Friday, April 4, 2008

First things first.

As we are approaching playoff time,
it is clear photoshoppers everywhere are raising their games to new levels.
We have gotten some big-time photoshops in the last few days:

[Franklin S]

Being that we suck at everything, we usually lose track of photoshops in Gmail.

The only thing we can think of is maybe, when you send a PS through,
label it in the subject line or somewhere in the text of the email?

What we usually do is search key words in our archives to find old photoshops.

If you don't do it, it is not a big deal.
We just don't want to miss any photoshops.


Scott Morrison at [ CBC Sports ] says the Pens are the team to beat.

:: Ross The Boss is at it again for one final time this season. [ Yahoo ]
The Pens are now #3 in the rankings, behind San Jose and Detroit.

In Ross's power rankings for his wife, everyone is first.



:: We sighed in disgust when we saw Gene Collier did a piece about the Pens/Flyers game,
thinking it was just another Pittsburgh media personality biding time in Steeler offseason.

But he provided a great recap of Wednesday's game. [ Post-Gazette ]

:: Shelly Anderson started off her commentary on the night with this:

Hockey players know when they're surrounded by, shall we say, less informed fans.
They're the ones who cheer wildly for goals and fights, and frequently yell, "Shoot the puck!"

We agree on the SHOOT THE PUCK thing, but you can recognize a less-informed fan
by the way they cheer wildly for goals and fights?

The article is about the intelligence of Penguin fans and their relationship with the team.
[ Anderson article ]

:: And Cblog handsomely held down the fort in the game recap.

Pascal Dupuis sporting "Talbot's #1 Fan"
[Allison N. with the pic ]

:: Is there a bigger cry baby in the game than little Danny Briere? [ Philly Inquirer ]

He had some choice things to say about Jarkko Ruutu:

"I tried to go inside, and he stuck his leg out there," Briere said. "I didn't realize it was him coming. Everyone knows he's one of the dirtiest players in the league. If I would have had time to look and see it was him, I would have protected myself better."

AWWW...poor little Danny Briere.

For a city that prides itself on being tough, you're paying this little baby 10 mil a season?

[Jonathan M.]-----------------------[shOez]

[JSchiff, attorney at photoshop]

[Jesus Canaan]


In a crazy set of circumstances, the Avs, who may win their division,
will be forced to start the playoffs on the road, due to the NCAA Frozen Four taking place in their home arena, The Pepsi Center. [ Denver Post ]

Rumor has it the format will be 2-3-1-1,
so the Avs will have a possible Game 7 at home.

What does this say about the NCAA's, NHL's, and Pepsi Center's faith in the Avs
that they were gonna make the playoffs this season?

Does anyone remember something similar happening to the Penguins and Capitals in 2000?
[ Wiki box scores ]

Why was Game 2 played in Pittsburgh?

Could you imagine if this happened now?
Caps fans would hire Michael Moore to film a documentary about it.


Speaking of the Caps....
Ovie now holds the ambiguous record for most goals by a left-winger.
And the Caps are still alive and well.

The Rangers stopped wetting the bed and clinched a playoff berth.
In other New York news, street-cleaning crews found the body of an old woman in a gutter.

"She obviously had drowned by all the tears that flowed here last week,"
DPW director, Jim Homo, said.

The Leafs could have had fun with the Senators.
But as they've become accustomed to this season, they ended up having fun with themselves.

Buffalo loses, so they're out of the playoff picture.
Montreal wins, so the #1 seed isn't wrapped up yet.

-- Do the Canadiens have what it takes? [ SportsNet ]


5 teams left fighting for 4 spots.

Ottawa somehow still hasn't clinched a spot.
Philadelphia is on the outside looking in, but they have two games remaining.
The Caps will get in if they win their last game and Philly loses one of their last two.



Somehow, Luongo and the Nucks were on the outside looking in
when they woke up Thursday morning.

And they'll wake up Friday, eliminated. [ Waiting For Stanley ]
The Oilers end their season with a tough-to-take 2-1 loss. [ Yankee Canuck ]

** The pieces just have to fall into place, but the West is all wrapped up.

Detroit, San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas, Calgary, Minnesota, Nashville, and Colorado are in.


Speaking of the playoffs, you should really consider heading over to [ Kukla's Korner ]

FREE registration with that website
will let you enter a contest for the Reebok EDGE jersey of your choice.

All you have to do is guess the total amount of goals that will be scored
during the upcoming playoffs, and then for tiebreaker purposes, guess the number of shutouts that will be posted in the playoffs.

You have until April 8th to register.

We consider ourselves at least average human beings,
so we calculated the goal and shutout totals of the post-lockout playoff seasons,
just to use as a barometer for your estimations.

469 goals, 11 shutouts

401 goals, 12 shutouts



Very clandestinely, the Penguins have gone 25-10-5 at home this season,
one of their best home records in franchise history. [ Solid Molinari Article ]

The Pens are 18-2-3 in their last 23 games at the big fruit.
That is just ridiculous.

[ Josh Bromley ]

It has everyone all-smiles going into the playoffs with at least a #2 seed.


In honor of the Pens taking home their first division title since 1998,
we called up Marty and Doc.

do it

IN 1998...

Pens were 40-24-18, 98 points.
Double J had 102 points.

As the numbe- two seed, the Pens lost in the first round to the Canadiens in six games.
The highlight in the series came in Game 1.

The Pens' Marty Straka was awarded a penalty shot in the first OT.
But the Pens decided to go with: Alexsey Morozov.

He hit the post.

Benoit Brunet scored for Montreal with under 2:00 left in that first overtime to win Game One.

In 1998 elsewhere...
  • This post wouldn't even have been possible.
  • You may have still been a virgin.
  • Bill Clinton was president, and Monica Lewsinky was blowing, uh, the whistle on him, err, crap, she was revealing a sexual relationship between the two.
  • El Nino was still a big deal.
  • Britney Spears started her career.
  • MTV's TRL dominated your after-school television, along with Wishbone on PBS.
  • The Steelers lost another AFC Championship Game, this one to Denver.
  • Dale Earnhardt won the Daytona 500.
  • MJ won his sixth ring for the Bulls.
  • Titanic was winning 11 Oscars.
  • Apple unveiled the first iMac.
  • iPods were a pipe dream.
  • Red Wings swept the Caps in the Cup Finals.
  • The world revolved around Windows 98.
  • Sonny Bono, Ol' Blue Eyes, and Phil Hartman ran into a tree, died, and were murdered, respectively.

  • The website launched.
  • Pokemon ruled.
  • A [ leap second ] occurred.
Top Movie:

Over $500 million worldwide gross.
Liv Tyler is all business.

Top-selling album:

"Believe" -- Cher




Go Pens

When we all wake up next Friday,
we could still be recuperating from a 7-OT loss in Game One.


Ry said...

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe their was a WCW show taking place at the Craps arena during the 2000 playoff series which led to the odd format. No one can stop Hulkamania from running wild.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

my girlfriend is yelling at me for pensblogging and not paying attention to her.... nerd...

mookieproof said...

I thought it was a circus that messed up that Caps series. Seriously.

I'm not sure I want any part of the Capitals right at the moment, though...

Ry said...

mookieproof- you're right the circus came to Pittsburgh. I fail once again.

Fleury29 said...

1998... my first year of college. Man, I drank a lot in those days.

That's about as solid a non-game day post as you can ask for. Lots of juicy links.

