Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game 7blog

The Habs destroy the Bruins' lives. [ Four Habs Fans ]

The Bruins were in the game, despite the Habs scoring first.
But Zeno Chara couldn't get a shot on net.


The shots the rest of the Bruins snuck through were stopped by Carey Price.

Have a nice off-season, dick.

The real story?
Montreal fans = out of control.

The good [ Dr. James Mirtle ] has some unreal pictures of the riots after this game.

What a mistake.

Mirtle also found this:

Rioting is never cool.
If your team wins a championship, maybe go outside and jump around, punch someone in the face.
That is not a big deal.

But after being forced into a Game 7 by a number eight seed?
Act like you have actually been there.

It may go down as the one of the stupidest riots in the history of the world.





Shortly after 2pm on Monday, we got the call the WWGRD wristbands had been delivered.
We did a jig.

It was our goal to drop these at the post office before Round 2.
Huge sigh of relief.

At 3:00pm we started addressing, packing, and double-checking all the orders.

As of 2:30am Tuesday morning, after double-shifting and fighting through paper cuts,
every last wristband order has been processed and packed.

11:00am this morning, we are mailing every last one.
We're sending these out of the Charleroi post office.

If you email us asking about whether or not yours went out, we are sending you a virus.
And we have your physical street address, so we're putting poop in your envelope.

We will have a special GameDay for Game7 Extravaganza tonight.

It will include the confirmation list.

It will be your first name, the first couple letters of your last, and your quantity.
It will be ordered by date of purchase.

**Again, if you e-mail us asking if yours got sent before that list comes out,
we have your street address, and you are going down.


Last night, Philly was crusing.
Up 2-0, Little Debbie Briere scored another goal.
But hold the phone.

Semin exploded on Biron's face.
And then A.O. took over the world. [ Japers' Rink ]

His breakaway goal to break the 2-2 tie is why the NHL playoffs are a big deal.
He added another goal after that.

Game 7, Washington D.C.

[ CuseAdelphia ]


We've said it once. We'll say it here and say it again tonight:

If there is a league-wide conspiracy to fix games in order for Crosby to get 100% success, which in turn benefits the popularity of the NHL, expect the Flyers to get hosed on calls tonight.

It's pretty simple:

If the Caps win: AO comes to town.
If the Flyers win: JJ comes to town.

On a side note...

[ Barry Melrose Rocks ] thinks the guy holding this sign
looks like Principal Feeny from "Boy Meets World":

Check out the man-boobs above Biron's head.
If that shirt was any tighter, something.

Feeny Zoomed:




One of the small pleasures in life is being able to stay up
and watch late West Coast playoff games.

You can just tell this game is going to be special.

Shark fans are saying their prayers. [ We Bleed Teal ]


In between Game 7's:

Bill Pullman guest stars on SVU. [NBC.com]

Someone's TV may explode tonight.

Pullman probably already won an award for this episode.
What an actor.


Orpik's House?

Look at the sign in the right hand corner.


[Rob M.]

Ruutu is a beast. [ PG ]

Surprisingly, this is the first Ron Cook column without a mention of the Steelers in about 12 years.

:: The Penguins 2007 draft class is money in the bank. [ PittsburghPenguins.com ]

:: Hossa Loves Pittsburgh. But not taxes. [ Trib ]

Until then, he can hope Hossa's appreciation for Pittsburgh grows - and that seems the surest bet of all, even if friend and former Penguins player Ronald Petrovicky recently warned him of the city's 3 percent wage tax.

"I talked to him about that the other day," Hossa said.
"For everything I like about Pittsburgh, I'm not sure I like that.

Ronald Petrovicky is a joke.

:: The new arena design isn't good enough for some guy. [ PG ]

"I think we should have something a little more pleasant to look at than just the stone side of the building," said Watson of its east elevation. It's an issue that hits home for Watson, who lives in Crawford Square, the 1990s traditional neighborhood near the arena site.


We want the side of the arena to be a mural made up of nude pictures of Jessica Rabbit,
but that's just not gonna happen.

She even made Charlie look twice


Go Pens


KJ said...

a riot after a game 7 in montreal? who'd thunk it

sweet, i'm gettin' a wwgrd wristband!

sh0ez said...

The Montreal riot makes me laugh. Watching the game, I don't think I've heard such a bipolar crowd. As soon as MTL touched the puck you heard cheers. As soon as BOS touched it you heard boos. It was intense. I'm not surprised there was a riot.

Man I can't wait for my wristbands. Me and my girl will be rockin' a pair.

KJ said...

ps on the ruutu article- scars are awesome!!

Zarley Zalapski Blues Explosion said...

The new arena design is a bit... I dunno... lacking.

We waited long and hard for this shit, and I kind of wanted something off the fucking chain, not something that looks like that office building that Robocop was built in.

stokes said...

What would have happened if Montreal would have lost? Good Gary Roberts! Those people make Morgantown look like amateurs!

J.S. said...

you're gonna send poop in an envelope to my physical address?

My name is:

Wolf Blitzer, c/o CNN Studios, Atlanta, Georgia....

Nathan said...

@ JS: Too bad Blitzer works out of Washington.

I caught the last 8 seconds or so of the Bruins radio broadcast last night; loved how the Habs kept blowing their fucking goal horn for about 20 minutes after time expired, so much so that I was yelling at the radio. Woo! We beat a team we were supposed to sweep in seven games! Let's set stuff on fire!

You stay classy, Montreal.

mmmk1989 said...

