Saturday, April 26, 2008


[Jay H.]


Whenever an opponent loses from now on,
the trendy thing is to blame Sidney Crosby for diving.

From [Going Five Hole]. this is all that needs to be seen.

A breakdown of the penalty against Martin Straka



A couple shots after this, he is down on one knee for a split-second and gets back up.
How is it a dive when said player doesn't dive?

We never liked Brendan Shanahan anyway.
But didn't he push for these rules?

As for Crosby, Shanahan said, "all the guys on this team - and in the league, for that matter - have a lot of respect for Sidney, and the work ethic he brings. There were a couple of calls that were made that were not necessarily dives on Sidney's part, but ... it's ice hockey. It happens. We fall. He's around the puck a lot, and he makes second and third efforts that are going to sometimes drop him down to his knees, and that's just the way he plays. I don't think he's necessarily diving, but he's the kind of player that will dive for loose pucks, and I think he plays an all-out, all-effort style that sometimes referees can confuse with someone fouling him."

What an ass.

And Marty Straka?

Who cares what he says. He should spend more time lifting.

[J Schiff]

And finally...

Don't you think people who have touched naked hockey players
know what the sport is all about?

[ Blueshirt Bulletin ] apparently doesn't.

They are letting all this Crosby/diving nonsense dominate their brains,
much like they want Sean Avery crap to dominate ours.

All they are doing is crying and whining and moaning...
and the best part:

Every goal the Rangers scored was great.
Every goal the Pens scored was because the Rangers let it happen.

Fortunately, Pensblog Adam went undercover and planted a seed.


We used the old "nothing bonds people more than a common enemy" trick.
"Hey, this guy hates that blog? Hell yeah! Posted."

It was too easy


Flyers vs Habs going on tonight.

Hopefully the Habs fans throw more beer on Mike Richards. [Mirtle]

Short postblog.

Funny Scary Banana - More bloopers are a click away

Go Pens


Flyer Hater said...

The only call I even considered to be controversial was the Drury high-stick goal. If any play was going to get scrutinized, I thought for sure it would have been that one. Oh well, I have to stop thinking logically.

dappie99 said...
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dappie99 said...

the hell with hockey....that damn banana video had me rolling on the floor....hahahahha

Adam, nice work infiltrating BullSh*tBlog

lets go Habs tonight

Pensgirl said...

FH, I kinda think the thought process on that was, "Eh, we let Kovalev's stand. Goal." And honestly I don't really have a problem with that. It's one of those things where you know it but the video just isn't quite good enough.

In a slightly related note, watching Mythbusters all the time makes me really wish they'd get some high-speed cameras into the arenas. That would really improve conclusiveness.

A friend of mine jumped five feet into the air last week after some brat 11YO jumped out from behind a corner quacking on one of those things they hand out on Lucky Duck tours. The rest of us with her were rollin' at her skittishness. I'm so sending that banana video to her.

Joshua said...

Awesome. That was you guys? I actually got a little pissed off for a second thinking about a Rangers fan living in Pittsburgh and trashing this blog.

tmd39 said...

Great footage of Straka and Crosby. Now, can anyone show me a penalty in the footage? Unless it's unsportsman-like / diving, because that everyone can see. 2 penalties called in the last 28+ minutes and both on Cindy dives. Fucking pussy.

stokes said...

Honestly, i thought the Drury goal was crap and then after seeing a few angles, and super slow motion, here's what i came up with:

There was a point where Drury's stick was above shoulder level. When the puck hit the stick, he had brought the stick down to below the level. While the possibility of an optical illusion exists, it looked to me that he touched the puck below the shoulder. obviously, i wasn't happy with the goal, but i do think that Toronto got the call right.

stokes said...

Dont feed the trolls.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Adam = getting smarter at his older age...

Turk = dumber for wondering 'where did everybody go after 211 comments?'

Blueskirt Bullet-in-the-head:
Nothing like a group that pats each other on their Gore backs & focus their energy on keeping all the 'bad' Penguin peeps out....instead of dealing with the main issue in question:
How did we give up a fucking 3 goal lead?

Secret Society or Internet Circle Jerk -> you be the judge.

Dan said...

Can we start referring to the Rangers as the Raggers for obvious reasons? (No offense ladies, it is the playoffs. Have to step it up).

Dan said...

I also love how we can't even bring some intelligence to the Bullshit Blog. I wonder what community college that moron got his writing degree from?

Dr. Turkleton said...

I use the term RAGS for them all the time.....

Raybin said...

How did we give up a fucking 3 goal lead?

This is the question they will do anything to keep from asking themselves because the answer is "Our team was a joke last night."

sea g said...

the name should be changed to cindy crosby - diver / girly man. two dives in a playoff game, play like a man cindy. good thing there was fair weather last night in pittsburgh because all the fair weather fans came out. this franchise was history just a handful of years ago, now all of sudden there are people sitting outside - please - get real.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Don't feed the trolls ... don't feed the trolls ... don't feed the trolls ... (repeating this mentally so I'm not tempted.)

I tried posting something over there on Therrien "whining" but it hasn't been approved. I feel like I'm in Farhenheit 451 over there

This is what I said:
This makes no sense why this blog is talking so much about Sidney Crosby. Just because Therrien got mad doesn't mean that you need to post your conspiracies. Why can't people watch the game and enjoy it? Why do we have to accuse people of diving? Sid did not dive, just stop it. There has not been a stoppage in the "Sid dived" talk. Game 1 is over, let's all move on. I'm pretty sure the Rangers are concentrating on it or they will lose on Sunday.

@Dr. Turk: I'm sorry we abandoned you ... didn't realize you were still over there.

@Dan: Come on, Dan, we all know the NY'ers are naturally intelligent over all other Americans. *sarcasm*

Bored out of my mind right now ... but I get to go to my first playoff game, ever! WOOOOO!!!!

Dan said...

@ doc - sorry, i was not aware of that. good call

@ sea g - welcome to a place where we allow freedom of speech. lord forbid we be able to bring some intelligence to the nonsense happening at some of your places. by the way, did anyone in new york watch the game or were you all busy blowing dudes?

coffeytalk said...


Joshua said...

