Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final GameDay (82) -- Pens @ Flyers


Well, here we are.
82 games later.
The ride started on October 5.

We have all been through a lot.
82 nights of joy.
82 nights of pain.
Frustration, vomit, jobbing.

From us, to all of you.
It has been an honor to be a part of this 82-game journey.

If you have come this far,
maybe you're willing to come a little further.

You remember the playoffs, don't you?


Bring it.
Never have beaten Philly in a playoff series.


Still a tough matchup.

Whoever the Penguins play, we are going to hate.



:: Joe Starkey = Money column. [Trib]

::If you're looking for a gameday chat during the game...
Go [Here]




Last night's games, in order of importance...

Montreal's victory means the Pens have to beat the Flyers to get the #1 seed.

This means we ain't playing Boston in the first round.

The Caps are the third seed. [ OffWing Opinion ]

Honestly, congratulations to the Capitals and their fans.
They've sat through the same mediocrity that we have over the past couple years.

And if you saw the way the Caps celebrated their third goal with still 17:00 left in the game,
you couldn't help but smile.

Picture: After the Caps victory,
Acid Queen drills a square while waiting for her Pop-Tarts to finish.



So, with the Caps making the playoffs,
the whole "MVP on a non-playoff team" thing can be put to rest.

Who was the last player to win the MVP on a non-playoff team?


The Pens finished 6th in the division, with 81 points.
The entire division was separated by 7 points.

7oG -- 98A -- 168P


Speaking of the Hart Trophy...

It's been handed out 82 times since 1924.

In 1941-42, Tommy Anderson won the Hart.
In 1953-54, Al Rollins won the Hart.

They are only two winners of the Hart that are not in the Hall of Fame.
Naturally, we're not factoring in players who aren't eligible for induction yet.

As of recent years, Brett Hull, Sergei Fedorov, Dominik Hasek, Jaromir Jagr, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, and Sidney Crosby will get in the Hall of Fame.

Recent winners who may not or simply WILL NOT get in:
Eric Lindros, Chris Pronger, Jose Theodore, Marty St. Louis, Joe Thornton.


Look at the tiebreaking hierarchy for the Art Ross Trophy ( points leader ):

1. Player with the most goals wins.
2. Player with the fewest games played wins.

And if both of those are even...

3. Player who was the first to score a goal that season.


In 1961-62, Bobby Hull and Andy Bathgate were tied for first,
but Hull had 50 goals to Bathgate's 28.

In 1979-80, Gretzky and Marcel Dionne tied with 137 points.
Dionne had 53 goals to Joke's 51.

In 1994-95, Jagr and Lindros were tied with 70 points.
Jagr had 32 goals to Lindros' 29.

:: But think about it.

The third tiebreaker is determining which player scored their first goal of the season before the other guy.

Say, hypothetically, Joe Thornton and Bing have to go to a third tiebreaker.
They both score a goal during their first game of the season.

1) Would it go by real time?

If the guys played on the same night,
would Thornton be penalized because he plays on the West Coast?

Or, say, Bing plays on opening night,
but Thornton's first game isn't until two days later.
Would Thornton be penalized for that?

2) Would it go by the game-clock?

If Bing scores his first goal 2:00 into his first game,
and Thornton scores 4:00 into his first game...
Bing gets the title?

-- Geeves from [ Frozen Showzen ] helped us out with the debate particulars.


Bad Idea:

Bear Playing Hockey - Watch more free videos


[ fortKNOX ]

Go Pens


Korn said...

Numero uno. Never got to do that. Cause I'm up at 5 am drunk in Erie PA. Will be driving back to NoVA hungover listening to the Pens game. Not happy.

gray33 said...

I could not help but leave a little message for that fat pig acid queen and her team on her blog. I hope the nice message from Gary helps console her tears over the summer. hahahahahaha

Fred Jones said...

I'm torn. Beat the Cryers and play them in first round? Or let them win to face the Sens again, and let the Cryers and Crapitals duke it out?


bombinhoes said...

That bear is already better than Briere and Sean Avery. Sign him up, please. Let's go Pens!

The Big K said...

Can't go wrong with those teams.

Sens = No Alf and No Fisher

Philly = Philtydelphia Cryers

Lady Jaye said...

korn > you're not my sister are you? Hehe, she was getting drunk up in Erie last night too... cept she doesn't have to drive to Virginia today just Pittsburgh so I suppose that debunks that myth.

My only worry with the flyers in the first round is that they're going to cheap shot key players if they get down in a game or series. Don't want our key guys injured for round #2. But I totally want to destroy them and knock them out of the playoffs... Hmmm... either way, I will live and I will pray to Gary Roberts Game #1 is on Wednesday. lol

Whistler said...

I'm gonna get crucified for this one, but I say that the Pens should lose this game today. Before you throw me off a bridge hear me out.

Losing today would mean that we play Ottawa. They're in bad shape right now. Losing today would mean that we don't play the Flyers until the Conf. Final (if we both make it that far).

I think it's an easier road IMHO.

I'm gonna go put my flame resistant undies on and let you guys have at it.

Go Pens!!
(stranded in the pit of Criers country)

BlackAndGold said...

Are you guys sure that is correct about the scenarios? If we win, yes we'll be the #1 seed and play Philly. But if we lose, we will play the #7, which is Boston. Ottawa and Boston finished the year tied with 94 points, but Ottawa has the tiebreaker and should get the #6 seed.

If I am missing something here, let me know...

daismog said...

To both Whistler and BlackandGold, to varying degrees.

If the Pens lose today, that means the Flyers win. Those two points catapult them to sixth. (knocking the Sens to 7th and the B's to 8th)

Pens/Sens 2-7 series winner plays Caps/Flyers 3-6 series winner in the second round.

