Friday, April 4, 2008


Huge games going on tonight.

Flyers playoffs hopes on the line.[700 Level]
Devils playing for home ice. [Interchangeable Parts]

This game is as close to a must-win as you can get for both teams.
[Scarlett Ice]

Ottawa is without Captain Alfie.
He got destroyed:


Rangers trying to get home ice in the first round.[Blueshirt Bulletin]
Islanders just showing up.

The Panthers can play spoiler.
Canes have to win. [CanesCountry]


Big K = Us when we were 13.

Our boy Big K from C-blog gives live YouTubes after games.
Whatever "live" means.



Go Pens


M. said...

That kid needs a good slap across the face.

Flyer Hater said...

Flyers up 1-0 after 2. RGB doesn't know how to react when he can't blame the officials.

Dr. Turkleton said...


He reminds me of The Man Show Kid...

not that there's anything wrong with that.

sexymexyjeffy said...

kid's a winner.

kinda looks like a little Malkin.

"Flyers suck"

The Big K said...

I here a lot that I look like Geno.
I guess I see it. I'm kinda ugly I guess haha.

We still have a chance to KO Philly for good,
and I will run wild with THAT video.

You have no idea how much fun I will have with that.

Philly Sucks.
May Gary Roberts Bless You and beat the living daylights out of some Philly players (Hartnell) on Sunday. Go Pens.

PO said...

Stoosh said...


You're f'ing awesome, man.

I know you're too young to drink, but I lift my beer glass to you. A toast...

The Big K said...

@ stoosh

Your fake letter to ESPN was a top notch comment

"even better than arena football"

YOU are awesome.
You have your own shirt, I mean, come on.

Stoosh said...


Thanks, dude.

At the risk of sounding old, I remember when ESPN first picked up hockey on a regular basis, and their coverage through the mid 1990's was as solid as it got. We all grew up with that. From about the 1993-94 season through the rest of that decade, ESPN was as good as it got. You used to get hockey on ESPN or ESPN2 like four or five nights a week - doubleheaders on Thursdays and sometimes also on Sundays. And NHL2Night, crikey,...Buccigross and Melrose got us hockey fans through college in the mid-late 1990s. Their NHL coverage (games and studio show) was every bit as good as their baseball and NFL some respects it was better.

To see what ESPN has become since is pretty sad, because they used to do such a great job with hockey.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big K said...


The point with ESPN is that they don't give the sport any love AT ALL. I hear all the time about AFL games, and Spanish soccer, but what does most of America care. Hearing PTI and Mike and Mike refuse to talk about it disgusts me. SC even devotes an entire 90 seconds to it! They show highlights of 2 games, usually one is the Pens, so I already know, and it is more like one highlight.

Hockey is the best game on earth. Not close.
I love baseball and football and all that, but nothing compares to the speed and intensity of hockey.

The hockey world needs to raise hell about this I think.

You should consider sending that in to ESPN.
Even they might realize it is rational.

Chris said...

Flyers just clinched a playoff spot. Bruins will clinch with a point.
Capital jump to third and will clinch the SE division with a point.

Ashley said...

"Atlantic Division champions, BITCH....Scott Hartnell? What a Bitch!"

hahahaha great job Big K!!

Flyer Hater said...


pops said...

ICE QUEEN = S T U N N E D ! ! !

pops said...

flyer hater,

i def loved that theme. i hope it makes a glorious return someday

Stoosh said...


I think if ESPN got the existing game back, plugged some of these new kids like Sid, Geno, Ovechkin, Jack Johnson, Toews, Kane, etc. into their nifty little ESPN Hype Machine, the sport would take off.

The problem is finding room for it. NHL coincides directly with college football, the NFL, MLB, the NBA and college hoops - all of which take up significant portions of ESPN's primetime slotting during any given night.