Philly's got a 2-goal lead with 2:04 left in the 2d. That's plenty of time to fritter it away.

You know, back in college I used to have a really annoying little rhetorical trick I would pull on my friends when we argued about stuff. They would say something. Rather than acknowledge what they said I would disengage the conversation and act like I had not heard what they said. I would pause, look around the room and sniff a little bit. Then I would ask "did somebody just fart?" According to my friends, it was extremely annoying.

I wish I could figure out an internet-effective equivalent.

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow!...the riff-raff really comes out when the sun goes down....

tPB staff...can't you just BAN these clowns? them to the Gore police or something?

Welcome! all you anon cowards from the Blueskirt Blog...

I guess they ran out of whine over there they had to make an 'intelligence run'.

dan = dani?
tmd39= dellepina?
rangers= suckitude?


I'll be in E18.

Ev0luTioN said...

Oh, whoops.

Hartnell pisses me off.

Ev0luTioN said...


Just saw the "Sour Rangers" Photoshop and nearly had to run to the bathroom. Thanks for a good laugh, Jay.

The Seeker said...

Now that Adam's undercover work is public, you can bet that post will get deleted by the invertabrates that slither around there, afraid of being jobbed by us.

To ALL PensBloggers that participated and caused the little girlie whiners to cry Uncle and ban us from posting at the Bullshit Bulletin:

The Penguins would be proud of the little army of classless Gore-junkies who defend them, Pittsburgh, and the honor of thePensBlog!

We made 'em squeal like little piggies...whoooeee!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I think I'll be sitting in section E, I'm gonna wear a Malone t-shirt jersey and will be sitting with my brother, who will be booing Jagr (blah), my cousin who knows almost as much as Stoosh, and a priest. I'm a bit worried if I screamed WWGRD, I might get a bad image from a priest who is friends with my cousin and brother.

coffeytalk said...

Alright, c-blog. I'm out for the night.

Stay strong and keep on keepin' on.

Go Pens.

IceCold... said...

lovin' it!

adam = brilliant!

let's get pysched for tomorrow, BRING ON GAME 2!! our boys are gonna be pumped after that wicked performance last night. note to self: early game tomorrow.

Do Not Feed the Trolls


letsgopsu said...

@ IHKasper

Fahrenheit 451 reference?

Way to keep the literature going. Before we prove to the NYers that Crosby is not a diver, we really should prove to them we can read. I applaud you for helping in the advancement of Pittsburghers and displaced Pittsburghers everywhere.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@letsgopsu: *Bows repeatedly* I do my best. (laughs)

If they read that last cblog post, they cannot think we can't. But then again, they are denying obvious penalties should be called, so it's a toss up. Besides what do they read, Vogue and other fashion magazines? That's mainly looking at ads.

The Seeker said...

Tom Renney is more of a weasel than my Daughter's ferret!

He made a point in the media of saying he talked to the officiating staff about Crosby allegedly embellishing.

Now he tries to deny that he did it.

Yet as the linked article mentions:

"Renney, who indicated before the series started that he was wary of Crosby drawing penalties, perhaps when they aren't deserved"

I always though it was the East River New Yorkers lived by, but now I'm wondering if it isn't Denial River.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk=stunned

I love that the most creative thing Rags fans can come up with is Cindy Crosby. Wow, how do you come up with this stuff. I guess Ranger and Flyer fans meet on the shortbus Friday afternoons to root out the evil conspiracies in hockey and come up with these vicious nicknames.

While you're doing that Cindy Crosby is banging your mom.


wilsmith said...

I was just watching some of the CBC stuff from last night, and it seemed like most people agreed it was a good call on Straka.

I guess Rangers and their fans are the only ones who haven't been forwarded the rule book.

The Seeker said...

@ wiksmith

You can add the guys at Versus to that list too. They talked about it during the 1st intermission tonight.

Dr. Turkleton said...


it doesn't take much anymore.


the Vs. duo of Jones & Engblom both said it was an interference penalty...when Joe Host questioned them, if it should be called in the beginning of the game as well...they both kinda shrugged & said a penalty is a penalty....


They [and all media outside the NY area] are paid by:
•the NHL Conspiracy Group
•Friends of Crosby
•The No Rags Left Behind Coalition
•Dive for the Cure
•Blind Referees Union, Local #66

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

Great minds post alike.

Dan said...

i am not dani, short fuse tonight after reading everything, sorry. i bleed black and gold.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Carey Price = young Marty Turco

SLOWLY self destructing right before the Habs Nations' eyes.

Riots, anyone?

Dr. Turkleton said...


my bad, dan.

Flyer Hater said...

I love Flyers fans. Before the game 7 against Washington the majority of their "fans" were saying that they had no shot of winning, they sucked, they wanted Stevens fired, they're a bunch of chokers etc. Now after earning a split in Montreal, they view themselves as the Stanley Cup favorites.

Those people are delusional. Here are some of the things posted on I'm not making this up.

this series is FLAT OUT fixed. How does MTL get a power play after that????

Koivu the pu**y...punching with his gloves on...go get cancer and die you fa**ot!!!

F*ck these frogs, they can''t hang with us.

someone needs to kill Kostopolos

Maybe but he looks like schiat...and did at times in the Bruins series too. Right now the Flyers have a big advantage in goal.

Alexei Kovalev, this p.ussy wants to drop to the ice everytime he is touched and someone NEEDS to make this **** pay for it. Next time someone crosschecks him, they better be aiming to BREAK HIS F.UCKING NECK.

The Seeker said...

This was asked before but I am quite curious...

Where Has Mike Costa Been ?

The Big K said...

Me driving down Bauer Gill road today=
life changing.

I was at Buccos game tonight,
and I met cotton candy man and
I referred him to tPB.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Flyer Hater: Oh my goodness, that's awful. I thought I was bad when I threaten Hatcher and Witt with bodily harm if they hurt anyone on my team, but that is ridiculous. And people wonder why the Flyers are dirty ... they get inspiration from some of their lovely fans. I want to hurt anyone who talks about Kovy that way.

Complete and utter disregard of anything logical ... sounds like our division is full of idiots.

The Seeker said...

