Saturday, April 12, 2008

Game Two: The Great Escape. PENS WIN.

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Maybe you really forgot what it's like. Or maybe you never knew.
But from now on, you'll never forget what playoff hockey is about.

Midway through the second, it was all smiles.
Midway through the third, it was the Exxon-Valdez.

We have no idea what John Barbero said when he announced the Ryan Malone goal.
Truth is, we don't want to know. Some things are best left unsaid.
We'd like to think it was so beautiful, it can't be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it.
We tell you, those voices in the Mellon Arena soared higher and farther than anybody in a tight playoff game dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little arena and made those walls dissolve away, and for the briefest of moments, every last man, woman, and child in the Mellon Arena felt free.

Normally, we wouldn't drill home Shawshank Redemption references.
But Red and Andy are now 2-0.




[Double B]

[Scott D]
[Kris R]

[Julia T.]
[Ryan D]

[Andrew S]

[Matt B]



How were the Pens gonna come out to start the game?
Would they be unreal, or would they be flatter than Oklahoma.

If you want an example of a professional hockey team being all business, it was the Pens in that first 20 minutes.

Hossa and Bing came flying out of the gates.
But even Secretariat has scored more goals than them in this series.

After some close chances both ways, Malkin was able to feather his way into the Sens zone and perform a toe drag.
No dice, as the puck went wide.

Ryan Malone comes flying down but hits his head off the ice.
It looked awful. But he stayed in the game.

Sid had another solid chance right after that, and no deal.
The Pens had slowly grabbed the momentum by that point.

After a harmless shot on net, Jordan Staal drinks Gerber's milkshake.

[Jay P]

Andrej Meszaros overacts and cross-checks him from behind,
and some bad-ass 4-on-4 action ensued.

After the 4-on-4, Dupuis drew a huge penalty driving to the net.
After the first unit couldn't get it going, Gary Roberts jumped on to chants from the Mellon.

The Pens were eventually going back to the box after some boobjob held up Laraque.
And then Chris Phillips forgets he can be called for penalties, and he jobs Bing, so it was gonna be 5-on-3blog when the Sens finally touched the puck, which took three years.

During that delayed penalty, Anton Volchenkov made a goal-saving play.
Give us Volchenkov on our blue line all day. That just had to be said.


Gonchar heeds to the advice from the fans and drops a bomb past Gerber.
[Will Smith]

On replays of the goal, you can see Roberts' eyes will the puck to the top shelf,
but the NHL scorekeeper doesn't acknowledge that form of scoring.

The end of the period was all about the Sens trying to job Roberts.



There wasn't much going on in the second period until Chris Phillips takes a stupid penalty with a crosscheck to Roberts' skull.

That powerplay was interrupted by the horrible ice surface wanting to give up.

Couldn't you feel a goal coming?

Malkin started the rush by gliding through the Senators like one of the twins from the Matrix.
After some chaos, the Pens were able to settle it down, and the Sens were spaced out.

Bing opens up everything even more by feathering it cross-ice to Malkin.
Malkin didn't think twice when he saw Sykie on the doorstep.

[Will Smith]

Dany Heatley finally made an appearance halfway through the second.
He had no idea what was going on, hesitating from lacing a wrister top shelf.

That play eventually led to Orpik going off for interference.
An insane two minutes followed, with two Pens breaking their stick en route to killing the penalty.

It looked like the Sens were gonna put one on the board, but MAF just makes a great, composed save on Spezza.
What a huge save.

And then Ruutu dives to get the puck up to Orpik coming out of the box. The Free Candy Van comes freewheeling out of the box and was all alone on a breakaway.
But the Swiss Miss says no.

66 Buries It.

Was the play over? No.
Malone makes an unreal play to keep the puck in the Sens zone.

It finds its way to Malkin's stick.
Malkin and Sykie put on their labcoats and light the Bunsenburner.


How clutch has Sykora been?

[Justin G]

Senator nation = Stunned

Why the Senators forwards gave up on the backcheck, no one will ever know.

But then a funny thing happened on our way to planning a parade.

Shean Donovan drops come PCP on the bench.
Chris Neil actually shows some form of skill, Donovan goes to the net.
Teams are gonna score goals on the Pens.
It's just gonna happen.


Something about this goal changed things.
Maybe it was the really gay celebration by the Senators.

The Pens were gonna get a chance to get it back when the Sens headed to the box.
During the delayed penalty, the Pens played like that one jackass friend of yours plays NHL '08 when he's clinging to a one-goal lead.
They just moved it around like it was practice.

A nicely timed commercial break gave the big boys a breather.
But no dice on that power play.
Sykora had a chance on an impromptu breakaway, but Gerber comes up big.

How big was that play?

About two minutes later, the Sens capitalized on a Kennedy penalty to make it...


And it was eerily similar to their first goal.

Malkin followed up that buzzkill with another unreal shift.
He has more presence than Christmas morning in this series.

And that was gonna be it for the second.

The most important period since that one-night stand was on the way.


[Kris R.]

Look at those guns.



The start of the third was snoreblog.

But you woke up when Malone wanted a "feckin' inteference" call.

And the house was almost brought down when Dupuis' shot/pass to Hossa almost resulted in a goal, but Hossa couldn't put it home.
That will come back to haunt you. Everyone knows that.

Malkin had a breakaway out of nowhere, but Andrej Meszaros made a solid play to crush the scoring chance.
Malkin goes flying into Swiss Miss.

The Pens haven't had this many breakaways in a game for like 8 years.

As the third started crawling to the halfway point, you could tell the Pens were content with playing their trap.
The forecheck wasn't there like it was earlier in the game.
All anyone could do is look at the clock and wish it had less time.

Later, what were you fearing all period finally came to fruition.
Lance Bass puts home some trash to tie it up.


That feeling may be among the worst a fan can feel.

And then it was time buckle up.
And it became apparent that the refs were gonna let these guys play.

And it looked like they were gonna let players slash Malkin at will.

Hearts stopped when we lost the feed, and also when Letang looked like he jobbed Shean Donovan.
No penalty.

Shean Donovan is poised to Gary Valk us.
His line was spectacular in the third period.

USS and some joke went off for roughing, and it was 4-on-4 action.
And it was some good hockey.

The last 5 minutes of this game took roughly a year.
You were mentally preparing yourself for a 4-OT game.

But happened.

With less than two minutes to play, Martin La-Joke makes a lazy attempt to lift Ruutu's stick.
He hits him in the eye.

What a mistake.
Didn't it happen at center ice?
This looks like it's near the Pens net.
Someone messed up on their Yahoo caption.

When the teams lined up for that faceoff, if you weren't standing up in your living room or wherever you were, then you're not gonna make it through the NHL playoffs.

After a battle for the loose puck off the faceoff, the Pens came out with it.
It went to the front, where Hossa got a weak shot off.
The rebound came to a perfectly placed Ryan Malone...

