Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is what we were looking at a season ago.
Same arena, same locker room.
This picture haunted us all summer.

Personally, it was our desktop backgrounds until the puck dropped on the current season.

Things were different on Wednesday night:

It's scary to think that this only took a week.
If you think the second round is gonna like this, you have no soul.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: PREGAME/ANTHEMS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

We didn't even get the doorman for Game Four.

[Chloe H.]

[Carroll T]
[Dayna D]

[Dr. Alex Pennycook of OnDeckCircle]

[Matt B]

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Your heart dropped when you saw Kerry Fraser and Dan Marouelli were the referee tandem for the game.
That is like finding out Michael Jackson is performing your prostate exam.

Once again, the expected weathering of the storm doesn't occur.
This time it is because of Laraque's line being all business and drawing a quick penalty on the Sens.

On the Pens second dance into the Sens zone, Hossa was given a free pass down the wing and got a shot off.

The Pens were getting good chances, but you could still say the Sens did a solid job on the PK.
Even after the penalty was killed, the Pens kept cycling.
If the USS Hal Gill would have scored there, we don't even know.

The Sens came out hitting early on.
Talbot countered that by simply being possessed early on.

[Bill J.]

After coming back from a commercial break,
the Ottawa Senators put out an official search party for Dany Heatley.

Nothing found.

Volchenkov got douched again with an elbow from Malkin.
God bless Anton Volchenkov.
What a player.

The second half of the first was all Pens, all the time.

The Malkin line had about 15 chances on a single shift.
Sykie hit the pipe.

Hossa was picking pockets like he was a pro.

Crosby was getting the job done.

But Gerber was having none of it.

The Pens ended up out-shooting the Sens 14-5 in the first.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Dany Heatley made his first appearance of the series by taking a slashing penalty early in the second.

The Sens, who have led the league in shorthanded goals every season since 1914, had a great chance on a 2-on-1, but they couldn't do it.

The Pens headed the other way.
The Sens left Malkin all alone in the backdoor.

Gerber splits his sac to make the first save, but Malkin pickle-stabbed the rebound in.


[Matt W]

After some jobbing, an interesting play developed.

Sykora's stick deflected a puck out of play in his defensive zone.
We know it wasn't intentional, but that didn't matter during the regular season.

The Stars got jobbed on the same exact play in the Ducks series last week.
But the NHL wants the Pens to win.

Whatev. The Pens were headed to the box anyway.
Ryan Malone took a seat.

Was anyone even scared on that Sens PP?
They did nothing. It was killed in 9 seconds.

That Italian-sounding guy hit Whitney full-blast from behind near the benches, and the Pens jumped on the PP again.

It was all Sens on their ensuing PK.
They were coming in waves.
The highlight came with Mike Commodore got it all alone in the slot.
But then he remembered he was Mike Commodore.

[Dave P]

The Sens waited till after the penalty kill to get one past MAF.
Cory Stillman put the trash home. 1-1.

It was the first sign of life in ScotiaJoke all game.
For maybe the second time in the series, the Sens looked in control.

Wade Redden gave a solid hit on Malkin in the neutral zone.
You don't care about the hit. You want Malkin to get up.
And he does.

Orange Sherbert makes maybe his second appearance of the series when he put the Pens on the power play.

It was a huge PP.
Either momentum was gonna be crushed or bumped to another level.

The Pens had great chances on the PP, but it was killed.
Crosby would have lowered the value of the Canadian dollar if he scored on that backhand.

So, the Sens had another boost, right?

Buddy Lee misplays a puck at the blue line, and the Pens had a scrunched-up 2-on-1.
Kennedy waited for shit to happen and fed Ruutu.

Ruutu gets a step, gets jobbed, hits the Y button on his controller, and puts it home.

Just a huge goal for the ravishing one.

[ Hutch]

The Senators should have went away.
But they stayed the course.
Soon after, Fleury muffs a loose puck, and the Sens took advantage with a goal to tie it up.
Or so it seemed. Looks like it may have been kicked in.

War Room time......

The NHL turns into the NFL, and Fraser addresses the crowd with the news that there was a distinct kicking motion...

...into the testicles of Sens Nation.

Revenge for last year's no-goal on Bing.

The Pens survived another scare late in the period, but no dice again for the Sens. MAF has become the real deal.

The second period was capped off with the USS Hal Gill bringing the ship into port as a huge third period was upcoming.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Sens fans wanted more calls then Sally Struthers to start the third.


And they were able to get a power play.
That power play looked like someone dumped the contents of a porta-john onto the ice.

Before you knew it, Father Time was in ScotiaJoke earlier than usual, as 1/4 of the period had quickly disappeared.

And then the game dipped past the halfway mark.
And whatever the Sens had left in the tank, it was gonna come now.


Nothing happened.

And then there were 6 minutes left in the game. It was the home stretch.

And then there was 2:45 left.

And then the Sens pulled Martin Gerber.
Icing call on the Pens.
Muray calls a timeout. But he only wants to talk about where to go for the off-season.

[Adam T]

After the timeout...

The Sens had some big-time chances.
Fleury says no.
And then Bing had the puck in the neutral zone.

From way downtown.
87 buries it.

Scuderi = A Rock

Senators stunned.

[Jay H]

After an exchange of germs that would make a kindergarten teacher cringe,
the Sens were in our rearview mirror.



  • With the high-sticking penalty in Game 2 and the goal tonight, it can be stated that
  • Jarkko Ruutu was a series-changer.
  • Brooks Orpik owns Dany Heatley,
  • Martin Gerber is unreal.
  • We change tense in sentences more than anyone in history.
  • Toronto must have been all smiles when they got to disallow that goal.
  • First time the Pens have beat a team from Canada in a playoff series.



Anton Volchenkov, Shean Donovan, and Martin Gerber had their names called every night.

Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza should be embarrassed.
But we can finally put out Amber Alerts for both of them with no danger of repercussions.

Alfredsson came back, yeah, okay.

They most likely will lose Wade Redden to free agency this year.
Best of luck.


If the Pens did in fact tank their final game of the regular season in order to play the Senators, they look like geniuses.

10 different Penguins contributed to the 16 goals scored in the series:
Roberts, Malkin, Sykora, Malone Gonchar, Crosby, Hossa, Talbot, Staal, Ruutu.

The forward who didn't score a goal but was still a beast?

The Pens' defense looked composed the entire series,
something we haven't seen in Pittsburgh in a long time.

All six guys did their job.
Kris Letang has even stepped it up a notch.



For all Penguin fans who have seen every MAF start since 2003,
this series was sweet.

He made great strides last year, had a shaky start to the season, got injured,
and came back in a zone that few goalies can get in.

He has literally transformed into a primetime pressure goaltender before our very eyes.

It had to be disheartening during the handshake
for those Senator veterans to look into the eyes of the 23-year-old they couldn't solve.


Photoshoppers, Brennan assassins, link hounds...

Enjoy your time off. Don't worry about second-round foes yet.

Photoshop Expo of the year coming Friday.
Clear your browser's cache.


Ryan said...

first post? good thing the pope, i mean gary roberts showed up at my school so i can stay up late to read this. Just wanted to say great job with the blog, its awesome reading it!!! go pens. Also it looks like rangers next round. Bring it.

Mr. Plank said...

Once again, solid post.

Ottawa = Schtunned

Pittsburgh = Whatevs. Another day at the office.

Mr. Plank said...