Still pissed at the Sabres.

Ashley said...

I'm not 100% certain, but was it the Flyers players who made Cher's album so successful in 1998? Maybe their fans had a part in that, too...

Ashley said...

For the first time in a long time, I will say....

GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!

Loser Chris said...

Don't forget that that '98 series against Montreal was the last time we saw Ronnie Francis in a Pens uniform.

Jeff said...

My perfect scenario:
1. Devils beat the Cryers tonight
2. Carolina beats Florida tonight
3. Caps beat Florida tomorrow
4. Toronto pulls the upset on the Canadiens tomorrow

That would make the Pens - Flyers game meaningless. Pens would win the East, Caps sneak into the the 8th seed. We could rest most of our players for a whole week before the playoffs start.
Washington doesn't scare me at all. Beating ATL, FLA, and TB 2 times each in the three weeks isn't exactly a good playoff primer.

Steimes said...

Jeff, I agree.

The capitals look good on paper, but I believe we can take them in 6 games.

In name of the Roberts, Crosby, and Malkin.

JYo said...

I agree 100% Jeff. That is exactly the way I am looking for the games to play out too. I think the Pens could take the Caps in 4-5 games. A solid game one arse whoppin would take A LOT of the steam out of their little engine that has been running over cream puffs lately.

Stoosh said...

ASHLEY - "was it the Flyers players who made Cher's album so successful in 1998? Maybe their fans had a part in that, too..."


Damn, that was awesome.

I always had the Flyers pegged as Barbara Streisand types, or when the testosterone really gets going, perhaps they ratchet up the intensity and throw on the Barry Manilow collection.

Stoosh said...

I really don't care who we play in the first round. This Pens team has shown the ability to win by playing a multitude...yes, I said a multitude of different styles of play.

Someone called into Madden's show the other day and pointed out that the schedule-makers really did the Caps some favors...something like three or four of their last five games have been against opponents who played the night before.

The Caps don't bother me. It's not that difficult to take one line out of the equation. It's much more difficult to do it with two lines. And the Pens have always done a decent job keeping Ovechkin in check. They're a more well-rounded team and Boudreau seems to be a good coach. But I don't think they have the depth to match the Pens.

The Bruins worry me because they've used that trap to slow us down. But again, it's tough to take two elite lines out of the equation and Chara can't play 40 minutes a night, can he?

Ottawa worries me a little bit because they're the most schizophrenic team in the conference. As Mark Madden pointed out the other day, since the first month of the season, they've been a very average team and since January, they've been one of the worst teams in the East. But when they're on, they're tough to beat.

The "X" factor in a matchup with the Sens could be the fact that they'd be dealing with an incredible amount of pressure from their fanbase, and this team doesn't seem equipped to deal with that at all.

Philly....heh heh heh. I guess you could throw out the records for this one, but I did notice the other night that they do a pisspoor job on the penalty kill. And given the Flyers' inabilities to stay out of the box (I know...I know...we have Officer Koharski in our back pockets...blahblahblah), that could create nightmares for them. And it looks to me over the last few games that the Pens are in Biron's head.

Sinops said...

I would love a first round matchup with the Crapitals. We would win it in 5 games to clinch at home. Oh wait, every game against Washington is a home game.

Nathan said...

The only thing I'd worry about in a Caps-Pens series would be going deaf from all the whining coming out of the Caps' fans. There isn't a whole lot of playoff experience suiting up for Washington, and there's a pretty good chance they'll be burned out from the effort needed to get into the playoffs.

All aboard the pro-Penguins conspiracy crazy train!

Dr. Turkleton said...


don't forget about possibly Carolina sliding down out of their SE Division Leaders Loft & slip to a lower seed [or even out of the playoffs]

even though they've had an off year, the whole 'been there,done that' aspect worries me.

Alas, eventually the Pens will have to face tough teams, heightened challenges and overcome adverse situations if they want to make a run [although, it would be nice if they could face the 74-75 Caps, 94-95 Sens & the 92-93 Sharks on the way to the Stanley Cup™ Finals]

I think MM quoted Scotty Bowman saying something like 'Don't wish or say which team you'd like to face in the playoffs, cause you'll end up playing that team and they'll be a lot tougher than you expected'

So Bring On The XXXXXXXXs & Let's Kick Some Ass!


Fleury29 said...

The more I think about it, the more I don't really care if we're #1 in the Eastern Conference.

Granted, home ice would be nice but frankly, even if the Canadiens win Saturday, I think the Pens need to take it easy. It isn't a must-win for them Sunday like it probably will be for Philly and with all the dirty shit they pull, keep the game loose, don't take it too seriously.

I wouldn't mind at all if BGL had more ice time than Sid and Geno, frankly.

We're in the playoffs, that's all the matters.

Well, that and the fact that Gary Roberts is coming back.

JYo said...

re: "even though they've had an off year, the whole 'been there,done that' aspect worries me."

That is the same way I feel about the Sens. Even though they have been garbage in the second half, they could be dangerous if they remember how to play playoff hockey.

In a way, I agree about not looking for a certain opponent, especially since you have to beat the best teams to go all the way. Still, an inexperienced team with a thin depth chart like the Craps sounds better than a team with some playoff experience (Sens, Canes) or one that has given the Pens fits with their style (Boston). Just sayin...

Jersey Bill said...

I am very happy to see Nashville get in after the year they had. That's us last year.

I hope I don't get my Pens card revoked, but, after last night, Ovechkin is the MVP. That team doesn't even smell the playoffs without him.

We had a lot of MVP talk here the last couple of weeks, and they center around two Russian players. Other sites still bang that Iginla drum. Really, it's not even close. If the league truly wants global exposure, they have to do a better job of promoting Eastern Europeans. Granted there is a language barrier, but I have a hard time understanding a lot of the French-Canadian players, too.

Everything works out for a reason, and I love the team's chemistry, but for one moment, imagine if we get the #1 pick before and after the lock-out. Would we have been able to keep Sid and Ovechkin? Like I said, Malkin is the much better fit here, but in the words of Stan Lee, What If?

Steve In Denver said...

I have the Flyers pegged as a Judas Priest team. They're loud, ugly and abrasive, but extremely gay and weak on the inside. I still laugh at the image of all the flannel wearing, long haired homophobic hard asses I grew up with that were crushed when they found out the truth about Rob Halford.

I like any Eastern matchup that we get. We have home ice, and we are ridiculously good on home ice, and the most talented team in the East. I can't say overall, because I want some element of "underdog" in there at some point.

Last, I had no idea how hard it would be to score frozen four tix. DU has a high percentage of season ticket holders that scooped them up LAST season when they were given first dibs, and most of the rest go to the universities. I'm going to watch Craig's List since none of the 3 projected CO teams made it, but it will still be an expensive draw. Probably easier to get Avs playoff tickets than Frozen Four, which is pathetic for this town...Seriously, Denver is worse about the Broncos than Pgh is about the Steelers, if that's possible, and their hockey attendance has been horrible this season. I would imagine the Avs won't sell out their home games unless they make it past the first round.

Go Pens

Dr. Turkleton said...

@jersey bill

I reached that same conclusion last night as well...even if they miss the playoffs. Sure, it'd be nice for Geno to win it & he should come in 2nd...but your 100% correct that if OV didn't perform to the level that he has or got hurt for ANY amount of time, that team would've been playing out the season for a lottery pick.

lis said...

the Devils/Flyers season series this year...6-1 Devils

...just saying

I'll be at that game tonight (free tickets) and I will be cheering for the Devils...but not out loud because if I'm going to get my ass kicked in Philly it's not going to be over the freaking Devils!!!!

