Saturday, May 17, 2008

This post basically had no point until we happened to check out [ BurghBlog ].
The talented and link-savvy "PittGirl" found a link of some dude complaining about "WWGRD."

Meet [ Chad Herman ]:

"This undying obsession that Pens' fans -- by which I mean, casual fans and immature fans and bandwagon-jumping fans -- have with Gary Roberts borders on the absurd and fast approaches the insane. In a team and a season rife with heroes, a loud and increasingly annoying faction of people has latched on to -- and, worse still, Chuck-Norris-ified -- a guy whose on-ice contributions number two goals, one assist, a +/- rating of -2, a few intimidating stares.."

And we take this is was a shot at all of us:

"The Disciples of Gary will whine and moan and perhaps rend their garments, then resume the laying of laurels and blog posts and text messages at his skates anyway. Meanwhile, the Lovers of Gary But Disciples of Lord Stanley will shrug and sigh and content themselves in the knowledge that the far more versatile Adam Hall will be taking his place in the lineup."

But, quick, check out his "sports" archive. [ Here ]

HOW DARE this guy call out "bandwagon" fans when he's only talked about the Pens when they traded for Hossa and then when they started the playoffs.


Chad, you're not, dude.

You can already tell that PeeWee wants the Pens to lose just so he can bitch about something.

The fact anyone would actually get mad about this Roberts stuff is bizarre.
But PeeWee takes it as "casual" fans disrupting "his" team.

We know not everyone likeS Gary Roberts and people will have their own opinions.
But seriously lighten up.
And don't accuse bandwagon, casual, and immature fans being behind this.

If you've never seen Chad Herman type out a post on his site,
we found exclusive footage:

Come back to us when you don't wait till the playoffs to talk about the Pens.


On Friday, it felt like Pens fans were walking around like zombies.

The fans who have just jumped into the party don't know how to handle a playoff loss.

The fans who have hinged their lives on the Pens all season are just staying the course.

No matter. We all know that Sunday will see the Pens eliminate the Flyers.
Or Sunday will see Pens fans start turning a little white.

Before we start the post, let's go to Bill Patrick at Hockey Central
to see whats on tap for the post.


A lot has been made about officiating in the playoffs.
And there is no question it has been bad at times.

But unlike Senators fans, Ranger fans, and Flyer fans, we do something about it.

We don't moan about the refs.
We want to be more proactive.

So being that Game Five is going to be intense as balls...
Here is the four-man officiating crew we suggest:

Earl Hebner

Why: He has done some big-time matches. This will be no different.
Since the game isn't in Montreal, no one has to worry about a [ screw job ].

The hot ref from GUTS

Why: A much-needed sexual-tension dimension has been absent.
And "Mo" can bring the noise.

Marc Summers

Why: Though he was merely the host of "Double Dare," Summers was also surrounded by green slime all the time.
Meaning Jason Smith won't affect him.
So he will be all business.


We meant to post this, Marc Summers also can take a hit.
Thanks to [Kaitlin] in comments for the reminder.

Coach Lubbock from "Just The Ten Of Us."

Why: Coach Lubbock had to handle a houseful of really whiny bitches.
So dealing with the Flyers will be like a vacation.


Breaking news blog

The Flyers have requested Kate Smith sing at the Mellon on Sunday.

We have some footage of her rehearsal:


Lets go back to Hockey Central real quick for an update:

Thanks, Bill.


:: Flyers fans are rejuvenated. Kimmo Timonen may be playing in Game 5. [ Yahoo ]
Is there a doctor in the house?
Wouldn't getting a cut be bad for someone on blood thinners?

:: The other pillar of defense, Braydon Coburn, is still whatev.
Going into high altitude messed his life up when the series shifted to Philly. [ Yahoo ]

[ Jason S. ]
:: Mike Richards denies slashing Crosby at the end of Game 4. [ ]

"We've wanted to play physical, but I don't think it's us creating all the scrums after the whistle, either," Flyers center Mike Richards said. "We know when we go into scrums that we're not going to get the power play coming out of there, so we want to stay away from those as much as possible. But being physical is a huge part of our game."

What a whiner.

Thanks to [ Puck Daddy ] for that really painful moment in our all lives.



:: HCMT gave the team the day off Friday. Not even an optional skate. [ ]

[Jonathan M.]

We could go find links about the Pens wanting to win Game 5.

If you don't know what else is going on with the Pens, should you even be here?


[ Pittsburghler ]

[ Fleury29 ]

[ Joe George ]

[ Joe Weir ]

[ Mike H. ]

[ 2033 ] at Ross Park Mall

[ Bell ]


Lets go back to Bill Patrick to see what else is happening:


In case Game 5 drags on too long today and interrupts with horses getting murdered,
contingency plans are in place. [ ]

Let's all remember what happen last year. [ Barry Melrose Rocks ]


New posters:

[Click to Enlarge]

Thanks to [ShOez]


We will end with this:

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything

Go Pens


Pensblog Staff said...

