Thursday, April 10, 2008




A new WWGRD wristband order wasn't gonna happen.

But the people have spoken.

Our old friend who bankrolled us last time e-mailed us.

"Do it"



A) If you don't have a [ PayPal ] account, get one.
It's free to set up.

B) We will NOT NOT NOT be taking money orders, checks, or cash in the mail.
Get a PayPal account.

C) In a perfect world, wristbands will be in mailboxes by the April 20's.




1. Create a Paypal account or use your existing one and sign on.
Click the "Send Money" tab at the top of the page (second dark blue tab).
*Make sure the "Pay Anyone" tab in the submenu (below the "Send Money" tab) is selected.

2. In the "To:" text box, type the following:

3. Enter the $ amount in the "Amount:" text box.
Make sure currency is set to USD.
Select "Goods" from the list in the "For:" section.

***If you want one wristband, put $5.
If you want two wristbands, put $10, etc.***

4. Click the Continue button.
Follow the instructions until you've completed the transaction.
You'll receive a receipt from Paypal in your e-mail once you've finished.



A) We have purchased 1,000 wristbands. The wristbands are $5 apiece.
The price has changed from earlier because the operation is really taxing on our time.

B) There is no maximum limit. Buy as many as you want.
First come, first serve.

C) Since the company we go through already has the mold for the wristbands,
we've been told to expect 1,000 wristbands on our doorstep within 7 days of the order.



We had a 96-99% satisfaction rate from the first round of wristbands.
But we are running the ship a lot tighter these days.

If you didn't get wristbands you paid for, e-mail us and we'll hook you up...
Trust us, and we'll trust you.

Basically, we should have another e-mail from you
from the first round of wristbands, saying that you hadn't received them.

That might be the only way to verify that we jobbed you.
But again, trust us, and we'll trust you.




The street address you use to register with PayPal
is the address wristbands will be mailed to.

We print out all the receipts that come to our e-mail,
and cut the addresses from them and tape them to envelopes.

Henry Ford = Stunned.

That is why getting the address right is extremely important.

If your PayPal address is different from your desired shipping address,
leave a note in the PayPal purchase denoting such.

[ PayPal ]


blackngold66 said...


pensblog jeff said...

Again, does anyone want to meet up with me Friday night outside the mellon? Respond on here or email me at jeff.harr -at- gmail -dot- com. It would be cool to chill with some pblog people while I;m there.

Flyer Hater said...


I have a feeling that this secret investor is Gore himself.

BlacknGold66 said...

Thank Gary for the free MLB package preview...

Sure, I could catch the Bucs on WGN...

...but then I wouldn't have had the zoomed-in shot of some obviously VERY upset Thenatorth in the suite watching the game.

Cubs losing.
Upset Sens.

Me = Happy.


RobbieBrown44 said...

Thish ish gonna be fantashtic!

Hooks Orpik said...

Ted D is the man.

JYo said...

Vote Pensblog ' the people, for the people. You listen to the masses and act on our requests. WOOOOOOOO!

JYo said...

Oh yeah, how do we place an order? Can we reserve them now or will that happen when you get them in? I can smell a high demand coming and I don't want to miss out this time.

slush said...

Sweet! We are down to 2 from the first batch we ordered.

CMUpenfan said...

Awesome time to get me a wristband

Jonny V said...

Jeff, I have work until about six, but am going to try my damnedest to get down there on the outside lawn. I'm going to have my white 1977 Pens jersey so as to stand out a little bit. Staff and Dibiase, good lookin' out on the bracelets.

Ashley, great letter to the Ottawa Sun. You got your point across nicely. Great writing.

Flyer Hater, awesome find with the Roberts jersey, but assuming I wouldn't get struck down by lightning, I'd have to get the Haaken Loob one.

I have kasparaitis, I have the same sentiments regarding wearing hats during the anthem. That and idle chatter.

Stokes, I took a look at Jeffrey Paswick's blog earlier today. He's like an X-rated Dennis the Menace. Funny as hell, yet he scares me a little. And his only interests are Narwal whales. That's so random.

Like wilsmith said, I don't think anything else could be said.

thePensblog is platinum

Jonny V said...

jyo, relax, they took care of everything in an orderly fashion with the first wave. You'll get one...or twenty.

And those knock-off ones were made by some c-blog troll last year when i think it was snoopyjode and a few other people were bouncing around ideas. He came on soon after offering his version on ebay at a marked up price. Don't give him the business, wait for the real thing.

Kevin said...

I would love to watch the game on the screen outside but isn't the weather supposed to be nasty tomorrow? Thunderstorms and gusts up to 30 mph I heard.

