Monday, April 7, 2008

Buckle Up. PENS LOSE


There's no going back now.
There's no, "Oh, we should have beat Philly."

If you're scared of playing Ottawa, you shouldn't have wasted your time this season.
If you're concerned about the matchup, then you are human, because it is the playoffs.


You think the Rangers want to play the Devils?
Washington can't be happy to see Philly.
Do you think the Bruins want any piece of the Habs?

This isn't a time to be scared.
This is a time to exercise the demons.

This isn't the Pittsburgh Steelers.
We won't have to luckily avoid past-playoff ghosts on the way to a potential championship.

that's 6



The Anthem streak alive and well at 51 games.
Thanks again to everyone who sent them in all year.



Rob King, in playoff form all year, shows us video of Gary Roberts.
But then a professional tease: he says late news of someone scratched.

As FSN goes to break, a teleprompter explodes in the background.

King comes back from break and reports that Bing will be rested by Michel Therrien.

[Dr. Turkleton]

After that, Dan Potash shows he is a big deal and interviews Gary Roberts.



The Flyers were actually playing ice hockey early on, and it was nice.

On Roberts' first shift of the game, he takes a run at PFC Louden Downey.
He gives him a stick to the head. Good penalty to take.

If anything, it gave the Pens PK some practice.

The Pens didn't have to kill all of it, because Mike Richards, who in some circles is the best forward in the NHL, runs MAF.
He is the king of that so-called circle of jerks, aptly named Circle Jerk.

The Pens couldn't get anything on their eventual PP.

If there's anything that Richards penalty taught you, it's how easy the Flyers can be taken off their game.
Emotions took over for them and they started wanting to hit everything rather than play sound penalty-killing.

Later, Scottie Upshall tried to blindside Hal Gill.
If he hits Gill, it's a penalty since he left his skates.

USS dodged the hit and took the opportunity to lace Upshall with a punch to the face.
The Pens killed that one off, too.

When the USS sets sail after the PK, he choke-slams Scottie Upjoke.

[Mike Costa]

After an unreal mention of the USS Hal Gill by Paul Steigerwald, the Phantom of the Wachovia Center made an appearance.

One of the weirdest penalties of the year was killed when Gonchar got an interference call for hitting someone who had the puck.

[Eric H]

Things looked like they were about to get heated, but the two teams just looked like they were tired of each other.
It was evened up when the Flyers got a too-many-men penalty.

And that was it.



The second period started with Kris Letang getting slashed across the midsection.
The Pens eventually got the PP.

That was killed, but then they got another one when Mike Knuble jobbed Ruutu from behind.
That one was killed, too.

Honestly, the rest of the second consisted of the Flyers missing wide-open nets.
Things tried to heat up, but both teams were chill.

Eventually, they were back in the box, when Roberts baits Hartnell into a dumb penalty.
Then again, there probably isn't something called a dumb penalty during a game where both teams are just sleepwalking.

The Flyers got their 14th shorthanded scoring chance of the game when Mike Richards had a breakaway, but MAF calmly poke-checked it off his stick.

After a Steiggy Pensblog name-drop, the Flyers scored.
Scottie Upshall is a pain and puts it past MAF. 1-0.

What is up with that dude behind the glass?

Ruutu was on the warpath at the end of the second.
Things started to get a little chippy.
The USS Hal Gill basically laughs in Downie's face. How humiliating.



Ruutu ended up in the box again, and the Pens killed that off.

The Swedish dude for the Flyers was the next player going to the box,
so there was another PP on the way.
And that was killed.

Random photoshop.


The Pens were like 0 for 80 on the PP at the point.

Biron went out onto Broad Street to get a loose puck, but the excitement was thwarted when the Pens committed a hand pass.

Most of the third period was a haze.
Another PP was gone.

With 2:00 left, Malkin gets a diving penalty.
If this was mid-December, it's a big deal.

Malkin was in the box, which means he was gonna be injury-free for the playoffs.

Therrien pulls Fleury at the end to get a 5-on-4.
Nothing to lose.

Mike Knuble ends it. 2-0.

That was game.

