Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gone In 60 Seconds. PENS WIN.



What was going through your head after Madonna scored 3:37 into the second period?
Were you looking up coupons for golf clubs?
Were you making ill-advised comments on message boards?

We don't blame you. Things weren't pretty at all.

But that is the thing about playoff hockey.
It is about overcoming adversity.
We could write all the cheesy things in the world.
But in the end, this game was the essence of playoff hockey.

With the Pens left for dead, Jarkko Ruutu gives everyone a shot of adrenaline with a goal.
You think "Okay that,s one."

14 seconds later, Pascal Dupuis changed everything.

The big knock on the Pens is their lack of playoff experience, as compared to the Rangers.
You would think oodles of playoff experience wouldn't let a three-goal lead evaporate.

It wasn't the best game the Pens have played all season.
You can argue that they only played for about a minute all game.

But during that minute, they scored 5 goals.

It's a crushing defeat for the Bullshits, and it propels the Pens' confidence to another level.

NBC on Sunday.
Roberts is waiting in the wings.

God help us all.

::::::::::::::::::::::: ANTHEMS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

[ MATT M. ]

[ SOFA ]

[ BNG66 ]



[ DAVE ]





[Adrienne A]

::::::::::::::::::::::: FIRST PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And then the puck was dropped.
You almost forgot you were a Pens fan.

But then you remembered when good ol' Double J cross-checks Gonchar from behind.
Are you kidding? First play of the series?

Besides the puck getting out of the zone once, it was a great early PP.
But a goal would have made it nicer.

The second PP unit was done when Ryan Whitney couldn't hold the puck in.
You could actually hear the Pens fans wondering if they should boo.

The game refused to get a flow early on.
It started to get moving, with the help of Dupuis leveling Sean Avery.

King Henrik was tested early. Big saves.

[Matt in N.C.]

But the Pens would not stop coming.
The Rangers had to take another penalty.

The biggest power play in 10 days got under way.
As was the case during the regular season, the Rangers shut the PP down.

After some jobbing, Ryan Whitney put an exclamation point on a dismal first period when he went to the box.

You knew it was coming.

After that, the first period consisted of wondering what life was all about.

Sykora headed to the box at the tail end of the first, but it didn't last long.
Brendan Shanahan, the cagey veteran, tries to job Max Talbot.

As usual, the game has to be stopped so the penalty can be explained to Brendan Shanahan.
Just go to the box, dick.

::::::::::::::::::::::: SECOND PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And then the second period began.
And the Pens were working with an abbreviated PP. No dice.

And the worst thing that could happen, happened.
Drury puts his stick out to deflect the dreaded shot from the point, and it goes in.

But hold the phone and use it to call Toronto.
It stands.

We knew the Pens were gonna be in this position.
Every NHL team will be in this hole somewhere in the playoffs.

The hole would soon get deeper and more queer than Siegfried and Roy.

You know they made out ten seconds after this picture was taken.

Gonchar pinched, and no one went back to support him.

Gonchar's shot got blocked, and away the Rangers went on a 2-on-1.
Steve Avery carries it into the zone and strikes out Jay Bell. 3-0.

He poses for Vogue in celebration and promptly disappears for the rest of the game.

As the game drifted towards the halfway mark, you didn't know what to do with yourself.
But a shot of adrenaline came out of nowhere.

Besides losing your virginity, in April/May/June, if you do something in 14 seconds, it is going to be a big deal.

Ruutu comes into the Rangers zone and just gets it front.
It hits Rozy and gets in past Lundqvist. 3-1.

How good has Ruutu been?

Okay, a breath of fresh air.
If we can just muster another chan-- 3-2.

That guy we picked up from Atlanta at the trading deadline puts home a one-timer.
What a play by Bing to outwork that dude.

After the Pens continued a frenzy, trying to tie it up, everything got settled down again when Orpik went to the box for tripping.

The Rangers had a huge chance to eliminate some of that Penguin explosion.
But MAF did what he had to do and made some huge saves.

The Pens got rewarded at the end of a great second period with a power play.
When a player is hanging by a thread on the edge of his skate, don't put your stick on his skate.
He will fall, and that is called a tripping penalty.

Hossa get set up beautifully with a one-timer on the PP, but no dice.
That was it.

It was all Pens since their explosion,
and the Rangers were finally able to catch their breath as the second-period horn blared.



The cotton candy man was not at the Penguin game.
Where was he?

--Evan M--

Pirate game?

Not a good omen.

::::::::::::::::::::::: THIRD PERIOD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The first five minutes of the third period were as pedestrian as it gets.
The next 15 were running.

It all started with the puck in the Rangers zone. Ryan Malone jumps on the ice, gets the puck.
He makes two sick moves. The puck gets to Hossa.
Hossa and Scuds play catch. Hossa throws it to the net.


Time to settle in.
Looks like an OT Ga-- 4-3.

--Will Smith--

-- Jonathan M. --

Another sick pass by Malone springs Malkin.
Malkin waited until the last possible second to get the puck to Sykora.
Sykora buried it.

After then you wait for Father Time to show up.
But he doesn't.

And then things changed again.
Double J comes flying in.
He makes a pass out in front of the net.
Scott Gomez doesn't miss often.

We made fun of Scott Gomez early this year.
He was the real deal tonight.

And then every play was magnified.
Every dump. Every pass. Every line change.
Father Time was on standby as the game reached 5:00 left.

Late in the third, a loose puck was up for grabs.
Martin Straka interferes with Crosby trying to get it.
Interference is a penalty.

Picture: Gracie Mae, who has worked AT&T switchboards for 35 years,
says it's the best call she's ever seen.

Huge power play. Bigger than anything.

It didn't look like it was gonna happen.
Passes weren't connecting.

But great players aren't always great.
They're just great when they have to be.

The Pens were finally able to set up shop, and the big boys set up for one last time.
Whitney jobs it over to Bing for a one-timer.


Refs call Toronto.
Turns out the puck went in off Malkin.

Ranger fans stunned.

[ 6545 ]

[ BNG66 ]

[ MATT M. ]

Father Time comes out of nowhere.
Time to buckle up.
The Rangers job around and force a stoppage.


Before you know it, a faceoff is going down to the left of MAF.
Pens get it cleared, but the threat is still there.
Scott Gomez is the fastest human alive.
With under 20 seconds, he gets the puck to Ol' Double J.
Time stands still. The game on his stick.

Double J hits the post.

No idea how it didn't go in.
The puck goes into the corner. Time runs out.







  • Ruutu, Staal, Scuderi, Malkin, Crosby, Malone, Sykora, Hossa, Dupuis, Whitney, Orpik all got at least a point.
  • Power play comes through when it had to.
  • The Penguins organization did a great job making the whiteout a reality.
  • USS Hal Gill was full speed ahead.
  • Heart attack city.
  • The Rangers are still a hell of a hockey team and played a great road game until the meltdown.
  • Marc Staal is sick.
  • Marty Straka got an unsportsmanlike penalty at the end of the game:

He was mad about his penalty.

Maybe if that weight machine would not have fell on him,
he could have caught Bing, instead of holding him.

The Rnagers were whining after the game.

--Chris A.--


Go Pens


Cody said...

What a game. I think I yelled loud enough to break glass after the 4th goal, then I think I doubled the decibel level for the 5th. One the plus side, my 18 month old son actually yelled "doal!" which is his version of goal, and made me the proudest father of all-time.

As an aside, propsblog. My WWGRD wristband showed up today prior to face-off. Two days from Pittsburgh to Reno in time for game 1? The power of Gary must have compelled the post office to move their asses. Solid!

And about 15 minutes to midnight, we got rocked with a 4.7 magnitude quake. I can only assume that was caused by the auditory shock wave moving its way from The Igloo to Nevada.

Solid stuff, that was a character win.

BlacknGold66 said...


BTW, the Pens only had 4 men on the ice when JJ hit the post! I was crapping my pants.

I have so much more to say, but I have to be up in 3 hours.

That crowd = best crowd ever. I couldn't hear myself singing the national anthem because everyone else was singing it as well.



P.S. Wilsmith... I was texting updates to Hip all game. Poor girl was having a heart attack.

jammer jagger said...

as much as you can figure out a beast of a goaltender, the pens are starting to figure out lunquist.

man, when did the rangers turn into the devils? Lets play the cycle and get our offense from behind the net. Sid should have a great series, if that is the case.

def a high stick, right?

can't wait to get us some roberts in this series.

Zac Wassink said...

How loudly did I cheer here in Hoboken?

After the fourth goal, I was asked to leave the establishment for excessive celebration.

No. I did not. The power of Gary compelled them to allow me to stay.

1 down. 3 to go. Lets go Pens.

fierst78 said...

the marty straka weight machine line is a reason i wake up in the morning

what a game

go home double j

Zac Wassink said...

I'd also just like to say:

And, of course:

Maybe if these Rags were wearing Sasson, they wouldn't blow three goal leads. Just a thought.

Raybin said...

Before I say anything else, I want to state that from this day forward, I will grovel on my knees before Jonathan M. for the Malone-Malkin-Sykora as Demolition photoshop.

What a game. Even when they were down by three I said, "If the Sens can do it, so can we." But I don't know if I really believed it

You ever have those idle thoughts that turn around and hit you in face seconds later?

"Hm, there's Dupuis in front of the net, but I doubt Sid can..." POW!

