Sunday, April 13, 2008

My.. My.. My.. My.. My.. Boogie Shoes

First things first.

Go back in time as far as you need to go
to bring back the memory of the most humiliating and degrading moment of your life.

You may have crapped your pants at a sleepover in 4th grade.
You may have farted during sex.
You may have sang a solo at a middle-school chorus concert while going through puberty.

But you're gonna have to put that aside and bow down to Flyers left-winger Patrick Thoresen.
[ Yahoo ]

The Scene:

The Flyers were killing a penalty in their tight Game One against the Caps in Washington.

The Capitals' Mike Green took a shot from the blueline.
Thoresen laid his life on the line to block the shot.

The puck hit him square in the manhood.

He lay on the ice in pain, as the Capitals put home a big power-play goal that eventually led to their 5-4 win.

Just imagine getting hit in the balls, writhing in pain, and nobody cares.
Seconds later, 18,000 people scream their heads off in jubilation.
So demoralizing.

This isn't a joking matter. It's just the truth.
Thankfully, "there was no rupture," said Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.

Thoresen your thoughts:

“My groin area is sore and swollen,” Thoresen said in comments released by the team.
“I can’t really walk properly right now. It hurts.”

Thankfully world class ball-sac masseuse Mike Richards plays for the Flyers.


:: We e-mailed the Pens about the outdoor screen,
and they have confirmed it will be in operation for Game Three, weather permitting.

:: Since the series is moving to Game Three, Charlie is moving to center stage.

It's only fair to add him as a friend on [ Facebook ]

:: A couple of days ago, somewhere in Cblog, someone asked if Luke Ravenstahl had wagered a bet with the mayor of Ottawa.

Thankfully, [ The Burgh Blog ] broke the news that Mayor Luke was too busy dealing
with mayor stuff and couldn't partake in a bet. [ Metro News ]

:: Our good friend, [ Sens Fan in Toronto ], has promised video review of two plays in Game 2 that should have at least resulted in penalties or penalty shots.

Picture: Sens Fan in Toronto all business before leaving to go to the video vault to find shocking evidence of two penalties that weren't called in game two.

Picture: Ryan Malone still winning the game.

Suck it.

:: Speaking of douchebags that support the Senators,
[Don Brennan] is up to his old tricks.

"Martin Lapointe couldn't have caught Jarkku Ruutu in the face with his stick,
as Ruutu portrayed in an Oscar-worthy performance"

[Anthony Costa]

And we got Brennan's email wrong.
Thanks to [DVE's Morning Show], here is it.


We're sending him a picture everyday for the remainder of the series.
Todays starts with the one that didn't reach him on Friday.


Maybe one of the most solid sites on Gore is [ ]

It has the statistical breakdown of every 7-game series ever played.
Naturally, the site provides statistical probabilities at any point in the series.

It even has a list of every series in which the team that lost in a four-game sweep never even led during a game in the series. [ ANNIHILATIONS ]


So, what is the overall record for NHL teams who have won the first two games of a series at home, as the Penguins have done?

In the past, teams in the Penguins' current position have gone on to win the series 194 of 215 times, a .902 Winning%.

Also, teams in the Penguins current position have won Game Three 116 out of 215 times, a .540 Winning%.

Basically, 50% of the time, the team down 2-nil will win Game Three, but they still only have a 10% probability of winning the series.


Roving reporter Rich Walsh caught up to Hacksaw Jim Duggan while Duggan was packing up his 1991 GMC Sonoma for the drive to Ottawa.

Walsh: Jim! Jim! Can we have a word?

Duggan: Balls. There's my word.
Actually, I have two words for you: Old Spice.

Walsh: What do you think about Pensblog not turning to you for Games 1 and 2,
arguably the most important games in recent memory?

Duggan: It's garbage. I came in here when they had nothing, no motivation.
They had used Captain Steven Hiller throughout the season, and he has proven himself to be mud.
Besides some spot-starts by Lemieux, they haven't had a go-to guy since Hiller was sent down to the minors in February.

Walsh: What's your take on the news that the Pensblog has called up Big Bird and Apollo 13's Ed Harris from the minors?

Duggan: WHAT?!

Walsh: Yeah.

Duggan: Where are you getting your news, Walsh?

Walsh: Usually from the Steelers, but this time, I did some actual work and saw the press release on Saturday.

Duggan: Unbelievable.

Walsh: We wanted to get your thoughts on the surprising performance of Andy and Red during the playoffs.

Duggan: They are the flavor of the week.
Those Pensblog guys probably watch Shawshank Redemption while fondling themselves.

You see me packing my truck for Ottawa?
Do you see me crying in humiliation?

Yes, I'm pissed that I've been bumped to backup for the playoffs.
I was always taught that when you're invited to the biggest party of the year, you dance with who brought you.