As he goes behind the net, you see he's gonna go for the wraparound.
You see that side of the net wide-open.

The human brain processed all of that in a millisecond, and you unclenched your fists in anticipation of high-fiving a total stranger.

This picture says anything we could hope to say.
You could look at it for hours.

*Welcome to the playoffs kid.

Volchenkov tried to get over and got his stick on it, but Bugsy got enough leverage on it. 4-3.

This picture is why x=STUNNED exists.


It was pure bedlam in the Mellon.
The puck was dropped following the goal, and the Pens' relentless forecheck denied the Sens' chances to pull Gerber early.

A scary icing call set the scene for the end.
The Sens didn't even get a shot off.

Hossa got the puck in the neutral zone and jobbed it over to Malone.
From way downtown. 5-3.

The only thing missing is the "Jurassic Park" theme playing as you're leaving the Arena.



  • Kris Letang is playing unreal.
  • Don't feel guilty if you're a little more excited when Malkin carries it, as opposed to Bing.
  • These first two games, the Pens are backchecking and stealing pucks like nobody's business.
  • Pens lose this game, Amber Alert goes out for Hossa. But he still had a few points......
  • You'd hate to be Martin Lapointe right now
  • Martin Gerber was the reason the Senators even existed in this game. Unreal performance.
  • Volchenkov =Beast




Senators head coach Bryan Murray had no issue with the high-stick call on Lapointe but was wondering where the balance was in the officiating.

"I'm not sure why there was no penalty on (Shean) Donovan's breakaway," said Murray, referring to when his player got hauled down earlier in the third period. "ThenChris Neil gets cross-checked in front of our net (by Malone) and again no call. Yes I'm disappointed."

Did he not see the slashes on Malkin and trips and holds and hooks?

All the anti-Penguinites are gonna come out of the woodwork
and say referees are favoring the Pens 'cause the NHL wants Sid to win the Cup.

These are the people who don't watch the games or they are upset that their team lost.
Tell Martin Lapointe not to high-stick an opponent who wasn't even a scoring threat.

Go Pens


BigDKC said...

First Comment!!

I beat Cannan and J.S.... guess it helps being an insomniac....I'm a "first time, long time" stuck in KC, KS. I followed the game on the web like it was my job and was on pins and needles the whole time, despite the Red Bull.

Pens playoff hockey is the best there is, the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be....

BookEmDanno said...

"No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just...come out the other side. Or you don't."

--Red, Stephen King's "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption"

When it comes to playoff time, it seems that the fringe teams need to play their best, and the absolute best teams need to be even better. A team that can't take the physical and pace transition from the regular season to the playoffs is drawing thin on chances. Our Pens are doing great. Let's hope they come out the other side.

Let's Go Pens

stokes said...

Honestly, i never doubted the Pens were going to win that game. Even when the sens tied it, it was like, "so what?" The Pens were just not going to lose last night.

Gerber is the ONLY reason Ottawa even existed last night. 50+ saves and still defeat? Stick a fork in those bastards.

Fleury29 said...

Gerber was unreal last night but he was the only one on the Sens who was. And he was the only reason the score wasn't 7-3.

I love the picture of the kid=stunned after the Malone goal. He had probably never heard anything as loud as Civic Arena after that goal was scored.

Just in case anyone cares, Yahoo! Sports is broadcasting games that Versus isn't showing, I guess? I was actually able to watch the game last night at work... in Kansas. (You're not the only one Bigdkc.) Thought that might help a few people.

Much respect to the fine people of Gameday Chat that let me in on that little gem.

Matt Gajtka said...

What a surreal feeling to see the Pens, the team that usually gets five goals on 17 shots or something like it, just pepper the opposition's net. When I saw the team had 40(!) shots through two periods, I got chills. That's what the playoffs are all about - doing whatever you need to do.

I know it's only Game Two of the first round, but for a group of players yet to win a playoff series, getting rewarded for their domination of the Sens is as big as it gets. I shudder to think of the rest of the series if the Pens had lost in OT despite outshooting Ottawa 70-35 or something like that.

After LaPointe's penalty, my dad (who doesn't usually say such things) saw Bugsy skate onto the ice and said, "Malone's gonna be the hero." Unrealblog.

Rick L said...

best hockey of the season, in my opinion - simply unreal. the checking at the end of the 1st and into the 2nd was incredible, gotta hand it to the sens for their intensity... they were clearly freaking out

malkin found some good acid, needs to pass sid a few hits... it'll happen sooner or later. sid is (still) the consummate team player

errey and stiegy are obviously reading pensblog! hilarious!

Mike Georger said...

that easily could have been a ten goal game, gerber is playing some of the best net ive seen in the playoffs in a while.

i really think sydor should get the call for monday at either the expense of A) whitney, who had a terrible game even if he had four blocked shots or whatever, or B) scuderi, who once again decided to play net instead of his man and looked to have deflected a goal in

Sean said...

notman, that 'shop of GR as Moses was life-changing.

Shabbat Shalom.

M. Vanderlasser said...

BNG66, you didn't miss much last night - Pens goal x 3, Sens goal x 3, Pens goal, Pens goal. Pretty standard stuff.

Did anyone notice that when SS interviewed Geno after the game, he got Geno's answers in Russian and then didn't wait for a translation before asking his next question? That was pretty funny.

To do today: in honor of Petr S., buy a chinchilla, cut down on my use of vowels, start replacing "i's" with "y's".

Vinnie said...

Blogger M. Vanderlasser said...Did anyone notice that when SS interviewed Geno after the game, he got Geno's answers in Russian and then didn't wait for a translation before asking his next question? That was pretty funny.

Yeah, I thought that was kind of odd of Stan, to be honest. You could kind of tell that Geno's translator was getting ready to give the answer and Stan just plowed through to the next question. But, he didn't hesitate to mention that his folks were from Russia....twice. Oh well. Even the legacy sports guys get all giddy come playoff time.

My heart sank when the feed was lost after that commercial break in the 3rd period. It was surreal seeing a still shot of the Mellon Arena and hearing the play being called. I thought, briefly, THERE'S SOMETHING GOING ON IN THERE! I NEED TO SEE IT! And then, as if by the power of Roberts, it was back.

Dr. Turkleton said...

tPB staff:
another A+ playoff performance post. You guys have elevated your game [didn't think it was possible] just like the boys on the ice.

that stunned kid looks like a stunt double of big K's profile pic

what happened to this Sens team? they look very old & very slow...have new aquisitions ladouche, stillslow & commodore-64 zapped all their spirit & speed???
They don't look anything similar to the Eastern Conf. champ of last year...maybe they don't have anyone on that squad to man-up [either >0.08% Heatley or Spezza] when the going gets tough with a few injuries.

