Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We're Not Your Buddy, Guy





Hey, it was 11-degrees Celsius in Ottawa Tuesday.


"Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander?
The Senators have to find out."

-- Don Brennan


Are [ one of these girls on FACEBOOK ] Don Brennan's daughter?
Do her interests include having spheres in her mouth?

Pens fans have to find out.
It's playoff time. Anything goes.


Ottawa's journalistic trash continued to pile up on Tuesday.

Don Brennan from the Ottawa Sun came out with this article today:
[ Garbage ]

Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander?
The Senators have to find out.

The Penguins obviously wanted Ottawa over the Broadstreet Bullies. The defending Eastern Conference champs should feel a great sense of disrespect. They should be insulted -- even more so than in being referred to as purse swingers -- and they should respond in kind.

As much as they will be looking for timely goaltending and scoring, the Senators need somebody to emerge as a modern-day Bobby Clarke. Maybe hockey historian Jason Spezza can explain to his teammates what the former Flyers captain did to Russian star Valeri Kharlamov when the latter had a bad ankle in the 1972 Summit Series.

It's playoff time. Anything goes.


No news as of yet if Ottawa will contract international hitman Dany Heatley to do it.

For those of you who don't know, Senators forward Dany Heatley started his career in Atlanta.
But he was speeding around in his car one night and killed a teammate.

(To bring things full circle, he fled the country was traded for one Marian Hossa.)

Manslaughter...murder...call it what you want.

A slash to the leg should be no problem for him.


Sens fans: Experts on pulling out.


Click pic for full size:

New wallpapers at [ Penguins.com ]

:: FSN is dropping two Pirate games for the Pens. [ PG ]

:: The doctor who had MAF switch to white pads is from Ottawa. [ Ottawa Citizen ]


Our recaps from last year's playoff series:

[ Game One ]

1:37 into the game:

Malkin = Stunned

[ Game Two ]


[ Game Three ]

Colby is still in our hearts.

[ Game Four ]

[ Game Five ]


Tomorrow, we'll link every playoff preview we can find.

Until then....

If you don't get dominated by goosebumps at the 7:34 mark,
you shouldn't be here.

[ One From The Heart and Against The Odds on YouTube ]

Big K. wasn't even alive yet.


Nothing is comparable to the feeling we'll all have Wednesday morning.


Nailer News said...

Sens are Gay! Lets go Pens!

Allyson said...

Today I had a bunch of people cheer my Penguins jersey as I walked down the street. It was weird, but kind of thrilling (I live just outside of Toronto).

bluzdude said...

After that Sid comment, I think the Pens are going to hit the ice with a rampage. Look for several Senators-shaped stains on the boards and glass.

Allyson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ally said...

Ah, there we go. Proper account.

I love how someone actually took the time to put this together:

Ottawa Wins The Cup

Christina said...

The famous, up-until-now unnamed eye doctor is from OTTAWA??? Oh dear Gary, you can't make this shit up.

Many thanks to Idiot Brennan for adding fuel to the Sidney Crosby Internal Fire. I'm calling it right now: Bing sets the tone for the entire series and lays out a Thenator less than 3 minutes into Game 1, then scores by the 8 minute mark. Don't people know by now not to make him mad??

I love the playoffs.

KJ said...

and the pens shouldn't feel disrespected cause this dope feels the way the sens can beat the pens is to injure someone? it must be nice to hold down a job while being an alcoholic.

Pensblog Staff said...

Pensblog Charlie here.
Homosexual-comment moderator for The Pensblog.

And I approve this post

coffeytalk said...

There should be Pensblog Charlie approval stickers for printing and distributing throughout the world.

gray33 said...

I hope the pens show the comments of Brian Murry down his stupid Canadian throat. fuck him and the senators.

Flyer Hater said...

I wonder how many people are going to be at the succaneers game tomorrow. PNC Park has a Pittsburgh XPlosion type of crowd tomorrow.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

That was truly the best video I have ever seen in my entire life. Wow. Thank you, Pensblog.

The Senators stuff is stupid and naive to even think such things. One thing my brother and I agree on (besides liking the Pens) is the whole situation with Murder He Wrote. That was a shame.

Mike said...