Rocket Richard is turning in his grave now.

thats a shame. for being (one of) the most historic franchise in hockey and the fans go and do something like this?

and for being the best hockey fans in the world and so much more knowledgeable than us US fans, i dont recall ever rioting for any Pittsburgh sport.

and with the pirates, one would think we would have had a few.

what a shame.

Fleury29 said...

Wow. I can't believe Montreal fans were rioting after a Round One victory.

I guess we'd better hope if we have to play them in the conference finals we beat them at home and not in Montreal.

And what the hell is with Rufio and the farting noise? That's just disturbing and weird. Did we cover this and I just missed it? WTF, Pensblog?

J.S. said...

@nathan, that's ok. he has to stop back in Atlanta sometime. let that envelope of poop age.

he deserves it.

Hip said...

After last night only one question remains - will Bill Simmons revert back to his old ways?


Tonight could be the best and worst night of my life. And still, no where in Montana can you fucking get Versus. Unbelievable.

BlacknGold66 said...

Jessica Rabbit = Tranny Hooker (cartoon or not... that's a wig!)


My g/f suggested we head to the one bar in town with Vs. for dinner so we could watch the Habs/B's game.

There were actually half a dozen Habs fans there. What they were doing in Cleveland is beyond me, but the one couple was practically doing each other and "rockin' out" every time the Habs scored. Then they were being blatent assholes after the win yelling "Woooo, Montreal! Yeah baby!"

That might have fit in at a bar in Quebec... but not at a bar chock-full of screaming Cavs fans.


JYo said...

conspiracyblog: Craps win tonight bringing AO to town. After Pens crush Craps, the Rags escape Joke-re-al with their lives and "Sid the Kid" plays on the big stage in NYC. Since we ALL know the league wants to have a Sid-AO matchup and a Sid in NYC series (because, you know, there isn't media anywhere outside NYC and all media outlets in NYC will drop what they are doing and focus on the NHL if Sid is in town), this plan can't fail!!!

Seriously though, if the Craps can win tonight, which is a distinct possibility at this point, that very scenario could happen. The Pens would be favorites against the Craps and the Rags could get by Montreal, maybe even with relative ease if both teams play similar to what they have in the first round. Not sayin it would happen for sure, but it easily could, and imagine the ammo that would give to the conspiracy hounds...

WWGRD? Probably deliver our wristbands simultaneously at midnight all Santa Claus style if he wasn't busy prepping the team for round 2. Oh well, I guess we'll wait for the pony express. Anticipationblog!!!

Stoosh said...


It's amazing to me that you can't get Versus in Montana at all, considering most of their regular programming would likely be right up any average Montana-ite's alley.

Even better, on Sunday night I mistakenly thought that Game Six of Dallas-Anaheim went on at 7:00 PM. So (ignorning the fact that I failed to check the programming guide) I flipped it to Versus to catch the start of the game and ended up catching the opening shots of a rodeo being held in...wait for it...Billings, Montana.

Lady Jaye said...

The Montreal fans have me simply speechless... I don't get riots after a sporting event anyway. IT'S A SPORTING EVENT. But whatev. Suppose I'm all peace and love and rosy shaded glasses.

I am going insane without Pens games. I'm crossing my fingers for a Caps victory. I'm not sure which would be the sweeter feeling of the two: seeing the Flyers booted in Round 1 or being able to play the Caps in Round 2. Probably the former rather than the later.

Jeff said...

@jyo You forgot the last piece of the conspiracy, Pens - Red Wings in the finals. Two of the best hockey markets in the US would be NBC's dream.

Mark said...

I wonder if receipt of the WWGRD wristbands will cause rioting?

"Semin exploded on Biron's face."


Gratuit Bonbon.

Jonathan said...

All Penguins fans should start carrying Dum Dums and such to games. Should Orpik ever actually score, the ice must be pelted with candy.

Kevin said...

Best shirt I've seen in a while...


I'm still pulling for the craps tho.

Pensgirl said...

Zarley I'm with ya on the arena design. Yawn. I would have liked to see a triangular exterior, to really make it a Pgh thing. Oh well.

Damn, boys, that's crazy work you did there. Thanks!

Caps would be a far more entertaining series than trap-happy Rags. Plus, Habs fans deserve a dose of Avery after rioting. They oughta know better, Jesus.

Whistler said...

The wristbands are coming!
The wristbands are coming!
The wristbands are coming!

Just a tad happy here.. I wonder if Charlie is gonna deliver mine?

AllahRagbar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny V said...

Montreal. Wow. I mean...wow. And ladyjaye, stay all peace and love and rosy colored glasses. We need more of you in this world:-)

Was on Japersrink or whatever the hell it's called, and saw this little blurb that is relevant to the last couple days here on commentblog.

"Great look at the Scottie Upshall dive (h/t grapejoos), and if the Caps win tonight, be prepared to see a lot of that head-snappin' action next series."

I'm guessing that barb was directed at Crosby. Because Ovechkin didn't dive in the Flyers series.

No sir, I didn't like it.

Pensgirl said...

Jonny, you don't seem ready for the Caps, so here's something to prepare you in case they win:

Caps fan boot camp

Actually, that's probably good for a Rangers matchup too.

The Seeker said...

I told my Daughter there would be a riot as soon as we saw the handshakes in Montreal.

I was half joking thinking... who riots after squeaking by the 8th seed in game 7?

J.S. said...

There's somebody in J-town that has a FREE CANDY van. Not sure where dude lives, but I usually see him near the same intersection each time I head home. In the last few weeks, I've seen him at least 3x.

I'd pay him $$ to paint FREE CANDY on his van, like $2 or something.

J.S. said...

