Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yoi.....Double Yoi. PENS WIN.

3 - 2


There isn't much too say about this game.
Solid win.

It seems we have finally found a reliable picture to go with when we need a big win.
The "Kick the Tires and Light Fires" picture is a woeful 1-5 this year.

Gold Dust wasn't effective.
But now we know who to call.




-- Andrew M. --

-- R. Richter --

--Matt M--


--Kris R.--

--Scott D--

Towel waveblog

--Kris R--



If it were the Thrashers scoring early on, you may have joined Heaven's Gate.


But thankfully, it was the Pens.
They were nuts early on.
Gonch snuck in and blasted a slapper.

It looked like Kari Lehtonen had it smothered, but there were two people who knew otherwise.
The referee and Ryan Malone. 1-0.

Before you knew what was going on, Talbot flies into the zone and pops in a backhander. 2-0.

"Where's Max Talbot?"

A little later, Malone draws a penalty going into the zone.
PP time.

Confusion sets in when Alex Goligoski goes to the box for high-sticking.

The Thrashers penalty expires, but you wouldn't know it because Atlanta didn't look like they were on a power play.

After some jobbin, Malkin takes the most obvious penalty of the season when he grabs some dude's shoulder.

The Thrashers set it up nicely, with Ilya Kovalchuk only getting set up with one slapper,
The Pens kill it.

AC Slater silences the Mellon with a shot from a terrible angle.

Nothing else going on for the rest of the period.


Stealing from the normal [Empty Netters] references.

We did get Two cotton candy guy photos in.

Brad B./ Nathan K

If Fox sports knows whats good from them they will do a story on this guy.
And not some lame ass one.

A full 30 minute special.

If Rob King hosts it, Emmyblog.



Both teams were getting solid chances early on.

And then Malone drives the net and rams Kari Lehtonen.
Atlanta fans will say he ran into Lehtonen.
Pens fans will say he was pushed.
But it didn't warrant referee screaming his balls off.

Malkin looked like he was gonna get a solid shorthanded chance, and makes it nicer by getting it to Ruutu, but no dice.

A nearly all former-Penguin power play tries to put it home, but nothing happening.
The Pens kill it.

The second period was slowly turning into the Marc-Andre Fleury Show, when Hal Gill was sent to the box.

The Pens kill it.

But Atlanta takes over in the Pens zone.
Letang and Hal Gill were on the ice for 4 minutes. They just ran out of gas.

Life changed halfway through the second when FSN shows Gary Roberts skating hard in practice.

Action finally picks up when the Pens get a power play late in the second period.
No dice at all on that, so action didn't pick up at all.

Malkin takes a penalty at the end of the second, and an eventless second frame finally ends.
Does Mark Recchi still play for the Thrashers?



As the terrible towels swirled... gulp...

You knew it was coming.
That one Russian dude walked out of the corner.
The trash goes in. 2-2.


Malkin and Sykora try to team up.


No Dice.
If play had come to a screeching halt in the second, it really did in the third, with the refs seemingly putting the whistles up their butts.

After a while, they came out when Ruutu got jobbed going into the Thrasher zone.
Rain hit dirt on the ensuing Pens power play.

Time started ticking away fast.

With about 3 minutes left, Colby Armstrong drives the net and eventually knocks the net off.
But Colby was all business, not even cracking a smile given all the circumstances.

Ilya Kovalchuk gets away with murder when he interferes with Ryan Malone off a faceoff.
If the Thrashers score there, somebody dies.

Whatev. OT.



The last two minutes of OT made you vomit.
Malkin getting tripped every second.

The only way a penalty gets called in this overtime was if someone took their skate off and attacked someone.

Any feelings you had for Armstrong disappeared when he and Christensen led an odd-man rush towards the end of OT.
MAF makes a big stop on Christensen.

He would see him again...



Sykora was up first and hits the pipe.

The crowd tepidly boos Erik Christensen.
How weird was it. Last Sunday we all were cheering him.

Smart move by Christensen, knowing MAF has his moves down pat.
MAF says no.

Letang pulls out the Winter Classic move and buries it.