Brett said...

Bought mine earlier today off of eBay... item number: 250235346971

My buddy Chris in E-14 is going to be jealous - hahahaha!

Freakin Sweet!

Long live ThePensBlog!
Long live Gary Roberts!

Eric P. said...

Cody Bass suspended for game two apparently.

Brett said...

This just in -- there are also WWGRD stickers on eBay... Item number: 140223353983

Just ordered me a couple. $0.50 a pop. Sweeeeeeeeet.

You guys have started a revolution!

Long live ThePensBlog!
Long live Gary Roberts!

JYo said...

re :"jyo, relax, they took care of everything in an orderly fashion with the first wave. You'll get one...or twenty."

I know, I know, I'm just impatient. Also, its easy to say "relax" when you already have one (or 20). I'm sure things were fine last time, but as you can tell, tPB is a bit more crazy than when the first round came out. I just don't want to be left out. Pensblog mania runnin' wild! I have a fever and there is only one cure...more Pensblog!

DeathByEmu said...

O man Ted Dibiase. I about horked a milk dud out my nose laughing. hey..where the hell is Virgil?!?

Jonny V said...

Was looking through the ol' archives, and saw a couple of appropriate photoshops.

Don K. Show


stokes said...

My hockey buddy and i may take you up on the offer, depending on the weather. We'll probably just walk around yelling Jeff to find you.


Johnny V: he's a weird dude. what a dorkzoid.

Jonny V said...

Like the Stanley Cup, the wristband will be worth the wait.

And sorry if i sounded preachy saying don't buy them off of ebay, but i'd rather buy them off of the people who started this whole thing than give my money to someone just trying to make a fast buck.

JYo said...

Completely agree on both accounts Jonny V...

I feel the same way about getting the original wristbands, and stickers. The stickers are readily available in storeblog, I don't know why anyone would buy ebay knockoffs.

Brett said...


I understand your concern -- but don't you realize that the photoshop that you posted up from "Skip" is the work of the same dude who is selling the wristbands on eBay?

How do I know?

He sits one freakin section away from me at the Igloo. He's in E. Seems to be a good dude with a decent sense of humor. Can't we all just get along? We're supposed to be bashing all of these Senathors fanths -- not each other!

Long live ThePensBlog!
Long live Gary Roberts!

mightygwins said...

Geesh - by the time I buy any of these and theyre shipped (from either the PensBlog or eBay), the Pens may be out of the playoffs.

RobbieBrown44 said... 2 on the way! Sttthupendouth.

(Bashing Murray will never get old.)

Jonny V said...

Brett, if u know dude and he's cool, then as I said before, buy from him. I just remember there being hard feelings how c-bloggers were floating the idea around, and presto he all of a sudden has them for sale before even trying to contact tPB staff (I know they aren't the end-all of Gary Roberts, but in effect he wouldn't have had the idea for the bracelets in the first place if he didn't read the blog). And if memory serves he had his priced so he was making a pretty nifty profit from other people's idea.

But as Loren Wallace so eloquently put it, "I didn't say I wouldn't go fishin' with the man..."

Go Pens

KJ said...

it says completed so now by the grace of gary and the pensblog, i will be getting a wristband, sweeet

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Holy crap.

"Heny Ford = Stunned"

may be the hardest I've ever actual 'LOL'd' while reading TPB, and that's saying something.

Gotta love assembly-line domination.

Bravo, fellas, bravo.

Pensgirl said...

Thanks to the mystery bankroller, and thanks to you boys for being willing to do all the work involved. I can't even concentrate on my primary job now that the playoffs are here; taking on more is insane. You guys are great to put so much of your personal time into this blog and its products, and I hope that no whiny jobber ever makes it start to feel like work for you.

JYo said...

Great post Pensgirl, my sentiments exactly! I have my wristband ordered so I can sleep soundly. Don't worry mightygwins, if the turnaround is close to what the staff says, we'll be playing for a while after they arrive. WOOOOOOOOO!

Brett said...

What I don't get is the $5 price... wasn't this the original price that yinz jobbed Skippy for trying to make a fast buck. I don't understand. Your quantity ordered went up thus effectively lowering the price per wristband from the manufacturer. How can the pensblog folks not be making a killing over this latest round of wristbands???? There's no mystery bank roller -- if Billionaire Ted DID exist, these would be $1.50 tops. Even without Ted, it would be $2 to $3 bucks tops. I'm not calling shenanigans, but holy hypocritical situation, Batman!

