Monday, May 26, 2008

87 Mile

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Losing Game One of a series sucks everything you want it to suck.
All day Sunday, Pens fans just stared at a wall, rocking back and forth.

But on Sunday, the news spread like wildfire:

Gary Roberts will dress for Game 2. [ Yahoo ]
The odd man out will be BGL.


Check out the joke [Jesse B.] played on his Red Wing fan friends.
He made Dave P.'s Roberts Wallpaper into a poster.


At that same Yahoo link, you'll read that HCMT is juggling the lines.
Reports everywhere say Malkin is now on the third line, but we'll believe it when we see it.


Is he hitting the panic button?
Is Malkin out of gas?
When is Heroes returning on NBC?

Built-up chemistry aside, Malone and Talbot fit pretty well on their respective lines.
Malone doesn't bring the explosiveness Dupuis brings, but Malone can finish.


Regardless of who wins the Cup,
let's hope it doesn't meet the same fate as the Memorial Cup, recently given to the CHL Champion.

:: Heroes and goats of Game One? [ Edmonton Journal ]
Rob Scuderi's name kept popping up.

With that said, we are going out on the biggest limb of all time.

Rob Scuderi is scoring a goal

:: Covering the Finals like nobody's business. [ AOL Fanhouse ]
:: Instead of 80 links, just go here and have a ball. [ ]

:: 44 Reasons to watch the Cup Finals. [ ]
Your brain cells may go on strike if you read that.

:: TV Ratings were superb for Game One. [ ]


:: Pens can compete with Wings. [ PG ]
:: Q&A with HCMT. [ Kukla's Korner ]
:: Gino, wake up. [ The Hockey News ]


[Cory M]

[ Phanatic ]
:: Franz may play, but Babcock has to find room for him. [ TSN ]

:: Wings make lackluster Pens look silly. [ Ross the Boss ]
:: The Red Army wants to improve on their Game One performance. [ Yahoo ]

:: Larry Murphy is on the fence. [ Sporting News ]


A Day in the Life of Game One. [ A2Y ]



[<span class=
Thanks to a Preds fan in Cblog, we no longer have to call Chris Osgood a midget.



"I want goalie pads this small."
[ Bettman's annual State of the NHL Address ]

:: What will Crosby's presence in the Finals do for the NHL? [ ]
:: 10 key factors of the 07-08 season. [ NYT Blog ]


There is a reason we call him the good doctor.
[ Mirtle ] posted some great stats via [ Time On Ice ]

It breaks down who plays against who.

Brian Rafalski played 75% of his ice time against Bing.
Brad Stuart played 60% of his ice team against Malkin.

In Crosby's 18 minutes, he never saw Detroit's third pair defensemen.

Why did he only see 18 minutes?
Unsolved Mysteries was in Detroit to find out.



Go Pens


eileenover said...


Pensblog Staff said...

morale is down

Benjamin said...

love the ferris bueller shop, very nice indeed. I pretty much spent the day staring off into space exactly like they said. Win or lose, but hope to gary Win, I just want game 2 to get here. Arena anyone? Im still kind of bummed over being there for the first loss, but I def. want to get some more tailgate blog going.

Skizzler said...

elroy = true

let's go pens!

sh0ez said...

WWGRD time.

Again, let's do this.

Bold move on the Scuderi guarantee. I like it.

You know what this means . . .


shades of mario said...

is game 2 time to break out the hacksaw? or is that like pressing the panic button?

Benjamin said...


love the old prospector avatar, why did that skit never make on, it was by far will ferrells best sketch. My friends and I quote it daily.

eileenover said...

THANK YOU for the Scuderi guarantee. I've been wanting him to score a goal since before the playoffs even started.

KJ said...

lol, that memorial trophy breaking was hilarious. my father still calls messier butterfingers cause according to him messier had the cup at MSG for a knicks game and dropped it and the cup broke into a thousand pieces. he says "you can't tell on tv, but they had to super glue it all back together".

and is it just me or does it look like robert stack is standing in front of one of those memorials dedicated to victims of some sort of horrible dictator...oh wait, he's in detroit, nvm

eileenover said...

"Lucy you know I don't speak Mexican." I love this movie.

letsgopsu said...

There's only one prediction that could have been going out on more of a limb, and I'm gonna make it.

44 is gonna bury one.

Benjamin said...


