Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Remember last year as the Penguins were skating off the ice after game five against the Senators?

Other than hoping Michel Ouellet didn't make it home,
all you could do is wish that one day the Pens could get even.

Tonight, a bit of retribution was delivered.
Watching Ottawa fans scatter out of the arena with their head between their balls/ovaries was a good time.

But the ultimate price won't be paid until that handshake line forms.
The Senators wishing the Penguins good luck in the next round is when we'll start talking about it.

The fourth win is always the toughest.

Hossa 3:16



The news came via Stan Savran that Gary Roberts was gonna be scratched for Game 3,
and Adam Hall would take his spot.


[Caroll T]


There was a surreal scene before the players took the ice,
as Russel Crowe dressed as a Senator was trying to pump up the crowd.

Is this guy serious?



[Tristian B]


[Carroll T]

[Chloe H]

Our old friend, the doorman, came out with stirring renditions of the anthem.
Lyndon Sewage rocks the house.

Sens fans were stunned when they were cued to sing,
due to the doorman singing the previous verse in French.

No one knew what language to sing.
Somebody vomited.



Paul Devorski says, "This is it," and drops the puck.

Right out of the gates, Chris Neil made a great play on Letang to job him, but then he punches him in the face.
What a stupid penalty.

Early on the powerplay Hossa almost cured all ills with a clean slapshot, but he hit the pipe.
The Sens were all business on the PK. It was killed.

After some back and forth hockey, Talbot chased a rebound behind the Sens net and rammed Gerber in the mouth.
Gerber makes like he was shot with a cruise missile and gets the call.

It was the best gay dive since Greg Louganis.

That power play took forever, it seemed like.

Hal Gill got the puck stolen off of him, and the Sens had a great chance.
But MAF is simply on the top of his game, comes out and takes away the angle.
Huge save.

Then the first commercial break hit, signaling the end of whatever "storm" there would have been.

Actually, that's when the storm hit.
But MAF took the helm and kept the ship afloat.
Unreal performance in the first period.
He spanked the Sens.


The Sidney Crosby boos were loud and clear during the game.
Did Sidney Crosby offend them?

The only player Pens fans boo is Jagr, because there is a deep-rooted history there.
Do you see us booing Lecavalier when he comes to town?

We'll deal with this for as long as we're alive in the playoffs, so whatev.
But really, get a clue.

As the period dipped past the halfway mark, the USS Hal Gill had all engines go trying to get back to an icing call, and he gets to it using great positioning.

To drive home the point of how important the little things are:
Off the face-off from the icing call, the USS Hal Gill fires a blast at Darth Gerber.
It flutters past the net after hitting two bodies.

Gonchar had a sick shift as time wound down in the first.
He lost his stick in his own zone, and then some turd pushed it away from him when he was about to pick it up.
He later headed up into the Sens zone and levels Foligno.

Late in the first, the Sens were headed to the box with a penalty we still haven't seen.

That power play was Gerberblog.
Malone and Hossa both had great chances, but no dice.

MAF made some more big saves after that, giving us a heart attack with a scary rebound on a Daniel Alfredsson shot. 18 Senators dive into the crease.

You can't complain about a first period like that on the road.



The Sens have some sick players.
We can add Nick Foligno to that list.
He was everywhere in the first period.

Early in the second, he takes advantage of an opportune bounce and beats MAF.


Things seemed to be snowballing afterwards.
Bing and Volchenkov mucked it up behind the play, with Sid getting the last crosscheck in on Volchenkov.

And then Sid and Malkin couldn't do their stickhandling magic.
Something didn't feel right.

But Marian Hossa felt right.

He corralled a pass from Pascal Dupuis at the blue line, kept the world onside, and fed a streaking Max Talbot.
Max Talbot was not to be denied.
What was Gerber doing? 1-1.

Just a huge goal.


After that, the Pens started settling in.
Three shifts in a row, the Pens were cycling, making things happen.

Gonch had a great chance, held the puck for a day, but couldn't get a good sight line to the net.
If that shot hits a leg, the Sens go back the other way on a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 rush.

To cap off that great stretch, Malkin's line jumps on and draws a penalty.
Chris Neil is trying to fix the game for the Pens.

Marian Hossa's backchecking changed the world on the PP.
Shean Donovan has the best acid on the planet right now, but Hossa got the job done.

The power play continued, and the Pens seemingly got jobbed on a loose-puck whistle.
But we would want that whistle blown with the roles reversed.

The Sens were drunk and took an extra penalty in the ensuing scrum.
But they survived it all.

Late in the second, balls shrunk when Hossa blatantly tripped up a Sen.
But no call.

Going into the third, things were more intense than Bob Vila.



The prevailing thought going into the third period was this game had OT written all over it.

For 17 minutes during the intermission, you wondered how the Pens were gonna come out to start the third.

That answer came to us in 12 seconds.
Crosby takes advantage of some Sens d-man being a jobber, and breaks in on a 2-1.

First thing you think of:

Well, guess what...

87 buries it

Boo that.

He used Hossa as a decoy as he caught Gerber leaning a little and put it short side.

(one of the most popular photoshops we've gotten)

Right off the ensuing faceoff, 18 minutes looked like forever.

Ruutu-Staal-Kennedy said no prob, jokes.
Tic-tac-toe dump play.
A play they run every day in practice, most likely.

Staal with the pickle stabber put in a one-timer from a beautiful TK pass.

So, what was Bryan Murray gonna do?
Call a timeout? Compose his team?

The next shift, Chris Neil takes another stupid penalty, and the Pens were on the power play.

With their season on the line, the Sens' unreal penalty-killing disappeared.
The Pens didn't bang one home, but the Sens looked disinterested.

The Sens didn't want to die, though.
They came back firing after the PK, with MAF standing on his head.

That flurry resulted in a Sens power play.
They had officially been thrown a bone.

But the Pens get a big break when Staal lifts Heatley's stick into his face, and it draws blood.
You have to control of your stick. Heatley did not.

On the same play, Cory Stillman trips up Malone, so he was off, too.
Heatley goes off for 4 minutes.

We would be beside ourselves if that happened.
And the Sens fans will be in full force, crying conspiracy.

Maybe if the Sens could score more than one time in the biggest game of their season,
the conspiracy talk would matter.

The Pens had a 4-on-3 that was gonna boob its way to a 5-on-3.

Smelling blood, all the big boys were poised to strike.
It wasn't a Malkin one-timer.
It wasn't a Gonchar laser.

Instead, it was our new friendly neighborhood garbage man, Marian Hossa, putting home the trash.

[ Paul S. ]


We could say that was game, but it wouldn't be right.
The final 8 minutes or so of the game were just so sweet.

The Sens weren't hitting anymore.
There was no forecheck.
It turned into a scrimmage game.

MAF made some routine saves as the clock crawled at all zeros.


  • Chris Neil = Mistake
  • Bring your boom to Ottawa.
  • Jarkko Ruutu broke up at least three Senator scoring opportunities.
  • Jordan Staal comes through at the right time.
  • Fleu-eu-eu-eu-eu-eury...Fleu-eu-eu-eu-eu-eu-eury.
  • Adam Hall = Does his job.
  • Any healthy scratches seeing some action on Wednesday night?
  • New York Islanders/Pittsburgh Penguins -- 1975. Stay the course.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes through again.
He was eating a bucket of KFC chicken following the game.
He wasn't available for comment.

[Eric Ragan]

We have to acknowledge that the Marian Hossa Goal Guarantee
is the first thing we've ever gotten correct in our life.

The last time we guaranteed something,
Derek ended up in a puddle of his own urine and Adam woke up in the zoo.


We have started the daunting task of organizing all the photoshops.
They are coming.

