Friday, April 11, 2008

Long Road To Ruin

As usual, if you come to us for breaking news,
you're making a huge mistake that you may never recover from.

But these sites take care of all that if you are hungry.

[Empty Netters]
[Faceoff Factor]
[Let's Go Pens]
[Going Five Hole]

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Location: Bridgeville, on "that back road" between Canonsburg and B-Ville.
They have bomb fruit.

[Thanks to Aaron R. for the pic]


The birth of WWGRD:

The first appearance: [ WWGRD post ]
The first mention of a wristband: [ Mighty Morphin Power Penguins ]

We have to credit C-blog member Jason Strushensky
for sending in the first ever WWGRD wristband concept.


-- Team Gary Roberts by Pensblog Jeff -

Best for last:

Free Candy


Gary Roberts Wallpapers from [ Dave P. ]

As always, click to enlarge.

Your desktop icons cower in fear.


The [ PG ] has some awesome new features.

Speaking of the PG, if you need a fix, like we said, [Empty Netters ] is full-throttle.


Speaking of new features...
This one is just nasty.

You can now find exactly where people were sitting at the game on Wednesday. [ Trib]

It is actually kind of scary. But whatever.

We found Charlie:



:: Daryl Sydor, thoughts on being a healthy scratch? [ PG ]

"It's a first, but there have been a lot of firsts," Sydor said. "I just have to be professional about it, work hard on and off the ice so that when I get an opportunity ... the playoffs are long and grueling, so you never know what's going to happen."

:: The USS Hal Gill has been a steady as penalty killer. [Trib]

Speaking of the USS Hal Gill, [Eric H] will be hanging this banner in F1 on Friday night.

Something that didn't make the papers
is the subtle fact that Red and Andy are 1-0.


Gary Roberts, will you be back next season? [ PG ]

"We'll see," he said. "We'll worry about the playoffs first, see how the team does.
There are going to be a lot of big [personnel] decisions made here this summer."


Don Brennan

Still up to his old tricks. [ Ottawa Feces ]

He called out BGL, and then BGL made him look like an ass.
No one knows what this guy is about.

We didn't want to waste our time sending him an e-mail he was just going to delete.
So we sent him this:


By more popular demand...

--DJannes --

--Matt H--

--Darren V--


We've finally gotten confirmation of who is in this pic.

Brandon Elliott, we salute you.


:: The Mike Lange Tournament of Quotes is down to the Samuelsson 16.
[ Going Five Hole ]

:: Also, Ty Conklin is the underdog in his match against Johan Hedberg's mask
at [ TOL's Tournament of Masks ]

He needs votes. [ Vote for Conk's mask ]

:: Quick Poll on [] about what role player will help their team the most.


Welcome to the Internet.

LC from the Hills.

She is a celeb for the NHL. []

She is rooting for the Ducks, who lost 4-0 last night to the Stars. [Battle of Californa]

There is like, oh my god.... like... like... like... so many many like.... so many oh my god ... jokes we could use.

In a perfect world, she will say something stupid about the Penguins, and we can job her.
Then again, she could be the Julie The Cat of celebrity hockey fans.

But if a photoshop happens to appear in our Gmail account at some point,
who knows what can happen.


Speaking of being stupid...

Be careful.

WTAE, KDKA, and WPXI reporters have been scanning the area
for "man on the street" interviews.

If they ask you how you think the Pens are going to do in the playoffs,
walk away or give the name "Charlie" as you do the interview.



4:45 on Friday...

[ Post-Gazette ]

[Mark K.]

Go Pens

-- Hacksaw didn't participate in an optional practice on Thursday --


letsgopsu said...

at least it seems like Brennan realizes that BGL would still kick his ass with no arms and on his knees...

he isn't completely stupid....

Nathan said...

Man, the Thenth really miss Daniel Alfredsson, having to stick Randy Robitaille and now Marty Lapointe up with Heatley and Spezza. Those two looked a lot less scary on the ice when Robitaille was the third man on the line; of course, anything looks a lot less impressive when Randy Robitaille is involved. And Lapointe should rightfully be in prison in Massachusetts for the fraud he pulled on the Bruins for five years.

We're under 12 hours. Let's go Pens.

dying alive said...

Team Gary Roberts is potentially the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm going to have nightmares about some of those.

11 hours and counting.

IceCold... said...

anyone going to watch the game outside gate three tonight should bring something white to wave. lets pray for no rain!!

team of gary roberts....INCREDIBLE

in gary we trust.

wooooooooooot woooooooooooooot!!!

Fleury29 said...

How amazing were Snoopyjode's comments from the first "WWGRD?" post?

snoopyjode said...

if they made one of those rubber bracelets with WWGRD on it, i'd buy 10 of them. that is a philosophy to live by.

Unreal. Snoopyjode=Nostradamus.

Steimes said...

Any word if we can have adult beverages at the giant ass tv in front of the Civic Arena tonight?

If rain holds off, I am probably going to make it down there with a cooler, a few chairs, and my WWGRD wristband.

IceCold... said...

wednesday night adult beverages needed to be "hidden". some kids showed up obviously drunk with a gallon of "orange juice" and no one seemed to care. so i guess if you can put it in some sort of alternate container you will be ok. i think it would be awesome if they set up a bin and were selling beer right out there. maybe later in the playoffs they'll do that.

fakeBobErrey said...

Fake Bob Errey Here,

We play the Senitors tonight people. This is a morning before gameday post, and I do not see half the intensity I saw yesterday or the day before, from cbloggers this morning, now I know its early, but like I tell my youth hockey kids that I coach "If you want to play like Mario, you have to be 24/7."

Steigy and I are going to Denny's for a late Breakfast, then me and Potash and going to get some FSN GIECO t-shirts to hand out to the kids at the outdoor jumbotron. Look close at the broadcast tonight, I'll have my WWGRD band on.

Let's step it up people.


onesizedrummer said...

holy crap, how scary would it be to have BGL in your face. Brennen probably crapped his pants, which is why BGL left cause it smelled so bad.

OK for those in GDC wednesday night i'll see you at 7 ready to go. Fleury banner flying high off the porch, and car alarm ready to go!!!!!!


rest up now my friends, a battle soon begins

Ryan said...

cblog I need your help!