Im guessing your also a psu student like myself, but saying 44 is going to score is a bold statement my friend. I can't fault you for it though, I would love nothing more than to see it. I think I might have to wear my homemade free candy shirt again at the arena.

TheNWChica said...

Steve is going to shoot one past Elroy...just sayin'.

dhudzin said...

With all these guarantees, I've got a hunch Max is gonna have a big game.

brob0830 said...

scuderi scoring a goal would complete my life

Beav said...

2 Buries it... I figured as long as we are making reckless guarantees, give me the U.S.S. Hal Gill

Johanna Montana said...

I'm with chica on our new player Steve. I saw it coming from last game.

michelle said...

i couldn't get out of bed until like 4pm today.

but this post cheered me up.

I read that Malkin is "Not good. Is tired." or some junk. Someone get that man a redbull.

And ya know, Cameron was always a puss. It just makes sense that'd he'd wear that.

Steve buries it.

michelle said...

Also, I meant "that" not "that'd"

Well, I should say you DO owe me an apology, Rooney! You just mind your P's and Q's, buster, and remember who you're dealing with!

MizzPenz said...

I personally don't know who Morale is, but if he's down he better splash some cold water on his face, wake the fuck up and get his shit together because this isn't over by a longshot.

Just saying.

Joose said...

hahaha Fucking Unsolved Mysteries...... Hopefully, Rescue 911 won't need to be called for game 2.

dazzy said...

(Jacked for tomorrow night? Who, me? At 3:30am? Noooo....)

Sportscentre just told me that the fire alarm went off last night at the Pens' hotel. Nice to see Detroit fans are just as classy as Philthy fans.

I like the guarantee. It's bold.

That said, I agree with everybody who said Steve buries one tonight. He's going to play like he's on FIAH.

dhudzin said...

Oh my Gary..... look at Brooks for the first ten seconds in this interview...


dazzy said...

...holy Gary. *turns all the lights on*

How am I supposed to sleep now? That's the shit nightmares are made of. Free Candy, indeed!

Party of Ruutu said...

Hey Dazzy from LJ!!

Party of Ruutu said...

I love when Free Candy goes all psycho killer eyes and then brushes his hair behind his ears...very slowly.


dazzy said...

Heeey! I'm glad to see I'm not the only insomniac tonight!

Joose said...

Orpik always has his eyes on the prize.

dazzy said...

Yes, Joose, but the question is: Is the prize killing a man with his bare hands?

....coz that's what his eyes are sayin'.

Party of Ruutu said...

Joose said...

Yes, Dazzy.... That is exactly what the prize is.

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

Get Geno's parents over here quick.
Get Geno back to the right circle.
Get Geno a high end Russian speaking escort and handcuffs.

Kat said...

Wow, the Elroy comparison is clutch. And yay for calling Scuds on the goal. I'm still saying TK is going to bury on eventually and it's going to be huge.

And hey everyone, long time lurker, new poster to the c-blog. *waves*

Party of Ruutu said...

Hey, Kat.

A lot of lurkers have been coming out lately. Like two a day.

dhudzin said...

Hullo kat, glad you decided to chirp in!

And with that, it's bed time... at 5:15...

Raybin said...

FSN repeated the "Raising the Cup" specials tonight.

Just what the doctor ordered.

stokes said...

How the HELL does Elroy get his helmet on over those EARS???

I hope someone CRUSHES Kornhole tonight. Like GR himself. In fact(and you people are smart enough that i probably don't have to say this)GR will probably kill everything that moves including some of his own players.

This has probably been said already. Detroit's not that good and the Pens aren't that bad.

Fucking DO IT

Party of Ruutu said...

Stokes- I like your enthusiasm this early in the morning!

Dr. Turkleton said...

love the COCKYTOWN PS's....

kinda makes it sound like Charlie's hangout...damn, I'm gonna have to stop along the way and pickup some protection....not a gun or knife, but some prophylactics.

[Hossa: C'MON!!!! BURY IT!!!!!!!]

J.S. said...

Shane Endicott-th

I'm going back to bed.

Jebus the XIV said...

Joe 'Coop' Cooper is hanging by his neck in his fucking closet.

Why is it every time I see a Robert Stack reference, I think Baseketball? Probably because I'm drunk on cheep alcohol at 7:30 in the a.m. Oh well. Roll with it.

Russell Lucas said...

Not sure about Scuderi, but tonight Tyler Kennedy gets his goal.

canaanregulatesblog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yinz Luv Da Guins said...