Side Note:

Creepblog: I was refreshing my page every ten minutes waiting for the post to reach my Pacific shore.

ada520 said...

when are people going to realize that MAF is going to be an elite goaltender? maybe it'll take a couple more series victories. but seriously he looked very, very good.

Go Pens

KJ said...

about 6 minutes left and my brother calls home and i should've hung up on him. for whatever reason even though i have dsl the phone line cuts al gore's life support. therefore i missed the handshake & the gdc celebration. needless to say, cannot wait til game 1, round 2, i'm gonna miss those guys til then!

however, i'm still lovin' it! i'm also loving the ravishing ruutu chop, how awesome was that goal.

anyone see murray's comments after the game? on having his major players on amber alert: "That's the difference in winning and losing series," Murray said. "That's not fair, but that's the way it is". not fair? that's what its all about you idiot. i seriously doubt you thought last year "golly jeepers, its not fair your guys aren't scoring, let's wait a few more days and play again", shaddup!

finally, can't wait for friday's chop extravaganza!

onesizedrummer said...

GDC = crashed in the 3rd period

whoever it was who posted the new link = clutch

no Ric Flair, whatev....


stokes said...

"First time the Pens have beat a team from Canada in a playoff series." It won't be the last Canadian team this post-season either.

The defense is probably the best its ever been in the Pens organization. Even the Cup teams would let up a bunch of goals. sure, its a different era, but you have to be impressed that the Pittsburgh Penguins are actually playing D, even with all that offensive firepower. Its a team defense, too. Look at how many guys backcheck like its going out of style.

MAF leaves me speechless.


J.S. said...

"Photoshop Expo of the year coming Friday.
Clear your browser's cache."

my laptop says "oh noes!!!!1!!1"

I say "do it!"

FireFox said...


I was watching the game on Center Ice and the feed took a massive dump on me with 90 seconds left in the game. I was like "Oh hell, not now!!" I waited a minute while it when in and out but nothing doing. This is when my wife sees me run through the house like her homemade chili was coming back to haunt me...exept I was running for my computer. I brought up the Yahoo feed and got to watch the last 7 seconds and the celibration because the Yahoo feed was delayed by about 45 seconds over the Center Ice. Bonusblog...I got to watch FSN Pittsburgh's psot game show which normally gets cut off. And of course I saw the Pens fans outside thier window jumping around the entire show. Funny. Anyway, you may not have been the only one to lose the feed.

Great series, total domination. Some of the best hockey I have seen them play in a very long time. But buckle up because your days of sweeping this season are likely over. And be prepared to hit and be hit in the next round. Ottawa was soff and did not hit. That won't be the case for the next time regardless of who they are. Oh and thanks for sweeping. Now I don't have to worry about missing game 5 because I will be out of town. :)


The Big K said...

Excerpt from Douch Brennan today:

It's baffling that it took the officials so long to wave off the second-period would-be goal that Vermette clearly kicked in. Never mind any explanations about the possibility it went off a defenceman's stick, the first replay clearly showed it wasn't going to count .

Fleury29 said...

Wow. What a series. I expected the Penguins to win but I never (well, until game 4) expected them to sweep.

Like the Pens, the Pensblog has stepped their game up to another level and so I say, "Thank you, Pensblog."

This site is the first thing I read in the morning and I wish I could still access it at work. I can pull it up on my Palm Treo but not comment (suckfest.)

To all GDCers, the reason that GDC crashed was that Gary Roberts entered the room on his Blackberry. That was all she wrote.

We're probably not going to sweep whoever we play next so I hope the still-young Pens can play as well as they have this series coming from 2 goals down. Ottawa was a warmup, Round 2 is going to be a harder test.

Christina said...

waking up today was fun. and that's never the case when your alarm goes off at 6am on a jobber thursday.

unreal effort through the first round by the entire team. and it was great to see them put the nail in the coffin last night - i think that the team is developing that killer instinct that is so important for a deep playoff run.

so who was at the Mellon watching last night?? PG has a video on their site of it, and it looks like an unreal scene. any firsthand comments??

chris l. said...

Sally Struthers? Who the hell thinks like that? Pure genius.

Malone played. Now he rests.

On a comparative scale, this series was junior varsity. That's why it was so important to sweep. Just "getting by" would not instill the confidence that the team will need to go deep. The boys are going to need some rest, and get their heads right. HCMT will keep them grounded and GR will keep them FIJI-strong by example. All signs point in the right direction, but they will face much tougher challenges.

All that aside, it was still HUGE to sweep those m-er f-ers at Scotiajoke. The payback factor is off the charts.

Sens in "FORE!"

Can't wait until the Chops. I'm canceling a meeting.


geezer said...

Me=Stunned. Did we just sweep Ottawa? Oh yeah, Thufferin thweet thuckatash you bet we did! Wow who predicted this = no one. The D is awsome and Fleury looks great! Looks like it will be the NY Blue Fragile Egos and whiney bitch Avery next round. I hope Ruutu gives him a dose of his own medicine or PB Charlie can wave HIS stick in Avery's face on the bench!

Ryan said...

The REAL series MVP?

Stephen S.

What a run of awesome header images.

Loser Chris said...

Only one complaint about this series...

MAF rolls into Ottawa and only gives up 1 goal in each game, yet isn't named one of the three stars in either? Do Gerber's parents decide the three stars in Ottawa?


malkinian said...

Anybody else here ScotiaJoke giving the mocking "FLEUURY" chant even while we're still up 1-0. When you're down 3-0 in the series & still getting blanked & this is what you've resorted to? Wow. Unreal all-around performance from this team. Defense, roleplayers, stars. Just can't wait until the 2nd round.

Go Pens!!

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Malk: Yes, I heard the boos from the ScotiaJoke fans... They do it when they play the TML too. They boo EVERYTHING: when someone touches the puck, scores a goal, goes to the box... Disgraceful!

And remember, Pens nation... Prevent suicide and hug a Sens fan!

Lady Jaye said...

Is it bad that reading the Pensblog recap is sometimes more fun than the game itself? :-) Okay, maybe it's second best, but still. I always highly anticipate the posts you guys pull out and the Photoshops C-Bloggers turn in. Can't wait to see what you feed us hungry readers with a week off from Pens games.

Couldn't have asked for a better first round. Can't wait for the second. None of our potential opponents make me nervous at this point.

ripney66 said...

Anyone notice that AOL Sports had a headline this morning with Alfredsson's 2 goals giving the Sens a 5-4 win last night?


Ashley said...

"Revenge for last year's no-goal on Bing" - I was thinking the exact same thing last night.
Here's a little story
About a hockey team
Who just may win the Stanley Cup
But only in their dreams
The team is from Ottawa
The Senators is their name
Soon to be inducted in the golfing hall of fame.
They said they'd be our Penguins, ha!
Now there's a funny joke
'Cuz every year at playoff time
The Senators always choke!

So, three cheers for Ottawa
A real team they are not-awa
They can give all that they got-awa
But the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa!

Ottawa has its Parliament
And MPs in the news
And it's kind of like their hockey team
They talk a lot but don't produce
They're not the brightest either,
I really have to say.
When the capital of our country
Spells Canada with a 'K'.

Oh, three cheers for Ottawa!
They think they had a shot-awa
But they must have smoked some pot-awa
'Cuz the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa!

They'd better press their plaid pants
It's that time once again
To hear that familiar Ottawa Senator saying:
"Tee off is at ten!"
So get ready for the crying,
Take out your handkerchiefs
'Cuz you just got your ass kicked by
The Pittsburgh Penguins!