Malkin's setup for Sykora should be hung up in the Louvre. That combination simultaneous fake shot/pass was jaw dropping. I took it back three times on the DVR.

This team showed a lot tonight. They showed they were something special. I said when it was 4-4, "Even if they lose, this team showed they can reach way down and fight."

Of course it's easy to sail off into euphoria. The Rags may come back and win four straight. This night though, all was as it should be.

Kudos to Fleury for making some important saves when he had to. Both goaltenders are too good not to come out Sunday with this game as ancient news.

Playoff hockey, man.

Nothing like it.

Raybin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raybin said...

Forgot to mention the Straka penalty.

He practically tackled him. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, a fool, or laboring under such a self-deluding weight of Crosby hate that they can no longer judge events involving him rationally.

Fleury29 said...

First of all, Pensblog staff, thanks for sending me the chat link since GDC was down. It's that kind of work that makes me say The Pensblog=clutch.

(Too bad I couldn't access it from work.)

I thought Jagr and that caterpillar on his chin were going to score, I really did. Only by the grace of Lemieux did that goal not go in, let us pray.

Oh, Mario, who art in the owner's box, "Le Magnifique" be thy name. You bought the team, a yinzer's dream, in Pittsburgh as it is in the Mellon.

Seriously, though, if this is the 1990s, ahem, all due respect... 68 buries it.

But he didn't and we won so I'm going to savor this because the Penguins will lose a game in this series and it's going to hurt like a sonuvabitch because we've forgotten what a playoff loss feels like... it is not good.

Oh, and I can't believe we torched Lundqvist for five goals. The Devils only scored eleven on him in the entire previous series.


Flyer Hater said...

Look at the expression on Orpik's face after Mrs. Vogue scored, you can definitely tell he got some free candy after the game.

When Crosby got that great chance in front of Queen Lundqvist at 4-4, everyone who has ever read this blog's first thought was "66 buries it"

Raybin said...

everyone who has ever read this blog's first thought was "66 buries it"

Truer words were never spoken. In fact, I yelled it. Which I realize isn't entirely fair to Sid, but soon enough it'll be "87 buries it" That was exactly the kind of Mario playoff moment that has become legend. He would've come through in the same way.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the Pens may have been rusty for .5 them game...
But tPB staff comes out SMOKIN' for 2.1 = rock solid.

Gotta love that Rag playoff experience:

Who took 3 of the 5 penalties [with ACTUAL time on the clock, sorry Martin]


Nice experience, eh?
I'm sure Staple will say they were all unintentional anyways...

They took those penalties as if it were the 1st game after the lockout & forgot what the new rules were.


Dr. Turkleton said...

man, that guy in the tie and Hulkster shades is EVERYWHERE...

The Big K said...

When will the Rags fans and players, even Shanny, stop bitching and moaning about Crosby diving.
He is not a diver.
He has never been a diver.
They just hate him cause he's good.

Sooska said...

Good morning everyone and I mean GOOD. Are these rags the whiniest bunch you ever heard? I won't capitalize their name. I guess Sid will be up against this lie forever. That was a penalty, Marty. Move your feet and don't get that stick // to the ice.

@cody - That "goal" would be among the first words...solid parenting!

Found this at Empty Netters:
-Best text messages sent to the Jumbotron: "The common cold is looking for a cure for Gary Roberts."

Raybin said...

He is not a diver.
He has never been a diver.
They just hate him cause he's good.

Preach the gospel, big K!

Oh yeah...

Hossa. Sick goal.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Sabu now 101 ahead of Price....

the power of tPB.

Jonathan said...

@ Raybin,

You're welcome. Demolition Line comes through again.

Stoosh said...

This is why I love this website...

"It hits Rozy and gets in past Lundqvist. 3-1.

Okay, a breath of fresh air.
If we can just muster another chan-- 3-2."


"Hossa throws it to the net. 3-3

Time to settle in.
Looks like an OT Gam..........4-3!"

Talk about capturing the spirit of the thing, that's almost EXACTLY what was going through my mind as each of those goal-goal sequences happened.

I couldn't even finish my "we're getting back in it" or "I can't believe we've come all the way back" thoughts when the respective second goals were scored.

When I want a true sense of how a game went, I'm not getting that sort of thing from Dave Molinari.

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, dudes...

1. "Ruutu, Staal, Scuderi, Malkin, Crosby, Malone, Sykora, Hossa, Dupuis, Whitney, Orpik all got at least a point."

I'm forwarding that to Blueshits Bulletin and asking them what they think about our depth. In five games, nineteen skaters have dressed for the Pens and sixteen of them have points.

2. They've edited it down on the NHL Network's "On the Fly: Final" highlights, but last night, "On the Fly" patched into the MSG feed for some of the post-game interviews and, good God, was Shanahan crying about the penalty on Straka. He said at least twice that Crosby embellished it.

Look, I think it's refreshing that hockey players aren't afraid to speak their minds about stuff in postgame interviews, but this crying about Crosby from opposing players/coaches/media is getting ridiculous. Did guys do this when Forsberg was younger? He drew just as many penalties in much the same way Sid does. Did players mouth off to the media about Gretzky getting calls when he was dominating the league? Is this just because Sid is still so young, so these crusty old farts of the league feel like they can pick on him?

3. How about Mario getting in on the whiteout last night?

4. Hossa.

R*G*B* said...


strakasguitar said...

can we breathe yet, folks? holy effin' hockey. we'll be telling our proverbial grandchildren about this one. can't wait for sunday.

pensfan100 said...

Awesome game last night - the crowd outside was unreal after the game driving home. All the honking and high-fiving made you think the Pens won the Cup! Curious fact that a fellow pensblog fan and I came up with - Pens are undefeated in the last 16 playoff games in which the triangle "pigeon" Penguin does not appear on their jerseys.

R*G*B* said...

sid fall-down go-boom.

Flyer Hater said...

Wow RGB is back!! If anyone knows about whiners it'd be a Flyer fan with the display Mike Richards put on Thursday Night. I thought he was scheduling an appearance on Oprah after he was called for a blatant trip on Kovy.

Burgher Jon said...

Pensbloggers, I went to the bucco's game last night (hey, somebody had to) and "Cotton Candy" was at the Pirates game, but he was selling cracker jacks and pretzels or some such thing.

GwinTheEskimo said...

did avery quit shaving his legs for the playoffs?

demolition photoshop takes me back.

Were there three Road Warriors at one point?

guy at work said my playoff beard looked like a "NWO Beard"

my 7 month old said "Daddy" when a shot of Gary Roberts came on TV. It was her first word. I too am proud.

paul said...

call sid an embellisher all you want to. he'll just put in the game winner off malkin's leg. he'll just make a ridiculous play to outwork somebody for the puck and let dupuis bury it.

you can't blame sid for losing after being up 3-0 and having a vezina finalist in net. if you listen to brendan shanahan for your hockey analysis (which it seems like you are), you need to eliminate yourself from the gene pool as soon as possible.

Loomi25 said...

Great comeback by the Pens last night, just sucks when referees are the deciding factor in a playoff game. Kelly Sutherland has to have posters, figurines, and lockets of sidney crosby @ home.

He was knee deep in Crosbys pussy last night.

2x Crosby visibly fell with little to contact from the penalized player. Both times it was Sutherland calling it from behind the play.

Yes Straka hooked him, hooking is a part of the playoffs. it was around the midsection and Crosby the best skater in the league falls?

Not to mention Hossa had already seperated from the pack @ center ice where the penalty was called. To call that with 3 minutes left in regulation in the play offs is absurd.

The play itself had no bearing on the game, until Sid strategically falls and draws the PP.

Gotta love the influence of home calls and league icons.

BUSH league
BTW Ruutu is Sean Avery.

PittHockey said...

I'm joining the lawn crew

loomi25 said...

I also forgot.... Hossas shot went THROUGH the gap between the skate blade and the boot. Horseshit.

Pens played well but they had more luck and help from the refs than anything.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Awesome game ... I was wondering what was going on in the beginning of the game and when the third goal in everyone in my family said they lost it, except me. LoyalToaPointofInsanityblog.

Ruutu owns everyone. Seeker, thanks for making the call. Do you except major credit cards?

I'm extremely excited right now!! I came home from school yesterday, and my brother (who came home from Pitt) told me to go inside my mom had a surprise. Confused and a bit excited I go inside and ask my mom what's going on. She then speaks the words, "I got you a ticket for Sunday's game." I flip out! I'm doing those cliche 80's jumps and screaming. This is possibly the best moment of my life. I didn't get to go to a game this year and now I get to go to my first playoff game!! CryingFromJoyBlog.

JJ cross-check pissed me off ... we do not ever touch Gonchar!

@Stoosh Caputi: "How about Mario getting in on the whiteout last night?" Mario = Forever Clutch!

Why was Cotton Candy Man there? He is as clutch as Hossa and Ruutu were last night. BTW: Going through Gomez's skate ... wow. Me = Stunned permanently.

What loser jobber wears a Rangers Jagr jersey to Mellon Arena. He = Joke.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

R*G*B* said...

I developed a new skate for Crosby to wear. I have three prototypes and they are as follows:

a)there are two inflatable pontoons on either side of the skate that provide balance, like one of those sea-landing helicopters.

b)the skate blade extends 13 feet in front and behind the skate itself, almost like a ski... and he can be given a 2nd hockey stick to use as a ski pole.

c)oh who am I kidding... I don't have a third one... stay on your damn skates for once, sidney.