Matt in N.C. (Spezza, Heatley)



[ fourtknox ]
(The three under this one are the enlarged versions of the movie posters on the building)

[Doug Stocker]

[decev] Chris Neil trying to take out the USS Hal Gill

[Sangster(Pascal Dupuis)]

[David Livenspire]

dappie99 (2)
Anthem singer looked like McFeeley.
What a connection



Go Pens


PittHockey said...

What a guarantee. Wow.

Now the question is... do we want to sweep and be rusty for the next series? Or will the team want rest?

WWGRD? Win the game.

PittHockey said...

Also: Sid's 'stache is looking Charlie-esque.


dappie99 said...

simply amazing.....words can't describe the emotion that comes with watching the pens be successful in the playoffs again and in convincing fashion.

wed...bring it!

Fleury for series MVP....just plain solid

GwinTheEskimo said...

Bob Vila

Carroll said...

Game was amazing! The Pens played out of their minds. Scotiabank got real quiet and empty halfway throught the 3rd period. Sens fans are really sore losers!! Should have seen all the crying babies at the bar after the game. Sorry no pics of that, figured they were already humilidated enough.

Really can't wait until Wednesday. I will be bringing signs that are inspired by tPB/C-blog. I'll be sitting near the Pens penalty box. Hoping they sweep! Because this will be the only chance I'll ever see that feat happen in Ottawa. Unless of course the Sens get beat every year like that!

Adrienne said...

Such an amazing game. YAY!

I don't know about anyone else, but the attempt of our team trying to grow facial hair is absolutely hilarious to me.

Malkin, no. Staal, no. Crosby, lol? Whitney, could suffocate acid queen with his week of "stubble"

John said...

The lawn was solid tonight. Anyone know of any good ways to identify other tPB readers in the crowd? We found yelling "Free Candy" after Orpik hits as a viable option.

nikki said...

soo glad that hossa came through, nice call there boys ;)
i say let's sweep them, take no prisoners and give our boys a rest.
that 'senator' or whatever at the beginning was such a joke.
and are people actually yelling 'free candy' whenever orpik does anything? if so that is hilarious, that pic cracks me up everytime
me = stoked (even though i will be taping the game and watching it when i get home!)


Though watching the highlights online is not as great as watching the game, it's the price I pay for loving the Pens and studying abroad... All I gotta say is when I get back mid-May, I will spend as much money as I have to to see a Pens playoff game...

Pens sweep, making GR in 3 the actual prediction, shame he didn't play last night

Benjamin said...

Is that you josh? Wow I didnt know you frequented the pensblog. Who wouldve thought
Go Pens

-Ben D.

Flyer Hater said...

You saw the difference between Scotiajoke Place last night and their fans and our fans at Mellon Arena. Remember last year in Game 4 when Anton Volchenkov scored late in the third period to give them a 2-1 lead en route to taking a 3-1 series lead? Well 5 seconds after douche scored, there was a Lets Go Pens chant, the crowd never gave up. Last night in Scotiahomo place when Bing scored in opening seconds of the third in a similar type of situation, Senator fans were too busy getting attended to at the free candy fan to start cheering again. Ottawa knew and they knew the game was over.

Flyer Hater said...

The 66 buries photoshop changed my life.

FireFox said...

Solid game. Now we get to hear more whining from the Sens about bad calls from the refs. I wish they would realize that they still arn't scoring any goals themselves and that 3 of the 4 goals we scored were even strength.

I have to say it, what in the hell was that before the game dressed up like a Spartan? Come on, you can't get any gayer or cheezier than that. I love how he had all his lines written on the inside of his shield. You know how Pens fans get fired up before a game? The Pens step on the ice.

The Big K said...


I'll let him show you.

mmmk1989 said...

any one else notice on that guys shield they forgot to take off the sticker inside that has all of the safety rules and stuff?

or maybe its an explanation of why a man dressed as a spartan is at a SENATORS game. im still trying to figure that one out myself.

one more game, and i wont have to any more.

my dad picked up a staal shirt for me in the burgh while i am up at college. staal scores. coincidence?

Fleury29 said...

Anthem pics from the giant screen at Civic Arena=priceless.

Let's Go Pens!

AllahRagbar said...

Who else saw Gary Roberts texting Alfie's wife from the press box? What a stud.

PO said...

anyone else hear the gary roberts song on DVE this morning?

talk about a great way to start the day

geezer said...

Mcfeely, oh yeah that is exactly right for the anthem singer! Thanks Pensblog. Any Pens doubters now?

If there are they can stay at Sciotiajokeplace with Charlie and the boys. I sense in the Pens what is lacking in the Sens, UNITY. The Pens are united and playing as a team and for each other. Well except for Whitney. I didn't know he was so averse to physical contact.

UNITY, boys. Its what we are. When you look out your window and you see the mountains, blue skies and rivers remember we all live here together and this is our team right here and right now. Enjoy this! It just does not get any better, this is OUR team!

Stoosh said...

GEEZER - On Foligno's goal, Whitney was beaten like he stole something, no doubt.

But I gained a new-found respect for Whitney during that minute-long stretch when he was getting absolutely pounded in his own corner by a couple of Senators players while he was trying to get the transition game started.

Rather than revisit the debacle against the Rangers, avoid getting hit and throwing the puck blindly to the middle of the ice, he did the smart thing - he either ate the puck and held it or he chipped it up the near boards to try to get it out. Either way, he knew he was going to get blasted each time, but he continued to make the smart play.

For a guy who has at times seemed more concerned with not getting hit than making the smart play, I was really impressed with it.

I do wish he'd shoot more on the powerplay, though. Both he and Letang need to pull the trigger from the point. I know that powerplay is designed to go through Gonch at the point, but Whit finds himself open quite a bit and I wish he'd take advantage of that.

Puck said...

As a die hard Sens fan, I will say I was impressed at our crowd early. Even after Crosby's goal there was a Go Sens Go chant... That's not something you'd expect in Ottawa! Until Staal scored, that is...

Two things that made me embarrassed to be a Sens fan at the game last night:
1) The number of "fans" leaving with 9 minutes to go in the game
2) That opening... wtf was that??? Man, I'm surprised the PensBlog staff haven't worked that line more... hell, even I want to send you a photoshop of it...

Anyway, we've got you right where we want you! Sens in Seven!

Matty said...

So am I the only one who has seen this?


(from http://scarlettice.blogspot.com/)

I feel that it is my responsibility as a hockey fan and as a human to inform the parents of this young lady (who is most likely recently deceased as a result of Gary Roberts killing her by accident in his sleep last night) what happened.

2dwell said...

Awesome Pens Win! The boys are enjoying a few double-doubles at Tim Hortons today...

Whitney = 2 bad errors though. smarten up.

No Roberts = brilliant Psychological warfare

gay, gay, gay intro to the game...can't they find a 'senator' with some real muscles atleast? A flabby-old guy with a bad mic. Embarrassing. See the look on the Sens faces as he walked thru them in the tunnel! WTF?

Pens in 4. It's over Wednesday.

pops said...

any other don "douche-nozzle" brennan emails? those are hilarious.

Fred Jones said...


You can watch the game live on Yahoo. They video stream all the games. My brother now lives in Wisconsin and watched the game last night. He said the quality was good enough, better than watching the Red wings on Vs.

wilsmith said...

Is the big screen going to be up tomorrow? Debating going

Loser Chris said...

"The Pens are united and playing as a team and for each other. Well except for Whitney. I didn't know he was so averse to physical contact."

What, did game 1 not happen? Ask Wade Redden how averse to physical contact Whitney is.

coffeytalk said...

yes wilsmith. the screen will be up tomorrow.

Dr. Turkleton said...

on the lone Sens goal, the puck was bouncing more than the Spartans man-boobs as he walked the red carpet out to center ice.
could Whit have played that puck better? probably.
I know he's the whipping boy for the majority of pens fans & the other 5 d play like Orr,Potvin,Robinson,Coffey & Lidstrom so I can see why the bashing continues.
[no one calling out Gill for his ill-advised pass in his own zone up the middle?]