Jessica Rabbit = Tranny Hooker (cartoon or not... that's a wig!)

I lol'ed

queenofthesky82 said...

@ zarley

I don't know buddy, seeing as how the Robocop Trilogy was shot in Pittsburgh maybe it is an attempt to fit in with Pittsburgh tradition. I feel ya though, I was hoping it would look something like the Yost Arena up in Ann Arbor. But honestly, I won't complain seeing as how last year I would have been thrilled if the construction plans looked like an enormous uterus, just so long as we kept the team and got a new arena.

rwarner174 said...

Ronald Petrovicky has a point. 3%, WTF. No wonder everyone lives in the suburbs.
Unless you have had that nice little 3% taken from you check, I wouldn't knock him.

J.S. said...

Robocop was shot in Pittsburgh? I must have watched this movie dozens, if not hundreds, of times and never knew that until now.


Laura von Awesome said...

@ Jonathan ... Fuck, yes! If I ever make it to a game, I will bring some weird candy to throw onto the ice... Marshmallow brooms, perhaps?

I wish I could have ordered a WWGRD, but I have like zero cash and the credit card is maxed out... :( I suppose I'll have to compensate by wallpapering my 'hockey-room' with those GR for Prez signs!

Send poop in an envelope to:

Bwyan Muwway, Thcotiabank Plathe...


strakasguitar said...

Let's hope that the Craps pull it out tonight - otherwise, the fisticuffs between Habs and Cryers fans will trigger an international incident.

Pretty sure that Philadelphia fans wrote the book on post-game obnoxiousness...


Joshua said...

Some eyewitnesses in Montreal said the cops started getting violent long before anyone in the crowd did. 100+ riot cops showed up and started clubbing people. Montreal cops have a reputation for being abusive.

As someone who has:
A.) Had bad experiences with cops;
B.) Been in law school for two years focusing on criminal defense;
C.) Been working at a public defender's office for about half of a year now...
I am very, very wary of the police. I've seen some egregious behavior by police. As with anything, there are good cops and there are bad cops. The bad cops are really fucking bad. They're horrible people that are really not better than a lot of the criminals that they chase around. The only difference between them is that the cops get a badge, a gun and a license to get away with much of the horrible shit they do.

Maybe I'm biased, but I wouldn't be surprised if this all started because of the Montreal police.

Stoosh said...

J.S. -

I just said the same thing about the Robocop reference, although I do recall hearing once before that the factory scenes - particularly the one where Emil crashed the truck into the toxic waste - in the first one were shot out in Monessen or something.

J.S. said...

Did somebody say Fisticuffs?

Joshua said...


Sweetcheesus! said...

@Bng "leave jessica rabbit alone"

not only is she the hottest cartoon ever, second would be ariel from the little mermaid (both reds)hmmmm, but she is also the mother of my animated children. i just sent a falling piano your way, followed by a 1 ton anvil. "if only i were animated." i am more like bob hoskins, but look nothing like danny devito.

go caps!

J.S. said...

"I'm saying you can't put velvet on the shit, and think they're nice headphones!"

Available on CD and CD for $29.99

The Seeker said...

@ joshua

Keep in mind that this isn't the first time Montreal have gone ballistic with riots after hockey games.

The police were more than likely expecting the possibility and had forces ready to nip it in the bud.

That would be why someone might say they were reacting first.

Brutality / overreation? I dunno....drunken hockey fans by the hundreds who probably weren't too keen on dispersing when ordered to? Add to that the millions in damages that occurred in prior riots.

Methinks the truth is somewhere in between.

I know for a fact that the Pittsburgh cops would come down very fast and hard in a similar instance. I saw guys get tased after the Steeler's Superbowl win.

Pensgirl said...

Joshua, never heard that about Mtl police specifically but it wouldn't surprise me anywhere really. If that's true it's worse than the alternative.

If you're at Pitt, I hope you've been able to take any of Burkoff's crim classes. He was excellent.

Raybin said...

All my fellow office drones will be jealous when I get the WWGRD goodness. whoooooooo

Jessica Rabbit = Life changing. I can't be sure, but I more than suspect she had an influence on my young mind as to what my ideal woman would look like.

Montreal fans = Dicks. Rioting for a 7 game round 1 victory against the 8th seed? Good God if they win the Cup, that entire city is going up in flames like some Gothic horde is sacking it.

Go Caps.


blackngoldforever904 said...

Gonch just got snubbed as a Norris Trophy candidate! What the hell! Zdeno Chara! Something isn't right in this world. I say WE RIOT!

Raybin said...

No Gonch? What B.S.

Phaneuf should win. Chara will.

Pensgirl said...

Well, if everything works out Gonchar will have something far more valuable than a fucking Norris come summertime. He can taste victory and is playing his mind out to reach it. I think that's the source of the physical play - he's literally running over people to get to the Cup.

Raybin said...

Seriously, though, Lidstrom? Can they just not think of anyone else? Is it reflex?

Mark said...

I wonder if the owners of large, rusty American vans wonder why people have been shouting "Free Candy!" at them lately?

Dr. Turkleton said...


Reasons to Riot in Montreal?

Guns N'Roses walkin' off stage > Game 7 Victory over an 8th seed in Round 1

Lidstrom gets his XXXth Norris...

[Hossa: The Exploited Riot]

AllahRagbar said...

acid queen's blog is absolutely terrible. read some of her posts and comments and try to take her seriously. she thinks she is all knowing and godly but we all know she's just a fatty. http://acidqueen.projectremains.com

Raybin said...