Here's a morale booster, (kind of):

Stanley Cup Game 1

Dan said...

elroy hahahah

not getting political, don't know if anyone posted this yet. in that movie "recount" on hbo last night, david moorehouse stopped al gore from making his concession speach in 2000. he also had a horrible limp.

Hip said...

Can't wait for tonight. I too think Max might take his promotion to the bank; I'm convinced Steve will show everyone wtf is up; and I'm praying Geno will do something positive too.

In the meantime - thank you to all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and especially to those who have given their lives. We remember you today and we are grateful for your sacrifice.

J.J. said...

Wow, I never noticed how much Ozzie looked like Elroy before!

You do know that Elroy was a genius and the moral compass for the Jetsons, right?

VooX said...

Alright bitches, the invasion from A2Y continues. We took it easy on you in game one with only a couple of posters, and you STILL got your panties in a bunch. Just wait till the main landing force arrives, you guys will be going fetal by the first intermission.

Anyone check the Vegas line for the over/under on how many of your stars Kronwall will lay out tonight? Little Boy Wonder better keep his head up as we would hate for him to have a bump on his wittle head that sends him home to mommy.

Bring your A-game bitches as online and on the ice the Wings will looking to walk all over the Pens today. This is not a dream, it is your nightmare.

Sooska said...

Ghost of Penguin's Stanley Cups Past I just thought this was a cool effect on the photo.

Th PG printed an article in this morning's paper about how Detroit must both embarrass and humiliate Steve before he should be allowed to win a Cup because he has had it too easy all his life and this playoff season. Link to the asshole

Colin said...

I think the big think tonight for the Pens is going to be a better breakout with shorter passes. We need to keep the gap between our forwards and the d-men tighter. We need to have great d-zone puck support, something Stall does very well. Once we reach the red line we can use the cross ice dumps to keep it from Elroy and go get the puck.

No excuses tonight, cblog needs to band together with positive thoughts and do this.


The Girl With a Voice! said...

I'm planning on meeting some friends down at the stadium tonight...any idea what time I should get there so that I can get a half-decent seat in Mellon?

BlacknGold66 said...


"We still have no fucking clue where this guy is...""

When Scoods almost scored in Game one my girlfriend and I both simultaniously said "If Scuds scores their we shut down the blog."

Fleury29 said...

When Cameron was in Egypt-land...

Let my Cameron go.

Game one is just that... GAME ONE. There are six more games, if need be but I don't think the Pens will need six more.

They were embarrassed. They got schooled. They're not going to let that happen again. The Pittsburgh Penguins are much, much better than that game and they're going to prove it in game two. They may not win but they will play a helluva lot better and scare the shit out of the Wings.

The Pens will win game three, take that to the bank.

Johnny P. said...

@ benjamin and skizzler

"I'd be more worried about coyotes if I were you." HAHAHA

...annnnd that first goal was not Scuderi's fault. When Fleury went to push off of the post to slide across, his skate slipped off, that's all.

As far as morale being down, would you guys feel better if we lost 3-2, or 6-0, or 2-1 in overtime? What is the difference, its still only one game, and someone had to win game one. The funny thing about the odd numbered games is that half of the teams playing are going to be trailing. Its what those teams do in the even games that matters the most.


Vanessa Day said...

As I was working on Friday (sidewalk sales, mind you),the freaks were out in full force in Bay Harbor. Honestly, I saw about 50 of them in their red wings attire. One of my store owner neighbors came by (he didn't know I was a Pens fan) and had a wings shirt on. We got to talking and apparently he used to play in the AHL for the Hornets in the 60's... but he also played for the Wings. Not cool.

I was so psyched for that game, then it just went horribly wrong. Seriously. I was waiting for them to unzip their faces and reveal the Blue Jackets or something like that.

That was horrible.

I have confidence they'll show the wings who's the daddy tonight.



racheleyos said...

If I hear the "Here we go Penguins" chant tonight I might have to shoot myself in the head. You don't put a Pens cheer to the Steelers one. No,No,No!

Flyer Hater said...

There's so much more leg room on the bandwagon...

The Seeker said...

The Detroit News has a story about WWGRD

(linkage: Empty Netters)

Colin said...

Anyone have any suggestions on how to pass the time today?

Did anyone else see the PensTv video of practice yesterday where Fleury runs out to practice and fake falls again? It was pretty funny. I think he will play very well tonight.