Dr. Turkleton said...

go play with your Wii Wii OR your video games...

What to do today after a Pens win:

• play Wii
• rogaine
• troll Flyers boards

you'd think Reaaly Gay Bastard would jump onto a Habs board & pester them a bit OR watch Philadelphiato get 'pumped up' for tonights game....

You can't spell 'Lets Go Habs' without: [Hossa]

homesprout said...

Yeah...the Rangers didn't get any lucky deflection goals last night....


Sean said...

Staple at it again:,0,5775507.column

R*G*B* said...

Sid would be really good at Wii. It involves flailing your arms about this way and that... altho I don't see where the falling down comes in.

Maybe he could splash some rogaine on his face... cause that painter's moustache has done the impossible... its made me dislike him more that I thought was humanly possible. Playoff beard???

Once again, thanks for that traffic dr. T...


Dr. Turkleton said...

sorry, folks.

I've fed the troll.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Not again! Rgb has returned ... why are you here? We aren't playing you?

paul said...

yeah uhm OKAYYYY

He doesn't dive, huh?

coffeytalk said...

Here's the thing.

excuses excuses excuses....

Honestly, if your team is up 3-0 and LOSES, It's their own damn fault. Blame the lack of play from your own TEAM.

You Raggie fans are turning into Craps fans with all of your conspiracy bullshit.

I'm not about to rub a first win in your faces. This series is going to be long and brutal. But I will throw a big glass of whine in your face. Seriously, stop the complaining and just deal with a first game loss.


Pensgirl said...

It's OK Turk. But your'e right, there's no need. He's just proving the online version of the adage that it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Flyer Hater said...

RGB, don't you have your own series to worry about anyway? You know the one where you choked away two solid leads twice and blew it overtime.

I love the fact that Ranger and Flyer fans are just obsessed with the Penguins organIzation and Sidney Crosby. It means we have truly arrived as a powerhouse in this league once again. Like Scotty Bowman said, "Every boo on the road is a cheer"

stokes said...

Seriously, RGB, coming on here and jobbing Sid is really pathetic. You know, it's annoying when its pens vs. philly, but its ok because its pens vs philly. now, if i recall correctly, its pens vs rags and philly vs habs. You are a serious waste of life and the best part of you ran down your mother's leg. in 4 more games, your vaunted flyers will be golfing, so just shut the fuck and go home.

R*G*B* said...

Just because the Flyers are playing k-nads... doesn't mean I don't watch the other games.

It actually was a very good game.

It just pains me to have it tainted by a player that takes advantage of the system.

Maybe I'm more angry at the refs who have been awful throughout these playoffs, even to the advantage of the Flyers.

But at that point in the game, you can't make that call... and more importantly... you gotta stay on your feet.

Thank God it went in off Malkin.

Jonny V said...

Gwin, Demolition was a tag-team around the same era as The Road Warriors. They had three members, Axe, Smash, and Crush. I think Crush just died recently.

loomi25, Ruutu is a man. Sean Avery is not. And what exactly is horseshit about Hossa's shot going through the gap in Gomez' skate? Are yinz going to start blaming God or the laws of motion now too for your losing?

Just how is the conspiracy to have the Penguins win the Stanley Cup going to come to fruition if the officials don't help us? Sheesh...

zhawk said...

Five playoff wins in a row. All I can think of is that "Skin Bracer" commercial with Jack Palance. "Confindence is very sexy...Don't you think?"

Flyer Hater said...

You know why Ruutu is a man and Sean Avery is a mistake on planet Earth? Because Ruutu will do this every once in awhile.

xocharmedchildox said...

RGB, Your right, the refs haven't been consistent throughout the whole playoffs. I remember when montreal won on a trip call against boston, when philly won on a call in overtime against the caps, and when montreal tied philly. It bothers me that yea, the refs were completely oblivious to all the other penalties earlier but THEY WERE ALL PENALTIES, just like strakas. Early in a game or late, it will always be a penalty, whether its called or not. Thats just the way the games goes sometimes so just suck it up and move on.

Raybin said...

Yes Straka hooked him, hooking is a part of the playoffs. it was around the midsection and Crosby the best skater in the league falls?

This is hysterical. Do you people listen to yourselves?

"Yeah, Straka committed a penalty, but since it was against Crosby who's really good it shouldn't count?"

Is that all you've got?

Try not to blow a 3 goal lead next time. Then stupid late penalties won't matter whether legitimate or not.

Ruutu is nothing like Sean Avery. He will throw down and fight. Avery won't do a thing but run away. Secondly, Ruutu to my knowledge has never forced the league to change the rules because of his bullshit antics.

Seriously, some Ranger could come up to Sid in the next game and shoot him in the chest and people would deny it was something illegal. Straka mugged him. Your team blew a league. Your Vezina finalist choked.

Deal with it and move on. This had nothing to do with officiating and everything with a complete collapse.

And as for r*g*'s that Mike Richards? Better than Crosby, if I remember correctly?

stokes said...

@ RGB:

I watch other games. I also have a life, so i feel no need to troll on message boards and blogs, spewing hate about one of the game's best players.

I do agree the officiating has been mostly inconsistent over the course of these playoffs thus far, but, that obviously means that some games are going to go your way and some are not. Regardless, a penalty is a penalty no matter when it is taken. therefore, it should be called. the refs and the league need to get their shit together.

Crosby doesnt take advantage of the system, he takes advantage of his skill and the lack of skill that lesser players do not possess. gretzky used to do it all the time.

Nate said...

oh it was just a matter of time before this happened to cblog. rags fans cant deal with losing so they blame refs and bing and the entire nhl for their problems. did you watch the game? can you honestly say that the refs gave this game to the pens after that high stick goal and a few of those early penalties? its just pathetic that you have to come on here and complain about all this and make up conspiracy theories about the nhl when you have no idea what you're talking about. go cry somewhere else.

Raybin said...

Your team blew a league.

Of course I meant "your team blew a lead" I blame Sid.

Hey, is your psoriasis acting up? Damn that Crosby!

Ingrown toenail? Curse him for diving!


Message to Rags and Flyers fans:

Win and we'll stop making fun of you. Actually we won't, but you'll be arguing from a position of greater strength.

Nathan said...

@ pensgirl: "Uh-oh, that sounds intelligent. Better say something!"
"Takes one to know one!"

RGB has apparently forgotten the Philadelphia tenure of one Peter Forsberg, quite possibly the person for whom the diving rule was instituted.

And so what if a player has learned to work the refs to his team's advantage? There are players like that on EVERY FUCKING TEAM IN THE NHL!!!! Last I checked, the referees didn't put five goals behind Henrik Lundqvist last night, and the referees didn't make Michal Rozsival forget how to play defense (if he ever knew how at all). You don't want a deflection in front of your net in the final minutes in a PK situation? Knock the guy at the crease on his ass then, that usually won't get called. Take your losses like a fucking man, don't blame the officiating for the fact that your team has a crowd of shitty defensive players who still see time on the PK.

It's time to bring back the tampon crane for Brendan Shanahan, Arthur Staple, and the rest of you idiots blaming the refs for your team shitting the bed defensively. Whatever happened to manning up and saying "You know, we just sucked out there"? If you're a Rangers fan, and you have that sentiment ("We blew this game tonight"), you're exempt from my final thought:

Fuck the Rangers, and fuck their crybaby, conspiracy-theory fans. Enjoy another spring of playoff failure, because you dipshits deserve it.

homesprout said...

The Rags fans sound a lot like the Caps fans with all their conspiracy theories. haha

karri said...

As usual, Staff, you guys make my day. Was at work again last night during the game, loving my job, but dying to get home to see the game. Watched it til 4 this morning (trying very hard not to have the neighbors call 911 from my screaming), got sleep, woke up to read your recap...You bring the feelings I had watching it to life here. Thanks. :)

C-blog is awesome! I read every comment, which is becoming difficult to do any, THANKS...Stoosh, The Seeker, BNG66, Fleury29, Jonny V, Dr.T, Wilsmith, Flyer Hater, Raybin, Sooska, Eric K, The Big K, I Have Kasparaitis, Coffeytalk, Hip, Homesprout, Canaan, Lloyd, Pitthockey, Stokes, J.S., Chris E, Whistler, Pensgirl, Spencemo, jyo, Chris, Decev, mmmk1989, Brett, Geezer, Snickerdoodles, Mike G, Matt in NC, and Mr. Plank! (I know I'm missing a lot, Sorry in advance.) I just want you all to know how fantastic this is here, which you already know.

...and Wilsmith - the video of what caused Marty's misconduct...ahahahaha!

coffeytalk said...

Karri, I love you.

Chase said...

"hooking is part of the playoffs"

No. It's not. It's not part of hockey anymore. I'm sure it wouldn't be part of the playoffs to you if this happened the other way around. Get over it and admit your team blew it.

coffeytalk said...

Coffeytalk made the pens gallery

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Thanks, Karri. That's very sweet of you!

BTW: Rob Rossi answered someone's question about Sidney be "a diver." Rossi actually sounded intelligent. (Sorry, Rossi annoys me but I have to read everything dealing with the Pens, it's a curse and blessing) It's on the Pens site under Penguins Q&A. I'm too lazy right now to post the actual link. Sorry, folks.

And I hope Hip is alive right now, Game 2 is gonna be big.