But that's not deterring me from participating in mandatory practices and listening to Martin Luther King speeches on my iPod.
I have stayed in game shape.

Walsh: You do realize you are a collection of pixels on some nefarious blog, right?

Duggan: Go to hell, Walsh.

Walsh: Yep, see you in Ottawa.



Stars stun the world, up 2-0 [The Shootout]

[The Shootout]

Anaheim= Stunned. [Battle Of California]

[Photoshop genius Earl Sleek]

We (Adam and Derek) were the only two to pick the Stars in the pre-playoff preview.
That has nothing to do with hockey smarts.
It was 100% out of spite. We just hate Anaheim.

But if you like the Pens chances against the Sens,
the Stars should be given the same benefit of the doubt.

The Montreal screw job?
Bruins get called for like 100 straight penalties and lose in OT on Kovalev laced a shot.

Bruin fans aren't that upset. [Ghost Of The Garden]

Montreal fans are well-pleased. [Four Habs Fans]

Detroit ends up victorious.[Abel To Yzerman]

Nashville played a solid game.


The NHL Sunday schedule is all business.

2:00 pm




Double J and the boys can put the Devils on the brink


[Heath C]

Go Pens


Jaybird said...

Sad. You blame the refs for the Habs win...but when Ottawa says they have penalty troubles in the third you jump all over them. Did you even watch the Habs game? I can't wait to meet you donkeys in the conference finals...

PittHockey said...

Boston College = National Champs


And the USS Hal Gill poster is epic.

great work on that!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

Fun-ny [fuhn-nee] -adjective

1. when some jobber fan of another team checks out a blog rooted DEEPLY in humor and gets offended by something that was written. ex. jaybird

Pensblog: You're either in on the joke, or you ARE the joke SUCKA!

J.S. said...

Pensblog: You're either in on the joke, or you ARE the joke SUCKA!

Now THAT is fun-ny.

Use of the word "donkeys" as a form of namecalling = not fuhn-nee.

IceCold... said...

donkey lips is kinda funny. or feces eating donkey face. i once saw a high school walk out to center ice and yell that at a ref when they ejected him. it was awesome.

ummm, i seriously HATE that we are not playing today. not sure if i can make it to tomorrow night.

anyone want to go to ottawa tuesday/wednesday?


p.s. where do people go to get those signs made? ie USS hal gill

Meghan said...

pretty sad that a montreal jobber is on a penguins site at 6 am and is the first to comment.


Whistler said...

if my girlfriend wasnt such a "cold-weather" puss we'd be on our way up to Ottawa to see the game.

She's a Devils fan (as you all know) and is really cranky about it.


The Big K said...

I added Charlie on Facebook!

But Brennan= stunned and denial.

He needs to face the facts.

luvnmypens said...

Speaking of signs, has anyone noticed the "Dirty Gary" sign hanging at the arena the past 2 games? I heard Roberts comment on it after the first game saying he doesnt know what that is all about. And one of the Sens being interviewed said that even his own fans know hes dirty so much so they made a sign. Since it is in black and gold, I am assuming it is a Pens fan who has it. I really don't understand why someone would make that sign. One person suggested that perhaps it is a play on Dirty Harry. But if that were the case, wouldnt there be like a gun or something like that on it so people would know that? That sign sucks and is an insult to the great Gary Roberts.

Stoosh said...


We buy signs similar to that quality at work. Check with places like "Sir Speedy".

HabsFan29 said...

uh, despite the win, we are most certainly not pleased. jaybird does not speak for all Habs fans:

Stoosh said...


We jumped all over Ottawa for complaining about the refs because they were bellyaching about calls when there were just as many non-calls that could've gone the Pens way. Murray and Spezza (what a leader) was complaining about the non-call on Donovan, when Malkin got hauled down on TWICE on very similar plays and no calls were made.

It became obvious down the stretch that the refs weren't calling penalties unless they were blatant infractions (see Martin Lapointe's high stick at the end, which of course Ottawa fans were complaining that Ruutu oversold). Both teams were getting away with penalties, and both teams had reason to complain about the calls in Game Two. Ottawa, of course, took it to ridiculous lengths in the post-game interviews, and Spezza was still leading the whine brigage yesterday.

Turns out that's about the only thing Spezza excels at leading.

blufftalk said...

  2-0 lead in the series. I say spot-start for Hacksaw.

M. Vanderlasser said...

Re frightened pets from that last comments section...our pets, too, are being traumatized by the playoffs...they just cant't get used to their humans leaping up and screaming at random intervals...

And maybe, using their intuitive power to sense danger, they are picking up the aura of danger being sent out by #10 and, to a lesser extent, by the free candy van...

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Apparently Luke Skywalker was in Pittsburgh during Game 2.

That is awesome.

All the way at the bottom

dying alive said...

