Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not much going on in Penguin Land...
except to watch helplessly in the mirror as your beard grows.

If there are ladies out there not shaving their legs during the playoffs,
God bless.

:: Speaking of playoff beards, a Pens fan is chronicling his beard at [ Nut Check Videos ]

:: [ Fleury 29 ] sent this along:

Penguins celebrity blogger on [ AJ Buckley ]

Basically, no one has heard of this guy.
Checking his career, most likely you are just as famous. [IMDB]

But he did star in an "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" episode in 1995.

How Donkey Lips got passed up for this, no one knows.


Here is Buckley's most recent entry:

"Now, I’m a die-hard Canucks fan. And it broke my heart when they were eliminated.

I have to admit, I really like Pittsburgh as well. Crosby being as exciting a player as he is,
and Malkin almost leading the league in scoring.

**Pittsburgh goes after the puck and gets after it. That’s what I like about them.

Before I step fully into my role as the Pens’ blogger,
however, I want to take one moment to talk about Trevor Linden."

And that is where you close your Firefox browser and try jumping out of a window.

:: [ Empty Netters ] has the skills to pay the bills. Solid stuff from Sethblog.

:: [ B94 Morning Show ] keeps Roberts Mania alive with a new song.

John, Dave, Bubba, and Shelly were the the '80s Oilers of radio in the 1990's.

:: Pens tickets sold out faster than you perform in bed. [PG]

[Brad F]

:: Eric P. with a nice recap of the Sens series.


Operation Jinx the Penguins is in full effect via the Pittsburgh media.

If you see Lynne Hayes-Freeland, a mircophone, and a tv crew,
don't get all caught up in the moment.

Yeah, it is good to be confident about the Penguins.
But relax. Don't be like the joke at 1:39 of this video.


MSG is cracking down on homophobic slurs uttered by fans. [ Fanhouse ]

That's pretty hard to do when Sean Avery is always on the MSG ice.


Rangers all business.[RangerLand]

Were the Devils gonna stay alive? Nope.
We had the Devils in 7 after Avery's shenanigans, so we're eating crow right now.

[ Wiki ]

It is most likely an Americanization of the English “to eat humble pie.” The English phrase is something of a pun—“umbles” were the intestines and other unsavories of a deer. Pies made of this were known to be served to those of lesser class who did not eat at the king’s/lord’s/governor’s table. It may also be the American version of "umble," since the OED defines crow as meaning 'intestine or mesentery of an animal' and cites usages from the 1600s into the 1800s (e.g., Farley, Lond Art of Cookery: "the harslet, which consists of the liver, crow, kidneys, and skirts." Another dish likely to be served with humble pie is rook pie (rooks being closely related to crows). This may be another clue as to how humble pie became boiled crow.

That clears it up. Not.

The Rangers close out the series in New Jersey,
bringing a Rangers/Pens series just that much closer to realization.

Check out what Avery said about Brodeur. [Dr. James Mirtle]

"Everyone talks about how classless I am,
but I guess Fatso there just forgot to shake my hand."
— Sean Avery on Martin Brodeur

With the Flyers a win away from winning their series.
.And the Habs just needing a victory to move on.

We hope everyone is ready for a Pens/Rangers series.
Sean Avery must be stopped.

Detroit, after losing both games in Nashville,
found themselves all tied up 2-2 going into Game 5.

They grabbed a 1-0 lead and held onto it until the last minute.
Nashville pulled their goalie and tied it up.

Dennis Franz for the Wings got free in OT and put it past Dock Ellis for the win.

But the main plot going into the rest of the series
is Detroit's decision to bench Hasek and go with Chris Osgood.

Adam Banks came through with two goals to help the Ducks stave off elimination.
[Battle Of California]

They'll be facing the same predicament, now down 3-2,
when they head deep into the heart of Texas on Sunday night.



We had to assemble the media
to acknowledge that we accept Charlie's apology for his actions during the Senators series.

His [ Facebook Page ] has mentioned that he and Bryan Murray have broken up,
so we will accept Charlie back on the Penguin side of things with open cheeks arms.


