Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This House...Is Clean. PENS WIN.

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[ Bruce Bennett/Getty Images ]

Nothing clever needs to be said here.
Everyone knows the count.

Games like this one serve as a stark reminder of how the journey to Lord Stanley's Cup is the toughest road in team sports.

When Tom Clancy writes his next book, it will be based on the second period of this game.

The old Penguins captain, Double J, tying the game with his 75th career playoff goal for the Rangers.
The young Evgeni Malkin winning the game with his 5th career playoff goal.

The Penguins are a win away from the Eastern Conference finals.
But the Rangers ain't dead yet.


Do it.

:::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS :::::::::::::::::::

[ Andrew P. ]

:::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The Pens third unit started off the game.
It was looked like TK could have got a holding call, but the Pens got a break.

Now, if we'd come out and guarantee that we'd finish typing this sentence, our power would go out or the entire internet would shut down.

But when it comes to Hossa, we don't even know.
It wasn't "the kind of goal we all envisioned back in February," but we'll take it.

[-2.<span class=
The Pens capitalize on an early Ranger turnover.

But you have to give it to the Rangers.
They were not deterred.

They generated their best chances of the series after quickly regrouping from that early balltap.
Straka somehow missed the net, probably because he saw a weight machine in the stands.

Later, Marian Hossa takes a dive on a Jagr hook.
Yes, that was a dive, Rangers fans. It was a solid try by Hossa to embellish the call.
Jagr flips out. Most passion he has shown since the craps table at Atlantic City back in 2000.


4-on-4 blog.

All this Staal vs. Staal crap we've heard about the last couple years.

Finally, it meant something.
Marc Staal annihilates Jordan along the boards.

It was back-and-forth hockey when the penalties expired.
Straka missed the net again because he thought he heard a dumbell, and then Sykora and Malkin almost connected.
But it was Malkin's turn to miss the wide-open net.

By halfway through the first, it was obvious that the Rangers were bringing the kitchen sink to the Penguins net.

An odd-man break for the Rangers brought a big clusterjoke.
Never mind Jagr being all over MAF. The issue was whether the puck crossed the line.
And it counted.


They almost forgot what it was like to score a goal.

After some jobbing, a reminder of what playoff hockey is about came with about 3:30 left in the first.

And it all started with many a Pens fan saying, "Where's Malone?! Why's BGL out there?!"
And the answer came in beautiful fashion.

BGL goes out to talk to his secretary.



6:14 pm --Talk-show host Mark Madden blasts BGL up and down the radio waves.
"Therrien doesn't know what he is doing," he shouts.
"BGL didn't even beat up Avery after he cheap-shotted MAF at the end of game 2," he proclaims.

[Even though Avery was clearly on the ground already,
and why would you take a cheap shot anyway???]

"BGL should sit," he says. "BGL isn't good for the team. All he does is fight."
"The team doesn't like him." Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Mark Madden -- 0 goals in these playoffs.
BGL -- 1


"Okay, let's get out of the first period with the lead."
That thought became even nicer when the USS Hal Gill gets struck with a long-range missile.
Four-minute power play on the way.

And BOOOOOM. Malkin with the laser one-timer.


And then the second part of the Pens power play commenced.

A sign of the Rangers losing their will to live came during a Malkin dump on the second PP.
Nobody cared as Malone retrieved it on the boards.

Whatev. Period.

:::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

Both Lundqvist and Fleury had to survive some quick storms early in the second.
The Rangers were desperate as balls.

The Rags were gonna get their chance to crawl back into the game, as Sykora headed to the box.

When Scoods cleared the puck during the PK, did Bob Errey say "that was a job by Scuderi"?
If so, hell yeah.

An icing call against the Rangers during their PP brought out the boo birds.
The Rags were saved by MSG playing the Ramones for the 80th time of the game.

Things got more interesting when Pascal Dupuis saved a great scoring chance by jobbing Jagr.
42 seconds of a 5-on-3 on the way.

That 5-on-3 went out the window fast.
Jordan Staal was unreal with some clears.

But another 5-on-3 kill was on the way, this time for 33 seconds.
That PP turned into a M*A*S*H unit.
Scuderi was down. Talbot was down and out after putting his life on the line.

Chris Drury got hurt in the dumbest way possible.
He actually got hurt celebrating the goal early.

Video Evidence:

Drury waiting for the pass:

Drury getting a shot:

Drury putting his hands up in the air:

Drury hurt:

Need more proof? has the [ highlights ]
That is really sad.

There was a skirmish around the Pens net.
Hal Gill brought it into port, dropped anchor, and kept it out of there.

As the time expired on the Penguins penalties, the boos came raining down when Crosby carried the puck through the neu--
Oh, wait, it was the Rangers fans booing their own team.
That sucks.

[ Michelle McG ]

Crosby did, in fact, carry the puck up the ice later in the period, but nobody cared.
Such hapless fans.

And just as this series looked over and done with, the Rangers get a big one on the board.
Tommy Callahan gets on past MAF. 3-2.

They weren't done yet.
Jagr, who had been on acid all game long, finally puts one home.


What a horrible feeling.
It was an incendiary situation, code red.

The Pens started the period killing off penalties and just couldn't get back into the groove of things.
Lord Therrien settled the troops after the JJ goal with a good timeout.

The Rangers were all business at the tail end of the period, hitting posts, getting solid shots.
The Pens were on the ropes.

It was like watching your girlfriend/boyfriend cheat you on, your house burning down, finding out your dad is Roger Clemens, and having cybersex with Dear Abby all in the same hour.

Another Rangers goal was inevitable.

But that's when the series became clearer.
Wyatt Earp checks Sykora from behind at the end of the shift.

The stupidest penalty in the history of the Rangers franchise.

The Penguins' top guns, who hadn't even sniffed the Rangers zone all period while penalties were being killed and the Rags were taking momentum, jumped onto the ice pissed as shit.

And the Rangers were tired. They got a couple clears.
The Pens eventual goal all goes back to Malkin keeping the puck in the zone with an unreal effort.

The trigger was Malkin at the left point. It was coming.
But it wasn't even on a one-timer.
He just lined up like a penalty shot on Blades of Steel. PING.

[Will Smith]

And that was it for the second.

:::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD :::::::::::::::::::

The series came down to this third period. Everyone knew it.
After the first minute, you start looking at the clock, hoping it will go faster.

As you're browsing Cblog comments, Ryan Malone redirects one past the Queen.


After some jobbing, Dupuis was headed to the box for something.

But that power play brought us this gem:

[Credit goes to John for posting that on YouTube]

That PK was the first of probably a couple moments during this third period that made you say, "This is the series."
Jordan Staal continued his PK dominance. Killed.

The Pens were headed back on the PK when Adam Hall jobs Sjostrom.
What a dive.
"This is the series."
It was killed.

Steiggy drops a couple USS Hal Gill references while Gill sends off cruise missiles.
If this is in fact the last hurrah for FSN this season, solid job, boys.

[Trevin S]

After a bizarro non-icing call, Father Time pulled into Penn Station and made his way up to the Garden.
Jagr seemed to be the only Ranger playing.
He tries to put a few shots on net. But it gets shut down.

This guy kills himself:

[ Thanks to Willowtip for the pic of Jacques Cousteau's gay brother.
Must have been fun walking home wearing the scuba gear. ]

As time gets to under three minutes, the Pens just start dumping and getting to the bench.
MSG is slient as the Rangers call a timeout.
There is still time, but that is needless worry.
The Rangers try to job out of frustration.
No dice.