Guns N'Roses walkin' off stage

Heh, you would think people would have gotten used to that.

What comes first: Atlanta wins the Cup or Chinese Democracy?

Hip said...

@stoosh - don't I know it. My friends and I are going to the high school state rodeo champs next week (I'm hoping someone has an older brother or two... I have a thing for cowboys) and I'm sure that will be broadcast for all you jobbers. But no hockey for me here. This trip has been a dream come true, but May 5th can't come soon enough.

@joshua - I has a whole college thesis written here, but I'll leave it as, don't generalize.

Dr. Turkleton said...


1st: Chinese Democracy
2nd: Atlanta Wins Cup

Honorable Mention: Blue Jackets qualify for playoffs.

Nathan said...

@ Raybin: Neither one. The world's going to come to an end first.

Fleury29 said...

Some jobber Boston fan on a car forum I'm a member of said there would have been riots in Boston if they had won. Real nice.

Somehow, I just can't see Pittsburgh fans doing that.

"Dude. The Pens just won The Stanley Cup. Let's celebrate by setting fire to Wholy Fish Company and the American Macaroni Company. Are yinz coming?"


I don't know why it always surprises me when Montréal fans behave like asses. I guess it's because the Canadiens have been around for a really long time.

Look up the Richard Riot. Maurice "The Rocket" Richard gets suspended for attacking a linesman, Montréal riots.

Because Richard was suspended he lost the scoring title to a teammate, Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion. The crowd in Montréal boos him. They booed their own player.

Somehow, if Sid got suspended for attacking an official, I can see even the most die hard Pens fans saying, "Yeah, he deserved that," not rioting.

Also, I'd have a hard time seeing anyone at Civic Arena booing Malkin if he won the title over Sid if Sid were suspended.

Like someone else said, "You stay classy, Montréal." Or, at least as classy as you ever were.

M. said...

It takes a special kind of retard to wear a WWGRD wristband.

Ha ha ha
Are you people serious?

Dr. Turkleton said...



Bresnan Communications - Great Falls/Cut Bank - Digital
•ch. 404
•ch. 797 {HD}

anyone w/ Dish™ - Great Falls
•ch. 151
•ch. 9468 {HD}

start going door to door [or is it tee-pee to tee-pee] {jk}

coffeytalk said...

oh burn, m.

No we're kidding about these wristbands and kidding about Gary Roberts. He's not even real. He's fictional.


also, thanks for using the word "retard". I didn't realize this comment section took place in 7th grade.

Pensgirl said...

Hip, Joshua didn't generalize.

"As with anything, there are good cops and there are bad cops. The bad cops are really fucking bad."

He's absolutely right.

Dr. Turkleton said...


they BETTER leave Penn Mac alone!

Is anyone anticipating a Home game this weekend, like I am?????

tailgateblog organizers: be prepared.


'tini 4 You!

Hip said...

Dr. Turk - I'll be in Helena for the next two days... going to door to door isn't a bad idea actually...

pensgirl - I know what he said at the beginning and then he spent the rest of the paragraph basically blaming the cops for starting the riots. My bad for jumping all over him (sorry joshua) but unless he was there he has no idea what happened in Montreal. There are very bad cops for sure, but the vast majority just do their job - which is to risk their lives to keep us safe.

Hip said...

Sorry y'all - back to the hockey talk. I'm not even related to or friends with cops so I don't know why that touched a nerve. I do however own the complete collection of Homicide (Baltimore represent!!).

Joshua - my apologies.
Pensgirl - you're right.

Eric K said...

dont think that fan dude was Feeny. Feeny was old as shit on BMW, and that was like 10 yrs ago. Do see the resemblance tho.

You know Feeny touched Topanga on a regular basis....

coffeytalk said...

if a home game happens this weekend, i am bringing 'tinis-to-go!

Dr. Turkleton said...


I'd be PULLIN' my hair out if it was a Pens game 7 with no known outlet to view the game....

hows bout:
Bleachers Sports Pub
361 N Last Chance Gulch St. [no joke]
Helena, MT


do they make 'tinis in a box? [they should]

Sooska said...

@ hip - if you can, check back thru cblog on game days last week. I can't recall which day but there was a posted link to catching versus -channelsurfing.net I think it is. You have to scroll down to find versus or the NHL link. Try this.
Versus on the net

If that doesn't work I will post the link when I get home 630-ish. stay tuned.

Also, hate to tell you, but after Cup 1 there were so many "fans" downtown they did start fires and they turned over or otherwise vandalized some cars but it really wasn't much. [But at least we had the freakng CUP for Gary's sake. A Round 1 riot? They think they are entitled? ]
I know the real Pens fans were on their way to the airport or at home celebrating for that event. Rioters (or who/whatever they were) downtown were along for the ride.

Pensgirl said...

Sid was interviewed on the NHL radio show yesterday (story 3 on the Pens' homepage). He says some interesting things about watching while he was hurt, and he said something at the very end that sort of shows you how he sees the game...I found it impressive, though not surprising.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ M:

You must be a Sens fan. I do feel sorry for you... Perhaps a marshmallow broom from the Free Candy van will make you feel better?


He would be very angry at you right now, so let's all hold our hands over M.'s head and pray that Lord Roberts does not smite the blasphemer!

Go Pens!

Ashley said...

Before everyone jumps to conclusions about Habs fans, I hear that most of the people involved in that riot were not even at the game. People over at "Four Habs Fans" who were around Ste. Catherine last night said that it was started by people who had gone to a concert and that there were few Habs sweaters involved in this crap.