Eric Perrin channels Konstantin Koltsov and makes a joke out of himself.

Then it was Ruutu. He decides to go through imaginary cones and finally misses the net.

Next up was Ilya Jokachuk. MAF stones him.
ATL fans stunned.

--Andrew M.--


  • MAF: 31 Saves
  • Malone: 1G
  • Malkin: 1A

  • For those of us with solid memories, Alex Goligoski looks much calmer than Kris Letang did in his first few games in the NHL.
  • If Fleury has an outright weakness, you would think Army, Crusher, and Recchi would have told the Thrashers what it was.
  • Kari Lehtonen got the job done.
  • R.I.P again to Myron Cope for one last time. And thanks for supporting the Pens.
  • First place.
  • Hossa





What is a magic number?
( If you know what it is, skip this section. We're not trying to insult anyone's intelligence. )

It is the combination of wins by Team A and losses by Team B that Team A needs to make it mathematically impossible for Team B to finish with a better record than Team A.

It's much easier to calculate the MN in sports that don't use points as the main indicator in the standings.

Baseball and basketball prominently use the "games back" method in the standings.
And football only plays like 5 games a season, so it's pointless there.


154 of 162 Games Played

Pittsburgh Pirates -- Record: 85 - 69

New York Mets -- Record: 83 - 71

The Pirates have a 2-game lead on the Mets.
The Mets are "2 games back".

The Pirates magic number is 7 in this instance.

Every time the Pirates win or the Mets lose, the number shrinks.
A Pirates win AND a Mets loss shrinks the number by 2.

So, if the Pirates and Mets play each other, and the Pirates win, their records would be:

Pirates -- 86 - 69
Mets -- 83 - 72

So, now with only 7 games remaining, the Pirates have a 3-game lead.
The magic number would now be 5.

So whenever the remaining wins by the Pirates and the remaining losses by the Mets equals 5, the Pirates clinch.


How do you calculate a magic number in a standings-reliant sport?


Let's look at the Penguins.
They have 81 points with 15 games remaining.

The 9th seed in the East right now is Buffalo.
They have 71 points with 17 games remaining.

17 multiplied by 2 points for a win = 34 points.

71 + 34 -- The maximum point total the Sabres can achieve is 105.
Given they are the 9th seed presently, the Pens simply have to finish better than them in order to make the playoffs.

It places the Penguins magic number at 25.

25 more points in the standings will give the Pens 106 points,
beating out the Sabres' maximum point total they can achieve (105).

We're not going to factor in tie-breakers until it gets down to the nitty gritty.

If the Penguins win their next game AND the Sabres lose their next game...

The Pens would have 83 points.
The maximum total the Sabres could then achieve would be 103.

It would double, but in this case, it would double by 4, making the new number 21.

This doesn't mean the Penguins have to go 12-2-1 the rest of the way...
unless, of course, the rest of the Eastern Conference goes undefeated.


Go Pens


canaanregulatesblog said...


fierst78 said...


Ryan said...

"Pittsburgh Pirates -- Record: 85 - 69"



PittHockey said...

I understand the magic number....

but I stopped doing math.

I'll trust you guys to handle it. :-D

PittHockey said...

Also, tiedforfirstplaceblog.

If the habs lose their next game, we'll own the tiebreaker. They have a game in hand, we have more wins.

Stoosh said...

Want to talk awesome? How five of the six seats the first row in F1 being occupied by C-bloggers.

Myself, Gaylord Focker and the Dickie Dunn clan (Dickie, who else is that with you? I'm assuming your brother and your dad?).

We determined in the third period that Hal Gill changes direction with all the agility and grace of an aircraft carrier.

We also decided Hal Gill needed a nickname.

Hal Gill, we dub thee.....

The USS Hal Gill

Photoshop away, folks.

Stoosh said...

And if anyone was sitting directly below us in Section E and started to feel something dripping on them, I accidentally kicked over Gaylord Focker's diet Coke and apparently started dripping down through the concrete.