Ashley said...

brett - you also have to consider the cost of shipping the wristbands to c-bloggers, not to mention the fact that people here have repeatedly stated that they wanted WWGRD wristbands so they're doing us a favour by organizing it. Besides, if they cannot sell all 1000 wristbands, I'm sure they'll want to have enough money so that they aren't left in the red.

blades09 said...

$5 a wristband is completely cool. There is a LOT of work involved in fulfilling 1000 orders. Well...996 orders 'cause I just ordered 4.

Brett said...


That's not my point. Go back in the archives and take a look. Skippy, at the time he announced he was selling them, rationalized the $5 with the shipping, labor, PayPal cost, and whatever the eBay ad was... most everyone on here CRUCIFIED him as an opportunist saying that $5 was ghastly overpriced and that he was in it for the money.

Having met the dude at a game, I can tell you that he is genuine. He is a season ticket holder (partial plan) and he thought he was helping make an idea become a reality. I guess he was wrong. He won't post or send in photoshops anymore since he felt that he was unfairly treated. Can't say that I blame him.

The Pensblog offered their wristbands at $2/band and ridiculed his $5 overpricing... calling him an opportunist. Now, who is the opportunist? Just calling a spade a spade.

In a free-market society, people can make choices. If they want to spend $5 for a wristband, more power to them. If they want to spend $1.75 and save money by buying a wristband from someone who I (and others on eBay) can vouch for, more power to them as well. It's item number: 250235346971

In short, we're all in this together. If anyone needs to rip someone apart, look no further than Cryin Bryan Murray who claims Sid embellishes hits and other fine stick work.

Ashley said...

brett - I was just trying to give you a reason why the staff may have decided to 'up' their price from before. That's all. I'm not here to argue one way or another.

Brett said...


Fair enough ~ let's go Pens!

By the way, just to reinforce something that was posted the other day -- this Ottawa writer is hyping up the Senators claiming that the Pens are overrated.

Stoosh said...

I'm not trying to be a dick here, but are we really going to revisit this whole thing again?

It's five bucks. That's a breakfast at Eat N' Park or a couple of Miller Lites.

If you think it's too much to pay, don't pay it.

For all the work these guys put into the site...

slush said...

Thanks pensblogstaff for making the wristbands a reality again. I know its a lot of work. You guys rock!

Nick Saia (usa) said...

wow, Im really sorry if i offended someone by putting those stickers on eBay... I actually did email thepensblog multiple times asking if they wanted me to do it, they said they were interested and then never followed up.

I swear Ill take it down if you want me to. I actually frequent this site and submit a lot of PS's. just trying to spread the Gary word...

Im actually not making much money BTW.

AND! very important.... Brett if you want a refund Ill give you one cause you said,
"This just in -- there are also WWGRD stickers on eBay... Item number: 140223353983
Just ordered me a couple. $0.50 a pop. Sweeeeeeeeet." But you actually only get ONE sticker that is 8 inches long... you dont get eight stickers... so hit me up if you want to cancel.
later dudes
go pens!

Jawsh said...


Jonny V said...

Brett, I'm sorry I brought it up, we ARE all pens fans. This isn't a communist society and people can buy what they wish. And I'm sure if a fellow c-blogger wants to take the time to make up a Pens product, and it's quality, people will buy it. There are now many ways to spread the legend of Gary Roberts, and it's the greatest time of year.

Jonny V said...

jawsh, solid blastfromthepast. Tiffany, where have u gone??

Ashley said...

wow, the Flames are getting in tons of penalty trouble.

Big Joe Thornton just crashed hard into the boards and Vandermeer goes into the box...this is nuts.

Steve In Denver said...

My original WWGRD band has been on since the day it arrived in early November. It has fused itself to my skin. When I get a cut, it instantly turns into a black rubbery substance, then heals overnight. My high ankle sprain?? I was on crutches for two days, back goaltending 2 weeks later.

All I'm sayin' is there's a certain magic that comes from the WWGRD that money can't buy.

Jonny V said...

And the Ducks are getting their heinies handed to them 4-0 in the second

Pensblog Staff said...


We jobbed Skippy because he was trying to job us.

No way do I care to defend myself and Adam, to you, but honestly buy the stuff off ebay if you want.

Your opinion means nothing..

And don't ever doubt Ted..


Pensblog Staff said...

and to back Nick up.

He asked us if he could do that, and we have no problem with it at all.

Go Pens

MizzPenz said...

Hey Brett,

It's just like changing the station on your radio. You don't like what you hear? Change the freaking channel.

You don't like the price? Don't buy it.


Ashley said...

jonny v - and they're all PP goals

stokes said...

Go Stars.

Ashley said...

Sens news from CBC:

Marty Lapointe on the top line with Spezza and Heatley

Pensblog Staff said...