Dr. Turkleton said...

the newest issue of THN has their '08 Playoff Preview

here are their Stanley Cup™ odds:

ANA Ducks 4-1
SJ Sharks 5-1
DET Red Wings 6-1
NJ Devils 7-1
OTT Senators 8-1
PIT Penguins 10-1
MIN Wild 12-1
MTL Canadiens 15-1

wonder if the odds have changed for OTT with the injuries to Alfie & Fisher [anyone see that hit by Mark Bell on Alfie? OUCH!!!]

rwarner174 said...

The way the caps are playing right now, they are going to be a tough team to beat. I watched the caps/tampa game last night on NHL center ice (its free for the next few days i think :)). Washington was just dominant even though the score was 1-1 most of the game. Of course I think we can beat them, they are just playing like one of the best teams in the NHL right now.

I actually hope we get matched up with them later in the playoffs. It would be much more exciting to play them in the conference finals. Of course they would probably need to overtake carolina for that to happen.

DeCeV said...

Good news: it's looking like either the Debbies or the Rags are going to be scheduling tee times after the first round. Unless the Rangers all drown in their fans' tears they're going to be playing the Devils. Their last game is against each other and just might be for home ice.

Stoosh said...

Kind of echoing the sentiments raised by Pensgirl's beatdown post of the Flyers fans from the other day, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if Ovechkin, Iginla or Thornton wins the MVP award.

Malkin's had a great year by any standard...he doesn't need an MVP award to validate that. It doesn't bother me that he flies under the radar.

I might be in the minority - and because of this, I KNOW I could never qualify as a Flyers fan - but I really enjoy watching different players on opposing teams play and even do well. I don't always enjoy watching them have success against the Pens, but unlike our resident Flyers fans from the other day, I love hockey and with it comes the fact that great players play for opposing teams.

I love watching Ovechkin. I would never hold anything against a player who goes all-out every shift (just like Crosby does), proves himself to be an incredibly loyal teammate and leader, and showcases talent like that. I love the fact that - just like Cam Neely - he could deke you out of your pants just as easily as he could run you over on a drive to the net. I hate that he plays for the Caps, but I love watching him play.

I love watching guys like Chris Drury, even though he plays for the Rangers. And I hope this isn't blasphemy, but I think Mike Richards is a hell of a hockey player. I wish he played for the Pens, even though we have enough centers. Richards, to me, is a modern-day Ron Francis.

I've always made it a point to try to appreciate talent on other teams. I'm glad I got to see players like Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Nik Lidstrom, Peter Forsberg, Pavel Bure and Steve Yzerman play in their primes.

Just my opinion. And yes, it's possible to appreciate what these guys do and cheer against them at the same time.

DeCeV said...


Well at least we are ranked above the Wild. Suck it, Montreal.

J.S. said...

Steve, You just gave me an idea for a photoshop.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I noticed this the other night while watching Metalocalypse.

at birth?
(kinda hard to find a good larger pic of the manager, but you get the idea.)

R*G*B* said...

When Crosby and Staal get traded to Columbus sometime in the next 3 years... after teh Pennz ink Gyno Malkin to a 12 year deal... they'll put him on a top line with Rick Nash... and make another trade with the Rangers... to get the other Staal d-man...

and Scott Young will come out of retirement.

and when they all go out on the ice together, they'll be the Crosby, Staals, Nash and Young line.

Oh, and Hitchcock will turn Crosby into an all-around player and they'll actually win a cup with him.

sonofatruckload said...

rofl @ crosby staals nash and young

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

Your home stats don't include the win on Wednesday, so the Pens actually finished the season at 26-10-5 and 19-2-3 in their last 24.

R*G*B* said...


the pennsblog doesn't like being criticized or corrected in public.

hence, the censorship.

Pensblog Staff said...



Brett said...

I wat at game 2 of that 2000 series and sat right behind the goal that Jagr scored the OT winner into. He ripped the shot top shelf right over Kolzig's glove hand.

I was told that the circus was in town and messed up the schedule.

Also, I believe the Caps were a 3 seed (as the southeast winner always is) and the Pens were the 6the seed. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I agree with you in rooting for other players around the league [especially when you have a particular player on your fantasy hockey team {Mike Richards}]
I like to watch OV [78 games of the year] those other 4, I wish he'd get destroyed.

If the shoe was on the other proverbial foot...and we as Pens fans had OV and the Caps had Crosby & Geno & dominated us in the individual stats & playoffs like we do: my opinion of the 'Caps' Crosby & Geno might be the way that todays Caps fans feel towards them [esp. Crosby]
We've been lucky as fans to have our high picks turn out to be Very Good bordering on Great and not be high pick busts [see:Lindros,Eric & Daigle,Alexandre] that have skated on Mellon ice.

Flyers fans [hello, r.g.b.] seem always to be bitter. Especially when their team is on a downturn [last years 8-0 season series sweep] or see their fortunes start to fade away [dominating the East, now scrambling to make the playoffs]. They look for solace by, not looking at fixing their own problems, but by taking out their frustrations on the ones who brought them pain [by trying to be the tickle in your underpants]

[Hossa: Let's Go Dev-ils]

R*G*B* said...

I just want to thank JarJar RutuuD2 for giving Danny Briere a lower body injury and making him doubtful FTW (for the weekend).

Apparently Briere cried and whined so hard after he was hit (legally?) that he sprained his knee.

And the Flyers are called goons.

Le 'Rock sliding into Biron.
Crosby tripping Biron.
Le 'Rock boarding Downie (suspension).
TooToo injuring Briere.
Gonchar butt ending Hartnell (now he'll never be a teen model).
((insert Penguin name here)) hi-sticking Umberger, the Penguin killer, in the ole chin-a-roo.

You want us to play a more skilled "traditional" hockey game, but you injure one of our more skilled hockey players.

Make up your mind.

coffeytalk said...

cry cry cry

slush said...

whine whine whine

Like Sid didn't take 2 sticks to the face that weren't called.

R*G*B* said...

"Sid ain't got time to bleed."

Is that what you're telling me?

coffeytalk said...

cry cry cry

job job job

cry cry cry

job job job


Dr. Turkleton said...

↑↑↑ r.g.b.@ 12:12p ↑↑↑

Judge Charlie, I rest my case.

BTW...anyone else PLAY the preview on, The Hockey Show: beginning April 9th???

WTF kind of preview is that?
All The Time.

Sooska said...

I wish Pensgirl were here.
Pensblog, you might remind some cbloggers that the Pensblog (yeah, its The PENSblog) isn't a democracy wherein the Staff is required to follow the First Amendment of the US Constitution. I would say it is more an oligarchy.
(*sighs*) ok here it is: Oligarchy (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía) is a form of government where power effectively rests with a small, elite segment of society (whether distinguished by wealth, family, military prowess, or Pens fandom).

Therefore, there is censorship and those who cblog do so only at the pleasure of The Pensblog. The Pensblog doesn't need a reason: they can post whatever they want because they can. Just 'cause they want to. The Pensblog can also tell you to get lost, censor you, ban you, laugh at you, talk about you behind your back because they all know you are a 15 year old who is so stupid he's still in 5th grade & wets his bed cause he still has to share the bed with his 9 year old sister, because they want to.