Go Pens

The Seeker said...

Personally, I don't know WHY teams talk about proposed line changes before the games.

If it were me, I'd keep that a secret and let everyone figure it out when the puck drops.

It may not sound like much, but every edge you can get helps.

The Seeker said...

@ flyer hater

It IS Memorial Day morning you know.

Most of us don't normally get a chance to party on a Fri, Sat & SUNDAY night.

It's recovery, travel, & BBQ day.

Stilly said...

Good post gentlemen. Tonight, we take this series over.

osheak234 said...

a few points:

- good thing Pens fans sell out the Joe. That would be embarrassing.

- The KFC commercial that always plays, anyone else notice the subliminal dollar hidden in the lettuce when they show it at the end?

- Stanley Cup finals in Pittsburgh.. any flashes to Sudden Death?

dying alive said...

Scuderi has already almost scored in the playoffs, remember the one that hit the post? I agree, he scores a goal tonight. And we still love him, regardless of what some jobber journalist in Edmonton says.

And not to be left out of the FB quotes: I'll bet you've never smelled a real school bus before.

J.J. said...


The dollar in the lettuce! I first noticed that when the commercial came on a couple weeks ago. I must have seen the commercial 50 times before I noticed it.

I caught it briefly and spend five minutes trying to get the stupid DVR to pause at the right moment. My wife is sitting there wondering what the hell I'm doing while I'm spewing on like a crazed conspiracy theorist about the dollar in the lettuce.

Glad I'm not the only one who has caught that. Every time I see that commercial now, all I can see is that damn dollar.

Chubs said...


Thank you for the Baseketball quote, it easily made my morning (here and I thought only four other people liked that movie, apparently there's five)

I say Red and Andy get the start tonight, we could use a good Morgan Freeman voiceover round here...

Stoosh said...

@ Sooska -

While I completely disagree with this notion that Crosby needs to lose before he can win, the tone I got from Sharp's Detroit Free-Press article in the PG was at least one of a guy who seemed to appreciate what Crosby means to the game.

A jobber like Tim Pinnachio, Stan Fischler or John Dellapina would've written the same article and done nothing but bash Crosby's status as NHL Golden Boy, bash Crosby's tendency to chat it up with the refs from time to time, or his occassional attempt to draw a penalty.

I completely disagree with Sharp's assertion that Sid needs to lose to learn how to win - that completely discounts the possibility that the Pens might just be the better team overall and there's no reason why the better team should lose simply because they're young. But it's nice to hear an opposing writer admit that if the Pens happen to lose this series (which I think is a long way from a certainty), he'd enjoy watching Sid channel that loss into even more motivation and elevate his game even further.

xocharmedchildox said...

Not sure if anyone saw this on the
PG. Its a Q&A with Jarkko Ruutu:

Q: Who do you think is the bigger cult figure among Penguins fans, you or Gary Roberts, and who would win in a fight?

A: I don't know. Gary is the president [referring to popular signs promoting Roberts for president], so how can I beat him? He's the leader. He's been around forever. I think he deserves the credit he's getting. I don't know [who would win a fight]. It would be pretty interesting. He's a tough bugger.

Stoosh said...

Good article on Lemieux.

Other than the attractive young lady next to him, something else jumped out on that picture...Is Lemieux wearing Chuck Taylors?

letsgopsu said...

Anybody else gonna be at the Mellon tonight?

Party of Ruutu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanessa Day said...


OMG!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed that! I try to point it out to my husband every time it comes on, but he never sees it... or just doesn't care.

Did anyone notice the bird that is in the first "work" freeze frame of the Dockers commercial?


Vanessa Day said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Party of Ruutu said...

I think the press conference is still going continuing on

TheNWChica said...

I know that it's not quite the same, but I think that some people forget that Sid has been in a Cup final before and lost when he was with Rimouski in '95. That team was a power house that mowed everyone down, then they lost the Final game of the Memorial Cup.

Hip said...

@colin - watching Fleury fake fall again might be one of the funniest things I've seen all year.

God I love this team.

Party of Ruutu said...

Colin - I saw that. Fleury doesn't have any ridiculous pride in him.

The Seeker said...

Memorial Day Tribute

It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the soldier,
who salutes the flag,
who serves under the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.

By Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC

JYo said...

First and foremost, happy Memorial Day and a big thanks to all past and present troops!