The reason for the price hike is that we don't know how many we'd sell.

The $5 price discourages people from buying up a ton, thus leaving enough wristbands to accommodate the demand.

Ted DiBiase does in fact exist, but he wishes to remain anonymous.
If we had money laying around, we would have done a second round of WWGRD a lonnnnng time ago.

Whatev. Pens are in the playoffs.
We consider the matter closed.

We don't claim any ownership of the WWGRD wristband idea.
Anyone could have made wristbands.

But we knew this site was engine that was needed to move the wristbands.

The fact that Skippy went and did everything on his own and then solicited commentorblog with his stuff was pure shit.
Put yourself in our position.


RobTheSlob said...

hey pensblog staff i sent you an email with some paypal button html code you can paste in the blog to make it easier to order the wristbands

Jonny V said...

Kent Huskins of the Ducks got a 2 minute penalty for playing with a broken stick. I never even knew that penalty existed.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

good read
(reading it out loud with a lisp is fun, try it, it will definately annoy the people next to you)

Pittsburgh head coach Michel Therrien figures the visitors will come out flying Friday night.
"We know they're going to come out with more desperation and we need to be even better than last night," said Therrien.

Stoosh said...


Lapointe with Spezza and Heatley? I thought that's what I heard on the NHL Network tonight, but it seemed out of whack so I thought I might have misunderstood the report.

The Pens have last change in Game Two, so I can't see any way that Lapointe is going to be able to keep up with either Sid or Geno's line. This could work out very well tomorrow night. If I'm Therrien, I'm making sure either Sid or Geno is out there any time that top line of Ottawa steps on the ice.

Jonny V said...

Saw this quote in the sidebar of the Fleury story the Staff linked to:

• Murray agreed that being successful in the playoffs often means overcoming adversity. He just wished the Penguins would get to try some of it, too. "I'd like to thee the other team have thum thingth to overcome," Murray joked.

coffeytalk said...

So I get paid tomorrow. I could pay off a credit card bill


order more wristbands...


Jonny V said...

I was thinking...when Whitney saw Bing get mugged by you suppose, perhaps, that he thought to himself...What Would Gary Roberts Do?

Stoosh said...

Jonny V -

Either Murray's an expert at being patronizing, or he's increidibly ignorant and stupid.

Granted, he had his own sinking ship to worry about, but I can't imagine Bryan Murray missed the two or three full months we played without our best overall player (and defending scoring champ, nonetheless), our top goalie, our top defenseman and our top ass-kicker. While all four of those were also out, we lost one of our top penalty-killing centers as well. And for extended periods of time, we were also relying on lower-line contributions from career minor leaguers. Not prospects. Career minor leaguers.

I hate the fact that the Pens haven't had any adversity to overcome this year. Just hate it.

I don't know about anyone else, but I really wish at some point this Pens team would've been tested this year.


Gordie said...

@ johnny v

I guess our captain and number one goaltender being injured isn't enough adversity.

As for the price increase, it makes sense. High demand = higher prices.

Stoosh said...

Coffeytalk -

Hmmmm....How about pay off the CC bill, and then use some of the extra room on the CC to order more wristbands.

I'm deciding between the WWGRD shirt and the wristbands myself, but I have a feeling I'm going to end up with one of each.

And I have to wonder if it's bad form for me to invest in the "Commit to the Stoosh" gear.

brewtaltrooper said...

I saw in the instructions to select "Pay anyone" under the "Send money tab." Is it just me or is it not there?

Ashley said...

Stoosh - get the "Commit to the Stoosh" gear, and then wear one of those stickers that says "Hello! My name is Stoosh"

tripledeke said...

Anyone at virginia tech we are going to champs tomorrow for the game...we need a good group so we can get a tv with all the damn craps fans (like those exist)

blufftalk said...

  I can't sleep. All that I can think about is the next game. Go Pens. Hooooooooooo(ssa)

brewtaltrooper said...

I hear you Blufftalk. Between the game last night, my winter league playoffs starting tonight (no points, but I should've had a penalty or at least a double minor when two guys hook-slashed me down... at least I threw the body like Gary!!!), and tomorrow's game, I'm off the charts pumped!!!

RobbieBrown44 said...

I agree with Stoosh's comment (from 11:08pm). I have no problem throwing $5 bucks...actually $10 in my case, to these guys for this. Hell, I pay $60 a month for cable and all I get from it is hockey and the occasional Knight Rider Kitt vs. Karr 2 episode. I get far more entertainment from this site. I'm waiting for Dan O to send me a "early morning entertainment at work" tax bill.

In honesty, I hope they do make a buck or 2 off of this sale. They've earned it.


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