Stoosh, exactly. There were non-calls both ways, but they're going to call a high stick every time. Whether or not Ruutu "embellished" it isn't the issue. Lapointe high-sticked him. That is a penalty. End of story.

If Ruutu embellished, good on him. The refs had made it pretty clear that they had put the whistles away at that point, and he wanted to make sure that Lapointe didn't get away with the high stick. That's called doing your job, whiny Sens fans.

BlacknGold66 said...

"Good. Now say 'Big floppy donkey dick.'"


The Seeker said...

I actually don't see where BJ...I mean JB, got the idea that the tPB Staff "blame the refs for the Habs win" ????

All they said was:

The Montreal screw job?

That's asking a question....was it a screw job or wasn't it?

They're just reporting what SOME folks are asking....not stating it as a fact.

Bruins get called for like 100 straight penalties and lose in OT
on a Kovalev laced a shot.

That's just stating two obvious facts.

Bruin fans aren't that upset.

And lastly, that's just stating another fact while all but blowing-off the "blame the refs" conspiracies. Since we don't have a horse in that race and the fans of the team that lost is OK with it, then what's it of our concern?

Flyer Hater said...

Jaybird, when do the Habs trade away Carey Price for a third-liner and a career backup goalie? Shouldn't you be worried about that instead of spouting your garbage here.

Flyer Hater said...

Picture: Ryan Malone still winning the game.


The Seeker said...

PIT - OTT Game 2:

Ummmm...the refs may well have put away their whistles in the 3rd period BUT, they ARE going to call a high-stick to the face of the puck carrier skating through the neutral zone EVERY time.

They'll allow a little hooking, some roughing, light slashing, minor stick work, post-whistle scrums, etc. But they CAN'T ignore something THAT obvious at center ice on the guy with the puck when he' not even threatening to score.

Fleury29 said...

That's as solid a non-game day post as they come there, boys. Great job.

Quick recap of the other playoff series but not too detailed to get boring.

The Duggan interview was money in the proverbial bank.

Excited for tomorrow's game, it's the first one I get to watch on actual TV.

Let's Go Pens

P.S.- Seriously, jaybird, if you're coming here for hard facts and serious analysis, like ZZBE says, the joke's on you. The Pensblog is basically about two things, The Pittsburgh Penguins and jobbing. And if you're not the Pittsburgh Penguins, expect to get jobbed.

The Seeker said...

@ Stanley P. Kachowski

"Apparently Luke Skywalker was in Pittsburgh during Game 2."

He received word from R2D2 that THE FORCE that is Gary Roberts was in the building.

As every good Star Wars fans already knows, Gary Roberts was his REAL Father.

Stoosh said...


I'm not MUCH of a wrestling fan, but given that we've been tossing solid pro wrestling references for the last several months, I believe Staff also used the "Montreal Screwjob" as a reference to the events that transpired at a WWE event from years past. Don't ask me for details, but I recall hearing Ric Flair and Mark Madden discussing it.

It may have been nothing more than a convenient play on words concerning what happened last night in Bruins-Habs.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, Wikipedia is our friend

Whining about the refs is the refrain of losers. Like I said in c-blog yesterday, Bryan Murray is one of these old-time hockey Canadian blow hards that want the players to decide the game. However, when the refs don't make a call that would put your team on a powerplay in the third period, that's when the refs should decide the game.

Pretty convenient, eh?

Pensblog Staff said...

Stoosh -- Exactly. Anytime you see the chance to reference the Montreal Screwjob, you take it.

JAYBIRD -- That same explanation goes to Jaybird.

It'll probably be a post title in the East Finals when the referees are intimidated by the Montreal crowd.


nailersfan66 said...

I thought it was pretty clear the "Dirty Gary" was a reference to Eastwood's "Dirty Harry". I don't see the big deal about it at all. Certainly not a reflection on his style of play.

The Big K said...

Get of c-blog immediately if that's your real opinion. It was pretty fucking obvious that the refs last night were pro-Habs. That trip in OT was bull in and you know it, and the Sens only got jobbed one time on Friday, compared to like 4 for the Pens. GOLF HABS GOLF! GO BRUINS TONIGHT! That series ain't over.

HabsFan29 said...

@Pensblog staff - "It'll probably be a post title in the East Finals when the referees are intimidated by league officials to ensure Sid gets into the Finals"


Flyer Hater said...

habsfan29, CONSPIRACY!

Stoosh said...


One thing I dislike a bit about the NHL (and I see this in the NBA as well) is that the complaints from team officials - be it coaches or front office types - about the officiating seems to be more commonplace and almost accepted.

I seem to become more and more apathetic to the NFL each year, but one thing I do like is that there is VERY little of this going on from the coaches, players or front office personnel of NFL teams. And when it does happen - like it did with Holmgren in Seattle after they lost in the Super Bowl - it's almost universally shouted down and ridiculed.

