mid-February. Traded Kovy and then the team fell apart.

The only season where the "tank" argument could remotely apply. Straka and Mario still in the fold, but by this time, it was apparent that the team couldn't compete in the current economics of the game without losing money (as most other teams were also doing at the time, something else our Flyers friends ignore). Straka was dealt early on. Lockout was inevitable at that point, and the arena issue also came front and center.

Let's keep in mind, too, that most of the payroll budgets for this and the previous seasons were being set by the bankruptcy court.

Lockout cancels the season; reports that 2/3 of the teams in the league (or more) had endured several straight seasons where they lost money. Somehow that's only on the Pens?

The team spent money on free agents heading into the season and was pegged by many as a preseason playoff contender. Unfortunately, Craig Patrick assembled a veteran cast that was too slow to fit in the new rules of the game, and they were led by a coach who had no idea how to coach unless Lorne Molleken was on the bench pulling the strings.

By the time changes were made, the team had dug itself too big a hole.

Other than what happened in 2003-04, how can any of that remotely be considered "tanking"?

BlacknGold66 said...


Replay of Game 5 is about to start.


Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, what a historian you are. You could probably find Noah's Ark.

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Thank you NHL Network!!!

Missed first two periods yesterday (Wife's only day off, I know lame)

Got back just in time to see Rags tie it up. (considered that I was bad luck for a second, but thank Gary I stayed with it).

Is it Friday yet?

Whistler said...

Okay kiddies here we go.

1. What an amazing game. The post-game recap was clutch. I can't tell you how nervous I was during the game. @Decev(sic)? I think I IM'd you during the game. I was sending as many LET'S GO PENS!! that I could to generate some good mojo.

2. I have to work on the prayer for round 3.

3. @SPENCMO - If you're in Las Vegas head over to the Orleans Casino/Arena. The ECHL Los Vegas Wranglers are playing in the Western Conf. Finals. If there is a game while you're there you should go and check it out. Tell the mascot, THE DUKE, that his good buddy Slappy says hi. You'll get a good reaction.

4. @Stoosh - LEN!!! - You rawk my friend. Love them, they were/are so underrated.

5. I'm already getting crap from all the Flyers fans here in Hell (Eastern PA).. I have proudly written "FLYERS SUCK!" on the back of my car.

6. There is NO number 6.

7. The Reading Royals are in for a huge game tonight. Game 7 versus the Cincy Cyclones. Win or go home baby!!

8. Hossa dive was amazing. Nice to see him put it all on the line.

9. Let's keep on keeping on folks. Ignore the trolls and for all you living in EASTERN PA. Keep your heads high, wear your Pens gear proud and show those jerkoffs from Philly what a real hockey team is all about.

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

The only reason I remember that so well is because back in the 2003-04 season, this whole "to tank or not to tank" pseudo-morality debate broke out over at

I don't know if they tanked or not. I sat in the stands for probably 15-20 games that year and those guys played their asses off. Talent-wise, they were a good AHL team, tops. Effortwise, they were tough to play against because they played so hard.

They may have been set up to fail thanks to ownership protecting its own investment, and ownership has that right. As someone above said, the Buccos have been doing it for half my lifetime now. But ownership also knew a new economic system was on the horizon - one in which they could make money. And once that system was in place, the arena deal was ironed out and the team (and arena) became a moneymaker for ownership, they started spending money. They actually started doing it prior to 2005-06, banking on the chance that they'd soon be in line to control most of the arena revenues through the new arena deal.

Plain and simply, this is why Ron Burkle is a billionare.

Vern said...

I will give it to the Blueshirt Bulletin...after some initial morons came on crying conspiracy and the possibility that Dupuis indeed may have been half a centimeter offsides, sensible people have seemed to take over the comments.

The Seeker said...

An updated (with up-to-date video clips) version of "We'll Kick Your Arse Ya Flyers Scum"

BlacknGold66 said...

Text I recieved from a good friend of mine in Columbus, OH who is a Flyers fan.

"Welcome to the Semi-Finals. What took you so long?"

WOW! It took me FOREVER to text him back everything that is wrong/incorrect about those two sentances in so many ways.

danman8tsevan said...

vote for the pens on

Which Conference finalist has the best chance to win the Stanley Cup?
Detroit Red Wings: 28.09%
Pittsburgh Penguins: 28.93%
Dallas Stars: 21.19%
Philadelphia Flyers: 21.78%

R*G*B* said...