May Roberts Be With All of You.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Ohh, and congrats for getting on the Pens site, Coffeytalk.

nu said...

At the game last night.

Y'know, when the Rags started scoring, I'm sitting there having my thoughts of "Did you think this was going to be easy?", but I love that "L-G-P!" was broken out after it was 2-0. Fuck the Rangers if they think they're gonna get to us, let alone our players.

When it was 3-zip, there was a hush. I will admit I called out "Conks!" (but about 10 seconds later realized that yanking MAF would've been terrible for his psyche, so good on MT.) But there was still so much time left that you couldn't help but think we'd get on the board eventually.

But I had my doubts about winning.

The beer guy in my section actually said "Chicago Blackhawks! Chicago Blackhawks!" and I said "that was the FINALS!" and I think somebody else said "but we beat those guys!"

(and then, holy shit, I get home and the last time we came back from a 3-nothing deficit in the playoffs was that Chicago Blackhawks, 5-4 Game 1 of Earl Mann lore.)

After the second period, I was thinking "Even if we lose, I'm going to remember how insanely awesome it was when we got that second goal."

Because it felt like all things were possible. And I think the noise reflected that.

They're not going 11-0 the rest of the way. But after that game, the feeling is still the same.

(apologizes for the length, but hey, it takes away space from the asshole Flyer and Ranger fans.)

Ryan said...

Rags fans, and especially Cryers fans, coming to cblog to whine after a Pens win = the epitome of patheticness. (is that a word?)

WOOOOOOOOOOO what a game.

Raybin said...

I will admit I called out "Conks!" (but about 10 seconds later realized that yanking MAF would've been terrible for his psyche, so good on MT.)

In that moment of panic, I admit I felt the same way. But then I felt sheepish 'cause I came to the same conclusion that you did. Kudos to HCMT for not panicking like us jobber fans.

apologizes for the length

Heh, have you ever read some of the interminable crap I post? You've nothing to be sorry for. :-) Good stuff!

Raybin said...

Also karri, you're welcome to post here 400 times a day, as long as you boost my ego with each one!

Many thanks! You = clutch.

Jason said...

Goal #1: taking a piss.
Goal #2: at the fridge getting a beer.

Goal #3: taking a piss.
Goal #4: you guessed it, at the fridge getting a beer.

I will spend the rest of this series in my bathroom and kitchen.

Kudos to Harris Teeter here in NC for carrying IC Light which made all this possible. Solid.

Flyer Hater said...

I'm sending you flowers Karri.

Adrienne said...

SUCH an amazing game to have been at. This was my first playoff game in years, and the atmosphere was outstanding.

It was depressing however, to see how out of it the entire audience was during the first and second periods.

Even more depressing, it took me 2 periods and halfway through the second intermission to finally get a damn beer. :(

On a better note, my voice is SHOT today and keeps cracking out from screaming so much last night.

As soon as I took off the white shirt, we came back from the 3-0 deficit. Needless to say, I didn't put it back on and gave it away at the end of the game.

The Rags spent a majority of the game playing the trap. I was so NOT impressed by how they were playing.

I finally got a chance to see Hossa play his ass off, and for the first time since the trade, I'm actually impressed and think it was a solid pickup.

Those five goals were the most awesome minute of my life. It's going to be a sick series. :D

DeCeV said...

I want to say a lot of cool stuff but..... wooo.

Too pumped to think. Too hungover as well.

Stoosh said...

Dear anti-Crosby trolls,

Let me help you out here, OK? I'll do all your work for you.

The Official Anti-Crosby Manifesto; A Guide to Irrational, Misguided Bitching about Hockey's Newest Superstar
1. If the Pens get a powerplay when Crosby is on the ice, it's because Crosby was complaining to the refs.

2. If the Pens get a powerplay when Crosby isn't on the ice, it's because there's a league-wide conspiracy to make sure Crosby is always in a position to succeed.

3. If Crosby gets physically hauled off his skates despite the fact that he's almost always moving his feet while doing so - thereby negating the defining characteristic of a dive - it doesn't matter. It's still a dive. The refs have just never called it because...well, it's Sidney Crosby.

4. If another Pens player commits a penalty, it's not going to matter because the officials will just find a way to penalize the opposing team later down the road with a ticky-tacky even-up call. We've got to keep Sid happy and in the spotlight, remember?

5. If a Penguins player other than Crosby scores a goal and Sid is on the ice, the league gives Sid an assist regardless of the fact that he could've been at the opposite end of the ice hitting on a girl in the stands. The NHL needs Crosby to remain in the scoring race.

6. If a Pens player other than Crosby scores a goal and Sid ISN'T on the ice, Crosby is given an assist anyway.

7. The NHL hates the Flyers and will do whatever it can to keep them down, especially if the league can prop Crosby up in the process.

8. The NHL turns a deaf ear to the bitching, er...I mean, I mean legitimate complaints voiced by the players, coaches, media and fans of teams like the Caps, Flyers, Rangers and Senators about Crosby getting preferential treatment from the refs. Their complaints keep Crosby's name in the press and that kind of press is good press for the NHL.

9. The Pens tanked for five straight seasons to acquire high draft picks. The league was fine with this. Ignore the injuries that the Pens suffered in 2001-02, the fact that they were still in contention in mid-Feb for a playoff spot in the 2003-04, that there wasn't even a season to tank in 2004-05 and that Craig Patrick did a terrible job assembling the team in 2005-06. They tanked for five years because back in 2001-02 when it all started, the league just knew Whitney, Fleury, Malkin, Crosby and Staal would all come together and making this beautiful music together.

10. If/When the Pens win a Cup, it won't be on the merits of a good team winning hockey games. It will happen because the league fixed games to make it happen.

So there you go, trolls. Since there's no reasoning with you, we might as well just not interrupt the ignorance that causes this bliss for you.

Feel free to copy and paste on your own blogs or message boards. Carry it around in your pocket for quick reference whenever you encounter some snappy hockey banter. Maybe print it out and tape in on the ceiling above your bed if it'll make you feel better or help you sleep at night.

Consider this a public service from your Uncle Stoosh.

Now go find a hobby or maybe play in the middle of your closest local freeway or set of train tracks.

coffeytalk said...

you've been STOOSHED.

xocharmedchildox said...


Stoosh said...

@ Karri -

Very much appreciated, and my thoughts exactly.

Said it before...this is far and away the best community of Pens fans anywhere on the Gore.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh should be a presidential speech writer.

wilsmith said...

Commentorblog member Jay made the KDKA page. He's in the picture on the right and in the video giving a good rant. What a human being.

I love when people say "you cant make that call at that time"

Why not?

The rules define penalties. They don't define times or game scenarios. It says if a player is moving and someone gets in their way, that's interference. Crosby is moving up the play, Marty puts a shoulder and a stick into his gut, so it's a penalty. It's a penalty at that time, just like it was a penalty at 18:35 of the 1st when Shanny did it. Everyone wants consistency, so there, you got it. It was called early, and it was called late. Deal.


Why do the refs have it out for Crosby? Just because he's a beast on his skates and that much better than everyone, doesn't mean you don't have to call penalties when people do something to him. It's like the refs mindset is "oh well he's so good he can handle an extra slash or two". That's the only conspiracy. Guys like Crosby and Malkin get a lot of calls, and people say diving when it's Cros, but they could probably get a thousand more with the abuse they take.

rgb and the others, or whatev, you can cry all you want, but you can't selectively enforce the rules based on what time is on the clock or what the score of the game is. If you want players to decide the games, then let them. When Marty interferes with Crosby, he's preventing someone like Crosby from having the opportunity to decide the game. And if you think he's embellishing, then you're just high. He was checked and hooked. You've obviously never played the game if you expect him to stand there like a rock when a guy comes up beside him and runs him. They're professional athletes, but they're not made of stone. God forbid they have reactions to being hit.

I feel like a meaner and more condescending (and a little less eloquent)version of Stoosh right right now.

Matt in N.C. said...


Thanks for the kudos!


Where in N.C. are you? I'm in Ashevegas.


nu said...

Stoosh, I love you.

Gary Roberts wants to lay the smackdown like you can.

(Seriously, if you're not somehow earning real fortune and (greater) fame from expressing your thoughts, you should be.)

BlacknGold66 said...

@Adrienne: What game did you go to last night? The crowd as fucking insane at the Mellon Arena last night. I was actually moved to tears at one point over how awesome it was.


BlacknGold66 said...

Karri just gave us a quick list of Cblog HOF'ers. Solid.

Dr. Turkleton said...

good thing Stoosh wasn't around during Hilter's days....we all might be spreken sie Deutsch in cblog.

Raybin said...

I want to be just like stoosh when I grow up. Commit.

Ally said...

Roberts/Stoosh '08

nu said...

@turk, how dare you call Stoosh a Nazi!

He would have said "fuck this appeasement shit" and gotten other countries off their asses to preemptively dispose of Hitler, thereby ensuring we'd all be sprechen Sie Stoosh.

Dr. Turkleton said...

♥ karri ♥


Solution #1: Depends™

Solution #2: mini-fridge




3 Branches of Government:



Jay H said...

Crosby's diving works to perfection in Game 1

Arthur Staple = Joke

BlacknGold66 said...

I have video that I shot of the Opening Sequence from last nights game.

You can actually here me shit my pants at 4:19/20 of the video.

I just wish I could've captured the noise better.

Jonny V said...