If you have some time, check out our boy Greg Wyshynski.
He has moved on to [The Yahoo Sports Blogs.]

He is owning over there, too.

Great read about a HABS fan getting destroyed in Boston. [GDUB]

"He (Masse) was wearing glasses," [witness Hugo] Contant recalled yesterday. "And he had a red Canadiens shirt on. When he approached them, they began yelling things like, ‘Go home, you French (expletive)' - things like that. I heard (Masse) laugh and say, ‘We don't want to fight . . . we don't want any trouble,' as he tried to pass. Then someone punched him once, maybe twice, in the face. He went down and his eyeglasses came off."


Also contributing to Yahoo's blogs is Sean from [Going Five Hole.]

You know why?
Because he finds things like this:

"Ron Hexall did not shave his pubes."

Tom Mees, unflappable.


Remember when Don Barden was promising things to the Hill District?
Things like, oh, 3 million dollars?

Yeah, not so much anymore. [PG]

"In a filing yesterday with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Mr. Barden's company, PITG Gaming LLC, said it wanted to drop the commitment "due to the grant of the development rights to another party."

The other party is the Penguins.
The whole thing is going to be a big mess.

We blame the politicians.

It is time for a change:



Go Pens


AndrewS said...

1. Don Barden is a joke. Always has been, always will be.

2. Sean Avery is a joke. If Brodeur had punched him in the face during the handshake, I would have sent him a check for an undisclosed amount of money, I hate Avery that bad. Hey Sean, Marty can't hear you talking smack on him, he has too many Stanley Cup rings in his ears. What a homo.

3.(Again with the Avery) Hey Sean, everyone talks about how classless you are because you are classless, joke.

4. Whatever, our disposal of actual tough guys who will fight will demolish Avery if we play the Rangers in round two.

Thats all from me

Go Pens

AndrewS said...

I'd like to clarify if any of the above seems senseless, it's because I'm quite inebriated

Again, Go Pens

April said...

I might have lost a little respect for AJ Buckley (he plays a fairly prominent lab guy in CSI: NY) just because he is a freaking Canucks fan...

coffeytalk said...

wow. that pube shot just changed my life...

KJ said...

asked charlie to be my friend on facebook, not sure if i can sleep without knowing his response (crossing my fingers)

if avery really wanted to apologize to marty, maybe he should've gotten to him sooner? and, while marty didn't extend the olive branch, couldn't avery have at least said "sorry" right there or shown an effort? i mean without it, they both look a bit unclassy (though i cannot blame marty too much)

tom mees-miss that guy

finally, @april, thank you. i knew that guy looked a bit familiar but never would've guessed. man, i like it so much more when i don't know things about actors.

J.S. said...

I would post multiple Roberts '08 signs in my yard if they were readily available.

Also, thanks for the Avery pic in the post. I have a good feeling that I'll be photoshopping that later today once I get out of drill.

(Damn, I'm tired)

PittHockey said...

I need a source on the Roberts '08 poster...

Otherwise I'm making my own.

Fleury29 said...

Avery is a joke. I wouldn't have shaken his hand, either.

When I saw lowlights of his little shenanigans, I said to my mom, "Man, Tom Barrasso or Ron Hextall would have beat the shit out of that guy if this was 1993."

According to this article, I wasn't the only one with that thought.

Flyer Hater said...

That's exactly what Sean Avery wants, "He has to be stoppped". No he doesn't, he's a no talent jobber whose sole job is to distract focus from where it should be going, on guys like Gomez, Jagr, and Drury. Those are the Rangers that have the chance to beat us, not Sean Avery.

Pensblog Staff said...

Flyer Hater must be stopped

The Big K said...

As solid a non-gameday job as I've seen.

Pensblog Staff said...

Flyer Hater must be stopped

Raybin said...

The idea of a little puke like Avery facing down Ronnie Hextall is a thought to warm the heart.