There's so much more leg room on the bandwagon...

You might not want to stretch out too far if the Pens take game 2. It will fill right back up.

If it were me, I'd keep that a secret and let everyone figure it out when the puck drops.

While I completely agree with the sentiment, I don't think its that simple. The coach wants to practice with the lines he is going to use and since the practice is open to reporters (I don't know if they are allowed to close it or not), they can see what lines are together for themselves. Anyway, I doubt these changes will make much difference to the Wings approach given the results of game one.

@Stoosh: I saw that pic and checked out the surroundings a bit, but never even looked at Lemieux's shoes! It actually looks a little like puckbunnyblog going on there.

Regarding Q&As, today's from Molinari is actually pretty good. He points out that fans of both teams seem to respect their opponent going in to the series and gives a good response (especially for him) to a question about "were the Wings that good vs. Pens that bad?)

J.J. said...

Molinari's answer to the question about the bigger contributing factor between the Pens lack of execution and the Wings forcing mistakes is probably the best I've seen written out there to this point.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

Yeah, I know the practices are open to the media and they'll see what lines are working together.

But when asked to comment, I'd just say that is only a practice and they haven't made any decisions yet.

I also realize it won't change much the way the Wings play...but to be anticipating playing against one gay and another one is in his place when the puck drops has to give those players a bit of a pause and a little feeling of being unprepared.

It's a tiny thing for sure, but what the couldn't hurt.

JYo said...

But when asked to comment, I'd just say that is only a practice and they haven't made any decisions yet.

I doubt anyone would buy that. Again, I agree that they shouldn't give out any extra info unnecessarily, but I think they would just look foolish trying to cover up the identity of the lines they will obviously be starting with. With HCMT, it doesn't really matter so much anyway, because he'll change his lines at the drop of a hat in the middle of a game, so you really can't prep for any set combination of lines.

JYo said...

I just caught up with last night's C-blog and I am sorely disappointed that no one was running innuendoblog with gems like these lying around:

@11:57 PM IHK said I have to get off now ... good night, my c-bloggers.

@1:05 AM racheleyos said:letsgopsu - well if ur near me maybe ill slip you one. haha. (It would have been funnier if PSU said it to Rachel, but still...)

As for foodnetworkblog:

I also love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Giada, and Alton Brown. I'm not a big Bobby Flay guy. His talent is unquestionable, especially in his throwdown show where he will go up against the expert in almost any area, but he is a pompous jerk. He is the Derek Jeter of cooking.

racheleyos said...

jyo - lol....that would have been funny. but im the one of age here!

JYo said...

that would have been funny. but im the one of age here!

Oh, I know what you meant, but I was referring to it as innuendo. It makes more sense for the male to "slip one" to the female so to speak.

Pensgirl said...

Mile 87.

Man this day is just craaaawwwwling.

I hope HCMT starts el presidente's line.

Pensgirl said...

By the way, staff, nice call on Scuderi. Mike Lange asked him about scoring the other day...something's in the air about ol' Bobby.

dhudzin said...

C'mon 8:00...

racheleyos said...

openingthepoolblog. yay

Party of Ruutu said...

I wanted to know if anyone could direct me to Malkin's comments about being tired.


Carroll said...

@ party of ruutu

Sooska said...

re: Mario and Chuck Taylor's. Le Magnifique looks like a fashion plate while dressed in a sweatshirt and sneakers. Who can do that? 66 buries it.

Jawsh said...

Allow me to cast my vote for Ed Harris.

Game 2 = our finest hour.


Party of Ruutu said...

Thanks Carroll.

I don't know whether to be worried or not.

sexymexyjeffy said...

calling it 66 from Roberts and scuds

prove me wrong

anyone know where Sykora went?


Sooska said...

@ party of ruutu and sexymexyjeffy - IMO Syko is only as good as Geno since his production is directly tied to Geno's. The chances form Geno have been few since Round 3 Game 1. It seems like Geno hasn't been the same since his atomic slap shot in Game 1 v Flyers after that Richards hit. They both also had the flu which had to play into it. These guys are pros but they are also human I would expect he'll be all right after HCMT talked to him.

They all have to step it up tonight. I think they will.

jefe said...

i never say anything about the pens cause its usually already been said. ill keep it that way.

so, heres the deal on the KFC hidden dollar..

KFC contest (which is over!)

Vern said...

Gary Roberts rap.