OK...let's put those 2-W's in the back pocket & go up to Ottawa & play a shutdown game on Monday. [whats the deal with Monday, why not Sunday?..wish they could go back to every-other-day & not slurp the broadcasting powers that be that are probably dictating the whole schedule]

just a final note from me about last night: I didn't mean to upset any cbloggers or rain on anyones victory celebration. I was just trying to put that 1 win in perspective to the overall goal.

[Hossa: how bout some big games at your old stompin' grounds, eh?]

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, no offensive taken.

I think you guys said it best last year, Jesus Christ himself could walk into your room during the third period when the game is tied and you'd tell him to F off.

There's nothing like playoff hockey.

Flyer Hater said...


I heard the Jaws music last night.

Unreal, goosebumps.

Whistler said...

1. @notman. Whoa! That shopjob of Moses/Lord Roberts was insane! Love it!

2. I admit that I had to do a double take to check out cotton candy guy's guns. He's armed!

3. Solid recap. I unfortunately was not standing during the 3rd period. I was *ahem* busy. But while I was *ahem* busy I could see the real time feed coming through on the iPhone.


The Big K said...

I don't think that was Murry talking.
Too clearly put.


They think THEY got jobbed by refs?


BlackDiamond said...

First time post, long time reader. Dr T. inspired me after meeting him at playoff game 1. Have to say, game last night was worth every penny paid to TicketBastard. I took my sign with SYKO-MA-MA on one side and the PP Shark Fin on the other (tx for the idea and download cbloggers). It was a lucky charm and will now reside on the mantle with my tricked out, customized Pens cowbell, awaiting to be busted out next game.

Listening to the old 29er on the way home, I almost rear ended a fellow Pens fan on Grant Street laughing when someone tx in "When going to sleep at night, the Boogie Man checks under the bed for Gary Roberts".

The Big K said...

And ya Dr. T.

That kid looks like me, only shorter
and he's like 9.

I'm 13, but he and I were = stunned.

Gotta love the playoffs.

The Big K said...

That joke Thoresen from Philly=
surgery to remove a testicle.
I would feel for him, but I just laugh.
He's the jobber who hit Letang that time on the icing call. Hate to see that, but he's a Flyer.

Colin said...

Just a couple observations from the game last night...

It seemed like HCMT had the boys in the right mindset last night. You never saw anyone looking around trying to figure out what was going on. It was all business and I think some of it comes from HCMT. I also loved his move going right back to TK after the penalty.

Even though Fleury has improved his puck handling ability, there were a few times he should have just stayed in the crease. It is great that he now trusts his ability to make a play with his stick, but I think he has to pick and choose his spots.

Nobody is trying harder than Hossa. He is going to get one. And I know we acquired him to score and he isn't right now, but he is playing great. Think of it like this. If, for example, Cheecho doesn't score, you don't notice him on the ice. But Hossa is so skilled you notice him in other aspects of the game. That being said, he just needs to bear down and rip one.

Martin Gerber, while playing a great game, has the ugliest equipment set up in the entire NHL.

I can't wait for Monday.

Go Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


you lucky-duck scoring tickets to game 2....maybe the boys will sweep so we can save some $ to put towards round 2+....
did they played the Jaws music again on the PP?...were there some signs with the Fin like yours?

before flashblog gets updated/changed it looks like binary code...probably translates into: WWGRD?

thanks, FH....after Mondays W....I'll just STFU & maybe just go troll on a sens site [im registered as Senator Charlie on their main message board, but haven't stirred up shit.....yet]

Out Of Town News:

WB/S can clinch 1st overall with a W over last place Norfolk tonight or a Philly Phantom loss...pretty remarkable since the BIG team basically raped & pillaged their roster for 3/4 of the season....Kudos to those in the NE corner of the Keystone!!!!

Good luck to Carl Sneep & the BC Eagles playing in the Frozen Four™ Championship Game v. Notre Dame tonight at 700p on ESPN...last chance to hear Gary Thorne call a hockey game this year....

Pens Prospect Luca Caputi had a 4 point night 3G+1a to help the Niagara Ice Dogs stave off elimination to Oshawa, now they're down 3 games to 2.

ada520 said...

stating-the-obviousblog. malkin is good. really, really fucking good. i love it.
seriously. could he develop into a mario-type goal scoring talent? i dunno but hes awfully close and his backhand was very impressive last night.

queenofthesky82 said...

If anyone was on the game last night, did they happen to catch what flashed up on the screen around 8:43 in the 2nd as Orpick was making his way to the penalty box? The image was on the jumbotron for literally seconds, but honestly appeared to be a hooded figure somewhere up in section F. My brother and I concluded that it may have been a rare siting of the phantom of the mellon arena. Did anyone else see it??

Raybin said...

Joy in Mudville.

What an indescribably great experience it was to be there. One of those times when you feel transported out of yourself.

I was thinking at the start of the third "You know, Malone hasn't done much so far." I claim credit for being telepathic and motivating him. Y'all are welcome.

Probably--no, definitely--my greatest live sports moment ever. Unsurpassable.

When LaPointe took that penalty, I said something like, "If the Pens win on this powerplay, I will be extra happy because he's SUCH a dick, that if a stupid penalty he commits screws over his team, it'll be doubly sweet." Rock.

How badass did I feel with my Gill shirt (I only saw one other and it was the on my lady beside me...that's my one lifetime exception for my usual feelings about irritating couples who dress the same)? Very, I assure you.

I'm enough of a hockey fan to have felt just the slightest twinge of sympathy when I saw Gerber go limp and facedown on the ice after Bugsy's goal. To make 49 saves and still have your team let you down like that has to be a feeling of heartbreak and disgust I can't imagine.

Signs you read tPB too much: When I saw that, my first thought was "Gerber=Stunned"

And speaking of Gerber, advice to the Mellon crowd: Chanting his name to try to rattle him after it was 3-0 is appropriate. Chanting his name after he started standing on his head to make saves and the score was tied is not.

Otherwise, no complaints about the crowd. Raucous, rowdy and the "Gary" chants were off the charts cool.

Fleury's leaping, diving save caused Patrick Roy to stand up off his couch and do the "We're not worthy" Waynes World bow.

Once again the SykoMaMa line comes up aces. Looks like Geno has shut down all the doubters of his playoff effectiveness.

Time to step up, Sidlanta line. Hossa is SO close to breaking through. If he rings up a hat trick in Ottawa, I won't be surprised and will consider it worth the wait.

Have I mentioned this Sens team is worthless without Alfredsson? If Gerber would suffer a freak injury ala MAF in December, the Pens would win out with an average of 15 goals a game. They should film a special Spezza episode of "Without a Trace"

This was the only Pens game I've ever been to that you couldn't really hear the horn or Barbero over the crowd cheering. That says it all, I think.

LargeFarva said...

