Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game One: WWGRD City. PENS WIN.


There is a reason we wear the wristbands, sport the shirts, and live by the code.


It isn't a question, it is a lifestyle.

20 years from now, they'll be talking about the show Gary Roberts put on inside the Mellon Arena during Game One of the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

They will talk about how he brought the house down a minute into the game.
They will talk about how he went to the net more relentless than a 1988 Oprah at a buffet.

And maybe you'll laugh or just shake your head
when you tell someone how they had to pull him off the ice.

As we've all preached during the regular season, you can't get too high or too low.

The Sens won Game One convincingly last year,
and the Pens stepped in Game Two and got the job done.

It's a different season, a different world now.


If you don't know, you better ask somebody.


FSN had quite a while to put together an intro to the playoff season.
They did not disappoint.

Jeff Jimmerson blog

When Jimmerson hit "rockets red glare," the atomic clock paused for a millisecond.





[Matt J.]


[Joey L]

[Ryan D]
[Dana H]



Butterflies were putting up tents in your stomach as the puck dropped.
Orpik threw the first boom of the series, dominating Dany Heatley.

And Mark Twain couldn't write the shit that dropped next.
Gary Roberts goes into his neighborhood and feathers a backhand past Gerber.

[Sarah and Erica]


The big mistake made on that play was by Cory Stillman for the Sens.
Instead of thwarting Roberts, he was gonna try to swoop in, pick Roberts' pocket, and head up ice.
What a mistake.

The only way a Game One starts better is if Bryan Murray poops himself on the bench.
After the goal, Martin Gerber was a bigger risk than Michael J. Fox in a Jenga game.

The Pens came right back after that, with Hossa getting a solid shot off, but no dice.

The Sens calmed things down and had a solid cycle going in the Pens zone, and it eventually drew a penalty.
Jordan Staal was headed to the box for holding.

Malkin sees time on the PK early, and the first minute of the power play was mud.
Every clear of the puck was met with raucous cheers.

After the Pens killed that off, we were all able to catch our breath.
The two biggest things for momentum-building are goals and penalty kills, and the Pens had already done both.

The next couple minutes, the hits weren't flying, and both teams were jobbing around.

Some joke starts roughing up Talbot in the faceoff circle.
Laraque simply skates a centimeter towards the dot, and everything was normal again.

A dismal turnover led to a Sens scoring chance, but a shot that misses the net eventually finds the Pens themselves on an odd-man rush.

Malkin beat Mike Commojoke to a loose puck, then he and Sykora were off to the races.

But Malkin takes his good old time coming down the ice.
Cross-ice pass to Sykora.

What a shot.

[THE wilsmith]
-- Click that beast --

Recap: Two Carolina players acquired by the Sens, Stillman and Commodore, are jobbed for the two Pens goals.

Crosby had a chance right after that and hit the pipe.
What was Gerber doing?


Later, out of nowhere, Orange Sherbert was headed to the box.
Lance Bass decides to try to start something with Maxime Talbot.

If your ears are unreal, you heard the Mellon Arena crank up the JAWS music for the power play, bringing back that early-90s greatness.

The Pens were causing trouble early on the PP, but that was it.

After that PP, for the third time of the first period, the Sens were able to generate another solid cycle.

The rest of the first was solid hockey.

You couldn't have drawn up a better first period.





MAF was tested early in the second, with the Sens attacking, but no dice.

Sykora almost brought the house down with a slapper, but Gerber somehow kept it out of the net.
It didn't look like the Sens were tanking this one.
Every time Dany Heatley drove to the net, it was scary.

Shean Donovan had a solid chance for the Sens, but he missed the net.

Early in the second, Roberts and Laraque absolutely dominate a shift.
That was just unreal.

But the cycling wasn't done there.
Crosby and Hossa jump on the ice and just dominate, even in the defensive zone, with Bing laying his life on the line to prevent Heatley from getting a shot off.

The trifecta hit when Ruutu-Staal-Kennedy go nuts.
What a play by Kennedy to keep that alive.

You knew a penalty was coming, with all the cycling.
But it came when Letang drew a PP, snaked into the Sens zone, and got jobbed by Lance Bass.

[Josh B]
That's solid visual comedy.

The All-Star team came out for the power play, but yet again, those top guys were mud.
Apparently if you're killing a penalty, you can board people and hold people.
Whatev. Killed.

Soon after, the Sens were headed back to the box when Andrej Meszaros interfered with Jarkko Ruutu.
Your heart stopped for a second, thinking Ruutu was gonna somehow get a playing-hockey penalty.

Unfortunately for the Sens, a potentially momentum-changing save by Gerber on Hossa was wiped out when Anton Volchenkov took a Evgeni Malkin slapshot to the head.

With all the hate we have for the Senators, you don't want to see players hurt.

Don't care who you are, that's not good.
If a normal personal gets hit by that puck, they're dead.

Eventually play continued, and the second unit for the Pens was all business, but they couldn't put it home.
Killed again.

If you've been watching hockey longer than a week, you knew as the Pens scoring chances continued to be thwarted, the momentum was going to shift.

And it was the Sens for the taking.
Whitney went to the box.
And then Marty Lapointe starts some garbage with MAF. Talbot DDT's him.

Huge 5-on-3 PK for about a minute, or what seems like forever.
All these d-men for HCMT, who does he trust to kill a 5-on-3?
Bobby Scuderi.

What followed was a shorthanded performance rivaled only by Jim Abbott.

If you didn't blink for that minute, you weren't alone.
MAF made a solid save at the end to punctuate the kill.
But the Pens were still shorthanded.

Bryan Murray musters up his years of coaching experience and takes his timeout in the second period.
The Sens came out of that timeout with a great chance, but Cory Stillman rung it off the pipe.

Sykora bolts out of the box, and the Pens dodged a bullet.

It looked like the rest of the second was gonna be uneventful,
but Malone gets tied up with Spezza and takes a penalty.

The USS Hal Gill sails in to extinguish any threat.

A 2-0 lead headed into the third period is what every Pens fan would have taken in a heartbeat.

The next 20 minutes were looming.



[Nathan k]



During the regular-season, you would have forgotten the Pens were gonna be shorthanded to start the third.

This game, you probably stared at a wall during the intermission, not being able to get it off your mind.

40 seconds into the third, the Pens were going to the box again.
Jordan Staal AGAIN.

The USS Hal Gill was able to end the first wave of the Sens attack with a clear.
A couple of heart hiccups later, the penalty box was empty.

The Sens powerplay was struggling without their captain.

[War Penguin]

After an hour-long parade to the Pens penalty box, it was finally turned around.
Malkin draws a penalty.

Huge PP on the way.
Biggest one of the season.

It was a 4-on-3. No dice.
It was a 5-on-4. No dice.

The boards behind the Sens net almost became this year's Adam Graves when Sidney Crosby went Mach 27 into the Sens zone and slid into the boards, with his legs taking a good amount of the impact.

Hearts stopped everywhere.
Crosby gets up without thinking twice.

The refs were ready to give the Sens the game, as the Pens were headed to the box for the 40th time of the game.
Some jobber penalty.

That PK looked like a beautiful, collective harmony of movement.
MAF is on his game. Killed.

The Sens were given their chances, but the nail was coming.
And it came out of nowhere.

Malkin gets a pass from the corner, jobs it to himself, and puts it past Gerber.


At Gate One, Father Time and Elvis cross paths and give each other an all-knowing wink.

So, the Sens had lost.
Lick your wounds, lick each other, and move on.

But nope. It was time to job Bing.
Whitney came to the rescue and made a statement.
He destroyed Wade Redden.

[Josh b]

The Pens were gonna get the extra man, and it was a chance to pee on the coffin they previously nailed.

And it rained.
Hossa and Malkin team up, and the puck finds Roberts in front.

Sens fans stunned:


Gerber flips out, saying it was kicked in. Baby.

After that goal, possibly the best move of the night was made by John Barbero.
His announcement of the Bing penalties was interrupted by the Malkin goal.
He announces the goal, continues with the penalties, but has to stop to announce that there was 1:00 left...
And then went back to the penalties.
What a move.

The Pens fans stood up, waving their Terrific Towels, and gave the Pens their due kudos for this performance.

And the game was still far from over.

To permanently etch his Game One performance in Pens lore forever, Roberts jobs Lance Bass from behind and takes on all comers on the Ottawa team.

Charlie: No stranger to taking on all comers in Ottawa.