Us against the world on Thursday.

  • The refs did a good job tonight.
  • Double J was out of his mind.
  • Marty Straka is annoying.
  • Chris Drury = What a playoff performer.
  • Jordan Staal. Good God was a force.
  • Funny how the Pens have home-ice advantage, and then go on the road where there are faster ice surfaces that complement their team speed.
  • Did Ranger fans know it was a playoff game?
  • Who is number 14 for the Rangers? Did he play tonight?
  • Where was Avery? Pathetic. What a sideshow.
  • Earl Mann should be narrating Commentorblog. Unreal display.
  • Have to finish the job on Thursday.
  • Hossa.

Go Pens


PittHockey said...



Dave said...

BGL kissing Dan Potash

strakasguitar said...

holy. effin' sh!t.

this game was UNREAL

tpb staff, who are you paying for your information from the future?

C-Blog, who'd have ever thought we'd be on the verge of a sweep? Again?

this is un-freakin'-real.

enjoy the ride thursday, folks.

karri said...

Go over to the previous post....we need you

Julia said...

So glad this is the last week of classes and my workload has me up at four in the morning so I can read pensblog. I love how the pensblog knows what is going to happen before it does, unreal. it.

vezonex said...

Where's the #3 plane? I know Eaton's been out since December, but he's still a part of this team. No, it doesn't deter from the awesomeness of that photoshop, but I'm allowed to be picky.

karri said...

approaching 1000 in previous post for

j.s.22 said...

did that ref say "go fuck yourself?"

Stanley's Brandy said...

Can we get an official post on what the ref said? I heard "Shut the fuck up" or "(mumble) fucking stop"

There's gotta be pro lip-reader or a bat with supersonic hearing around somewhere.

Mr. Plank said...


great job as usual pensblog. you guys massacred pube man's website, some of those comments were unreal. i even saw don brennan in on the action.

karri said...


Applauds ac & dr

C-Blog is F'in AWESOME!!!

Congrats Eric K!!!


M. said...

This site is a lot better when you're still drunk.

1975? Go fuck yourself.

onesizedrummer said...

How are you guys not making fun of Drury.... after Scuds ankle gets blown up, this guy celebrates a non goal...gets hurt...the puck then hits him in the skate and he doesn't even care enough to attempt to play the puck. Clear. Then Talbot take at 90mph shot in the shin, then jumps to let someone clear.

What a puss! He should be playing baseball.


Spencemo said...


I don't know which was better, BGL's goal or the kiss!

What a game!

Malone patting Potash on the head was great, too.

Flyer Hater said...

I guess Chris Drury was celebrating the fact the he got paid about 5 million dollars for every goal he scored in the regular season.


Best part of the game, the USS Gill just laughing at John Avery when he was trying to stir up shit late.

I said it last night but is Ryan Hollweg Bill McCreary's illegitimate child?

c-blog=pushing Gore's bandwith to the max

I think the performance last night was in the Book of Revelation somewhere.

Bring your brooms.


Russell Lucas said...

NHL Network showed postgame locker room interviews and JJ was absolutely dying alive. The guy looked shell-shocked and mumbled something about if Thursday is his last game, he wants it to be something special.

And it looks like the Pens have an ongoing inside joke thing now with PDAs-- Potash-related displays of affection. Ryan Malone tousled his thinning hair.

aunt penny said...

When the cblog hit 500 at 11:03 last night it caused a 5.2 quake it california.

Not making this up.

5.2 Sacremento.

The blog felt round the world.

Raybin said...

Have I ever mentioned there's something very, very special about this team? I feel I should point that out.

While Hossa's goal wasn't exactly the kind I'd envisioned where he sets up shop at the point and blasts it through, it was close enough for me. That was surgical.

I said the other day that Marty Turco was a big deal. MAF > Turco.

How pathetic are the Rangers? I said when there were about 5 minutes left, "They're fighting for their lives and only Jagr and Gomez look like they give a damn."
What the hell has Dubinsky or Shanahan or even Staal done this entire series?

And how about the lameass attempts to start a "Let's go Rangers" chant? Apparently the fans are unaware that you're supposed to try and rally your team.

Once again, the Pens gain the moral supremacy over their opponents. The Rangers body language spoke volumes.

What kind of sick hockey is the USS Hal Gill playing? I've been one of his biggest boosters since he got here, but this is unreal. His efforts at keeping that puck out of the open net were life changing. His demolishing people and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake behind and around the net was poetry in motion.

Barring an epic collapse that will be talked about for years should it happen, I don't see how the Pens aren't in the conference finals. I can believe the Rangers might rally and force a game six, but I can't believe they can hang four straight on the Pens.

Still, let's remember this: The Pens had only 16 shots all game and committed penalties galore. If Lundqvist doesn't pee all over himself, this could have had a very different outcome.

How weird was that anyway? The Rags defense which has been a joke that depends on the Queen finally steps up only to have Lundqvist crap his pants.

I was upset to hear Steiggy say that he thought we'd never see Eaton again since he's an UFA this summer and was injured. Even if its healthy, barring injury to someone else, I don't see how he can play....HCMT already has Sydor as a healthy scratch and who do you take out right now in favor of Eaton? Re-sign him Ray! We can figure that out over the summer.

Sean Avery at last proved what an f'ing waste of carbon he is. Theirren sent the message that he was a dead man if he acted up and he received it and didn't make so much as a peep all game.

Madden is a joke. Maybe he didn't notice Laraque in there with Gill at the end of Game 2.

Finally let me run belatedgeographyblog and say that I live in Castle Shannon. Also, I saw someone currently in Indiana, PA. Represent! Born and raised in Indiana County I was.

FireFox said...

If Jagr has shown the same level of passion for the game when he left Pittsburgh as he did last night, he might be breaking some records. The guy is a head case. He has always had a boatload of talent. But since 2000, his head has been out of the game and has been on cruise control.

Let us know how the Russian Super League works out for you Double-J!

geezer said...

Anybody else a close up of Drury on the bench near the end of the game? He said as he limped off that "my back is shot!"

Anyone else notice that on the ice it looks like Jagr has a load in his pants?

I don't think Fleury gets enough credit. The D is playing better and Fleury is a huge part of that. He was under attack all night. Come on Pens, we got em on the ropes now finish em.

Ashley said...

Did anyone else see the CBC broadcast last night? Apparently Sean Avery hurt his shoulder (maybe it was when he was doing that goal celebration in game 1..) and had to get his teammates to help him get dressed - no lie. When he saw the camera was on him, he took his jersey and left the room to find Charlie to help him put it on.

justin said...

10 teams have started the playoffs 7-0. 8 of them won the cup.

Fleury29 said...

That game recap is as solid as it gets. I don't think I can say it enough times: Hossa prediction, unreal.

We're living a dream, you know? Seven games into the playoffs, almost two full series and we're undefeated. This doesn't happen very often and it's a great feeling.

Currently 1010 comments in yesterdays C-Blog. I think Pens fans are trying to blow the blogger servers. 1010... that's batshit insane, man.

Thursday can't come soon enough.


Fleury29 said...

I just realized something.

Flyers are up 2-1. Red Wings are up 3-0. Stars are up 3-0. Pens are up 3-0.

So, potentially, it could be Pens/Flyers & Red Wings/Stars.

If the Pens and Stars win, it would essentially be a rematch of the 1991 Stanley Cup finals.