Anyone else remember him coming out of the net to try and fight Robbie Brown? (If memory serves...I was damn young at the time)

Raybin said...

Koivu getting ready to return to the Canadiens

The Flyers should celebrate while they can. With Koivu back and if Price can get back in form, I'll calling it for the Habs in 5. Kovalev and Koivu will tear down Biron's fragile mental state in record time.

And if Price has any pretensions to be a franchise/playoff goaltender, he'd better be able to put the debacle of the last game out of his mind. And he will.

Sooska said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

So how much longer will it be before Barden tries to welsh on his financial obligations toward the new arena. He definitely deserves the Wheatley Award for this week, and you could probably get Wheatley to deliver it to him personally. Since when was redevelopment of the Hill an exclusive financial enterprise? I'm sure anyone providing large sums for redevelopment will be appreciated.

If the Rooneys weren't such civil people, they probably would've sabotaged the casino's progress by now.

@ Fleury. If Avery tried that shit on Billy Smith, the trainer would've had to go pick Avery's head off the ice and Smith would be in prison. Avery's someone who actually deserves to be on the receiving end of a career-ending assault. There are other pests out there that piss the hell out of their opponents (see Ruutu, Jarkko), but at least those guys don't have their teammates telling them to quit screwing around during a play. I would gain so much respect for the rest of the Rangers if they just started ignoring Avery after he scores goals. Man, that'd be a beautiful sight, the other four Rangers just skating to the bench when Avery starts to celebrate. Of course, since James Dolan owns the Rags too, the culture there isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Let's go Pens.

The Seeker said...

tPG said....

"[ B94 Morning Show ] keeps Roberts Mania alive with a new song."

When I follow that link, there's just one Penguins song on the page, a make-over of Kayne West's 'Stronger'.

There's already a YouTube video featuring that song with some Pens highlights.

Can't find anything about His Greatness Gary Roberts though???

Flyer Hater said...



David said...

Hextall vs. Pearson is a better example of what Brodeur should have done. Or maybe some of Some of this.

Stoosh said...

RE: Joke Barden

1. Where's the outrage from the Hill on this news? If the Pens would've threatened to pull back 1% of this amount, Marimba Milliones and the One Hill coalition would've run screaming to the steps of the Post-Gazette proclaiming what an injustice this is and how no one cares about the Hill. Doublestandardblog?

2. Nathan hit it right on the button. It's only going to be a matter of time before Barden likely tries to back all the way out of his commitments to the arena as well.

Rumors were swirling in February of 2007 - just two months after he got the license - that Barden was shopping the rights to the PA license because his other casinos were so far in the red. There were also rumors that he was significantly undercapitalized to begin with, and the gaming board ignored it.

3. Nocauseforalarmblog - Even if Barden backs out of his arena commitments, the funding is already secured and backed by the state as part of the financing agreement, so arena construction should never really be affected. The main problem this will create, though, is that Mr. and Ms. Pennsylvania Taxpayer will get stuck with more of the bill, unless there is some way to compel Barden to pony up the money.

RE: Joke Avery

While Avery certainly has the potential to become a distraction, something tells me people like Hal Gill, Gary Roberts and Brooks Orpik will have something to say about his crap if he decides to start something. John Buccigross made a good point in his column this past week - the fact that Avery was allowed to get away with what he did against the Devils is just as much an indictment of the Devils defense as it is Avery being a horse's ass.

Scott Stevens would've killed the guy, and I say that only half-jokingly. Avery will not find things quite as easy if the Rangers play Pittsburgh.

Raybin said...


Me = Stunned. That's the very incident I was thinking of.

On a different note I forgot to mention earlier, what in the name hell's blue brimstone is wrong with Boston fans? I remember reading a story about Jacksonville fans getting similarly assaulted after the Patriots beat them in the playoffs this year. (Keep in mind this is a game they WON. If the Pats had lost, they may have killed them.)

Philly sports fans have a deservedly bad reputation, but it seems Boston fans are just as bad if not worse and have flown under the radar so far.

GwinTheEskimo said...