Roberts was being escorted to the runway, but he didn't want to go.
Senators were trying to jump over the linesmen to get to him.

Roberts eventually relented and went down the runway, "back into his cage," as was so eloquently put by Steiggy.




  • Huge game for MAF, and he showed everyone what he is about.
  • Did Jason Spezza play?
  • Exhale.
  • We were wrong. Tyler Kennedy is primed for the playoffs.
  • Sans penalties, we'll take a game like that from Jordan Staal every day of the week.
  • Was that a "Bryan Murray" chant in the third after Bing's crap?
  • All pictures courtesy of [ Yahoo Pictures ] -- Getty Images, AP

"Hey, I guess rushing Fleury into the NHL when he was 18 is paying dividends now."
-- Eddie O. on Versus following the Game One win.

Just let it go.


If you were outside the arena,
please leave a comment giving everybody the lowdown on that scene.

With Game 2 scheduled for a Friday night,
that lawn may be out of control


Game one photoshops that we didn't use:

[Justin G.]

[Pat S.]

[Ryan N.]

[i. lieb]



[Nick Saia]

[Sarah and Erica]

Matt in N.C.

Doug S.
THE wilsmith


[Pat Kent]

[Jason M.]
[rico fatty]

[THE wilsmith]
-- For future reference, that's about as vulgar as we'll let a photoshop get. --

[Justin G.]

[Kevin S.]



We have called up Canaan and Nick G. from the minors to help the site out during the playoffs.
Their contributions cannot be understated.


Go Pens


gray33 said...

solid performance and I hope the Senators realize they are in the shit now!

Team Atwood said...

I'm planning on going outside of Melon for Friday.

Is there much security?

Can I be piss ass drunk or keep it to just sloppy?

Nick Saia (usa) said...

WWGRD stickers for sale

if you order large sized ones you can make some pretty snazzy signs for the game friday. but you have to email to change size.

Dr. Turkleton said...

this Pens team has driven me to the wee hours of the morning to want to make these:

Pregame On Ice Video: Game 1

Pens Take The Ice: Game 1

And here are some pics as well.... this hour, at least I can say that I can't wait until TOMORROW night for Game 2...

[Hossa: Whoa...Whoa...Whoa....Bry-ans Cry-in !!!!!!]

PensfanSeoul said...

Kennedy was playing inspired hockey...

All thats left to say is a quote from my little brother. Everytime i talk to the kid he answers his phone the same way....

Gary Roberts

actingido said...


That chant was a CRYIN' Bryin chant!

Great post great game....


Joe D. said...

Don Brennan doesn't care for the cryin bryan sign and offers a challenge to BGL

Jeffry said...

seeing jeff jimmerson leaving after the game and getting pictures with him was definitely worth the ticket

Joe D. said...
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pxbrgdude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dude350 said...

single greatest wednesday ever ;p.
going forward on the outside thingy, kids its supposed to rain friday. keep that in mind when going to watch it out there. and don brennan can suck a D.

PittHockey said...

this is one of the finest posts ever. and it's only game 1.


and I'm off to denver

pxbrgdude said...

check out whitney's fight

PSU_Rob28 said...

Is Don Brennan seriously challenging BGL??? If so he obviously is not fit to be writing a hockey column in what I assume is a major newspaper in Canada. By the way Don, Cryin' without the "G" rhymes with Bryan. WWGRD? He would take over a series without playing nearly the entire season.

cg said...

Un-freakin-believable post...feel like I just relived the game! and What a game!

I'm with a big group of Pens fans in Norway on business. The Hotel let us take over the AV system in the bar at 1am to get the game.

Getting Norwegians to chant "GARY! GARY! GARY!" = Life changing

FireFox said...

Kudos to the Pens for setting up the big screen outside for those that couldn't get inside. The Lightning started doing that for the playoffs in 2004 and it was like a whole other game was being played. It is a really nice way to see the game and share it with other Pens fans.

Raybin said...

The Roberts backhander was only the second time I've been brought to my feet while watching a game the whole season. I'll always remember that the same way I remember Mario's series-changing goal against the it was yesterday.

And to hear the Mellon faithful chant "GARY GARY GARY!" was unreal. It shows that the entire fanbase loves him, not just us fringe types here on C-blog.

In fact, kudos to the crowd all around...the "Cryin' Bryan" chant was inspired.

Hossa wants to score BAD. You can tell he's aching to scorch them this series. He's >< that close to breaking through for a 4 goal game.

Maybe the best Charlie/Sens references ever in this post.

FSN's pregame video package caused many a manly man's eyes to mist.

And finally:
Every time Dany Heatley drove to the net, it was scary.

Every time Dany Heatley drives anywhere, it's scary.

JYo said...

@ raybin: Completely agree about Hossa, he is on the brink of something big. He is focused and looks like he could start to score in bunches real soon.

As for BGL, his performance last night showed that he has significant value on the ice in the playoffs. Its great to have him active in case any of the chippy stuff goes on, but he was also a force on the puck. I felt like he could have taken the puck behind the net and just held it for the entire third period. No one player for the Sens could get the puck from him. That line dominated puck control for minutes at a time. Solid.

diddy said...

The cryin bryan sign behind the bench is great. I want someone to make a bunch of different "call out" signs to hold up behind Murry for Game #2. You know, to make it look like he's talking. Make one that says "Sufferin Suckatash!" and "WHAAAAA" Those would would be fantastic.

Raybin said...

That fourth line dominance was truly something to behold. If that keeps up, the Sens are toast.

Laraque's re-emergence has been very gratifying, especially since he all but disappeared for six weeks or so. Not only can he physically control another team, but he's capable of some sick passes.

Whitney throwing down was awesome beyond words. When people not known for dropping the gloves start brawling, that sends a very unambiguous message.

Errey topped himself with the line of the century last night. Before itw as "He threw him fifty feet into the boards, but of course I'm exaggerating"

But "Roberts being put back in his cage" should be engraved on the moon.

The Pens weren't going to be beat last night even if the Sens had brought Gretzky from 1983 via a time warp. That being said, Daniel Alfredsson's absence hurts them more than I even thought after watching them without him last night.

I'm never going to try to get smartass text messages on the jumbotron ever again, because it's impossible to top that "Dr. P.B. Charlie" one. Bravo.

I tuned into Versus just in time to see Edzo drop that Fleury comment. I was embarrassed for him.

Finally, Gerber's mental state is hanging by a thread. If the Pens get another early lead Friday, his whole house of cards goes crash.

Jonny V said...

Jim Abbott...Wow

BGL? I would call Brennan stupid to his face. As if a hockey player would want anything to do with killing a fat beat writer.

The HD gamecast outside the Civic Arena = total class by the organization.

Jonny V said...

Team atwood, keep it classy. None of that drunken Steeler fan shit. I hate drunken louts no matter what team they're cheering.

Jeffrey Paswick said...

my home peroid is almost over but thanks for beating the senetors cuz those blog guys hate my guts and they are dick touchers. LOL i am a devils fan cuz of martin, i named my iguana after him so i named him martin.
beat the senetors and then play my devils and lose. good lcuk. i printed out ur playoff match ups but mrs. henderson took it cuz it had the fword in it. but a good writing it is. she can read this FUCK YOU MRS.HENDERSEN!!!!!!! HAHAA LOL
peace dorkzoids

Fleury29 said...

The Pens showing the games outside of Civic Arena is an amazing thing. I wish I could be there. It's only going to get bigger as the playoffs roll on.

Gary Roberts. What to say? What can I say? That game proves everything we've ever said about St. Gary. WWGRD, indeed.

BGL was a force of nature last night. Unstoppable.

MAF was a force of nature last night, all he did was stop... pucks.

They're not all going to be this easy and we are going to lose games but what an awesome and gratifying way to start the playoffs against the thupid thenatorth.


P.S.-Don Brennan seems to be a complete homer who is trying to inspire the Sens but is failing miserably. What a joke.

Ryan said...

Charlie: No stranger to taking on all comers in Ottawa.

That statement is why The Pensblog is stop #1 every morning.

dying alive said...

Last night's game = life changing. It's too early in the series to get cocky, but this looks like a total role reversal of last year. The Pens didn't even play up to their potential and the Sens looked hapless.

Brennan's team gets down in the series and the bitch-claws come out. Hilarious. I love his comment that it's hard to tell the difference between men and women in Pittsburgh. I guess it would be for him, since based on his photos I doubt he's ever known the touch of a woman. He's only calling out BGL because he knows Georges wouldn't ever act on it even if he could.