Can anyone say eight goal game six to clinch?

lauren_hbg said...

Wow, 1010 comments on last night's post? That's absolutely insane.

I loved the Steiggy reference to USS Gill last night, good stuff.

Well, off to go check the morning paper and plaster the headline on my cubicle walls - to enlighten all the Flyers fans here. :)

lauren_hbg said...


I definitely caught that shot of Drury on the bench, I couldn't make out what he said, but I knew "my back" was part of it - thanks for clearing that up... haha

pensfan100 said...

Pens = 18-0 in pigeonless jerseys!

Spencemo said...

When BGL scored that goal last night, all I could hear in my head was Mike Lange "Oh, he's smilin' like a butcher's dog!"

cg said...

"And it all started with many a Pens fan saying, "Where's Malone?! Why's BGL out there?!"

This line right here is why this blog is such a big deal! Talk about having your finger on the pulse of PensNation! almost these exact words came out of my mouth, followed by a "Meeeahahhhaaa!" when he scored..

Great job Staff! Now let's finish this shit!

Dan said...

@justin - i heard that stat on jokecenter after i got out of the shower. i had to get another one immediately.

I will miss errey if this was fsn's swan song. good job with the uss gill references steiggy. hopefully they get their production skills together for next year, i probably will stop any bit of a life i have to watch every single game again.

jagr's tears could fill the dust bowl.

am i the only one who thinks sydor will be dumped over the summer one way or another?

the last 2 minutes were pathetic. the rangers looked like the pirates, they were out there and didn't know what to do or just didn't care. the broom will be in the living room for game 4. i recommend having one near you as well.

chris e said...

The ref definitely said, "Go fuck yourself." I heard it last was much more clear than that youtube video.

It was awesome.

Go Pens!

Loser Chris said...

"It was an incendiary situation, code red."

If you don't get that reference, shame on you for six weeks. Excellent work as usual boys!


Stoosh said...

@ Raybin -

How pathetic were the Rangers fans, heading for the exits with two minutes left? When the clock hit about a minute, the FSN cameras panned a bit of a high shot and I think the entire section to the right of the Rangers bench was practically empty. Those fans scattered quicker than a high school beerbash getting busted by the cops.

Antonette said...

All I could think in the second is "every team loses playoff games, it's going to happen sometime" BUT NO.


All I have to say, is that if it's a Flyers/Pens final, I will have lifelong heart problems by the end of it.

Thursday can't get here soon enough.

Fred Jones said...

Game 4: Hacksaw or Harris?

Russell Lucas said...

I guess the big issue for HCMT is whether anyone did enough to play their way out of the lineup last night to slot in Roberts, or whether winning is enough to guarantee everybody a lineup spot. Dupuis took a couple of penalties he didn't need to take, which I guess might make him a candidate to sit in this bizarro world where the entire lineup is playing lights-out. Of course, he also assisted on Hossa's goal.

Gotta kill the Rangers off tomorrow. The '91 and '92 teams never blew a chance to eliminate somebody. Plus, with all the shot-blocking that's going on, the law of averages says sooner or later someone's going to get a fracture, so better to play no more than you need to.

Chubs said...

@ Fred Jones

Harris was in charge of the brooms last time...

Grant said...

Whose the team MVP so far in these 7 games?

Malkin or Fleury or someone else

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, dudes...

1. C-blog - 1000+ posts last night? This place is unbelievable!

2. Bourquee was on 105.9 The X this morning and dropped some knowledge. There were six goaltenders who played more than 70 games during the reg. season this year. Two of them didn't make the playoffs (Ryan Miller and Roberto Luongo). Two of them - Kipper and Uncle Daddy Brodeur - hit the links after Round One. The other two - Nabokov and the Queen - are each down three games to none in the second round.

3. Memo to Ray Shero - sign a backup for next year that can give us 15-18 good starts.

4. Dear Mr. Sidney Diver,...if you want to job an opposing player or team, do yourself a favor and sink some money into it to make it last. Take a page from the guy at the Arena who wears the Flyers #75 jersey with "LOSERS SINCE" on the nameplate. Go to and customize a #87 Pens jersey to say "DIVER" on the back or something. Make it count. You're in New Yawwwwk, remember? What that guy's wearing is one step up from taking a Sharpie to a t-shirt. And Rangers fans were jobbing us about being low-rent?

5. Dear Ryan Hollweg,

We would like to inform you that you will receive a perfect score of 100% for the semester in "Maintaining Composure In Pressure Situations 101".

The 2004 New York Yankees

6. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought of Madden railing on BGL during his show yesterday when BGL knocked that goal home. Coincidentally, DVE ran an interview with Big Georges that was supposedly taped about 30-45 minutes or so after the game ended, and Laraque was still bouncing off the walls over his goal.

He also said exactly what so many of us have said here...this team is an absolute blast to be a part of right now, from their focus to the way they play to the energy they get from the fans. He said he's never been on a team that has the chemistry this one does.

Jimmy Hugs said...

The Pens fight song should be changed to "Shut Em Down" by Public Enemy.

I almost feel bad for JJ. Almost.

Stoosh said...

I never thought I could find it within me to dislike Marty Straka, but I really think I do.

If nothing else, this series has certainly rekindled my hatred for all things Rangers.

Stoosh said...

@ Lauren Hbg -

According to the NY media, Drury injured his ribs or his side, and may not be able to play tomorrow night. Betts may also be out of the lineup.

lis said...

I thought we signed Kovalev for the game last night the way Laraque roofed that shot...making #27 proud!...well except Kovy isn't a large black french canadian guy!

Jacob said...

Anybody else notice the electric guitar playing along with the stadium organ during the game. Typical New York shit of trying to be edgy and hip. I bet that guy feels pretty cool right now, too bad being the coolest guy at the Garden is like being the best pitcher on the Pirates rotation.

I heard the Rangers wanted to have a white-out but they couldn't figure out the logistics of handing out free blazers and sportcoats.

queenofthesky82 said...

@ Stoosh

I hear you about the Straka thing. Even after he was traded(the final time) I never felt any enmity towards him, hell I even picked him up in the fourth or fifth round of every fantasy draft. My family always teases me, but when I was a little kid I even insisted that he was my husband. But by the end of last night's game I was throwing out my Pen's Carnival era photos of him and me, and relegating my Marty autographed plush penguin to the attic.
I guess the moral of this whole thing is that Straka was undoubtably a likeable player, but the Rangers seem to have such a strong aura of Douche permeating their franchise that it can make you hate just about anyone or anything associated with them.

The Seeker said...

I attempted to post something on Blueskirt Bulletin in a very respectful manner about his post game recap basically saying that the Pens won on a bunch of garbage goals.

I wanted to ask doobie if that "observation" didn't reflect badly on the one guy in a blue shirt that's played stellar for them....Queen Henry. If it wasn't for him, the Pens would have around 1,953 goals in this series by now.

I then asked if this implied that all the Rags' goals were skilled shots despite the fact that their first was scored while some has-been was laying on top of Fleury.

[above is paraphrased and the original was actually done respectfully]

It didn't get posted there.

I'm kind of wondering if the fact that I addressed it to "The Bullshit Bulletin Censorship Nazi" had anything to do with it?

Seriously...that guy's take on games is absurd to the level of me thinking he huffs aerosols during the games.

dying alive said...

"Wyatt Earp checks Sykora from behind at the end of the shift."