First sucka

Grégoire said...

hello from France! those hockey central updates are great.
Now please Pittsburgh, just finish the flyers on sunday, I want a real matchup for the finals.

Dan said...

where was this at 4 in the morning? i haven't slept cause of my sinuses, i could've been first, oh well. i've watched a lot of arrested development at least. it's not fun to play video games when insomnia has kicked in.

referee suggestion, the main guy from ecw, i forget his name. jim molineaux maybe?

Fleury29 said...

For some reason the election posters aren't loading full size for me.

Wow... someone doesn't like WWGRD? All I have to say is that yes, Gary has only scored two goals but, essentially those two goals won us the first game of the playoffs and got our momentum going. Pens Nation is not amused.

Greg Wyshynski... wow. I have no idea what to even say about that typical Flyers fan and her bizarre video. How does one even find stuff like that on the Gore? What the hell do you search under?

Regardless... tomorrow. Pens advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Do it.

Fleury29 said...

Oh, and good call with the Mo reference.

Mo and Topanga mentioned in the last couple of days? The Pensblog: bringing back all the hotties from my youth.

Nicholas said...

Moira? Really? Did I just wake up to this? That is the hottest thing ever.

This is why I come to Pensblog. Unreal posts like this one.


Mr. Plank said...

That youtube feces boy is such a joke. he literally is taking consolation in winning a game. honestly, pens need to win game five. take those bastards out.

- jason

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

Bill at Hockey Central didn't answer the most important question of all (according to Jo(k)e Beninati):

How many minutes are separating us from a Dodge Intermission Report?

marcetta said...

I guess you guys missed Fedko last night. I tuned in a little late, but there was nothing on the screen besides 3 pictures of Gary Roberts. Then, the next caller that called in asked Fedko if he knew that when Gary Roberts does push-ups, he doesn't push up..... he pushes the world down. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Fedko then put the 3 pictures of Gary Roberts back up for a good 5 minutes or longer while he answered a bunch of phone calls about Nate McLouth. Good stuff.

geezer said...

Richards says " I didn't slash him". Well Mike you were called for slashing on the game sheet so get over it, Dick.

We aren't afraid of Philly, Kate Smith dead body or anything else. The fact that they would THINK of playing a guy with a bloodclot and a numb foot on bloodthinners that could cause a brain bleed stroke shows how stupid and desperate they are. Cheapshot assholes.

FireFox said...

@pensblog staff

You cheat! Your "first" gets waived off because the refs called you for clipping. :) WTF is clipping anyway?

I give thanks to the NHL scheduling gods today. They have blessed me with 2 days off and the game being played on Sunday. As today I am making the ultimate sacrifice and taking the children to Disney World. Oh... joy.

The anti-Roberts is a fag. We all know what the hell his stats are. No one is saying he can play better hockey than Crosby or Malkin. We love him because he is a warrior. He is almost 42, still playing professional hockey, and doesn't ever let up and hammers to opposing players every night. (Ben Eager still has flashbacks.) He goes out and plays every damn minute like it is last. That's inspirational. WWGRD? I just told you, dicks.

On Sunday we are back at the Mellon and the place will be rocking. The Pens got a day off and then I know they got a day of Coach T whipping their asses. He is reminding them to be confident but not cocky. He is letting them know we do not want to go back to Philly. Jesus, when does anyone ever want to go to Philly?

GO PENS!!!!!!

Matt Gajtka said...

Smizik's a joke. Read his latest column where he criticizes Malkin for averaging "only" seven shots per game in the past three. I'll admit Geno deserves some criticism for his play lately, but to purport that getting "only" seven shots per game is part of the problem is ridiculous.

Smizik is a baseball writer desperately trying to find numbers to back up his hockey column premise. Maybe if he'd watch some games in the regular season, he'd realize that a stat like shots on goal doesn't mean a ton unless you look at where the shots are coming from. And maybe he'd know that seven shots on goal is actually a lot.


somechic said...

i'm not the only person who has referenced Mo in officiating. haha classic. Solid post.

Raybin said...

Mike Richards is the whiner people like to pretend Sidney Crosby is. Always projection with the Flyer fans.

Hockey Central update photoshops are sick. A million kudos.

Whether people like this Chad Herman douchemonkey are too stupid to grasp the point or whether they deliberately ignore it, I don't know. But they seem inable to grasp the point of Gary Roberts and why he is awesome.

Let me speak very slowly for these people once and for all:

His point is not to rack up scoring tallies. Goals, assists, and even plus/minus ratios mean sweet fuck all.