Sinops said...

anyone listening to the dve morning show? they keep doing the gary robertsisms. it is hilarious.

Sooska said...

@ raybin -"fringe types?" Used to be; not any more. #1 Hockey blog on Gore. I think that the cross section of humanity & geography represented here on cblog (incl all the blurkers) isn't indicative of "fringe." Anyone NOT here is fringe.

@ everyone on cblog- Is there any audio of Jeff Jimmerson singing the anthem? I know there is a video that Seth had up on Empty Netters but an mp3 would be fabulous!

@ Pensblog Staff - did you copyright the WWGRD?

Raybin said...


Fear not, it was intended as a term of endearment used in an ironic way!

Loser Chris said...

"Every time Dany Heatley drove to the net, it was scary."
Am I the only one who reads that and subconsciously skips the "to the net"?

How sweet was it to heat the Jaws music? Even the arena crew knows this is going to be a special year.

Huge 3rd period by Whitney. Redden will probably be having nightmares for weeks after that.

Every single guy for the Pens showed up. If they can maintain that level, or close to it, there's no team in the East that can keep us out of the Finals.

I would pimp MAF some here, but I can honestly say there was never a point in that game where I thought the Sens might actually score. The media wants to gush about our firepower, but it's our team defense that will be taking us places this spring.


tristaann7742 said...

so the lawn scene was about as hard core as you can get without being inside the igloo, but to my disappointment aside from a handful of drunken fans, people weren't that hyped, i'm expecting it to be different on friday now that we were on the news and all. it's a pretty sweet scene, EVERYONE needs to be there.

the only thing that pissed us all of was people leaving after malkin's goal, dude stay til the last minute you actually paid for your seats and we're outside in the cold til gary roberts is off the ice!

Jonny V said...

On DVE they brought up a good point. Gary Roberts is the closest this town has come to Jack Lambert since Jack Lambert.

oldschoolbehii said...


Sooska said...

@ jonny v: "Jack Lambert on skates" was #5 in your program, Ulf Samuelsson

Nathan said...

Textbook dominating performance tonight. But we can't let up for a second the rest of the series; I seriously doubt the Sens are going to just roll over and die.

The Pirates officially drew 9,735 to their 15-inning failure against the Cubs last night (so it was probably closer to 5,000 actually there). Pittsburgh officials should make them move their game on Friday to 1:00, or else show the Pens game on the jumbotron at PNC for the folks who couldn't get Pens tickets and wanted to see a live sporting event anyway. We're two months away from Jason Bay making a public appearance and someone dropping "I didn't know we still had a team" on him. No wonder FSN Pittsburgh dropped their games in favor of the Penguins.

Don Brennan better ask Andrew Archer how challenging BGL worked out for him. That's spectacularly unprofessional behavior from a "journalist;" although it probably serves to give hope to budding sportswriters out there, since if that jackass can keep a job, there's hope for them too.

I made this comment in the last post, but it's buried on the second page; King Shero really needs to sign Volchenkov when he goes UFA after the 2009-10 season. He's going to be back for Game 2, and he would've been back for the third if his head hadn't swelled to the point that he couldn't get his helmet back on. He knows it's the playoffs, where it looked like most of the Senators were unaware of that fact.

Christina said...

Lance Bass = the next Ben Eager. take it to the bank.


Whistler said...

Being at that game was a life changer.

I took pictures pre-game and once I took a picture of Gary Roberts, I knew my camera would be taking wonderful pictures all night. Roberts be praised.

Now all, remember to recite the "Lord's" Prayer before each game and you too will be blessed.

Not that this means much, but I had the opportunity to sit next to Steeler's Defensive Tackle Chris Hoke during the game. What a nice guy. He was very interested in the game and was trying to learn about all the calls and the finer points of the game. Kudos to you Mr. Hoke.

KrisR said...

What Would Gary Roberts Do? He'd score two goals and then get escorted off the ice for trying to take on the entire Sens line, that's what. Brilliant.

@CG - Getting a room full of Europeans to chant "GARY!" at 100A in a hotel bar is a stroke of genius. Well played.

FijiH2O said...

Dr.T -
Appreciate you staying up late to post the video clips and pictures. They made my morning:D I saw GR in the parking lot couple weeks ago, before a game. I din't have a camera with me, though. He would have been long gone by the time I dug my cell phone out, so i just looked at him...sigh! I'll be at Friday's game - with my camera.

I have to laugh, after all the media speculation: "How long before Gary Roberts gets his game legs back under him?" Duh...just over a minute!!!! Was that fast enough for everyone????

The energy from the Igloo came right through the tv last night! It was almost as good as being there.


rwarner174 said...

All I have to say is players, please start wearing visors before someone takes a puck to the temple and dies. If sidney crsoby can do the things he does with one on there is no excuse not to wear one.

KBS said...

Classy text by Pens fans. Seriously.

With all the hate we have for the Senators, you don't want to see players hurt.
Don't care who you are, that's not good.
If a normal personal gets hit by that puck, they're dead.

As a Sens fan, I'll congratulate the Pens on your first win. That was a hell of a game 1... but don't get too cocky, that was not Ottawa's best game (granted, I really don't think it was the Pens best either...). Not sure Ottawa can win this one, but it won't be a sweep! We'll make it a series - that I guarantee!

PS - Report is that Volchenkov will be back for game 2.

PPS - fuck I hate Gary Roberts...

Fleury29 said...


Fleury29 said...

Stoosh 3:16, is what I meant to say.

ripney66 said...

Anyone listen to the DVE morning show today?
They just said, "There is no evolution. Just the list of animals that Gary Roberts allows to exist".

FijiH2O said...

Do you think fans will be able to buy the "Sacrifice" t-shirts? I want one!

Ryan Whitney was solid last night +3 plus a fight!

dying alive said...

If Volchenkov returns for game two, that is epic. I seriously thought the guy was dead when he was laying on the ice. A slapshot in the face is bad enough, but a Malkin slapshot? I figured they'd be rebuilding his entire face a la Kevin Stevens.

But since he's's kind of funny that the reason he couldn't come back is because his head was too swollen to fit into his helmet.

"HEAD! Trousers! NOW!"

blackngold66 said...

Correct me if I'm wrong ...

But isn't that girl holding the "Cryin Bryan" sign a little hot?

Ashley said...

"Ryan Whitney was solid last night +3 plus a fight!"

That is something I never thought I'd see this season...

jammer jagger said...

dear kbs,

pens in 4

jar66su said...

The Jim Abbott reference is gold, pure gold Charlie.

jackedlobster said...

Staff....I believe it was a Syko slap shot that took out Volchenkov

ripney66 said...

I think it was Malkin.

Whistler said...

Here are some pics that I took during the game.. Enjoy

Click here for pics!

diabeticsRcooler said...

does anyone have the old powerplay signs that the Trib(possibly the post-gazette) gave out in the early 90s with the shark fin?

If at all possible, someone should scan them and upload them here so we can all print them out before the game friday

Gary Roberts is a living legend

Ashley said...

Whistler - love the pics, especially the one with the text of "No it's Malkin in the kitchen with the candlestick"

sonofatruckload said...

the jaws theme playing before the PP was life changing

the arena was pretty rockin, although it seemed like there was an excess of boring old farts around me.

Sooska said...

@ BNG66- how's your headache?

did you all see where Gary said he didn't have his legs last night?

did you all see where the dear Bass said Roberts needs to show more respect? from Brennan the Inane;

PITTSBURGH -- Cody Bass respects his elders, but the Senators rookie feels there are times when he deserves a little respect from them, too.

Like in the dying moments of a playoff game his team is losing.

Bass, 21, became involved in a fracas with Gary Roberts after the Penguins veteran hit him from behind late in the third period of the 4-0 Pittsburgh win. Roberts will be twice Bass' age when he turns 42 next month.

"I grew up watching that guy, he was one of my favourite players," Bass said after his first NHL playoff game. "I respect him totally. At the same time, he's got to have some respect, too. It's a 4-0 game and he hits a young kid from behind like that? I don't think that's showing too much respect."

Matt said...

Why hasn't anyone pointed out the obvious?

Sens = 0 for 7 on the power play.

Alfredsson not playing.

They are obviously tanking.

fierst78 said...

for those of you that remember, i was a MAF doubter, big time

----wow am I happy to eat my words

go pens

danmcq13 said...