Anybody know of a bar in the Philly area that might be showing the game tonight? I'm headed there tonight and will be getting in right around 7. I'm staying with a friend about 45 minutes north of the city.

For the love of Roberts, somebody help a jobber out!

Raybin said...

Going to the game tonight. YEEHAW!

Question for the floor: This is the first time my tickets have ever been at Will Call. I understand it doesn't open before 6.

How long is the line generally? Should I try to be there early so I can be in line when it opens?


Brett said...


You're gonna be hard pressed to find the Pens game in Philly: as you surely know, the Flyers' game one is in the same time slot.

I swear to freakin' gawd.. If center ice jobs me on the Pens feed tonight and leaves me watching the crappers (caps plus flyers = crappers?) I'll go balls-out.

Brett said...

Gary Roberts likes to eat opponents' hearts.

Oh glorious day, I love articles like that.

JYo said...

Thanks for the link Brett. That is a great article. I can see the interview now:

Reporter: WWGRD?

GR: I think I'll eat your heart.

Its great that he is so far into the heads of the Sens. You guys keep worrying about him while Sid, Geno, and the gang rack up the goals.

Lets Go Pens!

Dr. Turkleton said...

here's something a bit light on gameday: NHL Players & their 'Hollywood' lookalikes

There are almost 30 of them, so it takes a minute or 2 to get thru them...
Sid & Geno are the Pens representatives [I won't spoil who their 'twin' is]

My favs:
•Andrei Markov
•Alex Ovechkin

lis said...


not sure where you're staying outside Philly but you should be able to get the game on at the Fox & Hound in King of Prussia. They have tons of TV's there so I'm sure you'd be able to get them put the game on at least 1 of them. And they have decent food too...and good drinks.

JYo said...

Thanks for your link too Dr. T. I have always thought Sid and his lookalike were dead ringers for each other. I'm surprised how many of them do look very much alike. I must confess, I've never heard of Geno's lookalike before. I agree on the best ones, especially Markov.

FijiH2O said...

"We all know he's a physical player," Schubert said. "But if your own fans have a sign up that says, 'Dirty Gary,' that should say something."

Someone needs to take a remedial reading class - the sign said "Scary Gary"!

dying alive said...

Raybin, I don't use Will Call but I've never really noticed a line there. At least, not outside and not at the entrance across from St. Francis hospital. There may be more of a line at the gate where the marquee and the TV screens are going to be (is that gate one?).

Not sure if this has been mentioned but the DVE morning show has a link to pensblog on their page:

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jyo...I didn't know Geno's either...until I read the little 'photo blurb' to the right of their pictures [maybe it's a GOOD thing I didn't know who that person is]

dying alive said...

@fijih2o - there was a Dirty Gary sign hanging from the balcony in the end where the Pens shoot once. It was a Dirty Harry reference, though, not a sign saying that Roberts is dirty. Schubert needs to see more Clint Eastwood movies.

JYo said...

Agreed Turk. I went back and read it after I posted and it made me realize I'm not a teenager or one of Charlie's buddies, so I'm glad to not know who that is.

Stoosh said...


This Roberts stuff has taken on a life of its own among opposing players. Now according to Schubert, we might want to start mentioning Roberts in the same vein as notoriously dirty guys like Bryan "Knee-to-knee" Marchment or Ulf Samuelsson.

This is great, though. I get the sense that it may have taken Roberts just 13 minutes of ice time to complete knock the Sens off their game. Ottawa's players sound so preoccupied with Roberts, I'm hoping they spend more time keeping an eye out for him than they do focusing on their own game. And this is team that's had a hell of time playing with any focus since January.

And the best part is that Roberts seems to be thoroughly enjoying this.

dying alive said...

I was watching a video of Crosby's double on YouTube and it was scary how much he looked like Sid. They're really reaching on Geno's.

The Zetterberg one is also dead on. I've been saying that since the first time I saw Henrik. My So-Called Life...what a show.


Dr. Turkleton said...

@dying alive

Sid's double even 'fights' like Sid

[cheesy skit, but I'm easily entertained]

sh0ez said...

For anyone interested, I still have the modernized version of the Pens' Jaws PP sign that I made. I sent it to staff again so they can post it if they want. However, until then, here is the link:


demondg1 said...

Will call opens around 6:00. The line wasn't too bad Wednesday. I wouldn't worry about having to get there early for it.

Puck said...

Sure, Gary may be 'scary' but Volchenkov is leading in the badass category right now. Take a look at his head!

Only thing holding him back is if Ottawa equipment guys can find a helmet big enough to fit the swollen head!

Now all we need is for a Pittsburgh writer to "pull a Brennan" and call out the Pens to take a head shot. Oh wait, no one is that stupid... (Know that most of Ottawa thinks Brennan is an idiot as well)

The Seeker said...

@ Raybin

There are several Will Call windows with lines divided into alphabetical order according to your last name.

Look for the signage at each window to get into the correct goes fast and the lines aren't usually too long.

Be SURE to take a photo ID and the same Credit Card used to order the tickets or else you won't get them.


Matt said...

"The puck went behind the net, where Roberts mauled defenseman Wade Redden, who has become his personal piñata."

Gary's such a generous guy. He let Ryan Whitney take a few shots at his piñata too.

Whistler said...

To all those in the Philly area tonight.

I feel your pain. I'm back home after being in the Burgh for Game 1. I'm gonna have to suffer and watch VS show the game, but if they black in out, I SWEAR that I'm gonna kill someone...

I found myself in that TRIB panorama picture thingy. The Steeler dude next to me is HUGE even in the picture...

JYo said...

whistler, VS. will have the Cryers-Craps game tonight at 7. The Pens are on CBC, so you will need CBC or Center Ice to see it.

Whistler said...

Just read the Brennan article. What the heck do you think he knows about the ECHL. It's nothing like the movie Slapshot.

What a jerkoff...

blackngold66 said...

Tonight's game isn't on Vs.

It is however on Center Ice (NHL2) for those of us that have it.

blackngold66 said...

Damn you jyo.....

DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raybin said...


Thanks for the info.