I can't stand how Avery gets lauded for his scoring ability. Avery's "sucess" has as much to do with the Rangers' lack of depth than anything else.
Ruutu would put up better numbers if he got the same power play time and played on the top 2 lines.


Avery is a joke.

Is Hextall the original object of the goalie name chant?

Raybin said...


You and Buccigross hit the bullseye. Those are the names I was thinking of as to why Avery will find playoff hockey against the Pens a decidedly different proposition than the Devils. The rough, hard edge that characterizes the Penguins game is one of their biggest strengths right now, IMO.

Avery likes to go to the front of the net where he will encounter Hal Gill, who would've knocked his head off about 4 and a half seconds into his Brodeur antics if he'd been a Devil. Same goes for Orpik.

Hope Seanbaby likes free candy.

And of course we know Lord Roberts not to mention BGL will own his sorry soul all over the ice. Not that he's man enough to actually throw down with either of them.

God, I hope none of the Rags/Pens games (should they come to pass, which it seems they will) are shown on NBC or its affiliates. The can't show a Rangers game without doing some blowjob piece on Avery and it sickens me.

GwinTheEskimo said...

I wrote an article for a website you've never heard of on the Sonics leaving Seattle, what a mess. I feel for those guys. Some microsoft guy proposed a plan that would have had microsoft paying half to buy the team and improve the stadium. which would keep the team in seattle. the other half coming from already existing taxes that paid for the seahawks/mariners stadiums, and an additional tax that would be paid at the gate.
the governer wouldn't ratify the plan intime to have the MSoft group present it to the NBA at the meetings this past week. The Sonics history will stay in Seattle, but Stern doesn't even want to put an expansion team there, instead he wants 6 teams in europe over the next few years.
seattle did get an MLS franchise.
Can you imagine if the Pens left and all we got was a lousy MLS team in return?
this would have been more relevant posted yesterday.

I hate the NBA, that's always relevant.

Go Pens

Raybin said...

Stern doesn't even want to put an expansion team there, instead he wants 6 teams in europe over the next few years.

It's always sad to see a schmuck commissioner destroy a league. While Stern tilts at windmills (Europe? Really? C'mon) his league is falling apart bit by bit.

Roger Goodell will potentially do the same thing in the NFL in his continuing attempt to transform it into the No Fun League as goes the joke.

Vanessa Day said...

Big thanks to The Seeker for that youtube link. Awesome. I also wish I could put one of those "Gary Roberts for President" signs in my yard, but alas... living in MI has it's drawbacks, like NO ONE liking the Pens.

Oh, and a big thanks to the staff for making something less than a 10 pack of WWGRD bumper stickers available... I put it on my car last night! I did have to modify it slightly to fit on the window, but it's awesome!



norojo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
norojo said...

Rangers are gonna be tough, put Charlie on operation drury/jagr, avery wont accept him bc Charlie isn't as high class as his normal $500 hookers.
Where can we get Gary Roberts for President signs? This must be spread.
What's the deal with the Roofio thing on flashblog?

Dr. Turkleton said...

you have to give it to Barden though, he's kept his slimy reputation intact.

what a douche bag

hey, is db more of a db than db?

debate amongst yourselves.....

what's the deal with Jory Rand? I'd like to slap that smug look that's on his face 100% of the time [at least he has a hockey background, so that'd make the slap a bit less hard]
Interviewed Ruutu in studio around 640p ish....
you'd think he'd ask better questions that the typical: who ya wanna play? or is the rest gonna help or hurt? BUT his biggest blunder came at the end when he asked Ruutu if he was excited about playing in Finland next year v. the Sens to open the season since they would be close to his home town?

One important fact Jory left out:

Ruutu is an UNRESTRICTED.FREE.AGENT. come July 1st.

sorry if this has been mentioned:

the Eastern Conf. 'Final 4' could be known by the end of today...likewise, the West teams could wrap up their series by the end of Sunday....
who said anything about there being a long layoff?....If both of these scenarios happen, the Pens could realistically start on Tue. or Wed. but the way the NHL & Network $ runs the show anymore, who knows when Round 2 will start?