@ the big k

The last time Cotton Candy Guy went online, they had to call the paramedics to the public library to extricate his sticky fingers from the keyboard!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yeah, where is Mike Costa?

@Big K: You've been missing all the fun of the Ranger jobbers.

Jay H said...

Thanks, ev0.

I don't know if I've said this here yet, but I continue to say at other message boards...The stupidity of some Rangers fans continues to amuse me. It's like they never learn. They never know when to shut up. I actually witnessed a Rangers fan change his viewpoint in the middle of the argument because he was proven wrong but still tried to argue that he was right all along.

I never really had an opinion against the Rangers or their fans until this series. They whine about Crosby "whining." Does it get any better?

Just sit back and enjoy. LET'S GO PENS!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, yins, as we continue to be hicks who are using one computer in southwestern PA let's all give some votes to Kennedy. On NHL's website, he is in third in the poll for "Which rookie forward will have the biggest impact on his team in Round 2?"

The Seeker said...

Stay tuned to Versus after the game for really stupid mouthbreathing, knuckledragging, neaderthals dressed up like cowboys, wearing hockey helmets, getting trampled, broken, and concussed by 2000 pound animals!

KJ said...

great job adam, now if only you could do that on the flys board and get them to realize its not some crazy conspiracy (didn't they get an OT pp vs the Caps), that would be awesome.

also i have a friend who is a ranger fan and thankfully he has sense. he wasn't happy with the straka penalty, on straka's side, but unlike most of the rangers & their coach, he was much more upset about the fact they had a 3-0 lead and let the pens score 2 goals not only in 16 seconds, but then in 20 seconds.

As for the drury goal we both agreed that there was a difficult time calling that a non goal when drury was not standing closer to the crossbar. therefore, no real conclusive evidence.

luckily he's a pretty smart fan, now if i can only teach him that avery is an ass...

Joshua said...


Your comment about the cotton candy guy made me think of another instance where sticky fingers got stuck to the keyboard of a computer at the library.

The Seeker said...

@ joshua

OMG that was pretty sick stuff!

Now I will NEVER buy cotton candy again either...just think you never know where his hands have been.

The weirdest thing....I went to college there in Berea, OH!!!

Pensgirl said...

Wait, the people who elected Client 9 are trying to make fun of people anywhere else in the world? That's hilarious.

letsgopsu said...

@ pensgirl

They also have Sean Avery on their team, the hooker-buying, vogue intern. I'm still trying to figure out how he ever got Elisha Cuthbert....

Joshua said...


The Daily Show did a story on that and really smeared the journalist for all the trench coat, stick-mike ambushes. It was pretty funny. He still has more journalistic integrity that John Dellapina.

I went to college in Oberlin, Ohio. I remember Berea not being too far away.

Brett said...

lol, i think everybody hates us.

by us, i mean the Pens.

and i also mean The Pensblog.

But hey, that happens to anyone when they're at the top.

eileenover said...


In case you don't know, you are officially on the Bullshit Blog.

Jason said...

@ Matt in N.C.

I am north of Charlotte, at Lake Norman. I too have been to The Mt. Lebanon Saloon and Dormont Eat'N Park many times back in the day...

The Big K said...

And as for the whining Rags and their fans:


The Seeker said...

@ joshua

Oberlin eh? I was at Baldwin-Wallace...we played Oberlin in various sports - they didn't have had a hockey team though so I didn't get there.

My Fraternity used to go to neighboring colleges and steal bicycles to re-sell in Cleveland in a van just like the Free Candy van. Oberlin was one of them. We eventually progressed to motorcycles though. It paid for our keggers, all-campus parties, and to have the Michael Stanley Band play at them. I miss all that illegal activity!

vezonex said...


You guys are geniuses.

The Big K said...

Don't Feed The Trolls.

We all know that New Yorkers are arrogant and think they are better than us, and if they want to spend their life bitching, let them do it.

I went golfing today, I shot 5 pars on 9 holes.
A new BIG K record.

Betcha the Rags fans can outdo me though!

Adam=hard core
Bullshit Bulletin=homers
BIG K=on the lawn tomorrow!

Make this 2-0 Pens.

Dan said...

does anyone know if they are doing the whiteout again tomorrow? i'd much prefer to wear my winter classic jersey. and am i the only one who would prefer a blackout? it would make sense, the home jerseys are black.

Pensgirl said...

PSU, sure, but they chose Client 9. They only back Sean "John" Avery because someone else brought him to their team - send him to the Island and they'd hate him just like everyone else. Spitzer was their mistake.

Vez, I heard you're as pissed as I am. Good on you. I have a whole thing about how they're basically alleging that he broke the laws of physics, but frankly I don't think you can teach anything to a bucket of rocks. But you're the teacher.

eileenover said...


I heard they're not doing another white-out because some fans got too wild and were fighting over the shirts or something.

The Seeker said...

@ dan

Yes but....

blackout = bad karma

zach said...

I don't understand why flightless birds is a dig, hockey is played on ice?

rangers = bullet catchers

ranger fans should remember what an actual dive looks like, jags had vip seats for one, but who is that guy diving i can't quite see the name on the back of his jersey

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Wait, how did my comment make it over there? I just read what other people wrote, and they make no sense. Seriously, the one person sounded like Flyer Hater when he pretends to be another fan-base. They basically compared Sid and Avery *cringe*

@letsgopsu: He probably posed as an actual hockey player ...

I gotta get some shut-eye so I can actually get up!

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

letsgopsu said...

@ pensgirl

They may not have chosen Avery, but if a Pen ever smacked a guy who was on the ground in the face with a stick, I would stop supporting them. And I'll still like Ruutu if he is ever playing againts the Pens. I'll root against him, but I'll still like the way he plays the game. If the Pens ever got Avery or Chris Pronger, I would be pissed. I guess I just think differently than Rags fans.

But on another note, I actually find the entire client 9 situation hilarious. When I first heard it I was laughing for like 5 minutes. It actually made my day.

Joshua said...


They had a club ice-hockey team when I was there from '97-'01. I don't think it was subsidized by the school at all, rather the students who knew how to play and had equipment got a team together and got into some league.