How can you not be pumped up for tomorrows game and the video!! Thanks pensblog!!!

aunt penny said...

Thanks for all the great stuff to read while waiting for the puck to drop.....heard this yesterday and it made me smile. Sending out a dedication to all you old pens fans.


Flyer Hater said...

Pens vs Bruins 1991 Wales Conference Final, tonight at 8 on the NHL Network.

Sportsbeat Rewind, 9 PM Mario Lemieux



aunt penny said...

how about a shout out to the sens fans lurking out there (with subtitles for any french canadiens!)

Steve this guy could be your tall skinny brother.

dooby dooby dooooooooooo


Mark said...

From Brennan's article:

"The Senators' biggest, strongest forward walked around the dressing room, minus his jersey and shoulder pads but still in his hockey pants, skates and the rest of his gear.

He was also wearing a big, floppy, pink girlie hat and serving drinks from a tray.

"Ridiculous," Schubert muttered while delivering Gatorade to teammates as the loser of Juice Boy, the shootout competition held at the end of practices."

Did PB Charlie invent this "Juice Boy" game?

Will Schubert be wearing his hat in game 1?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@Flyer Hater

Mellon Attendance > PNC Attendance

if there is an 'announced' crowd at Pee and See of more than 18k, I'd be surprised.

Dillon said...

NHL network free preview going on now.

8pm-9pm 1991 Bruin vs Pens playoff series.


Hip said...

I don't think there's a fucking bar in the entire state of Montana that has Versus. FUCK ME.

Doug said...

Best post title in a long time. I want to thank Don Brennen. The last thing the Sens want is a pissed off Sid.

lis said...

All this talk from the Ottawa media as well the Sens themselves about the Pens tanking the game this past Sunday is just a way to put all of the focus on Pittsburgh instead of focusing on how bad Ottawa has sucked since December.

It's actually a pretty clever idea if you ask me and you can bet your bottom dollar that if the situation were reversed, HCMT would be doing the same thing.

I don't think this series is going to be as easy as some think but I definitely don't see us losing either....not by a long shot. I just hope the Pens come out flying tomorrow night and win game 1 decisively so it can shut everyone the hell up.

M. Vanderlasser said...


Dr. Turkleton said...


that has to be the 1st time the words: 'fucking bar' - 'Montana' & 'Versus' were ever mentioned together in a comment on cblog....

unless you count the time Charlie met his friends at Ben Dover's Bar & Grill after playing Cowboys & Indians at the Little Big Horn reenactment a few years back....

pensfan100 said...

great link to the article about the eye doctor and fleury's pads. now all we need is a story about a pittsburgh proctologist informing bryan murray how to remove the stick from up his ass.

Pensgirl said...

I guess Amy Brenneman there forgot how things turned out the last time somebody employed outright thuggery to take out the Pens' captain in the playoffs....

Sooska said...

Pensgirl, are you referring to the dear Adam Graves? *snort*

Ashley said...

okay c-bloggers, i need a little help...

i currently live in res and i'm moving out this weekend. i want to leave my mark on this room by writing a message or something under my desk...any ideas??

DeCeV said...

I'm not your guy, frwiend.

The Big K said...

Going to the game!
My dad walked in the door 5 mins ago with tix.
This is the best moment of my young life.
I love you all so friggin a lot. Thank Gary Roberts.

Brennan should also lose his job.
What a dick.


libertygreg87 said...

That picture of Sid shaking hands with Ray Emery... they're going to do the same thing this year, except Sid's going to ask, "You're still on the Senators roster? I didn't see you all week! Sorry about the sweep bro"

wilsmith said...

hip, wtf are you doing in montana?!

I'm wearing all pens clothes under my suit and tie at work tomorrow. hopefully the Pens logo shows right through my white dress shirt.

Tomorrow will be the least productive day of my life.

on a totally unrelated note, I need to get me one of those kohler surround showers. woah


Sooska said...

@ wilsmith - my experience shows that the least productive days of your life will be the day of, and the day after, the Pens final win that gives them the Stanley Cup.

@ ashley - "Pensblog Charlie was here" (might be lame but at least it's a suggestion)

Flyer Hater said...

Kevin Stevens=clutch

He was Mark Messier before Messier's testicles even dropped.