[Hossa: rambleblog]

Flyer Hater said...

Pens vs Blackhawks, Classic Series today 4PM, NHL Network.

Be there.

blackngold66 said...

I think we're all giving Avery a little too much credit.

There is NO WAY his antics will be tolerated by any of the Pens.

If he were to try anything funny in the crease MAF would give him a quick tapper to the nards with his stick like he did to that Sens forward! PING!

strakasguitar said...

Given his questionable financial backing, anyone think that Barden was a golem of sorts, propped up in a corner so 66 and Burkle could seal the deal on the new palace? Ed Rendell's pretty blind...

I'd still like to see the Craps in town...tho it probably ain't gonna happen, considering.

Won't be entirely unhappy with a Rags series, though. Getting the chance to boo Jagr is fun enough :) Though I obviously still have a soft spot for ole #82...

Also: Stu Barnes scored a goal for the Stars the other night. Surprised the hell outta me; I had no idea the dude was still playing.
I sincerely, sincerely hope they wipe the floor with the Ducks in the next game.

Donkeylips > Sean Avery

Jonny V said...

That blog on the Boston fan assaulting the Canadiens fan shows why I don't want the city of Boston to win any kind of championship ever again. I find it unbelievable that I would actually cheer for the Yankees in a playoff series against the Red Sox...though I would.

I am seriously considering Roberts as a write-in vote for the Presidency. I'd rather vote for him than those other three knuckleheads.

Didn't Tom Mees die in his swimming pool?

Sooska, I clicked on your link and it said "video contained a malformed URL" That sounds serious, u might want to get that checked out haha. But I do remember Robbie Brown had a celebration he would always do after scoring his goals, it was a windmill type motion with like a Tiger fist pump thing thing at the end. Well, if I remember right, Brown scored on Hextall in that game and did the celebration, and nothing happened. He scored again and that's when Hextall decided to chase him down.

coffeytalk said...

Dear Josh,

I need about 400 of those GR For Prez signs to uneash on the north hills and wexford area.



coffeytalk said...

p.s. I'm not kidding

Ashley said...

hmmmm we have municipal elections going on in NB..maybe I should put up a sign that says "Gary Roberts for Mayor"


Sooska said...

@raybin and jonny v:
here's that Hextall link again. The first one was working, then it quit for some unknown reason.

Hextall chases Robbie Brown @ 2:12"

You Tube has other videos that show the chase in its entirety - am too busy helping the Caps try to stay alive.

Sooska said...

HOLY GARY! Mike Milbury just called Sean Avery "a jerk!" Pot, meet kettle.

Dr. Turkleton said...


not to nitpick...but he'd have to correct his typo 1st...

da burg = st. petersburg, FLA

da burgh = here

it's a pittsburgH thing...others don't understand...

looks like the caps came to play today...desperate times call for...

speaking of desperate: flipped on the Buccos game: can any 2 guys make the game more boring than Bay & LaRoche?...


these guys make me want to take a nap although I'm wide awake.

coffeytalk said...

wow. dr. t. thanks for the catch. i didn't even notice that. i should probably wear my glasses more often.

nitpick away

Pensblog Staff said...

We're getting this Roberts election thing off the ground

Flyer Hater said...

Gary Roberts>U.S. Constitution

marcetta said...

I really hate Rob Rossi. I feel like every time I read one of his Q&As, he insults the person that wrote it and talks about how ridiculous fans of Pittsburgh sports are. I think I might enjoy reading Don Brennan's "jounalism" more than Rob Robbi's crap.

Ally said...

Rufio in Flashblog = life-changing.

DeCeV said...

Beasts this game:
Mike Green
Mike Richards (Chim Richalds)

Amber Alert:
Alexander Ovenchicken

Flyer Hater said...

Craps win, Flyers will choke away this series, bank on it.

The Big K said...

Guess who's bitching about the refs!?


The Big K said...