Sports weren't much of a priority for that school, and I they still aren't. The only sports that Oberlin was competitive at was ultimate frisby (because of all the stoners) and women's rugby (because of all the tough lesbians). Our football team was such a joke. They won their first game in something like four seasons during my first year there. The football players threw a party to celebrate and no one went to it.

That would have been a good place to steal bikes.

Pensgirl said...

There have been players I haven't been happy about having before (Oliwa I'm lookin' at you), but if the Pens ever got Avery or Pronger I'd boycott.

Matt in N.C. said...


Ah yes. Memories of a misspent youth.....I had breakfast at the Dormont Eat 'n' Park just last month when I was home to see the 'rents.

I have a few friends out in Mathews and my father and brother-in-law live in Lexington.

I'll be out Charlotte way in July to see Rush at Verizon wireless. Age showing again here with all th e youngsters!

Ashley said...

Wow, lots has been going on today...

Adam, that post over at the Bullshit place was amazing.

Stoosh, LOVE the anti-Crosby Manifesto. I had to save that in a Word doc.

And with all the trolls coming over, I can't help but feel inspired by Austin Powers:


letsgopsu said...

Wow, I cannot stand hearing this talk of Eat N' Park. Do I ever miss it. The only one I know of in State College is on Atherton, and the bus there takes forever. I used to get free food from this one girl me and my buddy knew at the Eat N' Park in Squirrel Hill. Good times...

letsgopsu said...

I'm sorry, I should have said "my buddy and I." Where has my grammar gone? I guess I'm just another stupid, toothless, redneck Pittsburgher.

The Seeker said...

@ joshua

Well, I was in college over 20 years earlier...LOL.

I'm pretty sure B-W doesn't even have a hockey team anymore.

I thought Oberlin might have been decent in Track & Field back then, but I could be wrong.

Our football team won the NCAA Div III National Championship all 4 years I was there with Jim Tressel (the Ohio State HC) as our quarterback and his Dad JT Tressel, Sr as the HC.

The hockey team however wasn't so productive. In fact we pretty much sucked.

Gio said...

Wow, Blueshirt Bulletin really hates the Penguins, but that was obvious, right?

And I guess from what I've been seeing they are just flat out denying everyone now that seems to be pro Pens.

Funny, when a couple days ago some people there were decrying Pens fans for being biased homers, and now many of them are blatantly just doing the same. Hypocrites.

For being "professional and unbiased", that recap of Game 1 over there sure was a joke.

But this has all been said before, and saying it again is rather pointless, I guess. But I'm at work and need to do something to keep from going insane.

Is it 2:00 yet?

The Seeker said...

Speaking of divers....

Who's divin' n'at?

wilsmith said...

anyone got a good picture of ruuts and rozsival?

mookieproof said...

my wife was looking over my shoulder when flashblog popped up:

"who's that?"
"that's gary roberts."
"what's he doing there?"

Jason said...

@ Matt in N.C.

Shoot me an email when you are headed to Charlotte.

eileenover said...

I decided to send an e-mail to Larry Brooks over at New York Post. My guess is he won't even respond, but I felt the need to do something about all this Crosby diving shit.

IhateVince said...

costa works for my dad, and i havent seen him for a while, on this blog or out-- to the seeker dude.

The Seeker said...

@ eileenover

Kudos to you!


Thanks. I hope he's OK. If you hear anything, please let us know.

stokes said...

Eat N Park in Dormont is money in the bank, even after it got held up this month.


Benjamin said...

most excellent adam, great jobber, well played, sir.

!@#$$ them and their moms... sorry, but had to be said.

can't wait for doc emerick to scream "crosby GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL"

sorry, ahem.

go pens!

Stoosh said...

@ Ashley -

Glad you liked the Manifesto. Might as well beat the lunatics to the punch, eh?

That was mostly just a spontaneous response to my own frustration over all this crap about Crosby and refs and conspiracy theories. It's all taken on way too much of a life of its own and I'm tired of it, because 1) it's overshadowing the series and 2) it's all just borne of ignorance.

Therrien said it best in his quotes here.

"Why don't we give credit to a guy who plays in traffic, who will get shots? They never see the shot in the face in the first period by [Sean] Avery. Sometimes, [Crosby's] going to draw penalties, sometimes there's not going to be any penalty. But he's going to keep going there. Eventually, he will draw a penalty if he keeps going there, he knows. He's not going to go to the outside, that's the way he is, he's not going to take the easy road, he's going to take the tough road to succeed.

"Yesterday on that play, to try and get a step on it, if he didn't get hooked, we're probably going to go on a breakaway. He drew a penalty. I'm kind of disappointed [Renney] complained about it."

PittHockey said...

so the game is at 2?

what is with the nhl and random game times?

hopefully there's no horseracing preview coverage to cut the game off should it head towards OT

snickerdoodles said...

I, Snickerdoodles, lowly messenger from the Kingdom of Hockey, post this message:

From Le Magnifique, ruler of the Kingdom of Hockey (who I hear is in the best shape of his life) and lawmaker and breaker Lord Gary Roberts:

From this day forward Brendan Shanahan shall be known as Royal Douche from now until the end of time. Sean Avery shall be known as The Village Idiot. We don't have the power to completely ban that idiot from the hallowed Oval Rink, but maybe we will get lucky. He might leave on his own to go design a dress.

The writers of that internet fishwrap known as the BooHoo Bulletin, and the Bulletin itself will be ignored by all with common sense. Read that only when you need a few laughs.

The trolls that call our talented Sir Sidney "cindy" and diver, etc. etc.. will be laughed at. We know that if they had a chance to get Sir Sid on their team, they would eat his socks, even though these sorry individuals are not fit to touch Sid's socks.

A care package of Crying Towels has been sent to the Rangers. They will probably be soaked within 3 seconds, so make that two boxes. After that, they can cry in their coffee.

In closing, because the hour grows late, I would like for the Hockey Gods to punish as they see fit all the douches, clowns, jokers, idiots and jerks that criticize The Pensblog. The aforementiond scoundrels can only wish they could put together a blog half as good. But that would involve having common sense, knowing how to write and having a sense of humor.

vezonex said...