It's what Gary brings to the locker room. It's the leadership he shows the young players still finding their way. It's his fire, his intensity, his desire, his sheer will to win. It's the fact that when Gary's on the ice, opposing players might think two or three times before they pull some cheapshot. Combine him with BGL on the other wing and you have a recipe to make the other team piss their long underwear.

Oh yeah, and as Game 1 against Ottawa and Game 2 against Philly showed....he is still always a threat to score or make a beautiful assist.

Put him in a time machine and take him back to the early 90's and this fool would doubtless crap on Ulf Samuelsson.

If you don't get the Gary love, you might be a Pens fan, but you sure as hell ain't a hockey fan.

Raybin said...

criticizes Malkin for averaging "only" seven shots per game in the past three.

Jesus, what a dick Smizik is.

Malkin is not Alex Ovechkin.

I wish I could get paid to write columns about shit I know nothing about.

Stoosh said...

*Stoosh stands, looks around, and begins the slow clap for Raybin's post*

Stoosh said...

Heatley has 11 goals for Team Canada. Somewhere out there, Bryan Murray is standing there stunned.

Stoosh said...

That should be the slow clap for Raybin's post AND Firefox's post, by the way.

Keep On Malkin in the Free World said...

Heatley obviously tanked in the playoffs because he was afraid of facing the Flyers in a later round.

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

Please fix election pictures. I must have the full collection.


Raybin said...


Thanks much!

Firefox's post is indeed rockin' it hardcore style.

Somewhere out there, Bryan Murray is standing there stunned.

Bwahahahahaha! ZING!

Same goes to keep on malkin in the free world.

sh0ez said...

Thanks for posting the election pictures, guys. Like lauren said though, they are still small when you click them. Also, could you possibly post links to the groups?

Here they are for now, cbloggers. Join up and spread the word!

Gary Roberts for President
Jarkko Ruutu for Vice President
USS Hal Gill for Secretary of Defense

There isn't a group for Ryan Malone for Director of Homeland Security. Should I make one? Also, if anyone has any other ideas, lemme know and I'll make something!

Hip said...

You either get it, or you don't.

Douchebag doesn't. Raybin does.

End of story.

Quingo77 said...

Ok, I'm about sick and tired of seeing that transexual's videos. I'm now placing a bounty on his head. To the first one of my guys who really cracks him over the head, and really gives it to him, I will give $400 dollars of my own personal money


Jimmy Hugs said...

@quingo77 - I want that $400.

Eric P. said...

"Comments sponsored by Dodge"


Dr. Turkleton said...

always wondered what happened to Chad Herman after he left the Pirates...

Now I know in addition to not being able to hit, he can't blog worth a damn, either.

RobbieBrown44 said...

Never in my life have I had as much hatred for a person (and by person I mean douche) that I have never met.

That video is everything that is wrong with Philly.

Two Words Philly...Tee Times.

Go Pens!

Colin said...

Tremendous post.

I wish game 5 was today.

I have a great feeling about Sunday. I think Sunday our stars show why they are better than Philly's "stars".

Does anyone else else almost hope that Timonen and Coburn play? Scott Burnside was on MM yesterday and said Timonen's foot goes numb after 15 minutes in a skate. Why not just press and attack those two guy? Bring the play to them and challenge them if they aren't 100%.

Do it.

Go Pens

Stoosh said...

Stoosh breaks up with Versus.

Rest assured, that text will also be fired off to Versus, Comcast and the NHL as well.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Wonder if Chris Herman remembers those moronic Stiller fans in the 70's, with their Franco's Italian Army, Gerela's Gorillas...all the way down to the freakin' ball boys had a nickname/fan club of some sort...

I'm sure NONE of those folks were bandwagon-jumpers.

I mean, Gary forbid, some Penguins fans have a little fun into turning a guy into a cult-like hero of sorts who isn't out beating up his girlfriend de jour or fraudulently running a restaurant [sorry, Wines Hard]

my guess is that Mr. Herman is a die-hard Stiller fan who wants nothing better than to rain on the Penguins parade...

I didn't even bother reading his entire post...if I want to read drivel like that, I'll hit up Smizik's column, first.

Pensgirl said...

The Flyers' team doctor has to be the most irresponsible physician in the history of the world. What a fuckin' quack.

And Timonen. If he actually plays, what a selfish bastard that makes him. If something horrible happens to him, he just subjected his teammates, his opponents, and 17K fans to having to watch it. Plus, he said that he can skate for 15 minutes and then pain sets in. You know what, asshole? All pain is not created equal. There's pain that means "hey I'm trying to heal here, please stop what you're doing" and there's pain that means "HEY I CAN KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T CUT THAT OUT." If he goes out there and can't play effectively, or if he ends up not being able to finish the game, he ends up being a detriment to his team's chances of staying alive.