BIG K apologizes to Seeker for accidentally blocking him on YouTube.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@the big K

so....what else is new with CRYER fans????
Wonder if Knuble is badly hurt...2 more games of beating each other up would be ok by me....there was more hitting in that 1 game than OTT did the entire series...

wish the WB/S v. Hershey game was on tv somewhere instead of having to pay 6 bucks to watch online....the Penguins Insider thinks that Caputi might be inserted into the lineup...while a 3rd prospect,Casey Pierro-Zabotel seems to have joined them on that same 'tryout contract' as well, according to tPI...

I guess watching MTL v. BOS will have to do....

pensvideoblog said...

update the top bar the rangers beat the devils 4 games to 1

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Hey, yins, on Mirtle's commentblog, some dude compared Avery and Roberts. I got a little angry. I think his name was Mike.

Barden has to be one of the biggest idiots. 'Nuff said.

I've been watch the Cryer/Crapitals series ... does Ovie know how to play defense? I swear he has no concept of how to do anything but skate, shoot, and check. And their fans call him better than Sid, pssh. Oh, and Umberger wanted to mess with Brashear ... I really wanted to see how that would have worked out ...

Flower is dominating the poll on on which goaltender has been the best in round 1. Yeah!

In the Penguins Organization I Still Trust!

Brett said...

Has avery been on a cup winning team yet?

if he hasn't, that would be all the motivation i would need as a Pens player in the next round if we play the rangers (as if the obvious motivation was not enough): Keep his name off the cup. He doesn't deserve to be there.

Chris M said...

I just hope the Bruins come back, I want revenge for that 5-1 loss & injuring Hossa....

Off topic - I'm using firefox but the flash on top is not showing up correctly(white bg instead of black), how do you fix that?

KJ said...

@ johnny v: yes it was mees who drowned in the swimming pool. heard some accounts that he was trying to help his daughter, but i'm not sure those were ever confirmed, although everyone knew the guy couldn't swim.

interestingly enough, i once heard the last game he announced was game 7 Florida @ Pittsburgh with those damn rats winning to go lose to the Avs in the Cup Finals of 96. sure miss that guy, he was one of the better ones and i don't think he would've turned into a joke like so many others at espn have

M. Vanderlasser said...

@Dr. T, you probably already saw this, but Knuble is out for the series:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -Philadelphia Flyers right wing Mike Knuble sustained a partial tear of his left hamstring in Saturday's Game 5 loss to the Washington Capitals and is out for the rest of the series.

Knuble, who scored the winning goal in double overtime in Game 4, tumbled to the ice in a moment of indecision over whether to try to block a shot late in the second period.

"I just kind of caught my heel and went down awkwardly," Knuble said.

Knuble tried to stretch the muscle while on the bench but was unable to return."

J.S. said...

I forget who said it, but I agree about the Mees comment. "The Worldwide Leader" wouldn't be the big pile of horsecrap that it is now if a lot of the old schoolers (excluding Chris "Carnival Barker" Berman, of course) were still around.

Good to hear the Caps are still around, as odd as that sounds. As much as I don't care for either team, it would warm my heart to see little Danni Briere and the rest of the gutless Flyers get early tee times.

I'm in for 2 Roberts for Pres. yard signs, if available.

Laura von Awesome said...

@ Andrews:


Sean Avery=Doucheblog!

If Marty Brodeur HAD smashed his head in, I would have sent a cheque along as well...

"He's an idiot." -Lord Roberts

... I hope Scary Gary kicks his ass in a Rangers/Pens series if he tries any funny business on MAF.

I also added Charlie on Facebook :P Be VERY afraid :P

The Seeker said...

@ chris m

If you have the "No Script" addon for Firefox, then it is blocking Flashblog.

Imageshack must be allowed as well as Flash scripts.

Flyer Hater said...

KJ, Gary Thorne called Game 7 between us and the Panthers in 96 for ESPN, not Mees.

KJ said...

really fh? since i'm too lazy to dig the game out, i'll take your word. but it seems like his last game was a penguins game

Flyer Hater said...