And some visions danced through your head:

  • Whatev.
  • Roberts looked like nothing has changed.
  • Marty Biron sucks.
  • Thanks to Steiggy for the shout-out.
  • Tired of the Flyers and their games.
  • Someone is gonna get Scott Hartnell.
  • Where did the season go?


Playoff schedule is out.
Tell your partner when it's okay to do it this week.

[ ]

Isn't it interesting that the NHL balked on putting Crosby on NBC
for potentially the entire first round?

Sunday, April 22nd, looks primed to be an NBC game.
We're anxious to see what games FSN picks up.


[ Flightless Bird Season Is Now Officially Open ]

That link comes from "Five For Smiting," a Senators blog.

We've sent an e-mail along to the author...

hoping he will give us his take on the Sens series
and become a close friend of ours in the coming weeks.

If there's no reply or a choice not to acquiesce to our request, then we know where they stand.



-- Dr. Turkleton --

Go Pens


Smo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smo said...

Playoff time.

When I first heard Steiggy mention USS Hal Gill, I thought to myself, "there's no way he's going to say that and not attribute it."

Then finally he did. Awesome stuff.

Julia said...

I went to the game today.
Flyers fans are jokes.
Bring on the playoffs.

letsgopsu said...

"Mike Richards, who in some circles is the best forward in the NHL"

wow, that is hilarious

i've become affectionate to the idiot jobbers that come on cblog because they give staff so much more to work with

RWHC said...

Wow.. Charlie on the Sens logo is absolutely brilliant! :D

sh0ez said...

According to the Penguins site, FSN will cover all first round games.

"All Penguins games in the first round will be televised locally by FSN Pittsburgh."

Mr. Plank said...

Pens will roll the Sens in six. Good luck in the playoffs guys.

Gordie said...

The first game might not be on FSN since it says Versus.

Got my tickets to every home game in the playoffs, though I live in State College. And I know this was mentioned on the other C-blog, but I was also at the Straka OT game. I was also at the marathon game but left after the second OT (dad had work and I school); I got home in time to see the 4th OT and GWG.

I think my first post-season series was when Morozov had the PS in OT. Best time of the year for sure. Can't wait! Go Pens!

Is there anywhere anyone's getting together to watch the playoff games in State college? Like the Away games?

Jebus the XIV said...

I'm just glad Game 1 is on Wednesday. I would have been real pissed if I got hosed two years in a row.

IceCold... said...



i'm pretty sure this is the best time of the year.

so we looked tired today,whatev. i was fortunate enough to get to go the game and while i thought i was gonna vomit all over myself when i had to be there for a flyers win, i did get several positive things from the experience.

first, flyers fans aren't that smart. when i sat down in my seat, some guys started quacking at me. apparently, philly thinks penguins quack. then some people started yelling to "breaks their wings so they can't fly". i found this another interesting comment.

second,people in philly raise their kids to be several times during the game their jumbotron showed video of young boys in flyers jerseys dangling rope with a stuffed penguins tied to the end. isn't that precious, baby's first hanging.

third, our intermissions are way for interesting.

fourth, mom and dad, thank you for living in the BURGH!!!! i owe you one.

now, all i have to do is find some way to calm myself down enough to make it to get to wednesday without getting fired or injuring myself, or someone else for the matter. also i need to try to sleep at since since i work daylight this week. since it's about 430 right now and i'm wide awake this might be a problem...

dear staff,
thank you for helping me to get through the regular season. i owe you one as well. i guess that goes for all the C-bloggers as well.


Benjamin said...

you know what? fuck the flyers and the senators. does it really matter who we beat the living shit out of in the first round?


main kill destroy score. it will happen, just wait for him to wreck a sen homer.


Flyer Hater said...

Does Scottie Upshall look a little like Tim Benz?

Flyer Hater said...



Whistler said...

the Charlie/Sens logo = fierce.

I will be in the Burgh Wednesday night. I was gonna go to a Bucs game, but I think not now.

The last time I was in town on a game night was the last game against Boston. I pray to Roberts the outcome is better.

I'd like to go to the game but we all know that is impossible. Anyone here heading out to watch the game somewhere?