Oh! Three cheers for Ottawa!
A lesson they were taught-awa
Heatley and Spezza-tawa
You'll soon be golfing a lot-awa
What the hell else rhymes with Ottawa?
Not a whole heck of a lot-awa
They're the team we already forgot-awa
'Cuz the Stanley Cup will never go to Ottawa!
Go Pens!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

no video evidence from SFIT of LeGame touching Pele's shot, Kerry Fraser being paid off before the game, or Bryan Murray, Charlie & the Spartan™ performing their 'Pregame Ritual' in the men's room....


I was able to obtain a video of Don Brennan's presser right after the loss.

Will jobbing the Sens ever get old?...guess they'll do until the Pens have a new opponent.

Much deserved rest for the boys. Then it'll be time to kick it up a notch for Round 2.


Sooska said...

I loved Steiggy's "How Sweep it is" even though it was strained. He should not try to be like Mike. Game was great. Sweep was fantastic. weekofr&rblog

@kj and firefox-About an hour before game time Comcast came thru my east end neighborhood performing some sort of jobber cable stuff up on the roof at each house. A neighbor called @ 615 to warn me because she knew I was recording the game and said when she asked the guy if the cable would be back on by the time the hockey game starts he said, "Suure." That's COMCAST. I still don't know if it got back on or not. I may have a DVD full of static.

technologyblog -@ kj- if you use wireless DSL and a cell phone or other wireless hand set is in the vicinity and you get a call or a text it can interrupt the signal. Sometimes just having the phone on and in certain locations nearby can interrupt the signal. Likewise a microwave oven being used. You have to pretest before Round 2 starts and decide to turn off all phones or not make a snack in the microwave. In game 3 I missed Sid's and Staal's goals because the DSL wireless cut out about 30 secs before the 2rd period started and by the time it reupped Staal was looking stunned.

Korn said...

"After an exchange of germs that would make a kindergarten teacher cringe..."

Hal Gill knew what you were talking about. As soon as he got through the line, he bent over to wipe his hand on the ice. He runs a clean ship...

All around well played series. I just hope it was because the Pens are playing at that high a level as much as it was cause the Sens suck my balls.

And I'd just like to point out I called a sweep in c-blog before game 1. Anyone else?

Vanessa Day said...

Am I the only one who noticed the dingleberry Antoine Vermette cross check MAF before their one and only goal that game?

It was blatant.

Otherwise, it was a great game. Would have been better as a shutout though.

Also: What's with
RyanMalone &hearts JohnLeclairBlog? I think it's cute.

That little John Leclair action figure behind him during the post game interview was hilarious. Arm raised in victory.

Loved every second of that game.



pensblog jeff said...

I was at the mellon where I met some cool fans, and we estimated there was about 1200-1500 people out there in the freezing cold sitting on camp chairs and blankets. Unreal. Ruutu's goal was fucking awesome.

The Seeker said...

So that was Gill that wiped his hand on the ice after the handshake? I saw it happen, but wasn't sure what Pen did it. I think he was just trying the wipe the LOSER off his hands.

How about Talbot getting mugged with a head lock by Schubert along the boards about 7 minutes into the game? It was a clean check until he wrapped his arm around Mad Max's head and threw him down. Like Chris Neil's punch on Letang, I thought for sure there would be a penalty but no dice. That video evidence needs to be sent to SFIT.

The FLEUUUURY chants was ridiculous and that's when I knew the Pens were sure to win and make them look like neaderthals.

Why boo Crosby anyhow? I thought Canadians appreciated good hockey first?

Of course, they also cheered the linesman getting hurt!

Is it OK if you only thought we'd sweep, but didn't say so out loud for karmic reasons?

I'm kind of surprised Bennan didn't claim the Thenth tanked the game for some totally obscure reason.

The Seeker said...

@ vanessa

When Ruutu scored I told my Daughter that you were probably going crazy with excitement.

The Seeker said...

What do you think the chances are of getting my HMO to pay for one of these before Round 2 ?

The ole ticker could have a hard time coping.

Vanessa Day said...

@ The Seeker:

I was lying on the couch watching and when Ruutu scored, I think I looked like I had been electrocuted... initially stunned, and then jumped up off of the couch and went crazy.

Ruutu= Hero of Game 4/Vanessa's Crush/Sometimes 87 Impostor.

Loved it.



Brando said...

good - sweep, total full team effort.

bad - night in the ER with kidney stones.

good - no symptoms till the game was over

Whistler said...

Stephen S is the balls....

His work has graced the wallpaper of my work cellphone. Can we get his stuff in StoreBlog?

How about a pens jersey without the normal crest and use his?

I'm thinking about getting a 91-92 type sweater and seeing if we can find a way to get one of his works embroidered. That would be SICK!

What a way to tell one pensblogger from another...

Good work staff.


Dan said...

i know cryin bryan shook hcmt's hand, but did he shake the players hands? i don't think he did. and that is classless, even for him.

The Seeker said...

Cool video of the crowd mayhem and party outside the Mellon last night.

Mark said...

Whilst enjoying post-game adult beverages, we were trying to decide on our favorite goal of the series...

Game 1
1 - Roberts' stunning opener
2 - The one that Syk scored
3 - The one that Geno scored
4 - The other one that Roberts scored

Game 2
5 - Gonch's PP goal
6 - Syk's tip-in
7 - Syk's slapshot
8 - Malone's SWEET wraparound
9 - Malone's game-ender

Game 3
10 - Max's 1st playoff goal
11 - Crosby's score 12 sec into the 3rd
12 - Staal's goal, 78 seconds later
13 - Hossa's PP goal

Game 4
14 - Geno's picklestabber
15 - Ruutu's stunning spin-o-rama
16 - Sid's empty netter

We can't decide between 1, 8, and 15.


j.s.22 said...

Anyone else see Gill wipe his hand on the ice after shaking hands with the Sens players?

Vanessa Day said...


I vote for #1 as the top spot, just because of the Legend that is Gary Roberts coming out and totally dominating the Sens out of the gate.

That had to hurt.

#2 would definitely be Ruutu's Sidney Crosby imitation last night.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Those are my votes.



Sooska said...

I have to go with Goal 1- Roberts' series opener. It had karma written all over it. You have to think it got in their heads because it was so early, and because it was Roberts-the Sens own nightmare. It also must have given the Pens that extra kick to have that goal scored by THAT guy.

The Seeker said...

You think maybe Murray just signed his own death certificate?


"they had to take Gary [Roberts] out the other night because he's 41 years old."

The Seeker said...

Here's what the Pens did to the much heralded "Pizza line" of Spezza, Alfredsson, and Heatley:

They got a shot -- from Spezza -- on their first shift, but the Senators managed only four more shots the ensuing 19 minutes ... and none in the final 6 minutes, 41 seconds of the first period.

Their shotless stretch reached 10:12 before that line produced another Ottawa shot, a few minutes into the second period.

Brett said... has a gift for us

The Frozen Moment.

Oh, how sweet it is.

JYo said...

re: best goals?

I'd take #8 then #1. GR did set the tone for the series early, but I think that Malone wraparound was HUGE. The Pens had dominated a game and a half, but let the Sens back in it. If they steal that game in the Igloo, it might have been a different series. Instead, Malone comes up huge and slams the door in the Sens face.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Alfie is a dick. Torn MCL or not.