If the pens win today:
Pens/Flyers 1-8 series winner plays Devils/Rangers 4-5 series winer in the second round is our other choice.

The Big K said...

In the second round, if the Pens win today, they get a matchup with the lowest seeded team remaining.
The playoffs reseed after the first round, so the best teams still play the worst teams.

For instance:
Pens beat Cryers in Round 1
B's beat Habs in Round 1

Pens play Bruins in Round 2,
as they are the lowest seed remaining.

Fleury29 said...

Gary Roberts.

Gary Fucking Roberts!


Loser Chris said...

Anyone else kinda hoping we play the Sens in the 1st round?

BlacknGold66 said...

I think I'm gonna change my name on here to "Sickboy" as I just got discharged from the hospital for possible deadly menangitis.(sp?)

What's worse... getting a spinal tap with no pain meds for recovery?

Or being without cblog for four days straight?

I say being without c-blog.

Let's Go Pens!!!

Flyer Hater said...

BNG, that sucks. I would rather go without water for four days than go without c-blog for four days.

Here might be a possible advantage of getting the 2 seed. I think our second round matchup would be much easier than it would be if we would get the 1 seed.

1MTL-8BOS, Habs in 4

2PIT-7OTT, Pens in 5

3WSH-6PHI, Caps in 6

4NJD-5NYR, Rangers in 7

So the second round matchups would be



I would much rather play the Craps in the second round than play the Rangers.

The Seeker said...

I'm all for playing the Sens in the first round .....just for the REVENGE factor.

sonofatruckload said...

alright folks, one more shot at this

somehow this spare ticket i have is impossible to sell

1 ticket to home game 1, all by it's lonesome, in B6.

i am selling it for retail + the ticketmaster fees. this comes to $150. i am sure i could get more scalping it at the game, but i don't want to take the risk of not being able to get rid of the damn thing.

contact me by tomorrow @

first come first serve

now let's destroy the flyers today

Eric P. said...


Steve In Denver said...

Gary Roberts is back.
I feel the need to eat raw meat and bench press my car 50 times before the game.

BNG66, get well soon, man. Stop drinking the water from Lake Erie. It's not as clean as they are saying.

Matchups? I remember back in our first (as opposed to our current) heydey, I would get really nervous about matchups. Esp. cup finals. I have 0 feelings like that this time around.

Go Pens.

Whistler said...

If we lose today....

If all the favorite teams win except for wash-philly. The 2nd round would look like this..


I would rather play the Devils in the 2nd round then the Rangers. They're gonna be tough. I can't see the Rangers losing against Jersey in the 1st round. The Rangers won the series 6-2 over the Devils in the regular season.

Gonna prove to be interesting what HCMT does today.

Stoosh said...

Dear Caps fans,

That was a hell of a run. I'll let my good buddy Detective John McClane take it from here.

Stoosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stoosh said...

have a meeting to attend today at 2:00. Gary Roberts says it better be done by 3:00 because I plan on hauling ass to get home to watch the game either way.


what's that???

I do believe, off in yonder distance...

that be the sound of bagpipes...

M. Vanderlasser said...

Wow, great atmosphere in DC last night...must have learned something from the Pens fans who invaded the Verizon Center last month.

Earlier this week, a Pensblogger posted that he got a 29 on a Climatology exam and then MAF played GREAT...any tPb omens for today's game?

Does Brooks Orpik cast a shadow? Can he see himself in a mirror? Has anyone ever seen him outside in daylight? How does he react to holy water? Hmmm...

BNG66, get well soon. Menengitis? Wow. Did you get some bad nachos at the Indians game? Pain meds = beer.

Thanks, Potash.

Dr. Turkleton said...

looks like Acid Queen can use some of that playoff ticket $ for a wax & a trim.


Get well soon, brother.
I heard a few Timmy Horton doughnuts might ease the pain a bit.

I've done a whole 180 on the 'wishing or hoping they play the ______s '

I'll be happy that they play X, then destroy team X by any means necessary.

It seems that when you look at a matchup & think 'That's the team I'd want them to play in the 1st round'...3 reasons then appear as to why it's a bad draw...

Unfortunately, gone are the days when a 7th or 8th seed got into the playoffs by default & usually were a .500 squad or worse...
We're just 2 years removed from when the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th seeds in the West all won their Round 1 series...
Today, with Bettman's Balanced NHL, if your team doesn't reach the 90 point plateau: they're golfing in mid-April. So, all the teams that get in, must have been good enough at some point(s) during the season, to get into the top 8. [See Capitals, Washington]

[Hossa: In The the spirit of the Rebirth of Gary]

Flyer Hater said...

I was cracking up last night watching the Craps broadcast. The color guy Laughlin (annoying as hell) compared the Caps crowd to Calgary's fans because they both wear red.

Hey assface, I think you have a long way to go to be compared to Calgary

Dwayne said...

I'm not a fan of throwing this game just to get better positioning. It indicates we're afraid of the Flyers. It makes us look like pussies, and it could damage team psyche.

At the same time, I'm not a psychologist, so who knows? That's the way I'm looking at it, is all.

coffeytalk said...

I'm with Dr. T.

I spent some good hours at the bar last night debating and thinking and chain smoking that I've come to the conclusion that whichever team we get in the first round, it's destructo time.

Philly, Ottowa, Boston, whoevs. They all look like road kill to me on the highway to the cup.


Dr. Turkleton said...

Ben-Hur passes away.
Gary returns.


RIP, Chuck Heston

JYo said...