Fleury29 said...

Dr. Turkleton, that Senators/Charlie logo is as badass as it is simple.

Well done, sir, well done.

Sinops said...

The Charlie Senator was fucking hilarious. Classic.

Pens in five, fuck Ottawa.


Colin said...

I must admit that I am a bit nervous because it seems like everyone out there wanted to face the "Senator" - myself included.

Also, does anyone know if Gerber is for sure their starter for Wednesday? I know he has played a ton as of late, but Emery usually gives us trouble.

All that being said, I really feel confident that we are going to come and play the way the Sens opened the series on us last year.

People are talking about how big of a loss Alfie is, but I think the loss of Fisher might be bigger. He is a great defensive player and really played us well last year. I am happy to see that he is out.

I hope (and think) that Fleury stands on his head and plays like a beast, he deserves it.

PS - Anyone want to trade me two tickets to Fridays game for two tickets to Wednesdays game?

jmagnifico said...

I had the joy of sitting amongst Flyer fans at Sunday's game also.

First off the morons kept chanting Crosby sucks even though he didn't play.

For some reason it seemed like every single stop in play some dude would come out with a shovel and scoop up ice shavings, then he wouldn't get off before they were ready to drop the puck. It just seemed strange since the Mellon Crew only comes out on TV timeouts.

How gay is it that your goal is sponsored by TastyCakes.

I must say good showing of all in Pens jerseys and for all the talk about how rude Philthy fans are they didn't say a word to me, not the way a treated a Flyer fan that sat behind me at Wed. game at the Mellon

J said...

Just throwing this out there...

The Pens weren't trying to win this game. Consider:
- weak Gonch wristers from the point on the PP
- on the Flyers SH chances, the Pens dogged it back every time
- 8 PP's, 20 overall shots for the GAME
- Sitting Crosby

If the Pens wanted to win this game or thought that it as important, they would have actually tried yesterday. There is a difference between sucking (which we have 1 or 2 games all season) and simply not trying, which was obvious to anyone watching last night.

Everyone knows that Ottawa might be the worst team in the playoffs and, outside of some marginal tshirt revenue and playing Game 7 of a potential Conf Finals against the Habs, we had no advantage to winning this game. Now we can play a depleted Sens team and get payback for last year rather than a brutal, physically punishing first round series against the Flyers.

That being said, LET"S GO PENS!

PittHockey said...

that charlie poster is hilarious

KrisR said...

@Colin: Where are your seats?

wilsmith said...

Well done, Turk.
I like making the homo-sens fans photoshops more than any other kind, and I was staring at that logo for a while last night trying to think of what to do with it. You nailed it.

Whistler said...

We need to make a jersey out of that logo.. Put it in the store....

Colin said...


My two seats for Wednesday are section E18 row E seats 13 & 14.

Colin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christina said...

ah yes....the resurrection of the post-game 5 picture. that thing belongs on the wall of the Pens' locker room to serve as a little motivation, methinks.

excellent work on the charlie sens logo, dr. turk!

WWGRD? bring the noise in the playoffs.

KrisR said...

@Colin: I have two for Friday, but they are in B. Doesn't sound like that would work out (well, at least for me). Bummer.

Colin said...


Total bummer, thanks for the response though. Appreciate it.

PensfanSeoul said...

Its been said before, but it can't be said enough.

Dr. Turk = money

Charlie on the Sens logo....


DeCeV said...

Charlie is going to pretty busy this week. Come to think of it, Spezza and Heatley will be as well, especially with Alfie out of the picture.

Is that Slapshot? Go Royals.

Ashley said...

colin - you're right, the loss of Fisher is huge for the Senators. He reminds me a bit of Talbot, except he scores more.

Colin said...


I think Mike Fisher is one of the best two way players in the NHL. I really would love for Staal to develop into the type of player that Fisher is, I think it is possible too.

Dr. Turkleton said...

thanks to everyone for the 'Charlie IS the Senator' Love...

I have to give a Crosby-like assist to tPB staff for sprucing him up a bit & getting him into playoff form...