Watching the highlights of the game with my wife last night, I wondered why Anton Volchenkov was out of position on the shot by Hossa. Then I saw trainers holding a towel to Volchenkov's head. Oh.

I guess blocking a shot with one's head will cause you to be out of position on the rebound. (Youngsters, remember this lesson!)

queenofthesky82 said...

After reading Don Brennan's article, I feel like I should thank the guy. It really took me back to the good ol' days of highschool where the kids who weren't smart enought to focus on academics, the kids who weren't athletic enough to participate directly in sports, and the kids who weren't popular enough to be getting blown in the math department bathrooms were penning shit-slinging columns for our school paper. It's obvious that Brennan has no respect for the sport of hockey or the men on either team that are skilled and discplined enough to play at pro level. Sure he likes to throw out challenges from behind the protective screen of his laptop, but I'd love to see this pussy start tossing out challenges to the pens fans he encounters anywhere in the 412.
So I'd like to challenge Mr. Brennan. I'll be in town all day on Friday buddy: can't miss me I run about five eight and will be the girl with brown hair in a pens jersey who'll be giving tours on one of those crazy lookind world war two boats. And while' I'm no Laraque, I'll call you stupid to your face and then punch your 8th-grade-french-profficency having ass into the Mon.

onesizedrummer said...

i had audio of Jeff Jimmerson but i lost it in my latest computer crash, i belive i sent it in to the pensblog guys at that time so talk to them if you want it.

GDC was unreal last night, we lagged it up pretty good. Highlights were my car alarm going off for every goal....(actually had a police potrol at 1015)

this past sunday i had a conversation with my grandfather (who hates pittsburgh sports, but watches them all the time) he was complaining about Roberts playing when all the youth had so much cemerstry playing all year. I told him not to worry about Gary, its the playoffs, its vs. the Sens and it will be ok.

email after game

Will, sorry to doubt the power of Gary Roberts. Go Pens!!!!


Sinops said...

your pic of malkin is freaking me out.

Sinops said...

did anyone see the article on about Roberts and the WWGRD wristbands? holy crap

FijiH2O said...

@Ashley 10:05-
I guess he learned his lesson well:)

Quote from the Beaver County Times this a.m.: "Spring time is Roberts' time"!

Idle curiosity: Are there porta-potties at the outside viewing area???

Stoosh said...

Whistler - that "Cup Changes Everything" towel picture is probably capable of changing lives.

What a friggin' awesome picture! Walter Iooss would be jealous of that one.

blackngold66 said...


I'm still on bedrest but last night's win & our Lord Gary made it a little better!


Thanks also goes out to Mike Georger in GDC. Without you I would've been stuck with audio only of the Vs. feed.


onesizedrummer said...


just walk up to the hill district and pee on Jake Wheatley's yard


FijiH2O said...

Canadian Globe and Mail scribe David Shoalts thinks Mr. Roberts' Neighborhood has once again become Ottawa's "Nightmare on Elm Street".

DeCeV said...

"At Gate One, Father Time and Elvis cross paths and give each other an all-knowing wink."

Thank you TPB.

Last night was big, but Friday is equally as huge. You don't want to travel into Ottawa tied at 1-1. Hopefully Fleury can pull out another one of these. Also hopefully Gerber can stop standing on his head. This game could have been 6-0.

Sooska said...

@ BNG66 - I am glad to hear you are getting better. Winning by Roberts is the best prescription!

@ sinops- in a GOOD way I hope. It is seductive in a weird way isn't it? I LOVE it. He is such a bad boy.

chris e said...


I would say any girl/woman wearing a Pens jersey at least qualifies as being moderately hot no matter how good she really looks.

Mike Costa said...

When I Walked In I Heard That Don Brennan's Press Pass Was Taken Off Him And He Was Kicked Out Of The Arena

Brennan = Stunned

Last Night I Ushered F31, If You Weren't Sure That's Where All The Signs Are, And The Man Who Comes Up With Them Are Great. He Made The Cryin Bryan And Rushed It Down To Hold Up Being Murry. There Was Also A "Suffering Succotash" Sign Right Below F31 And Maybe The Best Quote Of The Night, Somebody Asked The Guy Who Makes The Signs About It And His Responce Was "I Hope That Little Bastards Sees It"

Dear God I Love My Job :-D

sonofatruckload said...

do you have any idea how hard it is to read that

Pensgirl said...

Dying Alive: what, it's not like it was painfully obvious that there were two people alternating holding up that sign. But I think it's sweet that they'll hire mentally disabled people to write for the papers in Ottawa.

Whistler, Turk, thanks for the pics/vids.

canaanregulatesblog said...

Mike Costa--capitalization king.

Gary Roberts = kwisatz haderach.

Koz said...

" About 1,000 tickets for each of the Senators first two home playoff dates next week remain unsold."

according to ESPN's Scott Burnside.

Road trip anyone?

Sinops said...

I am a male, and am not from Ottawa, so sorry but just think it is plain creepy. He looks like too much like a Senator in that pic to me. I guess the females and the queers dig it.

pensblog jeff said...

Hey all, I'm planning to go outside the mellon on friday. Is anyone interested in meeting up with Pensblog Jeff? You can let me know via email, if you want. jeff.harr -at- gmail -dot- com.

Whistler said...


I took so many pictures last night. It was a rush. Gary was with me. I do have to say that I'm quite proud of that one. Wallpaper material..

Ashley said...

I think I know why Dany Heatley was distracted/invisible last night. He had a visitor.

Good times...

Sooska said...

@ sinops- well that explains things. I can't explain why I like it. yes, most women who have seen it love it. bad ass man-child is all I can say.

Sooska said...

@ sinops - one more thing- I broke it out for the game and since we won it stays until we lose.

Sooska said...

@ ashley!!! wow. The Nova Scotian graffiti artiste. how's the studying?

J.S. said...

The legend that is Pensblog Charlie continues to grow, on and off the internet.

Sinops said...

keep it. it works.
go pens

Ashley said...

sooska - eh not too bad..I need a break now and then or my mind will explode. I have 24 hours to cram this crap into my brain, but it's all good cuz the Pens won last night!

J.S. said...

Today's work routine involved wearing the signed Roberts jersey to work, and having a bottle of Fiji water for lunch.


dying alive said...

Talk radio in the Burgh is all about the Pens today, and more specifically about Gary Roberts. I love this time of year.

Though I am sad that nobody has picked up on my So I Married an Axe Murderer reference yet. Tooobscureblog?

Ashley said...

j.s. - SIGNED Roberts jersey?!??? You lucky schmuck you!! Your jersey has been touched by the great one himself.

Stoosh said...

J.S. -

The Bob Errey "LOOK AT ROBERTS! DRINKIN' THE WATER!" clip is my text message alert on my phone.

blackngold66 said...

He's gonna go cry himself to sleep...


FijiH2O said...

Great job with the pics - thanks:D

Sooska said...

@ dr turkelton- wherever you are-those 2 videos are fantastic.In the first one when Gary Roberts' photo appeared...that look on his face..indescribably intense & deliciously frightening. They should project that onto the inside of the dome and keep it there all game. In the second when the theme started I got chills and tears in my eyes.

Starry Night said...

On the Don Brennen article at the bottom I think we should start mass mailing his editor!!!! Just for fun and see if we can get any returns comments from them!!!!!!!!!

dying alive said...

@BNG66 - you, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

Stoosh said...

Echoing what Dying Alive said above, I wish those of you who don't live in Pittsburgh could get a true idea of what the atmosphere is like in Pittsburgh today after that game.

The Pens fans here at work were absolutely insane this morning.

If I walked around town and asked people if they'd be OK with Gary Roberts becoming Mayor of Pittsburgh, I think pretty much everyone would agree with me.

Talk radio has been all Pens and probably 50% of it was directly Gary-related. In fact, I think I want Gary Roberts to replace Rendell as the Governor of Pennsylvania.

If this is what it's like after just one game, this could be a fun, fun ride for the next several weeks.

DYING ALIVE - I did catch the first reference, by the way.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, in the past when the Pens have made deep runs, people walking down the street would just high-five everybody they saw. Nobody had to ask, nobody had to explain. Hopefully you'll get to experience that.

J.S. said...

stoosh, I have it as my ringtone. You should see the looks I get when my phone goes off.

j.s.22 said...

DVE had callers calling in saying Gary Roberts lines this morning around 7:15.

