Friday, April 25, 2008

GameDay (2.1) -- Rangers @ Pens



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But the heartbreaker comes from a dear and close friend:

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You're still cool with us, James.
As long as you take the Pens in the East Finals.

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He is a Rangers fan, and it's already guaranteed that the game will be there tonight.
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10 Penguin players currently use Easton sticks.

Easton sticks accounted for 122 goals in the first round of the playoffs,
a staggering 47.7% of the 256 goals scored.

Thanks to Ben from Easton for sending us that info.




:: In the AHL Thursday night, Albany and Philly went 5 OT's,
with Philly finally putting in a goal.

Albany goalie Michael Leighton made 98 saves during the game.
[ -- Video of the goal ]


There was an attack on street signs in the Mt. Lebanon area on Friday.

We would have higher-resolution pics,
but the ones we found somewhere on the internet were 2.5MB each.

We sacrificed time and are bringing you the thumbnails.

But you get the idea:

The culprits wanted to only be credited with their initials.
The cops are on the hunt for these little bastards.

But whoever did it knows who they are.
Even the initials are too much information.

And whenever the cops are jobbing you,
the less people who know you're guilty, the better.


The people have spoken.

Hacksaw's only defeat this season was at the hands of the New York Rangers.
It was an overtime defeat in Madison Square Garden.

He will be given the opportunity to exorcise those demons later in the series.
For now, it's a huge Game One start to build confidence.

We feel it's a must to use yellow font to offset the colors that lay with Duggan.




Pensblog Staff said...


Jonny V said...

The last time we were in a second round game I was in college. Been so long...

cdubbs29 said...

And Penguins we shall be
For thee, my Gary, for thee.
Power hath descended forth from Lemieux,
That our feet may swiftly carry out thy commands
So we shall flow three rivers forth to thee
And teeming with fans shall it ever be.
In nomeni Pascal, et Evgeni, et Sidney Crosby

canaanregulatesblog said...

lol. staff did a solid first.

Eric K said...


Go Pens

PittHockey said...


JYo said...


J.S. said...

Can the staff really call first?

Damn, I guess so.


Carey Price - 1025 votes
Dany Sabu - 1026 votes

Hell yeah, my vote made a big difference.

Dr. Turkleton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prdukie11 said...

sabu takes the lead. 1027 to 1026

J.S. said...

The jobbing of road signs = solid, although I imagine slightly illegal, and by slightly I mean very.

(steps out of the back porch to see what signs I could job)

mmmk1989 said...


im soo glad i get VS (im at college in albany)

Mr. Plank said...


ill be watching this before the Sharks.

Gary Roberts will make Avery turtle all the way from the dressing room.

stokes said...

Here in Dormont (and Beechview) there actually IS a street named Crosby.

and on the souseside, there is Sidney street.

He was destined to end up in the Burgh.

Mirtle's call really hurts. to the bone, hurts.

Go pens

wilsmith said...

Isn't saying online that the perpetrators of the sign vandalism emailed you enough to get them in trouble?


chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Flyer Hater said...

Great, Joe "Man-Power" Advantage Beniatti is doing the game.

I miss Steiggy already.

bnee said...

i love the bower gill doctor was over there and it's so funny to see it look like that! nice to see vandalism that isn't a tag or other gibberish

Flyer Hater said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs

Whistler said...

As we prepare for the upcoming game, let us pray..

Our Roberts, who art in Pittsburgh, Gary be thy name.
The Playoffs come, The cup be won,
to Pittsburgh in the Arena called Mellon.

Give us this day our daily Pensblog
and forgive us our reporters as we job those who job against us
And lead us not into Philly, But deliver us from the Rangers,
For thine is the Crosby, and the Malkin, and the Fleury for ever and ever.


Now, LET'S GO PENS!!!!

Matt in N.C. said...

First Period Power Play=putrid

Spirited period.

Can the douches on VS. be more in the tank for the Rangers?

Wish I could sync up the X internet broadcast with my t.v.

Flyer Hater said...

Why is Ryan Whitney on the ice in any circumstance?

Matt in N.C. said...

A better question is:

Why is Bugsy Malone laying on the ice after getting hit whining for a call?