I say it again:
This is not cryingflyerfanblog.


Matt said...

Censorship, sure. But wait...

"This post has been removed by the author."

In other words, I deleted my comments.

Can you come back when you learn how to read?

Whistler said...

I've had enough with Cryers fans. I was at Starbucks this morning and they were whining about Crosby this, and Crosby that. I told them to suck it up and keep those tissues handy.

What was their response? What about that 5OT time. Keith Priemeau(sic) is a customer here all the time. Now, that was a great game!

I said, "If that's all you have to fall back on you definitely need more tissues!"

So come on you orange and black cumtowels keep on crying. That's all you have. If you can't beat 'em up, cry on them. Maybe you'll drown them with your tears.

R*G*B* said...

I'm actually 27 and do all the things you just said above...

does that change the way you feel about me...?

I find that when loyal readers offer corrections or tips... the blog should acknowledge that and not delete it 3 times.

I'm sure the guy didn't comment to show up the Pensblog, only people like me do that.

sonofatruckload said...

pensblog staff has apparntly used jedi mind control on matt

wilsmith said...

Pens players take the same kind of abuse in every game. It's pretty much part of the game.

If your team would just get over it and keep scoring goals, like the Pens, you'd have nothing to complain about.

Sounds like your problem is with your own team, not the Pens.

Dr. Turkleton said...


so...what's your point?? [tehehe]

according to r.g.b's blog, 24 March, 2008:I'm working on an uber-huge political illustration, and you probably won't hear a digi-peep out of me till it is done. So till then...

So auf Wiedersehen und viel Glück!

[Hossa: Gehen wir Teufel!!!]

snickerdoodles said...

Awww, maybe we should stop hurting the Pflyers itty bitty tender feelings by calling them goons and refer to them as the delicate flowers that they are.
The Philly Pflowers. Don't call these delicate blossoms goons. They will cry.
Mom! Sidney hit meeeeeee! Can I hit him back with my purse? Whaaaaa!

Fleury29 said...


This is the NHL, deal with it.

Sooska said...

@ dr turk - merci beaucoup, danke, grazi, grassyass

@ sonofa - are you sure they aren't Vulcans?

I bet Sid is a Vulcan too- as we see he is a cold hearted SOB who never lets his emotions control him. I bet he even used the Vulcan mindmeld on the refs and the goalies. OOPS forgot the NHL officials and GMs throughout the league.

Gary Roberts is a Vulcan. Everybody thought he was dead but he was brought back to life. How? Because he IS life. and DEATH.

R*G*B* said...

I am fully aware of my team's problems and am aware of the Pen's greater skill the past two seasons.

My problem isn't so much with the Penguins (well, except for one player in particular) but moreso with the arrogance and cockiness of this blog and their commentors.

You won the Atlantic division... congrats... the Devils and Flyers have been doing that for the last decade. Oh, and is getting into the playoffs for the first time in ages and getting bounced in the first round such an achievement? Cause the Flyers have been doing that for a loooong time and we Flyers fans don't appreciate it that much.

Dr. T... where do you live? You see, I'm checking my blog traffic on google analytics and looking at the map overlay to see where all the hits are coming from. Slippery Rock? Ambridge? Leetsdale? Corapolis? Mc Kees Rocks? Glenshaw? Lawrence? Youngwood? Johnstown? White Hall? Monroeville? or maybe Turtle Creek?

Please come back and see us real soon.

Dr. Turkleton said...

ok...put your HCMT hat on:

who's a scratch / who plays:
in the playoffs




Pensblog Staff said...

rgb, least make a funny photshop of something. You are boring

The Seeker said...

I just knew when I read about Ed Rendell's plan to give laptops and internet access to all patients at the psychiatric hospitals in PA that it was a truly bad idea.

Now we're seeing the results of that fateful decision epitomized in RGB.

DeCeV said...

Jeez I'm glad I'm not HCMT. As much as I hate to say it, LeGame might be scratched for a few games. The playoffs are the reason Sydor is here after all. I can't see MT scratching him in the playoffs.

If Roberts can play saturday, I'd expect him to get 3rd/4th line time in the playoffs. BGL might be sitting again.

Stoosh said...


Again, this is what happens when someone finally punches the playground bully in the face.

It was just like when Eager elbowed Laraque in the head and then when he wouldn't engage Laraque in an honest fight, he got his ass beat by Roberts. It was just like when the Big Bad Downie punked out and skated away from a fight when Ruutu hit him too hard a few times. Those are perfect microcosms for this Flyers team and their fanbase. Downie was exposed as a fraud. The Flyers as tough guys who would go toe-to-toe with anyone were exposed as frauds.

The Flyers fans who can't admit that they've been beaten at their own game have now resorted to conspiracy theories and accustations that the Pens have the refs in their back pocket.

And equating Crosby tripping Biron or Gonchar butt-ending Hartnell with the dirty play the Flyers have showcased for years and years? Remind me again...was it five or six Flyers players that were suspended this year for delivering hits to the heads of opposing players? If this isn't the boy crying wolf...

I'm not going to argue that the Pens got away with their fair share of infractions the other night. Gonchar got away with the stick to Hartnell. Sid got away with a couple of cross-checks that probably should've been called. But it evens out in the end, so let's not pretend the poor Flyers were victims here, either, mmmmm'k?

And it's surprising to me that you're put off by our newfound "goonery". After years of Flyers fans calling the Pens a haven for soft players, I figured Flyers fans would love it when we finally punched back. But nonetheless, we've all seen how the Flyers players and their fans respond when someone forces their game right back at them.

Think of the movie "Back to the Future", RGB. The Flyers are Biff Tannen after he got punched in the face by George McFly. And we all know how that turned out, don't we?

George got the girl, became the most popular kid in school and wound up living the good life.

Biff became the bumbling putz who waxed George's car.

Now, Biff...I want to make sure we get TWO coats of wax this time, not just one.

Don't con me, Biff!

Dr. Turkleton said...

should show up as:
•work in downtown PIT
•reside in city of PIT [Greentree border]
•in your nightmares [just kidding about place #3 ☺ ]

hey, let us toot our own horn on a Pens if we or those that would talk out of their asses over at or any other Flyers related board is just as wrong as you coming over here and bashing the hometown team....
I believe when I commented on your blog that I didn't spew any insults & gave GM Holmgren a compliment [really hated to do it, but....].

If you want to talk hockey...ok
If you want to bait & bash...go over to the message board...I'm sure you'd get lots of attention over there.

Lady Jaye said...

@rgb I know I'm late, but your Crosby Staals and Nash comment made me lol at my desk. Cute.

@everything else... meh. I don't feel like getting into a Flyers/Pens argument. I just want to watch some freaking hockey. Is it Sunday yet?

coffeytalk said...

Dr. Turkleton,

I must buy you an appletini sometime.



Ashley said...

rgb - I'm so over anything that you have to say. Yawn, indeed.

Ottawa news: not only have Alfie and Fisher sustained injuries, but they'll be out 'weeks' according to Coach Murray.

TSN also had this to say:
Ottawa can miss the playoffs all together if they lose to the Bruins, Boston gets at least one point in their final game against Buffalo, the Carolina Hurricanes defeat the Panthers on Friday night, the Washington Capitals win their last game against Florida on Saturday and the Philadelphia Flyers win both their remaining games.

I hope Ottawa hangs on, especially at the expense of the Cryers.