Talbot with only 11:11 of ice time?...talk about getting bang for your buck outta him!
the bizarro-Talbot: Martin Ladouche
4:50 / 9 shifts / -1
that 6th round draft pick the Blackhawks got in the trade looks to be a 'steal of a deal'.

9 different Pens have scored at least a goal this series,
15 guys have at least 1 point =
Total Team Effort

Five for Smiting with a gravestone & epitaph on his blog...
SFIT [senator42] swallowing what little pride they have left in their entry.
This line is hilarious, though:

Pittsburgh looked like a fish floundering for much of the game (fan’s perspective) on the heels of our depleted team led by our captain.

...Spicoli, ya need to get up to Toronto quickly to smoke some of that ganga.


Jacob said...

This morning WDVE confirmed the identity of the unknown male in the recently surfaced Marilyn Monroe sex tape.

It was Gary Roberts.

J.S. said...

that is one tough pillow. punching it might be a mistake.

coffeytalk said...

I would never make a Gary Roberts punch pillow. I'd be too afraid of it punching back.

Vanessa Day said...

I think it's time to bust out the brooms!



JYo said...

I have been a believer in Whitney all year and think they should play him as much as possible to get him the experience he needs to develop into a top D man. Remember, most D-men don't really come into their prime until their late 20s and he is just a couple months past his 25th birthday.

That said, he still does make some big errors, like the goal last night. I agree with stoosh that he is clearly making some progress, but is it enough? Sure, the Pens can afford to give up a goal like that in a first round series they are dominating, but what happens if he gives up that goal in the third period of a tie game of a 2-2 series in the conference finals?

With a 3-0 lead in the series, maybe he should stay in and continue to gain experience. Perhaps HCMT will decide to give Sydor a shot and send Whitney a message that he needs to pick up his game even more. Who knows? I think if the Pens lost that game, Sydor would have been in for him in game 4. With the win, I would say its a 50/50 proposition.

He remains a very talented young D-man that continues to develop. The question is, how much do you let him develop in these playoffs and when does it hinder the Pens ability to win this year?

coffeytalk said...

I won't get a broom out til the end of the 3rd period tomorrow says I should.

DeCeV said...

Sorry to bust your bubble, TPB. Gary Roberts scored that fourth goal.

Stoosh said...

Dateline: Ottawa


Ottawa (AP, UPI, F-U) - An Ottawa Senators fan was hospitalized overnight with a broken hand following the Senators 4-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins last night.

What's amazing is that the injuries were suffered after punching a pillow bearing the likeness of Penguins forward Gary Roberts.

The pillow - which was claimed to have originally been filled with your run-of-the-mill soft cotton stuffing - was found instead to have weighed approximately 100 pounds. Further examination of the pillow revealed that it was stuffed not with cotton, but rather with solid chunks of granite, concrete and steel.

Officials on the scene could offer no explanations as to the mysterious transformation of the contents of the pillow. Representatives of various religions are on their way to Ottawa to examine the pillow.

*Ottawhine Sun reporter Don "Just Call Me Man Casserole" Brennan contributed to this report.*

**DISCLAIMER: This, of course, is meant to be a joke and nothing more. Nothing is directed here specifically at the Scarlett Ice blog, which is, in my opinion, one of the more objective team-specific hockey blogs out there. So Sens fans...Take it for what it is. It's just a joke.



...Just like Jason Spezza.


coffeytalk said...

oh BURN Stoosh!

Whistler said...


DeCeV said...


They had to change to that chant after Crosby scored, because before that they were all about the Crosby Sucks chant.

More sane fans from other teams? What's going on. Where is SFIT.

paul said...

after the second period, i was concerned this was going to be an epic 4-OT goalie battle. then gerber remembered why cam ward has a starting job in carolina.

honestly though, i think games 2 and 3 are what have shown the pens to be leagues ahead of last year's pens. even after letting them come back from 3-0, even after going down 1-0 in ottawa, they've come back and brought the hammer down. not that ottawa is playing lights-out hockey, but they did score the most goals in the NHL, and you can't do that just in the first 20 games. fleury seems to have conquered his demons and is playing like the #1 pick and a conn smythe finalist. hopefully this doesn't change when there's a possibility of losing a game or two.


Dr. Turkleton said...

Gary wasn't injured.

He was busy preparing to collect taxes from the Government.

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -

Your comment about the pillow punching back put that thought in my mind, so I ran with it.

Adrienne said...

Stoosh, that was amazing. I laughed hard enough to wake up my room mates.

Ha! Can't wait for Wednesday!!

DeCeV said...

How amazing would it be if both the Ducks and the Senators get swept. Pens vs Stars for the Stanley Cup! 1991 rematch.

coffeytalk said...

Once again what a wonderful muse I make...

Brian said...

did anyone else watch the game on cbc last night?? we get the channel in michigan and everything about it was ridiculous, especially the 'hockey night in canada' sports talk between the 1st and 2nd period. someone needs to track it down, i promise, it's pensblog material.

Dr. Turkleton said...

after watching 'The Spartan Debacle' vid again...

It looked like an intro for a low-budget all-male reivew show at Caesars Palace™

He almost knocks off his helmet when drawing his sword...

and Sparty says, "and Welcome, Our True Heroes [pause]"....the Pens come on to the ice before the Sens, to a collection of boos....perfect!

then, at the end of the NHL on the Fly show...the one guy says they should have shown 360 on the screen instead....the host corrects him by saying 300???


there's a replay on NHLNet at 200p of the game....don't know if it's the CBC feed or not....

Stoosh said...

A million starving comedians out there and Don Brennan is still trying to be one.

"Pitts-BURGERS", Don? Oh, I get it...that's some pathetic attempt to play on the notion that Pittsburghers are unfashionable and overweight. I get it. It was funny the first 15,000 times we heard it. And apparently, you've never been to Milwaukee.

And referring the Pittsburgh as "STEAL-town"? Haha. Wow. Still bitching about the refs, eh? Keep holding onto that one, Don...meanwhile, the rest of the media is busy trying to figure out how the Ottawhine offense has managed to put just four pucks behind Fleury in 180 minutes of hockey.

"Sign of the night: 'Mal kin - noun - An untidy dirty woman.' Sure enough, that, or a variation, is what you'll find in the dictionary."

Yeah, spending your time in the press box looking through the dictionary and verifying obscure references would have to be considered thrill-seeking given the performance of Ottawhine so far this series.

I like this definition better.

Mal-kin: 1 goal, 5 assists, 6 points, +3 in three playoff games. Tied with Hossa, Marian and Crosby, Sidney for the NHL playoff scoring lead.

Stick to your day job, Man Casserole. We can see and smell the flop sweat from here.

The Seeker said...

EPIC post again Staff! Also lifechanging PS submissions by all.

I thought the Thenth played pretty well in Game 2 with their fill-ins. So in a sense I question how wise it was to play Alfagjoke and (not as much) Spezza when they're not 100%.

Sure, they might have gained a psychological boost from them playing. And Alfagjoke might have had a couple good shots early on, but he faded as the game wore on. You could tell he was skating outside of traffic, was slow, and was avoiding any meaningful contact.

I'm just not so sure that their playing wasn't more of a detriment to them.

Pensgirl said...

Can't let today go by without this:

Happy Birthday Big Artie! The Pens got you a 3-0 series lead.


The Seeker said...

@ brian

I have the entire CBC-feed game (commercials and all) in FLV format on my harddrive.

I don't have any Flash Video editors installed however, so I'd have to convert it to WMV first in order to rip a portion of it. It's hours long of course, so that would take some doing.

If anyone knows of a FREE Flash Video editor, please give me the link to it!