Most fans of the Montreal Canadiens (myself included) are embarassed that something like this would happen and don't like being seen in the same light as those that started the riot.

DeCeV said...

Did you guys send out my bracelet?

Pensgirl said...

Thanks for the info Ashley. That's a shame for Habs fans if that's what happened. All of the assertions are plausible, that's the problem. Riots have been attributable to sports fans, to cops, to concertgoers. To expand on what Joshua said, there are bad apples in every group. Great. Big. Sigh.

I hope the fans have a chance to show it wasn't them, by winning another round to no consequence.

STEVEisME1025 said...

I think that it is outrageous the Sergei Gonchar is not on the Norris Candidate List and Chara is. For the man who finished second in points for defensemen, he should have been considered for this award. Chara didn't even have any GGW, while Gonchar had 2. PENSBLOG... I have been looking for an email address to report my anger and I cannot find one. If you can post an address to someone high in the NHL world it would be greatly appreciated.

Flyer Hater said...

Sergei Gonchar's response to not being named a Norris Trophy candidate, "There's still the Conn Smythe, isn't there dicks?"

Could you imagine being some jobber mailman coming in and finding out that you have the burden of safely getting WWGRD wristbands to c-bloggers across the globe.


Stoosh said...


M - Go f*ck yourself. It's called being a fan.

Chinese Democracy - As a Guns fan from way, way back, I've been waiting for that album for the better part of 15 years now, so what's another five or ten years? As Slash once said, just release the damn thing so we can see what all the fuss was about.

Doubt it'll ever happen. Half the band members that Axl brought in to record the album are no longer part of Guns N' Roses, v2.0.

Although the recent dismissal of Weiland from Velvet Revolver has me wondering....

Brett said...

Charleroi, eh? I'm assuming at least one of you is from there.

I'm originally from Bentleyville. Ah, the good old days of two single A teams beating the crap out of each other.

Pensgirl said...

Oh, for the love of Pete....

Sean Avery = Lauren Conrad

(All apologies to LC.)

Joshua said...

@ Hip:

As pensgirl pointed out, I wasn't generalizing. Perhaps you should read the entirety of what I wrote before you go writing a thesis. As they advise us in law school, before you answer a question on an exam READ THE QUESTION.

I've read eyewitness accounts of what happened. I've read the same thing about some of the other sports riots in Montreal. Drunken fans start singing and forming a crowd. Opportunists that likely don't even care about the outcome of the game seize on the preoccupation of the police by engaging in petty vandalism. Cops show up with riot-shields and clubs and start braining people.

I'm not saying that there weren't idiots on the civilian side of things, but petty vandalism doesn't merit this kind police overreaction. Innocent people not doing anything wrong end up with cracked heads for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are more efficient and effective ways to manage a rowdy mass of people. When you start cracking skulls, this is what happens. It seems that they were targeting police cars. I wonder why?


I had Professor Burkoff for crim-law and crim-procedure. He was excellent. They also got Professor David Harris this year. I had him for evidence. He's done a lot of work on racial profiling (I've heard that he is the one who coined the phrase "guilty of the crime of driving while black"). He started out as a public defender in Maryland. He is an excellent addition to the faculty.

The Seeker said...

@ pensgirl

That link is hilarious!

I would imagine he's pretty good at women's clothing and an expert at choosing the correct purse to perefctly compliment his Yves Saint Laurent high-top skates.

Joshua said...


I wasn't offended in the least. It's cool.

And I don't mean to belabor the point, but you have no idea how much police abuse I have seen in a very short time of being involved in the criminal justice system. It is very disheartening. It is even more disheartening that a lot of people either don't care or find such behavior on the part of the police to be acceptable.

I try not to just rag on cops for no reason, even though I have a lot of problems with the police in general. I wasn't just blaming the Montreal police without anything to go on. I know I wasn't there, but I read accounts by people who were there and I've read a lot of stuff from Montreal residents in the past complaining about the police.

Blah blah blah...enough. Sorry, but my career involves being skeptical of the police.

JYo said...

We need to get another series started around here. People responding to trolls, discussing social issues, etc. Enough with that crap, bring on the Craps! Hopefully they send the Cryers home tonight and the Pens start taking them to task in a day or two. Do it!

Sooska said...

I am wondering if he'll have a custom cashmere jersey by Calvin Klein or Dior, and a stick designed by Philippe Starck.

And the music on his iPOD? Tool? I don't think so. Tulle is more like it.

For those who haven't seen this before on Avery is a (fill in blank)

The Seeker said...

@ joshua

Now you're over-reacting...hip apologized to you already!

I don't think it really matters exactly WHY a crowd of people begin vandalizing...there's really no GOOD excuse for destroying someone else's property. And I'm not sure what petty vandalism is defined as. If you own the property, car, or the store that gets trashed, it isn't very 'petty' to you.

Crowds tend to have a mob mentality. Since the history there has taught police that allowing it to gain momentum only results in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages (if not millions), they'd want to end it quickly. If you ignore police warnings to disperse and go home quietly more than once, they tend to assume that you are disobeying civil rule and have become a menace. Obviously if you ignore their warnings when in riot gear, you aren't going to obey them if they ask you nicely either.

The more efficient and effective ways the police could've used would be what? Water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets that hurt like hell, etc....?

Dr. Turkleton said...

jackie chiles> joshua > johnnie cochran

here's the Four Habs Fans blog that Ashley cited by @ 200p [funny, they are all LAWYERS, too]

F public establishments
F public property
F the Police!


Sooska said...