I think Orps said afterwards, 'I can't believe I shook his freakin' hand'.

Alf says postgame that it wasn't as much as the Pens played well, it was that the Sens didn't play up to the level they're capable of.

This guy has more excuses than Juan Epstein.

My vote for 'Goal of the Series' is #8: Malone's wraparound-GWG...the Sens had come back to tie it at 3...had a bit of momentum...then, Bugsy thwarts all their hopes & dreams on a Ruutu-like goal.

Grant said...

Comment on the very first post by Ryan... No Rangers dude you must have faith in the shittyness of the Filthadelphia Cryers... Go Caps I'd love to play them, easiest team to beat since the Ottawa Senators

The Seeker said...


Even his own teammates think Sean Avery is a moron:

"He really doesn’t shut up, ever. He practices on me, so he’s warmed up for Brodeur. It is really annoying. I can see how it affects Marty. I probably would have reacted a little differently. Sean would have been picking his teeth up off the ice if it was me."

— Rangers backup goalie Steve Valiquette on teammate Sean Avery

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

he's probably a bit more 'tolerable' since he leads his team with 3 goals with 1 GW....

Mark said...

Sean Avery's day off:

"A man dressed as a woman deliberately drove his car into a Commerce Township lingerie store Sunday after the company refused to hire him, police said. Sean Avery, who is an admitted cross dresser, went to Intimate Ideas on Union Lake Road and told an employee he was going to run his vehicle into the store because they refused to hire him when he applied for a job in January.

Police said shortly after he exited the store, the 27-year-old rammed his 1994 black GEO Tracker into the building seven times and caused over $3,000 in damage and merchandise to fall off the shelves.

A witness approached Avery after the crash and told police the suspect told him that his car was totaled and the building was "really tough.""

vezonex said...

@ashley: Loved the song! It made my morning, afternoon, and night-awa!

and now some thoughts...

Hey Sens! At least we won a game last year!

Also, that trade with Carolina worked out really well for them, didn't it? Stillman and Commodore (2 pts each) were their leading playoff scorers. Good for them!

I'm going to get away from convention and choose goal #12 as my favorite. Before that goal, the Sens still had some hope. Plus, I think it exemplified everything the Pens did and the Sens didn't do in this series.

Speaking of the third line, I read somewhere recently that Kennedy's actual nickname is Turbo. That's WAY better than Steigy's "The Little Tyger." This nickname needs to be embraced.

And speaking of nicknames, we need to get Mike Lange's "Sir Sidney" out there. It should take the place of "Sid the Kid", which I was sick of two years ago.

Finally, I came up with this one last year: The Dread Penguin Roberts.

'Nuff said.

Doc Steel said...

Great post as always. Watching the game with 2000 of my closest friends outside Mellon Arena was unreal.

Tickets on sale, tomorrow, 10 AM. Prepare your F5 keys.

Big games tonight to decide who the Pens will play.

If Montreal and Filthadelphia win, Prof. John Frink projects that the Pens will play the dreaded New York Rangers.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Before they started calling #48 "The Little Tyger", one of the FSP guys called him "Mr. Scrappy".

Sooska said...

vezonex indeed started the Dread Penguin Roberts last year as soon as GR was acquired. Seth at EN published it.

anyway, a sign of the GOOD TIMES:

"A thousand times better," Malkin said, speaking confidently in English. "This is good."

Raybin said...

What an unreal game. That first period was a gigantic penalty kill for the Sens. You know when your first line is dominated in your own zone when it comes to puck possession by the other team's fourth line, you're in big trouble.

When Ruutu scored, I knew it was over. I said, "The Pens will win this game if it ends up 10-9." Gerber down on all fours in abject misery was a clearer sign than anything. He knew he wasn't going to get help and that he and they were done.

When Gerber was pulled and the puck got to Alfredsson in front the net, for that one half a second, time stopped dead. Then Fleury comes up huge and life is sunshine and roses.

How great was it that Sid gave the final middle finger to the season for the Senators and their "classy fans in Ottawa" (TM Bob Errey)

I think other fans boo Sid because, as much as they want to believe he's all hype and a creation of the sports media and NHL....he isn't. And they hate that. It's the same reason people boo Ovechkin.

I will say this: Kudos to the Sens for at last showing some class during the handshake. I remember particularly Marty LaPointe--who I detest on the ice--giving Fleury what looked like a genuine smile and a congratulatory slap on the chest protector. Business, it seems, is business but once it's over we can all be friends again. Like that cartoon with the coyote and the sheep dog.

It's why I truly loathe people like Sean Avery who are miserable assholes both on and off the ice.

Speaking of Avery, I'd honestly rather go up against the Caps than the Rangers, but I still can't help but think the Rangers are a slightly above average team who are riding high right now and if they can be knocked off their perch (by, say, going up 2-0 in a series) they'll fall to pieces.

Am I the only one rapidly falling in love with the Nashville Predators? Apparently no one sent them the memo that they were supposed to lay down and get swept by the Red Wings.

hyjynxok said...

Way to finish, boys... way to finish. On to the next!

Where did that awesome photo of the Penguin sweeping the Sens helmets go? I was going to print that out and hang it on my wall!

Somebody help a brotha out... thanx


The Seeker said...

@ hyjynxok

Here ya go hyjynxok

The Seeker said...

Team Pittsburgh HS Hockey Update

I'm afraid there's bad news out of the Chicago Showcase of HS hockey teams for Team Pittsburgh fans....

Game 1 Pitt -vs- Illinois: 2-2 tie

Game 2 Pitt -vs- NY: 4-6 loss

Team Pittsburgh were the defending Champs, but of course that was before WPAHL got involved...whatever they touch turns to mud.

BlacknGold66 said...

@Brando: Ouch! Get well soon man!

@Mark Although I should have been watching "Georgia Rule" last night(dick), I caught some hockey game on CBC. AWESOME!

I held "Souperbowl North" in my livingroom and we actually had a decent crowd show up. Four Pens fans, a Sabres fan that hates the Sens, and my upstairs neighbors that don't know jack about hockey...

...When Ruutu scored that goal we all erupted. My g/f and I (the die-harders) were a little louder than everyone else... but it was still nice to be in a room full of people cheering. Usually it's just me and her by ourselves. Souperbowl North = success! (all we needed was a guy in the corner with a blue hat!)

@Stoosh & Johnny V Nice playoff beards/goats. I'll have to shave here soon for an interview but a pic of the scruff is in order.

BlacknGold66 said...

P.S. Stokes you guys pull off a win in your game last night?

Ashley: Is that poem/song set to the Beastie Boys "Paul Revere"?

KJ said...

sooska- the phone line is exactly our problem. the cell phone is fine, but the land line totally kills. but no worries about round 2, i plan to unplug the jacks so i won't have that problem again. i mean seriously, no one should be calling after 7 anyway and if its really important, well, call back when its not a hockey night in pittsburgh :)

Korn said...

@ raybin: For some reason, no one ever takes into account that the reason the Red Wings are near the top of the league every year in pts is cause they play in a really crappy division. Who wouldn't rack up a ton of pts playing Chicago, Columbus and St Louis 8 times a year? Plus they're old. Old doesn't cut it in the new NHL.

JYo said...

kj, have you complained to your phone company about this problem? That should not be happening. One of the original selling points of DSL was that you can use it and be on the phone at the same time. That is why you have the filters for the other phone jacks, so you don't get DSL interference while talking on the phone. I have DSL and never have problems with that. You should make them fix it for you. Although unplugging the phone during Pens playoff games is not a bad idea anyway.