PS: Did anyone happen to record Game 1 in any type of computer format? I thought I got it, but the file somehow was corrupted. Please let me know as I'm planning on making an entire 2008 Penguins Playoff run series that I'll turn everyone on to for free when done.

JYo said...

Outstanding community minded effort Seeker. Sorry I can't help with info on an editor, but what you are doing is a great service to tBP community. Kudos.

The Seeker said...


We've got another Championship Pittsburgh team that hockey fans should be rooting for....

Team Pittsburgh Looks To Defend Title

Team Pittsburgh is headed back to Chicago to defend its championship at the prestigious Chicago Showcase tournament in Bensenville, Ill.

The 24-team event includes high school hockey squads from Minnesota, Michigan, New York, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The Chicago Showcase is the largest high school hockey-scouting event in the nation. Players that participate in this event, have the opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially move on to Junior B, Junior A and college programs after high school.

Team Pittsburgh, comprised of some of the top high school hockey players in Western Pennsylvania, captured last year’s tournament championship. A total of 20 players from 14 different schools were selected following a four-day tryout in March.


The players on this year’s Team Pittsburgh squad include: Kyle Adams (Pine-Richland), Brody Aukerman (Latrobe), Rob Behling (Mt. Lebanon), Josh Daley (Bishop Canevin), Nick Fedorka (Meadville), Jared Fuhs (Keystone Oaks), Matt Jarrett (Seneca Valley), Bryan Johnston (Ambridge), Chris Mandia (Bethel Park), Morgan Nickerson (Meadville), Taylor Phillips (Mt. Lebanon), JeffJoe Regula (Latrobe), Mike Roman (Mt. Lebanon), George Saad (Pine-Richland), Tyler Trocano (Bethel Park), Dylan Trombetta (Pine-Richland), Tyler Urda (Serra Catholic), Tom Whetsel (Bethel Park), Jonathan Wilen (Mt. Lebanon), Tim Zahumensky (Freeport).

Upper St. Clair’s Dave Fryer is the head coach of the team.

Team Pittsburgh opens action on Wednesday against Illinois. The squad meets New York on Thursday and battles Minnesota on Friday.

coffeytalk said...


The Seeker said...

For any Cboggers that didn't get to actually see the totally lame pre-game ceremony in Ottawa last night, here it is in it's entire gayness (be sure to note the warning sticker on the "Spartan's" helmet and the fact that his helmet almost fell off when he pulls-out his sword):

Game 3 - Ottawa Senators Pre-Game Ceremony

BlacknGold66 said...

So let me get this straight just to make sure I'm hearing things right...

We're up 3-0 against the Sens...

Our players are all over the leaderboards in playoff stats...

Ottawa has had the lead ONCE all series... and although was tied with us 3-3 in game two, never really looked poised to win...

Whitney is a league leading +4 for defensemen...

And yet people still find something to bitch about?

Sure, it's still the first round.

Yes, we haven't won anything yet.

But lighten-up.

Especially on Whitney.

Did we lose last night??

Whit makes a bad play that leads to a goal and suddenly the microscope comes back down on him.

Hell, he even admitted to giving up that goal.

What about the pass he made on the Talbot goal?

What about Game 1 when he was skating out of his mind?

I'm not on the guys nuts here... but there is nothing worse than people finding something to bitch about when we should all be feeling rather positive about this team right now.


To each their own I guess.

BlacknGold66 said...


Watching that video again almost made me vomit.

I wonder if the person that came up with that is the same person that decided to put the "handshake" picture outside of the locker-rooms. (granted it was prior to the playoffs, but still)

He/She is job-hunting today, no doubt.

Sooska said...

I was channeling Backstrom and put this in the wrong comments section:

Holy Gary I just watched that opening ceremony -the Thenth stood still for that guy walking the gauntlet? WWGRD in THAT situation? Had a fine pregame meal, that's what.

The Sens appear to be like the Black Knight from The Holy Grail - limbless, delusional and still trying to hurt you.

The Seeker said...

@ BnG66

I've never been a huge backer of Whitney but you won't hear me bitching about that goal. I was plenty upset when it happened, but in retrospect, he had few options.

That puck was bouncing and Foligno knocked it down in mid-bounce just as Whitney was about to collect it.

Things like that happen and the ice was pretty awful.

The Seeker said...

On the CBC feed, while the Spartan was doing his thing, they showed shots of some Penguins on the bench.

I thought they were going to just bust-out laughing. Malkin was chewing on his jersey and gold chain while Fleury seemed like he'd tuned-out everything and was already in the zone.

Jeff Spicoli said...

hey dudes, sorry im late for the party..
haha, just woke up...

anyway dudes, let me first say, (haha alright), with regards to that introduction last night. THOSE GUYS ARE FAGS.. hahaha


The Seeker said...

Maybe the Carolina Hurricanes could sell some of the vast useless body fat from Acid Queen to make ends meet?

Canes take big financial hit

It's nice to see the move from Hartford has worked out so well for them, eh?

GwinTheEskimo said...

this old house

blackngold66 said...

Agreed Seeker on both accounts.

I still can't get over the opening to that game! What the HELL were they thinking?!

Did the crowd seem to drop the ball with the anthem (CBC feed) or was it just me?

nicholas richter said...

Can anybody get a screen shot of Gary Roberts when he was texting in the pressbox? I've got an idea for it.

FijiH2O said...

BNG (1:06), I agree with you 100%. It's not as if Whitney is the only guy on the ice to ever be out of position or to make a bad pass; yet, for whatever reason, he has become the favorite scapegoat.

I spent last night catching up on posts from the past couple days. All the talk about grandmas triggered a dream of my Baba. Those stong-like-bull Eastern European women - they don't make 'em like that anymore. God bless all the grandmas!

jonny v, your coment about GR eating the cake at his bachelor party made me spray vino all over my computer! Do you think the cake was organic??? lol

The Sens can't blame their Nightmare on Elm Street last night on GR - unless he was texting the bench! Or, maybe he finds his way into their heads by his mere presence in the building. Hope he's better for tomorrow.


The Seeker said...

@ BnG66

"Did the crowd seem to drop the ball with the anthem (CBC feed) or was it just me?"

Yeah they seemed to stumble when he surprised them by holding the mic up for the crowd to sing. I'm thinking that he'd just sung the one verse in French and they weren't sure what language they were supposed to sing the next verse in.

Pensgirl said...

Maybe the Pens should show the Sens how it's really done, and hang this outside the visitors' room in the Igloo.

(Peter Diana = Beast)

On another note - Seeker, if they were confused about language, that's really sad. SOP is to sing the middle of the anthem in French and then go back to English.

The Seeker said...

Erreyism of the game?:

"Well hopefully it's Ottawa shaking the Penguins hands this year and not the Penguins shaking Ottawa's hands."

WTF? Perhaps there's some sort of super secret handshake that only NHL players know how to do indicating which team won and which lost?

LargeFarva said...

Who is everyone pulling for in tonight's batch of games?

Carroll said...

Seeker, BnG66:

Most people don't know the French words of the anthem, so it throws people of when it goes back to English as to where they are in the verse. It isn't that Canadians don't know it starts in english, goes to french then back to english, it's just that not everyone is bilingual and can follow along. It's easier when the anthem is sung all in english.

Plus you have to remember you are talking mostly about Sens fans there last night....enough said!

Dr. Turkleton said...

Pens-Sens Game 1.3 on NHLNet= BLACKED OUT!

All's I heard was...'After controlling Game 1......' I think in Steigys voice...wanted to see a CBC replay...but I guess I'll just have to finish watching the replay that's on FSN-Pit right now....


You're WAY off base. Whit should be scratched. Why?:
•only a +4: weak.
•should have beaten Redden up more. Melichar would've.
•6'4" puck moving d-men are a dime a dozen in the NHL.
• doesn't hit enough.
• doesn't shoot enough.
• should have AT LEAST 1 Norris Trophy by now, I mean, c'mon....he's played almost 3 full seasons already!