One more annoying question:

I bought these tickets from someone else and he left them under my name at Will Call for me. Thus, I have no credit card to present, since I didn't use one. Am I screwed?

Sooska said...

@ BNG66 -yahoo is streaming the Live game tonight, as well as Monday, Wednesday Saturday next week.

JYo said...

Not my fault BNG66. I don't have TV coverage where I live either (West Lafayette, IN) and I can't afford Center Ice. There is basically one sports bar in town that may have the game and if they don't, I'm basically screwed. I don't know if CBC limits their on-line viewing to Canada only like TSN does, but I would guess they do. Does anyone know that for sure? I have seen some folks mentioning somehow "tricking" Gore into thinking you are in Canada. Any ideas how to actually do that? I might be resigned to listening to Lange and the Ol' 2-9er on the Gore, but I'm not giving up quite yet.

JYo said...

sooska = livesaver

Thanks for that link. If the sports bar in town doesn't have it, I now have a back up plan!

BlacknGold66 said...

No, I was saying "Damn You" for leaving basically the same post I did only a minute earlier.

Luckily I have Center Ice (birthday present this year) so I'll be able to catch the game on TV.

Thanks for the link though Sooska. I will be using that whenever games aren't on Center Ice.

Puck said...


I'm pretty sure CBC does limit streaming to Canadian viewers only.

Sooska said...

@ jyo: Glad to help. You can't get the CBC stream. They block it to the USA. I tried Wednesday night and they Conkblocked me. As displaced Burghers, we are working/living (for now) in wasteland=Lehigh Valley eastern PA (Crylerland, Ragsland) and we have to search for ways to see Pens games. The local sports bars don't even know if they get Versus (??what's up with that?). I love Mike and 29 but I want to SEE. The Vs link (provider by flyer hater) is ok but it buffers too much with so much traffic & it freezes for up to 10 minutes unless you constantly refresh and you miss lots but its something at least.) I have found yahoo to be an acceptable solution but they don't so many games. Playoffs may be different. If Pens make it to Conference finals we are digging deep for digital and Center Ice.

JYo said...

My bad BNG66. I guess I just thought you were experiencing the same frustration I was. Good thing you have Center Ice given your limited ability to get out of the house right now. How is the recovery going?

IceCold... said...


if there is a damon's near you, try there. my philly friends would always go to the one at the waterfront out here to watch philly games.

in gary we trust

J.S. said...

The ECHL may have been like Slap Shot from 87-93, but it's been cleaned up a lot since then. You'll be lucky to see A fight or any dirty play sometimes.

Brennan needs to find a clue. A true jerkoff, indeed.

Pensgirl said...

Raybin, you should be fine. When someone else leaves tickets in your name, you generally just have to show ID.

But if you're want to double check, the ticket office is (412) 642-1800.

JYo said...

I agree sooska. I would much rather watch the games, even though Lange is the best listening experience on the Gore. Do you know who calls the games on the Yahoo feed? For much of the regular season, I just listen to the games with Lange. I have the P2P instructions bookmarked to watch online, but have never actually used that route. Lazyblog I guess. I think my location may even be worse than yours for watching hockey. I am basically in "don't know what the hell hockey is" land. It may be better to be in enemy territory than ambivalence territory as far as TV coverage is concerned. Anyway, I think after the first two rounds everything is on national TV, so we should both be OK then. Maybe next year I can convince the wife to let me get Center Ice. We shall see...

Pensgirl said...

Yeek - my stupid work computer won't let me delete that and correct my hideous grammar error. Please ignore it. Clearly my brain is set to "puree."

Raybin said...


A thousand thanks! My mind is much eased


It's a damn shame too about the ECHL being cleaned up...I grew up near Johnstown and have many happy memories of seeing bloodsport in my youth!

Incidentally, if anyone going to the game wants to stop by and say hello, look for the guy with glasses in Section E15, Seat 10 or 11 in the Laraque t-shirt.

Sooska said...

@ jyo - On the few reg season games they did do, I almost always got Steiggy - got the FSN broadcast. I think once I got a NYI or NYR broadcast. I also have found that I could turn Steiggy down and link to the 105.9 listen live. They usually synced. I use that X link because the Pens one buffers too often and actually drops a lot. On the Pens radio, which it thru, you don't get any postgame either. The X never buffers or drops and you can listen to all postgame festivities.

Raybin said...

Ooops.....guess the row is important: Row L.

BlacknGold66 said...

jyo haha, no worries.

Recovery blows. Basically I lie in bed and wait for the Pens to come on. Thank God for reruns of "Deadliest Catch."

I used the P2P feed the other night for the game and it was AWESOME! Plus you can adjust the size of the window to fit your screen.

Sooska Don't buy Center Ice until next season. Even if the Pens make the Conference Finals it won't be on Center Ice. CI only plays "select games" from the first two rounds. After that it's all on National (if you can call Vs. "national") tv.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I don't mean to burst your bubble...but Center Ice only carries the 1st & 2nd rounds of the Stanley Cup™ playoffs...

Sooska said...

@ bng66 and dr turk - THNX - I KNEW that and my brain is so cold today in my office- it is like being at center ice in here. I expect to see the boys walking thru at any time. hee It's a good omen.

@ raybin- I'm a Jtowner too! so is my husband although he's originally from Portage (yeah I Know).

patrick f. said...

also about center ice:

if you plan of buying the MLB package (who would anyway) you can see the NHL games (at lease I can with comcast) because they share the same channels. I buy center ice and i get to see baseball games until June...but i dislike baseball so it doesn't matter

The Seeker said...

OK, it's time to head back over to and vote on their latest poll:

Which goaltender has looked the sharpest thus far in Round 1?

Total Votes: 147

Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT): 12.93%
Dominik Hasek (DET): 13.61%
Miikka Kiprusoff (CGY): 16.33%
Evgeni Nabokov (SJS): 17.69%
Carey Price (MTL): 11.56%
Marty Turco (DAL): 17.01%
Other: 10.88%

Annie said...