Stoosh said...

PENSGIRL - I remember what it was like in 2000 when Lemieux announced he was coming back. I was working for PNC Bank down at the Strip District when the news broke that morning and the rest of the day, it's all everyone was talking about in the Strip and then when I made my way Downtown later that day.

It was incredibly surreal, but just so cool. I think it was the same when we won the Crosby lottery. I definitely remember it being the same way last March when KDKA broke the arena deal news.

It's not at that level yet, but I can only imagine what it'll be like as this moves forward.

The Seeker said...

Get over to the NHL website's front page and be SURE to vote in the poll on the right hand side:

Which role player will record the most points in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Sean Avery (NYR): 16.89%
Dan Cleary (DET): 14.25%
Ryane Clowe (SJS): 14.04%
Samuel Pahlsson (ANA): 10.96%
Gary Roberts (PIT): 17.54%
Stephane Yelle (CGY): 12.72%
Other: 13.60%

Ashley said...

Sean fucking asshat Avery at almost 17%????

J.S. said...

Would anybody feel like (re)posting the Roberts/water ringtone link, for those who don't have it?

ricks1883 said...

Question: Are the wristbands on ebay legit? I have a feeling someone's making some money offa here...thoughts?

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, it's things like that which make living in a smaller city truly special. I can't imagine that New York gets so collectively electric, because at any given time there are a jillion people there who couldn't give a crap. People in Pittsburgh who don't give a crap are fewer and further between, and they're so used to being overwhelmed by Steeler mania that they're just excited that Pens fever is something new and different.

(On a side note, since you mentioned the Sid lottery, I'll present my theory that winning that was Mario's karmic payback for everything he's done for Pittsburgh, most especially this:

[Attorney Doug Campbell, who designed Lemieux's bid,] gives Lemieux tremendous credit because of the deal he wanted and his insistence that everyone be paid in full.

"There was a real risk whether it would succeed as planned," Campbell said. "I think it's a tribute to the goodwill he enjoys. He took a very high risk, and it ended up paying off. If Mario hadn't stepped up, I fully believe the franchise would have ceased and the creditors wouldn't have anything."

Lemieux this week declined comment.

Campbell said the fact the Penguins were able to follow through and pay the debts is all the more impressive considering they made the final payment on the principal amount during the lockout season and did so despite the fact that plans for a new arena [had not materialized at the time of this article].

Nathan said...

Text of the email I sent to the editors of the Ottawa Sun:

How can your paper in good conscience continue to employ Don Brennan? To call for intentional attempts at injuring a player ("Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander? The Senators have to find out." 9 April 2008) and to challenge another player in a subsequent column ("By (the way) Georges [Laraque], stupid? Call me that to my face." 10 April 2008) is the height of unprofessional journalistic behavior. I would expect such comments from fans and the more immature members of the blogging community, but for someone who is paid by a legitimate news organization they are unacceptable.
[end indignant email]

Where Brennan crosses the line for me is in the fact that he's a paid writer. When you're drawing a paycheck, there have to be certain professional standards that need to be upheld. If he wants to start writing for free and start up his own Senators blog, I'll ignore it like I ignore most blogs related to other NHL teams. But when one is being paid, he can't resort to cranking out the same crap that you see in most blogs.

Of course, if Brennan got his press pass revoked and was removed from the Igloo, I'm sure that's going to piss off his superiors at the Sun. It's a great job putting your paper in a bind with one of their writers having to watch the road games of their first-round series on TV.

The Seeker said...

@ ricks1883

No...those are the non-official wristbands by that dude from Johnstown.

The Seeker said...

@ Ashley

Yeah..can you believe that?

That's why I figured I'd mention it here 'cause we all know tPBers will crash their servers to go there and put Gary F. Roberts over the top!

DeCeV said...

Grammarblog: Canaan and Nick G. must really suck if their contributions cannot be understated.

Nathan said...

The official wristbands are solid black, with a different style of lettering in Vegas gold. And there's no question mark.

I'm looking at mine as I write this description.

Pensgirl said...

Nathan, you're absolutely correct, and what I find even more appalling is that he's employed at a paper in the capital of the nation. The people employed in such cities are supposed to represent journalism in the country as a whole and thus should be the cream of the crop. I've been to Canada too many times and have met too many wonderful, funny, smart people (not to mention our lovely Canadian players and owner(s)) to make any extrapolations based on that brainless twat, but how many people don't have my level of personal experience to refrain from such a judgment? How many people watching Around the Horn on ESPN yesterday heard them discussing this moron and assumed that most Canadians or hockey fans or both are bloodthirsty knuckle-draggers? People like him piss me off because they do a disservice to the entire sport (including the team he's supposed to be covering and evidently believes he's supporting).

But I'm afraid by giving him attention we've made him feel that he's somehow important. Like a kid whining for a cookie when you already said no, it's probably best to just ignore him.

J.S. said...

I also have my OFFICIAL WWGRD wristband, print towards me, left wrist.

The j-town wwgrd bands = bootleg. Thumbs down to this guy from a fellow j-towner.

ripney66 said...

On the Morning Show page, there is a list of Gary Roberts-isms. Good stuff.

The Seeker said...

diabeticsRcooler said...

does anyone have the old powerplay signs that the Trib(possibly the post-gazette) gave out in the early 90s with the shark fin?

A fellow Cblogger (can't recall their name now) created new ones for tPB a Month or so ago and had them available to download and print out (in jpg and png format).

I no longer have the link and am too lazy to go back and find that post.

BUT...I did download them to my harddrive. So, to help you out, I uploaded them to my own website for anyone who would still like them (sorry I can't give proper credit to the original creator):

Pens Jaws JPG

Pens Jaws PNG

JYo said...

The "official" WWGRD apparel can be found in storeblog:

I think there was a link to some knock off stickers on ebay earlier in this thread too. Storeblog does have stickers, but unfortunately, no wristbands. Any idea if there will be another wristband order staff? Again, if funding is an issue, we could just pay up front. Just a thought. No big deal if its too much work. I just missed out on the first round and would like to get one and I know some others that have been around here would like the opportunity as well.

Brett said...

My girlfriend swears she just saw Malkin on the street in Mt. Lebanon but she wasn't sure until she looked for pics of him in "street clothes" online.

I want to kill her.

she says this matched him exactly.

Brett said...

She also said that he was walking with one other guy whom she didn't recognize, and Malkin was limping slightly.

Colin said...

I think that picture of Fleury and Conklin captures what this team is about.

Don't think you are going to see a similar picture of Gerber and Emery.

Stoosh said...


My three sisters and my parents have all been to New York City and they love it. I have no desire to go there other than to visit Ground Zero (my dad was a volunteer firefighter and because of that, I still have a very hard time watching some of the 9/11 footage, particularly the stuff shot by the Naudet brothers. But I digress...).

I cannot stand the way sports have become so "big city-centric".

If you're a baseball fan who doesn't like the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Braves and now apparently the Tigers (because Illitch is actually spending money on his baseball team), you can forget seeing your favorite team on ESPN with any regularity.

There are NBA analysts who are counting down the seconds until Lebron hits free agency so he can sign with the Knicks and save the glorious game that is pro basketball. And to hear these analysts discuss it, they're so excited about the notion of Lebron wearing a Knicks jersey that when it actually happens, they'll either pee themselves or spontaneuously combust. Or both. Apparently, the arrival of Lebron in New York would be something akin to the birth of Christ. And just wait until Greg Oden can bolt from Portland, or Kevin Durant can leave the Seattle/Oklahoma City/Sheboygan/Whatever Sonics.

We were told the best thing for NHL was for Crosby to wind up in New York, playing for the Rangers.

Says who? Rangers fans? ESPN personnel, so they only have to drive from Bristol, CT to cover him?

And even worse is this subtle insinuation that somehow the league will cease to exist if a player like this doesn't eventually find his way to a large market. I mean, God forbid that Crosby spends his entire career languishing in the Siberia that is Pittsburgh. Whatever will the NHL do?

Dr. Turkleton said...

@sooska 1231p

thanks !!!!!

my seat is up in E18, Row considering the distance & the net/mesh/bar, I'm not too unhappy with the results...I wanted to scream & shout during all of that, but as the director/film maker...the product came 1st [hahaha]
my voice officially became 'injured' when Gary backhanded that goal right in front of me...