Fuck that. Get up, hit somebody back, or better yet, score!

Dr. Turkleton said...


don't be a hater...

wait a sec...nevermind.

Ally said...

My giggling @ flyer hater's post was ended by that travesty of a Rangers (goal)?

High stick high stick high stick high stick.

The Seeker said...

Did anyone tell the Penguins that there's a game tonight?

Pensgirl said...

Seeker, it'll be alright. They definitely need to settle down (they've looked all night like they've been trying too hard - hitting someone and falling down, passing too hard, etc.) but they'll get there.

THe first two goals were both flukey and that seemed to have rattled Fleur, but he'll right his ship too.

Frankly this might be good for them - they played great against the Sens but were definitely not given nearly the fight that the other teams were, and sometimes you need to get knocked down a little to find what you need.

And as I type this we score twice. See that? I bet that right there is a huge help to Fleur, and I bet it'll help the rest of them get their game back. Solright, solright.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Joe B [professional douche]

doing his best Steigy impersonation!!!!!!!

Never have come back during the regular season down 3-0

NEVER SAY NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pensgirl said...

Turk, all you need to know about Joe is that he said "the Rangers quiet a raucous crowd" after the first Rags goal, and as a Let's Go Pens chant was going on.

The Seeker said...

I called Ruutu's cellphone and reminded him to tell the rest of the team as well.

He said sorry they weren't aware but thanks for calling.

Dr. Turkleton said...


he's used to that before all the playoff caps bandwagoners joined the fun...

adding insult to injury would've been to add Laughlin to join him in the booth....

Dr. Turkleton said...

3 goals on 13 shots???

should've started Conk-Block [jk]

that 1's for you, Flyer Hater ;)

Pensgirl said...

Ugh, Laughlin. He's actually pretty objective (at least in Caps games I've watched, he seems to be quick to point out when they get away with stuff) but his voice makes me want to stab my eardrums.

Dr. Turkleton said...

funny part about Whit's beard: he shaved after this mornings game-day skate.

Dr. Turkleton said...


he COULD be objective...but, I've never actually been able to HEAR anything he says...the dogs in the neighborhood seem to understand, though.

Sooska said...

GARY!! GREAT GOOD GARY!! Does Hossa need glasses?

Flyer Hater said...

Does Hossa ever bury chances?


geezer said...

When the Rangers went up 3-0 I had to talk Elmo down off the ledge. He was ready to go. Pens have been able to do what I couldn't, Elmo stepped down off the ledge. Pens gotta come through, Elmo is fragile right now. Come on Pens you can do this. Do it for Elmo!

Pensgirl said...

I swear to God if Versus doesn't stop putting graphics right over the play I am going to fucking find their headquarters and punch everybody in the face.

Sooska said...

have they all come down with poor hand-eye coordination or whatever it is? They have "bumblefuck-itis"

Spencemo said...

I...friggin...hate...VS! There's a play going on at the boards, and they've got to put up that HUGE graphic?! Amateurs!

Spencemo said...


Sooska said...

our boy Hossa takes criticism well.

Matt in N.C. said...


Looks like I spoke too soon...oops!

Hell yeah! Good time to come through!

JYo said...


Spencemo said...

I say again...

Sooska said...

ants in his pants?

Pensgirl said...

Dear New York Rangers,

You ain't playing fucking Jersey anymore.

Bumps and bruises,

The Penguins

Mike said...

Sweet fuck I could watch the Rags implode like this all night.

Don't poke the chinchilla said...


Sooska said...

Pens: OH what's this I have found?

Rags: it's your game.

Pensgirl said...


Orpik has a second assist.

Scuderi has a first assist.

Ten different Pens with points.

And it's far from over.

Matt in N.C. said...

To quote Sports Illustrated even though it is a bit forced "The Force From Magnitogorsk".

Sick fuckin' pass.

Sykora=Bury It!


Flyer Hater said...

66 buries it...

Pensgirl said...

Can we decline power plays?

JYo said...


JYo said...

@ FH: does 87

Pensgirl said...

EmilyLitellablog: Never mind!

JYo said...

OK, its off 71, but still...

JYo said...


JYo said...

No 3-goal comebacks in the regular season. Of course not, they were saving them for when it counts!