Hi everyone. I’m a long-time-reader, first-time-commenter here on the c-blog. I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoy this blog and the people who frequent it. With all the quotes and allusions to Independence Day, Miracle, and all sorts of rallying speeches I’ve come across with fans getting pumped for the playoffs, I thought I would put my English degree to good use by adapting a speech from the man who invented the modern rallying speech itself (and who’s my distant, vague ancestor) – Will Shakespeare (from his play Henry V). Let’s start getting ready for Game Two (only 7 more hours)! And I just have to say that reading this blog and the insights and experiences of you commenters on this team make every day a brighter one. :)

(Just imagine HCMT saying this two months from now before the finals…or Mario even…)

"This game is called the game of Lord Stanley:
He that outlives this day, and wins the Cup,
Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
And rouse him at the name of Evgeni.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly in the Playoffs greet his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is the Final Game:'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars.
And say 'These wounds I had in Stanley’s game.'
Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages
What feats he did that day: then shall our names.
Familiar in his mouth as household words
Gary the king, Crosby and Malkin,
Fleury and Ruutu, Sykora and Laraque,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remember'd.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Penguins Dynasty shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of Penguins;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall bolster his condition:
And everyone not in Pittsburgh tonight
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold themselves in shame whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Lord Stanley’s day"

Dr. Turkleton said...


guess you did the bubble bursting 1st...



enjoy the game...I may be in the minority but, IMO, I love the E-level...esp. since you're at the end they shoot twice [that's where 100% of the Pens' goals were scored last game!] + you'll be slightly under F-level, with TV monitors to see the replays better than the scoreboard [which in row 'L' you should still be able to completely see the jumbotron, anyways]

here's the view from my seat in E-18 row you're just a couple sections over, probably close to behind the cage...

Pensgirl said...

Jyo, start saving up for next season's center ice now...a $30/month stash should do it. She'll have no excuse if you were such a prudent planner!

The Seeker said...

Whoa! is posting Playoff Stats:

a) Malkin is in a three-way tie for points at 3

b) Gary Roberts is in a 4 way tie in goals with 2 goals (but is listed as #1)

c) Fleury is tied with Turco (but listed as #1) with save % of 0.00

DeCeV said...

annie wins

Ryan said...

@ lis and icecold...thanks for the tips.

I'm staying with a friend and don't know the area that well, but I know I'm somewhat close (within 45 minutes) of KOP.

I think I'll call ahead to that fox and hound and try to find the closest damon's to see what's up.

Thanks again!


Lauren said...

The game will also be on FSN-P tonight, correct?

DeCeV said...


I know it's been cleaned up, but for what it's worth I saw a game last year or the year before Chiefs @ Royals where there were about 8 players remaining on either team by the end of the game, everyone else got kicked out. A Chief also tried to go over the glass of the penalty box to go after a heckler. It's still a good time.

Sooska said...

@ annie - Zounds! G'ds Wounds! thou speakth truth.
The quality of mercy toward the Thenatorth is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle shot of Geno's from Heaven upon the net beneath-it is twice blessed-it blesses Sid that gives a hit and Sid that takes.
Tis mightiest in the mightiest and becomes the thron-ed monarch Gary better than his crown.
His stick shows the force of temproal power, an attribute to shock, awe and majesty.
wherein doeth sit the dread and fear of Roberts.
But winning is above this sceptred sway,
It is enthroned in the hearts of Stanley Cup winners,
It is an attribute to God Gary himself.

Let's Go Pens.

fakeBobErrey said...

Bob Errey Here,

Lauren, all the first round games will be on FSN with Staigy, Danny, and yours truly.

-The Bibster

Dr. Turkleton said...


bibbs ALWAYS comes thru in the clutch...that's what he was a 1st round pick!!!!

Sooska said...

@ annie- seriously -fabulous!

Lauren said...

@ dr t

I guess that's a yes? haha

The Seeker said...

The Mighty 'Guins

Sooska said...

be warned Pensblog! WWGRD wristband sales and Pensblog have rec'd a shout out from Pittgirl on The Burghblog here PittGirl

That is HUGE. SHE is huge and I mean that popularity wise.

roachai said...

the game isnt on FSN or VS what the hell?? can someone tell me where I can watch it?

Sooska said...

PittGirl says "2. Pensblog, which I’ve just recently started reading and really enjoying the heck out of, has 1,000 WWGRD bracelets ready to be sold for $5 each. What would Gary Roberts do? He’d buy a bracelet and shoot it at the eyeball of Wade Redden."

PittGirl kicks ass. She covers all kinds of things Pittsburgh.

Dr. Turkleton said...


•1st: welocme

•2nd: heartinthroatblog

ok...that officially flipped my switch to get pumped up for Game 2

Raybin said...


Yeehaw for Johnstown! I'm actually an Indiana County boy, but real close to the Cambria County line.

@doc turkleton

I love E-level too! 'Specially the pens shoot twice end....these are very close to the seats I had for the February Sens game (of which, the less said the better)


I was at a couple Nailers games this year. Aweeeeeeesome time. God love the ECHL.

Slight change: Won't be in a Laraque tee, but a USS HAL GILL~! one. Girlfriend just called from Dick's and is buying me one. Have I mentioned she is the best girl on earth?

Dr. Turkleton said...


the game IS on FSN-Pit [if that's what you're talking about]

6:00p - Penguins Rewind
6:30p - Penguins Pregame
7:00p - Game On !!!!
9:30p - Penguins Postgame
11:00p - Game On !!!! [replay]

Nathan said...

For those of you in Western Pennsylvania, the game is on FSN. This was one of the two nights that FSN explicitly dropped the Pirates' game in favor of the Penguins.

Since I'll be watching it on Center Ice, I'm not sure if I'll be getting the Pens' broadcast or the CBC crew. I figure I can't lose either way, because I believe Jim Hughson's working this series for CBC, and he's unquestionably awesome.

The Bucs drew 9,735 on Wednesday night against Chicago, so using that number as the benchmark for over/under, is anyone going to take the over? Will the Bucs even draw half of the Igloo's capacity tonight (8,566)? Do the Reds have any fans either?

The Pirates should sign Gary Roberts once the Pens' season is over. He'll change the culture there in a big hurry. Of course, it'll mean the Bucs will be calling up a lot of players from Indianapolis to replace Gary's victims, but it'll make for interesting TV when he snaps and kills Ronny Paulino for being fat and lazy and generally terrible.