Pensgirl said...

Actually Korn, the Wings were killing everybody outside of the division but had a pretty average showing inside it.

Pensgirl said...

That was supposed to have a link....

(If that comment sounded snarky, that wasn't the intention.)

Julia said...

amazing post as usual.
Pensblog makes my night after the games for sure, or if I have to wait until I wake up it's like Christmas morning..

dappie99 said...

so excited to try to get tix for next round! thanks doc steel for posting that.

Lets Go Pens!

The Seeker said...

@ kj

The "filters" they give you must be placed on all phone devices that aren't hooked up to a DSL modem. That includes FAX machines and all telephones in the house that use that same line. It would also include putting one on a phone cord that might be hooked-up to your computer's analogue modem (used for dial-up and FAXing).

The 'filter' is actually a signal splitter. Your telephone lines have more internal wires than are actually needed. The 'filters' split the same phone cord into two for your DSL (digtal) and one for your telephone/voice (analogue) signals.

If you forgot to put a filter on any one device that's using that same phone line, then you'll have problems.

If you have installed the filters on every device except your DSL modem and you still have troubles, then the only explanation is that a phone cord is damaged (smashed by heavy furniture or drastically bent) and the two signals are getting crossed.

Although they don't like doing it, you can demand that they install a single DSL filter inside the gray NIB (network interface box) on the outside of your home. You usually have to make the case that for some reason it's impossible to use the inline filters separately inside the house.

The only drawback to this method is that a two-line splitter (not a 1 into 2 type) has to be placed at each jack to split the DSL half from the Analogue half.

But that won't help at all if you have a damaged phone line somewhere in the mix.

hyjynxok said...

Huge thanks to the Seeker for sending the link of Pen sweeping the helmets!

Question - I heard someone mention GR had a groin tear and not a pull... any truth to that? Will he be healed up in time for the next series? Otherwise I have to admit I'm happy with the way Adam Hall is playing on the 4th line.
Every single player for the Pens, forward, defense & especially MAF in goal = HUGE in the first round. Thats the kind of solid team effort it takes to win the Cup. With the way I've seen Montreal barely beat the Bruins, really there is nobody in the East that the Pens cant beat and same goes for the West - Wings & Sharks aren't dominating like they were supposed to [big surprise]


hyjynxok said...

I gotta know - how did Red & Andy violate the team rules? I was hoping for some more Shawshank Redemption dialogue...

Now that Ed Harris swept round 1, will we see the return of Hacksaw? [or will he play the role of Ty Conklin to Harris' MAF?]

One thing is for sure - how stupid do the Sens feel for trading Hossa away for Heatley NOW? One showed up in this series, the other did not. You can score 50 goals a season all you want, but if you don't bring home Lord Stanley you are mud. See also: Ilya Kovalchuk.

KJ said...

jyo- we have at&t, which is kinda like talking to MAF. probably a good guy when he's not playing, but when he's getting paid, doesn't want to hear your crap. we once had an issue with a 2nd phone line and they said it was our problem and if they came out and it was, they'd charge us. lo & behold it was their problem and they fixed it. in fact you knew it was spring when you had to call them and get the same run around.
however i will eventually take that route after the playoffs so they don't have to come out to fix it and screw up my connection during the games. sure aunty whoever in podunk, no where may have fallen and broken her hip, but what am i going to do about it living a few states away? and if we really care about her, she has a cell number for us.

wilsmith said...

So wathing the Post Gazette Now video of the scene outside the Igloo, the only thing I really noticed was that while the police chief was talking about a minute in, 2 girls walk into the port-a-john together. hmmmmm

I've seen girls make the trip to the bathroom together, but the port-a? c'mon

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

If I'm reading that stat chart correctly, the Pens are actually the best Eastern team when it comes to playing the West or Northwest.

It looks to me like they (Pens) did better vs them than the Wings did against us.

Or am I not reading that right?

Flyer Hater said...

If I could get either get an enlarged painting of the Penguin stunner or Starry Night, I'd take the Penguin stunner.

Dr. Turkleton said...


It seems to have an Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song flavor about it....

O.J. Simpson.....not a Jew.

Q said...

Pens Sweep Sens, End of Chapter 1.

re: Best goal of series

I think goals #1 & 15 delivered the hardest slaps to the collective Ottawa face.

However, my pick for best goal goes to #10 - Talbot's first playoff goal.

Its always a nice to see the man who uttered the classic - "You, Who are you? I thought they only took care of superstars, like me ... (noises) tickietee tte chhckie" - have his name on the scoresheet.

That goal took the life from the Senators less than 5 minutes after they managed to get their first lead of the series.

A little shall do us good, In Roberts We Trust.

Lets Go Pens.

karri said...

Wilsmith....ahahaha. I also saw those 2 girls walk into the port-a-john together and I had the same reaction.

First, how much room is in there...


Second, what could they be doing...


sarah said...

@wilsmith- i noticed the two girls going in the port-a-john, too! Those port-a-johns seemed extra small last night.. hmmm

Carroll said...

Last nights game was amazing!

Experiencing that sweep in person amongst Sens fans was unbelievable!

There were alot of nice gestures during the handshake by the Sens players. Sid got a little "hug" from M. Lapointe.

I did wonder why Gill was rubbing the ice after the handshake though.

BlacknGold66 said...

Turk: Aaaaaah, true true. Now it sounds totally different in my head. Money, just the same.


I was just looking at a picture of the goal celebration from Staalsy's goal in Game 3. It's Staal, Ruutu, and Kennedy and it got me thinking about how many times with this squad that you've had a "different" line per se on the ice scoring a goal. Then how the celebration is truly genuine. It doesn't matter who's on the ice, they all seem really happy with each other.

I know it's said a lot on here about how much this team really gets along, but it still feels really good to see that comraderie. I absolutely love it.

One last thing. It's not as great as the "USS Hal Gill" that the boys in F1 came up with. But in my small Penguins circle in Ohio we've been referring to Letang as "Tugboat." Thoughts?

Dr. Turkleton said...


way to represent Pens fans & cblog up in Kanata the last 2 games!!!!!

awesome USS Hal Gill profile pic you took that captured him getting that Senator slime off his hand....

Flyer Hater said...

I need some help here fellow c-bloggers. Got some extra cash on hand and I have decided to get a vintage jersey. I've narrowed it down to three.




KJ said...

lol seeker, work with phones much?
but yup filters in every jack. but don't worry, before i call the phone company i'll make sure all the phones are good (we plan on getting new ones anyway) with new cords and no static. even though usually it is something on their end, i hate calling them cause they have to give you such a guilt trip about how it could be all your fault and you'll have to pay for it!!!

@willsmith, that sounds like some bad redneck porn thing going on there.

Dr. Turkleton said...


they did just finish filming Zach and Miri Make a Porno in the Burgh....maybe they were extras?

Elizabeth Banks of Scrubs 'fame'...mmmmm

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I assume you looked at the East chart as well as the one I linked to. Yes, the Pens had the best record in the league against the opposite conference. The Ducks and Avs matched our 8 wins but each lost two games outright whereas we took the Sharks to the shootout.

That was something I kept track of this year because it's unusual for us to do so well against the West, especially on the road.

stokes said...

i vote Number One also. That goal pretty much killed the Senators before the series even started.

@ Brando: Kidney stones were probably the worst pain i've ever felt in my entire life.