And to the usher in F1 who acted like I committed an act of terrorism by ACCIDENTALLY kicking over a diet coke...Next time, I'll remember to bring a five-gallon pail of concrete seal with me in case I kick something else over, OK? Dick.

stokes said...

interesting read on the magic number, Staff. i know what a magic number is, but i never cared to know how it was figured let alone figure it out myself. thank you.

was at the game today. nothing really special to report except for some good-natured jobbing to the lady that sits in front of us because she's a HUGE colby fan.

and crusher def got booed before his shoot out but i think that was good natured ribbing as well. hard to tell. who cares?


Lady Jaye said...

Stoosh > I've done that before... I accidentally kicked over my soda and drenched somebody's shirt in front of me... felt really bad, but there are no places to keep your feet when you're freaking tall with big feet when you're in F.

We kept dropping Mr. Potato Head pieces on the folks in front of us. I brought my 4 year old to her first game. By the third period sitting and watching the game was a hard concept.

Raybin said...

You always hear about the team others don't want to play in the playoffs. That team is the Pens.

Malkamania running wild.

Bugsy having a season worthy of its own biopic.

Not one but two goaltenders who practice voodoo in the crease and own your soul.

Petr Sykora: The scariest Russian sniper never portrayed on film by Jude Law.

Who waits in the wings?



Take them + Goligoski + Gill + Letang, add in a dash of Sarge and you get the Dirty Half Dozen.

Who else is close to returning?

Gary Roberts, who is likely the real biological father of half the league.

And some guy named Cosby or something. Bill Cosby, maybe?

We got yer Jello puddin-pops right here in Pittsburgh!

Nathan said...

If Buffalo stays put as the #9 seed, we've got the head-to-head tiebreaker on our side. I'd say that makes the magic number currently 22, since the Sabres lost to Detroit about a half hour ago.


liferesidence said...

I'll will give Atlanta props for making their starting line Recchi, Army and Crush....but that's all

Dr. Turkleton said...

man, if the boys can ever put 60 minutes together: look out over in E18...i'll have to bring the binocs next time & see the rowdies that occupy F1

almost pulled a 180 and dressed up as The Terrible Streaker [anyone remember him from the Steelers playoff game versus the Houston Oilers way back when?]

very nice tribute, lots of fan participation by bringing towels to honor Mr. Cope...the 'power' of the towel might have gotten the Pens an extra point today

love the enthusiasm, but Syko is Czech


Flyer Hater said...

I have a bad feeling that the postseason is going to be a hook and hold fest. It's was so obvious that there wasn't going to be a penalty called in OT unless someone Todd Bertuzzied a player. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Crowds during afternoon games are mud. I'm sure Myron Cope day compelled some yinzers to go to the arena and wave da towel n'at!

I didn't get cheering the announcement for Colby Armstrong when he got an assist on Atlanta's second goal. That goal could have cost us at least a point, maybe two. Go have a massive orgy for Colby Armstrong somewhere else, clowns.



pops said...

cbc's hockey night in canada reported that sid is 7-10 days away, which would make his return against the caps?

can we get another gary roberts pic with the words "soon" underneath? good god, we are getting healthy, teams should be scared.

fleury looked good.

southeast joke week this week.

Coach Jack Reilly said...

I have to agree with flyer hater. I was pretty pissed off when everyone cheered for army on his assist. thats some bullshit, cheer for him before the game, or after the game, but not when he does something that could cost us points. Blasphemy! When they dropped the puck they were the same as every other jobber out there for me.

Stoosh said...

LADY JAYE - One reason I can't wait for the new digs...more leg room and seats that are built for comfort. My brother-in-law has season tickets down in C12, and he's 6'4"...he's got an aisle seat and it's still uncomfortable for him. The seats at the new building will be built with more comfort and legroom in mind, just like they did at PNC Park and Heinz Field (kudos to Heinz Field and PNC Park...if I have to sit there and watch asstastic Pirates baseball or listen to a drunk screaming obscenities and racial slurs at the Bengals, at least I can do it in comfortable seats).

I felt bad after I spilled the stuff and again, I apologize to anyone in E1 who may have had to deal with a Diet Coke drip for the third period.

But when the usher came down and talked to me, he acted like I should've known it was going to leak through the floor or something (three words - new expansion joint). It wasn't like it was sitting up on the ledge and I knocked it over the balcony; then I could've understood. But that wasn't the was simply sitting near the aisle.