Let's go Pens.

chris e said...

Shout out for Cambria County...I'm from good old C-Town(actually Carrolltown)

Stoosh said...


Somewhere out there is a room.

And in that room sits from - left to right - Captain Steven Hiller, William Wallace, King Theoden, Herb Brooks, Leonidas, and Indians Manager Lou Brown.

And at the conclusion of that speech, Captain Steven Hiller stands up, looks at the rest of the group, nods his head...and begins the slow clap.

The rest follow suit, rise and bring the slow clap in a very appreciative standing ovation.

It doesn't get much bigger an entrance to C-blog than barging through the door with a Pens-specific version of the St. Crispin's Day speech.

Sooska said...

hey Johnstown area Pens fans - anyone else out there? What is the radio station there for Pens games?

In Cup years we had season tickets in (I think it was -not sure) E26 in the Pens shoot 2X end, last row, last 2 seats by the rail. It had a camera area so there was extra room which was great casue we coudl stand and not bother anyone. Pensdad's and Pensboy's shouts could be heard throughout the arena. We could touch the arena roof, see EVERYTHING, and be entertained by, among others, a guy named dan who was , um, vocal in his criticism; a guy we called The Professor who wore tweed jackets with seude elbow patches and brought his father to the games, while he sat with headphones reading acadmic tomes; or the girl who was in lOVE with Robby Brown (ick-the Jeff Reed of the day) and screeched every time he touched the puck. unreal.

JYo said...

Thanks for the link seeker. If that video doesn't get your pulse going, you might want to check into the morgue.

@nathan: GR on the buccos might just be crazy enough to work. Can't hurt anyway.

J.S. said...

sooska and everybody else:

I'm also representin' j-town. Just moved up to Westmont, although I lived about a mile from the War Memorial. A friend of mine who did the USS Hal Gill shadow photoshop a week or so ago is also from johnstown. I don't think he posts in c-blog, but I know he's definitely a reader.

Sooska said...

@ js - wave to my mom in Westmont!

Pensgirl said...

Nathan, according to the InDemand website, every time the Pens game is on Center Ice it's the CBC broadcast. *eyeroll* I'm down with TSN but CBC annoys the living crap out of me.

Dr. Turkleton said...


E26???...did you mean E16???

I don't believe there is a section E26....

man, it must be REALLY cold at work today, eh? [jk]

@ stoosh...

did you get the email I sent to you yesterday???...I used the one in your 'profile'

Stoosh said...


I grew up on ECHL hockey with the Erie Panthers back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Until I finally got to Mellon Arena in 1995, every live game I ever saw with the exception of a couple of high school games were ECHL games.

I can remember when the league was just eight teams in 1989-90 - Erie, Johnstown, Hampton Roads, Winston-Salem, Virginia, Knoxville, Nashville and Greensboro. I think it was only like five or six teams the year before.

I still remember a lot of the guys on those teams - Daryl Harpe, Greg Spenrath, Ryan Kummu, John Vary, Real Godin, the McDougall brothers, Brian Sakic (Joe's kid brother). Our jerseys looked like the old black, white and silver Kings jerseys. Loved 'em!

Stoosh said...

TURK - Yes I did. I got it last night and I forgot to respond (sorry!). I'll get back to you today about it.

Fleury29 said...

^Stoosh 3:16!

Sporting the Fleury jersey again today. I'll be in GDC since I'm stuck at work.

My mom informed me this morning that she is going to a sports bar to watch the game.

Dropped off a Lemiuex jersey for her to wear. Can't let her go improperly attired.

Man, every time I think about the Pens in the playoffs, I just get so Van Damme excited.


Sooska said...

@ dr turk -E 28 if that is the end the Pens shoot twice. otherwise E 11- same side as the pressbox. cant tell from that map. unobstructed seats, great view, extra leg room, extra standing room.
YIKES where is vezonex? can you help? not that it is a big deal but it was last section, last row, last 2 seats along the railing.

roachai said...

Thanks Dr. T, I was looking at yahoo sports and they had the bucs on FSPI and the pens not, thanks for the info

Dr. Turkleton said...


the 'shoot twice' side is the SOUTH end [E11 to E20]

The Press Box is above the suites located on the D21 to D27 part

betcha you're talkin' about E20....

Sooska said...

@roachi- FSN dropped 2 Buccos games for Pens playoff games but the announcement was only made close to the game Wed.

@turk -thanks for that FSN schedule- I can watch the game tonight when I return to the Burgh!! They will win and I can relax and enjoy seeing what I missed. We will not get any game at all except cellphone updates cause the Pens radio network range is about 2 mi from each broadcast tower. The mountains are murderous to radio.

Sooska said...

must be E11 and I am recalling the orientation wrong re the press box -nothing new there. that's why I yelled for help from vezonex. He'd know exactly-no doubt. I only remember our vantage point from the action on the ice. Mario split the North Stars D left to right on my radio dial.

vezonex said...

i'm pretty sure it was E11.

Sooska said...

@ vezonex- that's what I thought but Pensdad kept saying I was wrong. Thanks!

FijiH2O said...



klime said...

You guys should check out these blogs...

...Sens fan in Toronto He offers a personal attack toward Pensblog.

Also, Five for Smiting dares call HIS LORDNESS a, gasp, coward.

JYo said...

So some joke in TO thinks we'd stop supporting GR and stop living the WWGRD lifestyle if he goes a game without a point tonight??? He apparently has no clue. Missing half a season did nothing to slow down WWGRD or the man himself. That misplaced Sens fan = joke.

Sooska said...

they also think WWGRD is based on game one.

JYo said...

Also, not only has GR placed himself deep inside the heads of the Sens players, he is also tormenting the souls of their fan base...and they wonder why WWGRD is a big deal! He will continue to deliver body blows to all comers and knock many of them out, and just about the time the opponents start to drop their hands to protect their midsection, the big stars that everyone knows will deliver severe knock out blows. I can't wait for 7:00.

J.S. said...