Completely agree with the doc on this one. Every team left is good enough to knock anyone else out. I'd rather have the regular season conference crown and let the matchups fall where they may. If the Pens play like they can, they'll take out the Cryers or the Sens and if they play poorly, they can lose to either one. Sure the Cryers will play dirty, but the Sens have a lot more playoff experience, even with a couple of injured players, so either one is dangerous. I say go for the glory and forget about the matchups. Planning for matchups beyond the first round is pointless since they are reseeded and upsets can happen at any time. Just go keep winning games, no matter who they are against. Trying to set up a certain matchup is way over thinking things.

norojo said...

I'm pulling for a loss today. I think we'd beat the cryers but they would do everything they could to maim crosby and malkin before the end of the series leaving us prime for a second round exit.

Hip said...

As a devout Caps and Pens fan, I'm glad we can all find common ground in our disgust with Acid Queen. Hurricanes won't be storming shit.

Today is about Pride. In the name of evening the series with the dump across the state. I'll worry about our seed and who we play tomorrow.

Go Pens.

Johnny Wrath said...

Ok, so Sam Adams and I thought about this last night… this whole match-up thing. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but could you imagine how motivated one Mr. Marian Hossa would be should we draw Ottawa? They re-signed him and traded him to Atlanta in roughly 6 minutes elapsed time. Also, let’s pretend Ottawa doesn’t have cheap-shot artists who wouldn’t mind running MAF or Geno. Are Philly’s cheap-shot artists more likely to try and run everyone? Of course they are. I’ve never heard of a specific League warning for suspensions toward a single team, but as I said in an earlier post, they “do what no dildo can do until now”.

Lucky for us we have some depth on the wings and we can put consistently tough lines out there. Malone has Geno’s back; we can put Sid with Gary Roberts or BGL as necessary. Hell, lets start Ruutu centering BGL and Gary Roberts today. I wish I could be there when Hartnell turtles. I think we’ll OTL today’s game, and then dominate the next two series.

Now, if we lose today because we accrue 109 PIMs and the supreme ass Stevens ices his #1 PP unit when its 7-2, we get Ottawa and then likely Washington. Philly-Washington would be a fun match-up, could be a 7-gamer. If the Caps survive that round, we may get to the Eastern Finals™ 8-1. The only way we have a hard time is if we win today and get the Rags™ in round two. They are just impossible at MSG, and I think they’ll have a really easy time with NJ.

Finally, this shouldn’t go unpunished: “Bishop Ruutu canonized a shot from the face-off circle that beat Smith like a rented mule” – Acid Queen, as per her April 3rd recap of a hand job contest between Carolina and Tampa. Here’s another quote that I believe prompts us to create our own hilarious joke: “I shouldn’t have to write that in all-caps, but nothing gets on my tits more than whining about officiating after a loss”. Really? How about mustard?

Johnny Wrath, Former 24-Hour Captain

Stoosh said...


"Philly, Ottowa, Boston, whoevs. They all look like road kill to me on the highway to the cup."

I don't think it could be put any better than that.

Dr. Turkleton said...

30 minutes until gametime, peeps


my bad.

I thought I was on the Bucsblog.

coffeytalk said...

I do what I can, Stoosh. I do what I can.

Also note, nice Diehard clip. Best Christmas movie EVER.

I always wanted to name my first born son McClane. The second born will probably be named Jack Bauer.


Lutheran Rookie said...

Kate Smith > Jeff Jimmerson

Had to say it.

Although I'm a Flyers fan, I visit this blog daily. No other site on the world wide web gets under my skin more than the Pensblog - which means all you guys, from the Pensblog staff to the combox regulars, are doing a fine job. Thanks for the blog, and good luck in the playoffs. Let's Go Flyers!

Dr. Turkleton said...


JB...that has a nice, familiar ring to it.

coffeytalk said...

Thanks, brown bear.

Flyer Hater said...

Hip said, "As a devout Caps and Pens fan, I'm glad we can all find common ground in our disgust with Acid Queen. Hurricanes won't be storming shit."

How can you be a Pens and Caps fan?

paekhead said...

i may have asked this before, but, for the playoffs, primarily if the flyers are opponent #1, anyone in the philly area up for a gathering at a sports bar? plymouth meeting/blue bell here....let me know and go pens

Hip said...

Flyer Hater - I basically grew up in both cities and I'm a huge hockey fan. Most parents would instill a favorite - mine just always had me cheering for both. By the time the repeat playoff matchups were happening, it was too late to just pick one. My nature was already formed.

BlacknGold66 said...

Thanks for the well-wishes folks.

First person to drive to Cleveland with some Percocet gets my Lemieux jersey.

Ok, probably not that... more likely a trip to Federal "pound me in the ass" Prison. But still.

I always wondered why the Pensblog Penguin throws up bright green puke. I found out Friday after the spinal tap what that was like. (too graphic?)

@Lutheran Rookie:
See you in Hell Friendo

Flyer Hater said...




Refs for today, baldspot aka Paul Devorski and pornstache aka Bill McCreary.


Stoosh said...

The best thing about a seven-game series is that the cream almost always rises to the top. If upsets happen, it's usually because one team manages to expose a significant flaw in the other team.

The Pens have two elite lines of forwards, a third line that's better than what some playoff teams trot out on their second line, a defense that's played relatively well all year, a goalie taking his place among the best in the league. And everyone's relatively healthy. I'll go to the playoffs with that any day.

This Pens team has proven it can adapt to any style of play to handle whatever the opponent throws at them. After last year's playoffs, they know what they need to do to compete in the postseason. More importantly, this team doesn't seem to be intimidated by anyone.

And why should they be? They've endured injuries the magnitude of which cripped many other teams this year. It was just three short months ago that they were being written off as a lottery team. All they did was shrug their shoulders as if to say, "Fuck this," and put themselves in a position to skate out of Philadelphia's arena with the damned Eastern Conference title. If there's any team out there that's ever EARNED it, it's this Pens team.