@ BNG: Souper Bowl North may be the best thing to come out of Cleveland, ever. Yeah, we won. By my count, i put up 3G and 2A's, but they never get it right. You gonna score tix tomorrow morn?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

well, it seems to me , the most logical team we will face next round will be the rangers. That prediction puts me in a bind however....

The only jerseys I own are (old school diagonal "PITTSBURGH" Jagr pre asst. capt.) (old 3rd jersey Straka) and (classic white Kaspar)... If we play NYR what do I do? I have been wearing the Jags jersey each game day so far... Any suggestions?

please keep in mind I have decided not to buy another pens jersey until I see (you know what) happen... Don't want to jinx anything.

Dr. Turkleton said...


wear the jagr jersey....

duct tape over the R in JAGR & write OFF

problem solved.

JYo said...

@FH: I think the Hasek one is pretty sweet (he was so much fun to watch in his prime and those are pretty sweet jerseys anyway), but I'd have a hard time passing up any Lemieux jersey.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Another fantastic post! I loved all the photoshops ... I laughed really hard at the "Little Miss Sunshine" being converted into "Orpik's Free Candy Van."

Well, at least these boys are gonna get some rest while the other teams of the East are fighting. Whoever we play is going to be more tired and we could use that for our advantage!

On Malkin and the Language Barrier: While I was watching some after game coverage, a Hossa interview, I saw Malkin and Malone in the background and began listening to Hossa and paying attention to them. Malkin seemed like he was laughing and talking with Bugsy. That's a good sign. Better sign = That line is getting along great and will work even better together.

MAF was amazing. Wow. Everyone = stunned. He's doing a great job, hopefully I don't pull out a jinxblog.

In the pool I'm in one person picked the Pens to lose. That person = joke.

I call Tyler Kennedy, TK because I'm not creative enough to come up with a good nickname right now. But he played fierce. Adam Hall has been solid, as well. I'm pretty sure we can't keep him next year which is kind of sad(Hall).

My fav. goals are kind of obvious Malone's wrap-around of pure joy and Ruutu's, but Sir Sidney (there you go,vezonex) had a nice one as well as the Living God Roberts, plus Malkin's ... oh, I can't decide!

@Flyer Hater: I could never pass up a Lemiuex jersey, but that's me. Bossy is pretty awesome, but I wouldn't go with Hasek. Whatever floats your boat, though. Or whatever floats you USS Hal Gill.

@Nick: Although, Dr. Turk makes another wonderful suggestion I would go with Kaspar, he doesn't play for the Rangers. Interesting though ... you bought a jersey for players who have all left us for the Rangers ...

@Stoosh: Your buddy is joining the WBS Baby Pens. Now I can see him play.

In the Pens Organization I Trust!

The Big K said...


Some guy at Pens Caps rigged his Jagr sweater to say Jagoff instead. I actually like JJ though. He was the first goal scorer I ever saw, and he DID win two cups here, so I like the guy.

The Big K said...

66 Flyer Hater.

How could you go any other way?

stokes said...

The poll question on is regarding the Pens and their MVP of the series. Geno is currently leading, while MAF is close behind. I though that was interesting.

Pensgirl said...

BNG, did you see Ron Cook's column today that asked what your favorite thing about the series was, and how hard that is to answer?

For me it really isn't favorite thing is that they're the very picture of "a team." They're not a bunch of individuals, they're a single unit that lives and dies together. That's what gives them their best chance to win out...every achievement is everyone's to celebrate, every breakdown is everyone's to fix.

And you're right, it's so obvious in the goal celebrations.

Sid on Malone's goal.

Max on Ruutu's goal.

The bench on Sid's empty-netter.

And this, which isn't a goal celebration but is what I would offer up if someone said "show me one picture that signifies this team."

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the big K

I like Jags as well....I'm of the 'not going to boo him' crowd...

I remember seeing that pic on here or a craps board....

It would just deflect criticism if someone thought you were 'rooting' for Jags by wearing that jersey during a Pens v NY Rangers series...


forgot to give my vote, & I'm going off the board...I saw they were selling an Yzerman throwback for the same $...don't know what you feel about him, but he's my fav...
if I had to choose from those 3....can't pass up a 66 jersey.

Stoosh said...

@ I Have Kasparaitis -

That's the kind of late-breaking news I love to hear. I'm hoping maybe the NHL Network picks up a random WB/S playoff game as part of their minor-league coverage here over the next couple of weeks.

I know Niagara played an up-tempo style (especially by OHL standards), but 51 goals and 111 points at that level is pretty damn good. I'll be really interested to see what he does at the AHL level, even just for this relatively short term.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl 4:27PM -

Couldn't have said any of that any better. There's something inherently different about this team - some sort of chemistry that you almost always see on championship teams. Especially in hockey. It's a connection that seems to extend beyond the players, but even works its way up into a connection with the fans as well.

And I think it goes both ways. I think these guys understand that both the team and the fans are on some sort of wild ride, and they enjoy the fact we're all on it together. We as fans can never be a true part of that locker room, but the players sure as hell go out of their way to make it feel that way.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

well, im off to the stars game tonight... If you catch it, look for me holding the WWGRD sign in my belfour jersey...

Flyer Hater said...

Thanks for all the opinions guys, but I gotta get the opinion of Grandpa Stoosh.

Nick Saia (usa) said...


Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, loved Stevie Y but hate the Red Wings. I had the same dilemma with the Mike Richter 94 jersey that was on there too. He was one of my favorite goalies ever but I just can't buy a Rags jersey, especially with a possible series looming.

BlacknGold66 said...

Pensgirl: I'll have to check out that article by Cook. I LOVE that pic of Conk's and MAF!

Stokes: I'm broke as all hell right now, so playoff tickets for Round 2 are out of the question. We'll be hosting Souper Bowl North every game unless a Saturday game is in the works. If that happens we're going to try and head down to either the real Souper Bowl, the lawn at the arena, or both.

Stoosh said...


That's a tough call on those jerseys. I love those old Sabres jerseys but I've never been a big Hasek fan. If I could find a LaFontaine Sabres jersey, it would be go time.

I love the vintage Lemieux jerseys, but something about that one just doesn't feel quite right.

If I could only choose just one of the three, I'd go with the Bossy jersey.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, I was leaning toward the Bossy jersey. He might be my favorite non-Penguin of all time.

I was browsing around that store a little more (it's tremendous btw) and I found a 92 Ron Francis jersey, 92 Tommy B jersey, and for you Stoosh I found a Pat Lafontaine jersey from both Long Island and Buffalo!


Nate said...

pens are going to be on around the horn in a few mins for anyone interested

Flyer Hater said...

For you Stoosh

Stoosh said...


I've seen some bad - and I mean Jason-Spezza-in-the-2008-Playoffs-BAD - knockoff jerseys, but this looks like something my 5th grade nephew would've created on NHL '08.

Vancouver never wore a jersey that even remotely resembled that garbage, especially the red shoulders. The font on the name is all dicked up, too.

sarah said...

@ pensgirl

i love that picture of MAF and conks.. even though conklin isn't playing you can tell he is happy for MAF and the team. i love that they have so much fun playing together.. it that much more enjoyable to watch.

Nate said...

they're gonna be talkin about sid on pti today too...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I looked at the Ruutu goal pic. that Pensgirl put up and noticed that it said it was Talbot's. Why do they post things if they have no clue what's going on?

@nick saia: Ha, that's great. I wonder if anyone will say anything to you about it.