DeCeV said...

Malkin's shin pad = money

mmmk1989 said...


what a comeback.

The Seeker said...

Cblog owes me for that cellphone call to Ruutu!

Pay-up ya deadbeats ;-)

Chris said...

Hacksaw does it again.

The Big K said...

This team just blows me away!

When they turn it on, they score at will.

Avery=a stunned noob

[Ducrossa Line]

Brett said...

1000% character win tonight. Feels good!

Dr. Turkleton said...

was driving from Irwin to Pittsburgh between the 2nd & 3rd...when Poppa Pump ties is up I'm in the Squirrel Hill Tunnel & Honk Out a BEEP,BEEP,BEEEEEEEPPP !!!! was nice to hear a couple fellow drivers/listeners follow suit!

#1 star:

Joe Bennisteigy

please, please, PLEASE say something stupid like that EVERY game on Vs.

now, we just need Emerick on Sunday to follow the douche.

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, listen to Lange, he was in rare form tonight.



geezer said...

Elmo just did a keg stand! He is partying with a chick with ginormous hooters that just happens to love the Pens and fuzzy critters. Thanks Pens!

Malkins shin pad, money=priceless.

Dan said...

i am 24 years old, and i now have a gray head of hair. and it is so worth it.

Sooska said...

aahhhhh Playoff hockey. a nice pleasant spring evening in the Burgh. heartpounding fury. I feel like I played. need aspirin and alcohol. can't wait to hear from bng66 and how he liked his first playoff game.

Flyer Hater said...

One of the greatest games in Penguins playoff history, and I'm not saying that lightly.

If Jagr scores at the end, the population of Pittsburgh gets cut in half and that's including myself from suicide.

The last time we came back from three down in the playoffs, hmmmm...

Pensblog Staff said...


JYo said...

Blueshirt bulletin is on suicide watch. Conspiracy theorists are in full effect...

Pensgirl said...

Stooshblog - Thoughts, dudes:

That was exactly the kind of game the Pens needed. Get punched in the mouth to start, go down, learn what real playoff hockey is like. To not panic, come back and get the lead with not one but TWO series of quick goals was a great boost of confidence. Letting the tying goal was a message that they're not playing the Sens anymore. To buckle down and have the captain decide "Fuck that, I ain't goin' to overtime," that showed them that they have what it takes to beat anybody under any circumstances. And barely escaping a last-second tying goal let them see that it's only gonna get tougher with each shift. Finally, with all those flukey bounces on both sides, they saw just how important it is to just send that biscuit toward the net.

They ended the game with 11 different guys on the scoreboard, and a fistful of goals on Mr. Three Straight Vezina Nominations. When this game started, they may not have known what they were getting into. Now they know. And now they're ready.

narcolept said...

You all see the recap from espn.job?

"With Sydney Crosby's goal at the end of the third period, Pittsburgh comes back from three goals down to beat the Rangers 5-4 in Game 1. Story"

On the front page of espn.job, no less. You'd think the worldwide leader would at least be able to spell the kid's name right? JOBBERS.

sarah said...

this team amazes me more and more every time i watch them.

@ dr. turk: your never say never at 8:23 PM was awesome haha

JYo said...

pensgirl, I hope you are right about learning the lessons they need to while winning. Hopefully, they don't make a habit of it though. Its not always that easy to come back, especially against their trap.

snickerdoodles said...


Go PENS!!!


Flyer Hater said...

Well, Well, Well, what a surprise that Cindy Crysbaby and Evgeni Maneater get all the calls late in the game. I'm sure Buttman is creaming his pants now that his darlings have a series lead.

Flyer Hater said...

Post by one of the geniuses over at LGP:

Game over. Sorry but this team is SCARED to death of the rags and it showed in the regular season as well.

If they keep playing like this. It's gonna be a quick series.

Mike Georger said...

GREAT atmosphere at rotelli's here in state college, good job everyone. got a little too 'chatty this sucks' when we went down but once the booze took hold it was nuts. my hands are killing me from high fives and my voice is gone.

incredible game, just brilliant top line performance

roll on sunday

Dr. Turkleton said...