Broad St. Bullies indeed...

Cote hasn't seen action since the first two games of the first round.

Cause there wasn't a need to dress him.

But since we are playing against the Pens... the saints of the NHL...

We will most likely have to sit Kappanen or Thorenson... or both to dress Downie, just so they can babysit Larrak Obama and Jar Jar DooDoo.

Georges (plural?) LaRaque is coming around third... here's the throw to the plate... he slides into Marty Biron... and LaRaque is... SAFE!!!

The Flyers are all wearing two pairs of knee braces for when they skate with Roo-2.


Ok, here's how the Flyer/Pens game will go. By the way, I think it's amazing How a team who sucks every year then has two decent seasons all of a sudden becomes the Superman of the NHL. I find it equally amazing how one of "the most talented players" in the NHL refuses to do anything but whine, bitch, and throw himself out in front of Phili players to draw as many penalties as He can...understandable, since he has to make up for all they hype...I wish he'd do us all a favor and pull the "throwing himself" move in front of a moving truck


Now heres one to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer:

Crosby, the cuntbag quitter, slid on ice for centuries, pitching a fit and whining...diving at the flyers knees.....Til Jasen smith got angry, took off his helmet and pads...beat the shit out of poor crosby, Lets hear it for the orange and black!

PenguinHater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said...

How can no one have mentioned that immediately following the second intermission the NBC jokes jinx the Pens by pointing out how long the Rangers had been shut out at Mellon. Right then I knew that the Rangers were going to score and score soon.

PenguinHater said...

Gary Roberts = An over-the-hill, overrated "has been". The only people he scares are the senile old ladies at the nursing home where he resides.

Flyers in 6.

Adrienne said...

You know if you slow the replay of Drury getting cut down to a hundredth of a second, you'll see Gary Roberts coming in and stabbing him real quick with a knife. It happened so quick, no one noticed.

So here's my dilemma Friday... go to my own college graduation or watch the Pens? At least I have a few days to figure this out.

Loser chris, I had the same freak out. Luckily, I graduate Saturday. :D Good luck on that decision. <3

Game was amazing. Got to watch it sitting outside the arena yesterday. While I enjoyed it, I didn't enjoy the sun. HALF my face got sunburnt. :(

Outside the arena had the most adjunct group of people ever. "Steel Man" was there with a fucking metal helmet and chainmail neck protector with his "THIS IS HEINZ FIELD" cloak on and more Steelers shit then skin space. He didn't seem to appreciate anything I said to him. lol.

Here's to an amazing next series! Fuck the Flyers, go Pens!

Greg Hartnett Jr. said...

"theorangeandblack"= homosexual. I have seen the pictures, there is proof. Typical fairweather Flyer fan from South Georgia

BlacknGold66 said...


Sooska said...

Philthy Phlyers Phans praying to the Hockey Gods

threshhold9k said...

Someone start up the bus.


Greg Harnett Jr= Crosby's own personal ball licker...and BIG Penguins fan since 2006 (when they finally won something)...he makes the perfect penguins fan, because when things don't go his way, he whines, kicks, and screams and throws himself on the floor...GO MAGIC MILKBALL!

lis said...

oh they come...10 points to the first troll who says something know...something different then what i've heard the past 3 years!

Stoosh said...

@ Theorangeandtheblack -


First off, I know it's hard to maintain focus knowing you've got the Pens in the rear-view mirror and gaining fast, but umm...we're still waiting for you to tell us "how the Flyers/Pens game will go."

Second, we suck every year? Hoss, we made the playoffs eleven straight seasons from 1990-91 through 2000-01. I wish the Pens could suck like that all the time.

Third, it's JasOn Smith, not JasEn Smith. Nice to see you know your own roster so well.

Fourth, "reindeer"; not "raindeer".

Eye gess Hukd On Foniks werkd fer U two, eh?

As Darth Vader once said, "All too easy."

TheNWChica said...


But anyway, for those of you who need a break from the Filthy fans...

Martin Gerber and the Swiss beat Belarus and their new players the Kostitsyn brothers 2-1.

And the Norskies are tied 1-1 with Teemu and the Finns with about 6 mins to go in the 1st.

Stoosh said...

@ Penguinhater -

And Ben Eager, apparently.