Karri, u named the community we have become, with Staff as our mayors. And Stokes, I'm glad to bring a couple of laughs to this place every once in awhile. I'm all about comic relief

Coffeygab, you look Mahvelous with that sign...congrats on the recognition.

Jason, sorry to hear u missed all of the goals, but if it works...

Stoosh = Scholar

Adrienne, I wasn't at the game, but the loudness of the crowd was evident the whole game on TV. Perhaps a Beltone is in order.

Where The Heck Has Mike Costa Been?

Pensgirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Seeker said...

note to self:

a player does not dive and take himself out of the play in the hopes of getting a call when the score is 4-4 with 3:00 left.

don't be idiots


Here's a replay (1:50 mark).

As anyone who doesn't attend the School For The Blind can see, Straka practically tackles Crosby while Hossa already has the puck (some Rags fans say it was a chase for a loose puck = WRONG). Crosby is slightly ahead of Straka driving to create a 2 -on- 1. Straka doesn't take a line that would do ANYTHING BUT haul Crsoby down. That is a very KEY point. He wasn't trying to get to the puck or try to help defend against the 2 -on- 1. He ONLY wants to stop Crosby.

If it were true that Crosby took a dive here to embellish, he'd fall on the ice flat-out and keep sliding for the full effect waiting for a call. That's what "embellishing" is!

What Crosby ACTUALLY does is to only go down to one knees and springs immediately back up to try and stay in the play even though he was slowed down by Straka's OBVIOUS interference.

That is TEXTBOOK interference!

Why would Crosby want to draw a whistle there and stop a play that may well have resulted in a goal?

Pensgirl said...

Cblog, I'm thinking I dig their anti-Sid arguments. I see a twofold thing here: when you're better than other people at something, it means that 1) you only falter intentionally, and 2) you can reasonably expect that success will simply be handed to you.

This works for me.

Being smart that means I've never been wrong about anything - awesooooome! It also means that I can just sit back, relax, and prestigious jobs, fabulous reviews, awards, and recognition will be handed to me just because I'm so good I shouldn't have to compete for them.

I'm down with that. I just wish I'd known in '05 so I didn't have to go through all the trouble of actually studying for and taking the bar exam. What a waste that was.

So I ask you cblog, how does The Crosby Conspiracy apply to you?

coffeytalk said...

seeker speaks the truth.

BlacknGold66 said...


Since NBC is carrying the game tomorrow it won't be shown in the Cleveland/Akron market due to the Indians vs. Yanks game.

Does anyone know anywhere where my poor soul could catch the game OTHER than Pittsburgh itself.

We're contemplating driving to at least Youngstown if not further (Cranberry, or all the way to the Burgh) from Cleveland to watch it.


The Seeker said...

"hooking is part of the playoffs"

I can't believe any douche would actually say that!

Assuming that really WERE the case....

-First of all, no Ranger received a hooking penalty in Game 1.

-Secondly, the Penguins wouldn't have been short-handed on the hooking call to Sykora.

-Therefore, that would benefit the Pens and not the Rags whatsoever.

The truly hilarious thing about it is that Shanahan, of all people, complained in the media about the interference call on Straka.

Hilarious and quite HYPOCRITICAL that is....

He's a guy who's a champion of free-flowing dynamic offensive play. He held a summit during the 2004-05 lockout that led to rule changes intended to open up the flow of the game. We understand he might've been frustrated after the game, but it's really disappointing to hear him not think something should've been called simply because it happened during the final minutes of the game. (*)

* quoted from Empty Netters

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66

So you're saying you don't want to watch it streamed over the Gore?

If not, it looks like Youngstown would be the closest place for you since they carry both the Youngstown and Pittsburgh NBC affiliates. The Youngstown feed will probably also show the Indians. Boardman has quite a few establishments that would be a bit nicer than in Youngstown proper.

Dr. Turkleton said...

more good news from the Don Barden camp:

Majestic Star lost $26.1 million last year and is $556.7 million in debt, impairing its ability to borrow money to upgrade its casinos to compete more effectively.


so the game never came on Center Ice last Sunday????....the broadcast was delayed about 20-25 minutes due to Senior Golf, but I'd think it would've come on....


very Avery-esque with those shades!

Jonny V said...

seeker, eloquently stated. One problem used logic to back up your point. It's a fruitless endeavour, to them the phrase "Crosby diving" is redundant, it's been ingrained into their conscienceness, and they are programmed to hate him. Stoosh's manifesto is their best friend.

Sooska said...

Dear Penguins: In order to make sure there is no favoritism, I, the US Government and NHL Handicapper General, declare that the enormously over-talented, intelligent and beautiful excellent and awesome Sid must be made to wear thick glasses to give him a headache, have loud and dissonant noises blasted into his ears so he can't think, and wear a few hundred pounds of sandbags so he is weighed down in order to play in the NHL. That should equalize him with the rest of the NHL players. OH and maybe we will also make him, and only him, play on bad ice. Everyone else will have good ice.
We would not have to worry about Jagr, Straka, Shanahan or Lundqvist because, clearly, they are already so inferior in every aspect of the game and life. Inferior.
I am just concerned about one more thing - whose tongue should I rip out for unintenionally whining to the refs and the media?
signed, Diana Moon Glampers, Handicapper General (TM Kurt Vonnegut)

PS Malkin is next.

Jonny V said...

Affirmative Action works!!

Flyer Hater said...

Every last person on the PA State Gaming Board should lose their job and be forced to be stoned in the middle of Station Square.

The casino could have been one of the best things to happen in this town in a long town, now it's turning into a bigger joke than John Dellapina's columns.

Jersey Bill said...

note to self:

a player does not dive and take himself out of the play in the hopes of getting a call when the score is 4-4 with 3:00 left.

don't be idiots

At my son's hockey tryouts this morning, I was standing between two nice guys, who happen to be Rangers fans. And this is exactly what they hit me with. The greatest player in the world is "Mr. Glass". He is the biggest flopper they have ever seen. I made that note to self also and will reserve comment to those two gentlemen until after the series. I am very superstitious. But yes, Ranger fans do think like that.

Jonny V said...

I left this comment on the board that Seeker linked to:

Pop quiz, hotshot, the NHL wants to expand viewership, with a positive view of the league being the preferred route. Do they:

A.) Predetermine the series results so one of the games more marketable players wins the Stanley Cup

B.) Allow the games to be played and determined by the players themselves

C.) Do whatever possible to get the largest media market's team out of the playoffs, using shady tactics that bring a negative view towards the game.

"Uh...I'll guess B, Chuck

BlacknGold66 said...

@Seeker: Will Gore have a solid 100% place to watch the game even though it's on NBC?

@Turk: No, last weeks game never came on. Bullshitblog.

Joshua said...

Wow. The Blueshirt Bulletin is pathetic. I can see John Dellapina imparted his professionalism to his charge. That site tries to pass itself off as some high-falutin' hockey analysis site that doesn't get caught up in mud-slinging and tries to stay as objective as possible. That site is nothing more than a NY homer internet rag. Therrien is a whiner when talking to the refs about protecting the goalies, but Renney is not a whiner when he bitches to the refs about Crosby. The posters there talk about how superior they are to us over here and then they slam Pittsburgh and call us toothless rednecks. I really hate New Yorkers.

And the Penguins didn't win the game, the Rangers lost it and the Penguins got lucky. Straka's goal went in off a skate but that was a play where the puck was going to go in one way or another because Dubinsky was in front. Ruutu's goal was a total fluke and shouldn't count. Drury's goal isn't even mentioned, but Malkin's goal was clearly a kick-in.

Total class. A lot of those pricks still maintain that Gomez never hit Crosby with his stick. I don't know if they all had turned the game off when they showed the replay because the Rangers were losing or what. It's pathetic.

Dr. Turkleton said...


If only the Rooneys would've pulled their weight a bit more, instead of counting their cash & ignoring their fellow PGH sports brethren.

Nope. They'd rather start bitching about gameday traffic & other B.S. after it was awarded to the ONLY MINORITY APPLICANT [hmmmmmmm].

I dunno, I think Staple is making a STRONG case for winning the: #1 Douchebag Columnist of a 2nd rate fish-wrap.

[Hossa: meant to say, Staple is unintentionally whining the award.]

The Seeker said...

Has anyone asked a Rags crybaby about some of the calls they got away with and weren't penalized for?

Or...was Crosby also embellishing that smack to the face by Avery?

That alone shows Avery's lack of class and cowardice.

I see on Rag's message boards Avery fans laughing about it and saying he should have knocked Sid's teeth out.....some advocated worse (all class NY!).

Talk about a CHEAP ASS thing to do while a guy's down? A cross-check in the back knocking him down right off the face-off (interference?). Then a crack right in the face. The league should know about that move and act on it. If a high check to the head is supposed to be enforced strictly this season, then what about someone INTENTIONALLY whacking a guy in the face with his stick?

Joshua said...

One of my supervisors at the public defender's office told me that business will be booming once the casino gets built.

What's the holdup?

michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Saia (usa) said...

just finished reading the c-blog. I have a euphoric feeling today after watching the game last night. I agree with everyone in their defense of Sid...

but here are some refreshing thoughts I had and have been waiting to post.

to me, its the same old story. Simply put, back in the day, Jagr was my favorite. But that shot off the post last night brought flashbacks of the days when he was our best player on the ice alongside straka kovy and the bunch. It really made me smile, because it seemed like that type of thing ALWAYS happens to jagr. btw-66 burries it.