Ranger Pundit might have had a stroke tonight [that guy looks like Joe Hardy's sickly OLDER brother]

He did use my Devil Wears Avery PS, though...

if his next entry is his OBIT...I'll feel honored to have appeared in his last game post....

got the Lange effect from the start of the 3rd up until Gomer's goal as I walked into my house...if there was no delay, the TV sound would be down...

Don't have to worry about 'listening' to anyone for game 2...I'll be there...


Hacksaw as Gary's VP = BEST.TICKET.EVER.

tailgateblog anyone??? anyone!!!


I'm a glass-half-full kinda guy !!!

waiting for the Big K or Flyer Hater to chime in with S*E*P talk.....

Dr. Turkleton said...

1. Joe B: "Never came back from 3-0..."
1A. Flyer Hater: "Dupuis>Hossa"


sorry, FH...just playin' after a nice W...

wilsmith said...

Did anybody call Hip?

Flyer Hater said...

Let's some up the reaction to the game by Flyer and Ranger fans,

"Crosby is a diver"

"Penguins get all the calls"

"The fix is in"

How in the world did Crosby dive on the Straka call? He was nearly tackled by Straka coming up the ice.

The Big K said...

Right on FH!

That was a great one.
And no question who was going to win the game.
87 to 71. Where have we seen that before?

And the refs were great tonight.

Jonny V said...

That was only game one. Of the Semi-finals. If you couldn't take it tonight, you better find some Amish to shack up with for oh, about another month-and-a-half. My cat has the shakes because I decided to watch the game all alone on HD and yelled after every goal. Shake the walls yelled.

On Hossa's goal through traffic, I swear to the G man that his shot went through the holes between where the skate attaches on the boot of Gomez. One in a million shot. If anyone has a replay of the game look it up.

RobbieBrown44 said...


That's why I voted for Hacksaw!!!

What a win. Games like that are what win series'. Rags up 3 - nil and blow it. Way to go Pens, way to friggan go.

Had to love Ruttu's stick in Rozsival's grill. OK, it it was Avery's in anyones, it would have been bullshit, but whatev. Classic.

Go Pens!

Mike Georger said...

im sure its been said, but the second goal standing better shut the fuck up all of the 'the pens get the calls' assholes, that shit was WELL above four feet. the fact that the rangers bench didnt celebrate the goal shows they knew it was a bad goal, horseshit call.

but hey even toronto cant hold these kids back


Flyer Hater said...

The Big K, Koharski has always been my favorite ref. I thought tonight's game was well called.

Eric K said...

a youtube clip of Beninati saying: "The Penguins never came back from a three goal deficit to win a game during this regular season."
Goal -> 14 seconds -> Goal
Thank you Joey B.

what a game.
I said when Dupuis was alone in front but fumbled the puck and Hossa missed the cage on 3 golden scoring chances: "Colby buries that".

Lloyd said...

FYI. I just had a bookmark for it... i didnt create PensBlog ChatBlog, but thanks for the props

Pensgirl said...

Jyo, the winning proves they learned. I'm not remotely insinuating they've got the Rags' number or that this series will end quickly - I firmly believe it won't. What I'm saying is that to have this game play out the way it did was a the best way to find out just how tough real playoff hockey is. Remember, all they knew of the playoffs before tonight was dominance - the opponent's last year and their own this year. What they needed to see was the true back-and-forth that two solid teams will have. Had they lost this game they may have had doubts about themselves, but had they won on Sykora's goal they may have felt like it got easy at the end. Now they know just what they're capable of but also just how much resolve it takes. And if there's someone in that dressing room who didn't learn that stuff tonight, then he needs to quit hockey right now.

Stoosh said...

@ Pensgirl -

More thoughts, dudes... :)

1. Actually, I'm still all tapped out...give me a minute, eh?

2. OK...

3. Holy shit, what a game!

4. To see us go down three, come roaring back to make it a one-goal deficit, tie it, take the lead and then see the Rags tie it up (on a goal by Unibrow...well, let's just say if the Rags would've scored goal number five before we did, I'm not sure what I would've been capable of.

5. Said it before...the best thing about this Pens team is that they can win just about any way they need to win. Tonight, we added "sloppy" and "keep things basic".