The good news is that supposedly, it's not a matter of if but when it comes back to ESPN. The rumor I've heard is that ESPN wants it back. They are either working on a potential buyout of Versus and assimilating it in the ESPN network family, or there's going to be (Dodgeball jokes aside) an ESPN3 (either via creation of a new network channel or changing the format of ESPN Classic).

I think I will email that to ESPN, though...just for the hell of it.

Johnny Wrath said...

Ok, so Boston and Philly win in regulation and earn playoff spots. Carolina lost, but can still win the SE with the greater amount of victories if Washington fails to earn a point.

This is insane stuff, really. How in the hell did Vancouver not make the playoffs? I have a feeling it was the format of their sweaters.

The match-ups are far from set. NY Rags™ can still get home ice, NJ still can't score, and I hope Ottawa gets eliminated.

That leaves us with MM's debate today, namely who we want to see, and who we don't. I'm pretty sure a lot of you want to see Washington, but I don't. They're on a legitimate streak, have a pretty much unstoppable force in OV, and are deeper than I thought after the deadline.

I want Ottawa should they luck out, or Philly. They both look spent, they have fresh injuries, and their capacity to stop us from scoring on them is poor at best.

I'm very wary of Boston. They employed the trap to perfection, Therrien got outcoached, and they took us to a 2-1 defeat at home - something that has been very rare indeed. I know it was only Ottawa they beat tonight, but coming off a game where they potted 8, Boston gave them nothing and more nothing.

So, who's more fearsome? Ovechkin or the fact that Therrien is a dunce and Claude Julien has every single Bruin sold on their trap? OR, are you most afraid of Acid Queen's voice on NHL Live™?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@stoosh & big K

how bout just a US National Hockey Night on Friday or Saturday [I know, SAT is probably bad cause of College Football] like the CBC does? [HNIA?]'d think they could give Poker a rest for 3 or 6 hours 1 night a week on ESPN2 for 1 or 2 games [with NHL2Night before,between & after], no?...That way, you know at 700p, every Friday, there's a game on.

wouldn't want to be a Canes or Caps fans tonight running into tomorrow...

if Caps win in regulation,loose in OT or a SO, they're in at 3rd place

losing in regulation & they're out & the Canes jump from 9th to 3rd....[how big is that Backstrom's 'own goal' look now?]

some hearts are going to be pounding at a high rate south of the Mason-Dixon line starting at 7:00p tomorrow night...

isn't it nice here to be talking about: Tailgates, Barry Manilow, 13 yr. old ├╝ber-kid K...where our biggest worries are:

•will the Pens finish 1st or 2nd overall?
•who's lucky enough to face the Pens in Round 1?
•how many Flyers will spontaneously combust by just seeing Gary on the ice?



The Big K said...


They forgot we are unbeatable at the Mellon right now, and we will have home ice. Not to mention Philly still sucks even though they made the playoffs.

How many games will we take to win?
I'm curious to hear.

I'd go with 5.

dappie99 said...

haha...wanna know what i wanna play ottawa first round. i'd love a rematch! a philly win sun will drop ottawa to 8th.

Johnny Wrath said...

We'll sweep Philly. Biron's not going to understand what happened by the time he's on the bench having lateral movement explained to him. I predict Gary Roberts jackknifing a certain Scott Hartnell along the half-boards within 4 minutes on Sunday.

If we draw Boston, that may be a 6-gamer. They'll have Therrien throwing together bad lines and Yeo shying away from "playing chippy".

Ottawa isn't going to make it. I just have the feeling they're done, and that their management is done. I have the feeling that Bryan Murray will be hired in Toronto, and he'll continue to have a lisp and turkey-neck.

Meanwhile, I realized that Washington will either be eliminated or secure the 3rd seed, the designated DE division seed. They may as well throw a dart at a map of the south and pick their champion that way, because the notion that there's meaningful hockey down there is so very wrong.

chris e said...

I may just be drunk but if my math is correct....if we win on Sun we will play the Flyers in first round...if they win we play Boston, NRY or Ottawa.