Senator Charlie from Ottawa, you now have the floor...[insert bad joke here]

[Hossa: will he like facing the organ-i-zation that traded him away to the Hockey wasteland known as: Atlanta?]

JYo said...

I know its been said several times, but holy crap Dr. Turk, great work with the logo. Me = stunned. The chocolate factory poster is very nice too. This should be a fun week jobbing the Sens while getting some sweet revenge. Lets go Pens!

Ashley said...

colin - no argument from me. I've always been a fan of Fisher and would love it if Staal developed into the same type of player.

Chris said...

Boy, the NHL outdid themselves with the first-round TV schedule:

Me being in the Boston area, I will be able to catch at least 3 games of every series except for the Penguins/Senators. Smooth.

Ashley said...

thanks for the link chris! I'm so excited now...penguins on one day, habs the next! yay!

Ashley said...

you won't see any pens games? that sucks. if you can make your computer think as though it's in canada and fool gore (i don't know how to do that...), then you might be able to catch the CBC streaming feed on they did that all season with their HNIC games, so i don't see why things would change in the playoffs.

chris e said...

Anyone know for sure how long Fisher and Alfy are out?

Mike Costa said...

I'm Not Sure If Anybody Saw This Yet But, On Ottawa's Website There's A Contest To See Who Has The Most Senators Spirit. They Want You To Dress Up To Show The Senator Pride You Have. Here's The URL For It.

Anybody Else Gonna Have Some Fun With That?

Go Pens!

Jonny V said...

Mike Costa, nice find, but I have to know, it's just been bothering me for quite some time. Why do you capitalize every word in your posts?

Raybin said...

Not much to say except Steigy saying "The USS Hal Gill" and referencing the Pens Blog was the best thing to happen on earth since the end of World War II.

Biron should enjoy the shutout now because Ovechkin is going to eat him alive. His Achilles heel is his mental weakness. Let him get a couple rung up on him early, and he'll fall to pieces. Caps in 6.

The Charlie as Senator logo is unreal. Send him up to Ottawa to comfort Alfie. Hes going to need it.

J.S. said...

@Costa, I foresee Charlie in a Senator helmet.

and I'm gonna be the 2nd one to question why every word you type is capitalized.

Jonny V said...

Found this after some perusing of the WWW:

Penguins gave in to gain Senators as foe
Some lines:
"If the hockey gods were watching (and TV ratings suggest they've switched over to NASCAR on Sundays), or if karma means anything, the Penguins can and should pay a price for the way they dodged the Flyers."

"Maybe they will get a chance to play those Penguins in a later round. Better yet, if the hockey gods have any say, they will get a chance to play Ottawa."

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Fiji, I sent out that package today. Hopefully you'll get it by Game 1.

Flyer Hater said...

Raybin, it's just a shame we can't drop two atomic bombs right on top of the Wachovia Center.

Sooska said...

@ johnny v - funny stuff. saw that over at Empty Netters.

I am going to ask 2 questions (1) is this guy a "journalist" and was he as morally outraged over the Filties on-ice behavior all year and (2) why is he so concerned with the Pens? He sounds obsessed-as in like a child predator. I guess he can't get it up for the Caps. so to speak.

footndale said...

Planning on visiting the Mellon for the first time for Game 3. Are there any "must visit" before the game?

coffeytalk said...

phil sheridan = punch in the mouth

Whistler said...


Yes.. That is Slapshot. Playoffs for us start Friday in Hell-Mira.

Are you a Royals fan?!

Jonny V said...

sooska, my thoughts exactly. I wonder if the lack of championships since '75 is because the hockey gods don't like their "brand" of hockey.

coffeytalk, i think an atomic wedgie wouldn't be out of line either.

Crash Kelly said...

Was it just me, or did Steigy say that Stall "got jobbed" when he put a shot on goal in the first? (it was before the USS Hal Gill reference).

Ashley said...

We all know that Steigy reads tPB, but I wonder if he ever posts in c-blog?

Pensgirl said...

Footndale, I could spend days telling you about all of the things a visitor to Pgh "must" do, but the be-all end-all is a trip up Mt. Washington to see the views of the city (named the second-most beautiful view in the country by USA Weekend magazine). You can drive, but the thing to do is really to take one of the inclines.