[Go Devils! - for tonight]

Laura said...


"Penguins winger Gary Roberts told Bill Phillips that he's ready to return to the Penguins for the season finale in Philadelphia on Sunday."

go here...

for details and video

DeCeV said...

He hath risen again.

The Seeker said...

Cryers fans have nothing legitimate to complain about.

Were there some non-calls? Of course...there are non-calls in EVERY hockey game on both sides of the puck.

For every non-call they claim, we can easily name one they didn't get.

Hartnell for example should have gotten called for the head-shot on Crosby...THAT is supposed to be something watched very closely this season. It's not supposed to matter when or how it's simply supposed to be a game misconduct...PERIOD.

Sami Kapanen slashed Gonchar's glove off at 11:40 of the 1st period. His glove only flew 40 feet...but no ref seemed to see that (?). Gonchar played with a heavily taped wrist for the remainder of the game.

Are Pens fans whining about it? Nope.

In all, the Cryers were penalized 6 times while the Pens were penalized 5. But due to overlapping and offsetting of those penalties, the Pens were actually SHORTHANDED a total of 9:36 compared to 7:14. That's 2:22 of the game that the Flyers had a man advantage over the Pens.

With one game left between them, the Cryers have had more time on the PowerPlay (PP Opportunities in PIT/PHI season series to date = PIT 31, PHI 43)than the Pens.

That flushes their conspiracy theories right down their toilets.

Show some self-respect and accept that the Pens earned their Atlantic Division Championship because they are quite simply the better team.

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sooska said...

Cbloggers you are tolerant of and generous to those who have less wattage than you. *claps*

@ dr. turk. It's a good problem to have, depth. That goes well with uber-talent and work ethic. It's a luxury that, barring injuries (hush my mouth), gives HCMT options over the long playoffs haul. Gary Roberts - we all know he has the will. The question is if he has the means or the stamina at this point but I am guessing yes, especially going beyond one round. The others can be rotated in and out as needed to give guys R&R. Beech= meh at best some chum for the feeding frenzy they want to inflict.
I admit I am one of those that questions a lot of stuff HCMT does but I also admit that this year it has worked to this point.

I am with whoever wished Sunday to be a meaningless game for us. and them.

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

Stoosh - I have heard from a very reliable source that, not only do the Flyers and their fans listen to Cher, Streisand, and Manilow, but they can also be found frequenting Celine Dion concerts and they follow the Spice Girls and Madonna like no one else. They cry when the Spice Girls sing "Goodbye" and they dance flamboyantly and sing to Madonna's Like A Virgin.

I think they like the theatrical productions with lots of makeup and drama.

When you think about it, the theatrics fits in nicely with their team. They are, after all, the 'Cryers.'

FijiH2O said...


Thanks! That definitely made my day:D

Look out playoffs - Roberts is back!!!

coffeytalk said...

guess who's back?

back again

gary's back

tell a friend

guess who's back

gary's back

ready to smack

gary's back

gary's back


wilsmith said...

Who are all these quick-witted and hockey knowledgable ladies and where do they hang out?

Dr. Turkleton said...

I'm not much of a betting the only sure things in life are:

The Blue Jackets missing the playoffs.

here are some 'updated' odds, courtesy of 'National Sports Advisors: USA's #1 sports handicapping service' [probably located in the Cayman Islands]

DET 3/1
SJS 9/2
ANA 7/1
PIT 7/1
MTL 8/1
NJD 12/1
NYR 12/1
OTT 14/1

PHI 35/1
Lloyd: The least you can do is level with me. What are my chances?
Mary: Not good.
Lloyd: You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
Mary: I'd say more like one out of a million.
Lloyd: So you're telling me there's a chance.

now THAT seems more like it...screw you, The Hockey News !!!

Flyer Hater said...

Hey RGB, your ride is waiting outside. Don't be late, I heard it's pretty much booked up with Caps and Flyers fans.

Scary Gary coming back, world=stunned

R*G*B* said...

We actually traded Ben Eager for losing that fight to that fossil, Ro-bear.

He's not on the Flyers anymore.

I'd walk away from the fight with Tootoo Brown as well nothing was happening. ..

Yes... we were suspsended quite a few times in the beginning of the season.... seems like so long ago. Downie is a healthy scratch too.. has been for the last couple games. Always next year...?

The only goon we employ is Cote. And the only reason he was necessary the other night was to fight your goon, LaRoque.

Otherwise, I see the Flyers attempting to become a legtimate skilled team that hits hard... while leaving the goonery behind.

What do we have now... 6 or 7 twenty goal scorers? I believe we have the most balanced scoring team in the NHL... and that's not hersey... that's stats talking.

Sad to see that a well balanced team has yet to solve its defensive and goaltending problems... and must beat the tough Devils and the even tougher Penguin's to make the playoffs.

Sad also to say that I don't think the Penguins would WIN a first round matchup with the Flyers.

They'd SURVIVE it.

Who doesn't want to be treated to that?

Johnny Wrath said...

Philly fans, its time we had a talk. This is the talk your parents never had with you when you were a tragic adolescent, likely due in part to morbid obesity or complications relating to morbid obesity. You see, your team isn’t very good. And they aren’t tough. You know who is? Gary Roberts. Scott Hartnell, well, he isn’t tough. You had one guy who I thought was actually tough, and he plays in Calgary now.

You see, being tough isn’t making the other team worry about their weight-bearing ligaments. It’s knowing who you can intimidate, who you can’t intimidate, and especially who you shouldn’t try to intimidate. You aren’t intimidating. You chase shadows. You’ll notice Sid has one point on the sheet for every haymaker in loose puck scrums he received from Scotty. Sarge has a point for every haymaker, too. Geno has a point from that giant hit Sarge landed on Scotty, and Geno has a point for the elbow Scotty ate while trying to go up high shortly thereafter. Hey, after all, you “have to be able to protect your goalie in this league”. See: sick deflection, PP Goal. Also, your whole town is radiant with varicose veins and cardiovascular diseases. Go Pens.

When you actually understand how hockey, and for that matter LDL Cholesterol works, come back here and explain why Mike Knuble , and most of the team apparently, didn’t understand the parameters by which Philadelphia could have clinched a playoff berth going into that game, as per Tim Panaccio. Explain how Daniel Briere got here from Oz, and please stop bitching when he tries to dodge a hit and gets Kovalchuk’d. Good luck SURVIVING your osteoarthritis, chronic renal failure, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Johnny Wrath, Gentleman of Leisure.

Flyer Hater said...

Doesn't RGB get tired of getting owned by upwards of 70 c-bloggers everyday?

coffeytalk said...


What is your ultimate goal by being here in c-blog?

Trying to stir things up? Trying to "show up" The Pens Blog? With what? I took a little peek at your blog and it compares to old Diary Land entries my friends and I kept in the 9th grade.

We get it. You don't like Crosby, you think Ruutu is a thug. Your team is made up of a bunch of gentlemen and the Penguins are made up of scum. Boo Hoo...

Just because you keep re-typing the same things over and over again in our little community won't make us believe or agree to any of it.

Why don't you just wait and join us on Sunday where win or lose, I'm sure you'll have plenty to bitch about. Til then, get back to your "art".

Flyer Hater said...

Coffeytalk and Stoosh would make a great couple.

Dr. Turkleton said...

ok, THN...I take that back. You do have cool/obscure stats now in the back pages instead of week old, bland, individual player stats that had been a staple of your mag....