Am I right?

Johnny Wrath said...

I just saw an updated standings, and it appears that Ottawa clinched. I guess that has to do with the Rags™ losing in a SO? I've been drinking Samuel Adams all night, and I just can't keep up with my current blood alcohol level.

All I know is that every team in the bottom five except Ottawa has another game to play and are within 4 points of each other. This leaves endless scenarios. I'm sure the Hockey Gods™ will do the right thing, because I have $1,000 riding on Max Talbot having a point on the Stanley Cup™ winning goal.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny wrath

Well, the Pens for sure aren't gonna face the Caps in round 1

•the Flyers can only get out of 8th with a W / a loss in reg cements them in 8th / 1 point in OT or SO, it depends on what BOS did[see last scenario]

•if Flyers win & Boston win or get a point, OTT is in 8th

•if Flyers win & Boston lose in regulation, Boston falls to 8th

•if Flyers get 1 point & Boston looses in reg: they are tied in Points & Wins: the Bruins win the H2H tiebreaker: 6 points [3-1-0] to 4 points [1-1-2]
OTT would be 6th, BOS-7th, PHI-8th

I think that's every possible combo for teams that could finish 7th or 8th to play the Pens [finishing 1st or 2nd]

or, I could be wrong [I am drunk on homemade Appletini's {thanks, coffeytalk}]

1 part Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka
2 parts Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps
1 part Apple Juice
1 tiny splash of Sprite [I like bubbles!]
Shake Your 'Tini, Shake Your 'TINI !

[Hossa: mmm,mmm,Good!]

Dr. Turkleton said...

see, I missed 1:

•Flyers win (95pts), BOS gets 1 point (95)...OTT falls to 8th, BOS in 7th with 41 wins, PHL in 6th with 42 wins.

I should just wait until tomorrow night to figure this out....but, once you start, YOU.CAN'T.STOP !!!!!

I'll probably come up with another option in my sleep....

I'm gonna go watch The Rocket to see Avery get beat up, even in the movies !!!!

daismog said...

By my math:

If the Pens lose and the Habs lose or the Pens win and the Habs do anything, the Pens finish in first. If the Habs win and the Pens lose, we finish second. Obv.

If the Pens beat the Flyers in regulation, Pens vs Flyers in the first round.

If Philly beats the Pens (perhaps because we dress the Baby Pens):

...AND if Boston loses, the Bruins end up in 8th, the Sens get 7th, and the Flyers jump to 6th.

...AND if Boston loses in overtime, the Sens take 8th. Boston and Philly will be tied in points and wins. I can't find who has the next tiebreak.

...AND Boston wins, Boston goes up to 6th, Philly gets 7th, and the Sens get 8th.

If the Flyers drag the Pens to overtime before losing:

...AND Boston loses, Boston drops to 8th and the Flyers in 7th.

...AND Boston wins, Philly finishes in 8th.

I think I caught every combination. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine who/what to root for.

johnny said...

Big K, you and Sexman should collaborate for the ultimate Youtube viral video. I mean that as a sincere compliment.

Don't sweat the looks, kid. You've got plenty of time to grow and as all the lovely ladies who post on here will tell you, charisma will get you laid.

The Big K said...

daismog is a monster.

daismog said...

Oops, I miscopied the Flyers as having 40 wins instead of 41 when I worked things out.

All that it changes is the PHI win/BOS otL tiebreak, as Doc T noted whilst I was typing my previous post.

The Big K said...


I would've gone out with this girl tomorrow, but the playoffs are being decided. So I told her Sunday after the Pens game. I'm obsessed I know.

No offense to the ladies on here, but really, can any girl measure up to watching the last moments of the playoff race? Mall or playoffs is an easy choice. And she's a huge Pens fan, so it is understood, which works out good for me.

Interesting question I think.

The Big K said...

I don't know what I want.
Philly would be beaten, and more satisfying.
But it would take 5 games!
Boston would take 4!