Contrast that with - who else? - Gary Roberts, and the numerous quotes he's offered these playoffs when he's been hurt:

"It starts feeling good, and you have to make sure it's good enough that you're not going to be a liability out there," Roberts said. "That's what I need to realize. We have a lot of guys here who can do the job. If it's not close to 100 percent, I won't play."

That's why people wear WWGRD wristbands.

smitty said...

We are up 3-1, aren't we?

One bad period, pretty even 2nd period & the boys had filly on their heels in the 3rd.

My ears were starting to pop from the sound of their fan's assholes sucking shut when Staal put his 2nd goal behind beerun.

The coolist kid on the short bus is all pumped, like he just walked in on his mommie & saw boobies for the 1st time.

Give me a break "kickball king", just cause yinz won 1 game doesn't mean turd!

It doesn't matter if it ended 4 games to none or 4-1, you'll still be eating your boogers & spying on your mama and we'll be playing in the finals...BITCH!


Dr. Turkleton said...


nice open letter.

Second rate channel. -> Second rate broadcast.

What did Bill Clement do to piss someone off at Vs.?, not get them enough Deep Woods Off as some exec had requested?

Mind you, Clement is more suited as sitting in a #2 chair than the #1 like Bill 'Don't call me Dan' Patrick. But, at least he brought a little hockey knowledge to the table than what Mr. Patrick has read from off of his crib sheets.

The overall production of their studio show / games is right out of the Wayne's World playbook. [That might even be an insult to Wayne & Garth]

Hopefully, we've seen our last Vs. broadcast with Joe B., despite him saying "We'll see you back here [in Philly] on Tuesday for Game 6 !!!!!

I pray to Gary we don't.


Jimmy Hugs said...

@stoosh - Great letter. Bravo. That is all.

Raybin said...


That letter should be preserved with the Declaration of Independence.

You know why you are a big deal, my friend?

You reminded the world of Beasley Reece's broadcasting career.

Remember Don Criqui? Unreal.

Christina said...

yet another reason why Stoosh is the man.

and big ups to the staff for getting Dodge to sponsor cblog!

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

'CBlog sponsored by Dodge' hahah sweet. But where is that hot mom in the minivan commercial where she finds her kids stuffed frog or whatever in the van. Man, she had a great rack - well proportioned and perky as all get out.

But I digress.

I knew Kate Smith was a big fat lady who sang, but I didn't know she was also well-known for singing as song called "That's Why Darkies Were Born". That's right. It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true. While the song somewhat triumphs the African American troubles, just the title is shocking. Leave it to a classless organization like the Flyers to erect a very large life-size statue to someone who sang a song with that title.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

So the c-blog is sponsored by Dodge ... do I have to say "That thing got a hemi?"

If you are anti-Gary Roberts, you are anti-Penguins. All the guys on the team look up to him and I remember an article about Tyler Kennedy taking Roberts spot in the line-up and when he was listening to Roberts speak, it was like he was just focused in on what Roberts was saying. If you don't understand that it is the presence he brings, not the points, then you, sir, are an idiot. And was it really necessary to insult actual fans?

Stoosh: Your letter to Versus is gold ...

@sh0ez: Gonchar is the Secretary of Veteran Affairs or Housing. Hossa or Dupuis can be the Secretary of Commerce (get it, trade, uhh never mind.) Malkin can be the Secretary of Treasury (money, money, money, hey!) Secretary of Energy is Tyler Kennedy.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

PensBeerGeek said...

I guess if the GR-denier had watched hockey last year, then he would have seen where the Gary Roberts impact (and hence WWGRD) came from.

He taught these kids how to be playoff warriors last year, and the lessons are paying off right now.

Gary Roberts' value is that these kids are winning, and aren't scared, every time they touch the ice in the playoffs.

TheNWChica said...

ILU Stoosh!!! Everyone commit!

Oh, and did anyone go over to that toolbag's page? He's not even man enough to have a place for comments; only an email address for feedback.

Well my know what to do. Good luck and Gary be with you.

Lauren said...

Thanks for fixing the election pics/posters. Much appreciated

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Geno and Sykie are sickie ...

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar: I knew it!

dani said...

Umm... On Mother's Day, my grandma told me that she liked Gary Roberts while discussing the Penguins. I'm pretty sure that calls for celebration. I was [a little taken] aback. She's turning 70. Heh.

coffeytalk said...

c-blog brought to you be Dodge?!

fuck nuggets.

coffeytalk said...

reason 137 as to why I love Stoosh.

Good work sir!

meecrofilm said...

Comments sponsored by Dodge....... nice.

michelle said...

My particular post is co-sponsored by the IC Light in my hand. DO IT.

And geez, the Homeland Security Malone thing is brilliant. PROTECT THE MOTHERLAND.

I am going to be personally protecting section E18 tomorrow. Now I know it's near peanut heaven, but the angels still bring Jeff Jimmerson's voice to my ears there.