I just felt like last night I was watching old penguins vs. new penguins... and I love the fact that I can say wholeheartedly, I LIKE THE NEW PENS BETTER.. (please keep in mind im not talking about OLD pens who won cups) but the newer old pens...hope that makes sense to you guys... somehow i know it does.

as far as the whole crosby diving thing goes.. I hate even talking about it, but its a popular topic today. Here are my thoughts. You can make the case for SO MANY PLAYERS in the NHL on any given night... the thing about crosby is, is that he puts the puck IN THE FUCKING NET when you make a bonehead play resulting in a PP. Also, because he plays balls out on every play and rarely any one else defending him does, of course he is going to draw penalties... HE'S BETTER! hes not diving, hes playing harder than you.

but heres the thing, the simple fact that the "professionals" (brenden) on the other side of the ice are actually defecating from their mouths about dives by penguins means their head isnt in the right place. IN YOUR DOME NY.

Stephen said...

The Pensblog

note to self:

a player does not dive and take himself out of the play in the hopes of getting a call when the score is 4-4 with 3:00 left.

don't be idiots

1. Hossa had already seperated from the pack
2. He wasn't in the play, he and Straka were both jockeying for position.
3. Straka laid some lumber on Crosby's mid section
4. Crosby sprawled out @ center ice.

There should have been NO call on the play. Or atleast 4 on 4 with a diving call.

But since fear that mellon arena would crumble due to riots of Crosby actually going into the penalty box, Kelly Sutherland came to his boy toys rescue and made a hometown call with 3 minutes left in the game.

- As for Drury's goal. It was ruled inconclusive therefore whatever the immediate ruling on the ice is will be the final call. Thats WHY it was a goal.

Vanessa Day said...


1. LOL at the cblog subplot of rgb < everyone else!

2. Am I the ONLY ONE who doesn't get exactly what Ryan Whitney brings to the team besides giveaways? Yes, I know he got a point but I just don't get his FallingAsleepDuringRound2blog. He just seems to be squeaking by to me.

3. JJ didn't seem to get the memo that the Hitler (however modified) is a no-no in the facial hair book of etiquette. GrossOutBlog

4. I am seriously freaking out now. God, I wish I lived in Pittsburgh. Although I am now fully rocking my WWGRD bumpersticker from storeblog, the crazies in my neck of the woods don't get it. I just can't seem to get the spirit of the RedNeckWings out of my town.

Can't wait for the Almighty's return.



Pensgirl said...

Jonny, I hope you told them "Do not ATTEMPT to grow a brain."

I would love to be there when a Rags fan tries to get out of a speeding ticket.

In court: "Your Honor, I was only going 72 in a 65, and I was just five minutes from home. Everybody knows the traffic laws are only in effect once you get ten miles out."

Magistrate: "Guilty. And fuck you, I'm doubling the fine."

Nathan said...

Stephen, what were you watching there? Crosby didn't leave his feet, went to a knee and kept on going. He would've made it a 2-on-1 with Hossa, Gomez's great defensive play notwithstanding, if not for Straka's interference. Crosby had position on the rush, Straka used his body/stick to disrupt Crosby's momentum, and that's something the refs will ALWAYS call nowadays. It's not a dive. Period.

Now do us all a favor and jump off the George Washington Bridge to spare the world from the natural remainder of your pathetic life. And take the rest of your crybaby, "it was a dive" Ranger fan bretheren with you. Asshole.

coffeytalk said...

oh stephan...

you'd call Crosby for diving if I had tripped and fell in front of you.

Pensblog Staff said...

cblog be warned.

Bullshit bulletin is trying to send people over to job


Raybin said...


1) Lies
2) Lies
3) That's called a penalty
4) More lies

Hossa had maybe half a step. With Sid's speed he was very much still in that play.

And if he and Straka were close enough to be "jockeying for position", why wouldn't Straka use his body to knock Sid aside rather than club him with a stick?


As for Drury's goal, maybe others might, but I'm not bitching about it.

I want you to do something for us: Go to YouTube. There's a million Sid clips there and if you've ever read the comments few people seem to like him so there should be 400,000 diving clips.

Find me a dive and bring back the link.

I'm going to watch the NFL draft now, but somehow I can't imagine when I come back you'll have found one.


Stoosh's earlier post becomes more accurate by the second.

The Seeker said...

Stephen said...

4. Crosby sprawled out @ center ice.

What game exactly were you watching?

Here's the replay: (1:51 mark)

PLEASE explain to me how it is POSSIBLE that you see Crosby "sprawled out @ center ice" in that replay when the rest of the SEEING world sees a guy only go down on one knee and continue on?

1) Don't insult us with your complete and utter lies about something that can be very easily verified.

2) If you team didn't blow a 3 goal lead, one play wouldn't matter

3) Bite me

Joshua said...

Wow. The NFL draft is so overdone. Pretty much everything related to the NFL is overdone, but this is bad. They had some lame intro that looked like it was set in CIA headquarters or something with all these losers at computers doing shit. Some bitch says "access player profiles" and this douchebag with a lame mustache goes to a touchscreen, unlocks it with his palm-print and starts point-and-dragging shit to show the different players.


Flyer Hater said...

I find it harder and harder to disagree with Ranger fans about Crosby diving. They should be experts in the field, considering one of their cult heroes has a long history of doing it.

coffeytalk said...

dr. t:


you are making me want to smash my new sun glasses.

wilsmith said...

Stephen, honestly, did you watch the game or are you just trying to get in on the action?

On the Marty penalty Crosby didn't go down, he kept his feet moving until they got tangled up with Marty's, then dropped. Get with the program. Seriously.

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66

One thing for certain BnG....nothing is certain when it comes to online streams of hockey games.

I'd probably gas-up the ride and get ready for a roadtrip to Ytown!

coffeytalk said...

come to Pittsburgh BnG66!

Do it.

Dr. Turkleton said...


in a vogue-internish, jackie o, The Hills way...
not in a bald midget on skates, douchebaggery, way...

coffeytalk said...

@ dr. t:

whew. I almost had to take away an appletini from you.

The Seeker said...

Not that I actually care about this point but in the spirit of full disclosure and accuracy:

"- As for Drury's goal. It was ruled inconclusive therefore whatever the immediate ruling on the ice is will be the final call. Thats WHY it was a goal."

Yes, it was ruled 'inconclusive'.

The 'immediate call on the ice' was a NO CALL AT ALL.

Not one official actually made ANY call on that goal on the ice...immediate or not. No one waved it off and no one pointed at the net.

So I'm a bit confused as to WHICH call on the ice they ruled on since there was none.

Dr. Turkleton said...


did you Campaign Crash in that 2nd photo or was that part of the coffeytalk tailgate posse?

JYo said...

OMG, the Rangers are the best team ever!!! The refs just screwed them because they love that Mason Crosby guy. Its OK, Steve Avery is better than that Gretzky guy, and he is a fashion maven, so the Rangers will come back and win. Oh, the NFL draft is on, forget this hockey crap. Lolz!

Why did they bring this stupid salary cap in anyway??? Now we can't just buy the best players anymore. Oh well, at least the Yankees can still pay one player more than the entire Marlins team. NY rulz!!!

Jonny V said...


JYo said...

"Straka laid some lumber on Crosby's mid section"

Sounds like a penalty to me. Slashing, hooking, interference...take your pick. I'll take your word that that is how the play went down, you can pick your favorite penalty.

As for the Drury "goal", unless he is about 3 feet tall, it was clearly hit with a high stick. I don't need to see the cross-bar in the frame. His stick was over his head when it hit the puck, so as long as he is over 4 feet tall, it was hit with a high stick. Pretty simple, eh?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Vanessa: About Whit ... hmm, he has been consistently unconsistent as far as playing goes. I'm thinking Sydor might get his spot back on Sunday. Whit has the potential to be an extremely talented defensemen but something isn't right with him currently. It might be motivation he needs, but he needs to stop messing up like that or he'll be sitting.

@Stoosh: You are beyond awesome right now. You could make Jimmy Carter sound intelligent when he talked about consulting his daughter on presidential decisions. (Sorry a bit of a nerd ...)

@Turk: I'm sorry but I already brought German to the cblog the other day when I called Orpik "Frei Süßigkeiten." Why would Stoosh be german, though? I think your obsession with cheese and Tyra Banks may be clouding your thought process (hehehe, a Scrubs reference!)

@Stephen: You do realize Sid's taken penalties before? Hey, Seeker, I think you were the one who put Sid's penalty minutes up and what they were for, can you please re-post them for the un-educated people here. Thank you.

Note to Self: Do not anger Flyer Hater or I will be stoned.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Back-track: "unconsistent" isn't a word "inconsistent" is. (I should check my spelling ...)

coffeytalk said...

no campaign crash. but that's a great idea.

that's me, my brother, my aunt, and some of her buddies.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

That's exactly what I was saying to my Daughter at the time about the Drury goal.

His stick was raised above his own shoulders and I'm quite sure Drury's shoulders are higher than the crossbar. I didn't really see why there was much of a question about it.

Of course I did also say to my Daughter that they'll rule it a goal....somehow.

Flyer Hater said...

BNG66, is more reliable than Flyer fans crying conspiracy after a Penguins playoff win.

wilsmith said...

I don't remember crosby ever doing anything like this

(no, it's not a rick roll)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I actually couldn't watch the game last night.