Whatev. I just hope the usher wasn't our buddy Mike Costa.

Raybin said...

@doc turkleton

No way!

I would've bet...hang on



Guess I should have Czeched my facts first!

Can't believe I missed Hossa too! Note to self: Next time you're interrupted in the middle of writing a blog comment, start the comment over when you return.

Flyer Hater said...

Stoosh, I think Gary Roberts is used if someone gets really out of line in the stands. Thank God you only had to deal with Costa.

stokes said...

"uh, huh-huh, hey Beavis, like, let's go Pens"

"uh, like, yeah, yeah, let's go Pens."

'beavis, you're an ass wipe, huh-huh, huh-huh. "

"shut up, butthead. do you have any TP for my bungholio?"

Stoosh said...

I'm not going to get down on people too much for cheering Army. He was a fan favorite here of a lot of people, and even though his assist helped cost the Pens a point, I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt because it's his first game since being traded.

That said...

Thank God his first time back in Pittsburgh came so quickly after the deadline, and I think this was ATL's last trip here until next year. Maybe now we can start to get over it, eh?

This Army stuff has taken on a life of its own, and it's time for the fans to start letting go and moving on. He's a good player, he's a good guy and down the road, he's one of those guys I'd love to see back in a Pens jersey if the stars align the right way or whatever. If not, it was fun while it lasted.

Dickie Dunn made two great points today. First, while plenty of knowledgable and loyal Pens fans loved Army, the Armstrong trade really brought some of the puckbunnies out of the woodwork (DISCLAIMER: That in no way means everyone who defends Armstrong is a puckbunny. I'm SIMPLY saying that it's made the puckbunnies easier to spot).

Two, the oversaturation of love for Armstrong is starting to have the opposite effect on those of us who have come to at least accept, if not really like the trade for what this could mean on the ice for the team. I'm as big an Armstrong fan as there was out there, but I know even I'm starting to get tired of hearing about the dislike for the trade simply because Army was a good guy.

This is Marian Hossa here...this is a dynamic talent (and a good guy, by all accounts) who helps give us two very talented forward lines going into the postseason.

Focker brought up a great point...imagine Malone-Sid-Hossa on the first line and then Staal-Geno-Sykora on the second. As Madden's said before, it's easy to check one line, but to take two elite lines out of the game is exceptionally difficult.

To make matters worse, we could be coming with a THIRD line that could feature Dupuis-Talbot-Kennedy, and then a crash line of Laraque-Taffe-Roberts. The speed on that third line would create nightmares for any third defensive pairing, and you've got at least two players who've proven they're capable of putting the puck in the net at this level (Dupuis and Talbot).

THAT'S what Hossa will bring to this team...not just a winger for Sid.

BlacknGold66 said...

I noticed that Fleury took some heat in cblog on the gameday post.

I thought he looked pretty solid except for that first goal.

The Big K said...

Solid recap today boys.

I Have Kasparaitis said...

Spoken much like the genius you are, Stoosh!

I love Army and all, but I didn't cheer for him. I just told him (through the television and telepathetic brainwaves) not to touch Malkin so he wouldn't die. Army is cool and all but when it comes down to him or the Pens, I'm taking my team faster than Charlie hit up Don Cherry.

Plus, no one cheered on Crusher when he was trying to score ... that's called biasedblog!

I'm liking Dupuis more and more ... everytime he comes on the ice, I get excited.

The difference between Hossa and Army is the Stanley. Besides, Hossa and Crosby can become best friends and watch Friends together. Crosby claimed Chandler, so Hossa could agree with him or snatch up Joey. And I'm sure it would look just as ridiculous if Hossa danced during Ellen, too!

I would like to throw something out there for the Pensblog Staff: Malkin and/or Malone Photoshop. (Gill hasn't deserved it yet)

stokes said...

BNG66: Bad first goal by Fleury. It seemed like a weird shot that took me by surprise let alone MAF. But i'm not a professional goaltender. that being said, MAF made saves when he needed to. what more can you ask of a goalie? He looked just fine for his first start in almost three months.