Seeing it in person I gotta say - it reminds me of a story (with appologies to Bill Simmons):

Milton Berle was a famous actor and comedian. He was also famous for the size of his (ahem) "kickstand". One day, he apparently is asked to compare lengths with some other fella and does so, unzips and shames him right there. When asked afterward why he chose to pull it out through his fly he responded "I just pulled it out far enough to win"


How great is it that we are dominating without Sid, Hossa or Staal firing on all cylinders yet? For those old-school veteran fans out there, you know that's what it takes in the playoffs: The right guys being hot at the right time. Sometimes it's domination, but at it's worst, it is still just enough to get the job done and bring home the W. TEAM HOCKEY

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. T, do it. They're running suicide blog over at the Sens' board.

Guys like Bryan Murray, Pat Quinn, and other Canadian blowhards have always preached about letting "the players decide the game". And when the refs let go a penalty that would have put your team on a powerplay in the 3rd period, that's when they want the refs to start calling everything.

Funny, eh?

FakeDannyStag said...

it's about time Errey and my brother started referencing the pensblog. i've been telling them this is one of the greastest reads since Leg Show.

I was stuck at my summer home in Cleveland for the game. invited 3 clevelanders who love the pens and the 5 of us (including the little woman) had a great time. we even broke into a drum circle with 16 seconds remaining.

first. congrats to the yinzers. did not see one orange seat! way to stay seated! good job on the ticket exchange. it's about time.

second. malkin took some white blotter. amazing!

third. gerber took some grant fuhr. spectacular!

fourth. i love and trust conks but MAF is oozing confidence right now. you can tell just by his post to post movements. so smooth. i have no worries about our goaltending.

fifth. i need to get back to bed.

hey steigy. tell ma i'll get her a copy of that demo i just recorded soon. she keeps buggin' me. i guess she needs some cleaning music or something.


Raybin said...

But Hossa is so skilled you notice him in other aspects of the game.

Yep. His backchecking, for one, is just ungodly.

I remember in particular one instance last night where he lost the puck, skated calmly up behind whichever Senajoke had taken it and took it back so quietly and easily that he could've stripped the guy naked before he know what was happening.

Sid is really close too. I would not be surprised to see Sid and Hossa combine for 47 goals one of these games in Ottawa. They're both suffering from Jordan Staal Syndrome currently....poor guys couldn't buy a goal right now with a half dozen of their game checks.

Stoosh said...

Morning After Thoughts, Dudes...

1. Dear Bryan Murray,

Do yourself a favor and watch the videotapes of all of last night's games. The refs are putting the whistles away and letting the players play. People are going to have to lose limbs for calls to be made, so like Denis Leary said, Life is tough. Get a helmet.

2. Echoing one of statements in miscellaneous, the most exciting player I've ever seen hitting the neutral zone at full speed with the puck is Pavel Bure. Evgeni Malkin is right behind him, and Sid is right behind both of them. All apologies, Sid.

3. Has there ever been a skill player who attacks the middle of the defense on a rush the way Sid does? He doesn't draw penalties because of any ridiculous conspiracy theory. He draws penalties because rather than trying to go around defensemen, he goes right at them and forces them to stop him. Most of them are unable to do so, so they usually end up hauling him down on the way to the net.

4. Watching Ovechkin beat the Flyers was a beautiful, beautiful thing last night.

5. This Pens team is playing an incredibly complete game right now. They're overwhelming the Sens defense by attacking in waves. They're forcing turnover after turnover in the neutral zone. I've never seen a Pens team that keeps coming after an opponent like this. If Gerber had even an average game last night, that score would've been about 10-3.

6. Martin Lapointe - When you take the blade of your stick and almost remove a player's eye, it's a penalty. Quit your bitching and retire.

7. Excellent job by Ottawa to get back into it last night, and these next two games are going to be tough. Pens just need to go up there Monday night and keep doing what they've been doing. Game Three is going to be huge...then again, they're all going to be huge.

PensFanFromWI said...

I had to laugh when, in the post-game show, they were talking about the crowd watching the game outside the Mellon and Steigy says "I'm told that the theme of the gathering is 'what would Gary Roberts do'" ... props to tPBers that were there.

blufftalk said...

  ThePensBlog is why I exist.

LargeFarva said...

@ queenofthesky82

Did NOT see that. DID SEE the score randomly shift to 3-3 prematurely at the beginning of the 2nd intermission for about a minute...during which time I almost puked up my heart.

Dr. Turkleton said...


could I please add Kovalchuk & Ovechkin [yuck] to your point #2?...there must be something in the H²O over in Mother Russia.

during the Murray presser, when he's crying, er talking about the non-penalty calls, he agress with the ladouche 'hooking' call...was he trying to 'hook' ruutus eyeball out of its socket? OR
maybe murray said high-stickingpth & I just didn't understand him.

It was mentioned last night, but did anyone hear/see what Neil did to get the 10 minute misconduct at the end of the game?

Flyer Hater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
blackngold66 said...


What FH said. Also, don't EVER apologize on cblog. Sharing your opinion is what this place is all about. And although I can't speak for everyone else... your opinion is valued here.

I never thought I'd say this, but this weekend can't fly by fast enough.

Flyer Hater said...

I just want to give a gigantic thank you to Paul Kariya for signing with St. Louis Blues in the off season.


dying alive said...

Being in Mellon immediately after Malone's goal last night was one of the few times in my life I can legitimately say that an event nearly killed me. The place was already buzzing. Everyone was on their feet. You just had a feeling that something was going to happen, and when Malone went for the wrap around, it was like it was happening in slow motion. As soon as the puck was in the net, the place just exploded. The goal light wasn't even on yet and everyone was celebrating. Kids were jumping up and down and screaming. Old people were jumping up and down and screaming.

Totalchillsblog. That moment was what playoff hockey is all about. If you weren't screaming after that goal, stop watching hockey.

geezer said...

Malone's coconut bouced off ice 2x. Malone scores 2x. Hmmmmmmm, painful yet productive. Thats what Pens fans call Courage. Thats what it takes to win in hockey and life, Courage. Great game guys. The offense looks like NHL 2008! Wow!

The Seeker said...

Great recap clutch as Bugsy's wraparound.

I just can't help but wonder who's child Jordan Staal stole candy from that he's being punished so severely?

Staal's been a beast in every aspect of his game, but you just can't get more snakebit than he's been when it comes to pucks going in the net for him. Like those old cigarette commercials...'only a silly centimeter longer'. It seems he's THAT close yet the hockey gods don't allow it.

I'd also like to know what Neil's misconduct penalty was for.

BlacknGold66 said...

Grab your balls...

NHLNetwork is replaying the FSN feed of last night's game.

Wait... as I'm typing this it is freezing. Don't tell me they are gonna blackout a REPLAY.

Oh fuck me....

DeCeV said...

I'm hearing some talk that makes it sound like an Amber Alert should be put out for Sid. The man had 4 assists, I call that a decent night.

The Amber Alert is currently on right now for Heatley and Spezza. Jokes. They were both -2 last night. Apparently Alfie = the glue on that line.