But I hope you don't really mean "game 3" - that's in Ottawa.

Jawsh said...

It's coming...

Get ready.

The Seeker said...

Found this on Empty Netters:

NHL Website Changes for Playoffs

Coming soon to Web site near you, 7 channels of NHL content

The new-look NHL Web site will be a dream to surfers -- the online and remote control kind.

Come Wednesday, hockey fans will have an online place to go for everything NHL and it won't just be a one-stop shop. This innovative digital creation will feature seven "channels" of options and it'll all be free.

Sooska said...

@crash- I am pretty sure we heard it too. The audio on FSN is so bad its is mushy sometimes. I think Steiggy wants to be part of the cool kids.

@ jonny v - Pensgirl just emailed me that some commenter at Faceoff Factor got all "greater moral imperative" on the Pens jobbing the game. If anyone saw the Syko post-game interview he was fantastically morally outraged at such a suggestion & even went so far as to say the game yesterday was the "same" as the game Wednesday skill and intensity-wise. I think they sent him out because he's the best actor. USS Hal Gill does not agree.

Maybe the refs gave Geno the diving penalty for the team effort.

Gordie said...

@ chris


( - find sports then ice hockey)

They show alot of NHL games. Some on Windows Media Player. Or you can download the Sopcast player and play some feeds with that. I watched a couple Pens games on versus with this site, it worked well.

The Seeker said...

How classy were the Cryers phans cheering when the Referee got hit with a puck?

"The City of Brotherly Love" has sort-of ghey connotations doesn't it?

Dr. Turkleton said...

anyone catch the Mellon 'Panaroma' in todays online PG?


conspiracy theorists be damned !!!

the boys might not have gone all rock out with their conks out & were cautious with bigger goals in mind, possibly?

Cherry made a valid point on Coaches Corner Saturday. He showed the EDM v. VAN game in which VAN had to win to get into the playoffs. But, VAN's 4th line went out for a shift in the 1st & we're crashin' & bangin' like Charlie at Alfie's house. Cherry said they shouldn't have stirred the pot against a team just playing out the season.
Equating that to the Pens situation: why poke the bear [flyers] when it really wasn't necessary...would 1st place have been that much more of a 'victory' if 1 or 2 guys got hurt or even suspended for something stupid? [the Eastern Conf. Champs banner would've been nice, though...but a Stanley Cup™ Champs banner will suffice]

Sooska said...

@ dr turk: exactamundo. We also all know the Pens tanked to get Mario so...greater moral imperative.

footndale said...

@pensgirl I meant Home Game 3. Series game 5.

Flyer Hater said...


FijiH2O said...

jonny v -


Pensgirl said...

OK, Footndale, I thought that might be what you meant but wanted to make sure.

Also, everyone will tell you to eat at Primanti's but I gotta say I'm more of a fan of the Pittsburgh Deli Company. Maybe it's that I'm a delicate flower of a female (stealing Seth's linkage concept) but Primanti's is just too heavy for me. For my money you can't beat PDC's fresh-baked bread.

JYo said...

re: "the Eastern Conf. Champs banner would've been nice"

I'll take the banner for winning the eastern conference in the playoffs over the one for being first place at the end of the regular season any day thank you very much. The first seed is meaningless if you don't actually win the conference in the playoffs.

Dr. Turkleton said...


I hear ya. Eyes on the big prize, right?...I'm just saying that at the end of the day, it would've been something nice to have in their back pocket...but no big deal.

team photos over at

classic version
sleepover version

Ashley said...

turk - I really like that pic of the guys on the ice, the "Sleepover" one. I always prefer those non-traditional pics that show the guys having fun, as opposed to the stiff "everyone sit up straight and say cheese" pics

Pensgirl said...

Ditto that Ashley, although the skate-head proximity has me a little queasy. But check out USS Seduce The Camera over on the bottom right - too funny!

Dr. Turkleton said...


That is a good pic of the boys being boys...
In the classic one, Geno looks pint size standing next to USS Hal Gill! [but, who doesn't?]