There have been plenty of times in big NFL games where crticism of the refs is justified, but you seldom ever hear such complaints come from players, coaches and front office personnel.

The general consensus is that you're playing a sixty-minute game and in that time span, 1) things that weren't penalties will get called as penalties, 2) things that were penalties will not get called, and 3) you have plenty of time to mitigate the amount of effect that either has on the game.

If Bryan Murray and Jason Spezza played in the NFL, they'd be getting laughed out of the league by their peers for their pathetic displays in the wake of Game Two.

I'll reserve the rest of my thoughts on Spezza until the series is over. But let's just say that I watched his junior career and nothing he's done in the first two games of this series surprises me.

Stoosh said...


For what it's worth, I believe on Friday morning when I was heading into work, the girl who was responsible for the "Dirty Gary" sign called in to Tim Benz's morning show on 105.9 The X and said that the sign was indeed a direct reference to Dirty Harry.

The Seeker said...


Our own the big k is in fine form and ready for a long playoff run at the Cup sporting an AWESOME playoff beard!

J.S. said...

I was flipping through the channels this morning and caught a small clip of Dancing With The Stars. Normally, I couldn't care less about this show, but I caught a glimpse of former Man Show host Adam Carolla. Was his new look influenced by Charlie?

you be the judge

The Big K said...

Is it possible for the Craps and Cryers to just eliminate each other, with nobody moving on to the second?

Pensblog Staff said...

The Crosby Conspiracy stuff will never die.

The Big K said...

If you want analysis that is wrong in not funny by any stretch of the imagination, check out the SFIT NOW.

Hip said...

I've felt up a hydrocele, I've seen scrota the size of your average beach ball, but I've never felt as badly for anyone's balls as for Thoresen. Thankfully he's ok.

Caps/Flyers should be a hell of a game today.

Go Pens.

Steve In Denver said...

If we end up meeting Philthy in the playoffs, would it be completely rude to send him a batch of Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Steve In Denver said...

Oops...him = Thoresen.

JYo said...

Where is that joke that was on here telling us how great "world class ball-sac masseuse" Mike Richards is? The best part of that video is right after the OV go-ahead goal you see the final seconds and hear "Ovechkin just buried Mike Richards!" If Richards is so great, why is he getting buried by the top goal scorer in the league when it matters most rather than making a play to keep his team in the game???

re: Hacksaw

This is no time for a spot start. Hacksaw is pure gold and only to be used in dire circumstances. Unless we are in a 2-2 type of series or on the brink of elimination, he should stay in his cage until the Cup finals. That would be like putting Sid and Geno on the same line when we are already up 4-0 in the third period, there is no point. Break glass in case of emergency...

re: whiny fans of other teams on this blog

How great is this? We aren't even playing their team and they are concerned with a jobber blog. Pensblog is in their head like GR is with the Thenatorth. Beware the Penguins, eh?

Speaking of jobbers, just ignore that SFIT character. Continuing to banter with him is the only traffic that joke gets. If Pensbloggers stop going to his site, traffic will cease altogether, and he will return to a meaningless existence.

DeCeV said...

Hurray for sane fans of other teams (habsfan29). Screw the others (jaybird). Too bad we'll be playing the Rangers in the conference finals.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Hacksaw needs the start. He may be a head case and a pain in the locker room, but who wants to stand up against a three point stance clothesline followed by a 2x4 beating. No one, that's who.

Go Pens

Steve In Denver said...

There is so much wrong with Adam Carolla's pornstache, on so many levels. I think it's fake - taken from Sarah Silverman's bingo card.

marigab87 said...

Look at that shirtless tie-wearing guy behind Stillman, under heatley's arm... Gold

HabsFan29 said...

@DeCeV - thanks for having the smarts to recognize the difference. too bad we'll be playing the Caps in the Conference Finals

(not that I really believe that)

TheEnforcer98 said...

USS Hal Gill Poster:

I'm the one in the Blue hat and Malkin jersey. I got it made at my high school :) (Free stuff from public schools rocks). I also designed it using a copy of photoshop cs3, which I also got from my school, lol.

I may go bigger for the second round. **knocks on wood**

****If anyone wishes to get posters made, just look in the yellow pages for printing companies, such as FedEx Kinko's or Office Depot.

DeCeV said...


Craps and Cryers starting in 10. Who's rooting for who? Go Capitals for me. Just because, well you know. The Flyers.

JYo said...

Agree decev. I'd rather see OV and the Craps move on over Philthy. Lesser of two evils...

Flyer Hater said...

Everyone should be rooting for the Craps. That would be an unbelievably easy second round match up.

blackngold66 said...


Center Ice is running blackoutblog here on the Flaps game.