So, here's some Playoff Stats of
the Pittsburgh Penguins Organization:

Number of Playoff Series: 40
Playoff Series Wins: 20
Playoff Series Losses: 20

Playoff Games Won: 110
Playoff Games Lost: 103

Seasons in the NHL: 39
Seasons in the Playoffs: 23 [including this year]
Trips to the Finals: 2 [duh]
Stanley Cup™ Champs: 2 [duh +1]

Home Record: 59 Wins / 47 Losses
Away Record: 51 Wins / 56 Losses
Overtime: 15 Wins / 14 Losses

@johnny wrath: [nice!]

you're too cool like the other side of the pillow ;)

Lloyd said...

so who's up for a big get-together on sunday?

Dr. Turkleton said...


and a 'tini right back at'cha !!!!

wilsmith said:
Who are all these quick-witted and hockey knowledgable ladies and where do they hang out?

They're awesome!!!! Any hockey-guy would have to be thanking their lucky stars to have one as their wife/girlfriend.

Hopefully we'll all be able to meet & great during those Playoff Tailgates that's been tossed around on here.

R*G*B* said...

If I have repeated myself... I apologize.

The only excuse I could have for that would be that I've been answering back specific bloggers on certain points.

Apart from being told I'm "teh gays", that I have a heart condition, or that I should wear a "I'm with stupid" shirt and stand next to Mike Knuble and that my diary(hea) is awful, there's been some "untroofs" being said about my team, and more importantly yours.

My job here is to keep you rational in the wake of your Atlantic div. championship.

Why wait till Sunday... I have all summer to get a "tee-time" and not comment on your blog.

tempest said...

voting for the second round of the mike lange torney of quotes has begun.

homesprout said...

I saw the Canucks were eliminated last night. One imaginative person on their boards thought a fair trade would be...

The Sedin twins and Salo for Malkin and Letang since Geno is apparently a RFA this summer and there is no way the Pens can afford him. :-D

Anyway....nice to see a free preview of NHL Center Ice at a time when teams are fighting for playoff spots.

Imagine Montreal loses, the Pens clinch the top spot in the East, rest the big guns in Philly on Sunday, and the Flyers lose to miss the playoffs by a point!! haha

Go Pens!!

Sooska said...

Otherwise, I see the Flyers attempting to become a legtimate skilled team that hits hard... while leaving the goonery behind. OR untroofs being said about my team...and more importantly yours

WHAT!?? (see avatar above)

@dr turk: THN and any other stats are out the window. When any member of the Pensfamily has been at a playoff the game the Pens HAVE NEVER LOST. Unfortunately, we don't have tickets YET.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

rgb has returned wonderful. At least most of who waste our time do it on a website and topic we like. Don't respond to him; it's pointless, trust me. I got ticked off the other night but I wasted my anger on idiots classmates of mine.

@ Turk: Who do I think will play ... hard one with all considering. Beech is a scratch because well come on but they might put him in on Sunday just for fun; Ruutu's been fantastic and I would be surprised if he did sit; Hall is probably gonna sit as well as Taffe so Roberts and BGL can play. The Sydor/Whitney/Letang situation is tougher. I think Sydor should sit all things considered as well as Whit. I love them 2, but LeGame has earned it. I'll probably end up wrong considering I was saying the Canucks were gonna make playoffs. (Sob, one of the few teams outside of the Pens I like.)

@ Stoosh: I agree with you on the whole Ovie thing. I love Malkin so that's why I'm pushing him as MVP so much. I can admit Ovie's fantastic which seems impossible for the Caps fans to admit on anyone on our team. Just because I don't like doesn't mean I don't respect his talent. There is no issue there, he is talented, but one player can't single-handedly take you to the playoffs. Backstrom is the closest thing to talent and look what he did for us. But with Richards, sure he's talented, but I wouldn't go with Francis-esque.

I got to leave ... I'll be back to finish saying what I was.

Stoosh said...


I want to see how the playoff schedule shakes out to see if I would be able to put together a playoff tailgate and subsequent bar raid for the playoff games. I'm hopong, hoping, HOPING for a Saturday game and not a Wed/Fri schedule because I really want to make sure I can be a part of this, and Wed/Fri might create some issues.

Anyhoo, a home game next Saturday would be optimal.

Sooska said...

@stoosh - I have to listen to weekday games online. Mike & Phil said they think our first game will probably be Wed 3/9. They were speculating.

Eric K said...

"i beleive we have the most balanced scoring team in the NHL"

so remind us again why you haven't made the playoffs yet?


"THIS IS THE PENSBLOG" photoshopped into the scene from 300 where he says to the messenger dude from Persia: "Blasphemy? THIS IS SPARTA" then kicks him into that hugely badass hole in the ground that just happens to be right outside the city would be badass. My photoshop skills are nonexistent, or else i'd do it.

Pensblog Staff said...


Dude, post a comment and then delete it yourself.
See what happens.

The fact that you're able to post comments at will means we're not censoring anybody criticizing us.
Don't you realize that?

What we will never understand is how we poke fun at players on a professional hockey team, but then someone feels justified to come and take PERSONAL shots at us.
That doesn't make any sense.

However, if you keeping coming up with Crosby, Staal, Nash, and Young jokes, we may start to like you.


Stoosh said...

WILSMITH - As Bucci says in his columns from time to time,...

hockey-loving girlfriend/fiance/wife = keeper

There's no trading up there.

Dr. Turkleton said...


REALLY ?!?!?!

has anyone in the Penguins Organ-i-zation been notified of this 'true-life lucky charm' effect your family has???

FREE SEATS should be in order.

nikki said...

RBG...just wanted to say that i love the **'s by your name, it's a really cute touch, love it.
and why don't you go to a flyers blog a whine with all of them?
if you are so concerned with the "arrogance and cockiness" of this blog...then leave? no one is pointing a gun to your head making you read it.

roberts back on sunday yeee! can't wait
on a side note...the sedin sisters to the pens? HAHAHAHAHAHA wow i really did need a good laugh
god am i glad the canucks are out of the playoffs
sunday can't come soon enough!

stokes said...

So, Roberts is definitely going to play on Sunday?

That's strange; i thought Easter was a couple weeks ago....

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Turkleton said...

@stokes: too funny!!!

3rd Sunday of Easter: Luke 24, 13-35

Gary lets His friends know that He is with them, even though they don't recognize him.

Ashley said...

"hockey-loving girlfriend/fiance/wife = keeper"

...except when guys get the wrong idea about you.

JYo said...

I don't mean to be ageist, but lets put it this way: unless you are at least in your 40s, you don't remember the Cryers hoisting the Cup. I'm in my 20s and remember the Pens doing it twice. That should put things into perspective for Cryers fans who can't even say their team has won it in their lifetime, let alone any time that they have a memory of.

@rwarner, re: "The way the caps are playing right now, they are going to be a tough team to beat."

I understand your point about a hot team, but Tampa = mud right now and could make the Charlestown Chiefs look like a decent team. Like Jeff said earlier "Beating ATL, FLA, and TB 2 times each in the three weeks isn't exactly a good playoff primer."

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric K said...

The Sens just got a little less dangerous....Alfie and Mike Fisher out for "weeks"

Sooska said...