Lady Jaye said...

I Third The Capital Letter Thing... (just playin')

Heh, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who cringed at all the skate blades near vital body parts. lol I also cringe and think 'high ankle sprain' anybody anybody falls. The injury bug this year has had an effect on me.

Oh I can't wait for Wednesday! Wooo.

Nathan said...

Man, all I have to say is thank god for the Center Ice package. The only way the entire country doesn't get to see the entirety of the Caps-Flyers series is if it goes the distance (and if that's the case, Versus will probably pick it up anyway, unless the Pens, Rangers, or Red Wings series go seven as well). So where are the Washington residents of the Pens-conspiracy crazy train now?

They'll be back in full force when the Pens beat the Caps in the playoffs for the seventh time in eight series...

Interestingly enough, in 1991, the Pens were essentially the #2 seed in the Prince of Wales Conference (as regular season Patrick Division champs, but still 12 points behind the Bruins overall), and unlike most of the other years that they killed Washington fans' childhoods, they beat the Caps in the second round instead of the first. And a #2 seed has won the Stanley Cup each of the last two years.

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must first set yourself on fire."
-Fred Shero

Mark said...

Take this seriously - it came from a Canadian business colleague:

"I'm a little worried about (the Pens) getting past Ottawa, but if they do (which they should in 6), they could play up against Anaheim in the Final."

Senator Charles is my new desktop.

All hail Senator Charles.

Footndale, we really like the beers and clam chowder and fish sandwiches and onion rings at the Oyster House in Market Square.

Actually, I just enjoy saying "Hey, sweet thang, can I buy you a fish sandwich?" to my wife.

DeCeV said...


Yeah I try to be. I'm from the Reading area, but I live in State College nowadays so I don't get to go to many games. I might actually make it to the one on Saturday though.

Flyer Hater said...

You don't even raise a banner for winning the Eastern Conference regular season title, it's completely meaningless.

JYo said...

@ flyer hater: I was actually wondering if there was a banner involved with the regular season title. Other than the seed, it is pretty meaningless. Ask the Pats how they feel about being 16-0 in the regular season.

re: the relaxed photo.

I was also a bit concerned with the skates next to heads type of thing, but look at Syko's head position. Did Senator Charlie get to him???

coffeytalk said...

I was thinking the same thing, jyo.

Syko is a strange strange fellow. But i love every bit of him.

coffeytalk said...

The sleepover photo is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I love how Talbot is the most cuddled with.
Will be printing and framing that photo now...

Johnny Wrath said...

Great recap, great photo shops.

This season’s Thenators squad is laudably gentle. They just continue to do silly things.

They let Mike Comrie and Tom Preissing walk, which was silly. They signed Randy Robitaille and Luke fucking Richardson. Those are considerable downgrades, in my opinion, in terms of key depth guys.

Speaking of key depth guys, who the hell would make a Peter Schaefer for Shean Donovan deal? I wouldn’t, as it is foolish. Martin Lapointe continues to be irrelevant. Now, their “big deal”. Mike Commodore is a mid-range stay at home who hasn’t fit in well at all. He has shown the ability to shadow top forwards, but I don’t know how successful that will be considering he’s -7 and real slow for 6’5. Cory Stillman had 24 goals, but is a -15. He’s never scored 30 goals and is 34 and is infamously a poor defensive player.

They never appreciated Joe Corvo. Then again, they don’t appreciate Wade Redden or Chris Phillips. He guy is really effective, and I think he’s got a high Hockey IQ. He showed up and made Carolina’s PP click. Patty Eaves, on the other hand, may be one of those borderline 3rd line forward. He reminds me of Crusher, except Eaves is righty. If I had been trying for 2 seasons to get rid of Redden, I would have kept Joe. Then again, they let Chara go, kept Wade. They must wear those BFF necklaces.

Finally, Martin Gerber appears to be the starter. He lost his job in Carolina, then promptly signed a huge deal and lost his job to Ray Emery, the boxing enthusiast and cocaine fiend. Meanwhile, MAF is 5-1-1, 1.14, and .957 in his last 7. I’d take that into a series of 7 games.