OK...I may have O.D.ed on Sarcasma.

JYo said...

"but there is nothing worse than people finding something to bitch about when we should all be feeling rather positive about this team right now."

I certainly hope the team doesn't feel this way. Standing pat is the easiest way to get complacent and have other teams pass you up. You have to constantly look to improve. The reason the best teams persevere is because they constantly look to get better even when they are winning rather than just admiring what they have done so far.

I'm not trying to job Whitney unnecessarily, but there is no question that he has several lapses a game and is often on the ice during the few times the Sens actually have any sustained pressure in the Pens zone in this series. Do other players have similar lapses? Sure. Do they do it as often as Whitney? I'd say no.

Again, I think he is enormously talented and does make good plays, but one of those lapses could cost a game and perhaps a series against a team that actually gives a damn. It is something I am sure both he and the team are aware of. I have no problem with him staying in the lineup, but don't act surprised if he costs the Pens a game and don't jump on HCMT if he does.

The Seeker said...

My new Pennsylvania license plate?:

Mario Lemieux Foundation

coffeytalk said...

damn you seeker! you were one step ahead of me!

JYo said...

Did you seriously order that plate, because that would be sweet! If not, you better get that plate order in quick before someone else does. That would easily be the best plate I have ever seen. Be warned that it might make your car burst into flames.

dying alive said...

Fleury is out of his mind. He is all business right now (though it
cracks me up that you can still see him kind of smirking after he makes a great save).

If I lived in Ottawa, I'd consider moving after that gladiator pre-game thing. Wow. Even Charlie was amazed at how overtly gay that was. And speaking of which, what on earth were the Sens fans waving around during the game? Please tell me that wasn't some kind of inflatable sword.

The Seeker said...

Yes, I ordered it last week. I haven't heard yet if it'll be accepted or not but no news is good news I suppose.

They make you apply for alternate plates when you place the order so I had to list a couple variations of it too....like with a "?" at the end, etc.

Johnny Wrath said...

What was with that opening? This illustrates perfectly what is wrong with that organization: every decision is terrible. Redden, the goalies, arena in the suburbs, and a ridiculous marketing campaign, the "Sens Army".

Then again, that may boost support after all. I'll wager Ottawa fans enjoy homoerotic Athenian Hoplite appearances, complete with free inflatable dildos to feverishly slam together.

Therefore, I suggest we stage an opening ceremony to pay homage to OUR immortal, Gary Roberts. After a lengthy injury, Gary Roberts longs to once again feel the weight of a war axe in his hands. Wide-eyed, grinning frenziedly, Gary Roberts seeks to deprive his opponents of their intestines and drink Fiji water from their skulls before an intense upper body workout and a jog to cool down. Dildos not included. Go Pens.

coffeytalk said...

dying alive:

i believe they were waving those inflatable "boom sticks" you smack together to make noise.

(insert joke here)

rwarner174 said...

I think the spartan wasn't there to get the crowd rowdy. He was there instead to show off the latest breakthrough in Canadian military defense technology. Its a huge step up from their last breakthrough, rocks! Those guys should get a Canadian defense contract for sure.

Just kidding by the way, but I thought it was too easy. Go pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Did you get an app. thru The Lemieux Foundation site?

I thought those plates were sequentially numbered: 0001, 0002, etc????

DeCeV said...


Boston - They aren't very good
Washington - I hate Philly
Dallas - My roommate is a Stars fan and the whole apartment is committed to the Stars/Pens final
Calgary - Watching San Jose pee on themselves after the great end to their season would be spectacular
Minnesota - I've never liked the Avs. I'm not sure why.

wilsmith said...

Whitney gets smoked by Foligno and it's Whitney's fault, he should be scratched.

Crosby makes a very similar play that leads to his goal, and it's a great play by Crosby.

No one here is saying "wow, Vermette really screwed that up," so why try and pin Foligno's all on Whit? Sure, he got beat, but he didn't have many options, and Foligno made a great play.

If someone tries to make an example based off of this play, it's just not fair. Again, the other guy made a great play.

JYo said...

wilsmith, I agree. If Whit had only screwed up one play, he gets a pass. Maybe he will be the best D-man for the rest of the playoffs. He is just the one I trust the least right now and there isn't a close second.

JYo said...

Also, regarding Vermette, he did make a lousy play on Sid's goal, but good for the Pens!

The Seeker said...

@ dr turk

I tried that first and you're right.

If you go through them, that's what they'll tell you.

What I did then as an alternative was to go through PennDOT's application following the instructions (as much as they applied) from the MLF reply I got.

I figured what's the difference when PennDOT allows you to choose? I'm still donating $66.00 to the foundation.

When I called PennDOT (they were actually very friendly and helpful...surprise!) they didn't seem to think there would be a problem with that.

As I said, I haven't heard if it'll be approved yet, so perhaps the foundation will intercede on my order and screw me. If that happens, I may just get a regular PA plate with WWGRD instead although I'd prefer the foundation style tag.

Matt Gajtka said...

Just watched the Sens opening "pump-up" presentation. I'll admit, I thought the movie 300was pretty badass, but the all involved with that film should sue the Ottawa organization for defamation...haha. What an embarrassment for all involved, especially after the final result.

For the most part, I enjoy watching the Canadian networks' hockey broadcasts, but sometimes all involved try a little too hard to pimp the maple leaf. It can come off as a little pathetic if everything doesn't fall right. For instance, you don't see Versus or NBC using part of their broadcast to show off the Penguins' pregame videos and such. Just keep the focus on the game.

On to more important things, last night was a firm statement by the Pens that 2008 is a different year and the ghosts of last season's first round are about to be vanquished. Also, being the only team (pending Dallas-Anaheim tonight) up 3-0 really says something. They say a series hasn't really started until each team has a home game...well, this one probably started and ended yesterday around 10 p.m.


BlacknGold66 said...


You can still always get the What Would Gary Roberts Eat (WWGRE?) plates!!

The Seeker said...

Have yunz heard DEV's playoff song for Malkin yet?:

Not in the USSR by Evgeni Malkin

Dr. Turkleton said...


I hope they approve it for you. That would be 1 badass plate.

The Seeker said...

Mario Lemieux comments on Bryan Murray's claim that the Pens tanked the last game of the season in Philly:

#66 Speaks!

Jaybird said...

Who's dissing CBC? Yeah I guess you should jump on them since they've been broadcasting hockey for almost 100 years. I guess Versus and FSN have a deeper history though...because I was only 22 when they started.

And I saw on yesterday's comments someone had put Dryden and Gerber in the same name. Even though they have the same number those two names should never been within 100 words of each other. 100 word restraining order. Please refrain from doing this as you tempt the omnipresent hockey gods into seriously injuring one of your players. It's happened.

The Seeker said...

Hating on Crosby by the NHL webmasters?

OK....who's the Crosby hater over on the NHL website that chose out of all the hundreds of photos they could have picked from last night's game for the Frozen Moment, this one?

It's looks like Crosby's getting a stick shoved up his ass by Dany Heatley with a look of agony on his face.

Flyer Hater said...

Seeker, just unreal. That is why c-blog exists.

Anyone want to trade that playoff-choker, soft, uncaring, loser that is Marc-Andre Fleury and sign Ty Conklin to a lifetime contract?

Seriously we need to call up Jack McCoy to file an appeal on the part of MAF in his trial.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Sid's facial hair is really starting to bother me ... and why do I see none on the golden face of Malkin? *I obviously have nothing much to complain about if I am talking about the team's facial hair. BTW: Malone's is very manly*

@ Seeker: The Malkin song is awesome. "We are going to kick Ottawa's ass. Time to rest, Evgeni!" I love that Lemieux one! I listen to it all the time and just laugh. "That loose tongue-bastard ... If you can get to me tank away! Tank it hard! Tank it to the bank ... I hate the guts of them. I tell Sidney come home with 5 points or don't come home at all." Obviously the yard work is a classic.