@pensgirl: You bet I am! That bullshit off the faceoff...I think I know what was really going on there. Ma-Sean-Na is actually clairvoyant. He foresaw how the series will end, and decided now was as good a time as any to practice his golf swing on Sid's head.

Also, while I'm here, I do believe that the third and fourth photos show Straka's stick in Sid's midsection, parallel to the ice. Last I heard that's what they look for when deciding if something's a penalty or not. Sid did his damn best to stay on his feet there.

I know from personal experience how difficult it is to stay on two feet when somebody gets in your way like that when you're trying to skate at full speed like that. Most guys would have fallen all the way down. Sid just stumbled a bit and kept going.

Okay, I'm done.

Grégoire said...

you've seen this, right? I think it sums up nicely the situation.

We should just let the rangers and flyers fans whine, we'll meet you guys in the conference finals.
go habs go

paul said...

re: 3rd pic of the Straka deal

Take off the blinders. Why on earth does Cindy have his arms stretched out as if he's about to take a dip into Lake Wallenpaupack?? He’s clearly embellishing right before your very eyes. Conveniently you leave out the next two frames where glides on his knee.

It's still a B.S. call...mental hicks. And when The Rangers win today...we'll see how fast you cockroaches migrate to every single New York article/blog. When the Rangers won the 2nd game of the home and home series in March…you guys were M.I.A.

Coming from a franchise that blew the last six weeks of the season in order to draft Super Mario…I couldn’t have expected anything less of its fair-weather fans.

Fleury29 said...

First let me say two things:

One, I could read what was going on in C-Blog yesterday on my smartphone but not post because work has this site blocked and I get an error when I try to post comments from my phone. As someone who considers himself a C-Blog defender, this made me very sad.


Two, I tried to post on the Blueshirt Bulletin, which I can read from work but the comment section for which is blocked (go figure) so my post never went through. I hate my work's content filters so, so much.

Also, karri, thanks for mentioning me in the same breath as people like Stoosh, etc. That means a lot.

Pens/Rangers today, my friends. Game two and I get to watch it on an actual TV, not a computer screen.

Will the Pens build on the momentum of having come back from a 3-0 deficit and take it to the Rangers hard? Will Saint Gary play? Will the Rangers, who now have something to prove, come out hard and put it away early or will Fleury and the defense turn them away and build momentum off of that?

Either way, game two is going to be an amazing game.


The Big K said...


cblog=family, yes

Gotta love that cblog.

The Big K said...


Just remember:
When you lose today, come back here and swallow your medicine like the woman *cough* man you are.

Rags fans are cocky, very cocky.

Fleury29 said...

Coming from a franchise that blew the last six weeks of the season in order to draft Super Mario…I couldn’t have expected anything less of its fair-weather fans.

Wow... bringing up the 1983-84 season? You Rangers fans must be pretty desperate to bring up something that happened over 20 years ago. If the Penguins did tank, and that's a big if, they did it so they could draft the best player ever to put on skates. Who eventually kept the team in Pittsburgh. How is that a bad thing? Oh, it's not.

You're just jealous the Rangers didn't get him and he owned your team in the playoffs.

Besides, coming from someone whose team took 54 years to buy a championship, this means very little.

The Big K said...

'Blue Shirts Shooting For A Pitt Split Today'

The headline on

Very creative, yes, they ride the short bus.

The Big K said...
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queenofthesky82 said...

What's the only thing worse than having to work during a pens game? Having to ride on a touring vehicle that will drive down grant and make a right hand turn in full view of the arena six times today. Much as I detest obnoxious and ignorant fan bases the one thing I hate more is people who are indifferent to the playoffs and would rather go on a Duck boat ride than watch the game.

Matt in N.C. said...


will do!

The Seeker said...

For those heading to the game...

Major construction and traffic pattern changes today downtown...TV says to expect delays all around Mellon Arena. 6th St, Bigelow Blvd, and Crosstown Expressway ramps construction. LEAVE EARLY folks!

Raybin said...

Take off the blinders. Why on earth does Cindy have his arms stretched out as if he's about to take a dip into Lake Wallenpaupack?? ...Conveniently you leave out the next two frames where glides on his knee.

Jesus Christ. Tell me, is it a requirement that Rags fans huff paint thinner before posting on the Internet?

First of all, go back to the last shot. Watch Straka's body position. Look at his right arm. Now, most importantly look at his left foot. See? He's tripping/interfering with Sid. When someone trips you, you put your hands out.

The fact that you bring up that Sid only went to one knee makes it even funnier. How can someone dive if they don't go down to the ice?

Seriously, you Rags and Flyers fans have lost ALL PERSPECTIVE on the Penguins franchise.

They tanked 20 years ago just to draft Mario? Listen to yourself. Take a step back and think about how fucking crazy that sounds. The NHL is fostering a conspiracy to hand a Cup to the Penguins? You really think that? You Rags/Flyers/Craps fans make complete and total asses out of yourself every time you open your mouths and spout this bullshit.

This is the last time I argue with one of you trolls who come rolling in here. If you sincerely believe the things you're saying, then nothing I or anyone else will every say will get through. And if you're doing it just to irritate, then silence is the best response to that too.

The Seeker said...

Blind Paul said...

"Why on earth does Cindy have his arms stretched out as if he's about to take a dip into Lake Wallenpaupack??"

Because that's the way humans skate. Unless you are the puck carrier, when you are digging hard to get into a play you kick your arms just like a runner does. Have you ever been in a power skating course? There's one arm (left) stretched out and the other is in the opposite direction holding his stick...just like they should be when digging hard.

"Conveniently you leave out the next two frames where glides on his knee.

Ummmmm...the Pensblog text states:

[A couple shots after this, he is down on one knee for a split-second and gets back up.
How is it a dive when said player doesn't dive?]

You conveniently left out answering the question that is the second sentence.

Not only does Straka have his stick in Crosby's midsection, but he's also got his free hand holding-back Crosby.

TEXTBOOK interference.

One other thing...Rags Phans try to say Gomez had already poked the puck from Hossa's stick at this point, but the video clearly shows that Crosby is starting to go down on one knee BEFORE Gomez has reached Hossa.

when The Rangers win today...we'll see how fast you cockroaches migrate to every single New York article/blog. When the Rangers won the 2nd game of the home and home series in March…you guys were M.I.A.