Lord Stanley's Brandy said...

I've been a Pens fans since the days when the bums used to come into the arena to get warm on game nights.

Just finished watching both One From the Heart and Against all odds. Thanks for links Pensblog!

To say I'm fired up for the playoffs is an understatement. I'll have to be heading for the bars as the rednecks here in NC don't offer Center Ice on cable. WTF?

Piss off Ottawa. With the players you've had over the years you should have won the Cup several times.

Ottawa sucks like the $10 crack whore Emery buys his rocks from.

Wathn't Terry Murray behind th benth or GMing all those yearsth the Pensth wiped the Crapitals assesth with Don Beapreths Jersey?


Eric K said...

FSN dominated television tonight withe the Under the Lights History of the Pens followed with Sportsbeat Rewind Lemieux Edition. Solid television. Any past/present/future Pens fan who doesnt worship the ground #66 walks on has serious issues. He saved the team multiple times, on and off the ice. I know every1 here agrees with me, so im basically just thinking out loud.

That new wallpaper just makes me dizzy....

20 hours.....

The Big K said...


We will see a lot of Emery.
He'll be the one who comes in when the Pens are leading the series 3-0, and en route to a blowout in game 4 to clinch it all. Mop up guy.

marcetta said...

Sykora has his head in Talbot's crotch in that picture of the team laying on the ice..... and that's just weird.

ricky53sm said...

Pensblog writers,

I love your blog. I check it a few times a day to get updates on the Pens and a great deal of laughs. (I still chuckle every time someone mentions Scott Mellanby because I visualize him going down on a rat.) I also think your news is great and love the way you make jokes about other players/teams.

That being said, I do feel you crossed the line with the Dany Heatley comments. Heatley's car accident not only affected him, but it also deeply affected the Dan Snyder family. While everyone can laugh at the thought of Sean Avery paying for sex, some incidents are serious and should not be made light of.

Even though I am a Penguins fan first, I am a HOCKEY fan second. Making these type of comments is as classless as the Ottawa fan who wished to injure one of the game's best players. Please remember that that these type of comments affect not only one team, but also the sport of hockey.

The Penguins organization had endured a certain level of hardship before the last two seasons. This success has been achieved by drafting and signing players who conduct themselves in a professional level on and off the ice. (Gary Roberts, Darryl Sydor, Sidney Crosby, and George Laraque come to mind.) Please maintain that level of professionalism in your coverage of the team.

Steve Miller

M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. said...

So I'm thinking about getting a haircut tomorrow. Maybe trimming the beard all the way down as well. The thing is, I'm rockin' what could be a pretty monster mullet, but I plan on getting it all cut off. The problem is, I'm intensely superstitious and without getting into it, still blame myself for losing the 96 series against Florida.

But if I don't get it cut tomorrow, I can't get it cut. Its a karmic quagmire. Giggity.

What do I do?
(I can't believe I put it off for this long.)

Flyer Hater said...

Ricky, Adam and Derek can't hear you. They have Pulitzer Prizes clogging their ears.


Your ride is waiting.

coffeytalk said...

The thing about Heatley is that he himself is a joke. Yes it was a tragedy that happened but if he hadn't have been famous, his life would have suffered more. A person in his situation doesn't deserve playing in the NHL.

The Big K said...

BIG K wasn't alive then. You are correct!
Now I see my very first Cup!

How does it feel to win the Cup Pens fans?
Will it sink in fast?

Will I want to get hammered (on Coke in my case)?

Will nothing else matter in the world ever again?

Sooska said...

@ flyer hater - on an earlier cblog today I asked if there was a prize for blogging similar to the Pulitzer and suggested, if not, there should be The Charlie for best blogging. now I am thinking maybe The Gary.

@ coffeytalk - The Hockey Gods won't let the Sens win as long as Heatley plays for them. Heatley = no Cup. And I don't care if that kids parents "forgive" him- no friggin way.

PittHockey said...

These playoff posts are epic

me = stunned from glory

coffeytalk said...

Also, in my eyes Heatley will always be known as a murderer first. I don't care what he is like on a personal level or a players level that is what I will always think of.