Thepensblog made those wristbands (I prefer the term wristbands over bracelets) because of one game? Think we should tell 'em about the TWO BATCHES OF 500 that were previously sold, with the second batch being sold while he was on the IR?

if that's a Sens fan in Toronto, he must be used to an epic amount of failure.

Pensgirl said...

J.S., the thing about idiots is they're impervious to facts. :P

Sooska said...

Isn't it odd that all the fans of these other teams become obsessed with our team, fans, blogs, lifestyles?

Dr. Turkleton said...

this Sens fan in TO joke said on Feb. 2:
Except that I’ll be out of town without regular access to this thing called the interweb for about a week. So, mid-month, Feb 10th, I’ll be back full time.

His next entry was Apr. 9

He musta been busy jumping on & off the Sens bandwagon that he lost track of time.

what a ma-roon....


The Seeker said...

From the almost complete lack of anyone commenting on those two Blogs, I think we may have just given them a record breaking number of hits just seeing what they had to say.

It wasn't worth the click actually.

I think the one guy had things a bit assbackwards....

Roberts stood there and welcomed 4 Senators to fight him. Then, the Senators had the entire length of the ice to skate after him and challenge him. Instead they WAITED until he was almost through the door and off the ice to act as if they had any balls, knowing full well that they were protected by Refs at that point.

He stared down their entire team and they flinched.

As far as WWGRD goes...I believe talk began about the Greatness That Is Gary Roberts only a day after we picked him up at the trade deadline.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk : that's ultra-maroon. perhaps nincowpoop.

demondg1 said...

You ask yourself, what would he do?

And you realize...
He'd score 2 goals. Beat the piss out of 3 guys. Challenge the rest of the team to a fight. And have to be pulled off the ice.

Be a warrior. Be like Gary Roberts.



Whistler said...

back to talking about the ECHL. I work for a ECHL team and I have to say that over the years the play has gotten soff.

There are some fights here and there, but nothing like I've heard in days gone by.

dying alive said...

I would have left a comment to the Sens Fan in Toronto, but I figured he'd never see it, what with all of those other comments he has to wade through. It must take him HOURS.

As far as the smiting guy, he's got no idea what he's talking about saying that the crowd was nervous. The crowd was anything but nervous. But whatever. I'm sure he was there and he'd know better than I.

I'm not surprised that a Sens fan would call Gary Roberts names. The guy has pretty much built a career around making the Sens his bitches in the post-season, so you can't really blame them. To say that he hid behind the refs is revisionist history to say the least, though. He challenged all of them and they just stood around hoping that someone else would fight him. Ty Conklin was holding the runway door shut so that the refs couldn't get Roberts off the ice. Redden was busy getting his face punched off by Whitney and the rest of them just stood there like clownbabies hoping that they didn't get further embarrassed by a 42 year old man. Not to mention BGL was on the ice at the time. The Sens' equipment manager is probably still trying to get the stains out of Cody Bass' panties.

Flyer Hater said...

I can't even keep up with c-blog anymore, my retinas are bleeding.

dying alive said...

Rather than delete my entire post, I'll point out my mistake here: the Whitney/Redden incident and the Roberts indicent didn't happen at the same time.

My apologizes. All of the bitch-slapping just started running together after a while.

Raybin said...

if that's a Sens fan in Toronto, he must be used to an epic amount of failure.

*slow clap leading into wild applause*

Sooska said...

welll did you all see what Lance Bass said about it? He calls himself a professional hockey player,too. He's in the same league as GR. only that he plays in the NHL - end of similarity.
said Lance: It's a 4-0 game and he hits a young kid from behind like that? I don't think that's showing too much respect."

YOUNG KID?????? oh puhleez!


Stoosh said...

Consider this about the Great Unwashed (to borrow a phrase from Mark Madden)...

Remember prior to last year's playoffs how many of the Great Unwashed were debating the merits of dealing Noah Welch for Roberts?

Remember prior to this season how the Great Unwashed were debating the merits of bringing Roberts back for this season mostly because his biggest impact wouldn't be felt until the playoffs?

Remember how earlier this week, the Great Unwashed were still calling into radio shows questioning the decision to start Roberts in Game One over players like Adam Hall, Jeff Taffe and Kris Beech?

All it took was thirteen minutes worth of ice time in one game for the Great Unwashed to witness Roberts, nod their heads appreciably and understand why we made all the fuss over this guy.

They didn't understand at first.

Now they do.

So I certainly don't expect the fan of a team that didn't show one iota of the energy or heart that Roberts himself displayed in Game One to understand why Roberts know...kind of a big deal. Roberts exuded more energy and heart in one drop of sweat than the entire Ottawa team did the other night.

Don't get us wrong "Sens Fan in Toronto", we appreciate and love our star players like Sid and Malkin (mostly because they play with an element of toughness reminiscent of Roberts). But players like Roberts are almost as hard to find and that's why he's achieved this status here.

Players like Roberts make you WANT to be a hockey player; make you want to drag your lazy, out-of-shape ass off the couch, lace up your skates and go run someone into the boards, and not give a damn if you blow your own shoulder out in the process because it's what it might take to win a playoff series, a game, or even a shift.

I don't care where your allegiances lie as far as teams go; if you couldn't watch what Gary Roberts did on Wednesday night and appreciate that as a hockey fan, maybe it's time to start watching something a little less golf or the NBA.

Sooska said...


BTW I heard someone yesterday (can't recall who) on MM's show who said Roberts could be resigned-take the regular season off and be brought out of the weeds for the playoffs. No shit. This year proves it can be done.

dhudzin said...

Does anyone know if the game will be broadcast online anywhere besides the great railroad robbery NHL Center Ice Online?

nailersfan66 said...

I've been an off-ice official for the ECHL's Nailers since 1999. Play has definitely softened up from days of old. Occasionally you'll still get a line brawl but hardly as often as the mid 90s.

The Seeker said...

@ Dying Alive

Yeah...I loved that comment about the crowd being nervous.

In the same sentence he also said the Pens came out "tentative".

Maybe Canadian thesaurus are different than ours but scoring in less than 2:00 and hitting everything with a Sens jersey on isn't my idea of "tentative".

Gee...and let's whine about a rookie getting hit! He was wearing a Senator's jersey and it's the Playoffs...he's fair game.