Party of Ruutu said...

He seems mentally psyched out. He says he isn't comfortable in certain positions and on and on. It's just...I don't know. But Sykie said he just hasn't played near this many games before, so it's normal to be out of it.

Party of Ruutu said...

I think now I'm even happier that HCMT put Talbot with Malkin.

Pensgirl said...

Anybody reading Collier's new blog? He was having a conversation with Lange this morning about (intentionally outlandish, silly) things they could do to change hockey, and this made me laugh:

I told [Lange] about my idea for multiple pucks, actually a whole bucket of 'em, all in play at once.

"Yes," he said, "but there's only one that counts, the glow puck. But you don't know which is the glow puck. They pull 'em all out of the net, put an infrared light on them, and if the glow puck is in your net, you lose."

dying alive said...

Did anyone else see the PensTv video of practice yesterday where Fleury runs out to practice and fake falls again?

I'm going to watch that right now. I love that guy.

michelle said...

Orpik to Rangers?

I was trying to find something clever or witty to say to accompany all of the jabs in the post, but I've got nothing. Right now it's serious absolutely yes I can for sure time.


The Big K said...

I swear to fucking Gary Roberts, if Scuderi scores a goal tonight, I might just kill myself in amazement.


Pens 4
Wings 3

Hossa, Crosby, Crosby, Malone

jefe said...

if any of the pens go to a division rival that would suck. but id learn to hate them ;)

go pens.

The Big K said...

Where is Chris E?

I'm waiting for the words.

Do it.

michelle said...

The globe and mail says :

"Detroit have a good defenceman. Kronwall," Malkin said. "I need to be more physical play. Have to pressure defenceman. Hit. Yeah, hit."

"I love pressure. I play next game better," Malkin said and then admitted, "First game, I'm a little bit nervous."

Malkin comes out crushing and swinging tonight. Anyone?

PensfanSeoul said...

Bobby Scoods garuantee?

If this one happens, I will be convinced that staff has a time machine and knows how all this is going to turn out in the end.

Game two tonight...HUGE, but still not the end of the world....

Strap it on, and strap it tight...Lord Gary, deliver the punishment to our foes. Steve, Staal, and Gino must deliver us from our scoreless streak.

Its on.

To continue the Baseketball quotes..."You're excited? Feel these nipples!"

The Big K said...

@Dying Alive-
I saw that. Very funny stuff.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Sweet mother of Hossa! There's a Monty Python marathon on BBC America all day today! I now know how I'm going to spend the next 4 hours.

CAN'T WAIT to see how The Juggler's lines work out tonight...

In Steve We Trust.

Hip said...

What I love about Malkin is he really tells you exactly what he's thinking, even if it's not flattering. I would love to see a guy like that come up big tonight and just tell Ron Cook to eat tard.

Big K - no man, we'd miss you here too much.

michelle said...

cue the images of steve scoring in slow motion to the tune of Damn Yankees - High Enough

Jonny V said...

Newbie posters, go to thePensblog FAQ and learn yourself how to hyper link.

It actually looks a little like puckbunnyblog going on there.
So any girls watching a hockey practice are now puckbunnies?

Yinz love da 'guins, nice to see you at least saw the end of the game. Didn't miss much though.

Five more hours

M. Vanderlasser said...

No, Steve scoring multiple goals and Scuds getting his hat trick to the tune of Metallica's "Seek and Destroy".

Party of Ruutu said...

I definitely want to see Geno and Steve do the darn thang in a powerplay.

Five more hours y'all.

Go Pens!

racheleyos said...

"come on, let's shout.
come on, jump in." clap clap

what is this song???? they play it everytime on the lawn for pens games...and it is so addicting...there are lyrics too but the only one i remember is "scratch my back with a hacksaw" i need to hear it!

PensfanSeoul said...

oh and @cblog:

For anyone that has said anything, thanks for the Memorial day mentions. It means a lot to hear that those of us on active duty, reserve and guard status are appreciated. With all the negativity in the press, its just nice to get it every once in a while from your peers.

Also, if you get the chance today, thank a Vet...without them, we dont have the freedoms we have to appreciate (and fight for) today.

-A grateful Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force

The Big K said...

I was running sarcasmblog haha.


The time has come for me to uncork my second monthly C-BLOG ALL STAR TEAM!

Here it is!

Eileenover, Hip, Sooska
Stoosh, Dying Alive

In goal we have Sooska.