Similar sitch:

There was a hit and run that happened on March 17th on Babcock Blvd. A woman was walking home from a bar, Sunseri's and was struck by a vehicle. The driver fled and now the woman is in a coma and will probably never recover. Then last week the suspect came forward and identified himself. Small world, the suspect is my neighbor. He is a good man with three small boys and a wife recovering from breast cancer. Does that change my sentiment that he deserves punishment for what he did? Absolutely not. I won't ever be able to look at him the same.

Dr. Turkleton said...


setting the big k's retort aside for a moment....

I, as a cblogger, respect your concern about tPB staffs writing on the Dany Heatley situation....
Yes, there is often a lot of subjects that sit in that 'gray area', but you have to keep in mind that this is a blog...and only a blog...

I'm sure that there are many subjects, topics, photoshops, etc...that some people find questionable or even objectionable...but that's what makes this blog great [and ANY blog, for that matter]: it's a forum to read, view, laugh at or even get pissed off at...but at the end of the day: it's just a blog....but it's 'our' Pensblog...

just my .02¢


The Big K said...

Dr. Turkleton

What I said was out of line.
I decided just to delete it.
I was a bit to upset for the moment.
He made a good argument.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I see the big k deleted his reply to ricky53m....

you probably just have your adrenaline going after finding out you'll be in attendance tomorrow....

nice move, kid

where are your seats????


I'm up in E18...haven't 100% decided what to wear, but probably be a black Crosby jersey with a '19' Whitney hat...I already put my ticket in my wallet so I don't forget on the way out the door tomorrow morning [when you're late into the 3rd period of your 30's...mini-senior moments start to unexpectedly 'pop up' out of nowhere...I'm just makin' sure that Round One-Game One ticket sitting at home in it's plastic folder at 500p tomorrow, while I'm downtown, cussing up a storm, isn't one of them]

coffeytalk said...



dying alive said...

I told the people at work that we should have a "Penguins Day" so that I can wear my jersey and jeans rather than having to bring a change of clothes for the game, and they actually bought it. Everyone in the office who has Penguins gear will be wearing it tomorrow. Everyone who doesn't will be exposed as a loser.

Just doing my part to support the Pens and make life easier for myself.

The Big K said...

Dr. Turkleton-

I'm in B20. Row F Seat 6.
Got it down pat already!

Really sorry to the guy with the Heatley.
I get pissed easy and excited easy as well.

It was not out of line for you to say what you did.

Big K

J.S. said...

If Heatley didn't want to be labeled as a teammate killer, then maybe he shouldn't have been wrecklessly flying down a 25 mph road. Accident or not, it was a careless act, which is why he gets jobbed here...I think.

Zach said...

I'm sorry, what is up with the sausage-fest team picture? Love me some pens, but that picture is a little Charlie-esque

Dr. Turkleton said...


the big k....you're 1 step ahead of me!!!!!

My first playoff game that I can remember was in 1982 [I was 12 years old]...the Pens were playing the NYI and had lost the 1st 2 games up there. My dad told me that he was given tickets for game 4, if the Pens won game 3 [this round was only best of 5]....so, I remember staying up late to the Pens won in OT [I think a goal by Rick Kehoe] and I just remember running upstairs to wake my parents up [I don't even remember what time the game ended] to tell them the Pens won & we're going to Game 4!!!!...the next morning [I remember it was Easter Sunday] I COULDN'T WAIT to go to the game....I really can't remember much about going to it [just that they won]...but the thrill of going has never left me, almost 26 years to the day....

the big k,

hope you enjoy your experience just as much....


The Big K said...

Thanks man. It'll be a blast.
I actually remember one other playoff game.
I was 6 maybe.

Pens Sabres. Game 6. Straka in OT. I loved it.

But then, I didn't realize how big it was.

NOW. My god I can't take it.

I will do NO PRODUCTIVE work tomorrow in class.

It's all about the Pens now, seriously.

Dr. Turkleton said...


you gonna be over in D23 agian????

AndrewS said...

Haven't been around in a while, but just got two C32 tickets, row J and I am damn excited to go. This is the best.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Doc Turk,

Where exactly in E18? That is my season ticketholder stomping grounds.

It's typically a fairly easy-going section, but I apologize ahead of time for yelling obscene things at Gerber and/or Emery tomorrow.