@Stoosh: Yeah, they have been playing a bunch of games of lately. Also, I saw women's hockey the other day that was from a while ago. NHLN plays anything that deals with hockey, which makes me happy when I'm suffering from withdrawal.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@nate: Thanks, I didn't see Around the Horn ... what did they say?

Flyer Hater said...

Went with the Bossy

Nate said...

none of those guys have any idea whats going on in hockey except maybe cowlishaw. some hispanic guy didn't even answer the question and neither did one of the other guys. basically they were debating whether or not the long layoff between series would be good or bad for the pens... in the end they said that it is bad in other sports but good in hockey because real men play hockey and need to rest their injuries...

Stoosh said...


Thanks for the link to that guy's store. I didn't look through everything, but I couldn't find an old Pavel Bure #10 from the 1993-94 era. I'd love to get one of those.

I'm giving some serious thought that Ronnie Franchise one as well. I love the Pens' Cup-era jerseys and I've always wanted to get one.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, thanks (and you better snap up that Lafontaine Sabres sweater before I do!).

Kaspar, that's one of the reasons I posted that picture. I think it goes to what I was saying earlier - Max celebrated that goal like it was his very own, to the point that some dummy thought it was!

KJ said...

@ i have kasparaitis: you mean like whoever captioned this photo ? if you look it up on getty images(search winter classic) it says its ryan miller

@ nick, glad to see i'm not the only one with a jersey of a billionaire!

sid is kinda on PTI. they're discussing which is better for the NHL Sid or NYR. gosh forbid they ever talk about sid without having to compare him to everything. of course in a few more minutes (after ad break) they'll be talking about the wings and probably giving them plenty of coverage

Stoosh said...

@ I Have Kasparaitis -

This is going to be my first summer with the NHL Network. As much as I like the Pirates, it's going to make a season full of asstastic baseball and Steelers overload a lot more fun.

The NHL Network is run perfectly. They do just enough classic broadcasts. The "On The Fly" show is the best recap show since NHL2Night. They do a great job showcasing other levels of hockey (the US version of the network even televised college hockey)...from the womens' teams to the World Juniors (which is an incredibly good showcase of talent that needs to be carried every year). I'm hoping they pick up some World Championships games and I'm REALLY hoping for a heavy presence in the 2010 Olympics.

Pensgirl said...

The Cup-era jerseys go over huge at games. I actually got applauded in the parking lot once (I wear my old Artie jersey to every home game).

eileenover said...

Those throwback Ulf jerseys are basically making me drool.

Flyer Hater said...

I would have got a cup era jersey but I already have my Lemieux 92 with the cup patch on it.

The Ulfie jersey was tempting though. Seriously, I would want 75% of the jerseys in the store.

Stoosh said...


It's a foregone conclusion that the baby blues are going to be re-released as the third jerseys next year. I'm getting one because I'm still kicking myself for not getting one this season.

I'm down to three choices:



and the darkhorse...


Roberts has only been here for one full season and part of another. And he may not return next year. But has Roberts achieved a high enough status that this jersey would be the equivalent of getting, say, a Cup-era Lemieux or Francis jersey?

I'm thinking yes.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, you might blackout because of the dominance of wearing a Ron Francis cup era jersey. It should have a warning label on it.

strakasguitar said...

Man...and this is the one I had to miss...

Hang on c-bloggers, we're in for a wild ride!

also: the Post-Gazette's special insert on the Senators' urinary tract issues sez that we could face the Craps in the next round. I'm bending my brain trying to figure out exactly how this could be so...

though I've probably just had one too many blows to the head during this series. Or Budweisers.

Are we liking the Rangers, or would you folks rather beat up on someone else next round?

strakasguitar said...

@ stoosh:

The powder-blue Roberts jersey will have magical powers. Wearing it, you'll be able to toss Buicks with your mind, eat toxic waste for breakfast, have your own continent named after you, and save kitties from trees via telepathy.

just sayin'.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Stoosh: I watch NHL: On the Fly all the time. I'm addicted to it almost as much as this blog and the Pens. They are actually insightful unlike ESPN.

@Nate: I figured they didn't have anyhting intelligent to say because they rarely talk about hockey. Kornheiser got on my nerves with the original six and Wilbon brought up Lemieux. Good job, Wilbon. Kornheiser completely dismissed everything Wilbon said, though.

Randomthoughtblog: When is the youngest Staal coming into the NHL? Is it this year he is expected to be drafted? After watching Jordan all the time, seeing replays of Marc especially in play-off time, and watching Eric who is quite capable, I'm really curious to see how Jared plays.

KJ said...

yup, this is jared's year to be drafted

Dr. Turkleton said...


Pens play caps if:

Caps beats Philly
Montreal beats Boston

MTL(1) plays winner of NYR(4)/NJ(5)
PIT(2) plays WSH(3)

Ashley said...

wow, it only took me all day to get back on c-blog.


BNG66 - Turk was right. That song is more Adam Sandler than Beastie Boys. I posted this video link last week, but I'll post it again because it's so much better now that the Pens have swept the Sens.

Go Pens

Ashley said...

...and I'll have to go with goal numéro un because it's Gary Freakin' Roberts.

Dr. Turkleton said...

I was flippin' too & saw 'Sid the Kid' as a topic on, I waited to see what they had to say...


With a potential PIT v. NYR series in Round 2:

Would the NHL benefit MORE if Sid the Kid moves on towards the Stanley Cup™ Finals OR the New York Rangers team does????


Here's my question:

when does saying 'Sid the Kid' become an inappropriate nickname? OR does he carry that moniker with him for the rest of his playing life?

Is he going to be 25 & dopes like the guys on ESPN still addressing him as, 'Sid the Kid'?

Flyer Hater said...

Top 10 Mario Lemieux goals of all time on at 9 on the NHL Network.

Do It.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Turk: I think Sid the Kid is something that will probably not wear off because people are to lame to change. It rhymes and they will always think about how he got his popularity as a child. Some people just gotta wise up and go with Sir Sidney or something else. I think it's already kinda inappropriate considering he's 20, but he's the youngest captain.

Another random thought: Hip-checks. Scuds dealt one out in game 3 and Orpik brought out 2 in Game4. Orpik looked like he had been working on those forever ... beautyful. Man, I miss that lost art.

Pensgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pensgirl said...

Turk, I think "Kid" becomes inappropriate when he either wins a major award or dons the C.

Oh, wait....

stokes said...

Stoosh: I would get the Roberts jersey becuase even if the Pens don't win the Cup with him, he has been everything that a hockey player should be(obviously) and has been treated as such in the Burgh. If he ever leaves, he will be sorely missed but still talked about, much like Paul Bunyan, John Henry, or Casey Jones.

If the Pens DO win the Cup with GR on the payroll, Gary Roberts will become, to younger generations, a myth, a legend, much like Bill Brasky.

Get the Blue Roberts.

blackngold66 said...

Wow, disrespectblog during the "Star Spangled Banner" in Montreal. Lot's of appearant booing.


Adrienne said...

I woke up this afternoon still drunk from celebrating the sweep last night.

The entire series was outright amazing, but I think the highlights were Ruutu's goal last night, and the Ottawa Senator opening.


Hip said...

Shit y'all I can't keep up.

Made a stunning discovery that my rental car has XM and I could listen to the game... decided to take a drive around Glacier and listen to the game but the fucking mountains jobbed my signal midway through the second. Had to abort as fast as possible and spent the rest of the night, that's right, sitting in my car in front of my double wide. Cheering all alone when Sid hit the EN. Pity me.