Dr. Turkleton said...


WTF is up with that?...just got out of the shower & am staring at a black screen???

I've never seen a REPLAY of something being blacked out before....& I was hoping it would've been the CBC broadcast to get their 'perspective' on things...

meh. guess I'll go finish doing things from my SARCASM list.

@the seeker

man, you're right on. Staal has been a step quicker & playing 30 pounds heavier than he did during the regular season: maybe hanging out with this guy ,riding to and from the Mellon has rubbed off a bit.


I sure all the Crosby-haters out there will bring up the point:They were all SECONDARY assists, too

Chris said...

I think we should re-enact the Amber Alert for Jordan Staal.

patrick f. said...

I'm glad AO and the craps beat the cryers...but look at the frozen moment. Looks like Charlie taught AO how to celebrate...

BlackDiamond said...

@Dr. Turk
I was in unfamiliar territory last night in E3, but it was rocking over there. Was it me, or as each game goes along is the crowd more stoked than the last?

I didn't notice any other sharkfins and they did play the Jaws music. I love John doing the announcing, but I wish he wouldn't talk just when it's the crowd's turn to yell "HEY" during the song. Finally, on Malone's goal, the crew did mute everything at that point of the song. Wow - goosebumps and chills on 17,000 + Pens fans blowing the roof off!

Steve In Denver said...

An hour to read last night's comments and today's post and comments = time well spent.

That pic after Malone's goal was ridiculous. Every single person looked like they had just had an orgasm AND won powerball simultaneously.


Vanessa Day said...

I think the absolute best part of the game was the dejected prostration of Martin Gerber for about 2 minutes after the game winner by RM!

It couldn't have been any more perfect.



norojo said...

I feel like I gave birth after that game, what a win!
The refs totally stuck their whistles up their poop shutes, murray can cry all he wants but the sens got away with about 8 penalties.
I don't want to be a hater but Hossa stinks. He should have 5 goals in this series now. He better start showing up.
Malkin = best player in the NHL right now

GwinTheEskimo said...

-someone probably already mentioned this, but; i listened to minutes 12-17(roughly)of the 3rd on the way home from work. Mike Lange said something like, "Danny Heatly is a guy who will just kill you if he gets a chance"
foot in mouth or tung in cheek?

bluzdude said...

This is probably the first and only time I will ever type the following words: I can't wait for Monday!

Raybin said...


Lange knows EXACTLY what he's doing when he drops those comments. Just one more of the million reasons why he rules the world.

At least twice this season he's said something like, "Boy, Dany Heatley is just deadly."

wilsmith said...

I hate the "let the players decide the game" theory.

Let the game decide the game.

The game doesn't allow hooking, slashing, fucking interference, etc.

When you let the players decide the game, the players who are capable of making game deciding plays are slashed and held buy a bunch of clowns who can't keep up with the play.

Murray can cry all he wants, but if they called what they should, like he wanted, then the Pens would have spent the last 10 minutes of the game on the power play.

AmericanHero269 said...

This game was the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Thank God for the Steel City Line, or else this game isn't the same. Geno, Syko, and Bugsy are absolutely clutch right now. Sidney is playing good, just needs to find the net.

On the contrary, Hoss needs to bury that puck. I mean, that was ridiculous.

Every Ottawa goal was a trash goal, so guess where we need to lock down again? Keep them out of the slot and the crease, and win those battles. Almost a bad breakdown.

I think Sydor should start next game, over who is the question?

Game 3 could cause suicide. Be prepared

dani said...

Hey, Pensblog. You almost got a shout out from the Penguins site with your bracelets.

You grown men are such puckbunnies.

karri said...

Staff...I honestly don't know how you do it. Each post gets better. Please, just keep doing it. Thanks. :)

C-blog is just unreal. It's making me late for work. All of your comments add so much to The Pensblog.

Wilsmith - I couldn't agree with you more. A penalty is a penalty. It shouldn't matter if it occurs 1 minute into the game or in the last minute of the game.

Puck said...

@Willsmith et al.

Guys, hate to break it to you... but that's unforutnately how Playoff hockey is called. For good or bad, we have to deal with it.

That being said, I honestly felt that was a decently called game. Sure there were some crappy calls on both sides (Phillips holding, yeah right), but I had to chuckle when Mellon arena erupted over the no-call (what could they call??) on Meszaros' Malkin breakaway stop.

But if you think this is bad, imagine what it felt like to be a Sens fan during the final against the Ducks last year! Just know that the Stars are capable of doing EVERY team in the East a huge favour.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh my goodness! That was one of the most awesome games I have ever witnessed in my entire life! Wow! Me = Stunned!

Malone owned tonight after leaving temporarily. Another reason why I love him. I had to watch the game at home, once more, *sigh* and was flipping out. I swear Malkin's parents in Russia were wondering why they could hear someone screaming.
Get's his head smacked off the ice, hurts his leg in the corner with Volchenkov, comes back in the game, checks people, plays solid offense and defense, scores GWG, and seals the deal = BigDealAndClutchBlog!

@Stoosh: When you blogged the other day, the one site re-posted what you said in their terms. You have to read it, they are completely pathetic. How dare they not Commit! Dumb, jobbers.

Poor Sykora still doesn't have the hat trick. I can't wait to see him try for it next game!

I watched Under the Lights Penguins History. That was awesome. I had goosebumps watching the entire thing. I want them to re-air it repeatedly. (Plus, I couldn't help but smile watching a certain Penguins return from retirement and a former Pen do a belly-flop after scoring in Game 7 against Hasek. P.S. He still owns you, Hasek!)

I couldn't sleep last night for the longest time ... I'm so pumped for Monday in Ottatry. Until then I will have my eyes on The Blog, Penguins site,, and anything on youtube remotely involving a Penguins player.

In the Penguins Organization I Still Trust!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I meant last night, but who cares, he owns no matter what he does.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Looks like I'm posting again because I'm too stupid to put it into one post, but ...
On the Pens official site is says
Win an autographed Gary Roberts jersey! Join the Pens Page on Facebook. Worthitblog.

mmmk1989 said...

just curious, but whats up with flashblog? it has the avalanche series updated, but not the pens, or the others

Flyer Hater said...

If you've watched the highlights on upwards of 20 times, you're not alone.

Carroll said...


Senators coach and GM Bryan Murray isn't sure if any of his team's walking wounded....The club hasn't ruled out Alfredsson's return, but Kelly might be the closest to getting back in the lineup and even he hasn't resumed skating yet. "I saw (Kelly) rolling on a beach ball (yesterday). I'm not sure if he was getting ready for summer or getting ready to skate," ....

I'm thinking he's getting ready for the summer!!

Katie said...