Mobs can have good reactions too. I hate to live in the past (and am feeling good about reliving it) but I attended Game 7 Patrick Div finals in 1991 vs the Devils. Aside from being the most fun I have ever had at a sporting event,it was a study in crowd dynamics. For nearly 4 hours there was no down time- it seemed like when the chants would spontaneously begin to die, they'd spontaneously begin again from no particular quarter only seconds after everyone took a breath. Everyone was shouting and chanting and stomping and clapping for that whole night. I recall being a little concerned because my young son was with me. I also recall wondering about it for days afterward and even now I am still amazed by that crowd. It was like we were feeding off each others' energy and thoughts. It was one collective voice and brain. I do not know what would have happened had we lost- there was that much ferocity and passion in the expectations. I remember some players saying after the game they could hear the crowd in the locker room an hour before the game and they had never heard anything like that before. They thought they better win-there was no losing that night.

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, I believe he saw Hip's first post, responded, and then saw the second and responded to that. It's OK. Everybody's cool.

Dr. Turkleton said...


just to add to your travels back into the past...

I remember after going to see the Pens beat the Bruins to clinch the East & go to the Cup™ Finals...
Driving down Forbes Ave., headed out towards getting on the Parkway East, was INSANE with fans who were in attendance & folks who had just rolled out of the local watering holes [being somewhat orderly]....the constant BEEP,BEEP, BEEEEEPPPPP [LGP] blaring from vehicles...all the way up to & thru the Squirrel Hill Tunnels was goosebumpsblog....

It seems like troublemakers seize that opportunity while the iron is hot...

anywho...Go Flyers

Joshua said...

@the Seeker

I don't see how I'm overreacting. I'm just defending my position. I didn't attack him personally or anything of that nature.

For one thing, people in this country have a right to congregate in the streets. It's probably similar in Canada. I don't know what the sequence of events was here exactly, but from the eyewitness accounts that I read the cops started swinging almost immediately.

I'm not defending the petty vandalism in any way. "Petty" is something a term of art. What I am saying is that, just as there is not good excuse for property destruction, there is no good excuse to bust heads of people that aren't doing anything wrong. It's funny that you care so much about the property that was destroyed but you don't seem to be bothered by the possibility of innocent people being beaten.

I read of a similar situation in Montreal where a guy that was just going to an ATM to get money got his skull cracked because he wanted to wait to get his card out of the machine and wouldn't leave as soon as the cop commanded him.

Are you saying that this was an effective way to handle the crowd? It looks like they didn't try much else. For one thing, though this is not my area of expertise, they could have tried to provide a prominent presence as a deterrent. They could have arrested actual wrongdoers to send a message to the crowd that destructive criminal behavior wouldn't be tolerated. Instead, it looks like they decided to use indiscriminate physical force well before exhausting other possibilities.

Did this tactic prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage? Did it disperse the crowd quickly and without incident?

Police aren't supposed to assume that someone is a menace on such flimsy evidence. That's not how our system works, and though I can't speak for how things work in Canada, considering the shared legal tradition that we have I would assume that it is similar.

Joshua said...

@ Dr. Turkelton

Thanks, I think. Johnnie Cochran is definitely something of a hero of mine.

Anyway...let's just drop this. The old adage about getting into arguments on th'innernet being like participating in the Special Olympics holds true in most situations, and it certainly does here.

KJ said...

note to self, don't go to the ATM while police are out in riot gear

Flyer Hater said...


wilsmith said...

A lot of people are making a big deal out of nothing.


So, Jake Long, eh?

Dr. Turkleton said...

hope these 2 game 7's are better than that display last night....or else, I may have to watch the [gasp] Pirates game...I'm sure that will be a competitive contest. When I say 'competitive contest', I mean not lose by 10+ runs.

Is it time for Round 2 yet?

The Seeker said...

@ joshua

"I don't see how I'm overreacting. I'm just defending my position."

Since he'd already apologized and admitted that you weren't generalizing, I didn't see the need to be SO stern about saying he should read your words first.

For one thing, people in this country have a right to congregate in the streets.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Many cities have ordinances governing the numbers of people who can gather without a permit, etc. They also have loitering laws.

just as there is not good excuse for property destruction, there is no good excuse to bust heads of people that aren't doing anything wrong. It's funny that you care so much about the property that was destroyed but you don't seem to be bothered by the possibility of innocent people being beaten.

Ahhh, yes, this is where we differ! You say the people weren't doing anything wrong but, you are discounting the fact that the police were probably called by any number of citizens because they WERE indeed doing something wrong, such as destroying other people's property. Also, you are doing something wrong when you are warned to leave quietly and don't.

If I am in a crowd of people doing nothing wrong at all and the cops arrive telling us to leave, I listen without argument. Otherwise, I am in violation of failing to heed a policeman's orders and interfering with a policeman's duty to protect property, lives, and keep order.

"I read of a similar situation in Montreal where a guy that was just going to an ATM to get money got his skull cracked because he wanted to wait to get his card out of the machine and wouldn't leave as soon as the cop commanded him."

If that's a true story then the individual has legal remedies...he just needs to prove his case against the cop.

Are you saying that this was an effective way to handle the crowd? It looks like they didn't try much else.
Instead, it looks like they decided to use indiscriminate physical force well before exhausting other possibilities."

However you are basing that only on eyewitnesses that were part of this crowd. We perhaps aren't hearing such things as the police arrived in full riot gear, made their "prominent" presence known in force, and made several attempts via bull-horn to tell everyone to leave peacefully or else they would be considered in violation of the law and subject to arrest.

I seriously doubt that they simply began cracking heads of anyone who retreated quietly without baiting the cops.