I really would like to know what's in Gary Roberts Whole Foods bag...probably some magic elixir that involves flaxseed & fiji water...whatever it is, he should be sellin' the stuff like Jagr's Peanut Butter or Mario Lemieux's Bun Bar [remember those?]

@matt 750a said:
Why hasn't anyone pointed out the obvious?
Sens = 0 for 7 on the power play.
Alfredsson not playing.
They are obviously tanking.

that, my friend, is CLASSIC...

someone needs to attend Game 2 or show up on the Mellon lawn to watch the big screen in a Sylvester the Cat suit with a 'Cryin Bryan' sign draped on both sides of them like the old sidewalking advertisers did back in the day...

While it was an awesome WIN in game 1...let's not start looking for an opponent for round 2 quite yet...I think someone said here or on the Sens Five for Smiting blog, something along the lines of: "The pressure isn't on your team to possibly lose a series until you lose a game playing on home ice"....Let's put a W on the board for Game 2 & to keep applying that Pens-foot on Sens-neck just a wee bit more.

[Hossa: cracking skulls in the NHL since 1997]

Elizabeth said...

Penguins Email News Service:

"One game in more than three months. A 42nd birthday a month away.

Sure, there were some factors going against Gary Roberts heading into the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against Ottawa.

However, the people who wear the bracelets and carry the signs asking "WWGRD?" or "What Would Gary Roberts Do?" got a clear answer Wednesday night in Game 1 – the postseason is Roberts' season."

Sooska said...

@ turk -we had similar seats during the Cup years so I guess it seemed a wonderfully familiar view.

@ brett- OMGary she is SO lucky. Limping, huh? He's FINE. He's FINE. HE's FI....GRRRR

@ seeker- like the new signs with the logo. I have some originals which I will break out when I get back to the Burgh.

I LOVE spring in the Burgh when the Pens are in the playoffs. Cup years were UNREAL. TVs at Pirate games (yes Pensdad did that and drew a crowd), undercover radios at student honors programs the night Kevin Stevens scored 4 goals in a conference final and a ripple and then a moan ran through the kids, then the parents, every time he scored - all of whom wanted to be HOME watching the game instead of being stuck in a dark aud, bored to death by speeches from guidance counselors.

PS I heard on the postgame Big Ben was at the game and left with 3 minutes to go. He supposedly is a pretty good friend of Mario's. no.comment.

J.S. said...

You almost gotta wonder if the Penguins are considering marketing the WWGRD wristband with the frequent mentioning that it's been getting on the air.

Stoosh said...


A sidenote to your "Sid = Mario's Karmic Payback" theory, Mario's decision to structure the bankruptcy plan in that fashion was very likely the reason he was given ownership of the team out of bankruptcy court in the first place.

If you remember at the time, there was another ownership group that had assembled who planned on eventually moving the team to Portland or elsewhere after some transparent and half-hearted attempts to keep the team here would've failed. I forget who all was involved with that group, but the two most probable destinations for the team were 1) relocation (most likely to Portland) or 2) dissolution of the franchise.

It was the construction of the Lemieux Group and the arrangements they made to pay back all creditors in full that more or less prompted the bankruptcy judge to award Lemeiux the franchise. In typical bankruptcy cases, most creditors only get pennies back on dollars owed to them, especially unsecured creditors.

Sinops said...

the night kaspar scored in OT vs. buffalo, I had an old school walkman in my suit jacket for my high school senior awards banquet. I had to keep updating people on the score. It was awesome.

runningfox said...

I actually talked to a member of the Ottawa Citizen press yesterday and asked him about Brennan. He referred to him as "that idiot over there [at the Sun]" and said "nobody likes him."

Johnny Wrath said...

Well, what else needs to be said besides I wish I was back home for this one. Great presence by the Penguins faithful. I was also really happy about the jumbotron outside of the Igloo.

Its a statement: "You're really important to us, Penguins fans, even though we ran out of tickets for everyone, come on dahn to the arena and mesh with this incredible atmosphere".

I know it was only Wade, but Whitney really tuned him up. What an all-around drubbing. Who in the hell was Staalsy channeling? Joel Otto comes to mind. Kennedy was outstanding. Hoss should have buried at least 2 of those, but they'll come. Believe me, they'll come. Highlight of the evening: Sid nailing Heater behind the Penguins net. Him = stunned.

Apparently the tool that suggested someone slash Capn' Siddey was called "stupid" by one Big George Laraque. The guy published an article basically saying "he should call me that to my face, not through the media". Dude.


"So, with a full house of media and players looking on, Laraque spotted Brennan in the dressing room and marched over. “You wanted me to call you stupid to your face? Well, you're stupid,” he said, towering over the scribe.".

They're still whining about Florida not trading them Gary Roberts. Muckler was fired after getting to the finals for not getting Gary Roberts. Completely ignoring the fact that he signed with us as a UFA, after the Recchi fiasco went down, it was fabricated and widely believed by idiot former Leafs fans that Ottawa had a shot at trading us for Gary Roberts. Where is a shred of accountability? There certainly wasn't any when even Chis Neil wouldn't come anywhere near Gary Roberts shortly before he was ejected. WWGRD? Bring the killer instinct.

Dillon said...

First off, QueenoftheSky has the best comment in commentorblog that I've seen all year:

"I'd like to challenge Mr. Brennan. I'll be in town all day on Friday buddy: can't miss me I run about five eight and will be the girl with brown hair in a pens jersey who'll be giving tours on one of those crazy lookind world war two boats. And while' I'm no Laraque, I'll call you stupid to your face and then punch your 8th-grade-french-profficency having ass into the Mon."

Keeping with Don Brennan. I emailed his editors, I encourage everyone to do the same.

Sooska said...

@ sinops - aahh the memories. These will be even better cause it's new again for those of us who went through it before and since it's been so long it's sweeter because we are not stunned, and all new for younger fans. fun times.


wilsmith said...

Everything I could possibly say has already been said..

anyway, anyone got a good picture of Whitney and Redden fighting?

runningfox said...

just called mellon arena. no grills allowed on the lawn.

Ashley said...

Pensgirl 2pm -

Yeah, this whole Brennan thing is really pissing me off. Not only is he a complete and total asshole, but he's making the rest of Canucks look just as bad.

Was I cheering when Volchenkov went down? No, not at all.

I do believe Mr. Editor Dude will get an email from one Ashley in Halifax.

canaanregulatesblog said...

Laraque answers Brennan

Dr. Turkleton said...


whistler does, on his comment @1037a...I think he had a couple nice pics from the opposite end of the rink

BTW, GREAT set of pics, whistler!!!

Nathan said...

Volchenkov taking that shot to the head was scary. They probably should've blown the play dead immediately, and if Hossa had buried the shot instead of Gerber robbing him, I wouldn't have been terribly upset if they'd waved it off. I don't care about which team has the puck, when there's a player down and injured to the point where he cannot protect himself, the play needs to be stopped immediately.

At least Volchenkov has sense enough to wear a visor. That could've been so much worse than a cut and stitches.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, I actually like New York a lot too - in fact, I've only been to one city I've out-and-out hated (Hartford) - but the bigger cities, for me, are just places to visit. I just don't get a "home" vibe from them. And yeah, the sports media's "big market" obsession is seriously annoying. I just look around at how many former Steelers, Pens, and Pirates make their permanent homes in Pittsburgh as a testament to it being better.

Ashley, good for you for speaking up (and, by the way, I may have only hit three provinces as of yet, but Halifax is easily my favorite place, and I liked Moncton too. Atlantic Canada rocks).

Wilsmith, I haven't seen pictures, but even better, Seth has video of the Whitney fight up on Empty Netters.

Sooska said...

@ nathan- you mean like when they blew the whistle when Malkin got the skate to the face?

J.S. said...

I may be down to watch the game tommorow night outside. Look for a home Roberts jersey, RBK-type.

Gates numbers?
Are adult beverages allowed?
How many people should I expect to be outside?
How can I identify the c-bloggers?

diabeticsRcooler said...

THe Seeker--- Thanks for that link

i printed mine up already

Anyone near c32 Row H for the game tomorrow
please print up the Pensblog powerplay shark logo

the effect was huge in the playoffs in the early 90s
it'd be awesome if we had a whole section with the fins at the game tomorrow

my sister (Queenofthesky82) and I will be there with the signs
so if you have one too come over for a picture

(C32 Row H)


Ashley said...

Pensgirl - Moncton's the best. Then again, I'm biased since it's where I was born and raised :)

Life's definitely different here on the East Coast...