It is the playoffs, afterall. Anything goes.

wilsmith said...

Big K,

asking questions like "what's it going to be like when we win the cup?" is jinx-city!
Love the videos though.

Have I mentioned lately that I love the new people in c-blog? There's a bunch that seem to have started within the past month or two, and they're great. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

I don't get to check it out as often as I used to but the C-Blog community keeps the humor coming through the day.

Dr. Turkleton said...


E18...row J...seat 9....

are you in row K ???????

Stoosh said...


"i currently live in res and i'm moving out this weekend. i want to leave my mark on this room by writing a message or something under my desk...any ideas??"

I offer three suggestions, and each of these would most definitely have to be written in black permanent marker:

3. WWGRD? (and for prosperity, write out underneath "What Would Gary Roberts Do?")

2. You've Been Conkblocked

and of course...

1. Commit to the Stoosh

WAHOO!!! :)

(normally, I wouldn't suggest something like that, but that's too good to pass up.)

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I'm in row D.... I expect E18's awesomeness to increase via osmosis from the good doctor, though.

I hope we see many many goals scored at our end in the 1st and 3rd periods tomorrow.

Dr. Turkleton said...


you forgot to put under, Commit to the Stoosh:

to Commit, call: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Dr. Turkleton said...


amen brother, amen......

I'll make sure that no Pens' rowdies up behind ya throw anything down your way...[F-level, is a different story...your in 'beer on the ledge, territory']
If there are any SENS fans up my way, you MIGHT find them down in your row....just continue to pass them forward until their feet can't touch the ground, k ?

Stoosh said...

You know, I was OK until I watched that video clip from One From the Heart.

Now I'm not going to be able to sleep.

Maybe in that ten-minute span, the atmosphere of playoff hockey walked up behind me and delivered a two-handed crosscheck to the back of my head.

Maybe it's the velvet smooth that is the voice of Earl Mann.

"Or maybe it's the beer talking, Marge..." (Sorry, Homer Simpson reference)


Anyway, I can't even wait until tomorrow. I'm nervous as hell and the game is still 20 hours away. Crikey. I might have sit up until 2:30 playing NHL '08 or something, and I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready for work. Crapola.

I don't know...I saw an NHL Network commercial for the playoffs and they showed a black-and-white wide-angle shot of Mellon Arena, and I sat back and wondered for a second what it would be like to see this Pens team carrying the puck around that ice. I just get this feeling that tomorrow night is the start of something that's going to culminate in something very special for this Pens franchise and the fans.

Eric K said...

Playoff flashblog exceeds any and all maximum levels of solidness.

19 hours 56 minutes....

norojo said...

You know, I was starting to get worried that the Pens and PensFanNation were starting to overlook the Sens a little too much but thankfully Lispy and Mr. Brennan ensured that Georges Laraque will have some fun in the first five minutes of tomorrow's game. Let's Go Pens, kill Georges kill

norojo said...

Also, I hope Heatly isn't driving the team bus to the arena tomorrow...it's never crossing the line making fun of a manslaugherer

Dr. Turkleton said...

yep....that's about what I thought Brennan would look like:

he may have invented the FREE CANDY van [what a slimeball]
does he have a gray scarf on? or is that just a layer of blubber for the cold winters up north???

wonder if he's staying at the Marriott™ for a few days...maybe I should wait outside with an old Sherwood & take a whack at his ankles & proclaim "It's Playoff Hockey, eh?"

The Seeker said...

@ m

You gotta stick with the mullet and Grisley Adams look now...there's not a single karmic argument that would absolve you from committing such an egregious error at this stage


actingido said...

O.K. Ladies and gentlemen....... I have one ticket available to Wed. Apr.9th game ......

it is in C-11 Row J seat 11

Got it for $144 ...... and I am not asking more not here to make money!!! Just want the ticket to be used by real pens fans!!!

I am an E-4 season ticket holder!!! But my friend can;t go so he asked me in short notice to get rid of this ticket!!

my e-mail is: actingido@aol.com

make me an offer and if its descent it is yours!!!!!!!!!

I will be at the game and will personally hand you the ticket around 5:30 - 6:00pm
Only one ticket!