Pensgirl said...

So, I turned on my TV a few minutes ago to find out that here in Baltimore, we're not getting the game at all today. The local NBC affiliate is pre-empting it so they can stand around and talk about the Preakness for a billion more hours than the national broadcast is already doing. And they've made no arrangements to have the game shown on another channel.

dhudzin said...

omg I lost it at the exclusive Chad Herman making a post footage... HAHAHAHA

Dr. Turkleton said...


welcome to BNG66's Sunday's Escapades [except, today's Saturday, of course ;)]

jefe said...

killer post guys. the ref squad would be perfect.

@kaspar: nothing against these guys, but would rather not like to see the beech-malone-taffe line.

get well real damn soon geno and syko.

racheleyos said...

let's go dallas!!! wooooo

Whistler said...

mentioned to a criers fan sitting next to me about malkin and syko being sick and he said

"good, that should even it out."


Pensgirl said...

Turk, that was a party I was hoping not to attend for sure. :)

But at least BNG misses hockey for baseball. I'm missing hockey for people standing around and talking about a three-minute race that won't actually happen for hours.

racheleyos said...

whistler - wow, i would beat them up! lol. too bad malkin could still be sick and prob take both injured d-man at the same time.

racheleyos said...

"it is great news for the flyers to have timmonen back."

oh yeahhh real great news, so if he happens to bleed to death....

whatev. prob the stupidest thing i have heard.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@racheleyos: Yeah, that's what I thought ... you are going to risk putting in d-man who could die from a cut? Plus, his toes go numb when he skates still ... I have no idea what they are thinking.

@Jefe: Malone and Taffe would play well, but Beech (Vomits)I don't like him ... he still is a waste in my mind. Sykie and Geno will be playing on Sunday, though.

@Whistler: How do they think that one of the world's best players (Malkin) and Sykie who has a wicked shot and is a sniper is anywhere near 2 guys no one outside of Philly even cared about ... jokesandjobberblog.

BlacknGold66 said...

"The sun is out. The suuun is out. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom yeah.."


-Great letter Stoosh. Commit.

-I'm still laughing over the, um, "shiitake" joke from yesterday. Wow.

-Pensgirl's post at 11:03 is one of the greatest posts I've ever read on this site. Unreal foresight. Pensgirl = big deal.

-Raybin is also right on the money.

-Why is Brett Hull always eating when he's shown on camera during these Stars games?

-NBCBlog... I can't dig up this old shit again. I don't understand though, how they (lundqvist SCOOOOOOREEEES as I'm typing this)... how they could cover a race as opposed to PLAYOFF hockey.

Like Turk said, it's what I've been dealing with every Sunday since the playoffs started.

Tomorrow's game won't come on tv here until 4pm, and that's only as long as the Indians don't go to extra innings.

-Staff... it can't be said enough. This website is the reason Gore invented... well... Gore.

That is all.


(please tell me at least one person gets why I started this comment like that)

Docciavelli said...

F NBC in Baltimore. They show hours of Preakness coverage instead of Dallas/Detroit game 5. Nothing to talk about but Big Brown and slots. Blah Blah Blah. Luckily I get the DC NBC channel on the FiOS, but I feel terrible for my city friends on Comcast.

stokes said...

Smizik's column is actually an intelligent column today. Its not often that he writes something that makes sense, but the simple fact is this: That line needs to produce. I can't really say that they've been playing poorly. I think that the Criers have played that line the hardest. Geno has made some 8 turnovers the past three games, so its fair to say he hasn't played well, but he'll pick it up on sunday. He always plays better at home.

and by the way, the article says geno has only "managed" to get off 7 shots in the past three games, not "averaged." I don't think even Smizik could complain about Geno were he averaging 7 shots a game.

@ mdpensfan: you said you've got seats in A32. it may be up to you to present Biron with the "French Toast" sign that has been suggested, along with any others.

Go Pens.

Kaitlin said...

Marc Summers also fought Burt Reynolds.

Just sayin.

Docciavelli said...


Just saw your predicament. If I wasn't leaving town in an hour, I'd invite you over to catch the 3rd period. Sorry!

But if you want a tip, put $4 on Icabad Crane to Show at 30-1, and don't listen to these blowhards on WBAL.

Pensgirl said...

BNG, I'm blushing. That's sweet.

(Also, our kingdoms for NBC affiliates putting our hockey games on alternate channels, eh?)

Docciavelli, thanks, I appreciate the sentiment. I'm nursing a cold anyway so I wouldn't want to infect anyone...that's why I didn't bother going to one of the bars around the corner (they'd probably stare at me like I had three heads anyway).

Maybe I should start a campaign to move the Preakness to Indianapolis.

Docciavelli said...


Don't worry. If the General Assembly doesn't pass slots, the Preakness will be in Florida within 2 years.