My prediction: Pittsburgh in 5 games. We lose game Four in Ottawa, come back and destroy them, sending a message to the rest of NHL. Hossa has 9 goals in the series. I have a $1K bet going that Thenators coaches go to Emery after game 3. Brian McGrattan does a special game 5 chili rainbow. Go Pens.

Lauren said...

I was at the game yesterday in Philly - for the second time this season - and I've never been more disgusted with fans. We were sandwiched in with about a million Flyers fans, and two Pens fans in front of us, it was horrific.

The one thing that stuck out was the fact that they kept screaming for penalties to be called. I hate to break it to you, but every time there's contact, does NOT mean a penalty will be called. It's hockey, for Roberts' sake, not figure skating.

Whatev, just felt I had to get that out, by chance a Cryers fan happened to stop by to invade c-blog... Go Pens!

Kelly said...

footndale, dunno if someone suggested this and I missed it, but I always go to the Pizza Milano just down the hill from the Mellon Arena before games, its always packed with Pens fans eating pizza and drinkin beer, and I think their pizza is the best in Pittsburgh that I've had. The calzones are also awesome. 1304 5th Ave is the address.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@ Turk: I put that as the desktop at one of the computers we use in one of my classes at school. I saw that and wondered "What is with Beech's love of Hall?" "Why is everyone lying on Talbot and Staal?" "What was Syko thinking?" and "What is going on with the goalies and Dupuis?" I love this picture though! Roberts is sort of smiling ... maybe he remembered how easy it was to kill Eager. Orpik still looks a bit creepy but much better. Scuds is touching no one, apparently he has seen Charlie. Hossa looks like he was drinking before the picture while TK is getting squished. Ahh, my favorite team, how amazingly funny you are!

This sophomore claims he's a Malone and Pens fan and says he knows more about them than me. (Sexist pig!) He keeps telling me because Bugsy is my fav. player I should be endorsing Roberts's retirement. I told him you do not deserve wearing Pens gear at all. Roberts is like GOD, we do not take his name in vain. I was ready to crush his windpipe. Bugsy may be my fav. player, btu Roberts gets the "A" no matter what. Hatredofstupidwannabefansblog.

I can't wait until Wednesday!!

stokes said...

@ Flyer Hater: I don't know whether to cry or wind my watch.

That sleepover pic is really weird. If Army was still here, do you think he would be spooning with Crosby?

letsgopsu said...

@ stokes

I actually think if Army was still here him and Crosby would be like Talbot-Syko part 2.

Michelle said...

I'm so excited for the playoffs! My first Pens game ever was a game 7, 3-0 victory over the Caps when Jim Carey was in goal. I love playoff hockey!

Even though I'm not thrilled about the Sens in the first round, I just have this sense that they can't lose.

Awesome job all season with the Pensblog! I LOOOVE it! It really made the season even better for me. Thanks Pensblog staff!

Go Pens!

I love the photoshop with HCMT and Sid! It was cute. :)

Flyer Hater said...

Stokes, WOOOO

dying alive said...

Maybe it's just the way his glove is positioned, but does it not look like Malkin is flipping the bird in the sleepover picture? The look on his face coupled with the ridiculousness of the pic itself makes me think he might be. And Sabourin is totally doing George Costanza's "Timeless Art of Seduction" pose.

Solid photoshops, all. I especially liked Senator Charlie and the blind refs.

Whistler said...


Hope you can make it to Reading and cheer on the Royals. If you do, make sure you say hi to Slappy. Tell him that Whistler sent ya!

Mike Costa said...

@ jonny v and js

My Math Teacher My Senior Year Wrote On The Board Like This All The Time And I Started Doing It Right Afterwards. It Just Stuck On From Then And It's A Become A Thing Oh "Oh Costa Wrote That" Type Of Thing.

DeCeV said...

Anyone notice in the sleepover pic how every single Penguin is looking at the camera and smiling? Every single one except for Hossa.

eileenover said...

Malkin is definitely flipping the bird. I think Fleury's face is the best, he looks repulsed that Dupuis is on his leg.


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