On the bench-
Head coach LetsGoPSU
Assistant coaches Fleury29 and BNG66

Spiritual Leader- Whistler

Those of you who did not make the team this month, I encourage you to continue working hard, and someday maybe you can do it!

General Manger NWchica
and principle owner Staff, btw.

The Big K said...


Thank you very much for what you are doing.
Go Pens.

Party of Ruutu said...

Newbie posters, go to thePensblog FAQ and learn yourself how to hyper link.

What does that even mean?

Hip said...

Holy fuck, I'm centering the top line. What an honor.

My life is now complete.

Hip = stunned.

racheleyos said...

partyruutu - cause people try to post a link and the whole thing doesn't copy right. you have to type <*a href="urllinkhere"*>link title<*/a*> without the *'s tho

jefe said...

big k, can i be equipment manager or something.

4 1/2 hrs to go.

doooooooo it.

TheNWChica said...

BigK- Wow little man! I'm touched and flattered to be compared to RShero! Chica=flattered

Oh, and I think that the girl in that shot with 66 might be one of his girls. I know that a couple of them play hockey. And I would also vote yes that those are Chucks that he's wearing.

And I also want to give my gratitude and thanks to all of yinz who have served. I'm a daughter of a retired NCO of the WA Natl. Guard.

I'm headed over to the family compound for some burnt weenies, so I may or may not be here for CblogGameChatblog. I might just stay and watch it on their 42 inch screen since they get the Ceeb on their cable. If I get here, I'll see yinz later; and if not...GO PENS! DO IT!

Pensgirl said...

Jyo/Jonny, I believe that's Stephanie standing next to Mario, and I wouldn't doubt that at least one of the others is also a Lemieux. So, more like puckroyalty. ;)

Party of Ruutu said...

rachel - I just wasn't sure what was being referenced. The only messed up link isn't by a n00b.

Anyway, much thanks and love to all the troops, past and present.

Pensgirl said...

Chica, I'm not sure about Alexa or Lauren but we know Stephanie plays (like Dad).

debrisslide said...

I can't sit still. Is it really only 4:00? I have an anatomy final tomorrow and I can't bring myself to study. I've been pacing around the house and eating cashews. I need a morale boost myself. C'mon 8:00. I'll even settle for 7:30 and watch Versucks talk out of their asses for 15 minutes about the line changes. . .

racheleyos said...

debrisslide - that is sooo weird! my sister has an anatomy finale next monday. lol.

Hip said...

@debrisslide - anatomy is brutal. My sympathies.

sexymexyjeffy said...

@ Sooska

i think the deal with Syko is he shys away from ALL physical play and as a hockey player myself, i can honestly say that you cant get pumped for a game if your not playing physical, wouldnt be supprised if he was nursing some type of injury. but if he just throws his weight around a little bit i think it would completly turn his game around.

racheleyos said...

leaving to watch the game shortly. if anyone else is going to the arena besides letsgopsu, make sure to look for a 1991-1992 tshirt that says "back to back" (on the back). lol.

what would gary roberts eat???
hopefully some redwings.....

let's go pens!!!!!!!!

Sooska said...

@big k- goal? I was center before (not complaining - just trying to get my game on) who do you think I am? Steve? heehee did you mean Stoosh in goal?

@ michelle- thanks for that info on Geno. hmm why don't our papers have THAT? All they have is "I'm tired."

@jyo- where have you been? what's with the puckbunny bullshit comment? don't answer. the subject is closed. but remember it.

Benjamin said...

I am hopping in the shower then heading down to the arena, look for the free candy shirt and that'll be me. Lets right this ship! The losing stops now!

Kat said...

Apparently Frazen's Been Cleared To Play. Interesting...

Man, I love that my work never bothers to call me in on game days. I'm glad they know better. Longest 4 hours ever coming up.

eileenover said...

Thanks big k! I'm very honored. Top line winger hell yes!

I would like to continue the thanks to all of the brave men and women who serve and protect this country. You are truly heroes.

racheleyos said...

oh yeah, happy memorial day everyone!!!!

BNG - if you happen to read this, since I felt like I was taking up your facebook wall haha.... a thanks to you for serving our country :)

letsgopsu said...

Yesterday, c-blog gave a pathetic performance. Half of you don't care. I really start to believe their goal is to be the comment section in the league - and they're doing a great job. They can't job other blogs. They have no creativity. They're soff. I've never seen a bunch of c-bloggers soff like this.