I'm bummed though that I won't be at the game tomorrow. Pops and sis will, but I can't make it so I'm selling the other two tix.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Semi-offtopicblog: How I'm staying amused between games ...

*Watching Roenick Dance

* Kaspar Scores in OT

michelle said...

Pre-game music: What are your choices?

Pensblog Staff said...


We totally meant to post the Reynolds/Summers thing.
Completely forgot.

It is up now...


BlacknGold66 said...

@Michelle: Pre-game music for me is simple...

Boys of Winter (which is also my ringtone)

That's all I need to get fired up.

(although I do like "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters since they play it at games.)

PittHockey said...

wtf sponsored comments?

The Seeker said...


A new updated version of the song and video WWGRD by Adam Shaw is now on YouTube.

Changes are names of players (updated after trade deadline), cleaner vocals, and better video.

The original WMV video syncs up with the lyrics better than whatever YouTube does to videos when they are uploaded but there doesn't seem to be any way around that.

Pensblog Staff said...

pitthockey.. its a joke.. don't worry

Johanna Montana said...

Minute 4:00 is where Summers shows up on the video.

michelle said...

@BNG - I like the extended drum version, also

Dude, Dalls-Detroit.

Let's not have a similar experience tmw.

wilsmith said...



dhudzin said...

Pens sign Keven Veilleux to 3 year entry level deal... wooooooo

stokes said...

Here's some good news

J.S. said...

@Stan.P, I had to doublecheck if that thing about Kate Smith was real. Not that I was doubting you, but wiki has been known to get hit with vandals from time to time (not that TPB would ever endorse that, lolz).

It indeed is true.

Googling "That's why darkies were born" and "Kate Smith" produces almost 600 results. At this point, stunned is an understatement. I wonder how hard it was for her to sing with that song with a white hood covering her fat head. I will say that with a title like that, I expected much much worse, but it's that first verse that literally had me saying "".

Just another reason to hate Philly.

Kaitlin said...

Going down to the screen tomorrow to watch the game, bought some galoshes. I figured precautionary waterproof footwear wasn't out of the question, once the hot, salty tears of the Flyers will most likely flood the arena.

Comedy gold, that Marc Summers video. How about that Burt Reynolds? What a mustache.

meredith said...

1. That poor dog. Someone in Pennsylvania please go doggie-nap it and give it a good Pens-loving home.

2. Stop whining about Versus and marry a Canadian already - yes, it's cold up here, but at least we have CBC, TSN and Sportsnet.

TheNWChica said...

IIHFblog: Finland over Sweden 4-0 in the bronze medal game. Stefan Liv started instead of Stunnedqvist who didn't even dress!

Canucks against Feds, Ovie and Russia tomorrow 10aPDT/1pEDT.

MikeS said...

I love the Pensblog getting their own Hockey Central updates. Well played!

Carroll said...

chica- memorial cup - spokane/belleville in OT tied 4-4. Spokane tied it with less then 3 minutes left.

meredith said...

oh and Stoosh?

Forward your letter CBC, to Don Cherry if possible. He'll find something outrageous to say about the depths US broadcasting has fallen to simply so he can read part of a letter like that on the air.

Carroll said...

chica- Spokane just won.

wilsmith said...

ghostbusters on spike.

J.S. said...

It's like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear.....CALIFORNIA SOUL!!"

You're welcome.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@JS: Ha!! It's grabbin' a hold of me right now ...

I'm glad Spokane won ... But right now I'm happier that Dallas won it! Game 6 for Monday at 8!

stokes said...

Thank you, Wilsmith. What an invaluable public service. Flipped right to it.

You know, i actually kind of liked that song the first 5 times i heard the song. Now after seeing that damn commercial plus hearing the entire song, its really not that good.

TheNWChica said...

Thank you Carroll! The Dub! WHooo! lol

Carroll said...

kaspar - I'm glad Dallas won also!

J.S. said...

I'll admit that I lose interest about 30 seconds into the song, or about the time when the Dockers commercial ends. It seems like it goes to a point that I'm not familiar with, and my reaction is like "OK, now what?"

I may have been happy with a 30 second clip instead of that "sample" ;)

Lady Jaye said...

Thanks for the GUTS reference, TPB staff. I just spent the last 2 hours wiki-ing old Nickelodeon shows to see what the casts were doing :)

LeGame58 said...

Chad Herman downloads gay porn and draws pictures of unicorns.

Gary Roberts Rules.

paul said...

Quote from previous thread:

"If you're ever in a street fight with another gang, there's an unwritten rule that everyone does "one-on-one," meaning that you don't gang up on someone."

LOL...Just like Gill & Laraque did to Sean Avery.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Ignoring the troll ...

I don't think any Pens fan is upset with the Detroit/Stars series going into extra games ... and obviously I don't need to tell yinz how pinnacle Sunday's game is ...