Stoosh said...


Thank you for bringing some greatness to the first row of F1.

For those who don't know, the Enforcer98/Dickie Dunn Family occupies three of those seats in the very first row of F1. The first two seats in from the right edge of the photo are occassionally occupied by myself and Gaylord Focker.

It was from that very row that the concept of the USS Hal Gill first sprung forth.

The Big K said...


Game is on NBC with Doc and Edzo.

The Big K said...

It'd be sweet if Caps win.
Then, Pens play the team they own.
OV is beat up a bit as well.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Stupid me picked the Flyers to beat the Caps in a pool because I was pretty sure that they were going to send goons out to hurt Ovie, who is the main threat. I also picked the Stars, Staff, wooo! I hope to God they win as well as the Preds (I called a big upset because I was still half asleep when doing the pool.), or I'm losing $4.

Why was the first comment from a jobber from another team we aren't even playing? ConfusedBlog.

Yeah, I saw the shirtless guy on TV and thought I was seeing things.

@The Big K: Great book recommendations. The Hobbit = a reference to Murray?

DeCeV said...

The Caps are peeing on themselves every time the puck enters their own zone, which is like 10% of the time.

Flyer Hater said...


Flyer Hater said...

If we played the Craps in the second round, I wonder who the NHL would fix games for, AO or Crosby?

blackngold66 said...

@Big K

The Indians are playing on my NBC affiliate (not complaining, love my Tribe) so the hockey game was supposed to be on Center Ice. Basically, I'm getting hosed.

M'eh. At least I'm getting to watch the Pirates for free on the other Center Ice/MLB Package channels.

DeCeV said...


You're missing the exciting action of the Capitols being on the powerplay for 50% of the period and zeroing in on that orange dot in the middle of Biron's logo.

The Big K said...

That sucks BNG. But Go Indians.

The Big K said...

The Hobbit's just my reading for school!

But Murray reminds me a bit of Bilbo, yes.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Yeah, well, my school has some of the crappiest books to read. I'm in high school and in 9th grade we finally read The Giver, which I read in 3rd or 4th. I read The Hobbit on my own time and I liked it, but then again I am a huge book nerd. My recommended reading involving the Penguins would be "Mario Lemieux: The Final Period." Fantastic read and about Le Magnifique.

pensfan100 said...

what happened to the original ravenstahl pic with charlie and some other guys in today's blog? did tPB get some outside "pressure" from city hall?

Jonny V said...

I love the cockiness emanating from some c-bloggers. It's nice when your team is up two games in the first round. Flyer hater, you want the Capitals to win because it'll be an unbelievably easy second round opponent? Guess what kid, this is the playoffs. Nothing is going to be easy. We haven't even made it to the second round yet.

JYo said...

Playoffs or not jonny, I'll take this year's Craps team over playing the Rags or Devils any day of the week. Sure it will be a tough matchup no matter who you meet in the playoffs, but there is no denying that some teams are tougher than others. The Craps are probably the best matchup we could hope for, thats all. I don't advise the team saying things like that in the press, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Brett said...

2nd intermission of the Caps/Flyers game

The dude accidentally said "Crapitals"

i laughed.

The Big K said...

Spezza= no practice today.
Undisclosed injury.

Expects to play tomorrow.

Alfie= no practice today
likely out tomorrow!

Jonny V said...

Brett, I caught that too.

jyo, i'm all for the lesser-of-two-evils theory, but as many a wiseman said, be careful what you wish for. I guess i'm kind of taking issue with the thinking that a series with the Caps would be a walk in the park. And believing that this series with Ottawa is already over.

J.S. said...

I'm for nobody in that series (Flys/Craps).

Give both of those teams 7 long painful games.

JYo said...

I hear ya on that account jonny. I agree that this series isn't over and that the Craps would not be a push over, but I'm still pulling for them this round, especially since they are playing the Cryers.

J.S. said...

jonny v, is that the iceman in your pic?

JYo said...

I second the notion of 7 games js, and hopefully its 7 grueling games. Still, I'll take the Craps in 7 grueling games.

Flyer Hater said...

Jonny, did you watch the game today? Washington can't compete 5 on 5. As Pierre said, they played like a bunch of individuals and they don't have the firepower to get away with playing like that. The Flyers' system completely befuddled them today and we have a much sounder defensive system than Philly. I'm not saying we'd sweep the Craps but it would be a 1000X easier series than the Rags.

Jonny V said...

J.S., yes that is the Iceman. I actually got that pic from a tPB post from last year.

flyerhater, I did watch the game (between flipping back and forth to the Masters), but I think u missed my point. We still gotta make it to round 2.

Flyer Hater said...

jonnyv, touche. I've been running overconfidenceblog since Friday Night.

JYo said...