You mention that cops aren't supposed to act on such flimsy evidence, but when a mob is rioting, destroying propery, and burning cars, their only choice is to not risk wading into such a mob (could be suicide for a cop) only arresting someone actually seen vandalizing.....once you've ignored their warnings to disperse, ALL those remaining are guilty.

Flyer Hater said...

The Big Boss Man says you're all jokes,

Just a big deal

KrisR said...

@dr turkleton

As I recall there was a bit of debauchery on the South Side for that event. Something about people on top of a bus and some other craziness. Nothing to the extend of Montreal (that, after all is what Oakland is for), but there were a few problems (which, of course, is a rarity on the South Side, right?).

Having said that the last Superbowl celebration was great. At the time I lived on the corner of Carson and 11th and having thousands of well behaved folks (mostly) in the street was kinda fun.

Except for that one guy that tried to come into my house. What an ass.

Stoosh said...

@ Wilsmith - Not sure about you, but I like Miami's decision to take Jake Long. Gholston seems like one of those guys who rocketed up the charts on hype and promise; Long is the real deal. And while I like Chris Long a lot, he also got handled by Jeff Otah when Otah was playing in his first ever Division I-A game.

The Seeker said...

I'm also going to let this thing go as it's boring everyone to death.

But first, please read this article which seems to indicate the police didn't IMMEDIATELY over-react, only made 16 arrests of ACTUAL criminals, and didn't cause any serious injuries to anyone.

Flyer Hater said...

If anyone wants some great entertainment, tune in to the ol' double MM show. Liverpool just blew a huge game against Chelsea and he's ripping every single caller.

It's gold, Jerry.

Hip said...

Joshua: I'm a chick :oP
I've seen plently of police abuse too but I've also seen that used as an excuse(too much time spent in Shock/Trauma). But one thing is clear: when I get sued for medical malpractice I want someone as solid as you representing my ass. Glad we're cool and sorry again I overreacted.

Dr. Turk: I actually saw that place on my drive in today... Not too keen on going to local joints here by myself. Some weird dudes up in this state. Everyone remember the Unabomber?

Sooska: thanks for the link. I'll try to figure that out.

Pensgirl: great Bing interview. Thanks for posting that.

marigab87 said...

Don't forget that Hockey is RELIGION in Montreal... Yes, The riot was a bit much, but Montrealers have been waiting for this for SO long. BTW, The Habs' slogan this year is ''the city is hockey''. HA

Stoosh said...


Quite honestly, the OHL playoffs resume tomorrow night and I'd rather watch the feed of those via my computer than watch the Pirates right now. The Pirates are my second most-favorite pro team in Pittsburgh and rank only behind the Pens and Pitt football on my list of favorite local teams, but current ownership just makes me sick.

The real kicker will be the MLB draft this year; that's where the new management team and Nutting will put their money where their mouths are.

They have the second overall pick in the draft and Tampa is reportedly in love with some top-rated high school pitcher.

If Tampa goes that route, that'll leave Vanderbilt 3B and consensus top college player Pedro Alvarez sitting there for the Pirates. If they pass him up and don't at least take a comparably-rated player there, they'll have lost me as a fan. I'll start cheering for the Indians or the Tigers.

Dr. Turkleton said...


good point. I guess theres lots of Playoff Beards, hockey season or not [& probably Flyer fans to boot].


MM might have another heart-attack today

Norris Talk.
I think Gonch might have gotten the short stick for the #3 nomination. But he wasn't going to win anyways. Hradek brought up a good point today about Chara being a good choice cause he's the heart & soul of the Bruins & without him, they would've been golfing weeks ago.

Lidstrom wins in a landslide.

sh0ez said...

Thanks to 'Sam L's original Gary Roberts for President image, I went ahead and printed some flyers and passed them around CALU. People are loving it. Here's the Facebook group just for the hell of it: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15368019017

Dr. Turkleton said...


when they passed over wieters last year...that broke the camels back for me...not to say that he'd be the savior of the franchise, but at least it would've shown they're committed to selecting the 'best' player available instead of moskos. I'll start giving them my monetary support whenever the ownership changes hands.
huntington could very well be the next billy beane, but with his hands tied by an internal salary cap, it doesn't matter who's running the show.
I hope for your sake since you seem to be a bigger fan than I am, that they right the ship sooner rather than later.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I found out what "Free Candy" is in German! Frei Süßigkeiten! Wooo! In German when we are suppose to have conversations, I will just say "Frei Süßigkeiten."

Jobbing Ronald Petrovicky? I liked him last year ... he reminded me of a teddy bear, an angry, knocked a man out fighting teddy bear. Okay, okay, he kinda looked like a teddy bear in my mind ...

About Sarge: When he was on the Madden show, I don't remember when my memory is horrible with dates, he said he wasn't expecting anything. Heck, he wasn't expecting to be an All-Star until Pittsburgh took it upon itself to make sure the worthy guy made it. Gonch isn't going to complain about it. Actually, he said Lidstrom is the best defensemen in the league. I actually think Lidstrom will win because come on, look at the man. I may not like him but that's because he isn't on my team. Plus, he always wins. Support the Gonch!

About Avery: The name Charlie comes to mind, but even Charlie doesn't go that far. Really, a fashion-lover? Huge fag.

About Montreal: That's only the first round win over an 8th seed ... what would they do if they won other games? Scaryblog.

Gary Roberts is spread around my school. A few people asked me who he was. I lost all feeling throughout my body. I'm praying Roberts didn't hear that.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, if you haven't read it already, you might identify with what Simmons says about the Broons' ownership in his latest column. There's a definite Pirate parallel there.