I'm so excited for Sunday's game!

And apparently the 2 best defensemen to ever lace their skates might be playing ... that's right Timonen and Coburn. *Note sarcasmblog*

BlacknGold66 said...

Wait... Timonen has been out?

That's news to me

J.S. said...

and post 100.....

boom goes the dynamite!

racheleyos said...

turn the page!!

wilsmith said...

at 200...

racheleyos said...

lmao i thought it was every 100... i'm sober too.

J.S. said...

@quingo, I want that $400. My attitude's right...

TheNWChica said...

I'm wondering if we're going to get to 200 tonight. :)

BlacknGold66 said...

We'll get to 200 if my bored ass doesn't think of something to do hear soon.

Why is tomorrow's game taking so long to get here?

We've dominated the Flyers in all but one period this series, but just because they won game 4 it seems like Sunday @ 3pm will never come.


You know when someone has something "really important" to tell you and they built it up and built it up for a few minutes before you finally snap and say "GET TO THE FUCKING POINT ALREADY!"...

This is like that.

Only they've been dragging the story along for a few days.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@thenwchica: Unless something interesting happens or we force ourselves to post to 200, I doubt it ...

Nothing gets you prepared for a Pens game than listening to Die Toten Hosen, specifically "Bayern." I just imagine that instead of Bayern in the song they say Flyers ... (Unless you speak German you probably have no idea what I'm talking about ... Killingc-blogblog)

TheNWChica said...

@bng66: That is so so great! I speak enough German to know that the band's name is Dead Pants; and they really really don't like the soccer team in Munich. :)

I like the shirt that says Better 4 minutes Deutscher Meister (a foosball table company) than one minute as a FC Bayern fan. lol

Stillson said...

Who knew we'd hit the Bundesliga?

Whistler said...

I wonder if Malkin coughed in Hatcher's or Jone's face.

Is it me or is anyone worried bout this whole sickness thing playing havoc with our conditioning and mental alertness?

Everyone around me (HELL=Eastern, PA) are thinking the Pens are done because Heckyl and Jeckyl are coming back tomorrow.

UGH. Kill me now. Is it 6pm Sunday yet?

Stillson said...

I was wearing my Malkin jersey at Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg today and some d-bag Philly fan was giving me shit about wearing it too close to Philly. Said that it was going 7 games because Timmonen would be back. I told him not to worry about it because we'd be putting the Flyers out of their misery tomorrow.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Chica: Yeah, I know. I love that song ... es ist lustig! (It is funny!)

Does anyone know why the women's jersey is cheaper than the men's ... I'm about to buy a Malone jersey but I'm wondering why the men's is $169.99 and the women's is $89.99.

Stillson said...

Got my Malkin on ebay for 50 bucks

BlacknGold66 said...

@Kaspar: Women's jersey's are smaller hence the difference in price.

TheNWChica said...

@kaspar: Sprichst du Deutsch? Ich spreche ein Bisschen, aber ist nicht so gut. Niemand mit meiner Freunde oder meine Familie sprechen Deutsch. So, ist es am meisten kaput. lol

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hmmmm ... the dilemna ... the women's lettering doesn't look like the teams and doesn't have the outline in gold. I can have the women's now (well when it get's shipped), but if I wanted the men's I'd have to wait for my birthday in October ... any advice?

@Chica: Ja, ich spreche Deutsch. Ich habe Klasse aber meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Meine Familie sprechen Deutsch nicht. (Mein LieblingsDeutschBand ist Die Toten Hosen.)

BlacknGold66 said...

@Kaspar: Where are you looking to buy your jersey?

freddy's mole said...

@ matt gajtka

I didn't read that Smizik article, but Malkin hasn't AVERAGED 7 shots on goal for the past 3 games, he has 7 shots on goal TOTAL for the last 3 games. Malkin doesn't need a lot of shots to score, but he has definitely disappeared a little bit as of late.

I hear he likes to light the lamp at home though...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@bng66: On ... on ebay it costs about $179.99 ...

jefe said...

welp its only 8:30 here, so ive decided to flaskblog around town (jameson whiskey anyone?) woo. i hope to flask it to the lawn for a finals game when im in town also ;) maybe ill see yinz when i get back haha.

btw, flyerfreak has some decent video respones lol.

BlacknGold66 said...

Yeah it's a tough decision on the jersey front Kaspar. I like the women's ones on certain girls... but the replica men's jerseys look great on women as well.

The women's are form-fitting while the mens just hang... so I guess it boils down to which you'd be more comfortable in and how soon you'd want it.

SOOooooo.... you should just buy me an authentic Malkin jersey and be done with it. :-)

BlacknGold66 said...

@Jefe: Jameson is the official drink of my group of friends here. Solid choice my friend.

Stoosh said...