But to win it all, you gotta beat em all. (enter Hoss)

Carolina, if possible, would take like 3.
Though I don't believe it is possible.

jackedlobster said...

I like Melvins Youtube video's better than that kid

The Big K said...

Really, check out how psyched the Cryer fans are on TSN Your Call. I post as purepens87, and check out what the Philthy fans are saying. In their arrogance, they predict a Flyers win. They are like Rocky Balboa in the first movie. Fight back, give it all you've got!

and then realize you aren't good enough or talented enough to beat a superior opposition.

philly sucks.

Fleury29 said...

Ha! Big K is hilarious. He gets the Fleury29 seal of approval.

That Alfie video is gone already.

stokes said...

Dr. turk: The last part of your post at 11:06 has me really believing that Charlie is hanging out at your place tonight. haha jk

Although Boston employs the trap to a boring-ass T, i think that the Pens really helped the B's win those two games in March by NOT SHOWING UP. Both games were played with pretty much a sigh and a shrug and that was the result. i think that in 7 games vs the B's, the pens would win four.

i have to agree with that douchebag RGB. he said the Pens will "survive" a playoff series vs the Cryers. yes, while the Pens can and will beat the Cryers with pure skill, the Cryers will play as dirty and cheap as possible. And it will start on Sunday. One more point to ponder, and i heard it on Madden (i think) this week: the Pens have never won a play off series vs. the Cryers. I think they're due...


Eric K said...

The Pens/Flyers series would really boil down to Biron. If he is somewhat solid, it could be a more-than-4 game series. If not, well we all know Nittymaki is garbage.

PG's article on the Pens homepage said the 4th line in practice today was Roberts-Hall-Laraque, very solid. TK was the odd-man out, gonna be interesting to see if Laraque is gonna be scratched does MT go with Taffe or TK on the wing? TK has scored some big goals this year, but Taffe hasn't done anything to hurt the team when he is on the ice...tough call.

Big K = solid as always. good stuff.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

ESPN buying out VS? I would hate to see that happen in all honesty.

The reason ESPN sucks now compared to the good ol days of nhl2night, Is the ownership of disney. When Disney bought the family of networks, something happened. Every game televised on espn became a mini disney movie. This is the reason a december regular season NBA game is hyped up to be the BIGGEST GAME OF THE DECADE.

I really do hope espn gets some hockey games next year but i hope it is shared with VS. Because I dont know if I will be able to stand JA Adande arguing whether or not pensblog Charlie's recent trip to Mexico with Matt Lienart and Danny Briere is a distraction to the Flyers. After all, today he said Crosby should get the mvp if ovie doesn't...
apparently hes a sportswriter?
I like the support however...

Any station who uses as a source should be grouped with E! and lifetime...

if you can't tell I HATE ESPN. Mostly because it used to be SO GOOD, and it has been ruuuuned absolutely ruuuuuuuuned.

tripledeke said...

Was talking to a girl tonight at the bar she saw my friends pens hat and said "what are u canadian who likes hockey"...end of conversation.

jackedlobster said...

@ tripledeke

Hilarious...I dont know where you live but I live near State College and it's hard to find girls around here that like hockey or even know anything about it...but once i find one, I won't let go haha

slap me silly sidney said...

You should've slapped that girl across the face. I'm not one for assault, but she's just a moron. Actually, I changed my mind. I'll slap her. Pathetic.

coffeytalk said...

you are welcome, dr. t.

it's 'tini time all the time.

Doug said...

1st- Don't count on the NHL being back on ESPN anytime soon. Bettman said when the league came back from the lockout, ESPN treated them like damaged goods and Bettman did not take kindly to that.

2nd- Imagine being a Canes fan right now. All you have to do is win AT HOME against some crap team to win the division and they shit the fucking bed. Unreal. Now they have to hope the Caps choke in a similar fashion. Not happening.

Ashley said...
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