I don't see any Pens fans crying that Kennedy or Letang got bumped around a bit. Maybe their rookie should be wearing one of those STOP signs on his back?

Colin said...

I think that tonight might be one of those nights where Sid shows us why he is truly one of the best to ever play. I think he is going to dominate all facets of the game tonight.


Dr. Turkleton said...


i think that would be disrespecting all of the Nincowpoops all over the world if S.F.I.T. was given that moniker...

how about....

[Ass oH]
dying alive said:

Ty Conklin was holding the runway door shut so that the refs couldn't get Roberts off the ice.

= too funny

I was saying the same thing to my bud right as the fight ended & they started picking up the gloves/sticks...
If any of those camera guys in the Pens runway got a pic of Orange Shuberts face as Gary dropped his gloves & started giving him the old 'c'mon big boy, let's go!!!' motions with his hands...I would pay top $ to see it.


wilsmith said...

sooska and js...and chris e

more cambria county. ebensburgish area.

A lot of the times I catch the games on the radio on 1400 AM, whoever asked. You have to be in the right spot and have clear weather though. And hope there's absolutley nothign else that they might be broadcasting. And I mean nothing. The put anything on before they put the Pens on.

Some spots in the area pick up 105.9 too, but it's pretty rare. I get it at my house because it's pretty much one of the highest points in the county, but as soon as I leave town it fades out.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, on Wednesday's show before the game some dope went on a 2 minute tantrum about how Roberts is too old, washed up, etc. to be an effective player. Madden ripped him a new one.

Needless to say, that caller hasn't been seen alive since.

JYo said...

@dhudzin: read through this thread, there is a link up further to the Yahoo NHL scoreboard where you can link to the live feed tonight.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

@ colin

im with you... i see the sidlanta line doing something special tonight... I like your hunch.

blackngold66 said...


Anything going on tonight?

I was thinking of ordering a pizza...

Maybe scan some chicks...

johnny said...

Mr. Madden is already on a tear. I will be with you all in spirit from Tally tonight. Let's go Pens!

Sooska said...

@ wilsmith- We will be traveling west on the TP and won't be able to catch the radio side until the western side of Sideling Hill just east of Breezewood but then only on the upper elevations on the downhills-there is an uber strong country station at 105.9 that interferes(GRR). None of the Pens network stations reach the TP. The X finally comes in clear when we get thru the Allegheny Tunnel-by then usually with 50 seconds left in 730 game. Wish they'd pickup or could convince that station from Wheeling that you can hear all over the eastern US and parts of Canadia.
hearing the game live =screwed. weekend without the Pens=desolate

PO said...

@flyer hater..

Gary Roberts is a shape shifter. He actually WAS Mark Madden that day. When the caller hung up Gary Roberts simply concentrated so hard that the caller's head exploded. Afterwhich he traveled to the Igloo and dominated with two goals and depriving 4 Senators of their manhood. After a quick shower to wash off Ottawa's tears (because everyone knows Gary Roberts doesnt sweat) he went to Jack's where he drank Wade Boggs under the table, banged 7 different girls and made their boyfriends film it all the while he smoked the biggest stogey you ever saw

Nick Saia (usa) said...

i know charlie is at the hotel right now, but... i wonder if he's gonna get on c-blog anytime soon to give us an update...

Lauren said...

I'm seriously starting to wonder what I did at work all day before I started reading tPB and c-blog that ensues with each post.

All the links, comments, and especially posts are great; instead of reading an actual recap from AP, it's to the point where I enjoy reading these recaps 100% more.

Also, the characters in cblog keep me entertained long after the post has gone up!

My palms are already sweating in anticipation of the game tonight... LET'S GO PENS!

JYo said...

@BNG66: I was thinking of just cooking dinner for my wife and curling up on the couch with a good book or maybe watch a chick flick with her. It might rain anyway, so nothing else to do. You should prolly just take it easy and continue your recovery...

Sooska said...

@ lauren- same here. the other recasp are so bland and don't give you the real flavor/feel of the game. I only see games on weekends, otherwise listen online. Mike is so good he paints the perfect picture even of a bad game. I don't know how many times I have said to Pensgirl or vezonex that wow! the game was exciting and they say Nah boring. or horrible. good thing youdidn't watch. Since last fall, I now always know from reading tPB if the Pens were bumblefucking™ the puck up and down the ice or playing well.

Johnny Wrath said...

MM just said Redden is well respected and that Spezza is "a woman". One is true, one is not.

Marty Lapoint is going to get tuned up tonight, take penalties, and generally be too old and slow. Oh, and take more shots in the bollocks from MAF.

Lauren said...


Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. And of course, I don't see a Gary Roberts photoshop of the entire team on the PG's website. The photoshops are crazy, I love it.

Sooska said...

Work is interfering with being a Pens fan.

Lauren said...

Ugh, I hate it when that happens.

dying alive said...

@Seeker - agreed on the hitting. Orpik didn't look very tentative when he pasted Heatley into the boards about 30 seconds into the game. Heatley looked pretty pissed off while he chirped his way all the way back to the bench, though.

klime said...

@ Johnny Wrath

Lapointe doesn't have to worry about that. You may not have heard, but the Senators made a mandatory rule beginning January 1st that, in order to suit up for the team, one had to have been castrated.

Flyer Hater said...

Lauren, I break my life into two sections BPB (Before Pensblog) and APB (After Pensblog). I don't even want to think about how life was before the creation of this blog. I think I actually did work.

How the hell is Volchenkov playing tonight? I think that puck is permanently lodged in cerebellum.

Sooska said...

@ flyer hater - drugs?

TheNWChica said...

So has anyone gone over to flood those two blogs with comments, or are we taking the approach that they are better off ignored?


Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flyer Hater said...

Sooska, can't prove that Russ

J.S. said...

I think I'm making the drive down to Mellon for the game. I should be solo in a black practice jersey and an NHL Breakout hat that's beat beyond belief.

klime said...

@ Flyer Hater

He, along with Geno and AO, is a Soviet cyborg.

Lauren said...

@ flyer hater

Agreed, that's a great way to put it.