From the link at the top of The Pensblog to an article on Mirtle's blog: "Ottawa Senators centre Jason Spezza may miss Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal against the Pittsburgh Penguins Monday due to a leg injury."

Funny, I didn't know tear ducts were in the leg. Is Murray out for Game 3 too or can you coach with a pulled tear duct? Someone get Dr. P.B. Charlie here to give us the lowdown.

Dr. Turkleton said...

c'mon Snedeker !!!!!

Immelmans not bad either...but got to root for the Yank!

I'm rooting for the Caps/Flyers to go 7 with:
•OV with another broken nose
•Briere with a broken mangina
•either team to get thru being broken down mentally & physically from a hard fought 7-game series
[I predict tons of pounding on Mr. M.V.ME. in philly on Tue.]

along the lines of johnny vs comment...lets win 1 in Kanata 1st before choosing 'best matchups' for round 2.
[IMO, if a team gets thru to round 2, their is no 'best matchup' anymore]

[Hossa: don't cry tiger!]

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny V said...

Turk, echo that Snedeker comment, he made that huge 35 foot putt, then sinks one in the drink on the next hole. That golf course must be some kind of difficult.

And an injured Spezza can only mean good things. But still, that's why they play the games out. jyo, I believe excessive crying can lead to dehydration, perhaps leading to a sodium/potassium depletion in turn not allowing his leg muscles to work properly.

michelle said...

This is one of my fav blog post titles ever. . .hahaha what a song

secondly, everywhere i go now i hear about pensblog. . .it wasn't too long ago when everyone's like who the heck is pensblog charlie? he must be getting around more these days, that manwhore.


sarah said...

Is anyone else counting down to tomorrow night?

24 hours..

Dr. Turkleton said...

johnny v

as much as hockey doesn't translate very well on is a close 2nd...those Augusta hills & valleys look like the muni courses around here in Western PA....what I wouldn't give to play just 1 round there.

when did Miguel Angel Jimenez become pronounced:
Miguel Angel JIMENETH...every time those announcers say his name, Cryin Bryan comes to mind.

Man, South Africa can churn out some championship golfers, eh?...Player, Els, Goosen....Immelman.

Jonny V said...

Putting on those greens is probably similar to putting on glass. One of the announcers even remarked that a green Snedeker was putting on was like an optical illusion.

Michelle, i'm sure i'm not the only c-blogger mentioning this place to everyone i meet. When they ask me what it's all about, i just tell them they will laugh. It might take a few posts, but oh, will they laugh.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I constantly refer to Orpik now as "Free Candy," tell people WWGRD, call others jobbers ... The Pensblog has brain ninja-ed me!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Bryan Murray at todays presser:

The Uniform matters, players don't

wow....that should fire up the boys, eh Sly?

Mark said...

Story about jaybird?

I heart Matlock!

michelle said...


Me too, for sure. My friend Melissa recently "friended" Pensblog Charlie on facebook. All it took was one look and she was hooked.

This site encompasses everything the Sens, Habs, etc fans wish they could be / could have in their lives.

pensblog ftw.

coffeytalk said...


just saw Avery give Brodeur quite a lap dance.

he has spent his money well.

Pensgirl said...

Turk, maybe that's been the Sens' problem - they've been fielding the unis without the players. ;)

The Big K said...

Avery coming onto Brodeur I see.
Yeah when I heard Avery was gettin nailed nightly but hookers and workin a black book, I hardly figured he was gettin laid by Brodeur. Joke.

The Big K said...
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I Have Kasparaitis said...

Brodeur is probably really confused and disgusted ... that is if robots actually understand those kind of emotions. Avery's getting desperate. "Marty, there's more were that came from if you let us win ..." Hehehe.

The Seeker said...

I don't talk about, type, or read anything about any future series until we've won the one we're playing in.

That's really bad Karma to me.

Call me superstitious if you want...I am.

coffeytalk said...

agreed, seeker. one game at a time...

tomorrow is going to be HUGE.

i am considering going to watch the game at the arena screen tomorrow. anyone else thinking about it too?

GwinTheEskimo said...

anyone else's versus turn green in the 3rd period of the devils rangers game?

Gary Roberts has more points than any senator

GwinTheEskimo said...

If there was a conspiracy, Crosby would have gone to the Rangers in the draft.

Pensgirl said...

Wow, Kovy's goal last night was his first playoff OT goal ever. Considering how clutch he was for us, that's pretty surprising.

CBC guys are in agreement that Avery should have been given a 10-minute for incitement for that Brodeur nonsense. They were pretty disgusted by it.

The Big K said...


Next post, or included in it,
make sure you job Avery.

I can think of some very nasty things to say about him, and if I can think of something, imagine what you comedians can come up with!

Job City USA.

Annie said...


Dr. Turkleton said...


now a couple series will go longer than expected....nj W in ot


sweep habs sweep = canceled

Dr. Turkleton said...