6. I think watching the Pens throw a five-spot on King Henry wasn't exactly what most Rangers fans had in mind.

7. Dear Ray Shero,

Pay Ruutu. And Orpik.

8. The way this Pens team just keeps attacking in waves, I'm not sure the Rangers defense is going to be able to keep up. It looked to me that as the Pens gradually got stronger as the game wore on, the Rangers defensemen - particularly the younger ones - got more and more worn down and overwhelmed.

9. The one thing the broadcast did note - perhaps the Pens exposed a chink in the Rangers' armor. The Rangers run that collapsing defense, so the Pens started getting more bodies to the front of the net. Then they started just firing the puck at the net. Eventually, you're going to get a couple of good bounces, or Lundwvist is just going to have too many people to try to look through and he's not going to see the puck.

10. That being the case, this series could be right up Hossa's alley.

One down, three to go.

Pensgirl said...

Hey, the game summary has a misconduct to Straka at 20:00 of the 3rd. Anybody see or hear what for? At the end of the game like that I can only imagine he either mouthed off at the refs or did something like slam his stick. Either way, it's so unlike Marty, and it's quite something if such an even-tempered guy is frustrated enough to draw a misconduct.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Lloyd... ChatBlog was hating on me, so I couldn't get in.

I contemplated jobbing the Bullshit Bulletin, but decided to pass. Those poor Rags fans probably already want to kill themselves, so there wasn't really a point to rubbing salt in the wound... *regrets not jobbing*

Street-sign vandal= Slightlyillegalblog.... But props to them for having the balls!


Dr. Turkleton said...

Adding GOOD NEWS to good news....

The Baby Pens clinched their opening series 4 games to 1 over the Hershey [baby Caps] Bears:

NFL Draft™ style: scoring a TD + PAT while only giving up a FG.

7-3 for our Canadian friends [jk]

'Stoosh' Caputi with a goal, an assist, +2

'our Alex who's still playing' Goligoski had 2 goals + 1 assist

Pens teams in Playoffs 08™: 9 Wins - 1 Loss

as Sandler sings:
Not too Shabby!!!!!

Sean said...

Am I the only one who got sick of Versus showing the crowd watching the game outside of the arena? After the big Penguins goals in the 3rd period, I want to see the players celebrate and the arena rocking; not the few hundred people out on the lawn.

Go Pens!

Antonette said...

Best. Story. Ever.

I'm at dinner before the game and my dad's at the game (I'm at school in Columbus) and I get a call from him while he's tailgating.

Dad: Here! Talk to Dan Potash.
Dan FUCKING Potash: Go Buckeyes! How's it going?

And I proceed to have a 5 minute convo with the one and only Dan Potash. He also guaranteed a win, so Dan Potash is officially the man.

My mind is still blown.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@wilsmith said:

Did anybody call Hip?

She's currently being mauled by a Bear [and NOT the Hershey variety]

...although, since they ARE the Caps farm team, I'm sure she wouldn't resist if it came to that....

hockeygirl33 said...

I'm just pissed that Lemoyne wasn't covered over with Letang!

Pensgirl said...

Antonette: awesome. Potash is money in the bank.

Stoosh said...

@ Flyer Hater -

I thought today's game was very well-called as well, so thanks for pointing that out.

As an aside, I can deal with the opposing fans whining about Crosby having the refs in his back pocket. Opposing fans will do that, and we need to get used to that.

When the opposing team's media outlets start not just reporting the fact that it's a story, but practically lobbying the NHL about it, it becomes a problem.

And when they national network's broadcast team starts doing the same thing, we've reached rock bottom. And you can thank the crew tonight for taking us there, with that pathetic series of comments after the Pens got the power play towards the latter half of the second period...the penalty that Crosby drew on the tripping call.

Was it a blatant, obvious trip on the part of the Rangers? No. But do you get that call about 50/50 during the season? Absolutely. So to hear Beninati and whoever Mr. Color Commentary Clown start practically preaching to the NHL in the moments after that call that 1) opposing teams have raised it as an issue prior to both series now, and 2) that they need to keep an eye out for Crosby potentially embellishing calls...well, it would be funny if it was so f'ing pathetic.