Ashley said...

Okay everyone, if you want to send a letter to the editor of the Ottawa Sun, the email is:

I would personally recommend using so-called intelligent language (i.e. not calling them fuckheads, even though it may be appropriate) so that they might not dismiss us entirely. I want to see if our voices can be heard...
Here's what I wrote to them:

I am writing to you concerning the article posted by Don Brennan in the Tuesday (8 April 2008) edition of the Ottawa Sun, in which he states, "Crosby's got a bad RIGHT ankle? How will it stand up to a two-hander? The Senators have to find out."

I understand that the Ottawa media is going to be biased in thinking that the Pittsburgh Penguins will have a very difficult time winning a 7-game series against the offensively-gifted Ottawa Senators. In fact, I whole-heartedly believe that the Penguins-Senators series is going to be a close and hard-fought battle.

However, I do not believe that anyone with any journalistic integrity should be making such statements. Brennan's comments reflect not only on the Ottawa Sun and the sports media in Canada, but on all Canadians. Many Americans look at Brennan and believe that all Canadians share the same sentiment when it comes to hockey - that we want 'our' team to maim and kill the other team's star players in order to win the Stanley Cup.

As a Canadian citizen, I believe in freedom of speech, but there are limits to that freedom. I also believe that journalists should uphold a professional standard. Journalists should be free to offer opinions, but not to openly endorse physical violence against another human being. Brennan has failed to demonstrate himself as a professional journalists, and I will be disappointed if you endorse his attitudes and actions by continuing to employ him.


That's the best I could come up with...

Flyer Hater said...


I can remember the days when there would be 50 comments tops, even on a gameday.

The Seeker said...

@ js

The crowd outside last night was HUGE.

Be sure to get there real early and bring a lawn chair.

It'll probably be even bigger Friday since more people will know about it.

The Seeker said...

@ wilsmith

Here's a rather poor video capture of the Whitney -vs- Redden fight:

Whitney -vs- Redden

Dr. Turkleton said...


1st off: nice Ed/Op piece...

when I see the word: Moncton

I flash back to the late 80's & playing Strat-O-Matic hockey [card & dice game] with a bunch of fellow high-school hockey mates & the logo & name of my team was: Moncton Golden Flames...I remember free-drawing the logo & making 3 different uniform configurations [man, was I a geek prior to all this Gore stuff]

I just looked them up & saw that they were only around from '84 to '87...until they changed their name to the 'Hawks' [talk about your small window of opportunity to be the 'Golden Flames'!!!]

ahhh, memories [and feeling real OLD at the same time: what a combo]

Dr. Turkleton said...

heres a photo gallery on from Game 1

stokes said...

so, i went to take a leak today. out in the porta-john, in fresh ink, it was written....


Gary is everywhere.

BNG: i think shes alot hot...

Lloyd said...

@flyer hater:

I remember when it barely got to 20 on any post... as well as not having to scroll to see all the comments.

I think the trolls coming in here helped to get the post count up, but the playoffs helped a bit too.

All are welcome to GDC tomorrow.


blackngold66 said...


Good, then I'm not alone.

Ashley said...

Turk - that's awesome! I had no idea that Moncton's hockey teams were known (in any way) to anyone else outside of our little region, especially back then.

Dr. Turkleton said...

sorry to go offtopic...

but those golf fans out there stuck at work has some awesome live feeds of Amen's Corner & holes 15 & 16 [which Tiger's getting ready to start playing]

Tiger droppin' an F-Bomb after his 1st bogey of the day on 13 = priceless

only 2 people on the planet that can make Tiger's golf shirt today look good:

•Gary Roberts

[Hossa: FORE!!!!]

sonofatruckload said...

gary roberts has taken the lead on that poll with 18.5%

Flyer Hater said...


Whoever is the first to get this jersey should have the blog named after them for a day.

MizzPenz said...

Anyone venture over to Eddy Spaghetti's site today? Pretty funny stuff.

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - When I get home tonight, I'm checking the bills and doing some reworking of the finances to see if I can free up about $150.

I'd be all over that Hakan Loob jersey, too.

Jersey Bill said...

After saving our ass in the middle of the season, his mask has fallen into a statistical dead heat with Johan Hedberg's at T of L. Let's get him into the next round.
Wow, I need less time on my hands.
WWGRD? You can bet your ass he'd vote.

Dr. Turkleton said...

the Pens Playoff Creed [from their Pregame 'Get Fihr'd Up' Video]:

[I read it as James Earl Jones would & I got goosebumps!]







yeah, that works for me

Whistler said...

@ Dr. Turk!

Thanks for the compliment.

I do have Whit/Redden fight pics. They're far away, but you get the idea of what went down.

The Seeker said...

Downtown Rally Set For Friday

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will host a Pittsburgh Penguins playoff rally on Friday at 4:45 p.m. in the Courtyard at the Allegheny Courthouse in honor of the opening round playoff series against the Ottawa Senators.

Music group Kardaz, known for their local sports anthems, will perform a new version of, “The Mighty Guins,” and Penguins mascot, Iceburgh, will be on hand to greet fans, help distribute Penguins T-shirts and build on the excitement from Wednesday’s 4-0 victory.

For more information about the rally, please visit the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership Web site at and click on the box with the Penguins logo.

ripney66 said...

With the playoff hype I forgot all about this. Thanks for the call to arms.

Sooska said...

@ ashley - very nice. rational. to the point. I totally agree he damns hockey for the unfamilar.

Michelle said...

Incredible performance last night. I thought of The Pensblog when Gary Roberts went on his tirade at the end of the game. I thought of the Wolverine photoshop. I can't wait until Friday's game!

I cracked up at the at the Sykora beach ball photoshop.

Go Pens!

Sooska said...

@ Pensblog Staff- copyright that WWGRD before someone else does.

Sooska said...

GARY!!! I hated voting against the Moose but I did my duty for Conks.

Dr. Turkleton said...

from the Ottawa Sun:

But, before the Senators can be sure Volchenkov will play, they have to find a helmet that can fit over the huge bump caused by the shot.

I have an idea:
I think they can pick one up at Dicks™

The Seeker said...

From the Stats Wizards at Elias Sports Bureau via KuklasKorner:

Robert Oldest NHL Player to Score Multiple Goals in a Playoff Game

Gary Roberts, age 41 years, 322 days on Wednesday, is the oldest player ever to record a multiple-goal game in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Two other players age 40 or older scored two goals in a postseason game: Detroit’s Igor Larionov on June 8, 2002 at Carolina (age 41 years, 187 days) and Anaheim’s Adam Oates on May 16, 2003 vs. Minnesota (age 40 years, 262 days).

Roberts notched his 31st and 32nd career playoff goals, coming 20 years and three days after his first one (April 6, 1988 for the Calgary Flames against goaltender Roland Melanson in a 9-2 victory over the Los Angeles Kings in Game 1 of the Smythe Division Semifinal). The Calgary lineup for that game featured three future Hall of Famers (Al MacInnis, Lanny McDonald and Joe Mullen). Roberts has recorded more than a quarter of his 91 career playoff points against the Senators (14-9--23 in 24 games).

Ashley said...

does anyone know how I can upload an mp3 somewhere and share it? I have a 'Sens Suck' song made from a Toronto radio station a few years back when the Leafs were playing the Sens in the playoffs and a few friends of mine wanted to hear it but I can't email it.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

PBStaff, great post, again! You guys need to re-post the 29 Brickwall Photoshop, though.

That game was beyond awesome. Gary Roberts is truly a god. People at my school look at me like I'm nuts when I say that. Imbeciles. Roberts's goals = awesome. And him trying to fight is what hockey is all about, passion. Gary Roberts has also been seen shopping at organic grocery stores, btw.

Steiggy made references to the Blog again during the game. (I didn't watch it on Versus because they make my ears bleed.) He talked about WWGRD? and Mr. Roberts's Neighborhood.

I wore my Luc Robitaille jersey today and under it my Malone jersey shirt. Yeah, awesomeoutfitblog!

I read that Brennan article ... are you serious? He wanted Laraque (in the article who spelt wrong at least once) to say it to his face? What an idiot! Laraque could kill him with his pinky finger. I was surprised that Laraque did respond. Wow! Laraque has balls, unlike you, Brennan.