Stoosh said...

Regarding Heatley...

(that sounds like a name for one of those movies you'd see around Christmas produced by Hallmark..."Regarding Heatley", starring John Goodman as Dany Heatley...)

I have to say I agree with what Coffeytalk said. It might be a crass way of looking at it, but what the kid did was incredibly reckless, incredibly stupid, and frankly, it's a miracle that no one else was injured or killed, including himself.

While I believe he got some leniency due to the fact that the Snyder family refused to press further charges, I also believe he received a great deal of leniency because of his status. As Coffeytalk said, had he been just any other punk kid who decides to turn a residential street into his own personal drag strip, he'd have had the book thrown at him, looking at a manslaughter charge, bare minimum.

Maybe part of it is because I've seen my fair share of these kinds of assholes when I'm heading out of the city on the Parkway West just trying to get home from work on a Friday or after a Pens game.

I know every time I hear his name, I cringe over what he did, much the same way I bristle every time I hear Leonard Little's name surface (and if Heatley makes you angry, google "Leonard Little" and read about an even bigger mockery of our justice system). And while I'd like to think that he falls asleep every night still hearing the sounds of that crash in his head, I'm not sure he does.

The Seeker said...

Gary Roberts put the LAUGHTER in "manslaughter"!


SHOCK & AWE, baby!

Stoosh said...

Can someone please tell me they will see to it that a

"Schubert = Juice Boy" sign makes into Mellon Arena tomorrow night?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

Global warming is a complete scam...
Gary Roberts got a little chilly and turned up the sun.

KehoesPornStache said...

@Dr. Turkleton, flyerhater and ricky53sm

I agree with Rick that the joke was in bad taste, but also agree with Turk that jokes like that will happen on this site.

Adam and Derek, based on what they've written before, would probably say if you take them seriously its your own damn fault. I find it incredibly ironic and hypocritical that when people attack the pensblog some of the c-bloggers will immediately jump in to defend them, and accuse the attacker of being stupid, wrong, or just not getting it.

If you're going to make or support jokes that are construed as inappropriate by sections of our society, then complain about the people who find offense with the joke as being inapprotiate or wrong, you're absolutely retarded.

I'm not saying the staff does this at all, just a few c-bloggers. Then again, Adam did find it necessary to make a point about bad reporting when his Uncle burned down his house. Accident...Arson...call it what you want. Burning down other old people's houses should be no problem for him.

Stoosh said...


I'm not one to talk because I'm like roughly the size and physique of Drew Carey.

But if that's really Don Brennan, holy hell.

He looks like the guy who you see at just about any bar on a Friday or Saturday night...the guy in his late 30's who shows up by himself in a sportcoat that he got off the discount rack at Penney's, wears wayyyyy too much bad cologne, and he spends the whole night sitting right smack in the middle of the bar using cheesy pickup lines on any 20-something girl who happens to walk past him.

He looks like some of my fraternity's alumni who used to come back during my college's homecoming every year, drink three beers and be tanked, and spend the rest of the night choking on a cigar outside the frat house, picking fights with the current frat members and again, thinking he's got a chance with one or two of the coeds who just walked into the party.

And he looks like he's the resident yutz at whatever Ottawa paper he works for who has the office that just stinks.

Dr. Turkleton said...


hey, im no Adonis either: 6'0", 225" [ding : from the old Dan Patrick ESPN show]...but trying to get back into game shape [I think I remember you are partaking in that as well, no?]

BUT, we don't write for a 2nd-rate rag where the best part is the SUNshine Girl of the Day [hubba-hubba] OR produce columns from the 'Nation of Hockey' that someone should take a two-hander to Sid's RIGHT ankle....so, IMO, he's fair game!!!

i did a google on don brennan & it brought up that pic...

the link is to a senators blog from some dude in their press box....the blog even contained some pics from last years game 5 loss to the sens...with 1 in particular that showed the pens equipment bags being staged to get loaded on a truck, it appears...with the witty caption of 'Goodnight Sidney, Goodnight Roberts, we'll see you in the fall'....cute

Geno Cide said...

Fedko just flipped out on some guy that called him out for not giving Pat Summit enough respect?

Aren't the playoffs starting tomorrow?