I'm as nervous about the playoffs as anyone, and that's part of being a fan. But we've been waiting to be back in this spot for a long time.

Our team is now one of the two best teams in the conference. This team was meant to be here.

And after everything we've been through over the last seven years or so - the bankruptcy, Lemieux's injuries that diminished his comeback, the gutting of the roster, the lockout, the arena, the injuries to key players - I'd say the Pens fans deserve to be here, too...with this team in this spot.

There isn't a team in the NHL I'd rather be going into the postseason with than this Pens team.

bluzdude said...

In a way, I'm a bit conflicted about who I'd prefer to face. I'd rather go against the Sens for the same reasons Lady Jaye mentions... I KNOW the Cryers would resort to tactics designed to take our players off the ice for this, and the next round of the playoffs.

But dammit, I can't possibly root for our boys NOT to wax Philly. Just. Can't. Do. It.

So there it stands... punch'em in the mouth today, then prepare for WWIII in the first round.

Ultimately, I'm rooting for a Pens/Caps series in there somewhere for 2 reasons...

1) The joy of watching the Caps dreams expire at the hands of the Pens yet again.

2) Having the opportunity to participate in yet another arena take-over in DC. That just never gets old.

Two hours to gametime...

j.s.22 said...

flyer hater, it could be worse. Brad Watson could be doing the game.

BlacknGold66 said...

And there's nobody I'd rather have leading us as the voice of reason than "Uncle" Stoosh. Commit.

Speaking of Stoosh and Cblog...

A month or so ago a fellow Cblogger and I were throwing around what cblogger is what player on the Pens.

For instance:

Stoosh = Cblogger version of Mario
Flyer Hater = Cblogger Ruutu (funny, and edgy... and I mean that as a compliment)

etc. etc.

Any ideas? C'mon... we have a few hours to kill and I'm sick as a dog. Enlighten me.

Stoosh said...


"I do what I can, Stoosh. I do what I can."

Absolutely! And I do say, you've been on an absolute roll lately.

Die Hard has held up incredibly well given that it's 20 years old. That's one of those movies that I'll always stop and watch when I flip past it on TV.

And all the sequels were good, too. Die Hard 2 was almost as good as the original AND it had Dennis Franz, who will play Papa Stoosh in the movie about me...Sipowicz is a spitting image of my dad.

Dr. Turkleton said...


Just to add to your excellent post: there are 13 Pens on this squad out of the 20 that dressed for playoff Game 1 v. OTT last year. The majority of the 'TEAM' has lived & learned thru last years 5-game 'introduction' into what level of play is needed to become Stanley Cup™ Champions.

They might have looked confident & full of piss & vinegar but, maybe when they stepped on that enemy ice, they may have been like, 'Can we really do this?'

I have that feeling this year, with 2 seasons under their belts playing HCMT 'system', their thoughts are now, 'We CAN REALLY do this!'

Hopefully, this afternoon is a precursor of things to come.

Flyer Hater said...

Coffeytalk=Marian Hossa, newcomer to c-blog and has made it so much better and more prepared for a long playoff run.

Lloyd said...

lets make it a game day party

teamkory said...

anyone have a sopcast url for this game?

strakasguitar said...

As long as Dr. Laraque gives Scott Hartnell a much-needed rabies shot (and I'm thinking, like, 2341234097 combined penalty minutes for bruisers on both teams this afternoon, if Wednesday's game was any indication), Pens'll kill today, and all through the first round.

Thank God Keith Jones isn't in the building.

strakasguitar said...


blackngold66 said...

Big K = Tyler Kennedy

Dr. Turkleton said...

just caught the last few minutes of the tribute to Badger Bob Johnson on FSN-Pit


Talk about getting the perfect coach at just the right time.

next, to get the fans fired up about the game / playoffs...FSN-Rewind: Jaromir Jagr?

what the....???

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turkleton, I almost forgot but thank god that FSN reminded me, Jagr's peanut butter=money

M. Vanderlasser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
homesprout said...

Hmmm....should I play golf today or watch the Pens!? haha

I say play to win today against Philly and maintain momentum for Wednesday and beyond!!

Go Pens!!

stokes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

BNG: Dude i just flushed some three year old Perks. i certainly would have mailed them or something.
I believe you were Malone. some hate you, some love you.

The Wach may implode today at 3pm when Gary Roberts' skate touched the ice. In fact, the universe may start to contract.

John Stevens wants to touch you where you pee, gentlemen.

So, do the Cryer fans set up over at Game Day Chat? If so, would it be fun to go over there, and start some shit? Especially if things are going well for the Pens?

Remember when everyone theorized that the Thanksgiving game v. Ottawa could be the turning point? Yeah, the Pens have proved that theory. What a season.

i dont care who they play, THE PENS WILL BREAK THEM.

FijiH2O said...

my opinion: I say we go for the win and take the Conference; everything else will fall into place - one game at a time.

BNG66: Sorry you're not feeling well - hope it doesn't keep you from enjoying the game. FYI: Drink some Fiji water - it's good for what ails you:D

GO PENS!!!!!!

The Big K said...

During the second intermission of the Wings and Hawks on ESPN, Mad Mike Milbury said that Marian Hossa is what is holding the Penguins back from greatness. Hardly. Since coming back from his injury, in roughly 9.5 games, he has notched 10 points, played absolutely fantastic defense. Pierre, however, says that the Pens are "like a fist" and a great collective unit. Just one more reason that Mad Mike is a douchebag, and I much prefer Pierre McGuire. Let's kick some Flyer ass.

BlacknGold66 said...


My girlfriend wishes I were Ryan Malone (or Sid for that matter). I'll leave it at that.