Whit gettin' dirty! Yeah! Nice fight ... I was somewhat surprised he did fight because I have never seen him as that kind of guy or player. Since he is the best buddy of the team with Sid, he needed to do that. Bugsy wasn't out there so he had to show them not to listen to Brennan.

@ Pensgirl: "But I think it's sweet that they'll hire mentally disabled people to write for the papers in Ottawa." Ha, that helped make my day!

PK = Beyond comprehension. Wow, Malone and Staal are the best PK'ers as well as Scuds.

Bugsy needs to fight Commodore. I love seeing them 2 fight. Whenever we played the 'Canes, I would pray for a fight. I hate Commodore a lot so it helps that he is on the Senators.

Yeah! No booing during "Oh, Canada." I thought that was annoying and rude when that happened last time. Our team is made up of mainly Canadians, stupid. Drinking and wearing your hat pisses me off too, fans, during either anthems!

@Sooska: I love that picture of Malkin. So, what the straight guys don't like it, I love it. (Also helps that I'm a girl.)

@Whistler: You'd be surprised how many Steelers go to Pens games. Reed was there practically ever other game last season, and I'm pretty sure Hampton went, too. My friend has a picture with Reed at a Pens game.

Does Bass know anything? Roberts allowed him to live ... now that shows some respect.

@Ashley: Nice speech, any respectable editor would at least read it.

Sorry for my long rant. I have had no one to talk to about the Pens all day. Sadblog.

In the Pens Organization I Trust!

Whistler said...

Can someone please kidnap me so I don't have to drive back home to Eastern Pennsylvania tonight?!?

It has so awesome being in the safe haven of Penguins fans these past two night.

If no one is willing to hold me hostage, I shall venture into the land of Goons and Whiners (Flyers country). By the grace of Roberts I shall go forth.


Gordie said...

I was on the Caps boards and I think I incited a riot. They still talk about Sid and Roberts all the time and think the NHL is a big conspiracy. It's sad that they can't cheer on their own team, they revert to degrading teams and players they aren't even playing. Hardasses.

Nathan said...

Malkin's skate to the face: another one of those moments when I was screaming at the TV for the refs to blow the play dead. They blow it dead immediately when a goalie loses his mask, why should injuries where the player isn't getting up be treated any differently? An injured player on the ice is in serious danger as well for as long as the play continues.

I know it's a different sport, but when I got run over playing softball last summer (it was my fault, I misplayed a grounder off my shin and got hit by a runner going full speed while I was bent at the waist trying to recover it), the play stopped immediately when I went down. Professional hockey is infinitely more dangerous than rec league softball, so having play continue with a player down is something I get really touchy about.

I ended up not being able to move my neck for a couple of days -- basically I had to turn my whole body to look at people who weren't right in front of me. I am quite glad that my wife wasn't able to make it to that game, so she wasn't treated to the sight of me taking a few minutes to get back up, then tottering off the field spitting out the blood from where I bit my tongue in the collision. Goddamn, that sucked.

stokes said...

Seriously, Cbloggers, you need to check out Jeffrey Paswick's blog. Hilarious. I can't remember if i knew what a vagina was when i was 11 let alone call somebody one.

CrosbyGetsMugged said...

I'm surprised no one's mentioned the "Guns Don't Kill People, Dany Heatley Kills People" sign. Kudos to that sign as I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes.

Don Brennan is a joke. He's like a grown-up version of those 10-year olds who play online video games and talk shit.

Ashley said...

Three Cheers for Ottawa!!

Okay, this video sucks because, well, I suck at doing anything with my computer, but I love this song and thought I'd pass it along.

homesprout said...

What a way to start the playoffs...

Gary Roberts 2 goals

MAF stellar in net

Geno with 3 points

Whitney +3 and beat the hell out of Redden :)

Don Brennan is still a douchebag!

Go Pens!!

coffeytalk said...

Apologies to Stokes. I never made it down to the Souper Bowl. I got roped into some tailgateblog.

What a game! I almost cried when the lights went low at the start of the first. I had goosebumps and drunkbumps.

The PP Jaws anthem made me spill my beer in shock. It felt glorious to be in the arena, surrounded by such emotion.


After the game a few friends and I decided to head down to The Steel Head for a celebratory drink. On our way down who did I see? Why it was Bob Errey and his kids in a shiny Mercedes trying to get out of the lot! We all started shouting and waving and I thought it to be a good idea to direct traffic so Bobby could get out.


Then we get to Steelhead and I sit down in a booth and wouldn't you know it, Mark Madden sits down in the one next to me.


stokes said...

@ Crosbygetsmugged: We saw that dude at the Souper Bowl, took a picture and sent it to Staff. I'm sure it will show up at some point. He was saying at tSB that he was wondering how long it would be before it was taken off him. For sure, after the second period, he said it was confiscated.

@ CoffeyTalk: no worries.

Whistler said...

did anyone notice the "You Me N Dupius" on the Video Board last night?

Kudos to whoever pulled it off!!

Whistler said...


When FSN mentioned WWGRD during the game were they showing video of someone holding up a WWGRD sign?

If they were, that was me.


oldschoolbehii said...

How does the text message thing work on the video board? Do you have to be in attendance?

Sooska said...


@oldschool -text to 32623. you don't have to be at the game (how would they know) but you don't see the result if you aren't there. they do a certain amount of censoring too. And they may not accept from area codes outside the WPA area. We tried texting WWGRD? during the Pens- Backstrom game which we attended in DC and they didn't show it. definite censorship therefrom 412.

@ ashley- Love the video. can't help with the mp3. maybe another video & use that song?

@ kaspar-thanks! glad you like it. more to come. Geno=Prince of Smile

@ coffeytalk -The Jaw PP anthem is SO damn powerful and stirring. I haven't heard that live in along time. I wonder if the players ever notice that stuff during the game. I know when I went to Patrick Div final vs. Devils in 91the crowd was so loud for so long before the game that the players said later they could hear us for a good hour before the face off thinking, "we better win." Most fun of my life that game: 4-0 Pens.

@ whistler -where in eastern PA? we are in the wasteland=Lehigh Valley. Isn't it just AWFUL out here?

Whistler said...


I live in Reading. Philly is the anus of society. Just being in the Burgh these past two days and getting to worship the Almighy Roberts at the 1st Church of the 66 has righted my soul.

Yea I walk in the valley of the shawdow of the Flyers I shall fear no Downie for the Lord Roberts is with me.

Sooska said...

FYI HEADS UP all you displaced Burghers and Pens fans who can't get Versus or Center Ice or FSN, be advised Yahoo is streaming the live TV feed both Monday and Wednesday and Saturday (if necessary) next week. YA-HOOOOOOOOO

@ whistler- we're going to Hell (and play hockey with Gary Roberts)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Whistler: It wasn't a person holding a sign. Someone had each letter written on a sheet of paper and had it hung up.

Ashley said...

sooska - Thanks! ..and actually that was the song. After I posted that msg earlier, I thought about using YouTube so I grabbed a bunch of photos and made that. Thank goodness Windows Movie Maker is easy to use.

Sooska said...

Ashley -good job that is funny.

here's the link for DVE's podcast page. Some of the stuff might be too inside Pittsburgh (like Beano Cook of Beano and Geno) but some of the stuff like Mario and some of the Malkin's diaries are funny. There are 3 new Pens playoffs songs there. I'm so-so on them but some others may like them. At the bottom you can go back into the archives for More.

DVE podcasts

The Seeker said...

At the Igloo, they DO accept text messages from 724 area code as well as 412...just in case someone was wondering.

Stoosh said...


Awesome stories!


I can't imagine how loud it was in that place last night. The crowd was the loudest I've ever heard on an FSN broadcast, so that's sayin' something.


Fleury29 said...

Gary Roberts Van Dammeit, I hate not being able to access The Pensblog from work. I can't read all these comments.

Content filters suck.

coffeytalk said...


bobby was more or less lauging at me and his kids were waving and yelling "wooooos!" out of the windows.

drunkbumps = me falling out of a lawn chair. sometimes drinking at 4pm on a weekday is a bad idea.

Stoosh said...


I met Errey at the Pittsburgh First rally (just a few minutes after I took that picture of him that's on my Flickr page). He couldn't have been a cooler guy. Damn near crushed my hand with a handshake.

Re: drunkbumps. Got it. I thought maybe it might have been some sort of goosebump equivalent induced by alcohol intake or something like that.

If that's the case, then I've had experience with the drunkbumps. Me + alcohol + streetlamp on the Southside = bad idea.


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