Kaspar, with Avery it's just a case of using things to validate him. Actress girlfriends, high-end clothes, Napoleon-complex machine-gun lamps, they're all the same. He makes asshats and fucktards look like Men of the Year, so he uses the external to fake a self-worth. At the end of the day, he still has no friends.

Nate said...


Sooska said...

BREAKING NEWS: Geno is the subject of an article in next SI. I don't have a release date. An excerpt sounded like great stuff.

As promised sources for hockey online (free). Thanks to all of those you hooked me up with these a couple of weeks ago.

Versus watch online

possible online game Try Rags2Riches

wilsmith said...

ohhhh, Madden.

I cant listen, I just cant handle it.

Sooska said...

Big Artie Kevin Stevens #25 is going to be on Mark MAdden 1250 Am right NOW.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Artie talkin' bout that game 7 v. the NYI = depressionblog

I'm bet he doesn't like to talk about it much with the whole Pilon Incident.

FijiH2O said...

Does anyone know if there is way to verify if Gary Roberts actually got any votes today??? :D

My finger actually hovered over the write-in button this afternoon. Freinds laughed when I told them!

The only good thing about election day is spaghetti dinner. My voting poll is at my church and the church ladies always sale a spaghetti dinner. Even better, I don't have to cook!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Wilsmith: I hear ya. I forced myself to listen to Madden so I could hear Sarge. Ehh, I think he brought up Whit during the time. Man, is he on Whit's payroll? JK.

@Sooska: Thanks for the info. on the article! I'll keep my eyes open.

AdamG said...

Not sure if anyone saw this yet, but on my way home from work 2day i noticed that the print shop (don't know it actual name) on Banksville Rd has a giant banner that reads: "Gary Roberts doesn't wear a watch, he decides what time it is. LET'S GO PENS." I didn't have time to take a pic. I'll try to get one 2morrow and link it for everyone.

Flyer Hater said...

First game 7 in Washington since 1992, we all remember what happened in that game.


Sooska said...

@ turk: I know. depressionblog. He sounded ok talking about it though-very upbeat about playing in Game 7. Last time he was on he sounded like he was chewing peanuts and today he sounded like he was moving furniture.

@wilsmith and kaspar- re: Madden, me too but I am in Pens/hockey wasteland here and he's all I got. ick. But he does love hockey and the Pens and I find he'ssright more than wrong although I hate his manner.

Loved what he said about Joe Thorton (Jumpin Joe) playoff tanking and the Sharks choking more than anybody.

KJ said...

fijih20- first cool name! secondly lucky you! when we had our elections down here in texas i stood in line for almost 3 hours (5pm-8pm) and def didn't get offered anything to eat. even worse, we didn't get a write in vote cause i sure know who i would've voted for then!

KJ said...

ps, caps get the first pp of the game, cue blaming of refs by those in orange...man they need a new coach, stevens is just disturbing looking

LargeFarva said...

Typical stoopid Philly - shooting themselves in the foot immediately...

coffeytalk said...

I also was very close to using the write-in option during voting today.

Someone had to do it. I got some very funny reactions to my GR for Prez sign on my car as I was driving out of the parking lot.

eileenover said...

I didn't know Danielle Briere had such a gay voice. I should have known. What a joke.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ eileen:

Haha, all the flyers are jokes!

In Pensblog, we trust!

[bring it!]

Joshua said...


Last gasp:

We are talking about completely different scenarios here, and mostly past each other at that. Neither of us know exactly what happened. I've read multiple eyewitness accounts that state that the police quickly escalated this after a few people began vandalizing property. I have also read about similar incidents in Montreal in the past where people such as the guy going to the ATM got beat for no good reason. I am talking about situations like that and arguing that there are better ways to handle a mob than indiscriminate police violence and that such should be a last resort. Like racial profiling, it is a waste of time and money, yet police continue to use it.

Loitering laws vis-a-vis public property are very iffy and police often have very limited powers to enforce them. And as far as permits go, regulating the time, place, and manner of assembly is a very different thing from prohibiting it altogether.

As far as doing something wrong when told to leave and not doing so, about the only thing that you are doing wrong is pissing off a cop. I highly doubt that would make it legal for a cop to beat someone. It certainly doesn't justify indiscriminate violence. Certainly, exigent circumstances are present in situations like this give the police more power, but again you and I are talking about different situations. I am talking about a few people acting disorderly. You are talking about police power in the midst of full-blown riot.

Along those lines, the Supreme Court actually protects a citizen's right to confront and criticize police officers under the First Amendment. State's have a harder time making it an offense in and of itself to go up to a cop and call him a "fucking pig" than they do saying something to a private citizen that would likely result in...FISTICUFFS. Under this line of cases, police are expected to be more tolerant of such affrontery. It's not exactly what we're talking about, but take from it what you will.

And there just is no general legal duty to obey police officers. Under certain situations when they have probably cause to detain you or when exigent circumstances exist, it is, of course, a different story.

I wouldn't keep harping on about this, but it troubles me to see how people think about police power. This country was founded on resistance to police abuse. It's all in the Bill of Rights. The police were supposed to have a duty to answer to the people and not the other way around. A lot of that spirit has been lost, thanks in no small part to the war on drugs, William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Connor. Still, this country and our system won't work if citizens kowtow to police all the time.

Yeah. Whatever. Sorry, but I feel very strongly about this issue.


When I go into private practice I would like to do med-mal defense. My dad's a doctor.

Danielle Briere is such a woman.

Dr. Turkleton said...
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