I think you can still see the trail of pee that Eager leaked from the bench all the way to the penalty box when Roberts beat his ass.


...and you wonder why the pitt mascott happens to be the only creature in the world who slides on his belly on the ice...this team was MADE for crosby

Stoosh said...

@ Lis -

It might be time for me to dig out the Anti-Crosby Manifesto.

Stoosh said...

@ Theorangeandtheblack -

Now THAT was funny!

PenguinHater said...

blackngold66 - Wake up! Jeff Jimmerson's rendition of the national anthem always puts me to sleep too.

Sooska said...

@ lis- 20 points if they can say one thing that is relevant to this series and does not include genitalia.
*cups hand to ear and listens* Nope. Nothing.

The fear pheromones are rising to new heights in Philthydelphia.

R*G*B* said...



Dr. Turkleton said...


how bout say something original from the past 2 rounds' trolls???

this coming from a team that was out of the playoff race last year by Thanksgiving [Canadian Thanksgiving that is]
who, this year overpaid for FA's to end up with a 6th seed in the playoffs after almost committing mass suicide amongst their players & fans during the final days of the regular season. [tough luck]

[Hossa: Cryers Slogan -> Whining Now]

PenguinHater said...

Stoosh - Screw Ben Eager. He's not even on the team anymore. Your 90 year old "superstar" is a hack. Deal with it. He beat a guy in a fight. So what? Peter Worrell could fight too.

BlacknGold66 said...

Hahaha, he attacked Jeff Jimmerson. Woooooo!

I'm going to say something that is totally against everything we stand for here in Cblog.

Feed the Trolls

I repeat:

Feed the Trolls

Flyers/Pens Conference Finals happens once a lifetime.

Let's have some fun with it.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

can't we just invite 'j' back to tell us the link where he made extra money????

Sooska said...

@ bng66- wow I bet that makes you sad. I know it makes ME sad. Attacking the anthem singer. how pathetic and laughable. Jeff is alive and well. Kate has been mouldering in her grave for decades and all they have is a grainy tape. OOO how stirring. It is over and the Pens win BEFORE the fat lady sings.


penguinhater: that's ok, their 2 stars might as well not be on the team either, as much "damage" as they do to the opposition

R*G*B* said...

@ turk

seems like all the flyers have been through got them to the exact same point as the guins.

the E C F.

I've always wondered why sid has those enormous lips... and now I realize it was to cover those gigantic freddie mecury buck teefers.

D. Hatcher was doing him a favor.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Another great post ... the funeral of Jagr with the bobbleheads had me laughing so hard. Very nice ... also the Millbury one with Charlie had me nearly crying I was laughing so hard. But would even Charlie want him?

I'm so depressed about the Sharks. My pool is dead. The only team I have that is in the race is the Pens ... stupid, Wings, Stars, and Flyers!! I hope Roenick doesn't retire. I didn't like him when he played for the Flyers but he became one of my favorites outside of the Pens after his jaw got broken by Hatcher and he walked off the ice. What a man.

@Lis: They will probably have the screen up since they have been doing it in the first 2 series. And you need to find some non-Flyer affiliated friends because Flyer fans are not friends during hockey season.

@Fred Jones: about the announcers: I agree with you completely. In the beginning of the season when we didn't have games on Versus or NBC yet, I was commenting about how annoying they were. As soon as Versus came on, I was glad FSN existed ... at least Steiggy and Bibbs can sound intelligent ...

@Po: I agree with you on Smith for captain. How did he get the job ... cause he's old? I don't get it, and you never see him when we play them ... waste.

@Stoosh: Why must you bring about the trade of Kaspar (weaps) ... I still miss him ... I wish I could watch Russian hockey ...

@Michael: I tune out during intermission because their voices make my ears bleed ...

Well as much as I hated Jagr in this series, I cannot help but feel some sadness if he doesn't return to the NHL. No matter what, I still appreciate his effort in his early years as a Pen.

@Dr. Turk: Ha ... I was thinking the same thing.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

PO said...

the flyers have two guys whose first names are "scottie"

if you're a guy and have an 'ie' at the end of your name, you're probably a fag


PenguinHater said...

Sooska - Let me know when they erect a statue of Jeff Jimmerson.

Scratch my back with a hack(GARY ROBERTS)saw!

PO said...

@I have Kaspar...

i guess it was between smith, danielle briere and two guys with an 'ie' at the end of their names... its a loss anyway you slice it

BlacknGold66 said...