@stoosh - "According to the NY media, Drury injured his ribs or his side, and may not be able to play tomorrow night. Betts may also be out of the lineup." -- Looks like they've got their next excuse all lined up. Because if we have learned one thing in this series, it's that nobody ever beats the Rangers. The Rangers either beat themselves or get bad bounces.

I still don't think I can find it in me to hate Marty Straka. I do think he's been a huge whiner this series, but once it's over I'll go back to liking him again. I really don't have any hard feelings for JJ, either. Whoever said that they feel a little sad seeing the dejected Jagr pictures, I'm right there with you.

Brett said...


sign a back-up 'tender? What happen to Conk love? and we've still got Sabu twiddling his thumbs.

DeCeV said...

47 Comments. Now that's more like it. I can actually read them all now.

Drury = joke. He's clutch, but also a joke.

I haven't been so excited since 5th grade when that note came back with "yes" circled.

homesprout said...


Good call on the Hossa goal, although I'm sure that has been covered already. haha

I think I'll go over to the BS Bulletin to see what they have to say about the game last night! :)

Jonny V said...

Commentblog newbies, please, for the love of Gary, go to the Pensblog FAQ and scroll down to where it explains how to hyperlink. Then do it. It's not hard.

Raybin, should great things happen this season, I would put Eaton low on the priority list of people to sign. Unless he'd give a tremendous discount, we can most certainly win without him.

I didn't even read any of the comments in the last post. I guess I feel like Gayvery, too intimidated right now. Perhaps it'll be a rainy day activity. I was at school yesterday, and kept sneaking in the lounge during class to catch pieces of the game, though the only goal I saw was Hossa's. I immediately thought of this place. tPB staff, do u think you can post that I'm going to win a lottery? That'd be huuuge.

The Rangers are done. Caput. Finito. All their base are belong to us. Before the series started, I said that I didn't want to hate Marty Straka. Well, that's shot to shit.

Colin said...


I have a weird thing where I can post in cblog more than twice on game days so I want to catch up.

First CD - 311 selftitled. Totally unreal, still listen to it.

Location - Mt. Lebo, Pa (I think someone said Brookeville, Pa? I have a client up there. Small world.)

Beerblog - Grolsch.

Personally, I like MM, but he has his favorites (see Whitney, Ryan and Roethlisberger, Ben) and his fall guys (see Therien, Michel and Laraque, Georges). I mean I can't hate him for being loyal to his guys, but take the blinders off everyone now and then.

Right before BGL scored me and my buddies go, "WTF? Laraque with Skyo, and Geno?" Then we proceeded to be stunned.

Honestly, I feel like this team, right now, will be something I look back on in twenty years and just say "Holy crap they were special."

Go Pens.

Stoosh said...

@ Brett -

Ideally, I'm hoping Conks comes back. I'm starting to wonder if the demand we once thought would be there for him as a starter really will be there. I just don't think the need for starting goaltending is going to be there. Tampa got Mike Smith at the deadline. Phoenix seems committed to Bryzgalov. If there are any teams looking at someone like Conklin as a starter, chances are they're eons away from contention.

So I'd love to see Shero offer him a two-year deal at somewhere around $1 million per year. I'd make it perfectly clear to him that Fleury is the #1 next year, but Conks will get somewhere in the neighborhood of 16-18 starts to keep Fleury from burning out.

Conks can spend the next couple of years sitting back, making a nice couple million for himself, get enough honest work and contend for a Cup. That's a good gig if you can get it.

JYo said...

Regarding the other series around the league, I'm hoping for a nice long 7 game series for the Cryers-Habs and short 4 game series for the rest. That way the Pens get rested and get to face a beat up team, which would hopefully allow them to win another short series and both western conference teams would be rested and could beat each other up in their own conference finals so they are tired and come face a rested Pens team in the real finals.


Over 1000 posts last night. Crazytalk. Great work C-bloggers, but excuse me if I don't get to the last 700 posts. Sorry if I repeat anything from them.

Completely agree with the Straka and JJ sentiments here. I still like them both on the whole, but you can't help losing a little respect for each of them after this series. Does anyone remember either of them whining so much when they were in black and gold???

Mike Georger said...

HUGE ups to nathan smith for doing his best ray stevens impression in wilkes barre

you cant suspend a guy for that, thats fucking nuts

Colin said...

Oh, and did anyone else notice that the clip on Fleury's mask broke near the end of the game? He finished the game with his second mask minus a dangler. Which mask do you go with next game?

Hip said...

I can't even think right now so I'm just going to repost what I said late last night:

So I walk into this podunk bar and am greeted by the sounds of Three Day Grace. Nice, I think to myself, Bing would absolutely approve. We grab seats and get the game on. Within 2 seconds of seeing the rink, I notice my future employer, UPMC, is representing. Positive vibes. Then, in walks a dude sporting the exact same Pens beanie as myself. We meet and greet – he’s a native of Idaho Falls and adopted the Pens so long ago he can’t even remember when. Needless to say, we were both stunned to have found each other. Game starts, and Hossa scores.

Shitblog, tPB = Miss Cleo!

Probably the best ten minutes of my life.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – in addition to enormous skill and determination, to win a Cup you need a little luck on your side. So far, things have been bouncing the Pens way. We’ll take it.

Cblog star of the game: Sooska

BTW, I’ll be in Wyoming starting today. Update for geographyblog.

Question – is Malkin trying to grow a beard or not?

Hip said...

also, you might have missed this somechic gem from last night which had me wetting my pants:

"I know this is random....but I thought I was out for the night. But then I started reading that Mike Ozanian article, well actually just the comments left. They were all about the same. but then I came to this....

You should probably just bend over now, I did.

Posted by: Don Brennan | April 29, 2008 at 06:06 PM

Whoever posted this deserves an award."

I don't know how to italicize the quote like she did. Sorry!!

JYo said...

@Dan: Molinari actually has a decent answer to a Sydor question in his Q&A today. The reality is, there probably isn't enough money to sign everyone and the Pens could lose Orpik and/or Eaton while Sydor is already under contract with a no trade clause. In all likelihood, Sydor will be back. I hope the team can re-sign Orpik and he'll likely be a higher priority than Eaton.

IhateVince said...

least the pens are in a situation to be able not to sign everyone since we got such depth on D.

"vicariously I, cheer while the Rangers cry.."

Sooska said...

good morning cblog!

Never thought I'd say I can't stand Marty. (or Jags actually) I loved Marty. Now Marty has turned into a rag. I don't like Marty any more. The Pens may have run Jags off the continent.

I cannot believe 1009 posts last night plus was it around 300-400 for the earlier post? Is anyone keeping up with their full time jobs, school, marriages?

thanks for keeping up with geographyblog. I cannot recall exactly but at 500 post mark last night I had something like 17 states, 2 provinces. Still have 500 posts from last night and will have todays to read thru. marathonblog. will post results when I get thru that. just thought it was fun to see where we are posting from.

@ stoosh - At the very least I will be able to record the audio into an mp3 for you.

if whistler is around-yes I know what to wear. Also the eastern PA cblog - we have to breathe this stench over here and came out smelling like roses. You wanted to job flyers fans? I tried and no dice. Yesterday I stopped by a health food store and behind the counter was a rather benign looking hippy type middle aged woman. As she waited on me I noticed she was wearing a Flyers jersey. She was called away from me to help another clerk and when she came back she apologized and I smiled and said "I forgive you even though you are a Flyers fan." She looked at me and giggled. I grinned and said "I'm from Pittsburgh and a Pens fan" as I wagged my Penguins lanyard at her. Her face started to turn red as she kept smiling and she giggled but made no reply. no reply. nothing. She remianed benignly pleasant. She kept on giggling as I paid her and walked out the door. Weird. I got nothing but giggles. typical Lehigh Valley. stupid too. She was as lame as the Flyers. joke.