Famous last words! I love when opposing fans make absolute predictions about something they personally have no control over. It almost always comes back to bite them in the ass.

Oh and about those message boards?...Perhaps if the crybabies didn't ban us from posting, we could actually respond. Obviously they can't take the heat so they moderate or ban us outright (ie: Bullshit Bulletin). It seems obvious to me that they can't take objectivity and prefer to conduct cyber-circlejerks instead.

IceCold... said...

another traffic note: parkway east is CLOSED. completely.

wow, PENNDicks, that makes perfect sense! i mean aside from there being pens and pirates games, PITT IS GRADUATING TODAY.


i hate to admit that all of this verbal sparring in the media is getting to me, but it is. let fans say what they want, but when players and coaches get involved i am absolutely disappointed. shit like this has no place in the NHL. take that bullshit to the MLB or NFL where many times the game is only the sideshow. btw, we had 5 goals in that game. FIVE. go ahead and harp on one of them all you want. how could the raggers let us score those goals when they were up 3- NOTHING halfway through the game.

i do find it amusing that a team with a player by the name of sean "i'm obsessed with fashion!" avery is calling out dramatics on ANYONE, including the cast of Cats.

2 o'clock can not come soon enough. bc then all of this will disappear and the game will speak for itself. WWGRD? - play his heart out and then shove it down his opponents throat to choke on.

and on friday night all you could hear was WHITE NOISE. so actually you know what..bring in on Raggery Andies! cry all you want, cause all i hear is



IceCold... said...

ahhh, c-blog truly is divine. i can find peace in posts!

IceCold... said...

also, i apologize to one of my favorite childhood dolls, Raggedy Andy. i'm sorry i used your namein vain.

dying alive said...

Hicks, cockroaches, fairweather fans...can we at least get some witty insults? If not witty, at least something original? Honestly.

And why is it not surprising that cockroaches would be the first thing the mind of someone from NYC?

coffeytalk said...

Hey c-blog. I am heading down to the Mellon right NOW. I'm not sure how I'm awake/alive after a hard night of kareoke and rock banding. Seriously, I wail on Don't Stop Believin'

I'll be in the east lot wearin' good 'ol #9 Ronnie Francis.


Steeeeeeeve Perry.

Joshua said...

We need to pull a really good prank right now. Something epic.

marcetta said...

I had to tell everyone that last night I had a dream that I fought Hacksaw. He, of course, beat me, so I'm thinking this means maybe we should see him for some pre-game inspiration.

Coffeytalk.... Rock Band = outstanding.

Blazephr said...

Everyone (Rangers coaching staff & fans) are talking about the embellishment on the play.
There's no question that both players made body contact with each other. It's the mere fact that Cindy embellished it. It was a BS tacky, lame-ass call to make at that stage in the game. What makes it worse is that the refs hadn't made a call in the previous 24 minutes of play. The previous call was the phantom tripping on Dubinsky when he didn't touch Cindy when she fell (dove) in front of the net. Funny hearing this from the Versus crew "but it was an intent to trip". How absurd is that comment? Try watching the live video of the Straka incident.

You can listen to all these commentators during intermissions who say the right call was made. But you know damn well that these morons are afraid for their jobs.

War Penguin said...


I have an okay one. Looks like Ruutu was verbally goading Rozsival, and the linesman is holding Rozsival back. Unfortunately you can see Ruutu's face and the linesman's, but not Rozsival's.

If you want me to e-mail it, holler. Don't have a place to post it at the moment.

Flyer Hater said...

Blazehomo, you talk about how the league, the officials, and all the commentators have a massive conspiracy going on to protect "Cindy Crysbaby" as you like to so eloquently put it. Yet this is the same league that employs officials like Mick McGeough, Paul Devorski, and Bill McCreary. The same league that switched to the RBK Edge jerseys, the same league that couldn't get it's own refs to enforce the rules for the better part of 15 years. The same league that has commentators like Mike freaking Milbury for gods sake. Yet, all these buffoons are able to coordinate themselves into a league wide conspiracy that would make Stephen King jealous. Some of the refs in this league couldn't get an order right from Wendy's, yet they are coordinated in a conspiracy.

Try to just think on the side of logic for at least a minute.


wilsmith said...

Again, allllllll the analysts and columnists outside of New York have pretty much agreed it was interference.

Rags fans are the only ones who can't make it out.

Stephen said...

I love how this whole blog thinks those 3 still shots of the hook are significant. They leave out 95%of what occurred. HA

The last still shot is the beginning of Cindy Crosby's Signature Move

Jarrko Ruutu is = to Sean Avery, and Simon should have stomped harder.

dying alive said...

I love how Rags fans keep coming here with all of their conspiracy theories thinking that they're going to convince anyone that it wasn't a penalty.

Stephen said...

and Primantis and Eat n Puke suck George Laraques dirty dick

Stephen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

So Ranger fans have been soundly defeated by logic and facts in everyone of their arguments and now have resorted to making fun of restaurants in the Pittsburgh area.

I just want to keep things straight around here.

The Seeker said...

Blazephr said...

Everyone (Rangers coaching staff & fans) are talking about the embellishment on the play.

That's nice that you admit to all being cryabies...Here's some help

It's the mere fact that Cindy embellished it.

Obviously not since you admit later that all the Versus announcers agreed it was interference....DA?

By the's nice that YOU can post your diarrhea HERE without censorship isn't it? I wonder why Rags Phans have to ban and moderate OUR comments on THEIR blogs? Afraid that someone might show you up for what you really are? Or is it that the truth hurts too much?

It was a BS tacky, lame-ass call to make at that stage in the game.

Blame the refs for blowing a 3 goal lead? Nice.

So applying your warped logic, when Jagr got a chance to tie the game and hit the crossbar, you'd have been OK with it if a Penguin had hauled him down or interfered with him preventing him from making that shot at all...right?

You can listen to all these commentators during intermissions who say the right call was made. But you know damn well that these morons are afraid for their jobs.

Or, they were telling it like it really any PROOF to back up your fallacious statement?