I had promised my girlfriend weeks ahead of time that I'd go see Anti-Flag (a punk band that's, coincidentally, from Pittsburgh) with her over in St. Pete.

My Ranger fan buddy didn't attend.

At the show, there were actually about a half dozen people with Penguins shirts and/or hats on. Some guy in a Lemieux shirt kept getting game updates texted to him from his mom. I bothered the shit out of the guy for the score every 10 minutes.

There was also some old guy in a circa 1999 Penguins road jersey who refused to let anyone tell him the score because he was DVRing the game.

Anyways, they won, and the first thing the guy from Anti-Flag said when they took the stage was something about listening to the Penguins on the radio in the tour bus and how happy he was so happy they won that he could cry, or something like that.

Then they made some eardrums bleed (in a good way).

Last but not least, I got a text from Ranger-fan buddy about how heartbroken he was. I texted back "You=stunned". And to top it off, I got to make fun of some guy in the bathroom who was wearing a Rangers hat.

JYo said...

Roberts/Stoosh '08

I second that! Roberts should let Moses know he might need a new arc to float in all the tears of Rags/Cryers/etc. fans, players, media, et al. We need to ensure their safety so they can lead our country. Of course, GR could just walk on water anyway, so maybe it won't matter so much.

All these tears combined with global warming could spell trouble. Although, that might just put both NY and Philthy under water and make the 'burgh ocean front property. That might be nice.

The Seeker said...

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, Seeker, I think you were the one who put Sid's penalty minutes up and what they were for, can you please re-post them for the un-educated people here.

I can't take credit for that....I asked the question but it was that fine gentleman known as Dr Turkelton who supplied those stats.

I CAN say that after extensive research, Crosby has never gotten a diving penalty.

Of course the conspiracists would say that's because he's the NHL's "poster boy".

However, Crosby HAS gotten unsportsmanlike penalties.

So, the question that begs an answer is: If Crosby is the NHL's poster boy whom they want to protect from criticism, then wouldn't it only makes sense that the powers that be would issue the same kind of protection edict on calling him for unsportsmanlike conduct as they allegedly did for diving?

Dr. Turkleton said...


Sidney Crosby Penalties 07-08

Regular Season:

•Tripping: 4 for 8 minutes
•Roughing: 4 for 8 minutes
•High Sticking: 2 for 6 minutes [1 was double minor]
•Hooking: 2 for 4 minutes
•Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 2 for 4 minutes
•Fighting: 1 for 5 minutes
•Slashing: 1 for 2 minutes
•Interference: 1 for 2 minutes

The 2 Unsportsmanlike penalties occurred in:
•game 12 @COL [got that for mouthing off per tPB recapblog]
•game 21 v. NJ [got that for mouthing off after coming out of the box after the Devils scored a PP goal, per tPB recapblog]

•Roughing: 1 for 2 minutes

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Thank you, Dr. Turk!!

Uneducated idiots who speak before they attempt to think ... please read those stats.

Nathan said...

Granted, Crosby missed a bunch of time this year, but he's really cut down on his PIM each year following his rookie season (110 PIM, down to 60 last year, and 39 in 53 games this season).

The Seeker said...


It seems that the fine folks at Bullshit Bulletin can't quite handle the jobbing.

I'm not sure if they've blocked everyone or just MY comments, but my IP address has been banned there and I can no longer post any comments.

I think that is kind of like being awarded a medal...I shall wear it proudly!

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the seeker

mine 'magically' disappeared as well...

maybe they didn't like my name: jagr's chin

or it coulda been the crack I made about dellapina being their 'idol'.

Flyer Hater said...


What a mistake.

That kind of gaffe on a college application could mean the difference between Harvard and CCAC Tech.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, Flyer Hater, the letter "i" and "u" are right beside each other so, shush! (laughs)

Flyer Hater said...

i have kasparaitis, Faulkner buries it...

Pensgirl said...

Faulkner = Joke

Flyer Hater said...


My English professor in college=stunned

Pensgirl said...

FH, so's my 11th grade English teacher.

Steinbeck = Beast

Flyer Hater said...


Of Mice and Men is the Gary Roberts of 20th century literature.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Well us people from pittsburg can't speel nutin' write ... Ny'ers doing impressions of me.

Faulkner, hmph, Twain and Hemingway own him. Besides the Nobel Prize for Literature is overrated. Really, John Steinbeck won one and look at his work. Of Mice and Men = Lame.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Gary Roberts is more like the "Great Gatsby" of 20th century. Maybe even "All the King's Men."

FijiH2O said...

@Annie - you're making me like Shakespear:) I should have known you when I was in high school!

Coffey - I saw you after the second period. I was in the wrap around line for the ladies' room, outside of D24, when I saw you walking by with your sign raised high! I had a much smaller sign (8 1/2"x11") - the version from the facebook page GR for Pres. - that I got signed after the game. I like that sign better, because it has pictures of Gary in the little stars. It was funny, because he was signing stuff on autopilot, but I could see his face change when he read the page I handed him. He chuckled and showed his wife. I made Gary Roberts laugh! I had my sign laminated at Staples this morning.

Stoosh - OMG! Your manifest was brilliant.

Awesome game last night. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. First off, the big dilema about what to wear: my winning outfit or go for the white. I opted to go white, since Gary and Co. told me to. I did my part, so the team could do their part. Second: I blew off work yesterday, so that I could leave really early for the game, but ended up getting a speeding ticket for going 81 in a 65mph area. The Trooper's first name was Gary! He wrote me up for only going 75 - he saved me money and points. It still cost me $135.50. First ticket I ever had to pay. The first ticket I ever got was fixed by a friend.

People around me were convinced that the white out was a jinx. As soon as people started stripping off their t-shirts, the scoring began. Coincidence???

Joshua said...

I think the Blueshirt Bulletin is blocking all posts that are not pro-Ranger and anti-Crosby. I submitted a few posts that were written in a respectful and logical manner and none of them have been approved. It's pretty funny considering that they rag on this blog so much yet they censor posts. Guys over there have encouraged people to come over here because the comments aren't moderated, but they won't open their forum up. They are losing all credibility as far as being "more mature" and "classy" than pensblog.

American literature is significantly inferior to Russian literature. Oddly enough, when I was there most of the kids I met hardly read Russian literature. They were all into Hemingway and Faulkner. I knew more about and had read more Russian literature than they had, and they had read more American classics than I have.

Pensgirl said...

FH, totally right about Of Mice and Men.

Kaspar - re-read it. Seriously. It's a wonderful book. Hemingway? OH-ver-RAY-ted.

Pensgirl said...

Joshua, for you:

Tolstoy = зверь

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Sure, Hemingway was a drunk but his poetry's not bad. I think it's just personal taste. I guess, I can never get over the part of Lennie and George's relationship at the end. But you gotta admit, Twain is amazing.

The Seeker said...

Bullshit Bulletin post:


Can't you just block IP addresses from offenders instead of moderation?

Pensgirl said...

Yes, Twain is fantastic.

The Seeker said...

Evgeni Malkin:

Evgeni Vladimirovich Malkin

Jevgenij Vladimirovič Malkin

Евгений Влади́мирович Малкин

teamkory said...

Great Game.

I really blame the fans for the first 3 goals. I was watching on CBC and it just sounded totally quiet in the Igloo during play in the 1st and some of the second. The announcer even stated he thought it was eerily quiet.

But luckly Ruuuuuutooo got you guys going.


Brandon said...

Anyone do any tailgating yesterday?

They used to be real lax about it, but I'm kinda concerend now with the outdoor running of the game, they seem to be a lot more hardnosed about alcohol.

I just want to get down there early and grill and have a few cold ones in the parking lot before heading into the game, anyone have any problems with this?

Also, I can't remember (been a long time since I went to a weekend game) what time do the lots open?

J.S. said...

karri, you put me in the same class as seeker, bng, and stoosh?


letsgopsu said...


2 best books I have ever read for high school:

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

The Great Gatsby (one of the few books I actually took the time to read in high school) was just boring and pointless.

Interestingly enough, the two books above were books I picked for independent reading assignments. Besides those books, the other good works where plays: The Crucible, Richard III, King Lear, Macbeth...


IceCold... said...

i have NEVER been more PROUD to be a PENS FAN!!!! or a pensblog/c-blog fan for that matter

all these anti-pens jobbers are music to my ears. cause all i hear is, "we can't come up with a better reason to why we lost other than the same old conspiracy." which translates into "you are a superior team" aaahhhh... i love it!

you can job our team all you want, but when it comes down to it, we came back from a 3-0 deficit. say what you want! you can't take that away!! our pens showed determination, perseverance, and unbelievable talent through all 4 lines.

it could be raining shit on me right now and i would still be smiling.

and yes, i support roberts/stoosh '08!!!!!


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@IceCold...: Great comment. Amen!

@letsgopsu: King Lear is my favorite of Shakepeare!

Pensgirl said...

PSU, I'll be very sad for you if you didn't read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. (The movie lives up to it though, thanks to Gregory Peck being the Gary Roberts of actors.)

Joshua said...