A. MAZ.ING!!!!!! Almost had a small heart attack. Cut out of work at 3:30 (live on the west coast), go to my neighborhood bar (they have Iron City -- I know, I know, but it helps bring that Pittsburgh feel, and it's what I drank during our first two Cup wins so I'm trying to bring the good karma). The bartender decides he a Flyers fan and won't put on the Pens game. So I leave (and am never going back), make it to the Trader Joes, grab a six of Iron (I know, I know) and get to my apartment with ten minutes to spare. Get on the phone, call Comcast and order the Stanley Cup package. I wait. The signal is not coming through. Five minutes to puck drop. I wait. Nothng. I get back on the phone to Comcast and plead with the guy and he's like, calm down, it's just a hockey game. Blasphemy!!! I respond either get me that signal now or I'm going to do what Gary Roberts would do -- come through the phone and kick your ass. All of a sudden, the game is on. Sorry Chet at Comcast, you just don't get it.

Great job Pensblog!!!! Let's Go Pens!!!

wilsmith said...

Oh, don't worry puck, you're not breaking it to me. I know that's how it's going to be but it's just pathetic. The phrase "Players deciding the game" describes the opposite scenario.


This screen out in front of the igloo provides the ideal place for a rendezvous. Just sayin'

nailersfan66 said...

I pray that I'm not the only one who thinks that Ryan Whitney looks like a boy among men out there on the ice. I don't ever remember seeing him so tentative with the puck. Way, way too many turnovers in the defensive end.

I literally screamed and jumped so high after Malone's goal that I felt lightheaded and almost fell into the row in front of me up in E1. That's what playoff hockey is all about.

Brian said...

did anyone else notice the huge "What WOULDN'T Gary Roberts Do" sign on the upper level. haha

GwinTheEskimo said...

sweet, Roberts/Lange '08

How about the sens fan in toronto guy claiming childishness for bringing up Heatley's vehicular manslaughter, that from a guy who put a tutu on the penguins. what a douche.

I heard their was a Mighty 'Guins song floating around, that makes me happy.
-my sister, a Gwin, was accepted into grad school at Chatahm, I think that has something to do with the Pens victories.

Detroit's stadium is half empty, weak.

Vanessa Day said...

@ Nailersfan66

I totally agree about Whitney. He is their weak link right now. I used to be worried about Letang, but Whitney is looking really shoddy lately.

Hopefully he finds his stride.



Sooska said...

@ gwintheeskimo - link for the Guins song on DVE-4th one on the list:

@ earlier posts RE Stan Savran- I just saw the game since I was traveling last night & only got radio. Stan's postgame interview with Geno was awesomely funny-I guess since Stan's grandparents are Russian the rest of us are too. Geno 100% understood everything Stan said. You could tell by the nods and smiles.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Whit looked okay, not his best hockey, but nonetheless he's still trying. If all else fails, we could put Sydor in to make him realize he needs to play better.

Watch this ... It doesn't take a genius to realize due to my name it probably involves a Lithuanian who is currently in Russia and does the best belly flop after scoring.

For more inspiration:
See Lemiuex:



And this:

Pensblog Staff said...

flashblog is always behind.

sometimes the place we upload the .swf file to is down and won't let us upload.

we're guessing it's a bandwidth issue.


J.S. said...


I feel honored knowing that I'm looked upon as firstposter. Weekends are my downtime though where I let others have the opportunity, haha. I gotta be up for work at 445 during the week, so that kinda makes it a little easier.


Back to last night's post, which I barely remember making...I ended up making the drive from j-town to watch the game on the big screen. Two other people were supposed to go, but they backed out because of a little rain. Whatev. I threw on the practice jersey, found the NHL Breakout hat that I said I was gonna wear (I swear one day that hat is gonna disintegrate off my head. guess you'll have that from a n 8 yr old hat that is probably more beat than some of the hats that Sid wears after games. Anyways...), and made the drive down 22 to Pittsburgh. Was hoping to see a few c-bloggers down there; maybe a WWGRD shirt, a Charlie shirt, or a you=stunned shirt, but no dice. Then again, I guess it's kinda tough to pick out individuals when there's 17k+ roaming around outside. I was gonna take this sign with me, since I'm sure most c-bloggers know Charlie, but I was running short on time and couldn't find anything to print it on. Plus with the rain, I'm not sure if I would have liked the sign's chances.

Fast forward through two periods of on and off rain, and as the second intermission hits, a monsoon starts, which is eventually followed up with gravel-sized hail. Un-f'ing-real. I drive 70 miles to watch the game outside Mellon, and I'm gonna end up missing the final period. So everybody rushes for the lobby. For some reason, I thought there was a long shot that they might have let us in as standing room people. After all, it was the third and any crowd noise (especially from fans who just endured a rain/hailstorm) is definitely good crowd noise. The ushers basically rushed the door and at first, more or less, told us we weren't getting in. As he's saying this, there's this kid, maybe early 20s, with this huuuuuuge bong beside me. I'm wondering if they would have let us in, if he would have sacrificed the bong outside since he sure as hell wasn't clearing the door with it. I call c-blogger kj to tell her what's going on, and the "let us in" chant is almost deafening. I couldn't even imagine what she heard on the other end.

The chanting goes on for what seemed like another 10 min before an usher comes out to say something. Some kid in back says something to the effect of "this is fucked up" and the usher shuts the door. I yell "What would Gary Roberts do?", which gets a few cheers from people around me. A few min later, same usher comes out, and they decide to let us watch the game in the lobby. About 200 people I'm guessing rush the lobby to watch the game. I tell the kid beside me, "I've never been so happy to watch a game on a 19 inch screen". Fast forward through seven minutes of third period hockey, and they finally get the outside jumbotron up and running, and we get the boot.

Although we truly never got inside, and especially with the way the game ended, this is one game that I won't forget anytime soon.

WWJSD? Drive 70 miles to watch the game in a rainstorm and enjoy every second of it.

Pensgirl said...

Bugsy = NHL #1 Star of the Night

coffeytalk said...

Solid, Staff. Just Solid.

Flyer Hater said...

Adam is now running excusesblog, joke.

Hockeytown should be renamed hockeyvillage, what a disgrace.

Jonny V said...

That save Fleury made when it looked like he pounced on it from across the crease was unreal.

And Donovan wasn't hauled down on that breakaway. He was starting to fall before any Pens player was even around him.

Katie, that was me last year living on the west coast and dealing with cable companies. Hopefully u get to see all of the games. And there's nothing wrong with Iron City.

lis said...

They just played "Warm it up Kris" by Kris Kross when Draper just scored for Detroit!

I just had to laugh!!!

J.S. said...

other comments:

katie, anybody who drinks Iron City to gets psyched up for a game, refuses to go back to a place because of an a-hole bartender that won't changez la canal because he (she?) claims to be a Flyers fan is ok in my book.

gwintheeskimo, Lange has made a few of those comments over the last year or so. The one I noticed last year was something about "driving with wreckless abandon" to the net, but I've heard him say the one you mentioned a few times.