Sooska said...

@ hip THANKS! The Malkin shirt is resting and will be ready to go tomorrow night.

Jonny V said...

Hip, I was a little unnerved when I realized my next reserve weekend will be the 16-18th, knowing I may miss a game, possibly two. Then I remembered your situation, and know I shouldn't take watching any of these games for granted. Keep up the updates, and have fun out there, sounds like an experience.

I think it was lis two posts ago who gave the MON/PHI recap, nice work, a good read.

And with the pic at the top, i forgot that when there was talk around here of ringtones and such, This song's chorus has been my ringtone for the last year. Some people think i'm an arrogant prick, but it's great when the people who realize what it's from laugh when they hear it.

Lauren said...

Thank you dave! I asked for that last night but it got buried.

Loser Chris said...

I guess you guys all missed this on the FSN broadcast, but on the Vs. feed it was pretty easy to tell that Malone was sent to the box as a part of the crowd after the Straka goal, so someone was going to have to fill in for him with Syko and Geno. Thus, we get BGL with the Biggest Goal of his Life.

Dr. Turkleton said...


turning point last night:
deadlocked 3-3: Rags with some Mo & Gommer rings it off the pipe...a few moments later....

Hitfrombehindweg does what he does best.

Geno then does his thing on the PP.

Game Over.

when I see Idaho Falls, I IMMEDIATELY want a Wendy's baked potato with sour cream & chives...

also, that Forbes-douche lists Crosby as 21...not for another 4 months....can't he add or subtract along with spell Gretsky correctly?

I, too was like jyo & didn't go back to read the from the '3rd period on' comments, but....


did anyone verify what Steigy & Bibs said at the end of the game???

It sounded like Steigy gave the ultimate hex by saying 'We'll see you next at the Stanley Cup™ Finals!!!!'

then Bibs chimed in, 'Go Pens Go!'

[Hossa: I ♥ Marty]

Dr. Turkleton said...

^^^ Dr. Turk buries it.^^^

Antonette said...


Just wondering, what type of medicine do you practice/specialize in? Just a question from a fellow c-blogger going into medicine (hopefully) in a few years.
[end personalquestionblog]

Also, can we talk about the embellished calls last night? I'm surprised that the guy's neck didn't break when he snapped his head back following Orpik's "roughing" penalty. Also, when you're checked roughly 15 feet from the boards and make no attempt to stop yourself as you careen into the boards, I'm not sure that's boarding.
Not bitching so much as annoyingly observing.

Zac Wassink said...

ticket prices on stub hub have dropped now over 100 bucks since last night HAHAHA

Kristin said...

This is only my second time posting though I've been reading the blog for two seasons now. But I had something to say for once. =D
I live in NYC and belong to a fan group. We get together to watch the games in a bar down by NYU. Last night we had 24 people sitting and cheering for the Pens. It was awesome.
Also awesome was when Anita (another Pensblog reader and WWGRD believer) and I went to MSG after the game to try and meet the players. We ended up meeting Bob Errey (the real one), Paul S, and Mike Lange. Mike was really nice - he seemed surprised that I wanted his autograph. Most of the players just walked on past us including Sykora who was grabbed and kissed by some crazed woman who was about 60. Syko wasn't happy. Anita guilted Dupuis into giving me an autograph. He was signing things for the kids but ignoring us so she just talked about how women are the future of the NHL, too. And that he should be trying to appeal to the female fans, blah, blah, blah so he came over and signed my old ticket stub. By far the nicest Pen to stop was Ty Conklin. He allowed himself to be mobbed by the kids who were standing around. He answered questions and signed an autograph for everyone who wanted one.

So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


lauren_hbg said...


That's awesome you guys got to meet some of the players - I swear we have the coolest team in hockey.

My boyfriend and I were at a game at the Igloo in November, right after TK got called up. Not many people recognized him, but we did, from watching him in WB/S, I think he was kind of surprised that someone actually wanted his autograph; I was even able to get my picture with him, it was pretty neat.

I love our team! :)

BlacknGold66 said...

-The Syko, Malkin, BGL line has actually been used quite alot in the playoffs. It was just nice to see that line bury a goal.

-I can't remember who said it last night. But this may be my all time favorite cblog post:

"If Malkin and Jagr would ever fight proper, I'd give up drinking."

I feel the same.

-Solid post as always Staff.

BlacknGold66 said...


-The Jagr interviews on NHLNetwork last night were down right depressing. He is seriously in a bad place right now. I almost felt bad for him.

-...Until I saw the Geno interview. AWESOME! "Yeah, yeah. We have score goal. I think. Score. We win. Yeah."

I fucking love it!

Had a conversation with Ms. BNG last night about how you could tell in the 3rd period that the Rangers were starting to believe.

...Believe in the Penguins. Did anyone else get that feeling? Especially with the post-game interviews. You could actually hear it in the Rangers voices. They know they're done.

norojo said...

way to go on the guarantee tpg
laraque kissing potash was the greatest thing that ever happened. i bet i know who charlie's new fav player is.
boarding penalty by daniel plainview was retarded, what a moron.
where have you gone flashblog?

BlacknGold66 said...

@M.Vander: Haha! I totally missed the joke.

Answer: No, my Dad is still at work and isn't coming home until the series is over. Why break the streak? (j/k)

@Norojo: "Daniel Plainview"... that is awesome.


Jonny V said...

Talbot's out with a broken foot.

MizzPenz said...

@Jacob - I bet that guy feels pretty cool right now, too bad being the coolest guy at the Garden is like being the best pitcher on the Pirates rotation.

I basically just choked on a Frito when I read that. Thanks for the laugh.

Cody said...

Hossa = Nostradamusblog

@loser chris: Thanks for verifying my suspicion about BGL out with Syko and Geno, I was about to go read the boxscore to verify before I posted the same comment, now I'll just assume I was right in that thought.

Honestly, sans JJ, the Rags have no heart. I swear to you, I had to look up his ice time last night, because it felt like he played the entire game. Every time something happened that was good for the Rags, be it a PP, goal, or just solid pressure. In reality, he only had 20ish minutes, but Jesus, can the rest of the Rags stop watching and help Jags? On second thought, nevermind that, we're quite happy watching the intense, yet futile, one man show for the Rags. Have fun in Russia JJ! (on a side note, while he is playing out of his brain, I'm absolutely sick of watching Jagr yap away every chance he gets. You're a great player JJ, not a great orator... shut your trap)

Queen Henry finally stopped looking like he was playing for the crown jewels, and started looking like he was playing with the family jewels.

Thursday can't come soon enough.

Dan said...

@jyo - thanks for that find. orpik said he wants to stay here and will take a discount, possibly a new van to stay here. i'm saying this not knowing the implications, but we could cut sydor if we can't trade him.

did anyone else notice during the game the "let's go rangers" over their pa? my sister and i immediately looked at each other and started howling, it sounded like someone who rides the short bus was saying it. was it the phantom of don brennan?

Dr. Turkleton said...



I ♥ Marty....for missing at LEAST 2 empty cages so far this series....he still has a soff spot for the Burgh.

Sooska said...

Talbot is OUT? Do we see Gary Roberts?