I originally said you were the Kris Letang of Cblog. I switch that to Talbot... you both always make me laugh (in a good way that is).

As far as Flyers fans on Gameday Chat. Last I checked we're the only bastards that use that thing. But if there are some Flyers fans on board today then I'm all about starting some shit.

Flyer Hater said...

Is this the same Mike Milbury that ran two franchises into the ground?

stokes said...

BNG: the fiance also wishes i were Ryan Malone. And her co-workers think i look like Ryan Malone.

I only wish! He's Fabulous!


I can live with Talbot. he's one of my favorites. He just doesn't seem to be too serious about anything.

There looks to be plenty of empty seats in "Hockeytown."


wilsmith said...

Sometimes I post comments just so i can ctrl+f my name when I come back later in the day.

Milbury has no clue. As long as it has to do with the Pens, he's going to be negative. He'll never let it go.

Maybe if the Pens had picked up a couple guys like Lyndon Byers, Milbury would give them a chance. I guess we're not gooning it up enough.

How does this man have a job?

wilsmith said...

I wish the Blackhawks were on TV more often. ( I guess they needed to get on TV in Chicago first though)

I have about 10 teams I like every season, because of individual players or whatever strange reason and Chicago is now on that list. I hope they do well soon.

TheNWChica said...

Okay...As you may or may not know, I'm a noob to Cblog and kind of newish to PensBlog.

Can someone tell me what started your hatred of AcidQueen? I know her in real life and I don't understand this hate.

wilsmith said...

In one of her entries she said something nasty about this blog.

So long ago, I can't remember what it was.

The Big K said...

Flyer Hater:
It is the same douche Mike Milbury.
One of the worst hockey men ever to coach.

The Big K said...

"Game on NBC, not ESPN" sorry.

Johnny Wrath said...

They frequently have Milbury and John Ferguson Jr. talk about what they believe a successful team formula is. These men shouldn't own homes let alone try and analyze other GMs.

Milbury is the guy who suggested, in what was no doubt a rage fueled by envy of greatness, that we offer 2 first round picks, 1 second round pick, and Staalsy for Mats Sundin.

Not even Montreal's fans could top that one. I'm completely callous toward other teams' media coveting our future, wishing it were theirs and throwing out the most wishful trades they can think of to see if it gets any traction.

The Seeker said...

My thinking is that we should focus on the Stanley Cup. It's a long road from here to there. Conserving your players for when it really matters is just being smart.

Conference titles only give you bragging rights for about a week.
Ask any Sabres fan if they'd rather have had the Stanley Cup or the Conference Championship last year and guess what they'd say.

When you see Penguins hoisting the Cup over their heads, you'll not even remember that they chose the easier and smarter route to getting there....just as no one cares now who won the Conferences last season.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@Big K

1st your store.

If Mad Mike & Pierre were sitting around stroking each other like,

"Yeah, I totally argree Jags has come to play this year."

"Your correct, as well Mr. Pierre, the Capitals WERE destined to get into the playoffs."

= boring TV

the viewing public wants to see UFC™ action / good cop-bad cop / bordering on Mad Mike ripping Pierres shoe off & beating him with it.

controversy = Must.See.TV

Best thing at PNC Park: All You Can Eat Seats

I still won't be going.

wilsmith said...

Christ, the last thing I need is all you can eat seats. Fortunately it's at a baseball game so I'll never go.

stokes said...

@ thenwchica:

IF i remember correctly, Acid Queen emailed Staff and told them that she wanted her link removed because the Pensblog was classless and that Cblog was a joke and she didnt want to be associated with such immature and sophomoric humor. That's not verbatim, but its the general gist.

Staff, in turn, tried to make a bet with her; if she won the bet, her link would be removed. She refused to answer emails. Ever since, she's a been a villian. When Staff rips her, they rip her good. Its hilarious.

The Big K said...

Roberts is out today. Shit. King just foreshadowed it.

Flyer Hater said...

Someone has to get on that NHL On XM show that Acid Queen calls into and job her.

It could be this year's Fedko.

wilsmith said...

woah, I was WAY off.

Flyer Hater said...

big k, Roberts is playing

The Big K said...

No I was wrong sorry. GR is in.
MAF is in.

The Big K said...

Rob King misled me.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@big K

HCMT just said he's 'IN'

big k pwned by Rob King [jk]

chris e said...

Let's do this shit!

Johnny Wrath said...


Acid Queen made it a point to come into our humble forum, call us uncouth, and demand that TPB remove the link to her site, which obviously resulted in a photoshop expo.

Wrath is the word, and today is the day.

You can tell her I said she sounds like a 380 pound beast with male pattern balding when she wastes everyone's time calling EJ Hradek and that fat dude who hosts NHL Live™.

I'm sure we're responsible for most of her web traffic, so she should stop bitching, what with the 4 comments in the latest blog.

Lets Do This Shit.

Johnny Wrath, Traveling Curmudgeon

Flyer Hater said...

Crosby, not playing today.

Smart move.

The Big K said...

WTF? No Bing? That's what King meant.

Dr. Turkleton said...

don't believe it until you see it [Crosby Out]

fool me once...

The Big K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big K said...

WTF? No Bing? That's what King meant.

Steve In Denver said...

All you can eat seats? Wow. Bucs = quadruple bypass kids.

How about if they paid hot chicks to attend games, and did an "all you can take lap dances and free shots of tequila" nights?

I'd fly home for that.

wilsmith said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

@steve in denver

I think I heard or maybe read [sike] that the slogan for those seats are:

Our Team may stink, but at least you'll leave with a full belly!

...brought to you by the makers of Tums® & those diagnosed with Dunlap's Disease.


Dr. Turkleton said...