For the record I've been calling Kennedy Piglet (copyright chris e) and LeGame Tugboat (copyright BNG66 et. al.) for a while now. I dig them both. Glad to hear both of them, as well as JStaal, has such solid series.

jyo - waxing nostalgic is my favorite phrase ever.

Sooska - I too have been wondering why the fuck MAF's been shut out of the star voting the past two games. However, he'd take being tPB's stud of the series over that horseshit any day.

Goal of the series - easily Malone's wrap around game winner in game 2. You let that go to OT, you could have a freak bounce on a shot from somewhere outside of Johnstown and be looking at a tied series heading back to Ottawa. The Sens might have had a shred of desire at that point and while I still think we'd have won the series, we'd be looking at 6 games likely. Basically Malone just ensured their extra week of rest. Give the man an extra massage. Where's Charlie?

The Caps sound just defeated... kinda like the Pens last year.

Sorry I wrote so much. I have no one to talk hockey with here. John LongTimeStanding (I am not making this dude's name up) wore a Flames' hat once but when I asked him about it he thought they were an arena football team from the east.
Hip = stunned. In a bad way.

The Seeker said...

@ kj

"lol seeker, work with phones much?" can you tell? Verizon DSL expert, at your service!

Actually, in it's infinite wisdom, Congress decided that the best and cheapest telephone company on the planet (Bell Telephone) was a monopoly and were gouging the consumer.

So they broke-up Bell and introduced competition so you'd get better service at a lower price.


Nowadays, you ARE responsible for all wiring inside the house while they only are responsible for everything to the NIB. You can open the NIB and plug a phone into it to check if the problem persists there. If it does, then the problem is their's. If's your responsibility inside.

Don't worry about having an actual bad telephone set as that wouldn't cause your problem. A smashed / broken phone LINE or poorly installed jack that's crossing wires is most likely. The most common problem are people who forget the filter going to the rear of their computer's analogue modem (if they still use it) or on a FAX machine (also analogue).

Ashley said...

WWGRDblog - I noticed the staff wrote yesterday about OTR's love for Gary Roberts this week. Today Landsberg asked Dan Blackburn if he thought Chuck Norris or Gary Roberts would grow the better playoff beard, and he said Norris. I don't know if he left the studio alive...

Someone also e-mailed Landsberg and asked him if he or GR would win in a fight, and he sounded a bit indecisive. Even the suggestion of Roberts losing a fight would be enough for Scary Gary to kick Landsberg's ass to knock any doubt out of his head.

So, I decided to e-mail Landsberg myself and told him that Pensblog is selling WWGRD wristbands. I said I am wearing mine and wondered if he would get one and wear it on the show.

blackngold66 said...

Boramir with a sick backhander. 1-0 Habs.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Updateblog: Caps vs. Flyers are on Versus right now if anyone wants to watch ... Thanks to Flyer Hater I'm gonna watch it up until Lemieux's 10 Greatest Goals come on and after that hopefully Scrubs. 3-2 Caps at end of second ... I think the Flyers are getting in their heads toward the end.
Habs and Bears tied at 1 & Dallas is winning 1-0. Currently, I'd rather watch the Canadiens because of Kovi, but the match-up of Caps/Flyers is semi-interesting.

The Big K said...


Habs fans are fairweather.
They chant GO HABS GO! only after a goal.

And they boo the anthem.
And they cheer injuries,

And they think the Cup is locked up in MTL!
Out before the CF.

The Seeker said...

Versus is blacking-out the Flyers-Caps game on Comcast here..and we aren't even offered the Habs - Bs game at all!!!

JYo said...

@stoosh: greattasteinjerseysblog, but I shouldn't be surprised coming from the master. As soon as the topic of the throwbacks came up the first one I thought of was a 93-94 Bure. That would be sweet. A real one of course, not that knock of jobber crap. Also, a powder blue Roberts jersey would be life changing.

@hip: Thanks. I personally find the phrase pretty funny and try to use it any chance I get.

blackngold66 said...

Seeker that is garbage! I don't get Vs. so I opted to watch it on that p2p site. Still 3-2.

B's just made it 3-1.

Stars still up 1-0.

Big K: Indians up 8-1 over Tigers.

Annie said...

Wow... God love the Bruins. By the end of that game Price might as well as have been standing there with his head figuratively up his a$$. If I had lots of cash and wasn't scared to death about driving in Boston by myself I'd totally go to Game 6 on Saturday.

karri said...

The Craps and Cryers game has got to be one of the sloppiest playoff games ever played. Multitudes of turnovers in the 1st OT. Wow.

Seeker - Got the email...sorry I haven't got back to you about the games...I have been real busy today doing some OT myself at work.

What I would like to do with the games is rip them so they are MPEG's or AVI's. But if you just want a copy of the games I have a friend who has a DVD copier on her notebook. I can make you copies, if that is what you want. Let me know.

coffeytalk said...

adding to the 'ol school jersey talk...

since round 2's acomin' I think it's time to break out the old number 9 Ronnie Francis jersey. Yes. That's right NUMBER 9.

onesizedrummer said...

wow, the big O forgot to play defense and cost his team the victory in double OT. You know ESPN won't say anything about it either...

cover the guy you f'ing puck hog


Stoosh said...

@ JYO -

I loved that uniform scheme that the Canucks wore in the early-mid 1990s. I don't mind the green, blue and whites as much, but I wish they would've gone back to the black, red, orange and gold.

They changed from those colors and logo to that blue, red and silver scheme with the ridiculous orca logo right about the same time the Pens were supplanting the Canucks as my favorite team. I don't want to say that the uniform change was the reason my allegiances shifted (that had more to do with me just taking to the Pens, along with Pavel Bure turning into a whiny prima donna and Pat Quinn dismantling most of that 1994 team within 18 months of the Cup appearance).

But I would say that it changed the identity of the team and the organization enough that it didn't feel like I was watching the same club.

The old scheme with the downward-pointing skate was unique and solid. When they went to the red, blue and silver with the whale logo, it looked generic, boring and did nothing to distinguish them from most of the other teams. On top of that, the change was made simply because OrcaBay bought the Canucks from the McCaw family, and OrcaBay decided to use the team's uniform as a way to indirectly promote their own company. Joke.

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

The only thing sweeter than a Francis #9 Pens jersey might be one of those pea-green Francis #10 Hartford Whalers jerseys...



On second thought, I'd take the Francis #9 Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


that's OLD,old school....

and I like it!

Mr. M.V.ME. :

1 Shot on Goal in 4+ periods of hockey
1 terrible defensive play that costs the Craps the game

Who cares who wins this series...just let it continue as long as it can!

Coburn looked to have a knee issue a shift before the GWG went in...will be interesting to see if it's bad or not...

The Bruins kept up their end of that bargain tonight....

Stoosh said...

That's beautiful!

coffeytalk said...

number 9 photoshoot

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

Me = Jealous.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the Francis #9?

coffeytalk said...


i was at the right place at the right time...

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

Ahhhhh, I see. :)

Very cool, though.

Whistler said...

I browsed that ebay page of jersey. They're really nice, but did anyone notice that they're all replicas?!?

I tend to prefer aurhentics and was quite bummed to see that he didnt have any.

On another topic. Am I the only one who finds the new jerseys/oversized t-shirts hideous? They look like they should be worn for practice.


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