Stoosh: Right on about the Army thing. Its getting way out of hand. Can you imagine Al Gore being around when the Zalapski-Cullen trade went down and how popular those guys were? I think its along the same lines.

Hip said...

raybin- Your post had me dying of laughter. Good Show.

stoosh - You're right about Army. I was admittedly sounding like a Colbybunny for a day myself but you come to terms and move on. He is uniquely lovable but everything about him from a hockey perspective is replaceable and Hossa might prove to be the missing piece.

I do wonder who Sid will room with now though... I always felt like Army helped keep things light for Bing. But we have still have Whit to do that from now on.

Go Pens.

PS - why no mention of Mad Max's tally in the Stats?
PPS - TPB should teach math classes.

BlacknGold66 said...

Stokes: Yeah I was actually taken aback when that first goal went in. The only person I know in the NHL to sneak in goals from that angle is Malkin (and Jagr back in the late 90's).

Solid post as always staff.

Thanks for addressing the "where's max talbot" comments. He was out of his skin today.

Who's next? The Bolts? Ok then... Bring on the Bolts and as always...

Let's Go Pens!!!

Poker's Underdog said...

Habs vs. Sharks on monday, if they lose Pittsburgh is going to be #1 in the conference and with Sidney Crosby coming back in the lineup this week should definitely improve their chances..

Flyer Hater said...

I chalk up that 1st goal as just a perfect shot. 99/100, that jobber completely misses the net. I think Fleury did what he was supposed to do, hold the post and make sure to stay up on a bad angle shot. If he would have gone down and the Thrasher roofs it on him, we get some more testimony from the water bottle. I actually liked how Fleury was standing up a lot today. He made a bunch of real good saves by not going down.

Fleury29 said...

Stoosh dropping science yet again. Wish I could have met you when I came to town, Dr. Stoosh PhD.

"Rain hit dirt on the ensuing Pens power play."

Lines like this are what life is all about.

I miss Army, too, but holy crap. Hossa in a Pens uniform? Unless he turns into an injury-prone Lindros, I think we're okay. In Shero We Trust.

Let's Go Pens!

aunt penny said...

I think Sid coming out and waving the terrible towel today had something to do with this win..........

Nick Saia (usa) said...

well 1st feels good. thats for damn sure. and I dont even want to... well, yeah i do, its just about time to think about how scary it's gonna be for the rest of the league when "they" come back.

I was watching the rangers faggots game today and I forget which commentator was speaking at the first intermission. but he was talking about how we might have become tampabay north with hossa. god that fucking pissed me off. Sometimes I feel like sportswriters and commentators are so scripted nowadays. like they have to present each side to be PC or something.

We have the 2 best players in the whole league....
end of story. lacavallier is great. but hes not crosby. hes not even malkin. Even if hossa is a rental... we still have malkin and crosby with one more year of experience.


Dickie Dunn said...

Stoosh, you can try to downplay it all you want, but where I come from, Coke spilling is an act of terrorism. Apparently they sandblasted and sealed the wrong part of the section.

And yes, I do normally attend the games with my dad and brother. There is always the possibility of a different party member on a game to game basis, but only if they are a c-blogger.

I have a terrible feeling that the U.S.S. Gill is going to give Gaylord nightmares that center around the number two. Just when the thought of Melichar was beginning to seep out of his memory the Aircraft Carrier had to join the roster.

TheEnforcer98 said...


I do believe that F1 Row A goes as this:

Gaylord Focker
My Dad (unnamed)
Dickie Dunn
TheEnforcer98/ Eric H.

You asked for a USS Hal Gill during the game, you receive:

USS Hal Gill Class Aircraft Carrier
(I also emailed it to the Staff)

hotstuff7201 said...