I thought it was quite humorous that Staal drew a penalty by hitting himself with Heatley's stick ... good kid! Also, I think I should make predictions for Staal's goals because I have predicted almost all of his goals this season.

Flower is beyond solid right now. Gonchar is playing wicked D, which no one talks about, but that's okay. He knows ...

How do we manage to get a fan from the opposing team or some random Habs fan? I guess it's because this blog is so awesome they wish to worship it. The Pensblog is the Gary Roberts of blogs.

The Preds won! (Randomthoughtblog: Does Kaspar haunt the dreams of Hasek still?) Yeah, my dreams of winning my pool is not completely dead. (Hear that, Sharks. Work harder!)

When I saw the Senator-mascot-guy-thing, I automatically thought of Charlie. Haha.

Did yins see Roberts texting? I thought maybe he was harassing LaPointe with some texts or maybe even Brennan. Pensblog Staff may not be alone in the harassment of Brennan! Plus, I think he sent a similar one to Avery. Avery is probably crying in his apartment covering himself in his cashmere blankie dreaming of seeing Charlie one more time as he sits alone with his extremely gay designing skills wondering why Roberts doesn't like him.

In the Penguins Organization I Trust!

norojo said...

this was on the Senators' radio broadcast after the game, pretty funny:

Dr. Turkleton said...


will ya
make me tea
make love to me
put on the telly
to the CBC
to the CBC...yeah, yeah, yeah!
CBC heaven!

Cherry = joke
sidekick McLovin' = joke²


The Seeker said...

Actually Jaybird the CBC's only been in existence for 72 years and only began broadcasting hockey in 1952 (that's 56 years, not 100).

Pittsburgh had the first commercial radio station in the world and their TV counterpart was the first television broadcast in North America.

But who's counting, eh?

I mean...older doesn't make it better or any less gay does it?

There are older computer operating systems than Windows too, but who's using them today?

The Seeker said...

I don't know why that link to the Frozen Moment pic didn't appear in Cblob...sorry about that:

Frozen Moment

Dr. Turkleton said...


i think they calculate 'time' differently up north....kinda like a formula to covert ºC to ºF ....

[American Years -32] X ¾ [+ the last year the Sens won the Cup™]

wilsmith said...

Jaybird does not understand the concept of comedy.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Dr. Turk: I just went back to read comments and I stumbled upon this ... "aloha, spicoli: you look like a prettier, younger kasparitis in your profile pic...."

Kaspar actually doesn't look so bad right now, probably because he got the stench of the Rangers off of him.



Just defending my first hockey hero.

The Big K said...

Remember earlier this year when Errey was commenting on how GR was drinking water in Mario's box. Last night, him commenting on the texting was fucking hilarious.

Can we blame him?
Gary would kill him if he found out that he had been forgotten. Rule #1 in sportscasting:


Carroll said...

Dying alive @2:28pm. It was indeed an inflatable sword. They were very tacky!! And very inappropriate looking. ;)

Instructions: To inflate: hold plastic open with thumbs and blow (in here)until firm.

I got hit by a few of them while cheering for the Pens last night. At least my team showed up!!

The Seeker said...

Either there are a LOT of just plain stupid people voting or the poll on NHL.com was flooded by Thenth fans....but the results just seem to be completely out of touch with reality:

Which playoff series result thus far is the most surprising?

Total Votes: 1101

CGY leading SJS 2-1: 21.34%
DAL leading ANA 2-0: 20.25%
PIT leading OTT 3-0: 18.35%
NYR leading NJD 2-1: 12.26%
WSH vs. PHI tied 1-1: 10.54%
MIN leading COL 2-1: 9.99%
MTL leading BOS 2-1: 7.27%

Johnny Wrath said...

The movie 300 and the Sens hoplite have a lot in common. Constantly-oiled-up man flesh, for example. Fear of Gary Roberts. Being way over hyped, and always dying in the end.

Then again, there are some things that they don't. For example, I don't think Leonidas snorted any blow off a xiphos before their battles. Also, the council of lepers is in Toronto, not Ottawa.

Avery just made the winning point in the argument against the instigator penalty. I'm seeing more headshots w/ gloves on and high sticks because, more often than not, that doesn't result in a penalty as much as an instigating minor is tacked onto a fight. The less fights there are, the more reckless players will be. Players have to be able to police themselves, and someone should definitely "police" Sean Avery.

Flyer Hater said...


Canada=America's Hat

Jonny V said...

fijiagua, that was funny as hell, but i didn't say the Roberts cake eating thing. I can't take credit for other peoples' work :-)

For some reason, when i'm reading kasparaitis' posts, i hear the voice of Six from Blossom reading it in my head...

Seeker, thanks a million in advance for the labor of love you are currently putting together with the playoff games. And what a homoerotic frozen moment to put on the Gore.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I didnt mean to imply that Kaspar is ugly...

just that spicoli pic could pass for a younger kaspar....it's pretty close...dontcha think???

@Flyer Hater

look: you go and call a goalie, 'Dryden' and look at the trouble you start...

KJ said...

since everything else has already been said, just gotta say nice work on the chops josh! glad to have you in the gdc last night, hope to see you again soon. surely you'll get plenty of other ideas!

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, I really didn't think anyone could be that stupid. I'm utterly speechless.

I watched that Spartan themed intro for the first time. I don't know what was funnier, the guy's mic cutting in and out every 5 seconds, him slurring words, or the fans booing when he said lets welcome our Sens. Gary help us if we would ever do anything like that.

A simple Lets Go Pens chant will do.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I love that the booing was due to the pens jumping on the ice before the sens...they probably didn't want to come out before the Spardouche left the building....

I emailed Brennan about the 'Spartan Incident' earlier today and just got his reply....

here was my email:


No comment about the 'inspiring' opening by 'The Spartan'?...Wow, there was enough comic relief there to fill a half dozen of your columns. Was there truly only 1 email that you remembered or is it that there was only 1 that you fully understood. The Pens leading or tied for 97.5% of the series. That about sums it up, I believe. How have the Ottawa Senators of Kanata gone from Eastern Conference Cup rep to an undisciplined, slow, unmotivated team in less than 12 months? From an outsiders perspective, the house cleaning needs to be at the top: Brian Murray has got to go. The game has passed him by, with some evidence being the poor acquisitions made during the season.. Those moves instead of bringing 'experience & heart' , has brought 'slow foot-speed and untimely penalties'.

WWDBD?....hopefully, you like playing golf in the early spring.


his retort:

the Spartan thing was dopey.
and thanks, I love golfing early in the spring.



M. Vanderlasser said...

Amazing prediction on the Hossa goal, Psychic Friends Pensblog! Wow.

Don't mess with your game day routines, Pensbloggers - whatever you're doing is working! Let's keep praying before the game and I'll keep drinking Pilsner Urquell during the games (in honor of The Chinchilla's hometown)...

The Lemieux Foundation plates are nice, but I'm holding out for Pensblog Charlie plates. How sweet would THOSE be?

Go Caps and Go B's tonight?

Okay, time to watch game 3 again.

Thanks, Potash.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Turk: Hey just joking with you dude ... actually I found it funny and true.

@ Jonny V: I have no idea about what you are talking about ... I'm probably too young (no offense) to get it. And if it has anything to do with the facial hair comment or Bugsy, deal with it. I make stupid observations when I have nothing to complain about, and if it has anything to do with being girly, you have not met me.

The Whit comments are really stupid. He hasn't been performing that badly. Sure he made a few mistakes nothing to get mad about. I think someone else said this but I'm repaeting because I can. Taking Whit out will destroy the little confidence he still has. Let's man up and move on, I'm sure Therrien knows what he's doing.