Thanks for mentioning though that unbiased hockey commentators all agree that you're makes making you look like the whiney little twat that you are much easier.

Malroc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malroc said...

An interesting thing about that video that you keep saying "clearly" shows a dive. Crosby never looks up or ask for the call, he kept skating hard trying to get on the breakaway.

Also I think its worth noting that their legs get caught up(this is what caused him to go down on one knee, but probably not what actually caused the penalty), straka's stick is in his midsection, their feet collide, and if you watch it appears he also throws an elbow right into crosby's side. Now to check the first part of the interference rule....

A strict standard of interference must be adhered to in all areas of the rink, with emphasis on interference in the -->Neutral Zone<---.

A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who interferes with or impedes the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck.

Yep, that seems to be textbook interference.

The Seeker said...

Hey Blazephr...I have a challenge for you.

Go back over to Bulsshit Bulletin and make a post demanding that there be no censorship and deletions of Penguins Fan's posts.

Tell them it makes you all look like little girls engaged in a cyber circlejerk who are afraid of allowing equal time between us.


I'll watch for your post there to see what you're made of.

Flyer Hater said...

Crossing c-blog is like crossing one of the Goodfellas. If you fuck with Tommy, Jimmy, or Henry, you'll end up like Billy Bats.

The Seeker said...

Wasn't it Blazephr that came here and said this blog was too gossipy for him and that he likes serious hockey analysis instead?

I guess that's why they call it the Bullshit Bulletin...they're all full of it!:

Posted on Blueskirt Bulletin:

Great story here on Avery. Yes his mama said he made a mistake in breaking up with Elisha.

PS: I don't see you post there yet Blazephr....not man enough eh?

Stoosh said...

@ Paul -

You're a fan of a team that's had precisely one moment of glory in more than sixty years. And the Rangers were pretty much considered the red-headed stepchild of the Original Six.

And while we're discussing places in history, let's not forget everything the Rangers accomplished AFTER 1994.

Despite playing in the largest television market, drawing from the largest population base in the United States and having more resources than any other team in the league, the Rangers from 1997 until 2004 missed the playoffs every year.

You almost have to TRY to be that bad, don't you?

Then again, throwing obscene contracts at the likes of Bobby Holik, Darius Kasparaitis, Theo Fleury, Petr Nedved, Tom Poti and building around the Human Headache, Eric Lindros probably classifies at least as grasping at straws.

And how about your team's draft history? Manny Malhota, Pavel Brendl, Dan Blackburn, Hugh Jessiman, Al Montoya. What a collection of luminaries that is...all first round picks and all picked among the first twelve picks of their respective drafts.

Let's face it, if there was a book out there called "EPIC FAIL: Mismanaging Resources in the NHL Marketplace", the Rangers fucking wrote it.

So you're in no position to lecture Pens fans on poor franchise management. What your franchise has done in that regard I could just about squeeze into the Grand fucking Canyon.

FijiH2O said...

@raybin 9:48 a.m. - AMEN! Everyone needs to stop responding to those idiots.

I finally got around to watching Friday's game last night. I was getting sick and tired of hearing Ruutu being compared to Avery. There's a difference between being an annoying pest and being an "idiot". Also, the comments that were being made about how quiet the arena was were not acurate. The noise level didn't come across the TV, but the crowd was definitely pumped, even when we were down. However, there are moments when you have to actually watch the game and pay attention.

Anyone hear if Lord Gary is playing today???


Fleury29 said...

^ What he said.

Fleury29 said...

Stoosh 3:16.

Fleury29 said...

Two things I find amusing.

1. The Rangers only have four Stanley Cups, which is only two (possibly one after this season) Stanley Cups more than the Penguins, yet they were founded forty-one years earlier.

2. In a few years, chants of "1994" are going to replace the chants of "1940."

JYo said...

Everyone keeps preaching to not feed the trolls, then proceeds to do so. Just stop. When they get no reply, they don't know what to do. Just keep your own conversation going and don't even acknowledge the crap they spew.

The only result anyone needs to talk about right now is a 1 game to 0 lead and hopefully that will be 2-0 by the end of the day.

I would also like to thank Karri for mentioning my name in conjunction with other true C-blog HOFers. Me = humbled.

Lets Go Pens!

GwinTheEskimo said...

It's possible it could have been an iffy call and not a dive.
Maybe if Rangers' fans and NY media complain enough the league will retroactively award the Rangers a win in game 1. Or all those opposed to the call/"dive" are just preparing themselves for the eventual Pens victory in the series, by blaming forces outside of the Rangers themselves who apparently played no part in the loss, so that if and when the Rangers are eliminated they can claim they would have won were it not for the refs and the NHL conspiracy.

Pensgirl said...

Sorry, Jyo, I took the time to type this out and I'm posting it. But it's the last I'm going to say on the subject.

Once again, I'm going to ask the trolls - if you truly believe that Crosby dives and the league has some sort of mandate to let him get away with it, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WATCH? If the fix is in, there's no point, right? If I believed the NHL was that corrupt, I'd quit pouring my time and money into it. For fuck's sake, the fact that you plan on watching game 2 proves that either you don't believe what you're saying or that you're dumber than a bucket of rocks.

Secondly, if you had ever done anything remotely athletic once in your life or knew anything about how momentum works, you'd know that couldn't be a dive.

In terms of physics, a dive is intentionally increasing your momentum in a given direction in order to make it appear either that 1) contact occurred when it did not or that 2) contact that did occur is worse than it really was. The purpose is to get a penalty called on the other person. Therefore, a person who dives is going to do the logical and expedient thing - he continues in the direction the contact causes or would cause him to go in. Someone who is tripped falls forward, someone who's high-sticked snaps his head backward, etc. It's the only way a dive works - it has to look like the contact caused your movement - but also, it's the most physically efficient because you're just adding to momentum that's already been created. A person does trip forward, so you just go forward harder. The last thing you want to do when diving is make it harder on yourself.