YES dr. turkleton tis true. Goes back to the first Cup. Witnessed every other home PO game that year.
Saw Mario splitting the North star D in living color. Time stood still and changed my life.
We also were there at the comeback against the Caps the next year. We had section A seats near teh goal line and Pensgirl gave it to Ciccarelli all night when they had a facefoff. At one point he looked around to see the little girl yelling at him. I bought the tickets because I KNEW with no doubt they were going to win that night and go on to win the 2nd Cup) no shit. I have guys I work with who witnessed the purchase.

The streak has continued although we don't get to see as many games as we'd like. FREE tickets or half price free tickets would be accepted.

Does Pblog want to take up a collection to send us (4 or even 2) as official reps?

We already have merchandise from storeblog we wear to watch the games on TV. This Pensblog wear was at the Backstrom goal game in DC. It has absorbed the luck of the streak even though that was not a PO game per se.

Flyer Hater said...

Pensblog Charlie infecting the entire Senators lockerroom with mono?

Johnny Wrath said...

You’re more than “teh gays”. To quote a great monologue, you’re the President of “The Arse Tickler’s Faggot Fan Club”. I’m sure at some point the library you’re in will close and you won’t be able to read the c-blog any further, but when you dance with the Devil, you wait until the song stops. You “do what no other dildo can do until now”. Wrath is the word, and I have a reputation to uphold. I cut to the bone, you dreggy whoreson, almost as well as the overtly carnivorous masses of Philadelphia whom one day will trade their pride for a BMI of 41. Ignorance and poverty are cousins, and in Philadelphia your destiny is colorectal cancer.

When personal comes to us, some of us get personal. I mean, it’s a liberty. And I can’t have liberties taken, can I? You have founded in an envious hatred of greatness a state of ridiculous thoughts. If this is your idea of lending a rational voice, allow me to return serve by pointing out that should you want to learn how to take out self-loathing by injuring players and arguing how you have balanced scoring, don’t forget to include that you traded for your leading goal-scorer. Don’t forget that your $10M investment wakes up every day and wishes he was still in Buffalo, where he likely wouldn’t be +/- -22, and wouldn’t constantly be in the presence of someone whom has eaten their way to a cluster of pulmonary embolism and integument complications. I can only hope Philadelphia and its claim to the worst colloquial accent in the civilized world eat themselves to infertility.

Johnny Wrath, Eloquent Naysayer.

r*g*b* said...

april fools, pens fans! come on, even a flyers fan couldn't be THAT dumb, right?


miss you guys!!

love, colby armstrong

p.s.: A&L Motors can really hook a guy up!

sexymexyjeffy said...

yo R.G.B its PENS not pen's


Dr. Turkleton said...

Just getting my stats together for my fantasy hockey league & something just jumped off the page at me:

The LA Kings have used 7 different goalies in an NHL game this year !!!!!!

I'll give you a $1 if you can name more than 3 without looking it up....

Who's the 7th Penguin Goalie on their depth chart? Joe Sager???




I agree with you. Beech will only play due to injury.
Hall looked good his 1st game back, but Taffe has been a jack-of-all-trades player this year & really one of the unsung role players, IMO
Hall might win out simply by being a righthanded stick, a decent faceoff guy & good PK'er.
If Hall & Taffe flipflop every other game, I wouldn't complain.

I could see Roberts & Laraque splitting time due to how the series is going. I'm just not sure how much Roberts can battle every game in the playoffs.

I think Sydor plays Game 1 & Letang sits. Just based on playoff experience. Now, how Whit & Sydor play in Game 1, might determine if/when Letang sees the ice more than just during warmups.

But, what do I Fantasy GM skills has landed my team in 9th out of 10 with 1 week to go [can you say #2 pick next year???]

michelle said...

funny how that article from Philly is like the "No Spin Zone" on Fox. . .you know, the show where everything they say is absolutely spin and it's so obvious that they decide to be discreet and call it the opposite of what it is? Yeah, that one.

good riddance, philly.

TheNWChica said...

Hey Dr. Turks...

I can name 5...

Aubin, Labarbera, Bernier, Cloutier and Ersberg.

I watch a lot of Kings games being out here on the left coast. ;)

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Coby Armstrong probably has the time now considering he's golfing it up with Crusher and Recchi, but you're just a jerk.

@ Turk: You are more likely than not right about the Sydor situation. I was thinking for a part of that would be what I would do, but I think he's starting to slack so I would put him on notice. I love Jeff Taffe, but I know that he will be sitting. He is fantastic ... actually, TK might sit considering he hasn't been exactly awesome in the past few weeks. MT is one of the most confusing people in the world since he juggles the lines more than Downie changes his underwear when he sees Ruutu. I don't think anything he does will shock us, so we are fine. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Coffeytalk is offering you a free appletini ... I always thought of you more as a beer drinker, but free is free.

Dr. Turkleton said...


winner..winner...chicken dinner...

next time you're in town...the George is yours!!!!!

Jonathan Quick & Daniel Taylor are the other 2....

Hey, can Patty O be a 30+ goal guy out there? I like the way he plays.


whatever HCMT does won't surprise me, either....even starting a line of Crosby flanked by Laraque & Roberts wouldn't drop my jaw, at this point.

I'll drink the occasional Appletini, but unlike JD...I likes mine HEAVY on the 'tini

& you're favorite drink is a FREE drink.


wilsmith said...

dammit, I was about to post those names!

anyway, everything that needs to be said to that guy has already been said. Impressive effort.

Stoosh, again, with the tailgate. I will be there. I have lots of practice with the ole RV lots up at PSU, and while I can't bring that beast to the burgh I don't think, I can bring a lot of tailgating necessities (ie, myself). But seriously, the supplies, the cooking skills and the tailgating games. I am 100% in, as long as it's a weekend.... 50/50 on a weekday. I have vacation days to burn.

Buccigross is right, there is no trading up. We need to stage a cage match, C-Blog Ladies vs. A Dozen Random Puck Bunnies. Time to squash those that give you a bad rep.

TheNWChica said...

Thanks Doc! I might be out there next season...a good friend of mine is out there and I am hoping to visit her; well that and see my boy Max in person. :)

I don't see why PattyO can't be a 30 goal scorer...he has 21 right now. I think that something has to change with Los Reyes though. There are a lot of nights they're scoring, since they have more SOG and goals than say the Ducks; but they're also giving up a lot more too. They look very frustrated a lot of the time.

johnny said...


You cite to quotations levied against you in an apparent effort to show how uneducated Pens fans are at your post at 2:43.

You then go on to argue how balanced the Flyer lines are citing to statistical evidence which is not “hersey.” As an aside, what the hell is “hersey”?

Did you mean that the events in question happened and that you have it on good authority so it is not “hearsay” since it is an out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted? Or are you suggesting that it is not “heresy” since you are not attempting to challenge any established, dogmatic system of religious beliefs?

In other words, the simple use of spell check function would have prevented you from appearing like a total dope. Rather, you would have only as a fraction of a dope.

wilsmith said...

well played, johnny. I read that earlier and laughed to myself. By the time I got to posting my own comment, I had forgot about it. =(

watch out for those heretics.

coffeytalk said...

I am in for tailgateblog whether it be weekday or weekend.

My bosses already understand that during this time of year I have the right to come in to work hungover.

wilsmith said...

Well, that's 3.

coffeytalk said...

Oh, snap!

pinkphloid54 said...