Sid's mustache = ALL BUSINESS

Geno Cide said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

DR. TURK - Yep...Getting into game shape, but this weekend was a bad one, and going to the Pirates game didn't help either. That's OK, though, because for the first time in a long time, I'm determined to make this happen for a multitude of reasons (never been much of a gym rat). But my main goal is to get back down to the 200-210 range and start playing hockey again.

Erica said...


Please... PLEASE... do NOT boo the Canadian anthem, "O Canada", during the playoffs.

It's classless. We can show we're better than that. There's no room for nationalism in the NHL when EVERY team has players from all different countires. Please be respectful.

Pass this on to every person you know who's attending any of the games.

I understand there will probably still be drunken/ classless people booing. If there isn't so much (like last season) at least we can retain some of our dignity as a city.

Thank you.

ps TO PENSBLOG - It would be awesome if you made mention of this in the blog. I think it might actually get through to more people, because so many people read. :)

Stoosh said...

I agree with Erica.

Booing the Canadian national anthem is bush league at best, especially when Canadians usually sing along with ours when it's played at in their buildings.

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whistler said...



I had my girlfriend check TicketMaster while I was driving out to the Burgh and she was able to score me tickets in B1.

Dooooooood. How exciting can this gets. May Roberts be praised.

I'll be sporting my powder-blue Lemieux sweater. Make sure you stop on over to say hi. Would love to meet a fellow c-blogger!

Dr. Turkleton said...


1000000.00% agreed.

esp. when 12 out of 26 on the current team roster is....CANADIAN !!!!!

owner/franchise savior: Canadian
best player: Russian, er Canadian
starting goalie: Canadian
HCMT: Canadian
Gary: Canadian Passport [unknown origin]

Jim said...

I used to work with a kid named Don Brennan. I totally forgot about him until about a year ago when someone else we used to work with told me he got arrested for statutory rape. Coincidence? I think not.

Dr. Turkleton said...


any getting back into shape tricks?...I don't have time for the gym [excuse]...right now, I'm trying a 'portion control' approach & using an old saying:

Eat Breakfast like a King
Eat Lunch like a Prince
Eat Dinner like a Pauper

These playoffs might throw things into a tizzy, though....


congrats on snagging a ticket !!!!

PittHockey said...


Jonny V said...

Stoosh and Doc Turkleton it's easy to get into game shape. I've been wearing my WWGRD bracelet at the gym and running on the treadmill like a beast. Whenever i hear that whiny little voice in the back of my head moaning about wanting to quit, I just glance at the bracelet and I hear the sound of violent punches being thrown at said voice. Helluva time of year to attempt it (what with all of the beer and snacks likely consumed), but keep it up fellas. I'm sure your significant others will show their appreciation if nothing else...

Stoosh, along the lines of Leonard Little (who killed the mother of two children in a DUI and subsequently got another DUI a couple years later), it was reported that the man who killed Malik Sealy in 2000 (an NBA player) was charged with another DUI. And locally, there was a 17 year old boy under suspicion of DUI charged in the death of a 12 year old girl. Heatley's act and subsequent slap on the wrist did nothing to show the dangers of DUI. Some jokes at his expense on this blog is a small price to pay for his actions, in my honest opinion.

And I second Erica with the plea for showing respect to the Canadian anthem.

vitalbeach said...

I'd be glad to be playing the Sens if only for the gay Senator fan photoshops that always come around.

However the fact that they are an overconfident team who are flooding the Pen's bulletin board with idiotic comments from their coaches, players, reporters, etc. is always a plus.

And I show no restraint on Heatley. Reckless drivers put everyone on the roadways at risk and any punishment/guilt they get is too good for them if they take a life. It can't be nearly as bad as the grief they cause for the victim's family.


Jonny V said...

I guess I fourthed it haha.

Doc, that's a good first step, with the diet adjustment. Eat snacks during the day too so your stomach isn't a raving banshee come dinner time.

And congrats to all c-bloggers who've scored tickets to the game(s). I had a chance to go, but have decided I'd rather put the 200 bucks towards putting my name on the season ticket waiting list.

vitalbeach said...