Call the game.

We don't need editorials from the broadcast crew.

Call the f'ing game.

Dr. Turkleton said...


your life will never be the same again...

were you wearing a WWGRD band at the time?

If so, I'll make sure your story lives on thru my family for generations to come.

Stoosh said...

Dr. Turk -

"Stoosh" Caputi! I love it!

After I get the blue third jersey next year (either Geno, Letang or Roberts), I may have to invest in a Wilkes-Barre Caputi jersey.

Nice to see that they eliminated Hershey because da Bears (or "da Bear" as HCMT would say) have given WB/S fits in the past.

The Seeker said...

"Shero gambled away our future and key locker room chemistry players at the trade deadline"


Anyone up for a crow dinner?

Gill = solid

Dupuis = a force

Hossa = clutch goal

In Shero We Trust

Sooska said...

once and again

CBSSPORTSLINE -a photo caption:
April 25, 2008, 2008; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; New York Rangers right wing Colton Orr (28) is checked by Pittsburgh Penguins center Sydney Crosby (87) in the first period during game 1 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals at the Mellon Arena. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Pasatieri-US PRESSWIRE

Dear National Sports Media: SYDNEY is (a) a girl's name and (b) a large city in Australia. Crosby's correct name is Sidney with an "i." The "y" is at the end of his name. His name is not Mason either. You don't cover hockey much but Sidney is a pretty easy name. It is easier than say Ben Roethlisberger. Figure it out.

Love, Sooksa

PS clue in the eastern Pa and NY local media too. Also, Evgeni is not pronounced EvJenny. Make it easy on yourselves and just call him Geno. That means Goal in hockey talk.

@pensgirl - maybe Marty wanted to perform "Late at the Igloo" and they got him for unsportsmanlike. The refs want Sid to win. They have orders, so Marty can't play catch up any more.

Pensgirl said...

The photo captions nearly always say Sydney. Regardless of whether it's done intentionally, the person(s) doing it are clearly idiots.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I kinda like Stoosh Caputi as his name/nickname....
In the Ice Dogs program under his profile for Nickname, it was blank, so why not Stoosh???

but, I say your name like that feminine product, when I know you've said it's not said that way, sorry.

Stewsh Caputi ?!?!?!

did I miss your email?...I have 1 left after sending one out to the Seeker today....

The Seeker said...

By the way...

The majority owner of the Columbus Bluejackets (Mr John McConnell) died today.

He was all class and very humble.

The Bluejackets message board has an open section for guests to post condolences.

In case anyone here is so inclined

dazzy said...

@ Stoosh

If it makes you feel any better, CBC was ALL FOR the call. Both Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey were explaining why that was a good call by the refs.

Like someone said in chat (I think), if you have to blame the refs for a loss, you're doing it worng. (Or something like that.)

I feel like I'm not going to be recovered by game time on Sunday. Whew.

CMUpenfan said...

so I was sitting on the lawn outside of mellon watching the game on the jumbo-tron with about 2000 people and the guys from kiss were attempting to get the crowd riled up.

They started lets go pens chants and the such and it was good... then the unthinkable happened:

they attempted to start a chant, at a penguins second round playoff game no less, saying, "Here we go steelers here we go..." when this happened, i stood up and booed them, along with a few hundred other people... lost all respect for them being penguins posers

Dr. Turkleton said...

off topic, sorry...

just got my latest The Hockey News in the mail [why is these issue out in newsstands 1 week BEFORE I get mine in the mail] [/rant]

anyways...our fav OV is on the cover...

look....just take a look

this is not...I repeat, NOT PS'd !!!

• what's up with the Lavender?
• is that a mini-puck in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
• what's the deal with the bottom of your jeans?

Lloyd said...


That's a party fould if there ever was one.

Flyer Hater said...

No Seeker, we really need Christensen in the playoffs for his shootout abilities...

Dr. Turkleton said...


those two douche-wipes get the same treatment inside the Mellon, too...

they're WAY too loud
WAY too obnoxious

wheres our fellow cblogger, vinnie when you need him????

eileenover said...

That was by far the most fun I've ever had at a game. The crowd was amazing and I'm so happy I got to be a part of it.