I love how SFIT has '6 comments' from his 'Analysis by Paralysis' replay...

3 of the 6 are his response...does he have to comment on every reply?

our 13 year old the big K is jobbing SFIT quite nicely....keep it up, little man...

3-0 SJ v. Calgary

Sea of RED = currently being flushed down the toilet in the 1st 3:33....hahaha

The Big K said...

Thanks Turk.
Nothing like friendly jobbing, BNG66!
Only this time it's personal.
I hate that guy.

Dr. Turkleton said...

our old pal, Don Brennan is part of a 3-ring-circus Ottawa Sun blog

right now...his most recent entry is the 2nd one down...ENJOY !!!!!

he suggests that folks 'not clog his email, but reply thru this blogs comment section'

why not BOTH?!?!?!?!?!?


Jonny V said...
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Jonny V said...

Prolonging series goodness...The Devils and Bruins coming up big today...Annie, WOOT! YOU'RE HOT!..less than a day until game three tomorrow...I'll be antsy all day...I picked Kovy as one of my top three choices for MVP, was kind of disappointed we brought in Sykora instead of offering him a chance to come back here...Syko has beast-like properties though...I can't believe Sean Avery likes to ride goalie pads as if they were horsey-pony-cowboy-saddles...the Sharks take a toilet seat around with them to hang in their locker room...that's just weird...Holy shit Marleau got his clock cleaned

The Seeker said...

So those teams in the East down 2-0 all won today/night.

Everyone on Gary's planet KNOWS that with the home crowd's support the Sens are going to play like they're on PCP tomorrow night.

What can the Pens do strategy-wise?

I'm thinking HCMT will scratch a Dman in favor of Sydor.. He's been chompin' on the bit to play and probably would play his best, given the that might not be a bad move. I personally just hope that it isn't Letang that sits...I'd prefer to lose Whitney instead.

It's going to be a grinding road type game where I hope we put defense first and allow the scoring chances to just come to us.

Cblogger thoughts???

The Seeker said...

coffeytalk said...

i am considering going to watch the game at the arena screen tomorrow. anyone else thinking about it too?

That sounds like a good time since we've gotta watch in televised anyhow. My Daughter and I may well do that if she doesn't object to the weather. Let you know prior to game time.

PS: The Wife hasn't complained about me not shaving yet (started on day of Game 1) so the playoff beard is coming-in nicely. Any other Cbloggers got one goin' in honor of the Pens ??

Marcetta said...

I believe the way the hockey stick is positioned on the "Dirty Gary" sign its supposed to look like a gun so that people get the "Dirty Harry" reference.

Jonny V said...

I would like to see Sydor play because of his chomping at the bit status, but I def. don't want to see 7 D-men dress, and I wouldn't know who to sit. Whitney's been through enough head games recently.

I don't have my next drill until May 16th, so I hope that is the reason it will get shaved. It's been going strong since we lost to the Flyers.

I might come down after work (around 8:30) just to see what the atmosphere is. The Souper Bowl on saturday would be my silver lining of a game five.

Dr. Turkleton said...


can you really juggle the lineup after 2 straight wins? I wouldn't change a thing until either:

•an injury [duh]
•a loss

but, HCMT has pulled all the right strings nothing would surprise me at this point...

anyone catch Iginla's NHL 'Shift' commercial?:

In the playoffs, every shift is like 45 seconds to live,
45 seconds to grind,
45 seconds to make an impact,
45 seconds to keep your season alive,
45 seconds to do something, anything to bring your team closer to the Cup™,
until you're back on the bench, dying to live again....
THAT'S how the Cup™ changes Everything.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk-love the "M.V.ME." - how true. Too bad for Geno this wasn't evident before the Hart voting. I know. I know. It's only for the regular season- but it also has nothing to do with an "outstanding season" as everyone talks about, but it is supposed to be value to your team. I digress. Today, AO was standing around like the Statue of Liberty & he seemed wilted. The recap I read even said their fans, only 50% of the crowd, weren't as loud or as into the game. Shame on all of them for 6 weeks.

chiming in really late on jaybird: does he lurk around the wee hours waiting for tPB Staff to post? What is wrong with the fans of other teams who are SO damn obsessed with the Pens and Pens fans? Go hassle the Broons.

Let's Go Pens.

Where is Father Time?
19 hrs. 47 min.:0

Laura said...

"Two-time Stanley Cup champion Mark Recchi is joining TSN for the NHL Playoffs.

TSN announced Wednesday the 19-year NHL veteran and Atlanta Thrashers forward will join the NHL on TSN broadcast team as a guest analyst for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Recchi will be in-studio for three nights during the opening round of the playoffs (April 11, 12 and 13), marking the two-time Stanley Cup winner's debut as a television analyst."

just thought that was kinda funny...since the team of x-pens aren't in the playoffs or anything... too bad i don't get that channel.. i want to hear his thoughts on the pens now...

ps.. (i do miss colby though)

blackngold66 said...