@ BNG66- as much as i could tell from the hiccupping versus onlinethe Rags looked defeated in the 3rd. I was listening to Mike and Phil by then to get some sense of what was going on and they felt too the Rangers were out of the game went they should have "been giving it their all." They thought they gave everything in the 2nd and had nothing left. So much for Jags thoughts on thier ocnsitioning. Mental conditioning is important too. Their crowd was real helpful, eh? Unlike the Igloo, the MSG crowd is only it in when they ar winning and scoring.

GwinTheEskimo said...

close the door, put out the light.

There is something about this team. it's not easy to start 7-0 in the playoffs.
Finish 'em off in MSG, then let pHilly and Montreal beat the crap out of each other for 4 more games.
4 games to win 1.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Roberts, Taffe, or Beech????

I'm guessing Taffe.

keep Gary in the back pocket for now.

Spencemo said...

I felt the same way about Gomez; seemed like he was on every shift last night. He & JJ were everywhere.

Messier11 said...

I don't get what the short youtube clip was showing. Can anyone shed some light on that?

BlacknGold66 said...

@Sooska: Agreed in regards to MSG. The Igloo was still rocking when we were down 3-0 last Friday.

@qwin: I'm glad I'm not the only Zeppelin fan in here!

Carroll said...

Hockey central just said Max and Scuderi left the rink with casts on their legs from blocking those shots last night.

Stoosh said...


Dr. Turk - I completely forgot to say thanks yesterday on C-blog. The package arrived at the Castille yesterday, and the IceTimes were in A+ condition!

Once I get the basement transformed into the Ultimate Hockey Room, those will be very nice additions.

I owe you one.

JYo said...

re: "but we could cut sydor if we can't trade him."

I don't think that would help anything. I don't know the cap rules by heart, but I don't think this is like the NFL where you just get rid of the salary and move money around to different years, etc. I'm pretty sure they would still owe Sydor his salary and it would still count against the cap, so there is no benefit to cutting him, especially since he is still a valuable D-man, even if not top 4.

Clinton N said...

You guys made Yahoo! Sports!!

TheNWChica said...

Max out? Noooooo! As much as I love it when the guys block shots like that, it sucks when this happens. One of my junior boys was out 2 months with a similar injury.

JYo said...

From Burnside's article on tWWL today:

And from the "only in New York" category: One of the Pittsburgh television camera crews was en route to Madison Square Garden for the morning skate Tuesday when their cab was nearly involved in an accident. The driver of the other car, a BMW, got out of the car, opened the cab driver's door and began to punch the cab driver in the head. Then, when the cab driver tried to get the license plate number from the BMW, the pugilist refused to move from in front of the license plate. No word on whether the meter remained running for the entire episode.

You stay classy NY!

Tony said...

It looked to me like the ref told the Ranger that was whining to him, "that's fucking soft", as in that would be a soft call....

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

Pensgirl said...

Fuck, people, I still have 400 comments to read from the other post and you're damn near 100 on this one. Slow down!

Guess it's a good thing I'm home today so I don't have to try to fit doing some real work around reading cblog.

Stoosh said...

No joke...

ESPN just reported Avery was taken to the hospital this morning in cardiac arrest.

Dr. Turkleton said...

NHL Live! reports Avery had to be taken to the hospital [no joke]...reports that he has no heart [THIS part IS a joke]

the show just started and no details yet...they just went to commercial

Spencemo said...

Just saw that about Avery; hell, the guy's a douche, but I don't want him to die!

Stoosh said...

I'm dead serious...I hope I heard that right...I have ESPN Radio 1250 on and Dan Davis just reported that Avery was taken to a New York hospital this morning around 3:00 AM, unconscious and not breathing.

Eartha Jackson just confirmed.

Dr. Turkleton said...


No Problem....hopefully, I'll be able to get a few more LATER [if you know what I mean]

yeah...listening to NHL Live! here....crazy shit....

pensblog jeff said...

Holy shit, just saw that about Avery. Cue the conspiracy theorists saying we poisoned him or something...

I can see it now "Crosby Diving Again? No, Now He's Murdering His Opponents - Story on page A6"

Dr. Turkleton said...

NY Daily News reporting it....didn't get to see their website yet...

Ass as a player...but hope he's ok.

pensblog jeff said...


Sooska said...

@ gwin- If we go 4 I hope the Filthy Habs go 7 although the Habs looked pathetic except when on a 2 man ad and I don't think it will.

@ carroll- Max AND Scuds? digdowndeepblog

GwinTheEskimo said...

talbot's foot, has this been discussed already?

Colin said...

All the best to Mr. Avery, seriously.

j.s.22 said...

Wonder if the staff could throw up a link to whatever site that has this Avery thing so the comment scetion does not get flooded with "Avery in hospital" every couple of minutes.

Dr. Turkleton said...

TSN reports Avery - lacerated spleen...per NHL Live! Don Lagrecca

j.s.22 - Linky above....

Sooska said...

NEWS according to Avery has a lacerated spleen and is done.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk- simulpost

Stoosh said...

I think it's safe to say that all of Pens Nation hopes Avery is OK.

Unconscious and not breathing, though? *cringe*

IhateVince said...

thats sucks for him

thegreenseas said...

In the Youtube clip, Dubinsky is whining to the ref and the ref says "Go fuck yourself!" haha

Hip said...

@jonny v - that's right, never take a Pens playoff game viewing for granted.

But let us pause to imagine how truly dire my situation would be without tPB for recaps and c-blog for commentor goodness.

Holyshitblog. Yikes! is right.

@antonette - I'm going into family medicine. I like the idea of doing a bit of everything and I'm one of those idealists who really think a big problem with our nation's health care is that we don't have enough primary care providers. Not sure where along the route you are but if you ever have any questions about med school or specialties or whatev, feel free to email me (it's on my profile page I think). Best of luck. It's a long ass road but totally worth it I think.

Can someone youtube the Malkin interview for me!?!?!?

BlacknGold66 said...

Jesus Christ.

I honestly hope Sean Avery is ok.

Douche on the ice. Maybe even a Douche off it.

But I'm seriously saying prayers that he's ok. You just don't mess with that shit.

Hutch said...

just heard on espn radio that Talbot's foot is broken, happened on the blocked shot. he showed up today at practice with a walking boot on it.

John said...

Oh how sick it would be to sweep the Rags and then sit back and watch the other two teams in the conference beat the hell out of each other all the way to a game seven.

Go Pens.

IhateVince said...

5 years ago my mom got in a car accident, go hit by a school bus driver who was a crack addict (no joke). she almost died and was taken to the hospital with like barley a pulse and she had a lacerated spleen...
she said it would be a miricle to survive that, plus not breating, cardiac arrest..

Hip said...

re: Avery - WOW.

There's only two real reasons young professional atheletes go into cardiac arrest.

As much as I dislike him, you never want to see this happen. Hopefully things will turn out ok. That is scary as fuck.

GwinTheEskimo said...

sooska, yeah I don't even know who to root for anymore in the other 1/4 final, Carey Price looks more like Jim Carey than Patrick Roy. The fear of the Habs is dwindling, but whomever the Pens play, provided they win one of the next four games vs. the uninspired Rangers, it won't be a cake walk.
PHilly looks solid, the EC FInals vs. the Flyers would be unreal, give the obvious backstory of "tanking" the last game to get the Sens, and the 5 OT game in '00, and Derian Hatcher smashing Sid in the face.