He is/was indeed a beast. I highly recommend that you read some biographies about him if you haven't. There's one called "Tolstoy on the Couch" by Daniel Rencour-Laferrier that is supposed to be excellent. He's some kind of head-doctor that tries to psychoanalyze Tolstoy. I haven't had a chance to read it but one of my Russian professors was always going on about it. Tolstoy was a real character. He supposedly lost his virginity in a brothel. He was always chasing women and then punishing himself for his lust through his writing. Have you ever read "The Kreutzer Sonata?" It's a short story of his. One critic described it as an exposition of a code of celibacy so thorough that if it were practiced the human race would die out within a few generations. Tolstoy wouldn't leave his wife alone even when he was in his 80s. That poor woman. She had to put up with the lecherous old dog and she had to write out by hand ten manuscripts of both "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." Her journal is supposed to be a very good read as well.

Do you speak Russian? If so you and I have quite a lot in common (lawyerin', Penguins hockey, Russian).

@ letsgopsu

Thank you. When I finally got around to reading "The Great Gatsby" I was quite underwhelmed to say the least. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Joshua: It's a good book if you don't listen to all the jabbering (not jobbering) about it. Before I read it, I made sure that I didn't listen to what other people said about it. I listened to what people said about "Of Mice and Men" and that didn't help my impressions of the book.

@Pensgirl: I agree with you completely on To Kill a Mockingbird book and movie. Duvall is chilling as Boo.

I thinking about what I should wear to my first playoff game ... should I wear my Malone or Kasparaitis jersey shirt? I think Bugsy might be more appropriate but Kaspar is Kaspar.

The Seeker said...

Not only has Bullshit Bulletin banned us from posting anything, they've DELETED all our prior posts!

What a bunch of wimps!

I now place those Rags fans in the Phylum Invertabrata (no BACKBONE)!

I guess they couldn't take the heat in the kitchen....or, any objectivity that might tend to offset their homerish bias.

dying alive said...

Nearlydiedblog. I still have no voice whatsoever and a headache that would put the average person in the hospital. But no matter. I attended the best game I've ever seen live last night, and I am still feeling good.

Note to NYR: If you lose a game in which you were up 3-0 halfway through the second period, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

dying alive said...

WRT the Bullshit Bulletin, no big deal if they can't come over here. You can't job the original and best bunch of jobbers in the business.

dying alive said...

Ugh...should be no big deal if they "DO" come over here.


Joshua said...


Don't get me wrong. I liked the book. I just didn't understand what all the fuss was about. People had always talked about how controversial and groundbreaking the book was. I think that's why it was so highly acclaimed and what earned it status as a classic Being a product of the late 20th century, I suppose that I am somewhat jaded. For that reason, I didn't really find it to be that shocking or even innovative. I thought it was a competently written, if somewhat bland, book.


Do you speak Russian?

Flyer Hater said...

What do yinz think about Catcher in the Rye? It seems like a book that people either love or hate.

Joshua said...

And the Blueshirt Bulletin is so full of itself, and is thereby full of shit. They were going on and on about how awesome and classy they are and how they won't come over here even if pensbloggers go over there to talk shit. They kept talking about how immature this community is and how they are above such silliness. Now they've put out a call to come over here and trash the place. What a bunch of hypocrites. New York really has a penchant for producing stuff that sucks.

stokes said...

judy blume = greatest writer of the 20th century

@ FH: great book. i was going to comment about that as well. i want to name my first child Holden.

just a quick note about the casino:

I'm not going to say anything about barden. its not completely his fault he was picked. but it is a typically pgh/pa thing to have the chance to do something really great and screw it all up. the powers that be in this city and state can't do anything right. they can't even tie their own shoes. what a joke.

Pensgirl said...

Joshua, I'm afraid I only wish I spoke Russian. The closest I can get is that I can give the Easter greeting/response in Slovak. My comment was borne of an evidently-accurate web translator. :)

Kaspar, not to take away from the importance of the character, but the first time I read the name "Boo Radley" I thought it would be an excellent name for a dog, and I plan to use it for that purpose one day.

On the Sid conspiracy theories, I'm done except to ask why, if people believe so heartily that the league is not only allowing a player to get away with something that is, per the rulebook, cheating, but actually facilitating this cheating and fixing games in his favor, they continue to have anything to do with the NHL. If I actually thought that a sporting league I followed was that corrupt, I'd drop it and never look back. If you are so convinced that the games are rigged, and you're watching anyway, how stupid does that make you?

Sooska said...

@ joshua-so at the BULL(shit)etin are talking fantasy hockey ;) while we are over here talking American and Russian lit, is that it?

Twain, Steinbeck, Vonnegut=beast

@pensgirl :P

@letsgopsu-Catch 22 Yossarian

Fitzgerald was a diver

@flyer hater-I only read it once a long time ago and it was a huge deal at one time. Is it still relevant? Like, say, Death of a Salesman? your serve, pensgirl.

Flyer Hater said...

Stokes, SuperFudge changed my life.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Flyer Hater: I think that book is awesome as well. One of my favorites.

@Joshua: He published in the 20's the same time he wrote the book. He based the characters on actually people during that time, and everyone could recognize who they were. Meyer Wolfsheim was based on Arnold Rothstein, who rigged the 1919 World Series and got away with it. Gatsby was based on Edward M. Fuller, a big-time bootlegger. I think it's biggest controversy would be showing the affairs committed by people in the 1920's as well as the bootlegging.

Pensgirl said...

Catcher in the Rye was amazing.

I gotta give a shout-out to Animal Farm. Orwell knew how to work a metaphor, man.

Sooska: DOAS:modern life::Rangers fan:reality.

Pensgirl said...

Also, you haven't lived if you haven't read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

letsgopsu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
letsgopsu said...

@ pensgirl

I read To Kill A Mockingbird in 8th grade, so it didn't make the high school list. Great book though. Read 1984 and Animal Farm, thought both were crap.
Brave New World = Gary Roberts
1984 = Sean Avery

@ sooska

Vonnegut is definately a beast.

Hemingway > Fitzgerald, and Hemingway wasn't even that good.

Only Steinbeck book I ever read was The Pearl, wasn't a fan.

@ flyer hater

Faulkner...well, let's just say I'm of the belief that I write better than Faulkner.

Sooska said...

@letsgopsu-read JS's Grapes of Wrath-second to none. Best book 20th century America

my obscure reference to Diana Moon Glampers is from Vonnegut

@ pensgirl - you got that right. How about Ulysses?

I Have Kasparaitis said...

letsgopsu: "1984" rocked my world last year along with "To Kill A Mockingbird." There was so many ways that the reader could interpet the ending I loved it. But to each his own.

I'm actually reading "Grapes of Wrath" right now, but so far it is pretty good. I'm planning to read "Wüthering Heights" ...

Freckle Juice was one of my childhood favorites.

Pensgirl said...

Ulysses (poem) = Epic (Tennyson = Beast)

Ulysses (book) = Crap (Joyce = Joke)

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J said...

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Sooska said...

Grapes of Wrath is marvelous- I have reread it every couple of years since I was in High school. The old movie is wonderful too.

J said...

hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash, I was making about $900 extra a month...
check it out ..

coffeytalk said...

uh oh. spambot alert.

letsgopsu said...

Also, somebody mentioned him in a previous post, but if you wanna a good read on pop culture and what not, check out Chuck Klosterman. Read Sex, Drugd, and Cocoa Puffs about a month ago, and that book is solid.

Matt in N.C. said...


Screw all the rags fans. They are jealous because the Penguins have arguably had the best two players in the NHL skating on their ice for a significant part of the last 20 years. They used to say the same thing about LeMagnifique:


NY TIMES - 5/10/96

Sports Column: Diving Art Should Stay in Olympics

NEW YORK -- Diving is normally an Olympic Summer Games sport, best conducted in the rather forgiving environment of water. But according to the Rangers, diving is fast becoming a winter sport as well, conducted on frozen water.

Olympics Rangers were not at all suggesting their two-games-to-one deficit going into Thursday night's match with Pittsburgh came about because the Penguins slip and slide and belly-whop on the ice much like real penguins.

No, the Rangers were willing to concede that Pittsburgh had earned its advantage, but some did seem professionally abashed at the amount of diving being done by the other side. It is always the other side that dives.

"Lemieux dives every time he's hit," said Colin Campbell, the Rangers' coach, who is certainly aware of the deity status accorded Mario Lemieux for his skill as well as his courage in fighting off Hodgkin's disease and back problems. But, as Campbell sees it, a flop is a flop.


The reality is that NHL officiating has gotten better but it can still sometimes be like the WWF (I know it is WWE, but I'm from the old school). A hook in the first period should be a hook in the third period should be a hook in the the third overtime.

Screw them. As has been stated: Don't give up a 3 -0 lead and the penalty doesn't matter.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

read sex drugs and cocoa puffs too.... i liked it, he seemed smart and definitely liked to argue. my problem with it was that he whined and complained the whole time. i would have hated to be his roomate too... haha

homesprout said...

As far as the BS Bulletin goes...I guess it's a lot easier to win an argument when you don't include any opposing viewpoints!

What a bunch of sissies!!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Is "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa puffs" about the Advertisement industry? If so I might have glanced through it ...

Dennis Lehane has to be one of my favorite writers, and he's actually still alive.

As I mentioned before, I love "All the King's Men." I would go with that as the Gary Roberts of books.

The Seeker said...

Crosby moment on WTAE News tonight:

Asked about the condition of the ice:

Among other things...

Sid said he talked to a ice maintenance guy who told him the Mellon's ambient temperature rises a couple degrees after each Penguins goal.

I say...let it become a POND!


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