All of those non-calls were ridiculous. I think the Pens were really getting to Avery too, I could feel it everytime he was out. Hockey is such a beautiful thing.

Jonny V said...

Sofa King

Let Ovechkin have his Hart trophy. There's a sweeter piece of hardware for the taking. Or two.

Doc Turk, thanks for the Baby Pens updates.

Stoosh said...

@ Dazzy -

Exactly. Teams have sixty minutes to make their mark on the game. If the Pens get four calls and they score on the four ensuing power plays, that still leaves the Rangers at least 50+ minutes to do something about it.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny v

ever see the Sofa King skit on SNL???

I think OV is an amazing talent, he just needs a stylist [Avery, possibly?]

Thanks. I was just looking thru the the ahl boxscores on the website...

Don't know if inquiring minds want to know about that stuff or not....but, I figure they're in the Pens fam-a-lee.....

esp. since Stoosh Caputi played/scored I thought that made it ESPECIALLY newsworthy!!!!

Is it time for Game 2 yet????

Stoosh said...

@ Dr. Turk -

You could pronounce it "Stewsh" problem with that, especially as it relates to the Great Caputi.

Most of my friends pronounce it so it rhymes with "push".

I'm cool with either one.

The Seeker said...

Thanks for the reminder FH.....Thank Gary none of these Playoff games have gone to a SO!!!

We'd be in deep do-do, eh?

wilsmith said...

Video of what caused Marty's misconduct

Dr. Turkleton said...

me = stats geek

Pens credited with 48 HITS

•Ruutu -10
•Orrpik -6
•Bugsy -5
•Geno -5

the Rags credited with 37

also, Ruutu without a PIM in the playoffs = knowing his role & shutting his mouth!

others w/o a single PIM:
Big Poppa Pump
Gonchar [wow]
Laraque [wow+1]

anyone else have a feeling the Pens will be blitzed & blitzed HARD the 1st few shifts on Sunday????....if the boys can weather that storm....

Dr. Turkleton said...


Damn You!!!!!! [/shakes fist like an old man]

wilsmith said...

Turk! shhh

wilsmith said...

I'm going to agree with the "ref's did well" folks.

The same interference call was made earlier in the game. They called it early, they called it late. That's what people want.

I don't remember too many "oh c'mon!"'s or "whew"'s, so it must have been alright.

Stoosh said...

@ Wilsmith -

I can't believe something like that would set Marty off to the point that he'd get a misconduct.


Laura von Awesome said...

@ Turk:

LOL! I just got my copy of THN the other day, and I have to admit, I asked the same questions of Senor Ovechkin.

It's gotta be a mini-puck in his pocket. Yeah, that's it... NC17blog!

+ Ducrossa line> entire Rangers team

let's go Pens!

CMUpenfan said...

yeah, so that lone rangers fan in the picture on the main page, pretty sure he was one of the 6 rangers fans that rode the bus with me... was funny seeing their faces looking down while the majority of the bus was full of pens fans

dappie99 said...

SJ = stunned in OT

CMUpenfan said...

side note, wth is up with san jose... stars win

Laura von Awesome said...

@ CMU:

Lol... Poor Rags fan! It's like at Scotiajoke Place when the Leafs play the Senaturds... There'll be one Sens fan cowering in fear amidst a sea of blue and white...

Bullshit Bulletin= Suicideblog

Jawsh said...



Pensgirl said...

There's something else of note in that picture....

(and I'm not talking about Mr. Manboobs in the Stiller shirt...keep looking.)

Annie said...

WOW... A game this awesome, and I missed it! I had to leave halfway through the first period when the Rags were winning 1-0, and watched the performance of Midsummer Night's Dream because it was going to be the only time I could actually see the play I had done costumes for... To see the play come out so well, and then to run back as soon as it was over to find out that the Pens won after being down 3-0 was a beautiful, beautiful feeling. What a night.

@ Dr. Turk - as silly as that Ovie cover is, I have to admit as a red-blooded female, he's fucking hot.... (maybe in a slight caveman-ish type way) Too bad he's stuck on a sucky team for the next 13 years. Although who knows... anything can happen. All I know is that whatever is in his pocket, he put it there on purpose.

canaanregulatesblog said...

the dude with the tie and the hulk hogan glasses ftw!