I won't be attending any games, but as I go to Duquesne (ugh) I am down for coming to any tailgate. Even though I'm a relative newcomer to cblog ;D

also, i currently wear a beard but come the conclusion of sunday's game, myself and several friends are starting with a clean slate for playoff beards. its actually pretty exciting, because the rest of my life isn't. i suggest that everyone else with the capability to do so get in on that shit (sorry rgb).

dying alive said...

I would think that Colby Armstrong would know that Malkin's nickname is "Geno."

"Gyno" is the guy who I see once a year to make sure that all of my girly pieces are working properly.

In less than one week, the Pens will have already played their first playoff game. It may even be a few minutes before faceoff for game two.


dying alive said...

I may be up for at least one tailgatingblog as well. It'll depend on which days the games fall on, and whether I can talk the tailgating-hating friend I go to the games with into it.

Ashley said...

coffeytalk - damn, and here I thought rgb would have made a great date for Game 1 of the playoffs. I mean, he certainly won't be doing anything special...but I guess he'll be watching the game with Charlie.

I'm so sad :(

Ashley said...

I was searching YouTube for "Raj Binder" videos (he's one hilarious guy), and I came across this one from the 2007 All-Star game in Dallas.

Make sure you catch the very end - it shows why Crosby is the greatest. He made sure to talk to the Halifax media.

Dr. Turkleton said...

Wow...this should be fun

Devils v Flyers on NHLNet...with the Flyers TV crew

I expect more whine generated tonight than Napa Valley ships out in a year.

ah oh

1-0 filly

mmmk1989 said...

"THIS IS THE PENSBLOG" photoshopped into the scene from 300 where he says to the messenger dude from Persia: "Blasphemy? THIS IS SPARTA" then kicks him into that hugely badass hole in the ground that just happens to be right outside the city would be badass. My photoshop skills are nonexistent, or else i'd do it.
---eric k

i'll try my best to do so.

Stoosh said...


I don't want to jinx anything, but given that the rumored start of the Pens' playoff games will be April 9 and 11, let's just say that Flyers fans aren't hoping for any scheduling conflicts that would take away from this.

*cue Manilow to the tune of "Mandy"*

Ohhhh, Sidney...

You came and you took away our playoffs.

Now where the hell are my golf clubs, Scottie?

We once were in second in the conference,

But then we couldn't stop choking, right, Danny?

Hey Briere, how about playing some defense?

Oh shit, Geno just blew one past Marty...

Dr. Turkleton said...


Barry is my wifes of course, to make up for attending/watching/reading hockey basically 24.7.365....I endure listening to his CD's & seeing his DVD's when games aren't on.
We went to his Mellon Arena show a couple years back. He had a circular stage at 'center ice' and we were 2 rows away, almost on a 06-07 blueline faceoff dot, behind a 'mixing board' or whatever one of those things are that control mic's volume & stuff....The show starts & Barry comes trotting down our isle literally an arms length away in his Red Velvet Jacket™ & my wife goes bonkers [as if Crosby just scored the Immaculate Deflection™]
Now, the general testosterone level in a 10 foot radius around me was probably slim to non-existent [present company, excluded..WOOOOOO!!!]...but, if that's what it takes to renew my Pens tix each year, order Center Ice & watch NHLNet at all hours of the day, then so be it. Talk about taking one for the team. I'm sure our trip to Vegas this summer will revolve around his show...

Heres the kicker: I'm singing your lyrics to the Mandy tune without missing a beat [realitycheckblog]

[Hossa: At The Copa]

FijiH2O said...

Ashley said...
"hockey-loving girlfriend/fiance/wife = keeper"

...except when guys get the wrong idea about you.

OR: When you know more!

Ally said...

Ashley -

Raj Binder in c-blog? Unreal! Thanks for the link :) Weird how the graphic for Shanahan has Chara's name instead.

But you know ZC wasn't lying when about eating two kids before every game, bicycles included!

Ally said...

"hockey-loving girlfriend/fiance/wife = keeper"

...except when guys get the wrong idea about you.

OR: When you know more!"

fijih20, you speak the truth.

Any other gals on here ever had a guy try to "explain" hockey to you? I always get drunk Leafs fans try to do that to me at the bar. They only really catch on that I know more than them when I have to explain that ICING is the one that involves 'those two red lines', not offside.

Ashley said...

Ally - Shaun Majumder (aka Raj Binder) is my hero. I don't know how much of him that you've seen, but last year he made his playoff predictions on HNIC and he interviewed the Senators a few years back.

I really should catch his new show on Fox...

And yeah, it's always funny to see guys look shocked when we actually know a thing or two about hockey. Icing? Isn't that what you put on a cake.....haha

Pensgirl said...

Come on Staff, it was Sid's third NHL game when I turned to my brother and asked if he knew of any "Stills" that played in the league. And really, I was ashamed that it took me that long to think of it. Don't give credit for that at this stage in the game.

Ashley said...

Philly up 1-0 over the Devils at the end of two. We need to give all of our good karma to New Jersey for the next hour so that maybe they can score a couple of goals.

C'mon Jersey, c'mon, acknowledge!!

Steve In Denver said...

Stoosh is going for the fan version of Lady Byng by givin' love to other teams players.

I can only go so far with that - I'll watch the studs on the Wings, Rick Nash, the Blackhawks (still a Lang fan), but I refuse to give props to any Flyers, Rangers, etc.

Dr. Turk, I feel your pain. I was dragged to see Cher once at Star Lake. It was like a flamboyant sausage race at a Brewers game. I threw up in my mouth every 5 seconds.

Last, Johnny asked what "hersey" is. A "her-sey" is what the Rangers and Flyers wear over their equipment. In Pgh, we call them "jerseys".

Stoosh said...

Dr. Turk - I hit the lyrics with the melody of the song as well, so don't be ashamed at that.

My wife doesn't go the Barry Manilow route. She is a huge Alanis Morissette fan, so a couple of years ago we went to see Alanis and the Barenaked Ladies out at Star Lake here in Pittsburgh. I'm not a huge Alanis fan, but I did like the "Jagged Little Pill" album (coincided with my freshmen and soph. years of college). Barenaked Ladies were entertaining as all hell, and Alanis's show was very good. I'm a music fan and I especially appreciate anything that's got halfway-decent guitars, which that certainly did.

It's nice, too, because my wife has really fallen in love with this team and the game. It helps that all of our friends are primarily Pens fans. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have season tickets in C12, and we'll be taking ten of their games next year, so that should be fun.

Stoosh said...

STEVE IN DENVER - I make a bit of an exception for Richards because I watched him play a bunch in juniors. Ironically, my favorite junior team is the Erie Otters, and Richards played for Kitchener, which is one of the Otters' bigger rivals. So really, I have no idea how I came to appreciate his game. And that's probably the more accurate way to describe it. I hate Richards because he's a Flyer, but I really appreciate that type of game he plays...very Ron Francis-esque.

Richards isn't as naturally talented as Francis, but I think Richards will ultimately develop into one of those guys who is a well-respected leader throughout the NHL.

Stoosh said...

Philly 2-0 over NJ.


Ashley said...

3-0 philly...


Jonny V said...

Well shit to all hell, if the games are on the 9th and 11th i don't think I can make a tailgating-blog-monumentous-occasion. Double fuck.

Jonny V said...

So Flyers it is. The only question remaining is whether we play them or Boston in the first round. Thanks to a reserve drill, looks like it's going to have to be another avoid-all-media-at-all-costs day until i can come home and watch the taped game.

And all the Capitals have to do to get in is beat the Panthers tomorrow to get in.


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