And also, I, among many others I'm sure, am a huge flyer hater - there's a few people here at work (in Harrisburg) that have their desks/offices plastered with that disgusting orange and black monstrosity they call a logo. It makes me sick.

blackngold66 said...

@jyo :

"The Lake House" is on later so I might watch that.

Or I'll just finish balancing the ol checkbook.

Lazy Friday night as usual. (sigh)

M. Vanderlasser said...

No lookalike for Brooks O.? I swear he looks like someone that participated in Pickett's Charge.

Yo, Cambria County Pens Fans, keep it real...that's where my potato-farmin' in-laws are from!

BNG66, if you're looking for something to do tonight, Walker Texas Ranger is on from 7-8 then Ghost Whisperer from 8-9, then Miss USA 2008 after that. Check back tomorrow; we'll let you know how the Pens' game turns out.

I'm sure this has been mentioned and I've missed it, but wow, has Tanger been impressive this season or what? Can you believe that he's a rookie?

Pens fever is running rampant in Southcentral PA...saw a G-burg College co-ed in an 87 jersey this morning - numerous "LET'S GO PENS!!!" were exchanged...

Okay, time to open a PayPal account.

3 hours until Walker Texas Ranger.

Thanks, Potash.

blackngold66 said...

Pens game?

JYo said...

What game do you play with Pens? Tic-tac-toe? Pictionary? I hope its Pictionary, I love Pictionary!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...


your evening plans sound like fun.

heres my night:

Shopping for a new bed.
Rescuing a cat from a tree.
Changing the oil in the truck.
Acupuncture appointment.
Scrubbing the kitchen floor.
Making sure my taxes are done.

coffeytalk said...

Woah. So much C-blog. I tried to read all of it but my eyes are starting to blur.

I won't be at tonights game but my father will be. I gave him a bunch of shark PP print outs to use and give away. So if you see a man in a black penguins polo over by D-23 with signs, that'd be father of coffeytalk.

Everyone that's going, scream, yell, chant, drink extra loud for me.


M. Vanderlasser said...

Does anyone know if Geno's parents are in town? I have (a bit) of a crush on Mrs. Malkin.

*sigh* Mrs. Malkin. *sigh*

Geno's mom has got it goin' on...

Okay, I better go for a walk or something.

Sooska said...

down here in Bethlehem they're all "hockey? what's that? a cookie?"

JYo said...

TSN says Volchenkov is in for tonight. At least one player on their team is a warrior. The rest of the team is too busy with one P.B. Charlie to comment on this development.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk - Gary Roberts does that list in his dreams

Sooska said...

has anyone heard anything about those "sacrifice" shirts the Pens supposedly were wearing under their sweaters? "sacrifice" in 5 languages or something like that?

shouldn't they just all wear #10 under their own number?

Johnny Wrath said...


"Have you seen this boy?".

{Holds out picture of Kris Beech}.

coffeytalk said...

Found this through a random stroll through the world of Facebook:


It claims to be THE #1 Pittsburgh Penguins Blog.


blackngold66 said...

The Pens handed out "Sacrafice" shirts @ the season ticket holders town meeting prior to the start of this season.

I make sure it goes on before my Pens jersey.

The back reads: "It's more than just a game."

They were right about that.

KJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KJ said...

thank gary for yahoo streaming the non VS games. although if my connection can survive i may just put on Lange & the ol' 029er on. sure they're at different times in the game, but the radio guys have been there for me all season (sniff), i cannot leave them now!

@whoever said they usually get the FSP telecasts on yahoo, consider yourself lucky you don't recall the boston feed vs the pens! gosh, those guys went beyond belief of crying about everything! think that was the first and only time i shut off yahoo showing the pens and just listened to the radio feed.

ps, i'll be in GDC tonight again. hope to hear frito's car alarm from here!

Whistler said...


funny how he just started the site. Sounds like heard someone mention thePensBlog on TV and had to bite on the giant jock Charlie has.

Shame on them.

JYo said...

@coffeytalk: This looks like another case where those of us checking out that link are providing them with more traffic than they have ever seen. It seems that blog just started at the beginning of this year's playoffs! I have an idea, lets up and start the #1 blog on Gore about our favorite subject. How do we know it is #1? We'll say so right on the blog! Brilliant!

Whatev though. The more Pens fans, the merrier. If they want to run some other blog, more power to them. I'll still be following this here tPB and prolly never check their site again.

RobbieBrown44 said...


What a joke that blog is. Going from here to there is like going from a BK Stacker to a salsbury steak...just ain't good.

"Well coach Murray, what do you think of it?"

"I stthink is like rotten eggsth."

Flyer Hater said...

Seriously, if you're going to try and start a Pittsburgh Penguins related blog, don't have "thepensblog" anywhere in the title. That ship has sailed dick. And your ship will sink faster than the Titanic with Gary Roberts's left nut on it.

Jawsh said...

Yeah, I don't wanna hate on other pens fans because strength in numbers and all that jazz, but when in your very first post you call it the most in depth penguins blog on the makes me wonder if they knew there were other pens blogs

letsgopsu said...

@ annie

I wanted to commend your post, but then I saw what stoosh said of it and there are no words I can use that can describe the awesomeness that was that post any better than stoosh.

Sooska said...

let me just say I HATE Flyers, Flyers fans & anything and everything to do with everything in PA east of Sidney's Knob in Fort Littleton. (flyer hater I am SO with you!) Just left work here in wasteland=Lehigh Valley and while attempting to turn right onto a busy 2 lane access road an ignorant jackass that represents ALL Flyers fans, with Flyers shit all over his car and a blond bimbo at his side, made a two wheeled swooping illegal U turn, almost took out 4 cars and then zoomed away laughing.

foul. loathesome. dung. beetle.

BTW anyone googling "penguins blog" or pensblog gets the Original one and only. so no worries.

coffeytalk said...

I just realized I know one of the guys running the gotpensblog.

looks like someone is gonna have a conversation with my fists.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

settle down jeez...
how can you blast someone for starting a blog...

Annie said...

@ sooska, dr. turkleton, stoosh, fijiH2O, and letsgopsu - aw, thank you! *sheepishgrinblog* Compliments from you guys are amazing.

The Big K said...



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