I suppose I thought that about this series as well.
I was thinking the same thing about the Rangers fans

I suppose I can get ahead of myself as long as the players don't.


Hip said...

Wow. A missed lacerated spleen might be the third reason.

TheNWChica said...

Yeah...he might be a douche, but he's still someone's friend, brother and son.

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate said...

yeah, prayers go out to avery and his family as hard to do as that might be...

GwinTheEskimo said...

count it. I have a bunch of somewhat rare, live stuff if you'd like copies. Id mail them or if you're in the city, catch a game on the lawn or whatever.

The Seeker said...

Talbot actually hurt his foot jumping up in the air so one of our defensemen could clear the puck out of the zone.

When he landed, you could see him wince and then stumble. I thought he'd re-injured his ankle but they are saying it's his foot.

He did play the remainder of the game. He has a boot cast on it this AM at morning skate and told reporters that he may still be able to play.

Avery's spleen was lacerated.

wilsmith said...

No posting news updates unless you read every comment above you.


Sooska said...

my unlce almost died from blood loss from a lacerated spleen. they had to give him 7 pts of blood until the surgeon showed up. He did nicely w/o one for 50 years but was susceptible to infections.

my son played hockey with a kid who sustained a lacerated spleen. when they were about 14 this kid got a lacerated spleen at practice by hitting the upper lip of the boards. It was spaced perfectly between his hip pads in his pants and his shoulder/chest pads. He became lethargic right away. His parents weren't there and my husband, the team parent, became increasingly concerned about him quickly. It turned out ok in the end but it was touchy for a while and he had nearly immediate attention.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

"There's only two real reasons young professional atheletes go into cardiac arrest."

I hate to say this, but that thought crept into my mind almost right away. I don't want to start speculationblog here or anything, though. Let's wait until the facts are in.

Seems to be two different reports - one said he was taken to the hospital unconscious, not breathing and in cardiac arrest; the other said he was taken to the hospital unconscious and not breathing, and a CT scan revealed the lacerated spleen.

Rob Rossi is in NY covering the Pens for the Trib. He supposedly called into Junker & Crow off the air and said the information he has from his sources said Avery is still unconscious and on a respirator.

Stoosh said...

Avery update.

Expected to make a full recovery.

Out for the remainder of the playoffs.

GwinTheEskimo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GwinTheEskimo said...

there's some kind of lesson in putting into perspective the importance of hockey i suppose.

barraqudie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hip said...

@stoosh - yeah, I probably should not talk out of my ass. Like I said, a missed lacerated spleen could be the third.

ESPN is already saying he's expected to make a full recovery. Hopefully that is legit.

From a professional standpoint I'll be very curious to see what the real story is here. Personally, I just want the guy to get well soon so he doesn't miss his big chance with Vogue this summer. I mean that sincerely.

Dr. Turkleton said...

since he's ok per NHL Live!:

from the comments section in the NYDN on Avery:
A lacerated spleen? Was the guy stabbed or what? Maybe he was so frustrated being on the verge of elimination that he tried the Japanese tradition of Harakiri and attempted to disembowel himself

BlacknGold66 said...

NHL Live: "He's ok. All earlier reports are false. He has a lacerated spleen and is ok."

Thank God.

GwinTheEskimo said...

I wonder how would flyers fans react if they were playing the rangers and they heard this news?

blackngoldforever904 said...

Talbot out?


Matt said...

I'm glad things are looking up and I hope he has a fast, full recovery.

With that said:

Will Avery pay for slashing Bing?
"I'm working on that right now." -- Therrien

Johnny Wrath said...

The spleen laceration has nothing at all to do with Gary Roberts or what cannot be confirmed as x-ray, laser eyes.

Stoosh said...

@ Hip -

"@stoosh - yeah, I probably should not talk out of my ass. Like I said, a missed lacerated spleen could be the third."

I didn't think that at all. It was definitely a legitimate point to raise. As I said, it was one of the very first things that popped into my mind.

I hope that didn't come off as condescending or anything when I made the "wait until the facts are in" comment. I didn't mean it to come off that way. Besides, you're the one with the medical background, so I'll definitely defer to your opinion on this stuff. :)

I think I made the comment mostly because I remember all the speculation that came out in the hours after they found Heath Ledger.

"Personally, I just want the guy to get well soon so he doesn't miss his big chance with Vogue this summer. I mean that sincerely."

Laughed very loudly when I read that! :)

Vogue just breathed a sigh of relief.

Dr. Turkleton said...

love reading the train-wreck over in the NYDN comments:

Sather stated he's out for the season. Isn't that the same as saying he's going to miss one game?

Pensgirl said...

Hip you're not the only one who went there, not by a long shot. But it probably woulda made more sense to doubt the story considering the source. Everything that publication prints is false.

I wonder when it happened. I didn't notice him much during the game but as we all know sometimes these things happen freakishly where it doesn't look like anything and contact happens to be made in just the right place for an injury. The internal stuff is so nasty since there's not always immediate evidence of it. To me that's much scarier than breaking a limb or whatever.

Sooska said...

@ gwin - a second Mummers parade?

Nate said...

is anyone else watching the game for the third time right now? this is awesome.

Loser Chris said...

Assuming Avery makes a full recovery, which hopefully he will (as is being reported), this could really hit him in the wallet as he will be an unrestricted free agent come July 1. Say what you will about the guy, but this is bad for him on many levels.

Zac Wassink said...

hope avery makes a full recovery.
he's still a dick

lauren_hbg said...


I was thinking the same thing - I'm proud to say that our fans actually care about other human beings, even they are on the opposing team.

I don't mean to sound like a complete technological retard, but can someone enlighten me how to bold, italicize, etc?

Nate said...

laraque interview with potash comin up on fsn if they still do the intermission stuff on the replay games...

Dr. Turkleton said...

Don Lagrecca on NHL Live! asking Troy Crosby [in studio] if he sees/saw all the 'diving' stuff in the stands & outside MSG???....

what a Rangers douche. This guy is a Devils fan but works a Rags post game show.


The Pensblog FAQ

Stanley Cup said...

Sean Avery has lacerated spleen.
Just on the newswire.

Out for the season.

Here's a copy/paste....ouch.
NEW YORK (AP) -- -- NEW YORK (AP) -- New York Rangers forward Sean Avery has been hospitalized after lacerating his spleen during a playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In a statement Wednesday, the team said the noted agitator was taken to St. Vincent's hospital after New York's 5-3 loss Tuesday night and was admitted following a CT scan.

Avery will be sidelined for the remainder of the season, the Rangers said, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The Daily News first reported on its Web site Wednesday morning that Avery was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest. The newspaper said the 28-year-old was unconscious and not breathing when he was taken to the medical center. He arrived about 3 a.m. Wednesday, a person at the hospital told the newspaper.

DeCeV said...

I hope Avery makes a full recovery.... then quits hockey to go work full time at Vogue.

barraqudie said...


Per the Toronto Sun, Avery's mother said that the injury happened "during the first period of Tuesday night's game at Madison Square Garden after colliding with a Penguins defenceman."

Which if true, holy crap. I'm not a fan of the guy, but playing 10+ minutes with a ruptured spleen is pretty balls-out.

give me the brandy said...

good to see that avery is pretty much okay. i hate the guy, but you got to give him some credit for playing pretty much an entire game with a lacerated spleen.

i'm not too sad that's he not going to be on the ice next game.

barraqudie said...

er, "ruptured" should read "lacerated." My bad.