Everyone who is complaining about the Pen's fans cheering for Army when he got his assist, need to step back and realize that
One: When he got traded, he had no say in it, it was not his choice to leave and go to ATL. He was def a crowd favorite at the games.
Two: He was the heart of the team. He was still loved by the other players as well. If you didn't notice, Fleury tapped Army with his stick before the game started. The players still, and always will love Army no matter who he is playing for! And as a true Pen's fan, you should too.
Three: Today's game was a final farwell from the fans to Colby. What are you going to get mad, even the jumbotron posted a message to them saying "Thanks for the Memories"

Just because the Pen's fans cheered for him doesn't mean they are going to start hating the Pen's and liking ATL, because Colby is there.
What if Crosby, Malkin, Malone, or any player other player for that matter got traded.. Would we boo him?
My friends and I went to the game today, and cheered whenever Army got his assist, but this does not make us unloyal Pen's fans, if anything it makes LOYAL, simpling thanking him for his time and dedication to the game and his fans.

FijiH2O said...

I was at the game today, so I missed FSN showing Gary Roberts skating. Does anyone have it???

stokes said...

enforcer: solid Job on the Aircraft carrier.

stokes=jealous of F1.


BlacknGold66 said...

I just got a text message from my ex in Japan(I was stationed there for three years) and I had to share it with someone.

It read:
行こうペンギン! \(^o^)/

Which translates into Let's Go Penguin!

Not bad for a girl who thinks that Cleveland is an hour train ride from New York.

My brainwashing on the Far East has worked!!

coffeytalk said...

blackngold66: that's adorable. good work.

Eric K said...

Borquey said on the radio post-game show that Sid is making the trip with the team this week. Im looking for both Sid and Hossa to come back on Sunday, being the national broadcast stage and all. But what do i know?

MAF was solid today. you could definitley tell Army was a little uneasy before the game, talking to Syko and Bugsy at the blue line while he was stretching, running into Orpik at center ice, tapping MAF and Sabu on the pads. Gotta feel bad for the situation, but like everyone has been saying, it's a business.

Recchi is nonexistent on the ice.

MAF on tuesday again??


Go Pens.

racheleyos said...

(incase no one knew :-D)

and i didn't kno once u entered a term into urban, you couldn't go back to edit it, so that sucks.

Gaylord Focker said...

I also took at stab at the USS HAL GILL.

Hey dickie, tell your dad that if you can't use one of your tickets for the remaining games, let me know. I have someone who is interested.

Jonny V said...

Fijiwater, it was about a 10 second clip, he looked good, did some cutting. Looked crisp. Like iceberg lettuce.

Sykora and Malkin as B Brian Blair and Jumpin' Jim Brunzel. What else could be said.

While listening to the shoot-out on the radio, upon Fleury's last save I thought to myself, "He triple yoi'd 'em."

Whistler said...

Pensblog Charlie the Queen..


Jason said...

you guys should teach 9th grade algebra. solid explanation of the magic number.

TheEnforcer98 said...

Stokes, Its kind of hard to see until its pointed out to you but, charlie is hiding in their somewhere, see if you can find him. :)

Gaylord, I'll tell my dad. Also, he looked up the "Speeding Ticket" issue, and its getting fishy on the City PD side. (if you want to know more just let any of us know, lol)

sh0ez said...

Good game. I think with the others back, we will be a wrecking ball.

Watching Roberts on the ice gave me chills.

LeGame. Staff, I sent you that picture to use for that! I was so stoked! Hah.



the dude said...

anyone else hear steigys great "jinx" in the seconds period?

"wouldnt be it ironic if EC scores on MAF in the shootout."

also, some writer at the PG (not going to mention any names, but starts with a "R" and ends with "on"; last name rhymes with hook) wrote this fucking gem:

...possibly calling nightly sports call and pointing out that Gary Roberts is skating and is going to return.

Jeffry said...

i like mirtle's formula for making the playoffs a lot more than the magic number

Mike Georger said...

classic hacksaw interview, countless 'HOOOOOOO!' incidents

no idea who the hell the talkshow host is but man, amazing.

not QUITE on the level of macho man on arsenio (the tower of power too sweet to be sour), but close

George said...

"I thought there should have been a whistle. Bugsy cheaps one in. That's what he does. The big lug."

-- Colby Armstrong

Flyer Hater said...