J.S. said...

one more thing before somebody calls me out for cluttering up the blog:

since Mike Ricci's retired last season, I think it's safe to say that Shean Donovan has claimed the title of "Ugliest Human currently in the NHL"

Michelle said...

Unbelievable game! I can't wait for Game 3. I'm anxious to see how the atmosphere is in Ottawa.

Great post. I love the Sykora photoshops. The one of Sykora and Malkin in chemistry class was cool!

Go Pens! Sweep the Sens!

Spencemo said...

First, let me apologize for being lax in my role as a c-blogger. I know, I suck.

Second, I'm afraid that my dogs are going to have PTSD by the end of the playoffs. One of them hides in the basement during the games...poor guy.

Third, Holy Nuts, what a series this it turning out to be.

When the video feed puked last night, all my husband and I could say was, "if we can't see it, can we at least have Mike Lange?".

Can't wait for Monday...


tycobb0888 said...

Normally you wouldn't drill home Shawshank Redemption references??? me = stunned.

GwinTheEskimo said...

@js: I haven't listened to too many Pens/sens games on the radio, I like the driving with reckless abandon comment; morbidly hilarious...what happened to the kid's bong?...

@ sooska: thanks for the link.

anyone remember/play the hockey version of NBA Jam back in the day? I associate Radek Bonk with that game, him and alexander Daigle.

Pensgirl said...

Spencemo, my family's late dog seemed to think we were cheering him. We'd cheer, and he'd get up and run around, wagging his tail and barking and coming over to us to play, looking so proud of himself.

Cut to roommate's cat is scared shitless when I yell for goals. Wimp.

JYo said...

re: "(what could they call??) on Meszaros' Malkin breakaway stop"

If you saw the FSN feed, you know the answer to that is slashing. They showed a few replays and it was very obvious. I don't know how Malkin's stick didn't break in half. In the end, it didn't matter, so whatev, but it was clearly a penalty.

re: Iron City.

I like the sentiment of sticking with a beer from the 'burgh, but IC is one of the worst beers to ever touch my lips. I don't know that I would represent as well as you did. Kudos.

re: Hossa not scoring.

People are on here saying Staal is looking great but can't buy a goal and then turning around and jobbing Hossa for not scoring. I call BS. Its the same situation. Hossa is dominating all over the ice, but just not scoring. His goals will come. It would be nice if it started sooner rather than later, but I'm not even close to willing to give up on him. If he scores one big goal in a tight game, my guess is many of the same folks jobbing him now will be praising King Shero for bringing him in for just such a situation. Just enjoy the current success and look forward to more of the same. There is no need to constantly nit pick.

stokes said...

The thing about Hossa (and Staal, maybe to a lesser degree) is that he's always a threat to score. It doesn't matter when he starts scoring, only that he could pop one in anytime he's on the ice. He has that game breaking ability to score and teams have to adjust for that, especially on a line with Sid. Goals will come, but his mere presence alone is enough to keep teams honest.

When that line starts pouring it on, hopefully Malkin will still be doing acid, and the Pens will win games by field goals.

J.S. said...

jyo, it's been awhile since I had a City, but I don't mind the occasional IC Light on gameday.

gwin, no idea what happened to the bong. the kid was nowhere to be found once I made it into the lobby, but like I said, that bong sure as hell wasn't making it inside.

KJ said...

i will agree, def a game i'm not soon to forget, JS's calls to tell me what it was like inside & outside (and of course to make me jealous :)), GDC telling Jarkko to bleed when he got hit in the face, and of course seeing the Pens not give up even though the Sens came back to tie the game =awesome. if you get a tattoo or a chinchilla between last night & monday, you'll know why for the rest of your life!

Q said...

The goal celebration after Malone scored on the wrap-around is what life is all about.

Did anyone see Sid and Geno jump Bugsy on the boards?

If not, they show it on the ESPN highlights from last nights game.

You know Ottawa is going to play game 3 like its Armageddon.

Bring it.

Lets Go Pens.

GwinTheEskimo said...

half joking about the bong, odd the kid would have the balls to just rock out on the arena lawn with a tube.. woodstockblog?
sounds like an epic night.

Brett said...

Our game was incredible.

Washington's was just as good, I can't believe I'm saying that. I just rewatched the game and I get goosebumps when AO notches the game winning goal. The place is on acid.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

i know its hard for most of us... but imagine you're planning to play against the penguins in a playoff series.... what's your number one priority?

It seems as though Roberts won this series for us in the first minute of game one. Ottawa spent way too much time concentrating on Roberts in the first period last night. They took bad penalties, and just like your dad can always beat your ass because he's in your head, so the penguins won game 2.

Don't get me wrong, Malone's heroics didn't go un-noticed by yours truly... But the penguins are proving that the task of other teams putting together a game plan to be VERY hard.

I think we may sweep this series, but realistically I think we NEED at least one win in OTT on this trip.

I just bought a new coffee table and it is really helping me participate in c-blog.

The Seeker said...

@ jyo

My comments on Staal are more in the vein that I really feel bad for the guy.

He's playing some great hockey and he's invaluable.

I just cringe every time he ALMOST scores. It's got to be frustrating and that's why I wonder what hockey god he pissed-off that this is happening to him.

Hossa? Hell...he's a frickin' FORCE. Yeah, I was in amazement that he didn't put that one behind Gerber that was already behind Gerber. But he does everything else you can ask of him, and does it outstandingly well.

J.S. said...

I didn't think you were joking about it. Like you said, if he wanted to show up to Mellon with his piece, more power to him. Without turning this into politicalblog (cause I'd like to consider this subject closed as soon as I have opened it), I've never burned the tree in my 30-odd years on the planet, but I'm not gonna play police to those who do.

It was an epic night indeed. If something similar is presented during round 2, there's a good chance I'll be making the trip on the condition that more people from c-blog show up (although PBJeff did say he'd be outside gate one).

Flyer Hater said...

During playoff games,

My cat=stunned. I bribe him with tuna after the game to make up for the trauma I cause during tied third periods.

Montreal/Boston coming up on Versus at 7.

The Seeker said...

Speaking of EPIC....copied from Empty Netters & written by J.T. Koladish:

Cup Number Three

It was the night before the playoffs and all through the air

The hopes of a Stanley Cup hung everywhere

Mellon Arena was dressed up and clean

The city of Pittsburgh seemed so serene

I got off my knees and jumped into bed

I turned on Mike Lange, and here's what he said:

'With Crosby and Malkin, this isn't a dream...

...our Penguins are certainly hockey's best team.'

The Pens and the Sens... oh what a scrap

I turned down the covers to take my night's nap

But as I slept in the city at the William Penn Hotel

Something was happening at the Igloo that Lange wouldn't tell

The security guard who was watching the rink

Saw not a thing, he said with a wink

But one man did see it; he was down there that night

He stood at the red line and waited for daylight

His name is Coach Therrien, and he met with the Badger.