Flyer Hater said...

Thought you might like this

Jaybird said...

CBC actually did its first radio broadcast in Toronto in 1931. Thats 77 years....im not trying to get into a pissing contest here and CBC annoys me as much as everyone else but they broadcast through air to all of Canada including the Northern territories therefore losing a dopeload of our tax money and I respect that. To the Canada = America's hat comment that's fine...we're a pretty awesome in-style hat.

Pensblog Staff said...

brennan is at the breaking point.

How the hell isn't Versus showing Dallas-Anaheim tonight?

Yeah, Dallas is in the midwest time zone, but whatev.

Colorado-Wild two straight nights.


Dr. Turkleton said...

just found some footage of how 'The Spartan Introduction' idea came about....

marigab87 said...

Actually, we have two different versions of the anthem, one english, one french. In any other city, they would sing it in only one language, but because Ottawa is the capital of Canada, they sing it bilingual. It's a question of being ''politically correct''

BTW, I'm Canadian, but in no way am I a Sens fan, so you know... Actually, I've been reading the pensblog for over a year now and just never commented. So...Hi!!!


Pensgirl said...

Kaspar, Jonny V. is talking about a sitcom. Six was the "best friend" who talked at the speed of light. So basically he's saying he reads you as a fast-talking young female. Feel better?

Flyer Hater said...

Jaybird, you do realize that we could take over Canada in about 5 hours if we so chose, right?

karri said...

Great post guys and comments from all in c-blog. Saw this in a local paper. The caption under the pic in the paper said...

"Sidney Crosby plays like Superman, but who knew he could fly. too?"
Beaver County Times

SoulRandyG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SoulRandyG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaybird said...

flyer hater - just like Iraq right?

You brought it to that level....that JUST happened! Anyways I still support this site but I'll staying out of this comments section for a while as I'm finding myself annoying.

SoulRandyG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Have Kasparaitis said...

@pensgirl: Well, I guess I look stupid. Just got a lot of crap 'cause of one of about 5 girls who actually like hockey in my school and get harassed. Sorry, jonny! I do talk really fast,truthfully. My comments fit my frame of mind. Apologizes to my c-bloggers.

SoulRandyG said...

Hockey Night in Pittsburgh

Dr. Turkleton said...

I think this fight took place back in the old Bombay Penal League: Gary Roberts v. Chris Neil

Threshhold9k said...


I'm from Pittsburgh and FlyerHater's comments made me sigh. Yes he brought it to that level but he represents no one other than him himself. I guess he forgot where Sid and Mario are from.
I suppose he also forgot how long it took to make himself look like a jackass.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh my goodness, are we really in an uproar over Flyerhater's comments? I'm pretty sure they were all in jest. Chill out. if you don't like what people say, don't read it.

bluzdude said...

Gary Roberts can win a 7-game series in 3 games.

@Dr Turk
I think no one bashes Gill because he has a better nickname and is much more photoshoppable.

Gary Roberts was texting an image of his forearm to the Sens' bench.

The Seeker said...

Gee sorry Jaybird, I only took you at your own words...

"I guess you should jump on them since they've been broadcasting hockey for almost 100 years"

1952 was the first hockey broadcast according to Wikipedia.

The Seeker said...

@ Dr Turk

The Spartan footage was a CLASSIC...subtitles and all!

@ Cbloggers

I'm doing the 2008 Playoffs compilation video mostly for selfish reasons....I'm just not Mr Altruism. I personally want to have this record! Once made however, I'll be glad to share it with everyone on Gore.

I'm still desperate to locate a copy of Game 1 from FSN or CBC. Without a copy of the first game, the whole deal is just MUD.

Jeff Spicoli said...

you dudes are waaaaay to heavy.. lighten up bros... flyerhater says stupid shit all the time dudes... but we still love the guy..

racheleyos said...

It was probably bad enough that NBC analyst Mike Milbury referred to the Washington Capitals during Sunday's telecast as the "Crapitals." But what he said about Alexander Ovechkin could unleash the beast that lurks within the Russian sniper tonight in Game 3 at the Wachovia Center.

Speaking about the Capitals' effort in the 2-0 Flyers victory, Milbury said of Ovechkin's play, "If it looks like a dog, barks like a dog, it is a dog."

Brett said...

what is up with briere over in philly. he is destroying the caps single-handed. why couldn't he continue doing what he did all season and forget to show up?

i hate that little douchebag.

Hip said...

I said this was MAF's chance to shut some people up. And he doesn't even get a game star. Come on!

Whit will contribute before the playoffs are over. Personally I like him battling through. The education will be priceless.

BNG66 is just a stud. The rest of yinz make me all gooey inside. Just a lot of love for tPB right now. Truly has changed my life.

Jawsh said...

Hopefully, you guys love this as much as I do.

Dahn Tahn

When Joe Grushecky and the Clarks ain’t around and you feel all alone, dahntahn.
The box office lost your reservations for B. E. Taylor’s Christmas show, dahntahn.
Go dahn to de Edison, da girls are really pretty. The 31st street pub serves up the coldest Iron City. Mt. Washington.

Dey got, a cool, view up dere, you can hop on an incline dahn to station square and go dahntahn! Yinz can get eggs n’at. Dahntahn! Shadyside chicks are fat. Dahntahn! Somethin’ is waitin’ for yinz.

Don’t hang arahn in a wrong parts of tahn, where all the jagoffs go, dahntahn. Go see da Buccos, da Penguins, or da Donny Iris show, dahntahn. Go to Charlie Murdoch’s, you can check out da Granati’s, or head over to Matrix, you can look at all da hotties. Liberty Avenue.

You don’t, know what, you’ll find dere, maybe hookers or trannys with high heels and big hair. Just go DAHNTAHN! A samich at Primanti's, dahntahn! Happy endings at Silky’s, dahntahn! Somethin’ is waitin’ for yinz.

Tailgaitin’, drinkin’, and dancin’ da polka at da Stiller’s game, dahntahn.

Don’t make fun uh da’ way we talk, don’t call our mayor Opie, cause Pixburghs home to Myron, Mr. Rogers, and Sophie. Squirrel Hill. Homewood. Wilkinsburg, if you dare. An we can ride on da T, have lunch at Market Square and go Dahntahn, French fries at da O, dahntahn! Southside’s where we’ll go, Dahntahn! Everything’s waitin’ for yinz.

Flyer Hater said...

I'm less serious than Don Rickles with a few drinks in him.

If there's one thing I hate, is intolerance for other cultures, oh and the dutch.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

go stars CMON!

jimmymo32 said...

so... its nice to watch another hockey game on tv.. and watch 2 teams beat each other up.. but I CANNOT STAND the Cryers announcers.... they are the biggest babies i have ever seen.. they seem to think there is a conspiracy against the cryers and they are calling AO a diver.. its actually pathetic..

just my 2 cents..

Nick Saia (usa) said...

well, i guess i dont care THAT much

Pensgirl said...

At the end of that Flyers-Caps game, they showed a closeup of the Philthy fans wearing those horrible orange shirts. Their playoff motto, "Vengeance Now," is printed on the shirts, and seeing it reminded of something.

(By the bye, is anyone supposed to know what they're getting vengeance for, and against whom?)

Flyer Hater said...

Ovechkin is running amberalertblog.

Invisible tonight.

Laura von Awesome said...

Lol @ Flyer Hater! That vid is hi-fucking-larious! The fact that you took the trouble to do all that is AMAZING!

Oh, and get this... I was reading Douchebag Brennan's column in the Ottawa Sun on my lunch break... He said, and I quote:

"Of all the x-rated (and mostly pointless) hate e-mails we've received from STEAL-town, one (yes, just one) struck us as semi-clever. "Gary Roberts doesn't wear a watch," stated Whateverhisnamewas. "He decides what time it is!"