Yeah KJ, unfortunately I have that travesty of a game on tape.

Lady Jaye said...

@Coffeytalk > You have to hit my lawn if you do plaster the North Hills. Haha.

Wouldn't it be awesome if folks just saw all these Gary Roberts sign and started writing him in on the ballot not knowing who he is? I'd laugh. But I chuckle at almost anything that says "Gary Roberts."

Jonny V said...

I'd just love to hear him say "I'm Gary Roberts, and I approve of this message."

Jonny V said...

This Montreal-Boston game has turned into a shootout. I think 5 goals have been scored in 5 minutes.

The Seeker said...

Boston just won't go away quietly!

Pretty exciting game.

Empty net right now...BOSTON wins!

Flyer Hater said...

Oh my Gary, what a hockey game. I haven't seen Boston play that wide open since Cam Neely and Ray Bourque were riding high.

If we could get Boston in the 2nd round, I'd be drooling. That would also mean home ice throughout the East Playoffs.


Dr. Turkleton said...


carey price


MAF went thru it last year [technically, not a true-rook last year, but you get my drift?]

let's see...

Rangers / Caps / Bruins

not that I'm picking any one team, but the B's wouldn't be a bad draw...

WB/S licks Hershey 6-2....

Pens teams now 6-0 in playoffs?...not too shabby!

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, if we played Boston in the 2nd round, it'd be the first 3-0 sweep in NHL history.

We'd KILL Boston.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Jonny V: All he would need to say is that in his commercials. And if people wrote him in on the ballot and he won, could they really tell him no, you can't be president? I think not.

I can't believe the Boston/Habs game ... that was really intense.

Dr. Turkleton said...


think there will be any pressure on Price on Monday???

if that game is .5 as exciting as Game 6 was....

Who can be the David Volek of the Bruins???

Jonny V said...

We were 2-2 against them in the regular season. Please spell it out for me, cause i'm not seeing an easy series. In fact, there will never, probably in any future playoffs we play in, be an easier opponent than the ones we just dispatched.

Gary Roberts would pick up more votes than Ralph Nader ever did.

Flyer Hater said...

Playoffs are a different animal Jonny, throw the regular season records out. We're so much more talented than Boston, it's not even funny. I'm not saying that it would be as easy as Ottawa because Boston cares but it's the best possible 2nd round match up.

Dr. Turk, we'll see if Carey Price is the reincarnation of Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden on Monday night, eh? Can you remember a time when Roy gave up 5 goals in two straight playoff games? I don't think so.

All the pressure in the world is on Montreal. Remember, they're Canada's only hope for a winner this year.

Dr. Turkleton said...

@johnny v....

I might not have the '3-0' sweep confidence as FH does, but I believe it might be the best matchup of the Pens offense v. any remaining teams' defense...

2-2 without the whole gang together...I think sid missed 2 of those 4...without looking it up, not sure how many MAF played in as well...

we know what happened to hossa in 1 of those games...

FWIW...the Pens were 1-2-1 v. the Senators.

do you have some 'insider information' from Rick Tocchet?
already give up on the Flames????

Flyer Hater said...

Dr. Turk, totally forgot about the Flames.

Western Canada=stunned

Jonny V said...

Best possible matchup yes. Another sweep? Heeellll no. Us in six games. 3-0 series sweep is a bold prediction. Takes the brass of a riverboat gambler...

Flyer Hater said...

jonny v,


Stoosh said...

@ Straks's Guitar -

You could be right on Barden as it related to the arena. Once the deal was announced as done in March of '07, I was really surprised at how quickly and quietly he agreed to the terms of the funding plan. I always got the impression that he was going to be dragged kicking and screaming into any discussions on his contributions. That could've very well been Rendell and Burkle putting the screws to him.

I'll be honest...I always thought the main reason Barden got the license is because he was the ONLY minority applicant for any of the state's slot licenses, and it could've very well been a PR nightmare for Pennsylvania had they given the Pgh. license to anyone else. I just wonder if some of that decision was due in part to the gaming board's fear of some sort of litigation.