They're on a low-friction surface, which means that any momentum is going to build up very quickly. He got hit and his upper body jerked forward HARD. Yes, his arms flung forward. Wow, you're so clever for seeing that. But here's the thing, genius - since he already had a lot of forward momentum just from skating, the only way that his upper body can jolt like that without causing him to lose his feet out from under him on that low-friction surface is if something causes him to have some backward momentum first.
That something would be Marty. This is KEY. A dive, in this case, would be to stop moving forward and to fall a little backwards and to the side. If you look at the pictures that means falling towards the "ON" in "Mellon." Lurching forward MAKES DIVING HARDER TO DO and it makes no sense in the context of the contact. Nobody, let alone a "notorious diver," would go about diving that way.

There is only one reason for a person with backwards momentum to jerk forward, and that is to regain lost balance. You're moving forward fast, you get knocked off kilter, so your upper body reflexively jolts in the other direction to find its center of gravity. Stumbling, like going down to one knee, is highly likely in this scenario because you're not going to find the center right away. Dragging a leg and making wide arcs with the arms are attempts to keep going in the direction you were moving in before contact - in other words, they're an attempt to negate it. That would be the opposite of diving. The kids like to call it "hustle."

It's ridiculous to have to explain that.

Fleury29 said...

C-Blog <3's Pensgirl.

johnny said...

Play "Boys of Winter." Let's Go Pens!

The Seeker said...

Here ya go johnny!

Get psyched.....

Let's Go Pens...SHOCK & AWE!!!

Whistler said...

when is the next game day post being put up?

Sooska said...

@ pensgirl -you are wasting your breath and wrists. you and everyone else around cblog thinks that because those foul and loathesome half-wits who are Rags and Filthy fans can type their inanities, threats, and jeers they can actually READ and glean logical conclusions from well reasoned and thought provoking arguments. Do you think they actually know and believe in SCIENCE? Sad to say the poem on the Statue of Liberty in NY harbor says it all "huddled masses," wretched refuse."
I know for a fact that Sid is not human but is, in fact, a cyborg-listen to him give a press conference. How else does one explain his talent, skill, speed, quickness, intelligence and appealing personality (see Dan Rooney)? I have it on good authority, being an engineer and all, that he was developed in Russia for a joint Russian-Canadian team and given all the attributes Canadians desire so that he could be readily accepted in their society and in the NHL. Mario was protype but the French thing proved an obstacle. {Ovechkin has a common DNA aberration and was dropped form the program.}
The diving is actually a software code error. They also developed Geno Malkin as his puppet master because old style Eastern Euro and Russian handlers (old Soviet products) were not getting the job done here in the Burgh (first Jagr, then Straka, Gonchar.) Now they have CMU's robotics, military and govt software institute, etc. behind the effort. This is all an effort to do away with human hockey players and develop an ultraskills game that will be dumbed down for American viewers. The humans playing against him (incl the referees) are not in on the secret project. The Rags and Flyers were chosen to see how the lowest intelligence American fans react-the robotics developers have not been disappointed and it has further proved that the blood lust in American sports rivals none and will gain NHL viewers in a few years. Geno has done a credible job with the wireless remote control and when Sid went out for reprogramming & hardware upgrades Geno had an implant and was able to continue Sid's game without him. Actually "they" are now developing a new cyborg series with Geno in as a prototype. Everything is on track for Pittsburgh to get the Cup this year to become the first team to win with hybrid players.

BlacknGold66 said...

Seeker you are the EFFING MAN!

That song gets me so fired up!

So after screaming/crying from awe on Friday at the game. Then driving back to C-town I went to the Indians/Yanks game yesterday.

Nothing like watching your two favorite sports teams beat the two NY teams you hate the most in dramatic fashion back-to-back.

I met a guy with a Pens hat on at the Indians game. Solid.

Poor soul. I told him that the game wouldn't be shown on NBC here in Cleveland (he isn't returning to Pittsburgh until Monday) and he nearly jumped off the upper deck.

Fleury29 said...

"Do not feed the trolls," they say.
"If we don't feed them, they'll go away."

But I prefer to feed the trolls
I will feed them Penguin goals

Malkin goals and Crosby goals
Bowls and bowls of Penguin goals

It matters not who scores the goals
For Ranger trolls hate Penguin goals

Sean Avery is a bag of douche
Ranger fans, have you met Stoosh?

You can say that Crosby dives
But at least our captain isn't "dying alive"

(All due respect to Dr. Suess.)

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh yeah... Ms. BNG66 and I were planning on travelling to Pittsburgh for the game today for a few reasons:

1) Meet more cbloggers

2) Be part of the action and excitement

3) Our only television option is on Center Ice... IF they don't screw the pooch.

Alas, gas prices jumped again so we can't make the trip.

So HOPEFULLY Center Ice has the game on. If not... Souper Bowl North is going to burn to the ground.

JYo said...

Bravo sooska and Fleury29. Good work.

BlacknGold66 said...

Multiplepostsblog. Apologies.

That poem is UNREAL!

BTW, I got a text from Hip about an hour ago. It read as follows:

We are alive! Literally almost ran over a bison a minute ago but no bear encounters yet. Phew! LET'S GO PENS!!!

Flyer Hater said...

Fleury29>Edgar Allen Poe

Pensgirl said...

Sooska, that wasn't for them. It was for me. I'll post what I please.

Fleury I love your poem.

wilsmith said...

Because the other three are figments of your fucking imagination!

Fleury29 said...


Fleury29 said...

Time to go!

I'm out, C-Blog. On my way to watch the game.


Stoosh said...

@ Fleury29 -

That poem just bleeds awesomeness!

@BNG66 -

Sorry you couldn't make the trip down. Gas prices are out of control and we're still a month from Memorial Day.

Hip almost ran over a bison? Ask her if it was really a bison or just a heap of Rangers fans whose incessant complaining drew the ire of Gary Roberts.

Jonny V said...

Ten more wins

The Big K said...

My Knockoff Of Fleury 29 Poem-

Sean Avery loves to hit on prostitutes.
He has dragged his teams into the chutes.

Sean Avery acts like a homo.
In the NHL, a big no-no.

He scores a few goals, yes.
But dirty he is, you must confess.

Renney says that he has an impact.
I think that he is just a f-g.

Sean Avery poses for Vogue.
He is the NHL's biggest rogue.

Sean Avery loves the black book.
His way of defense is to hook.

Sean Avery=stunned
Big K is having fun.


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