@jonny v

I know the family of that 12 year old girl well. And witnessing the impact of that tragedy is where my complete detest of drunken/reckless drivers has sparked, not that I enjoyed them before. People like Heatley and the 17 year old driving that car should get no sympathy.

Whistler said...

My girlfriend (bless her heart she's a Devils fan) put the reasoning to me. She said:

"Your favorite team is over 4 hours away. You're in the city on business and you'll have that evening free. Do you really want to miss this opportunity?"

That is why I love that girl. Now if she would only come to her senses and love a better team?!?

On to business....

Where do the c-bloggers like to gather before a game. I'm gonna be coming in and haven't been to Mellon since the 03-04 season. I'm gonna park (not sure where) but after that where do people meet before hand.

Can't wait to see you guys. My goals are to 1)get a Photo with me and IceBurgh 2)meet some c-bloggers and of course 3)see the Pens WIN!!!!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

does anyone remember if the Pens had a 'White Out' or a 'Black Out' for the playoffs ????? I can just remember 'TOWEL TIME !!!!!!' & The Shark Attack signs for the PP....

I think the best was Winnipegs White Out...esp. those playoff games right before they moved to the Desert [ashame]

Now, Calgary's 'Sea of Red' is the one I like today...looks like it was being copied by the Capitals & their Red Out for their past 2 games....

With all the different Pens jersey colors out there [black,white,powder-blue]...it's probably tough to ask someone to wear color X...when all they have is pens gear in color Y...

How much would it cost the Pens to pass out 'White Out' or 'Black Out' tees for everyone instead of a cardboard sign or an 8x11 piece of terry cloth?

Probably too much $ that cut into Playoff Profits since the players are playing for 'FREE' this time of year.

@jonny v
thanks for the encouragement...if Gary can do it at 41 [42 in a month and a half] why can't I at 38, right?...


KJ said...

just a quick side note on heatley, while it was a terrible tragedy, part of the punishment you don't get through the court system is having people remind you of your past. while heatley is lucky he didn't get jail time and could ask for a trade away from the road that he knew all too well, he's never going to forget it, nor will other people let him. that's just the way the world turns when you're famous or not.

on to better things, i don't know about anyone else but i am so glad the pens series starts on wednesday. i've been so bored by everything else and i can barely take it anymore! only thing keeping me sane (shut up!) is photochops & youtube clips from the past i find here on the blog. i'm just glad i get game 1, though since i'm in texas the rest are in jeopardy so i may need someone to pray for my pens soul

Jonny V said...

Turk, You're darn tootin'!

I wish we had a weekend game this week, so I could at least come meet up with some c-bloggers, but work is work. High Def television will have to do for now.

Ry said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO Playoff time! To be the man WOOOOOOOOOO you have to beat the man. That's exactly what the Pens are going to do with the Sens.

jackedlobster said...

I was dominated by goosebumps at the 23 second mark!!

jackedlobster said...

why did they do the team picture in their away jersey?

PensfanSeoul said...

If you weren't in awe for that entire video, you aren't breathing.

Work tomorrow, but its 2am...not sleeping, cause of excitement overload.


Steve In Denver said...

It is Wednesday here, there, and everywhere.


To everyone going - shake that igloo!!!! I want my tv speakers to melt from the noise.

KP said...

is that some playoff stubble on the new pensblog banner?

jefre82 said...

i dont have sound on this computer at work, so i didnt watch any of the youtube videos but i still got goosebumps thinking about this. holy shit. my playoff beard starts today. let it grow! go pens.

actingido said...

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actingido said...

If I could spell.... maybe then LOL opps!!!!!

The end was supposed to say:

This is the only place I am trying to sell the ticket if it doesn't sell then a scalper will get it!

actingido said...

Also..... I have to leave for the game around 4pm so... deadline if you want the ticket is to e-mail me by 4pm today before I leave for pitt and I am not on my comp anymore :)


Michelle said...

Great post. I'm looking forward to the game more than ever now. I can't wait until the puck drops.

I am looking forward to seeing the Pens dominate this series.

johnny said...

Nice! Madden just said WWGRD ten seconds into his monologue. He also said that Gary had a look in his eyes that he was stalking Charlie, i.e. the Viet Cong.

I think it's safe to say that Ottawa is stalking another Charlie...

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