Beech is playing !!!!!

Hip-Hip Hooray !!!!!

Whistler said...


I'm up for an Eastern PA c-blog get together to watch the game.

Where do you have in mind?!?

Whistler said...

I'm gonna miss watching the game cuz I have to head up to Syracuse to pick up my daughter who was visiting my parents for a week.

While we're on the subject of c-bloggers who model after the Pens, is it okay that I'm IceBurgh? As a professional mascot Id be humbled.

johnny said...

Downie has a death wish.

The Big K said...

Philthy fans want a call. They don't deserve one.
All the calls have been solid.

Brett said...

My center ice is fucked up and i can't see the game!! NOOOOOOOOOO What the hell is going on!?KJ@#$ And one of my center ice channels has the Phillies game#@$@#$@#$ FUCK YOU BASEBALL

Dr. Turkleton said...

steigy just drops a:

USS GILL !!!!!!!!!!


justincredibleh said...

Steigy just said USS Gill!!! Woooooo.

bbbbrian said...

It's official they read tPB.

slap me silly sidney said...

I thought I was hearing things when he said that. That was amazing.

adam vacancy said...

USS Gill!!! I shit a brick!

Ryan said...

That was awesome.

slap me silly sidney said...

That call on Gonch was ridiculous. Kind of like the Cryers.

The Big K said...

First WWPCD shirt. Now USS GILL.
I wanna shit myself.

Pensblog is taking over the scene in around here.

And Downie and Richards and Lupul = Deep Shit.

The Big K said...


Sorry man that really blows.

Flyer Hater said...

Is there any doubt that Steiggy reads the pensblog?

The Big K said...

Right now, on boards,

It's all about Gonch and Gill's huge hits.
Cheapshots apparently?
And the Pens always get the special treatment.

Classless people.

Johnny Wrath said...

That call on Sarge was bollocks.

USS Hal Gill indeed.

I always wondered what a Flyer was, but now I know: Its when you nearly die leaving your feet to board someone. I would be pissed, too, if my team was named after a verb.

Seriously, they need to 10 minute misconduct Downie. He's the guy who Flying-elbows-boarded some dude in the pre-season, right? Leaping attempt to board a guy, turtling in a fight, and being ejected shall be known as a Steve Downie Hat Trick™.

Flyer Hater said...

Johnny Wrath wrote,
"I would be pissed, too, if my team was named after a verb."


PittHockey said...

113 comments already? wow.

anyways, if we win in overtime, don't we end up playing the bruins?

bluzdude said...

Terrible call on Gonch. He shouldered the guy, with the puck at his feet. Where's the interference in that?

The fans are cracking me up... Doesn't it seem like they don't know who to boo, with Sid out?

bluzdude said...

LOL @ Downie Hat Trick...

Dr. Turkleton said...


BOS has the tiebreaker w/ PHI as they won the season series.

Whistler said...

Pensblog readers love Downie Softness!

Steve In Denver said...

When we picked up Gill at the deadline, on TSN and other boards, Leafs fans and NHL fans in general were laughing and giving the Pens shit.

He's been nothing but a physical beast and a PK commodity so far. He's slow, but you pair him up correctly = no big deal. Plus he can lay out and cover 1/4 of the defensive zone.

Now you can see the outcome of putting the right kind of player in the right kind of situation.

Have fun golfing, felching, or whatever you do in Toronto, Toronto Ass Clowns.

Last, Steiggy should really give credit to his sources. This blog = the epicenter of Pens culture.

blackngold66 said...

What time does the game start?

slap me silly sidney said...

And thus begins the Downie Ass-Clown Show.

Pensgirl said...

Stoosh, excellent as usual. Looking at the list of playoff teams, there's only one I see that's capable of dooming the Pens...and that's the Pens themselves.

The Big K said...

Staff Steigy has quoted the source!

bbbbrian said...

Way to give props Steigy, classy move although a bit late.

adam vacancy said...

Staggy with the PENSBLOG plug!!!

jimmymo32 said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? was officially mentioned!!!! woooooooooooooo

BlacknGold66 said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! Pensblog mentioned officially!


dappie99 said...

nice...pensblog shout out by steigy

tempest said...

shhhhh steigy, you're making people cum all over themselves.

Dillon said...

Congrats on the shout out Pensblog!

jt said...

lol USS GILL, but he said lol

DeathByEmu said...

Grats on the Steggy Exposure, Pensblog..even if he said it wrong!

The Emo Cow said... hahahaha

better buy that domain

Erica said...

USS HAL GIL mention on FSN! Steigy says it's from ""! Haha.

DeathByEmu said...

DOH! Pensblog Jinx? Grrrrrr.

pensfan100 said...

steigy contract is up this year...he's trying to get all the support he can get

ripney66 said...


It only took Steigy about 20 minutes to give credit for USS Hal Gill. Not bad.

bluzdude said...

So high to so low... Steiggy gives us the love, but gets the name wrong. Gaaaaaah!

Loved USSHG laughing in Downie's face.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@pensfan 100

maybe he's trying to butter up tPB staff to join their team if he's without a job come July.

j.s.22 said...

0-6 on the PP.

Flyer Hater said...

Fleury has been unreal in this game. He's just anticipating everything so well right now. He's on top of his crease and he's standing up on shots. His rebound control has also been spectacular. At the other end of the spectrum, Ryan Whitney shouldn't see any more time on the powerplay. His giveaways have resulted in at least 5 odd man rushes for the Flyers down one man.

Was I the only one not upset when the Flyers scored?

Sooska said...

no worries Pensblog!! ;) If you Google "penguins blog" The Pensblog is the first listing!!


bbbbrian said...