@decev - FTW! My sentiments exactly.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Doc T...I'm not seeing the html for italics and bold, only the links. Am I missing it or do we need to ask the staff to add it?

dying alive said...

lolz @ the Daniel Plainview reference.

@Dan - YES! I am so glad that someone else noticed that chant over the PA system. Let's Go Raaaangers. Totally monotone. Utterly hilarious.

Hopefully Scuds and Max are OK and ready to play, at least by the next series.

That's a shame about Avery. He's pretty much my least favorite player in the entire league (by a wide margin, actually), but I don't want to see the guy die. I hope he makes a full recovery. I won't say I'll be sorry to see him miss game four, though. He's exactly the kind of player that would try to get in a few cheap shots, figuring that if his season was over, he might as well take one of the Pens with him.

lauren_hbg said...

@ nwchica

I'm glad to see I'm not the only technologically-challenged one here. I've been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure this crap out.

Dylan Moline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt in N.C. said...

Steve Avery is an ass, but I'll give him


For playing an NHL Playoff Game with a lacerated spleen.

Here's to his full recovery and an early start to his internship at Vogue. He'll probably lose that spleen anyway when Anna Wintour rips it out for bringing her the wrong coffee.


Outstanding job on over 1000 comments last night.

BlacknGold66 said...

I tried posting a comment on BlueShirt bulletin in regards to Avery.

If the guy over there can't look past hockey for two seconds and realize that I was actually sending well-wishes to another human being then he needs to check his head.

At least SensfaninToronto had the balls to play along.

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

@ hip
Keep up the hard work. My wife is OB intern right now, and life is rough (explains all of my free time) but will be so worth it in the future.


Would love to talk to you about your Zep stuff. I need me some live Zep. Saw Page/Plant at the Arena in mid 90's, best show ever

Dr. Turkleton said...


*b* Bold */b*
*i* Italics */i*

*= < or >

just like at the bottom on the comments box ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Sooska said...
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Pensgirl said...

Barraqudie, it's not even the playing time that gets me, it's the hours and hours of just having it. I'm wondering if it was a small laceration because as Sooska noted in her story about the kid who had one in practice, any rapid blood loss would lead to noticeable lethargy and lightheadedness. Even though he's a professional athlete if it was a large laceration he'd have lost enough blood to experience that (it wouldn't have been out of the question for him to have fainted). But if it was a smaller laceration that either got bigger as he played or simply leaked really slowly I can see where it'd take some time to realize something was really wrong. It's things like this where a hockey player's ridiculous pain threshold is not a good thing.

d said...

funny ad posted in new york!>

TheNWChica said...


I want to make sure it's up there for everyone.

If you can't find it, here is what you do, in a nutshell...

For bold: Put the < bracket, then a b, then a > bracket before the first word you want bolded. Then, do the same bracket sammich at the end of the bolded word(s), except you want a / before the b. So you have >b>WWGRD>/b>, except you flip that first bracket around.

The same is done for italics, but an i instead of a b. I hope that makes sense.

TheNWChica said...

@Dr. T:

Thanks man....I just wanted to know where you saw them at the FAQ, since I didn't see them so I could tell Lauren. :)

TheNWChica said...


Your link isn't working. o.O

Dr. Turkleton said...

wow...Pens day on NHL Live!...Lange & the ol'29'er on next...

The Seeker said...

@ sooska

LOL...your HTML tags link doesn't work ;-)

<B> = bold

<I> = italics

<A HREF="insert the URL here">name of your link in text</A>

Thomas said...

Orpik's hit in the first is what injured Avery. WWBOD?

The Seeker said...

Opps...I forgot to mention that you have to CLOSE those Bold and Italics tags such as:

<B>your bolded text</B>

BlacknGold66 said...

Mike Lange on NHL Live!


BlacknGold66 said...

sorry.. he's on with the Ol' 29'er!

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Pens, please resign Free Candy!

The Seeker said...

According to The Globe & Mail, Rnagers fans go ugly after leaving the game last night.

First the booed their own team, then their frustration began getting taken out on themselves with some fights.

Brett said...

does someone want to explicitly state what the "two reasons" a young athlete would go into cardiac arrest are?

I'm guessing some sort of illegal drug is one. I don't know another.

Sooska said...

try again

HTML tags"

How to Link

BlacknGold66 said...

Damn. Reduntantblog on my part.

Sorry Turk!

Cody said...

Wow.. just now listening to some Toronto Sports radio joke online, he suggested that it would be funny if Martin Brodeur burst into the operating room and started waving his hands in front of the Dr.'s face. Now, I'm all for condemning and ridiculing Avery for his on-ice antics, but that ridicule shouldn't really extend to the operating room. That was classless.

d said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

@ cody

Classless and tasteless is what we are all about here...I loved the sarcastic humor in that.

lauren_hbg said...

thanks for everyone trying to help me... I think I got it! Woo hoo :)

Dr. Turkleton said...


no problem. [just don't do it again!][/sarcasma]


I was wondering that too...

maybe hip & stoosh have a secret medical playbook & don't want to share!

i was thinking for Avery's cardiac arrest when the news 1st broke:

a) drugs
b) a REALLY good hooker [isn't that what happened to the President™ in Dave?]
c) lacerated spleen when he got checked by a penguin in the 1st period

The Seeker said...

One of the better text massages sent to the Jumbotron

Ev0luTioN said...

As much as I don't like Avery, a lacerated spleen is a pretty brutal injury. Hope all goes well with his recovery.

Predictions on the Canadiens/Flyers tonight anyone?

I'm thinking Price plays, and plays well. Canadiens win 3-1.

Nathan said...

@ brett: My guess would be just an existing heart problem, known or not, like the one that killed Sergei Zholtok during the lockout. It seriously worries me every time anyone mentions the possibility of Teppo Numminen ever stepping on the ice competitively again.

The Seeker said...

One reason Avery would go into cardiac arrest would be that the blood loss filled his chest cavity putting so much pressure on the myocardial sac that the heart would stop.

Sooska said...

OMGary I did it again - I linked to the wrong page. forget it seeker had it right. good save.

TheNWChica said...

@sooska: No more linking for you missy! ;)

Pensgirl said...

On the "two reasons," here are the things that went through my mind when I read the story, and what I assumed Hip meant when I read her comment.

1. Drugs
2. Undetected heart defect

And to generalize on what actually happened, I'd say

3. Blood loss from an internal injury

pensblog jeff said...

Lacerated spleen, out indefinitely

Sooska said...

@ theNWchica- I cannot type and when I am doing 5 things at once but thinking Pens I can't do anything right. good thing I am not Avery's doc.

RE Rags fan coworker says, Well at least it's not over yet, and they still have another game in NY to see if they can close the gap a bit...

The Seeker said...

I was surprised to see the poll results of a poll on the Winnipeg Sun website:

When will the Penguins playoff roll end?

Rangers will come back 5%
They'll lose next round 18%
They'll lose the Cup final 27%
They'll win the Cup 50%

The Seeker said...

...and what exacly was a I doing on the Winnipeg Sun website?

I was reading a quite interesting story:

What makes Sean Avery tick?

It has interviews with old coaches of his from when he was a little kid and some quotes from his Dad.

He used to get beat up by his teammates a lot!

Joshua said...

What the hell happened last night?

Ev0luTioN said...

Come on, someone has to have other predictions for Canadiens/Flyers tonight.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I predict....

Dr. Turkleton said...

Flyers - 2


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