Colin said...

Hossa's goal did go through the holder on Gomez's skate. Most likely only a few milimeters on either side of that puck. Especially since Gomez is a smaller player and probably wears about a size 7 skate. I think he planned it.

Anyone else see the shot of Hossa gloves? Instead of "Hossa" it looked like he just had "Hoss". Solid if you ask me.

GwinTheEskimo said...


coffeytalk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
coffeytalk said...

Another reason why I hate kissfm and their idiot "djs":

I can't believe they started a "here we go steelers" chant

and Staff, Kissfm had posters on different vending stands with their name on it underneath a big WWGRD.


BlacknGold66 said...

I haven't had a chance to read all of cblog so pardon me if I am repeating anyone.

-Wilsmith: I was sending Hip text updates throughout. She almost died of a heart attack like the rest of us.

-The crowd at the arena was the best crowd I've ever heard/seen. After EVERY Ranger goal a "Let's Go Pens" chant was started full force.

-To the stranger in D23, Row H Seat 3. Sorry for suddenly hugging you when we made it 4-3.... Thanks for hugging back though.

-The girls at the Primanti's in Cranberry are hot. It's true.

-Stokes: Poopedmypantsallnightblog!

Jonny V said...

Colin, thanks for verifying that. I think that has to be one of the greatest goals in the history of this team.

Turk, that SNL skit came out a couple of years after Aqua Teen Hunger Force did it. The guys hired to summon Master Shake from the dead. It didn't work because he was only an intern witchdoctor and was only good at summoning chickens.

What a win tonight.

Jonny V said...

BnG, the atmosphere at the Civic last night literally brought tears to my eyes. Remember when we were lamenting the quiet atmosphere there earlier in the season? Outfuckingstanding Pittsburgh

Whistler said...

Wow... What a solid cblog tonight..

1. I was freaking out because I couldn't post my prayer tonight.. I was in the middle of opening night for my baseball team riding on the back of an elephant.. What an experience..

2. During one of my breaks I freaked out when I saw the 3-0 score. ME=Stunned.

3. @Pensgirl. You are right on the money. I think this showed us that the boys and rally back and fight. I was wondering how they would handle their first playoff game when they're weren't in the lead. Well, they showed us and showed us good.

4. @WilSmith - Curse you .. Curse You Curse you.

5. After the game talked with one the interns and he commented on my powder blue jersey. He told me he was a pens fan and I asked him about The Pensblog. He told me that he reads it everyday.

Lancaster Barnstormers Staff Dude.. If you're reading this. "Hey What's UP!??"

6. There is NO number 6

7. The Magazine cover of "The Chicken" - Ovie.. Did Pensblog Charlie see it yet? I bet he could tell us what that mystery object in his pants it..

8. I'm beat. Thursday Hockey Game.. Friday Baseball Game.. Saturday Hockey Game.. Sunday Baseball Game..

Oh the lives we lead..

..Whistler Out.

BlacknGold66 said...

BTW, Sean Avery was the deciding factor in tonight's game.

When he scored that goal he did a little dance in front of the Pens bench.

From way up in D26 you could see the Pens bench talking to each other and saying "let's cut the shit."

Then Ruutu putting his stick up the the eyes of Rozival before the faceoff. Unreal.

Also... I meant to say the dude in D26 Row H Seat 3... not D23.

Johnny V : I'm not gonna lie to you... when we made it 4-3 I had tears in my eyes.

I have video of the opening and some other parts. I'll post on YouTube asap.

BlacknGold66 said...

Oh yeah... there were these two girls (actually pretty cute) in D25 wearing huge "playoff beards."

Fucking classic!

Also... to anyone in the A section where the Rags shoot twice that had to deal with that asshole Ranger fan. Good on you for not punching his lights out. The usher that had to sit in the steps the entire game to make sure he wasn't killed must've loved it. Goodseatsblog!

Mr. Plank said...

westcoastblog: this recap post is going to be epic. i can feel it.

Matt in N.C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt in N.C. said...


"wilsmith said...

Video of what caused Marty's misconduct"

Matt in N.C.=stunned by this misconduct


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