No flyer hater you're not; as competetive as I am and as much as losing to Philly sucks, I have no problem facing Ottawa in the first round as fast as they are falling.

jackedlobster said...

Maybe "the fake steigy" is the real steigy????? conspiracy theory????

Dr. Turkleton said...


•come out of the game unscathed
•have a 3rd period tryout for guys to take faceoffs
•a Win and an Eastern Conference Championship would be a bonus

Pensblog Staff said...



racheleyos said...

im trying to figure out what the flyers are chanting, but its just a mumbled bunch of jibberish just like their entire team.

racheleyos said...

im sure the flyers fans will be bragging about their win, IF they win, today.

or should i say, when we let them win...cause i'm almost 100% positive we are not trying to win this ridiculous as it sounds...with a conference title on the line....

Flyer Hater said...

Pens aren't making the playoffs

DeathByEmu said...

I think both teams and coaching staffs are completely sick of each other.

racheleyos said...

malkin....a DIVE?????

get some glasses ref.

PittHockey said...

we're obviously throwing this game.

better to face ottawa than thugadelphia

Dr. Turkleton said...

bring on the Sens.

Fleury29 said...

Welp... 2-0 Philly on an empty net.

Ottawa. Revenge will be sweet.

It will be no "one and done" for the Pens this year.

Warm up the Ottawa photoshops, boys.


Flyer Hater said...

We got out of this game without any injuries, that's why we're winners.

Bring on the homos.

R*G*B* said...

Man... that Roberts had a great game. No wonder you guys were so excited for his return.

I ran into Crosby's sister at school today. I hear sidney is really sick. I hope he's feeling better in time for the playoffs.

bbbbrian said...

It kinda seemed like we weren't 100% into it, but if we claim we threw this game we sound as bad as the "Bettman is paying the refs to makes sure Crosby looks good and the Pens win games" conspiracy theory douchebags. Let the Philly shitheads have their two minutes of joy it's not gonna last.

Flyer Hater said...

How any Flyer fan with half a brain can gloat about winning this game is beyond me. Oh wait, no Flyer fan has half a brain, sorry.

Dr. Turkleton said...

is their any way the Caps & Flyers can eliminate each other in round 1?

Dwayne said...

You...uh... you went to school on a Sunday?

The Big K said...

BRING EM. This is not a bad thing.
Ottawa will take 4 games.

No Alfie = No victories.

R*G*B* said...

sunday school.

teh crosbys am very religcious.

The Big K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...


It looked like the final exhibition game before the season starts: go thru the motions, nobody get hurt, etc....SOG: 20-Pit, 22-Phi...watching a bear on skates might've been more entertaining this afternoon.

Steve In Denver said...

The Flyers will eliminate the Caps by hits from behind and head shots, and thus eliminate themselves by matching up with us later.

Steve In Denver said...

That big Senator face at the top would look a lot better with a Penguin peeing on it. I'm just sayin'.

Whistler said...


Dr. Turkleton said...

the big K said:
BRING EM. This is not a bad thing.
Ottawa will take 4 games.

No Alfie = No victories.

easy does it, little man.

didn't you hear uncle Steigy say, 'Be careful what you wish for?'

J.S. said...

what exactly did Steigy say about tpb and the u.s.s. hal gill?

coffeytalk said...

me = hossa, eh?

i think you guys just want to call me


coffeytalk said...

dr. t:

uncle steigy = creepy

ripney66 said...

Charlie's dream come true - first round lovin' from the Sens.

Flyer Hater said...

Sens=best first round matchup for us

coffeytalk said...

me = currently designing a USS Hal Gill tee.

gmarx21 said...

No Fisher and no Alfie = No problem

Like big k said a few days a win it all you're gonna have to beat them all

j.s.22 said...

Losing a few key players means shit. The Penguins are a perfect example. They lost Crosby and Fleury and the rest of the team stepped up.

Having a few injuries does not mean a team is going to be easy to beat.

Flyer Hater said...

It's comical. Coming into today's game, it seemed like the majority of people would have loved to see the Sens. Now people are comparing Ottawa to the 1984 Oilers.

Ottawa is a friggin' pushover. They're awful, they're the most beatable team in the Eastern Conference right now.

Stoosh said...


Roberts was just fine.

Back when Shero acquired Roberts last year, he said if Roberts never scored a point as a Penguin, it would've been worth it because of the lessons this young team would learn in terms of preparation, character and toughness from a guy like Roberts.

No more was that sort of thing reflected than in the character this team displayed beginning with that Ottawa game on Thanksgiving.

Heading into that game, there were 122 standings points remaining for the taking for the rest of the year.

Playing at least half - if not more - of that stretch without the services Fleury, Roberts, Eaton and Crosby, the Pens would end up taking an unbelievable 84 of those 122 points. That's a 69% clip - a pace that would equate to 113 points if spread out over a standard 82-game season.

What Gary Roberts helped bring to this team is not so much measurable in terms of statistics. This team learned what it meant to compete and find ways to win, and Roberts very likely had a hand in that.

gmarx21 said...

@js22 We succeeded without Crosby and MAF because, not only did Malkin step his game up, but we got sound goaltending every night. Even if someone steps up for them on offense, I still like us in the goaltender matchups in this series.

Ashley said...

Pittsburgh/Ottawa 2008. The rematch. It won't be easy, but it's gonna be fun.

Rumour coming out of Sens camp is that Alfie is gone for a month.

That USS Hal Gill and tPB comment by Steigy is one reason why I wish I had FSN coverage...however I do enjoy listening to Healy when he's between the benches. One of the best things he said this afternoon was:

"This is the only place in the world where the fans will jump into the penalty box with Tie Domi. Can you say STUPID?"

I wonder which Penguin I would be...Kris Beech??? haha :)

justincredibleh said...