Big K:

I wonder if SFIT knows that he's being harassed by a 13-year-old. Haha, I love it!

Can I adopt you as a brother?

Dr. Turkleton said...


funny stuff....

ex-Pens dominating the hockey channels:

Edzo = Vs./NBC
McGuire = Vs./NBC/TSN/ANY channel that'll have 'em
Recchi = TSN
Greg Millen = CBC

Stoosh said...


Spezza or no Spezza, tomorrow night is pretty much it for Ottawa. Ottawa SHOULD come out flying tomorrow night and their crowd SHOULD be insane.

I'd just like the Pens to continue doing what they've been doing. Continue the forecheck and the pressure in the neutral zone via the backcheck, which has resulted in a ton of turnovers. Continue outskating the Sens in the defensive zone, and continue taking the play to them in the offensive zone.

Ottawa hasn't proven that they can generate any consistent offense, and they haven't really contained the Pens' offense for any given time either. And for as well as he's been playing, Gerber has still given up seven goals in two games.

Dr. Turkleton said...

*** my bad. ***

McGuire is NOT on Vs...I guess I just THOUGHT I've seen him on Vs. {maybe saw him covering Bull Riding or something]

stokes said...

Stoosh: You emphasized the "should". here's a "shouldn't:" SHOULDN'T ScotiaBank Place have been sold out weeks ago for these two games? There are roughly 130 tickets left for tomorrow and 200 left fot weds. That's whack.

I quote Johnny v: "Annie, WOOT! YOU'RE HOT!"

Hilarious. (i agree.)

Ally said...

Anyone seen this new 'mystery blogger' they've added to the official pens site?


Any guesses as to who it might be, fellow c-bloggers? I'm kind've drawing a blank...
....Potash, perhaps?

J.S. said...

I started a playoff beard but had to shave for a Thursday interview, and with reserves this weekend, I doubt "superstition" will suffice as a reason for not shaving, lolz.

Jonny V said...

ally, i read that and then the message board. Kind of funny that someone guessed it was Kenny Melvin haha

J.S., last year when I was on active duty, I was able to secure a no-shave chit because i was buddy buddy with a Medical Officer. No go on that this year though...

Stoosh said...


Calgary has come all the way back from being down 3-0 to take a 4-3 lead over the Sharks with three minutes left.

San Jose on a powerplay, though.

Stoosh said...


Calgary wins 4-3 to take a 2-to-1 series lead over San Jose.


Jeff Spicoli said...

DUUUDES, that calgary game was righteous....

Jonny V said...

Calgary stormed back in that game. Can't believe Kiprusoff was pulled...and that CuJo blanked the big bad Sharks the rest of the way. Anyone remember when people were clamoring for us to pick him up earlier in the season when Fleury went down?

And Justin G., truly an epic photoshop. I'm talking wallpaper worthy.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Justin G [bowing: I'm Not Worthy!!!]

+1000 along with johnny v

as far as I can looks like the lines are even together!!!!!

the medic w/ Eaton - incredible

has to be the best PS i've seen on tPB....

even Goligoski 'down in the minors' helping people up....

It's like a:

pinkphloid54 said...


i am growing a playoff beard. keep in mind that i hadn't shaved in 2 years before the last game of the regular season (after which i did shave, for a clean slate). its going to be rather heroic.

also, justin g. of photoshop fame is my good friend and we had a conversation last night about how he was making a truly 'epic' photoshop, and obviously, he didn't let any of us down. sort of brings to mind all the epic photoshops on the pensblog in general, makes me proud (in some sort of sick way) to be a pens fan.

The Seeker said...

The only change I mentioned personnel -wise is HCMT playing Sydor. That's not necessarily what I'd do, but I'm just a lowly Cbogger and he's an NHL coach.
I just figured he's going to use him at some point and MT operates that way.

The Seeker said...

From Empty Netters:

The fans in Ottawa seem somewhat apathetic.

"The Senators were the toast of the town last spring.

What a difference a year makes.

Trailing 2-0 in their first round series against the Penguins, the Senators will make their home playoff debut at Scotiabank Place tomorrow night and, judging by the reaction in the city, the Red Zone could be a Dead Zone."

PS: If you haven't been over to Empty Netters, then get there! Some solid stuff.... including a post about Mike Lange that is lifechanging.

jackedlobster said...

Unreal photoshop Justin G

freddy's mole said...


Those Empty Netter's clips were pretty good. I wish they had Lange calling Fleury's save on Spezza, that was huge. Steigy was pumped on his call of it. Gotta love the playoff excitement in his voice.


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