@Sooska: I know right? He makes fun of Jeff Jimerson of all people. These jackass Flyer fans will probably boo the national anthem in Philly thinking that it's the "Pens" anthem. Asshats.


@ po: You have the balls to laugh at "ie" when your star players first name is that of a fat white broad? SIDNEY? give me a break

PenguinHater said...

blackngold66 - riiiiiiight. THAT makes sense.

BlacknGold66 said...

green/magenta/cyan aka rgb = coward

The Seeker said...

Breaking News on Pittsburgh Penguins website!....

The Pens have hired a Cryer troll's girlfriend to sing at the end Game 4 in preparation for "It ain't over till the FAT LADY sings".

BlacknGold66 said...

Just like it made sense for you guys to boo the Canadian National anthem.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@rgb: The only favor I've seen Hatcher do is be the slowest man on the ice and try to cheap shot opponents. What a key to success! Besides I don't remember seeing him because he played what 2 games and had minus 2. Yeah, he sure showed Sid *note sarcasm* If your argument is Hatcher than you should find some different players ...

It's a lovely day in Gary Roberts's Neighborhood!

PenguinHater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R*G*B* said...

this just in from TSN:

A report from the art museum in Philadelphia states that both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, in an attempt to deface the famous "Rocky" statue, as Canadians fans had during the 2nd round, both slipped and fell while trying to apply a Penguin's jeresey.

Crosby aggravated his high ankle strain, and Malkin now is unable to close his mouth. A two minute penalty for interference and another two minute minor for tripping were assessed to the Rocky statue.


Apparently Malkin NEVER had the ability to close his mouth...

PO said...

crosby has no choice but to go by Sidney because its his legal given name, however he also goes by Sid... now lets look at my original point that you have two guys on your team who could just go by SCOTT, a perfectly find heterosexual name, however they decide to fag it up by adding an 'ie' to the end (not even an extra T and a Y like the kid down the street when you were 10, which would still be queer but better than an 'ie')

is your handle theorangeandtheblack after that queer song they play at Cryers games?? i bet your real name ends in an 'ie' too doesnt it...

PO said...



The Seeker said...

Not that anyone from Philthydelphia wouldn't be just completely confused by actual facts but......


Game 2 Conference Quarterfinals

Penalty 4 | Period 2 | 19:48 | #9 -S.UPSHALL | 2min | DIVING

#87 Crosby = Never A Diving Penalty in his career.

BlacknGold66 said...

@penguinhater: That's an original comment to make to someone via the internet.

You = Joke

Any further feable attempts at attacking my personal life?


to penguinhater: its amazing, but they will still be throwing jeers around after the flyers step on the pens ass in the finals...blaming it on the calls, the flyers "cheating", and even the slickness of the ice to explain why their two star players couldn't make enough goals to win...if they'd learn how to skate and fight, they might come off the ice with more than a losing record and black eyes

R*G*B* said...

@ the seeker...

thanks for proving our point...


Sooska said...

@ bng66- They have a statue (OMGary that is important isn't it?) to a so-called singer who was known only because she was loud enough to drown out those clowns they call fans.

*laughs and shakes head*

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...


Isn't kind of ironic that you make fun of people posting on a Pen's message board in the middle of the sfternoon.

Yet you apparently have enough time on your hands to post on ANOTHER teams site.

Were you even alive the last time a team from Filthy won something?
I mean ANY TEAM?

R*G*B* said...

@ black n gold 66...

you sit in a jet...

and wear a green shirt.


BlacknGold66 said...

Wait, lemme guess.

Not only am I sitting in my Mom's basement watching cartoons... but I'm also fat right?

I also tend to snack a lot.

I also have a ponytail.

Anything else?

BlacknGold66 said...

rgb - I'm a veteran dickhead. I'll be sure to pass your message along to the rest of the Veterans that you don't appreciate what we do.

Thanks joke.

The Seeker said...

BlacknGold66 said...

Text I recieved from a good friend of mine in Columbus, OH who is a Flyers fan.

"Welcome to the Semi-Finals. What took you so long?"

Did you text him back asking what took them so long (7 games +OT) to get past the worst team to make the playoffs in the East while we were sitting around after sweeping our 1st round in 4?

TheNWChica said...

@BNG66: don't forget about your large comic book/action figure/DnD collections either.


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