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, I always thought it was a pipe dream to try and build up the North Shore into some kind of entertainment destination. Pittsburghers for the most part watch the evening news, and it seems every other night there is a shooting in that area of the 'Burgh.

You're damn skippy it was given to him because he was the only black applicant.

Stoosh said...

Can't believe what Boston is doing to Montreal. That game Monday night is going to be insane. I never would've expected Boston to win three in this series.

As far as a potential matchup with the B's, they scare me to a point because they can skate. The problem is that outside of Chara, their defensive zone coverage by the rest of their d-men is garbage. From what I saw of the game today, they could rename their defensive corps "Zdeno Chara and the Five Hans Jonssons".

The B's scare me less than the Rangers do. The Rangers have some good clutch players like Drury, Gomez and of course Jagr and Straka. And Lundqvist is probably the one goalie left in the East who can steal a game and possibly even two by himself.

Neither Philly nor the Caps worry me too much.

Jonny V said...

Until I witnessed what the Bruins did to Price, I believed the Canadiens posed the biggest challenge to our getting to the Finals.

The Rangers would be our biggest obstacle to the Cup. Too many ex-Pens with the potential to break our hearts.

I don't want to hate Straka

Ashley said...

Monday night in Montreal will be insane.

I wanna go...haha

One question for Carbonneau: Price or Halak?

Lord Stanley's Brandy said...

At the risk of sounding stupid....Since i just came to tPB midway through this season.

What is Flashblog?

Matt in NC

blackngold66 said...

Stoosh: Regarding the goalies in the East comment... No love for MAF?

Stoosh said...


When the traded Huet, it seemed like they were making a statement about committing to the Price, so I think they stick with him. Besides, I don't think any problems the Habs are having can really be blamed on Price.

If a team is flawed in any major way, the playoffs tend to expose that. And the one thing that I thought all year that was flawed about Montreal was that they seemed to overrely on their powerplay. Not saying they accomplished everything they did with smoke and mirrors, because that's definitely not the case. But what's really made them click at that higher level this year was that powerplay. If a team could find a way to neutralize that a little bit, the Habs might come back to earth a little bit.

Stoosh said...

BNG66 -

Yeah, this is what happens when you're overtired and trying to think too much. :)

I can't believe I left MAF out of there. I guess I was just looking at opposing goalies, so I wasn't thinking of it that way.

I deserve a whack to the back of the legs with a Koho goalie stick for that one.

MAF could definitely steal a game or two by himself.

fakepaulsteigerwald said...

Anyone having Steiger-withdrawal yet???

Eric K said...

note to Habs/Flyers: see Colorado Avalanche for tips on how to close out a series.

The Seeker said...

Lord Stanley's Brandy said...

What is Flashblog?

That's the bar just underneath the header image at the top of the front page where it always had the mouseover of the team effects.

Jonny V said...

Read thePensblog FAQ section lSb, a lot of things get -blog added to the end of things around here...commentblog, flashblog, seanaveryisadouchebagblog...okay i made that last one up, but u get the idea

Nick Saia (usa) said...


Hip said...

i have kasparaitis - watch more than one game. Ovie has been solid on the backcheck all year. Plays more D than most of the dudes paid to do so for the Caps. This has not been a shining series for him though no doubt.

As for Avery - the Pens won't let him get away with that shit, but what's most important (if we do in fact play the Rags next) is that MAF proves he is mature beyond his years.

johnny v - I am with you dude. I don't want to have to hate Straka either (I fricking love his pointy nose!). Rangers scare me more than any other team right now... Peakingattherighttimeblog.

Stay the course. Steady as we go.

Go Pens.

Lord Stanley's Brandy a.ka. Matt in N.C. said...

@seeker and johnnyv

Thanks for the info.


I Have Kasparaitis said...

@Hip: I meant during the series, that's why I said I've been watching their series, but that's okay my thoughts never come out completely right when i post them. (I think my jokes never transition well from my mind either ...)


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