@ Meredith -

I'm sending that to Don Cherry tonight. With Grapes doing work for ESPN right now as well, I'm hoping maybe it'll prompt him to throw the mention out there that hockey needs to be back on ESPN.

Hockey coverage in Canada is one reason why I couldn't wait for the States to get the NHL Network. They patch into TSN and CBC quite a bit during the season, so that makes it nice. The less I have to watch Versus, the better.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@bng66: Good one on the Malkin jersey. But nice try at that. Would I be running a jinxblog on Bugsy if I buy the jersey now (I mean, his contract is in the air) and on the team (because I'm superstitious)?

Stoosh said...

@ I Have Kasparaitis -

I'm faced with the same dilemma. Last time I was at a game, I had a Malkin dark jersey in my hands and almost bought it.

How-EVAHHHH (as Stephen A. Smith would say)...

I ended up not getting it. Why?

I'm not entirely crazy about the new home/away jerseys, at least not the way I am about the Winter Classic blue jerseys. With it being almost June, I'm not going to be wearing a new jersey much before next season anyway. And the rumor is that the blue jerseys will be announced as the third jerseys for 2008-09 sometime this summer.

So I'm just going to wait and get a blue jersey (almost certainly a Malkin one) when they become available then. In fact, when I make my fourth annual "Stoosh Goes to Pens Camp" trip this September, I'm hoping they'll have them down at PenStation, because that's when I'll get one.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Well, as much as this pains me ... I have decided to wait until my birthday for an authetic men's jersey. The men's looks nicer than the women's, if I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to by it it's not worth it, and I don't like running jinxblog for my Pens or Malone. So I will wait ... until October ...

Good night to yins all and thanks for the help.

Hey_Pens said...

I don't ever post but read all the time it seems like I know everyone in here anyhow going through old stuff on my computer tonight I found the single greatest video on the gore from the one man who let the pens be where they are today I don't know how to post the cool way so just go here.
Get it done tomorrow

racheleyos said...

well now that i watched i am legend im going to have nightmares of mutants...great....

Stoosh said...

@ Racheleyos -

I just got done watching the last 45 minutes or so of "The Descent" on Showtime. That was like watching Aliens, only it was set in a cave and 1000 times more bloody. Not THE scariest movie I've ever seen, but it's pretty much up there.

racheleyos said...

stoosh - i'm never watching a scary-like movie at night again. i saw the new "the omen" in theatres and couldn't sleep the entire night...... but I can watch all the SAW movies and be ok!

i'm glad you feel my pain lol

Colin said...

Dude, Bundesliga in cblog? That is unreal. Anyone else watching the Champions League final Wednesday?

Pens - Do it.

letsgopsu said...

@ stoosh

I love the Winter Classic jerseys. I got a Bing one on ebay ($69.99 after s&h) and it came a couple days before the second round. I decided it was bad luck during game fours after the second period, so I took it off. We all know what happened in the third.

Adrienne said...

Stoosh, awesome open letter. I couldn't agree more with you. You are on point with everything that is wrong with Versus coverage. <3

I am SO pumped that Dallas won tonight. YAY!

I'm way beyond ready to finish up this series tomorrow. Let's do this. :D

somechic said...

i give stoosh a standing o for the letter b/c i probably already missed the slow clap

Jawsh said...

i dont really have any constructive comments to add, that joke matters so little he might as well be Chad Hermansen, sometimes I get hives if i go to long without leaving something in the cblog tho.

mer said...

@stoosh - If Cherry mentions it, I will cry laughing and drink a shot in your honor!

Also, I'm pretty sure the clip will be on Youtube within the hour...

sh0ez said...

@I Have Kasparaitis

Gonchar: Veteran Affairs. Sweet.
Hossa: Commerce. I like your idea. Sort of like the Malone one.
Malkin: Treasury. I like this too.
Kennedy: Energy. Amazing.

How about:
State: Crosby? I almost hate using Crosby for anything, but since he is Captain and all . . .
Labor: Fleury? He's been a big reason for this playoff run.
Justice: I'd go with Laraque maybe? Or someone on defense? Orpik? Hmm.
Interior: Talbot? I don't know.

That leaves Education, Health, and Transportation.

Some of those are a stretch. Thanks for the input, though. I like your ideas and I will put them into use if I get Photoshop working on my home computer. If I can't, it will be postponed 'til next weekend-ish.

sh0ez said...

Also, "The Descent" ruled. Isaw it in theaters but I like the UK version's ending much better.

dhudzin said...

Dare I say...

Health: Eaton

jefe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jefe said...

new post, but..

@sh0ez - staal and malkin are the only 82 game players. so staal could be under health.

education could be.. scuderi. cause like all teachers, he is under-appreciated.

blueline said...

WWGRDAH? ... Why Would Gary Roberts Drive A Honda?

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