Hotstuff, to say that Colby Armstrong was the heart of the team is downright laughable and proves you know nothing about hockey. The heart of the team is this kid named Sidney F'ing Crosby, you dolt. (Sorry for the insult, but that statement really got to me)

Dwayne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dwayne said...

I was going to post an article I found on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but it turns out they require registration if you come there from anywhere but .

If anyone is interested in the new guy, head there and search for "Dupuis mixed about trade to Pens".

Essentially, he's happy to be here, but his wife is 37 weeks pregnant, stuck at home with 2 kids, and he's in Pittsburgh. Talk about hard on the family.

Stoosh said...

FLYER HATER - In Hotstuff's defense, I believe Whitney said in an interview with The Hockey News that if he had to pick one player who was "the glue" in the locker room, it was Armstrong.

I think that has merit, but I also think the notion that this locker room is going to somehow crumble because Armstrong isn't there is ridiculous as well. There is plenty of leadership and there is plenty of character in that locker room - Whitney, Malkin (who I've heard is just as goofy as Armstrong), Talbot, Sid in his own way.

Most teams who win the Cup have a guy like Armstrong on their team. I often compared him to Mike Ricci or Kris Draper - good leadership and solid character guys who not only played their roles well, but also embraced their roles and took pride in them.

But most teams that win Cups are also capable of rotating two elite-level lines of scorers, and that's what Hossa brings to this team.

Stoosh said...

HOTSTUFF7201 - I'm not criticizing people for cheering for Armstrong, and I certainly don't blame them if they do. I was cheering for him as well. He's on my list of my ten favorite Pens' players ever...he may even be in my top five. Both he and Crusher were integral parts of this group of players the fans have really fallen in love with over the last couple of seasons, so they're certainly worthy of our respects.

My point is simply that it seems like there are a lot of people unable to look at this trade with any real sense of objectivity. I heard people claim that even with Hossa healthy, the Pens are a worse team on the ice now than they were before they made the deal. I've heard others claim that the chemistry of the locker room was shattered or that Sid's not going to be as appreciative of the organization because they traded his friend.

That's beyond ridiculous and quite frankly, it's a slap in the face to Crosby and the rest of the leadership and character guys in that locker room. Crosby handles himself as a better professional than 95% of the rest of the league does; do people really think he's naive enough to know something like this couldn't happen? Do people really think ANYONE in that locker room doesn't accept that trades are part of the game and that any one of them could've been shipped off at any given moment if Shero got a deal that he thought would make the team more ready for a playoff run?

Think of the movie Miracle, when Brooks made Ralph Cox the final cut. The rest of the guys were broken up that Cox - the resident court jester of the locker room according to the movie - was the last guy to get cut. Did it shatter their locker room? Well, if by "shatter" you mean pulling off the greatest upset of all time and then going on to win the gold medal then, sure, it shattered the room.

Like I said, that game yesterday couldn't have come at a better time. Barring a postseason visit, Atlanta doesn't come back until next year, so hopefully this gives some of the fans reason to let it go and move on with the rest of this team.

hotstuff7201 said...

As Simple as this ... Yesterday was the day for the fans and everyone else to get over the trade and move on with their lives and focus on the Cup

While Christensen and Armstrong answered questions about their return to Pittsburgh, Sidney Crosby patiently waited outside the Thrashers lockerroom to chat with his old teammates.

Crosby, Armstrong's close friend and former roommate on the road, didn't play because of his knee injury, but Armstrong said the experience was still a little strange.

Like I said, Final Farwell

Lady Jaye said...

Come on, let Hotstuff have their point. I can see both sides of it. I cheered for Colby, it was my final farewell. Will I cheer the next time he's here? Probably not. I certainly didn't cheer for him as his line was looming kinda close to scoring at the end of the game. I don't think cheering for his getting a point makes me any less of a Penguins fan. But of course, I can see why people would be annoyed: he IS the opposing team's player and they did just score.

Let people have their goodbye.

I think once Hossa is back in action and is lighting the lamp on Sid's line, people's anger will go away rather quickly. My mom is one of those bitter folks. I know her tune will change come play off time.

FijiH2O said...

johnny v - thanks for the info on the Roberts video clip! It can't be long, now. I heard that he went on the road trip.


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