Of course I don't feel this way, but I saw I was head coach and couldn't resist.

eileenover said...

By the way, if Sooska is in goal, who is the right wing?

Jonny V said...

My whole day ruined because I have yet to make an all star team.

What's this? I seem to be sitting in a big puddle of sarcasm...

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hip said...

@jonny v - my whole day WAS ruined when I didn't make the squad last month.

Don't ruin my moment with your sarcasm!!!!

I know there are a lot of present and past military members on here and we all thank each of you for your service and sacrifices.

Stoosh said...

From the grandson of a WWII Army veteran and the son-in-law of a retired Air Force sergeant, God bless all the veterans and active servicemen and servicewomen everywhere.

We couldn't enjoy everything we do without you doing what you do.

Chubs said...

I'm waiting for big k to put together a AHL (Baby cblog?) starting lineup, personally.

dying alive said...

Defense. Solid. I picture myself as Big Hal Gill, only a foot and a half shorter. Literally. And lighter, otherwise I would be perfectly round and be able to just roll around the ice rather than wearing skates.

eileenover said...

What the hell is up with c-blog today? There's a huge game tonight. Now is not the time to sit back and keep your mouth shut.

letsgopsu said...

@ eileen

You have to remember that it's Memorial Day, so a lot of people probably aren't sitting at their computers all day. It'll pick back up tomorrow when everybody is at work all day.

eileenover said...

Yeah I keep forgetting it's a holiday for some reason.

jefe said...

everyday is a holiday for me until im working again. hahaha. hah. ah.

happy memorial day peeps.


SK said...

I'm not panicking. Picnicing earlier. Panicking? No.

The Pens have had a shitty game in every single series. Gary Roberts is gonna be awesome and provide the leadership this team needs. He's already pissed at having had to sit out game one. Let that fire burn, Gary!

Dupuis is finally off of Sid's line and hopefully Malone will be able to actually finish the sweet setups that Crosby has been dealing this entire playoff run.

I am looking forward to this game. I am psyched. I am pulling out 66 and putting the Penguins hoodie on the bench for the remainder of the series.

Two hours.

Dupuis. Dupuis. Dupuis.

paul said...

"What the hell is up with c-blog today? There's a huge game tonight. Now is not the time to sit back and keep your mouth shut."

Pens fans ALWAYS do the Houdini whenever the tough gets going.

BlacknGold66 said...


Was I too late?


I for one was moving my girlfriend out of her apartment all day. On to bigger and brighter things.

THANK YOU to everyone who thanked us Vets. And to pensfansoeul, j.s., jonny v, and the ones that I missed... thanks for serving along side me. (so to speak)

If you get the chance... hug a Vet today. If you don't get the chance, just remember during the National Anthem tonight our brothers and sisters who are watching from the big Igloo in the sky.

Time for some bbq ribs, a cold beer, and a Pens win.


RobbieBrown44 said...

For shits and giggles, I used the new lines in NHL 08...and had the highest goal output of the season.

Just sayin...

Regardless...gonna be a much better outcome tonight.


Go Pens!

M. Vanderlasser said...

FSN pre-game coverage has started...90 min and counting...

Annie said...

55 minutes... I think the butterflies in my stomach have started vomiting...

The Big K said...

If you want equipment, it is yours!

marq said...

so pumped! 15 mins

and hi everyone - another lurker turned c-blog poster here. thought i'd try to fill in some of the space from the regular c-bloggers who are at the igloo tonight.

#10 looked ready to go in that pre-game interview.

T said...

Let's get it done.
If someone would have told you in September THESE Pittsburgh Penguins would be in the Cup Finals against the President Trophy Champs, you'd be licking your chops.
I am.
Go Gary!!
Go Sid

T said...

Get it going.
Pitt Fans Unite.

Let's Go Pens.

Hip said...

@marq - hossa. Welcome aboard.

Can someone link to chatblog if there is one?

blufftalk said...


Michael said...

Scuderi is scoring a goal. Guaranteed. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just think, you could have said, the Penguins are going to score a goal, Guaranteed. And you still would have looked like retards. Not as retarded as the Pens, but still pretty bad. Oh, and WWGRD? Get taken down by Datsyuk and get suspended for Game 3. He's a real game changer that one.

dhudzin said...

Yeah, suspended...


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