... I immediately dissolved into hysterics, having this notion that tPB was behind it... I then proceeded to piss myself laughing!I will be sending the Douche an e-mail in Charlie's honour tomorrow!

In the meantime, some poetry to make you laugh your faces off:

M aking
A lfie
R egret
I t [the guarantee]
A gain
N ow...

H elping
O ust
S ome
S enaturd
A ss!

Remind me to make one for Sid, Malk, MAF, and others before the series is up!

PS: I prob. won't be able to make it to ScotiaJoke Place for the game, but I will be at work tomorrow with my broom! Lol!

BlacknGold66 said...

That's why I said Flyer Hater = Ruutu of Cblog.

He also said I was the Gary Roberts of Cblog so he'll always have a special place in my heart. haha!

Speaking of which... Hip you're making me blush and my girlfriend is going to beat my ass!

First you say "BNG66 = Jesus"

Now you're calling me a stud.

Lemme know if you need text updates for tomorrow's game as well. I have NO problem doing it, but I'm hoping for your sake that you get to watch it or that you AT LEAST get to go on GDC.

Laura von Awesome said...

Did you know you an also watch games from the comp? Just got to cbc.ca and you'll get the full game, commercials and all... I'll have to watch it from my lappy if I can't get to ScotiaJoke Place :P

BlacknGold66 said...

Laura Von Awesome:

Unfortunately for us living in the States cbc.ca blocks the games.

Fortunately though, Yahoo.com has been playing them!


Stoosh said...

For what it's worth, I love Canada. I grew up right across from Canada on other side of that giant mud puddle called Lake Erie, and Canada was basically a little more than an hour's drive away. All of my experiences in Canada have been fantastic. That even includes the guy that passed me in his car, leaned out of his window and called me a "stupid Yankee f*ck" while we were both doing about 75 miles an hour up the QEW on the way to Toronto in 1999.

And I loved the Hockey Hall of Fame. Spent the night in Mississauga...great place, too.

Stoosh said...

Even the promotions crew of the Pittsburgh Pirates thought the Senators pregame thing was a bad idea.

Stoosh said...


I met Kaspar back in like November of 1999. I was working for PNC Bank at the time, and he came into the Southside office while I was working. I remmeber being surprised at how short he was (I'm 5'11" and he was shorter than me). Dude also has some incredibly wide shoulders...he looked like he could've played middle linebackers for the Steelers. And not one person in the bank other than myself recognized him.

Very cool guy, though.

coffeytalk said...

I love how Stoosh walks in and just owns everyone with his wisdom.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Stoosh... Holy shit, I'm from Mississauga! God knows why I moved to Ottawa... Hockey here sucks! I used to stand on the corner in my Leafs jersey at playoff time with my siblings and sing the Ottawa Song:


Obv. change it for the Pens, but yeah... I've totally jumped on the Pens' fan-train... I adore Gary Roberts, from his days with TML, and Sid. MAF=OWNS Ottawa, and Marian Hossa just happens to be very... pretty. Lol!

The Seeker said...

Did Flyer Hater insult an entire nation? Seriously man...that takes some gonads.

What you were supposed to say was:

Canada = America's Toque

There...now isn't that better?

frank said...

Does anyone know the origins of the picture that shows Gary Roberts sitting in the box for the penalty, "TOO MUCH MAN"? I just realized that that is a pretty impressive photoshop if it is indeed a photoshop.

The Seeker said...

@ Laura von Awesome

Do you know if the CBC website would have older games archived...such as Game 1 of this series?

Stoosh said...

@ Coffeytalk -


Hey, echoing similar sentiments expressed by BNG66 above, I'm very humbled by that. Thanks!

Laura von Awesome said...

@ The Seeker:

It's possible... I'll have to check! If all else fails, we have Youtube... or something :P

Stoosh said...

@ Laura Von Awesome -

Myself and two friends took a trip up to Toronto in August of 1999 for my birthday. We drove up on a Sat. morning, spent the day in Toronto and were planning on just finding a place near Toronto to stay. Couldn't find a place anywhere, so later that night we headed back.

We tried a couple of places on our way out of town with no luck. Our last resort was a Holiday Inn right near Mississauga, pretty much visible from the Expressway. If they wouldn't have had anything available, we were just going to drive back to Erie. As it was, they had vacancy so we ended up staying there and then found this pretty cool bar a block or two away and hung out there all night.

We wanted to try to get up there when Don Cherry was coaching the Ice Dogs in the OHL, but we weren't able to make it up.

I can't wait to get up to the Hall of Fame again. I also would love to take like two or three weeks and take a tour of some OHL games at different towns around Ontario.

frank said...

Carey Price's profile picture on ESPN looks like Spike from Little Giants.

frank said...



Laura von Awesome said...

@ Stoosh... Cool beans! Sucks that the Icedogs moved to St. Catharines or something now... But they produced players like Jason Spaz and one of the other SenaJokes, so perhaps it's better that we don't have a team anymore *sniff*...

I've actually never been to the HHOF, but I bet it's pretty neat... I shall have to schedule a visit to it for my next trip home :) Maybe tPB and everyone here should take a trip down there with a bunch of Ottawa fans... It'll be the colsest to the Cup they ever get! MWAHAHA!

Douchebag Brennan = Hatemailblog :P

Annie said...

@ Frank - holy crap! I saved that pic to my harddrive because every time I looked at it I couldn't stop laughing. The expression on his face looking right at the camera is amazing.

In regards to Canada = America's hat, I suppose it's better than Mexico = America's underpants.


Laura von Awesome said...

Haha, I just sent this to Douchebag Brennan:

From: leaferpenguin@hotmail.com
To: don.brennan@sunmedia.com
Subject: :)

Gary Roberts doesn't get injured... Injured gets Gary Roberts.


HAHAHAHAHA! If that one gets mentioned in tomorrow's Ottawa Sun, I can die happy!

blufftalk said...

  JUST noticed the armband on the penguin at the top of blog. Fantastic.

The Big K said...

Stoosh is the grandpa of c-blog.
He's probably like 40 something,
but still you are the grandpa of c-blog.

Who do we look to for humbling, wise talk?


And he has his own fucking shirt.
I wanna buy it man really.

Jonny V said...

Mariga...Salutations! You have some canadian brethren here with you, i'm sure you've noticed...

Pensgirl, thanks for asplaining the situation, I think she took it wrong, I think it's great that IHK has so much enthusiasm for our Pens. And Jenna Von Oy is one hot muffin. And kaspar, no apologies needed, at least i don't have Eeyore narrating your posts in my head haha

soulrandyg, that's a hip, lounge singer-y song u found there. Yet I like it.

Dr. Turk, where in the hell do u find these things? An obscure arabian video clip that you can add your own subtitles to? Brilliance

Hip, keep on representin' over in Big Sky Country! I'm sure Seeker will hook u up with anything u miss

Laura Von Awesome, mnemonics are one of the keys to learning. So hopefully Don Lardo can use them to enlighten himself.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jonny v

a buddy sent me the site...like I didn't have anything else better to do than waste time translating Indian '60s movies?

Here's my 3rd of the Series: enjoy.

Gary Roberts' Dad Goes to Ottawa

jumonvillechick7 said...

@ Seeker
(sorry for being off topic and so late after when you posted this...)

But thanks for posting that article about Team Pittsburgh. I'm hoping Fuhs from K.O. follows in the footsteps of his brother (cousin? other male relative?), Jim Fuhs and comes to Ohio U to play hockey for us. We're gonna miss Jim when he graduates but it would rock if another Fuhs was on the roster come fall quarter. :-D

paul said...

don brennan

douche bag

coincidence? probably.

also, stoosh:
where are you from in erie? i grew up there. i wasn't really into hockey then, as the otters don't offer much in the way of entertainment, especially when 50%+ go to your high school and sleep with all the trashy girls.


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