Yes, the spirit of Bob Johnson, who made the Penguins a winner

Mr. Johnson asked him to stay with him all night

And then go to his team at first day's light

As the Badger rubbed his nose and tugged at his ear

Therrien saw Johnson shedding a tear

"Thank you my son for cup number three...

My Penguins are back...It's a great day for hockey"

JYo said...

I completely agree on both accounts seeker. Thats why I can't understand why anyone would job Hossa just because he isn't filling the net right now.

Great point by Stokes too. Sid and Hossa on a line is a huge threat for any team to consider. Who do you send your top D pairing against? Sid and Hossa or Geno's line? Either way you have a weaker pairing against the other line and that is not where you want to be.

One thing I'm not so sure about is having two solid PP lines. I keep hearing people (not necessarily on this site, but in general) calling for splitting up Sid and Geno on the PP so we have two great lines. That sounds nice in theory, but I think it ends up limiting both of them. In games where you get only a handful of opportunities, and if the non-calls in the third period are any indication, that will be the case for a lot of the playoffs, do you really want to have Sid and/or Geno be limited to half of the PP time or less? I don't. If you split them up, that is exactly what you get. If the Pens have a game where there are a ton of PP opportunities for whatever reason, then think about more lines. However, in most cases, I'll take Sid-Hossa-Malone up front with Geno and Gonch on the points and whatever second line we can put together can take the last 20-30 seconds if necessary.

Christina said...

adding on to your last point, jyo -

and it's not like we'll be fielding a mishmash second PP unit if all the big guns stay on the top unit.

Sykora, Staal, Roberts (Dupuis?)
Whitney, LeGame (Sydor?)

could prove to be a clutch second unit. there are guys on there who have been scoring or in theory could be scoring at will.

JYo said...

Great point Christina. I completely agree, but didn't want to drag my post on too long.

The Seeker said...

On the PP....I think it showed lat night having 4 forwards as opposed to 3 with 2 Dmen.

I also think though that it might help sometimes to get LeTang's right hand shot (or even let HIM do the Whitney play)....but tell him to SHOOT it when he's on the point.

I'm only saying that so that the Thenth don't get used to seeing the same units too often. A right hand shooter might surprise them.

The Seeker said...

That talk of Letang made me think....

How awesome would it have been if it were Letang sprung out of the penalty box on a break away last night instead of Orpik?

I can never get enough of seeing Letang deking goalies right out of their skates!

JYo said...

Great points about LeGame, seeker. Its great to have these types of options, eh?

XFactor said...

Amazing pens blog!
We need some mroe pens fans over at
Hope to see you there!

mmmk1989 said...

dont know if this was posted or not but...

ESPN is showing ND vs BC NCAA hockey right now. Gary Thorne is doing the play by play. BC is winning 3-1 as of now. one more period left.

hockey on ESPN? i am stunned.

Flyer Hater said...

Gary Thorne is still gold.

J.S. said...

I wasn't a big fan of Thorne's back in the ESPN days of the NHL. I think it was because of his butchering of names (Mike Bergevin, Olaf Tver-door-ski, and Aaron Daze are three that still stick to this day), but hearing him tonight kinda made me miss hearing him call him a game.

Flyer Hater said...

This Montreal/Boston games is unreal.

wilsmith said...


you play anywhere in johnstown in the rec/roller leagues?

Small town, thought I'd ask

blackngold66 said...

J.S. :

That, my friend, is a great story! Kudos to you for making that trip, especially knowing what kind of weather you were heading into ahead of time. Respectblog.

I still plan on making it down from Cleveland for a playoff game for tailgating, watching from the lawn, or just to toss a few back with Stieg... er... Stokes @ the Souperbowl.

Hopefully we make it deep in the playoffs & I can make it down for a weekeng game when I'm back on my feet.

Long-story-short... We'll have to meet up.

J.S. said...

wil, I did, but because of a few things that came up between seasons, I wasn't able to keep my spot on the team. Not a big deal though. I hope to jump on a team over the summer though...somewhere.

When teams were forming in late Jan, I was in the middle of a move, which took up more than a few of my weekends. If I know that I'm not gonna be able to commit 100% to a team, I won't go. I've seen it too many times where people say they'll play and show up for 1/3 of the games. I wouldn't want to be looked at as "that guy" by my teammates.

Stoosh said...


I saw what S.F.I.T. did with my post from the other day. Luckily I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I read it because I might have choked.

"Remember, we're hockey mad up here. We see it all."

I'll ignore the "dumb American" inference and state simply that if he sees it all, he obviously sees all the times that Sid backchecks like one of the best defensive forwards in the league, throws his body into checks along the boards, carries the puck into traffic to try to draw penalties, goes to the front of the net, sells out to block shots on the penalty kill and all the other things that most skill players just don't do.

Does Sid whine to refs? Sure. Show me a captain that isn't arguing with the refs to get calls for his team. Show me a player who doesn't whine to the refs when he gets hauled off his skates while driving the net (moving his feet most of the time, which negates any diving calls), or how many times he gets held or hooked on his way to the net.

As I said in a previous post, the reason he gets so many calls is that he puts himself in a position to draw penalties - just like Jordan used to do with the Bulls. Jordan used to get calls because there was never a guard who drove to the net as aggressively as he did.

"Are you truly telling me that if you had a team of Garys out there you’d love watching the product? Last time I checked a one-dimensional team doesn’t win enough games to far. Nor is it entertaining at all."

Maybe he can point out to me where I attempted to say that, or even infer that. I know I'm just another dumb American that knows nothing about hockey, but I don't recall ever attempting to make that point.

And I love his pathetic attempt to anoint Alfredsson as some sort of saint and conveniently ignores this.

But what do I know. I'm just another dumb American who knows nothing about hockey.

Pensblog Staff said...

XFACTOR at 8:30PM = joke

I Have Kasparaitis said...

It's alright, Stoosh. Everyone knows here at the C-Blog you are a true hall-of-famer. If they don't care to listen to what you say and just job you like the idiots they are, then they are obviously not intelligent enough to speak about hockey and have people actually paying attention.

On the Alfie deal, that's a reason why no one got upset that he got hurt by Bell. He's a jag-off.

Hip said...

Dudes - had a lot of backreading to do tonight. Unreal. This is the one shred of decency I still have as a Pens fan right now and for that I thank you. However, the largest statue of a penguin in the world is located in Cutbank, MT, about 30 miles from where I am. I've got some pics to share when I get back. Makes me feel a bit closer to the boys.

Go Pens.

Jeffry said...

i cant believe my games one pictures got worked over. ive been crying for days. if only i got a picture of the guy with the "guns dont kill people, dany heatley kills people" sign

oldschoolbehii said...

anybody else see Avery on the powerplay tonite? he had his back to the play and was waving his stick in brodeur's face the whole time... what a dick


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