So what are the guidelines concerning playoff beards? Do they start growing today or day of the first playoff game?

Stoosh said...

I'm the C-blog version of Mario?




Me = well, uh, obviously, I'm ahhh, humbled. The, uh, humility, yaknow, ya gotta have 'dat. Gotta have 'da humility.

Sorry...the Mario impression doesn't translate well when typewritten. And I obviously don't have Sidney Crosby living at my house.

Or do I? ;)

Gaylord Focker said...

Having Bob Errey drop a USS Hal Gill reference is like God giving you credit for writing a couple verses of the Bible.

Stoosh said...

COFFEYTALK - If that USS Hal Gill t-shirt goes on sale, I'm there.

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, tonight may be the return of Chris "Dirtbag" Pronger. Yipeeee..

Sean said...

I really only had one issue with todays game. Head coach Michel's decision to not play Sidney Crosby. How do you think the players that dressed today felt about the decision? It might have showed a little bit in there play. If Crosby is in that lineup today, you would have seen a much more spirited effort. Instead you saw a Pens squad play down to the Flyers.

I know there a plenty of good arguments for sitting Crosby today, but how often do you get a chance to play for home ice throughout the eastern conference playoffs?

Well water under the bridge, its time to turn things up a notch.

Let make Ottawa remember revenge is a dish best served cold.

Whistler said...

good question about the playoff beards. Anyone care to share?

Jaybird said...

Pens fans would be lying if they said they didn't get the even tiniest shiver down the spine when they heard they would be facing Ottawa. I see Pittsburgh winning but closer than expected.

Funny how the Senators depict Roman soldiers and the first picture on the top is Greeks going into battle...Didn't Rome defeat Greece? Maybe time for a new photoshop....

PittHockey said...

roman and greek empires were separated by a pretty long period of time

pensfan100 said...

justincredibleh - good question about the playoff beards. i always shaved clean right after the last regular season game, but i'm up for following whatever the accepted protocol is on tPB. Gary Roberts is one of the few that will have more than peach fuzz on the Pens anyway!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

I see we talked about the Canucks yesterday ... man, I miss out on good things! But I went to a wedding of a Pens fan, who actually scheduled her wedding around the Pens schedule. (I would do that, too, to be truthful)

@ Turk: Steiggy would be a creepy and annoying uncle.

How awesome was the mention of the Blog!!! I was laughing so hard when I heard that! I hope Steiggy doesn't read the C-Blog or I'll feel guilty...

We didn't feel like playing today it seems. Staal played for a while, Malone, too. The Gonchar boarding penalty was lame and kind of uncalled for. Flower = solid. If they wanted a chance at all on the 5-4, putting Beech out was really dumb. I knew they were gonna put another one up, but they took longer than I expected. The Malkin penalty was stupid especially since they didn't call the trip joint they pulled on him earlier. But, ehh, we are going to the playoffs!

@ Stoosh: Very solid as always. Did you hear during the game, about TK who was sitting because of Roberts was listening to everything he had to say? No one compares to Roberts, ever. I'm still waiting for to finish. And if Bing's living with you (or you "kid"napped him), you can't hold out on us Pensbloggers.

The Playoff beards: You aren't suppose to shave when you make it into playoffs, so you should start today. My cousin who is one of the biggest hockey fans in the world told me this, but I was only half paying attention considering I'm a girl. He started when we clinched Atlantic Division.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - I think I just about choked when I heard Steigy drop the USS Hal Gill. And then he mentions the Pensblog and even pimped the site out, saying it was a very funny and entertaining site, and even imploring - yes, I said "imploring" - people to stop by and check it out.

I have to admit, as much as Steigy drives me crazy sometimes, I really get the sense that he loves the fanbase and he appreciates the way this thing has really turned into its own little monster. There are a lot of times where he just comes off as a fan who happens to have a microphone in front of him, and I enjoy that.

From a local standpoint, you'll never hear the Pirates announcers or any of the Steelers personnel openly promote a fan-driven website like this.

Which Pens player would you be? Definitely not Beech. Hmmm...well, you'd have to be Canadian, obviously. :) How about Letang?

Ashley said...

Hmm...Kris dad's French and used to be a defenseman...I'll take it! :D

On another topic: Team Canada played Team China today at women's worlds and beat them 11-0. It was a...get this...5-save shutout for Canada. I feel bad for laughing when I heard that.

The Big K said...

Really, Ottawa SUCKS!
This will be EASY EASY EASY!

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Oh, I forgot to mentuon Bob errey implied Crosby likes to go up and down poles as the reason for wanting to be a firefighter as a child. *shaking head in shame of Errey being creepy*

So, who is Malone? Stokes are you Talbot or Malone? Malone is apparently very funny off the ice as well. (i have an insider ...) Oh and Pensgirl might be up for Malkin considering the awesome job of stuffing down that Flyer dude that decided to waste our time while Stoosh was away.

Same insider told me about Hossa not connecting with team off the ice. How long can we hold Hossa? Dupuis and Gill are connecting, though.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

mention ... maybe I should pay attention to what I write.

Flyer Hater said...

Jaybird, yeah because a Habs fan really has the pulse on how every Penguin fan feels about potential playoff matchups.


Whistler said...

@ Big K

Easy big fella! Let's just take it one game at a time.

Does anyone know when the schedule will be announced?

jackson9p said...

it says on the post gazette web site that the pens will play wednesday- friday

Dr. Turkleton said...


when BNG66 said:
Stoosh = Cblogger version of Mario

I thought he meant former Penguins defensemen: Mario FAUBERT: the pride & joy of Valleyfield, Quebec. [sister city to Erie,PA {not really, but sounds nice for this bit}]


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